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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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pay obama and his wife to create a show so they never have to stop lecturing you. we are excited hope you are too. have a great weekend. good night from washington. sean hannity is next ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to this special breaking news edition of hannity. we have a ton of brand new information tonight and for the hour we will be focusing on stories that your media always ignores. now, the "wall street journal" reporting just a short time ago that the president's legal team is in fact negotiating with a special counsel robert mueller over an interview with donald trump. now, does that mean finally this corrupt, crooked, witch-hunt could be coming to an end? i have my beliefs and i will tell you in a second. also, sara carter is here with new reports on the massive story we broke last night. victoria toensing, the lawyer for the uranium one fbi informant is now
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confirming her client was interviewed last december by the fbi because there is an active and ongoing investigation into the clinton foundation. now, this informant is saying that he has proof of a clinton foundation quid pro quo. that's huge news. now, this breaking news information is in response to a coordinated attack by congressional democrats yesterday to discredit this informant and also brand new the attorney general, jeff sessions, is now strongly considering appointing a second special counsel to investigate fisa abuses and bias within the fbi and, of course, deep state obama administration officials should be very worried tonight. also, president trump pardoned christian sauce yeasaucier,he is the former navy sailor. spent an entire year in prison having his life ruined for only doing a fraction of what hillary clinton did with her private email server. also breaking this hour, fox news reporting the house intel committee, they are
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demanding answers about the phony anti-trump dossier from a former obama administration official married to high fusion gps employee. we will expose the media's absolutely reprehensible coverage, 91% negative of president trump's big foreign policy victory with north korea. all of that tonight's focus in tonight's breaking news opening monologue. ♪ we have big breaking news tonight. "wall street journal" just out with a major report. here is the headline. trump lawyers seek deal with mueller to speed end of russia probe. pushing back on some aspects of the story. here is what we are being told at this hour. negotiations underway on how the president will be questioned by the special counsel, robert mueller. and they are close to now determining what is going to happen. my interpretation of all of this means this witch-hunt could finally be wrapping up. the president would be the last person that mueller
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would want to talk to. by the way, to me, that means that a conclusion is probably coming soon and that would mean, yeah, donald trump did not collude with the russians. a big development. we're following closely tonight. and also breaking, more breaking news on a bombshell development that we broke on this program last night. sara carter will join us. she has new information about the uranium one informant that is said to have proof of a clinton foundation quid pro-quo. now, victoria toensing will also join us, the lawyer for the informant is revealing that her line, william campbell was interviewed in december of last year by out fbi in arkansas as part of an ongoing investigation into the clinton foundation. ongoing. now, because the information this informant has, democrats preimively in the media, they are trying to discredit this informant who spent decades of his life serving his country. congressional democrats releasing a memo yesterday to the hill trashing this
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informant william campbell's credibility. these smears were picked up by cnn, fakes news, reuters and yahoo. here's the one thing that none of those organizations never reached out to sick tore i can'victoria toensing foa comment. we will give her a chance to defend her client against smear. this is a partisan left wing attack just designed to protect hillary clinton, her foundation, and what they did. it never made sense to give 20% of our uranium to russia. the left in this country they know this fbi informant. he was in putin's network. he has damaging information on the clintons that potentially could send them to jail. so they are lashing out. victoria toensing, sara carter will have the details. that's coming up tonight. we also have new information on another major breaking news story special counsel jeff sessions is continuing to suggest that he is strongly now considering doing what we have been
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saying for a long time needed to be done. that would be appointing a second special counsel to investigate rampant feis fisa abuses and abuse within the fbi and the doj. here's what we know. the fbi lied to the fisa court by using an unverified dossier bottom bought and paid for by hillary clinton to get a warrant to spy on an associate of the trump campaign during an election. the fbi broke the fisa law. and they also did not follow the bureau's own protocols by relying heavily on what was something that they themselves should have verified and corroborated. now, remember, former fbi director andrew mccabe he testified without the dossier they wouldn't have even had a fisa application. a huge development, major scandal, i know the media ignores it, they will have egg on their face, another breaking tore sent to, president trump finally has issued a pardon for christian saucier. this was an issue we talked about for a long time.
