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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 2, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> if you want to see me tonight i will be at barnes & noble. >> go get in line now. after the show with dennis quai quaid. >> sandra: breaking news coming from the white house as the nra makes it clear that president trump is on their sid side. all this after a big meeting in the oval office. good morning, i'm sandra smith, live inside america's newsroom this morning. good morning to you. >> praising both the president and vice president for their stance on the second amendment, saying trump "it doesn't want gun control." sarah sanders, trying to clarify the president's position. >> he has been very committed to supporting the second amendment, also looking for ways that we can promote school safety with
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students, parents, teachers, with local law enforcement, with state and federal authorities, as well as members of the nra who are going to continue to have this conversation, continue to work with congress to create legislation that we think can help improve the system and make sure that we're doing everything we can to protect kids and their schools. >> sandra: peter is live with us this morning. did the nra change the president's mind about guns in that meeting last night? >> it depends on who you ask. the nra is suggesting that he had a big change of heart with their executive director declaring on twitter that we had a great meeting tonight. we all want safe schools, mental health reform, and to keep guns away from dangerous people. the president supports of the second amendment, due process, and i don't want gun control. but sarah sanders just told us no, there hasn't been a change in president trump's opinion
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about guns, that they president is the one who called us oval office meeting, and he still wants the states, not the feds to start raising the minimum age for buying firearms. not all firearms, though. he still wants to improve the background check system, but she is hesitating to say that he wants universal background checks. so that means that everything president trump said favorably about gun control earlier in the week when he met with lawmakers on camera still stands, according to her. >> sandra: another big story we are watching this morning, we are seeing a stock futures selling off the head of the open. how much pushback the president is getting from his own party about imposing these tariffs on a steel and aluminum imports. >> a lot of pushback, sandra. including from the republican senator, who once said that he thinks president trump could go down as the best president over someday. >> i hope the president doesn't really do this because if he does, it is just going to be a
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huge tax on american citizens, and it's going to discombobulated the economy here. speak about the president is not deterred here. he said "we must protect our country and their workers. our steel industry is in bad shape, if you don't have steel, you don't have a country." now, other countries including canada and mexico, in addition to the e.u. are considering some new tariffs of their own, but the president says, and again, these are his words, that trade wars are good and easy to win. >> sandra: will have morons coming up. peter, thank you. >> rick: new calls were transparency rooms stomach surrounding the parkland shootings. responding officers were told to stay outside the school in the critical first moments of the attack. jeff bell says it appears to be
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authentic, and a total transparency is critical for everyone involved. >> the only way we are going to be able to heal as an agency and as a community and move forward is to be completely transparent with the public. and if we did something wrong, we did something wrong, if we did not come with and that is great also, but we have to get past the finger pointing political posturing in this county right now so that we can begin to heal and focus on the true issues that are behind this terrible tragedy. >> rick: we are alive and parkland florida. it looks like a bit of a disconnect between the sheriff and the deputy sheriff. >> well, he is in charge of the sheriff's association, it is basically the union, but nobody really wants more transparency in this multifaceted investigation than the parents of the boys and girls who attend
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v5. students were returning today for the third day before their regular full schedule resumes on monday. these are all half days. more about emotional comfort, less about curriculum. investigations are underway about a law enforcement response that day, 117 students and staff died and 15 others wounded. the department of law enforcement, the legislator, the broward sheriff's department, all investigated as well. prosecutors are expected to present their case against former student nicholas cruise next week, and an indictment will then formally charged cruz with 17 counts of first-degree murder, plus a whole lot more. and while the broward county sheriff is under the gun to resign, about 100 supporters gathered to pray and stand by the sheriff. meanwhile, students continue focusing on healing. >> strange.
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it doesn't seem real. i feel empty. faces that you used to see are not there anymore. >> they are bringing in a dogs to help people. >> as you mentioned, a big help inside the classroom this week, therapy dogs. 60 dogs on hand. yesterday, we have seen a plenty of it. even more dogs will be here today, and the students do seem to love them. it's been two weeks ended two days since that horrible shooting, and we've had all the funerals by now, and most of the wounded have left the hospital, however three remain hospitalized. rick. >> rick: thank you. >> sandra: our next guest has attended several meetings on school safety and gun control.
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tim, thanks for coming on this morning. a lot going on. multiple investigations under way. but specifically in your state, what changes are you making in the wake of the school shooting? >> while, and we were on the ground from right after it happened until 4:00 in the morning, and then the next day with our advocates providing counseling. we will continue to do that. governor scott has been a true leader and others around the state of florida, as well as bill and the senate, and our senate president. what we have been doing, we have also been working together because in a very short period of time, we are going to get this right. $450 million allocated to florida schools to protect her students. >> sandra: but what specifically are you going to d do? >> it will go to securing our school, making our schools a
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much safer place physically. the building, the infrastructur infrastructure, bulletproof windows. also, adding school resource officers. we have schools that don't even have school resource officers, so now for every 1,000 students, there will be at least one officer armed on the campus. not only that, we are raising the age to buy a rifle to 21, which is consistent with buying a handgun in the state of florida. also, gun violence restraining order, something that i have been working on a detailed. >> sandra: based on your meetings, you're talking about raising the minimum age requirement on the semiautomatic rifles in your state, so that is obviously something that you support and want to implement. on the federal level, we have for the present talk about this. we still see a very divided congress on this. based on your meetings with the president, does it sound like this is something that is going to happen and get the needed
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support? >> i believe the president supports everything. i have spoke to him personally many times about this. he knows everything that we are in florida. and that is what i can tell you about my state. also, we want to ban a bump stocks, which makes a semiautomatic fully automatic. i flew out to las vegas after the shooting, and that is when a letter was written that i signed along to you with many other saying at that time we need to band bump stocks, which make semiautomatic fully automatic. so that is also legislation. >> sandra: there is so much that i want to ask you about here. going further into what you are saying that the president would be willing to do based on your conversations with him, there are some mixed messages coming out of that white house after they meeting the president had with the nra last night. the president quickly tweeted out that he had a great meeting with the nra, and this is a president that has always said we are not going to agree on everything, don't fear the nra,
