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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 10, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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these guys don't play games. we have a different type of people. they don't play games. how are you doing with drugs? no problem. i say what do you mean no problem. jesse: i'm jesse watters. we are listening to president trump speak in pennsylvania. let's listen to what he has to say. president trump: we have a zero tolerance policy. what does that mean? if we catch a drug dealer, death penalty. and they don't have a problem. now, remember this. if somebody goes and shoots somebody or kills somebody they go away for life and they can get the death penalty. they shoot one person, they can get the death penalty. knife one person, the person
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dies, they get maybe the death penalty or life in prison, no parole. okay? a drug dealer will kill 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 people during the course of his or her life. thousands of people are killed or their lives are destroyed. their families are destroyed. you can kill thousands of people and go to jail for 30 days. they catch a drug dealer, they don't even put him in jail. you kill one person you get the death penalty in many states or you get life imprisonment. you kill 5,000 people with drugs because usual smuggling them in and making a lot of money and people are dying, and they don't put you in jail or do anything. you might get a year.
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but you are not going to get. then you wonder why we have a problem. that's why we have a problem, folks. i don't think we should play games. i never did polling on that. i don't know if that's popular or unpopular. probably you will have some people say that's not nice. but these people are killing our kids and they are killing our families. and we have to do something. we can't just keep setting up blue ribbon committees with your wife and your wife and your husband and they meet and they have a meeting and talk, talk, talk, talk. two hours later they write a report. i have got all these blue ribbon committees. and we have the opioid problem. for that we have to go after the
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drug companies. we have no choice. we have no choice. so, so i think this is a discussion we have to start thinking about. i don't know if this country is ready for it. i think it's a discussion we have to start thinking about. so in oakland you have a mayor, and she -- she told people they were going to be captured in a big raid that there was going to be a raid. you can't do it, folks. we have to get smart. my administration believes our cities should be safe havens for american people, not for american criminals. we are going after violent criminals and we are going after
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vicious gang members. these people are so tough. but you know, we had our i.c.e. agents out in long island. i grew up in queens in new york. but i knew long island. and places that i know so well are loaded up with ms-13. your daughter walks home. they don't use guns. the nra happens to be very good people. they want to do the right thing. but they don't use guns. they don't use guns. they like to use knife and other things because it's much more painful and much slower. these are animals. we send these guise out and liberate -- these guys out and we liberate them. we liberate those towns. and the people are cheering. it's like a war.
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if you got liberated as a country. can you imagine, this is taking place in our country. it's crazy. so we are doing a great, great job. we are loving it, we are making tremendous progress. today i'm calling on congress to stop funding sanctuary cities so we can save american lives. [cheers and applause] the funding bill should not give precious and massive taxpayer grants to cities aiding and abetting criminals. that's what they do. look at the stories. kate and so many. look at stories how horrible they are. i'm calling on congress to finally end chain migration and
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cancel the very dangerous visa lottery. now, they are probably again the democrats want to obstruct. so we are probably going to have to wait until after the election. we'll get rick in there and some other people in there and we'll be able to get it passed. because these guys don't want to do anything. they criticize because we have vacancies and certain administrative offices. we have 270 people that we cannot get the democrats to approve to come in and work in our administration. they are out there. we have the ambassador from germany. these guys are always saying you don't have an ambassador. they obstruct, they delay, they do everything they can and that's all they are good at. they have no ideas. i look forward to 2020.
