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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 8, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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you can't leave. you are for bidden to live the premises. see you tomorrow. "happening now" starts now. >> a fox news alert and the house intelligence committee is getting a visit today from corey lewandowski. he is just arriving there on capitol hill. to make his second appearance in front of the house intelligence committee. the committee has a lot more questions for the former campaign manager. this at a time when the committee is getting ready to wrap up its work as one of its members told us yesterday. also this fox news alert on meeting between the president and steel and aluminum executive. growing opposition to mr. trump's proposed tariff.
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>> they are still said to be working out the details on the tariffs and whether mexico, canada and other countries could actually be spared. but president is expected to seal the deal on those tariffs later today. >> john roberts is live with more on that. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are not 100% sure what the president is going to do with 3:30 this afternoon. he is going to do something. the president says it's going to be big. tweeting this morning, looking forward to 3:30 p.m. meeting today at the white house. we have to protect and build our steel and aluminum industries showing great flexibility and cooperation toward those that are real friends and treat us fairly on trade and military. i was told at that meeting the president is expected to sign a document implementing tariffs on foreign metals, 10% on aluminum
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and 25% on steel. the white house is still figuring out how all of this is going to work and whether or not there will be possible exemptions. there could be some exclusions for some of closest allies for national security purposes. for example, british company in sheffield, england produces steel for our nuclear submarine. we need to keep that flow of steel coming. there will be likely window for canada and mexico to avoid tariff if they agree to a new nafta deal. >> within about 15 to 30 days, the tariffs go into effect. the proclamation will have a clause that does not impose these tariffs immediately on canada and mexico. it will give us an opportunity and one of the best guys in this administration ambassador robert, the opportunity to negotiate a great deal for this country and if we get that, then
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all is good. with canada and mexico. >> reporter: still lot of opposition to the imposition of tariffs. listen to missouri senator claire mccaskill. >> this is a big mistake for the president. once again, looks like he shot from the hip with a sledge hammer instead of eyeing a scalpel. >> reporter: the politics of this is unusual. you got democrat who are against it. but there are democrats in steel producing states like ohio who are for this. the president getting lot of blow back from republicans. the president is going to go ahead and do this afternoon. another big white house story stormy daniels the porn star filed suit to tray to void out this nondisclosure agreement in she signed with the president personal attorney michael cohen. she wants to get out because she wants it tell her story.
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cohen had a restraining order against there. there's a from vision that allows for arbitration judge to weigh in if there's an expectation of a breach. cohen's attorney petitioned that judge for the restraining order. the designation judge found that miss clifford had violate the agreement and joined from other things filing in lawsuit to void out the nda. we intend to pursue our recourse in the arbitration agreed to by the parties and continue to refute the claims alleged by ms. the white house continues to deny all the allegations. listen to what sarah huckabee sanders said. >> the president has addressed these direct. made clear none of these allegations are true. this case already been won in
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arbitration and anything beyond that, i would refer you to the president's outside counsel. >> reporter: if she does tell her story it's a big financial risk. there's a provision that calls for a million dollar penalty for every breach of the nda. i assume that would have include everybody she tells her story to. cost her millions of dollars. >> john roberts. thank you. >> another one. before that decision on tariffs, president trump plans to pit evoked -- video game executives to critics. between violent game and guns. this meeting in response to the parkland school massacre. let's bring in francesca chamber for the daily mail. this isn't the first time washington has tried to explore the link between violent video
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games and real life shootings. decade of research so far has failed to find the link between the two. what is the goal of today's meeting with video game industry? >> reporter: that's correct. that's what the video game industry saying head into this meeting. they are saying that in other parts of the world gun violence isn't nearly high as the united states. even though the entertainment is still distributed there. president trump, however, says last week, he believes that there could be a link between the two. even made a personal bringing up his son barrett saying he's prized by the some of the things he's watching. in today's meeting, he will have lawmakers who have been supportive of this idea there could be a link. >> this comes down to parenting. in the past, in 2005 for example, hillary clinton introduced a bill. she tried to tighten restrictions to selling games to minors.
