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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 9, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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end of the last hour. that was just one week of news. a lot happening this week. we thank you for joining us and thanks to martha for having me the last couple nights. have a great one, everyone. i'm sandra smith in new york. here's tucker. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. a pretty sad story tonight. one person is dead. the alleged killer may soon be roaming the streets free. why is that? well because leaders of the democratic party are starting to believe internalized belief, acted on the belief that illegal aliens have more rights than american citizens. look at this picture. this is eye von cass tenant that. that is an ace of heart tattoo on his face. that's not the problem with this man. first he is illegal alien. second over the weekend in denver police say he got drunk and slammed his car into a semi-truck. the truck burst into flames. the driver was burned to
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death. rather than stay at the scene, he fled the scene. he was later arrested. now he faces charges of vehicular homicide. and then politics got involved, which is why we are bringing this to your attention tonight. federal authorities have asked denver to detain this man so he can be arrested on federal charges and deported back to mexico where he is from and should be living. but, no. they can't. why? because denver is a sanctuary city. and that means that democratic politicians there are committed to protecting the accused killer even if it means he will soon be loose in downtown denver and he may be. as soon as he posts a $25,000 bond, he will be free to go until his next court dates. that's assuming he bothers to show up in court and by the way why would he? he snuck into this country, is he going to go to court? probably not. when democrats say they are committed to protecting undocumented immigrants, this is who they're talking about. they believe illegal aliens auto could you seed of murder deserve to be protected from you more than you deserve to be protected from them. they care more about ivan
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castenata ignore federal law on his behalf. would they do that for you? i don't think so. attorney general jeff sessions has filed suit to stop insanity like this. the department of justice has sued the state of california. it's a sanctuary state that has explicitly announced it will punish citizens there for cooperating with the federal government in the pursuit of enforcing immigration law. democrats in california are outraged by what the attorney general has done. they are calling him the real criminal. watch. >> jeff sessions said is simply not true. and i call upon him to apologize to the people of california. bringing the mendacity of washington to california and trying to insert discord and division. >> how dare you vilify members of our community by trying to frighten the american public into thinking that all undocumented residents are
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dangerous criminals. >> tucker: how dare you? this is how the left has begun to think. if you believe accused murderers who shouldn't be in this country ought to go back to their own countries, you are the one who is out of line. if you believe in borders you are a monster. this isn't your country, it belongs to other people now. that's the message they're sending explicitly. the attorney general jeff sessions joins us right now. mr. attorney general, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: this is, i think it's fair to say, an emergency if a city government is making it possible for an accused killer to go free simply because they are morally opposed to federal immigration law. that's setting up a conflict between the state and federal government. how can this be stopped? what's the next step here? >> the american people have got to speak first and foremost to these governmental leaders. just unacceptable to take this case in denver that you just cited where the individual will be released from jail. our ice officers are not going to stop looking for him. they are going to go out to find him. they will be at greater
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risk. they will place people in the community at greater risk to try to make an arrest there when they could have been safely picked up in the custody from the custody of the denver authorities. so, this situation is very, very serious and it represents a commitment from the hard left, these activist groups to open borders and non-legal enforcement of immigration. cannot be the policy of the united states of america. >> tucker: so, some democratic politician say the states are not and i think they are legally correct, are not obligated to carry out federal law. buff then others, including the mayor of oakland, have gone farther and actively tried to subvert federal law as mayor libby schaaf of oakland did the other day by warning people that federal agents are come. does that constitute construction of justice and should she be prosecuted for that? >> we are looking at that our fabulous ice offices and tom homan are keeping us posted on what is happening there. those kind of things depend on the law and the facts and we will evaluate them at the
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department of justice. yes, this is a radical etiology. it's contrary to the american law. the supreme law of the land is american immigration law. and it must be enforced else we will just have open borders and that cannot be. >> tucker: we have open borders in effect a lot of ways. now we are getting something that looks like insurrection almost. the biggest state saying we're going to act to undermine basic federal law. do you worry that the country won't hang together? >> i don't think so. i think this is an extreme act. when i was in california, i heard countless people tell me they were embarrassed and outraged about what was going on. i think these people have just been able to get away with it not been challenged. not been challenged intellectually as to the meaning of what they're doing. how radical it is. how unacceptable it is. how it places the lives of american police officers and ice officers at greater risk as well as our communities
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at greater risk because we keep criminals in the country that are due to be deported. >> tucker: do you see how if you are looking on as an observer of this it does feel like the federal government is toothless in the face of this challenge. elected officials stand up give the finger to authorities, to law enforcement with impunity. it does seem like they, the mayor of oakland has more power than the feds. >> well, tucker, we are going to use every lawful tool we have to push back against this activity. you can be sure of that. i will say, however, that ultimately, in this country, the american people have the final word. and they have got to analyze what their leaders are doing, and if they are promoting these kind of unlawful, unwise and dangerous policies, they need to be held to account. and when the political needle starts moving, i think you will see politicians start changing.