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i want to see how far left the person is going to be that we are going to run against. i look forward to it. i really do. i really do. so together with your help, your voice, your vote, we can achieve more than anybody. again, i really believe. i'm not saying this as bragging. but the tax bill when we got the individual mandate. but we also got anwar approved. they had been trying to approve it for 40 years. we got anwar in alaska, one of the biggest fields we'll start work. and other things. as long as we are proud of who we are and what we are fighting for, there is nothing beyond our
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reach. nothing. we need republicans put in office. we need senate, and i think we are going to do pretty well with the senate. the numbers are looking pretty good. did you see the numbers from two months ago? you see the numbers now, people are seeing what we are doing. we stand on the shoulders of fate yots who poured out their sweat and blood and tears and we are going to do things nobody has been able to do. it's very funny. every time. >> i go out to speak, we have these massive crowds. thousands were turned away. we lept thousands in. i read one woman in the "wall street journal" today. peggy noonan. she wrote an article about me. i want to the wharton school of
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finance. i went too -- to the best busins school, i think. then you have got to read how is trump a good speaker? she's talking about he uses the language -- remember i used say how easy it is to be presidential. but you would all be out of here right now. you would be so bored. i'm very presidential. ladies and gentlemen thank you for being here tonight. rick saccone will be a great, great congressman. he will help me have much. he's a fine man. and he has a wonderful wife. i just want to tell you on behalf of the united states of
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america that we appreciate your service. we appreciate your service. and to all of the military out there, we respect you very much. thank you. thank you. and then you go, god bless you, and god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] see, that's easy. that's much easier than doing what i have to do. but this is much more effective. this got us elected. if i came like a stiff you guys wouldn't be here tonight. i'm reading peggy noo noonan. i like her. she doesn't like me much.
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but she is writing like i'm a neanderthal. they always talk about how -- they said we couldn't get elected. i say we, some of you never voted before, but you love the country. a great congressman from tennessee, they vote early. the voting gets started. he was at a speech i was make pennsylvania. but he was there with one of his friends. it was lou. one of his friends was there. i didn't know him. they had early voting in tennessee. he said, you know, mr. president, in tennessee the early voting started. and i have been doing this stuff for 32 years. and you itch never seen anything like it in my life. those people are coming out of the hills and valleys.
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it's the most of amazing thing. and these are people that love the country. but they never voted because they never saw anybody they wanted to vote for. now they have trump, trump, trump-pence. they have got all the stuff. i have never seen anything like it. [crowd chants "u.s.a."] then they ask, is he a good speaker? every time i have a 25,000-seat stadium wee fill it up. i love that guy. he said it's heart. we all have heart. but this man, great guy, great congressman. he said all these years i have never seen anything like the. and i can only tell you i love
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the state of tennessee. but i can only tell you the rest of the country is like tennessee. you are going to win this damn election and it will be ready. remember they said 270, you cannot. remember the famous 270? he cannot win the election because he cannot get above 270. they couldn't get me to 269. so we had 29 and they said he cannot win, he can't get to 270. we didn't. we got to 306. but remember pennsylvania? remember pennsylvania? that was really terrible. so i have never done this before. i ran for president. i never did it before. someone said i have been running for the senate six times.
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what happened, pennsylvania, remember that night? we were one point away, we were 99% of the vote was tabulated. and if i lost 10 points we would have won. there was no way you could lose because we were winning by thousands and thousands of votes. they wouldn't call pennsylvania. they refused to call it. remember? and i wanted to win. i wanted to win with pennsylvania it was so befitting because they spent 10 times more in the state of pennsylvania than i did. 10 times more. i'm waiting for pennsylvania. i'm saying come on, pennsylvania, go. i have thousands of more votes than i did. if every single person of the remainder voted against me they
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win easily. they wouldn't call it. then what happened? wisconsin came in. we won with wisconsin and then we won with mitch began and finally they were devastated. they were crying. she is crying. oh, my god. remember yawn king at the board? the board was red. ing meaning republican. and john king, i can't believe it. i think he just won the state of florida. then they go -- the electoral college is much harder than the popular vote. popular vote you go to three or four states. i weren't to maine four times because i needed one vote.
