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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 28, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> the number one thing we are looking at is every possible action we can take that helps protect safety and security of schoolkids across the country. >> the department of justice must adhere to high standards and it will be investigated. >> i do not regret sharing this information. it was my duty to share the information. >> of any american whose life and life's work deserves to be honored in the us capital it is billy graham. ♪
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♪ >> you are watching "fox and friends first" wednesday morning. a live look at the capital where rev. billy graham will lie and honor, donald trump with other national leaders will pay their respect and we will have more on that later in the hour but something else today, a really tough day as students and teachers return to the scene of the high school massacre in park to the land where 17 people were killed. in washington donald trump will meet with lawmakers on school safety. kelly wright joins us from the nations capital with what to
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expect today on this story. >> reporter: a lot of debate among lawmakers over new gun laws. back-to-school time for students at marjorie stoneman douglas high school, classes resuming two weeks after a former student opened fire killing 17 teenagers and teachers. some students worry about their safety and have concerns beyond the legislation. >> glass being replaced with bulletproof glass. >> reporter: david hoch, other student activists are credited for causing state and national lawmakers to take up proposals on gun legislation. like raising the age to buy a rifle from 18 files to 21. allowing teachers with concealed weapons and funding more money on mental health programs.
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florida legislatures heard from -- to coming together. as one party, a human party, not the democratic party, not the republican party. we need to coming together and discuss school safety. >> florida governor rick scott seeking reforms to increase school safety and make it virtually impossible for anyone with mental illness to ever use a gun. >> we need to pass reforms to make it impossible for anyone with mental illness, or danger to themselves or to use again was my plan is to spend $500 million to make our schools safe, to make sure this never happens again. >> that is what is happening in florida. in washington donald trump plans to meet with bipartisan members
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of congress to discuss plans for improving school and community safety but he faces an uphill battle as members of congress are debating what they are going to do. heather: we need to get through the debate and do something. thank you. fox news alerts. 11 people are sick and three hospitalized after suspicious letter opened that marine corps headquarters, the envelope is an unknown substance, maia henderson in virginia, since for testing. derogatory language, it is unclear who sent it. everyone is expected to be okay. another high school massacre, taking a student into custody over threatening to shoot a teacher. that students confessed to
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having thoughts about executing a mass shooting. upstate with firearms inside, found in the student's home, being evaluated at a medical facility. and illegal immigrant wanted for decades old murder is nabbed at the border. alejandro valencia was taken into custody in arizona after returning to the country, agents linked his fingerprints and photo with a murder warrant in chicago from 1982. he will be extradited to illinois. a big legal win for donald trump and his key campaign promises. >> we are going to build a great border wall. >> the same district judge trump called out for being biased against him clearing the way for the long promised border wall. in 2016 you may remember judge
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was overseeing a lawsuit involving the university which was not settled out of court was the new ruling allow the administration to waive regulation to begin construction. donald trump praising the decision tweeting us judge cited, rejected the attempt to stop the government from building a great border wall on the southern border. now this important project can go forward. another set of eyes delving into surveillance abuse accusation, a top doj official launching his own. >> >> it will be investigated and that is the appropriate thing. inspector general will take this - jillian: this recovers a memo alleging fbi and doj officials misused their authority on
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carter page. republican congressman matt gates has refiled the 2013 bill responsible for the leading democrat on the house intel committee, adam schiff, reforms the pfizer warrant process to protect any presidents, having trouble getting democrat support now that donald trump is in office. >> when barack obama was president, democrats wanted to give the president more power to work with the senate to get members of the fisa court from all over america to have the opportunity to represent the values americans hold dear regarding their liberties which i didn't change one thing in adam schiff absolute i refiled it because i think republicans and democrats will be in power in the future and if there are bipartisan ideas, more transparency and oversight and protect our civil liberties we are to work together rather than separately. >> the text they did that.
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>> i haven't heard back yet. heather: what ultimately was his own bill, we will see. the standoff intensifying between west wing and house members investigating alleged russia collusion in the presidential election. white house communications director hicks, the latest to take the hot seat on capitol hill. during this 9-hour closed-door interview hicks answering every question focused on the trump campaign and transition. go but refused to talk about her time since donald trump took office. >> she answered in excruciating detail every question about the campaign. any type of cooperation from the trump campaign and russia as far as i was concerned, debunked all of that. >> frustrated democrats trying to subpoena him but republicans refused to take that step.
