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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 2, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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necklace, 24 karat gold facial, a dental procedure, and pepper spray. you can interpret that as you want. most-watched, most trusted, most gratef >> he does want congress to coming together and put forward a piece of legislation that addresses the safety in schools and gun violence. speech a russian nuclear powered missile, unpredictable trajectory, invincible against missile defense but >> is my son knew you were going to pick up his badly must be upstairs applauding every single day so i'm so grateful. >> don't you believe it for a second is more alive than ever. i will just change addresses. ♪
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>> rainy and blustery start to friday in new york city. a live shot outside studios marge portions of the country under severe weather watches and we will talk about that later. news you do need to hear. thank you for joining us on friday. breaking overnight donald trump meeting with the nra in the oval office, the commander-in-chief calling the meeting great. jillian turner live with what the nra says and what lawmakers are planning to do next. >> a senior nra executive has send washington into a tailspin with just a single tweet following his meeting in the oval office, chris cox tweet i
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had a great meeting with donald trump that we all want safe schools, mental health reform and keep guns from dangerous people. the president supports second amendment, supports due process and don't want gun control. this a day after donald trump stuns a group of bipartisan lawmakers at the white house during a meeting on gun safety with a pledge to do whatever it takes to make america's schools safer even if it means, quote, take the guns first, go through due process second baluchi also gave senators mansion and to me a cowering to the nra. now to see what he is really thinking but he may not be in the mood to clarify. he responded with a tweet of his own, great meeting in the oval
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office with the nra. >> this is going to be an ongoing process, something we don't expect to happen overnight. he does want congress to coming together and put forward legislation that addresses the safety in schools and gun violence specifically. >> cml may be to act as convener in chief and get congress to hatch a plan on one of the most politically divisive issues in america. congressional leaders are holding in an two major options. marco rubio has a plan focusing on what he calls systemic problems. >> this is the result of a massive systemic failure. a failure involving federal agencies, state agencies, local authorities. >> reporter: minority leader chuck schumer is working on a plan that is focused on gun control. >> america is crying out. it has vast support from one end of america to another among people of all political
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persuasions and political parties. >> this will get hashed out in coming weeks but next up for the president is a meeting with the gaming industry so stay tuned for that. heather: appreciate it. allegations of corruption at the highest levels of the fbi getting louder on capitol hill. fox news of exclusively obtaining a letter from house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez to the doj saying the agency's surveillance warrants on the trump campaign clearly violates rules on submitting evidence to the court and may have violated criminal statute going to the use of the trump dossier to get the warrant as republican congressman matt gates intensifies his fight against liberal hypocrisy leading democrats on the house until committee adam schiff to cosponsor his own bill which was filed in 2013. the proposal reforms the warrant
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process to protect any president from being spied on. republican senators warning of economic consequences stemming from the president's tariff announcement. the white house will impose a 25% tariff on steel and 10% tariff on aluminum imports which likely calling for fees a huge job killing tax hike. texas's john cornyn says it could lead to a trade war. donald trump is confident this will be a success. >> we needed even for defense if we are going to have new jobs, much more vibrant companies. heather: is designed to boost domestic production of metal. despite a nuclear response from conservatives, assistant to the president a writer of the national trade council says no one should be surprised. donald trump has been fighting for workers since day one.
