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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 8, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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attorney general jeff sessions has appointed a prosecutor to lead a team looking into concerns from republican lawmakers, including uranium one. tomorrow night, the attorney general joins us on our site to discuss that. sorry, we must news quiz tonight. it's tomorrow. s good night from washington. here's sean. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." here's breaking news tonight. president trump scoring a big win and possibly averting a major nuclear crisis tonight with north korea. the president, in fact, accepting an invitation to meet with kim jong un by may and north korea agreeing to stop nuclear and missile testing and the sanctions continue in the meantime. we'll have our opening monologue in just a few minutes. first, joining us from themi white house with the very latest on how this all came to be is our ownot john roberts. john, big surprise for a lot of people, big term i thought was used is denuclearization. >> president said it's not about a freeze, it's about denuclearization. we knew something was up when the president poked his head in the brady briefing
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room at about 5:30. got nose and two toes in. he told us in the briefing room that south korea was going to have a major announcement this evening about north korea. then we heard what the south koreans had to say. the president tweeting tonight saying "kim jong un talked about denuclearization with the south korean representative, not just a freeze. also no missile testing by north korea during this period of time. great progress being made but sanctions will remain in effect until an agreement is reached. meeting being planned." and here is the extraordinary announcement by south korea's national chung eui-yong shortly after 7:00. take a listen. >> i thank president trump that his leadership and hi maximum pressure policy together with international solidarity brought us to this juncture. he expressed his eagerness in meeting president trump asss soon as possible.
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president trump appreciated the briefing and said he would meet kim jong un by may. >> now, shortly after that the national security council held a conference call to kind of walk us through the background ofro all of this and where it goes from here. asked why the president didn't start with lower level talks the national security spokesperson said other administrations have tried lower level talks with north korea and they have gone nowhere. so the president thought that he would jump in with both feet here. also, that president trump will not reward north korea in exchange for talks but said he would meet and he expects north korea to put action to the words that they conveyed tonight. sean, one of the big questions left to answer is where are they going to meet. i highly doubt that they would meet in north korea. i highly doubt that they would meet here. there is an area in south korea and the north korean border where they could meet, which is actually where kim jong un is going
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to meet with moon, president of south korea. peace house or maybe they could meet somewhere else. all of that something decide. what's really interesting about all of this, sean, is the fact that the presidentt was so widely criticized for taking the approach that he was taking toward north korea and all of the rhetoric that was flying around calling kim jong ung little rocket man saying "my nuclear button is bigger than yours." kim jong un responded by calling the president a fat dotard.g never thought that was going to go anywhere except lead to nuclear war, which a lot of experts did. now we sit onn the verge of talks between the president and kim jong un. i remember back in november when we were in vietnam with president trump, i wase sitting in my seat at a press conference at the presidential palace in hanoihe when my phone rang. it was the president who was on the phone. we talked for a while and talk turned to north korea. the president said to me, john, everybody thinks i'mo trying to start a waro with north korea. he said i'm not. i'm trying to prevent a
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this might be an indication first step down the road that the president is, in fact, trying to prevent a war and not start one as so many of his critics believe. lindsey graham had some words of caution for kim jong un tonight saying, "a word of warning to north korean president kim jong un, worse possible thing you can do is meet with president trump int person and try to play him. if you do that, it will be the end of you and your regime." tough words from lindsey graham tonight. sean? l >> sean: historic day by any measure. i will have a lot more. that call is very insightful. i will address that in my opening monologue in a few minutes. joining us now with more on this major breaking news live at the pentagon tonight, jennifer griffin. turns out a lot of people might have been taken off guard and from what i hear, well, secretary mattis had to come out of an important meeting. >> that's right, sean. and i have spoken to several very senior leaders here in the pentagon tonight who have welcomed what they're
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describing as a potential breakthrough when it comes to north korea and its c nuclear program. kim's offer to denuclearize is being viewed as potentially historic. there is no downside b to talking, one senior u.s. military leader who has been tasked with preparing for a possible preemptive military strike, told me. it's good news. people should be happy. the pentagon was caught flat footed, as you mentioned, by the announcement tonight.. spokesman and aides scrambled at the pentagon. a jim mattis had to be pulled out of an offsite retreat with senior civilian pentagon leaders. he had to leave the meeting when news broke from the white house. secretary of state rex tillerson was in africa saying earlier today talks were premature. u.s. military exercises with south korea will go ahead as planned in april. w in the past, kim jong un had demanded a freeze for freeze. he views these annual exercises as a dry run for an invasion to overthrow his regime. i just got off the phone with one senior u.s.ot military leader who said
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tonight's announcement is the result of the president's maximum pressure campaign on north korea. president trump has moved the needle more than any president before him. the proof will be in the pudding. but this is a break through. it's significant this defense official told me. this is a very different tone, sean, from what we heard from top intelligence officials. director of national intelligence dan coats and lieutenant general robert ashley, the head of militaryli intelligence on the hill, two days ago, they were skeptical when asked about kim's offer at the two-day summit between south korea leaders and kim jong un and pyongyang. tonight, the top leaders are welcoming the news if the real goal is denuclearization of the peninsula. until then they will keep the pressure on. sean? >>he sean: thank you. joining me with reaction joining me with reaction, former assistant to the president sebastian gorka and former secret service agent, nra tv contributor dan bongino. dr. gorka, we start with you.
