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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  March 7, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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my goodness. and, again, hardly any coverage anywhere, but we've got to keep the stories at the forefront for all of you. that is all the time we have for you. shannon bream is on hand for you. miss shannon? >> shannon: thank you so much, laura. i live from sacramento, hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream. we are live from sacramento with some major breaking news right here tonight. ♪ we are here in sacramento made a supercharged showdown between the trump administration and california authorities, state and local. we have breaking news tonight as attorney general jeff sessions comes to town and launches a brand-new lawsuit late tonight aimed at california at defiance, estate that is making it that much tougher for federal immigration agents to do their job. back in washington, we are following a major shake-up in
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the president's economic team. wall street already acting tonight negatively in contrast to what we are hearing from main street, praise for the president's tough stance on tariffs. we have got team coverage for you tonight. trace gallagher with the latest on on this late-breaking showdown between the trump administration on the california, but we start with chief national correspondent ed henry and what he is learning about the departure of white house economic advisor gary cohn. >> shannon, great to see you. breaking tonight, they are already plans to replace gary cohn from conservative supply-side economics, larry kudlow, to trade advisor peter navarro. remember, he beat out cohn on the tariffs issue in recent days, while he was correct when he said, there is turnover in every single white house, there has been a particularly large number of departures recently from hope hicks to report her, multiple press secretaries, national security advisors, yes, chiefs of staff. what is significant about cohn, a key architect of the tax cut, plus the regulatory reform that
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has propelled the economy. with the markets getting a lot more volatile in recent weeks, there is no denying it is a big loss for the president. while he lost a high-profile battle to stop the president from moving forward on the steel and aluminum tariffs, white house officials tonight are insisting cohn is not running out just because of one dispute, but, in fact, it was two months ago today the president boasted he wanted to be stick around for a "longtime." denied, joe manchin, the senator, on with martha saying it was a big battle within the white house, but in the end, he believes the president is right on these. >> it is a movement on tariffs, i sport 1000%. we are talking about fair trade, and everybody in america is for fair trade. this fair trade hasn't worked out well for americans or american jobs. >> it has already been out there, the president denies it, but there is cast at the white house. as the president noted, he likes
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conflict, he likes different points of view, diversity of thought is something that is supposed to be a virtue, obviously. right now he is facing a lot of criticism, and it was rains raie focus should be on the results that the president is getting, shannon. spirit all right, ed henry in washington, thank you very much, ed. and this is a fox news alert, the department of justice denied launching a major lawsuit against the state of california, alleging deliberate interference with federal immigration policy. the doj is seeking an injunction to immediately block enforcement of three controversial new state laws here and the lawsuits are already sparking angry responses from prominent californians tonight. trace gallagher joins us now. trace? >> it has certainly been building for a while, but it appears the last drop may have
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come ten days ago when oakland mayor libby schaaf warned residents about imminent operations being conducted by immigrations and customs enforcement or i.c.e. the doj now says california has repeatedly interfered in the federal government's plans to enforce immigration law. so the trump administration is asking a judge to immediately block three california laws enacted within the last year. first, a law preventing companies from cooperating with i.c.e. when it comes to accessing workplaces or employee records. in other words, the state wants private companies to shield illegal immigrants from federal agents. secondly, the doj wants to end california's controversial sanctuary state policy which places limits on who the local police can hold, question, or transfer into federal custody. remember, this is a policy that ended up allowing the 5-time deported illegal immigrant to get out of jail, get a gun, and kill kate steinle.
