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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 9, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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country. >> strong steel and aluminum industry are vital to our national security. absolutely vital. steel is steel. you don't have steel you don't have a country. mary mac donald trump dropping the hammer on countries that are unfair for trade policies and others were threatened retaliation. >> hillary clinton couldn't win the white house but had an impact on society. the brand-new award she is set to receive. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ i do whatever it takes ♪ because it breaks the change
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♪ whatever it takes ♪ mary mac you feel that friday energy? really? >> we have a lot to talk about today. >> i am energized. rob: happy friday. to our top story, donald from made the decision himself to meet with kim jong un. mary mac rex to listen revealing the president is ready for toxic, not formal negotiations in coming weeks. >> a standing invitation and what happens now. >> rex to listen planning a meeting, talks for the first time, remarkable diplomatic breakthrough, national security adviser on the wall last night.
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>> donald trump said now meeting. and any test expressed that. >> a permanent end to nuclearn, being plans. it will be the first t met with leader and it appears it was donald trump's pressure that brought this about. >> donald trump, his leadership, his maximum pressure policy, international solidarity at this
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juncture. >> reporter: in a letter from the 6 senators, cautioning the president, writing when it comes to the north korean regime we must verify before we trust, never forget the dpr k represents a great threat to the united states, our allies and global peace and stability, a clear nada to ronald reagan's rule, the location of this historic meeting is not yet determined but it will happen by may. remarkable news. mary mac a lot of news happening last night. >> you to react to this, north korea takes over the world's gordon chang. this is a big announcement. >> never had a sitting american president meet with a north korean leader. that is important in itself lose the south koreans said kim jong un is committed to denuclearization. that is stunning because we know
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kim has based his legitimacy on possessing nukes. that was written in his constitution in 2013 and it is about a strong nuclear arsenal and strong economy. he has a lot of explaining to do to the north korean people if he is serious. we have to be skeptical. mary mac are you cautiously optimistic? he said yes, good way to put it. >> sanctions are working. office 39, the kim family, running low on cash. people say the foreign-exchange reserves will run out by october but we are not where we need to be. where we need to be as kim understands he has no choice but to give up his nukes and he will only be there when he has seen general defect. that is 6 months down the road, maybe a year. these talks are coming at a time
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when -- rob: why would you ever ease up on a leader like this that lies systematically? >> you never ease up and you don't ease up on russia and china either. george w. bush eased up on kim jong-il in 2007 when he returned $25 million we had frozen from the north korean sponsored bank and they pocketed the concession and walked away from the 6 party talks. we have to increase the pressure on north korea in coming months, not decrease it because kim jong un wants relief from sanctions. that's the last thing we will give them because if we give it to him we know what happens. mary mac talk about the significance of donald trump being able to reach an agreement, to sit down with kim jong un, something prior presidents haven't done. >> north koreans are afraid of the united states for the first
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time in a long time. i think donald trump probably shouldn't have agreed so quickly to the talks but one important advantage for our president to do that and that is to keep south korea on the side. kim jong un is trying to drive a wedge between south korea and the united states. trump by agreeing to talks immediately is doing that. this is an important advantage for us. rob: a nice end game would be what we need to do and have needed for a long time, to get this regime out of power. this is a weak moment that we could capitalize on. any potential getting these guys out so we don't have to deal with this every 5 or 10 years? >> what we don't have and never had is regime change strategy. we can do that with things like in formation. north korea is hermetically sealed. that is an important strength for the regime, the north korean
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people don't know what is going on outside and anytime they got a glimpse, information campaign. they conduct warfare and return the favor. mary mac this will happen before may, south korea, in upcoming days and weeks, thank you for joining us. the illegal immigrant accused of a fatal hit and run will face a judge today. ivan castaneda is accused of crashing into a semi truck killing the driver. the denver sheriff department is refusing to hold him for ice meaning of the post bail he will be free until his next court date. denver is a sanctuary city. a judge could decide any day to release surveillance video from outside the florida school massacre, shedding light on
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emergency response, deputies staying outside while 17 people were murdered. we are hearing the chilling 911 call from that tragic day. >> shots in her room. oh my god. >> is at the police? >> it is okay. >> the police. they said put your hands up. >> i love you. play dead. >> are you at the school? i can't hear you. are you at the school? >> a grand jury formally indicted nikolas cruz on first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. >> reporter: donald trump delivered another campaign promise to fight unfair trade policies by imposing new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.