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donald trump tapping his so-called tech genius to lead a 20/20 campaign. brad will serve as campaign manager for the president's reelection bid. he previously worked for the trump organization before serving as top operations guru in the 2016 campaign. of the campaign aides announced with the chief operating officer and laura trump as a senior advisor, moving forward with the next campaign. today donald trump will join the nation's lawmakers honoring america's pastor, rev. billy graham. the evangelist becoming the fourth private citizen ever to lie in honor in the capitol rotunda. grip jenkins live on capitol hill with details on the ceremony. >> history will be made when america's pastor arrives in front of the capital to lie and
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honor in the rotunda. only the fourth citizen ever to do it. the first two were police officer jacob chestnut and john gibson who were killed in the line of duty in 1998 at the capital. the third civil rights pioneer rosa parks in 2005. as you can imagine, paul ryan who played a role in making this happen says it is a very special day. >> if any american whose life and life's work deserves to be honored by laying in honor in the us capital it is billy graham. it is an honor for us in the capital to receive rev. graham's casket and greet his family. that is something we are proud to do. >> reporter: lying in honor is different from lying in state which is preserved for presidents like kennedy who lied in state but let me tell you about 10:00 am, the motorcade
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will arrive, graham's family will arrive in the capital at 10:45, the procession ascended to the east front steps, graham's casket enters the rotunda followed by the president and the service will begin. donald to lay a wreath. it is a day with a lot of history and the resident historian in congress notes, take a listen. >> they will use a vocabulary term - a fancy way of saying a pine platform. they built the spline platform for pres. lincoln's funeral in the 1800s and used this for every state funeral since. the fact that we have not had a ceremony like this since 2012 tells you a great deal how significant this is. >> reporter: that 2012, after the service ends at 1:00, the
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public will coming in to view rev. graham lying here in the rotunda. tomorrow he will fly to north carolina at the rev. graham library. >> there were tons of flowers lying outside the billy graham library. there were a lot of people. appreciate it. the time is 12 minutes after the top of the hour, disturbing new evidence of a ran building a military base in syria designed to target israel. are they preparing for war? the exclusive satellite photos you have to see at the broward county sheriff's department sued for keeping security footage of the parks in the land massacre under lock and key. would releasing it bring accountability or jeopardize the investigation. we ask our law-enforcement panel up next.
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he made a living making fun of the commander-in-chief. >> sometimes when you are president you have to make sacrifices so i skip the bathtime. >> get ready for a lot more where that came from. the big network gig alec baldwin just landed. ♪ blackplanet
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heather: welcome back to "fox and friends first". new pressure mounting on investigators in the florida high school massacre to release the school surveillance video from the day of the attack. should those tapes be released? ted williams and former national police officer vincent hill, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it and a very important topic. very difficult day for students as they return today but i cannot imagine being one of those students. a lot may stay home. should the surveillance tape be
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released? would it benefit the investigation in any way? >> top of the morning to you. i am thinking as a parent who has a 17-year-old junior in high school, would i want to see the images of my son being slaughtered in the shooting? no i wouldn't. if there are things in that investigation that could lead to whether things were done right, protocol was followed, accountability issues, that should be held within the sheriff's department, local and federal authorities. we don't need to see that video footage. heather: there have been questions in terms of the sheriff himself, what he did or did not do, the superintendent of broward county schools being named in this lawsuit. what is your opinion on releasing these tapes? >> under florida's open sunshine law there is a need and a right for the public to know what is going on here.
