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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 5, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> shepard: its noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the white house. we expect the press reporter to answer questions. we could hear more about the president's plan to put taxes on steel and aluminum imports. his new message about what it would take to give some country as break on that. the cabinet insider that said the president could still change his mind and the top republicans that are against the plan. word of a grand jury subpoena targeting communications from trump team insiders. steve bannon, hope hicks and the president himself. and deadline day for the dreamers. six months ago, president trump told congress, solve the problem of the young immigrants whose parents brought them here without papers.
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nothing is fixed. hundreds of thousands of families are now having their lives in limbo. let's get to it. good monday afternoon from the fox news deck. a live look at the white house where the news should be breaking momentarily. sarah sanders expected to take the podium at any moment. we'll bring you the briefing as soon as it begins on fox. president trump said he's not backing down on his decision to slap new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. the president suggesting that two close united states allies might get a break from those taxes. just might, if they meet certain demands. such as signs what he calls a new and fair trade deal. >> mexico is -- we've had a bad deal with mexico. very bad deal with canada. it's called nafta. our factories have left our countries, our jobs have left
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for many years. nafta has been a disaster. we're renegotiating nafta as i said i would. if we don't make a deal, i'll terminate nafta. >> shepard: president trump has repeatedly criticized nafta. that's the free trade agreement between the united states, canada and mexico. officials are in mexico city trying to renegotiate the terms of that agreement. last week the president announced new tariffs. 25% on steel, 10% on aluminum but nothing yet is on paper. on friday he tweeted that trade wars are good and easy to win. but today he said despite the fact that they're good and easy to win, he said i do not think we'll have a trade war. leaders in his own party and some major u.s. allies are warning against the tariffs, a spokesman for the speaker of the house, paul ryan, released a statement that said "we're extremely worried about the consequences of a trade war and
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urging the white house to not advance with this plan." we'll talk with gerri willis about how officials in the european union say to retaliate against president trump's plan. first, let's get to john roberts who is live in the briefing room. hello, john. >> good afternoon, shep. we saw the president in the oval office with the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. he said that he's going to slap 10% tariffs on aluminum and 25% on steel. listen to what the president said a short time ago. >> we're not backing down. mexi mexico, we've had a bad deal with mexico and canada. it's called nafta. the european union. they don't allow us to do business. they have trade barriers worse than tariffs. they have tariffs, too. trade barriers far worse than tariffs. if they want to do something,
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we'll tax their cars that they send in here like water. i don't think we'll have a trade war. i don't think so. i don't think you'd have a trade war. >> you hear the president saying they don't believe they're going to have a trade war but prepared to slap tariffs on any goods and services that our european allies may be bringing into this country if they decide they're going to slap punitive tariffs on u.s. goods. now begins the press briefing, shep. >> give everybody a second to get settled down. good afternoon. as you all saw the president and first lady enjoyed their time tonight with prime minister and mrs. netanyahu. the bond between the us and israel is the strongest it's ever been. the president deciding to recognize jerusalem as israel's capitol made good on the promise of past presidents. he appreciate prime minister netanyahu saying his decisive
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action will be remembered by the israeli people throughout the ages. our two nations stand against terrorism and those that fund it and our shared goal to build a more peaceful and prosperous middle east. before taking your questions, i'd like to introduce you to a few special guests we have with us. retired marine corps sergeant john peck and liam dwyer. both served in iraq and a:again stan. the president met both of them recently at walter reed. sergeant peck suffered a traumatic brain injury in iraq. then he reenlisted and deployed to afghanistan. he lost both legs after stepping on an iud. he's doing physical and occupational therapy at walter reed and doing incredibly well. sergeant dwyer went through a
