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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 6, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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general jeff sessions or either of your cabinet secretaries? >> president trump: i don't want to talk about that. i said that the white house has tremendous energy. it has tremendous spirit. it is a great place to be working. many, many people want every single job. i read where oh, gee, people don't want to work for trump. believe me, everybody wants to work in the white house. they all want a piece of that oval office, they want a piece of the west wing. not only in terms of it looks great on their resume, it's just a great place to work. it has tremendous energy. it's tough. i like conflict, i like having two people with different points of view and i have that. and then i make a decision. but i like watching interest, i like seeing it, it's the best way to go. i like different points of view. but the white house has a tremendous energy. we have tremendous talent. stwll be people, i'm not going to be specific, but there will be people that change. they always change. sometimes they want to go out and do something else. but they all want to be in the
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white house. so many people want to come n i have a choice of anybody. i could take any position in the white house and i'll have a choice of the 10 top people having to do with that position. everybody wants to be there. and they love this white house because we have energy like rarely before. thank you very much. >> thank you sir. >> mr. prime minister last year you criticized the president for drawing a link between immigrant crime and the recent arrivals of refugees. this week one of our own flagship papers, the "new york times," profiled a link between hand grenade violence and immigrant gang violence in your country. do you stand by your criticism the president? >> sweden, we have our share of domestic challenges no, doubt about that. so we inherited a wlegttion that was not sustainable, legislate ocean migration. -- legislation on migration. in 2015, we received 163,000
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refugees seeking refuge. bear in mind we're a country of 10 million inhabitants. a dramatic increase. we changed the legislation so now we have decreased the number of refugees entering sweden and putting pressure on the other european union countries to take their share of the responsibility. this is not a responsibility for one, two, three, four countries. it is a shared responsibility. we work with that now, within the european union. so, we of course, we also have problems with crime, organized crime in sweden, shootings. but it's not like you have this no-go zones. we have dealt with it, i'm dealing with it every day, allocating more resources to the police, more policemen trained, more to the security police,
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tougher law on crime, tougher law on terrorism, supporting terrorism. we do a lot to combat that. we can see some results no in our three major cities. decreased shootings because we're attacking the organized crime very tough. we'll keep on doing that. there is no space in sweden for organized crime. because they sdee crease free 2k078 for ordinary people. at the same time -- they decrease freedom for order people. sweden have huge growth. unemployment is going down, employment going up. we have high investment rates. we allocate resources to the welfare. we have a strong, strong economy with the surplus, huge surplus that we're now using to develop our society with, for example, the welfare that we want. so the picture of sweden needs to be, it's two pictures. yes, we have our share of domestic problems and
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challenges, no doubt about that. but we're dealing with them. and we also have good foundation for dealing with them. at least with the strong economy and the shrinking unemployment. okay, so it's -- thank you. >> this is an election year both of our countries. i want to ask you mr. trump what do you think sweden should learn from how the russian influence campaign affected the presidential election in the u.s.? >> president trump: well, the russians had no impact on our votes whatsoever. but certainly there was meddling and probably there was meddling from other countries, maybe other individuals. i think you have to be really watching very closely. you don't want your system of votes to be compromised in anyway.
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we won't allow that to happen. we're doing a very, very deep study and coming out with very strong suggestions on the '18 election. i think we will do very well in the '18 election. historically, those in the white house have a little bit of a dip. but i think we will do well, the economy is so good and because we're protecting our jobs, like our jobs are being protected like with the tariffs. the big thing is the tax cut and the regulations cuts. also, the judges. i mean we have jut standing judges. judge gorsuch in the supreme court and many judges going on to the bench all over the country. we will do very well. and i think it will be a tremendous surprise to people how well. the economy is so good, jobs are so good. black unemployment, historic unemployment, all-time lows. we're doing well. based on that we should do well and i hope so. you have to be vigilant.