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you know, everybody that has been so critical, oh, rocket man. i can assure and i will address this in my monologue tonight. i can assure the world that he is not going to be offering $150 billion in cash and other foreign currencies. nor will he be offering what bill clinton gave kim jong un's father, kim jong il. b that was energy and billions of dollars. >> it's truly incredible, sean, what a massive difference one election makes. we have an administration that's not going to kowtow to evil regimes or fund terrorist regimes as you rightly pointed out with the iran deal. american leadership is back. we have a president who has walked the walk, talked the talk, and carried a very large stick., he stood up to this stalinist dictatorship in north korea. what's happened in a matter of just a few months, they've backed down and they'v
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want to talk after decades and decades of appeasement. this is the vindication of the president's foreign policy. after the crushing of isis, this is perhaps the biggestru foreign policy win that we have seen. it's less than a year and a half into the administration. this is a problem that has plagued the west, plagued the pacific region for decades. finally there is hope of resolution. remember what reagan said, trust but verify, but we on the way to stabilizing the peninsula. >> sean: well said. dan bongino, by showing strength and a commitment, one thing that i don't think a lot of people have h understood is the effect,se the impact, these sanctions have had. china, the president's relationship with china, has put a lot of and china has withdrawn a lot of their financial support and trade as it relates to north korea. that has played a part in also, america's military force in the region as shown by the president.
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it was no question what the consequences would be if kim jong un continued what he was doing in firing these missiles. he was precipitating a crisis. the president would strike. it would have happened. it was inevitable. >> absolutely. sean, a couple points on this. you know, one of the lessons a lot of these hostile geopolitical actors learned around the world after the iraq war was never, ever go to war with the united states without nuclear weapons. you will be annihilated and annihilated quickly. well, the kim regime learned from that and they have been holding the threat of nuclear war like a gun to the head of the world nowik for years. but think about what happened. they took advantage of our predictability on this, sean, and we have been predictable through democratd and republican administrations. then we get a queen's builder in office who dropsr a couple defcon 1 level tweets in there. is he entirely unpredictable
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and all of the sudden they want to chat about denuclearization. i think trump deserves even from liberal haters and they're many and legionn in the media, deserves a little bit of credit for what dr. gorka said and he is right, a major, major foreign policy breakthrough. >> sean: very predictably, dr. gorka, the left only likes it if we are bowing and kissing the ring of murdering dictators and offering bribes. while offering bribes with bill clinton and kim jong il didn't work. i it's not going to work with the mullahs in tehran. this president took a very different response and it absolutely sent the media in this country, they were apple pulplp day over the fact that he called him a little, make fun of him, our weapons actually work and we have a lot more than you do and you're going to pay a very severe p price. the one consistent thing that we sees a we look through history is that capitulation and appeasement never works. peace through strength.. it's not just a slogan. it is ait philosophy. and the only way to gety.