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>> tucker: the attorney general you replaced. one attorney general before that eric holder, has endorsed this. do you think it's odd that a former chief law enforcement officer in the country would be endorsing ignoring federal law? >> well, is he being hired by the state. being paid a legal fee to represent the state of california. but, i totally believe that this policy that they are defending in california is unwise and many places clearly illegal. we are going to challenge its legality and would are going to challenge its wisdom. and we are going to defend federal law officers and state law officers who are out there trying to do their duty every day and being placed at much greater risk because they won't even let the police talk to the federal officers who are the only ones that can actually deport a criminal alien. >> tucker: just to switch gears, i think a lot of people, certainly i think a lot of our viewers have lost confidence in law enforcement and intelligence-gathering agencies in this country because they think they have been used for political purposes to spy on americans without real cause.
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and carter page, i think, would be at the top of that list. don't you think it would go a long way to restoring public confidence in those agencies if the rest of us had some sense that the basis upon which the fisa warrants were gotten for spying on carter page? >> it is our responsibility and i think my responsibility to ensure that the fisa process is carried out professionally, properly, lawfully, and with integrity. i intend to do that. we are working on that now. our office of inspector general has almost 500 employees, investigators, and prosecutors. and they are going to work on this and get to the bottom of it. >> tucker: there is so much lying about this. partisan lying. why the court granted the government the right to spy on this american citizen. wouldn't it just dispel all the myths and the conspiracies if we could see redacted, of course, but if weekend see the basis for it? >> well, we have never produced publicly the fisa warrants. but i have to tell you,
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tucker, we have produced more documents in this case more information to the congress and to the public than i think any attorney general's office in history has. we are going to go as far as we can go to make things public and we are going to ensure. >> tucker: you don't think we need a special prosecutor to look into this. >> we're going to get to the bottom of it. it could be one day that a special prosecutor would be required but we are going to look at this both with attorneys and within the inspector general's office. and they will get to the bottom. >> tucker: you are giving a speech tomorrow circumstantial about the rule of law, i think. i read a copy of it to the federalist society. it raised a question in my mind about judges. shouldn't the congress act as a counter balance against judicial overreach? if there is a judge who is clearly not consulting the consultation and making law, why wouldn't the congress try to balance that out. >> it's gotten to the point where congress, i think, has been too willing to creed receid
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its powers. i felt that when i was a member of the congress, i feel it even more so now as attorney general. when i am finding single judges one out of 600 issue an executive order, an injunction, a court injunction against executive orders of the executive branch of the united states without a foundation for that. you can have 10 other judges who oppose it but the one who enjoins it, their opinion is upheld. it may take 18 months to get the to the supreme court. it is disrupting the ability of this government to function. and i'm really concerned about it. it's time for the nation to reconsider these injunctions. >> tucker: that's not democracy, that's monarchy or something. mr. attorney general, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: i appreciate it reyes is an attorney and columnist he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: speak in generations.