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you name me one minor to buy these games. it's the parents buying the games. who will prevent the parents were buying the video games, nobody. unless the video content changes all together. >> reporter: there is currently a rating system that the video game industry imposes. president trump said last week, he'd like to see that change potentially opening up the idea for some sort of congressional action which is why i think lawmakers will be in the room today. >> okay, they will not ban all games involving guns all together. is this sort of a dead end? >> reporter: well, there's a potential for congress to look at legislation that would deal with this and change on age restrictions. the conversation surrounding school safety and gun violence, there are bills that the president supports that don't have deal with video games but deals with background checks and school safety. those pieces of legislation are
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having problems moving forward. whether or not something along these lines we get out of the senate pass in the house and get the signature, that's a long ways off. >> something got to give. 17 people were just killed. most of them children. it's going to happen again. there's obviously so many sides to this argument whether it's gun laws or video games if it's parenting, bad parenting, how exactly is the gaming industry going to be part of this change? >> reporter: polling would support that idea that americans like to tee something done. new poll said that 61% of americans said that the government need to do something. that compares to 36% who believe these things will happen anyway. there does seem like a shift in momentum. >> francesco chambers thank you for taking time with us. >> clean up is now under way
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across the northeast after the second major nor'easter striked that region in a week. yesterday storm dumped more than two feet of snow in spots. canceled thousands of airline flights and traffic on highways and busy rail lines between washington and boston. winter storm warning remains in parts of new england through tonight. as the storm moves north into canada. >> we are now learning more about the admitted florida school shooter behind bars. he was indicted on 34 counts according to jail records nickolas cruz has been calm. during his visit after the shooting, cruz appeared to break out in laughter. the 19-year-old admitted opening fire at stoneman mcdouglas high school. killing 17 people.
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>> reporter brutally murdered and accused killer on trial. what he claims happened. plus, the attorney general on calls for a second special counsel in the russia investigation. why he's seriously considering the move and what it could mean for the mueller probe. >> i want the american people to know that things are being done. we'll have the kind of department that everybody can respect. ♪
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>> julie: the trial begins for the danish inventor accused of murdering a reporter. madison pleading not guilty he said she died while he was on deck. he did admit to throwing her body parts into the sea afterward. the prosecution claiming he planned to kill her because he
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brought tools he usually didn't take sailing. >> jon: breaking now in the russia investigation with attorney general jeff sessions telling our own shannon breen he is considering naming a second counsel in the case. >> i have great respect for mr. gowdy and chairman goodlatte. we'll consider their representation. i have appointed a person outside of washington in the department of justice to look at all the allegations that the house members sent to us. we're conducting that investigation. >> jon: joining us now congressman mike turner a republican from ohio who sits on the house intel and armed services committees. what do you think about the attorney general's suggestion that it maybe time far second
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special counsel? >> i think that chairman gowdy and good lat goodlatte made a g. i serve on the intelligence, many members of congress. i was shocked to find that the surveillance processes were abused. the department of justice and fbi used politically funded material from the dnc and hillary campaign in order to obtain surveillance against the trump campaign. that should have never happened. adropped a bill this morning that would prohibit that. i'm glad to hear attorney general jeff sessions is saying he's looking at doing this. this rises to level of concern. we have these courts that have jurisdiction over determining how american citizens are
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surveyed. they didn't inform the court that the material was suspect. >> jon: the democrats say they did. they did tell the court that the documents came from a politically motivated source. does that not pass muster with you? >> it does not. what they say, it was a footnote in the overall documents that provided to the court. they don't say they presented this to the court in that way. saying someone has political motivations is not saying it's the candidate that is the opposition candidate. we have two presidential candidates material coming from one being offered in court for surveillance against another. that should be prohibited. that's why i dropped a bill on it. it misuse of the system which i think jeff sessions should look at the proposal by chairman gowdy and good lat to move forward. the american public need to have confidence that the system works. >> jon: attorney general sessions also told shannon breen he wants to release more
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documents on all of this. he has to be sensitive about that. here's part of what he had to say. >> i'm determined to release everything that's properly releasable. does tend to be the more you put these documents out, many of which are very sensitive, the more they leak. we have to be careful about that. we also have to follow the rules of the department and legal requirements. for example, the text messaging that cause a stir, those were produced at our effort to make sure we produced everything possible. >> jon: it has been the case congressman, some of this stuff has seen the light of day in a typical investigation or in a typical time would never become public information. >> right. i think we do need to look in this special case of making many of these materials public. what we're finding is that a lot of the information that's put out as leaks, is misinformation.