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but then the spokesperson who was in that meeting came out and immediately tweeted that he strongly supports a due process and does not want gun control. how are we supposed to interpret that? >> i don't think anyone wants guns in the hands of people who should not have them. i think the president is on the side of the american people. and i don't think that's necessarily in conflict with the nra. i wasn't in that meeting, but i can tell you what we are doing in florida and what i believe the president supports. again, bump stocks, raising the age to 21 is what we're doing in in florida, and also gun violence restraining orders. taking guns out of the hands of people who should not have them because they are a danger to themselves or to others. >> sandra: what we are seeing is that happening at the retail level as well, companies like dick , they say that they are going
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to stop selling semiautomatic rifles period. this is not in line with the florida state law currently, or let alone, federal state law. as the attorney general of your state, is it legal for those companies to ban sales into a particular group based on age? >> that is for each individual company, but i can tell you that in florida, it will be the law. written into our potential legislation. >> sandra: but is that okay for the companies to decide that on their own? >> you can't buy a handgun until you're 21, so they are selling to private citizens, again, and florida, it is not going to be an issue. in a week and a half, or after the governor signs the legislation, so i haven't thought about that, but it really doesn't concern me at all in florida. and you know, something else that is so important, mental health, and that is port done my
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part of this $450 million package. governor scott is omitted to having counselors with mental health training and schools, working as a team, in case these warning signs are seen and not reported. because we are also developing an app that michigan has, this is such an important message, if you see something, reported. from now on, it will get followed up on. >> sandra: that is really interesting. lastly, i want to ask you about the old we opiate crisis because it continues to take so many lives and this is something you are closely involved with it it. you had a meeting with the president. what is the latest of element there, pam? >> yesterday, i was at the white house, kelly and, i did an incredible job moderating with many other cabinet members. discussing what we are doing because we have 125 people at least dying a day in our
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country. many are teens from drug overdoses. never in our lifetime did we expect to see heroin in a pill, laced with a black market fat knob it has to be a multifaceted approach. that is what we are all saying. this a black-market -- we have to protect our borders. and we have to go through the u.s. social service to stop the stuff from being mailed into our country. all the kids are taking the stuff and don't know what it is. >> sandra: it is something that you are passionate about, and we continue to look for updates from you as well as the president in the white house. pam bondi, thanks for coming on. attorney general of florida. >> rick: the nation preparing to say good-bye to america's pastor, reverend billy graham. his funeral is set for today in north carolina. we will bring you live coverage right here on fox. >> sandra: plus, just how
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serious of a threat as russia's claim of "and for some nuclear missiles?" we will answer that question. >> we don't think that's kind of imagery, seeing the portrayal in a cheesy video, that kind of attack being conducted on the united states of it being a responsible action.
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>> rick: new reaction coming from the white house after vladimir putin says that russia has invincible nuclear weapon that cannot be intercepted. who better to talk about this and former ambassador to the u.n., john bolton? they released a video of missiles hitting florida that -- i can't imagine if the u.s. put out a video, a cartoon, of a missile hitting in moscow, what the reaction would be. >> yes, look at, have known about this hypersonic missile. we have known about the capabilities that they are trying to develop. we are doing a lot of the same sort of thing. let a mere putin is i think making a propaganda claim, and of course, he is blaming us for this. he is saying if you hadn't gotten out of the 1972 antiballistic missile treaty, i would not have done this. that is complete nonsense, and he knows that. he is trying to justify a substantial increase and their
6:19 am
capabilities by blaming it on us. >> rick: but why would putin want a nuclear showdown with the u.s.? why would he do now? >> i think this is part of putin trying to make russia into a great power again. they have an election coming up in a few weeks. that is a great food stomach pretense. but i think he has a larger strategic objective. he has expanded russian influence, and making russia a greater nuclear power again i think is part of his objective. >> rick: i want to get to what sarah sanders said yesterday about this and then get your reaction to that. we don't have the sound. so, sarah sanders said that the u.s. that defenses are to none. so who is right and who is wrong, and it does it matter? >> these missiles, if they were, they are really not subject to our ballistic missile defenses because they don't follow ballistic trajectory. but we can create defenses for them.
6:20 am
we will do it. i wish we had not lost eight years during the obama administration. and a nobody, i think, should dell this president, who is clearly not barack obama. he is not going to let this happen. >> rick: some of that has to do with missile defense. >> big increase. we need a lot a lot more overtime. >> rick: condoleezza rice spoke about sanctions against russia in part because of what putin was saying. let's listen to condoleezza rice. >> actually think sanctions against putin and his inner circle are very effective. i would be a little bit careful about sanctions for some parts of the economy because there are some young russians there for whom contact with the west is really important. we want to isolate putin, but we don't want to isolate russia. >> rick: what do you think? >> i don't have any trouble sanctioning putin and his cronies, but i think it is symbolic. i think if you want to punish a
6:21 am
country, you need punishing sanctions here they need to be brought and not targeted, and they need to be enforced. >> rick: do we need to worry about this now? >> i think anytime you see a country with thousands of nuclear weapons increasing its delivery capabilities, it is worth worrying about. no question about it. remember, china is not far behind russia. >> rick: investor, thank you. >> sandra: i.c.e. agents arresting more than 200 people seeing it the second high-profile immigration sweep of. and figure skating duo made history in the winter olympics. they join us live in studio to share their inspiring journey. ♪ we need to do it more often to help people that need help.
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>> rick: a four-day immigration sweep california's bay area, capturing 232 people. now and i.c.e. custody. they say that nearly half have prior felony convictions for serious or violent offenses. this is the second rated sense california's century state law took effect. they arrested over 200 people in the los angeles area last month. >> sandra: a fox news alert. over 1,000 flights now canceled, fierce winds, heavy rain, and snow. at the fox news weather center for the latest. i think i saw snow out of our windows a few minutes ago. >> it is snowing in new york city, and we are thinking that we are right on the line of the freezing rain. i think it is going to change over to rain, but some areas along the coast could see a burst of snow, including d.c.
