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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  March 6, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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ago, he will likely cooperate with the mueller probe. this after going on tv all day long saying he's not going to appear in front of the grand jury. i don't know what he had in his drink but cnn, that performance was awesome. shannon, it's not even friday. we are already talking about margaritas, gin and tonic. steel and we are stone cold sober here on "fox news @ night." expect no shenanigans. here's what we've got coming up tonight. g.o.p. support grows for a second special counsel to investigate the investigators. former trump campaign aide dared to resist special counsel robert mueller. catherine herridge with a former dlg attorney. growing backlash against russia probe. lindsey graham weighs in. plus, the daca deadline comes and goes.
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republican and democrat candidates fight for a special election. its chief national correspondent ed henry examines the message from middle america on tariffs. white house in chaos? we will see what chris stirewalt thinks. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" p and i am shannon bream in washington. new tonight: backlash against a world wind tour of msnbc and cnn by sam nunberg. he said he would defy a subpoena from robert mueller to testify in the russian investigation. later he said he probably would cooperate. he faced direct questions on the air about whether he was drinking. a source close to the trump campaign telling fox news sam
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nunberg was fired for more than once for good reason. the same source said the notion there is "something on the president," is only in nunberg's mind. we are learning more about an australian diplomat who leveraged a massive donation to the clinton foundation. turns out he is the one who tipped off the fbi, launching the entire russia collusion investigation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more. allegations the fbi wasn't transparent when getting warrants to spy on a trump team member. >> while he says he is no fan of the commander in chief, former aide sam nunberg said president trump is correct. this special counsel is a witch hunt. during a phone interview, nunberg said he is refusing to testify this week before the grand jury. >> this subpoena is absolutely ridiculous. why should i hand them over
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every email i have had with steve bannon or roger stone since 2015? >> asked whether the special counsel had something. >> i think he may have done something during the election, but i don't know that. >> white house press secretary dismissed the comments. >> i'm not going away and if somebody doesn't work at the white house. i can tell you from our perspective, we are fully cooperating with the office of the special counsel. >> the latest drama unfolded, fox news has confirmed robert mueller's investigation began exploring the trump campaign connections to the united arab emirates and possible business dealings as early as november last year. republican lawmakers call for a second special counsel. >> we cannot have the department of justice and we cannot have the fbi investigate themselves. they are not going to put handcuffs on themselves. they are not going to impanel a grand jury. >> with the issue before inspector general michael horowitz, republican chairman of the house government
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oversight committee said two dozen witnesses are out of reac reach. >> i am reluctant to call for a special counsel. i think it may be unavoidable. >> two sources tell fox news that during the 2016 campaign, fbi agent peter strzok was advised about an regularity in the metadata, suggesting a possible breach by a hostile actor. according to the sources, there was no significant follow-up. sources said agent strzok resisted a formal damage assessment after classified information passed through clinton's personal server. a spokeswoman for the inspector general did not immediately respond. fox news understands the inspector general is aware of the allegations. >> shannon: thank you very much. from the dirty dossier to the australian diplomat's ties to democrats in now a possibly impaired sam nunberg on a tirade, what does it say about the focus of robert mueller's investigation? former deputy attorney general robert driscoll and attorney and
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author sidney powell. welcome. let's talk about what we sow with sam nunberg. he was withdrawn for a long time before he became president. they have been very tight. they had a falling out and robert come i don't even know how to describe what happened. he was talking about everything that was happening inside the investigation that he knew of, showing people the subpoena. what could mueller do to him at this point of anything? >> i think obviously mueller could put him in jail for contempt, for not complying with the subpoena. from what i saw in the clips on the cable shows, it was kind of a sad state of affairs. he looked like a man who is having some kind of mental issue or isn't right. i hope his friends and close family can get with him. beyond the politics, he looked like he was going through some kind of crisis. legally he has got real problems if he doesn't comply. it's a matter of a show of cause hearing and a judge could issue
