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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 9, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> i appreciate that. >> check out the big board. 253 on the upside. a reflection of the boom in economy. >> look at it go! >> yeah. talk about it on "outnumbered." good look with that. fight the good fight. >> have a good weekend. >> "happening now" starts right now. >> the news keep going. after decades of hostility, could be history in the making. president trump accepting an invite to me with north korean dictator kim jong-un. the u.s. is vowing to keep the pressure on. ed henry. >> and i'm melissa francis. a lot of new reaction coming in. word that president trump spoke to president xi jinping earlier this morning. the big story broke last night. south korea's security adviser
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announced the meeting between president trump and president kim jong-un at the white house. >> we talked about north korean kim jong-un is committed to denuclearization. president trump appreciated the briefing and said he would meet kim jong-un by may to achieve denuclearization. >> we have fox team coverage. john roberts at the white house. we begin with jennifer griffin. she broke this details last night. good morning, jennifer. >> good morning, ed. the senior military leaders i spoke to by phone expressed relief. they've been planning nonstop for possible military options. none of which are good. i can report the joint chiefs are meeting in the war room where military plans are debated. better believe this is at the
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top of those discussions. here's the reaction from general martin dempsey. >> any diplomatic outreach is a better alternative than a conflict. we're going to have to have stami stamina. this is the same country that negotiated the shape of the table months before they sat down. this will take some stamina. >> we're open to talks. president trump has said he was open to talks and he would willingly meet with kim jong-un when conditions were right and the time was right. i think the president has judged that time is right now. >> that's secretary of state rex tillerson in africa today. a different tone from him this morni morning narobi. there's so many land mines. u.s. official's when kim's father promised to denuclearize in 2009 only to reverse course
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and carry out the first nuclear test. george h.w. bush removed nuclear weapons from south korea with the hope of peace. thousands of u.s. military personnel will take part in exercises next month. 290,000 south korean troops participated. the u.s. has 28,500 troops on alert status in south korea. any talk of denuclearizing will likely include a demand that the u.s. leaves south korea. that includes an estimated 60 nukes would likely look a lot like the iran deal, which president trump has criticized in the past. back to you, ed. >> a lot of change in 24 hours. thanks, jennifer. >> lawmakers debate whether kim
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jong-un will follow-through on his promises, white house officials citing the president's tough position on north korea as a reason for the potential diplomatic break through. john roberts joining us now with more reaction. john? >> took a lot of people by surprise here at the white house and elsewhere in the administration as well. the president spoke with xi jinping, the president of china to thank china for their role in putting the squeeze on pong january to get kim jong-un to agree to talks. couple of big questions now, where will this take place and is kim jong-un really sincere about denuclearization? the president cautionly optimistic in the early going tweeting last night, kim jong-un talked about denuclearization with the south korean representatives, not just to freeze. also no missile testing. great progress being made. sanctions will be made until an
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agreement reached. meeting being planned. we talked to the south korean minister and he said the president's program of maximum pressure is responsible for getting to this point. rex tillerson saying things turned around very quickly with kim jong-un in just the last week or so. listen here. >> what changed was his posture in a very dramatic way that in all honesty was a surprise to us as well. he was so forward leaning. >> many people are still very skeptical this will lead anywhere. senator marco rubio concerned that kim, like his father and his grandfather before him, will try to play the united states. listen here. >> he's luring us to these negotiations but will make demands that we can never agree to. a that point, he will say i'm very reasonable, i met with the president. learned to be flexible. these guys don't want to deal
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with me that is designed to get the international community to back off of sanctions. >> so that was a possible scenario that rubio is laying out there but one he firmly believes is in the realm of possibility. the other big question, where will they meet? likely wouldn't be north korea. it's safe to say. it would have to be someplace though where kim feels safe but you also don't want to give kim the p.r. victory of the president traveling halfway around the world for a meeting that may not go anywhere. so there may have to be some sort of middle ground or maybe the united states insists that it has to happen on american soil. also being discussed, who will be involved in the planning for this and the delegation? i'm told the vice president, the secretary of state, likely to be matt pottinger. one of those people at the national security council. clearly the state department will want a big piece of this as well. we'll see how they put the