6:26 am
a lot of folks told me that they were woken up by some strong winds last night. this is our beast from the northeast, and it is going to be a significant weather maker, so it is going to sit and sell and bring the potential for flooding rainfall, hurricane force winds, we actually have warnings for parts of long island and so and back of this. we are going to see some impressive snow and it pennsylvania and new york. you can see that we have the line here of the flood threats and then the snow threat, and they went as well. 45 miles per hour. new york not reporting right now, baltimore at a 40. big deal. this is a big storm. potentially life-threatening with the flood threats, and we have -- this is almost like a hurricane when it starts to really get its act together. just starting to strengthen right now across the atlantic. and again, the winds are going
6:27 am
to potentially cause widespread power outages. so this thing is going to be with us throughout the day today, throughout the evening. it moves offshore, but unfortunately, we are still going to be dealing with this, especially as the wind of this weekend for coastal areas. coastal flood warnings in effect. very high winds, we're talking about hurricane force winds along a big chunk of the coastline. that is going to be a huge danger. of course, all the flight cancellations, that is going to be a concern too. >> sandra: thank you for the update. we will stay on top of that throughout the day, but it was a tough read in this morning. the weather is changing fast. >> rick: it was 59 degrees yesterday, where did this come from? >> sandra: unbelievable. thousands of flights canceled. >> rick: terrible. in any event, president trump promising that americans will benefit from some new tariffs on imports. listen. >> we are going to take care of the situation, okay? steel and aluminum, good things
6:28 am
are going to happen. we're going to have a good job swapping out, much vibrant companies. >> rick: but is president trump's decision did not sit well on wall street. a look at how markets are responding will be coming up next. >> sandra: plus, didn't the fbi break the law by how it obtains afi as a warning? devon nunez think so. why he is calling on the justice department to ask. >> i do not expect the department of justice to investigate the department of justice, i just don't. i don't expect the fbi to investigate the fbi, but i do expect fisa judges to make sure that conduct wasn't committed in front of them.
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after the president's comments on the return of steel and aluminum tariffs. well, this morning, the present doubling down, tweeting "we must protect our country and our workers. our steel industry is in bad shape. if you don't have steel, you don't have a country." and then he said it is at 50%, and we tax the same coming in at zero, not fair or smart. we will soon be starting reciprocal taxes so that we will charge the same thing they charge us. $800 billion trade deficit, have no choice. coming up in the next hour, we will talk to peter navarro, the national trade council. seems to make sense. why doesn't wall street like what he is doing? >> sandra: there are concerns about costs going up for the consumer and manufacturer. many of them have spoken about their concerns about this. we will ask the white house their thoughts on it, and what
6:33 am
sort of impact this will actually have on the economy, but in the meantime, markets are word. >> rick: did he know that the market would tank on this? >> sandra: we will keep watching it for you. the dow has been down for three straight days. this is a fox alert for you. devon nunez, warning that the fbi may have broken the law whe during the election. he says that the fbi failed to verify information user to obtain a fisa at warning against carter page. specifically, the unverified drum dossier offered by former british spy, and a commission by the dnc and clinton campaign. of the of "life, liberty, and levin." we still have the power to hold people accountable. it did not call in the fbi as far as we know.
6:34 am
did not call in the justice department, did not ask for answers, did not asked for an investigation, nothing. you know what that tells me? something it smells like rat. joining me now are one williams, cohost of "the five come" and editorial director for the "washington examiner" ." so what did you make of him sounding off there? >> well, i think this is a persistent theory coming from devon nunes come about somehow there is some corruption on the part not only of the fbi, but the fisa court. as we have seen, there is a counterargument, who is also on house until, saying that in fac fact, they review this information, it was known to the judges that there was a political campaign behind the dossier, they did not use this
6:35 am
part, they use evidence that has been previously used, i should say, on carter page. remember, carter had been under some investigation going back as early as 2014, so that's way before the campaign. >> sandra: let me get hugo in here because the essential question is did the fbi break the law, and how they obtained that warning. >> look, whether a crime was committed, but is looks like abuse, and kind of sum of sloppiness in the way that the fbi made that to the screen in court. the memo, which was supposed to rebut the memo actually confirms that the fbi relied on the christopher steel dossier. now, now, the dossier was, as
6:36 am
james a speed test is five, and everybody knows, unverified. the fbi rules, governing what they can present in the case it to the fisa court is that it has verified the underlying information. what it actually said, what the fbi said was that christopher steele was a terrific guy, really relied on him. but all of the evidence about carter page and his at meetings or suppose it meetings with senior cronies was hearsay. he didn't verify it, , and he acknowledged that he didn't verify it. so that is why the fbi stressed that christopher steel was so reliable. but the truth is, the fbi had already fired christopher steel for lying, so i don't quite know how they can say that he is reliable. >> sandra: he then brought up another point that has been something many others have been asking in the wake of all this. the judges, they deserve more
6:37 am
scrutiny too. saying that this a fisa judge was misdirected. they have the power to hold people accountable for contempt. >> right, but apparently, it is not just one judge, it is for judges. and these are very experienced judges. nobody previously has said oh, gosh, these judges are somehow crushed. i have never heard that. so to me, this is an expanding effort, by trump supporters to undermine it the credibility of the fbi, the justice department, and ultimately, the mueller provo. just a moment ago, hugo was talking about the dossier, according to the memo, much of that had the parts that they were using to apply for the surveillance of credit page, had been independently verified. >> sandra: so i'm glad you brought that up because hugo, i want to get your response to the ranking democrat who shot back with a statement saying a new
6:38 am
attempt to overrule the department is little more than a another transparent effort to defend president trump, by trying to discredit the discredit and to distract from these special counsel. >> yeah, i think that's actually the transparent efforts to create a particular picture for the public is being done by congressman adam schiff, rather than congressman nunes. i think that another point i would like to bring up about the fbi application, and stats is carter page had actually been a reliable fbi witness in a case against the russians in a 2013. the fisa application, when the fbi applies to the scene in court to eavesdrop, it is supposed to have exhausted all of the possibilities for getting the evidence because it is understood that eavesdropping on american citizens is a very big deal. if carter page had already been a reliable fbi informant before,
6:39 am
against the russians, how come, when the fbi thoughts that they had met with senior russian officials, why didn't they go interview him and just ask him? they had not exhausted all the possibilities. >> sandra: these are all good points, we have heard the republicans and the democrats, and a devon nunes deftly thinks that they broke the law, hugo and juan, happy friday, and thank you both for being here. >> thank you. do you want this fox news alert, we have a report of shots fired on the campus of central michigan university. authorities are telling us that the suspect is still at large and police are advising everyone to take shelter. this is in mount pleasant, michigan, again, shots fired in campbell hall, which is home to the college of humanities and social and behavioral sciences. we don't have any word on injuries or death, or who the suspect might be, but he is again supposed to be on the
6:40 am