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>> strong steel and aluminum industry vital to national security. absolutely vital. steel is steel. you don't have steel you don't have a country. rob: all countries will pay a 20% tariff on steel imports and 10% tariff on aluminum. brian brent berg explains how this will result in big rewards for the economy. >> of other countries respond to this you could see good things for the us economy because companies will sell more easily abroad. if canada, mexico, dig in their heels you might get a trade war. >> the tariffs will go into effect in two weeks, donald trump showering nasa and go with praise announcing the return of the space program, the recent launches and return of useful rockets to earth is something
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the world has never seen. >> we are at the forefront, nobody is doing what we are doing. we will be sending something very beautiful to mars in the near future. we are going to areas nobody thought possible. >> those reusable rockets or something else, companies like space goggle are saving millions of dollars for a private funding rather than using government money. mary mac officer under attack. mary mac shocking video showing the moment a cold-blooded killer tries to murder a cop. >> donald trump sitting down with gamemakers in response to the massacre. >> the level of violence in
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jillian: donald trump sitting down with videogamemakers to discuss the impact the games have on children in the wake of the florida school shooting. >> the level of violence on videogames is shaping young people's thoughts. i look at some of the things he is watching and i say how are
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that possible? this is what kids are watching. rob: the next guest was in that room, retired army ranger lt. col. dave grossman joins us. thank you for coming on. look at these videogames in this country, i played some of these when i was in college and i assume they have gotten worse. it is graphic. >> i was able -- amazingly gracious and impressive guy in person and asked the videogame industry what are you going to do about this? they said nothing. you can't make us. i would not want to have that guy mad at me. i would want to find a way to work with that guy because what they said is a lie. the medical community is screaming about these kids. from a military standpoint, we
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know it is very difficult to get people to pull the trigger. 99% of the population never kill anybody and never tried to. traffic accidents, 99% will never try to kill anybody. healthy people have to be trained to kill, flight simulators, murder simulators teach you to murder. school killers have one thing in common, they dropped out of life, immerse themselves, sick fantasy. jillian: tell us about the meeting, what was discussed, can you tell which side donald from falls on? >> i cannot tell what he plans to do. you don't want to get this guy mad at you. the industry was saying the same thing, what we do is good enough, the rating system, m is an x-rated video game.
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every kid wants to be ventura. they took their sickest games and give the most desirable rating, mature. they refuse to do anything, all the way to the supreme court to say we can sell any game to any child that any age, you cannot stop us. so something is coming down the road, the public once a change, the data is overwhelming and i have faith in this president. rob: everyone is looking for the reason why, they want to reason things happen. mental illness to some people, to other people gun-control, other people things like video games and movies. is it one thing or a combination? >> somebody who slips through all the cracks. how did that kid get in the building? the school has to keep doors locked. things we could be putting in
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place like school guards, 200 school districts, you do it in a day and simple things like keep the doors, be alert to these threats and report these threats, people on-site that can shoot back. the state of ohio 80% of the counties cost nothing. whatever your answer. part of it is not giving this to children at a young age. the killer in florida spent 15 hours a day playing violent video games, the most pervasive thing in his life so there are a variety of factors but this is what they all had in common. jillian: you know how nancy pelosi feels about donald trump's tax cuts.
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>> the crumbs they are giving to workers to put the schmooze on is so pathetic. jillian: is the house minority leader feeling pressure from her own party? she walked back her controversial comments. >> you can bring disneyland to your own home. ♪ -oh! -very nice. now i'm turning into my dad. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief. this hat was free. what am i supposed to do, not wear it? next thing you know, i'm telling strangers defense wins championships. -well, it does. -right? why is the door open? are we trying to air condition the whole neighborhood? at least i bundled home and auto on an internet website, progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. i mean, why would i replace this? it's not broken. it can be sculpted in beautiful detail. i mean, why would i replace this? or painted in luxurious strokes.
