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tv   To Be Announced  FOX News  March 10, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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bros. what does the b. stand for in jesse b. what watters. it's bailey. judgjeanine: president trump doing what he does best. hisaucous rally in one of the states that helped put him over the top in 2016. welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for making "justice" the most of watched cable news show last saturday. we have reaction to president trump's rousing speech plus the developing news of a summit between kim jong-un and the president. i'll be talking to san antonio spirals and colonel allen west.
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but first some highlights from the president tonight. president trump: he announced he won't send missiles up any more through the meeting. i wouldn't say japan was thrilled with missiles flying over japan. they are happy with what i'm doing. and who is could do it. think of it. they are not sending missiles up. i believe that. i do. i think they want to make peace. i think it's time. and i think we have shown great strengths. i think that's also important. they want to stop the missiles. they want to do all these things. and all of these people are like they can't believe it. it's unbelievable. i said to my wife, it's amazing, it's amazing. they are saying this is an incredible achievement. then i get in the morning.
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same people are saying not that big a deal. anybody could have don't. obama could have don't. obama had a chance. they are saying obama. obama. [crowd booing] you look at those numbers before we took over, they were heading down. the economy is the best it has been. the coal is coming back big, big big. your steel is coming back. your steel is coming back. we created 3 million jobs since election day. nobody thought that was possible. we passed the largest tax cuts and reform in american history. we created more than 300,000 new
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jobs alone last month. but our new slogan when we start running in can you believe it two years from now, is going to be keep america great exclamation point. keep america great! judge jeanine: president trump firing up supporters in moon township, pennsylvania. genius is rarely recognized at the time it occurs. greatness most of often realize not in the moment, but ratner retrospect. as president trump waged his unique battle to get north korea's dictator kim jong-un to the bargaining table web was roundly criticized for his style. telling kim jong-un as he continued to launch his nuclear warheads on intercontinental
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ballistic missiles that kim would be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. and trump threatening in some uncertain terms that his nuclear button was bigger and more powerful than the dictators. in that back and forth jim threatens to send a missile on independence day. criticism of course by the american media was relentless. the narrative was that trump was instigating a nuclear holocaust. the united states was giving kim jong-un no out other than nuclear war. this in spite of the fact that kim was repeatedly launching ballistic miss isles threatening guam, hawaii and the mainland. trump in his usual fashion was
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undeterred. all the while continuing to impose a slew of economic sanctions, warning that if forced to defend ourselves or our allies, we would have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. so here we are, march 10, little wok the man seeking to sit down with the president of the united states. never in our history or theirs has this happened. no other president could accomplish this. not jimmy carter, ronald reagan, george h.w. bush, not bill clinton, not george w. bush and certainly not barack oba. lncapable or uilling to confront a predictable impending disaster that trump warned of in 1999 long before he became president. president trump: they are saying obama could have done that. trust me.
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he would not have don't. by the way, neither would bush, neither would clinton, and they had their shot. all they did was nothing. judge jeanine: the case of bill clinton is even worse. he gave $4 billion to kim's father in exchange for north korea dismantling and disbanding their nuke yarl weapons prom. >> this is a good deal for the united states. north korea will freeze and dismantle its nuclear programmages south korea and our other allies will be protected. the united states and international inspectors will carefully monitor north korea to make sure it keeps its commitments. judge jeanine: that worked out real well. not only did they not keep their commitment they built a nuclear armament to threaten our people. as far as george bush in 2008,
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he did his part in appeasing kim jong-il by removing north korea from the american state department list of state sponsors of terrorism. he really had a grasp on the issues, that one. barack obama in his fashion we have heard before, he said he would work with all the interested partners in the international community to take appropriate step to the let north korea know they cannot threaten other countries with impunity. what does that mean? whatever it meant, it didn't scare kim. now, instead of recognizing the historic moment and the genius that got a whack a do madman to the bargaining table. >> the president kind of got
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boxed in here. he couldn't say no to this invitation. >> there is no way president trump can be ready by may to have a high-stakes conversation on the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. kim jong-un will be fully prepared. >> it's not like you have a president like eisenhower who was schooled on politics and the military. this president doesn't read and doesn't study and doesn't prepare. judge jeanine: the "new york times" said donald trump could be played by kim as a quote gold-plated violin. kim jong-un knows he comes to discuss full-blown denuclearization. and he knows he's not dealing with a barack obama who buckled to dictators like in iran when he gave 150 billion taxpayers
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dollars to so-called stop the development of a nuclear bomb. and get this. we are not even in a position to verify or monitor if there is nuclear disarmament. and rest assured, there will be no cash certain on unmarked planes in various world sun skis. count on another agreement with teeth with donald trump. with trump's genius in crippling economic sanctions that brought this dictator to his knees. while the mainstream media is worried, in truth, the only people who need to be worried are the north koreans. donald trump is more than the man kim thinks he is. he's already outsmarted him, and that can get us a peace deal that will certainly last a long, long time.