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you might remember our extensive coverage of this case. saucier is a former u.s. navy sailor. he was convicted of a felony and imprisoned for a year from, quote mishandling classified information. he took a few photos where he worked inside a submarine. 40-year-old submarine that were discovered on saucier's ask discarded cell phone. he didn't give it to anybody. this became a huge issue on the 2016 campaign trail, highlighting a major disparate in our criminal justice system. remember, hillary clinton mishandled an enormous amount of top secret, special access. classified information on that unauthorized private server. and then she deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails. and she received no punishment because james comey, peter strzok and company, well the fix was in and they rigged the outcome. now, meanwhile saucier did a fraction of what clinton did. he was sent to prison for a year. and thankfully president trump today and rightly today, he corrected this
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injustifiable and christian saucier can now move on with his life. even more breaking information to tell you about. fox news reporting the house intel committee, they are sending 10 key questions about the dossier to two more obama administration officials. one of them who worked as a key advisor for barack obama and joe biden is actually married to a senior fusion gps employee. now, this is draws comparisons to demote a doj official bruce ohr and his wife nellie who worked on that fake news dossier for fusion gps. other served as the national security advisor to biden. this scandal is getting bigger and bigger by the day. the house intel committee chairman devin nunes revealed earlier this week that he has received some responses about the dossier from some top obama officials. others so far refusing to comply. so, nunes is now threatening to issue subpoenas, which he should do. and finally, president trump's major win with north
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korea is sending the media into a hate-filled frenzy. the partisan press is absolutely going apoplectic over the fact that entrepreneurship's peace through strength approach dealing with little rocket man, kim jong un is now yielding positive results. we may have peace in the korean peninsula. this breaking news that the president is agreeing to meet with the north korean dictator to discuss denuclearization is now apparently aggravating and incensing liberal lap dog media people as they are physically incapable of reporting any positive news about this president. watch this. >> roll of the nuclear dice. in some ways the president kind of got boxed in here. he couldn't say no to this communication. >> entire foreign policy and good deal of the american public freaked out when they thought trump was going to get in a room with this guy with no conditions and start talking. >> we have just given kim jong un something for nothing. >> i'm very concerned about
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what this administration would be willing to barter away. >> why hasn't any other president ever done -- should i take this to mean that this might be particularly risky or even on wise move? this is the president we have and he said yes to north korea. >> tucker: but he is not sending $150 billion in cash and other currency and he is not giving billions of dollars to the north koreans. he gave nothing. but the destroy trump media, they love the policies of appeasement of barack obama and president clinton. both of which have failed. this point wouldn't be surprising if the media literally awarded neville chamberlain a profile in courage award for come pit late in his negotiations with adolf hitler in munich. like we have been saying the cannot stomach a leader who peace through strength and stands um to dictators. all they want is a president to grabble and cower and kiss kim jong un's rings. president trump is proving he won't do that.
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as a result he is winning. he got every condition he needed and a discussion well about denuclearization would be good for the world. he is not going to repeat the absolutely idiotic and completely foolish mistakes of both clinton and barack obama. now, back in the 1990s, bill clinton came up with brilliant idea let's try to bribe kim jopg u.n.'s father kim geology ill with most of subsidies in hopes they would abandon nuclear program. president clinton took a victory lap on national tv patting himself on the back for brokering a great deal for the american people. he was wrong. look. >> this is a good deal for the united states. north korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program. south korea and our other allies will be better protected. the entire world will be safer as a we slow et spread of nuclear weapons. >> sean: now bill clinton wants massive foreign policy blunder set the stage for north korea to actually develop nuclear weapons.