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respect is to stand strong in the face of tyranny. >> right. as we did twice during the 20th century in america saved western civilization. as we did twice during the 20th century and american saved western civilization. saved judeo civilization from the nazis. i want to see "the washington post," cnn, on the huffington post that they're going to eat croww because the president's policies worked. do you know what the real irony is? guess who got the nobel peace prize in the man who complained out with hisrv policy, barack obama, who deserves a peace prize right now? it's donald trump for what he is bringing to the korean peninsula. that's the truth. >> sean: let me go, dan bongino, to the actual statement. i think this is really profound and i brought this up with john roberts. and john roberts' insight into the president. i'm not trying to start a war. i want peace here. peace doesn't begin by begging dictators to be nice to us. we are nice to you and bribe
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you, will you please be nice back. this is bigger than just stopping the nuclearge testing and the missile testingd that's been going on. this is about denuclearization. and in the meantime, the joint exercises continue with south america and our allies. in the meantime, the sanctions continue. the president has given up nothing. and it seems like little rocket man blinked and blinked big time tonight because it's been working and he sees this as a real threat. >> he does see it as a real threat. strength matters.. don't expect anybody in the left in the media, sean, to give him any credit for this.t as we saw with reagan and crushing soviet union, they went after reagan, not the soviet union. just like they did, by the way, when they went after trump when he went after the north korean leader, a sworn enemy of the united states. the left in the media spend inordinate amount of time fighting fake enemies, inanimate statues.
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leaving the real enemies of the united states alone. i think dr. sebastian gorka is right. i think there is going to be servings of crow going to serve to the media on the left. this is unquestionably a major break through. i was actually astonished by this tonight when it came out i'm not surprised by >> sean: remember during the olympics, "kim jong un's sister made mike pence look bad." which never happened. that was the media's narrative. oh, my god, he is provoking world war iii. "he said little rocket man." one thing that it seems that we forget is we are thewe united states of america. we have the meanest, toughest military on the face of this earth. reminding dictators that they cannot intimidate us is not a bad foreign policy. but, if it encourages them to reach out for peace, we offer our hand in peace is better off for f our children and grandchildren. it's not that complicated, dr. gorka. >> it's not. and let me share with you, i was in the oval by myself
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with the president maybe back in may, and he just looked up from his desk and he said: i do not want to go to war on the korean peninsula. but he understands when a threat is made. and he loves our military and he understands them. i took 18 green berets into the oval. the way he connected with them was he understands that diplomacy means nothing unless you have the option for force to back it up. that's what wewe have forgotten for far too long and whether it's a moab bomb in afghanistan, whether it's cruise missiles in syria. he is not an adventurist but he will stand up to evil as we have done many times before. i just want to know how the never trumpers are going to react. how are the tom freidmans? how are the sad individuals f like max boot going to react now when donald trump's policies keep winning and as you mentioned it, i think the steel tariff is part of this deal. >> sean: absolutely.
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i will get to that later in the program tonight.. well said. dr. gorka, thank you, dan bongino, thank you. joining us with more reaction, host oft "war stories" colonel oliver north. let me pick up with dr. gorka was saying.g. it's interesting to watch the media reaction toid the president and not only wanting free trade but also wanting fair trade and saying that there has got toyi be reciprocity. knowing this president as well as i do, you know him well, colonel north. he's the consummate constant negotiator. heti exempted canada and mexico and he said every other country renegotiation. the whole thing is a negotiation. and similarly here, he obviously never wanted to go to war with north korea, but nor was he going to give an inch to kim jong un and his dictatorial practices and intimidation and his suppose a show of force within russia launches. his missile launches. >> so, do you suppose that
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there is a rapid translation of the art of the dealng being made in the korea right now? i would tell you, the comment made by senator graham was spot on. if he thinks that he is going to go into this conversation and try to pull something over president trump's eyes or his head, he is dead wrong. look it, here is the other part of this that no one has seen yet. for over a decade, the iranians have been paying a for the north koreans to act as their r and d facility so that the deal that was done isn't going to show somewhere. islamic revolutionary guard corps is in charge of the weapons of mass destruction. the nukes, the icbms, the chemical weapons, and bioweapons. they have been funding secretly financial and tech support to the north koreans. this is going to put them on their butts. the bottom line of it is, if this works and still a big if, if this works, it is going to make the entire world safer because it's just going to stop the north koreans. it's going to stop the iranians because they can't get away with it doing it at
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home even under the ridiculous agreement that was made in vienna. it's good news. >> sean: as well as anybody, you understand and you spent an entire life either involved fighting on the battlefield, being with troops and heroes on the battlefield and also the work that you did in iran when you were handed by your government a suicide pill in case god forbid that you had to take it. i never understood the mentality. everybody praised barack obama, he wins the nobel peace prize, 150 billion in cash and other currencies. bill clinton thought it would work with north korea and kim jong il. it didn't work. he still has nuclear weapons and we got to the point where we are today. what is it about the left in america that doesn't seem to understand you cannot bribe a murdering dictatorous regime? >> years ago you and i were on the radio today talking about madeleine albright doing the macarena because of the deal they had done in 1994 in north korea.
