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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 3, 2018 9:00am-11:00am PST

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>> president trump defying global concern over his plans for new tariffs on steel and aluminum. coming up, a look at tim pact of his proposal. after a week of meetings on gun control, we will talk to congressman about what he thinks of the latest plans being tossed about at the white house. leland: plus late-night arrest after two people killed at central michigan university while the gunman allegedly opened fire. and clean-up after winter storm in the northeast. ♪
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♪ >> welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm ebony. leland: we hope that you enjoy a little break from the weather, i'm leland vittert. president trump taking a little break from what current standards has been a crazy week as the white house tries to put a good spin on the chaos, hi, ellison. >> hi, a pretty short trip for the president and only be here to what will amount to 24 hours, maybe a little less than. last night he had dinner with rnc donors and schedule today leave a little later this afternoon. we believe that he was playing golf earlier this morning and heading back to dc early because he's set to and the 133rd
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dinner, dinner has taken place for years and the president has always invited the skits, jokes, the white house roast journalists and the journalists roast the white house, off the cord event and president trump t attend last year and sent mike pence on his place, he has skipped the traditional press events. it's also ending with the staff shake-up, hope hicks will be leaving in the couple of weeks and denials coming from the white house with future white house shake-ups. the white house pushing that economic adviser gary cohn would be leaving soon because he's unhappy with the president's untariff proposal and pushing back on reports that nsa adviser h.r. mcmaster is about to be forced out.
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>> general mcmaster is not going anywhere as the president said yesterday in oval office, he's doing a great job and glad he's here. look, i was making a joke just before we started, the chaos that i see most this morning, i left three preschoolers and left house with flash flights with power out. it was more chaotic when i left for the office. >> white house steve of staff john kelly talked about porter scandal, timeline from statements from the white house and statements from him and when he knew the extent of domestic abuse allegations and when the fbi sent over reports to the white house, quite frankly, he didn't really clear up a whole lot but in regards to whether or not he planned to quit over it, kelly said, quote, i have absolutely nothing to even
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consider resigning over, leland. leland: a lot of questions on why they are bringing this up after firing of porter. ellison barber with the president in florida, thank you. fox news alert, live pictures near the white house right now, picture courtesy of friends at abc, it appears park in north lawn, a lot of police activity there. this was what was essentially pennsylvania afl, reports of shots being fired and we emphasize that there were reports of. there's no verification for police or anyone else that shots were actually fired, we are told that they are sheltering in place in the white house briefing room, part of that has bullet proof windows and in typical secret service form, they cleared out all of the pedestrians from that area that you see there in lafayette park
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and clear any time there's suspicious activity. this obviously as you can see a little bit and secret service and also washington fire department, fire rescue there as well, nobody seems all that concern, you don't see people running with rifles as we have seen in the past, for example, when the car crashed into a barricade. so reports of shots fired in the white house, no confirmation that shots were fired. we will monitor this and continue to check with secret service contacts and folks at the white house. president trump not at white house, at mar-a-lago. we will keep an eye on this and let you know as things develop. back in washington here after meetings with lawmakers this week on school safety, president
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trump stressed the importance of improving background checks, the president also tweeted out that he respect it is second amendment as it stands, there were questions about that after one of the president's comments this week, here to weigh in florida congressman frances. we listened to report about chaos in west wing. is that a distraction from getting anything done on the issue of gun control? >> well, there have been a lot of man hours spent dealing with mr. mueller's investigation and back and forth and a lot of print and it probably should have been deployed on something better when you consider that he hasn't found anything. leland: we have the mueller investigation, we have what's happening inside the west wing, do you get from the white house that the president really knows what he wants to do in response to the parkland shooting? you talked a couple of weeks ago, i really worry that republicans are on the wrong side of history here but so far no consensus on republicans on what to do.
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>> a lot of republicans who don't want to say very much. i'm willing to speak up about things that are very important. parkland is a game-changer and i'm proud of rick scott and the president with coming out with statements with beefing up background checks, perhaps ending the private-sale loophole, going for 21 years to buy a rifle just like a pistol and maybe putting in place that violent, temporary restraining order process to make absolutely sure that people are are unstable have access to guns. leland: those are all things that rick scott, governor from florida, a state that you represent and attorney general, they want to do on statewide basis. is there the appetite to do that on the federal level fanned so why should we think this has any chance of happening versus the appetite on immigration, on reforming, repeal and replace obamacare, et cetera, et cetera, things that haven't gotten done? >> you're absolutely right, there's huge bias in congress. parkland has to be a
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game-changer. 72% exhibited warning and red flags. leland: have to do it, should do it as you point out does not necessarily mean here in washington that it actually gets done. i want to switch gears a little bit, one of the committees that you're on foreign relations, there has been a lot of accusations, a lot of smoke so far, no fire, as it relates to jared kushner, president's son-in-law as to self-dealing in terms of helping out his family companies while at the same time representing the white house. does that bother you? >> as base person there are things that i thought and said, no, not in this business you can't say that or do that, there might have been meetings that would have been better not taken in political optics of things when there's economic interest involved. leland: better off not taken, are you concerned that it
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crosses the line from optics to perhaps real wrongdoing? >> i don't have any reason to suspect real wrongdoing, i have reason to suspect as business person he's used to meeting with banks and business people and didn't reflect on the fact that if he's borrowing, if his company is borrowing from them, it's better not to have done it. leland: you're going to grid iron dinner tonight? >> no, i'm not i will have dinner with my kids. leland: we will have a read-out on the president's jokes. we will get reaction from democratic congressman, we hear he's having trouble getting in because of the weather, hopefully he's having safe travels to washington, we are checking with him in a minute, eboni. >> president trump's decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum import being met with retaliation from across the world. molly has the latest, molly. >> details are expected to be released next week and possible that there could be carve-outs
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that exempt certain countries from the tariffs but at this point we know president trump wants a 25% tariff on steel coming into the country and 10% tariff on imported aluminum. in part to counter china and other countries dumping steel aluminum in markets and if that launches trade war and others slam tariffs on american products overseas, president trump says trade wars are good and easy to win. he also tweeted yesterday, quote, when a country taxes our products coming in at say 50% and we tax the same product coming into our country at zero, not fair or smart. we will soon be starting reciprocal taxes so that we will charge the same thing as they charge us. 800 billion trade deficits have no choice. but many republicans on capitol hill who have long championed free trade are not in favor of these tariffs. senate majority whip john cornyn said trade wars maybe necessary
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but hard to end and could have unintended consequences. in a statement senator cornyn said, quote, i'm sympathetic to the concerns that the president has that america has entered into trading relationship that is have been disadvantageous to country and country's workers and wages, he goes onto say if we start by raising tariffs on aluminum and steel, it would be easy for trading partners to retaliate against our agriculture sector, for example, but the president is winning allies among labor unions, the president of the aflcio richard says steel and aluminum tariffs are good steps towards fixing predatory practices that hurt workers and cheap companies that produce in the u.s. eboni. >> thank you for that update, molly. now we are going to bring in white house columnist for the hill newspaper, thanks for being with us. >> good to be here. >> we hear in molly's piece that the president is saying this is easy, this makes sense, we do to them what they've done to us and
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that's a win for the american people. we also know politically this is very much the kind of populist message that the president both ran and won on, however, lots of resistance from republicans, establishment republicans, how do you think that resisting should weigh in in terms of the president keeping promise to american people? >> good question because this crosses some of the traditional lines, crosses those lines in the way that the candidate trump did when he was running for election. we are seeing a lot of republicans criticize this proposal from a free trade perspective but as molly mentioned labor unions, some democratic congressmen support in it. i think the proposal directly aimed for the people who elected president trump, that's people in pennsylvania, ohio, so-called rust belts. >> industrial. >> industrial states. >> makes sense to me, but we hear about the unintended consequences and to that point n2002 george w. bush enacted a tariff of sorts on just the types of industries, steel
