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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 5, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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the drivers as part of the plan. jillian: and the ugly. 70-year-old man arrested for calling 11 over clam chow der, police in connecticut said the 70-year-old reported someone threw his soup into dumpster. he was charged with misuse of 911. best thing i have ever read in my life. rob: there you go. "fox & friends" starts right now. see you later. >> the white house defending president trump's controversial plan impose those sweeping new tariffs on aluminum and steel. >> the mission is to defend our steel and aluminum industries so they survive. >> benjamin netanyahu has arrived in washington for a meeting tomorrow at the white house. >> growing list of lawmakers either pushing for or open to the idea of a second special counsel to investigate fisa abuse. >> we are asking those very questions. when did you know the dossier was funded by the democratic party? did you brief president obama? >> congress has proven itself incapable of
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investigating this fisa abuse. i don't think the inspector general himself can answer all of our questions. i think we are trending, perhaps, towards another special counsel. >> as the 90th annual academy awards expecting to bring positivity but turning sour from the start. >> this is history right here. oscar is 90 years old tonight. which means he is probably at home right now watching fox news. ♪ ♪ ♪ hallelujah ♪ uptown funk don't give to you ♪ 'cause uptown funk don't give it to you ♪ saturday night we're in the spot ♪ don't believe me just watch. steve: that's midtown funk live from 48th and of the avenue. hi, everybody, welcome to the world's number one cable news show after a crazy weekend of weather things
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have calmed down. ainsley: we are going to get more crazy weather in the middle of this week they say. brian: i don't believe it. steve: starting tomorrow. they were right with the last storm. >> ainsley: they are right 50% of the time. brian: i was happy to fly to new york but new york just gave up. they didn't try. steve: i was in new jersey and trying to fluid out of new york. they said wind shear, get off the plane. ainsley: how long did you sit on the flight? steve: couple hours. you don't want to take off during wind shear. i looked at the uber app., there were no cars in new york. how is that possible? ainsley: gone from bad to worse. did you ever get out? steve: no. i have been here on the couch. brian: i was five minutes later and i'm angry. i was able to go to orlando and 80 degrees and sunny. what do you mean there was a problem. thanks to everyone who came out for the book signing. ainsley: how did it go? brian: it was great. you guys got a lot of gifts i will drop by your offices.
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steve: fantastic. brian: so much debate going on on the weekends. the president is going to be meeting with the prime minister of israel. we are talking about everything else. steve: it is big indeed. it is time for a change. president trump defending his steel and aluminum tariff professors to protect american manufacturers. ainsley: critics are warning of retaliation the grobleg globa possibility of a trade war. brian: the white house says they will not back down. >> that's right, guys. good morning. is he taking a lot of the heat from this both here at home and abroad. british prime minister theresa may expresses deep concerns. president trump is forging ahead defending his decision on twitter we are on the losing side of almost all trade deals. our friends and enemies have taken advantage of the u.s. for years. our steel and aluminum industries are dead. sorry, it's time for a change. make america great again.
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10% on stee% on aluminum and 25n steel. it's about leveling the playing field. >> the impact on the cost of a car will be about one half of 1% to three quarters of 1%. depending on the price of the car itself. the impact on a can of beer will be a fraction of 1%. the important fact is how trivial these amounts are relative to their business. that's the proper measure. >> parking warnings of trade wars and retaliation. even members of the president's own party like senator lindsey graham is urging the president to reconsider. >> china is winning and we're losing with this tariff regime. you are letting china off the hook. you are punishing the american consumer and our allies. you are making a huge mistake here go. after china, not the rest of the world. >> white house officials say the policy changes could
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come in the next few weeks. these duties will not only cover china and eu. canada, south korea, mexico and japan. steve: we were talking about our travel troubles. nobody worse travel troubles than griff jenkins. i was talking to griff jenkins on friday night. i was perhaps going to do the show on saturday morning. they closed 95 because of a high wind warnings on a bridge. >> that's right. you were covering my sit after 17 and a half matters i made it. brian: what's better than talking to griff on a friday night. fantastic. goofed talking to you griff. good job over the weekend. ages ages rachel wasn't able to make at this had to fill in for her on saturday. wow, texting with steve doocy all night. i was like what were you all texting about in the middle of the night? what's going on? >> steve: are you still stuck at that bridge? yep, i'm in the pizza place now. crazy day. brian: did he make it? ainsley: then pete, who played you, i mean he is the weekend anchor.
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he barely made it he got here. the show starts at 6:00. he got here at 5:59. he overslept. it was like motley crue. steve: we are going to talk trade with pete navarro. he will be with us an hour from now. right now last night was the 90th annual academy award. he said it should be filled with positivity it turned political quickly. watch. >> stunning new. she was born in mexico and raised in kenya. let the tweet storm from the president's toilet begin. >> oscar is 90 years old tonight. which means he is probably at home right now watching fox news. [laughter] we don't make films like call me by your name for money. we make them to upset mike pension. brian: so so much for positivity. jimmy kimmel is basically chuck schumer with a sense of humor. that's basically who he was.
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he also called for basically activist. everyone if you have time. if you can mention anything, can i make a suggestion, make sure you join the kids, the students when they march on washington on the 24th of march. and he also made some other suggestions along the way. i mean, i don't really know, i think that the one thing consistent is that the ratings go down every year. i could not get through it i wanted because i knew we were going to be talking about it today, four hours and 50 minutes. steve: i watched the beginning 20 minutes. ainsley: if you are a democrat you love it, republican you probably don't watch. >> black panther i haven't seen that movie. non-gianji. they sat on the stage and talked about being dreamers, listen to this. >> and like everyone in this room and everyone watching at home, we are dreamers. dreamers are the foundation of hollywood and dreams are the foundation of america. >> and to all the dreamers
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out there, we stand with you. [cheers and applause] steve so it was political. we kind of knew it was going to be. but, a lot of people tune in because this is supposed to be one of the funniest shows of the year. and that hasn't happened for a long time. matt drudge tweeted out he said the president of the united states was actually funnier than jimmy kimmel at the gridiron dinner the night before in washington, d.c. if you read the president's comments, it was really funny. ainsley: most of us didn't get an invitation. steve: one of his lines were we were late tonight because jared could not get through security. and then the president also said i like turnover. i like chaos. it's really good. who is going to be next to leave steve miller or melania. brian: talk about pay gap and major issues. hollywood is not only better than the average american and businesses. you can argue that he they're worse in terms of
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the sexual harassment and everything like that. in terms of gender pay. they say that compared to men, in most professions, women make 80 cents to the dollar. according to natalie portman in hollywood it's 30 cents to the dollar. clean up your own house when it comes to gender pay and all these other behaviors in the office before you start condemning people. ainsley: if you live in glass houses. dolly parton was interviewed and asked about her politics. she said, you know, i don't want to talk with that i'm an entertainer. i don't want to talk about politics. i have my opinions but that's not what the audience want to hear. steve: did you go to the movies to escape reality. what did you think, if you watched and if you didn't watch, tell us why you didn't. and we are on facebook. ainsley: we begin with a fox news alert. u.s. embassy shutt down over a security threat in turkey's capitol. americans in an a ankara warned
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to stay away from the building avoid large crowds and keep a low profile. haven't said what the exact threat is turkey suspects there might have been words plar an attack. the manual who shot and killed himself in front of the white house this weekend now identified. police say 26-year-old cammeron roth burgess from alabama fired several shots. but none appears to be aimed at the white house. investigators reportedly recovered a book with incoherent sentences near his body. no one else was injured. the president and first family were not at home at the time. today president trump will be meeting with prime minister ben gentleman men netanyahu. iran's nuclear program and rising tensions in north korea and syria. netanyahu is also expected to invite the president to a ribbon cutting ceremony in may at the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem. and the racetrack on the
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racetrack, kevin harvick cruising to a dominating win at las vegas. >> stuarts who racing and four go to victory lane second in a row kevin harvick leads 214 laps. after winning at atlanta motor speedway. las vegas victory is harvick's 100th career win across all nascar series. and those are your headlines. steve: second in a row. that's great. brian: thanks, ainsley. 11 minutes after the hour. president trump makes good on a promise to make blue collar workers to actually focus on america's blue collar workers by putting these tariffs on. cue the media meltdown. >> this tariff is lashing out in indiscriminate way. >> all it's done is raise threats and worries and concerns over protectionism.
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brian: what's the real story on tariffs. the president of the local steel workers union breaks it down for us next. steve: remember how the mayor of oakland warned illegals ice may be coming? now we learn how dangerous it really was. the numbers will shock you and they are coming up. ♪ another one bites the dust ♪
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>> you have president trump veering to the left of sanders people on trade. >> maybe be able to give a little bit of health to the steel and aluminum industries. you will cause damage to any number of downstream industries and any number of industries that export to countries that are like lie to retaliate. >> tariffs involve collaboration. he doesn't have a collaboration bone in his body. brian: economists and media many in cases going over the top on the president's plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum should be official by friday of this week. what do the tariffs mean for the forgotten men and women who voted for the president. joining us is the president of the 1219, united steel workers union in braddock, pennsylvania. jim, your reaction to the president's announcement about pending tariffs. >> it's been a breath of
3:17 am
fresh air to actually have a politician that actually acts on it we have heard for too long some people that have talked about trade and actually haven't done anything for it. it's been up to us. the steel workers to actually have to fight these trade cases. it's a huge amount of resources and money and time. normally by the time we get a good ruling on a trade case. we have lost too many jobs at that point. it's refreshing to hear. brian: what are the numbers in terms of steel jobs lost? >> i don't have the number on me right now. with our company u.s. steel, since 2015, i think we had somewhere around 4,000 or 5,000 people laid off. brian: the "wall street journal" said you are helping 140,000 steel workers, perhaps. actually hurting industries that employ 6.5 million americans. >> i don't believe that a lot of people especially in
3:18 am
the stock market, they react based off emotion. i think, you know, once this is all straightened out, everything -- we actually understanding what these tariffs are going to mean. the market is going to balance out. and it won't be as bad as people think. brian: jim, you look like a young guy but evidently george bush did the same thing one year steel tariff at 30%. he wasn't working. he basically said all right. i'm going to pull the plug on that. what's going to be different now? >> you know, that was right after a lot of steel consolidation with companies. huge bankruptcies in 2002. and we consolidated a lot of our steel companies. i do think that opportunity allowed for our companies to modernize our facilities be able to invest in our facilities and workers at the time. and actually helped level the playing field for us. that's what we are looking for right now is a level playing field. just to be able to compete on the same level of these countries that cheat.