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>> sandra: we've got more details coming in of the report of shots fired on campus of central michigan university. this is north of lansing, michigan. they knew details that we are getting now, faculty and staff were sent emergency alerts at around 9:00 a.m. that a shot had been fired inside of campbell hall, or at campbell hall. officials right now are looking for a man with yellow color gene, a blue hoodie, and a pistol tucked in his belt. the suspect is still at large. the police have advised all clear to take shelter. a canine tracking unit is on the way there. one officer found evidence that he had been seen at near the northwest apartments at the train tracks near campus, so
6:44 am
central michigan university reports of a shot fired at campbell hall on campus. we will keep tracking the story for you. the suspect is still at large. the one bidding a final farewell to america's faster. any moment now, the president and first lady will leave for charlotte to attend the funeral of billy graham. he became only the fourth publix is citizen lion honor at the capital. former pastor mark walker. congressman, good to see you this morning. >> thanks, good to be with you. >> rick: he was no stranger to washington. he was an advisor to 12 consecutive presence, from harry truman to barack obama. i am guessing that so there was not much resistance to seeing him lion honor. >> there was zero pushback, and rightfully so. even the members that gathered it to be with his body lying in
6:45 am
honor, it was a compilation of both republicans and democrats, showing their appreciation for this great american it. >> rick: it congressman, we see the corner of a tent behind you. he was famous for preaching and circumstance. they came to be called his candor is dumb canvas cathedrals, so i guess it is fitting that he is in a massive time there. >> it is fitting, military officials, we have got celebrities here. ministers, pastors, i was just thinking if you combined all of us, i don't think that we could even begin to stretch the service for the amount of lies that he impacted over his great career. >> rick: he said he was a -- an important message, obviously. >> it is. he was one of those individuals
6:46 am
who did not shy away from his face and jesus christ there was inauthenticity that was able to permeates the partisanship. this has been around for a few decades, but somehow, the great billy graham was able to do tha that. a personal side of george w. bush, or bill clinton. he had something about him that was unique. it was a gift. reminded him that god does not call us anywhere that we are not supposed to be a light for the world and for jesus christ. >> rick: what is the feeling there today? >> it is a little windy, but other than that, it is a great day of celebration. you can tell the excitement. there is really a volume even coming from the tent now, people who have not seen each other for years. i will tell you, just an hour or so, it will be a great celebration of a life that impacted maybe the greatest of
6:47 am
the 20th century. spanning many, many decades. not just in the political arena and in our country, but across the world. >> rick: yes, despite the rough weather that we are seeing here on the east coast, i think you guys will be okay down there for this very important event. >> yeah, i think so. >> rick: there has been a lot of talk, obviously, on capitol hill about gun control. a lot of talk and so little action so far. can we expect any changes moving forward here? >> i believe so. in fact, we just match with -- granted, we were only in session for a day or two. the session is canceled for the day, even though there is no official business on wednesday and thursday, but i do believe that there were several things being proposed. one, specifically, that i know that sheriff rutherford who is now a member of congress, should be having more school safety.
6:48 am
that is the first step. mental health is a huge component. many families have adult children in their homes. they can't even access that information, even if they needed to identify a situation or notify proper authorities. those are two areas that i believe that we can do better on. >> rick: there is a another area, retail chains like walmart and at sporting goods, raising the minimum age for firearms 221. is that something that you support, does that make it okay? >> there is already a law that you can purchase handguns. we want to make sure that we don't go across the line, infringing on the rights of the second moment for law-abiding citizens. chicago has had this law for many years, yet has one of the highest crime rates. 170 children, aged 17 and under have been killed in just the
6:49 am
last four and a half years. so we are putting everything on the table. we want to review and make sure that that is part of the situation. >> rick: congressman, we will get you back to what you are therefore, which is honoring the late billy graham. >> thank you. >> sandra: often asked, the u.s. figure skating couple who captured hearts and metals at the games. their story of love and victory when they join us live in studio next.
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>> sandra: figure skating couple taking home bronze medals at the winter games.
6:53 am
at the married couple have been competing for more than 20 year years, and we are honored it to have here with us. it is wonderful to have you both. we are so excited to have you in studio, wearing your bronze medals. congratulations to both of you. what a journey this has been for both of you. also remarkable that you are the first married couple to compete in over 20 years, what was that like? >> come it was so special. i always say it is very hard to put into words some of your best moments in life, to go home to your spouse and to try to relive that moment, and we are so lucky that we get to ask transit together and not to have to recreate that magical moment but know that we were there togethe together. >> for me, it was amazing, especially being able to compete on valentine's day with your wife and share that experience. it was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. >> sandra: you guys didn't know each other before you were ultimately paired up by your coach come or custer mike speak all right.
6:54 am
it's a funny story because i guess two years prior, she kind of wanted meet with him, but i had already teamed up with someone else, and things just fell into place when we did when we teamed up in 2012. >> sandra: what a journey and has been for you. you have been very open about your love of god and your faith and of the journey that you have been on has not been an easy one. some bumps on the road with your health, right? >> yes. we've been through the worst of times, but luckily, we had each other to lean on. and we just kind of relied on our faith because when you are sick or you have some kind of injury, you don't really know where the journey is going to take you. and at one point, we were completely blinded on what the future held for us. so we relied on each other and our faith. >> sandra: how are you feeling these days? >> i feel great. i feel more alive than ever. you know, getting now is much more joyful, just because i had
6:55 am
it taken away for a little bit. and i think we just live with a lot more appreciation. >> sandra: you grew up near chicago, i think near me near page county. so i can be extra proud of both of you because you remained by your wife's side or so much to get to this point. >> absolutely. watching her struggle for so long, and me being able to lift her and catch her and throw her and to do all these things -- >> sandra: which is amazing. speak on that situation -- >> sandra: what is that like? >> to be honest, i don't feel as high as it is, and then when i see photos, i kind of look the other way because i don't want to know how high i am. >> sandra: so in talking about your finals get there, you dedicated up to the victims of the park school shooting, what was i like it, and why did you choose to do that? >> we were backstage, and it was
6:56 am
on the tvs, it really touched both of us. we spoke to each other before we went out about wanting to dedicate that performance to them because it is so heartbreaking that that happen. we know that there were a lot of families back home that were struggling, hearing that their children were killed or shot or injured. it was tough, and we wanted to bring a little happiness to you that in our performance. >> yet. we were in korea, living like the best time of our lives. at the same time, there are people at home living the worst days of their last, and it was really hard for us to wrap our minds around that. so we just wanted to kind of reach out to that. >> sandra: can actually hold this? that is unbelievable. you guys must be so proud. and we are so proud of you. the entire country is. thank you for representing coming and thank you for inspiring so many.
6:57 am
>> thank you so much. >> rick: congratulations to you both. meanwhile, they are now leaving washington, d.c., for north carolina. we will pick this up in a couple ofea seconds. just like you. begin your journey at was a success for lastchoicehotels.comign badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows?