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finally, it's as it is unconstitutional to expect detention facilities run by the department of homeland security. attorney general jeff sessions will be in sacramento, as you noted, to make a major role majr announcement on century city st in the meantime, saying the doj are going to fight these unconstitutional policies. we are fighting to make your job safer and to help you reduce crime in america." the attorney general's trip west comes at the end of a tense week with president trump. the president is frustrated with sessions before recusing himself from the russian meddling investigation. but aside from a few jokes he made about jeff sessions or the media dinner, the feud appears to be calming down. though in his response to the doj lawsuit, california governor jerry brown wrote, "at a time of unprecedented
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political turmoil, jeff sessions has come to california to further divide and polarize america. jeff, these political stunts may be the norm in washington, but they don't work here. sad." and california attorney general said this about the lawsuit. "we have seen this d-rated movie before, so we're not surprised. nothing really new here. we are prepared to deal with this." and finally, because of the sanctuary log, smith withheld a million dollars in grant money. now a judge has ruled it doesn't have to be paid, at least until litigation has settled. so you can call it a temporary victory for the trump administration. shannon? spirit all right, trace gallagher, thank you very much. reaction now to this late-breaking move tonight by the trump administration, cracking down on california as a sanctuary state, let's bring in harvey
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harmeet dhillon, a civil rights attorney who regularly argues before the ninth circuit, and nevada republican attorney general adam laxalt who has been challenging california sanctuary city policy from across the state line. welcome to you both. >> good to be here, shannon. >> thank you. sue and i want to start by reading a little from the lawsuit. i know you've had time to read from it. the united states has undoubted preeminent authority to regulate immigration matters. this authority derives from the united states constitution and numerous acts of congress. california has no authority to enforce laws that help make obstruct or otherwise conflict with or discriminate against federal efforts. essentially this goes after three straight laws, . >> as you mentioned, shannon, it points out that there are laws in the united states constitution requiring that the government has the exclusive authority over immigration laws. california has three laws passed
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last year designed to extract, in one case, multiple employers, and the second case, the operation -- and in the third case, law enforcement is actively barred from cooperating with the federal government. so each of these is a direct threat in your face to the united states government, and as you can see from the angry reaction from jerry brown, they are not happy with being confronted with this, as a legal issue, it is pretty simple. the state doesn't get to ruled the federal government. the last time we had states trying to go off on their own and ignore federal law, we had civil war. this is a dangerous time. >> shannon: a pretty bold move tonight. i know you have been fighting, you see what happens in california actually impacts your state as well, and when they have certain policies, it flows over across the border to you. you have been at this legal
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fight a while. >> absolutely. we have been in litigation for over a year. we originally supported the doj when they were trying to make sure they had the authority to withhold these grants. but let's talk about what's really going on here. these are very dangerous policies. this is common sense that our law enforcement locally needs to work with the federal authorities to get dangerous felons off the streets and to get them out of our communities. and so, of course, in nevada, your national audience may not know, a three hour drive for both major cities, from reno to vegas, if they are not working with federal authorities to get felons off the street and deported, they are easily able to drive over the border to nevada. and here all 17 sheriffs and myself as the top law enforcement officer, we have been fighting against this. we were able to push back this last session when the democratsc
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legislative session tried to push forward. fortunately we spoken one voice and were able to convince our lawmakers that this simply makes no sense and endangers our citizens. >> shannon: the federal judge at the district level, the very first level that has been handling this, last fall he ruled against the administration when president trump issued an executive order going after sanctuary cities. he said this. "the executive order cannot constitutionally placed new conditions on federal funds. he went on to say, no meaningful relationship to immigration enforcement, cannot be threatened merely because a jurisdiction and enforcement strategy of which the president's improves." harmeet, there are many cases being handled by this judge, had a couple of different rulings, but so far what he said, but they are trying to do with