3:19 am
look at south korea. no real use for ocg goods there. they export it to america. they put our pipe mills like works in illinois out of the business. we are looking to get that market share back. brian: two big partners are south korea and canada. work with coveted ally he is when it comes to steel they are not playing fair. >> not as far as south korea is concerned. canada we have more of a balanced trade relationship with them. so i don't think canada -- i think canada actually should be excluded from this. that's obviously yet to be seen. but in regards to south korea, yes. they have been -- it's been bad how much the job losses have been. brian: real quick. the word union at the end of your title. that's not usually something with a republican president. do you feel as though this is something that might
3:20 am
change your mind about a republican president? >> to be honest with you donald trump got a lot of support out of our plant this last election due to the fact that trade was a big issue he talked about during the elections cycle. not too many of the other republican candidates even talked about trade excepts for donald trump. that resonated with our manipulate and something the --membership and something r members were excited to hear and he reacted on it and we applaud him for that. brian: we know you have a full dale of work ahead of you. jim johnson. thank you. >> thank you. brian: campaign promise to america's blue collar workers isn't the only one that the president has kept. why would many on the left rather be talking about a joke he made about being president for life. coming to a college near you. convicted leaker chelsea manning talking ethics?
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ainsley: here is quick headline for you, former fbi director james comey ready for first interview since being fired by president trump. is he going to step down with george stephanopoulos on april 15th. two days before his book higher loyalty truth lies in lin leadership. and that's tax day. government secrets leaker chelsea manning gearing um to lecture students on things. ethics. former military analyst 35
3:25 am
years in prison for disclosing classified documents to wikileaks. president trump commuted her sentence last year steve, down to you. steve: thank you very much, ainsley. president trump joking he may, quote, give a shot some day toy being president for life like the president xi while saying it was no laughing leader. >> china's leader just became absolute dictator for life praised, of course, by the president, president trump. >> he jokes about the fact that sounds pretty good maybe i could be that. >> that need to be in the center of action is so great with him. >> what about the exact that he is praising president xi who leads a repressive country and consolidated his power. >> about china saying we should copy their dictator. seeing some senses maybe that's what he wants. steve: are the media ignoring his leadership to sensationalize comments like this just to make him look bad? here to debate we have democratic strategist joel
3:26 am
payne down in our nation's capital. president of independent women's voices tammy bruce. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. steve: with we goethe both agree i was joking about being president for life. >> agree. >> i certainly agreement for my friend on the other side there the president knows even with a joke he can control the entire narrative dynamic. there is so much angst with the democratic side. all the 35er8s have now been cleched into dust. this is what is fast sin nation. he controls the narrative in that fashion. it is really about also having a sense of humor and knowing of course what the mess seeming is. and really just about that with america's media. the buyer world is knows the president is kidding america media doesn't want to notice it but has no sense of humor themselves. steve: the "new york times" themselves on op-ed page said mr. trump was surely joking about becoming president for life from?
3:27 am
>> their lips to god's ears i hope he was joking. look at this president, he has failed every test of leadership. this is not conjecture. this is not opinion. he has failed. that's why he was historically low approval numbers. that's why many americans who put their trust in him are having second thoughts. he was already the third choice for president behind people who chose not to vote for hillary clinton. >> this is where factors come in. as a matter of fact, his numbers today over the weekend were exactly where barack obama's were at the same time. millennials in zogby report has millennials supporting him at 49 or 50%. when it comes to the second amendment. 65% of millennials want the second amendment. want their right to own a firearm. we don't know those things because the media doesn't report that joel has to say i believe because the media is not reporting the facts of the success of his policies which is why these numbers are going up. whether it's the tax reform or making america great again. and, of course, worrying
3:28 am
about middle class and our steel workers and everyone else. >> tammy, respectfully, i can list off everything that he has failed at. he has failed at comforter and chief. he has failed as actually a policy as someone who has accomplished policy in office. tax reform is the only thing. >> extra cash in everybody's wallets it changes our lives. you know that. it makes a difference in whether you have a vacation or pate rent. whether you can put money into your child's education fund: >> he has failed at military leadership. >> i disagree with that sir. ask isis about our military leadership. >> yeah. can you ask isis about president obama as well. steve: joel, let's fixate for a moment how has he failed in the military. >> how has he failed in the military? military leadership. >> the niger raid, that was a complete disaster and handling of the war widow after that. a complete disaster and egg on his face. international community laughs at him. he is mocked.
3:29 am
president putin of russia, as hillary clinton said, he is one of the puppet in the white house and he has got one. >> when you had the oslo international gathering, he was cheered like a rock star. so we have got facts that counter act everything you noted but the democrats will only survive if they join reality and admit the nature of what is really going on in this country. steve: great chat to get people's blood boiling this morning. thank you for joining us live. what do you think about that? please email us at faith under fire. the court case that could rip iconic crosses at arlington national cemetery. get rid of them. pell them out of the ground. mike huckabee cma board over conservative views. >> he fires back after a break. you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york city ♪ everybody's dancing in the moon light ♪
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♪ ♪ brian: governor mike huckabee in a still shot playing the guitar as he did every week when he was doing the huckabee show on sunday with his little rockers and also take super stars at fox who have interest in music and he would put them in the band. ainsley: i know. i loved that part of his show. mike huckabee, the former governor of arkansas. former fox news contributor and former g.o.p. presidential candidate. those are just a few of the things on his resume. he was also on the board of the cma. steve: for about a minute. ainsley: for about a minute. he divided to resign. were you pushed out? i know some people had a problem with your conservative values and views. surprisingly in the country music world. were you pushed out? what exactly happened there? what's the story? >> well, when it became controversial, i knew it was going to be a distraction.
3:34 am
that's not i wanted to be. my reason for being involved in it and i was so thrilled to be asked because for decades i have been trying to get music in the arts in public schools. pushed that in my own state. worked nationally across every kind of barrier to put musical instruments in the hands of kids which i think is life-changing. it certainly was for me as a kid. i wouldn't be who i am and where i am today without it and the controversy came. somebody was upset because i'm a member of the nra and i'm conserving and i'm a christian and i hold some views that this person didn't like. and so, you know, it just wasn't worth it to push it. so i lasted less time in that job than anthony scaramucci did at the white house. [laughter] >> you know, i made him look like a lifer. so, as a result in and out like a 24 hour virus. steve: okay. so here is a quote from one of the music execs who did not want you there jason owen. huckabee has a language has a profoundly negative impact
3:35 am
on young people all across the country not to mention how harmful and damaging his deep involvement with the nra is what a shameful choice. >> what do you say that you have a different point of view than he does. are they looking for only like-minded people on that board now or was it you particularly? >> i couldn't answer that. >> here is what i know. the new direction of the left is in the name of tolerance being intoler rants and in the name of love, hate people. in the name of -- it's not enough to say i disagree and wish this person would change his mind. today it's let's put him out of business. let's close his store. let's not allow him to continue to operate a business. let's damage him professionally. let's hurt his brand. i mean, it's all about destroying the other side. rather than disagreeing with the other side. that's not the kind of america where the first amendment reigns and people
3:36 am
are free to speak, associate. today it's let's destroy everyone who doesn't agree with me. sadly, there was a young artist in kentucky who has a similar name to this guy, and this troubles me. a lot of people who thought they were supporting me. went out and attacked this guy. so i went to twitter last night and i said, guys. wrong guy. this young artist in kentucky is 22 years old. we need to support him. let's buy his music. let's show him that this is not who we are. and i said let's not punish the cma because the fact is if they are going to put musical instruments in the hands of kids, then i'm for them. the fact that i'm not going to be a part of it is irrelevant. they don't need me but kids need musical instruments and that's what this ought to be about. steve: it's too bad it ended that way. ainsley: if it is all about that, then why didn't they keep you on the board? steve: how about hollywood hypocrisy. you called out celebrities for double standard on guns. >> well, i think it's a
3:37 am
little ridiculous that people in hollywood are so against law abiding citizens who have never pointed a gun at anybody and every day in hollywood they produce movies in which there are mass murders with automatic weapons. and the glorification of murder. the glorification of the misuse of weapons is at the hands of hollywood. gray up in aim too. i know here we go. you never saw beaver cleaver pointing a gun at somebody in school. when i went to school we had all kinds of guns in high school. they were stuffily tucked in the back of people's window of a pickup truck. noble ever thought about murdering somebody. ainsley: what changed then? why are kids doing this in school now? >> two things changed. one, we have lost a god consciousness. we have lost a sense of accountability. a sense that there is something that we are going to answer for. ainsley: yeah. >> the other thing we have lost is this notion that there is a fantasy and there
3:38 am
is reality. and we have erased those lines and people grow up conditioned to killing through their games and through movies. i'm not saying that's the sole reason. it isn't. but it gives us this mind set and conditioning. and when people aren't mentally stable. they don't know how to separated reality from fantasy. brian: governor, real quick, before we move on to israel and i know there are fewer people better to talk about israeli foreign policy and the threat from lebanon to syria. real quick, on guns, do you want to seat president do anything? do you like marchible-toomey? do you like anything to fix nics with senator cornyn? and senator murphy, do you want them to do anything on this? >> if they can strengthen the background checks, that's great. if they want to raise the age to 21. make exceptions for somebody who has been in the marine corps for three years if he went in at 17 and we have asked him to carry a gun into battle. i think it's a little ridiculous to say he has got to wait a couple years before he can get one there are some things that could
3:39 am
be it needs to be reasonable and not punish the law-abiding citizen. that's the key. brian: israeli's prime minister under fire at home is visiting with the president today and they are good buddies and they are true allies in and out of politics. however, if you are looking at the peace process with the palestinians, to come out of this know the real threat we understand is coming from hezbollah and syria and iran and russia who have combined forces and a war could be imminent. am i correct? >> well, i don't know if the war is imminent. there is always a threat from hezbollah, from syria, from lebanon, because of hezbollah u and that's backed by iran and russia is the willing participant to stand by. here is the real key. if we have a threat from russia. it's not so much what they are doing on facebook. it's what they are doing to arm hezbollah and how they are playing a double game and secretly helping iran. that's what ought to be frightening to us. because that threatens not just israel, but every one
3:40 am
of the gulf states u whether it's cutter, saudi arabia, emirates. serve threatened by enhanced hezbollah, financed by iran. steve: governor, you are over in israel all the time. we spoke to you about a week or 10 days ago when billy graham died that day and you were over in jerusalem. what is the israeli opinion of this president and his quest to try to solve the problems over there. >> even the left wing israelis who don't like him personally cannot help but realize that here is a man who finally, after 70 years, has recognized jerusalem is the capital, is going to move the embassy. really standing with israel in its battle to constantly stay independent free and allow full rides for earn. including its women. unlike most of the countries in the middle east. this is a true light in the midst of a lot of darkness. and so how can they argue
3:41 am
with the leadership that the president has shown and the guest you had on a few minutes ago saying he failed at leadership. i don't know what his definition of leadership is. this is a president who has actually done some things that has changed the world in a positive way. and made it better, safe safer certainly for israel. steve: sounds like mr. trump would like go to embassy when it opens. governor, thank you for joining us from the panhandle. ainsley: thank you, governor. brian: governor mike huckabee. 1 minutes before the top of the hour. let's turn to extreme weather now. restore power to thousands as the northeast braces for a another major storm. steve: at least nine people have died in this past storm, including an 11-year-old boy who was crushed when a fallen tree smashed into his house in upstate new york. up there. ainsley: know is on the way. janice is tracking the next round of winter weather. when can we expect this? >> that's coming on wednesday. differential from the last storm. not as strong but the possibility for more snow in areas that didn't get the snow. take a look at it see the
3:42 am
current temperatures. cold enough for snow right now in new york city. we are tracking a blizzard. part of this energy is what is going to create our next nor'easter across the northeast. northern plains right now. we have the potential for a blizzard in parts of the dakotas and nebraska. and then also behind this system it's going to be so windy that we will have critical fire danger across the central and southern plains. winter weather advisories, as well as blizzard warnings in effect as you can see. there is the first alert forecast precipitation. 6, 1, even 18 inches of snow. this is going to move across the ohio valley and into the northeast. also combine with energy from the atlantic. that is going to bring our next nor'easter. now, there is the potential for a bust here in new york city but we are on the side of caution. advisories new jersey, pennsylvania and parts of new england could get a blockbuster storm again. this is wednesday into thursday. you are warned.
