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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 10, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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news because shannon bream and the fox news night team are up next. have a great we could, everybody. and goodnight from new york. the united states is still the greatest country on the face of the planet. >> new signs of alleged biased surface in the dossier. and a bombshell allegation rocking washington tonight. a new book alleges susan rice issued a standout order on russian meddling in the 2016 election. and maybe it won't be before may. the white house appears to walk back a timeline for talks between jong-un and trump. and is there going to be a summit or not? hello and welcome to fox news @
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night. i'm shannon bream in washington. law enforcement officials spent all day trying to communicate with a gunman holding at least three people hostage since this morning. will, what do we know? it doesn't sound good. >> that's right, shannon. we've had our eyes on the largest veterans home in the country for the last nine hours. and we just found out from authorities that everybody inside of that room that we've been keeping an eye on is actually dead. authorities just came out and briefed the media. take a listen to said. >> i come before the public with some tragic news. shortly before 6:00 pm this evening, law enforcement personnel made entry into the room where we felt the hostages were being held by the suspect
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and unfortunately made the discovery of three deceased females and one deceased male suspect. this is a tragic piece of news. one that we were really hoping we wouldn't have to give. >> it started around 10:00 this morning in california. he actually let some people leave but he held those three women there. some of the women or some of the people who left ended up calling 911. authorities rushed to the scene. one deputy exchanged gunfire with the suspect. multiple shots were fired and he retreated back into that room for nine hours. we didn't know what was going on. now authorities are facing tough questions about why it took them nine hours to get inside that room. they're saying tonight that it's inappropriate to start talking about the tactics of all this,
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but it's certainly questions they'll have to answer. >> i read that at least one account says they do know what the gunman is. they knew the identity. what do we know? >> that's right. they do know who the gunman is. they also know that evident lly he was part of what's called the pathway home program. it's a program that treats veterans dealing with trauma. we don't know if he was currently in that program or had been released. we do know he had a rental car that was very close to the scene. authorities evidently found that rental car and searched it to make sure there were no explosives in that car. we're told there were not and they only found a cell phone. >> can you tell us more about the facility? i know it's a large facility where there are people who are housed there. but you mentioned a separate program that treats veterans
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with post traumatic stress issues. what more do we know? >> it houses around a thousand veterans, going back to world war ii. it's a one-stop shop for all the needs that veterans may have. they can get pretty much everything there. this is certainly very tragic for all the people involved directly with this. but you also have a number of veterans who deal away number of issues who have been disrupted in their daily lives here. they had to leave the premises. it's not clear when he's go back. you're talking about disabled veterans, veterans with ptsd. certainly a chaotic situation for so many who served our country. >> thank you for reporting around the clock on this. let us know if you get more. president trump taking to
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twitter late tonight. "the deal with north korea is very much in the making and will be, if completed, a very good one for the world. time and place to be determin . determineddetermined. president trump agreed to meet with jong-un about de-nuclearization. the trump administration warning kim is not going to get a face to face with the president unless he is actually prepared to give up his nuclear program. >> let's be very clear, the united states has made zero concessions. this meeting won't take place without concrete actions.
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>> the prospect of extracting concessions seems pretty grim. are the critics wrong? let's talk about it with former u.s. ambassador john bolton. great to have you with us. no doubt there are skeptics about this and wondering why it's coming together so quickly. tom, who is a professor at the navy war college, he says, "kim and trump will meet." this is his prediction. they'll reap hours of footage that will run forever in north korea and go viral around the world. later when talks failed, he'll blame trump. how do you see it playing out? >> i don't think it's going to happen anything like that. i think you have to look at this not based on what people read in the morning newspapers but on the objective reality of north
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korea at the present time. number one, by all accounts, including top people in our intelligence community, they're very close to achieve a goal they've been after for 25 years or more. they're very close. and they don't want anything that would interfere with them crossing that finish line. >> so why then would they agree to not halt the program, to give it up completely? it doesn't logically make any sense. >> because they're lying. there's an all-purpose joke here. how do you know that the north korea regime is lying? their lips are moving. they're not going to give up achieving this objective. why would they agree? why would they propose talks now? because they want to buy time. three months, six months, twelve months, whatever it is they need to get across the finish line. i think what trump did, and it
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certainly surprised everybody, is shorten that period. i think this is a meeting that begins and ends with the president saying, "tell me what you'll do to denuclekcleadenucl" if he says, "i've seen the error of my ways. i'm going to renounce my leadership and the regime can get on without me," that would be historic but unlikely. >> here is what senator marco rubio fears how this is going to play out. his take. >> the other thing that might be happening is he's luring up into these negotiations but then he will make demands he knows we can never agree to, like the u.s. abandoning south korea. then he'll say, "i've been reasonable, i met with the president, i've been willing to be flexible, but these guys
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don't want to deal with me." >>okay. potentially setting himself up to get out of some of those saks sanctions. he now has videos and pictures with him with president trump. and now people think he'll have the credibility or authority of having gotten to sit down with the sitting u.s. president. what's the win for this in our administration? >> only if the president follows through on what he says consistently. it shouldn't surprise anybody that he agreed to meet with him. the question is whether by having this meeting and saying this is the way i would propose he do it. i'm glad he be here to talk about de-nuclearization. tell me what ports american ships should sail into, what airports american cargo planes can land at so we can load your nuclear weapons onto those?"