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comey itself said in public testimony, many of the articles appeared about the russia investigation have included information that's not accurate by releasing information. we can get to more accurate debate and discussion and certainly give people a greater confidence. >> jon: we know that you have introduced a legislation to protect privacy in front of the fisa court. that moves through the system. we want to keep eye on that. congressman mike turner republican of ohio. thank you. >> julie: justice department is taking on california. why the state is stopping i.c.e. agents from doing their jobs. what attorney general jeff sessions plans to do about it. a targeted attack outside of london. a nerve agent putting an ex ex-russian spy and daughter in coma. what british authorities know about the substance. >> we are committed doing all we can to bring the person praytors
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>> jon: new information in the case of the ex-russian spy who fell critically ill at a shoply mall in the u.k. british authorities saying he was poisoned by a nerve agent. his daughter and police officer who also came in contact with the substance all lie in comas a at british hospital. police are working with chemical weapons experts to try to figure out the exact nerve agent
8:23 am
involved. they stress that the public is not in any danger. ♪ >> julie: jeff sessions standing by his decision to sue the state of california. the attorney general saying the state just can't stop i.c.e. agents from congress their job -- doing their jobs in an effort to protect illegal immigrants. >> we got to challenge it. i don't want to do that. california is great state and important part of america. we want a good relationship with it. federal law determines immigration policy, state of california is not entitled to block that activity. somebody needs to stand up and say no. you gone too far. you cannot do this. this is not reasonable. >> julie: joining me now chairman of go pack. don callaway former democratic missouri state representative. thank you very much for talking to us. don, i will start with you first, you say that republicans have been wildly hypocritical
8:24 am
when it comes to determining when federal policy should trump state decision-making. is this a perfect example of that? >> if you remember couple of years ago when cliven bundy and his gang, literally held weapons in the faces of federal agents who told them they were unduly using federal land. if you're jeff sessions and you see the world the -- hes with hee right. the problem with that is two fold. you have to afford due process to everyone within our borders regardless of immigration status. if you're a democrat like myself, you have no faith in the trump administration or the jeff sessions d.o.j. that they're willing or incline to provide due process to people. second of all, if you're the state of california be it governor jerry brown, you have absolutely no responsibility to
8:25 am
facilitate or support the deportation of your citizens particularly when you have good reason to believe that they're not going to get due process. the state of california is very reasonable. they have no obligation to support this or facilitate deportation of people who built their communities. >> julie: there's your case. here's the problem with that. david, california taking the law in their own hand. here the problem, it is federal law that actually determines immigration policy. not the states. california does not have the right to do this. they can of course and they will get sued, which they are. what's going to happen now that the justice department is now suing california over sanctuary policies? >> the justice department is just trying to get california to quit blocking them from actually enforcing a law. what we have here, julie, democratic politicians in california, pushing on america the open border that hillary clinton dreamed about in 2016.
8:26 am
remember she talked about that when she talked to brazilian bankers, she wanted america to have open borders? that's all ultimately what the democratic party now stands for. at least the leadership of the democratic party. they want to do anything they can to make america have open borders. if that means resisting or making it difficult for i.c.e. agents to enforce federal immigration laws, they are for it. >> julie: jeff sessions says it's not the job of local officials to go after illegals. jeff sessions says, they shouldn't be blocking the feds from doing their jobs. but it's not necessarily up to them to go ahead and round up illegals. they need not to get in the way. let's listen to that. >> people have tried to spin this as that we're demanding that the state and local officials go out and do the work of the federal government. we like their help. most states and jurisdictions around the country help happily.