3:43 am
steve: you said nor'easter again. janice: that ground hog is right. ainsley: it always happens in march. don't be surprised. steve: i know. brian: coming upen our show former clinton staff walks into cpac and leaves with a picture of ben shapiro. meet the democratic that want all of to us reach across the aisle. steve: michelle malkin, bruce rauner and peter navarro in the next two hours and 15 minutes of "fox & friends." you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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3:47 am
states or have been previously deported. 115 people have prior felony or significant misdemeanor convictions. ice claims the agency could have arrested 800 more illegals had oakland mayor libby schaaf not sent out infamous public warning. and more memorial cross could say soon be in jeopardy. comes after a federal appeals court refuses to consider a ruling that found 91-year-old war memorial cross in maryland as unconstitutional. an atheist group argues the peace cross gives the impression only christians are being honored. federal judge warns this decision could lead to the removal of memorial crosses nationwide, including at arlington national cemetery. brian: now there is a good idea. last month thousands gathered in washington the conservative political action conference. ainsley: but, what is it like to attend if you are a democrat? steve: good question. well, in a new "wall street
3:48 am
journal" op-ed, our next guest describes her experience, quote: shouldn't we want to engage with people who aren't convinced of our viewpoints? why aren't there more conservatives at democratic rallies and more liberals at cpac in what are we afraid of it. former hillary clinton staff and the founder of the flip side dot io and joins us right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. steve: why did you want to go to cpac? >> that's a great question. as you said i worked for the hillary campaign in 2016. but since then i have actually found a different mission which is to bridge the gap between liberals and conservatives. everyone loves to talk about the evils of media bias and social media echo chambers. i didn't see any solutions that would appeal to the. i founded the flip side a year ago to give best snippets of liberal media. brian: were you there to sell or buy? were you looking to find out if there were something
3:49 am
about the conservatives to buy into or convince them? >> i mean, honestly we at the flip side aren't trying to change either viewpoint. diverse team of liberals and conservatives. we work together every day to provide the best of both sides. i genuinely went to cpac to hear from the speakers. to be at the panels to talk to the college republicans and it was an amazing experience, right? we always say the flipside. -- ainsley: you write about how nervels have you you were to governmental i was. ainsley: you are immersing yourself with the biggest conservatives in the country. people who passionate about it? >> exactly. ainsley: when you got there, you said they were so nice to you and really welcomed you. tell us about the some of the stories you wrote about in the op-ed. >> i knew a couple people before going. in because i had been making a conscious effort to talk to more republicans and conservatives. i was general winly blown away by how friendly and welcoming everybody was.
3:50 am
steve: they wanted to hear both sides. >> they wanted to hear both sides. not only that. steve: there is ben shapiro. >> genuinely wanted to hear from me first. you know, they wanted to hear what i had to say first before they. ainsley: they invited to you happy hour and invited you to dinner. >> i got into v.i.p. room at reagan palooza. ainsley: gave up 6 figure salary at ernst and young. to go and work for hillary to make a small little stippen. >> yes. ainsley: why did you do that. >> support of it was i was looking for a career change. i'm a cfa but i realized finance was not for me. partly i was generally concerned about the political discourse in our country on both sides. brian: you took action. >> i took action, exactly. >> annafi, thank you some. >> thank you. ainsley: if you want to get
3:51 am
reports to your inbox every day subscribe to flipside. republican and democrat. >> thank you. ainsley: carley shimkus is here with what is trending. come on, in carley.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
♪ [applause] steve: last night the oscars honored the military with a tribute hun teenage of the year's patriotic films. it's the audience reaction that has left some online viewers underwhelmed. ainsley: here with reaction fox news headline 24/7 report carley shimkus. carley: this was a really powerful moment.
3:55 am
actor wes duty introduced movies military. talked about his time serving in the vietnam war. the audience did applaud him when he talked about it some people feel like the response there was a little bit lukewarm. steve: the audience? carley: frankie says you guys noticed how no one in the auditorium gave a standing occasion for our military and veterans during dedication montage. yet they stand for almost every celebrity and wonder why everyone thinks they are out of touch. al-says that's hollywood for you, doesn't like the military and what they do for us, but will take 12-million-dollar paychecks to act in a war movie. miles says maybe because they were being respectful. normally when we sing about the ones we lost, we stay in silence. a little bit of, you know, both sides. brian: if you look at hurt shoulders, personal locker. they willock
3:56 am
locker. "american sniper." they will -- car at least they did honor the military during the oscars. i thought that was a great moment. ainsley: you talked about silence. gary oldman was met with silence. >> he was one of the big honors of the night. he played winston churchill in the darkest hour. we have his acceptance speech. >> the love and friendships i have made and the many, many wonderful gifts it has given me. steve: thanking america. carley: tristan on twitter says finally someone on the oscars thanks america for all it has done for them instead of slamming our country. thank you gary oldman. he did thank america even though he was born in england. brian: playing a british leader. thleader. steve: carley, thank you.
3:57 am
carley: appreciate it. brian: daca deadline today and still no deal for the dreamers. will congress ever get it done? we will ask michelle malkin that next hour. she plans on answering. at least she told us she would. steve: peter navarro joins us live along with the governor of illinois. you see my resume.
3:58 am
you imagine who i am. what i look like. where i live. but look past the things that won't make a difference to find someone who will. search for greatness. search indeed. wi'm really grateful that usaaq. was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today.
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>> president is forging ahead with his plan to tariffs on steel aluminum despite the criticism here and abroad. desksding the decision on twitter saying we are on the losing side of almost all trade deals. sorry, it's time for a change. make america great again. >> it's been a breath of fresh air to actually have a politician that actually acts on it that's what we're looking at right now is just a level playing field to compete on the same level. >> dreamers expire today back and forth no solution. ainsley: president trump is
4:01 am
hosting benjamin netanyahu at the white house. to discuss rising tensions in north korea and syria. carley: academy awards expecting to bring positivitpositivity turning soum the start. >> this is history right here. oscar is 90 years old tonight, which means he is probably at home right now watching fox news ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: i don't know if you heard. the president has a twitter account now. he has already tweeted this morning about what's going on in the world today. ainsley: he tweets? brian: is he starting to tweet regularly. steve: he is not going to stop until he gets enough: ainsley: what does it say, steve? steve: in the las last few minutes the president has tweeted the reaction
4:02 am
negative to tariffs. we will have peter navarro. three tweets in last 10 minutes. first up large trade deaf swits mexico and canada. nafta under renegation right now has been a bad deal for u.s.a. massive relocation of companies and jobs. tariffs on steel and aluminum will only come off if new and fair nafta agreement is signed. also, canada must treat our farmers better. highly restrictive u canada and mexico must do much more on stopping drugs from pouring into the united states. they have not done what needs to be done. millions of people addicted and dying. brian: interesting. now in the eighth round of nafta negotiations. they are not going well but at least they are moving forward to some degree. they are saying that a lot of nafta negotiators don't have much flexibility because the president has given them staunch marching
4:03 am
orders. don't budge on this. then also some word two weeks ago that the president was considering going into the tpp if it was under better conditions. then in come these tariffs. the president seemed to be indicating with that tweet that they're all linked. steve: some negotiation. ainsley: in january he did announce tariffs on solar panels and on washing machines. this is a new tariff. he says the reason he is doing this because we have made stupid trade deals in the past. he used that you word "stupid." he said we have $800 billion in yearly trade deficits because of what former administrations have done not putting america first. brian: weird thing is with tariffs it's not cut and dry. it's complicated. you look at what george bush did, he put 30% tariff on steel. and after a year, they said let's undo this because it wasn't working. it wasn't effective. steve: well, brian was talking to jim johnson. he is the president of a local 1219 for the united steel workers. and this guy is so happy
4:04 am
that we finally have a president in the white house who actually is following through on something he campaigned on, here's part of that conversation with brian just about an hour ago. >> it has been a breath of fresh air to have a politician that actually acts on it we have heard for too long some people that have talked about trade and actually haven't done anything for it it's been up to us as steel workers to actually have to fight these trade cases. it's a huge amount of resources and time. normally by the time we get a good ruling on a trade case we have lost too many jobs at that point. it's exciting to see that he actually acted upon it and we applaud him for that. brian: it's divided his own cabinet. gary cohn says i don't want you to do that pete navarro says i do want to do this. he wins this battle. this is what the "wall street journal" said on friday. by using this tariff. will hurt 6.5 million
4:05 am
americans to the benefit of 140,000 steel workers. will hurt canada and south korea the most. not china. is that the intention? does peter navarro want to push back on that? ainsley: china says they are going to take necessary measures depending on how it does affect them and their interest. this article says it's not going to affect china? steve: 6.5 million americans involved in trade involved in steel. the question is how much -- i'm sure you were watching and saw wilbur ross hold up a can of soup saying it's a fraction of a penny the amount of the cost that's going to go up. ainsley: half of a 1% it's going to affect the price of a car. steve: ultimately what the president is trying to do it does sound like is he negotiating trade deals with this stuff is will it save the steel industry in the united states and the aluminum industry? and there are hundreds of thousands of jobs involved. we are going to talk to peter navarro the president's trade guy. is he going to be with us exactly 10 minutes from now on this channel.
