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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 8, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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our instagram page on top of that sean hannity at twitter and just go check it out for yourself. we will throw up pictures of laura ingraham. that will drive a lot of traffic. >> laura: oh, yeah. drive it away. what are you talking about. hannity, i have a question, are you going home after this north korean news today and watching team america world police again relive the kim jong il character? come on. >> sean: i'm going to go home and ponder how do they possibly capitulate when we didn't give them billions of dollars? how could that ever happen? >> laura: the left doesn't know what to do with this one. they are freaking out. they do not know how to cover this story. ignoring it. >> sean: they don't believe in peace through strength. they want trump to give 150 billion of our cash. >> laura: the resistance doesn't want any part of that mr. hannity, you know that. >> sean: mr. hannity, getting very formal. will be taking over the channel now until perpetuit perpetuity. you know what? good night. >> laura: okay, fine.
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he always throws things. it's very disconcerting to me. good evening from washington. i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingle angle we begin with blockbuster news. president trump proves the experts wrong again and scores a stunning diplomatic triumph. the president has accepted an invitation to meet with the north korean dictator kim jong un. south korea's national security advisor made the announcement this evening at the white house. he credited trump's leadership and the maximum pressure he applied to north korea for creating this break through. well, that flies in the face of critics who scorch trump as he engaged in a blunt war of words with kim for many months. >> tweets like this essentially pour gasoline on that blaze. president trump is goading kim jong un to test a nuclear missile. >> i do worry about what his boiling point might be in the face of some of these inflammatory tweets and
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statements that the president makes. >> this is just how the snow ball effect starts. wars are very easy to get into. and it gets nasty really quickly. >> none of this normal. none of this acceptable. none of this frankly stable behavior. >> laura: and none of that turned out to be true, jake. well tonight, there is egg on a lot of faces after another stunning donald trump break through. let's discuss this dramatic event with fox news national security and foreign affairs analyst walid phares. michael pills bury of the hudson institute mike f. >> ke center for american progress. mike, let's start with you. i was curious to see how the left was going to cover this tonight because they are all on stormy damages. on their usual policies and stories of resistance. this really is something. let's see with a ultimately happens. "the huffington post" home page has like a mock trump and mock kim jong un from the olympics impersonators.
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that's the best they could do. >> look, this is a best step forward. the diplomacy that president trump has signaled the u.s. is willing to do with north korea is the right step. this is the direction that many people have been calling on president trump to take for more than a year now. i'm happy to see that he has done it. >> laura: he got there because he talked tough he didn't get there because he played patty cake with kim jong un. he said you come near this country with a nuclear weapon we will destroy you. people on the left how how do you do this. nuclear war. what are you doing? they were going crazy with one tweet about i have a nuclear but th button. they went nuts on that. michael pills bury, you have been writing about this for decades. i know you are very skeptical. because like me have you seen north korea pull a fast one like this before. what do you think so far? >> well, it's time to celebrate a great victory when it happens. you are quite right just in the last two hours the mainstream left wing media has been besides themselves. this really can't be happening or they don't
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really know how to explain it. it wasn't purchased. there is no concessions. the american exercises continue for the next two months. the entire set of conventional assumptions about north korea has gone out the window. >> laura: series of sound bites by -- i loved calling it the expert. the expert, the expert said. the expert predicted. headlines "u.s.a. today" analysis how trump's nuclear button tweet could jeopardize highs foreign policy. "newsweek" will trump and kim's game of nuclear chicken blow up the world? new republic this is not a north korean crisis it's a trump crisis. walid, take it away. >> the critics have focused on the president's tweets. what they have missed is everything else. they did not see the task forces surrounding north korea. did not see putting pressure on china mobilizing japan and south korea. that we are winning the game at the united nations council with united nations and china not resolution
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against north korea. it was well-crafted they missed a big game. >> laura: michael fuchs do you believe the president will meet with kim jong un nut united states or seoul? if you had to get where they will be meeting. this will be wild if this meeting actually ends up going forward. >> that is the big question right now. does this meeting actually happen? some senior officials from the white house have already refused to state when, exactly. >> laura: before may they said. >> press secretary sarah sanders did not say. she said time to be determined. so i think the big question now is what is the plan? we have rushed on a complete 180 from talk of potential war and military conflict. >> laura: that was to get them to the table. >> to a summit meeting. so i do think that the real question now is what is the north korean game here and what strategy dose the united states have to actually extract real concessions from the north korea? >> laura: i think we have
