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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 6, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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[screams] >> she is back. >> i hate -- jillian: that's how i feel when my alarm goes off every morning. >> she's back. she's back. rob: it's hilarious. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good tuesday. >> a major development all roads in the russia investigation lead directly back to hillary clinton. >> we know that the democrats were trying to get information from russians t use against the trump caai. >> sam nunberg, a fired former trump campaign aide saying he refused to testify. >> mueller is not going to send me to prison for this. this is ridiculous. the idea that once again donald trump colluded with russia is a joke. >> deadline to pass something on daca came and on capitol hill nothing happened. donald trump tweeted it's march 5th. democrats nowhere to be found on daca. gave them six months. i got to say jimmy, you
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outdid yourself. he presided over the lowest rated oscars ever. >> meld alcohol on your breath. >> i have not had a drink so. >> that's not? >> no, no. >> no. >> ♪ i want to want me ♪ if you won't ♪ then girl you got me ♪ want it to. steve: it's a calm before the storm here in new york city. it's pink outside. later it's going to be sleeting and blowing. ainsley: if you have a flight tomorrow, change it fly out today. i did. brian: i thought you were referring to the storm last night. the circus that took place. what the heck was going on. steve: what's the matter with you. have you been drinking? brian: or on antidepressants
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or together it's not a great combination as you just witnessed. that was a warning label ainsy: we will talk about sam nunberg coming up later in the show. steve: try to put it in perspective. meantime talk about this, 45 blasts 44. the 45th president of the united states blasting the 44th president. donald trump said this is bigger than watergate. why did the obama administration, he tweeted start an investigation into the trump campaign with zero proof of wrongdoing long before the election in november. wanted to discredit so crooked h. we presume that means hillary would win unprecedented bigger than watergate. plus, obama did nothing about russian meddling. the president has had it up to here with this collusion stuff. he said there isn't anything there. why aren't they looking at it? it would be, if true, bigger than watergate, he said. ainsley: this investigation has been going on since july 2016. it will be two years this summer. and the president has
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continued to say that he had nothing to do with russia collusion. brian: adam schiff answered back because this was his chance to be famous. he has been on air 235 times since this investigation started. got to check his q rating after the show. john brennan tweeted back former cia director said this tweet is a great example of your paranoia constant misrepresentation of the facts and increased anxiety and panic about the mueller investigation. which we have a lot of questions to ask john brennan answer at some point. steve: that's right; we have learned in the last couple months that the whole mueller probe started apparently when george papadopoulos was supposedly liquored up at a london bar a couple of years ago. and who gave that information to the administration, ultimately to the fbi? it was this fellow by the name of alexander downer, the foreign minister for australia. as it turns out we have learned in the last 24 hours
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that alexander downer contributed $25 million to the clinton foundation to helper radiculopathy indicate aids. what does that mean? when you look at the two primary reasons. -- there he is right there. the two primary reasons for this investigation, they are both linked to the hillary clinton campaign. the downer money, 25 million. and then have you got the dossier, also funded by the clintons. ainsley: that's why devin nunes says the dirtest thing about this dirty dossier is clinton's campaign. listen. >> we know exactly who was getting information from the russians. it was the hillary clinton campaign. they were getting getting information from the russians dirt on trump to use in the campaign. that's the very thing that for a year and a half we have been trying to investigate whether or not the trump campaign was trying to get dirt against hillary clinton on from the russians. we have no evidence of that
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but, yet, here we have another example, even if the story is not, you know, completely accurate, we know that the democrats were trying to get information from russians to use against the trump campaign. brian: at the very least it's got to factor in to anything. have you got to wonder where people came from and what their point of view was. same thing with peter strzok all over the investigation. he know how he feels about president trump as he does the investigation. on a side note, corey lewandowski will appear in front of the house inteigence cmittee again. this will be thursy. thatill b in a couple days. and by the way o a side note. this huge new yorker article, one of the revelations in it according to christopher steele, that russia stopped mitt romney from becoming secretary of state. i think that's a problem. did anyone check the headlines. the moment mitt romney started having dinner. people inside the trump camp kellyanne conway we have problem he has been so critical with us and deal with the barrage of activity
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from mitt romney. that's why he didn't become secretary of state. now christopher steele is saying the russians told the president there is no secretary of state? steve: high ironic is that given the fact at the debate it was mitt romney who said our geopolitical foe is russia shah. ainsley: at the top of the show, this guy interinterviewed by erin burnett are you drunk on the show with all due respect. his name is sam nunberg, he was a former trump campaign aide. is he supposed to appear before a grand jury and he said no, let them arrest me. i'm not going to do that. brian: is he a guy accused of making up stories about chris christie. fired twice from the trump campaign. considers roger stone his mentor. he called donald trump among other things an idiot. he went on myriad of crazy introduce. nobody hates trump worse than me won because he
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campaigned his blank off. steve: he was on cnn twice yesterday just saying that robert mueller wants to talk to him. he is not going to go. he doesn't think. they want all those emails. why should he give them. brian: didn't he already talk to robert mueller? steve: i don't think so. ainsley: he sat down with him. you're right. steve: now with a grand jury. apparently. so, anyway, it's all about what might or might not have happened on friday. if you missed the quite a montage of sound bites, here is some of it. >> mueller is not going to send me to prison for this. this is ridiculous. i won't sit for 80 hours to produce every email i had with roger stone and steve bannon. >> you could go to prison for that. >> the idea that once again donald trump colluded with russia is a joke. >> you are sitting very close to me. >> yes. >> we talked earlier about, what people in the white house were saying but. >> yes. >> talked about whether you were drinking or on drugs or whatever had happened today. talking to you, i have smelled alcohol on your
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breath. >> well, i have not had a drink. >> you haven't had a drink? >> no. >> it's awkward. let me give you the question. >> my answer is no. i have not. steve: i have a problem. if cnn really thought he was drunk, they were irresponsible in putting a drunk guy on television. 100 percent. if they really thought he was drunk, don't put dru guy onv. ainsley: doesn't it discredit what this guy is saying? brian: there is a lot of problems with what he is saying. i watched the c msnbc interview. i will not indict roger stone. i want to fight corey lewandowski in an alli. ainsley: mueller is asking him to release messages on a campaign. he said he is not going to do that. file through all hills
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emails, 08 hours worth of emails. steve: so anyway, stay tuned for that. brian: let me just add, too. at the end of all the interviews he kept saying i'm going to go to jail. puts me in jail. i'll laugh. then he said i'm probably going to go through and handle all the emails. congratulations. ainsley: what's your story? brian: i want four hours of my life back. steve: you watched four hours of that stuff? >> i couldn't get enough of it. it was a car accident. steve: we boiled it down to 38 seconds. four hours is how long the oscar cast was and congratulations you broke a record. abc. it was officially the lowest rated oscars in history. it's too bad. the ratings are down double digits. almost 20% over last year. the oscars have never fallen below 32 million. and they clocked in at just about 26.5 million. look at that in 2014 they had 43 million. enough to down in the 20's.
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what is going on? why aren't people watching? brian: i think it's a combination of things. there is no mega stars. like there used to be mega stars where people couldn't wait to see what they acted like in real life when you get them up behind the microphone. we have seen them so much with so many other networks. number two the think the movies were low profiles. they might be great movies. i didn't see any of them. steve: you saw dunkirk. >> i sought winston churchill movie i didn't like. i was dying for him to jog and stop drinking and stop smoking the whole time. i like to see a little of the war. more of that later. they didn't show me dunkirk even though that was the greatest moment for churchill. that and plus the thing is it is just drones on and on. steve: here is what i think. jimmy kimmel in the first couple of minutes made it clear it was going to be political. half the country goes click. ainsley: i don't even think they turn it on anymore. they expect it to be political. and did you go to watch --
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26 million a lot. clearly from a business perspective you have to look and say why are we losing 26% of our audience. maybe something is wrong and we need to change. steve: 20 names in four hours? come on, do that faster. how many awards shows have we already had where they have given out best picture? have you had the golden globes, you had the sag awards. ainsley: they are hurting themselves. because we used to watch and they would highlight movies and get awards. you would see a movie oh, you know what? that looks great. that got annual award. i'm going to see that nobody is watching anymore. not as many are watching. steve: watch movies on your phone. brian: 8:00. should you be doing a crotch joke at 8:02. ainsley: did that happen. brian: talking about somebody's whatever on statue. 8:00 eastern. 5:00 out west. on a sunday. what are you doing? they never -- chochi never
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said that brady bunch never use you had those words. ainsley: as a parent now they say something i'm terrified now my daughter is getting the age what does that mean, mommy? brian: go back on your -- i don't want to answer. ainsley: that's exactly what i say. steve: why do you think the oscars are not the big ratings winner they were once upon a time? emai us, facebook us or tweet us. ainsley: like the nfl. the rating went down for that, too. it's all political. 6:1 on the east coast. the president calling out rogue regimes and making good on campaign promises. what's the left so upset about. the next guest the democrat is digging in and calling him out. brian: high school basketball team won their game 93-7. now they are apologizing for it is that the right thing to do? laying down looking up at the basket. i have never seen that angle
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we're told the robots are coming for our jobs. but with great change, comes even greater opportunity. search for greatness. search indeed. ♪ steve: has the united states gone from winners to whiners? the left outraged over president trump's tough stuff on rogue regimes calling them out. the fear of challenging these losing arrangements is
3:17 am
so high that rather than support our country elites wind up supporting dictators and others who have found america, in the last 25 years, to be an easy mark. who wrote that former hillary clinton campaign strategist and chairman of the harris poll, mark penn. the author of a new book calling out in two weeks called microtranssquared. when did america loose its back broken? >> americans have always had confidence to be the country stands up for the right, dictators. beggar thy neighbor policies and what's happening to national cycley. after iraq and 2009 financial crisis, americans are too concerned about standing up. oh my god. the sky is falling. every time you push back on one of these regimes. if you don't push back, tryst me, they are going to move forward. steve: look at north korea.
3:18 am
we know they're developing nuclear missiles. the whole world knows it's a danger. of the media has gone overboard essentially whining about the fact that president trump is cracking down on them. >> if you look at public opinion, most people say north korea can't be permitted to have nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles: it's not about any president. any president has to stand up to this regime or they will walk all over us as they have done in the past. steve: look at the tariffs as the president has suggested imposing 25% for steel and 10% for aluminum. it's all about keeping the american worker in his job. >> i can't say whether that's a good policy or not there are legitimate concerns. but the fire trucks are rolling down the streets here again. the sky is not falling. business just got three quarters of a trillion dollars in breaks. if there has to be some push back on china which everybody acknowledges is a dumper, have you got to push
3:19 am
back. the national confidence has got to be behind this or we're going to be ahurch nation. steve: nate silver said better not think 2018 is going to be a slam dunk because it's not. >> no sleaction slam dunk. democrats have an edge. they were very strong on healthcare. steve: regarding your column about where did we -- when did we lose our backbone, exactly. what's the message for the president of the united states? because he's the one guy with the twitter who is pushing back on the narrative by the media. >> the message is that any president, whether it is trump or hillary clinton now would have to rally the national confidence. steve: how do you do that. >> confident that they can stand up to what's going on in the world. i think that takes a president showing leadership in these areas. not backing down. and getting confidence and bringing together the members of congress. after all, nobody supports
3:20 am
north korea. nobody supports iran. how are we in these condition of continuing deal we know are bad. steve: one thing for the president to stand up but his own republican congress in a lot of measures won't stand with him. >> that's what's so funny. all of these republican congressman oppose the iran deal. steve: yeah. >> korea is a complete rogue nation. where are they when it comes to stand up? steve: good question. mark penn, new book coming out microtrends: >> thank you. steve: critical deadline for dreamers passed yesterday. why can't congress can't anything done? >> plus his son was a bully on the bus. the punishment? he had his kid run to school in the rain. >> you want to figure out what to do? parenting. if you don't know what it's like? there you go. teach them a lesson. you don't have to kill them.