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aluminum and some people in those industries said it cost 200,000 u.s. jobs, do you expect that type of result, job net loss here if the president -- president trump here moves forward with expected plan? >> well, one to have things we both know that if you ask economists, you will get two completely different answers, there's obviously a danger of loss jobs for a simple reason that american industries that use steel and aluminum employ more people than u.s. industries that make those things and in that sense you will think there's imbalance, there's some danger but obviously people like peter navarro, key adviser to the president will argue against that kind of interpretation. >> absolutely, let's talk about china because you can't really talk trade and this type of retaliation without mentioning china, they are sending out warning signs that they will retaliate and this will certainly be a big problem for america, but wouldn't that type of retaliation hurt them as much as it would hurt us because we
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certainly are one of if not biggest trade market? >> yes, is the short answer, this is why some people think fears often are trade war because wars of that nature do tend to hurt everybody that doesn't tend to be a winner. we can't discount the risk that there will be an escalation here, that's where the danger is at. >> last question, let me ask you long term, we saw yesterday -- excuse me last week when the president announced the expected tariff here, the markets went a bit wild in a way we haven't seen so far, so far throughout the president's administration the markets have been quite lovely overall. we saw market response, do you think that will settle as you're saying kind over reaction over anticipated and long-term this would be good for american economy or do you think the market impact is something to consider? >> well, the markets hate uncertainty, that's one of the major problems.
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right now some people are suggesting that these tariffs won't necessarily go fully into effect, so you have doubt around the issue. once something definitive happens, then i think we will be in much better position to judge the overall market reaction. >> a lot of wait and till, thank you from the hill. leland. leland: fox news alert as we are getting update now, according to secret service they are responding to the area just off the north lawn there, lafayette, live pictures of our friends at abc of self-inflicted gunshot wound, this from secret service personnel responding reports of a person who suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound along the north fence line to the white house. you see some crime tape up. dc fire there as well, it's just 12:15 eastern and we are trying to get now a little bit of a timeline here from the secret service in terms exactly when
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this incident happened and then the fallout, we can see here from secret san francisco. there were reports of shots fired earlier. staff hunkering down. the secret service in this case clear it is north lawn and obviously clears the pedestrian area at north park of the white house complex. president trump not at the white house at this time. he's down in florida but typically that doesn't change the secret service's posture. you can tell a lot by the body language of the secret service officers there from the uniform decision, they are walking around, nobody really has long rifles out. it appears as they think the investigation has concluded. john roberts, medical personnel responding to gunshot wounds.
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john roberts with no word on condition of the person or who they are and where they are from, the first lady and barron trump are not at the white house either, we know they are down at mar-a-lago. no other injuries besides the person who suffered the self-inflicted wound. that coming from john roberts. you can see there. the picture appears to be down what was pennsylvania avenue in front of the north lawn of the white house, typically an area of nice saturday like this that's going to be filled with a whole lot of people and a whole lot of tourists and what it appears as though that somebody shot themselves, at least what the secret service is saying, we are getting a little more from the white house. >> we are seeing pearl white, white house official, the president has been briefed, they are referring all questions to the secret service and again, just, of course, the president
9:18 am
himself being in florida at mar-a-lago also as you said baron and first lady melania trump also not at the white house. >> and now we will wait and see what the secret service comes up, typically a couple of hours to return everything to normal as you can see the crime scene tape still there. we will check back at the white house as news warrants. meantime, big story from yesterday, the 19-year-old university student suspected of killing his mom and dad, well, he's now in custody after what was a day-long manhunt. police believe james davis, jr., shot his parents in a residence hall on campus friday morning before then running off campus, they shut down the whole campus after this. davis was eventually spotted on a train passing through campus shortly after midnight, meanwhile there is still no word on davis' motive, police say he was taken to the hospital thursday night for a drug-related health problem,
9:19 am
incredibly intense manhunt on the campus of central michigan university. >> and at least five people have been killed in a north eastern that hit east coast friday, winds blowing at nearly 70 miles per hour shutting down airports and tape stations. new york governor andrew cuomo issued travel advisory for all the areas north of new york city. leland: more on the weekend's weather chief meteorologist at fox extreme center, this one over, rick? >> the wind is still with us, we had wind at 93 miles an hour, so an incredibly strong storm because of this prolong wind coming out of the northeast we have seen tide levels, high tides at record levels around the massachusetts bay, we have another high tide psych toll get through, one more batch of
9:20 am
flooding and then this will ease a little bit so we are not completely done wit, major damage from this at one point over 2 million people without power. this is the last 24 hours of the storm, now it moves on out of here but you can still see a little bit of cloud cover and the winds are still gusting out there, the time is 40 miles an hour, still 43 at jfk, 25 in dc, 43 in boston, still definitely windy out there but almost gone. you will notice the rest of the country, though, behind it all not that cold in southeast and florida, nice break from all the high temperatures throughout the month of february and feeling more like winter finally. leland: over much of the country, the clean-up begins for so many folks. rick, thank you. >> you bet. leland: coming up, we will talk about the latest scandals involving jared kushner and what some are calling a turbulent week at the white house. plus russian president vice president saying he has a missile that could hit the united states and what the state
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leland: fox news alert as we are learning more about the shots fired at the white house, live
9:25 am
pictures you can see as the secret service in what appears to be the washington metropolitan police department have extra units there. live pictures now at what is the big pedestrian mall in front of the white house where allegedly a person shot themselves, the secret service saying they responded to reports of a person who suffered a self-inflicted gunshot along the north fence line of the white house. there's kind of a double fence line on what would be the right of the screen, you see the bicycle barricades there that provide the buffer before the fence, the secret service saying medical personnel are responding to a male victim, no other reported injuries related to the incident and so our viewers understand that when there's an incident anywhere either on the white house grounds or around it where the secret service is, there's normally a massive response by the secret service and then things slowly pull back and based at least on this video picture we get the sense that things are slowly beginning to
9:26 am
pull back, we don't see anyone with long rifles out, we don't see any secret service agents sort of running around or moving around quickly, seems as if they feel as though they have the situation contained, now the investigation begins at the white house, john roberts reporting, they don't know, or at least he hasn't been told who this person is or where they are from or perhaps why they did this, all questions the secret service will begin to piece together as they believe the have the situation at the white house under control. obviously we have our white house team working on this, john roberts, the president is down at mar-a-lago, we checked in with the white house down there, they briefed the president and as soon as we have any more details back to the scene at the white house as it happens. ♪ ♪ eboni: now as the deadly north eastern heads out to sea the clean-up begins, knocked out power and also downed triples
9:27 am
crippling air, plane and car trouble throughout the region, bryan llenas is at laguardia airport with the latest, what's up with that, bryan? >> good afternoon, eboni, thing are improving at airport, yesterday 3400 flights canceled nationwide because of the north eastern. today 569 according to flight boston logan airport is at worst, 100 cancellations today, here at laguardia, it's about 46 cancellations this morning, down from 600 and it's just not airlines though, amtrak suspended northeast corridor between washington, d.c. and boston, all trains were suspended yesterday. today just about an hour ago, amtrak has now resumed some service with residual delays. the winds from the storm are mainly to blame for the travel headaches, look at this video, this is just flight taking off
9:28 am
from reagan national airport, the airport saw 15 straight hours of 40 miles per hour winds gust of 60. you can see the plane moving to its side, no thank you. this is southwest airline plane, boarded at last minute. landed thankfully ten minutes later some passengers happily accepted canceled flights, we spoke with them today rather than being on any of those planes. >> yesterday i was going to char -- charlotteville, north carolina. i would rather be on the ground than on air. >> the pilot logged in official report, quote, very bumpy on decent, pretty much everyone on the train threw up, pilots on the verge of throwing up.