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already extreacketted some concessions michael pills burry. madeleine albright clanking champagne glasses with. john kerry showing diplomacy. nothing came of it except north korea got farther and farther along with this program. china and russia acting as proxies, sending technology, food, supplies, fuel. most of that not all of that was shut down and president trump pushed hard against the chinese. you wrote the book about the hundred year marathon about china. how does china play in here? >> i think they are equally surprised as we are that rocket man, that's his old name, we probably shouldn't use that anymore. >> laura: is he a big elton john fan. he took it as a compliment he was called rocket man. >> chinese didn't help much but they helped a little. they will try to take credit as much as they can. i think this whole plan began during the transition. i think it's been well thought out. president trump, when he was campaigning did not make
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north korea his number one issue. he did it after the transition. and i must say that according to the press, secretary of defense jim mattis cass ver was very nervoud cautious. >> laura: don't worry. i got it they were very nervous about this whole thing. walid, the president made it clear to his advisors that the way we had been going about this for decades wasn't working. and he made it clear to them, they are reporting tonight that we wanted a new path forward. give me the options, how can we break this old path and pave a new way forward? and at least so far it seems like there has been some success. >> what i understand, laura, is that the essence of this plan is to let the north korea feel completely isolated that even the chinese are not going to help them. nor the russians, as i said on the security council they were not even able to get any vote for them. there is a missing point we are not seeing here is what
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the north koreans and south koreans have already spoken about the. the messenger the national security advisor of south korea who add announced this message, he most likely will brief the administration about what is ahead. >> laura: michael fuchs when you look at where we have come from in this north korean issue, it's been one of the most intractable diplomatic, national security, geopolitical challenges the country has ever h i said during the campaign, michael pulls burry, i know you did, too. north korea wasn't the problem it wasn't iran or iraq or afghanistan. >> wasn't climate change. >> laura: it wasn't climate it was north korea. they don't know this guy, seems like a cuckoo for cocoa pufs. he has nuclear weapons. china gets back again we are in korean war in the peninsula. that doesn't end well for anybody. it's mad man theory. if i'm a mad man, you don't know what i'm going to do. maybe it is a mad man theory. >> look, i think this again
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is really the big question. we have to be very clear-eyed about what can be realistically achieved here with north korea because of decades of really difficult experience with north korea getting tried and played many times over with the north koreans. we need to be clear-eyed about what can be achieved with diplomacy. which is why i asked the question what is the trump administration strategy now with -- >> laura: center for american progress what the strategy is need to tell any of us. michael, what are the pit falls here? have you written about this extensively. give me some advice for the president and his team going into this situation? >> well, they need to understanding what the north koreans are up to. i think they do. i have a lot of confidence in president trump's team. but the main thing is the negotiations, while they go on, which could be a year or two. freed nuclear and missile tests. >> laura: got to happen. >> time is on our side.
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>> laura: get it right. don't rush it to a conclusion, get it right. >> laura: gentlemen, fantastic panel. you guys came in at the last minute and we appreciate it speaking of the people's republic we will take a look at california's radical transformation from golden state of unlimited prom mission to sanctuary state. that's next in the angle. y image enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? for all-day, all-night protection. and when you switch to esurance, in the modern world, it pays to switch things up. you can save time, worry, hassle, and yup, money. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved hundreds. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call.
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the state's governor. now, he was a moderate conservative, a law and order kind of guy. the whole place, to me at least, felt like a beach boy song, the weather, the people, the lifestyle was all, you know, beautiful stuff. but today, the sunshine not with understanding, california is a very different place. it's now a place where state officials actively thwart federal authorities trying to stop violent criminal offenders. oakland's mayor, libby schaaf, went so far as to issue a warning to immigrant communities that an ice raid was forthcoming.
7:15 pm
well, the president sounded off on that today. >> what the mayor of oakland did the other day was a disgrace. where they had close to 1,000 people ready to be gotten, ready to be taken off the streets. many of them, they say 85% of them were criminals. and had criminal records. and the mayor of oakland went out and she went out and warned them all, scatter. so instead of taking in 1,000, they took in a fraction of that. she said get out of here. she is telling that to criminals. and it's certainly something that we are looking at with respect to her individually. what she did is incredible and very dangerous from the standpoint of ice and border patrol. very dangerous. she really made law enforcement much more dangerous. >> laura: now, for her part, mayor schaaf is deflecting that criticism and she is going straight to the r-word.