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one of the things we're learning is it's always good, it's old-fashioned but it's always good to have a paper backup system of voting. it's called paper. not highly complex computers, paper. a lot of states are doing that. going to a paper backup. and i think that's a great idea. we're studying it closely. various agencies, including homeland security, are studying it carefully. >> but are you worried about russians frying to meddle in -- trying to immediate until the mid-term elections? >> president trump: no, we'll counteract what they do, and we are having strong backup systems. we have been working, we haven't been given credit for this but we've been working very hard on the '18 election. and the '20 election coming up. thank you very much. >> mr. lofven are you on the same page when it comes to the threat from russia when it comes to meddling in elections, do you
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think? >> well, we both agree upon that the election in the country should, the result of the election in the country should be decided by nobody else but the voters in that country. that is our stance. that is why our intelligence agency now also increase in their own capacity to detect and counter whether it's hacker attacks or financing or producing or spreading propaganda, whatever it is. we are increasing our capacity to handle that. we are cooperating with other european union countries, some of our agencies cooperating with american counterparts. and this we will continue to do. so any foreign power that believes that they can interfere with our election, we will find out. and we will call them out, very clearly, and loud. >> this is the first time that you two meet, just two of you. where did you find most common
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ground, where do you differ most on political issues? >> first we -- >> president trump: almost everything we agree. >> first, we, i mean, we both come from outside politics. i've spent 30 years in industry as a welder. but also aing a trade unionist, trade union leader, spending 75%, 80% of my time cooperating with the company leaders, with the employers, ones, in an effort to strengthen our industry. so that's perhaps a similar background. not similar, because it's different. but we come from outside politics. also friends differ from time to time. the paris agreement, the importance of the paris agreement, we stand by that, we feel it is important to implement and fulfill the paris agreement because of the climate
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issue. and on that we might differ. trishts as well. trists as well. but we know that the relationship is good that, we differ as well. because the values are there and we cooperate very, very good on economic issues, and making sure that we create jobs, and growth, combatting terrorism, and also when it comes to defend ourselves. >> to follow up for mr. trump, do you think trade is where sweden and the u.s. differ most right now? >> president trump: i think we have very good relationships on trade. we have had. and we are constantly in touch. we have, on the military, great cooperation. including design of various components of aircraft, et cetera. we were discussing that. we have some of the great makers of these components in the room with us today. we have very good relationship on trade. we always will have. sweden is a great country.
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it's small, but it's very sharp. they are very sharp. thank you very much, everybody. i appreciate it. thank you. thank you very much. >> covering a lot of ground from north korea to trade. president trump just signalling he's willing to negotiate but there are pretty big ifs on the table. welcome everyone, i'm trish regan for neil cavuto. north korea is willing to give up its nukes. here's what the president had to say about that. . >> to what do you owe this recent openness to talk? >> president trump: me. no, i think that -- nobody got that. i think that they are sincere, but i think there's sincere -- they're sincere also bras the sanctions -- because also the sanctions and what we are doing with respect to north korea, including the great help that we've been given from china, they can do more.
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i think they have done more than they've ever done for our country before. china is a factor. we don't want it to happen. we're going to find out if they're sincere. >> we will have more on that in a moment. first, john roberts at the white house. with the latest. >> north korea to. agenda in the talks, particularly with the overtures from north korea, they will sit down, willing to sit down with the u.s. to talk about the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. another important issue, one that the two countries don't see eye-to-eye on, president's threats to impose 10% tariffs on aluminum, 25% on steel. the eu commission president
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sending prime minister lofven saying if you go ahead with the tariffs, the european union has no choice but to put tariffs on things such as motorcycles, harley-davids harley-davidson, saying they're retaliate against american made jeans and kentucky bourbon. i asked the president is he planning on going ahead with the punitive tariffs. listen to his answer here. >> president trump: well, the united states has been taken advantage of by other countries, both friendly and not so friendly, for many, many decades. and we have a trade deficit of $800 billion a year. and that's not going to happen with me. >> i asked the prime minister about the message that he conveyed to the president both from sweden and the european union.
