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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 8, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> shannon: a big thank you to all of our amazing folks here in our l.a. bureau and to the good people of california as well. look forward to join you from washington tomorrow night. in the meantime, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you >> donald trump was planning to go full steam ahead on those tariffs on aluminum and steel but we're just learning it looks like this is not on the schedule. >> california, we have a problem put out there you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda. >> it is destroying people's lives and we are going to stop it. >> it is really picking up here. >> fast heavy snow downfall. a race to keep the roadways
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clear. ♪ >> live look at new york city has everyone wakes up to a brand-new day. yesterday, snow falls in big beautiful snowflakes. how much snow fell across the northeast? you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. donald trump under pressure on mexico and canada to renegotiate nafta as he delays the signing of his steel and aluminum tariff proposal. griff jenkins in washington dc, what is going to happen today? >> the white house schedule is out and no tariff signing
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ceremony to be found anywhere. after rattling members of his own party, chief economic advisor gary cohen departed, the white house is working on details and this will involve softening the blow on neighbors to the north and south with carved outs. >> there are potential routes from mexico and canada based on national security and other countries as well. >> reporter: the president continues to attack china as the worst offender of unfair trade deals developing a plan for the year of a $1 billion deduction in their massive trade deficit. our relationship with china is a good one and we look forward to see what ideas come back up, we must act soon. a hard-line intellectual property theft as china wants of
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a trade war, justified and necessary response on trade, she is ready to be signed. >> different products that can be imposed. working along these tracks, the proportion according to that. >> where do things stand? not sure what happens next but lawmakers meeting at the white house trying to calm nerves and potentially narrow the targets, the white house intends to take some action in the near future. >> perhaps some strategic negotiating like the art of the deal. the tariffs their money comes as republican scramble to stop the proposal in its tracks. it doesn't mean the president is caving to pressure but instead the white house, pressure on
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canada and mexico. >> we have bipartisan support for going after china on intellectual property theft but if you look at what the administration used for the president to implement these tariffs it is national security rationale. they are using national security rationale, exempting mexico and canada. the president made this announcement in a fit of pique, it wasn't planned out, they are scrambling to make policy after the president goes public. >> senior advisor jared kushner slowed to mexico to talk about immigration and security with two mexican leaders. jeff sessions ripping into california lawmakers over open
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border policies. >> how dare you, how dare you needlessly endanger lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda. >> the century city leaders firing back. marianne rafferty joins us with the latest on their showdown with the feds. >> >> the unlawful immigration policy. >> federal law determines immigration policy, state of california is not entitled to block that activity. someone needs to stand up, you have gone too far. this is not reasonable. >> despite warnings from sessions governor jerry brown
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and libby schaff, responsible for tipping off hundreds of criminals about ice raids are fueling the fire instead of putting it out. >> the atty. gen. is trying to distract the american people from a failed immigration system by painting a racist broadbrush of our immigrant community as a dangerous community. >> it is unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the united states to come out to california and act more like fox news than a law enforcement officer. it is not about the truth or protecting our state. it is about dividing america. heather: the atty. gen. making it clear a rational immigration system that protects our nation will be a top priority being america currently admits the highest number of illegal immigrants in the world. next week donald trump is heading to california to inspect
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the prototypes for his long promised border wall. heather: that will be an interesting visit for sure. ready, willing and able, donald from telling latino voters it is time to get a deal done on daca but democrats are nowhere to be found. >> this is our moment. go push those democrats. >> the deadline to fix daca, they forced the trump administration to keep it for now. heather: extreme weather, violent thunder in new york city as the second nor'easter in less then a week pummels the
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northeast, after the storm dropped a foot of snow in some spots causing massive damage. hundreds of thousands of people without power, and friday app store, thousands of flights, canceled nationwide. and some lightning before the thunder snow. >> reporter: it happens quite a bit in parts of long island and new jersey. and in parts of new jersey, over two feet, getting snow totals and the storm is performing in parts of new england. we will get finalized snow totals but here's our nor'easter and we will get snow on the