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you don't have to beat them. sometimes it sucks for them and that's what teaches them. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ you wouldn't feel good not knowing the price here. don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program, you pay the same low price. all without having to go through insurance. plus, they come in a spill-resistant vial along with a free meter. skip the guessing game and focus on your health.
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jillian: good tuesday morning. we're back with a fox news alert. north korea agreeing to impose a moratorium on missile tests if it holds talk with the u.s. announcement following rare talks with south korea. the two sides also agreeing to open up a hotline between leaders and hold a summit in april. it was dictator's kim jong un first meeting with south korea since taking office. he promised to not strike the neighboring nation. that is a stark meeting as president trump hosted israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house. marking their first meeting since the trump administration announced the move of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem.
3:25 am
expressing interest in the opening ceremonies in may >> tha you very much. i may. they have started a you know, construction. and i may. talking about that and other things. >> the leaders touting u.s./israeli relations as the best they have ever been. that's a look at your headlines. ainsley: thanks so much, jillian. a federal judge ruling that president trump's phase out of daca is legal. this on the day the announcement protection was set to expire. march 5th and the democrats are nowhere to be found on daca. gave them six months. they don't care. where are they? we are ready to make a deal. here to debate is rnc spokesperson kayleigh mac annie and jessica sta tarlov. i wanted to start with you because i wanted your opinion of what this judge has said. he says he is in favor of what the president is doing. that the president has every right to do, this to resend
3:26 am
that executive order. >> judge says if it was done by executive order it can be undone by executive order. putting pressure back on congress to ensure these dreams can stay here. bipartisan issue. the president has extended at least quasiolive branch. also 25 billion for the border wall and four pillars of the immigration strategy. there is no good reason that a bipartisan deal on this cannot get done. and dreamers are getting caught up in this. democrats have promised this is a priority issue and they need to make sure that it is as soon as possible. ainsley: you just said there is no reason a deal can't be done. >> i don't think so. ainsley: kayleigh, where are the democrats though. because the president is tweeting where are they? trying to make a deal allowing 1.8 million to stay. >> that's right. democrats are nowhere to be found as he said. look, they had two years of unified government under president obama part of that time they this a super majority. they did nothing for daca repients. no have a deal from president trump. he sd won't just give
3:27 am
you 700,000 path to citizenship. i will give you 1.8 million. yet they left that deal on the table. because dreamers and daca recipients are a pawn to them. >> no. that's not fair. >> daca recipients waking up to it there is a daca recipient on this show "fox & friends." i see what you are doing you are using me as a pawn. >> i think have you gone too far there i wish the democrats had solidified this. but this also happened when our super majority was very early on in obama's term here. no reason to think that the executive order would expire, there would be a president who wouldn't renew something like that. president trump was very clear we needed a solution to this and a long-term one. i'm hopeful we can still get there just because one daca recipient was on tv saying we feel like we are a pawn doesn't mean that's the entire movement. i think we need to do more but i don't think that's a fair assessment of what is going on here. >> jessica, it was more than just one. yesterday at the dnc right down the road from where i work at the rnc, there were daca recipient outside of the dnc saying democrats, you are fake allies.
3:28 am
those were their words. they said it's been 17 words since you brought up dreamer legislation. that's not me saying. this this is dreamers protesting democrats. jillian: they were also protesting in front of chuck schumer's office in brooklyn a month ago. kayleigh does bring up a good point. >> they should be applying pressure on both sides. it's going to take bipartisan legislation to get this done. i'm not about moving the responsibility fully over to the republicans for this. this is a democrat issue it has been since the beginning here. i think we can do something and we need to budge on border security to ensure they can stay. it's not that democrats are losing the full support of dreamers and immigrant community here. ainsley: kayleigh and jessica, thank you for joining us this morning. ainsley: you're welcome. if you thought it couldn't get any worse for this ousted fbi agent, it just did. new revelations about a trip on hillary clinton he never bothered to che. that's straight ahead. plus, griff jenkins is having breakfast with our friends down in texas where it is primary marry day. we want to wish a happy
3:29 am
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or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition. ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ why can't we be friends. steve: we are friends. what are you talking about brian brian we are. ainsley: we are. brian: they can't hear you. that's a recorded song. steve: th's okay. brian: let's talk basketll. ainsley: okay. brian: let's talk high school basketball. ainsley: two teams not friends. brian: why do you think they are not friends? they are competing. both teams want to win. steve: that's right. so let's go to massachusetts and east bridgewater, massachusetts. their high school team beat madison park, the final score was 93-7 they won by
3:33 am
86 points. and the superintendent of the school that won was so ashamed, she insisted that they not publish the score in the paper. ainsley: she says i'm happy we're in the tournament but, of course, no one likes that type of score. i'm hoping this game will bring up thoughtful reflection from our program leaders. brian: the problem is like football, unlike soccer where can you control the ball and not score and link up passes. with basketball, when you get the ball, you got to go down court and they have a shot clock. so you have to actually put the ball up at some point. my feeling is, upon the research that we found in local papers, it turns out they were pressing to let their starters in. i feel as though they should apologize. part of knowing how to win is knowing how to win. and i think putting your foot on somebody's neck and
3:34 am
pushing it down until they can't breathe anymore i think is out of line. steve: i read some comments from different folks. somebody said why punish kids who work hard and are successful because the other kids not at the same level. that's not how life really works. if you don't want to lose by will 6 points, try to get better. somebody else said sometimes you have to let people fail so they know what that feels like and they will never want to fail again. it's a great motivator. ainsley: i grew up in a house where my dad was a coach. sportsmanship was very important. scoren't run up the. if you are going to run up the score, because it's just a knife -- it's just a dangling -- hey, we are better than you are if you run it up this high. dad always said, he let's every kid at one point get in the game. even if they're the worst player. even if they sit the bench most of the game. he wants to put them. in it's the great opportunity to put the bench players in. but they didn't. they kept the starters in until the 40 quarter. brian: how angry would your
3:35 am
dad be if he lost 93-7. ainsley: my dad is a great athlete. always got all these awards. my brother is a good athlete. i was on the team got the 7. dad was you are riding home with me, ainsley, so i can tell you what you should have done better. brian: i'm for a winner there is a way to win and lose. when you win, you shake hands at the end. after a fight, you try to knock the guy's head off but you hug at the end. that's not how you win. steve: the superintendent, rather than, you know, do this public apology. obviously she has a problem with the coach. if you are not supposed to run up the score like that, they don't have a mercy rule. that's a problem with the coach. don't make the kids feel bad about actually winning. ainsley: let me say this though. you learn so much from losing. i remember i did not make -- i got cut from the tennis -- i had the flu and i was trying out for the tennis team in high school. i was the last person to get cut. i was like tasting blood.
3:36 am
steve: she is not better. ainsley: i still to this day i want to tell this coach why i had so much heart and i tried. [sigh] ainsley: i didn't make the cheerleading team the second time i tried out. my dad said somebody else needed that position. i don't like losing. i don't like the score being run up so hh. that dsn't failure rt of your life. bria you should tell the coach if you are trying out you had the flu. ainsley: did i and he still cut me. i could have been a really good tennis player. brian: you are good now, right? ainsley: i'm trying now. steve: if anyone from ainsley's squad email us that you feel bad. ainsley: it's the coach i'm still mad at. steve: sounds like you are still mad about the cheerleading. brian: 93-7. do you have a problem with that? >> while the game was happening. coach, can you pull out the startestarters can you put them
3:37 am
bench in the game? steve: all eyes on the state of texas today. voters head to the primary polls for the first election of the 2018 midterm season. republicans facing heavy pressure from a deep red state. brian: that could be ominous. what do voters think. fox correspondent griff jenkins thought he would go to a diner. >> that's right, guys. good morning. west side cafe in fort worth. let me tell you, they are excited because the mid terms from started in texas. absolutely smashed early voting turnout. 885,000 people in early voting period that ended on friday. that is now also because democrats seem to be turning out just a little bit more than republicans and that normally doesn't happen. now, here in texas, i'm told. that the social networking isn't done on twitter or snapchat. it's done here at the counter on west side. john calhoun, we are talking about it there is all this talk about a blue wave.
3:38 am
maybe the democrats could flip texas. what do you make of this? >> i don't see texas flipping as a concern. but i think republicans are going to come out in force today and we'll keep it a red state. >> john, have you voted yet and what is the issue that you care most about? what is driving you this cycle? >> i haven't voted yet. but probably my biggest concerns is immigration, gun laws and abortion. >> immigration, gun laws and abortion. guys, just remember, all 36 of the national house of representatives races in texas up for grabs. as well as one senate seat. that's ted cruz. george, we were talking a little bit. what is it that is going to drive tout polls. have you voted yet. >> i plan on voting today. protecting our second amendment rights. >> that's number one. now, here in texas. you can conceal and carry.
3:39 am
are you packing heat? >> no. i'm packing breakfast. that's what i'm packing. no. i'm not packing today. >> all right. phil is retired marine here served in the vietnam. phil, thank you very much. i have got to throw it back to him. guys, by the way, have you for the first time 1800 and something democrats in elections all across. we will see if that happens. right now i have got to get some pancakes. back to you. steve: i don't blame you. thank you very much. george p. president bush the son of jeb bush who is currently the -- that what is he the land commissioner in texas. he has got that job. he is in a tight primary race. we will have him on the show 90 minutes from now. brian: very tight race. they think if you win the primary you are will win the election. i know we are winning when we have jillian in. jillian: good morning, guys. how are you? happy tuesday. get you caught up on headlines. ousted fbi agent peter strzok under fire again for
3:40 am
possibly compromising national interges information. sources telling fox news strzok was told of a potential breech in the north korea's email server but failed to do a aassessment. removed from mueller probe after series text messages fbi agent and lover lisa page. new york city firefighter flaming debris comes crashing down a burning building right on top of them. jillian: that is frightening. four firefighters were injured. all should be okay. and nope, it's not a training scene from rocky. this virginia dad is going viral for making his son run a mile to school in the rain after getting kicked off his bus for bullying. watch. >> this here is called parenting, guys. if you don't know what it is like, here you go. teach your child a lesson. you don't have to kill them. you don't always have to
3:41 am
beat them. sometimes it sucks for them and that's what teaches them. jillian: seems to be working. dad says his son's behavior has been much better. a look at your headlines, guys. brian: he was bullying another kid? steve: on the bus it sounds like. ainsley: dad made him run. steve: i have a feeling he won't do that again. brian: pete used to be forced going to school dribbling a basketball. ainsley: he did something wrong. brian: dad wanted him to get better. ainsley: proud of that dad. you are not your kid's best friend. teaching him a lesson. brian: janice, would you ever do that as a parent? janice: not tomorrow because we have a nor'easter. take a look at the map real quick. it's coming. another storm. and then maybe one behind in this weekend. the groundhog was right. 32 degrees here in new york city. let's take a look at it we have a storm across the northern plains bringing blizzard conditions. part of this energy is what is going to energize this
3:42 am
nor'easter. that starts up tonight and cranks up the day tomorrow. if you live north and west of new yor you could get the most slow. depends wherehis low sets up along the coast. will it be a rain event, a mix event all snow event? still factors to be determined. bottom line is, we are going to have a storm that potentially could cripple travel west of the i-95 corridor. there is the snow fall totals. you see new york city right on the cusp. that's why this is so difficult. we will be tracking it listen to your local forecasters and i will be broadcasting all day tomorrow in the nor'easter. not being punished though. not punished. steve: thank you very much. meanwhile robert mueller's so-called hit list is revealed. the president's top campaign aides now subpoenaed. so what does it say about the scalp of the -- scope of the investigation. judge napolitano is on the case. he's waving.