9:29 am
450,000 in pennsylvania, that's the most nationwide and in massachusetts some 375,000 are without power, places like new york, virginia and maryland have also hundreds of thousands of people without power at this time. hurricane-forced winds and massive flooding and snow came with the storm and also made the streets treacherous. things should be better in the next days today or tomorrow. eboni: better but still ways to go, thank you for update from laguardia. when we come back russian president vladimir putin said his country has created invisible missile. we will have reaction from washington. plus new reports that jared kushner and ivanka trump are feuding with white house chief of staff john kelly, political panel will weigh in and discuss the media's call for kushner to
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leland: even by trump administration standards the white house palace intrigue plots are reaching fevered pitch with multiple reports, the chief of staff john kelly is actively working to oust the president's son-in-law adding to the fire, the wall street journal with this editorial, the white house family business, the new york times jared kushner flames out, both attacking kushner over accusations of using his white house position to help his family business. to weigh in on that national editor of accuracy and democratic strategists, glad to see you both, thanks for being with us. carrie, first to you, so many folks in washington like to talk about this and love to watch and
9:35 am
comment and does id really matter to everybody else in. [laughter] >> well, leland, i think you hit the nail on the head, accuracy and media is all about making sure that the forgotten men and women in the country have their voices heard and forgotten men and women of the country are not concerned about the issue on magazine. they are not -- leland: carrie, it's not just "the new york times", wall street journal editorial page basically saying wouldn't it be better if jared kushner was out, you can hard i will say that's some kind of antitrump people magazine. >> well, they were saying let's make sure they have conflicts of interest and i do agree with you there, leland, the things that i'm not seeing come out of new york times is looking, for example, loans that kushner received were they favorable, differential for him versus rest
9:36 am
of the marketplace, i think it's irresponsible to put cloud of us possession without confirmation. also i have not seen mainstream media reporting about what's happened in terms of case law, looking at governor mcdonald out of virginia, scotus ruling, you have to have official act, standard that the supreme court has ruled on that there wasn't actual official act. leland: that's for a crime, there's a difference between the court of law and the court of public opinion, but blake, are democrats jumping on this too early as a band wagon, as carrie points out, there's a lot of smoke and we haven't gotten any fire yet? >> yeah, leland, i don't think they are necessarily jumping on it too early because this is an issue that's been percolating for a while, just the debate over -- over mr. kushner's security clearance, his ability to -- to manage his white house portfolio without that security clearance and now you have -- leland: how much of this is good
9:37 am
for the goose is good for the gandor. there was a whole lot of shall we say more smoke, darker smoke over paid to play than we have right now, you among them? >> that's exactly right. i will respectfully disagree with you, leland, that there was a lot more smoke on paid to play but i think we can debate that another time, i think the question here is whether or not he's able to fulfill the mission and the objectives of his position. i'm sure it's political but it's also -- and it's a lot of inside baseballs, i don't think the average voter out there is paying attention to whether or not jared kushner has a position in the white house, but i think there is serious tension and when there's serious tension it creates chaos within the west wing and that's problematic and you previewed this, leland from
9:38 am
the beginning, there's tension between jared kushner, his wife and the white house chief of staff and that's a problem. leland: as much as the white house seems to be downplaying that, it seems to be at least everything that we are hearing about this tension between the group, in fact, john kelly essentially took away top secret clearance. carrie, is there a difference, importance, though, if all of a sudden you have chief of staff taking away the president's son-in-law and top advisers secret clearance that's a little bit more than people magazine. is there a point where this reporting actually is meaningful or maybe should be meaningful to people in the middle of the country? >> the reality is that crucial ner is a real estate mogul and it's not just him, there have been many other people in other administrations as well who have had to go through very thorough security clearances, he's got substantial holdings that he's got to be dealing with but, again, leland, you raised the important point of hillary clinton and the media and you
9:39 am
cede the public opinion, the media has it out for this president, the media is looking for whatever excuse it can pull but the big difference between this situation of the loans with jared kushner these are loans versus cash payments paid to clinton foundation, cash versus loans, that means that this is a business deal and i don't think that constitutionally any of us want to be in the position to say that american citizens who are business people can't go into public service, that would be just disqualifying a number of qualified people. leland: a lot of american people who have gone to public service and divested and nothing that mr. kushner decided not to do. safe travel, guys. >> eboni: when we come back russian president vladimir putin puts in a bid for reelection, how moscow and beyond are prepping at the polls. when he's not campaigning or maybe when he isn't, vladimir putin boasting of new invisible
9:40 am
missile, how the u.s. officials are reacting.
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i don't see a possum! eboni: president vladimir putin is 15 days away from election, reelection bid comes as he announces significant advances in the russian missile technology, ryan joins us now from london with more, ryan. >> hi, eboni, vladimir putin addressed tens of thousands of supporters at campaign rally today in moscow stadium, the election itself is on march the 18th, it's been timed to coincide with the fourth anniversary of russia's annexation of crimea, a very patriotic day in russia. in this election, vladimir putin is seeking to extend his rule by another 6 years, that's what one presidential term would give him, he's already been in power for 18 years. today's appearance comes just two days after he made the state
9:45 am
of the union address you're just referring to there where he really did two things, speaking to domestic audience, he won pledge to reduce the number of people in poverty in russia and a number he put about 20 million to reduce the number by half and, two, he revealed number of new weapons he said including a nuclear propelled nuclear weapon that some people are saying may just be a bluff. now today's address really, i think, was pretty much in the same vain, vladimir putin saying that he sphwoandz build a strong russia, have a listen. [speaking in native tongue] >> all gathered at rally have come to a strong russia. i would like to greet not just those in central moscow but all supporters across huge territory of the country. hundreds, thousands, millions of people. we feel close to them that we feel breath and bones because
9:46 am
together we are a team, we are a team, right. [cheers and applause] >> there are a number of presidential candidates in this election include two that got into something of a scuffle eaflier in presidential debate, one of them throwing a glass of water at the other after he had insulted her. that said, there are really no candidates that pose any significant challenges to vladimir putin's rule and winning this election, this is really more of a sort of formal extension of his presidential powers, i think, as the best way to put it. that's it, there's a political opposition in russia, they had a rally last weekend, they were commemorating the death of one of the opposition leaders, his name is borskin, popular opposition leader against alex, legally from participating in the race on the 18th.