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backside, parts of the great lakes and the mid-atlantic and appalachians in new england committing potential for more heavy snow as this system continues to wind up across the atlantic. around the freezing mark in a lot of these areas as you go into the evening hours, sticking around and what about another storm. the euro model shows an offshore sunday and monday. the gfs shows us a pretty big nor'easter that will affect the northeast. heather: when it comes in 3s, i was hoping that had changed. >> we could have a repeat of what we have seen for the last week. heather: other stories we are following, one student debt and two injured after what appears
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to be an accidental high school shooting. police in alabama believe, killing a 17 year girl. the picture from inside the school shows the student scrambling to hide, police are investigating. so far no arrests have been made. three weeks after the florida school shooting, the fbi admitting they fail to properly investigate multiple warnings about gunmen nikolas cruz. a tip in 2017 alerted them to a comment on youtube that i'm going to be a professional school shooter. at the time the fbi says they could not connect nikolas cruz to the posting but his name is right there. in january another tip linked him to that comment. the tip was not followed up on and the case was false. all of this is a grand jury
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formally indicted on 34 counts of premeditated and attempted murder. donald trump is reigniting the debate over violent video games and their effect on society. the commander-in-chief and members of congress meeting today with representatives from the videogame industry, plan to talk about all of this, the deadly florida school shooting, donald from has been very vocal about the need to explore the consequences. 11 minutes after the top of the hour, the fast and furious scandal reopened, the major step just taken to shed light on botched operations of thousands of guns in the hands of criminals. donald trump rallying hispanic business owners. >> business experiencing the best quarter in the company's 22 year history. that is great news for
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heather: hundreds of veterans lives may have been at risk for years at one va hospital. escaping report, washington dc veterans affairs medical center had many alarming safety issues including unsterile conditions and lack of medical supplies under former pres. obama. to oust three va regional directors who oversaw 23 different va hospital was oklahoma joining the list of states with medicaid work requirements.
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they will develop a plan in the next 6 months that they are considering some exemptions for children, pregnant women and disabled. the state has 798,000 medicaid recipients, have approved medicaid work requirements with eight other states expressing interest. donald trump rallying hispanic business owners as a latino coalition. >> jeanette is the president of echo select, technology staffing business. not only is her company's taxable going down, her business is experiencing of the best quarter in the company's 22 year history and that is great news. congratulations to jeanette. heather: the president commending jeanette who is
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benefiting from his tax cuts. thank you for joining us this morning, really appreciate it. you are doing well, one of the top 500 businesses, what did you think of what the president had to say? anything stand out? >> i was impressed with the president's work yesterday, such a positive economic environment and this is a time we are looking at more than tax reform. regulatory reforms have really helped us provide less burdensome and costly oversight that helped our bottom line. heather: 10% of us businesses are latino owned. this is something that is important to a large majority of our population. >> correct. it is very important. and hispanic business community
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is not just what you make but what you keep. jillian: why do we hear the opposite in terms of his policies and agenda moving hispanic businesses and hispanic population forward? >> i don't think he purposely sets out to set aside any group. all things are about business in this administration was a strong economic environment and prosperity for all. heather: it had been years of investing outside our country and you think it is time and donald from will invest in our country. >> so important for people to recognize we put a lot of our own tax dollars outside the united states. the benefits for everyone, hispanic at an all-time low. jobs being created and more dollars in the pockets of people
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without any changes, putting more dollars in the bank. the 20 would you like to see more of those positive stories and messages in the media? >> absolutely, it is a shame we only hear the negative aspects, the way communications have gone out versus what is being done, actions speak louder than words. heather: he needs to send you out there. thank you for joining us, appreciate it and congratulations on your business success. have a great day. still to come 20 minutes after the top of the hour you have seen the video a doctor getting dragged off of united flight. pretty but update the what the airline is doing to make sure this never happens again. did you hear what the governor of connecticut said about the nra? >> they act sometimes is a
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terrorist organization. heather: the internet fired up about that one. carly shimkus with the growing backlash online. ♪ you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really?