8:27 am
we just cannot allow them to obstruct a block the ability of federal officers to do the job they are lawfully required to do. >> julie: does california believe we shouldn't have immigration laws. we should have open borders instead? >> absolutely not. that's not at all what governor brown is saying. california cooperates with the immigration laws we have on the backs everyday. when people are detained, california deports more folks than anyone outside of texas. what they don't have the obligation to do is participate in the tactics rounding people who have contributed to their communities for entire generations. they have no obligation to help jeff sessions and hawaii attacks on -- his attacks on american families. jeff sessions plan to go to stanford or uc berkeley and figure out which students are overstaying student visas.
8:28 am
the mayor of oakland they have no obligation to let jeff sessions in the neighborhood. they can't stop it. they know when they predict that enforcement that we'll see. hillary clinton is not president. >> julie: if they do respect immigration law, they don't want open borders, explain why recent u.s. immigration customs enforcement bust in northern california just rounded up 232 arrest. that was in four days alone. among those i.c.e. said 180 of them had criminal convictions. it's not only about providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants, david, it's protecting criminals. >> exactly. the trump administration and attorney general sessions made very clear, they are looking to round up those who have committed crimes in the u.s. this is a clear issue. you have democratic politicians who are for open boarders. you have americans almost two
8:29 am
thirds of americans supported the idea of the president laid out in his state of the union address where he wanted to secure the border inget rid of chain migration. that's where the trump administration and america is. even dreamers now are saying that democrats will use anybody to get open borders. hence why the democratic national committee this week, there were protest with the dreamers saying for 17 years you all have done nothing. you've done nothing, you've not been an ally trying to fix immigration. this issue couldn't be more clear. the leaders of the democratic party are on the wrong side. >> julie: we have got to go. >> jon: president trump says he wants to protect america's struggling steel and aluminum. will his proposed tariffs do more harm than good? we're live with the largest
8:30 am
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8:34 am
house today. what would these tariffs actually mean to america's manufactures. william is live at the largest steel plant west of mississippi. >> steel is made in one of three ways. from ore from scrap or slap. california steel employs thousands of workers. the company said these tariffs could put them out of work. the president hopes to punish china for dumping steel some u.s. producers said the tariffs will hurt them. >> the cost is the biggest thing. that's what's going to hurt us as a company if this goes through. >> it will harm our business very bad. >> reporter: california steel is largest producer west of the
8:35 am
rockies. unlike mills in the midwest that makes steel, california imports its raw material in slabs. converting it into coils and pipes and sell it to companies that turn finished steel into framing, solar panels and more. >> we are american jobs. >> reporter: one problem is transportation. importing slabs from mexico and brazil by ship cost $20 a ton. moving it by rail from the midwest more than $100. >> the freight cost to bring from those countries to california, cost one fourth of the freight cost from the east coast to the west coast. >> reporter: rodriguez wants trump to exclude slabs from the tariffs. as cost rise, clients buy less, forcing layoffs, killing jobs. >> lot of us are looking to retire. right now, it's a big concern we don't know what will happen.