9:47 am
eboni: thank you for the update for sure, we will bring in russian security expert michael, michael, thank you so much for joining us. >> appreciate it. eboni: a couple of things that vladimir putin is telling us about the new missile saying that it has unlimited range, saying that it cannot be intercepted by enemy and saying that it can permeate essentially any defense program. how much of that do we take at any value, face value there as well or is this just a bluff as ryan is saying and exaggeration? >> there are exaggerated capabilities and also the -- we do know that they are in the development phase of these systems, the system that is were mentioned but specifically the one that are closest to is the one that you mentioned the intercontinental ballistic missile, the rs28. having said that, their current capability would actually exhaust current u.s.
9:48 am
interceptors that are able to actually shoot these things down. eboni: what are we able to intercept right now? >> 44 interceptors, primarily focused on north korea, west coast, the russian strategy has always been tactical or strategic to missiles to exhaust capabilities and then launch the precision rockets, the precision missiles. eboni: let me ask the follow-up because most narrative of protecting against some type of nuclear threat is around north korea, first of all, around the west coast threat, for sure, but i hear you telling us something more broader that maybe we need to be concerned a bit about russia and some are saying even china and how do we respond to those threats? >> our deterrent has always been, if you do this to us, we will do this to you. second-strike capability would devastate russia.
9:49 am
eboni: do we have that capability? >> we have the capability. the issue is, of course, what about one of theirs getting in, we simply don't have the interceptors to be able to stop that. eboni: something that we should improve on right now. >> i don't think we would be able to catch up to the sheer number of missiles they have, but, again, our deterrent is tactical nuclear weapons that are being able -- we can launch from submarines and other -- whether aircraft or submarines and that's what's prompting putin to try to match us in this capability by stressing this new development of an underwater drone, of these other types of -- eboni: certainly we have to protect as much as we can, thank you for that, thank you. >> thank you. eboni: leland. leland: back live to the white house as the secret service continues their investigation of shots fired, possibly somebody trying to injury themselves, new details on the other side of the break as ellison barber is
9:50 am
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9:53 am
legal fox news alert as we learn more about the shots fired at the north lawn fence line at the white house, you can see the secret service there. they continue their
9:54 am
investigation. the secret service saying that there was a person who allegedly suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound. medical personnel responded to the male victim there and you can see any time an incident like this occurs, the secret service immediately pushes everyone back and away and slowly walks the perimeter back in, obviously president trump not there, the first lady not there and we are also told that barron trump was not there as well. they are down in mar-a-lago right now, spent the night down there before returning here to dc. eboni: and traveling with the president is our own ellison barber, she certainly will have much more in terms of the updates with this situation that's going on right now in washington, d.c. when we come back at the top of the next hour. leland: and we can tell you about even more that's happening in the next hour, didn't realize you get two teases here, the
9:55 am
florida state senate debating gun legislation today in the wake of the parkland shooting, we will speak with pam bondi, florida attorney general about whether that has a chance of passing there. plus, wind, rain, snow, havoc for travelers across the northeast, we have an update on the tens of thousands of people who are just trying to get home in this mess. as you can see the snow comes down in new england.
9:56 am
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9:59 am
so much news in hour one. we are going to do hour two of america's news headquarters. keep an eye on the white house obviously and the shots fired there on the knot fence line. -- north fence line. i'm leland vittert. >> i'm eboni. at least five people have been killed by the storm that battled the northeast yesterday. we will have the very latest on the damage as people start the cleanup. leland: plus florida attorney general about why her state isn't waiting for congress to pass stricter gun laws. what she wants florida to do right now. eboni: and going for gold. we will introduce you to one of the members of the u.s. paralympics team and tell you his inspiring story. president trump has been briefed at mar-a-lago about a
10:00 am
self-inflicted gunshot near the north lawn of the white house. fox news -- fox news correspondent ellison barber has the details from right outside mar-a-lago. ellison? >> we're told president trump was briefed on this. we're also told that there were no in the white house at the time this occurred. there seems to be someone with a self-inflicted gunshot wound along the white house north lawn, along the north fence of the white house. they say that person is receiving medal attention. -- medical attention. no word on their condition, but again president trump has been briefed. right now he is getting ready in the next hour or so to speak to a group of rnc donors. last night he was here having dinner with donors from the rnc. he is supposed to speak with them later today. that's not an event open to press. after that he will head back to d.c. where he will attend the gridiron dinner which is a
10:01 am
dinner that takes place in d.c. every year. one of the oldest journalism clubs, the gridiron club. president trump did not attend this dinner last year, but he will attend it tonight. and that's a dinner where often times the president is roasted. in the past, the president has chosen not to attend similar events like the white house correspondents dinner, but for the white house this week really is ending with some heavy criticism for the president in regards to the tariff proposal that he made public this week from world leaders to members of his own party. there are lots of people saying that they don't like it. president trump is on twitter now defending it. that's something we have seen him do a couple of times of late. the week for the white house also ended with a lot of intrigue and denials of staff shake ups. the white house is pushing back on reports that the economic advisor could be leaving very soon because he's unhappy with the president's tariff proposal. they are also pushing back on reports that nsa advisor hr mcmaster is about to be forced
10:02 am
out. >> general mcmaster is not going anywhere as the president said yesterday in the oval office to a number of the people. he thinks he's doing a great job and glad he's here. look, i was making a joke just before we started that the chaos that i see most this morning i left three preschoolers and a bunch of flashlights with the power out at my house. it was pretty chaotic and far more chaotic earlier this morning than when i got to the office. >> communication director hope hicks announced this week that she plans to leave her job at the white house in the coming weeks. she made that announcement a day after she had testified before the house intelligence committee. hope hicks was one of the president's closest advisors and the longest serving advisor to the president. the white house says her decision to leave is something that she had been planning well before that testimony. so here in florida right now, again, the president has been briefed on that shooting, but we want to reiterate there were
10:03 am
no -- at the white house at the time. the president will head back to d.c. for a journalism dinner later this evening. eboni? eboni: thanks, ellison. you have safe travels back to d.c. as well. looks pretty windy out there. the florida state senate wrapping up a rare saturday session as they examine stricter gun laws. a vote is expected soon on 450 million dollars in additional school security. florida attorney general joining us now. nice to see you, ma'am. thank you. first things first, you guys have the votes? >> excuse me, leland? leland: i said do you have the votes to pass this both in the house and the senate? i know this is something the governor is behind. you are behind. >> oh, we better. we better. and we have victims' families behind it too. andy pollack has been one of our champions on this, meadow's father and it's on the floor of the senate right now as we speak. not only do i want it to pass, i
10:04 am
want this to be unanimous. this should be unanimous because this is about protecting our kids. and our governor has worked so hard. leland: it is amazing how xwikly things are -- it is amazing how quickly things are coming together in florida, you have bills and house in the senate. you have what appears to be bipartisan support. it seems like congress could learn a few things from that. >> you think? leland: yeah, no kidding. first things on first for this, raises the age for someone to be able to buy a rifle or shotgun to 21. >> right. leland: also has restraining orders that could be put in place to potentially take people's guns away. does this close the back ground check loopholes or does that have to come from the feds? >> it doesn't have to come from the feds.