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one vote was going to be. i want to maine four times. that's a lot. a lot of people said why did you do it? but what happened, one the great jettest nights in the history of television in terms of the numbers of people watching. here is what is going to happen. let me give you the bad news. the bad news is they want to take it away from us. they are doing everything they can to take it away. that starts with the election coming up in a few months. and we have to win the. we have to get out and win it. normally i would not come. i love the people. i went to wharton. i went to school here. i love pennsylvania. look, how can i not love it,
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right? somebody else would show up here and what, 50-60 people in front. you wouldn't have this. you would have a little place. but i love the state. but i feel strongly about rick saccone. and i know him. i feel strongly about him. number one -- and i don't know that this is important. but to me it is, he's a very fine human being. he's really a good person. rick, come up here. he's a really good person. brock crowd chants "rick rick
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rick rick"] he's a very competent person. he's a very hard worker. he knows things many people don't know. he understands north korea maybe better than anybody. he was there for a long time. i spoke to him about north korea. and i'm telling you i learned things all of these great geniouses and experts did not tell me. this is a have extraordinary guy. we need him. we need republicans. we need the votes. otherwise we'll take away the taxes. the tax cuts. they will take away your second amendment rights. they are going to take away -- in the military, big military place, we just got approved $700 billion. we have to rebuild our military.
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$700 billion. far more than the other party. they will take that away, too. our military was really depleted. i came tonight because this guy is special. beyond the vote, it's very important. remember this, the other opponent, his opponent is not voting for us. he can say all he wants numbers no way he's voting for us ever, ever. he can be nice to me and he is. but there is no way he's ever voting for me. rick will vote for us all the time, all the time. so i want to ask rick to say a few words, and again it's an honor to be with you. go out on tuesday and vote like crazy. you have got to get out there. world is watching. i hate to put this pressure on you, rick. the world is watching because i
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won this district by 22 points. that's why i'm here. look at all those red hats, rick. that's a lot of hats. and we just had a poll, we are more popular now than we were on election day. this guy should win easily and he's going too win easily. he's an extraordinary person. go out and vote on tuesday. rick a keen. rick? >> do we love our president here in western pennsylvania? [cheers and applause] we do, we do. let me hear it through those cameras. they probably turned the volume
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down. they didn't hear you. you heard me speak earlier. i want to thank president trump. as i said before, if president trump is in your corner, how can you lose. he's the best man anyone could ask to be in your corner. as any good businessman knows, you work on a deal and there comes a time to close the deal. this is the time to close the deal. we have two days left. are you going to ask me on tuesday? let's close the deal! president trump: with that we'll say good night. but again, go out, vote for rick. he'll never ever disappoint you. he's a winner. he's never going to disappoint you.
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vote with your hearts, vote with your brains. this is an extraordinary man. i'll be home watching the returns. and i hope i have to make a call tuesday night where i speak to you and young and say great job, great race. the whole world. they are all watching. we want to keep it going. we want to keep agenda make america great going. this a very important race. thank you all, god bless. we love you all. thank you, thank you very much. god bless you. [♪] jesse: president trump concluding a speech at a rally in western pennsylvania. rick saccone facing off against democrat conor lamb in the first
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special election of the politically packed 2018. here is the president on chuck todd. >> it's 1999. i'm on "meet the press," a show headed by sleepy eyes chuck todd. he's a sleepy son of a bitch, i'll tell you. they showed it this morning. 1999, and i'm talking about north korea. you have got to take them out now. then you have clinton saying we are pleads to announce we have a deal with north korea. we gave billions and billions of dollars and lots of other things. and we got nothing. but they show me young, handsome. i said why couldn't i look like that today? i should have run back then, right? i should have run back then.
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i would have done this earlier. jesse: here to react former department campaign manager david bossie and former advisor to hillary clinton phillipe ryan. that was the president having fun with sleepy eyed chuck todd. he was praising himself to have the foreknowledge to know how to get a deal done and talking about how things are look good on the peninsula. he's going in there clear-eyed. he's optimistic but rational at the same time. what did you think about the president's speech? >> it's vintage donald trump. this is a fantastic speech. he talked about promises made during the campaign and promises kept. from building the wall to our peace and security abroad.