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he's saying, "we'll phase out this and we'll slow down that and do the other thing," that's not de-nuclearization. this is a substantial change in the way the u.s. has approached this. but if you look at it as a way to fore shorten the amount of time that we'll waste in negotiation that will never produce the result we want, which is kim giving up his nuclear program, i think that's a good thing. we've got to focus on the proximity of north korea to getting deliverable nuclear weapons. rather than have the low-level negotiations rising to the mid-level negotiations rising to the high-level negotiations, to a summit meeting, that we cannot allow. >> thank you so much. good to see you. well, the nra announcing today that it is filing a lawsuit over the new law in florida.
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we're learning new details about delays in response by law enforcement at the scene. peter doocy has more on that. >> the ink isn't dry on the just-signed marge ri and paves the way for teachers with certain training to carry guns if they want to. here is the nra's problem. "florida's ban is an affront to the second amendment, as it totally eviscerates law-abiding adults -- than older members of the general population who were unaffected by the ban." now, the spat over governor scott's new gun regulations comes as audio that has just been unearthed that contradicts
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the public claims by the resource officer who never went into the school, that officer has been defending himself by saying he thought cruz's gunshots were outside. so the protocol was to hunker down. if the shots were inside, the protocol would be to go in there and confront the assailant. well, as it turns out, he knew all along the shots were coming from inside the school. >> we need somebody to shut down homeburg. >> i know there's a lot going on. do we have a perimeter set up right now and everybody cleared out of the school? all right. i want to make sure that the perimeter is set up and the kids are getting out. we need to shut down around the schools. >> is he still shooting? >> 54. we're trying to locate.
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we don't know where he's at. >> we've got gunshot holes. these are coming into our out of the building on the west side third floor. >> missed opportunities to stop nikolas cruz were not just in the years before. we have now just heard a final missed opportunity to stop him. and the broward county sheriff's office has a lot of explaining to do about why their story keeps changing. >> thank you. well, accused of equivocating amid hate. one advisor seems to compare farrakhan -- a shocking revelation, susan rice reportedly stepped in to
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>>from dnc vice chair keith ellison to women's march co-chair --
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good evening, leland. >> good evening, shannon. ordinarily condemning a person who called hitler a very great man and espouses anti-se -- just listen to former obama senior advisor on the view, seeming to compare a meeting with louis farrakhan to a meeting she disagreed with at the white house. >> but you have to -- if you want to lead an inclusive movement, you have to be clear about hate and we have to be against it. >> last month the anti-defamation league called on the president. the former president spokesperson released a
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statement condemning farrakhan's views but not the man. he, meaning president obama still rejects the views farrakhan continues to espouse. the coalition is calling for the resignation of seven members of the black caucus for having close ties to farrakhan. congressman danny davis of illino illinois followed president obama's form danny davis blows a chance to denounce farrakhan's hateful words. the rnc chair now saying the dnc needs to address its ties with farrakhan. ellison dismissed his relationship, telling the washington post, "i am telling you, no with you cares."