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he didn't really give me a direct answer but said it's always good when the two countries cooperate on trade. >> thank you. john roberts at the white house. well the big question can we trust the north koreans when they say they put their nukes on hold if the u.s. holds. four-star general jack keen is skeptical. i know you always are when it comes to the north koreans. does this statement change anything in your view? >> well, yes, certainly. if year we're going to have talks, they're agreeing to the conditions that we establish, no talks unless you're willing to discuss denuclearization. if they're accepting that condition, then we'll likely have some talks. but i can tell you, for a fact, this administration will go into those negotiations very clear-eyed, that the rtdz noth koreans have always, and i say always used negotiations in the past to buy time for the technology development that
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they're undertaking at the moment. and that has been their pattern. yes, i'm very skeptical but at the same time let's get on with the talks and let's really find out if these guys are serious or not. and so, i'm hopeful it happens. and we're going to find out. >> why do you think, general, kim jong-un is willing to sit down and have the talks, ball games of the rhetoric from the president, is it because china is needling him to do so in response to maybe the tariffs that we have put on aluminum and steel? why now? >> well, first of all my sources have told me better than a week ago that we had shut down about 70% to 80% of north koreas revenue and trade with the maximum pressure campaign that secretary tillerson is leading with the other nation of the world and two positive u.n. resolutions. then now we have the united states navy beginning to intercept shipping that's going into the backdoor of north korea
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to their ports. we're getting close to 90% of drying up their revenue. that obviously is taking a toll. the other thing that's happening, the president of the united states and his national security team have been absolutely unequivocal, our policy toward you is deny nuclear weapons in north korea. take them all out. our policy is not the unstated poll sift obama administration contain north korea. no, we've never talked down that path. you put both of those things together and north korea is coming to the negotiating table. we'll find out if they're really serious about doing this. and develop a pathway forward. >> you know that's a big question. as you say, we'll stay skeptical throughout it all. but at least they're kind of, you know, playing the game so to speak. at least they're saying that they're willing to have these talks to begin with.
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and i guess, i just really am curious why it happened now. i mean i do think that they recognize that this administration is very serious. but i also think, you heard the president there, in the press conference just now, say that china had been helpful in this. i wonder if china is suddenly helpful, there's something economically at stake. when we talk about tariffs, general, that is our way to use economic pressure before it gets to, god forbid, military pressure. economic pressure is very real. economic pressure can have a real outcome, as a result of what we're putting forth, correct? >> yes. no doubt about it. china, you know, major exporter of steel to be sure, now obviously going to have a trade war to a certain degree with the united states over this issue. but i believe china fright the beginning, committed themselves to the united states to help.
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the issue was always how much help? and i suspect there's still more they can do, it sounds that way, listening to the president as well. but i do believe they have been part of the solution this time as opposed to part of the problem. so, yeah, this has been moving in the right direction and we'll see if the north koreans are serious, or is this just a ploy on their part to buy more time. >> general jack keane, thank you, good to see you as always. >> good talking to you, trish. >> the 2018 mid terms starting early, texas holding primaries today. one week from today will be pennsylvania special congressional election between republicans and the democrat. president trump is campaigning for the republican. let goes to fox news channel peter doocy in washington with the latest. interesting to be watching right now. >> it is. and, trish, the democrats across
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the country betting they can turn public opinion against the recent tax bill with ads that look like this, soon going to be in front of voters like ohio, florida, nevada, arizona and missouri. the president of majority forward, part of the democratic pac, trying to win the senate, says this, quote, it's crucial for voters to know that republicans passed the tax bill to apiece corporations and billionaires who funneled their political careers. middle clalgs families need senators to protect medicare and stand up to the koch proper brothers and republicans running for the senate are unwilling to do the job. the top democrat in the sern at said the same thing, a few hours ago. >> look, they've promised the tax bill would line the pockets of workers. now we know it's padding organizations' bottom lines. >> i reached out to the national republican senatorial committee, the nsrc for kree action to the
1:19 pm
democratic strategy and got this back from communications director katie martin. quote, it shows how out of touch chuck schumer and his dark money group are that they think running against president trump's successful tax relief plan in states like north dakota, west virginia, and missouri is a winning strategy. ie. senate democrats made a huge miscalculation when they voted against the tax cuts and reminding voters their democratic senator voted against more take-home pay and bonuses will be a tough pill to swallow. republicans think the tax bill helps them keep the senate. dpem krats think it's the gop's single biggest liability eight months out. >> thanks, peter doocy. we have breaking news from catherine herridge. sources claiming disgraced fbi agent peter strzok was alerted to a possible breach of hillary clinton's e-mail server and did nothing about it. essentially, burying it. was his hatred for trump the
1:20 pm
reason? what is the significance, the judge is here to weigh n the east coast cleaning up from this monster, bracing for another one. tens of thousands still without power. how bad is this one going to get. we're on it, right after this.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> a clinton e-mail bombshell, sources telling fox news channel's catherine herridge, peter sfrok was told of a possible breach into hillary clinton's private e-mail server but strzok didn't follow up. did strzok's dislike of president trump play into this and what is the legal fallout? all rise for judge andrew napolitano in the house, good to see you. you are just the guy i want to talk to. >> pleasure to be here.