4:06 am
brian: will there be any carveouts for the european union or canada. steve: he says no. brian: european union says if you do this we will target jeans, harley and whiskey. which are exactly the three things i used over the weekend. ainsley: did you wear a helmet. brian: i did. ainsley: didn't drink the whiskey and then drive the harley. brian: everybody buy the jeans before the tariffs come in. steve: last night was a big television show did. you watch the oscars? well, if you didn't. it might have been you were worried it was political and they didn't let you down. ainsley: here is a montage of jimmy kimmel who hosted the oscars last night. >> she was born in mexico and raised in kenya. let the tweet storm from the president's toilet begin u oscar is 90 years old tonight, which means is he probably at home right now watching fox news. [laughter] we don't make films like call me by your name for money. we make them to upset mike
4:07 am
pence. [laughter] steve: okay. matt drudgpointed outpresident r at the gridiron. applause track ramped up while audience doesn't match intensity. which is interesting. ainsley: basically if you are democrat, you are going to love it if you are a staunch conservative you are not going to think it's funny. brian: people just watching a movie and they watched across to thank movie goers for going and let an average every day person introduce. i love that. steve: you want to make it people go to movies. not just the political left. why do they make it so political? i don't know. that's a business decision they made. we asked you what you thought and we got a bunch
4:08 am
of responses. ainsley: jim mihm my kimmel so out of touch with america values. ryan brian the real winner at the oscars was me. i didn't waste my time watching because of all of the liberal anti-trump political rhetoric. ainsley: you made a good point in the first hour you said people want to go to the movies to relax. i don't want to look at the actress and actor and think oh she said this and he said. this i want to just go and listen to the script and watch the movie. brian: jennifer lawrence who has come out firmly against trump over the last two years but not recently red sparrow tanked at the box was. said it was one of the worst movies. i wonder if it's related that she polarized her audience. ainsley: look at the ratings for the oscars now. brian: see you later. i'm working on them now. steve: we shouldn't be surprised though at the ratings at the beginning jimmy kimmel did say if anybody is going to win an oscar, this is your opportunity to go ahead and
4:09 am
talk about you know whether it's equal rights or, you know, those kids from parkland high school are going to have that rally at the end of the month. brian: or dreamers. steve: right they beginning encouraging people to be political. brian: other thing i thought was good on the positive side. whoever wins shortest speech wins $17,000 jet ski and went to some costume designer who said thank you under 30 seconds and ended up with $17,000 jet can i. ainsley: actors are saying i can afford five jet skis. 7:09. turning to other headlines. a police officer among two people killed in an avalanche in washington state. 41-year-old bonnie lake, officer james larson and a 27-year-old man were snow mobiling when an avalanche hit them. a third snowmobiler was critically injured.
4:10 am
officer larson was a 14 year veteran of the bonnie lake police department. he leaves behind his parents and two sisters. today, president trump will host israeli prime minister bengt abenjaminnetanyahu at thee house. moments ago mike huckabee praised the president for his commitment to israel. >> here is a man who finally, after 70 years, has recognized jerusalem as the capital going to move the embassy. really standing with israel in its battle to constantly stay independent, free, democratic and allow full rights for everyone, including its women. ainsley: netanyahu is expected to invite the president to the opening of the new embassy in may. south korea and north korea are sitting down for talks today. the south korean president, his envoy is arriving in pyongyang overnight. meet with kim jong un to discuss the nation's nuclear program. if kim jong un shows a willingness to disarm, ha, it could lead to a restart
4:11 am
of dialogue between the north and washington to diffuse the nuclear standoff. brian: ha was not in the teleprompter. ainsley: doubt it will happen. the uss carl critical condition son arriving in the port city of danang where troops landed during the war. meant to shoat country's grilling military ties. it's send ago message to china to counter its aggressive militarized -- militarization of the south china sea. brian: they are as nervous about china's growing expansion. and they're reaching out to us to help. steve: big stick parking it over there, obviously. brian: 11 minutes after the hour. a man watches a drunk driver losing control on the highway and gets out to stop him. ainsley: wow. >> get out of the car. get out. get out. get out the car. you are done. that's it. get out. >> the rest of that intense exchange just ahead.
4:12 am
steve: hollywood's elite taking on gun control at the oscars. they were surrounded by hundreds of armed officers protecting them. michelle malkin has a few things to say about the hollywood hypocrisy. and she is coming up. ♪ ♪ world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪ the future is for the unafraid. was a success for lastchoicehotels.comign badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct
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>> on trade you correctly identified the probable of china dumping steel throughout the world destroy the american steel industry. your solution is let china off the hook. it's only going to hurt american consumers and their allies, please consider your solution. steve: okay there have you republican senator lindsey graham with his opinion warning the president's steel tariffs only serve to let china off the hook. brian: peter navarro is director of the white house trade council often thought to be the most fervent in support of these tariffs. peter, what's your response to senator lindsey graham and others. you let china off the hook and hurt china and south korea more with 25% tariffs on steel and 10% on aluminum. >> brian, the mission here is to save our aluminum and steel industries for the purpose of the preserving our economic and national security. that's what this is all
4:17 am
about. we have imports coming in across the globe threatening those two industries. as the president said, we can't have a country without aluminum steel industry. let's look at aluminum. since 2013, we have lost six smelters. we only have five left. two of them working at full capacity. we have one only one that does high purity aluminum for defense purposes. if we lose that we have to rely on china and some countries in the middle east for that. this is untenable. so, the question is, do we want to save those industries? the president says yes. and then what are the costs? virtually no cost here. there is no downstream price impact. if you put a 10% tariff on live in the newsroom cent and a half on beer and $320 on 330,000,777 bowing. 330,000,. we need to look at the chess board and say do you want a steel industry and aluminum industry in the president
4:18 am
feels very strongly. go ahead. steve: peter, the president himself was tweeting about -- i don't know if you have seen the new tweets, but he says we have large trade deficits with mexico and canada. nafta under renegation right now bad deal for the united states. massive relocation of companies and jobs. here is the important part. tariffs on steel and aluminum will only come off if new and fair nafta agreement is signed u it sounds like the president is putting these tariffs on to get those two countries to sign a new nativity tanchts the purpose of the tariffs is to defend our steel and aluminum industries. steve: i understand that but it sounds like is he negotiating. >> i understand if we get a great nafta agreement and ambassador lighthizer is trying to do that, that would be a great thing for the american people. at this point in time, 25% on steel. 10% on aluminum. no cuts or exclusions, firm line in the sand. brian: south korea and canada one and two coveted
4:19 am
allies. josh bolten former chief of staff for president bush was complimentary on your guy's trade and taxes. he said we tried this before under bush. we had a tariff. it didn't work. listen. >> i don't know if peter navarro would be willing to bet his job that he is right that there won't be retaliation. but he ought to be willing to make that bet. because he is betting the jobs of tens of thousands of americans who depend on these export markets that there won't be retaliation. history is completely against him on that. brian: and eu is going to target jeans, harley and whiskey. electrolux and bmw. >> lobbyist on case reader full throat against. this who cares? we have the politicians. everybody in the swamp is rising up against it you know, at the end of the day, we're getting a bad deal. and the president has said quite clearly, and quite
4:20 am
correctly. that these countries around the world are running huge trade surpluses with us. we are shifting our wealth offshore. they are taking our jobs and factories. all we are trying to do with our trade policy is get a level playing field. what w. this particular case brian and steel, the aluminum and steel industry, this is different. we veto defend those -- we haveo defend those industries and keep them on american soil. steve: no one should be surprised the president is doing. this he said he was going to do it when he was running for president. >> what is this shock and surprise? go back 20 years and watch the president talking about trade and this is very consistent. and so, what is it? these people don't believe that the president keeps his word? first thing he did when he got here. he got out of tpp. renegiating nafta and south korea deal. this is great president doing great things for men and women who work with their hands.