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pieces of this altogether. >> meantime, the u.s. keeps up the pressure on china to keep up the pressure on north korea with the steel tariffs as well. thank you, john roberts. >> thank you. >> more live reaction. jim banks from indiana is here. good morning, congressman banks. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> good to have you on. i hear a lot of democrats saying hold on a second. this is exactly what kim wants. he wants the prestige and the stature of being on the same stage, the same level as the u.s. president and this is a mistake. >> well, i too remain a critic and very skeptical of kju. aside from that, the concession that he's making and wanting to meet with the american president is a concession that everything that donald trump has done since january 2017 and has worked to get us to this point. our ultimate goal is denuclearization and demantling
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of the nuclear program in north korea. if some talks can lead us in that direction, that's just a good thing. not just for america but for the world. >> what do you say to marco rubio, a fellow republican? rubio is saying kim jong-un will sit down, talk and talk and talk but he will never agree to anything substantive than the u.s. president will walk away empty handed and kim he say look, i tried, do away with the sanctions. >> i don't know that i disagree with senator rubio on that note. again, i remain very skeptical that the talks might lead anywhere at all. at the end of the day, they're a concession that the diplomatic isolation that president trump and the sanctions that congress have led to have gone a long way to putting pressure on north korea and kim jong-un have had. we'll see where it goes. i'm skeptical there will be a real sit-down chat between our president and kju. the very fact that kju wants
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those discussions means we're on the right track and the diplomatic isolation we've lead them to have within a healthy part of that. >> i hear your point. you said the president gets great credit for what he's done since january 20, of 2017. so many skeptics saying why is he on twitter, why is he giving a little nickname of little rocket man and all that. this will start world war iii he's been vindicated in the short term. but this is a sign that the critics don't get that he's a disrupter? after democratic and republican presidents doing the same thing over and over and almost making no progress, that maybe a fresh approach will do something here? >> you have to go back to the last administration. president trump and his administration largely ignored north korea and their build-up of intercontinental ballistic
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missile capabilities that could reach the united states or many of our allies. the very fact that the last president ignored what was going on in north korea and day one this president has put pressure on north korea and the opposite direction. the president has largely been vindicated. but the sanctions that this congress has passed as well has helped lead the way to where we are today. where kju is conceding that the diplomatic isolation, the tough sanctions on north korea, putting pressure on them. >> one quick minute left. so we're talking about the sanctions. let's add the tariffs as well, which is the president is trying to aim at china. they play a key role obviously in these negotiations. you come from a rust belt state. where do you think the tariffs playing here as a negotiating tactic that maybe the president pulls them back if china helps here? >> i hope that's the case. these tariffs at the end of the day can be damaging to districts like my district. even though we have a large style economic sector in indiana, we also have a lot of
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manufacturing jobs, agriculture, it will be severely impacted by a potential trade war. but it has occurred to me there might be a larger game of chess playing out here, and this could be targeted at china. we need china's help to accomplish what we're thing with the goal of dismantling north korea's program. >> thanks, congressman. thanks for bringing your insights to us. >> have a good day. >> thank you. >> president trump and vice president pence hitting this campaign trail. they're hoping to help in key mid-term races. will that pave the way for better than expected performance in november? our political panel weighs in. a major change could be coming to the democratic party. some at the dnc may not be allowed to nominate presidential candidates. you do all this research
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>> president trump and vice president mike pence are hitting the campaign trail for some key mid-term races. mr. trump heading to pennsylvania ahead of next week's highly contested house election. polls show republican rick saccone and democrat connor lamb are nearly neck and neck. kellyanne conway is already there. >> i was invited again in my personal capacity. i took a vacation day. here we are. i didn't bring my sun block. i'm vacationing in allegheny county. >> we have alex here, former communications director for senator marco rubio and partner at firehouse strategies. alex, how do you think these races shape up? >> the special election in pennsylvania that kellyanne conway was campaigning at, most people here in washington expect
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the democrats to win. i have to tell you, i think it's a close race. i think president trump going in at the 11th hour, if republicans turn out and voted for the republican candidate in that race, we should win. there's way more republicans than democrats in that direct. donald trump won it by a lot a little over a year ago. so while clearly the democrats got off to a quick start in that race, i think the republicans are finishing strong. >> david, molly line was out in pennsylvania talking to steel workers that want to see the industry come back. do you think that the move that the president made on tariffs helped with this local race in pennsylvania? >> it hopefully should. as alex pointed out, this is not a race republicans should be worried about. now they're spending millions and millions and looks like they will lose. so if anything will help, it will be actually ideas and policies that might speak to people, not just throwing more and more cash in. >> alex, you want to respond to