1:24 pm
>> why didn't he do anything? >> i don't know why he didn't do anything. but if he did know of a breach, meaning a foreign hostile power got access to mrs. clinton's e-mails, and if they were the classified category, confidential, secret, top secret, about 100 were, and he did not report that for some nonlaw enforcement reason, he wanted her to get elected or hated donald trump he caused an independent felony. if he did report it and superiors sat on it, he had a duty to go around his superiors. that's how profound a breach of this nature is. because with the breach, they were obliged in my view to present evidence of espionage against her to a grand jury. as we know they never did. >> we know he did not like gonld trump. >> we know that.
1:25 pm
hundreds and thun dreads of text messages. hundreds and hundreds. >> how would you be looking at this legally, do you need to make a ink will? >> this is grisht for the mill of the inspector general. depending what he dpindz he may refer to main justice. misconduct in office which in this case would be defined as making a significant, material law enforcement judgment for a nonlaw enforcement reason, like i wanted her to win and him to lose. >> but -- >> would be prosecutor. >> in her e-mail, knowing -- i would think you would want to follow up, iffing nothing else, to protect her, to make sure that the security breach doesn't cause a bigger problem for her. >> let me tell you how bad this is. at the time this happened, peter strzok wasn't just any fbi agent. he was the senior fbi agent in
1:26 pm
the intelligence division of the fbi. knowledgeable of all the intelligence secrets and charged more than any other human being in the fbi with maintaining the national security of the united states. if he looked the other way, when he saw a breach of this nature, i don't know how he could justify it from an ethical point of view, internal d.o.j. point of view and potentially criminal point of view. >> i don't even understand interest, just from the pure -- what you do when your job point of view. it doesn't make any sense that he would just gloss over that. wouldn't have even told us, because puts everyone in a hole, in a horrible spot. >> he's still in the d.o.j., he's subject to interrogation by the inspector general, we don't know what the inspector general asked him and what he answered. we'll see it when the report comes out.
1:27 pm
kudos to the d.c. could egg loos for finding this. nobody else has. way to go catherine herridge. good to see you, stir. >> great to see you. >> voters head to the polls today in texas. what drove this pass even jesh to try to mess with this aircraft door. >> oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. hey, sir lose-! thou hast the patchy beard of a pre-pubescent squire! thy armor was forged by a feeble-fingered peasant woman... your mom! as long as hecklers love to heckle, you can count on geico saving folks money. boring! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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talk to your health care provider today about diabetic heart disease. and find out more at your heart and type 2 diabetes. make the connection. >> there 2018 primaries intining, the polls in texas a little over three hours away from closing. casey stegall is outside one of those polling places with the latest for us. >> good to see you. hard to believe we're standing outside another polling location. can you believe it. you know there are, however, a lot of pretty well known names on the ballot in texas. including the governor, the lt. governor but no upsets expected in the races.
1:32 pm
the one people are really keeping a close on, is the race for u.s. senate. the democratic front runner in today's primary, congressman o'roarke, has raked in more campaign contributions than his republican rival, incumbent ted cruz. analysts predict cruz will prevail in the general election, all of what you're seeing, this blue surge, is quite uncommon clearly for a state like texas. and it could wind up having a significant impact in states and house races. listen. >> i don't know how many that will be, could be 6, could be 10, could be 15. i expect it's notable, a seat or two in the texas senate, maybe a seat in the u.s. house go from republican to democrat. >> analysts are quick to point out this is not a sign of texas
1:33 pm
going blue. or even a shade of purple. they argue this shows that liberals who are against trump and anti-trump are angry, energized, and they're speaking through their votes today in texas. we'll waitnd see. back to you. >> with early voting suggesting a turnover, should republicans be worried what does this mean about the future and all of 2018. we ask the washington examiner's gabby, also asking ned ryan, and democratic strategist david bernstein who disagrees. i'm going to start with you, ned, you know, are we seeing a solid turnout as far as democrats go in texas? if so does that give you any worries about how things will infould fold in the mid terms? >> you're seeing a strong democratic turnout. up 105% for democrats.