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bringing peace through strength back to america. that reagan doctrine. whether it's our economy or the tax cuts. he hit on all of the important issues at this great rally, this great speech he gives. it brought me back to the campaign. he won because he was having fun. he was authentic. that's what brought him close to the american people. jesse: this type of trump has to terrify you. the man is loose, he's confident, he's taking shots at the media and you know the public likes that. >> i didn't enjoy the walk down memory lane as much as david. i thought boy, does donald trump know how to keep an audience in the palm of his hands. it's remarkable to watch. i understand why he won in 2016. and i understand why he may win
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again in 2020. but here is the bottom line why we are sitting here. donald trump should not be in pennsylvania right now. he should be sat mar-a-lago. this is a district he won by over 20 points. this is a district that's been safely republican for a long time. it's on the border of ohio and virginia. this is his second time. mike pence has gone in, ivanka has gone in. the republican party had to throw in $10 million. jesse: joe biden was there, they brought out the heavy hitters. then the president will have to do whatever he to be shore up the conscious cal majority. that's not a desperate play. that's pure politics. >> it shouldn't be a toss-up race any more than it should have been with roy moore. i am not going to pretend there
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isn't a participation crisis if lamb loses. jesse: i think the president is going to what saccone saccone e top. president trump: prior to the electioner one of those guys say we endorse donald trump. if i don't win the election their ratings are going to go so far down, they will be out of business, every one of them. can you imagine covering bernie or pocahontas? how about that? jesse: the president has a point there. he's an incredible individual to cover whether you like him or dislike him. the man is going to bring ratings. do you think the media wants president trump to be elected just for the ratings or do they hate him so many they would
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rather have a boring candidate for four years >> i'm pretty sure the latter. they have proven and shown over and over again that they hate this president. the mainstream media is clear in their coverage of this president. the dishonesty with which they cover hip as never seen seen before. the president continues to point out to the fake news divisions that he's object to them, he knows what they are about, and he lets the american people know about it so when they are reading the fake news they look at it with that clear eye. jesse: phillipe, let me ask you a question from a democratic perspective. if the media corresponds the president 95% negative and the public knows that. do you think when the president bashes the press, do you think the negative coverage of the president by the mainstream
5:29 pm
media hurts department krattic party? >> i can't buy in to either of the things you said. i don't know it's 91%. but i would say this. i am not sure what the point of him spending 10 minutes on it. i understand the crowd loves it. but saccone is not running against cnn. i watched the entire rally on cnn just so i can say cnn did cover every second of it live. they will get rave reviews on cnn about north korea the day after. jesse: i don't know what cnn did after the north korea announcement but we can agree as americans it's a positive development. let's hear some more sound from the president of the united states.
5:30 pm
president trump: and the ratings are lousy, by the way. compared to fox, their ratings -- they couldn't believe it, the worst of it, cnn, msnbc, which is worse. msnbc third rate. and nbc which is horrible. their news cast is not doing well on nbc network, they are heading down the tubes. but listen to this. i did the "apprentice" on nbc for 14 seasons. i made a lot of money for them. we had a successful show. arnold schwarzenegger failed when he did the "apprentice" and he's a movie star. i did the "apprentice" made a lot of money and gave them good ratings when they were absolutely dying.
5:31 pm
nbc is perhaps worse than cnn. and msnbc is horrible. jesse: so more media bashing from the president, david. the hits keep on coming. >> the president keeps the crowd 20,000, 15,000 people in the palm of his hand. that's how he does it. he entertains the crowd and brings them into the conversation. he engaged them through using these mainstream media attacks on himself and the dishonesty every day he sees. and he points it out. that's the authenticity. this president as a candidate in 2016 was the best counter puncher politics had ever seen, bar none. when he was he tacked he hit you back harder. and that went for the media as well. and they were not used to taking the shots he gave them.