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ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ >> sandra: the house until chairman turning up the heat on the fbi, asking the justice department to investigate whether the fbi broke the law to conduct surveillance of the trim campaign. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. if you want just flying by. >> sandra: i interrupted you. it's good to have you here. >> rick: devon nunes sending a letter to jeff sessions, claiming the fbi may have violated criminal statutes, as well as its own internal procedures to obtain a fisa surveillance warrant on on the carter page. we are live in washington on
7:01 am
this. >> thank you. i obtained it late yesterday by fox news, chairman of the house intelligence committee says that carter page appears to be a clear violation of fbi rules for submitting evidence to the fisa court and may also violate criminal statutes. the strict set of internal rules and procedures, and instituted by then fbi director, robert mueller. it is of utmost importance. the letter also questions how the unverified trump dossier compiled by christopher steele meets that standard for the original documentation. at least three subsequent renewals. the justice department has until march 8th to explain whether the rules have changed, went further and told the attorney general
7:02 am
that use of unverified information could also be a violation of multiple criminal statutes, including obstruction of justice, contempt of court, adam schiff said there was no evidence. and the fbi and the justice department acted in good faith. the one i understand that you learned more about the former deputy director. >> well, the oversight committee is now officially asking the attorney general to explain. enter mccabe ruling that it was an email case. senator ron johnson asked for a timeline about why the criminal emails it seemed to stall once it reached his desk. a lot telling them i -- found on a laptop computer, clinton campd under pressure from the fbi,
7:03 am
dr. christopher a, and now there is new reporting that it will be sanction for unauthorized media leaks. he left his post at the bureau just a few weeks ago. >> rick: good use of a slow roll there, katherine harris. >> thank you, great term in this case. it works. >> sandra: condoleezza rice making headlines after speaking with the intel committee. it is time to wrap up these investigations. she and adam schiff appearing together on abcs "of the view" yesterday. >> i think the american people are ready to move on. everybody wants to know what happened, but as i also said, the intel committee also needs to focus on what the russians did, how they did it, because the first time, shame on them. the next time, shame on us if they can do it again. if you do strong words there from condoleezza rice. and there he is, chris wallace, the anchor of "fox news sunday."
7:04 am
i think i start up every friday nothing what a week this has been. what did you make of condoleezza rice for speaking out on that? >> well, i think that everybody agrees that we would like to see the russia case put to rest, to find out if there is anything there, in terms of these accusations of occlusion, obstruction of justice. clearly, has put a cloud over president trump and his administration. i think a lot of us would love to know what the answer is. but as far as the house intelligence committee, they just seem to have completely broken down into partisanship. you have the republicans and the democrats, and i really question whether there is any credibility left there. they seem to be trying to do a bipartisan job, and of course, in the end, what is really going to matters with the special counsel is going to find or not find, and the president's lawyers saying that it is going to be over soon. they were saying that near thanksgiving. four months, if not more than a year away from that being
7:05 am
resolved. so i condoleezza rice, i have great respect for her. i agree with her. we would like to see it over with. it is not going to be over with anytime soon. >> sandra: we will see where that goes. no decision yet, on who will replace one of the presence of top aides. then through the campaign transition, all the way through his presidency until now. she left this week. it who might fill her shoes, press? >> well, somebody who is going to take that job, it will be the fifth communications director for this white house. but nobody is going to fill her shoes in terms of her very special relationship with president trump. this president likes people that he trusts, that he is familiar with, around him. when he came into the white house, he had his personal security person, who had an office right outside the white house. hope x, who has been with him for three years, she is about to
7:06 am
be gone. and so, there will be another communications director, but they will not be another hope x. >> sandra: you wonder what that means inside of the west wing, knowing that she was so close to the president. it has left a lot of room for speculation, as we wrap up the week. why she left, the president said that she approached him, so that she was going to pursue other things. but that didn't leave a lot of room for speculation, as to what actually caused her to leave the white house, and how this will change the way the president goes about his business every day. >> well, in the end, i suppose it is that she just wore out. you and i talk about how exhausting it is covering this white house, how much happens in a week. imagine working in this white house. and i think another thing is that hope hicks is a famously private. most people have never even heard her voice. they have seen her picture.
7:07 am
and obviously, in the last few weeks, between the reporter rob, passed a harsh spotlight on her personal life, and then testifying this week for nine hours for the house intelligence committee. you know, my guess is that of the wear tear of the job, and now the glare of the spotlight on her personally, probably became too much. she has another opportunity, or just decided that she wanted out of washington. she did not like it much in this town. i can see why. >> sandra: we will see what happens next with her. she got a lot of well wishes. meanwhile, jared krishna. the white house still says that he is a valued member of their team. i heard you say yesterday that the long knives were out for jerrod it. >> yes, it doesn't just happen
7:08 am
that he is a devoted, front-page story, in "the washington post," that other countries, according to intelligence officials have been discussing how they can manipulate jared kushner, and then another front-page story i think in "the new york times" about how after he meets with the various business leaders, several of them have given huge multimillion dollar loans into his company. these are all planned leaks, and all in an effort to diminish jared kushner's role. why are they coming? was it coming from? interesting speculation, kind of soft reporting that to the president on the one hand is saying that jared kushner and i ivanka -- remember, it is his son in law. i want you there, it is very unfair, but also separately we are hearing that john kelly is a hearing can you help me push them out? so "game of thrones" has nothing on it this white house and this
7:09 am
administration right now. >> sandra: well, we agree with much of what you are saying, and they concluded their piece today by saying that the leak proved that they will keep slashing. >> you know, they stole that line from me. it's okay. >> sandra: hey, by the way, "fox news sunday," what should we watch for this week? >> well, we are going to be all over this. tremendous upper about tariffs, tremendous upper about what the president issue is or isn't, and then a very special power player of the week. i will sit down with dolly parton this week. i am a big fan, never met her. she was at the library of congress of all places. as it turns out, i did not know, but obviously, millions of people around america know that she has a great program where she donates books to children. they sign up for free books from birth until the age of five. one a month, donates a 1 million books per month. she was out the library of
7:10 am
congress to donate her 100 million books. we even got her to sing for us. so pretty graded. >> sandra: we will be watching. she is an oppressive lady. so are you. >> and oppressive lady? >> sandra: enterprise of man. [laughs] sorry. i saw the excerpt of you guys walking and talking. chris wallace, thank you sir. >> oh, boy. >> rick: the president and first lady on their way to join thousands of other mourners, saying good-bye to evangelist billy graham. his funeral takes place in about two hours under a large white tent. in charlotte, north carolina. his family calling this his last crusade. >> i was surprised at how many young people came to view my father's casket that was there. billy graham is dead. don't you believe that for a
7:11 am
second. he is now more alive than ever. he just changed addresses. >> rick: outside the billy graham library, with more about what is expected today. >> we can expect a meticulously planned 82 minutes funeral. in fact, billy graham took part in the planning of his own funeral. we will see a little bit of preaching and a little bit of music, some of his favorite hymns will be sung here. that is really a formula that he used for 60 years around the country and around the world. there will be 2,000 guess here, including the president and the vice president. of course, it is under a canvas tent. a very humble surroundings. that is how billy graham got his start back in los angeles in 1949. he pitched a tent in a vacant lot, preached the gospel of jesus christ. that is how he first grabbed national attention. it is also going to be a family affair. all of his children are scheduled to speak, and his grandson that will be
7:12 am
pallbearers. they want thank you very much. we will be covering the funeral of billy graham, from 12:00 until 2:00. and then head over to your local fox channel and catch the never before seen documentary. that is sunday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> sandra: 314 a facing criticism from both overseas and within his own party after announcing tariffs on a steel and aluminum. here to respond, peter navarro, the director of the white house national trade council. we will have him explain it all for us. >> rick: and companies cutting ties with the nra after the florida school shooting. how republicans and one state are responding. >> sandra: plus, the two separate storms. two separate coast. and on one coast, feel are being told to evacuate. what emergency management teams are expecting. here's a question.