7:16 pm
>> the attorney general is trying to distract the american people from a failed immigration system by painting a racist, broad brush of our immigrant community as dangerous criminals. >> laura: who is mentioning skin color or ethnicity or where people are from. that's just pathetic. california, the way you see this playing out, is almost acting like it's a separate country all together, not a separate state. well, i think attorney general jeff sessions was 100 percent correct yesterday when he labeled state officials radical extremists for per pet united states the lawlessness. >> federal law determines immigration policy. state of california not entitled to block that activity. somebody needs to stand up and say no, you've gone too far. you cannot do this. >> laura: california a.g. javier basara shot back. he argued that the state sanctuary laws are
7:17 pm
constitutional adding our folks are very busy doing public safety around the state. we don't have to do the immigration work for immigration officials. excuse me. public safety? that's what we are supposed to believe when your own oakland mayor warned the illegal aliens ahead of time when she got wind of the ice raid that was about to happen? today the white house released a partial list of the crimes committed set free despite the lawful request of immigration authorities. check it out. there is a guatemalan citizen who was arrested last august for injuring his spouse. while the sonoma county jail provided ice with a whopping 24 minutes in the before it released the alien. a few weeks later, the santa rosa police department in california arrested that same individual as a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend. another guatemalan, an alleged gang member was
7:18 pm
arrested by the san francisco police more than 10 times between 2013 and 2017. for charges including rape, domestic battery, second degree robbery, assault, vehicle theft, and on each occasion, what happened was ice requested notification of his release so then ice could take him into custody. each time ice's request was declined by california. and then a citizen of mexico was arrested by santa clara county for drug possession on january 11th, 2017. he was later convicted of child cruelty, felony possession purchase of controlled substances and, of course, possession of marijuana. he was released from local custody. the list goes on and on. and we could literally do an entire show just on the myriad ways that california sanctuary policies have endangered the lives of innocent, law abiding citizens. and, of course, law enforcement and, of course, legal immigrants. california a.g. becerra and
7:19 pm
governor moon beam brown are living in alternative universe. they deny that that he even have sanctuary laws in place. yet, here's what their new statutes stipulate. in violation of federal statutes, local officials cannot tell the feds when illegals in custody are about to be released. and they are banned under this law from transferring criminal immigrants to federal officials. now, we are talking about undocumented criminals here. and the state of california is also so concerned about the welfare of the illegal immigrants, that they imposed a state-run inspection of immigrants detained by the federal government. basically they are trying to regulate federal immigration detention. and, perhaps most outrageously, one california law now requires private business owners to -- they can't voluntarily cooperate with ice agents. now, in fact, they have to
7:20 pm
notify illegal employees before any workplace inspections take place or those private business owners face heavy fines. now, you cannot get more radical and rapidly open borders than that. though california officials are triggered over the sessions' lawsuit, it may be, may be the beginning of restoring some sanity to this state. republicans, let's face it, largely have been shut out of california politics now for years u and we are a very long way from the days when pete wilson was governor back in the 1990s. permissive liberal social welfare policies and the embrace of illegal immigrants have plunged the state into a spiral of homelessness. it's now at a crisis point declared by san francisco and los angeles. and even orange county. we reported on this before is grappling with homeless encampments and the crime and health issues that come along with them. this is not what the people of california want. how do i know that?
7:21 pm
well, a uc berkeley poll just found that 74% of californians wanted to end sanctuary cities including 55% of hispanics, and 73% of democrats. now, if that's not a cry for sanity or a cry for help, i do not know what is. sessions and the trump administration are throwing the golden state a lifeline with these sanctuary lawsuits. because if they're successful, perhaps the good vibrations, political and otherwise, can roll through california once again. and that's the angle. joining me now for reaction here in washington is john tores, he is a former acting ice director in the george w. bush administration and alli, executive director of the national immigration forum. okay, guys, this is wild. the lawsuit against california, the mayor of oakland warning the immigrants of the raids. 800 absconded.