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scott israel himself has opened the door for the release of these videos by trying to cover his butt for his actions, deputy peterson and what he was supposed to have done. in essence, the sheriff has given great detail what took place. the only reason i believe the tape will not be released would be because there is an ongoing investigation into the actions of the various police officers. heather: on that front, who should be protecting our, should veterans be patrolling our schools? what about the national guard? that has been suggested. >> as law enforcement we are
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trained to the situation. and as far as the national guard, from a taxpayer standpoint that cost millions of dollars, 6 or 7 counties, broward county itself has 39 schools with only 12,000 national guard members, not including those that deploy on a regular basis. on the number standpoint and cause standpoint i don't know if the national guard is the answer, private security with veterans that have security, national guard would be a huge cost. heather: people are looking for answers to avoid this happening again. >> we have to be very careful not to overreact in this tragic
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situation. a few armed teachers, in this instance in less then 5 minutes, this guy shot and killed 17 people. if you had an armed teacher he would try to get to his gun but his gun may not be the equalization of the gun of the killer and also if one of the teachers should tragically shoot one of the students, all of the sudden -- heather: we apologize to everyone at home doing construction in washington dc, we appreciate it. prayers with all those families. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. a 20-year-old woman stabbed to death. her accused killer wants to blame medication. will that work? dr. mark siegel live to weigh in on the symptoms of this drug.
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>> i do not regret showing this information, my duty to share the information i have. heather: a story we continue to follow, making no apology, warning illegals, the director of ice is blaming her for a failed operation. black
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heather: lawyers may try to convince the judge that his acne medication drove him to murder a woman. thank you so much. this involves acne medication and is this a possibility, the
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reason. >> what is contributory and the effect. 13 million people taking this drug worldwide. and the effect on the brain, it alters how the brain functions. did it lead to this murder? i don't know. is on the table for examination. it is a huge public service message we can do today. this drug is prescribed too quickly and easily. >> the flu epidemic, the flu vaccine making headway. >> we talk a lot about tamiflu which is a drug you can use when you have the flu to decrease
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severity and the spread. it is in japan, what will be in the united states, attacks at the heart of the cell. and from reproducing. the reason that will help, to decrease shedding. the flu lasts less long. it will be in the shelves next year. >> being used next year. >> it is fda approved, less likely to spread to someone else. heather: the other big thing on capitol hill, stopping the
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spread of opioid use. >> meeting on three topics, here is the issue. how we stop it from getting into the community. what about patient safety. sentinel is an artificial drug that is made, it is synthetic and somebody ends up on a prescription drug, they have a list of fentanyl where most of the overdose is occurring because - how to restrict fentanyl, hospices when drugs are not used and somebody passes away. not saturated into the community so teenagers get them. and what is connected and terrific is what about
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telemedicine to treat behavioral problems and mental health problems before people are addicted, telemedicine. in north dakota somewhere, you're depressed and worried. on skype or the internet before you are addicted to a prescription drug. heather: thank you for covering a range of topics. good to see you. 28 minutes after the top of the hour, don't call him a hero, the officer who apprehended the florida high school shooter did what he had to do. >> about that age, close to my heart. heather: emotional response to the praise pouring in. jennifer lawrence said her head exploded when donald trump won the presidency but now she is saying comments like that are bad for america. how the actress is calling out
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democrats and celebrities. black
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance. heather: a brand-new permanent military base in syria. the satellite images given to fox and the international satellite located in damascus. two weight hank is believed to store short and long-range missiles capable of hitting israel. and it ran is increasing the number and quality of ballistic missiles in that region. for the second time russia accidentally airs videogame footage. and a simulation of a russian
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jet attacking a syrian truck, channel and later issuing a statement saying video editor mistakenly used the clip for archive footage, russia used fake photos from a videogame to accuse the us of supporting ice. immigrants taken into custody in a massive ice sweep, raids happening in northern california despite warnings from the mayor of oakland. >> i do not sharing this information, it is my duty to share the information. heather: ice asking if she violated any laws. the top ice official says the most likely gave criminals a chance to escape. and an emotional day at marjorie stoneman douglas high school's students and teachers return for the first day of classes at
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7:40, and armed police on campus, the building where shooting occurred will remain closed. a special ceremony honoring a police officer who spotted the shooter and arrested him but officer michael leonard says he is no hero, he was just doing his job. >> children at home about that age closest to my heart. i was honored to be a part and do my part in that, take this killer into custody. heather: the board of county commissioners declaring february 27th the michael leonard police department
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appreciation day in broward county. some other news, jennifer lawrence is back and you may remember she said her, quote, head exploded when donald trump won the presidency. now she is making comments like that are not good for america and celebrities should stay out of politics. carly shimkus is here with reaction to her new comments, change of tone. reaching she supported hillary clinton during the presidential election and criticize donald trump on several occasions. a surprising political comment from jennifer lawrence democrats made a huge mistake by chastising trump supporters and that was disgusting to me. they are not going to vote for hillary clinton, they are going to vote for donald trump. you left at them when their plight is very real. that led to tepid praise of sorts from conservatives. elijah says jennifer lawrence discovered what the rest of america has known for years. janet tweets damage control mode activated.