4:21 am
brian: peter navarro thanks so much. still ahead, far left, is that where the democratic party is heading? we will talk to some people about that. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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4:25 am
walking. this despite being -- having more guns. now the university is six months into a campus carry rule. and finally, 49%. that's the increase google is seeing searches for nra manipulatmembership despite mema week before the. 4900. the nra target of gun control supporters: that's what's happening in the world. politics go over the ledge. ainsley: thank you, brian. we see you up there. great job. california democrat taking a hard left as we head into the mid terms. democrats they are refusing now to endorse senator dianne feinstein for re-election. some say it's because she is not progressive enough. steve: could this move away from the senator be the future of the entire democratic party? is that where they're headed? let's discuss that former special counsel to president bill clinton and author of the new book called the
4:26 am
unmaking of the president 2016, how fbi director james comey cost hillary clinton the presidency. lanny davis joins us. lanny, good morning to you. >> good morning, nice to be back. steve: it's great to have you as well. lanny, usually when people get closer to an election, they go toward the center, to appeal to more moderates. your party is going so far to the left it, may actually alienate. so people on the left. >> well, i would like to hope that the small slice of a slice of a slice called california democratic convention delegates who regard dianne feinstein one of the great progressives in the history of the democratic party as not liberal enough are heading over the cliff alone and not taking the rest of the california democratic party with them. i would suggest to you that there are minority of a minority. of course, dianne feinstein should be primaried. that's good for politics. it's good for the democratic party. anile list ought to do it
4:27 am
alone and not taking the democratic party with them. ainsley: do you think bernie sanders has anything to do with this. he got a lot of votes by the younger individuals in the democratic party. do you think that's why they are saying okay, we have got to go -- we have got to go so extreme. >> bernie sanders would oppose helping donald trump as he has and supported hillary clinton as he did and these democrats in california that call dianne feinstein one of the great progressives in the history of the democratic party as not progressive enough, would take the democratic party over the cliff and help donald trump, bernie sanders doesn't support that. steve: lanny, let's talk about your new book. you and the president of the united states actually agree on something, that is about james comey meddling in the election of 2016. >> well, i do agree with donald trump on one thing. and that is james comey should have been fired. but for different reasons. i think he should have been fired because he thinks he gets to choose which rules
4:28 am
to follow and which rules not. why? because is he a narcissist who gets to decide who is right and who is wrong rather than following the rule. president trump fired him because he was troubled about the russian investigation. and i think that was the wrong reason. ainsley: at first everyone thought is he in hillary's camp because of that press conference in the middle of the summer. he ihe a few days before the election he decides to bring up out case again. >> my book really proves as a matter of fact on october 28th in the morning. and i had some slides sent to you. i don't know if you have them ready. steve: start with the popular vote before the announce you meant. >> on the morning of james comey's work he doesn't have to follow the rules. on the morning of october 28th, hillary clinton is ahead in real clear politics by 5.9%. which by the way called the national election on election day within 1.2%
4:29 am
pretty accurate. slide 2 shows the affect in three key battleground states, pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin, where she suspect 5 points to 6 points on the morning of october 28th within 11 days she plunges it, looks like the stock market last week, and it's a direct effect of the comey letter. and the final slide is the electoral map on the morning of october 28th, 2016, and that is the way it would have looked but for james comey. remember, james comey doesn't have to follow the rules. he gets to decide what's right. his new book is talking about a higher loyalty. do you know what that loyalty is? to himself, not to the policies of the justice department. steve: exactly right. it was the attorney general's call not his but he, you know, it was a jump ball and he took the ball and said had the announcement. it is like what is he doing on tv? >> deputy attorney general rod rosenstein had it exactly right. this man is all about himself and nothing but himself. he gets to decide even at that press conference no prosecution of hillary
4:30 am
clinton. he then offered an opinion of hillary clinton's email practices as extremely careless. whether you agree or not. you are not aloyed aallowed perd to offer an opinion. he should have been fired on the spot for doing that alone. of course, if you are james comey, you get to decide. ainsley: who is going to buy his book? democrats don't like him, they think he is the reason hillary lost. republicans don't like him. who is going to buy it? >> you know, if you are had no the personality characteristic. a lot of women think it's redundancy to use the word male and narcissist side by side. is he such a narcissist promote himself as a political when he made the ultimate political decision to send a letter to congress 11 days from the election with no facts. he hadn't seen a single email and he knew it was against the rules for 75 years. but, guess what? james comey has the higher truth and he gets to decide. so, president trump and i agree on our very poor opinion on mr. comeyy's
4:31 am
judgment. steve: well, and that was one of the reasons why donald trump fired him. check out the new book "unmaking of the"2016." lanny j. davis. ainsley: congratulations on the book. >> thank you very much. steve: man watches a drunk driver loses control on the highway and gets out to stop him. >> get out the car. get out. get out. get out. you're done. that's it. get out. steve: the rest of that intense exchange. did he get out of the car? stay tuned. ainsley: hollywood's elite taking on gun control at the oscars. they were surrounded by hundreds of armed officers protecting them. michelle malkin has a few things to say about the hypocrisy coming up next. ♪ because safety is never being satisfied
4:32 am
and always working to be better. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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4:35 am
♪ don't let me down ♪ don't let me down. steve: you are looking at some of the coverage last night at the red carpet at the 90th annual academy awards festivities out in our nation's capital. michelle malkin host of michelle malkin investigates which you see on cr-tv joins us now. ainsley: i bet you are tired because you were up late watching the oscars. >> scrolled my twitter feed and got everything i needed to know from that. brian: hollywood needed to wonder how sack i hav sack i has need to be. sexual harassment charges coming from that portion of society. little bit of hypocrisy when it comes to security. in fact, what hollywood demands and what they are actually demanding for us to do when it comes to guns. >> yeah. that's right. i mean, i think that their
4:36 am
operative slogan arm security for we but not for thee. a fallanks 500 law enforcement from lapd, as well as fbi agents. they were armed to the teeth. can you imagine if every american school were as protected as the oscars event. they strut around in their stilettos and their orange pins virtue signaling about gun control while not only are they protected by all of these armed security at this event. a lot of them travel with personal security guards that are all armed. and they live in gated communities behind tall walls while they lecture the rest of us as racist, nativist and people who advocate for the slaughter of innocent sanctimoniously because we disagree with them and defend our own second amendment rights. i think is this is why, probably, you will see at the end of the day just like with the nfl, the number of people, the number of americans who are tuning
4:37 am
out, awful these hypocritical liberals is larger than it's ever been and they deserve it. steve: ultimately, did you go to the movies toes escape reality. so if you are going to watch the movie award show, you would think that it wouldn't be political. but it -- you know, obviously and we have played a little montage. i'm sure have you seen it. it was very political. if you are on the political right. you might have felt like that's not a party i'm not invited to. >> go out of their way to denigrate half of america. they scratch heir heads and wonder why their own disapproval rates are spiking higher than donald trump's certainly. you have got jimmy kimmel who plays both sides of the aisle. on one hand i'm just a late night comedian don't mind me. on the other hand, seizing every opportunity to falsely claim some sort of absolute moral authority. getting his talking points from chuck schumer on everything from gun control, to immigration. why can't these people just
4:38 am
entertain without thinking of themselves as unelected politicians in this country. ainsley: i think about being a little girl and watching it has it always been this snril. steve: no. ainsley: when i was a little girl i loved watching the oscars, i wanted to be in new york or california so badly. i don't ever remember it being like that. maybe i was too young to know. steve: johnny carson was an equal opportunity joker. and it wasn't so politically sharp. >> and there is a chasm; there is a chasm between the reality of america and the way that these people live in such a bubble. and it's the preaching, and it's the sanctimony that people have gotten sick of. steve: there were some awards handed out by the hollywood international independent documentary awards. and i believe they are now on your mantel, aim not correct. >> yes. virtually i anyway. at least there is one organization that's willing to recognize that there are
4:39 am
other creative artists out there. who speak for the forgotten men and women of this country. and so, crtv show michelle malkin investigates was honored for an show we did on the forgotten men and women in the commercial fishing industry in new england. we highlighted. i went out there and spent several days on the ocean with some of these third and fourth generation american family fishermen who have been under siege by radical environmentalists who have been forced to fund these government snitches, observers who go on their boats. and treat them as if they are convicted sex offenders, essentially. it's almost like they have electronic bracelets in order to do their job. we are very glad for the award. even more importantly glad to spread the word about the stories of these men and women, many of them, of course, who are huge fans of donald trump, elected him president, and hope that he could help them make commercial fishing great
4:40 am
again. brian: boats are virtually invisible in the new england area. ainsley: did you have to take dramamine? >> i did. and the bracelets, too. ainsley. ainsley: where can our folks watch it if ou? >> crtv. and i put it up free on my website michelle malkin. ainsley: congratulations on the award. >> thank you. ainsley: turning now to headlines, gang violence is so bad in chicago, even the cemeteries are not safe. the city is announcing a new task force to stop violence and shooting at funerals. police say funeral procession often end up on the highways shooting at each other and waving guns outside of their cars. task force hopes to have a safety by the summer typically sees uptick in murders. take a suspected drunk driver off the road. see that pickup truck right there swerving out of
4:41 am
control. this is on a highway in texas. the driver behind him, who is filming all of, this deciding enough is enough. >> hey, man, you are driving drunk. get out of the car. that's it. get out. get out. you drunk. get out. you get out of the car. >> that man is an aspiring federal agent. the driver was arrested on suspicion of his third dwi. it looked like he was a construction worker, too. wearing all that knee on gear. don't try to get country newscast legend dolly parton to talk about politics. in an interview with abc. she makes it very clear that is off the table. >> i do not get into that. of course i have my opinion about everybody and everything. but i learned a long time ago, keep your damn mouth shut if you want to stay in show business. i'm not in politics. i'm an entertainer. ainsley: interviewer trying to get her to talk politics
4:42 am
during her interview of the movie 9 to 5. >> standing up there with fonda and tomlin remember they were getting political and she didn't say a word. she is smart to do that. brian: i agree with you. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. steve: we have extreme weather. crews to rushing to restore power to thousands of that northeast storm that hit us last week. now there is a new nor'easter heading our way. brian: at least nine people dead, including 11-year-old boy who was crushed when a tree slammed into his house in upstate, new york. ainsley: that's so sad. snow is on the way janice saisays and she is tracking it for us. >> a lot of people still without power in the northeast. check the maps. another storm. part of that energy is what is going to make our nor'easter on tuesday and wednesday. blizzard warnings in effect for dakotas and nebraska. that is going to continue to move on great lakes.
4:43 am
blizzard warning. part of this energy is what is going to make our nor'easter tuesday, wednesday, lasting into thursday. unfortunately cold air in place. more snow in the forecast for maybe places like new jersey, long island, new york city up towards boston. fine tune the forecast and bring you the latest. the bottom line is snow, wind, and cold weather on the way this week for areas that are still without power. we'll keep you up to date. back inside. steve: my town is still missing power in a couple of spots. j.d., thank you very much. >> you got it. ainsley: 43 after the top of the hour. she compared resisting the president to jihad. linda sarsour th at uconn the same school that tried to see you lens ben shapiro. steve: stuart varney is going to weigh in. he is the man with many strong opinions. ainsley: remind us we have to do our taxes.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
in high tax states like new jersey, new york, and. steve: and connecticut. >> are scrambling to help the rich. scrambling to help the 1%. scrambling. brian: how? >> to tax hook. require some explanation. go back to the tax program from donald trump. okay? it limits the deductibility of state and local taxes. steve: which we pay a lot
4:48 am
of. >> which we pay a lot of in new york, new jersey and california. richer people, the 1% in those high tax states suddenly find themselves paying a whole lot more to the federal. steve: because it was deduction before. now it's not. >> stay and pay or move and pay a whole lot less. so now the democrats are scrambling to make it more attractive for the 1% to stay in california, new jersey, and new york. what they are trying to do is in new jersey and california, trying to convert state and local tax payments into charitable contributions because a charitable contribution is still tax deductible, that would restore the status quo. steve: that isn't going to fly. >> give a break to the 1% in high tax states. it is never going to work. the irs will never accept turn a tax into a charitable contribution. ain't going to fly. steve: highigh tax states why
4:49 am
do we live here? >> the president sent out a tweet earlier today. sounds like the tariff thing is just a negotiation to negotiate nativity tanchts opening is a tough negotiating position. it will be adjusted in the future to meet the political needs of various countries and various trader ideas. he has done this before. you establish a very tough stance. you take a hard ball approach right up front. tariffs on steel, tariffs on aluminum. and maybe tariffs on european cars sit back, wait for the reaction and see what happens next. i think it's an opening gamut. brian: steve navarro didn't know that we asked him to respond to the tweet and he did not seem to acknowledge your theory. >> he is on my show at 10:00 eastern time. brian: will you please ask him? >> i will press the issue.
4:50 am
for you, brian, you got it. brian: amazing to see some republicans upset by it. >> there is universal opposition to it. i don't oppose it if it is an upfront negotiating position to be changed a little bit later on. steve: all about saving the steel industry which we are all for. we will be watching your show. ainsley: brian will be watching your ratings. brian: because you are smart and uberrerou. >> who said that? brian: me. steve: next guest republican student want to know what's with the double standard. imagine if the things you bought every day... earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag.