1:34 pm
they are surging, i would argue, a lot of that turnover in places where there's heavily contested democrat primary, you see greater turnout with democrats. there are troubling times for republicans. democrats picked up 39 state legislative seats, a lot of those in districts that republicans have traditionally held. you have 37 republicans stepped down from the house and not running for re-election in 2018. my response, is that a blue wave coming, look at the congressional generic ballot. democrats only up by 2 or 6, republicans up by one in one of the more recent ones. look at the top issues. in those polls voters are telling a story and they're saying most important issues in 2018 are the economy, jobs, and national security. guess who they trust on those issues by wide margins? republicans. 11 points on the economy. 9 points on jobs. 19 points on national security. republicans need to double down, sell this tax plan, message it well, listen, the economy is going well, wages are up, jobs
1:35 pm
are up, jobless claims are down, lowest in 45 years, run on those things and don't forget the fundamentals on each individual campaign. >> policy, they have good policy in place as far as interest pertains to the economy. and when people are feeling it, like they can provide for themselves and their families and they have a prosperous fupt ahead of them, gabby, makes it a little less attractive to vote for the other side, right? >> no doubt they're definitely benefitting from the tax bill. we've seen it reflected in polls where you have popularity for gop tax cuts going up, even among democrats a "new york times" poll out that showed an 11-point increase in support for the tax cuts among democrats who think it has benefitted middle class americans. at the same time i don't think we have overwhelming evidence to support this notion that these tax cuts might somehow compensate for other areas where republicans are sorely lacking
1:36 pm
support. heading into the mid terms. they have had no congressional action or legislative action on infrastructure, immigration, gun control. those are issues that a lot of americans are paying attention to during this election stiekle and want to see progress made on. >> let me ask you, david, has president trump stolen some of the traditional turf, shall we say, of the democrats by way of these tariffs? >> yes, absolutely. you look at inissue like tariffs, president trump really cut in to democratic strong holds, historically democratic strong households, union households. that will help going into the mid terms. on the economic issues, pocketbook issues, that's where it lexis really going to be fought. democrats can choose to attack the tax cuts but they have a tough time doing that. they are purting money back in people's pockets. on the broader issue, maybe over the long run, maybe they're correct. in the short term, people are seeing that money coming back to them.
1:37 pm
and the election is in november. >> all they have to run on is the kashg a tur that they put -- kashg a tour of the president. >> yes, and we know that mid terms do not favor the party in power. we can almost guarantee that the republicans are going to lose seats. the question is, request we really expect this wave. the democrats might mess it up. >> ned ryan, said that the democrats are putting these ads out, basically, try and paint the tax cuts as nothing but give aways on billionaires and corporations. how is that going to play? >> well, first of all, i mean, these tax cuts have already put bonuses into millions of americans pockets from the first month of the tax bill being enacted. you are seeing the benefits of it. i would challenge -- what i want is republicans to run on tax cuts. trish, i want them to lay out a positive vision f you give us back the majority in 2019 we'll make the individual rates permanent, small business rate
1:38 pm
permanent, let democrats run on if you put us back in power we'll raise your taxes. right now, all they're running on -- >> you know, that's the skas of out of state billionaires are making you pay for their tax cuts. gabby, i don't always get -- in some ways they're right, if you get into the private equity loophole thing. but the reality is, yes, corporations are getting tax cuts, but middle americans are getting dax cuts, too. what's not -- let's not forget who employs plidle americans? corporations. if they have eve got more money they hire more people. >> i think tom skier, i rarely give him praise for what's happening in america. but he had some interesting comments last week during a democratic national convention meeting in california where he said that house speaker -- house minority leader nancy pelosi has erred in saying the tax bill gave crumbs to the american
1:39 pm
people. he urged her and other democrats to avoid using phrases like that, because even tom skiesh, a billionaire democratic donor realizes the impact this is having on middle americans. >> they have to be tearing their hair over that, it was not a wisening making herself into the modern day marie antoinette. thank you so much all of you. after this, another powerful storm is threatening to hit the northeast with heavy snow. we just heard this. here we go, we'll go through another one. we'll tell you just how bad things could get. talk about things going bad, how would you like to be on this flight. this is really scary. they had the scare in the air, we'll share it with you. [screaming] >> i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. we're facing 20 billion security events every day.