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respect to the century cities and defunding them. >> this is an executive order past by the administration in the the first few days. they came out with a statement that tried to cut back and help define the executive order covered. that is what the judge ruled on today, the same judge will known, judge orrick. when you look at only cutting back on grounds that have to do with law enforcement, a much lower amount, that is not necessarily a bad thing. so he is asking the government to come forward and prove that there is a legitimate tie between law enforcement and the enforcement of immigration laws. that seems obvious to you and me in the attorney general from nevada, obviously, but for our law enforcement in california, the rhetoric that you hear, like the attorney general that here today, it is tearing families apart, well, if you are a family with a criminal who has done drug trafficking, armed
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violence, dui, et cetera, those go to jail too in america. shielding them is putting illegal immigrants at a much higher level of protection than the rest of society. it makes no sense. >> shannon: this case left wind its way through many hurdles, including the ninth circuit. harmeet, adam laxalt, i know you will both be watching as this continues. thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: tomorrow night, here from the attorney general himself, jeff sessions, about this new lawsuit. we have a lot to discuss with him. it is a "fox news @ night" exclusive interview tomorrow. tonight, house judiciary committee chair bob goodlatte of an trey gowdy have sent a letter to the attorney general and deputy attorney general. they are calling for a second special counsel. they want a new investigation to look into the investigators, potential conflicts of interest and decisions "made and not made by current and former justice department officials. now, this marks a change for
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gowdy who said he wasn't sure about this idea, pushing efforts to launch a second special counsel. let's talk about it with fox news politics editor and editor of "we have tim report," chris stirewalt holding it down in d.c. >> you leave town for one day, and everything goes crazy. exactly. >> shannon: you know, we talk about the fact that congressman gowdy, determine how of house oversight, here is what he said on "special report" tonight on why he has come to this decision. >> what changed for me was the two dozen witnesses that the inspector general would not have access to. your options for the doj to investigate it themselves. they can't do that because of the conflict of interest. with the inspector general do it. i am a big fan of my core awaits, but he has no jurisdiction over witnesses when i counted i am a big fan of my core up 24 witnesses that he would not be able to access were he to
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investigate it, you have only one conclusion, and that is special counsel. >> shannon: i will ask the attorney general tomorrow about this, but what do you think he does? >> this is significant. as you alluded to, this is not the caucus coming back again for the 20th special prosecutor or anything else. trey gowdy is a serious guy. goodlatte is a serious guy. there were tape which would bespeak of the house. they will also have some weight with jeff sessions, the deal here is, this is how the warrant process is managed. gowdy makes no secret of the fact that what he has seen in his capacity shows him that the process was abused. he is saying this. this puts serious weight into this because this moves to the adult's table. >> shannon: okay, so the ranking democrat on house intelligence says this. adam schiff says, listen, said, i don't like with the attorney general decided to do in looking at some of these things. he is using the
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inspector general, why doesn't he do something else? adam schiff says, they are pressuring for that. house republicans now call for the appointment of special counsel to investigate "fisa abuse." in doing so, republicans express their interest in investing in everything but what is most important, rush's interference in our election, what we need to do to protect the nation in the future. what say you? >> adam schiff says a lot of things, but in this case, i would say, there is nothing that is against mueller in this. there is nothing that is going against robert mueller or the existing special counsel's investigation. that prosecution continues apace. it is possible for a government to walk and chew gum at the same time, though sometimes they fall on their face. special councils, you know it, can be very dangerous. they can go on for years. bad things can happen. unintended consequences, all of that razzmatazz. in this case, look, if gowdy says that what he has seen makes
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him want this to happen, that he is going to be a hard man to deny on this case because he has a lot of credibility. >> shannon: and quickly, the president doubling down on tariffs today, saying they are not going we predicted that cost him, that particular movement, or that refusal to move away from that position, is that what because gary korn to resign? >> i think we are seeing, not that slow motion, we suffer a period of time starting in the fall, coming into now the early spring where it was the john kelly era, things are going to be normal, stable, predictable, you get the tax credit, and yay, everybody in washington says, great. i think we start with the firing of the guy who was accused of beating his ex-wife's. you start with that moment and you start to see this spooling forward at a pretty fast pace. i'm not saying steve bannon is coming back to the white house, but i am saying it is lit now.