3:43 am
ainsley: hey, judge. ♪ i was born free ♪ born free ♪
3:44 am
3:45 am
3:46 am
brine brian new developments in the special counsel russia probe. robert mueller's so-called hit list which was revealed over the weekend as president trump and nine key associates reportedly subpoenaed for all communications. steve: our next guest says robert mueller is far from winding down. here to explain is a guy we just wound up, a fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> i was just talking to mark penn in the green room who was just on with you a few minutes ago. he said i couldn't imagine anything more intrusive when i was doing the polling for bill clinton in '96 than every he mail i sent him and every email he sent me ending up in the hands of federal prosecutors and potentially in the hands ever the you public. it's the most intimate professional relationship you can think of. the polster to the candidate. that's just one person.
3:47 am
bob mueller, over the weekend, subpoenaed every email from 10 people. and we all -- we know the names. all of their names are public names from roger stone to carter page even rick gates. he did not subpoenaed nunberg or donald jr. is he not subpoena ivanka or jared kushner because he already has them and he already knows. ainsley: already has their email? >> yes. ainsley: how did he get those. >> by subpoena an a long time ago. steve: what was peter nunberg doing yesterday if is he not subpoenaing his email because he says i'm not going to give them to him. >> he already has the emails. what he was saying is i don't want to sit in front of a grand jury a couple days explains each email. hot heck remembers why you wrote each email going back
3:48 am
to 2014. why he did what he did yesterday, i don't know, unless he wanted to discredit himself or unless he was really inebriated as some of his people were saying. he basically here is a guy donald trump hired and fired twice. both because of what donald trump felt was incommittee tent professional work for trump. ainsley: if he refuses this subpoena, what happens to him? >> so he will be brought before a judge and the judge will say hey, mr. nunberg, you are a lawyer. do i really have to explain this to you. they have the right to bring you before the grand jury. if you are not going to go we have a place can you stay. brian: until the grand jury -- >> correct. i myself have cents people to jail for refusal to testify. it's not pretty because they are not bad people. they just feel that they have been abused by the system. how long can they go away for? the life of the grand jury. there is two grand juries. what's the life of these grand juries? until bob mueller shuts them down. this could go to the end of donald trump's term.
3:49 am
brian: financed to 2019. >> correct. hire is the thing. three weeks ago he was interviewed by mueller's prosecuts and a team of fbi agents. whatever he told them, we don't know what it is, they want him to tell this to the grand jury. and he apparently was ready to say yes. yesterday he started saying no. he was all over the place. he was on every network but here. brian: definitely not alcohol or drug free. if you watched it, he looked out of his mind. >> he does not appear to be in control of himself. brian: judge, you said something striking. anyone who thinks mueller is winding down is not paying attention. is he winding up. >> i believe he is gearing up, brian. i really do. i believe the president remains in his crosshairs. some of the new things we have learned have come from rick gates who has been a treasure trove once he pleaded guilty and became part of mueller's prosecutorial team. how do you think they found out about this guy nader. the lebanese-american guy probably from rick gates. steve: he was charged with stuff way before the
3:50 am
campaign. years before the campaign. >> right. he pleaded guilty. and his exposure went from 40 years to three years. he obviously is prepared to tell them a lot of information in order to get that exposure to go way down. steve: thank you very much. >> this is unbelievable. all the best, guys. brian: still to come, west virginia senator joe manchin live. ainsley: plus, are you ready for an amazon checking account? gerri willis is going to explain coming up next. steve: come on in ♪ don't buy me love ♪ buy you a diamond ring, my friend ♪ if it makes you feel mike and i are botvetens, both servein theavy. i do outrank my husband, not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while,
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3:53 am
steve: here is a question for you. could amazon be your next banker? ainsley: probably. they do everything else. amazon reportedly now in talks with big banks to
3:54 am
build a checking account for customers. brian: fox business own gerri willis here can w. details. amazon has enough money to be a bank. >> they have more money than a bank. bigger than banks. market caps are huge. they could if they wanted to. the question is will they. this is a speculative story yesterday in the "wall street journal." let me tell you the interest consumers might have in having amazon account. fees on banks, especially consumer banking, checking accounts going through the roof. steve: out of network. >> out-of-network fees. average cost $4.67. to get your own money. i think people are really fed up and particularly millennials are really fed up, right? they are tired of dealing with this. two to three times more likely to switch banks than other generations. ainsley: wouldn't be any fees? >> no, no, no. that's really optimistic. there could be fees. but we don't know because the product has not been rolled out yet. the question is, would they get -- try to make it much
3:55 am
more attractive than other folks in the marketplace? steve: it was a speculative piece. what is leading the "wall street journal" to think they might do that? >> there has been talk about this for literally years. what's more, amazon is already sort of in banking businesses. they have something called amazon go. kind of a debit card. then they also make loans to the retailers on website. inching their way closer and closer. started hearing at the "wall street journal" rumors that they might do this with jp morgan chase or capital one. i called jp morgan chase yesterday. they are not talking about it refusing to answer questions about it i have to tell you it makes a lot of sense. because amazon they get more information but. they would know more about you. you would be more likely to spend money on amazon. what's to complain about? brian: consumer perspective, it might be easier, right? everything just might be easier. >> you deal with one company and never use anybody else again. ainsley: call it a checking account and not a savings account. who writes checks anymore.
3:56 am
>> how useful is a checking account. average monthly fee. depending where you cash your check there every months or not. the good question is that the most useful account for consumers. although the number of people using checking accounts is actually growing. steve: you look at how amazon bought whole foods and shook up the grocery business and redone everything. here is the thing for other banks. amazon is really good at what they do. if they got into banking a lot of people would say i'm going to try it? >> a recent survey of amazon users, 38% of them said yeah, i would be willing to use amazon as my banker. steve: interesting. g., we will be watching you on the fox business channel. ainsley: and she has a podcast. >> just google my name. steve: get it on amazon next? >> that's the next step. steve: give it time. apes president trump is endorsing
3:57 am
jeff bush's son george p. bush. he joins us in the next hour. steve: google is trying to silence a conservative voice on youtube. they are fighting back with wildly successful videos. prager u joins us live next hour ♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ don't we need that cable box to watch tv? nope. don't we need to run? nope. it just explodes in a high pitched 'yeahhh.' yeahhh! try directv now for $10 a month for 3 months. no satellite needed.
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she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... karen: "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move. steve: the president of the united states blasting the 44th president. donald trump said this is bigger than watergate. >> i believe he is gearing up, brian. i really do. i believe the president remains in his crosshairs. >> former president trump aide sam nunberg is defying a subpoena with special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. >> mueller is not going to send me to prison for this. this is ridiculous. the idea that donald trump colluded with russia is a joke. >> federal judge ruling that president trump's phase out of daca is legal. >> this judge said if it was done by executive order. it can be undone by executive order. >> democrats are nowhere to be found. they had two years of unified government under president obama. they did nothing.
4:01 am
>> this year's award show was the least watched oscars in recorded history. >> down 20% to 26.5 million viewers. >> i have smelled alcohol on your breath. >> well, i've not had a drink. >> you haven't had a drink so that's not -- >> -- no, no, no. >> no? >> no. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ oh i'm a rebel just for kicks ♪ steve: live from new york city welcome to the couch. it's the second hour of "fox & friends" for a very busy tuesday. welcome aboard, folks. brian: i just realized i don't know what our budget is like or what we have spent so far. steve: it's unlimited. ainsley: why do you ask that? brian: i think we should get a dj. ainsley: we had one one time it was a lot of fu.
4:02 am
steve: why do we need a dj we have a guy who will play any song you want in 10 seconds. ainsley: toba. you played roots by zac brown band. i never heard it before. loved it wrote it down. need to download it have you ever heard that song before ♪ ♪ ainsley: wait for it it's good. ainsley: that's just the beginning. steve: anyway, brian i think we have a dj. brian: did i not know that ainsley was going to be requesting songs. ainsley: let's make it karaoke, sing. brian: let's make it -- remember you could hit the jukebox with his hand and play every song? ainsley: i know we have got to get to the news real quickly. our christmas party janice sang and there was a staircase in the bar which went up to the second floor of the bar. and todd piro and father jonathan were walking the staircase and singing with their microphone. it was great. steve: when which was a
4:03 am
secret until just then. ainsley: someone recorded it and we need to show it. it was worth seeing. brian: i missed the party. ainsley: janice i care karaoke. steve: he said going to give six months to fix it yesterday was the six month mark. actually congress did nothing. there was action up on capitol hill. 87 people were arrested. there were protesters. they were chained to each other. they were blocking traffic because they wanted to make a point. look, we're in this country. congress, do something. congress hasn't done anything. of the president wai. luckily some judges have done som stuff. brian: deral judge over in maryland ruled president trump, unlike the other judge that ruled the ninth district court had the right to end daca. the judge's name is roger titus. he was a bush appointee and he ruled monday the president acted within his authority in his plan to
4:04 am
rescind the executive order that president obama put out and mentioned this is really not constitutional. what i understand from legal minds said when president trump extended it, when he took office, he evidently, according to some judges, legalized it. because it looks like he backed up obama's decision. so when the president said no, it expires march 5th. now they say this judge says yeah, you had every right to be able to do that. my worry is that this needs to be addressed and we need to get money for a wall. and knowing that, i wanted both sides with their back against the wall pun not intended to make a decision on this. we have been talking about comprehensive immigration reform for 20 years. ainsley: even jessica tarlov, a democrat, she was on the show earlier and she was saying that democrats are nowhere to be seen. that they really need to get on board with this. there have been talks, republicans say democrats don't want to do anything about daca because they want, elections time, to be able to say this president wanted to kick you out of the country and would he wanted you to stay.