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roadside bombing in iraq and then resigned up for afghanistan. he lost his right leg and injuries to his torso. doctors saved his limbs and reattached them over 50 surgeries. he's back at walter reed now to receive additional surgeries in the coming months. thank you for your service and inspiring us with your bravery, sense of duty and resilience. these men represent the best of america and remind us why it's so important to make sure our great veterans get the care they deserve. transforming the department of veterans affairs has been one of the top priorities. we announced plans to ship v.a. medical records, the same system used by the defense department. this will end a decades old rift in sharing information between the two agencies. the president signed an executive order to ensure veterans can receive care outside of the v.a. system when needed. he signed into law a bill empowering senior v.a. officials to fire failing employees that
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are not taking care of our vets. as a result, accountability is being restored. he signed into law a bill streamlining the lengthy process that veterans undergo when appealing disability benefits claims. hundreds of thousands of vets are awaiting decisions regarding their appeals. the president is pushing to use the streamlined process to move through the backlog as quickly as possible. he signed a bill in allowing $2.1 bill for vets programs. this will empower them to receive quality care outside of the v.a. system. the white house has set up a v.a. hot line staffed by veterans to help vets needing assistance and quick answers. i can continue on but this should leave no doubt that the president is taking care of our veterans. they sacrifice for us and we should never let them down. thanks sergeant peck and dwyer
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for being with us here today. i met with them at walter reed. if it gets tough, i'm very happy to refer questions to both of them because i'm pretty sure that as tough as they are, they can certainly handle anything that is thrown at them. hopefully we don't have to do that. major, go ahead. >> under the heading of accountability, have you or the president read in full the i.g. report on secretary shulkin? are you satisfied with his response and is he in jeopardy? >> i know it's being reviewed. secretary shulkin has repaid i know several thousand dollars towards some of the travel costs in question. we're continuing to focus on a lot of the great work that is taking place at the v.a. while that's under review. secretary shulkin has done a great job as i laid out several of the things that have happened and one of the reasons these guys are here is to continue pushing to make sure that we improve the v.a. system and to
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continue to put extra encouragement on the v.a. secretary to make sure we're doing everything we can for veterans. >> and you say that the secretary's conduct was consistent with the standards that the president has briti established for the v.a.? >> i can't go on that any more. >> the speaker of the house says he's concerned, urging the president not to advance on his plan and that a trade war could jeopardize the gains achieved through the tax cuts and tax reforms. what is your reaction to speaker ryan? >> look, we have a great relationship with speaker ryan. we'll continue to have one. that doesn't mean we have to agree on everything. the president has been committed and talked about this for many years, particularly on the campaign trail and the people came out loud and clear and supported this president. therefore, supporting the policies that he campaigned on. we want to solve the problem. we want -- the president believes in free, fair and
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reciprocal trade and hope other countries believe in the same. the president is doing everything he can to protect american workers and protect industries like the steel and aluminum industry that are so important to our country. >> nothing about this would jeopardize economic growth? >> the president feels strongly that we have to protect some of the industries that are the backbone of this country. we have to protect american workers. we can't ignore these industries. it's a matter of economic and national security. something that he feels very strongly about and we're going to continue to move forward. john? >> looks like the deadline on democrat will come and go with no resolution. clearly any action that the white house would take has been suspended by the courts. what is your message to congress that seems so badly to want to fix democrat and they haven't done anything to do it? >> it's terrible that congress has failed to act. the president gave congress six months and gave them a plan.