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your web browser. this is vulnerable to web criminals from a new study, the cyberintelligence firm please you can use a third-party passport and you should think twice about storing information because web criminals are getting smarter, mining all this data and creating a dossier about your web usage. rob: disneyland for free. >> you don't have to leave your couch or by an expensive ticket but you can get a walking view of disney world, disneyland through google street view. a new feature in google maps. there are 11 maps that can take you around disney theme parks which you can't go on any rides but you can go down main street usa, the bakeries, shops,
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car tops. jillian: donald trump's approval rating higher than ever before. the new numbers showing how much america loves winning. rob: joy behard begging forgiveness for the comment that sparked outrage nationwide. >> one thing to talk to jesus, another thing when jesus talks to you. that his mental illness if i'm not correct. rob: the apology letter two seconds, the day she attacked the president and the administration, carly shimkus here with the reaction coming up. ♪ ♪ cleaning floors with a mop and bucket is a hassle. swiffer wetjet makes cleaning easy. it's safe to use on all finished surfaces.
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jillian: donald trump deciding to meet face-to-face with kim jong un, the stunning invitation from the north korean dictator to discuss the path toward
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denuclearization. >> meeting with donald trump as soon as possible. north korea will withdraw from any nuclear tests. jillian: donald from faust to keep maximum pressure on the rogue regime tweeting great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached, meeting being plans. this meeting monumental. kim jong un has never sat down face-to-face with another world leader. donald trump's transition team advisor says the president will never get the credit he deserves for this diplomatic breakthrough. >> the resistance will never admit that trump was able to make this breakthrough. the question is what will come from a face-to-face meeting with the president? this is the modern-day nixon goes to china. now makes this guy look like a
2:30 am
choir by compared to the brutal dictatorship. if trump is able to make a modicum of difference turning back the clock on the nuclear program, this is going to be huge. it will be good for the region. >> could any other president have done this? >> hard to believe they could. he is so unorthodox. he is willing to do things others would never entertain. he goes around people and things that are totally unexpected. jillian: the meeting will happen by may. rob: the moment deputies were told to stay out of the florida high school where students and teachers were being murdered. >> we don't have any description. heard some shots fired. do not approach, stay 500 feet away at this point.
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rob: two swat officers are suspended for going to the scene without permission from their supervisors. jillian: the terrifying moment a man tries to kill an officer with his own gun. jillian: segment of police saying juan carlos castro fired three shots but no one was hit. neighbors frantically calling 911. >> firing a gun! >> at who? >> a police officer, he is firing again. >> the police officers with him? >> he is shooting at the officer. jillian: this started when he ran out of the hospital after police found him on the street with a knife. he is facing attempted murder
2:32 am
charges. >> a lost interview with o.j. simpson about the night his wife and ex-friend were murdered televise for the first time ever this sunday on fox. >> forget everything you think you know about that night because i know the fact better than anyone. this is one story the whole world got wrong. rob: the interview focuses on the book if i did it by o.j. simpson about how he would have killed nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. o.j. simpson, the last confession, airs sunday at 8:00 pm on fox. jillian: 1 million people across the northeast without power this morning, others still digging out from that second nor'easter. jillian: driver new jersey killed, the car bursting into
2:33 am
flames after driving around the barricade onto a livewire. other drivers got creative going under and around the downed tree and blocked the roadway. jillian: a third winter storm taking shape, janice dean tracking it now. species like groundhog day, over and over and over again. we will see the snow stick around, 30 in new york, called as south as north florida, 35 in jacksonville was the system is gone but finding snow across the interior sections of the northeast. into the weekend, some of this moisture up from the gulf of mexico, threat for severe weather as well. this feature across the mid-atlantic sunday, potentially develop across portions of the southeast and maybe the northeast sunday and monday. the gfs model developed the storm system. how close it comes to because my is yet to be determined but the european model has backed off
2:34 am
completely and doesn't develop this storm. we like that result but we still have to watch it. northeast, unsettled weather, new stores across the west, nice over the central us. we will keep you updated on the possible groundhog day storm monday. put your clocks ahead. maybe we will sleep through the nor'easter. jillian: put new batteries in your smoke detectors. >> i am very proud of you. rob: dropping the hammer on countries unfair with trade policies was one big businessman has his back. jillian: carly shimkus is here with that. >> talking about this all morning, donald trump imposing new steel and aluminum tariffs on all countries except canada and mexico and the president's