4:05 am
they want that narrative to help them win elections. steve: yesterday was the sixth month. conscious had done nothing and president trump tweeted this it's march 5th and democrats are nowhere toe found on daca. gave them six months. they just don't care. where are they? we are ready to make a deal. one other point that federal judge, judge titus that brian was talking about in his opinion, he also slammed his colleagues in other courts for their decisions essentially he said they were putting their politics ahead the law. brian: you think so? steve: just a little bit. ainsley: daca recipients are upset about this. don't let the democrats lead you they are not. they would like nothing to be done. they were protesting in front of schumer's house and all this yesterday. brian: i don't love that attitude. this is a favor for them. they don't belong here. this is a fix for that. their parents brought them here. i get it but they can't walk around arrogantly pounding on doors demanding citizenship. ainsley: you are right. brian: what about everybody
4:06 am
else doing it the right way. if you are a potential daca recipient. sit back, let this thing play out. steve: they have got to change the law. the president can do executive action. that's what president obama did. now look where we are. only congress can act. will they? stay tuned. brian: lindsey graham on last night with shannon bream said we have 54 votes on the rounds bill. if they can make it better, more to the president's liking with the lottery, and with the lottery and the. steve: chain migration. brian: let's say give them one more or one with a promise to look at it in a year, go ahead and negotiate it get this thing done. six votes short. ainsley: most interesting video yesterday. this guy sam nunberg a former trump camign, president trump campaign aide, did he thi -- he did this media blitz yesterday. brian: he was blitzed. ainsley: interviewer said are you drinking?
4:07 am
>> mueller won't send me to prison. i won't sit 80 hours to produce every email i had with roger stone and steve bannon. >> you could go to driven for that. >> the idea that, once again, that donald trump colluded with russia is a joke. >> you are sitting very close to me. >> yes. >> we talked earlier about, what people in the white house were saying about you. talking about whether you were drinking or on drugs or whatever had happened today. talking to you, i have smelled alcohol on your breath. >> well, i have not had a drink. >> you haven't had a drink. >> no. >> so that's not. >> no. >> it's awkward. let me give you the question. >> my answer is no. i have not. steve: well, we don't know whether or not he was drinking or anything else. but, if cnn had a suspicion that he was drunk, it's not the prudent thing to put a drunk guy on tv. brian: he said horrible things about sarah huckabee sanders. says he wants to fight corey lewandowski in an alley. wants to meet him in an alley. he had horrible things to say about carter page.
4:08 am
he doesn't like a lot of people except he worships roger stone and seems to be contradicting himself a lot. ainsley: trying to make the president look bad. the president fired him twice. steve: he loves the president. ainsley: no he doesn't. steve: he did. ainsley: he said he doesn't love him anymore. he used a cuss word. brian: he worked his blank off. ainsley: the president felt lingt he was responsible for throwing him under the bus in some interviews. the president also sued him for $10 million. they ended up settling because he breaches breached his confidentiality agreement. steve: is he going to turn over all the email to robert mueller? he gave conflicting answers throughout the day. meanwhile, real quickly. we told you yesterday about our assessment of the oscars and apparently a lot of people felt the same way we did, that there wasn't much
4:09 am
to watch because they officially recorded the lowest oscar cast in history with the sunday night show over on abc. ainsley: they lost more than 7 million viewers in the past year. why is that? because it got too political? brian: up 15%. part of the reason. high profile movies could be the other reason. the other thing is the fact is they say people look forward to most is best picture. that was said at 11:20 eastern time. local news. not even in prime time. hollywood are supposed to know how to do. this they wake up in the morning knowing how to produce shows. way too long. condense it. steve: you know how hollywood works. you you have the big payoff at the end of the movie. if it's going to be a four hour show. wait four hours. we asked you what you thought. steven tweeted us no one thinks what hollywood thinks. only hurting themselves. concentrate on making decent movies for a change. ainsley: hollywood, no one
4:10 am
wants your opinion. made up words, acting. brian: jimmy kimmel among many legions people decided not to tune in. all the lib hollywood elite. people knew exactly what was ming. on some lel ifeople think they were watching and republan conservatives, selling out or giving in the toen a at this trump flavor. there is one person who i think made a pro-american comment. and that was -- got some backlash. ainsley: silence. brian: barely acknowledged the military montage. steve: what do you think? let us know. 7:10 in new york city. it's time for a fox news alert. jillian: good morning, guys. we are following breaking news. let's get you caught up on this beginning with that fox news alert as you mentioned, steve. north korea agreeing to suspend nuclear and missile tests if it talks with the u.s. announcement following a rare meeting with south korea which says the north is ready for heart-to-heart
4:11 am
talks with the u.s. about denuclearization. the rogue regime made it clear there is no need for nuclear weapons if military threats are resolved. it's the ninth day in a row that kids in west virginia aren't going to school because of a teacher strike. >> we are. >> united. jillian: the teachers are upset with state lawmakers for failing to meet their demands of the 5% pay increase. state leaders will meet today in an attempt to resolve that issue. turning now to extreme weather. a one-two punch for the northeast preparing for another major winter storm. >> that is not good. jillian: yeah, that is not good at all. that's a sign of things to come. the storm system sending a garbage truck sliding sideways down a icy road in north dakota. firefighters in new york potussing this video from friday's storm of a tree falling on top of a power
4:12 am
line. they want to remind people to always be aware of your surroundings. jonathan will have an update on the weather, by the way. making history while you were sleeping, launching largest satellite intoor t. >>3, 2, 1. liftoff. jillian: sending a spanish communications satellite the size of a city bus from cape canaveral in florida and marks the 50th falcon 9 takeoff in spacex history. can never get enough of that video. ainsley: thanks, jillian. steve: well, it has been seven years since the murder of a border patrol agent exposed the fast and furious scandal. and his family is still looking for answers. brian terry's brother is going to join us live with a message for the president that you are going to want to hear. ainsley: plus, terrifying moments for a 5-year-old girl dangling and unconscious on a ski lift. you need to see what happens
4:13 am
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we know that when you're >> tspending time with thelass grandkids... ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the justice department has stonewalled for far too long operation fast and
4:17 am
furious. this investigation began six years ago. the fact that it is still tied up in the courts is proof positive that our system of checks and balances is broken. brian: there you go. nine months have passed since that hearing and still nothing has been done opt fast and furious operation that led to the murder of border patrol agent brian terry. now terry's brother kent is asking the president for help tweeting to him that he reopen the investigation into the scandal, noting that he spoke to the president on the campaign trail where he was told the trump administration would reopen the case and that he was treated shamefully. kent terry is the brother of brian terry, and joins us now. so, kent, what questions do you need answered? >> we need to find out the truth exactly what happened, how it happened and why it happened. we need mr. trump, president trump, to unseal the documents, reverse executive privilege so we know what
4:18 am
happened. and that we can hold the people accountable that are responsible. brian: so we know this in 2010, december, there was a shootout near the rio ricco after the unit was confronted they confronted a so-called rip crew. it looks like the weapon recovered at the scene ak 47 to kill him was traced back to the fast and furious program which is obviously a folly. and was a program that resulted in the death of your brother. so, what do you -- do you want someone held accountable for this program, for the shooting? what do you want? >> yes. i think there should be examples set in place so this doesn't happen again. there is no one in the atf, doj that has been held accountable. everybody is still actively working. nobody punished. there may be a slap on the hand. dennis burke got a $2,000 fine and lost his lawyer's license. you know, we paid 15 grand to put my brother in the
4:19 am
grave. i mean, there needs to be accountability. there needs to be justice for my brother. he deserves it he spent 22 years serving this country as a law enforcement officer, a marine. and that's what he deserves. brian: all right. here is a letter from eric holder in 2014. he says moreover i'm committed to you, in our meeting, holding those responsible for your brother's murder accountable to the full extent of the law and ensuring the operation like fast and furious happens again remains a top priority for the department of justice and for him personally. do you believe him? >> come on, no. no. i don't believe him. i met with him in person. me and my mom. i can just tell that he was lying through his teeth the whole time i was talking to him. when i met mr. trump back on the campaign trail, he was very apologetic for the actions that the previous administration did. he was very sincere about getting answers. he said it was shameful. and that i think mr. sessions should step up
4:20 am
and reopen the case. reinvestigate it. and hold those accountable. brian: this goes to show you your gut feeling was probably right. a joint staff report on operation fast and furious recovered in june of 2017. showed the department did not take care to make sure the terry family received information in support on the contrary, the department appears to have viewed the terry family as a public relations nuisance. how does that make you feel? >> it angers me. you know what? if you look through all them emails released last summer how they were saying that the family was a nuisance. certain people in the family weren't intelligence enough to have the conversation with. talking about wiretapping the family. it's just disgusting. brian: hopefully the doj is hearing you and the president is watching and we will get some results. thanks so much. appreciate it, kent. >> you are welcome. thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead.
4:21 am
google is trying to silence the conservative voice on youtube. fighting back with wildly successful video. dennis prager joins us live next. ♪ watch this. hey watson, what's avionics telling you? maintenance records and rformance da suggest replacing capacitor c4. not bad. what's with the coffee maker? sorry. we are not on speaking terms.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really?