10:18 pm
that deal is what got them to this point today,e that and the help of the iranians. what's now happenings with this arrangement, if this works, and i pray that it does, it's not only going to stop what's going on in the korean peninsula, it's also going to have a very positive effect in the middle east. this is a major set back for the iranians, they have been using the assad regime and the north koreans to do things that the rest of the world is looking the wrongt way while the iranians areki doing it.hi this is a major blow to the iranian goal. >> sean: all right. sanctions continue. the joint exercisess continue. you have a promise before may that at least from now until may, he's not going to be firing any missiles or testt firing them. what else the downside? i don't see one. >> the downside is that thisis guy comes from a family line that does nothing but lie. they have lied repeatedly l now for decades about what they are doing and what they are not going to do. >> sean: the minute they lie, the minute the deal is taken off the table. m >> understood. that. that's why that little light-hearted comment
10:19 pm
about art of the deal. if this guy understands what he is up against, and sitting down at a table somewhere in the world opposite donald trump, he had better mean it when he is saying i'm going toet denuclearize. by the way, it will be magnificent for the people of korea. >> sean: it would be magnificent for the world. >> this is a major step in the right direction. i go back to what we always say. trust but verify and he will never get a good deal out of the press. you can count on it. tomorrow morning, it's all going to be bad. >> sean: donald trump could give everybody in the world $5 million and they would still criticize him. thank you.u. when we come back, my monologue on president trump now agreeing with kim jong un. also we have breaking news tonight that we have got too share with you about an investigation none of us really knew was going on. that's straight ahead.d. ♪ i'm just worried about the house and taking care of the boys.
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♪ >> sean: this is a fox news alert. major breaking news tonight. a huge foreign policy win for president trump. little rocket man blink >> sean: this is a fox news alert. major breaking news tonight. a huge foreign policy win for president trump. little rocket man blinks. now the president's tough rhetoric, his bold action, his severe sanctions, they appear to be working tonight. president trump is accepting an invitation to meet with the north korean dictator kim jong un by may and pyongyang is agreeing to stop all nuclear and missile tests while these talks are underway. and the sanctions, they will continue. plus this is a huge development. the lawyer for the uraniumt. one informant is confirming tonight, just moments ago, that in fact the fbi field office in little rock, arkansas is, in fact, investigating the clinton foundation. now, this comes after democrats tried to discredit the fbi informant with deceptive leaks. we have a lot more on tonight's breaking news opening monologue. ♪ >> sean: all right. the media, liberals, are
10:25 pm
looking like complete fools tonight because they are once again turning out to be completely wrong about president trump. the commander-in-chief's leadership is now leading to a major foreign policy break through as it relates to north korea. this is what we call peace through strength in action. the president is causing little rocket man to back down. something that president obama, other presidents all failed to do. president trump's tough words, his actions are now starting to yield positive results and hopefully thissu will end in the protectionnd of america and, ofro course, the world and the region in particular. t now, trump's extremely tough sanctions, they have now backed kim jong un into a corner. he was forced ton capitulate. now, it's a long way to go. we have got to be cautious, trust but verify, but meeting with kim jong un under the pretense that he will stop all nuclear missile testing, this is a good start. now for months president trump has been putting f immense pressure on north korea. take a look. >> north korea best not make
10:26 pm