4:51 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: the university of connecticut is under fire for welcoming women's march organizer and sharia law advocate linda sarsour to speak at the school's upcoming women's herstory month instead of history. this comes after one month of more free speech controversy on campus regarding conservative speaker ben shapiro. the school sharply criticized accused of attempting to silence shapiro. the school even offering counseling to any student who attended. our next guest, who is a republican student there at uconn wants to know about this double standard. max tershon vice president of internal affairs for the uconn college republicans. he joins us now. good morning, matt. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. thanks for being here. what's your reaction? do you welcome lynn is a ada sarsour speaking?
4:55 am
what are your thoughts. >> we welcome her. it's a double standard compared to when we had ben shapiro. when we had ben shapiro we had to go through a stringent school process. government inclusion and diversity is hosting this. which is ironic because she has spread anti-sem particular in the past. they didn't have to go through the review process like we did. what it does is makes it impossible to get a conservative voice. if they wanted to they could block all of them because they are not going to invite conservatives. ainsley: i remember when they were trying to see you lens ben shapiro and not have him on your campus. from now on they said you have to go through a speaker review process. linda sarsour did not have to go through that process. >> not to my knowledge, no. ainsley: does the school ever invite a republican to speak. >> i can't remember the last time they did. ainsley: your organization, college republicans invited ben shapiro to speak.
4:56 am
>> correct. he actually reached out to us. we had a speaker earlier in the year where there was an incident where a woman went up and stole the speaker's speech and ben shapiro took note of this answered wanted to see us. ainsley: this is what the school said. we believe public universities should be places where differing views can be expressed respectfully and i see your smile and where our students and other guests can consider and challenge a variety of opinions. why the smile you? don't buy that? >> no, i don't. because they talk about this but they never act out and get different opinions. it's always the one side. that's been a theme across college campuses across the country. it's tough being a young republican. we make the best of it we have got a good club. we have a great school. it's not all that bad. ainsley: thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. president trump doubling down on trade war talking about tariffs and trade. but he just doubled down more at the top of the hour.
4:57 am
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♪ >> the president is forging ahead with his plan to impose new tariffs on steel and aluminum despite criticism here at home and abroad. defending position on twitter, saying we're on the losing side of almost all trade deals. sorry, time for a change. make america great again. >> a breath of fresh air to have a politician that acts on it. we're looking for a level playing field. >> politicians, everybody in the swamp rising up against it this is president doing great things for men and women who work with their hand. >> a deadline protecting thousands of so-called "dreamers" in this country expires today. after six months of back and forth with no solution. ainsley: president trump hosting israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu in the white house. they're expected to discuss a mid-east peace agreement and
5:01 am
rising tensions in north korea. >> this man after 70 years recognized jerusalem as capital, will move the embassy. is really standing with israel to battle constantly stay independent, free, democratic and allow full rights for everyone. >> the annual academy awards expected to bring positivity turning sour from the start. >> this is history from here. oscar is 90 years old tonight and he is probably home watching fox news. ♪ ♪ ainsley: american heart. that is a great song. brian: i never heard this. ainsley: me neither. steve: american made, maybe has to do with the tariffs and ultimately what the president is talking about. save the steel industry and aluminum in this country.
5:02 am
he has vastly unpopular with the swamp down in washington according to peter navarro. the plans, and now with the president tweeting this morning, it is starting to look what he has been suggesting, tariff-wise, could be just a next to get a better deal with nafta. ainsley: here is the tweet this morning. we have large trade deficits with mexico and canada. nafta which is under renegotiation right now has been a bad deal for the usa. massive relocation of companies and jobs. tariffs on steel and aluminum will only come off if new and fair nafta agreement is signed. also canada must treat our farm much better. highly restrictive. mexico must do more stopping drugs pouring into the u.s. they have not done what needs to be done. millions of people addicted and dying. brian: this will not affect china at all. it will affect south korea and canada the most. they're waiting to see by next week when they make the
5:03 am
announcement as expected, end of this week if they will be carved out. peter navarro said to us, i don't think so. there are no carveouts. we're protecting steelworkers which numbers 140,000 people. here is the worry, will we hurt, help steelworkers and that, which is great but are we hurting millions of auto workers, those who build our airplanes and other industries like blue jeans, like the people that make whiskey? we need more whiskey makers. steve: what about blue jeans? brian: they are talking about retribution from other countries, if you put a tariff here, we'll put a tariff here. steve: look, nobody should be surprised by this. i ran on it. i'll trying to save the steel industry and aluminum. it is all about america's jobs. we had the president's trade guy peter navarro within us in the last hour. he said he is not surprised by the negative reception, but a lot of professional talkers down on k street because the swamp
5:04 am
hates this thing. >> everybody in the swamp is rising up against it. at the end of the day we're getting a bad deal. the president said quite clearly and quite correctly that these countries around the world are running huge trade surpluses with us. we're shipping our wealth offshore. they're taking our jobs and factories. all we're trying to do with our trade policy is get a fair and level playing field. we have to defend those industries to keep them on american soil. that is what this one is about. this is a great president doing great things for men and women who work with their hand. brian: i thought it was noted former chief of staff under george bush, deputy when it happened, bush administration put a 30% tariff on steel, after 18 months they backed out of it because it wasn't working. he said yesterday, a trade war is not winnable. it isn't. nobody wins the trade war especially in the globalization days. when the united states is so
5:05 am
dependent coming in and out it hurts our competitiveness. ainsley: the president is following through on that. if it follows through on the campaign promise f it doesn't work, example not good for the american people you can change the rules. steve: ultimately if we go ahead and slap these tariffs on the countries or is this simply a wiley way to get canada and mexico to renegotiate the nafta deal to betterment of the united states? we had jim johnson, who is the president of local 1219 talk to brian a little while ago. he loves the fact that donald trump said he would to to bat for the steelworkers and he ising doing it. >> been a breath of fresh air to actually have a politician that actually acts on it. we heard for too long so many people who have talked about trade. actually haven't done anything for it. it has been up to us as steelworkers to fight these trade cases. it's a huge amount of resources and money and time. normally by the time we get a
5:06 am
good ruling on a trade case we lost too many jobs at that point. exciting to see he actually acted on it and we applaud him for that. steve: we'll see what happens. stay tuned. brian: maybe get an indication in the special election in pennsylvania for tim murphy's seat, because blue-collar area, maybe they will respond to this, help the special election for republicans, if they don't care, it won't. ainsley: i have a feeling a lot of blue-collar workers were not tuned into the oscars last night. the big award show was yesterday and now the question is, i walked in the door last night, saw my babysitter, she was watching. i said, did it get political? of course it did. she went through the list of all the political comments that were made. if you missed it, we'll play a few of them right now for you. jimmy kimmel was the host. listen. >> stunning lupita nyongo she was born in mexico, and raised
5:07 am
in canada. let the tweet storm from the president's toilet begin. >> oscar is 90 years old, so that means he is home watching fox news. we don't make these films to make money. we make them to upset mike pence. steve: jimmy kimmel encouraged actors who might win, you have opportunity and platform to remind millions of people about important things and equal rights and equal treatment. if you want to go ahead and encourage others to join amazing students at parkland and the march on 24th. do that. he was deputizing people, if you want to get political, go ahead. brian: a lot of people were looking at e! channel to see who walked past ryan seacrest. he got much less airtime. five of the 20 best actor category, only five showed up. there was talk e! channel was so worried about the blow back they
5:08 am
would put him on 30 second delay. nowhere, natalie portman brought up a hollywood with the whole pay gap thing. it is not our problem. not an issue just in america. it is a huge issue in hollywood. brought up for a woman to get paid as much as a man, 80 cents on the dollar. in hollywood 30 cents on the dollar. that is unbelievable to me. if you have a woman brings you to the box office should get paid like that, or a man, gender, shouldn't be issue there. ainsley: you should tell me how much you make i should get paid 80%. brian: you should get 100%. dollar for dollar. ainsley: what is happening in america. i think y'all should think about this, write it down, i won't tell anyone. use it to negotiate. brian: do me a favor, don't go to hollywood they will not pay you enough. promise me. steve: when it comes to hollywood there is a lot of hypocrisy. particularly jimmy kimmel if you want to go ahead and support gun controls, when you look around
5:09 am
and you see all those, we heard numbers, there were 500 apparently armed people in attendance protecting folks. michelle malkin saw some hypocrisy. when she joined us half an hour ago she said this. >> phalanx of 500 law enforcement officers armed to the teeth. can you imagine if every american school were as protected as the oscars event? they live in gated communities behind tall walls while they lecture the rest of us as racist nativists and people who advocate for the slaughter of innocent saying moan justly because we disagree with them and defend our own second amendment rights? i think their operative slogan is armed security for we, but not for thee. steve: so we asked if you watched. we got a whole bunch email. ainsley: dave said, of course we didn't watch, we're look to be entertained not aggravated by a
5:10 am
steady stream of mindless drive from liberals who live in a bubble. brian: sound like dave. i am happy to report the oscars. watching self-aggrandizing hollywood elites speaking into their echo chamber i don't enjoy doing. if we went to the oscars we would need protection from the people in the audience. i think we would need protection. steve: do you think they would know us? brian: well, if we were there for a reason. ainsley: that's true. steve: keep comments coming. did you watch? if you did not, let us know why not. brian: really thanks to the cartoon president on showtime and thanks to alex baldwin a lot of people know us and "snl." steve: two other shows i don't watch. ainsley: they might not recognize you because you look a little different on "saturday night live." ainsley: let's read more of your headlines. president trump hosts israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house. they will discuss north korea, syria, the mid-east peace
5:11 am
agreement. moments ago, mike huckabee praised the president's commitment for to israel. >> here is man who finally after 70 years, recognized the jerusalem as the capital, will move the embassy, really standing with israel in its battle to constantly stay independent, free, democratic and to allow full rights for everyone, including its women. ainsley: netanyahu is expected to invite the president to the opening of the new embassy if may. a u.s. embassy shut down over security threat in turkey's capital. americans in ankara, that is out we say it, warned to avoid the building. stay away from large crowds, keep a low profile they say. u.s. officials have not said what the sergeant threat is, but turkey suspects there might have been plans for an attack. no word when the embassy is going to reopen. more than a quarter million students in west virginia are not going to be in class for an 8th straight day as teachers continue to strike.