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he gave them four pillars that he wanted to see in legislation and principles that the majority of members of congress have supported in the past. they have claimed to want to fix daca. the president laid out a pathway and exact way to do that. they failed to address it. we're hopeful that congress will do their jobs, show up and get something done and fix this problem, not kick it down the road and not continue to ignore it. >> when it eventually gets to the court, i suspect a favorable ruling. then what happens? >> if we need to go to the supreme court, we feel confident there as well. again, this is -- it's congress's job to pass laws. the president has laid out what he wants to see. the sad part is, that both republicans and democrats don't disagree on most of the merits of this legislation. the fact that they can't actually come together and get something done is pathetic and now they're using the courts as
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an excuse. they need to come to work and do what they were elected to do. >> the supreme court reinstates his authority to rescind the daca protections and congress doesn't act, is the president willing to back off on rescinding daca? >> i'm not going to get ahead of what the president may or may not do. we're asking congress to do their jobs. >> tough words for u.s. allies today on trade saying they were ripping off the u.s. just as much as our enemies. so has the president ruled out exceptions of the steel and aluminum tariffs or are they still on the table? >> we're finalizing what the final deal will look like. i'm not going to get ahead of the president. john? >> thanks, sarah. sounds like many republicans and the house speaker were caught off guard by the president's decision as it relates to tariffs. were they caught off guard? were they given a heads up? >> i think they should have been
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well aware. he's been talking about this for quite some time. if they've been caught off guard, they haven't listened to what he's been saying and how he promised to make good trade deals and free and reciprocal trade in this country. >> is the president at odds with the house speaker? >> i'm not going to get ahead of anything where we are right now. the president will do what he feels is necessary to protect american workers. >> thank you. you had mentioned last week that the white house is going to come out with a proposal on guns or to let congress know what they wanted to have happen on guns. where is that proposal? >> we're continuing to have those conversations. the president has laid out some specific things and some specific places that he does support. for instance, again, reiterating the support for the cornyn bill as well as the stop gun violence
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act. those are two pieces of legislation the president supports. we're going to continue the discussions that have been ongoing, continuing to engage with congress as we lay out more details of what we would like to see. including meeting that will take place thursday with leaders of the video game industry. >> the president said that moving the embassy to jerusalem would cost $250,000 to build the u.s. embassy there. what was he referring to or what did he mean by that? >> i think the point he's making is that he's going to do it faster and far less expensive than a billion dollar project. jonathan? >> on the tariffs, the president tweeted that trade wars are good, easy to win. can you explain what he meant by that? >> look, the president is very confident that if that's where we ended up, we would win. that's not the goal. the goal is to get free and fair
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and reciprocal trade and hope that other countries will join in. >> paul ryan is practically pleading with the president to reverse course on this. are you saying there's no way he's going to reverse course on this? >> the president said today that he wasn't backing down. in terms of the specifics of what it looks like, i'm not going to get into that. those things are being finalized. >> it's possible the details -- >> we haven't fully rolled out all of the details. so it would be hard for me to say they're going to change them. >> the top line, he said 25% tariff on steel imports, 10% tariff on aluminum imports that would apply to everybody. are those -- >> i'm not going any further than the comments he made and any other details we'll let you know when ready. ashley? >> we talked about secretary shulkin but secretary pruitt is under scrutiny and secretary carson is under scrutiny for the
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$30,000 dining set. >> i believe that was cancelled to be clear. >> after media scrutiny. can you explain the white house's view and broadly explain how this fits the pattern of draining the swamp? >> as the president said, he said he takes spending taxpayer dollars very seriously. all of those individual secretaries travel and other are under review and i can't speak to them further while that is ongoing. >> can you explain how this is consistent with the president's behavior for draining the swamp. >> that's why they're under review. i can't get into anything further right now. >> the president said he thought the palestinians wanted to come back to the table to talk about mideast peace. can you say what he's basing that on? >> i can only tell you we're committed today as we have ever