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let's talk specifics what's going on in denver right now. illegal alien has been charged with vehicular homicide. the feds say he has broken federal immigration law. we want to take custody of him and ideological reasons the city says no if he posts 25 grand bail he is going to walk free. hard to see how anybody could support something like that. why wouldn't we deport someone who has been credibly accused of murder? >> right, exactly. he should be once he is tried and convicted. the problem here is that ice did not issue a warrant for this individual. what they did was, they issued a detainer. and ice -- in colorado they issued per their statement, they issue between 35,000 and 40,000 detainers a day. they say they don't have the time to go through the paperwork to fill out the additional request that is involved with a warrant. and because they did not do that, this individual was allowed to be released from custody. that's the problem. >> tucker: wait. >> having immigration priorities. >> tucker: okay. i guess if someone is accused of homicide, that
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would put them right at the top of the priority list. >> absolutely. >> tucker: and idealogues like the people in charge in denver are basically saying his rights are more important than those of american citizens who live in denver, who are going to be exposed to this guy when he walks out of jail after posting $25,000 bail. so where are their rights? who is looking out for their rights? >> i think our constitution is looking out for their rights. the fact is all people, including the undocumented have certain rights under our constitution. the reason that the law enforcement authorities in denver did not detain this individual because there are court rules in the supreme court of the lower courts, most specifically i think recently the mendosa case that says these local jurisdictions will be at risk of liability for double jeopardy. >> tucker: that's not -- let me just say. so are you actually -- hold on,. >> detainer. >> tucker: we both know and i just want our audience to know what i are saying is disingenuous. it has nothing to do with to supreme court decisions. those are a joke to the left
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as you know. are you actually arguing that the federal government has no right to take someone into custody when they know for a fact that he is breaking federal immigration law? he is not supposed to be here. is he illegal alien. >> the federal government has the right to take people into custody provided they follow the proper procedure as prescribed by the statute. the statute in this instance requires that they fill out the forms for a warrant. which should be either issued by a judge or a criminal warrant, which can be sworn out. they did not do that they only issued the detainer, that's why he was released. >> tucker: you are wrong. let me just say that this has been going on -- >> -- that's your characterization. >> tucker: precisely the way i have described this now been thwarted by politically ambitious politicians who want votes as you know. but let me just step. >> policy is actually based on court rulings, not ideology. court rulings. >> tucker: that's -- [talking at the same time] >> they don't want the financial liability. >> tucker: does it bother that you a guy credibly accused of homicide is going
5:14 pm
to walk out when he shouldn't have been here -- >> -- of course it does. >> tucker: here in the first place? >> i also trust that local law enforcement, that they are following the processes prescribed by law. in this case the denver police and they are doing -- they do not want to face lawsuits from these different individuals. >> tucker: lawsuits? how about doing the right thing. >> advocacy groups and they don't want to be sued by other authorities by not complying with federal law. >> tucker: why wouldn't the denver sheriff's department call ice and say by the way, he is getting out now, he is walking out the front door, grab him. which they're allowed to do. >> they are allowed to do that because they did not do it because ice did not issue a warrant. they only wrote out a detainer. that's the difference. >> tucker: that's not true. ice does not need a warrant to pick that guy up off the street, sorry you are wrong. >> tucker, we are talking about two separate things. you are correct. ice does not need a warrant to pick someone up. you are right. ice does need a warrant when they are getting local law
5:15 pm
enforcement who also went beyond the prescribed terms in this case that's the exact circumstances. >> tucker: let me ask one last question and then i will let you go. >> sure. >> tucker: if you really cared about the safety of american citizens in denver which the left demonstrably doesn't care about. let's say you are pretending you cared. >> thank you. >> tucker: why wouldn't you if you are the denver's sheriff's office call up and say this guy is leaving at this hour, be waiting for him. why wouldn't they do that? what's the answer. >> ice itself has said they will issue on a weekly basis between 35 and 40,000 of these detainiers. >> tucker: i'm talking about this guy. the guy charged with homicide. why wouldn't they do that in this particular case? will denver do that? why wouldn't they? >> the reason they did not is because ice did not make him a priority by tailing to detective get the warrant. >> tucker: they don't need a warrant. now you are being disingenuous. >> that's based on the mendosa case multiple local
5:16 pm
legal rulings. >> tucker: explain how they are doing it they are not doing it because they don't care. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> tucker: we have a fox news alert for you. hostage situation taking place at the nation's largest veterans home. shots fired this morning at the home in california. three hostages taken. police locked down the facility. they are attempting to negotiate this hour where the attacker. reportedly armed with a rifle and detained to saying gel room. we don't know anything about the motive or identity of suspect. obviously we will follow this story as it continues to evolve and bring you details. president trump headed for unexpected summit with the leader of north korea. make that the dear leader. many in the press are reacting with consternation. does this deserve more credit than it's getting, this story? people criticizing the same geniuses who made mistake after mistake after mistake and never admitted it. interesting question. we will get to it coming up ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: pretty unexpected twist. little rocket man working out. face-to-face meeting between the two leaders if it happens it will be the first summit between a sitting american president and dictator from north korea. in response a lot of our foreign policy geniuses melted down. >> i think frankly it's a dangerous gamble and a bad idea. appeared in some ways i can't believe i'm saying that because for years i have been arguing that we need to have direct talks between the u.s. and north
5:21 pm
korea. >> i'm in the more of the he must be kidding camp. the -- you know, we have just given kim something for nothing. >> breathtaking gamble for one report. do you agree. >> i agree. it's a roll of a nuclear dice. >> tucker: advisor to hillary clinton and former deputy secretary of state. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: i have no idea what this will lead to if anything. see it going wrong and taking unexpected and positive directions. who knows. what i know for certain everybody you just know on tv is dumb. has a long track record -- >> -- one of them was my best friend, actually. >> tucker: i'm sure. every one of those people has advocated foreign policy positions disaster for the united states repeatedly and never called to account. the fact this was unexpected yesterday shouldn't surprise us. why are we still listening to these people. >> i think it was surprising everybody.