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an arrest warrant for him and put him in jail for the remainder of the term of the grand jury. that could be up to 18 months. he is facing some serious jeopardy. hopefully he will get his mind right and get with an attorney and determine how to cooperate. in a way that is less burdensome. it was kind of a sad sight to see him all over the news today. >> shannon: sydney, maybe some of these things robert talked about finally got to sam and he heard these were possibilities. i'm not sure what happened but late night he saying he's had a change of heart and saying "i probably will cooperate." what you make of it? >> i would guess he has had either a personal or legal intervention or both. this is a very serious matter. mr. driscoll's rights. if he does not appear in front of the grand jury and cooperate, mr. mueller will have them put in jail until he purges the
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contempt or the grand jury session is over. >> shannon: i want to ask you about this late develop meant we are hearing from john solomon reporting that the australian diplomat who was at a bar having a conversation with george papadopoulos which there is a debate about whether he was a big deal or no deal, part of the trump administration or campaign at some point. there was a conversation there that supposedly sparked the initial fbi investigation into potential collusion. this is what they reported on the australian diplomat who prompted the russia trump investigation arranged one of the largest foreign donations to bill and hillary clinton's charitable efforts. robert, the word as it was a $25 million pledge from the australian government. it went to the clinton foundation. should that matter? >> i think it will matter. some people say it shouldn't. i think it should. you have to look at the sources
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for various allegations that are made and look at people's motives. generally you want to know. some one is a political ally, you can take that into account. it may not mean what he says is wrong or it may. it is information that should be out there. it's odd when you get in these situations where somebody has a conversation at a bar and says i'm so concerned about him. i'm going to run to the fbi. this is not the way normal people behave. in a way, it's not shocking there is a political overlay. if you think about your own life, people engage in gossip and rumors all the time in bars. i have been aware of anybody to run to the fbi after one of those sessions. it seems to happen in this case more often than not. >> shannon: sidney, the hill reporter says that lawmakers believe that the fbi was never -- they never told feist i've the potential connection for this australian diplomat had to the clinton foundation. >> of course they did. they are not telling the fisa court what really happened at
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all. of course when the truth comes out, assuming it ever does, if we ever get to the bottom of it, we will find out hillary clinton had her fingers in every aspect of this. it all traces back to her in one fashion or another, just like the ducks that followed president trump around in his campaigns and the fights that broke out were instigated by clinton operatives. >> shannon: there are many more questions than answers at this point but we get this trickle of information and about things connected to the fisa warrants. maybe one day will see the who knows. robert and sidney, thanks for lending us your expertise. today was post be the deadline to fix the deferred action for childhood arrivals, or daca. now the two federal judges, the efforts to roll back daca. lawmakers don't seem especially motivated to get anything done. let's bring in ellison barber. >> that's right, the deadline to pass on being on daca which is the program that protects immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children.
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no bills were passed. no deals made. protesters took to the streets and according to papp terkel capitol police, they arrested 6. 19 were arrested inside the complex. most were charged with unlawful demonstration activity. >> trump created this crisis. and congress has to solve it. we need them to stop playing political games with our lives and give us a solution. >> if my dad gets deported, i don't know what i would do. he is something i have been proud of everything the day of my life. >> president trump announced his intention to end daca in september and he told congress they had until march 5 to come up with a legislative fix. in january, a federal judge in san francisco issued a nationwide injunction the required the administration to keep excepting daca renewal
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request until other lawsuits wrapped up. a judge in new york issued a similar ruling about a month later. the administration tried to get the supreme court to intervene. they didn't. for data administration is appealing the ruling and separatist disco but that process could take months. because of the court's decision, the program isn't technically ending. >> the date is meaningless. i think it's unfortunate because like most of us we work better when you have a deadline and some accountability. >> four different immigration bills went to the senate floor last month. all failed. >> let me tell you how far we went. put a god-awful $25 billion wall on the table. >> i think they want amnesty to put these folks in front of the line of people who have been waiting for years and have respected our lives and our sovereignty. that is, to undermine. >> republicans have a bill with a more aggressive approach to enforcement. doesn't include a direct pathway to citizenship for dreamers.