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been to the peace process and having conversations and pushing to get something done. >> are you seeing something -- >> the presidencies a lot of things that other people don't see. i can't get into that right now. >> i want to ask you about breaking news that we're just getting. the president's former campaign aide is refuse ago subpoena by a grand jury. he said on msnbc moments ago, he, meaning the president, may have done something during the election but i don't know that for sure. your reaction? >> i think he doesn't know that for sure because he's incorrect. as we said many times before, there was no collusion with the trump campaign. anything further on what his actions are. he hasn't worked at the white house. i can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge that he has. >> what is your reaction of not cooperating with the grand jury, refusing this subpoena? would you encourage these witnesses to come forward and tell their stories? >> i'm not going to weigh-in to somebody that doesn't work at the white house. from our perspective, we're
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fully cooperating with the office of the special counsel. we'll continue to do so. i'll reiterate once again the reason we are so comfortable doing so. there's absolutely no collusion within the trump campaign in any foreign government. >> ask you one on trade. commerce secretary wilbur ross said if there's any possible the president could change his mind on the new tariffs. whatever his final decision is what will happen. if he says something different, it will be something different. if this is a carefully thought-out policy, sarah, why the mixed messaging? >> i don't think there's mixed messaging. this is a decision that -- this is the decision that will be ultimately made by the president. there's a lot of legal details being finalized. the secretary won't get ahead of that and he won't get ahead of the president. at the end of the day, this is something the president make a
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decision on and he will do so fully with the idea of doing what he can to protect american workers and to promote economic and national security. april? >> what, if any, of a shift was there today in jared kushner's possession as relates to the meetings from netanyahu today? >> none at all that i'm aware of. >> as relates to security clearance, he -- he doesn't have the clearance -- >> as we said many times before, i'm not going comment on any individual secure clearance. >> he's carrying on duties -- >> his role wasn't impacted today. >> second question. father slager from chicago has written president trump at least twice in reference to chicago and guns. you say you're going to continue conversations about guns. what would you bring to the table as he is someone that is on the ground with gangs and
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dealing with the issue of guns, something that is a focal point of this president, chicago as well? >> i would have to look into that. i'm not aware of the individual or the letters. i'd have to check into that before i can make a comment on it. >> does the president believe we should take guns from people that are dangerous and for due process? >> the president thinks we need to expedite the process. he wants to make sure that if somebody is potentially harmful to themselves or other people, we have the ability to expedite that month says. i still want to have due process. i want to make sure it's not tied up for months and months and someone that could potentially be dangerous is allowed to have a gun without us being able to expedite the process. peter? >> we reported that the president's private attorney, michael cohen, had trouble reaching him toward the end of the campaign to talk about the $130,000 payment. did the president and michael cohen talk about this payment at
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any time during the campaign or there after? >> not that i'm aware of. i'd refer you to michael. >> i want to talk about the mideast peace process. the talked about the difficulty reaching a deal. it's been more than a year since prime minister netanyahu's first visit here. he said the president would be achieving a great peace deal and doing it diligently. why hasn't the administration put forward a proposal and a frame work for how he sees peace playing out? >> we'll do that when we think the time is right. we're as committed now as we have ever been. we want to continue in this process. we'll let you know when we have an announcement on that plan. >> has there been any progress in this administration toward achieving some kind of proposal? why would that be? >> look, we're not going to get ahead of where we are in this process. the conversations are ongoing. this wasn't a problem that was
12:22 pm
created in a short amount of time. it's something that we're committed to fixing and being a part of and we're going to continue this conversation and continue pushing for that peace. john? >> thank you, sarah. two brief questions. first, the new yorker is carrying a story in which the former british agent christopher steele claims that russian sources within the kremlin torpedoed the nomination of governor romney to be secretary state because he's a sworn enemy of the putin regime. the administration's response to that claim. >> i'm not aware of anything regarding that and don't know that to be factual in any capacity at all. blake? >> my other questions. >> i'm sorry. >> yeah. when the president announced the tariffs on china, he said they would be in effect for a very long time. i'm curious, why didn't he
12:23 pm
simply say until china relents on its policy on steel and give a set goal for the tariffs? >> look, again, the president's ultimate goal is to get free, fair and reciprocal trade. if china wants to come to the table and play ball and make some significant changes, then we would be open to those conversations. at this point, we haven't seen any indication of that taking place. one last question, blake. >> thank you. to end with trade, there was a study released today showing that this would be the president's proposal, a net loss of 146,000 jobs. have the white house studied how many jobs could be lost or created because of his policies? >> this is something the president is committed to doing. he feels our national security is vital in this process and we have to have these industries to protect that. that's a big part of the goal. i'm not going to say that we're not looking at every facet of this. we are.
