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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 3, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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[cheering and applause] the fox."t now. jesse: welcome to "watters world," i'm jesse watters. the dumbest thing said in 2017. once in a while i'll say something really stupid. it happens once effort couple years and people pile on. but what is fair is fair. so if you say something dumb we'll call you out. here is mad maxine waters at the california democratic convention. >> i don't care what the republicans say, i say impeach 45! impeach 45! impeach 45! my gun is bigger than your gun.
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my rocket is more powerful than your rocket and on and on and on. all i see is two heads much state, donald trump and kim jong-un both of whom have questionable agenerals today and questionable mental health. jesse: what are mr. trump's high crimes and misdemeanors. let me know when you figure it out. you compared him to a homicidal maniac. little rocket man wants to blow up your state of california and donald trump wants to prevent kim jong-un from blowing up your state of california. >> are you not taking any responsibility for the multiple red flags that were brought to the attention of the broward sheriff's office before the
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incident? >> i can only take responsibility for what i knew about. i exercised my due diligence. i have given amazing leadership to this organization. >> amazing leadership? do you think if the broward county sheriff's office had done-things different think this shooting may not have happened? >> if ifs and buts were candy and nuts, o.j. simpson would still in the record books. jesse: wake up, shaffer, you sound ridiculous. and barbra streisand blamed the parkland shooting on president trump. she says i think the shooter was affected because trump brings out the violence in people. apparently the president brings it out the stupidity in you.
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she floated out this conspiracy theory. i really believe she won the election. i talked to senators from michigan and wisconsin. i do believe, like i believed during bush, they were playing the voting machines. our producers called wisconsin and michigan and they say they have never spoken to barbara before. >> in terms of the bonus corporate america receives versus the crumbs they are giving to workers to kind of put the smooze on is so pathetic. jesse: earth to nancy, when you are worth $45 million, $1,000 is crumbs. but when you are making $80,000 a year like most of families,
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$1,000 is a loaf, not a crumb. chuck schumer said he wouldn't vote for the president's judicial not knee because of the color of his skin. >> the nomination speaks to the lack of diversity in trump's judiciary. he replaces not one, but two subtled african-american nominations. having diversity on the bench is necessary for the administration of justice. jesse: this shows schumer cares more about the cover one's skin and the kont content of one's character. former president obama had this to say. >> one of the things i'm proud of in my administration was the
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fact that -- i think these things are connected -- we didn't have a scandal that embarrassed us. there were mistakes. we screwed up, but there wasn't anything venal during 8 years. jesse: obama never felt shamed because the media always covered for limb. people died in the wake of obama's scandal. va, benghazi, the irs. people pled the fifth, destroyed evidence, and his scandals cost the country billions. solyndra, and the cash that was shipped to iran that ended up in
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the hands of hezbollah. that brings it to us joy behar. you may remember she slandered vice president mike pence because he talks too god. >> it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. >> exactly. >> that's called mental illness if i'm not direct. jesse: if rinsing to god is crazy, what does that make oprah. >> god, if you want me to round, you have got to tell me. it has to be so clear that not even i can miss it. jesse: tucker carlson talked to liberal journalist cathy awriew about whether it's inappropriate to use the word "man." >> man, adult male.
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we need to change it. like woman has the word man in there. just call us a person. >> so goldperson sachs, would that be better yes, i'm less phoned. jesse: the master of gentlemen nettically correct pronouns is just continue trudeau. >> maternal love is going to change the future of man find. >> we like to say people kind. jesse: we have been cold cultural appropriation is offensive. white people can't dress up like indians on ham wean and can't serve tacos on cinco de mayo. but the canadian prime minister
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went to india and dressed like this. and busted out indian dance move. that's way call dumb and dumber. expwhrieng now to respond, former white house communications director, anthony scaramucci. what did you think of the list? >> i was just waiting to make the list. thank guide didn't make it list. this political correctness nonsense is hurting everybody. this a vernacular. 5,5. >,500 years of culture.i found m assuming you are the judge and the jury on the list. but it's apropos you picked the political correct nonsense.
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jesse: the president said we don't have time to be politically correct as isis is chopping off people's heads. >> the more politically incorrect our president is, the more upset they get on the side of political correctness. but what it does to people, it's the veil of a lie over the way the society is operating. i was with my daughter on long island near your home. she said she should have a reality tv show titled, my god, my father is a white male. jesse: people will be upset about the political correctness because president trump might be president for four more years after he's done with the next three.