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most say it probably wouldn't pass the senate. congress seems to be a long way from any sort of legislative fix. >> shannon: thank you, ellison. from daca to russia to trade, much to discuss with south carolina republican senator lindsey graham. good to see you. let's start with daca. today was the day, the deadline from president from to get something done. at least four things we know of in the senate could even make it past the procedural vote. to get to where you could consider the content. seems like every thing on the front is stalled. >> we have 50 formulas for a bipartisan bill they gave $25 billion for the border wall. pathway to citizenship for the 1.8 million daca recipients. daca eligible people. we need six more votes. the president opposed the bill. if we could find some change to that bill that he likes, we can get 60, probably 70 votes. >> shannon: this is what the president said today. he tweeted:
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"it's march 5th and the democrats are nowhere to be found on daca. gave them 6 months, they just don't care. where are they? we are ready to make a deal!" your colleague, kemal harris said this it administration created this crisis in sabotage every effort to resolve it by using these young people's ponds to achieve an anti-immigrant agenda. who is right? >> here is what i think. the president has have the right approach about solving the problem in getting border security in return. when you start trying to do everything copperheads have just for daca, you're not going to get there with the democrats. the problem is, where you draw the line. here is my hope, that the president can reengage and we can build on the idea of border wall, 25 billion, given the money he wants to get the wall. pathway forward for the daca eligible population. to me, it's a pretty good deal. can you add things to it? maybe.
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but if the president and got behind the idea, then it would pass. >> shannon: seems like there's not a motivation. it seems like there's not motivation right now because the pressure is off. two federal courts, lower courts have stated the idea that march 5 was going to be the deadline. a lot of people think about you, you don't get things done. >> you never do your homework until you have to. >> shannon: not me. i got it done early. trying to get extra credit. >> you're probably where that kind of girl. congress only reacts to pressure. the pressure is off. not only on the young people. the pressure is not off on the broken border. the border needs to be fixed. the million-plus daca eligible people, they don't know where they're going to beat six months from now. so let's secure the border, which everybody thinks we should come and give these young people a better life which ever but he thinks we should. i would urge the president
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reengage, take a bipartisan bill, make it better. >> shannon: the devil is in the details. those are two broad concepts that people do agree on. they don't agree how to get there. people are worried that there are floundering sentiments over the gun bills. some people like that because they don't infringe on the segment rights to law-abiding individuals. other say something is to be done under pollock, who lost his daughter meadow said going laws are not achievable. focus on school safety instead. >> doing away with the bump stocks. i own an error 15. a bump stock makes it an automatic weapon. i'm willing to do away with that. the sweet spot is focusing on the school and answering, how could this guy have gone so long without somebody intervening. we tell our citizens if you see
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something, say something. you know what our citizens are telling us. do something on the. mr. pollock has got a really good opportunity to drive home the fact that if we had had a system in place they could deal with somebody like this, the shooting wouldn't have happened. i'm going to introduce a bill thursday with senator blumenthal. hopefully republicans and democrats working together to take the indiana law which allows a judge to be petitioned by law enforcement or family to suspend somebody's gun rights if they are becoming mentally unstable, a danger to themselves or others. i would like to take that law and go national. in this case, 30 visits from the cops. people call the fbi tip line, and nobody did a thing. we did nothing, even though a lot of people saw something and said something. this bill would create a legal mechanism. what they are trying to do in florida, this week, to allow family members and law enforcement officials to go to a judge with plenty of due process for the gun. >> shannon: how does the due process work?
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too they have a chance to present their side of the case? >> exported hearing. >> shannon: the subject is not going to be there. >> 72 hours. allow the family member of the cops to go to the judge may have to prove probable cause. it would be like issuing a warrant. before you can suspend gun rights, you have to meet the burden of probable cause. the person in question will get notified and they will have a chance to contest the allegations against them. if there is a clear and convincing evidence standard met, you can suspend the gun rights for six months. the first thing is cops and family members get to go to the judge, say this guy or gal is about to blow. the judge can make a finding. then the person comes before the judge. they can tell their side of the story. they will have a full-blown hearing.