any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. frankly, the people that were questioning that statement, was it too tough? maybe it wasn't tough enough. they have been doing this to our country for a long time, for many years, and it's about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of other countries. c what they have been getting away with is a tragedy. and it can't be allowed. if anything happens to guam, there is going to be big, big trouble in north korea. if he does anything with respect to guam or anything else that's an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it and he will regret it >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> sean: of course the media
10:27 pm
mocked and ridiculed president trump for daring to stand up to a brutal, murdering dictator. you may remember this. >> he wasn't a president. he was a preacher up there giving his dark world view. >> it's really frightening to hear an american obliterating any other country. >> the rhetoric was irresponsible. p it was -- put many world leaders on edge. and frankly, it was contradictory in many, many places. >> i would call it simplistic axis of evil speech on steroids.. >> one more time. simplistic axis of evil on steroids. >> on steroids. >> does this go down the history of weird u.n. speeches it? >> it's certainly an unusual speech.ed a weird speech, rocket man, insulting kim jong un. >> sean: they would have rather if he bowed anded kissed the ring of kim jong un or kissed the ridge of the mullahs in iran. look, the reason the media did this is because they prefer the policies of
10:28 pm
barack obama and bill clintons. those are policies of appeasement. now the media wanted president trump to get on bended knee and beg please be nice to us. of course, president trump didn't do that, he didn't cave. he didn't bow to the liberal pressure and he stood firm as they attacked him until, in fact, kim jong un started backing down. that appears to now be happening. and, of course, the destroy trump media, they have been embarrassingly wrong about the entire situation. just last month they were mocking, remember, vice president mike pence for not acknowledging kim jong un's sister at the olympics? >> here is how the left, the liberals, reacted back then. >> mike pence was in the stand at the olympics where he seemed to be making a silent protest by remaining seated when north and south korean athletes entered the stadium under the korean unification flag. now, was this the place to make that statement? or did he just forget to get up? >> i thought that mike pence said that it was inappropriate to make political statements at
10:29 pm
sporting events. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> if you are in korea, you need to stand up. you need to stand up and show respect. >> sean: remember the media? they were fawning over kim jong un's sister, part of a family who slaughters thousands of their own citizens. putting thousands more in death camps and millions are starving. the truth doesn't matter to the media in this country as usual. they have been praising evil dictators for decades.l very sad. and as for this upcoming meeting between kim jong un, president trump is showing fearlessness in accepting the invitation. i can assure you, this that president trump, he will not be repeating the same failed policies of appeasement. we can go back to the 1990s, then president bill clinton, remember, he tried to bribe north korea with billions of dollars in energy subsidies in exchange for a promise that kim jong un's father, kim jong il, would give up his nuclear program. clinton then went on national tv, patting himself on the back and saying "this
10:30 pm
is a good deal for the american people," and they ended up getting nukesl anyway. you may remember. >> this is a good deal for the united states. north korea willre freeze and dismantle its nuclear program. south korea and our other allies will be better protected. the entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons. south korea with support from japan and other nations, will bear most of the cost of providing north korea with fuel to make up for the nuclear energy it is losing. and they will pay for an alternative power system for north korea that will allow them to produce electricity while making it much harder for them to produce nuclear weapons. the united states and international inspectors will carefully monitor north korea to make sure it keeps its. commitments. only as it does so will north korea fully join the community of nations. >> sean: well, clinton was wrong. he was naive. he was dumb.