5:32 pm
jesse: the president has the ability to position himself as the incumbents as the underdog. and much of the conventional thinking. there is any other candidate that you see going forward in the next few years on the democratic side that can galvanize that momentum to his or her advantage and at the same time be as entertaining and enthralling as this president can be when you see him off prompter at a rally? >> first i don't think anyone can out donald trump. but i think we are sitting here in 2018 and not 2020. and this is not about the president's ratings. this is about 2018 he may lose the house. i hope david would agree it's a tough slog. they can't put every one of
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these races, millions of dollars in time. you played that clip about chuck todd about what the president said. the president in 1999 was not a republican. he was part of the reform party. that gets to a big problem the republican party is having. he's almost running against his own party as much as anything else. we were watching in the green room, one television was on fox business news. i was watching lou dobbs. the graphic at the bottom said speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell are trying to get donald trump to change his position on tariffs. jesse: that's an interesting pints. david, the president was running against his own party to a certain extent. he did not have 100% support from his own party. he said negative things about
5:34 pm
bush and clinton and ronald reagan on trade. do you think that can continue to work to his advantage politically by running against both parties in washington? >> it's very unconventional. but it's part of who donald trump is. it talks about he was not always who he is today. the american people, that's the you a then isity of him. it's one of the major reasons he won in 2016, was for that very reason. for him to be running against the republican establishment on certain issues against the democratic party on other issues only helps them and makes him not a politician, but a change agent in washington who is going to get things done for the american people. jesse: the president broke some news about his new slogan in the next few years. hear what it is. president trump: our new slogan when we start running in -- can
5:35 pm
you believe it, two years from now, is going to be keep america great exclamation point. keep america great! jesse: so if so -- so, phillipf the economy continues to grow and there is record jobless rates with it comes to blacks and hispanics. do you think the president and that slogan will be effective? >> i would go with the slogan keep america greater. to the extent his numbers are what they are. which are low by any standard. it's the economy keeping him up. if i were david, i would feel
5:36 pm
pretty good tip were the head of the rnc, i would not. because i don't think -- yes, he was authentic saying i'm going to blow the place up. i don't think the republican establishment thought they would be caught in the room with the grenade. jesse: it's a long way away to the mid-terms. i have got to run because we have to pay the bills. thanks for sticking around. philippe said a lot of positive things about president obama tonight. we'll be right back. mitzi: psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ )
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before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, lucy could only imagine enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? jesse: president trump just concluded a speech in pennsylvania. here is what he said about a
5:41 pm
2020 matchup with oprah. data president trump: i would love oprah to run. i know her weakness. i was on her last show, the last week. she had donald trump and donald trump's family. my my my my we have come down a long way. i'm now president. but think of it. i know her weakness. wouldn't we love to run against oprah? i would love it. that would be a painful experience for her. jesse: joining me for reaction, former secret service agent dan won gin know and bloggers diamond and silk. it will be painful for oprah if she runs against president trump. >> it will be painful. he'll chew her up and spit her it and we'll help him.
5:42 pm
she's going to get beat badly. jesse: what do you think oprah's weakness will be? >> i think she is going along with discrimination inequality and no one is saying anything about it. that's what i think her weakness is. she is not for the american people. she built a school in africa. she wasn't worried about children here in baltimore or chicago. jesse: dan, i want you to react to some sound about north korea. president trump: i don't know if you saw it, but we had a problem for years with north korea. this should have been hand, by the way, over the last 30 years, not now. this should have been hand and everybody will say the, too. but that's okay because that's what we do. we handle things.