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caroline and twitter says the first reasonable statement to coming out of her mouth. she knows it is not a good idea for celebrities to talk politics. heather: and promoting a movie that she needs everyone to go see. comingy taking a swipe at trump. >> james comingy directed at donald trump, this picture shows him recording the audio version of his book. he captioned it this time there will be a tape. audiobook almost finished. after he was fired donald from suggested there might be tapes of their conversations, he later backed off the claim. them think the joke was funny, other people don't want to hear from him. julie says so said this man used to be respected. another tweet, keep your mouth closed is your best strategy. heather: what is this about?
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with school banning students from touching snow. >> they are defending their decision. kid that a school in england not allowed to touch snow. the head master said it only takes one student, one piece of grit, one stone in a snowball in the eye, the rules are don't touch the snow. if you don't touch the snow you are not going to throw it. the army too great for some folks, somebody tweet snowflake scared of snowflakes. heather: they haven't seen the movie a christmas story, touch the snow, just don't stick your tongue to a frozen pole or you will shoot your eye out. thank you so much. 20 minutes until the top of the hour, disgusting display in court, illegal immigrant accused of a savage murder who left in front of the judge. . obama claiming his
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administration was scandal 3. >> we do have a scandal that embarrassed us. you didn't hear about a lot of problems. heather: is that really how it was? a trip down memory lane. black heather: and from outrage fallout, you no longer see these commercials during sunday night football. black - ah, ah! (woman screaming) remember to water the tomatoes when you're done. - [narrator] sometimes hearing isn't easy. - lick a carp. looking sharp. - [narrator] but now there's a simple way to enhance it because now there's eargo plus. the virtually invisible hearing aide with amazing sound quality. designed with patented flexi fibers
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heather: ms 13 members accused of slaughtering two teenage girls and laughing in front of the victims families in court. the justice department will decide if prosecutors can seek the death penalty for the
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murders of kayla and misa, the best friends were murdered walking home from school in long island. donald trump honored their parents during the state of the union address. misa's family spoke to laura ingram saying justice needs to be served. >> these are gang members that decided to be judge and jury, something needs to be done. >> and other court hearing expected in april. immigrants can be detained indefinitely, brand-new 5-3 ruling passed down from the supreme court. according to justices immigrants do not have the right to periodic bond hearings even if they have permanent legal status or are seeking asylum. last year the trump administration appealed the decision and required immigrants in custody to be given a bond hearing every six months. business news before you, you will no longer be seeing these
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commercials, we all recognize them, during sunday night football games. >> better ingredients, better football, papa john's. >> papa john's no longer an official sponsor of the nfl, here with the and from outrage fallout. >> papa john's says it neutrally agreed with the nfl disney glitz sponsorship after fallout from the national anthem protests wins former ceo and cofounder of the company john schneider criticized the nfl for the handling of the protests. they shift their marketing dollars to star players and 22 partner teams with the nfl. they are doing a revamping of the marketing strategy in line with that. >> delivered that way. >> sam's club keeping up with
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the delivery system, delivered to the doorstep. even some small appliances and things like that, starting this out in austin, texas in dallas, fort worth area. depending how much you spend will determine how much the delivery is. >> everyone following amazon's lead and other places. iowa, they have been named best state in the usa. the hawkeye state jumping from sixth place last year to state infrastructure.
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minnesota, utah, north dakota and new hampshire. time is 15 minutes before the top of the hour and democrats calling for it since election day. now it is going directly to your classroom. >> i say impeach 45. >> i will fight every day until he is impeached. >> one course at a major university classic liberal bias. divers political opinion writers, you can't guess which side they call offense if. ♪ heard it through the grapevine ♪ you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party.