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billions wasted. he is directly responsible for the current situation we face today. and, of course, there is president appeasementment himself barack obama. he tried to outdo both neville chamberlain and bill clinton with a timid reckless policy of appeasement towards iran and radical mull laws calling for death to america. same people promising to wipe america and israel off the map who burn american and israeli flags. in other words, they hate our guts. that didn't stop obama from orchestrating one of the worst deals ever in the history of mankind. now, the appeaser in chief, he gave iran $150 billion while still allowing them to spin their centrifuges. here is obama surrendering to the radical mull laths in case you are interested. >> today, after two years of negotiations, the united states, together with our international partners has achieved something that decades of an mols city has not. a comprehensive long-term deal with iran that will prevent it from obtaining a
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nuclear weapon. this deal demonstrates that american diplomacy can bring about real and meaningful change. change that makes our country and the world safer and more secure. this deal is also in line with a tradition of american leadership. >> sean: no, you, unlike neville chamberlain, bill clinton and president obama. president trump is refusing to give an inch when it comes to encountering north korean aggression. watch this. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire, fury, and, frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. he does anything with respect to guam, or any place else that's an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. and for his regime. schwabb sean yeah, fury and
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fire for rocket man. and here's something the abusively biased news media will never tell you. well, since the 190s donald trump has been warning about the growing threat posed by north korea. take a look. >> these people in three or four years are going to have a nuclear weapons. they have those weapons pointed all over the world and specifically at the united states. wouldn't be be better off solving this unbelievable and biggest problem. we can talk about the economy and we can talk about social security the biggest problem this world how is nuclear proliferation. we have a country out there north korea, sort of wacko. not a bunch of dumbies and they are going out and they are developing nuclear weapons. and they are not doing it because they are having fun doing it they are doing it for a reason. >> sean: also tonight. we have even more proof. exposing the media's anti-trump agenda. now, according to the new
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media research study. news coverage about president trump was negative in january and february. 91%. i told you back a long time ago journalism in america is dead. well what we have now is the media that is only an extension of the democratic party. they rejudge at a time the talking points. their singular purpose is to do what? destroy president trump at all cost and the truth be damned and all of these statistics prove it. now, in the media's efforts to delegitimize damage this president they have all but blacked out any positive news coming from the white house. take a look at today's positive data. today's job numbers smashed expectations. 313,000 jobs new jobs created. best monthly gain in over a year and a half. since president, trump took office 363,000 manufacturing jobs have been created. and a record 155 million americans are now on the labor force. here's the statistic the
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media will never tell you about. according to the heritage fowngsz 64% of president trump's agenda is already complete that's faster than president ronald reagan himself which is astounding. the media doesn't care. instead, they are only hyper focused on advancing their bizarre conspiracy theory about trump-russia collusion that has no evidence of ever happening. there is no evidence. there has been no evidence. while out media has been literally taking you, the american people from which spirit toler rabbit hole take a look at the side of your screen. those are all president trump's accomplishments. have you heard of the media talk 'any of these? i doubt. spent the last year and a half resisting the president at every turn. it 4 hours 24 hours a day seves a week.
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365 days a year. unlike anything we have ever seen. only going to get worse. the more successful the president is, the harder the media is going to try to destroy him. joining us with reaction former white house press secretary sean spicer and former deputy assistant to the president fox news national security strategist dr. gorka. sean spicer, just look at these numbers. 3 million jobs have been created. measure now is on a path towards energy independence. he has gotten rid of more regulations than any other administration in record time. his tax cut deal is done. the employer mandate is done. and, lo and behold, rocket man is going to sit down with the president. who would have thunk it? >> identifies sis is on the run. border crossings are down. judiciary is being made with conservative judges. he is standing up for high of we can go on and on and on. the president is promising to rack up results. one of the things that's interesting you touched on it the bottom line as he
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gets results, they try to talk about chaos and profits. most americans care whether or not their countries and live ares are improving. making this country a better place and making it safer. making the economy better. better wages u what people vote for at the end of the day, to make their lives, the hives of their neighbors and fellow citizens better. the president is achieving those results. what happens is the president turns and tries to figure out how can we focus on the process story. how chaos and stuff like that. aopposed to the result. president trump is doing exactly what he said he would do on the campaign trail. washington is littered with campaign -- with politicians that make promises over and over again and then don't fulfill them. president trump is doing exactly what he said he was going to do and he is getting the results that he said he would get. >> sean: yeah. after 8 years of obama. 13 million more americans on
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food stamps. 8 more on poverty. lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s, he doubled the debt. lowest home ownership in 51 years. all rebound new a year and tax cuts are now only just kicking in. dr. gorka? >> that's the most remarkable thing. hadn't isn't 1 months into the trump administration. the kind of things that this administration has achieved, you would be proud of them if you were an 8 year double term president. and, sean is absolutely right. look, the obsession with process, if this is chaos, sean, give me more chaos. give all miners mor all americae chaos because it's bringing results. at the end of the day, sean -- >> sean: is this chaos? america elected an adisrupter. you know what? i don't think most americans are going to vote. they don't like donald