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that? >> well, while republicans are spending a lot on this race, so are democrats. a lot of the liberal special interest groups in d.c. including nancy pelosi are spending a ton of money. they would love to get this seat. so far they have not won a single congressional special election. this is their last best chance to do that and show some momentum going to the mid-terms. i agree. there's a limit to what the ads can do. policy is critical. that's why i think republicans could have an advantage at the end of the day given that president trump is going there, given his move on steel tariffs which is very popular in that district. >> david, you know, i heard earlier today, one of the candidates saying connor the chameleon. sounds like the president's campaign style of labelling someone as something, you know, you can call it name calling or call it branding but it sticks in your mind. you think that is an effective strategy? >> it is actually one of the president's most effective
8:18 am
campaign tactics. he's probably one of the great branding minds in the world. i'm not sure that he's great at anything else he says he's great at but he is a great brander that takes and distills that simple idea down for people and it sticks. the democrats honestly could learn a thing or two from that. >> alex, what do you think about that? >> it's probably right. connor lamb was a democrat running in that district. he raised a lot of money early on, most from outside of the district. he used that to divide himself. a lesson to other candidates. now as the election gets closer, people are know cussing on it. as president trump points out, connor lamb is a liberal district. he has a checkered history in terms of cutting deals with drug dealers and child abusers. so as voters learn more about that, connor the chameleon is going to have some problems at the end of the day. >> david, there might be a danger in extrapolating more from the local races.
8:19 am
a lot of political pundits think it's a way to read in what will happen in 2018 or larger sentiment. to a certain extent, all politics is local. people in that district could be just really looking at the choices in front of them rather than thinking about what it means on a national scale. what do you think? >> i think it's right. the reason that people are spending so much money on this race is because how it can shift the narrative of people and pundits in washington and the way that people are talking about writing about who is up and who is down. the real chances of november are still very far away. we've seen republicans are inching closer to democrats and the idea that democrats just have it all in the bag is far from there. it will be close. >> gentlemen, leave it there. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> it could be a turning point. north korea puts their nuclear ambitions on hold ahead of a summit meeting with president trump. can the u.s. trust the dictator? plus, former trump campaign aide
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sam nunberg testifying in the mueller investigation. he brazenly declared earlier this week he would defy a federal subpoena. what is the latest? we'll have it.
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>> melissa: the democratic national committee may eliminate the super delegates. you remember those unpledged delegates. this became a huge point of contention during the 2016 democratic national battle as some bernie sanders supporters say establishment democrats serving as super delegates rigged the contest in hillary clinton's favor. a proposal could come up for a vote at the next democratic
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party meeting. >> ed: sam nunberg arriving in court this morning in washington. he's testifying before a grand jury and robert mueller's russia investigation. his appearance coming despite earlier defiance during a media blitz where he said he wouldn't show up. let's talk about this with time tim o'brien. he's an attorney. good morning, tim. >> good morning. nice to be with you. >> i wonder, what do you make of nunberg saying okay, i'll have to do it. a lot of people are predicting, you can't just blow off the special counsel. where are we in term of whether or not there's collusion? >> it's very risky to say i'm not going to appear before a grand jury. a lawyer probably could him he could be held in contempt. what he's going to say, we don't know. his appearance tells us a couple things. mueller is leaving no stone
8:25 am
unturned. the second thing as a journalist, we all like to have friends in high places. sometimes your best information comes from people that are not in high places. nunberg was not. so he could be valuable steering this prosecutor in different directions. where it all goes, we're not going to know until we see this report from mueller, if we ever do. collusion itself is not a crime. i've said the somebody had information about a political opponent, get that information, sit down. never a crime to listen to somebody. in the famous words of eleanor roosevelt, if you can't say something good about somebody, sit by me. they're looking at if there was anything offered in exchange for information. >> i think it was alex roosevelt. that's a side note. your point is well ten. but i wonder big picture, a lot of media reports suggesting the mueller investigation is
8:26 am
intensifying when you just made an important point a moment ago, as journalists, we don't know what is happening in the grand jury room and the mueller operation has done a good job of not leaking what they know. >> that is correct. i think it's a safe bet we have to get something soon. there's allegations left and right that this investigation is politically motivated. mueller and many democrats have made the case, a solid case, it's not politically motivated. if it lingers to the summer before the elections, that's not going to be good. >> ed: my colleague, shannon bream, had an interview with jeff sessions and says he's open to another special counsel about the fisa abuse. what do you think of that? >> i don't see it happening. for one, he has the inspector general looking into this.