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>> no surprise. candidate trump said he was going to defend american workers against unfair trade practices, build up the industrial base, build up manufacturing today was a strong step towards that. the top executives, the president asked what did they need to keep steel and aluminum in this country? we are in danger of losing those industries. and economic security, manufacturing jobs came in as he had been doing, the measure response that would be very effective, this was a great day for america. heather: the president putting americans first his first year in office, the economy has grown at a historic rate and he argues new policies can only help. the opioid abuse intensifying,
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donald trump hosting a summit laying out what his administration is doing despite the deadly epidemic, donald trump suggested the death penalty should happen for drug dealers and federal lawsuits against drug companies and suggested that. and he said he felt helpless until donald trump was elected. >> of my son knew you were going to take up this battle he must be upstairs applauding. heather: 42,000 americans died with opioid overdoses. the extreme weather, a powerful nor'easter bearing down in the northeast blasting parts of pennsylvania with heavy snow overnight, rain, wind, coastal flooding expected all along the
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coast. this could be a matter of life or death. on the west coast tens of thousands and the mandatory evacuation, and incoming storm expected to trigger mudslides in southern california. and whether down south. thousands expected to attend his funeral in charlotte, millions were expected to watch online. griff jenkins joins us in charlotte where he spoke with billy graham's son franklin. >> a special day, billy's last crusade. they are invited to this funeral but millions watching around the globe. in other locations we are going to head up there and that location is under a tent in
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franklin. billy's son told me the first crusade in 1949 in los angeles, it was held under a tent, take a listen. >> donald trump offered the national cathedral, it would be more fitting for his service, his last service to be in a tent. okay. >> let me tell you who is coming. donald trump and first lady milania will be here and vice president pens and his wife karen and every religious leader you can imagine in the country coming today illusion the rehearsal yesterday, they expect the service to last an hour and a half and talk to franklin and
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this interview was in billy graham's private study, very rare access. i asked what have you been struck by? the young people. >> and my father's casket. i changed addresses. >> quite a lot to watch and coming up. he says billy graham joined my church, the first in dallas in 1953 on the same day his mother did. if it is good enough for billy it is good enough for her. that will be very exciting.
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heather: very special that you are there today. russia says it has a missile capable of striking anywhere in the world and it is impossible to intercept. >> to see whether the trump administration will push back and i think it needs to. heather: how should the us respond? delta cut ties with the nra and the company is losing a $50 million tax break, big business has no business and politics. a big backpack, definitely want to do that. who is this kid? we will study more about it. ♪ my name is jeff sheldon,
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heather: georgia lawmakers sending a message to delta for cutting ties with the nra scrapping a $50 million sales tax break the airline depends on. this happens when you mix business with politics. thank you for joining us. they knew this was coming. a big impact on delta. >> to the state legislature saying a tax break on jet fuel, don't pay taxes on that, they give the tax break the turnaround and play politics and with the nra and this issue. if you want to play politics this is how we do it and this is the problem of companies getting involved in these processes. delta shouldn't be going to the legislature in the first pl. georgians don't get a tax break. heather: that is how states
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attract businesses. >> you see the problems with that. the new headquarters for amazon handouts all the tax breaks to these companies and they do something that is very political and antithetical to the party in power and the big blowup, guess who nobody is talking about. delta customers, it is about delta serving the people. you shouldn't let delta in the door. heather: a lot of companies doing the same thing. do you expect other states to do what georgia has done in this instance. >> we talk about swamp politics, and sweetheart deals, the big companies, never little guys. there is no small business with georgia getting a tax break, jet
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fuel and delta. >> it is supposed to benefit everyone. when you start becoming political you are alienating a large percentage of the population. >> always the story it benefits all residents of the state. there are a heck of a lot of jordans out there saying what is the benefit to me and it turns around and plays politics with the nra. heather: a company benefiting workers, following the steps of the president, new training program. >> lowe's is saying money from a tax break, and into the trades. and the trades in this country millions of jobs, good paying jobs, we are not training people to take those jobs, appliance repair, lowe's putting its employees in position to do
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that. heather: the basis of america. >> the real opportunities, lowe's is taking a step. heather: we have to go. i know you said that is a good thing but the final decision will coming next week. no electricity, no running water, a plywood box with three children living inside. wait until you hear about the find. jennifer lawrence says hollywood should stay out of politics. >> at some deco there has to be a separation between politics and the entertainment industry or we are going to suffer. heather: now she is talking guns and the internet is firing back. carly shimkus at next live with the online outrage. ♪ you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes!