12:24 pm
it's been a very thoughtful and long process. but that is the focus of the decisions that he's making. >> the president's close friend carl icahn said he sold stock before the president made his announcement. can you tell us the last time that the president spoke with mr. ikahn and what they were planning to do? >> i'd have to verify and get back to you. thanks, guys. i'm going to let these -- hold on. i'm going to let these guys take a break. if they want to say anything, they're welcome certainly to make a quick comment before we leave. >> can you speak to the morale in the white house? >> i definitely would not agree. i think we're in a great place. we have an incredible story to tell. it's been a historic first year.
12:25 pm
we're continuing to focus on the things that president trump campaigned on. we're excited about what we've done and where we're going. we're going to continue working hard for the american people. thanks, guys. i'm going to let these guys take a break. thanks, guys. >> do you expect the justice department to enforce all subpoenas, sarah? >> shepard: a couple of american heros and sarah sanders with a couple questions, a couple of different areas of interest. this matter of tariffs and trade, very important going on now in mexico city where they're trying to work out what the president is calling a renegotiation of nafta. it's clear that the president wants to add this tariff, this tax on imported steel of 25%, 10% to aluminum and the idea according to white house insiders is to get -- come after china in some way. as it turns out, china is not the biggest exporter of steel to us. why don't get most of our steel from china. most of it comes from canada.
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we're pretty good friends with canada. and the canadians are not happy and some in europe are not happy. they're working to see if there's exceptions to this. the president said no, it's for everybody. now he says if we can get something new to replace nafta, that's a maybe. in just a moment i'll talk to john roberts about that at the white house. the other thing that is big on the agenda today and has just sort of bubbled up in the last hour is this matter of sam nun begg. he was an adviser to the president. we have a picture of him. there he is. he says that he's received a subpoena from the special counsel, robert mueller. in that subpoena he's asked to come testify before a grand jury on friday of this week. he forwarded an e-mail regarding that to "the washington post." according to "the washington post," among those that the subpoena requests information about are hope hicks, steve bannon, trump lawyer michael
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cohen, former trump campaign manager, corey lewandowski and adviser roger stone. so a greatest hits list there. here's the interesting part about this. you heard the correspondent from msnbc there. he said he's not going to testify. he received a subpoena. one that he says he's going to rip up on bloomberg news. he said i'm not willing to do this. if you don't answer a subpoena with yeah, i'll be there, they usually lock you up. that's normally how this works. i don't know what the will happen. we shall see. listen to this quote that sam nunberg said. he's friendly to the president. he helped the president. he said, "i'm not spending 80 hours going over my e-mails with roger stone and producing them. donald trump won this election on his own. his campaigned his ass off and there's nobody that hate it's him more than me."
12:28 pm
what is this nunberg stuff? what do you know about? >> it's interesting that he said he's going to refuse the subpoena before robert mueller. probably before the grand jury, which means that they can come to your house, arrest you and drag you down there or lock you up until you reconsider. in an interview with bloomberg, he says he thinks that mueller has something on the president or may have something on the president. when asked how do you know that? he said you have to be there in the mix of everything. i'm not sure what he's talking about. he hasn't sat down with mueller to the best of our knowledge. i've talked with other people who have sat down and done interviews with robert mueller who believe that there's nothing there. nothing is going to come of this investigation. when sarah sanders was put the question this afternoon, she dismissed nunberg as having no knowledge about anything. listen here. >> i think he doesn't know that for sure because he's incorrect.
12:29 pm
as we said many times before, there was no collusion with the trump campaign. anything further on what his actions are, he hasn't worked at the white house, so i certainly can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge that he clearly has. >> and just a thought, shep, about this idea that the subpoena asks nunberg for documents and e-mails, communications with anybody inside the trump campaign or the trump white house. i would say that mueller may be trying to scoop up whatever else is out there that he doesn't have. if he sent an e-mail to bannon or hope hicks or anybody else here at the white house, mueller already has that stuff. that was all turned over by the white house months ago. shep? >> shepard: i think a lot of our viewers are interesting in this matter of taxing incoming goods, putting tariffs on steel and aluminum. the was is clear that he's going to do this. nothing is on paper yet. sounds like there's wiggle room and begins in mexico city. >> there is wiggle room.