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and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. heather: rosie o'donnell taking aim at the nra, a terrorist organization. connecticut governor daniel malloy hopping on the bandwagon calling tens of thousands of his own constituents terrorists. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with the outrage online. >> reporter: governor malloy was governor during the sandy hook elementary school shooting and pushed for stricter gun laws ever since. he is taking aim at the nra
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saying it is a much different organization than it used to be. >> they act quite frankly in some cases as a terrorist organization. if you want to make safer guns we will boycott your company. that is who they are, that is what they do. the 20 the organization hitting back saying the nra is comprised of 5 million law-abiding citizens, many of whom are residing in connecticut. let's be clear, governor malloy called tens of thousands of his own constituents terrorists. social media sounding off, one twitter user echoed that statement saying american citizens who cast votes are also in the nra and another twitter user saying how can you make such statements with nothing to base it upon, this is slanderous. heather: i think that is going to be a thing. the christian group kicked off
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campus. >> it is called christian fellowship, suing wayne state university in michigan because the college declined to recognize its official status after 75 years because it violates their discrimination policy. the christian organization limit leadership roles to christians was that did not fly with the university. an official student organization status is a privilege rather than a right and conditional on compliance with our policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity but the organization said it's constitutional rights are being violated. a lot of people agree with them on social media including this twitter user, the left likes to claim they are not at war on christianity so a lawsuit going on in michigan. heather: some happy news. a big reveal. >> they did it in a cute way,
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enlisted the help of a little boy, tim tebo conversation. >> not even allowed on twitter. it is a little -- so far all i can come up with is -- that baby dragon. can you help me? heather: he said they are having a little boy, this is their fifth child. congratulations. heather: creative way to do that. see you later. sarah huckabee sanders putting a cbs reporter and attention. >> if you are not receiving the white house press releases. heather: the quick come back that put one reporter in his place. >> can come a democrat or bullmoose party every american should want confidence in the
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fbi. heather: jason chaffetz's former colleague on fisa abuse. that is next. you won't see these folks at the post office
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they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office right on your computer
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get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again >> one officer hit in the arm. >> gunshot wounds. >> we have one down inside. heather: disturbing moment three missouri officers were shot while responding to a 911 call. they were sent to the wrong address. someone called 911, women were heard arguing in the background. the officers were mistakenly sent to a different house 15 miles away where they were suddenly attacked. >> to enter into a residence
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like that and sustain the amount of gunfire they took on, they were heroic in their actions. heather: christopher morton was shot and killed, the man who shot him shot dead after barricading himself inside was morton served two tours in the army national guard over eight years and earned 17 awards. the 6 year court battle coming to a end, jeff sessions announcing the department of justice is agreeing to provide documents to the house oversight committee on the obama administration's fast and furious scandal. it allowed criminals to purchase guns in phoenix-based gun shops as part of the mexican drug cartel operation was one of those guns was used to kill border patrol agent brian terry whose brother wants justice. >> i met donald trump on the
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campaign trail. he was very apologetic for the actions the previous administration did. he was very sincere about getting answers, there needs to be justice for my brother. he deserves it. he spent 22 years serving this country is law enforcement officer, a marine, that is what he deserves. heather: eric holder refusing to release the documents and was held in contempt of congress. bill restricting gun purchases and arming teachers in the hands of rick scott. the bill raises the minimum age to buy rifles from 18 those 221 and creates a waiting go and allows teachers to carry handguns with training. scott has not said if he would sign the legislation. this news as the senate judiciary committee announces they will focus on the tragic school shooting in parkland. top house republicans trey gowdy and bob goodlatte demanding a
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second investigation of the 22 abuse, chairman of the oversight committee, jason chaffetz joins us live. appreciate it. a second special counsel. >> atty. gen. sessions has recused himself out of doing the job he was hired to do. as long as you have an attorney general who is and functional you will probably need a second special counsel but beware, special counsel's are going in directions, look how the first is going and you want to do a second one? there needs to be a lot of caution but it is time for atty. gen. sessions to leave. heather: one of the concerns was not being able to question some of the witnesses, people who needed to be questioned. >> michael horowitz, i have a
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lot of confidence, trey gowdy expressed confidence in him, they have limited jurisdiction on people who left the department to work in other department and agencies. we 20 james comey. >> some of the other people, sidney blumenthal who don't work for the government. the inspector general have a hard time with compelling witnesses and gathering the information they need. there are 2 dozen people they would need to look at. heather: people who don't understand the ins and outs, another investigation, people are not paying attention. >> congress has a role to play. you have an abuse of court, documentation and evidence trey gowdy and others looked at, you're abusing the most sensitive information to spy on
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an american. that is a very serious charge and very difficult for the fbi to investigate itself. heather: alternately what could be the repercussions? >> they take an incredibly long time. they are never swift enough. you have to do it. it is not we made a mistake here, the people in charge of espionage or counterintelligence and not just a bias but animus towards the whole process, a sitting president and incoming president, you have to look at that in a serious way. we 2013 lawmakers wrote a letter suggesting the same thing. >> jim jordan, mark meadows, a long time calling for this for months. it is gaining momentum in speed
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and rod rosenstein has to answer whether they are going to do this. heather: sessions was on with the atty. gen. said that he is willing to look at it. will he do this? >> i hope so. he can't do his job because he recused himself. plenty of special counsel may be something he can do but he can't get into the bowels of the organization because he recused himself. it is a terrible position for the atty. gen. to be in. we 20 is he doing the job he should be doing? >> he did a lot of good things, a patriotic person, but the core of the systemic problems he can't address. he is nowhere on it. the letter the chairman of the house judiciary committee, the committee i used to chair, they sent their letter to the atty. gen. and deputy atty. gen..