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then clear and convincing evidence standard must be met. if it's met, you can suspend the gun rights of the person. 30 visits by the cops. tip line calls. he's going to the school and shoot somebody. he puts on his facebook page he is going to kill people in that school. if you have a mechanism like this, they could have done something. i'm not going to be quiet. like mr. pollock, i'm not going to sit on the sidelines. this is not taking anybody's guns away. this is giving a chance for people who are in the cross hairs of folks like nicholas cruise to do something about it. >> shannon: due process before guns -- >> people told the cops he was going to do it. >> shannon: we will watch for it. bipartisan measure. let us know how it goes. senator, good to see. we're going to head to florida for late-breaking development center around like a new approach to preventing school shootings. florida senate voting late
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tonight, as the political pressure rises from both sides of the debate. raking new straight ahead. case in the white house? the present former chief of staff says do not be distracted by all the talk. there is action too. that's next. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu sounded president trump but it's vice president pence making news tonight on middle east peace talks. stick around.
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>> shannon: stocks gaining today as traders are willing to bit there won't be much of a trade war. far from wall street, strange thing happened in a debate. a house seat in pennsylvania. achieve national correspondent ed henry joins us. >> good to see you. president trump spoke by phone with the canadian prime minister justin trudeau about these tariffs on steel and aluminum that have canada and other allies hopping mad. earlier today, the president made clear he's not backing down. negotiators are trying to renegotiate nafta with leaders from canada and mexico. if a fair deal for the u.s. does not emerge, he will terminate nafta. the president adding, if the agreement can be made more fair to american workers, he may pull back on the tariffs on steel and
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aluminum for those two countries. if there is no deal, he vowed, canada and mexico along with other allies, were going to get hit with these tariffs. top aides rallied around the president today. sarah sanders pushing back on republicans, fellow republicans, who claimed they were caught off guard by the move. she said they simply have not been paying attention to a firm position to renegotiate trade deals. the president himself said he is not backing down, even after speaker paul ryan's spokeswoman declared "we are extremely worried about the consequences of a trade war and urging the last and not advance with his plan. the new tax reform law has boosted the economy. we certainly don't want to jeopardize those gains." the president made clear he doesn't care if allies are upse upset. >> we may have friends but remember this. we lost, over the last number of years, $800 billion a year.
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not half a million, not $0.12. we lost $800 billion a year on trade. not going to happen. >> newspaper reported that some democrats in key rust belt states important in 2018 and 2020 are worried their leaders do not realize how potent this issue is politically with the forgotten workers the president appealed to in 2016. one of those key rust belt states of course pennsylvania where there is a special election for a house seat later this month. in a debate this weekend, republican and democrat battling to see who was more in tune with the president. >> many of our competitors around the world have slanted the playing field. their thumb has been on the scale and i think president trump is trying to even it out. >> china has been making cheap steel and flooding the market. it's not fair and it's not right. i think is long overdue.