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he just announced he's running for reelection. i wanted to do a little boxing analogy. we'll clash with the heavyweights and see who trump can face off with. first we have joe biden, best known for gaffes. trump is best known for making money. 4 years older than donald trump. famous cap phrase for the big fing deal and donald trump, you are fired. >> the president will clean his clock. joe biden fumbles the ball a lot when he's in a confrontation. i think he gets his clock cleaned by the president. jesse: you think there are unforward errors on the part of joe biden? he's a wonderful public servant.
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i agree with him on many things. we are the same on marriage equality. but he is a gun wafer. so he's going to have a hard time. jesse: running a straight white old male, do you think that could be problem for the party? >> they don't like that kind of stuff. there are a large group of people who are upset the new president of harvard university is a white male. jesse: oprah winfrey is best known for giving away free stuff. worth just a little under the president. 2.8 bill. donald is 3.1.
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terror strategy, unknown. we note president wants to bomb the hell out of isis. >> that's a compelling matchup. she is a superstar. she is a world icon. her name is oprah. so when you have one name, they are an iconic figure. democrats will have to rationalize the hypocrisy. they didn't like the billionaire with no political experience entering the arena. they will get oh that in 10 seconds. if she enters the arena she'll be a formidable candidate. i don't know if michelle obama is on the list. she understands the social dilemmas and economic dilemmas in society about as well as anybody. and she has a 98% name
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recognition. and she would probably self-fund a lot of this. there is three things she does not have. she is not the sitting president. she does not have access to air force one and she won't be able to take credit for a rising, growing economy where middle class wages are growing. those things are in the president's favor. jesse: i think that's a tough matchup. but i don't know about her policy chops. let's look at elizabeth warren. ethnicity, american indian, nickname pocahontas. 7.8 million. i thought she was fighting for the little guy. >> long career as a professor. jesse: that's a lot of money for
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a professor. >> some of the politicians are the ryan lochte he of hypocrites. she has broken the world record on hypocrisy. she is so tone deaf on what it takes to grow a business and who owns the business and who built. she is really tone deaf. what we know about our society. there are no equal outcomes in a society. you cannot legislate them. you go to communist countries and there are a thin layer of people at the top. only through the capital free market system can we grow people into prosperity and move people out of poverty. there will be a popcorn shortage as people are popping corn watching that one. the michael phelps of hypocrisy.
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jesse: bernie sanders is older than trump by 5 years. believes in socialism. trump is a believer in capitalism. they honeymooned in moscow. donald i guess stayed home. but i guess if you live in marla go, that seems -- marc mar-a-lao that seems like a honeymoon. he's a great speaker and he's very genuine. i went to a couple of bernie sanders' rallies. this guy understands the dilemma of the movement of the aspirational working class moving unto the desperational working class. the problem with shed.
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jesse: she is young, she is african-american, she is a female. she is feisty. you see her gone offense at a lot of these hearings. i don't know if she has the
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charisma factor. >> i think she has the contract charisma factor. i met her and her husband in israel. she is a lovely person with a lot of energy. and she is a talented politician. you have to go from being a talented politician understanding your state to crisscrossing america. jesse: you don't think she can go national. >> i don't know. just look at her and getting to know her, she is very likeable. she'll get up on the like built question shenlt for the american people. jesse: i don't like her when i see her going after people at the senate hearings. terry mcal mcauliffe.
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he's always been in a lot of trouble. what do you think about terry? >> i think he is going to be a rough and tumble guy. he's a knife fighter. he understands the system as well as anybody. because it's part of clintonista regime there is a little bit of clinton fatigue in the democratic party. if he wins the nomination and it's white male versus white male i think the president beats him. but he's an effective guy. i don't want to sell him short. i don't care who is up against him, he'll never sell the person short. he'll always treat himself as the underdog. you are in altoona, p.a. and it's 24 hours before the election and you are flying up
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to michigan giving a speak before the polls open. jesse: anthony, we are going to run. it's been great. some day we'll be talking about jesse watters for president. >> i'll be giving my analysis then, too. jesse: thank you. run, jump or swim in this president's day and save up to $600 on select tempur-pedic adjustable mattress sets. from the brand ranked highest in customer satisfaction, with mattresses by j.d. power.
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that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. [♪] >> i am surprised to hear that. she has done really well. >> i don't think you know everything that happened since she has been here. >> dell me. >> you say she has done really well. >> the executives said she did well. jesse: he wheeled have to
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have a strong koirnlt punch. some of you are petrified by the nra. you can't be he's undeniably magnetic. people just love done ror. they love to listen to him, they love to hear him talk. he's trump. jesse: the criticism is they call it trump tv. a lot of it is a charade and nothing gets accomplished after these sessions so far. what would you say to that?