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trump's tweets if they have a million dollars more money in their pocket. >> we lived it. sean and i lived it inside the building. the more they attacked us and the president, the more renew we were doing what the people elect i had the president to do. >> one thing that's interesting though is that the american people are on to this. right? if you look at the ratings that came out. look at the programs where american people are tuning in to. they are tuning out the mainstream news and tuning in to shows like yours and tucker and laura's and other shows on fox because they are tired of not being told what's greg on. market research people understand what's happening and changing viewer habits what's being fed to them. you don't want focus on the at a as. >> more breaking news tonight attorney for uranium one inform manhattan joins
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us with sarah cart earth. we discover there is ongoing investigation newt clinton foundation that nobody knew about. we'll tell you next. ♪
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♪ >> sean: this is a fox news alert. i'm will carr. a hostage situation now in its 8th hour at the largest veterans home in the country. the standoff started just after 10:00 this morning in yowntsville, california. a man armed with a rifle walked into a party. he let some guest leave but held three at gunpoint. witnesses then called 911. police swarnd the area and deputy engaged the suspect. the two engaged a number of gunshots. neither was hurt. tonight swat teams and hostage negotiators are still on the scene. unclear if the suspect or the hostages have been injured. authorities say they do know the gunman's identity and
6:25 pm
they have tried calling his cell phone numerous times. the veterans home houses around 1,000 vets. some of whom served in world war ii. others who are disabled. i'm will carr in los angeles. now let's get you back to hannity. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back to our special news breaking edition of hannity joining us now with a lot more is the attorney for the fbi informant victoria toensing. fox news contributor sara carter. as i look at this douglas campbell. here is a guy victoria, your client that literally put his client in jeopardy for decades serving this country. he has access to putin operatives in america. we know, because he is reporting back crimes, bribery, extortion, money laundering, kick backs, and he knows and discovers that putin's operatives inside america, that they, in fact, would like to get a foot
6:26 pm
hold in the uranium industry. so, an article comes out, leak democrats trashing your client but we discover that, in fact, he is so credible that fbi agents in december in arkansas that are looking into the clinton foundation in fact interviewed him but the big revelation is there is an investigation into the clinton foundation. >> correct. >> sean: explain. >> what the democrats said lies. mr. campbell went up to the hill. he told the staffers from three congressional committees that the russians bragged and bragged and bragged repeatedly about how much influence they had with the clintons. in fact, they said they were really confident that they were going to get the approval for the -- to buy uranium one because of the clintons. and they were so confident that they opened up a new office, sean, 10 months before the cfius approval. that's how confident they were so they could accommodate the new
6:27 pm
business. let me tell you something else. he specifically told the members the facts of the quid pro quo. and that was about the lobbying firm in washington that has all these former clinton staffers on it. and he said the russians told him they were giving apco $3 million about my lobbying fee for a year to do inkind work for the clinton foundation. that's a quid pro quo right there. former federal prosecutor i could take that to the jury. >> sean: and we reached out to them but you know what? you can always follow the money in these cases. sarah, you know this informant. you met with this informant. this informant has gone before three congressional committees. but the notion that we suspected, we thought, we believed, but now we know, there is an fbi investigation into the clinton foundation. >> that's right, sean. there is an fbi, an open fbi investigation into the clinton foundation. we know, number two, that he was questioned by fbi agents
6:28 pm
investigating the clinton foundation. and he is credible. because, why? he spent more than 30 years collecting information for the united states for the u.s. intelligence community and for the fbi. the fbi had him on this case six years. back to statements he need congressional staffers which i think is valuable and important here. he spent those six years taking briefs for the fbi. writing them out. daily briefs in his conversations with high level russians. >> sean: they knew these are putin operatives. they knew putin's goal was to get a piece of the uranium market. they knew all of this. everybody knew. >> absolutely they knew all of this. they were using that to continue their counter intelligence investigation into russia and eventually to seek criminal charges. this is the one point i want to make about all of this. we opened in the united states, there -- second special counsel became
6:29 pm
embedded what we are doing, when george papadopoulos opened his mouth at a london bar, collected six years of information on the russians. and there was no second special counsel and, instead, we cut a deal with the russians. so you tell me how the two match. >> the democrats fault mr. campbell for not knowing that the clintons got extra goodies at the time that they got them because he didn't know about the half million dollars speech that bill clinton got by russian capitalist firm that were promoting uranium one stock. a half a million dollars bill and hillary clinton got. and they said well, he didn't know about that speech. no, he didn't. he found out about it later and he told people when he found out about that and $145 million that the uranium stock, one stockholders gave to the clinton foundation that he said that fits the pattern. that's like the case. >> sean: all of this belies
6:30 pm
the lie of clintons. this has been debunk. there is ongoing fbi investigation. thank you both. we're going to stay on this topic and we will follow it to its conclusion. we would like to know what the fbi knows and how far this investigation is going. when we come back, we will expose the left's ties to one of the most racist and anti-semitic people in america. reverend louis farrakhan, something members of the mainstream media should be doing but are afraid of. as we continue. ♪ ♪ before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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>> sean: as we continue this special news breaking edition of hannity tonight. investigation into the bigotry of the left. when what do prominent democrats and women's march organizers when will they denounce louis farrakhan one of the most racist semitic people today.