7:22 pm
not all of them would have been caught by ice for sure but some of them would have been. ally, let me start with this. why is this good for california for a mayor like libby schaaf to put out this warning that then allows these criminals to escape? >> you know, i think something incredibly unfortunate has happened here. the term sanctuary has been politicized by both the left and the right. at the end of the day, the person caught in the middle is the cop on the corner who is trying to do their jobs. all those terrible cases that you reported, just now, around the rapes and predator on children, those crimes need to be reported. those individuals need to be. >> laura: california is not doing it releasing them back in the state. >> earlier this week there was a raid by ice throughout the central valley. half the people they detained did not have criminal convictions. but when they knock on the door, who do this represent themselves as? police. ice is wasting valuable law enforcement resources. they should be going after public safety threats absolutely. what they are doing is bringing along everybody
7:23 pm
else in the household. >> laura: i see your point about that john, think what's happened though is that california has set up this scenario. clearly the trump administration is not going door to door and take mommy and her kids back to mexico or whatever. they are focusing on these criminals but in the midst of where they find them because they're not being turned over expeditiously by the state they have ancillary people they find and united states. they are swept up in this precisely because we have these policies whatever you want to call them, sanctuary or not which puts down a wall between the local law enforcement and the federal immigration officials. and those statistics that we cited, those cases, those are real people and those are real victims. >> right. so the unintended consequences of the policies are that you have an ice agent. have you ice in general will target criminals. and they -- the easiest way to arrest them is to have
7:24 pm
them transferred in the custodial setting from a jail or prison directly into ice custody. when that doesn't happen and they are released out onto the street, ice has to spend more resources, send more agents into the neighborhoods, into the house, maybe their businesses and look for that person that they are targeting and unlike in the past they will arrest everyone in the economy. when mayor schaaf goes to race. again, it's such a weak argue: this is about illegal immigrants. i don't care if you are from afghanistan or new mexico or from european country it is about people in this country illegally. they do not have a universal right to be in this country illegally. many of them committed crimes. once they are targeting. this is a race thing, trying to deflect it from racism, racism, racism. i think people are sick of it and that poll shows democrats want end to sanctuary policies. that's berkeley poll that's
7:25 pm
not daily cawferl o. fox news poll that is a berkeley poll. >> i do not think it is about race as it is about public safety and the safety of the public. that's why we think that i say i don't want to live in a sanctuary city. i want to live in a safe city. every cop on the corner could be trusted by everybody in their community. only way that happens is if that cop on the corner is not seen as federal law enforcement. that's why cops and employers in california are stuck in such a terrible place. >> laura: it's because of the liberal politicians in california. >> congress has completely failed to fix this problem. >> laura: states can do a lookout, too. just because congress hasn't done a lot doesn't mean the states hands are tied. they come into contact with these criminals. at least two of three of the officials have filed declarations, sean, saying in the lawsuit that was filed yesterday that california's law will already negatively affected their work. trying to do their work on the street to keep these
7:26 pm
communities safe. they can't get any traction. you were acting head of ice, and you know how hard this job is it's like finding a needle in a haystack. >> officer safety issue. public safety issue. and law enforcement coordination issue. as a young trainee agent it's drilled in your head. have you got to cooperate and notify local law enforcement so you don't end up with a blue on blue situation and shoot an officer who is in plain clothes. and what have you now is a mayor notifying the community that there is an operation taking place that quite possibly some of these people may run number one, but number two they could be lying in wait. we have seen problems with am bushes over the last couple years and police officers. we don't want to set that up. we don't want to create that situation. so crimes committed by illegals caught up in raids. here is the list. aggravated assault. involuntary manslaughter. hit and run. i think we have the graphic. lewd acts with a minor. burglary, dui, domestic violence, drug trafficking, battery, sex offices, false
7:27 pm
imprisonment, negligent discharge of a firearm, those are the types of people they are looking at. and, again, foreign the life of me, i do not understand why these laws are good for the state of california. i just -- it's mind boggling to me. that's why these polls show that the regular people, the people whose lives are endangered are the ones most against these policies. now a private employer, for instance, private business owner is prohibited by state law from basically reporting someone hot feds or that's crazy. >> but you are wrong there, laura. what the state law requires an employer to do is to notify their workforce that ice is going to be doing a review. what's happening here. >> laura: what is that doing? >> that employer is turning into enforcement agent when all that employer wants to do is grow their business and make sure that they and their family are going to succeed. why are we asking an employer to take on immigration enforcement? >> laura: why are you telling an employer that he or she cannot be silent when they know there is a raid coming, they have to tell people in their workforce,