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>> shannon: it's lit? >> it is. >> shannon: all right. >> [laughs] >> shannon: as long as you are not lit during the show. a former actress doing president trump tonight over their alleged intimate relationship, claims a nondisclosure agreement is not valid because they say mr. trump never did. now, her attorney tweeted out earlier today, we filed this complaint seeking a court order avoiding the alleged agreement. clifford, a.k.a. stormy daniels, and trump. we'll have more on that. north korean missiles are of particular concern in california, north korea is either easing back from the brink or trying to drive a wedge between washington and a key ally. which is it? we will talk to john garamendi. and it is undoubtedly a beautiful state here, but all is far from golden into
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golden state. we have got a comprehensive report. plus, a republican, does he have a shot here? we will talk to him live in
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>> shannon: hello, and welcome back to "fox news @ night."
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live tonight from sacramento. nukes in exchange for power? a new deal could be on the table for denuclearizing the korean peninsula. this one from north korea. kim jong un apparently left the ball in america's court yesterday. the deal could spell the beginning of negotiations with north korea, but it would come with a whole lot of strings attached. chief white house correspondent john roberts has more. john? >> shannon, good evening. the white house says that south korean officials will be coming here to washington later on this week to brief the white house on the offer from north korea to denuclearize the korean peninsula, get rid of their nuclear program in exchange for assurances from the united states that it will not seek to overthrow the regime of kim jong un. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> president trump is not willing to quality breakthrough, but he is optimistic that the offer from north korea on talks to end its nuclear program may bear fruit.
12:23 am
>> i think that they are sincere. >> in a joint appearance with swedish prime minister, president trump made a joke when asked what brought north korea to this point. >> me. no. i think that -- nobody got that. >> the president did take credit for the harsh sanctions that he said helped bring north korea around. he also said the u.s. helped make the recent south korean olympics a success and had praise for north korea's. >> i thought north korea was terrific. they came out, they went into the olympics. they went in with good spirit. they did well. let's see if we can carry it over. we may carry it over. it may not. very -- it is a very tenuous situation. it's going to be very interesting to see what happens. >> president trump said several times, we'll see what happens with north korea. former u.s. ambassador john bolton believes the talks could be just a ruse to buy time. >> the only thing north korea is
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serious about is getting nuclear weapons and by all accounts, they are very close to achieving an object if have been after for 25 years. so why do they want to talk now? to divert our attention, to get us enmeshed yet again in negotiations to get across that finish line. >> at the press conference this afternoon, president trump again downplayed the effect of any russian meddling in the 2016 u.s. election, saying he believes that the russians did interfere, as well as other players, but that it did not have any effect on the outcome of the election. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much, john. while some are praising north korean overtures over nukes, others are warning that it may have sinister motives. john garamendi is a democratic congressman from california and members of the armed services committee. you are here and i am there usually, but tonight, we switch roles. great to have you with us. >> great to be with you. i would like to be in california right now, we are in the midst
12:25 am
of a snowstorm in washington, d.c. here we are. interesting what is happening here with the north korea situation. i think very, very positive. it gives us an opportunity. >> shannon: let's talk about what the president had to say today. there are a lot of skeptics out there. the president seems to think there is some room possibly here to negotiate. here is what he he said today,d then we'll get your reaction. >> sure. >> i think that they are sincere, , and i think they are sincere also because the sanctions and what we are doing with respect to north korea including a great help that we have been given from china. and they can do more, but i think they have done more than certainly they have ever done for our country before. so china has been a big help. >> shannon: so what do you think, congressman? i they sincere? what do you think the angle is here? >> i think it is very, very important we find out.
12:26 am
i think it is important these negotiations go forward. i think we ought to pursue what appears to be something of an offer. that is a denuclearization. what is the quo on the quid? we don't know, it remains to be seen. if we do know that, we are faced with circle paths. one is a war on the korean peninsula to take away their nuclear weapons and to stop it. that is a very, very bad path. the other path is negotiations, and i'm very pleased that those are taking place. the idea that the north korea wants to have some sort of a guarantee of its future is understandable from their point of view. from south korea's point of view, the notion of unification of the peninsula doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and i think in this situation, the notion that south korea would somehow unify the north isn't going to happen anytime soon. maybe several decades from now, that's a possibility.