6:35 pm
photo of barack obama and louis farrakhan a secret before the 2008 election. we are going to cover all of that and more in tonight's mini monologue. ♪ ♪ we have been following a story that the daily caller broke earlier this week about seven democratic lawmakers having ties to lewilouis farrakhan. now this list clues representative maxine waters, keith ellison, also the deputy koch chair of the dnc, congresswoman barbara lee, danny davis, andre carson, meeks and al greene. calling the republican jewish coalition rightly to call on these lawmakers to resign. those members of congress aren't the only liberals have that relationships with farrakhan. we have more on that in a second. tamika mallory the co-chair of the women's march she actually attended farrakhan's event savior's day. where he said these despicable things. >> the powerful jews are my
6:36 pm
enemy. >> white folks are going down. [applause] and satan is going down. [applause] >> and farrakhan, by god's grace, has pulled the cover off of that satanic jew. >> sean: he has a history of this kind of racism and antisemitism. tamika mallory she posted on instagram about the event. according to the antidefamation league farrakhan gave her a shout out during this speech. an intense bash lash she is out with a statement where she apologizes to the various groups of people that farrakhan routinely and viciously hatefully attack. she defended her attendance. she writes in part quote i didn't expect my attendance at sarah's day to question my beliefs especially considering that i have been going to this event regularly for over 30 years.
6:37 pm
she continues where my people are is where i must also be. i go into difficult spaces. i attend meetings with police and legislators and the very very folks so much of my protest has been are directed towards. this is ridiculous argument. you can't attend farrakhan events for over 30 years and all of the sudden be surprised that he spews vile hateful racist and anti-semitic rhetoric. this is what the left does every single time. they hang these people out radical left wingers hang out with them and flat out deny relationships or just pretend like it just isn't a big deal. for example, let's look at how some of those seven democratic members of congress are reacting to being exposed to having these ties to farrakhan. now, congressman keith ellison told "the washington post" oh, none of my colleagues ever asked me about that. only reporters i'm telling
6:38 pm
you no one cares. pretty disgraceful. accuses republicans of being racist and for years has been trying to dodge and down play allegations of antisemitism. of course els is not alone. back in danny davis told the daily caller he is not bothered by position on jewish question and congressman davis has previously told the daily caller that he thinks farrakhan is a quote outstanding human being. danny is changing his tune and denouncing farrakhan. we reached out to all seven members of congress for comment. they all ignored us except for congressman gregory meeks. he directed us to a tweet where he condemns farrakhan's anti-semitic statement but then goes on to attack president trump. as for the other members of congress that are not denouncing their ties to farrakhan, the daily caller is reporting that lee, carson al green have all attended meetings with farrakhan while serving as members of congress. by the way, take look at
6:39 pm
this. stunning video that shows maxine waters, barra lee, al green all hugging and shaking hands with yes, the anti-semite louis farrakhan. according to the daily caller, this happened in 2006 during an event in new orleans. now, for years these members of congress have been able to maintain relationships with farrakhan because most members of the media give them a pass there is no accountability and punishment for hanging out with hate-filled extremists. characteristic of the left including former president barack obama. we told you how he sat in the pews of the reverend wright church the church of g.d. america for 20 years. launched political career inside the living room of bill ayers and bernadine dohrn. given that information this 2005 photo of barack obama grinning ear to ear with louis farrakhan, it shouldn't be a surprise. now, the reason we never saw this before the election in
6:40 pm
2008 is because the photographer who took the picture said he was prerksd by the congressional black caucus to keep it a secret. and the photographer also says that he thinks that this photo would have made a difference in the 2008 election. i believe he is right. this photo would have further expose you had everything we were uncovering on this show about barack obama and his radical, rigid leftist beliefs and friends. we did reach out to obama for comment about farrakhan's comments. not surprisingly we didn't hear back from his spokesman. here is the most important question about this. if farrakhan isn't that bad of a guy, like several democrats are claiming, then why is it necessary to hide a photo of him with obama? maybe democrats didn't want you to be reminded of farrakhan and history of hate. this is a small sampling. take a look. >> jews don't like farrakhan so they call me hitler.