5:43 pm
this doesn't happen. he would not have don't and either would bush or clinton. they had their shot. all they did was nothing. well, clinton gave away billions of dollars. and as soon as they made the deal, the following day they started work on making more nukes. we have been very strong and very vigilant and now lots of good things. i think it will happen but we'll see. jesse: the president is making the point that he came out with a lot of tough talk, fire and fury and everybody on the left and the media said this would cause world war iii. but it didn't. everyone is now domght negotiating table. do you think the left in the media will give him any credit? >> shockingly some people object cnn said if he pulls this off
5:44 pm
he'll be a great president. i am no fan of cnn and it pains me to have to give them credit. jesse: did you happen to catch that at the airport when you are waiting to cap your flight? >> donald trump, what got him elected. he's a doer. he's not an explainer. he gives great speeches. i'm not knocking his ability to give a great speech. obama was an explainer. he spoke in fine shakespearean pros. he could -- prose. i think kim jong-un is afraid trump may be a doer when it comes to a first strike. i think that motivated him to get to the table. jess require's amazing president trump used to be able to speak
5:45 pm
like this for an hour and we would have nothing to show for it. it would be difficult to get a sound bite. but this president can speak for an hour and change and cover almost he single topic and set the agenda for the next few days. ladies, the president said something about the women's vote. let's hear it. president trump: women won't like donald trump. i said have i really lad thatkind kind of problem? i don't think so. women won't like donald trump. it will be a rough night because the women won't come out. we got 52%. right? and i'm running against a woman. it's not that easy. 155 million people are now employed. that is -- calm out this morning -- came out this morning. that's the highest level of employment in the history of our
5:46 pm
country. jesse: the women's vote critical to the president's reelection. what does he need to do to improve that? >> i think he already has the women. we all love him. the unemployment rate among women are low. under payment was extremely high. i think he's doing a phenomenal job. i don't think he can do anything extra. we love that he's being himself. we are not asking him to be politically correct. we are asking him to be correct about the border. secure it. we'll help him make america great again. he has to win. >> all of them. jesse: the president did touch on the threat from ms-13. dan, we have got to run. but i want to thank you for
5:47 pm
staying around and kicking it around on "watters world." >> thanks for having us. jesse: some new theories behind the motive for the las vegas shooting. i'm just worried about the house and taking care of the boys. zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job. it's okay. dad took care of us. hello. give me an hour in tanning room 3. cheers!
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jesse: it's been five months since the shooting in las vegas. joining me, wayne allen root. this is a conspiracy theory segment only because we haven't gone the any information from the authorities. so the first thing wanted to ask you about was the security guards. this makes no sense. what are you thinking about this individual? >> nothing makes sense when you realized the parkland shooting, it was in the news dane night. we heard about nikolas cruz, his background. we knew everything about it. san bernardino. you name the attack, whether it's terror -- jesse: the security guard in question web's going on ellen,
5:52 pm
he's going to mexico. what's going on? >> no one seems to know anything about him. he was a ghost. he was never heard of before. i get all the mgm executives calling me off the air to give me hints. they say they never heard of him until his name came up. no one can believe he was allowed to leach the country within a few days of being shot. now, you add in the ellen appearance. this is the worst mass shooting in the history of america. he's on a comedian's show. jesse: we are seeing information he may not have been registered as a security guard at a hotel. the girlfriend fascinates me. i still don't get this. the shooter is wiring her
5:53 pm
thousands of dollars in cash, and she dwhreets her facebook account before anybody even knows it was her boyfriend that did the shooting? what do you think about her? >> i want to give one more comment about the ellen appearance. ellen has a deal with mgm. she has ellen slot machines. they pick the witness. jesse: they are defensive about the whole thing because they are look at legal liability. the girlfriend, no one has talked to her from the press. >> mary lot danner. why does she happen to be over seas when she does this. the philippines is a hotbed for islamic terrorism. how did she know to delete her
5:54 pm
facebook page? her fingerprints she announces may be on the ammunition yet she is not a suspect. strange. jesse: also strange, where is the video? we haven't seen any have itio of the shooter going in and out of the hotel. there are security cameras everywhere in vegas, on the strip, within the hotel. why haven't we seen any video? >> there is no video here. in a casino every inch is on video. this is nothing but mystery upon mystery. the investigation was not given to homicide it was give to the division of police to handle accidental police shootings. unheard of. also they are not enable to give us the information that were on the hard drives they seized
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6:00 pm
bros. what does the b. stand for in jesse b. what watters. it's bailey. judge jeanine: president trump doing what he does best. his raucous rally in one of the states that helped put him over the top in 2016. welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for making "justice" the most of watched cable news show last saturday. we have reaction to president trump's rousing speech plus the developing news of a summit between kim jong-un and the president. i'll be talking to san antonio spirals and


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