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>> the democrat's leading slightly. he said he thinks it's the right thing to do. that is coming under the radar as organized labor leaders have expressed support for the president's plan. this may be more popular than democrats or republicans want to admit. >> shannon: politics makes strange bedfellows? ed henry, thank you very much. chaos, turmoil, madness. those are the words strong-armed by by critics describing the trump white house. someone who once had a front row seat says ignore the talk. the process may be different but it's getting great results. former white house chief of staff reince priebus. >> you can't look at the distractions. i think what the staff has to do is focus in on the results. i think what the president us, and he writes about it in his own books, he puts rivals around him intellectually. people like wilbur ross who is going to be on your show, and gary cohn. he puts those guys in front of
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and says okay, find out tariffs. they fight it out. the media covers the fight. ultimately the decision is made. the drama is there. but that's how the president makes decisions. >> shannon: chris stirewalt, author of "the half town report," joins us. what do you make of it? the president likes to set up rivals to duke it out. he doesn't care about the outside view that it's chaotic. >> i think he thrives in chaos. he's a creature of chaos. for the period of time, if you think back to the period from september until wherever this went off the skids, this current iteration of white house cast. we had the kelly period, there's going to be a clampdown. there's going to be process and
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rules. they haven't the tax package through. it was like hey, maybe this is okay. that's not how donald trump operates. that's not how he rolls. he likes it crazy. he likes the popcorn popping. i don't think any chief of staff or anybody's going to make that change. john kelly may have commanded lots of marines but i don't think he ever commanded donald trump steel and nothing anyone commands donald trump. i want to run through mid midterm things. thad cochran has been very ill. he said today i regret that my health has become an ongoing challenge. he is saying he will bow out. there is already a seat being contested. are we going to an up with two senate races? >> we are probably going to get our 35th senate race of this year and there's going to be a doubleheader mississippi. the question here is there's a candidate, chris mcdaniels,
12:29 am
who try to knock him off. he says he is challenging the incumbent senator. does he peel off? what i meant is roger wicker is not a swamp creature. going to go for the open seat. spewing that could be super interesting. i feel a road trip coming on. >> i see it. >> shannon: in texas, first voting as we move to the midterms. >> democrats are pointing to the enormous turnout. republicans were pleased. they got a big jump in early voting. they said we are stronger than ever. the democrats answered with an increase of more than 200,000 votes. democrats are fired up and engage. there are seats, house seats in texas, that the democrats would like to have. their real, cherry on top, ted cruz is in a state seat. we moved the ranking.
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removed him from likely republican to leans republican because we need to see how much energy really is there. i don't think ted cruz is in any trouble but we are watching it more closely. this amount of democratic intensity in texas is unprecedented. >> shannon: it's all about who shows up. >> and midterms, it's not about what the people want. it's what the voters say. who shows up at the polls determines it. democrats are storming the polls. republicans are legging back. >> shannon: many more conversations to be had on this front. chris, thank you. good to see you. safety bill passes in florida, will tell you about new restrictions on rifles and what it means for teachers. the academy awards took aim at present time, guns and social harassment among other things. viewers said no thanks?
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>> shannon: florida senate has passed a bill that would create new restrictions on rifle sales and allow some teachers to carry guns in school. phil keating is in miami with the latest on the investigation as well and what drove the school shooter in parkland to kill. >> shannon, florida senators working after hours. tonight they passed the marjory stoneman douglas public safety act. the full senate vote: 20-18. for the first time in decades, the bill includes restricting floridians' access to guns. it goes to the house and a friday deadline to get it passed and sent to the governor. raising the minimum age to purchase rifles and shotguns from 18 to 21. as it is for handguns. adding a three day waiting period for long gun purchases. increasing funding for school safety measures like armed officers at schools, boosting
12:36 am