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xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. heather: days after saying celebrities should stay out of politics jennifer lawrence now weighing in on the gun control issue saying hollywood is not to blame. carly shimkus here with the reaction online. and about-face with her. >> jennifer lawrence recently told vanity fair magazine it is not a good idea for actors to talk politics. i need more than 25% of america to see my movies. it is not wise career speaking to talk about politics. when asked about donald trump's recent suggestion that violence movies are partly to blame for
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school shootings she had this to say. >> different parts of the country don't have problems. the problem is guns, not the entertainment industry. >> social media way again, of course she's not going to attack the entertainment industry because it pays her usually. and other twitter user says who cares, constitution. sydney says she just can't help sounded off on hot topics which is certainly her right. >> promoting a movie that is very violent. >> she was responding and walked around it. alec baldwin not walking around this, tired of playing donald trump. >> impersonation won him an enemy but he is sick of pretending to be donald from saying every time i do what it
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is like agony. of god for bid he wins in 2020, wondering can i host a game show in spain? social media weighing in attacking alec baldwin, now he knows how the rest of us feel when he does it. j case is nothing compared to the agony of watching baldwin act. this preschooler, oversized backpack. >> a twitter user, this little boy at sister posted these adorable pictures of him. she said my little brother started preschool today. his backpack is literally the same size as him and is the cutest thing ever. covering the whole entire thing.
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heather: he needs to fill that backpack with books to get knowledge. >> he would tip right over. heather: best of luck in school. >> invite him on "fox and friends". heather: 25 minutes after the top of the hour. the feds could not unlock the san bernardino terrorist iphone owned by the las vegas shooter. now they know how to break into any phone. is that a good thing? kurt the cyberguy up next. remember their oscar announcement disaster? the celebrity duo getting a do over. ♪
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heather: half past the top of the hour, resident warning they have new nuclear weapons impossible to intercept, vladimir putin showing off warheads aimed directly at
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florida. todd pyro with what it means for the us. >> a nuclear powered missile with a limited range and invisible against missile defense according to the russian government. this video shows the missal cruising around international defenses headed toward the us. in front of that video during a presentation, russian pres. vladimir putin in his state of the nation speech. includes a nuclear powered cruise missile, nuclear power underwater drone and hypersonic missile. putin claims they make nato's missile defense system useless and our signal to the west, efforts to hold russia in check have failed with us officials say gallstone development. >> we have been watching russia for a long time. we are not surprised, we are prepared. >> the state department says the video is not the behavior of a responsible international player
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bluesman the graham says this is a big edge over the russians. >> this is saber rattling, and act to intimidate. the best way to respond is to push back. they have a nuclear capability on the world stage. >> the speech was based on the trump administration plan to expand its nuclear arsenal. the pentagon plans to position dozens more interceptors in coming years but they are not designed to combat an overwhelming missile attack from russia. heather: election coming up as well. how should the us respond? john bolton says time for the trump administration to hit back. >> nuclear powered missiles, cruise missiles, and pop up, not
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ballistic missiles which follow ballistic trajectory. how operational, a week before the russian election. any doubt who's going to win that? he knows how to fix elections when he wants to. this is a further effort to see whether the trump administration will push back. a strategic response to this to help give confidence to our friends, they will not put up with his russian effort. heather: 232 illegals arrested in the states, the agency says they had no choice but to conduct raids in san francisco. and communication with local law
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enforcement. and hindering ice raids by wanting illegals about the crackdown. ice says the moves put officers at risk and may have helped criminals escape. deputies finding a couple living with their three children in a box for four years. officials in california, and no electricity, and 30 cats, and children ages 11, 13, and 14. and suspicion of willful cruelty to a child. disturbing story. school bus driver found guilty in a crash that left we 6 children dead. anthony walker convicted of negligent homicide account and using a phone. the surveillance tape, the deadly crash happened in
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tennessee. he was speeding when he slipped the bus and slammed into a tree in november 2016. he will be sentenced in april. a bombshell interview with o.j. simpson about the night his ex-wife and her friend were murdered will be televised for the first time ever. >> get everything you think you know about that night, because i know the facts better than anyone. this is one story the whole world got wrong. >> reporter: the interview focuses on his book if i did it, about how he would have killed nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. he was acquitted in 1995. the last confession airs march 11th on fox. warren beatty and faye dunaway getting a chance at redemption during the oscars this weekend according to tmc. last year the accounting firm handling the ballots, the wrong envelope for best picture.