5:22 pm
i think president trump definitely has an i told you so in him. i think he has a fair u number of people who work for him to say i told you. so i don't think secretary of defense mattis or secretary of state tillerson saw this coming. >> tucker: i think you are right. >> or thought that language last year, the tweets were a good thing. so, what he did, he did instinctively on his own. to the extent establishment got it wrong, if they got it wrong, we will see it's not partisan. >> tucker: i absolutely agree with you. >> i have always thought when i worked for the obama administration, i hated the way we handled north korea. i hated the way bush it. it was always treating them like they deserved to be treated as an equal. i thought we should just ignore them. i at one point wanted to say if you can't launch a rocket that doesn't reach, you know, the outer atmosphere we are not going to talk about you. but, president trump, you know, he inherited something a little different.
5:23 pm
he inherited north korea at a time when they have been harder to ignore. they have made, clearly made technological advances both in their missiles and their bomb stuff and he, you know, six months ago, i would have told you that if we weren't alive in a year, north korea would have something to do with it and president trump's bellicose language. >> tucker: a lot of people felt that way and to be fair, i just want to be honest, you are right. a lot of people at his own state department, the president's own state department would v.a. greed with you after two drinks in private for sure. maybe the lesson to all of this is you don't need to insult foreign leaders maybe evil ones but think a little more broadly. what we have been doing isn't working and nobody in washington is willing to acknowledge that because they are implicated in past bad decisions. shouldn't we go forward with maybe more open mind? >> we should. and, frankly, i surprised that he agreed to a meeting
5:24 pm
and agreed to it fast. to the extent that our diplomacy is slow and plotting and doesn't work, might as well blow it up. we could be sitting here in six months and talk about how this was was an absolute debacle. you focused on immigration and times in the last month you have not liked what the president said immigration. republican party has not liked what they hear from him, including on tv. this is going to be pretty similar. i mean, not that it will be on tv or let's all hope it will be. there are a lot of stakeholders here for america we're all one at this point because if kim does something crazy, he is going to blow us up irrespective of what party we are part of. but you have the south koreans. you have the japanese. you have the chinese. and i know you are always very interested in the chinese. this is a problem. if he goes in there and he says i'm a great dealmaker, really have to look at what deals he has made in his life. he tends to overpay. if he overpays for this
5:25 pm
deal, then someone is going to sur. and it's probably going to be someone other than us but kim jong un is not. >> tucker: i agree. this is complex. what we know is that previous strategies failed, which is why we are here in the first place. i have an open mind. thank you for being honest about that. i appreciate it newly released radio transmissions from the parkland shooting show more bungling by the people who are supposed to be coming to the aid of those 17 who were murdered. will anybody be held accountable for that? the head of the broward county police union joins us next. ♪ ♪
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but we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> tucker: newly released radio reportings from the parkland massacre appear to show more failures by broward county police as they responded to the attack. fox correspondent matt finn has been breaking news on this story for days now. he joins us with what he has got. hey, matt. >> tucker, we know about every officer that responded to the parkland florida shooting was potentially risking their lives there are many stories of heroism emerging from that day. however, newly released dispatch recordings seem to confirm what we have been reporting right here on this show and that that the commanding officer and. so first responders focused on blocking traffic and setting up a perimeter instead of rushing in to kill the shooter, which is what they are trained to do. one ranking officer tells fox news tonight that the responders that day should have said you take the first floor.