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>> the northeast recovering from last week's nor'easter, another storm is threatening to dump up a foot of snow on the east coast. adam has the latest for you. hey, adam. >> hey. this is going to be an event that starts in the next couple of hours but picks up overnight running through wednesday. we're under winter storm warning stretching down from philadelphia running through new york, up to boston, portland maine. everywhere inland a loflt heavy snow is going to be for inlant communities. here is what this looks like in the hour by hour forecast. paying attention to it. again, you begin to see this snowfall, some of the winter weather conditions happening tonight. picking up, more of a problem for tomorrow night, going to work tomorrow morning. here's how it plays out. if you look closely, you do see a rain-snow divide line stretching from philadelphia up to new york. this will make a huge difference f you're on the eastern side of this, a little more rain. on the person side of this, that's when you start to see the
1:44 pm
snowfall totals that will really begin to climb up before the day is over. spots getting up widespread up to a foot of snow. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw places getting up to 1 r5 inches of snow. the i-9 r5 is the dividing line, depends where the rain-snow line drifts as we continue to watch it move back and forth. the models aren't totally in agreement. we have several models that are saying in some of the major coastal areas up to half a foot of snow. others saying a dusting, couple of inches. this is something we will watch. even if you don't get a lot of snow, this is going to be a winter system with freezing rain and winds getting up to 40 to 50 miles an hour. it will be nasty for absolutely everybody. >> looking forward to spring. >> me too. >> thanks, adam. let's go to, now, another story, very dangerous situation, could have been dangerous situation, female passenger on a united express flight had to be restrained. but it's what she was trying to
1:45 pm
do that really has folks nervous. trace gallagher is in los angeles with the latest. >> hey, trish. this is onboard a united flight from san francisco to boise, idaho. from the moment the middle aged woman got on the plane she began acting strangely. one passenger saying she wasn't acting right or nor mall from the beginning. i read it as one of them is trying to get over the fear of flying. then mid flight, the woman put the fear in a lot of other passengers when she said this. watch. >> i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. >> and while the woman over and over is claiming to be god, she's also trying to open one of the airplane doors. reportedly saying, quote, god has all the date, a i don't have any data. we landed in boise 15 minutes ago for three years. one group of passengers had heard and seen enough and moved in to restrain the woman using zip ties.
1:46 pm
the plane landed safely, she was arrested. we're told she's getting mental health evaluation. in a pressureized airplane cabin it's nearly impossible to open a door in flight. that's because airplane doors open inward. the intern pressure is higher than the outside pressure to pum the door in you need to be super human. don't forget d.b. cooper jumped out of the plane after he hijacked it with the cash but high had the pilot depressurize the plane before he jumped out. >> good to know. wow, pretty wild, shows you why mental health is increasingly on everyone's radar, big, big issue. thanks, trace gallagher. the eu striking back at president trump's threats on trades with tariffs on american goods. could all the benefits of our tax cuts go away if we end up in a trade war? republican congressman dave brat is next. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains.
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>> president trump: when we're down by $30 billion, $60 billion, $100 billion the trade war hurts them, doesn't hurt us. >> the eu announcing retaliatory tariffs on american goods. if president touch does not back down on the tariffs. could this wash away the benefits from the gop tax cuts? we're asking the gop congressman from virginia dave bratt. >> thank you. >> you worried about these tariffs? >> yeah, i think we got a much more targeted approach. the president is right, unfair trade you have to go after it. we pay $2 drillion in regulation the rest of the country doesn't, then you say free trade. the president is on to something, xwer any is on to something, the middle class hasn't had wages increased in 30 years. often the trade is the effect of productivity. trade can cause productivity.