7:28 pm
many of them illegal undoubtedly otherwise they wouldn't care about it? >> they were complying with ice's request. >> laura: no, no. the california law, the most problematic which will get struck down totally unconstitutionally that you cannot cooperate with ice if you are a private employer. >> during my time at ice there were a number of employers that wanted to cooperate but wanted to do best practices. and so they would reach out to us. >> laura: great segment. are we turning by the way our kids into potential killers by letting them watch gory films and play violent video games? that's controversial. you will want to stick around for that debate. ben shapiro up next ♪
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7:33 pm
movies, the internet stuff is so violent. it's so incredible. i see it. i get to see things that you wouldn't be -- you would would be amazed at. i have a very young son who i look at some of the things is he watching, and i say how is that possible and this is what kids are watching. >> laura: let's discuss whether there any s. any link on violence on the screen and real violence with ben shapiro and retired army lieutenant colonel david grossman authored books on the psychology of violence army ranger, black belt and -- okay, you win. just on that score. it's great to have you both on. let's start with you, david, because some of these games are really wild. i mean, they are pretty graphic, pretty gory. you know them. call of duty. i don't do any of these. >> grand theft auto. >> laura: simulated violence. >> murder similarity. >> laura: evan ramsey others like some of these other
7:34 pm
killers. klee bold, adam lanza. >> the norway killer trained on those. prepare himself to commit crime. the killer in florida he spent 15 hours a day on violent video games. all consuming all pervasive thing in this guy's life are violent video games. less than a year ago, the american psychological association made a definitive statement. there is a clear unequivocal link between violent video games and violent behavior. the blood pressure goes up. heart rate goes up. violent actions go up. the data is persistent and clear across many different forums. you can't deny it. it is overwhelming. >> laura: ben shapiro, i know you are a skeptical about a link from video games. millions of people play these video games. girls aren't as in to these video games i'm sorry as boys are. i think if my sons had access to them, i'm sure they would play them all the
7:35 pm
time. something about the boy's brain and these games. why are you not worried about it. >> i mean, i'm not worried about it because the consumption of these violent video games has been going on continuously since the early 90's and youth violence has been going down since the early '90s. the correlation doesn't fitted. as far as individual instances can you find patterns in very sporadic instances among virtually all data sets. there is mixed data about this. it's true that american psychological association recommends that parents not allow kids play these games. i wouldn't because they're immoral. i'm not sure the government should be in the business of stepping in 2011, justice scalia justice decision 5-4 unconstitutional for the state of california to regulate the capacity of parents to be able to get these video games for these kids or kids to get them without parental permission. you saw that has content violation under the first amendment. >> laura: let's talk more about this. the assassinations that take place in the games. >> you know, my book, laura,
7:36 pm
assassination generation, we outlined the dissenting opinions in that case. there is much more to this situation that we need to understand. clarence thomas and steven breyer, the most liberal and conservative justice dissented. steven breyer said they use these to train miller. i'm not a medical expert but i know who is and it's not the people the video gamers put out. you need to know more about the case. the data is so overwhelming. when i was a kid nobody buckled seat belt all just fine. the seat belt unbuckled died. but all the ones that died -- >> laura: kids have predispositions to this. >> yeah. >> laura: maybe they have a trigger inside of them, they steep themselves. >> one more ingredient to it great book inside the mind of a teen killer. the new factor in every single indicates, the new factor, the fact that violent crime is down is not true. >> laura: are they using these in army ranger training do they do
7:37 pm
simulation. >> we do it with law enforcement and video training. you don't see it in ranger school but integral part of our training make killing response part of training. we have to do it. healthy people have to be trained to do and the video games do the same things to the kids. >> laura: ben, what i think about this, science or not, for young children to continually see images of heads exploding, chests opening up, you talked about the immorality of all of this. whether it's constitutional or not constitutional, maybe it as a societal we have to talk about what numbing ourselves to this very graphic violence. it's not a cartoon. this looks like a real person's head exploding and it's over and over and over again and doing it 10 hours a day and playing with people in other countries, that's where you are getting your stimulation. that's boys need to be outside playing and doing physical stuff. instead sitting there on these screens all day. i don't see how any of that is good. >> i fully agree with all of
7:38 pm
that i just think it's a question of parental authority and i think it's a question of how we as a society choose to raise our kids not a question of governmental regulation. the trouble i have with the president getting involved cultural issue orrego gla tore issue. is this an issue where the president tries to promulgate legislative response or government is supposed to step in and fix all of this, again, i'm not sure that the statistics match up in terms of public policy. i think we are all in agreement we would all prefer kids play less of this and robust ratings systems as well u i hope it gets more robust and parents take more responsibility for the crap people are putting in their system. >> laura: adam lanza empty look on his face had problems as well. >> pornography, sex, firearms, firearms, all those other areas, they wouldn't buckle baby in the car seat if it wasn't the law. it's not yet done until we take action. most major nations on the planet regulate children's access to these games. we are about the only major