2:35 am
plan about a trade war with other nations, tesla founder elon musk thinks it is a good idea and tweets directed at the president says china is not playing fair on car trade with the us and the president mentioned those tweets during yesterday's press briefing, take a listen. >> a tweet came from elon musk. we send our car over there, 25%. they send their car over here, 2.5%. everybody knows it. jillian: elon musk send a tweet saying i am against imports duties in general but the current rules make things difficult. it is like competing in an olympic race wearing led shoes. in another tweet, i think fair outcome for all is quite likely, china has shown a willingness to open their markets. i believe they will do the right thing. >> the critics say everybody
2:36 am
doesn't want tariffs, that is part of the argument from the president and the administration. >> elon musk is a big voice in the industry. rob: let's talk about joy theyheart. >> criticism for suggesting mike pence was crazy for thinking he could talk to god but she apologized to him. the ceo of disney who owns abc recently said this in a meeting with shareholders. >> she apologized to mike pence directly which i thought was absolutely appropriate. >> a source close to pence said she did in fact apologize but some on social media say she should apologize publicly on the show. >> where do drunk people live? >> the center for disease control and 24/7 compiled a list
2:37 am
where people get the drunkest and north dakota is the first, 25% of adults drink excessively. montana fourth. illinois 50. jillian: you frequent illinois. >> a lot of work on the weekends. ryan on twitter says i will do my part. although we have distress drink responsibly. we are having fun with this. rob: people drink like crazy in new york city. >> a lot of drinking, i agree with you. jillian: donald from calling out the fake news media from the very beginning. >> it is all fake news, it is funny stuff. it didn't happen. fake news. fake news. fake news. jillian: the new study showing how fast fake news spreads on social media. rob: impacting america, hillary
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clinton didn't win the white house but had a huge impact on society. the brand-new award she is set to receive. jillian: the dad who re-created disney world's fireworks show in his daughter's bedroom when "fox and friends first" continues. ♪ we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. >> welcome back. donald trump's job approval rating reaching an all-time high, 42% of americans approve of the commander-in-chief's performance, the approval rating is up 4% from his last survey in february. >> donald from calling out fake news from the very beginning. >> it is all fake news, phony stuff, it didn't happen. fake news.
2:42 am
take news. rob: a new study says fake news travels faster on twitter than the truth was false stories take 10 hours to reach 1500 twitter users. 60 hours for the truth. there you have it. humans, not robots are to blame for spreading false stories. >> a wrinkle in time in theaters today, based on the beloved children's novel about a girl on a magical journey. >> the only one who can stop it is you. >> it looks different. box office bucks, kevin mccarthy. >> absolute honor to be with you this morning.
2:43 am
a wrinkle in time, from the director of the oscar-nominated film selma. a story based on the classic novel telling the story of young meg murray whose scientist father played by chris pine has disappeared and three extraordinary beings try to help her search for her father. i admire the intentions of this film, what the director was going for, the diverse city of the cast. it does show a great step forward, that being said the film is underwhelming and disappointing which makes it very frustrating at the same time. it strikes a very weird balance where it is overly stating its messages but under explaining the science aspect so you are confused and overly preached to about the message in the movie. on top of that the performances
2:44 am
are very wooden. oprah, all i can seeing as those actresses in costumes playing around in the universe of the movie was i couldn't see the characters, couldn't suspend my disbelief. very uneven at times was i want to the film to be great. on a positive note the performances from chris pine who plays the lead girl in the film, they are fantastic to watch, some of the visuals work really well. ava could have more of her voice in the film. i wanted it to be better but i found it to be underwhelming, gave a 2.5 out of 5. it is not that great. if you're a fan of the book wait for the rental, do not waste your money. jillian: the lowest rating i have seen you give. >> i wanted to love it. it represents a lot of what i love but it didn't connect.
2:45 am
>> sometimes they miss. we appreciate it. christians kicked off campus after 75 years, a group forced to fight for their religious rights. christian student from wayne state live next to talk about how the university is walking back its decision. rob: what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> two days ago. today is national meatball day. >> these imports in our country, these tariffs happen and have an impact. >> one of the steelworkers talking about the president's new tariffs, big thumbs-up from american steelworker who say the imports across the country, that steelworker will join us with anthony scare a mucci and sean
2:46 am
spicer. we have a busy show. rob and jillian will return in a couple minutes on "fox and friends".