8:36 am
>> reporter: the problem is that china has been dumping finished steel like you see in that coil at $200 a ton. u.s. market price is $400 a ton. you can see that slapping a tariff necessarily in the slabs won't solve the problem. these guys are the largest in port of l.a. they have 200 customer who buy their product. you can see the ripple effect in the economy if a like this largest in the west coast, goes down the tubes. back to you. >> julie: thank you. >> jon: fox news confirms president trump spoke with witnesses in the russian investigation about their interviews with special counsel robert mueller. the president spoke with former chief of staff reince priebus as well as white house counsel don mcgann. louisiana republican is
8:37 am
constitutional law attorney. democrats said these discussions involving the president were disturbing. do you see it that way? >> not at all. what we seen and what developed here, it doesn't matter what this president does, his critics and liberal media and some of the liberals here will try to spin it into a conspiracy. look at the facts here. look what's been reported. they're taking a casual conversation that the president had with a former aide where he asked them if he was treated nicely. they trying to imply this is obstruction of justice. there's nothing unlawful about this casual conversation. i think this is much ado about nothing. >> jon: much of this reported yesterday in the "new york times" and all of the information comes from unnamed sources. fox has confirmed that the conversations did take place but if you're the president and you're talking with your attorney and you're talking with your chief of staff, that kind of happens in the course of
8:38 am
daily business >> it does. sources they say in a footnote some of the stories from yesterday, it was exchange of pleasantry. this is what a president would do when he meets with staff or former staffers. they trying if make a mountain out of that that's a mole hill. the real problem here, this investigation is not being allowed to play out as it is designed to be. these investigations are not supposed to be played out in the media on a daily basis. we want to follow the facts. we said that from the beginning. this investigation needs to run its course. hopefully in short order and wrap this up thing up so the american people can move on. that's who we all need to happen here. >> jon: isn't it the case that if you're involved in an investigation, that could lead to your office, are you supposed to avoid talking to potential witnesses or witnesses in a case?
8:39 am
>> as attorneys we're always concerned about an allegation of witness tampering. that's something that you have to be cautious about. when you're the president of the united states, you have to have daily interactions with your staff. you will be talking to people who brought in to peek. he asked priebus that he was treated nicely. they didn't go into the substance. they didn't go into details about what investigators asked him. all that is perfectly appropriate and common. it's an exchange of please saturdayry. -- pleasantry. >> jon: it's not illegal for someone who is the topic of an investigation, to find out what witnesses have said. >> that is not illegal. you're right. great point. that's not against the law. that's not what the president did. according to all the sources and even the "new york times" and everyone else, he didn't come close to the legal line here. they're bating a drum over really nothing. i'm on the judiciary committee.
8:40 am
we seen all the evidence. all of this seen this play out. i haven't seen evidence of collusion with russia. i don't think it's going to be there. there's no smoking gun. let's move on. save the american taxpayer more money. i think the people are tired of this. it looks like a charade here in congress. >> jon: you haven't smelled any smoke? >> we haven't. you would think if there was some there, we would see it now. >> jon: mike johnson is a louisiana republican and a member of the judiciary committee. thank you. >> julie: it was last summer when the uss john mccain crashed in the water off singapore killing ten sailors. we may finally know what happened. what investigators say caused the deadly collision. gary cohn sudden departure is dominating the headlines. i am totally blind.
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>> jon: fox news alert president trump is meeting with his cabinet now and we are about to get what they call tape play out. the cameras go in and they record little bit. sometimes the president answers a question or two. sometimes not. the cameras depart. this is a very interesting day in washington with the tariffs on steel and aluminum imports to this country. supposed to be announced today. former economic advisor gary cohn resigned. some say it had to do with his displeasure over the tariffs. it's going to be interesting day in washington and interesting cabinet meeting. >> julie: it has been. this is one person who resigned that we've been talking about the media giving lot of attention to. but the fact is, this is part of president trump's campaign promise that he would do. he would impose these hefty
8:45 am
tariffs on steel and aluminum. he did so. >> okay, thank you very much. it's going to be busy day. we're going to be meet today with the video makers having to do with the violence and what impact and affect that has on school shoots and our children. we have a very big meeting at 3:30. i call it an economic meeting. something we have to do to protect our steel and aluminum and our country. i want to just say that this one cabinet meeting has lot of things have been happening. very positive things happening for our country. please to report that our massive tax cuts are continuing to show tremendous results. 90% of american workers are seeing bigger paychecks.