12:27 am
so let's pursue this. let's see how far we can go. and for the president, the statement that he just made was very measured. i'm pleased to hear that. that's important. and i'd recommend wheat softly, and we do have a very big stick. >> shannon: okay, all to that point, i want to play something from a "new york times" reporter speaking on cnn. here is what he said about how we got here. >> and i think president trump president trump deserves enormous credit for ratcheting up that pressure and making sure that these sanctions -- no reason that the obama administration couldn't have done that and they didn't. >> shannon: so what do you make a bet, congressman? do you give the president credit for getting us to that point? >> i think there is credit to go around to all lot of folks. china has played a role, certainly other countries, all of that is true, all of that
12:28 am
seems to have brought us to this point where north korea wants to chat. also need to recognize that south korea has made a major step forward. actually a step that really didn't have the approval of the united states. the president of south korea, mr. moon, took a very serious political risk to step out and invites to the olympics and to sit down at the olympics and not a north korea with the north koreans. that was a very courageous and politically risky thing for him to do. so let's give credit all the way around here. we're on, i think, a very important moment. hopefully it will come to an agreement in which the north koreans will give up their nuclear arsenal and their intercontinental ballistic missiles and we can move to some reduction in the risk that the korean peninsula has placed in the world for the last 60 years. >> shannon: well, there is
12:29 am
tentative skepticism and optimism from many quarters, so we will wait and watch. congressman garamendi, great to see it. hello from your home state. we'll see you here again soon. >> i'm looking forward to returning. thank you. >> shannon: stick around for results from the official launch of the 2018 primary season. yeah, it's already started. democrats fighting progressives while turning out in record numbers. we will get the latest results from the lone star state. and from #metoo to youtube, what does all of the trouble about? we will take a look when we return live from sacramento
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12:34 am
senate seat. ellison barber at monitoring the latest and has the details. hi, ellison. >> hi, shannon. one of the first race is called was that senate race, what matters tonight to most in the d.c. political world's overall voter turnout. this is the first primary of 2018, it is a big deal simply because it is real people voting for real candidates, and it is not a special election or anything like that. officially the start of midterms based on the information we have so far. democrats are showing up in big numbers. you compared 2014 to early voting this time, democrats beat their own numbers by a lot, they more than doubled it. the 15 largest -- presidential primary elections. for republicans, the opposite is true. >> it is an indication of which side has the energy and the
12:35 am
enthusiasm, and that is critical in a midterm election because people tend not to vote. there has been a lot of talk about how democrats have increased their turnout rate and participation in these primaries, and that is true. it's also true that, for the first time in a long time, democrats have candidates and almost all of the positions for almost all of the congressional seats in statewide offices. but simply putting up a candidate doesn't really do that much for you. it has to come from the bottom up. it has to be grassroots. >> many say the seventh congressional district is a place where democrats could turn a red seat blue even though republicans have held the seat since the mid-1960s. >> texas is not as republican as it once was, and it showed that even in 2016 2016 when trump wl republican margin of 12 to 15. >> democrats in washington seem
12:36 am
to worry about losing whatever voter enthusiasm they had in that district if a more progressive candidate won. the official campaign -- laura moser. released opposition research on her and wrote, in part, "democratic voters need to hear that laura moser is not going to change washington. she is a washington insider who begrudgingly moved to houston to run for congress." that race hasn't been called yet, but right now, laura moser is in second. they need 20 24 seats if they t to control of the house. the elections are still a long ways away. analysts are looking for clues tonight. nothing is set in stone. shannon? >> shannon: all right, hard to believe we are already there, ellison. thank you very much. while we are here in the golden state, it is hard to ignore some of the troubling reports daily that span along the west coast. there are reports that there were a record number of break-ins last year in the bay