8:27 am
the really -- the complaint is that a fisa warrant for an important witness was based on information from someone that was on the payroll of the democrats. this person was investigated for months before that. the warrant also, the request for the warrant, the application did identify that the person did have a political motive, might be bias. i don't see it happening. the mechanism is now in place. >> 30 seconds left. isn't the idea of a special counsel though in this case, you had fbi and justice department officials who were telling a federal judge, you know, fisa judge, we need this warrant to spy on someone and didn't disclose that the dossier was financed by the democrats as you say and then it would be people at that same fbi and justice department that would be trying to investigate what happened? aren't they conflicted? >> i don't think so. they did disclose the person had a bias. the extent of the bias we don't
8:28 am
know. that was not disclosed. the warrant was renewed three or four times. that doesn't happen unless there's something there. i don't see it. >> ed: you're right. they disclosed the bias but not on the payroll of the dnc. >> it's a real possibility an inspector general could have additional questions that might justify a special counsel. we'll have to wait and see. >> ed: tim o'brien, thanks for your insight. have to leave it there. >> always a pleasure. >> melissa: earlier this week talks between president trump and kim jong-un seemed very far off. now in a change of events, they agreed to meet face to face. we'll discuss how that meeting could go down. plus, 911 calls coming to life revealing chilling new details about the school shooting in parkland, florida. >> 911. what is your emergency? >> please, my son called me. there is shooting. >> okay -- >> in the high school, douglas
8:29 am
high school. >> okay. stay on the line for me. they said it's in the school? >> yes.
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>> melissa: the world has been watching the on going feud with president trump and kim jong-un. now there's a turn. the president accepts an invitation for a face-to-face meeting with the leader of the
8:33 am
rogue nation. vice president mike pence says the president deserves the credit. he said this is evidence that president trump's strategy to isolate the kim regime is working. joining us, admiral robert nader and former seventh fleet commander. thanks for joining us. what is your take on this meet something. >> well, i think certainly it's a positive step. let's not get lathered up here. it's the means to the objective, it's not the objective. so it's certainly a positive step and i applaud the administration for getting us this far. >> melissa: this is what senator lindsey graham had to say about it. he said after numerous discretions with president trump, i believe his strong stance against north korea gives us the best hope in decades to
8:34 am
resolve this peacefully. a word of warning to north korea, kim jong-un, the worst possible things you can do is meet with president trump in person and try to play him. if you do that, it will be the end of you and your regime. what do you think about that? that is very strong wording. is this the last step? >> well, we're going to hear from a lot of professional politicians and diplomats. the reality is, the approach that we've taken in the past with the professionals has been an abject failure. i think we need to support the president in this and hopefully we come to a negotiated settlement. anything other than that i.e. military operations, will be a failure. >> melissa: isn't this our last hope in term of diplomacy? if the two sit down and nothing comes of it, we've seen this
8:35 am
happen before. but if they sit down and walk away and kim jong-un does anything like, you know, standing up and saying, well, you know, we made demands, they didn't meet them, any sort of walking away from the table and not taking the step of denuclearization, isn't then the only thing left military force? >> i don't think so. first of all, we shouldn't start presupposing who might happen militarily or something that might or might not happen in the future. take it one step at a time. the president needs to sit down with them and come up with something in the way of realistic negotiated settlement. that's the objective. that would be very positive. >> melissa: what advice would you give the president on where to meet and what to say? >> well, i'm not about to give the president advice on
8:36 am
negotiating with kim jong-un. i would say that his instincts are probably pretty good. he's negotiated a lot more than a lot of other professional quotes in this country. he needs to go in and be very straightforward with them and certainly not start relaxing sanctions and relaxing the pressure that the chinese and we and our allies have put on north korea. i think it's obviously gotten us to this point. >> melissa: yeah, logistics are something you know a lot about. this isn't easy. we're talking about a regime that lives in an isolated nation. people have to say there's no back channels to this regime. it's not a leader that travels abroad very much if at all. you know, these are challenges when you sit down to try to determine when and where this will happen. your thoughts on that. >> well, i think the when has been projected to be by the end of may, which i think is good. between now and then, both sides
8:37 am
will start putting together the negotiated front piece and they will be negotiating where to hold these negotiations. those are means to the end. probably 10, 12 steps in this process and we're just starting the steps now. >> melissa: how surprised were you to hear this news? a lot of people were taken by surprise last night when i started to break. what was your initial reaction? >> well, my experience with observing and dealing with issues of north korea is i'm never surprised by them and neither should anyone else be, which means also, one should not try and project based on our rationales what they might do. all i know is that this is a positive step and the start of a means to try to get to the objective. >> melissa: yeah, absolutely.