10:05 am
we have tried to close the gun show loophole because there's no waiting period for gun shows. i know that's been attempted in the past. now we're living in a whole different world in florida. we just had 17 kids gunned down and 3400 who are psychologically affected. so i am not sure about that particular point, what's going to happen on that. it is evolving as we speak. what i know is going to happen, something very important, a gun violence restraining order. we have been doing all the legal research on this to be sure it is constitutional. when someone is civilly committed in florida it is called the baker act but law enforcement can take their guns as they should because they are a danger to themselves or others. upon release, if law enforcement wants to give -- keep the guns, they must go before a judge, i think within 72 hours, in order to keep those guns. and that provides full due process to the person who has been civilly committed. we have to make it constitutional. i think everyone agrees with
10:06 am
that. rick scott has been a champion on this. this is a 450 million dollars package. almost half a billion dollars. florida is in the black. we have saved our money. and now it's going right back into our schools, where it should. to not only the mental health component but at schools, every school will have a mental health trained guidance counselor who will work as a team, with a teacher, with the administration as well as infrastructure meaning securing our schools physically. the buildings, bullet proof glass. and school resource officer for at least every 1,000 students in a school. so it's going to be a comprehensive plan like nothing we have ever seen. i'm really proud of everybody for working together. this isn't a partisan issue. you know, you are going to have the people -- leland: ma'am, let me try to get in one question, please. >> the senator is preaching right now on the floor of the senate and i think this bill
10:07 am
should be unanimous. leland: okay. we appreciate that. let me try to ask you a question about this 450 million dollars. what does it specifically do to deal with the issues in the failures of law enforcement that allowed this shooting to happen? >> well, that's a separate investigation. of course the fbi is looking into what happened on that end. and the governor, rightfully so, has called an investigation into the broward county sheriff's office because now we know there have been multiple calls to them that went unanswered, multiple signs, so i'm going to be working very closely with florida department of law enforcement on this. leland: ma'am, let me ask you, does this bill, the 450 million dollars what's going through the florida house that you are championing, does it specifically address any of these law enforcement failures? >> well, what it's going to do is prevent them in the future. what i have -- leland: how does it prevent them in the future? >> hold on, i will tell you. we're really proud of this. we're patterning it after
10:08 am
michigan and colorado. i've been working closely with that. utah has one as well. it is an app. this app is going to be incredible. kids now we all know are on snap chat, instagram, that's where all these reports are coming in for the most part. i let ten of the students from the school name the app. it is going to be called fortified florida. they designed the icon so they can in real-time and with the condition of anonymity report it. we have the funding, listen to this, for this to be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through a central clearinghouse where there are going to be no excuses for this happening again. leland: conceivably there shouldn't be any excuses for the fbi tip line being missed or many calls to the deputies either. >> agreed. leland: hopefully the monitoring on the app is better than that. thank you, ma'am, we appreciate it. >> have a good day. eboni: for response from the other side of the aisle, we will bring in michigan congressman, congressman, thanks for joining
10:09 am
us. >> thank you. eboni: glad you were able to get here safely. certainly that was not the easiest thing over the weekend. >> pretty windy. eboni: you heard the attorney general speaking with leland about some comprehensive measures that are going through the florida senate and house of representatives right now being championed by herself and their governor. both republican; right? we also saw the president saying some things earlier this week that many were shocked and in awe about, talking about taking guns and having due process later. we will see where the president goes with that. i now want to play you a piece of an interview that leland had earlier with a republican congressman. let's take a listen to what the congressman had to say. >> certainly parkland has to be a game changer. 42% of all mass shootings involve people that had exhibited warning signs and red flags. we need to get these background checks and something like these restraining orders in place. eboni: going over the facts, we hear the republican congressman talking about background checks,
10:10 am
closing loopholes, raising the age of gun ownership and rifles and things like that to the age of 21. i won't ask you to speak for all democrats but it's been a rallying cry for democrats since the trump administration began to resist. will you be resisting those proposals? >> not those proposals. those are proposals that many democrats have been pushing for a long time. closing the background check loophole, for example. and listening to the attorney general in florida, talking about how they would try to do that at the state level, it will work if we do this in a piecemeal basis. at the federal level we need to close the background check loophole, the gun show loophole and have universal background checks which i think most people thought we already did, 40% or so. eboni: again going back to leland's interview with the attorney general, florida able to do something that congress hasn't been able to do on these issues.
10:11 am
what can you do in order to replicate some of these seemingly universally accepted ideas around background checks and the like? >> the only thing we lack is a chance to have a vote on the floor. i wrote a bill. the speaker has to step up and put the legislation on the floor. i have a bill to deal with bump stocks that i did with two republicans and two democrats, a really thoughtful approach, using the national firearms act. that bill would pass. it would pass overwhelmingly. eboni: this seems to be me just as a layperson congressman looking on the outside in that there seems to be always bipartisan units that can be behind a piece of legislation, whether it's a bump stock, whether it's raising the age limit, whether it's a more comprehensive background check. yet it is always interrupted. how do you all in congress get over that political hump? >> there's two ways, one the leadership changes their mind and allows these bills to be put on the floor, or enough republicans sign something
10:12 am
that's very often not used a discharge petition. if members of congress sign a petition and a majority says we want a vote on a piece of legislation, that bill goes to the floor. so republican members who are frustrated with their own leadership, that these bills haven't come up, they could go to the floor. we have two discharge petitions right now, pending on the floor. if they're that anxious to move, and the leadership is not willing to put the bill on the floor, they could sign a discharge petition. eboni: that's legislative. let me ask you something that doesn't involve legislation. certainly every time a parkland incident like that happens, newtown, parkland, any of these mass shootings, there seems to be this call for more legislation, more gun control, but we know the facts in parkland are a bit different in the sense there were multiple times that there was awareness on the part of how dangerous this individual was. >> right. eboni: and what type of harm and damage he could do ultimately taking all those young lives. what do you say to the response, congressman, that this kind of incident shows that we don't
10:13 am
need more gun control, we don't need more legislation around this issue, what we need is the proper enforcement of existing laws? >> i understand that, but i don't think it's any one thing. i think it is a dangerous path for us to go down to think there's one solution. we do need better gun legislation. no question about it. eboni: we had some gun legislation here that would have prevented a lot of this. >> for sure, but we actually need to utilize those tools. law enforcement needs to be held accountable. the fact that the fbi tip line follow-through was not there is part of the problem that we see here. but it's not one or the other. i think we actually have to both have a good legal structure that gives law enforcement and our society the tools to protect our citizens, particularly protect our kids and then we have to hold those responsible for enforcing those laws to actually do their job. eboni: congressman, thank you for coming in from michigan safely for us. leland? >> thank you. leland: all right, massachusetts governor charlie baker now declaring a state of emergency as a powerful nor'easter
10:14 am
continues to pound his state. so far thousands of cancelled flights, roads shut down across the northeast, countless power outage. bryan llenas live thankfully we have you inside today. bryan? >> that's right, you know, because it's not only the travel havoc that you are talking about, but there are still many families that are dealing with this storm. as you mentioned, governor charlie baker in massachusetts, declaring a state of emergency this morning. that will expedite federal dollars to that state to help in the recovery. and what we're talking about is some 376,000 people in massachusetts without power right now. they were particularly pummeled by this nor'easter. this morning, the national guard evacuated families from quincy massachusetts. these families were there through the night, and high tide came at midnight last night bringing in some 13 feet of water, and about noon today, they expected that high tide to also bring some 13 feet of water into the communities. so people were evacuated.