12:30 pm
the president is holding out, if we get a better deal on nafta and the current round of negotiations is underway on nafta, maybe we'll think about whether or not we do give exclusions to canada and mexico. interesting to point out, the last time there were tariffs with nafta, canada and mexico were exempt and there were probably 698 other exemptions that were granted. these punitive actions would be under section 232. the president said unless we have a steel and aluminum industry in this country, if we ever go to war with a nation providing steel for us, that will be problematic. the president wants to make sure that we preserve our industry here. definitely he's holding out a little bit of wiggle room to canada and mexico say you come to the table -- might not even
12:31 pm
strike a deal. maybe a verbal confirmation that we'll do these things and they could get an exclusion. at the moment, the white house is drawing a hard line. no exclusions for anybody. peter navarro here at the white house said maybe individual companies here in the united states could ask for certain exclusions for certain goods. no idea how all of that will work. the announcement hasn't been made yesterday. may come later this week. maybe not till next week. >> see how that goes down. john roberts at the white house. thank you. appreciate it. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: this sam nunberg matter. he was an early adviser to the president. it's well known that sam nunberg and the now president had a falling out awhile back. sarah sanders said he doesn't know anything. here's a fact. nunberg got a subpoena. if you don't answer a subpoena, we're talking about a federal grand jury here, that's big trouble. he says he can come arrest me. i'm not going through all my
12:32 pm
documents from roger stone and steve bannon. if he wants to arrest me, he can arrest me. oh yeah? news is breaking now next. for m
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but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. >> shepard: continuing coverage of the breaking news. more now on one of the president's earliest campaign advisers. sam nunberg saying he's going to refuse a grand jury subpoena. here's what happened we're told. he got the letter from bob mueller saying turn over all of these correspondences from the trump people related to the campaign, including roger stone and others. we want all of these documents and we want to see you friday. he said no. he said i'm not spending all day over there and not talking 80 hours about my correspondences. i'm not going. that's it. catherine herridge is live in washington. if you get a federal grand jury
12:38 pm
subpoena and you don't answer it, what happens? >> they'll give you one more chance and sometimes they throw you in jail until you change your mind. folks at home may be wondering how we got to this crisis with sam nunberg today. the way it works is that he was interviewed by the special counsel back in sort of late february, around the third week. they must have heard something in the course of that interview that they want on the board with the grand jury as they investigate whether there's changes to be brought in the future. just about the last hour we heard from sarah sanders when she was asked by a reporter, sam nunberg made this comment about maybe the special counsel had something on the president. let's get specific. >> i'm not going to weigh-in to something that doesn't work at the white house. i can tell you from our perspective, we're fully cooperating with the office of the special counsel. >> the thing that struck me from
12:39 pm
sam nunberg, he said the questions focused about what he knew about trump tower, moscow and whether he heard russian being spoken. because of the specifics, some of that information could have come from a previous witness and what they're hoping nunberg could do is confirm the information or refute the information. the final point when he talks about the depth and breadth of the subpoena that he's received from the special counsel, my contacts that have been involved in this as witnesses have complained to me personally about the sort of scope of the special counsel request going back in some case as couple years, how many individuals are involved and the fact that when they look at the legal bills that are involved in just being a witness and not even a target, it's not uncommon for people to incur legal bills of over $100,000. this is a very big number. one of the criticism of the special counsel is that they are
12:40 pm
driving people into the poor house to cooperate, if you see what i mean. right? that's one of the problems when the government is on your back, shep. >> shepard: legal defense is expensive in that town. >> it is. >> shepard: thanks, catherine. turn to jeff mason for reuters. this came up in the news conference. the press briefing a short time ago. sarah sanders was having none of it. >> with sam, yeah. obviously it's an interesting story. it's hard to know if sarah was prepped for that. but she's right when she says he's not worked at the white house. you're right as well when you said he had a falling out with president trump before he became president. so it's interesting that he's come up to this point in that story. >> shepard: it sounds like they want communications from everybody to everybody. seems to be the general perception here. sam nunberg is giving the
12:41 pm