12:37 am
area. we thought we were to be about some of the state's problems, even epidemics, ripped straight from the headlines. >> it is just the latest headline in the west coast, the worst television ratings ever for the 90th academy awards i made a delusion of government politics, hard on the heels of the "los angeles times" asking how a state with this many homeless people can continue to function. surveying .. feces, revealing trash littered across every block. >> we know this from the survey, they come here from elsewhere, this is actually a federal issue that californians are having to deal with. >> shannon: also playing in the face of conventional wisdom that is the jewel of the west coast, says the survey that says the golden state has the worst quality of life in the
12:38 am
nation. oh, and it is 46 and opportunity. new outrages seemed to come every day. an illegal immigrant walking away not guilty in a san francisco courtroom despite admitting to killing 32-year-old kate steinle. >> this was an accidental occurrence. >> shannon: another legal immigrant bragging about how he killed two sacramento cops in front of a packed courtroom and calling them cowards. >> my priority is to keep this community safe. >> >> shannon: mayor of oakland tipping off illegal immigrants about impending i.c.e. rates. she wasn't sorry. even the tech sector has hardly been immune to the federal headlines. the ceo allegedly caught on tape matter-of-factly negotiating prices for parts of aborted fetuses. google facing this commission lawsuits. the social media giants are standing accused of working with progressive groups to censor conservative content. and from a political culture
12:39 am
that claims to value inclusivity, diversity, and gender equality, a slew of sexual harassment scandals rocking sacramento, which is firmly in democratic .. was followed into the bathroom by a california lawmaker who undid his pants and asked her to touch his genitals. >> i remember thinking, oh, my god, what do i do, what do i do, and i thought, make it so clear that i do not want to be here. >> shannon: california assembly woman, after carving out a name for being a champion of the #metoo movement, including a magazine cover, now taking a leave of absence after facing allegations of sexual harassment, including claims she fired a male coworker for refusing to play spin the bottle with her. as we have been reporting, breaking news here tonight in california's capital of sacramento, amid the defiance on i.c.e. rates and sanctuary cities, the trump administration
12:40 am
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mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office right on your computer get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. we are live from sacramento as the trump administration launches a federal lawsuit
12:44 am
against california. our next guest is a state law make lawmaker who is getting his wish, president trump's justice department has just done that, e lawsuit alleges three recently passed state laws are deliberately interfering with federal immigration policy. joining me now, republican candidate for governor here in california, assemblyman travis allen. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me on. >> shannon: this was after three laws passed in the last year or so, that have to blocking or making it harder for i.c.e. to do its job in this area. the fed say it is no good. we'll see, the ninth circuit, going to have a rough road there. >> this is not just about illegal immigration. this illegal sanctuary state is very california is sheltering people who are here illegally, they are committing crimes while they are here in california with taxpayer dollars. it is absolutely illegal, completely unconstitutional. but it gets worse than that.
12:45 am
not only did the democrats in california passed at all, just a few weeks ago, xavier becerra, the attorney general of california, was on record, and he said very directly, if you are a california business owner and you try to comply with federal immigration law and actually help federal immigration officers doing their constitutional duty, he will prosecute you. that is criminal obstruction of justice. now, because he was not prosecuted by the department of justice, this has embolden other democratic politicians. gavin newsom has: other democrats to openly violate these laws, and libby schaaf, the mayor of oakland, just recently, just a couple days ago, she warned everybody in her local area of impending i.c.e. raids, 800 criminals, 600 criminals are not on the streets of california because libby schaaf was aiding and abetting criminals in californi california. again, another county. now that jeff sessions is in sacramento, we are very happy.