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university that. and admission sessions is not a player. heather: thank you for joining us. the time is 36 minutes after the top of the hour. we saw it in the northeast, this monster winter storm sparking travel nightmares with flights canceled all along the northeast. we are live at newark airport as airlines scramble to get back on track. >> and audiological worldview that sees the entire history of mankind is the oppression of women by blue blue. heather: masculinity under attack, commissar olson's series, we will explain. you no longer need coke. the historic change, over 100 years in the making. ♪
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heather: the northeast digging out from another monster storm, some areas buried under a foot of snow, lots of problems, airport counseling thousands of flights nationwide and they are in a rush to get back on track for travelers. lauren blanchard live from newark airport. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: 400 flights canceled around the country on top of 27,000 flights canceled or scrapped yesterday around the us leading thousands of travelers stuck. >> and certifying out of new york and chanting it with airports i'm taking the train to baltimore and flying out of baltimore, you have to be proactive and do what you can do to get back home. >> reporter: new york city fuzz
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to philly experiencing thunderstorm, as much as two feet of snow. in new jersey, 200,000 people without power this morning and police responded to hundreds of crashes through the northeast urging people to take it slow as crews cleared the road and for those hoping to travel today to places like newark liberty airport are urging people to check their airlines and check the status of their flights before they head out. heather: good idea to do that regardless but especially under these circumstances. united airlines has had some run ins with quality customer service. >> look what you did to him. heather: the airline taking steps to make sure that never happens again. the new program thousands of
1:43 am
employees are required to take. >> reporter: who could forget that video. united airlines introducing score 4, 30,000 front-line customers and employees are required to take four our training to teach role-playing exercises, listening skills, body lingwood, positive tone of voice, eye contact, service with a smile. united launched this program to teach employers to be caring, dependable, safe and efficient so we will see if this works, get customer service marks up a little more. >> i don't know that passenger had too much to drink, sometimes people do on airlines and now coke is adding alcohol, you don't have to do it. >> you can get a different buzz from coke, in its 125 year
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history, the first alcoholic beverage released by coke. it is only available in japan called 2 high. accommodation of carbonated water, vodka and a lemon or lime flavoring. i don't expect this to go to any market, it is pretty centralized to japan but something different. heather: what is it called again? >> 2 high. hope i am saying that right. heather: not sure that is a good idea. nikki haley one of the strongest women in the trump administration. >> i decline the advice i was recently given by your top negotiator. i will not shut up. i will respectfully speak some hard truths. heather: all the international women's day paying tribute to women in the white house. kristen tate says if these women
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were democrats they would be shining role models for young girls. she joins us live up next. is the caffeine in your coffee your morning crutch? you may not be getting the buzz anymore. ♪ ♪ i was dead in the water ♪
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heather: we heard state cops but this one isn't old enough to drive but security video capturing this 14-year-old fake california chevron action flashing his lights in full uniform responding on a domestic
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disturbance call. >> i saw a police officer looking funny. heather: the real investigators tracking down this white suv registered to the teen's grandmother advocate his stockpile of police gear. the teenager on probation at a juvenile detention center. the fbi may have violated the fourth amendment with help from the geek squad. the electronic frontier foundation reporting the bureau paid best buy technicians $1000 to search and report child photography on customer computers. they keep employees anonymous when asking for a warrant. best buy admitted four employees may have been paid against company policy, three no longer do that. international women's day, don't
1:50 am