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and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first 86,000. that is how many people have signed a petition to create an annual day of remembrance for billyram. the evangelist passed awa last month at 99 years old. he spent his life preaching to millions of people around the world. next, 76 years, that is how long it took to find a u.s. lexington after japan sunk it during world war ii. microsoft co-founder paul allen making the discovery 500 miles off the coast of australia. 200 soldiers were killed in
4:25 am
that attack. finally, 227 years, that is how long this tree stood after being planted by president george washington. brian: do you believe this? ainsley: strong winds at his mt. vernon estate toppling it over in last week's nor'easter. that is sad. brian: it is sad. dana perino brought up last night make a chair or some type of table. something with the wood. steve: that would be historic. brian: prager u digital group has hundreds of millions of views. steve: company claims tech giants like google and twitter are trying to crack down on them and silence them for being conservative. now pragueer u is suing. ainsley: craig is the chief marketing officer for prager u and he joins us now. good morning to you. trying to see you lens you? >> youtube has restricted
4:26 am
over 40 prager u videos. if anyone has ever seen a prager u video they are very educational and very appropriate. very clear youtube is doing this because they don't agree with what we have to say. it's actually scaryhat big tech companies are cracking down on cservative voices simply because they don't agre andhey are restricting access to the exact audience we are trying to reach which is young people. prager u reaches millions of young people online every day. the best way to slow our progress down is to restrict access which is what they do. steve: we ran a portion of one of your videos yesterday to introduce one of the guests we had on. and it's interesting, you are getting a lot of buzz. look at buzzfeed. they had this headline how prager u is winning the culture war without donald trump. twitter said they are not going to run yourself you can't monetize it because it's inappropriate. are you saying it's inappropriate because they value it as conservative? >> there is no other logical
4:27 am
explanation. yeah, twitter wanted to get in on the action because of our effect. it's great that buzzfeed recognized us as a powerful conservative voice on the internet. the left has had a monopoly both on the educational system and digital media and prager u is breaking through that and concerning element to those on the left and those who are running tech companies. twitter is a no longer allowing you us to run any ads on twitter or run any tweets because we are quote inappropriate. inappropriate is clearly synonymous with conservative to them. brian: they have actually responded to you. another example of something you are running with the headlines. how iraq was won and lost. gun rights are women's rights. these are all restricted what's wrong with ecigarettes and why america's military must be strong. so they are all restricted. and their explanation is? >> inappropriate. we actually have it in writing from them. at first we were hoping it was some innocent mistake or
4:28 am
incorrect algorithm but we have in writing from google and youtube that our videos are deemed inappropriate for young people. this is why we launched an online petition that has over 450,000 signatures at prager this is why we filed the lawsuit. google and youtube hold themselves out to be a public form. a platform of freedom of expression and free speech online and turn around and censor ideas they don't agree with this is why we are heading to court next week march 15th in san jose. ainsley: you think of music that has can you say words in it that kids can't listen to it. no cuss words, just your political feeng? >> undoubtedly. if beyonce wants to shake around and dance it's fine for a young kid to see. if we want to give the history of iraq war or talk about israel's founding or talk about did -- no doubt we e
4:29 am
conservative they are trying to silence us. steve: they say content is inappropriate. what i find extraordinary is that you have reached out to these companies and you keep getting auto mate you had answers. you are taking them to court. you would think somebody at twitter would make up the phone and say hey, craig, let's talk this out. >> just to be clear, we are not suing twitter. this is a new revelation. in twitter's circumstance we reached ou to them for two weeks we wanted to take the diplomatic approach and find out ha maybe it was a mistake. because they closed down our ad account send us automatic response that basically says go to to find out why your account was blocked. it's really a joke. really sad we have come to a point in america where big tech companies have this much control over the content of the internet and all using their power to see you lens conservative voices. especially the effective ones like prager u. steve: social media not so
4:30 am
social. craig, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks so much. >> thank you very much. ainsley: keep us posted. steve: meanwhile coming up on this tuesday, disturbing new warning how terrorists are trying to use poison to kill as many people as possible. ainsley: wow. griff jenkins is having breakfast with friends in texas where it's primary day. hey, griff. >> the polls open 30 minutes from now and they are getting pancakes and eggs here in fort wor. issue they are talking about is gun control and theign s out front has a pretty clear. concealed firearms welcome on premises. keep all weapons concealed and holstered in such cases, judicious march manship is appreciated. we will talk about that and more with these guys.
4:31 am
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♪ brian: shot of the morning. that's me sitting down on the couch. and this is -- what are we seeing here, ainsley? ainsley: this is my next book that is coming out on april 24th. it's called the light within me. you know, i have my children's books that were a tributes to my life as a daughter and mother. but i have this other book in my heart that i am so excited about sharing with all of you. it's the story for everyone. not just for mothers and daughters. it's a story about my faith. it's the story about god. it's the story about how trials and tribulations in my life led me to this curvey couch with you amazing men. and i tell stories about us working together and. brian: authorized stories. [laughter] ainsley: i felt very close to you. that was permission. steve: the light within me, that's actually based on scripture, isn't it. ainsley: that's right. there is a light within me that i found when i was 1221
4:35 am
years old. i grew up in a christian home. light within me so proud of. i love to talk about is when i got a relationship with jesus christ, when i really felt like i welcomed him into my life. and i talk about that. it happened at a fraternity party when i was in college. and so i say that i met jesus at a fraternity party. the scripture is john 12:46 i have come into the world as a light so that no one who believes in me should stay in the darkness. steve: these stories are deeply personal because they affect your very core. your spirit. ainsley: the ups and downs of just growing up in the south u the hard work it takes to get here. trials and tribulations i went through along the way. a miscarriage and failed marriage and things along the way that were bumpy about how god is so good and takes you through all of that at love people go through hard things and lose their faith u it actually made me closer to god. i talk about it in the book coming out april 24th. preview it now on all my social media accounts you can go there and there is a
4:36 am
link. steve: i looked at amazon. can you buy it on amazon right now. ainsley: thank you so much. thanks for your support and producers for your support. letting meal tell the story. it's this is not about me at all. brian: you do the book on tape? ainsley: i'm in the process. i have three more next week. have you done that several times. brian: it takes a while. ainsley: writing a children's book is easier than writing a long book about your life. you should do a children's book. brian: nonfiction. ainsley: it's a project i'm proud of and excited to introduce you to. brian: i wonder if griff is going to buy it because is he in texas. brian. griff, can you preorder ainsly's book? >> you need to send her book down here. because when i got here someone was saying why didn't you send ainsley. they would rather have had ainsley. better send a copy of that book to collin here. here's the deal. texans actually smashed the voter turnout here more than
4:37 am
almost double than it was last time in 2016. 885,000 folks vote you had. a few more democrats and republicans this time. and for the first time in 25 years. more democrats than ever running in all congressional, 36 congressional races and you've got folks like ted cruz possibly being challenged by a democrat. i want to talk to collin. collin, you are retired marine colon, thank you for your service. do you think the democrats are going to turn things around and we're going to have a surprise here today? >> no, not at all. i think it's fake news. i don't think they will come to the polls. >> you think it's fake news. >> yes. >> you are getting a copy of ainsley's book. are you excited about that. >> absolutely. >> what's the issue that matters most, collin for you as you go out and vote? >> i'm a small business owner. i think we need to quit paying people not to work. and i think people need to -- if they are able to work, they need to go to work. i'm tired of paying high taxes. i'm glad the property taxes
4:38 am
are up to be lowered possibly or go away. that's my concerns. >> phil, you are a marine that served in the vietnam. thank you for your service. real quick, you wanted to tell me something how president trump is doing and how you think he is viewed. >> i think president trump is doing a very good job and for all my liberal and conservative friends out there, he is one person. there is 535 other people throughout that you all need to be worried about. he has policies but the other people make the laws. >> you say give him a chance and just real quick here at the west side cafe, there is a very special woman joy o'hare they call you mom. why do they call you mom? >> i have been coming here forever. and i'm a mom to everybody. >> you are a mom. moms know best. >> yes. >> tell me, joy, what is the issue that matters most as folks go to the polls today? what do you care about? >> i care about our country. i care about gun control. i want to see gun control enforced. but you will never take a
4:39 am
gun away from a criminal. we have to keep our guns as well. >> and lastly, when i started with collin, do you think democrats are going to do better than expected this year? >> oh heavens no. >> n >> and we have got republicans locked up. we just never tell you. >> that's what's going on here at the west side cafe. the polls open in just about 20 minutes. we will keep talking to people and we'll take orders for ainsley's book. ainsley: you are so sweet. get his information for me. i will gladly send him a book when it comes out and send some autographed pictures of these guys. >> he is going to send you a book. ainsley: and other good stuff. tell him thank you for his support. steve: if he leaves a good tip. all right. griff. thank you. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us now with a plot on poison. jillian: we are following a lot of news this morning. let's get you caught up right now. terrorists may actually be planning to use poison to
4:40 am
kill massive amounts of people. the u.k. spy group mi-5 reportedly warning isis fighters are attempting to create deadly bioweapons in secret labs. there is concerns terrorists could use ricin and anthrax to target supermarkets or even contaminate the water supply. this comes a week after prince harry and meghan markle were mailed a white powder later deemed to be harmless. a 5-year-old dangles off ski resort. terrifying moments in california. you can see instructor holding on to jacket before letting her drop on to a safety tarp. >> oh. [cheers and applause] >> the girl not seriously hurt by the fall. she passed out hanging in the air after slipping off the chair. one college admission department is getting a big f this semester the university of colorado sending acceptance emails to
4:41 am
11,000 students. the problem it was a mistake. school officials say they were flooded with calls 15 minutes after sending messages. that's when they realized there was anue and sent out a correction hours later. blames the error on a system used to upload email addresses to their computers. oh, can you imagine? what if that's your first choice school you wanted to go there? brian: they have got to let everybody in. jillian: that's terrible. steve: have to rebuild campus then. jillian: i agree with you. brian: let them all in. ainsley: let them all in. do the right thing. brian: where is janice dean? where are you? janice: i'm testing the elements. this time tomorrow we will be dealing with a nor'easter. they are actually upping some of the snowfall totals across the lower hudson valley. be prepared. let's take a look at it all of this energy coming from the northern plains is going to interact with an area of low pressure. a coastal storm, that's going to start overnight tonight and in to tomorrow. much of the day tomorrow some of the travel could be crippling, especially west and north of new york city.
4:42 am
there is our nor'easter. we are going to be tracking it throughout the day today to get those storm totals on track. really if you live across the northeast pay close attention to your local forecast. we will keep you up to date. we will be outside tomorrow. back inside where it's warm. wave, everybody, wave. how are you? nor'easter tomorrow. florida? ainsley: i hope they are not flying out tomorrow they will not get out tomorrow. steve: thank you, janice. high school basketball team won their game 93-7. and now the superintendent is apologizing for. ainsley: for winning. steve: we will tell that you story. brian: jeb bush and president trump had a major robbery on the campaign trail. i don't know if you heard about that. now president trump is endorsing jeb bush's son to george p. in the primary.
4:43 am
♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters with me. or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition.
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♪ steve: well, in exactly 14 minutes, polls in the state of texas officially open for the nation's first midterm primary election. among those running, jeb bush's son, george p. bush, screen left right there. he wants to be reelected as texas land commissioner. last week president trump endorsing the son of his formal rival tweeting texas lc land commissioner. president bush backed me when it wasn't the political thing to do i back him now. joining us now on this very busy primary day in texas is land commissioner george p. bush. as you can see he is there in austin. george p., good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me.
4:47 am
steve: were you pleasantly surprised that the president tweeted out his support for your candidacy? >> i was. you know, we had reached out and asked for support along with the vice president and i was actually care of my two boys in the afternoon and looked at my twitter feed and saw that it was exploding with the announcement. i responded in kind and thanked him for his support. it's a huge validation of what we are doing here at the land office in texas. and as he would say, it was a big league endorsement. >> i would say that what does the land commission do in texas? >> well, we take care of our 1.7 million military veterans. your interview just in west side cafe in fort worth reflects the nature of our people. we take care of historic archives and monuments including the alamo. and not to mention generating millions of dollars f public education. this is worthat i have been passionate about in the ivate sector and now as the 28th land commissioner
4:48 am
in the state. steve: you mentioned the alamo. i have been reading the texas papers what is at stake. you have a primary election today there are other republicans who would like the job. they say we don't like the way he handled hurricane harvey relief. we don't like the way he handled the alamo. what do you say to your critics, george? >> well, that we're doing nothing but great work on the alamo. it was actually falling apart when i came into office. and we were able to obtain historic appropriation in the texas legislature in the last two sessions to save it we will need two more years to save it harvey, hurricane flood. we have delivered assets quicker than any other response. the problem, however, on harvey, this is the most impactful natural disaster in american history. the magnitude of what we need to do on the texas gulf coast is far surpasses anything that texas has ever seen. the work continues but as of today, over 20,000 texans have been housed in
4:49 am
temporary or permanent housing solution through our agency. steve: you come from a long line of texas politicians whose last name has been bush. that's got to be helpful in a situation like this in one respect but then again now you are running for re-election. and you are running on your record as well, right? >> that's absolutely right. the name is definitely an asset here in the state of texas. i obviously admire the service of my uncle and dad and grandfather who have all pitched in and helped out wherever they possibly can along with the president's endorsement, i think it shows we are able to get support from many different types of republicans, including senator cruz who lent a letter of encouragement just yesterday. so, that's par of the vision that we have presented to t people of texas and something i want to take to the people after the primary. you know, what was mentioned west side cafe in fort worth is voting turnout is up
4:50 am
exponentially. but a large part of that is because the democrats are energized. so, you know, to help out the president and his agenda, what we're going to need to do is actually expand the party and reach out to new voices and new opinions here in the state. steve: i know you have a very busy day george p. thank you for taking time out of your busy day running for texas land office. >> thank you, steve. steve: her "new york times" op-ed is going viral. she is going to join ainsley in the next hour. would you know what to do in a do or die situation? our next guest just wrote the book on how to survive like a spy. former cia agent jason hanson explains why. he's next. ♪ giving you a number
4:51 am
♪ and allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d... while the leading allergy spray relieves six symptoms, claritin-d relieves eight, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more.