5:30 pm
i'll take the second. you take the third and we won't stop until we kill the shooter. in a portion of the audio you are about to hear, a male voice believe to be the disgraced school officer identifies what school building he thinks the shots are coming from and then commands officers to stay away from that building. noteworthy that this goes against his initial statement that he didn't go in the school because he didn't know where the shots were coming from. you are also going to hear a female voice of the commanding officer. her two audible commands about a perimeter not killing the shooter. the sheriff's office had defended itself. explaining that the alleged bad command happened after the shooting stopped firing. as you are about to hear it did seems the officers did not know for the shooter was after the time after officers prioritized the traffic one officer saying there might be more bullets coming from a window. here is. so audio recordings. ♪
5:31 pm
>> one ranking law enforcement officer that just listened to the audio we did sent is a response to fox news writing in part, wow: i just listened to the first 10 minutes of the dispatch tapes. it was very difficult to listen to. we failed in many ways. i don't know if i'll be able to sleep tonight. also here is one parent who tonight tells fox news the entire community of parkland parents are irate. >> lives are being lost while the deputies who are on sight were more concerned about closing off roadways than they were about going into the building and
5:32 pm
stopping the shooter and saving lives. >> today florida's republican governor rick scott approved new legislation that would require anyone purchasing a gun in the state to be 21 years old and the nra immediately filed a lawsuit. tucker? >> tucker: thanks, matt. appreciate it. jeff the president of the broward county police benevolence association. he joins us tonight. jeff, thanks a lot for coming on. you heard matt finn read the email he received from an officer. you probably know the person, saying he was in effect heart broken to hear that tape. what was your reaction to i it? >> >> i listened to the tapes and also in receipt of of a chronology of events that came out from the broward's sheriff's office with four different sources. the video crawl springs fires and coral springs police and dispatch. >> how did this happen? i don't understand how people, authorities with firearms on the scene never entered the building while people were being murdered.
5:33 pm
do you? >> no. i can't explain that. >> tucker: can you guess as to what might have happened? have you ever seen anything like this before? >> no, i haven't. and i just don't understand where the one video has the school resource deputy at the administration building then heading towards building 12 and then taking up a position outside the building 12. that's on the chronology of events. that's also on the video. >> tucker: but it seems like at least some of these guys knew that there was shooting inside the building. so, you know, you don't want to impugn people's motives, but other than coward dis. what would be the explanation for that? >> i don't have an explanation for that person not going in i can tell you coral springs police department all the 911 calls were going to coral springs fire. if you are in the city of parkland and dial 911. it goes to coral springs fire dispatch because they provide fire services and
5:34 pm
emergency services for the city of parkland. so, all the live intel was going to the coral springs police officers. and the chronology that i have coral springs and broward officers simultaneously entered the structure and started to clear it. >> tucker: do you think it's little weird that the sheriff of broward county that department failed i need to surrender my gun rights that's the lesson? >> i'm sorry. say that again. i'm sorry. >> tucker: why isn't the sheriff of broward county being held accountable for this? >> i can't answer that. i would say that, you know, the buck stops at the top. but i can't answer for the sheriff. >> tucker: i hope he is. thank you very much for joining us. >> you're very welcome. >> tucker: recently we talked to cathy areu she supported abolishing the word mailman. now some have decided we need to abolish all sexist
5:35 pm
language and make it a crime. she will join us next with her view of that stay tuned. ♪ ♪ estion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d... while the leading allergy spray relieves six symptoms, claritin-d relieves eight, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. than♪ you. imagine if the things you bought every day... earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding. and earn fifty thousand bonus miles after you spend three thousand dollars on purchases in the first three months from account opening plus, zero-dollar
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get your first prescription free at >> tucker: well a belgium man has been convicted of dastardly crime. what did he do? he said something sexist and belgium has a law against that. criminalizes phrases that express contempt for women. now that law has been put to use for first time. cathy areu founding member of catalina magazine. she thinks this might not be a bad idea for our country. she joins us tonight. cathy, good to see you. >> hi, good to see you. >> tucker: so you think that we could learn something from belgium. >> yes. >> tucker: that maybe we should criminalize sexist speech. >> yes. >> tucker: would we also criminalize sexist thought. >> i would say sexist speech and sexist thought is hateful speech and hateful thought. people were hateful thoughts go on to commit hateful crimes. why don't we nip it in the
5:40 pm