10:15 am
coastal massachusetts communities like quincy have been hit extraordinarily hard by these floodwaters, submerging homes and cars. 80 to 90 miles-an-hour wind gusts have knocked out power lines along the cape and coastal communities after they endured remember the so called bomb cyclone two months ago. this is a back-to-back hit for that area. as for the travel chaos, there were some 3400 flights cancelled nationwide yesterday. today that number is about 569. so there is improvement here at la guardia, about 46 flights were cancelled in the morning. yesterday it was 600. so again, improvements when it comes to travel, but it will probably take the weekend for it to get fully back to normal. it is not just air delays. high wind advisories closed down bridges all along the east coast. look at this video. this is a truck that nearly was tipped over. its wheels off of the ground because of the wind on a bridge in new york city. some 45 to 60 miles-an-hour wind
10:16 am
gusts there. if you look at this video, this is an airplane that was taking off actually from reagan national airport. you can see the wind just whipping that plane to its side. that is scary as it was taking off in the air. also there was another airline, the southwest flight -- southwest airlines flight that tried to land at dulles international airport in d.c. yesterday. it had to abort in the final moments and it landed ten minutes later because of the high winds. the wind also caused really bad turbulence. this is what a pilot said on an official record log for the national weather service about his united airlines flight. quote, very bumpy on descent. pretty much everyone on the plane threw up. pilots were on the verge of throwing up. that gives you an idea of how bad it was with the winds yesterday. and again, it's still very much recovery mode as we saw in massachusetts. we will bring you the latest on what's happening there as that storm makes its way out of the united states. leland: bryan llenas at la
10:17 am
guardia. thank you. we heard that report from bryan about what the pilots were saying. when there's a flight delay, you would rather be down here wishing you were up there rather than being up there and wishing you were down here. eboni: exactly. there was a woman who said earlier that she was happy they cancelled the flight, to be down on the ground. i was a little more stubborn. leland: dedication right here. eboni: all of our fox news colleagues. i have heard some stories about people traveling over the weekend. so i'm thinking no way you cancel my delta flight. no way you cancel you know -- leland: delta if you are watching -- eboni: there you go. i was on the last amtrak that actually went south from new york city. it was really everything working in tandem to get me here safely. after that they cancelled. leland: planes, trains, automobiles. that's dedication. thank you for being here. thanks to amtrak for finally
10:18 am
getting you through. eboni: absolutely. still ahead, from serving our country on the battlefield for going for gold for the u.s. we will talk to one wounded warrior now answering the call as a paralympic. >> the latest details in the russia probe sent shockwaves through washington. are those details having an impact outside of the swamp? we will talk to one pennsylvania radio host about what is important to his listeners. and tariff talks, all eyes on the u.s. steel industry. how the president's discussion of trade wars is impacting the market. >> we're going to have new jobs popping up. we're going to have much more vibrant companies. and then the rest will be up to management to make them truly great. if you could ever make u.s. steel like it used to be, we would be very happy.
10:19 am
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let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. eboni: president trump says trade wars are good, but some republican lawmakers aren't so sure. here with the very latest is molly henneberg. >> hi, president trump intends to sign an executive order next week adding a 25% tax to imported steel and a 10% tax to imported aluminium. in part, to counter other countries such as china overproducing steel and dumping it into u.s. markets. president trump says he's trying to save the american steel industry and to fight back
10:23 am
against an 800 billion dollars trade deficit. the president just tweeted this a few minutes ago, quote, the united states has an 800 billion dollars yearly trade deficit because of our -- sorry -- can't read the tweet right now -- because of our very stupid trade deals and policies. our jobs and wealth are being given to other countries and have taken advantage of us for years. they laugh at what fools our leaders have been. no more. the details are expected to be released next week. and it is possible there could be things that exempt certain countries from these tariffs. but some tariffs aren't the answer. utah republican senator called the tariffs quote a huge job killing tax hike on american consumers. while i am sympathetic to the issues facing domestic steel manufacturers, there must be a better way to address the steel industry's concerns. i hope congress and the executive branch can identify an alternative solution before
10:24 am
these tariffs are finalized next week. the united steelworkers union says it's been fighting for actions like this for decades to ensure that quote cheaters are held accountable. but that labor union also represents some steelworkers in canada and is that asking that canadian steel be exempted from these tariffs. eboni? eboni: thank you, molly. certain many more details i'm sure will follow, exactly how the tariff situation will unfold. thank you. leland? leland: let's bring in trip miller for a little bit more on this. good to see you. appreciate it. friday the markets sort of stabilized. they were even, what i guess is the new up. what do you think the president's tweets are going to mean come monday morning? >> well, this is obviously a very resilient market, and it seems like points of influence in the market like we saw coming a couple of days ago with the news of the potential tariffs have a big impact in the short run but in the long run, we're in a very strong bull market with low unemployment, high consumer confidence and so, you
10:25 am
know, the president can tweet all he wants to, but this economy continues to tick right along and he's done a lot to boost this economy in the last year with the tax cuts. so we don't look for that to change in the short run. leland: in the short run, at least, nobody is really defending the president on this. we can see him sort of defending himself, if you will, on twitter about these tariffs but republicans in congress are running from him, and the senate as well. wilbur ross the commerce secretary though came out with this reason that people shouldn't be concerned about a trade war. take a listen. >> there's about 3 cents worth of tin plate steel in this can. so if it goes up 25%, that's a tiny fraction of one penny. that's not a noticeable thing. leland: my friend david asman of the fox business network made the point that nancy pelosi got so much criticism for calling a thousand dollar tax break crumbs but if you add in the cost of a trade war to the average
10:26 am
american consumer, it goes way more than a thousand dollars, even if you just take a look at what right now is on the table from the europeans and the chinese. trip, did we lose you? do you agree with that or disagree with that? >> when i look at this, certainly, when you look at trade and you look at tariffs, you know, a trade war would be negative for everybody globally. i think it is very interesting that so many people on the republican side have come out against this, you know, major industries from boeing to the major car manufacturers on down have said, you know, this would be a real negative not only for them from a revenue standpoint but potentially for their employees as well. i think this is really a negative for the u.s. economy if it were to last. again, in the short run, we will see if this positioning from president trump, it could be. he's a pretty strong negotiator. so we think this could be just posturing. over the long haul we would hate to see a trade war globally kick
10:27 am
in. what has been threatened from european countries sends the signal if we strike, they are going to strike back. leland: so many of the president's defenders are saying look see how this plays out. this could be a play for leverage. the president announced the tariffs. they haven't gone into effect yet much less some of the retaliatory tariffs. big picture, though, everyone has a 401(k), pensions are all invested in the stock market, is it time for people to worry yet about this? >> no, i think the real message is don't panic. if you are a long-term investor like we are, stay focused on owning great businesses. again, we're very bullish on the long-term prospects of the economy. if you are a long-term investor, i think this is a short-term news story that in three, five ten years we will back and probably won't remember. leland: there's been so many
10:28 am
news stories we don't remember three or four weeks later. good to talk to you my friend. >> thank you. eboni: after the break, four years later, yet the search continues. when the malaysian government says the search for missing flight 370 will come to an end. and fallout in washington, as the white house communications director hope hicks hands in her resignation. how the rest of the country is responding to the beltway drama. >> hope's been with the president working for him for a little over three years. and this is something she'd been talking about for a while and felt like this was the right time. she wants to spend some time with her family. and i think maybe take a little bit of a break and have some time for herself.