8:38 am
admiral, thanks for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you, melissa. >> ed: meanwhile, nikolas cruz appearing before a judge today after being formally charged earlier this week with 17 counts of murder. newly released 911 calls giving us a chilling glimpse inside the horror of that shooting. as we learn the details about the response from authorities in those very first moments. phil keating is live in miami with more. you've been there from the beginning as the details spill out, it gets more and more tragic. >> yeah, ed. the terror is evidence and chaos reigns in the first minutes as 150 bullets were flying. of the 911 calls just released by the sheriff's office, one comes from a student inside the school.
8:39 am
>> while everything was breaking, one deputy reports he hears gun shots near the football field. one radio transmission after the shots stopped and the wounded were in immediate need for help, resource officer scott peterson appears convinced that the shooter could still be inside building 12 and these audio reportings appear to support the contention that peterson failed his training to find and kill the killer. >> former student, nikolas cruz blending in with the fleeing students and arrested a mile
8:40 am
away. he was charged with 17 counts of first degree murder. in tallahassee today, governor rick scott is expected to sign the massive marjory stoneman douglas public safety act after the house and senate passed it this week. it raises the age to buy rifles to 21, also allows for certain teachers and staff to carry guns in schools, which the governor opposes. but he has invited the 17 families of the parkland dead to come join him at the capitol today, all of those families support this legislation, which could be signed into law three weeks and two days since the parents lost brutally their sons and daughters. ed? >> still such a heart breaking story. thanks for the reporting, phil. >> melissa: deadly violence in afghanistan after a suicide attack in the heart of the capitol. the latest on this developing situation. president trump going toe to toe with allies here and abroad over his new tariffs. what his controversial plan
8:41 am
could mean for the u.s. down the line. >> this is not merely an economic disaster but a security disaster. we want to build military equipment with steel and aluminum from our country. we're taking action to correct this long overdue problem. people would stare.
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>> melissa: at least seven people killed in afghanistan after a suicide bomber attacked crowds near a mosque in kabul. the attack reportedly targeting people gathered to remember a former leader of a religious minority community. according to reports, the attacker detonated the bomb after being stopped by a security checkpoint. there was no immediate claim of responsibility. kabul has seen a string of mosque attacks carried out by isis and its affiliates.
8:45 am
>> president trump putting himself at odds with allies abroad by imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. an effort to correct what he feels are unfair rules for international trade. >> many of the countries that treat us the worst on trade and on military are our allies as they like to call them. we just want fairness. we just want fairness. >> ed: the tariffs in defiance of some of the republican leaders even costing the president gary cohn. i'm joined by bill mcgern from the "wall street journal." former chief speechwriter for george w. bush. that's what i meat. you covering the white house for president bush a couple years before you joined that administration, president bush 43 instituted tariffs as well. what can we learn from that experience that you think this president should know?
8:46 am
>> right. i start from the proposition that all tariffs are bad. >> ed: they're taxes. >> not just taxes. you punish innocent people when you do it. i don't know whether milton freedman said this but he should have. it's like declaring war in your own harbor, blowing up your own ships. president bush imposed them in 2002. they were supposed to be three years. by the end of the following year, he had withdrawn them because the job losses in affiliated industries, steel shortages, all the problems were becoming manifest. >> ed: is there something to be said for the president it's a fairness issue and it's a negotiating tactic? in the case of north korea, we need china's help. he's aiming these tariffs in part at china, pushing back at them. that might be something on the table as we move forward. >> as a negotiating tactic, it's not mutually assured destruction, unified assured destruction.