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>> i don't think that's true. the american people have a chance to see what goes on. you get a first-person look at what's happening in these meetings. trump knows the mainstream media isn't going to cover him fairly and report on the compromises he's make. so he has to do it himself. i hope he kiements up. jesse: i love how he tacks to the hard left, then back to the hard right. he keeps everybody on their toes. this bothered me because it's not getting enough attention. this man is arrested for sending white powder to donald trump, jr.'s family. he's so dumb he bragged about it on facebook. no one is reporting this. we know he's a bernie sanders supporter. can you believe this hasn't been
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covered? >> can you imagine if this were sent to one of the obamas or one of the clintons and it was a trump supporter? that's all cnn would talk about. but i'm worried about the first family. they get a lot of death threats. i would hope the main stream media would cover this. this is the first family of the united states of america. jesse: i hope the slob gets the book thrown at him. it's atrocious what he did.pdate fisa abuse and the deep state allegations. it's clear they are out to get the president from the jump. nunes is saying when they presented the fisa court judge with the warrant application to spy on the trump team they used a dossier which was unverified information. that's illegal.
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and the senate is saying why did the fbi sit on the wiener laptop which showed they had clinton emails on it for three weeks. there is no explanation. i'll give you the last word in 30 seconds. >> this is worse than watergate. the mainstream media is not going to talk about this. it gets worse and worse for the fbi and comey. i think hillary and obama will get really quiet. i chicag -- i think they had anf all of this going on. jesse: i'm not sure hillary will be quite. she is still selling that book pretty hard. up next, diamond and silk are on deck. you know what they say about the early bird...
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for all your latest news log on to jesse: joining me now video bloggers diamond and silk. shaffer israel in broward
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county, people want his head and he may have to resign. he may get fired. what do you think about that guy down there, scott israel? >> he do need to be fired. he need to fire himself because he dropped the ball. then he blames the nra when he is to blame. when the police department don't do their job, this is what happens. we have 17 people dead because of him and he needs to be fired. >> fire himself. jesse: people don't don't understand the reason why you want to arm yourself is people can't protect the neighborhood. that's why people want to arm themselves. i find it ironic that cnn has a town hall when there is a school shooting. where is the cnn town hall about the chicago violence? >> 8 people dead, 30 wounded in
11:34 pm
chicago last week. they didn't have a town hall by the. but our police department have to be held accountable. they are there to protect and serve and they should have been protecting and serve. you should have ran up there with your gun and pulled the trigger to take him out. the n ra didn't kill those 17 people. this boy did, and should have been watching this boy. >> another funny thing is, the left always tried to say that our president is like a dictator, but yet they are in the streets telling the president to take their guns away. ways that about? jesse: a lot of stuff doesn't make sense from the left. let's talk about put where. this guy loves to take his shirt
11:35 pm
off and now he's flexing on the united states bragging about how he has hypersonic missiles, this new missile that can't be defeated by our defenses. how would you guis -- would yous handle vladimir putin. >> he needs to flex on this. we are one of the most of powerful countries on the planet. jesse: he says he has a nuclear powered under water drone and hypersonic missile. a nuclear powered cruise missile that can pierce any missile defense. what do you think donald trump should do in response to. >> he should ignore putin. you continue is trying to get
11:36 pm
re-elected. but putin should know. >> jesse: it's easy for putin to get re-elected because he rigged the election. ladies, i know you are on tour. >> get tickets for pennsylvania at jesse: remember when i ate sneak front of that vegan? she is going to be back. i don't know why. i guess she is a glutton for punishment.