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4:54 am
ainsley: how do you neutralize a threat is a do or die situation? steve: our next guest would know. he is a former fbi agent out with a new book survive like a spy. brian: jason hanson joins us how. hey, jason, welcome. >> thank you. i appreciate it. brian: how do you survive like a spy. >> you keep your head up and don't have your head buried in the cell phone. brian: travel with a belt in your hand. >> i didn't want to take it off on air. this is actually an escape and evasion belt it has compartments in it. steve: like a money belt with extra room. >> on steroids. i have a bobby pin and hair barrette.
4:55 am
he is use them to escape hand you haves can. you know if stuff hit the fan. ainsley: do you feel like your life is in danger. >> i travel more dangerous areas. because i do private security work. ainsley: former cia agent. >> if i'm here safe place i don't feel i need it. overseas, yes. steve: other things you should have you should have a flashlight. you should have that belt. you should have a tactical pin. you need to explain what that is. >> sure. steve: antibiotics. >> whatever they give you the z pack, amoxicillin. steve: for what? >> what if you get stuck in foreign country. some kind of crisis you can't get to a doctor. always have a bottle of pills, you know legally gotten, of course. and then you mention tactical pen. writing pen, take notes with it. there is a sharp point on there. so i will give you an instance. we had one guy we worked with had to smash out a car window to save somebody. check it out. but,. steve: break a window with
4:56 am
it? >> break a window with it if somebody is trying to harm you, you can jab them in the face. steve: ainsley, try to break the glass on the table. ainsley: what's the one thing, jason, if someone is threatening you, in an airplane or in a situation where someone is threatening you, your life or threatening you verbally, what do you do? >> remember the throat. it is very sensitive. i don't care how big and sensitive the guy is someone is threatening me. please don't bother me. please don't bother me. but the real reason i'm doing. that is my hands are out further if i jable you in the neck right there you are going to go down and choke and then i can knee you, kick you or flee. just remember, a quick pop in the throat, i don't care who it is they will go down. steve: it's going to hurt. >> very much so,. brian: but that's not fair. [laughter] >> if someone is trying to kill me i don't care about fair. steve: where do you get a tactical pen like this. >> tactical spy steve: of course. >> internet, google, amazon. all kinds of places. ainsley: walk through the parking lot. >> you can't do that with a
4:57 am
gun but can you do it with a pen. brian: survive like a spy is out. >> comes out today. brian: thank you. still to come, senator joe manchin here live. ben shapiro will be joining us live. that's what they look like in pictures. with moderate to severe psoriasis, up to 90% had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections have an infection, symptom tell your u or received a vaccine plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. ready for a chance at 100% clear skin? ask your doctor about taltz. try it for as little as $5 a month.
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on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? it's the last chance for clearance savings up to $600 on our most popular beds. for a store near you. visit steve: president of the united states blasting the 44th president, tom donald trump says this is bigger than water gate. >> we know dem were bets information from the russians to use against the trump campaign. ainsley: he vowed to refuse a subpoena by robert mueller. >> mueller will not sent send me to prison. brian: federal judge said he had the right to approve daca. >> democrats are nowhere to be found. >> they had two years of unified government under president obama. >> they did nothing. >> north korea agreeing to
5:01 am
suspend nuclear and missile tests if it holds talks with the u.s. following rare talks with south korea. >> we have writing from google and youtube our videos are deemed inappropriate for young people. if beyonce wants to shake around and dance it is fine for a young kid to see but if they want to learn the history of the iraq war, that is something youtube doesn't like. ♪ ainsley: that ishe dance mix version. bria how do you know? ainsley: right there. is is like the two-step, where you do the, whatever they do in texas. steve: you do the steady cam step. they are approaching the stage. thanks for joining us today. a very busy tuesday here on "fox & friends. ainsley: we'll get started. brian: let's get started. president trump in middle of all the tariff drama and everything
5:02 am
else going on with benjamin netanyahu and israeli leader staying over. they're good friend. they have been here a couple days. it is about the mueller investigation and about russia meddling. a lot of people are focusing on why president hasn't hit back russia hard, as am i. he did tweet this out. he can't figure it out. why did the obama investigation start a investigation into trump campaign with zero proof of wrongdoing long before the election in november. wanted to discredit crook had had hillary would win. unprecedented. bigger than water gate. plus obama did nothing about russian meddling. steve: goes back to the very first tweet i think on a saturday morning, looked like the obama administration wiretapped me at trump tower. when you look at all the parts, we had people on this program who suggested that the president's point would be right. if the former administration, essentially spied on americans
5:03 am
using apparatus of the federal government to do that, it would be the biggest political scandal in history, bigger than watergate absolutely. ainsley: abuse of power. the president says zero proof. if this is faux, unverified dossier, it is clearly abuse of power if it is proven that is exactly what happened. if that is the only piece of evidence they had to go spy on the trump campaign, that is abuse of power. brian: they want to find out with the mueller probe, if the trump campaign knew about the podesta email that would happen in july. that is the focus on that. adam schiff came back, no, mr. president, the investigation began when the russians had secret discussions with your foreign policy advisor and dissemination of stolen clinton emails. is that foreign policy advisor papadopoulos or carter page.
5:04 am
papadopoulos he met once. heever met carter pe. steve: spying on americans and along with other information. steve: other information was there. downer, who was the former administration at the time, saw a drunk george papadopoulos in a bar, there he is right there. he reported what he had said to the authorities. as it turns out, rain, according to john solomon over at "the hill," mr. papadopoulos who met alexander downer that night didn't realize he was meeting, there is george papadopoulos right there, a guy, mr. downer, who donated $25 million to the clinton foundation to help eradicate aids. brian: was that australian government money if i'm sure he didn't have 25 million. >> money put into the clinton foundation pocket to eradicate aids. when you look at the two -- we know the dossier was used.
5:05 am
we heard the dossier was not the original start. the original start was george papadopoulos. you have the two lynchpins regarding hillary clinton to the got dirt on donald trump. brian: just the other thing, answered by john brennan which is extraordinary, former cia director, who many people have questions about, your tweet is an example of your paranoia, constant misrepresentation of the facts. that is what we need. we have a house investigation. senate investigation. we have the mueller investigation, maybe even second counsel. people's heads are ready to explode. ainsley: the question what does the dirty dossier really prove? it proves the hillary clinton camp that was the one that was dirty. steve: meanwhile let's talk about this yesterday, six months ago as of yesterday, president of the united states said, okay, i'm going to discontinue daca for all the "dreamers" in the country, and congress will have six months to do something. well, yesterday marks six months. up on capitol hill there was
5:06 am
plenty of action. "dreamers" being arrested, something like 85, 86, 87 were arrested. chained themselves together, blocked traffic. they have wanted congress to do something. ainsley: president tweeted about this this is the new tweet. total inaction on daca by dems. where are you? a deal can be made. brian: i agree with that. i think president should call on the leaders to get to the oval office today, whatever room they want. they have 54 votes on one plan. make sitting the president can get behind, whatever it takes. at least lay it out. here is what i like about the mike rounds plan. you have 54 votes. go for it. they will pass it. on that plan, president desperately wants to i do personally i want to get the wall built. we can't solve daca if we have another generation of people sneaking in. we have the 25 billion. get the other two, get one more of the pillars? steve: congress isn't going to
5:07 am
do anything because congress is looking at courts, it is tied up in the courts. you have the ninth circuit and court in new york state as well. brian: i they will do something. senator graham, i'm up calling for the president to do something. >> steve: why didn't they do something yesterday? brian: it is not too late. >> judge roger titus from maryland, federal judge, he essentially said that the president was correct in saying that he had the power and in fact he also liked the fact that he gave the government six months to figure out how to unwind this thing. ainsley: he said given reasonable belief daca was. brian: it didn't have enough, so they changed goodlatte bill to get the votes. house would have passed something, putting more pressure on the senate. they might have something -- this is president that could get it done.
5:08 am
ainsley: this president would allow 1.8 million daca recipients a others to stay in the country. hoping that would give democrats, okay you will do that for us, we'll do the wall for you. but a lot of republicans are saying democrats don't want to do anything, come november they want to say this president didn't do anything to keep you in this country. steve: got to change the law if you have are allowing people in the country legally. the president can't do that. he can only sign an executive order. it is very clear, the president made it very clear for months what his deal is. the four pillars. for congress to come out, we'll give them one pillar, we'll give them two pillars. that is disingenuous -- brian: you never get everything you want. you, they gave him two pillars. >> he wants four. brian: he wants four. ainsley: in my opinion i don't look at it as four pillars. steve: comprehensive. ainsley: ones who are already here he will allow them to stay, that is amnesty. a lot of you don't like that. then he is saying prevent anyone
5:09 am
else from coming through. that is, that is the three pillars. brian: that is two. ainsley: one pillar. the wall -- lottery. brian: right now the lottery, the lottery and the chain migration are not included. so the president should call everybody in and said, got to get me as close to four as possible. i will do something that bush, clinton, obama couldn't do. i will have -- ainsley: see what i'm saying? the three the president wants, i think that is one pillar. that is saying i will prevent others from coming in. we want a check on who is coming in. we want to know who is coming. brian: he got it. 25 billion. ainsley: that is his pillar. the democrats pillar keep the daca recipients in. steve: the ball is in congress's court. brian: that is not good if you have for the president. ainsley: our not listening to me. all three of those things are considered one pillar to me. does that make sense? brian: i don't know. steve: sound as if chuck schumer
5:10 am
gave him the deal. the "dreamers" for 25 billion and border security. president said nope, sorry chuck, i can get a better deal with congress. brian: he is still waiting. 8:10 here in new york city. jillian joins us with news from north korea. jillian: that's right, let's begin with the fox news alert. we're following this story. north korea agrees to suspend missile tests if it holds talks with the u.s. following a rare meeting with south korea which says the north is ready for a heart to heart talk with the u.s. about denuclearization. the southern official said the rogue regime there is no need for nuclear weapons if military threats are resolved. the navy has a new fighter to address the growing threat in the south china sea. the f-35-b. marking first time the aircraft deployed on a u.s. navy ship. it can land and take off and
5:11 am
loaded with on any surface and loaded with bombs and fuel. it is capable of striking carriers from 800 feet away. is iran ready for a new political revolution -- vermont. they were edeciding whether to elect bernie sanders for his old job. senator sanders was the city's mayor from 1981 to 1989. his son levi announced his run for congress in new hampshire last week. turning to extreme weather, a one-two punch for the northeast as another major winter storm creeps towards the coast. >> that is not good. jillian: no it is not. that is a sign of things to come of the storm system sending a garbage truck sliding sideways down an icy road in north dakota. and firefighters in "new york posting" this video from friday's storm, a tree
5:12 am
falling on top of a power line. reminding people be always aware of your surroundings. that storm on friday, my family in pennsylvania, my dad says it 30 minute commute. it took him three hours to get home. ainsley: why? because of fallen trees? jillian: wind, power lines, trees he, snow. ainsley: not just the cold. it is the wind. steve: senator joe manchin believes the president will sign mr. manchin's bill on gun background checks. will it get passed? we'll have the senator next. ainsley: plus america tuning out the anti-trump oscars in record numbers. ben shapiro is here to react coming up ♪
5:13 am
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forgot me goggles. kayak. search one and done.