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other democrats do care. atlanta civil rights lawyer, said, "democrats must confront these issues head on and decide if they want to be the party of farrakhan or the party that brings america together." >>they're going to have to condemn him and find out how do they rebuild those bridges. >> does any of this both farrakhan? if it does, he has an interesting way of showing it. tweeting on his official twitter account this week, shannon, a number of anti-semitic videos. >> all right. thank you very much. meanwhile, there's a growing chorus of voices from the right criticizing democrats for their failure to completely --
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and host -- great to see both of you. okay. so to this point, there have been -- there's been a lot of back and forth. matthew brooks said, "there's clearly a double standard. there's a double-double standard. not only do you get the progressive's left wing, but when it comes to condemning louis farrakhan, they are silent." >>it's funny to me. i don't think louis farrakhan's involved with politics. i'm not even sure he's a democrat. >> but there's pictures of him with these people. >> farrakhan's in chicago. that picture comes from a --
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they are averse to american politics. they think all of america is a wasteland. they're very condemning. he has always been anti-semitic and anti-white. and so that's his rhetoric. it becomes divisive and mean-spirited. to me this is about what people call what aboutism or one side, on this case, people who are concerned about president trump's relationship to people like david duke and richard spencer are saying, "hey, you guys. what about louis farrakhan over there?" >>except this is not a direct comparison in any way. while david duke said he liked donald trump, that did not mean he had a warm embrace of david duke. you have democrats, a bunch of
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them, with literal warm embraces of farrakhan. this is keith ellison, maxine waters. >> he has tried to make an effort and condemned a lot of the speech and tried to say, "we don't have a relationship." the washington post did their pinocchio check. they gave four pinocchios to that. they said he's publicly distancing himself while privately doing something else. in fact, they note a number of more recent interactions that they've had. >> yes. yeah. and this is -- this should be a landsca layup. and the reason it's not is because they've gotten away for so many years with a press
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that's gone along with the notion that it's possible for them to have relationships with farrakhan and for this to be totally fine. the press has whistled past the anti-semi ant ant anti-semite for many years. >> the difference is that he is not president of the united states and saying, as people are marching with tiki torches and intimidating people in the synagogue with guns. we know what farrakhan is. he is not part of the american political system. >> i think that people, especially if you're talking about people dealing with folks coming out of jail, poor black people coming out of jail, farrakhan plays a role in trying
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to help those people. but that's not to say that you would say farrakhan is an influential leader. that's all i'm saying. >> i think, first of all, you can't say that. i think you just said it at the start of this. in their districts, if they're mostly black districts, i don't think that's a winner. somebody said it doesn't matter. >> if he's saying such horrible things, does it matter if it counts for votes? >> i don't think it counts for votes either pro or con. but if you want to separate yourself from someone dealing with the poorest of the black america. but black americans are saying, "i think you're paying attention to the wrong aspect. we see him in a different light." >>if you want to advance in america, and i hope many people
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do, where ideas matter and people actually have equality and it's not based on their identity. there's no reason for that. and i think ultimately -- and that goes across the board. but right now, the suggestion farrakhan has no bearing in politics, they're sending a very unclear message on where they stand on racial politics. >> i think they are representing their constituents in their districts, some of whom have a relationship with farrakhan. they're on both sides. but he's not president trump. >> all right. we've got to leave it there. gentleman, thank you. russian meddling in the 2016 election. the obama administration certainly knew, but his national security advisor rice told
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staffers to stand down. what we're learning about the potentiality explosive claim tonight. president trump twitter and the people he wants to block. it's actually a federal c
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president obama's national security advisor said to stand down and knock it off. that is according to a new book called "russian roulette." let's discuss it. great to have you with us, joel. >> what do you make of this? i want to read more of this. the president well knew what was going on, intrusion into state election systems, stealing emails. they knew all kinds of things were going on. and there were teams trying to get a response together.