10:29 am
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it takes a lot of work to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i don't eat the way i should. so, i drink boost to get the nutrition i'm missing. boost high protein nutritional drink has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle and 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d. all with a great taste. boost gives me everything i need... to be up for doing what i love. boost high protein be up for it leland: welcome back on this saturday. washington continues to salivate over intrigue at the white house. will jared kushner go?
10:33 am
does the chief of staff have it out for the president's daughter? can national security advisor hr mcmaster last another month? and the final question, maybe the most important question, does it all matter? who to ask, well, we will bring in pennsylvania radio host rj harris, 580 on your dial in pa on the internet around the world. good to see you. i don't know if you want to weigh in on the first three of those questions but how about the fourth one? does it matter to the rest of the country? >> no, it really doesn't matter. i think it's things to keep the media and washington insiders busy, and they are all chatting about it while we live out here in the real world, and we're seeing results from the president. so i don't think that too many of us are concerned about it. leland: you talk about results from the president, when folks are calling in, these are the headlines on newspapers not just in washington, but around the country. do they just sort of ignore those, or is there something else on their mind? >> well, i think every day life
10:34 am
is on our minds. and the news that we're excited about here is the tariffs. now, granted, most of us, most common every day working americans don't know the nuances of trade, but i'm sitting literally 3 miles from steelton. alcoa aluminium is one of our biggest area employers in this county. these tariffs mean a lot to us because we have only seen jobs disappear over the years and this sounds helpful. but again, you know, we don't know the nuances of it. leland: law of unintended consequences is there's a lot of products whose prices could go up that folks in all those towns need. as you point out, short-term, though, received well. this was the headline from the "wall street journal" today in a pennsylvania steel town, donald trump's tariff is a winner. something else that's happening in pennsylvania in the next couple of weeks is the special election.
10:35 am
the president has already campaigned for the republican there. it's seen in some ways as a referendum on the president in a state that he pulled out in 2016. you view it that way. does this tariff -- steel tariff help? >> i believe it does help, but no, i don't view it that way. i think we're making a big deal over the midterm elections, and again, the mainstream media wants to make it look like the president is set up for big losses and the democrats are going to get big gains. i will tell you, in this part of the country, again, with that average working americans, that's not in the cards. we are actually seeing movement in the economy. our 401(k)'s, even though the stock market has been been up and down lately, we are seeing positive things here. i think overall the president should have some good stuff to look forward to in the midterms. leland: when you're -- pennsylvania, obviously he
10:36 am
didn't take pennsylvania by that many votes. far from a land slide. you and i talked the weeks before the election, far from a foregone conclusion, from what you are hearing on the radio, have people who were say skeptical of supporting the president now come around? >> yeah, i think so. well, the answer to that is many have. okay? but the folks who don't like donald trump the folks who are to the far left, the folks that are behold ento the government aren't -- beholden to the government aren't coming around to donald trump's way. >> what about politicians, have they begun to embrace him as a king-maker yet? >> i don't think so. i think they are very cautious. you know, we still that -- >> still that cautious? >> some of the members of -- i believe so. there were many politicians here in pennsylvania that were trumpers. we're talking about one who is
10:37 am
currently running for congress, and marino, there were several here that were really on the trump bandwagon from day one. leland: any predictions for the special election coming up? >> i believe the republican will win. i think that we're going to retain that seat here. leland: all right, rj harris, we appreciate it. the prediction. we will have you back afterwards to see if you are right and explain why or why not if you've called balls and strikes in the past. >> always a pleasure. leland: good to see you my friend. our pleasure as well. thank you. eboni: what started off as a go fund me page for victims and family members of the las vegas shooting has raised millions. we will tell you how much money they brought in and what the families will receive. plus, it's been nearly four years since malaysian airlines flight 370 went missing, an update on the search as family members gather to mourn those
10:38 am
they lost. >> [inaudible] -- early june, middle june, so it's too early to tell. come on dad!
10:39 am
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eboni: a malaysian official says a u.s. company search for malaysian airlines flight 370 will likely end in june. the news came as family and friends of passengers on the doomed flight marked the fourth anniversary of the plane's disappearance. it vanished march 8th, 2014, while flying from kuala lumpur to beijing. 239 people were on board. leland: in the wake of the las vegas concert shooting, folks around the country, around the world, gave a total of 31 1/2 million dollars for family members of that shooting, and now, the charity is preparing to give that money out to the
10:43 am
victims and families in their very first payment. dan springer in los angeles with that. hi, dan. >> yeah, hi, leland. this being the worst shooting massacre in u.s. history, the task of collecting donations and distributing all that money has been a big undertaking. and we're now told that the first checks will go out on monday. 58 people were killed and more than 700 were injured when gunman stephen paddock opened fire on october 1st. the fund-raising for the victims began almost immediately. it started out as a go fund me page, but then grew into the las vegas victims fund. a nonprofit corporation which as you said collected 31.4 million dollars. now 532 people have filed claims. the families of the people killed were each receive $275,000. ten other people who were either paralyzed or suffering permanent brain damage are getting the
10:44 am
same amount. the 147 people who were hospitalized, they will share in 10 million dollars. and the amount received is based on the length of the hospital stay. there were 90,000 donations and 40% of the money raised was given by the southern nevada gambling and tourism industry. their business has taken a big hit right after the shooting, and revenue is still down. overall tourism is off 3% with gambling revenue on the strip down 9% in the month of january. relatives of some of the people killed have been interviewed in recent days, and they say the money appreciated, though it obviously cannot bring their loved ones back. meantime, there are still lawsuits moving forward against the concert promoter mgm resorts and the manufacturer of those bump stocks used by the shooter. leland? leland: pam bondy talking about how to ban those bump stocks in florida. dan, appreciate it, thanks. >> yep. eboni: still ahead the paralympics begin next week.