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5:16 am
♪ >> licensed dealer, licensed dealers have to have background checks if you buy it from them? >> i think it would be a very positive thing in terms of background checks. steve: we all watched that live last week from the white house. that lawmaker, now admitting he truly believes president trump would sign his bill as part of the push for bipartisan action
5:17 am
on school safety. brian: yep. joining us right now with more, that democratic senator the president is counting on, senator joe manchin, who teamed with pat toomey for a bill coming forward. senator, we saw a lot of promising word and body language out of that meeting. what has happened since? >> we're still working. we're still trying to navigate this and get a signal from the white house this is the direction they want to go. i still believe in my heart of hearts, brian, i said this the president wants something responsible and reasonable. he willrotect amendment rights. he will not take guns away from anybody. wh heill do is hopefully support the manchin-toomey bill which has been around five years. all the law-abiding gun owners had a chance to review it. all we do is shut down loopholes on the gun shows and internet. make it harder for criminal or terrorist to go into a gun show or on the internet to get what they want to be armed. makes a lot of sense.
5:18 am
it "fix nics" which gives incentives for every state to report findings they have and mental illness and ajudicate people that shouldn't be getting guns. those are responsible, reasonable things, and the president gave vocal support for that. we hope that he is still there and hopefully nra is not concerned about that because it is most reasonable, responsible way to move forward. steve: senator, when folks were watching the meeting last week from the white house, people saw the president have give-and-take with republicans and democrats and it sounded like he kept saying, okay, you guys come up with a bill and give me a bill. sounds like he is waiting on you guys to give him something it actually that he not only would sign but would pass congress as well. >> nothing will pass unless the president is comfortable with it. we'll make sure that -- steve: what would pass? >> what would pass?
5:19 am
manchin-toomey bill with pass with the president's support. i truly believe that. it does not inspring on any law-abiding gun owners rights. it does not take away your responsibility as law-abiding gun owner. we know you won't sell your gun to a stranger, criminal, someo ajiced mentally or give to a family member that is not responsible. that is how we're taught. nra helped us to understand and learn all that. we want them to get back to their base. we'll work on that. president will have it. we hope he accepts it and move forward. brian: you told us during the break up from mitch mcconnell to do it. he is waiting for okay from the white house, you're ready to go. everyone is waiting, pun intended to pull the trigger. i hope the white house does something. talk about what else you're doing. the talking about opioid abuse, you have a bill that wants to restore power to the dea. in what respect. >> what happened before, brian, how this thing watered down,
5:20 am
there was a piece of legislation came over from the house side, basically took powers away, maybe non-intended, but it did. it didn't allow them to reduce the amount of opioids that the distributors could be putting into certain areas such as my area of west virginia, certain parts of my state as we see millions of people, when only hundreds of people live there. this prevented them from stopping those orders from going in. my bill reverses that. we worked with the dea. it is what they need and what they want to enforce the amounts of bills that unresponsible distributors are send into certain areas of our country. they can throttle that back, hopefully protect our citizens. that is all we're asking for. this bill reverses actions that were taken previously. hopefully we'll correct that mistake. steve: way you explain it seems quite reasonable. senator from the great state of west virginia, joe manchin. thank you very much. >> brian, always good to be with
5:21 am
you. good morning. brian: if something gets done senator joe manchin will be right behind it. thanks, senator. >> thank you. steve: his fictional conspiracy-themed stores have made him a best-selling author. brad medicalster is out with book about victims of the 9/11 terror attack. - [narrator] imagine a shirt that actually makes you feel better. introducing tommie copper's all new shoulder centric posture shirt. they're biggest breakthrough yet. advanced engineering promotes healthy posture and relief for achy shoulders and back. visit to see the entire line
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♪ jillian: time for quick headlines. plane crazy edition. terrified passengers retrain an unruly flyer who tried opening the cabin door mid-flight. that woman was also screaming that she is god. listen. >> i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. ainsley: the united express flight from san francisco landed
5:25 am
safely in idaho. the woman was taken for a medical evaluation. fists flying on board a southwest airlines flight. watch this. [screaming] [bleep] ainsley: the fight breaking out on a planeto take off in dallas. everyone involved was taken off the flight. no word what caused that brawl. brian? brian: 25 minutes after the hour. "new york times" best-selling author brad meltzer newest thriller is out. it is called the "escape artist." gets a inside like at the dover air force base mortuary. while the book is fiction, there is incredible true story that spurred it. the author of the escape artist. over 12 million sold. >> my family buy as lot of copies. brian: they have to. it's a big family. this book, "the escape artist." what was the incident. >> one of my favorite
5:26 am
characters, nola brown is staff sergeant in the army. nola says she is dead, dies in a plane crash. what our hero opens up the body, find a hidden note in the body, says, nola, you are right keep running. she is not dead, she is on the run. she is the escape artist. that is the fiction and thriller, based on a real thing that happened when i was at at dover air force base. it takes care of best of us, fallen soldiers and handles the biggest cases. i gave my plots to the people there. could highed a note in a body for someone to find it? what they explained to me, on a plane going down, you ate a sheet of paper, the liquids in your stomach could potentially protect that upon a crash. like ultimate message in a bottle and it already happened. what are you talking about? on 9/11, it happened, one of the victims on pentagon flight, 77, was brought to dover, they opened up the body, they found a
5:27 am
hidden secret note inside. brian: obvious question, with did the note say? who was it? >> that was my first question. they wouldn't tell me. i natural respect that privacy. my how the it has to be somebody in the military. who else would have the wherewithal to think in that moment to do that as i looked at it, made me realize that note was looking for what we look for, brian. connection. we want to love, be loved. in that moment, my parents died i remember one. moments of solace i got, i got to say good-bye to them. i take hope from that note. when that note proves, we reach out to someone else, when we send the message in a bottle, someone hears us. i built the book about what happens when you find a secret note. brian: i remember the series, you found the actual 9/11 flag. you are in and out of fiction and none fix. you base it on facts how important are the pentagon connections? >> it is vital.
5:28 am
doing a uso tourer entertaining troops in the middle east. i know what happened with our fallen soldiers. i didn't realize they get the biggest cases. when the space shuttle goes down, when 9/11 happens, bodies go there. top secret spies across the globe, when they're out there they come back they go to dover. dover is a place full of secrets and mysteries. what impressed me more thanking else is the incredible work of people there. there were heroes, true amerin heroes are there. what they do, when ao fallen soldier goes down, they can rebuild, spend 14 hours rebuilding cheekbones in their cheek, so someone can see their son or daughter one last time. rebuilding a hand, because a mother specifically said i want to hold my son's hand one last time. this is the best of best of us working on the best of the best of us. this is real hero. i wanted the "the escape artist" filled with real heroes. brian: family members and presidents show up. >> that is the thing. we really node these heroes
5:29 am
today. i was like, let them be the heroes of this thriller. brian: you have a great children series out there to give people idea of american history. you're working for adults, fiction, nonfiction and working for the kids. brad, congratulations on the latest novel, "the escape artist" it is out today. >> thank you, sir. brian: his son was bullied on the bus. his punishment in run to school. >> this is parenting, if you don't know what it is like. teach a child a lesson. you don't have kill them or beat them, sometime it sucks for them. brian: he is running to work because he was a bully at school. how did it work out? america tuning out the anti-trump oscars in record numbers. ben shapiro weighs in like he always does. ♪
5:30 am
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♪ ♪ come to america steve: looking up avenue of the americas, 200711 with avenue of the americas, neil diamond, native new yorker singing. we have ben shapiro from l.a. ben, moments ago the president of the united states tweeted this out. lowest rated oscars in history. problem is we don't have stars anymore, except your president. just kidding of course. after last week, where he made the joke about president for life, now he has got to say, i'm joking. >> yeah, i mean that, anything that the president says is going to be taken as seriously as possible so long as it can hurt him about it media, but pretty good joke, mr. president. i like that one. obviously ratings at the oscars were down again t year.
5:34 am
they have been down for several years. the reason is pretty simple. when hollywood put what is they think best of hollywood on display, what they think spits in eye of common america. they haven't had a picture since 2:00, that won best picture in the top 10 of the box office. there is great divide in hollywood with movies that earn money and people want to see and hollywood show us that they want to talk about the actual cocktail parties. movie winning best picture is about a movie having sex with a fish, grinding nemo. the people that people want to see, are nominated for technical award. no wonder people aren't tuning in. brian: ben, here is the thing, always been the case, but i professor seen such a chasm in the two. i was at movie i saw this it is esoteric or too deep i'm too shallow to understand it. it is too long. it is not entertaining. it is not interesting.