1:51 pm
it's also the effect. so, we've got to ramp up our education levels, our productivity. the tax cuts are going to put more capital in the hands of our worker. that will increase productivity dramatically. people get money back in their checks and see economic growth go up. if you shrink trade that will reduce productivity. >> let me ask you, how is it right, how is it fair if another country taxes our exports, that they're importing into their country but we're not doing the same. that's not a level playing field. why can't we play by the same set of rules. >> i agree there. that's what i was getting at, it has to be free and fair trade. no tariffs. the chinese, for 20 years, we've let them get away with a lot of this, we were hoping the next generation would grass open to the freedom agenda. they have somewhat, the next generation is going in the way
1:52 pm
of freedom and capitalism, et cetera. the politics hasn't become free. we've done it as an intermediate step. it's been too long, now that i'm going to fight on behalf of american workers, the president, we want to equalize the playing field. small guys in my district and across the country, the people that work with the metals and aluminum numbs, processors, they'll get hurt. so there's 140,000 folks who work and have jobs in steel production. >> but there's a reason they're going after steel, it is an important resource that we need nationally in the case of god forbid in a war situation, you need to count on your steel industry and aluminum industry, that's why the two industries have been targeted for tariffs by the president, correct? >> yeah, no, and there is an argument there, and the number of steel mills and giant plants
1:53 pm
we have has gone down dramatically. a lot to productivity and technology. the best thing we can do is get our head back on straight as far as what creates productivity, a better education. the kids in k to 12 and higher ed -- >> i'm with you on the education. the problem is, you have a problem right now. they're losing their joblgs. you can talk about education all you want but education isn't going to have enough of an effect in the here and now. >> right. >> i got to leave it there. congress plan, always good to see you, thank you very much. i need to quickly show you this. joe biden, this is some one who perhaps might resonate with, in pennsylvania, there's, you know, reason for him to be there. conor lamb coming out in favor of the president's tariffs. has been saying over and over, as though the president is borrowing a little bit from the democrats in terms of their playbook when you talk about the
1:54 pm
importance of levelling the playing field when it comes to manufacturing. but, again, he's there, he's doing his share to campaign, his part to campaign for conor lamb, a race we're watching closely. we will take a quick break and be back after this. '
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>> trish: an oregon man is suing dick's sporting goods and walmart over their new policies. walmart saying it will suspend its policy. what is the case? >> it's a pleasure to be here. this is an interesting one. this gentleman, this 20-year-old, is sticking to his guns so to speak pretty literally. they say public accommodation, if you have a publicly open retail stop, they can't discriminate based on age. oregon, where he is suing, not allowed to discriminate based on age. it appears he is a case within the bounds of state law.
1:58 pm
>> at its heart, this case isn't really about the second amendment. oregon state law protects those, generally only in the employment context. if you are seeking a job and walmart and they discriminated, that's a different story. courts hold that public safety can override more restrictive laws. he is basically saying the feds say i can buy a gun at 18 in oregon says i can, so why not you, walmart? from their point of view, they are saying you are not protected constitutionally. you are not over the age of 40. in our state, private employers can choose to put public safety first. we can have a more restrictive law signing public safety rather than letting children buy a gun. i don't think this will pass the motion to dismiss phase. >> trish: without logic, couldn't the local bar say all right, we are not going to serve anyone under the age of 35.
1:59 pm
we think 35 is the magic number. >> that's the problem. it's a slippery slope. really these states saying age determination is an issue. they have the right to say that. when you're talking about reasonable public safety, there are different tests to pass reasonable monster. you can't say 35 is the age for drinking or joining the military. that's why this is a slippery slope. >> because it's a private company, the issue is income. it's their profit. they can choose to set a policy that is more restrictive than state or federal law on the basis of public safety because all they are hurting is themselves. speak to it's good to see you both. thank you for breaking it down. i will see you tomorrow. it's good to see you. fox business network, 2:00 p.m. monday through friday. "the five" is next.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld, whose phone is impossible to turn off. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." the significant development, major breakthrough if true. kim jong un is signaling he is willing to denuclearize north. if the u.s. agrees to talk. the surprising news came out of a meeting between the dictator and a south korean delegation. president trump reacted with cautious optimism. >> we have come certainly a long way at least rhetorically. with north korea. it would be a great thing for


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