access and funding for mental health care. creating a school marshals program for teachers to have guns in the classroom. if there school district wants to. not included, despite the pleas of parkland parents, and assault weapons ban. in front of a high school where their sons and daughters were slaughtered valentine's day, parents of the stoneman douglas high school victims continued their relentless push for tallahassee to act. >> no code should have two say to their mother mommy, am i going to die today? >> fox news has confirmed two days after the high school shooting, a palm beach county sheriff's deputy responded to the home where the confessed shooter's 18-year-old brother is now living. according to the deputy come upon arrival, their brother zachary was suicidal. the deputy writes zachary stated he feel somewhat responsible and guilty about the incident and then he could've possibly
12:37 am
prevented. zachary explained that he and his friends had bullied nikolas. the boys were adopted at birth by the same couple. the motive for the bullying, according to the deputy's interview with the brother zachary, over the years zachary always felt that nikolas was the preferred brother. >> shannon: phil keating, thank you very much. it was the lowest rated academy awards ever. best actress frances mcdormand have a lasting impact for her comments on diversity and a term that could leave hollywood reeling for years to come. >> i have two words. ladies and gentlemen, inclusion rider. trace gallagher is here to explain and talk for the low ratings. >> i will tell you about it in a minute. the first academy awards ceremony of the me too movement and time's up era, should be
12:38 am
positive and inclusive and critics say the telecast tried. a few political jabs by host jimmy kimmel who said oscar was 90 years old so he was probably home watching fox news. kimmel took a few swings of the president and had this for the vice president. >> the star of a small but powerful story called "call me by your name," which did not make a lot of money. of nine, only to made more than $100 million. we don't make films like "call me by your name" for money. we make them to accept mike pence. >> best actress winter frances mcdormand appeared to embrace the nights mantra when he asked all the female nominees to stand up and be recognized. dormant sparked a dash to google with the words inclusion rider. later, the actress clarified the term. >> i just found out about this
12:39 am
last week. there has always been available to all, everybody that does a negotiation on the film, and inclusion rider which means you can ask for and/or demand at least 50% diversity in not only the casting but also the crew. the fact that i just learned that after 35 years of being in the film business, it's not -- we're not going back. >> we should point out after the show, may dormant her oscar stolen but was quickly recovered and the culprit arrested. the academy also did its customary attributes, including for the hollywood legends who have recently died. a very well produced tribute to the u.s. military which sadly did not get a roaring ovation. but then again, the show didn't get a roaring ovation. it was the lowest rated academy awards ever with just over 26 million watching. that is an enormous hit when you
12:40 am
consider that 20 years ago, the program had almost 60 million viewers. even four years ago, it had upwards of 40 million. in fairness, awards shows across the board are hemorrhaging viewers. the academy awards is still the highest of the bunch. >> shannon: all right, thank you very much. hundreds arrested in northern california while many more are on the run. we will hear from a young hit-and-run victim allegedly run down by an illegal who was fleeing the police. it's getting nasty. democratic conventional campaign committee attacks a democrat for being too progressive. how's it going to plan for democrats hoping to win back the house and the midterms? house and the midterms? we will debate. whoooo. when it comes to travel, i sweat the details. late checkout... ...down-alternative pillows... ...and of course, price. tripadvisor helps you book a... ...hotel without breaking a sweat.
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>> shannon: calling her a washington insider and courting her comments about a distaste for living in texas, democrats are blasting a democratic candidate for house seat representing the lone star stat lone star state. as many believe the democrats are poised to retake the house, there's a bit of a civil war within the party underway. let's talk about it with democratic strategist and new jersey senate candidate michael starr. lawrence jones. welcome to you both. we are talking about this candidate, laura mozer. apparently there are some ads that make it seem as if she's not a good candidate but they are coming from the democrats. they say she is too progressive.
12:45 am
michael, what are we to think about? how are you too progressive? >> i think this is an unnecessary mistake by the d triple see. as someone who suspended their campaign on friday, because of some of the efforts of the party engaging in local politics. it can be frustrating. i completely understand it. there is no need for it. you should let the primary candidates go to battle. the best candidate is going to come out so they can take on republicans. >> shannon: dietrich will say said laura mozer is not going to change washington. she is in washington insider. she wrote "i would rather have my teeth pulled without anesthesia then look in texas. the group supporting her says the -- they have lost 1100 seat seats.