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and they were told by susan rice, don't get ahead of us. cyber response group were given strict orders, stand down. she told him to knock it off. >> it is incomprehensible that a national security advisor would tell a team of people dealing with aggressive attacks, and this team of government officials are trying to figure out how to stop it, counter it and how to possibly punish the russians to make sure they would stop it for good. the national security advisor of president obama told them to stand down, back off. and essentially in the end they did practically nothing. >> and you know in reading the excerpts there were so many conversations going on, it would
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further unsettle the election, which is what they thought the russians were all about doing, creating chaos, disrupting things. >> but that's different from what they're saying. as far as i understood it, was they were saying rice told them, "stop developing options." not, "which one is the right one to use?" you tell a team, "stop developing options and we're not going to do anything to stop russia." we released a new poll. we released it this week with part of the novel because i'm writing about fiction. i wanted to understand what do americans really think about putin in real life. 72% of americans say putin is a
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clear and present danger to the united states and our allies because of all of his invasions, his cyber attacks, invading georgia, southern ukraine, eastern ukraine, slaughtering people in syria. they see him as a problem. they don't see president trump convincing him that he fully understands this. >> they've heard him talk tough with iran and other places, north korea. they don't see it on the same level with russia. although the administration a couple of weeks ago laid out everything we've done with response to russians. >> i'm not saying that the president's policies so far are bad, like he's increasing defense spending dramatically in the united states. he's pushing nato to spend more
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on their own defense and they're doing it. he's got a great national security team around them. but he is radio silent when it comes to putin, the worst dictator on the planet. and he's tougher with sessions. there was a quote by vladimir years ago. and he said, "probe with bayonets. if you find mush, push. if you find steel, stop." putin is probing us for weaknesses, in cyber, in invading countries." and obama, mush. will he find steel in president trump. that's what we need. >> i'm taking that book on vacation with me tomorrow. my husband when i told him said, "great, i'll see you three days later." all right, following doj's lawsuit against california's
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law. an anti-i.c.e. group releases a video designed to tug at your heart. but what's the real story behind it? a coffee shop refuses to serve i.c.e. agents. we break it
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>>a new video showing customs and board parole agents detaining a california woman in
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front of her daughters is making the rounds of social media. they're saying they acting appropriately during the arrest. trace has got details. >> shannon, apparently she was on her way home saturday afternoon near san diego when she was approached by border patrol agent. she was with her 17, 15, and 12-year-old daughters who are u.s. citizens, when she was physically removed from the scene. video of the arrest and her screaming daughters is on facebook and has been viewed millions of times. watch. [screaming] >>immigrants right activists are up in arms, questioning what they call aggressive tactics. a human rights group working with the family says it is very quickly accelerating to a very
12:41 am
tyrannical form of detention and arrest, snatching people off the street. the border patrol says she was identified as a human smuggling facilitator. they -- she is being held on charges of being in the country illegally. this controversy comes as the trump administration has sued the state of california for its sanctuary laws. the federal government has a strong chance of succeeding. meanwhile oakland mayor is standing by her decision. >> i'm so appreciative of the oakland community. i have, obviously, gotten much criticism, but much of it from outside this community. and some of the feelings of
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being supported, of being heard, of being stood up for, those have been really wonderful for me to hear. >> attorney general jeff sessions and president trump have both criticized the mayor, with the president calling her action disgraceful. an oakland coffee shop is refusing to serve police officers. on social media, the store says we have a policy of asking police to leave for the physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves. the shop has been widely criticized. >> all right. thank you very much. now for reaction to the showdown between the federal government and his state. >> great to be with you, shannon. thank you. >> okay, so the doj dropped a serious federal lawsuit on california this week. the president's going there to
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visit some border wall prototypes and there's plenty of backlash. i want to read something from an immigrant rights group. if trump comes to california, he'll find california has an immunity to the type of fear he's pushing. >> this is all about the rule of law, shannon. the brown and gavin newsom team in the democratic party is all about causing fear among people and rejecting the rule of law. the rule of law is the reason why the united states has been a successful country while countries like cuba are failed states because they're ruled by men, not law. i think the officials the that are running california now are acting extremely irresponsibly and contributing to this chaos
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by feeding the notion that it's easy to repel the rule of law. it's been well established that the federal government has total jurisdiction of immigration. it would do well to keep the people of this state secure, to really work with our federal officials to make sure that criminals are not allowed to remain in this country. and that's what i think the preside president's trying to do. >> becerra said he follow it is law and the constitution and he doesn't think this will go anywhere. >> this is all about protection. if you look at what that oakland mayor did by warning people, it was all about trying to protect people that were criminals. 85% of those people that were being rounded up in oakland were people who had been convicted of
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crimes or were suspected gang members. this isn't about rounding up mothers with small children. this is about people who are breaking the law. even this sad case you illustrated before i was on was all about somebody who was a human smuggler and was breaking the law. i mean, that's not what we do in the united states. we protect the people by punishing law breaking. that's very important. >> i want to make sure that we give you a chance to respond because we talked to your republican challenger the other night. he said, "i'm the front runner. i lead in every poll." he said you have a desperate campaign and you're going to lose. >> my young immature opponent is about $2 million in debt. we are getting endorsed. we just got endorsed by mimi walters. we're going to be endorsed by groups all over california.