8:46 am
almost 4.6 million people received tax cut bonuses. wages are rising at the fastest pace in more than a decade. something that people have been waiting for as you know when i was campaigning, i was talking about 18 and 20 years and wages effectively went down. now for the first time in long term there, they are start to go up for people. we've created almost three million new jobs since the election. unemployment claims are at the lowest level in 49 years. think of that. unemployment at the lowest level in 49 years. that's a beautiful statistic. we're also taking action to protect american industries that are vital to our national security including american aluminum and steel. you'll be hearing about that at 3:30. aluminum and steel are the backbone of our nation. they are the bedrock of our
8:47 am
defense and industrial base. greatest presidents from washington to jackson to lincoln to mckinley and others, they protected our country from outside influence from other countries coming in and stealing our wealth and job and companies. we will be very fair. we're going to be very flexible. we're going to protect the american worker. we also recognized that today is international women's day. we're proud and all of the measures we've taken economically to empower women. especially in the workplace. you see what's happening. i'm very pleased to announce that the unemployment rate for women in our workforce is at an 18 year low. lowest it's been in 18 years. we're close to the all time record. we hope to be able to hit that. soon i'll be able to say it's all time low. they've hit an 18 year low and
8:48 am
we're very close to breaking the record. as our economic policies restore prosperity, we're working to bring back safety. we have safety provision. you read so much about cutting of regulations. we are cutting but in many ways making it stronger having to do with safety. i would also say, having to do with the environment. you can have fewer regulations and have the remaining regulations become stronger and effect. i would say doing it well. we're having some great numbers coming in. in recent weeks, i've met with the victims of school shooting including the courageous students from marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida in in the aftermath of that tragedy we're taking very strong action. bump stocks we're almost finish with the legal papers.
8:49 am
we have statutory ceiling to go through. bump stocks is about finished. you have to wait periods of time long complicated process. bump stocks are going to be gone. i want to congratulate the state of florida and your representatives on some very good legislation that's been passed. i guess they've been listening to me lot more. unexpectedly, they passed conceal carry for some very special teachers that have a great ability with weapons and with guns. they passed that. surprising to people. they didn't go in think being that. i guess, they liked what i said. certain group of people have great talent. they're if the school. they love their students. it's concealed and i think it brings great safety. they're on the site.
8:50 am
you don't have to call them. it doesn't take 15 or 20 minutes to get there. you know exactly what's going on. they passed that and it's lot of people were surprised. i wasn't so surprised. ty they -- i think they did great job. they passed lot very good legislation last night. we're working to harden our schools to make them less vulnerable to attack. we're working to strengthen our early warning systems so that when there are red flags as in florida, 39 red flags, which is disgrace, so many red flags. they were crying out for somebody to go and nab that guy. authorities will take action quickly and decisively. we're working on common sense measures to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners while keeping guns out of the hands of those who pose a violent threat
8:51 am
or even a threat. background checks are moving along in congress. i think moving along pretty well. you've been coring congress for a long -- covering congress for a long time. background checks making them tougher. it's never that easy but it's moving along and lot of great things are being done. we're making them much tougher. lot of things are happening now as we speak. i will also say that at the state level, lot of states are doing things that go along with the federal government. lot of this can be done by states as was the case over the last few days with florida. really some tremendous legislation is happening with states and having to do with school safety. it's not enough to secure only our schools. we must secure the communities where our kids are growing.
8:52 am
we have to secure. wherever anybody goes. not just the kids. that's why we're committed to reducing violent crime like, i think, no other administration. we're fighting the deadly gangs, the ms13 and the gangs, they are vicious and horrible. just no excuse for allowing them to flourish as they were. we have taken thousands of them out of circulation. got them out. we've got them out of the country or they're in jail. we're tackling this deadly scourge. sanctuary cities we're working hard. justice department has done fantastic job. do i think we should have legislation where we put an extra line in the money that we give them. you want the money, you can't have the sanctuary cities. that way we avoid the court
8:53 am
battles. they want the money, they should give up on the sanctuary cities and harbors horrible criminals. what the mayor of oakland did was a disgrace. where they had close to a thousand people ready to be gotten. ready to be taken off the streets. many of them, 85% of them were criminals. that criminal records. the mayor of oakland went out, and warned them all. scatter. instead of taking in a thousand, they took in a fraction of that. about 150. they were all set. this was long in the planning. she said, get out of here. she's telling that to criminals. certainly something that we're looking at with respect to her individually. what she did is incredible. very dangerous from the standpoint of i.c.e. and border patrol. very dangerous.