12:46 am
a lot of throwing around of who is a washington insider. seems to be the bad thing. >> i think there is two parts. i don't think they should be getting involved. i think there is something, a lot of these democratic candidates are going too far to the left. this is part of the reason why they lost all of those counties where donald trump was able to take back from president barack obama. because the democratic party had gone too progressive. they are not talking about the issues that affect average people. as a result, they focus on identity politics. a lot of things that people really don't care. they care about the pocketbook. i think you can be against the democratic party, the national groups, getting involved with a local race, and be critical of the democratic party going too far left. >> shannon: michael, what's the deal with you and your campaign? stick i suspended my campaign friday. we fought a really good fight. result was time to unify the
12:47 am
party and move forward and face our attention on the republicans so we can get ready for the general election. this is a big election. democrats seem to make sure we hold on to every seat. >> shannon: i want to talk about the oscars. there were jabs all night. not surprising. there was one song that was nominated for best song that a lot of people felt had a fantastic message but there's how it played out. >> tell of the nra they are in god's way. don't control our fate because god is great. >> shannon: when he said he stands up for the dream was my thought it was interesting because debord cheering for them i thought you know i was at an event saturday night where the president spoke and he said i'm all about the rumors. i want to come to a conclusion. today he says they won't show up. >> i believe this president is
12:48 am
literally going against his face when he offers citizenship to 1.8 million people. seems like the democrats aren't willing to come to the table with the president. he is literally upsetting his base. they don't seem to care. makes me think the democrats don't want to deal. >> shannon: michael, final word. >> i can't make him sign it but democrats have brought forth multiple proposal along with republicans of agreed, i would love for the president of put forth some legislation democrats can do it alone. >> doing more than obama did. giving citizenship to people. >> shannon: he came up with four things he wanted to see. there were four different senate proposals that failed. they don't seem very motivated to get done. michael and lawrence, great to have you both. details of the horrifying crime by ms-13 next, as i.c.e. agents continue their roundup of
12:49 am
illegals. claudia cowan tallies up the numbers when we
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>> shannon: six ms-13 gang members convicted of murdering an 18-year-old lived to be a member of a rival gang. they lured him to quarry and stabbed him. four suspects pleaded guilty
12:53 am
before the trial. it's the thing that is spurring i.c.e. raids across the nation, a special focus on northern california. claudia cowan with the recent story. >> we have learned attorney general jeff sessions is coming to california this week and will address the controversy surrounding oakland mayor libby schaaf and her decision to talk about the i.c.e. raids. amid protests condemning the four day i.c.e. operation, the mayor of san francisco is pledging millions of dollars to hire additional lawyers. one crime victim says she's relieved one of those arrested is off the street. >> i'm glad they finally got him in custody and i hope he serves some time. >> fox news was on hand when 38-year-old armando delgado was arrested. the known gang member and
12:54 am
multiple felon crashed into lacey mcintyre, leaving her injured. cops found him hiding in a vineyard and arrested him. he's looking at new federal charge they could send them to prison for up to 20 years. >> we are going to take custody of him, reviewing the case, and possibly presented the u.s. attorney for prosecution. >> lacey says she doesn't like to see families torn apart by enforcement operations. back in mayor libby schaaf city, i.c.e. officials say two targets remain at large, a honduran with multiple arrests for drug and child sex crimes and a mexican national with weapons and drunk driving conditions. i.c.e. says detainers have been repeatedly ignored because of sanctuary policies. now some legal analysts say if the trumpet ministrations looking for a test case to go after local officials will to --
12:55 am
>> shannon: join us tomorrow. will be live from sacramento up in the battle between the states and the administration over illegal immigration. we have some major breaking news. will be live in the middle of it tomorrow night. stay tuned for that. more news
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>> shannon: the not so smart criminal award goes to terry bryant. after frances mcdormand won her oscar for "three billboards outside ebbing missouri" she sat the statute down and it was gon gone. terry bryant took it and said he won for best producer. he posed for pictures with the oscar and posted them on the social media accounts. this was not a tough case for the police. bryant was arrested and charged with felony grand larceny in the oscar was returned. most-watched, most trusted, most gratefully spent the evening with us.
1:00 am
we will see you live from sacramento tomorrow with big news. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. heather: the president standing behind his proposed tariff on aluminum imports. >> our country on trade has been ripped off by virtually every country whether friend or enemy. we lost $800,000,000,000.00 and trade is not going to happen. >> i smelled alcohol on your breath. >> i have not had a drink. >> no doubt the hard left is energized and angry. i don't think those are the values of texas, where most texans are.


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