7:13 am
7:14 am
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7:17 am
noon hour. more than a 400-point oh fall off. market selling off again. 350-point loss on the dow. he is insisting that this is good for our nation. listen. >> what's been allowed to go on for decades is disgraceful. it's disgraceful. and when it comes to a time when our country can to make aluminum and steel, and somebody said it before, and i will tell you. you almost don't have much of a country because without steel and aluminum, your country is not the same. >> sandra: joining me now, peter navarro, peter, taking a lot of heat for this decision and this announcement. what is your response to the market? the markets -- they don't like this at all. looking at another big sell-off in our u.s. stock market today. >> we will take the heat, but let's put a little light on the subject here.
7:18 am
very simple reason that the economic policies have resulted in the biggest economic boom that we have seen in decades. it is a broad plan. we have a tax cut, the regulation going on. energy resources, and yet, we are dealing with unfair trading. we have the lowest tariffs in the world, the lowest nontariff barriers, and what do we get for? half of a trillion trade deficits, taking our jobs, putting them offshore, harming the workers of america. driving it down. >> sandra: you are hearing the auto manufacturers, boat manufacturers, people who use these commodities, they are saying this is going to raise our prices, and as a result, it is going to raise prices at the end of the dead to the consumer. it is going to hurt their industry. peter, i just want to get this out there. the editorial board does not like this. the market does not like it.
7:19 am
he made the biggest policy blunder of his presidency, and they point out a very important fact, that steelmakers employ about 140,000 in this country. the seal using industries in the u.s. employee about 6.5 million americans. and the concern -- >> do you want to push back, or are you just going to read that editorial? let me ask you a question. if you put a 10% tariff on aluminum, how much do you think that increase will impact a six-pack of beer? >> i don't know, you tell me. >> how much do you think it increases the price of an automobile? $45. how about a 777 dreamliner, do you know how much that is? take a guess. >> sandra: so why are they getting it so wrong? >> look, they don't like this, of course they don't.
7:20 am
what do they do? they spend, the fake news, they put all this hyperbole out. reality here is want donald trump aside, we need an aluminum industry in this country. we need steel. we need economic security. we need to employ -- >> sandra: and we get that. >> this pushback, i am telling you, if you look at the problems here. it is negligible. it is minimum. >> sandra: it was fascinating to hear the heads of those companies meeting with the president. >> it was fascinating. >> sandra: they said we are not looking for a trade war here. we are not protectionist. we just want a level playing field. we know that this president hears that. he tweeted this out this morning, peter. we must protect our country and our workers. our steel industry is in bad shape. if you don't have steel, you don't have a country. but you've got republicans speaking out about this. a republican from nebraska said make no mistake, if the
7:21 am
president goes through with this, it will kill american jobs. that is what every trade were ultimately does. >> you are putting all this stuff out. here's the reality. in 2016, the president ran against other republicans. all of them were opposed to his trade policies. they were all "free traders" who don't care about the american manufacturing worker. the president stood up for them, he ran on left, he got elected on it. there is no surprise that the president wants to impose a modest tariffs on a steel and aluminum to protect the industry. so this is what the debate needs to be. all i ask is that it be done responsibly. that we have this debate, we don't go around with their hair on fire, think of the sky is falling. >> sandra: is at gary cohen's future in jeopardy because of this? >> i was with gary as a meeting. hang on. i was in a meeting with the present yesterday. he was in great spirits, working
7:22 am
together on things like china. we have a vigorous debates in this white house. the president wants that. you hear about is outside the perimeter. >> sandra: we should know that gary fought hard to not have this put in place. >> i can tell you that gary was in very good spirits yesterday. we have a great relationship you'd speak out we very much thank you for coming on and are trying to clear this up. the market is still going down. peter navarro from the white house. we will have more on this, coming up. most people come to la with big dreams...
7:23 am
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> sandra: we have an update now, michigan police nothing that they are aware of an ongoing shooting at central michigan university's campus. they are working to secure the
7:26 am
scene. at the police department is leading the investigation. officers are looking for a suspect, described as a black man. considered armed and dangerous. they are urging students to stay where they are, not leave their dorm rooms or campus buildings at this time. if they see anything suspicious, they are advised to call 911 immediately. if you the heated debate on gun control has many americans -- have we lost sight of the issue itself? our next guest says yes because many americans have lost their desire to change their minds about anything. bernie goldberg things that you many of us have what they do not disturb sign around our necks. we do not want to be open to ideas, clinging to our identity. what matters most is what team we play for. a joining now, bernie goldberg, fox news contributor. >> thanks, rick.