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the duo were seen rehearsing at the dolby theater in hollywood this week. the feds paid $900,000 to unlock the san bernardino terrorist iphone without the help of apple. they couldn't get phones belonging to the shooter either but now they can break into any phone including yours. what do you need to know? thanks for joining us. >> talking about the feds saying they couldn't open this before. the san bernardino shooter, get into an iphone. what they never revealed was the name of the company behind it, that third-party, and israeli forensics company is confirmed, rumored to be behind it and sharp reporter in forbes digging into their marketing materials,
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trying to sell these services to just about anybody including deep pockets, law enforcement officers, nobody to stop them from selling this service to anybody else. what does that mean to you or me? heather: this just involves iphones. they have to send the phone to the company and they can unlock it. >> what we think, they just did confirm they are the ones behind it and they are able to do it. what the theory is is, we are getting a weather bulletin, what they will actually do, we think, build a software application that can cause the phone to not count how many times you try to unlock it. after about 10 attempts it can
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just erase the device completely. they bypassed that and been successful. what do you need to do and what does this mean to us? i have that for digit passcode. i am now going to be for that, not only switch files to 6 but change it to the alphanumeric. i will use some letters and numbers inside my passcode so it is more stable and secure. if anyone can get a hold of this tool i will know that it is going to be really difficult to get into it even if they have this tool, this software that this forensics company has coming up with. heather: what are some bad passcodes? >> the worst passcodes guest more frequently than anything else, you can probably guess a lot of them was one of them is
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1111, four 0s in a row and down the middle of your phone is 2580 and finally 1234. if you are using any of those passcodes, change them today. heather: remember people using password for their password? >> password one i used for a while but i have a whole podcast on this on protecting your phone and are we safer? heather: how do you get to your podcast? >> go to "fox and friends."com. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and hackers could have your information their hands right now. the data beach is going beyond the call of duty. border agents pulling double
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duty to rescue and deliver. the word for the world will fail - the final goodbye to america's pastor today. >> don't you believe it for a second. he is more alive than ever. just changed addresses. heather: robert jeffers whose mother became a pastor joined us next to remember the legendary evangelist. ♪
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heather: a group of students sparking outrage after launching a new magazine called no whites alone, the latest piece of antiwhite propaganda being passed around the liberal organizations at the university of texas. the magazine claims to focus on creating a space for black and brown people especially those
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who are gay. twitter what's your help getting rid of toxic tweeting, seeking proposals for how to measure how healthy online conversations are and how to bring back civil debate was great if they could do this but twitter has faced criticism for failing to crack down on abuse and hateful comments, they are accepting proposals until april 13th. to this foxbusiness alert, hackers could have your information in their hands right now. tracy is here with how the massive 2017 breach just got worse. i forgot about this in 2017. >> this is constantly coming back. an additional 2.4 million people have been impacted in addition to the 145 million people they
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told us about. this additional group of people saying just limited personal information. just their drivers license, not their names, not their social security numbers, not that that makes anyone feel better. you can definitely, that can lead to other personal information. not good that that information is out there. they are going to reach out to additional people and offer them the same credit monitoring system they offered millions of other victims. heather: credit monitoring is too late. they are bringing back a limited time item that involves eggs. >> it is called the naked egg taco. they are bringing back a menu on march 8th and they had this out in the fall and it is a portable omelette. a fried egg shell, crispy potatoes inside, cheese on top.
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given more cheese inside. available for a limited time and introducing a new chill lupa blues that is available for a limited time. that will only available in two stores in west virginia. >> definitely not healthy. have a great weekend. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and $11 million in hard-earned money, the mayor announced a massive fund to help illegals. it is not easy working out to stay in shape. >> there you go, see how we take care of you? heather: could that protein powder be bad for you? the new warning we need to hear.
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♪ we just got married.
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we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice?
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yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. heather: billy graham touched the lives of millions including robert jeffers whose mother accepted christ after hearing graham speak in 1953. pastor jeffers joins me to share stories of rev. billy graham. >> thank you for having me. heather: he belong to your dallas church for 54 years.