8:54 am
she really made law enforcement much more dangerous than it had to be. we're looking at that situation very carefully. we're also establishing the federal interagency council and crime prevention and improving reentry to help former inmates reenter society as productive citizens. we have people that have been in jail, they made a mistake, they get out and they can't get a job no matter what they do. the thing i think i'm doing best for them is making the economy so strong. we need them in the whole system. many of them go into their phenomenal employees. we're doing studies on that. we'll be putting out some information. they go into the system and when they can get a job, they really take advantage of it. they do a great job. it's very important. each of the cabinet secretaries today has a vital role. one of the things i'll be starting off the meeting with is
8:55 am
continue to cut regulations. we have a tremendous way to go. we're probably 40% of the way there. statutory requirements make it where you have to give a 90 day notice, you have to give a 30 day notice, then you have to give a six month notice. time goes by. but still in 12 months, at the end of the 11th month, we cut far more regulations than any administration in the history of our country. whether it's four years, eight years or one case 16 years. we're going to cut a lot more. we really have a lot more to go. we're working with general mattis very much army core of engineers. they've been not so fast. they're slowing up some jobs. we'll get that taken care of. we've been working on that. the army corps, epa gets it
8:56 am
done. we're all getting it done. the army core has a follow much quicker. we may have to streamline it. they're in charge of areas of the country that have nothing to do with the army core so much. general mattis is working to streamline that whole procedure. some jobs are being held up because the army core. they are fantastic people. we're going to have to speed that up. this is gary cohn's last meeting in the cabinet. he's been terrific. he may be globalist, i still like him. he is seriously a globalist. no question. in his own way, he's a nationalist. he loves our country. you love your country. [applause] he's going to go out and make
8:57 am
another couple of hundred million and he's going to maybe come back. he'll be here another seven years hopefully. i have a feeling you'll be back. i don't know fix put him in the same position. he's not quite as strong on those tariffs. i want to thank you. he's been great. he really worked with wilbur and steve and all of the people, mike. we all worked so hard on the tax cuts. they have been far beyond, i would say, gary, our wildest expectations. what we thought would be very good has turned out to be unbelievable. great. people are appreciating a lot. the democrats don't know what to do this time. this is turning out to be not good for them. we didn't get one democrat vote.
8:58 am
want to thank gary. before me, some rocket ships. you haven't seen that. many the jobs we're doing, mike pence, the chairman, many of the jobs are privately financed. we're letting them use the kennedy space center for a fee. rich guys, they love rocket ship. that's good. that's better than us paying for it. i notice the praise of the last one, they said it cost $80 million. when i heard $80 million, i'm so used to hearing different numbers with nasa. nasa is making tremendous strides. we're using lot of private money. lot of people that love rockets. they're rich. they're going to be little less rich probably. lot of rockets going up. we're at the forefront. nobody is doing what we're doing. i don't know if you saw last
8:59 am
with elon with the rocket boosters where they coming back down. that was more amazing than watching the rocket go up. i never seen that before. they're saving the boosters and they came back without wings and anything. they landed so beautifully. we're really at the forefront and we're doing it in a very private planner. at the same time, nasa is very much involved in doing their own projects. we're bringing that whole space flight back. we'll be sending something very powerful to mars -- beautiful to mars in the near future. we're going to areas nobody thought possible. very proud. they had these outside and they will spread much further apart. let's bring them closer. it's really amazing what's happening with regard to space and our country. thank you all very much.
9:00 am
>> we have defense so important. we need steel and aluminum. we're negotiating with mexico and canada. the nafta. depending on whether or not we reach a deal, also very much involved with that is national defense, but if we reach a deal, it's most likely that we won't be charging those two countries the tariffs. we have other countries that are very much involved with us on trade but also on military and working together with military. we'll be making a decision as to who they are. we have a very close relationship with australia. we have a trade surplus with australia. great country, long term partner. we'll be doing something with them. we'll be doing something with other


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