7:27 am
see you on so you say that you e have a you do not disturb sign around our necks. tell us more. >> we have become so partisan in this country, so divided on all aspects of our life, that we have lost the ability to persuade even the desire, not just the ability, but the desire to convince our friends, our neighbors, our fellow americans to change their mind on just about anything. so if you think the, ar-15 it should be illegal, late-term abortion, that it is part of a woman's right, you are not going to be convinced otherwise. a lot of people watching the snow have seen the video of an interviewer, going onto a college campus, asking the kids what they think of the statements supposedly made up by donald trump. they hated, productively. then he says no, it wasn't donald trump, it was barack obama. then they love the same
7:28 am
statement. a second ago, they hated it. now, they love it. it is one thing to hang onto principles and beliefs. that is a good thing. but that is not what we are doing. we are hanging onto our team identity, and as far as principles go, they are either dead or on the way out. >> rick: so there is no point in debate, people choose their side and stay. >> not 100%, but it is getting pretty close. look, it's a joke that has a lot of truth in it that jerry seinfeld told. look, you're a sports fan you're rooting for your team. so the center fielder on your team, you love the guy, you cheer for him. then he gets traded from the boston red sox to the new york yankees. now, you hate the guy, and you boo him. so seinfeld says you're not rooting for the player, we are cheering for the clothes. we are rooting for the laundry. and that's what a lot of us are doing. we are rooting for laundry, and
7:29 am
principles, good-bye. >> rick: well, that is an interesting example. we use to take entertainment and sports as a refuge from politics. and you can't really do that anymore, can you? >> no, they were safe havens. so watch the academy awards on sunday night. see if you can escape politics. there are going to be a donald trump jokes, comments about guns. you can't escape politics by entering the world of entertainment. fourth, look. i am all for sports, for athletes, using their microphones for important things like civil rights. i am for that. but when lebron james calls president trump a bomb and says he doesn't give a [bleep] about the american people, that crosses a line. you can't even go into the world of entertainment or sports to escape anymore. >> rick: well, at least you can enjoy the weather down there. enjoy the weekend too.
7:30 am
thanks. >> sandra: georgia lawmakers now delivering on their promise to punish delta airlines. they decided to cut ties with the nra. plus, the reaction this morning from the president on the gun debate, sweeping the nation. >> also said that a lot of members are scared of the nra, do you agree with him on that? >> i don't know of anybody that ought to be scared of anything that represents the people. morning on the beach was so peaceful. until... it... wasn't. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. because your risk of heart attack or stroke is up to four times greater. but there are steps you can take to lower your cardiovascular risk. talk to your health care provider today about diabetic heart disease. and find out more at your heart and type 2 diabetes. make the connection.
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>> we are not going to pass any legislation that denies due process for people. in fact, we ought to be in the order of doing things where certain things dealing with the system, that due process has violated. and we meet them i need to make sure that due process remains. >> rick: weighing in on the
7:34 am
federal gun debate, as lawmakers begin to take action of their own. pro-gun lawmakers yanking back at tax breaks for delta air lines, after the airline cut ties with the nra. democratic national committee, editor in chief of campus reform. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> rick: would you say this is bad for business on their part? >> yeah, it's bad for business because i don't know what democrats are thinking because the second amendment is really not a partisan issue. there are a lot of democratic that are part of the nra. not really conservative to start punishing delta, but make no mistake, the nra members will have their voices heard, and they will affect delta. >> rick: it they released a letter this morning saying it wanted to remove any implied affiliation with the nra to remove itself from the debates.
7:35 am
you support delta's actions. >> no, i don't. and i don't think they are removing themselves from the debate. they are actually participating in the debate. we get that there was a tragedy that just happened, and many nra members, we are morning as well. a lot of our members were affected by what took place. they are taking a stance. >> rick: please weigh in on this. >> i think watch these legislators, these program legislators, what they are doing, it is like taking a break and just pounding themselves in the head. i mean, delta employs the thousands of people in the state of georgia. atlanta is their headquarters. they provide millions of dollars in economic development, and taxes, how many people do we think the nra employees in georgia? five? five lobbyist? >> how many members do you think
7:36 am
they represent? >> rick: losing tax benefits, our values are not for sale. >> that is exactly right. the other thing is, atlanta is on the short list to get the next big amazon headquarters. do you really think he is going to put amazon in a state where the legislator would treat a company that is making a sound business decision like this -- what they have done in georgia is they have -- they are going to hurt their economy, they are going to hurt jobs. and they are doing it for the narrow interests of the nra. [laughs] >> they said their values are not for sale, but i thought they were not participating in the debate. which is it? >> rick: i'm not sure. i want to switch you see one other topic. that is video games. the president has talked quite a bit about monitoring video games and violence, and i'm wondering how you to feel about this.
7:37 am
lawrence, let's start with you. >> well, honestly i don't think video games are the the problem. i understand that a lot of violence people may want to play video games, but again, our focus is on the wrong place. we should be focusing on these killers. it not other symptoms like guns, video games. >> rick: the implication is that their minds may be shaved by some of the games they are playing. >> this reminds me of the moral majority. that this is kind of where the other side goes when we have one of these things. it's hollywood, its movies, it's video games. now, if the access of guns in the hands of the wrong people. and also the access of -- are you suggesting that's mentally handicapped people should have access to guns, lawrence? >> did i say that? >> well, you just laughed when i said that. >> there is no one on the right, or the nra, who wants the
7:38 am
mentally ill to get guns. how about law enforcement? hang on just a second because you accuse me of something. >> you just laughed when i said we shouldn't have guns in the hands of the wrong people. we shouldn't. and -- we should not have military -- >> rick: one thing is clear, we don't accomplish anything when you are talking at the same time. >> if they had listened to the over 30 calls that they receive from citizens, if the fbi had followed up on the tips that they received -- >> we should not have had military hardware in the hands of everyday americans. >> that is not military hardware. to learn guns before you start insinuating that. >> what about bum socks? >> rick: they could go on as the issue at -- >> what do you? >> rick: thank you both so much for being here? >> sandra: meanwhile, a
7:39 am
high school in indiana was named the safest school in indiana after it got a major security efforts. bullet proof doors, hallway cameras, even the smoke canisters on the ceiling. live in washington with more on this. it is all of that really the answer? >> well, the company that set this up, based out of virginia, they certainly think so. keep in mind, they paid for the system in that indiana school, and it does not come cheap. $400,000 per school, but they certainly believe in it. >> one thing trying to solve right away, how do you get the alert out right away? the other lesson learned at virginia tech was you cannot let the attacker in the classroom. and the third is law enforcement has to have actual intelligence. >> providing real-time video from several angles inside the school to law enforcement, and allows police to lock the door to activate those smoke canisters and a variety of other confidential procedures, all
7:40 am
remotely. but when the indian attorney general touted this idea, president trump was hesitant. jordan peterson has thoughts about all kinds of heightened security because it ups the ante for some deranged people who are intent on going out in a blaze of glory. >> that is attractive to people who want to do dangerous things. not a deterrent. it's attractive. it increases the drama. it increases the spectacle. imagine you are designing a movie set. well, the place is swarming with armed guards. to someone who has a pathological tendency of destruction, that is ups the challenge. >> rick: meanwhile, in florida, they are looking at a different option. a smartphone app, which the state has already funded. because so many kids now, all
7:41 am
kids are basically on snapchat, instagram, and they are seeing things, not only about a hey, i'm going to shoot up a school, blow up a school, but also suicide and bullying. and they need a uniformed way to report that, also with the condition of anonymity. that is what this will do. >> the bottom line, as with this, fantasizing about these kinds of attacks, often are one step ahead, and that is the challenge here for law enforcement. sandra, back to you. >> rick: billy graham's funeral begins just over an hour from now, and you can watch it right here on fox news channel. here is a live look from charlotte. a friend and congressman from his day to remember is america's pastor. >> god is a god of love. he loves you, and if there is one thing i want you to take
7:42 am
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7:43 am
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>> i invite you to come into my heart and life. i want to trust and follow you. as my lord and savior. in jesus name, amen. >> sandra: that was billy graham, praying back in 2013. and in just a few minutes, president trump is due to arrive in charlotte, north carolina. adjoining thousands of others, as the nations of good-bye to the reverend. his funeral is being called his last crusade. adjoining me now, robert bissinger, who first got to know billy graham back in 1971. congressman, thanks for coming on with us. >> great to be with you.