7:39 pm
nation that doesn't do that. >> laura: i'm glad i don't like these games. it's great to have both of you on. so-called experts, speaking of experts wrong on trump's approach to north korea and they just might as well as have been wrong to criticize tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. up next ask a blue collar worker who just may know more than the experts coming up. e. advil pm gives tossing and turning a rest and silences aches and pains. fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer with advil pm. fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer ♪ wild thing ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers. any burger just $7.99. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood. it takes a lot of work to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes,
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>> laura: president trump signed an executive order today slapping tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. the tariffs apply to all countries except mexico and canada while they renegotiate nafta with us. the white house says the u.s. now imports four times as much steel as it exports. >> the american steel-aluminum industry has been ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practice h patrols really an assault on our country. they know better than anybody u it's a process called dumping. they drove our plants and factories out of business. >> laura: dusty stephens attended the signing ceremony in the wrote vet room today. is he superintendent at century aluminum pot line and he joins to us discuss what this move is going to mean to his company. it's important to talk to people that are really in the business instead of pundits and analysts. you are actually in the field so you know what the
7:44 pm
heck was going on. great to see that event today. >> thank you. >> laura: you got up and spoke. the president signaled out century aluminum because of the military grade materials that you guys produce. what does this policy mean for your kentucky operation? >> so right now we are running at 40% capacity. two years ago we had to shut down 60% of our capacity due to the downturn in the market. with the tariffs put in place today we are going to get back that 60%. we are going to invest $100 million to get back that military grade aluminum. >> laura: $100 million will mean how many jobs? >> it will be over 300 jobs. >> laura: how important is that to this kentucky community? >> it's huge. it's huge. we keep talking about the 300 jobs that we're going to introduce into the community, and that's great. the biggest issue here is we are going to preserve that plant. we have 200 plus employees here now. without these tariffs we
7:45 pm
would lose those jobs as well. in reality we are saving over 500 jobs. >> laura: when you hear people talking about this from washington or new york most of them never been in a manufacturing plant. they have never stepped foot in one. they have don't know people like you. they don't know people like you, the community. these jobs are never coming back. time to move on to 21st century economy. manufacturing is overrateed it's all robots. what do you say to that? >> i wish they could walk in my shoes. i have seen a lot in the last two years. i have seen my friends go out the door not knowing if they are going to have a job the next day. i have seen my family has been directed affected by it. my father worked at that smelter 40 years. he retired early so another guy could keep his job. my brother, he was laid off during the downturn. he didn't come back to work. this is directly affected our family. not only ours but every -- there is over 300 other families that were affected by this downturn and now the
7:46 pm
trump administration has given it back to us. >> laura: one of the other gentlemen who was in the roosevelt room today, i guess we do not have the sound bite. it was so compelling. he is from the union. >> yes. >> laura: he got up and he said until you see the look of a father looking into the eyes of his son and the sadness of you can't provide for your family. you have six kids. his father and his family had six kids. he said i will never forget that day. >> you won't. >> laura: here he is speaking now. you could never forget that day. he said that emotion, what that does to a family is just devastating. >> and it is. it is. having to go home and see my brother tore up because he has a little one at home. he knows he can't provide for her. he knows he is not going to be able to pay his bills month to month and seeing that day in and day out struggle it's tough. >> laura: did you feel like a politician before trump came along really understood this community, really got
7:47 pm
the core of american manufacturing and how important it was to national security and to our economic vitality. >> absolutely not. we have been trying to get something in place for over two years. the trump administration in the last, what, 14 some odd months has put this in place and got this ball rolling for us. so this is great. not only for the aluminum industry. >> laura: the dumping from china and from other countries has depressed the price. american companies can't compete. but what the critics of these tariffs say is all the products we make are going to be a lot more expensive now. you are going to be hurting the mom and pop consumers to what do you say? >> we have a premium product that nobody else in the world can produce. that is the highest grade aluminum nut world. and it goes to our military and our aerospace. without that, where do you get that aluminum?