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jesse: political correctness very controversial in america. you want to respect every citizen, but you want to be fair. mckenzie was born female with female body parts. but she decided she identifies as a male i stead. so she is transitioning from female to male and is taking testosterone. but matt was born a female and competes against girls. some say the testosterone is an
11:42 pm
unfair advantage. >> i'm looking forward to being on the men's team, being in the men's division. work on my takedowns. i workday in and day out. [bleep] anyone put me down. jesse: joining me now, sociology professor parsons. do you understand mccann custody now mac is taking tess tosser robe to become a man it's unfair that this testosterone person is competing against women. >> when it comes to these issues we tend to focus in the way
11:43 pm
which we are policing boundries. my answer is why don't we his be to the situation and listen to what everyone involved want to do. he wants to compete with the boys so we should get behind that. >> he is not a he yet. it's still part of the transition. boys don't want that. then the girls matt keeps pinning. matt is undefeated. 36-0. they don't want to wrestle mac. it seems like everybody is not happy with the situation. should we listen to them? >> i didn't hear evidence that boys did not want to compete with him. jesse: he's not allowed to compete against the boys. >> that's the question. why is he not allowed? jesse: the birth certificate
11:44 pm
identifies this person as a female. and the person has female body parts. >> how can we create an environment so we keep pace where gender is fluid and flexible and changing in our society. i think we can set aside our discomfort and understand respecting the identities of individuals is more important. prioritizing that in this case would be listening to mack as well as the energy competing with the boys team would be a great solution. we should get behind that. jesse: if you keep everything fluid, men and women can wrestle in different divisions, different genders and they can keep change. there has to be some police. but let's move on. purdue university suggested that
11:45 pm
people not use the word "man" when they are writing. mailman, policeman, they think that's sexist and could be kind of offensive and biased. should we remove the word "man" from all terminology? >> well, when we are talking about men, we should probably keep it in our language. these things are fluid and change over time. and be flexible with our mind. it can cause discomfort at first. but the potential reward for changing them is creating a more inclusive society. how hard is it to think of mail carrier and police officer. we are shifting our collective image much of what it means to have these jobs. jesse: first baseman in baseball
11:46 pm
is that wrong? >> i don't know much about baseball. so i'm not sure what the different positions should be. what can you say if it doesn't have a man tonight. in softball we'll say second base person? >> why not. i think the question is why not. why not try it out. jesse: that seems to be the philosophy of the left for most of things. why not. i have to run. it was great talking to you. i didn't eat steak in front of you this time. i am getting through it and we'll talk about that next time. president trump'president trumpt female supporter. the cutest thing you will see
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>> one day i was watching tv. and there was this guy and he
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saw all these problems. all these political people say all the problems. then he said how to fix them. and i could tell he was going to fix them. then said those words. i will remember it until the day i die. i donald j. trump am running for president of the united states of america. and i knew i had to back this guy. jesse: that 12-year-old one of donald trump's youngest and most of energetic supporters. i met you i think last year at cpac, do you remember that? >> yes. jesse: let's show the audience that interaction. is this your first cpac? >> yes. i'm so excited. i'm high energy.
11:52 pm
jesse: why are you here? it doesn't seem like something a 7-year-old what do. >> i'm 11. people from all over the country come here to talking to the with speeches. and it's so fun, you get to meet new people and talk about the issues we are facing. it's so fun. jesse: why are you a conservative? >> conservatives are a little bit more trustworthy than liberals. some of the liberals are just not as smart. just not in the political area. jesse: do you know whose world this is? what the where. jesse: that was last year. now you have had a year to digest the trump presidency. how do you think things have gone so far? >> it's been amazing. all the things he has done is
11:53 pm
historic. the tax cuts, we have done so much, and we will repeal obamacare. jesse: mandates repeal, they still have to uproot the rest of the garbage. the wall hasn't been built yet, does that frustrate you? >> i know we'll get it done. if it's going to take four more years, trump will get elected for four more years. jesse: who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico will pay for the wall. jesse: isis has almost been decimated in the middle east. did you think it was possible? >> yes. people were saying it would take generations to defeat isis. no one hears about isis anymore. jesse: do you get a hard time from some of our classmates from being such a strong trump
11:54 pm
supporter? a lot. but i can live delight and truth will prevail. jesse: you will be speaking at cpac on stage in the next few years. jesse: up next, "last call." whoooo.
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...on the hotel you want. don't sweat your booking. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. jesse: time for "last call." six years ago this week, andrew breitbart, a media renegade forthright passed away. here he is talking about his legacy. >> i wants my legacy to be that they know that they screwed with the wrong guy. in the united states of america you have the right to think freely. you have the right to be whatever want in this united states. and the idea that the democrat
11:59 pm
media complex would tell you that you are a slave to ideology, to a mindset, that if you don't abide by the, we are going to punish you severely. that's as un-american as anything i can possibly imagine. i don't care if you agree or disagree with me on policy. what i care about is you have the freedom to live your life as a free, rugged individualist. and i'm at war with anybody that would tell you you don't have a right to be a free man. jesse: that's all for us tonight. last night we told you about reports that cnn may have scripted the town hall questions. the father said he may have accidentally removed a line from
12:00 am
the email. i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro, welcome to "justice." "street justice" straight from cpac. but first my opening statement. the woman is even dumber than i thought. it must be because she has nothing else to do. this week my favorite ex-politician hillary clinton put out this tweet. quote, i say this as a former secretary of state and as an american. the russians are still


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