7:46 am
>> sandra: on a breezy morning there. it is good to see you, and it is looking like this is setting up to be a beautiful day for thousands who are going to appear and arrive under that tempted to say good-bye to the nations faster. >> yes, it is. several thousand people here. we all have special memories of it being with dr. graham through the years. we are here to pay respects to him and his family. we are going to show the accretion appreciation that we have it for him. just a farm boy from north carolina, milking cows. god saw that young man and made him a great leader for our country and for the world. >> sandra: that is really how so many are remembering him this morning. his message was simple. god loves you. and follow the word of the bible. and that's how he spent his days until the very end.
7:47 am
congressman, you have known billy graham since 1971. how did you meet him? >> well, a very auspicious beginning. i was his caddie. i always said i was his favorite caddie. playing golf with the bob hope. and i can assure you, he was a pro that day. we had a lot of fun. i was 22 years old, right out of college. and after that time, i worked with campus crusaders. from there, i was with him on many, many occasions. the crusades. worked with him for years. so i just had a great love and respect for dr. graham, and the life that he led. a remarkable family. five children. they carried the same torch of
7:48 am
christ. >> sandra: speaking of his children, his son was on fox news this morning and said that the president called and offered the national cathedral for this service today, and the family politely declined and said no, we would rather have this and and in a tent. >> perfect, exactly why 300,000 people came there out in los angeles. his entire ministry. and i think it is so fitting that we have a tent. see two we are looking at life pictures of those in attendance. the president and the first lady will be there today, as well as the advice of president and his wife, karen pentz. we are looking at those who are
7:49 am
there to pay their respects. can you give us an idea of what the feeling is they are on on e ground. >> we all have a sense of gratitude, it is just a real privilege to be here, to pay our respects to dr. graham. for a man who had such humility. he was looking at you. many of the people around the globe he preached you. billy graham was somebody who cared about people. when you were with him, he looked you in the eye. not over your shoulder, or at his watch, to the next person in line. he cared about people, and i think we all have a sense of gratitude for that unique special relationship. perhaps that's the reason why so many presidents and kings around the world, people working at hotels, anybody who felt a real belonging for him. >> sandra: so many lives changed by him.
7:50 am
congressman, was a special day for charlotte's and of the state of north carolina. good to have you here this morning, sir. >> god bless you. you betcha. >> rick: you are going to have a very busy 60 minutes coming up. >> yes, we are, indeed. thanks very much. from yet another resignation to jared kushner security downgrade. a white house in chaos. it is the prize making a mountain out of a mole hill, or is the turmoil real? plus, these survivors of the florida shooting went back to school this week, how they are coping. continuing coverage of billy graham's journey home. thousands flock to charlotte to bid america's pastor a final farewell. >> rick: we will be watching. two major winter storms, one on the west coast, one on the east coast, evacuations are being ordered in some spots. more on this in a moment.
7:51 am
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>> sandra: federal agents from the atf are en route after two people shot on campus, now getting word to that two people are dead. that just coming into our newsroom right now. it is a situation we have been monitoring. central michigan university, university of faculty and staff on campus or send emergency alerts in the 9:00 hour this morning that they shot had a been fired, specifically at campbell hall. you can see that on the map there. officials are still looking for a black man, short hair, slight build, wearing a a yellow hoodie. that is the information that we
7:55 am
have at this point. k-9 units are on campus, trying to track down this person. we can confirm that two people have been killed and that this shooting at central michigan university. we will stay on this for you. >> rick: a rare severe weather occurrence, a possible northeastern part of new york, new england, while thousands are ordered to evacuate in southern california, where jonathan hunt is live. to jonathan. >> we are standing here where on any normal friday would be the bustling part just out of santa barbara. but today, every single business along the strip is completely shut down. sandbags have been put out for every business here. we are in fear of another severe flood. as he looked across the street, you can see that it is also covered with sandbags. they suffered very bad flooding the last time around.
7:56 am
taking no chances this time around. the rain has been coming down, and for the most part, residents here heeded the warnings from the sheriff's office to get out of town to get to safety. what everybody was afraid of, of course, was a repeat of the january 9th disaster, when the mud, debris, water came flooding into the streets, causing so much damage and taking 21 lives. the good news, so far, is that the rain has not been as bad as forecast, and it looks like this time they may be out of the woods. of the storm moving away, moving fast. people here breathing a sigh of relief. >> rick: well, that is good to hear, jonathan. the rough weather continues here on the east coast. >> sandra: new questions about fbi surveillance on the trump administration. seeing if the fbi broke the law.
7:57 am
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>> pleasure being with you this morning. i am done but you are not. >> tune into "outnumbered," we are going to have full coverage of billy graham's funeral. join us. "happening now" starts right no now. >> jon: we are following a breaking situation right now of a shooting on the campus of central michigan university. we are being told the two people have died. this all took place in mount pleasant mount pleasant, michigan. the campus is currently on lockdown, police say the victims were not students. officers are searching for a 19-year-old male suspect, they said he is wearing mustard yellow pants and they warn he is considered armed and extremely dangerous. we will have more on the story as it develops. ♪ and now this fox news alert on the fbi under


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