10:31 pm
and he was gullable. because north korea took the money, broke their promises, and then they got nuclear weapons. it's a big reason why we find ourselves in the situation we are in today. as for president barack obama, well, he borrowed from president clinton's failed appeasement playbook. he gave the radical uranium mullahs of iran vowing to destroy america, vowing to destroy israel, threatening to, you know, destroy and wipe off the face of the earth israel and burning american flags and israeli flags. obama gave them $150 billion and he still allowed them ton spin their centrifuges. here is obama capitulating to tehran, take a look. >> today, after two years of negotiations, the united states together with oured internationl partners, have achieved something that decades of animosity have not. a comprehensive long-term deal with iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. this deal demonstrates that
10:32 pm
american diplomacy can bring about real and meaningful chang change. change that makes our country and the world safer and more secure. this deal is also in line with a tradition of american leadership. >> sean: another naive, failed policy. just like clinton, obama's disastrous deal is doomed to fail. it still threatening to wipe israel off the face of the earth and destroy the united states of america. by the way, 150 billion of your tax dollars go to people thatit hate us and will never make a deal with us under those. circumstances. beyond naive. it never works. appeasement never works. president trump and its upcoming meeting, from now until may, the world will probably be a little bit safer. the media should be giving president trump credit for that and the white house is making clear tonight that until this meeting happens, the trump administration will not be easing up on north korea. white house press secretary sarah sanders but has a statement. "president trumpmp greatly appreciates the nice words of
10:33 pm
the south korean delegation and president moon, he will accept the invitation to me to kim jong un out of place in time to be determined. we look forward to the denuclearization of north korea. in the meantime, all sanctions and maximum pressure must remai remain. that includes joint field operations." it also means that of kim jong un dares to resume can conducting nuclear missile test, talks off the table. this is exactly what ronald reagan said when he said trust but verify in his trust but verify policy i. do i trust kim jong un and north korea? absolutely not. with the president's strength made this possible, made it possible for a better tomorrow. i can assure you this. he's not going to be bringing bribes to north korea or strike a bad deal. also breaking tonight, and this is huge, a massive development to a major scandal that the media has been ignoring and we have been covering. victoria toensing, who will join
10:34 pm
us tomorrow, she is a lawyer for the uranium one informant and she is confirming tonight that the fbin field office in little rock, arkansas, is in fact investigating the clinton foundation. victoria toensing isyi saying tt her client, the informant, he had infiltrated putin's network in america when they were involved in bribery, extortion, kickbacks, and money laundering, william campbell. she saying he was interviewed by the fbi about the clinton foundation back in december of last year.. this comes after democrats tried today to damage the credibility of this informant with a smear piece full of selective leaks. it just proves how democrats are scared and they will do anything and everything to protect bill and hillary clinton. by the way, i'd like to remind them they have the right to remain silent. when we come back, the attorney general jeff sessions, he says he is seriously considering the appointment of a a second special counsel as it relates to fisa abuses and of course the clinton
10:35 pm
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♪i do it for you >> >> sean: bigmo breaking news. moments ago, victoria toensing, the attorney for the uranium one informant, is confirming to this show tonight that in fact the fbi is investigating the clinton foundation and meanwhile, democrats are doing everything they can do to try to discredit the informant. they are selectively leaking information to their friends in the left-wing media. we also have new breaking news from the attorney general, jeff sessions. he was on last night with shannon bream and he said that he is seriously now considering appointing a second special counsel, tick tock. watch this. >> i have great respect for mr. gaudi and chairman goodlatte, and we are going to consider seriously their recommendations. i have appointed a person outside of washington many years
10:40 pm
and the department of justice to look at all theme allegations tt the house judiciary committee members assigned too us and we are conducting that investigation. also am well aware that we have a responsibility to ensure the integrity of the fisa process. were not afraid to look at that. >> sean: this is huge news. joining ushe with the reaction, the chief counsel for the american center of law and justice and attorney to the president of the united states, jay sekulow. i want to go back over these comments. he said that in this interview last night, i have appointeded a personas outside of washington, many years of the department of justice, looking at the allegations that the house judiciary committee members sent us and we are conducting an investigation, and he stated he is well aware we have a responsibility to ensure the integrity of the fisa process. this is a huge development. >> it is, sean. i think the important part to focus on here is that the attorney general said he's already appointed someone with a lot of experience outside of