impression as he puts it, they're going after roger stone, another adviser and a man about town for politicians a long time. >> yeah, he's been adviser to president trump before. he and sam are friends, colleagues. so yeah, i don't know the specifics obviously of what the special counsel is looking into. it's interesting that sam is deciding not to cooperate. >> let's talk about nafta and steel and aluminum. nothing is on paper. the president was pretty clear yesterday, 25% on steel, 10% on aluminum imports across the board, everybody. today suggestions that maybe our friends in north america might have something different. where is the reporting on this? >> you used the term wiggle room. many people are opposed to this action. some of woman are in the white house, some outside to president
12:42 pm
trump that still see some wiggle room and hoping there's wiggle room. the president seemed to indicate that today in the oval office with specific regard to canada and mexico. he didn't really comments on what it would mean for the rest of the world. he's hearing from some advisers, not the peter navarros and secretary ross, but others opposed to this action that needs to be more targeted on the countries that the united states is concerned about in terms of a trade deficit with china and leave out european allies or others that have important trading relationships and important relationships on some many other levels with washington. >> shepard: part of the intrigue on this, there's solid reporting that the people around the president that would be involved in this process on a normal day weren't aware that he was about to make this pronouncement. this came out of nowhere for the people around the president.
12:43 pm
sounds like those on capitol hill as well. >> i think you're right. that not everyone was warned this was going to happen. there were rumblings that something would happen. i wouldn't say it's a complete surprise. when you look back at the tape and he spoke about it, they had a last-minute meeting from corporate executives from the steel industry. he was asked at the end of that when -- while reporters were still in the room about the tariff and that's when he announced the 10 and 25%. he hadn't volunteered that on his own. making announcements like that is the standard operating procedure at the trump white house. the fact that it may have caught some people by surprise at the white house and outside the white house wouldn't be the first time. >> all true. jeff mason, appreciate it from the reuters news agency. keep in mind, you know, whether you're for this for against this, this isn't a done deal.
12:44 pm
sarah sanders made that clear. there's nothing on paper. they have not released details. when they say they have details, they'll release them and we'll get them to you. more ahead on fox news channel. quarter hour to the top of the hour headlines. stay with us.
12:45 pm
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>> shepard: here's a report that we prepared for you today prior to learning about sam nunberg. and his subpoena to come testify before the mueller grand jury and his so far refusal to do so and his dramatics as he calls into the cable shows. special counsel robert mueller's team is asking an unnamed witness in the russia investigation to turn over all documents involving president trump and his closest advisers. this is according to axios. it has been reporting through the night that a grand jury subpoena shows federal prosecutors want, listen to this, all e-mails, texts and phone logs between whoever this witness is and president trump and his inner circle.
12:48 pm
president trump has repeatedly said there's no collusion and labelled the investigation a witch hunt. so now the uncomfortable position, katelyn owens is in. she's a reporter for axios. reporters don't give up their background sources. we don't know and can't say whether these are the same person. a little complicated, isn't it? >> it is. let's talk about this in two different things. so we have our report of mueller and the subpoena and who he is discussing -- >> shepard: that was the interesting part of that. who he wanted to know details about. >> right. >> shepard: tell me about that. >> shep, i think first of all, if mueller is investigating russia and the trump campaign's role in that, this list of people is not surprising. all the white house aides or campaign aides. i think what this shows is that since march, we heard that this -- the white house saying
12:49 pm
this should have been over last year and now the beginning of this year. seems this might not be wrapping up. a lot of material that mueller is requesting on a lot of people for years, going back to 2015, this investigation could keep rolling and we could keep learning new things. >> shepard: one thing that seems clear is, they have some stuff and they want everybody's stuff about everybody else that was around the president. they want all of the documents. they want to know all of the communications, they want to know what everybody said to everybody else, which doesn't sound focused at all. >> you know, it's hard to say. special counsel's office doesn't tell us what they're doing. we can say with certainty that mueller is doing a very thorough investigation. what the focus is at any given point, we can't say. we can say that he will have a lot of information by the end of it. >> what is the -- what is your reporting on how you found out about this?