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heather: a drug dealer accused of killing a sorority girl from overdose, and the death of rachel near the university in 2016. hunt new he gave her a deadly dose of oxycodone, he could face life in prison. tax dollars can pay for house members bullet proof vest. the house committee approving the resolution which allows representatives to hire private security on taxpayer dime but they can only use this on official business. the change comes after house majority whip steve scalise was shot in congressional baseball practice. san diego state university offering a course, so removing donald trump from office, trump
1:50 am
impeachment removal or conviction. and the case for impeachment. brandon jones, a senior at san diego state university, the college republicans joined us this morning. thank you for joining us. just from the description of the course alone does it seem fair to you? >> we see this type of stuff at the leadership institute campus reform and it goes to show you what is happening on college campuses today. this course has a clear message and i receive that message loud and clear and we are fighting back against it. heather: we did receive a comment from the school and this is what they say, quote, this presents an overall framework of impeachment, removal or criminal investigation of a president rather than focusing on donald
1:51 am
trump. that is not what the course description is or the name of the course which you can see right there. >> san diego state will cover their bases and backtrack on this but if you look at the required course it was written by a left-wing nut on the east coast. trump is the name of the course, it is very clear who they are targeting. heather: use that you will do everything to bring attention to the fact you disagree with this class was what have other students said to you about it? >> i haven't heard anything from other students. i don't associate with people who would take the course. all my friends have their head flaps screwed on straight but we will hold the university accountable, the content of the course, the purpose is to have a marketplace of ideas and i would be surprised to see san diego state university host a course
1:52 am
talking about the hillary foundation and what she did as secretary of state but i don't think that will happen. heather: what is it they can do in your opinion to rectify this? offer an alternate course? >> a huge problem on today's college campus, tons of liberal bias happening. it is about the accountability and diversity of thought on college campuses. i don't think it is going to happen anytime soon. heather: hard to believe, course credit for the class in march dedicated to this topic. thank you for joining us and keep us updated moving forward. have a great day. it is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. presidential, claiming his ministration with scandal free
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but not everyone remembers it that way. >> the obama scandals people died, benghazi they died -- heather: jesse waters takes us on a trip down memory lane up next.
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♪ i heard you were a wild one ♪ heather: live look at capitol hill. a lot going on as rev. billy graham will lie in honor at the rotunda of the state capital. big talks on opioids and gun control was all for you throughout the day. meantime abc, betting big on alec baldwin, a talkshow series for him to host despite past failures. he first took a shot at it in 2013. >> they run their own show. they do our own thing and take care of our own. heather: the behind-the-scenes
1:58 am
low waiting. sundays with alec baldwin will talk about pop culture topics. trouble at the new york times, liberal writers embarrassed by lack of diversity of the op-ed section. and bringing in opinions they say don't match the time-lapse values. and back lash intensifying over pres. obama's leaked to speech we were never supposed to hear but in it president obama takes a swipe at donald trump. jesse waters. >> we have a scandal that embarrassed us. you didn't hear about a lot of problems. >> the biggest scandal from obama is the fisa and the unmasking.
1:59 am
people died, the va they are dying, benghazi they died. he pulled out of the rack, let prices take over the country. the death toll is still mounting, hillary bleaching her server. taking the fifth. what are we covering up? these obama scandals going to cost -- the failed website was 1 billion, the iranians following into hezbollah. heather: jesse and jessica speech from a private event at mit. before they were even let inside. now we know the entire speech. the 4:00 am hour of "fox and friends first," "fox and friends
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first" continues now. >> february 28th, and background checks, arming schoolteachers. students return to the scene of the florida high school massacre. and school safety, donald trump looking to get on the table today. >> if any american whose life and life's work deserves to be honored it is billy graham. >> remembering america's pastor, rev. billy graham lying in honor in the us capital, we are there live with donald trump with the day of respect today. >> she called for his impeachment and threatened to move to canada, barbra streisand not shy about her opinions. she says hillary really won the election.


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