5:12 am
>> pay them more to educate. two four, six, eight, pay them more to educate. ainsley: public school protest over higher pay and better benefits. union leaders say they will not return to bork until they get a 5% raise. a joint committee will work out differences in pay raise bills in the statehouse and senate. those are your headlines. steve: that is a big strike. ainsley: they need more money? my sister is a teacher. steve: they have historically low wages in that particular -- ainsley: area, i know. >> for teachers. you know. it's, they're in a pickle. brian: 12 minutes after the hour. steve: a lawmaker's fiery speech on gun riled democrats up so much they walked out of the room. >> we want to have an open honest debate i'm all for that. let's do that. it starts with a certain degree of mutual respect. brian: that west virginia lawmaker here live coming up. >> battle to the drain the swamp
5:13 am
in illinois is gaining national attention. so how does this affect the 2020 presidential debate? the governor bruce bruce ranier will join us next. ght. but you want to fix it. right. so who sent you? new guy. what new guy? watson. my analysis of sensor and maintenance data indicates elevator 3 will malfunction in 2 days. there you go. you still need a pass.
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5:17 am
♪ brian: battle to so call drain the swamp in the democratic strong hold of illinois getting national attention as the outcome could be a big predictor and 2018 midterms and 2020. taking on big unions and entrenched politicians, and the swamp. he liking the politicians to the mafia. governor bruce rauner, why do you want to do this job? you seem to be only man who agrees with you? >> brian, illinois has been dominated by corrupt career politicians for decades. i decided i couldn't take it anymore. i'm not a politician, i'm a business builders. i said i would never run away from the state of illinois. i was born here, raised our six kids here. i want to take on corruption and career politicians and create a good state again. brian: mike madigan we had one
5:18 am
like sheldon silver, and he avoided prison. >> mike has been in our general assembly since 1971. i was not in high school back then. he is head of the legislature for three decades. head of the democratic party. what is really corrupt he also owns a property tax appeal law firm. basically in his political job he raises property taxes so we have the highest property taxes in america. and 10 on the side he charges millions of dollars in fees to businesses that are afraid of their property taxes. he reduces them for a fee. then he holds the threat if they ever cross him he will raise their property taxes. it's a corrupt[ just like the mafia, mafia protection racket. totally corrupt. brian: you trying to negotiate with unions. he is trying to take your power away to do that. now as we have a supreme court case looking at the mandatory aspect of making public, you have people pay fees to public unions, i wonder where that is
5:19 am
at? how can you balance the budget unless you get that pow officer. >> no, that is exactly right, brian. you're on the core issue. i started that lawsuit now at the u.s. supreme court. i filed a lawsuit my first three weeks in office against afscme, the biggest government union, they said forcing state employees to pay union dues when they don't want to violation of their free speech. violation of their constitutional right to politically affiliate. we will win this case i hope, i believe, when we do we'll end the corruption. it is conflict of interest when a government union boss gives campaign cash to politician, get him elected, push state-paid taxpayers-funded union members that work for politician, get him elected, let's negotiate my contract after you're in office. conflict of interest. fundamentally corrupt. brian: not political to say your taxes are too high. shootings and murders are way too high. people are leaving. those are numbers that don't lie. why aren't more republicans running against democrats? why are so many democrats
5:20 am
unopposed? >> i'll tell you madigan gerrymandered districts in illinois. he draws the districts looking like spaghetti noodles so they protect his incumbents. we don't have competitive general elections. in this election i will get reelected in november. i will have a voice after the 2020 census. we will have bipartisan maps. competitive general elections. i believe republicans pick up a lot of seats. brian: governor rauner, thanks so much. >> good to see you. brian: after the run-down, coming to a college near you, convicted leaker chelsea manning talking ethics? italy is the latest european country to fall to the populist wave. could be berlusconi. mark stein is here, talking about the trump phenomenon going overseas. looking at him strut.
5:21 am
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♪ steve: we've got quick monday morning headlines for you. first up, former fbi director james comey ready for the first tv interview after being fired by president trump famously. he wit sit down with george stephanopoulos that airs april 18th. his new book hits shelves. there you go. government secrets leaker chelsea manning gearing up to lecture students on ethics. today she will visit ucla to speak about things like resistance, activism and protest. former military intel analyst was sentenced famously to 35 years in prison for disclosing classified documents to wikileaks. president obama commuted her
5:25 am
sentence last year. meanwhile -- ainsley: today italy officially becoming the next european country to deliver victories to far-right populist parties. steve: former prime minister silvio berlusconi leading the with a tough on immigration approach. brian: he still might win. columnist and author mark steyn who lived in europe. i traveled there, went on a cruise, he joins us to weigh in. ainsley: why do you have we on when we have the expert. >> i think i changed planes in -- yeah, these, this, the center-right got basically 70% of the vote. something is up in italy. these guys are not happy. they have got like 35% youth unemployment. gow to university, it takes you on average four 1/2 years to get a job after graduating. it doesn't work for them. brian: you know what else? they're upset about the immigration flooded their nation and changing it.
5:26 am
>> yep. because that, i did actually, that is actually one built of europe i did go to, the little bit of italy down there where all the so-called refugees come in. italians are sick of that. basically the same issues that drove the trump campaign. it is, it is like the immigration issue and the fact that this isn't a blip but that the system just doesn't work for millions of people anymore. ainsley: tell what you amazes me over there, but travel, they close the shops in the afternoon for like two hours so they can go nap. >> no. that is, that's, that's true. they do. it is interesting to go past a mcdonald's or whatever it is and it says closed until 4:00 in the afternoon. ainsley: i know. >> everyone has gone for a lunchtime nap. don't knock cultural differences you know. i don't want to live entirely borderless world. brian: i don't want to drive the producers crazy, don't have banner for this, notice sweden is having problem with immigration as well.
5:27 am
everything the president talked about a year ago about the crime in sweden, everyone mocked him for, ends up one hundred% correct and they're reporting it out of the "new york times." >> i defended the president at that time, this time last year. everything he said was right. i spent the previous summer in sweden. i've been in a town where the female mayor advised women not to go out unaccompanied because there were some sex crimes. i went to a pop music cop certificate where the music was absolutely terrible as it always is, cater walling rockers, but the teenage girls who liked them were nevertheless being sexually assaulted being advised by the police to wear stupid bracelets, say please don't sexually assault me. that was the sweetish police's answer. steve: that is the solution. meanwhile we know that you were in attendance last night watching portions of the oscars. brian: for us. steve: politically, it had some
5:28 am
statements, what do you think? >> i thought it was politically lame. you know, at one point jimmy kimmel, i think doesn't have the size to be oscar host. steve: size? >> i'm a squaresville, i like billy crystal, kind of showbiz persona. brian would be a good oscar host. brian: i'm thinking about it. ainsley: why do you think they asked him? because he is so political? >> they regard him seriously as the moral conscience. at one point he said if we learned everything from the last two years it is that reality can be depressing. hmmm, what are you trying to say there? what happened in the last two years would depress you? i thought, i thought because of the harvey weinstein stuff they would just not as political as they would have been because they understand that however, you know, bad everybody else is, their moral authority absolutely collapsed. that is why you had all these, you know, dull montages every --
5:29 am
i mean, do you like montages? steve: had a military montage that was pretty good. >> eventually all montages come out the same. they should have a montage of montages. i would like, i think 1978, i was nominated for best montage in a montage of montages. ainsley: best montage we played is nancy pelosi. i loved that one. >> that's a great montage. these are sort of bland mon tamings. tom hanks, there is jimmy cagney. there is tom cruise. there is someone in black and white i can't quite remember. like, why can't they make an awards show anymore? brian: maybe donald trump will run on anti-montage platform. that might be the -- steve: make montages great again. >> mama. maga, make aamerica montage, make movie montages great again.
5:30 am
steve: work on the joke. roll it out tonight filling in for tucker. >> i like to be kimmel. i don't have 37 writers. brian: very good, mark. there you are, looking away. ainsley: do what they do in italy the take a nap. you will be up late. >> that's right. brian: a former clinton staffer walks in to cpac, leaves with a picture of ben shapiro. it is not a joke. it is true story. we have the democrat who wants to reach across the aisle. he is keeping his campaign promises. former education secretary bill bennett is here for you. ♪ places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding. and earn fifty thousand bonus miles after you spend
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while nothing comparesating modeto the real thing.d... experience the command performance sales event for yourself, now through april 2. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ >> china's leader just became an absolute dictate it for life, praised by the, by president
5:34 am
trump. >> he jokes about the fact that sound pretty good. maybe i could have that. that need to be in the center of action is so great with him. >> what about the fact that he is praising president xi who, leads repressive country, just consolidated his power? >> comments about china, should copy their dictatorship. some senses that is maybe what he wants. steve: a lot of talk what the president said to a private group at mar-a-lago over the weekend. joined by former secretary of education and drug czar under president george w. bush and, dr. bill bennett joins us from north carolina. how are you? >> no montage for me. brian: legitimate criticism. >> what's that? brian: was that legitimate criticism in those opening -- >> no, it's crazy. it is small, small bore. this president is painting in broad strokes. he is unconventional. he is doing big things. gotten more done in a year than
5:35 am
any president in recent history. gotten more done in a year than my boss ronald reagan did. what these guys want to talk about are these sidebars. is he mentally fit, can he serve? that is the real irony can the man serve as president, when he is serving very effectively as president, just not the way they would like him to serve? ainsley: deep down know they that, they can't say it, and they have ratings and people watching, they are expecting them to vote or say it a certain way? >> yeah. yeah, cognitive dissonance here. they can not accept it. their brain can not get around it. he is a supernova, all over the map but fulfilling promises he made on the campaign. this is quite extraordinary. usually in washington you have a president, puts out a plan. get to it three months later, when you get to it, there it is straightforward, it is uninteresting. this guy is making plans on three different fronts or four different fronts on daily or
5:36 am
weekly basis. then commenting on them. then changing direction like he did a little bit this morning. brian you picked up on it the well tariff thing. if we get the nafta thing right maybe we can pull back on this it is extraordinary the motion that he is doing. and remember, he is understaffed at the white house, and understaffed in the cabinet. give him a full team, give him a full 11, see what he does. brian: that is his own doing. steve: i think he would say, government has gotten so big, i'm trying to make it smaller. one of the other things, bill, the fact he appears to be negotiating with the democrats on television. i mean we've seen him couple of times where they bring the cameras into the cabinet room and we watch him. and most recently we saw him dealing with democrats and republicans to try to figure out how to fix the school violence problem. >> right, right. the pope said, pope john paul said famously be not afraid. almost unlike all politicians he is not afraid. he is not afraid of anything.