12:46 am
somebody has to step up. >> shannon: somebody who is not happy, you're not surprised to hear this, governor brown. he says this. at a time of unprecedented turmoil, jeff sessions has come to california to further divide and polarize america. jeff, these political stunts may work in washington, but they don't work here. sad." and i think there were three exclamation points. >> jerry brown is wrong, and he knows he is wrong. he is violating the law. he had all of the democratic politicians running california, they know they are in big trouble. with jeff sessions' arrival in sacramento, justice is finally coming, and a california citizen can sleep easier knowing that the u.s. department of justice is actually going to enforce federal immigration law. >> shannon: you are not the only public running, so i want to give your response to respond to john cox who is responding. he is going to be on the show later this week. this is what he said about allegations that you had to answer regarding sexual harassment. he said, when you represent
12:47 am
people, you can't engage in any behavior that would be considered risky whatsoever. you are opening yourself up to black male, opening yourself up to attacks and complaints that will affect your decision-making. people know it was -- >> this is the standard playboo playbook. they are going to take on and take out a democrat, they throw out something like this. the best they could find was six years ago, there was an eight minute human resources meeting, and what they had said, shook their hands too long, squeezed her shoulder, tapped the foot on the table. at no time in the past or at no time -- i'm sure i have shook many people's hands, probably, you know, accidentally bumped many people on their feet, five, you know, this is, again, a typical tactic receiving the
12:48 am
democrats. >> shannon: but is it the republicans? >> it was brought on by democratic committee here, john cox, my opponent, trailing badly in all of the polls. i am the front-runner, i lead every single poll. really, with his desperate campaign, he is reaching out and trying to go on to a line of attack, because he knows he's going to lose this race. california needs a republican to run. >> shannon: we will see if they get one. great to see you, great to meet you at happy with us alive. more after been jimmy's longest.
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>> shannon: amid a nationwide push to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, something california is -- some think california is innovating its way out of hiring human workers. they are using robots to take over that job. let's check it out. here to discuss, richard fowler, a radio host, guy benson, a fox news news contributor, and ted gaines. welcome to all of you. >> good to be here, shannon. >> shannon: senator, i'll start with you. the robot that now can measure the patties and flip them at just the right time, but that is
12:53 am
a job it's not going to be done by humans? >> we take a look at the minimum wage, $10.50 now, going to go up by a dollar an hour in 2022. we are going to displace literally hundreds of thousands of employees in california. we look at the new technology, which we know is coming, we accelerate that in california by artificially raising wages. >> shannon: i want to look at a couple of different stories here. the american action form, 250,000 jobs could be lost due to minimum wage hikes. university. university of washington said when seattle did this, pushed for a $13 minimum wage, it cut hours and left workers with wi5 less a month, richard. >> here's what we know. every time we raise the minimum wage, the economy grows in leaps and bounds. we saw the economy grow into thousand six. i'll be honest with you. i would rather have a human
12:54 am
flipped my burger then a robot. they can just cook the meat better. just saying. >> shannon: i don't know, this thing actually has sensors that could tell before perfect time to flip it over, unlike most of us when we are doing it on the grill at home. but the guy who is the cofounder of the company behind it, it said that this is not about replacing the jobs. it is just supposed to help current employees. we know a lot of fast food folks say that they are putting in kiosks and doing all kinds of things that they are not charging $50 for that hamburger. >> automation is the future, the political efforts to artificially inflate the wages as the representatives of that process and that trend, and this is something that we have to deal with. this is not a statement to make. this is the way our economy is going to be disrupted over the next decade or two, and clinging
12:55 am
to the past and marching forward, fight for $15, it might feel good, but it doesn't reflect reality. >> i want to push back on that a little bit. here is where i disagree with guy. we know that when we raise minimum wage, we help families. we solve poverty. >> no, we don't. >> but it's true. when you raise the minimum wage in communities, you uplift the communities, you create new innovations. >> shannon: the end result is that there are fewer hours because employers say, he we only have a certain amount of funds we can use. >> herein lies the larger problem. money given out to corporations ad nauseam. we saw the tax cut give billions of dollars to corporations and their response is, oh, but we don't have the money to give workers. >> they raised wages more than most of these leftists -- >> so they raised wages -- >> shannon: we got to leave it there for tonight. before we go, we would like to
12:56 am
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heather: department of justice launching a lawsuit against the state of california alleging interference with federal immigration. >> we are prepared to go whatever path. >> a gathering of information. >> shoppers buying last-minute goods to get ahead of wednesday's storm.


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