5:35 am
all the conversation is stilted. >> yay. there is no question that they should shorten the broadcast the truth is the broadcast has been really long as long as i've been watching oscars. i didn't watch it this year first time in forever simply because i was not interested in watching all the people sexually harassing raping each other lecture america why our morality is deficient. that is what it turned into entirely irritating to most americans. it should be. hollywood patting itself on the back, at same time hollywood is experiencing one of the greatest scandals in a century. steve: you have the fact that it was the third award show for movies in a row. god golden globes. you have sag, this one. i think i'm awarded out. >> i think that is true as well. i think there is also a cable-cutting aspect here. there are a lot of people not as interested in watching oscars, they can watch clips later f they want to watch the show live, news is live. oscar results on twitter and watch clips later on somebody
5:36 am
else's show. ainsley: this is entertaining. sam nunberg who worked for president trump's campaign he did a media blitz yesterday. one of the anchors accusing him of being blitzed. whether or not he was, we don't know. watch this we'll get your reaction. >> mueller will to the send me to prison for this. this is ridiculous. i won't sit for 80 hours to produce every email i had with roger stone and steve bannon. >> you could go to prison for this? >> the idea once again that donald trump colluded with russia is a joke. >> you're sitting very close to me. >> yes. >> we talked earlier about what, people in the white house were saying about you, talking about whether you were drinking or on drugs or whatever. what had happened today. talking to you, i have smelled alcohol on your breath. >> well i have not had a drink. >> you haven't had a drink. so that is not -- awkward. give you the question. have you had a drink today? >> my answer is no, i have not. ainsley: so, just to get some
5:37 am
people some history. he vowed to refuse a s&p, go before the grand jury. they can arrest me before i do that. trying to get records of conversations he had with other people on the campaign trail. >> yeah. and it is irresponsible of members of the media to put this guy on the air, allege he is drunk. if he is drunk or suffering from severe mental efficiency, not newsworthy to put that person on the air. it shows the desperation level in some areas of the media. cnn has deployed a reporter to russia to dig through an actual dumpster on air. they're deploying reporters to thailand to talk to russian prostitute, trying to get it of jail, has material on trump russia. if we have a simple question, if sam nunberg, were forme obama aid, ripping up obama durin his term do you we think networks at cnn, in. bc would feature him yesterday or they would have said look stable, would not put him from many after camera. brian: would not get past
5:38 am
security. i will answer that question. there was high school basketball game going on, final score was 93-7. afterwards the superintendent, apologizeddism i'm happy we won the tournament but of course no one likes that type of score. i'm hoping this game will bring thoughtful reflection from the program leaders. is she right to apologize for -- steve: for winning. brian: for the big win? >> no obviously. if she doesn't want to book a game against a school with inferior basketball team, don't book the game. there is thing in sports not running up score on people. but at same time, the idea of terrible wrong was done superior team defeats inferior team. this is one of the ways people get through life. there will be times in life when you're beat by superior team, by a steer i don't remember player, it should be emphasis to get better or quit. silly to have administration apologizing on behalf of the player. whose job is to score baskets.
5:39 am
are they supposed to dribble you will out the clock? brian: they kept their starters in for three quarters. last quarter they put in the sub. >> only seven or eight kids even suited up for the game. i was reading on line. why they had to keep the starters in so long. ainsley: yesterday, we talked to some folks from uconn, they were unhappy with the fact, linda sarsour, she started women's marchs, said anti-semitic comments in the past. she has been invited to the school to speak. she will be on campus. anyone can come watch her. i don't know if they're selling tickets. no counselors needed when you go to uconn they're offended by you, and maybe you're dangerous? he have this to have police there. they have to have counselors there? what was your reaction when you heard they were inviting linda sarsour? >> certainly shows the snowflake syndrome seems to centralize on one side. only the left is filled with horrible snowflakes interested in shutting down debate at
5:40 am
college campuses, mandating hundreds of police officers and ban on general public from attending my lectures. when it is linda sarsour, infinitely worse than controversy, than i am, this woman recently defended people who were defended louis farrakhan she is treated as normal part of the political debate at uconn. i'm glad u con had me, they had to take precautions and warn the students as i would scar them for life. linda sarsour says awful things on regular basis, no warning for the population, shows how leftist the administration is. brian: can i make an observation. it doesn't seem to bother you. >> i don't care. as long as i talk to the students i'm a happy camper. i'm grateful to administrations for allowing me there. i can't be bothered by all the stupid people who want to shut down debate. if we did that we wouldn't have a country. steve: absolutely. there is a whole thing about, hecklers veto if they complain about somebody you wind up
5:41 am
getting sent far away from the main place. but apparently uconn said they had went through the same protocol with her that they did with you. ultimately though, that is what you want to hear on campus. she has got some extraordinary views. you have got some views. you want to hear all the views. you don't want any editing. >>o questn. i wh we had the samreatment as sarsour. some of it is isthe administration and some on the antifa folks, some of the people who are radicals. radicals don't exist on the right. not a lot of people attempting to shut down sarsour, threatening the event with violence there. is reason administration didn't feel police officers were necessary in same numbers as my event. not because of cons verizon my views, a bunch of radicals on the left are committed in fascist fashion shutting down free speech in the way people on the right are generally not. brian: ben shapiro show. those ideas are found on your podcast, right. >> absolutely. check that out. thanks for the plug, guys. ainsley: thank you, ben.
5:42 am
coming up she wanted be to a good mom, she got a gun. the powerful new op-ed going viral. the author of the op-ed is on with us next. steve: griff jenkins is down in texas having breakfast with friend where it is primary day. >> i want to show you real quickly the walls here full of veterans. the owner interests sy, what is with the walls. a lot of heroes on the walls. >> yes, sir, griff. this is our way, grew spontaneously to honor veterans, our customers, a way to honor them for their sacrifice and their service to our country. a lot of them are gone now. but we feel our privilege to continue to honor them. >> good for you, we'll be right back. his uncle in the first wave at omaha. ♪ stairs.
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we the people... are defined by the things we share. and the ones we love. who never stop wondering what we'll do or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition. ♪ ainsley: in very powerful new op
5:46 am
set, titled, i want to be a good mom, so i got a gun, our next guest argues against the notion that gun right supporters care more about guns than children. columnist bethany mandel writing for many support for gun rights is mivated precisely by our devotion to protect our kids. bethany joins us right now. thanks for coming on. this op-ed is pretty powerful. >> thanks. ainsley: the title in of itself. tell us what happened as a child and your background thaw write about for people that didn't read the op-ed. >> i grew up with a single mom. my mom was incredibly strong woman. my mom was a hunter. they used to go to a campground where there were a lost bears. we used to have a lot of guns when camping. when my dad left, she kept the guns around because there was rash of burglaries in our neighborhood.
5:47 am
i was sleeping one night, a window open. a ladder banged into the window sill. it was literally right above my head. ainsley: how old were you? >> they or four. i started screaming. my mom heard the bang and ran in with rifle in one hand and ammo with the other. she started loading it. ainsley: what did she say? >> as she walks in, bethany, get behind me, i don't want you to get his brain matter on your face. ainsley: what did the guy do? >> he was frozen. i don't know if he understood english. stood there, looked at gun, froze, started scurrying down the ladder. my mom had rifle in her hand. she walked up to the ladder. waited until a fourth of way down the ladder he was out of reach, but still pretty high on the ladder. she grabbed the ladder and shook it. if she had pushed him she would have broken his back. she wanted to make clear she meant business. ainsley: mama bear comes out. >> she said if you come back, i'm not going toesitate.
5:48 am
ainsley: you're now a mother. hree.r of t >> yeah. ainsley: you own guns? >> i own a gun. i, we moved to new jersey from new york city in part because new jersey is better surprisingly for gun laws than new york city. ainsley: that is why you moved? >> that is part of it. ainsley: really? >> there were also robberies in our neighborhood. so we sort of wanted to get into the burbs to raise our children outside of the city. the fact that there were people crawling through fire escapes in our neighborhood when i was pregnant, it was kind of a repeat of my experience when i was a kid. i kept on saying to my husband, this time i can't have a gun. so there was other reasons. we moved to new jersey. i kept on printing the paperwork. it is not easy to get a gun especially in the new jersey. ainsley: especially in the northeast. >> i kept on printing the paperwork, i printing paperwork, couldn't get fingerprints, letters from my friend. it's a whole process. i had my address posted by the
5:49 am
daily stormer. they put a picture of me with a target. photoshoped a target on me. ainsley: you have children? >> i have three children. yeah. it was terrifying. i was laying up at night listening to sound. getting security systems and still didn't feel safe. ainsley: you have ever had to use isn't. >> that, thank god. ainsley: what is the message you tell people at home? why did you write this. >> i think a lot of folks especially dana loesch, spokeswoman, you're saying your guns over your women, that is been thrown at me, thrown at dana, thrown at a lot of women, because they're targeting our motherhood and saying you're not a good mother because you own guns. what they don't understand, especially if you have never grown up around guns, is a lot of us have guns because we have children, not tee spite we have children. and we think they are valuable tools to protect our families. a lot of hatred against guns is based in the media corridor of new york and washington where you have always lived within
5:50 am
five minutes of a 911 call. and i didn't grow up within five minutes of a 911 call. i grew up in a trailer. we moved eventually. i grew up in a trailer park maybe 20 minutes from a police department. you have to be able to protect yourself. ainsley: that's right. beth deathey, thank you so much. read it in "the new york times." "the nework times" printed this. i want to be a good mom so i got a gun. appreciate it. up next griff jenkins is having breakfast with friend where it is primary day. first we check with sandra smith to find out what is comming up at the top of the hour on her show. hey, sandra. >> hey, ainsley. north korea promises no nuclear weapons against the south and willing to hold talks with the u.s. why the major change in tone. ambassador john bolton on desk. concern over possible trade war over president's proposed tariffs. where does senator rand paul stand on that? we'll ask him. mike huckabee joins us as the lone star state kicks off
5:51 am
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♪ steve: well, deep in the heart of texas they are having a primary day. ainsley: they are. griff jenkins is there. he is at the west side cafe in fort worth. hey, griff. >> hey, ainsley and steve. the texans smashed the early voting record, over 885,000 last week. richard, you're one of the early voters. what was the issue that mattered most to you when you went to the polls? >> when i went to the polls to vote the main concern that my wife and i both have is security. security of the nation and financial security. >> national security and economic security. thank you, richard.
5:55 am
i have to jump over here and bother sandy. sandy, have you voted? >> not yet. >> not yet. you have to get out there and do it. when you go to the polls, what is most important to you? >> economy, the economy. but i like to vote starting down at judges level. >> at judges level matters to you? >> yes it does. >> what specifically, are you worried about rule of law, gun control, what is it? >> a little bit all of it. have conservative judges. start down here, working their way up to get laws right. people being able to follow the law. >> sandy, happens to be one of those judges, we roped her in here, brook ellen, she is one of th two judges in tarrant county here, running unopposed, is that correct? >> yes. one of two judges for probate court. what they talk to you what matters most? >> they want judges who will not make the laws. strictly interpret the laws as written and follow what the
5:56 am
texas legislature and our federal government has done. >> all right. well it is going to be a he have important primary day because you have all 36 congressional seats up for grabs, as well as one senate grab, senator ted cruz stiff senate opposition. cameron has a message for the entire state of texas. what is it cameron? >> go vote! >> go vote. you heard it there. good job. well-done. that is the westside cafe in fort worth, texas. we'll be back with more "fox & friends when we come back. parodontax, the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems
5:57 am
and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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5:59 am
>> so there's this light within me and it is god and i wrote a book about it and it's coming out april 24 and the name of the book is called the light within
6:00 am
me based on scripture. i have come into the world as light so no one who believes in me will stay in darkness. you can pre-order now. thank you very much. >> we'll do facebook live. go it our facebook page and watch us live. yesterday 85,000. >> bill: hey, guys, officials meeting in pyongyang saying the north would be willing to hold direct talks with the u.s. about freezing its nuclear testing program. good morning. we're taking this in right now. we'll work through it a step at a time. i'm bill hemmer inside "america's newsroom." >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. it follows kim jong-un and north korean officials saying they would spund -- spend nuclear tests. >> bill: what to believe and not


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