12:46 am
we need to have one good candidate to represent the republican party in this race. i've had a 40-year record of building very successful businesses. i'm not just a stockbroker who got elected to an assembly seat. i've actually built an organization with a solid team. and it's going to take somebody who's had that kind of experience with a solid team behind him to turn this state around. the democrats have made a mess of this state. we now have the highest poverty rate. we have a business climate that crushes small business and denies opportunity to people. i'll stack my record of 30 years in the conservative movement. i'm a solid conservative who was newt gingrich's finance chair in 2012. i've been in the conservative movement for 30 years and i haven't written any checks to democrats, like my opponent has. he has a little bit of trouble with the truth, by the way.
12:47 am
most of the polls show that i'm the leading candidate. >> that's definitely something that the two of you disagree on. but i know you have a big primary coming up in june. we will follow that. great to have you with us. who's right should take precedent on twitter? president trump's right to block you or the
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>>now for night court. a group of twitter users suing president trump for blocking them. one guy said president trump blocked him after two hours. well, lawyers claim the president's twitter feed is an official account and he's blocking their rights. talk about it with david bruno. he's going to argue in defense of president trump. and attorney alex is a legal affairs reporter for the washington times. she's going to take the side of the blocked twitter users. i want to start by playing a little sound bite.
12:52 am
>> by replying to trump, i can bring all my followers to the discussion he starts on twitter. and it's sort of our modern-day town hall. and when he blocks me, i can't be part of that as myself. >> is that silencing his speech? david. >> no, absolutely not. before we get into whether or not that's a public forum, we first have to see if this is state action. and it is not. this is @realdonaldtrump. you have to get power of authority by nation of your position. this is not through the president. this is his personal. so while he does make announcements on his twitter page, it does not mean this is actually state action. >> okay. now one of the government attorneys argues this. he says, the appropriate analogy is not a town hall but trump
12:53 am
choosing to walk away from someone at a public event. if he doesn't want to hear you and he wants to block you, why is that not okay? >> i think that's a fair argument. but this is an american taxpayer. so shouldn't everyone be able to read his twitter feed. the complaint actually cites a few interesting points. one is former white house press secretary sean spicer did say that his tweets are supposed to be official statements of the president and the national archives are keeping a record of his twitter account, which suggests there is a government interest in these tweets >> so the judge said that near the close of the hearing, she suggested the lawsuit could be easily resolved if trump agreed to mute rather than block tweets
12:54 am
he didn't want to read. i've got to admit, that's my jam. you mute them. they don't know you've blocked them. you don't have to listen to them and everybody's happy. >> yeah, that's the judge not wanting to make this decision because there is some political issues. one point i would like to make is that they can still see trump's tweets. in fact, it's a public profile, meaning that everybody can see it. they can't reply to his direct tweets. they can reply to others underneath the thread. so it really is limited as to what is blocked of these particular users. >>final word to you, alex. >> i think i have to go with the judge on this. i think it's fair to say mute. trump can't block but the people can interact and he doesn't have to be bothered by them. it's interesting because i wonder if the judge would issue an order commanding the
12:55 am
president of the united states to actually mute people and see if he would be willing to do it. i don't know. it's interesting for night court. david and alex, thank you both. let us know at home what you think, how you would rule on the twitter dispute. do you hear the shouts to ban the bachelor in minnesota? the bachelor in minnesota? we're going to i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>>a minnesota state rep has drafted a bill to ban the bachelor from the state. he's one of reality television's great villains. he proposed to the winner who's from minnesota. but then he called off the engagement with becca and proposed to the runner-up. they drafted a bill that bans the bachelor from the state, stating the folks from the state
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have the right to live free from him. tell us what you think. in the meantime, most watched, most trusted. have a great weekend. exexexexexexexexexexexexexexexet ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to this special breaking news edition of hannity. we have a ton of brand new information tonight and for the hour we will be focusing on stories that your media always ignores. now, the "wall street journal" reporting just a short time ago that the president's legal team is in fact negotiating with a special counsel robert mueller over an interview with donald trump. now, does that mean finally this corrupt, crooked, witch-hunt could be coming to an end? i have my beliefs and i will tell you in a second. also, sara carter is here with new reports on the massive story we broke last night. victoria toensing, the lawyer for the uranium one


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