8:47 am
i think the reality is, i lived in hong kong for ten years. china cheats. china subsidizes things. all sorts of -- in asia, there's a lot of nontariff imported restrictions. a lot of cheaters out there. the reality is, no one has discovered a way to punish the cheaters without hurting innocent parties in your own economy and doing more harm to yourself. that's very difficult even for a born salesman like mr. trump to sell. it's a very difficult thing to sell politically, that there's not much you can do. >> ed: you look at main street more than wall street. you take a look at both. a shrewd observer. talk about how the markets would like gary cohn leaving. chaos at the white house. but the initial 24 hours, the markets were going down and then now they are back to peace and prosperity a bit. >> yeah, it's still worrisome. i'm not sure it's chaos. i'm more of afraid of deliberate
8:48 am
policies like taking the tariffs and going further. the difference with mr. cohn, he's a forceful advocate for trade and growth. those that oppose these sanctions are very happy with what president did in other areas. the tax cuts and so forth. this goes to the opposite point. i wrote this week that everything donald trump said about trade and punishment hillary clinton said before. >> ed: on that point about the economy, tax cuts, sean spicer was on "fox and friends" this morning. >> chaos gets north korea to the table, isis on the run, border crossings down, conservative judges, then i think we're doing pretty damn good. >> ed: and reince priebus said that on abc. don't look at the zigzag, look at the results. >> i agree. the chaos stuff as been
8:49 am
overwrought in comparison to the achievements. this, i think, is a policy that goes in the exact opposite direction. that's what worries me. it's anti-growth. it's going to hurt republicans in the elections if they follow-through on it. it just contradicts the mess single of growth. >> ed: so you think hearing the criticism, the president may back off, use it as a negotiation tactic. john cornyn in the senate said he wants this to be more surgical instead of across the board. >> that's what speaker paul ryan is trying to do, to narrow it. i take it that it's a bad thing all the time because it harms innocent people. if he can narrow it, it's good. the reason i think it's bad is it's just anti-growth. it cuts against the president's other significant achievements in the economy. >> ed: thanks, bill. >> thank you. >> ed: good to see you. >> melissa: a show of force here at home as people in colorado
8:50 am
are about to see two b-2 bombers fly over the air force academy. why this is happening? fox news is invited on a mission to mars or at least we get to see the space craft going to the red planet. that's something. an inside look next. ♪
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8:53 am
>> melissa: it's friday! >> yes. thank gosh. >> on "outnumbered," president trump accepting kim jong-un's meeting for a face to face.
8:54 am
some are warning the rogue regime is not to be trusted. i think we know that. how the president should handle this going forward. >> and mr. trump heading to pennsylvania tomorrow to stump in what he calls the most crucial race in the country. days from the special election, polls show the race neck and neck. can the president make a difference? >> all that, plus in the center seat, "outnumbered" top of the hour, you'll have to find out when you watch. >> melissa: nasa is heading to mars and fox news is going along for the ride. the mars insight lander traveled from california to the launch site at vandenberg air force base. jonathan hunt has more. >> hi, melissa. these are exciting times in space exploration. president trump has declared his determination to send american astronauts to mars. long before that happens, we
8:55 am
need to know more about the planet. that's where this guy, the mars insight lander, comes in. >> we're going to make a map of the inside of mars and use that map to inform our knowledge of planets are formed. >> but getting to mars first means from getting from the insight development site at lockheed-martin's facility in colorado to vandenberg air force base in california. fox news was the only tv crew invited along for the journey. >> this is a critical move throughout the entire build-up and test of the space craft, we have taken huge amounts of precautions to make sure it's been safe the entire time. >> insight made it safely to vandenberg and being prepared for the launch window which opens may 5. >> we're going to load the vehicle with its fuel, spin it to make sure it's balanced and put it on the rocket to make sure it goes. >> sounds so easy. >> piece of cake. >> if the may launch is
8:56 am
successful, all eyes will be focused on the mars landing. scheduled for november 26. >> that's where you're very responsible. in it goes wrong then, it's all your fault. >> that's right. seven minutes of terror. the reason we say that, everything has to go right over those seven minutes. >> in truth, we're many years away from sending humans to mars. but the journey begins in earnest with the launch in a couple month of the mars insight lander guided by nasa's jet propulsion lab. melissa? >> that is so cool. thanks, jonathan. >> ed: i want to see his expense report if he goes. how do you file an expense report to mars? anyway, a year of fire exchanges but now a possible break through. kim jong-un promising to cease nuclear tests. president trump promising to meet with the dictator.
8:57 am
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>> justin, he is leaving goldman sachs. >> that is huge. thanks for joining us. here's a "outnumbered" ." >> sandra: fox news alert, could shift a dramatic shift, seeking a face to face meeting with president trump, and president trump accepting the invitation, sending shock waves throughout the world. i am sandra smith. harris faulkner, katie pavlich, fox news analyst marie part of, and congressman sean duffy, republican from the great state of wisconsin, and he is outnumbered. glad to have you back.


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