12:50 pm
>> we reviewed the document, the subpoena. have the list of the people that -- the communications that mueller was interested in. again, as you said, it was on background. the witness' name was not attached to it. >> shepard: can we talk about this new thing with sam nunberg? >> yes. >> shepard: he's making the rounds tearing up -- saying he's tearing up the subpoena. why should i tell you about my conversations? i don't know if he doesn't understand how the federal courts work or what it is, but you don't ask the feds why. >> right. i don't think -- i don't know if anyone understands what he's thinking or what the end game is. subpoenas are not optional. >> shepard: no. >> if you get this, you have to comply. so i don't know the strategy here. but he has said he's not going to comply. he doesn't want to turn over this information. it's a lot of information. it would take a lot of work. it's not optional legally. >> shepard: i was thinking about
12:51 pm
trying to get together all of the e-mails and all the texts that we work with from day to day. i got a bad headache thinking about it. i don't care who you are. it's a tall order. great to see you. >> you too. thanks for having me. >> shepard: we'll see how this comes together. it's breaking news. maybe we'll have context and perspective by 6:00 p.m. on "special report." in september, president trump gave congress six months what to do with the dreamers, the immigrants whose parents brought them to the united states without papers. now they're protesting on capitol hill. lawmakers have reached the march 5 deadline. what happened? nothing. nothing compares to the real thing. experience the command performance sales event for yourself, now through april 2. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. but through goodt times and bad
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>> shepard: an immigration program that protects hundreds of thousands of young people from deportation was supposed to
12:55 pm
expire today, march 5. my brother's birthday. under a deadline, president trump set last fall. court orders are blocking president trump from actually ending the program. so the debate is still far from over. the protests or not, peter doocy is monitoring them. hi, peter. >> shep, we were expecting a lot of noise regarding a new daca fix by today. we didn't get it. the only noise is from protesters, a few dozen outside of paul ryan's district office. the protesters did not have an appointment and they were arrested inside and outside where they were sitting in an intersection blocking traffic to the capitol following a rally that was very enthusiastic but peaceful. >> we're going to stand with our brothers and sisters and send a message to congress and the white house today. trump created this crisis.
12:56 pm
congress has to solve it. we need them to stop playing political games with our lives and give us a solution like the dream act. >> shepard: so both sides digging in. nancy pelosi just said this. house republicans have to stave using lies and future of these young patriots as bargaining chips and immediately bring a bipartisan dream act to the floor for a vote. the president tweeted this. it's march 5 and the democrats are nowhere to be found on democrat. give them six months. they don't care. we're ready to make a deal. sarah sanders just addressed this further. >> look, i think it's absolutely terrible that congress has failed to act. the president gave congress six months and he gave them a plan. he gave them four pillars that he wanted to see in legislation and principles that the majority of members of congress have supported in the past. they have claimed to want to fix
12:57 pm
daca. >> shepard: no daca fix. back to you. breaking news chases everything around here. "your world" with neil cavuto after a quick commercial break. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? >> are you going to back down on the tariffs? >> no, we're not backing down. we're renegotiating nafta. if i make a deal that is fair to the workers and the american people, that would be, i would imagine, one of the points we'll negotiate. tariffs on steel for canada and mexico. >> the steel tariffs have not been formally announced and the president is seemingly willing to make deals here. the markets like that. rebounded big time from last week's steep sell-off. i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." the market is up 343 points. let's go t


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