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>> that is correct. he joined our church in 1953 after his cotton ball crusade in dallas. my mom became a christian at that crusade. when billy joined our church he said it is good enough for billy graham. i was born the next year. i'm a christian and because of the influence of billy graham. heather: he never went to texas. >> never lived in texas. really counted it an honor, he joined the church a few years ago. heather: i live in asheville, north carolina, for the echo of time and also charlotte, had an occasion to meet rev. graham and his wife several times. special people. he influenced people all over the world. how did he do that? >> two reasons for his worldwide
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influence. nobody has done more to spread christianity since the apostle paul then billy graham but it was two things that he was preaching the bible. so many main line denominations when billy started preaching were drifting to the left and preaching pop psychology and philosophy but billy's message was always centered on the bible. the bible says, the bible says. secondly his message was so simple anyone could understand it. it wasn't heavy theology but was the most important theology. we all need forgiveness but christ offers that forgiveness to anyone and everyone who believes. heather: something his son franklin graham said to griff jenkins talking about the number of young people who came to pay their respects and he was overwhelmed by that. >> that is the thing about billy
1:51 am
graham. his message transcended race, age or nationality. his message with eternal because it was built on the bible which is eternal and today will be a tremendous celebration of a life well lived. for us who knew billy it is sad to say goodbye but he often said heaven is my home. i'm just passing through this world and today he is finally home with the god he served so faithfully. heather: special for you to be there today, donald trump will be there. the only living president to be there today. the vice president will be there. who else will be there? >> i think secretary carson will be there, sonny perdue, rudy giuliani is going to be there. a number of officials. billy graham never wanted to be famous. he wanted to be faithful but he
1:52 am
ended up being both. heather: what will be the first word said to him when he arrives in heaven? >> well done, good and faithful servant. heather: thanks for joining us with your insights, we appreciate it. you might want to skip that protein shake. it may not be as healthy as you think. >> see how poppa takes care of you? >> the clean label project testing 134 protein powders, contains one heavy metal including led. organic products had a higher metal level than nonorganic and
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uber is rolling out a new feature to help millions of americans who missed doctors appointments every year, the new service allows physicians and caregivers to schedule rides. 100 organizations are participating across the country blues with you prefer smoking, eating edible plants, new yorkers are consuming more than anyone in the world, 70 tons of weed to be exact each year. according to a study by a company that produces growing systems for legalized marijuana new york is outranking flavors for recreational use is actually legal like denver. it is 8 minutes until the top of the hour and we will unapologetically resist ice after california led the charge against immigration enforcement and other blue state railing against the fed. help for heroes, was granted by firefighters that will make your
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morning. stay with us. ♪ more than anything ♪ my wish for you as i coming home ♪ you never need to carry ♪ i hope you know somebody who loves you ur ancestors are from.. and the paths they took to a new home. could their journey inspire yours? order your kit at
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♪ heather: you are watching "fox and friends first" friday morning. you made it through the week, a little michael jackson in new york city. let's move from new york city to san francisco on the other side of the country blues the mayor of san francisco wants taxpayers to pay for legal aid for illegal immigrants, announcing $11 million to fund defense lawyers for all immigrants facing deportation after federal officials arrested undocumented immigrants in northern california cities including san francisco. a democrat railing against the
1:59 am
law promising to defy ice even after going to court. adonis rodriguez pleading guilty to disorderly conduct for blocking an ambulance carrying a man facing deportation. rodriguez later tweeting we will unapologetically resist any attacks on immigrants. we are the majority and we will prevail. and the border patrol agent going above and beyond the job. saving newborn's life unwrapping the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's nectar and delivery. and working at the port of france for when this happened in texas when helped deliver the baby boy, use his paramedic training and doing well. thank you to him and an alabama fire department helped plan the wish of a little boy fighting cancer spending a day in mobile. after zooming across the city in a fire engine the little
2:00 am
firefighter. to help his heroes to put out the tiny fire set for him to work on. william is battling rare soft tissue cancer. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first" but "fox and friends first" continues right now and we will see you monday. jillian: it is march 2nd. donald trump sitting down with the head of the nra talking school safety, bipartisan legislation and videogame crackdown next. >> unlimited range, unpredictable trajectory and invincible against missile defense. the new nuclear threat coming from russia. the texas man going viral for


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