6:41 pm
well that's a good name. hitler was a very great man. >> there were many israelis and zionist jews in key roles in the 9/11 attack. >> because you see white people deserved to die. >> that's right. [cheers] >> and they know so they think it's us coming to do it. >> there is no human being on earth that has murdered more living things than the caucasian. he is a murderer and a liar. >> then soon we are going to sit at a table and talk about -- we want some of this earth because we are tear this god damn country up. >> sean: here with reaction fox news contributor herman
6:42 pm
cain. herman, simple question. not complicated question. imagine somebody that racist, anti-semitic, that hateful and a picture with donald trump? >> a friend of mine recently shared with me something that describes farrakhan and hypocritical racist rhetoric. that is stop dreaming of a better yesterday. he is talking in the past, living in the past, and unfortunately too many people are also embracing his racist, hypocritical rhetoric. and here's something no one is talking about he attacks the jews because he doesn't want to alienate all black people. what he is unaware of some black people will not embrace his hypocritical racist rhetoric. for example, he makes the
6:43 pm
statement that the trump administration, for example, has all white people in charge of everything. have they heard of a guy by the name of ben carson? and as soon as ben carson openly criticized obamacare, he got on what is not really written called the black folks blacklist. ben carson got put on that list. his hometown newspaper criticized him. i am an abc, an american black conservative and i'm probably on that list also, sean. but what they don't knowed a s. that many black people aren't living in the past. they are living in the present and what the future can be. >> sean: you are also on the hsga list. sean hannity great american list. how is it that all these congressman and all these people associate with this guy and there is zero coverage, severe
6:44 pm
condemnation because if it was a republican, associated with anybody similar, it would be the biggest news in the country. how is that possible? >> it is possible, sean, because these organizations are afraid to criticize a black personality like farrakhan. i didn't see he is a good personality. and then when you have black members of congress, who affiliate with farrakhan, they are afraid to attack them because they don't want to be accused of being a racist. that's how they get away with it but the thing they don't realize is they now represent the minority minority of people who think like that. that's probably the best news about all of this racist rhetoric that he and the people that support him are trying to basically promote. >> sean: all right. her man. great to see you. when we come back, for over
6:45 pm
a year right here on this program, we have been breaking story after story while members of the mainstream media turned a blind eye. dr. joe concha and gina loudoun will join us straight ahead. i'm just worried about the house and taking care of the boys. zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job.
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it's okay. dad took care of us.
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>> this is a fox news alert. i'm will carr. a hostage situation almost in ninth hour at the largest veterans home in the country. the standoff started after 10:00 this morning in juanitaville, california, a man with a rifle walked into a party. he let some guests leave but held three at gunpoint. witnesses called 911. police swarmed the area and deputy engaged the suspect. the two exchanged a number of gunshots. neither was hurt. tonight, swat teams and hostage negative areas are still on the scene. unclear if the suspect or the hostages have been
6:50 pm
injured. authorities say they do know the gunman's identity and they tried calling his cell phone numerous times. the veterans home houses around 1,000 vets. some of who served no world war ii. others who are disabled. i'm will carr in los angeles. now let's get you back to hannity. >> all right, over the past year right here on this program, we have been bringing you important breaking stories about deep state scandals, it should concern every single american. you might remember some of these moments. >> investigative journalist sara carter from circa news will join news just a minute. she along with her colleague john solomon, they have confirmed the existence of in fact a fisa court warrant order. granted in october of 2016, just weeks before the general election. i want you to remember have crucial words four words,
6:51 pm
surveillance, unmasking. intelligence leaking. we have real evidence that the fbi uncovered a russia plot that involved. we have real evidence, bribery you, extortion, blackmail, money laundering, racketeering. they knew in 2009, one year before hillary clinton and the obama administration approved this corrupt uranium one deal. the fbi top echelon, not rank and file lied to a fisa judge about clinton and the dnc. they never told a judge that she paid for these russian lies in this dossier that was then used a warrant to spy on the trump campaign. >> sean: sadly some of these stories still not being covered by the mainstream media -- one of the massive corruption scandals we have seen. they don't touch it especially in light of what we learned how the fisa warrant was based on