ask the mainstream media to give any credit to the strong women in the trump administration. >> she has been this kind of prop and instrument for him most of her life. >> would you have donald trump on your show? what about milania? >> she can barely speak english. >> the smoky i'd raccoon, sarah huckabee sanders. >> is clearly a joke. and better joke like milania's roll on cyberbullying which is an insult to women. heather: some of the comments i really mean. do women need to push a liberal agenda to be role models? kristen tate, good to have you here. international women's day. >> on international women's day we should be celebrity women who are strong, independent and hard
1:51 am
women in, the women in the white house have these characteristics. if they were democrats they would be shining role models for young women but because they work for the trump administration they are regularly smeared, characters trashed but what makes them impressive is the way they face these attacks. sarah huckabee sanders when she walked into a press conference she is walking into a pit of hostile, she handled herself so much strength and able to dominate so many of the smug reporters. heather: she stays on message which i find amazing. regardless of your party affiliation, she does a great job. >> one of many women with qualities young women can look up to. one of the striking similarities a lot of women in the trumpet ministration have is learn how to balance powerful positions with their family lives lose the
1:52 am
false narrative that women need to choose between a career and family, a damaging narrative and women in the white house, we can have power, career and family and do it without victimizing. heather: sarah sanders, kelly and conway, nikki haley reference their children online quickly. listen to what cher had to say about sarah sanders. would someone tell sarah huckabee sanders to stop drifting like a sister wife and this one, chelsea handler on it 18, i wish someone would put her in a microwave. >> if anyone made attacks like this on other women, like michelle obama and chelsea clinton, there would be outrage, complete and other outrage but you can get away with this stuff
1:53 am
when talking about conservative women. heather: donald doesn't get credit for women in high positions. >> promoted so many strong women. heather: and the state department. >> the media is busy slandering him as hating bigots who recognize. we 20 who should take the lead and make it a situation where women are supporting women regardless of their political affiliation? >> to support each other, the need -- me 2 movement, powerful time in history we can put our political differences aside, come together, not use our gender as an excuse to victimize ourselves but take personal responsibility and work hard, women are capable of that. heather: happy international
1:54 am
women's day. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour, you haven't learned anything new. >> and ideological worldview that sees the history of mankind is oppression of women by men. heather: masculinity under attack? tucker carlson's new series to fight back for mankind.
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heather: welcome back. masculinity under attack, a professor says yes telling tucker carlson boys are taught from a young age there is something wrong with natural behaviors. >> linked to the idea there is something wrong with the expression of masculinity, that it should be limited in all sorts of arbitrary ways. we 20 during his news segment, men in america carlson noted pluto are twice as likely to be alcoholics or addicts which white house press secretary sarah sanders calling a reporter for not doing his homework, chip reid put in his place for asking who is up for chief economic advisor. >> could you tell us who has coming? >> we made several personnel announcements, i refer you to
1:59 am
the press releases of nominations and personnel announcements that have gone out. there have been at least three that have gone out this week. i would be happy to forward those if you are not receiving the white house press release. heather: read didn't ask any more questions. you can't teach an old dog new tricks but a new study might back that up. research claims part of the human brain that host memory and learning stops making new cells around the age of 13, this goes against the believe the region continually makes new neurons. when you might actually drink it. neuroscientists, the best time to drink your coffee at 9:30 and 11:00 am.
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and controlled stress levels. thanks for watching the 4:00 hour of "fox and friends first". i will see you here tomorrow, goodbye. mary make it is thursday, march 8th. is it on or off? donald trump was going to move ahead with his tariffs on aluminum and steel imports. the white house punting on the plan to sign the sweeping new law. >> california, we have a problem. how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda. rob: jeff sessions blasting california's radical move to block ice raids. how liberal lawmakers refused


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