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>> she lost the white house that hillary clinton will receive an award for impact on society. advanced study at harvard university toward hillary clinton a metal in may for her, quote, transformative impact on society. elizabeth:releasing sec. clinton to a model of what it takes to transform society under scrutiny, tireless efforts, toughness and an enduring capacity to envision a better
2:50 am
future. jillian: when nancy pelosi said this about donald trump's tax plan. >> the crumbs they are giving to put the schmooze on is so pathetic. jillian: the house minority leader is crumbling under the criticism. >> to get a raise, the choice was made for corporate america and the top 1% in our society. something is wrong with this picture. jillian: referring to it as a dark cloud. backtracking, to kick a christian group off -- >> wayne states decided to
2:51 am
recertify the group. from to react. what got them decertified in the first place, what was the issue? >> if you want to be a leader in this group you need to be of christian faith. that was supposed to be discriminatory against anyone else who wasn't christian which is kind of absurd if you think about it. these people need to lead prayer and they want people who are not christian to lead prayer, it doesn't make sense. jillian: what did the university say? >> they are recertifying the group. they originally said this can't happen, you can't be recognized as a student group and they are
2:52 am
backtracking that now. rob: you could join the group without being a christian, just couldn't be a leader of the group. you know how this campus works. could you see this happening to a muslim group? >> know. that was what i thought of when i heard the story. i would never think they would do this to a muslim or jewish group. look at a sorority. will you tell a sorority they have to have 2 blue in leadership positions? you won't do that. it was odd they picked on a christian group to do this. jillian: what message does this send? >> it sends a terrible message. the political correctness has overtaken universities across the united states. this is just one example.
2:53 am
campus reform, they deal with this all the time and this is another example of it and it is terrible. >> the campus has yet learned a lesson, they recertified so they brought it back and everything is fine. >> i think they realized this was a mess up, makes christian students like myself feel unwelcome and upset, made me upset when i heard the news. jillian: what does it say about conservatives on campus nationwide not just at the university? >> being a conservative christian i deal with this every day, i'm a political science student dealing in politics and the only conservative voice in all my political science classes comes with the turf i guess. >> everything got corrected so appreciate your time. 54 minutes after the hour,
2:54 am
ready, willing and unable. shocking number of americans unfit to join the military. >> could i get kicked out of his home state? the brand-new proposal. lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: lights on in times square. time to get the party started. get your day started. rob: if you ever want to go there go right now. only time it's manageable in times square. jillian: kids dream of living in disney land. one 7-year-old girl is practically falling asleep there every night. i'm so involved in looking at this video. a dad in las vegas installing a light display that projects the fireworks show on the ceiling of her princess themed bedroom. that is cool. rob: the military having a tough time finding qualified recruits to protect our country. warning less than 30% of young americans are even fit enough to join the military because of either physical,
2:59 am
mental, or moral issues. and, of course, rising obesity rates in this country are also a factor in that. jillian: finally the ugly, he's in the dog house from women around the country after this disastrous bachelor finale. >> will you marry me? >> of course. >> do you want to be back with her? >> i want to see if there is that possibility. >> are you [bleep] kidding me? >> now, get. this one lawmaker is actually proposing a bill to ban hi from home state. minnesotans have the right to live free from arie. what do you think? rob: this is ridiculous. it's a reality tv show. what do you think. jillian: i don't want it. i have no thoughts. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. happy friday. >> this is an extraordinary moment in history.
3:00 am
the president of the united states has agreed to meet with the president of north korea. >> this is perhaps the biggest foreign policy win that we have seen. >> our industries have been targeted for years and years. and that's going to stop. >> this gives us the ability to come back to 100 percent capacity. >> president trump taking a jab at oakland's democratic mayor. >> what the mayor of oakland did the other day is a disgrace. she said get out of here. she is telling that to criminals. >> a new axios poll shows five democratic senators in red states would lose to a republican. >> this is gary cohn last meeting. he may be a globalist, but i


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