5:37 am
he is not afraid of anybody. broaches any subject he wishes to broach. the school safety thing is interesting. it started a national conversation. i think we're getting somewhere on that topic. my wife worked in the d.c. public schools, you have to go through metal detectors in every high school. they're smart about school security. not as if d.c. is perfectly safe place with no crime. no child has been shot inside of a d.c. school. think about metal detectors. think about arming people. i agree with this notion, when you put up a sign that says gun-free zone that is invitation to the demented and arm. brian: president brought up with manchin and chris murphy, move forward. we're stuck in the mud. support chris murphy says the president has the right instincts on this, he knows the political landscape has changed. listen. >> the movement showed in that
5:38 am
meeting reflective of what his foundation, not terrible political instincts and maybe his performance in that meet something signal to republicans. he sort of sent us out of the meeting, you guys work it out. work the universal background checks in with the "fix nics" bill. as a matter of fact his instincts in the meeting are not wrong. brian: that is toomey, manchin, senator lindsey graham and cornyn and murphy. together there might be something there. if you're the president do you pursue that? >> yeah, sure you do. and, look, i think he makes a series of opening gambits when he has these discussions. he is exploring. this is the deal-maker again. i think climate has changed some. and look, we may see some movement. we're not seeing repeal of the second amendment. you will not outlaw these weapons, you may see changes in background. you may see changes in age eligibility for certain kinds of
5:39 am
weapons. the discussion is good. the discussion needs to be school-focused and on mess-ups that occurred there in florida which allowed this to happen. mess-up on almost every bureaucratic level. that is obscuring the other discussion, because we need to pay attention to those. if you can't pick up warnings of the kids, of the police, calls to the police, they didn't pick up on it. the fbi. by the way i have heard that a number of students from the shooting started said, it is cruz. they knew. brian: yay. >> if they knew, why didn't other people know. steve: sure. police were outside. they didn't go in. some questions. >> absolutely. shameful, shameful. ainsley: thank you, bill. great to see you. >> my pleasure. have a good week. ainsley: more headlines and fox news alert possibly plotting a an attack on u.s. embassy in turkey according to the turkish state media. iraqi nationals were caught on a
5:40 am
bus at a security check point. the u.s. embassy in ankara was shut down on unspecified security threat. no word when it reopens. democrat, number of thousands at cpac, reached her goal to reach across the aisle to engage with the other side. former hillary clinton staffer, she was blown away how welcoming people were, even ben shapiro. >> they wanted to hear both sides. not only that -- steve: there is ben shapiro. >> genuinely wanted to hear from me first, you know. they wanted to hear what i had to say first before they -- ainsley: you can read more about her experience in her op-ed in the "wall street journal." clothing maker lacsa replacing ionic crocodile logo temporarily. swapping out the croc for 10 endangered species, with the california condor and sumatra tiger. a lot of difficult choices.
5:41 am
brian: are they in danger? ainsley: they're all in danger. i guess they want you to recognize that. they're putting it on the shirt. safe the species campaign. helps benefit the international union for conservation of nature. the polos cost $185. their sold out. those are the headlines. maybe they make more then. >> lacoste a lot. 19 minutes before the top of the hour this monday. a lawmaker fiery speech on guns riles up democrats so much, many of them walked right out of the room. >> we want to have open honest debate i'm all for that. let's do that. but it does start with a certain degree of mutual respect. steve: that virginia lawmaker here live next. brian: oscar host jimmy kimmel could not stay away from politics last night. democrat turned republican candace owens has a message for hollywood coming up. ♪ i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans better
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♪ ainsley: fiery speech on guns by a virginia delegate running for senate causes democrats to walk out of the room. watch this. >> if we want to have an open honest debate i'm all for that. let's do that. it starts with certain degree of mutual respect. it starts with a certain degree of not assuming that the only reason why we believe in the second amendment because the nra paid us off? if that is the sort of logic you want to use, look how much money nra spends and how much money planned parenthood spend. steve: that speech going viral, topping 10.5 million views. joining us is virginia delegate, army special forces veteran to unseat hillary clinton's running mate, senator tim kaine down in the great state of the commonwealth of virginia. good morning to you, nick. >> thanks for having me on. steve: news accounts we have
5:46 am
read you got started on that, when you were responding to the criticism that republicans have blood on their hand for failing to act on school violence, right? >> taker. that's correct. there is number of factors we're trying to address with this issue but it always gets reverted back to gun control being the only potential solution. and then, on top of that, some of the rhetoric that has been used to describe us is completely unacceptable. at that point i had gotten tired of it. ainsley: i want you to, we'll play a sound bite of someone who was offended by your speech. this is democratic delegate joseph lindsey. listen to this we want to get your reaction. >> today i have been offended as i can never recall since being a part of this body. and i have seen many of my colleagues emotionally shaken and bothered by either a, lack
5:47 am
of, of concern for facts, or just simply playing to the media, playing to the cameras. ainsley: nick, what do you say to him? >> delegate lindsey a good and honorable man. i certainly didn't intend any offense toward him, one of the things i get concerned about, this argument and left-right paradigm, more offense is used as weapon to turn away debate. and i'm not going to accept that. if there is a way i can convey my message, to where delegate lindsey won't be offended we can get the point across, i'm happy to do that. but what i'm not going to accept, listening to some of his democrat colleagues refer to me, compare me to nazi, compare me to segregationist. one of democrat colleagues in subcommittee meeting tell me, if i didn't vote for his particular bill i was on the side of terrorists and i wanted weapons to fall in the hand of terrorist. what sort of offense someone like me, two combat tours, lost friends to terrorist thought about something like that?
5:48 am
if we get back to meaningful dialogue i it will require a level of mutual respect. if delegate lindsey help me understand what party of my remarks were offensive i would be glad to have that discussion with him. we have to be honest what is going on in our schools what is going on in our communities. i will not accept this false narrative constantly gets thrown at republicans and conservatives because we support second amendment rights. steve: you both have different points of view but both ultimately trying to figure out a solution to school violence. >> absolutely, absolutely. we have to look at all the factors, if we're just looking at guns, we're not taking into account the fact there is major breakdown for communication within law enforcement. we're not taking into account we have kid with mental health disorder. we're not dealing with other school security issues we need to. we need to take a comprehensive look. while at same time remembering that the reason why we have the second amendment is so people can provide for their own self-defense. ainsley: all right. nick joined the army after 9/11. volunteered for the u.s. army special forces, green berets,
5:49 am
toughed two tours in iraq. thank you for serving our country. >> thank you, it was my pleasure. steve: now wants to be a u.s. senator. straight ahead on this monday, oscars host jimmy kimmel couldn't stay away from politics last night. ainsley: democrat turned republican candace owens has a message for hollywood elites coming up. steve: first to go upstairs to see what bill hemmer has cooking. >> nice to see you. breaking news from north korea on nuclear program he said. general jack keane coming up in moments. there is call for outside team to investigate the dossier. what is that all about. new debate on russian meddling what did the obama team do about that? a father who lost his 18-year-old daughter in florida, makes a case for greater school safety. we'll see you in ten minutes, guys, brand new week, starts in a couple minutes on "america's newsroom."
5:50 am
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5:53 am
♪ brian: oscar host jimmy kimmel and other celebrities could not stay away from politics last night at the oscars. steve: but one former democrat turned republican has a message for hollywood elites. ainsley: she joins us now. director of urban engagement of turning point usa is candace owens. thanks for joining news thanks for having me. i'm really excited to be here today. ainsley: what is your message to the hollywood elites after you saw the oscars last night? >> i actually didn't see the oscars, because it is always the same stuff. my message to them simply we genuine don't care what they think. we appreciate them for their talents. the idea, they can act and sing, they're well-positioned to tell us how to live is really the far from the mark. steve: that sound as lot like the point of your video.
5:54 am
we have a little snippet from that. here is candace in action. >> you may have actually come to believe that we care what you think, but you're wrong. it is offensive thaw confuse our admiration for blind faith just because they don't think or vote the way you want them to? you cross a line. you lose touch with reality. steve: that is harsh. you don't care what celebrities think. >> no, i don't. americans feel the exact same sentiment in this moment. neil: the celebrities make a lot of money. given a lot of money to promote a product because madison avenue says they have influence. to say they don't have influence is not being, is not being candid. >> you're absolutely right they do have influence. what i see the their influence is deteriorating, best indicated by the fact that donald trump is in the white house. what he did best he held up a mirror to the entire country.
5:55 am
what we saw reflect back we didn't like. we had stopped believing in ourselves. we had stopped wanting to think for ourselves. we had sort of brought into this mass propaganda machine, culture of hollywood and celebrities. ainsley: you were a democrat. grew up in democratic family. how did you become a republican. >> because of hyperbolic language used throughout donald trump campaign. you have to pick us or him. the mob mentality going on in the media, academia, most importantly culture in hollywood. ainsley: what your family think? >> they come further and further to the right. she is texting me, i'm voting for donald trump in 2020. she is seeing results. just because someone you like has a good voice does not mean they are better positioned to talk to you about the economy or what will value your life. steve: what is the result your sister so impressed by? >> she got good money back after the tax cuts you know.
5:56 am
brian: what do you think his message to be to the minority communities, that it is not there now? >> i think it should be just that. that you have to understand what he said was spot on. we had absolutely nothing to lose whatsoever. we have been enslaved idealogically, the democrats and democrats have given us absolutely nothing in return. try something different. see if it works. don't be afraid. definitely don't fall victim to all the lies celebrities tell you. steve: your individual wrote is proproctor & gamble tiff. have it on our website, >> thank you so much for having me. >> i love your style. >> thank you. ainsley: we'll talk about that during commercial. steve: we'll step away. we'll come back in a couple minutes. ainsley: all right. brian: i believe him. nature's bounty lutein blue helps protect eyes from damaging blue light, filtering it out to help you continue enjoying your screens. or... you could just put your phones down and talk to each other. [laughing]
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non-drowsy claritin 24 hour relief when allergies occur. day after day, after day. because life should have more wishes and less worries. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. >> hey, i have a chance to talk to the who listeners in
6:00 am
dayton, ohio, on thursday. hope to see through at 4:30. then at 7:00, at books and company. that's this thursday, if janice let's me fly out. go to facebook live and watch it, now. >> good morning everybody. new calls and growing calls for a special counsel from republicans. trey gowdy making the case. it's time to see what happened with potential claims of abuse at the justice department and a special prosecutor he arguments might be the only way to get the answers as we say good morning. hope you had an awesome weekend. i'm bill hemmer. i know you did. >> i did. welcome back. monday here we go. i'm sandra smith, and we're also waking up to reports that robert mueller has subpoeaned documents from a new witness connect today many trump team members.


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