10:41 pm
washington, d.c., but a lot of experience within the department of justice who is already conductingga an investigation. that investigation, and all probability, is a determination being reviewed as to whether that special counsel as has been requested by the chairman of fiduciary committee, has been called for by members of the united states senate, has been called for by trey gowdy. you and i have been talking about it for a long time. what's happened right now is it looks like the department of justice has appointed someone with a lot of experience to make a determination, at least make advice as to the term and to whether a special counsel shouli be appointed as it relates to the fisa abuse, which is such a terrible scenario. >> sean: my sources at the department of justice, they've been very clear that in their view, i disagree, i think we have -- there's enough evidence that we know now that would warrant and justify a special counsel. but the feeling has been, we got to wait for the ig report to come out. then of course, the doj
10:42 pm
attorneys have to look at it. then they would consider the appointment of a special counsel. it seems unbeknownst to all of us that jeff sessions was doing a lot more than any of us knew. >> we talked about that before. the public doesn't always know with the department of justice is doing internally. remember, according to thee, regulations here, thehe departmt of justice has a process that they go through and reviewing as to whether a special counsel should be appointed. you got to have an issue of criminality. you have to have an issue of conflict of interest. i think both of those situations as it relates to the fisa investigation, it warns a special counsel. it appears that what jeff sessions, the attorney general, has done, started that process, which by the weekend dual track with the inspector general. they are not mutually exclusive. it's not one of the other. a deeper ability to talk to witnesses outside of the existing department of justice personnel, one of the limitations imposed on them
10:43 pm
inspector general. i think this is significant, significant for the rule of law and especially when you're talking about a fisa situation, which was based on an unverified -- a salacious, and the words of james comey, dossier, that aussie information was leaked to the press, christopher steel was involvedru with bruce ohr, his wife was working for fusion gps. you put these together and he ultimately gets fired, christopher steel, because he leaked the information to the press. did they tell that to the court in the fisa warned? i suspect not. this goes to the point that you have a fisa court is very serious. foreign intelligence surveillance act. >> sean: this is the point. >> that is what the special counsel needs to be looking out. >> sean: the fisa law is very clear. fbi protocols are very clear. they have a legal, moral, ethical, even by their own
10:44 pm
standards, obligation to verify and corroborate any materials that are set before a fisa court. it seems to be there a lot of issues in play. m exoneration before investigation. months before. that is unheard of. secondly, -- the witnesses were given immunity in that situation. >> sean: the witnesses weren't n interviewed. as far as when that -- when a draft of the report, remember this. andrew mccabe said that they would not have seen the fisa warrant without the christopher steele dossier and think about this.. james comey goes to the president-elect of the united states and tells the president-elect of the united states that this dossier is out there but a salacious and unverified.. meanwhile the user to obtain a fisa warrant. and it was renewed. >> sean: misses the point. the fisa warrant, it was unverified, they didn't follow
10:45 pm
the fisa law, they didn't file the fbi protocols. james comey allowed it to happen. they never told the judge that it was bought and paid for by hillary clinton. that's lying by omission. he tells donald trump just before he's inaugurated, oh, it salacious and unverified but they are telling the court inal october, they are putting l thee faith and credibility of their department on this. >> also remember this. they renewed it, the day before the inauguration based on the same information. what you have here is the reason we just stated the case for why a special counsel should be appointed and i believe that is what is going to happen. >> sean: jay sekulow, thank you so much for joining us. a lot of breaking news. when we come back, tomi lahren hitting the streets of california. what are the people think about the n mayor of oakland putting people at risk? straight ahead. a hundred orders ,
10:46 pm
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>> sean: all right, earlier this week the trump administration sued the state of california for its failure to comply with thel trump administration throuh the state of california for its failure to comply with federal immigration law. we sent tomi lahren to los angeles to find out what californiare residents think. this ought to be interesting. take a look. ♪ >> do you think that we have an illegal immigration problem in california? you're smiling. you don't want to answer that question? >> oh, boy. how long do we have to unpack? [laughter] >> are you aware that you are in a sanctuary state? >> i'm not. thank you for letting me know. what does that mean? >> it's a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. >> i think it'ss a safe place fr a lot of residents to continue living and i'm proud of that. >> if you're an illegal immigrant, you can be harbored, shieldedhe, until yesterday