6:52 pm
everything hillary clinton bought and paid for that turned out to be false. russian propaganda. >> yeah, and you look at the media and every single measure, sean, the lame stream media that isn't covering the real news in a fair and balanced way is losing. their numbers are at all-time low approval rating while shows like yours that are covering it and just telling the truth, uncovering what we're all seeing happen out there. your ratings are going through the roof. it doesn't make any sense except to say that you always tell how big a score the president has or anyone on the right has by how apoplectic the media is the next day in their coverage of it that's literally how most americans measure news these days. >> sean: joe, i don't see any excuse for not covering this. >> sean, there are two types of bias. bias in broad daylight and that's where you see anchor or host or pundit openly
6:53 pm
rooting for a side or against a side. we see a lot of that the sinister bias is bias of omission. the media research study that came out that analyzed the evening newscast by 25 million people every night supposed to be unbiased. supposed to be nonpartisan but yet they found 91% of coverage of this president and the administration is negative. look at the stories they cover versus the ones they don't. one break down was 204 minutes total on cbs, abc, ntsb went towards special counsel mueller and the russia investigation u compare that with the economy and jobs, which is always the number one issue that people vote on, that got 12 minutes if you are breaking that down 20 times the coverage to russia and mueller. then look at the more, i don't know, sensational stuff like michael wolff book we remember. that got 53 minutes on abc, cbs, ntsb. and isis, 98% of the caliphate has been destroyed that only got 11 or five times less. so the priorities are all
6:54 pm
out of whack and because of the bias omission we are not hearing about the stories that people actually vote on and care about most. >> sean: so do they eventually get embarrassed when we when a special counsel is appointed? >> do they get embarrassed when a special counsel is appointed last may. >> sean: now we are learning everything reporting crorvet roberted. one year ago we broke this story that a fisa warrant was issued against the trump campaign. everybody laughed at it they laughed at the president when he tweeted about it. but we were right. >> right. and fisa warrant led to special counsel or wiretapping i should say or whatever term you want to use and that story doesn't get covered. still hasn't been explained to me how if the clinton campaign, the dnc, then hired a foreign agent to get information from the russians as opposition research against another candidate in donald trump, then how is that not
6:55 pm
collusion? i still don't understand why that isn't defined that way and why that story isn't covered more. but i guess i know the answer and that is only one narrative fits here and that's the one around mueller and russia. >> sean: when we come back, more of thi' news breaking edition of hannity straight edition of hannity straight ahead. so, draw the line. edition of hannity straight ahead. one spray of roundup® max control 365 kills to the root and keeps weeds away for up to 12 months. because patios should be for cooking out and kicking back. draw the line with roundup®. trusted for over forty years. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: quick programming note. be sure to tune in this monday p.m. eastern we have exclusive interview with vice president mike pence. we will ask him about the president's upcoming face-to-face meeting with kim jong un and much more. the good economic news and, of course, yeah, there is an investigation into the clinton foundation that nobody knew about. there is going to be a lot of other breaking news. i can't tell you about now. join us monday at 9:00. that's all the time we have left this evening. we will always be fair and balanced. we are not them. anyway. you can also check out our instagram page and pick up a copy of my my movie let there be light. on demand on dvd at walmart.
7:00 pm if you haven't seen it the whole family, i hope, will love it. have a great weekend. jason chaffetz in for laura. we will see you monday. ♪ ♪ jay >> good evening from new york i'm jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham and this is the ingraham angle. many big stories tonight after agreeing to meet with kim jong un, how should president trump avoid walking into a trap? we will get expert insight. plus, a florida school shooting survivor joins us to discuss his meeting with the president yesterday. and to explain why he is not on the gun control bandwagon. an actor and congressional candidate antonio sabato jr. joins us from california to discuss hollywood's hypocrisy on the nra and guns. but we begin with news that will only intensify the battle over illegal immigration. after the president blasted her as a disgrace yesterday, oakland mayor libby schaaf is defending her decision to