10:45 am
we spoke to one veteran and paralympian who has overcome great obstacles and is going for gold in pyeongchang. >> my only choice, my only mindset, all right, this happened, it is a new challenge, i'm going to hit it with a mentality, make the most of it. managing blood sugar is a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal... ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna.
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eboni: the action in pyeongchang is far from over as the paralympics begin next week. earlier this week i spoke with a paralympian, a marine corporal who was injured in afghanistan in 2010. he is currently in pyeongchang competing with the u.s. national sled hockey team. he's going for gold. here's more of his remarkable story. >> i did five years in the marine corps, mostly with -- actually all with 1st battalion marines. my last year or so was with the wounded warrior regiment. the vehicle i was in got hit by an ied. i immediately lost my right leg. the left leg was pretty beat up. when i was going through rehab or going through the hospital at bethesda naval hospital we decided to take the left leg as well because it was pretty beat up. it wasn't going -- there weren't
10:50 am
good projections for its health either. eboni: i can't even imagine, luke, the news of knowing that you will be losing both your legs below the knee must feel like. if you could share a bit about that and at what point did it become clear to you that yes, maybe, this horrific loss is indeed the case, but there's this awesome thing i'm really really good at, and it is going to take me to the next phase of my career. >> yeah, i mean, when you join the military, especially when you join the infantry and the marines, you know there's significant risk of either getting injured or even dying. but nobody ever really thinks that it's actually going to happen to you until it does. and i remember being in the hospital at bethesda naval hospital one night, and i remember looking down and they still hadn't taken my left leg yet. it was just the right leg. i remember looking down i said you know, this sucks but -- there's one of two ways i can take this. i can either let it get me down and feel bad for myself or i can
10:51 am
say all right this happened and use the marine mentality and say adapt and overcome. i obviously chose the latter of the two because whatever way i chose, my injury wasn't going to change. eboni: going forward, you find out new year's day, what a great gift, 2018, january 1st, you are going to represent the u.s. in pyeongchang south korea with this olympic team. tell me the feeling and tell me what you are most looking forward to proving. some say the u.s. was slightly disappointed, we came up a little bit short in the olympics that just wrapped last week, what are you looking forward to leading your team with? >> i was incredibly excited and incredibly honored to represent the u.s. as a member of the paralympic team. i went in 2014 as a spectator to watch. specifically the sled hockey team. and i remember watching from the stands. i saw them put the gold medal on and i knew at that moment i was like in four years i want to be one of the guys on the ice doing that in korea with a gold medal
10:52 am
around my neck. that's what really set my drive going. that's what really motivated me. eboni: you are going for gold? >> of course. eboni: i love it. >> of course. we don't go over there with any other goal except for winning that gold medal. eboni: something tells me that marine mentality is definitely showing itself with that fantastic infectious attitude. i hope to see much much more of that. we are all rooting for you and your teammates. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. leland: fox news alert live pictures at palm beach international airport. you see air force one there. president trump heading back unusually on a saturday heading to washington, d.c. for a black tie dinner tonight. the president wrapping up a meeting courting donors at mar-a-lago just a little while ago. they motorcade over to palm beach and head out. the white house tells us while he wasn't there, the president has been briefed on those shots fired outside the white house. the secret service telling us
10:53 am
that they responded to a self-inflicted gunshot wound there along the north fence line of the white house complex. medical personnel are tending to a male victim. that's according to the secret service, about an hour ago. haven't really gotten any updates since then. no other injuries at the white house. as you can tell from these live pictures, especially the one on the left, things are beginning to return to normal. it normally takes a couple of hours after something like this for the secret service to bring the perimeter back. but so far we only know of one person, and that is the person who had the self-inflicted gunshot wound. the president, the first lady, barren trump not at the white house at the time but we're told the president has been briefed on it. more on this as it becomes available. meantime, eboni already has plans for tomorrow. the oscars are here. but before we recognize the best, we're going to check out the worst as we look at this year's most notable and eboni
10:54 am
explained what this is, we will break down the razzie awards, when we come back.
10:55 am
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this beneful grain free is so healthy... oh! farm-raised chicken! that's good chicken! hm!? here come the accents. blueberries and pumpkin. wow. and spinach! that was my favorite bite so far. (avo) beneful grain free. out with the grain, in with the farm-raised chicken. healthful. flavorful. beneful. >> hollywood's best hit the carpet tomorrow for oscars but before they celebrate the very best, they recognize the best of the worst, yes, the ravy, the award that recognize it is worst movies in hollywood each year. this year the award for worst picture of 2017 went to the
10:58 am
emoji movie, yes, the family film is the first animated film in 38 years to take home the top,/worst honor. leland: you said there was an actress who won raz zrk ie and oscar. eboni: 17 have won razzie and oscar. not the same year. leland: i don't think the emoji movie will bring home any oscars, we can always be wrong about this, michael tamaro will have more to say tomorrow. he's out at oscars, he's a true expert. you may be expert in dresses. eboni: i love the red carpet. leland: season finale of scandalist comes to fox news this weekend. final installment takes a look at major players involved in the clinton administration scandal and where they are 20 years
10:59 am
later. >> it would be a political fallout for impeachment trial but those risks are worth it, the future of our country, our kids and grandkids, somebody looking back on this saying, did somebody stand up for what we should have at that moment? leland: tune in tomorrow night for rerun of last week's episode followed by finale at 8:00 p.m. eastern. back in clinton administration people said things were crazy, and things are crazy now too, in so many different ways president trump await to go get on air force one, i should say air force awaiting president trump at palm beach international airport. he heads back now on a rare saturday eboni for the grid iron dinner, we will see if we get any of the tidbits of the jokes an roasts that come out of tonight. eboni: congressman said that he would keep me updated with some of the best of those jokes, normally the president get this is type of formal -- leland:
11:00 am
last year he didn't go to white house correspondent dinner. you see the camera move over, the motorcade in route but you have to listen to friends in new york for coverage on that, julie banderas and connell mcshane. connell: president trump is still in florida at this hour meeting with donors to win reelection in 2020. hello, everyone, welcome inside america's news headquarters here on a saturday afternoon. i'm connell mcshane. julie: yes, good to see you, ongoing battle over gun control. ellison barber is live from west palm beach florida as we wait the president's motorcade, thank you so much for joining us. what is in today's agenda? >> hi, julie, the president was expect today speak to the rnc


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