10:51 pm
becausehi the attorney told mike attorney general said no more effect, california. what do you think? >> we should embrace it. >> that's a criminal act. you were going against the law. >> i think is great. i think america is built on immigrants and i should be that way 100%. >> any american should pay taxes, work, they shouldn't be sheltered. >> i think toor me, it is about the rule of law needs to be respected. if you want to come in this country, come on the right way, respect our laws, respect our culture.e. i think we welcome everyone. i think there's a right and wrong way to do it. >> i would agree. ♪ >> do you think it b would be easier if we didn't have so many illegal immigrants already? you think illegal immigrants could get in? >> in california, all of our fruit is picked by undocumented immigrants. i want to keep eating avocados. >> why do you think california's still open to illegal
10:52 pm
immigrants? >> that's not what this country stands for. >> there's a lot of rules that are easy to navigate and we might as wellpu not try to punih people because our system is difficult. >> t the happy medium would be let people command but with the right way? >> yeah. >> what about a wall? >> a big giant wall, a new way to get over. >> i don't believe that that is the answer. i don't know what the answer is. >> we got a big, beautiful wall with the door. would you like that while? >> probably not. >> you wouldn't like it? [laughs] ♪ >> sean: joining us with more is fox news contributor space tomi lahren. do you believe inn the rule of law? >> absolutely. >> sean: is it illegal to enter this country? i ask you about the permission of the country. it's illegal? don't make me do this again. >> as i said, i think many people entered legally and given
10:53 pm
the circumstances -- >> sean: are there people who broke our laws and not respect american law? that's what i'm trying to get out of you. a simpleue question. >> it comes to a world, should we really have borders? one world, one planet, should we go back to sean lennon and not worry about countries and borders and keeping people out? >> sean: i went down to texas, 642,000 texans were victims of crimes by illegal immigrants and a seven year period. do you e even care? do you care about those texans? you care about kate steinle's family? a do you care about kate steinle's family? >> of course. youll care about all the familis of the kids who have died in schools because of our homegrown criminals -- >> sean: is like one run on sentence that says nothing. >> homegrown criminals are just as bad. >> do you lock your doors at home? in your residence, do you lock that door? >> i do. >> sean: do you have an alarm? >> why is that?yo
10:54 pm
i mean, you lock your door because you want to know who is coming into your home. it's not because you hate the people outside, it's because you love the people inside. that is what needs to be done with the united states of america. that is why we have a border. we have a right to know who's coming too our country and why. that is what keeps us safe. that is why sean and i care so much about this issue. >> if i had law enforcement in my home and people taking care of me, i would know that if something went wrong, they would take care of it. i don't have a police officer sleeping over at night so therefore i lock my doors. in our country, we do have a system in place that if people can commit crimes, they will be punished. >> we have system in place called the law asked mikee. that as a whole issue. you need to respect the law. >> we don't hear about millions of immigrants committing crimes. >> sean: 11 million illegal immigrants and 13.5% of the crime population comes from a community of only 3.5%.
10:55 pm
>>ro we are not -- >> sean:ou nuts from the u.s. government. >> at such a small number -- >> sean: 3.5% of the population commits 13.5% of the crime. >> millions of immigrants in this country pay their taxes and do not commit crimes. >> sean: tomi, i don't know how you do this every week and talk to people that don't make sense. >> i make perfect sense. >> behind enemy lines. we are educating, we are doing our job in california. educating. >> sean: all all right. i'm about to do a shot of whiskey, have a beer. more "hannity" next.
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>> sean: that is all the time we are left for this evening. we want to thank you for being with us. we'll always be fair and balanced. we are not the left-wing destroyed trumped media. we have major breaking news tomorrow night. tell your friends, this is huge. they are in a clinton foundation investigation and another story that i u can't tell you about
11:00 pm
until tomorrow. by the way, we just started our instagram page on top of that,at sean hannity,, just go check it out for yourself. we'll throw pictures of laura ingraham. that will drive a lot of traffi traffic. uestion, are you going home after this north korean news today and watching team america world police again relive the kim jong il character? come on. >> sean: i'm going to go home and ponder how do they possibly capitulate when we didn't give them billions of dollars? how could that ever happen? >> laura: the left doesn't know what to do with this one. they are freaking out. they do not know how to cover this story. ignoring it. >> sean: they don't believe in peace through strength. they want trump to give 150 billion of our cash. >> laura: the resistance doesn't want any part of that mr. hannity, you know that. >> sean: mr. hannity, getting very formal. will be taking over the channel now until perpetuit perpetuity. you know what? good night. >>