7:48 pm
>> laura: we don't want to buy it from china. >> no, we don't. >> laura: dusty, it's t. was great to see threw today. keep doing what you are doing. it was a pleasure. >> thank you. >> laura: i'm coming to factory, too. an apology from joy behar to the vice president falls so far short we are not even sure it happened. we will tell you about it next. you can save time, worry, hassle, and yup, money. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved hundreds. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. theratears® uniquefer from the electrolyte formula, corrects the salt imbalance that causes dry eye. so your eyes will thank you. more than eye drops, dry eye therapy. theratears®.
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>> laura: comedian joy behar is better known for politics than humor. on the co-host on "the view" behar's humor hard tore locate. >> media report on 95% what he is a lie. how important then is birth control to the republican party? they should be out there applauding planned parenthood for supplying birth control, mammograms and everything else. and he doesn't want his supporters to believe the media when he is going to be put in handcuffs. that's what i think. donald trump direct thed him to make contact with the russians. yes! he goes to jail. he goes to jail. he goes to jail. lock them up. >> laura: that's hilarious. three weeks ago, she sparked a firestorm of criticism for morning the christian faith of vice president mike pence. >> it's one thing to talk to jesus, it's another thing when jesus talks to you. >> exactly.
7:53 pm
[laughter] >> that's different. that's different. that's called mental illness if i'm not correct: hearing voices. >> laura: former g.o.p. presidential candidate gary bauer tweeted in response dr. martin luther king said christ told him to launch the civil rights amusement. was he insane too, joy? and after oprah said that she asked god if she should run for president tony perkins tweeted so is joy behar going to call oprah mentally ill if she gets an answer? pence's response was calm and reflective but as rest light as his faith. >> to have abc maintain a broadcast forum. that compared christianity to mental illness is just wrong. >> laura: weeks went by with no apology from either abc or behar. last week the angle reported that abc disney had been bomb barted with more than 30,000 complaints about
7:54 pm
behar's comments. >> laura: for a business dependent on the families, many of them christians, this seems like the definition of a mental illness if you ask me. >> laura: now it, looks like i was on target because disney might not always listen to reason, but when money talks, that mouth is all ears. this morning, "l.a. times" reporter daniel miller tweeted this, iger says joy behar apologized for the things she said about christians and the trump administration. iger agrees that was appropriate. iger is the ceo of disney, the parent company of abc. he reportedly told shareholders that behar had expressed regret and apologized to pence personally. but that misses the point. >> and it's an insult not to me, but to the vast majority of the american people who like me cherish their faith. >> laura: pence is right. behar doesn't owe an apology to shareholders but to the millions of americans of all
7:55 pm
faiths actor james wood nailed it in a tweet today he had said disney made corporate apology on behalf of behar to shareholders in order to protect its stock value. like i think we need to hear an apology out of your own mouth, joy, to make sure that it's coming from you and that we're not just hearing voices. the last bite when we return. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late.
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8:00 pm
>> laura: apparently jim mattis was also spotted doing the dougie. we hope to have that for you soon. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team. >> shannon: among all the talents, i had no idea she was such a skilled dancer. >> laura: she didn't even have to wear the leg warmers. it's perfect. >> shannon: thanks, laura. >> laura: take care. >> shannon: here is what we have coming up tonight. in a remarkable shift in relations with the nation we have been at war with them for 65 years, president trump accepts an offer to meet with the north korean leader only hours after signing sending ovs tariffs. mike huckabee and mike walker discussed the political and diplomatic impact. thus, a former blackwater eric prince denies the


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