bud and stop these guys from going further and committing violent crimes. >> tucker: create a new class of thought crime. but you said guys. would it ever conceivably apply to women? i was watching the bachelor the other night. hour long exploitation of women. hard to think of a more sexist spectacle of that a lot of producers are women. would they be up for sexism charges. >> absolutely not. women as a minority in this country even though we are the majority. we are the minority because white men are in charge. it is hard to be sexist and put the majority down when you still consider the minority. so, no. women cannot be sexist. no. we are the victims of sexism. we are not the perpetrators. >> tucker: what if you were like anna winter and had a magazine wholly devoted to exploiting women's bodies and basically encouraging eating disorders. because you are a woman you would still not be sexist? >> that's an industry that makes a living off of those things and believe it or not, the highest paid
5:41 pm
people, women in the world are models. so, unfortunately, the only way that women can make more money than men are through modeling and through these magazines. she did a favor to women by showing them in these magazines those women make more than men, sadly. >> tucker: interesting. >> sadly. >> tucker: sexist speech and sexist thought will be criminalized. >> because it's hateful. >> tucker: what would the punishment be misdemeanors or felonies. >> i think these men would move on to do -- commit crimes. so should we nip it in the bud? should we listen to people when they are saying hateful things and get them right when they are saying these sexist comments? >> tucker: right. >> make it a felony. put them away and make them learn their lesson and when they come out they will be better people. teach them a lesson. >> tucker: maybe they would come out sad and broken people. would that bother you. >> if they are not hurtful and violent, it would not upset me if they are sad, no. they are sad but they are
5:42 pm
not aggressive and violent. so so be it. >> tucker: since sexist thought would be illegal, how. >> sexist language not thought. language. >> tucker: can we define sexist? so, for example. >> hurtful to women. hurtful. >> tucker: hurtful to women. >> yes. >> tucker: all women don't have the same standard for what's hurtful for example, is it exist to open a door for a woman or not sexist to open a door for a woman. >> i think it's a case-by-case basis. if a woman is offended, yeah, it might be the wrong thing to do. sexism is hard to tell you about women who are aware of it, feel it, understand it, and, yeah, sexism is alive and well. and those of us who realize it want an end to it we want to be treated equally. so, yeah, we have to teach these people that that is wrong and this person in belgium did call this police person, this police officer better suited for another job because this was a
5:43 pm
woman. it was a police officer. and that was sexist the things he said was awful and he should be put away. >> tucker: sounds like is he being punished. >> he is being punished. >> tucker: creating a whole new class of crime obviously appealing first amendment and 250 years. >> belgium it's not their amendment. >> tucker: if it were here. make omelet you break eggs. law enforcement to enforce the laws like the saudis do. what would that be like? where would there be speech police in public places? could they come into your home? how would do you this? >> this country already has it. there are profanity laws. country had laws about 100 years old going to municipalities and different states you can't say bad words in public within officer or children's earshot. we already have those kind of laws in this country. reintroduce the profanity laws with sexism laws and move on from words that offend to actions and
5:44 pm
concepts that offend and that are violent. >> tucker: what's going to happen to rap music? >> rap music? well, i think teenagers are going to continue to enjoy it and parents are going to continue to hate it and hopefully the rap stars will learn to rap about nicer things and not teach such hatred. >> tucker: they better or they will be in cathy areu prison. >> yeah. >> tucker: cathy, thank you very much. >> good to see you. no problem. thanks. >> tucker: we had big news last night and blew out final exam. fear not, the quiz returns after this and it's good. ♪ ♪ models can be simulated... nothing compares to the real thing. experience the command performance sales event
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♪ >> tucker: final exam was cancelled last night due to breaking news from north korea. but we still held the competition.
5:49 pm
because that's how we are. here's what happened. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: oh, we're out of time. time for final exam two news professionals face one another in a battle of knowledge. you can play along at home as they do. joining us tonight fox chief national correspondent ed henry. he won the battle of defending champions last week against bret baier. quite a contest. he gets to return for another matchup. his challenger this week fox washington correspondent our old friend gillian turner. you know the rules and for the sake of consistency. earn buzzer. wait until i finish asking the question in order to do that. every correct answer is worth a point. if you get it wrong, we deduct a point from your total. best of five wins. player. >> international women's day. >> tucker: these are international rules, too. >> i just thought you might want to mention that. >> tucker: absolutely. that does not give you an advantage.
5:50 pm
here's the first question. after winning the academy award for best actress on sunday night, francis mcdoor mitt had something unusual happen to her oscar what was it? ed henry. >> some guy stole it. >> tucker: i don't believe that some guy stole it making this up. quote did some guy steal it? >> this morning, terry bryant isn't celebrating. >> thank you. >> instead, charged with grand theft larceny after allegedly swiping the best actress oscar from winner francis mcdoo mcdormand. >> tucker: some guy stole it indeed you are right. >> i don't know what his job was. he was back stage or something. >> tucker: about $8. >> i'm mad i didn't get that because i didn't watch them for the first time in 8 years. >> the larceny didn't happen in realtime.
5:51 pm
>> tucker: question number two, one of the world's most popular sodas announced this week they will soon be selling their first ever alcoholic drink. what company is it? soda maker selling booze. care to guess? >> can you give us a hint? >> tucker: that's the -- the judges have a hint. okay, i will give it based in atlanta. ed henry? >> coca cola. coca cola he says or could it be 7 up? >> something brewing. coca cola launch as new alcoholic drink in japan. it's very first attempt at breaking into the booze business and more than 130 years. >> this is going to be controversial. >> tucker: of course, it was in japan. >> right, i didn't say that. >> tucker: no you didn't but you got coca cola. >> yes, bowers i asked for a hint. >> tucker: you both got the hint to be fair though. let me say i am rooting for you. i have never ghoited that. don't blame me.
5:52 pm
question three, at saturday's gridiron dinner at which bret baier, by the way played starring role. the president roasted washington elite. he zeroed in on one congressman woman for her claim we can secure our southern border by mowing the grass there what member of congress did he target? he had henry? >> nancy pelosi. >> >> tucker: you are saying nancy pelosi claimed we could tighten our borders by mowing the grass. >> gridiron did i a story on this for shannon. >> tucker: we will see if memory serves. >> we all have a responsibility to protect our borders. should there be fencing? should there be technology? should they mow the grass so that people can't hide in it? >> tucker: wow, she really said that and we have the tape. >> right. >> tucker: can you still turn it around by the way, jillian. yes, you can. >> i can't answer any more. because i will lose points. >> tucker: see if you can get this one. question four, a zoo in
5:53 pm
indonesia being criticized by animal rights activists. video emerged this week showing an orangutan at the zoo doing something only adult humans typically do. what was it? >> hint? >> tucker: hint, are you ready? hint the surgeon general disapproves. gillian turner. >> orangutan caught smoking at the zoo. see him smoking like an experienced smoker. he knew what to do. visitor threw the lit cigarette. he likely learned how to smoke from watching humans. isn't that crazy? >> who gave him the cigarette? >> tucker: i don't know. but they are hassling. has to stand outside the building when he smokes now. people are down on him. really? anyway. final question, if you drive by mcdonald's today there is a chance you might see the famed golden arches turned upside down to form a w. who is the fast food chain
5:54 pm
honoring? gillian turner? >> women. >> tucker: you don't think it's george w. bush? >> it might be. >> tucker: but you say women. >> going with women. >> tucker: is it women? >> today is international women's day and there it is on your screen. mcdonald's has flipped the arches. turned the m upside down it's a w for women. >> tucker: as a woman, did you eat a big mac today? >> did i not. but i was touched. >> tucker: you were touched. wow, you know what? this is one of those games that had had gone on one more round it might have been different. >> you mean if it wasn't rigged? >> i studied. >> tucker: all the answers are in there. you are the only person with that book. >> there is inscription to ed 9/11 islamic 2003. a reporter i would never want on my tail best tucker carlson. >> tucker: is that true? ed henry and i have known each other a long time.
5:55 pm
that's unbelievable. >> found it this week. new book coming out soon. >> 15 years ago. ed henry, speaking of journalism we will give you the coveted eric wemple mug. "the washington post." one appearance on our show and then of course our triumphant response. >> thank you. >> tucker: gillian turner welcome back. >> ed is on "fox & friends" on the weekend. >> tucker: tune in thursday to see if you can beat the pros. we'll be right back. ♪ with a sore back.
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6:00 pm
pay obama and his wife to create a show so they never have to stop lecturing you. we are excited hope you are too. have a great weekend. good night from washington. sean hannity is next ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to this special breaking news edition of hannity. we have a ton of brand new information tonight and for the hour we will be focusing on stories that your media always ignores. now, the "wall street journal" reporting just a short time ago that the president's legal team is in fact negotiating with a special counsel robert mueller over an interview with donald trump. now, does that mean finally this corrupt, crooked, witch-hunt could be coming to an end? i have my beliefs and i will tell you in a second. also, sara carter is here with new reports on the massive story we broke last night. victoria toensing, the lawyer for the uranium one


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