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[♪] ♪ i'm the rocketman ♪ rocketman judge jeanine: joining me now with reaction to president trump's speech. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. you heard the president's speech i assume. >> i did. judge jeanine: he was in typical formi would say rare form, but that's typical for him in front of a group of thousands. >> i love donald trump when he's in front of a group of thousands of people talking directly to the american people. he reminded the american people of all the accomplishments of this administration. he still gets no credit for judge neil gorsuch, for all the
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justices he put on the supreme court. the historic tax cuts he delivered for the american people. the mainstream media doesn't want to talk about it. the american people are re-minded he time they open their paychecks that they have more money. president trump: maxine waters is a very low i.q. individual. have you ever seen her? we'll impeach him. we'll impeach the president. but he dos hasn't done anything wrong. doesn't matter, we'll impeach him. she is a low i.q. individual. she can't help it. she really is. judge jeanine: that was a long time coming because she started before he even took office. what do you think of his now focusing on her, low i. qumplet. is it going to stick? >> it's maxine waters,
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pocahontas, nancy pelosi all attack him in not putting together an agenda american people want. this president has done everything he campaigned on and pledged to fulfill including the tariffs on foreign companies dumping the steel on our soil. all they can say is let's impeach him. judge jeanine: when you look at african-american unemployment, you look at the jobs coming to this country. you would think those people who are who feel forgotten by other administrations would recognize there is something good here. but i want to ask you something, in your other life you were in law enforcement. >> i was, yes. judge jeanine: how do you feel about what's going on in california. the president talked about this tonight, sanctuary cities. this mayor, the department of justice is coming after her and
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california for pretty much warning illegals, the criminal illegals that we are coming for them. >> i will tell you, someone who is a first responder and went out on the job every day and had unfortunate duty of serving in three funerals for three officers in the state of new hampshire killed in the line of duty, i can tell you it's unforgivable that elected officials warned people that police officers who are sworn to do their jobs are coming to do a duty they are tasked to do. to give criminals they will be coming against the very nature of the individuals serving them every day to keep them safe is so disgusting to me, i hope the justice department prosecutes them to the fullest extent of the law. judge jeanine: do you think jeff sessions will? >> i think jeff will do the
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right thing when it comes to appointing a new special prosecutor to look at the fisa application abuses. judge jeanine: he's been talking about it. but it seems to me with the fisa court and all the abuses we heard of. that's fundamental. the most of secret court in the united states being played by the clinton campaign always well as the dnc. what do you think of this meeting with donald trump and kim jong-un. i think kim wants to beat him, i really do. >> you know the president very well. he's so gracious and magnanimous in private. but he's the greatest negotiator our country has ever seen. the people of south korea and hawaii and guam can sleep better at night knowing no nuclear testing will take place. he should be up for the nobel
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peace prize. judge jeanine: let's hope so. colonel allen west is on deck to weigh in on the president's speech. what does the president's original press secretary think of the north korea summit? odern, it pays to switch things up. and when you switch to esurance, you can save time, worry, hassle, and yup, money. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved hundreds. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing.
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president trump: i would love to beat oprah. i know her weakness. i know her. i know her very well. i was on her last show, one of her last. the last week. she had donald trump and donald trump's family. my my my we have come down a long way. i'm now president. and probably. but think of it, i know her weakness. wouldn't we love to run against oprah? i would love it. that would be painful experience for her. judge jeanine: president trump not holding back tonight on any topic, giving a relationship-roaring speech at a rally in pennsylvania. s sean spicer joins me live. what do you think of the oprah
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comment? >> he's in his element tonight. that's what's important. it's the momentum and energy that won him the election. he did well in that portion of pennsylvania. by firing up those people and reminding them what he's done and what he's going to do, he provided the energy that will put rick over the top come tuesday. judge jeanine: it's a tight race now, correct? >> i think it's a tight race and will be all about turnout. it's important that the president was there. that base of his is so solid. when he says i need this guy there to continue to do all of the things i'm doing and he's doing a ton from the regulatory stuff to the economy, he mentioned south korea, the stuff he's doing on steel and tariffs. it's so important to that area of pennsylvania in particular. it's important they understand
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what a partner he needs in the congress from pennsylvania. reminding the crowd what's at state. why he needs rick's votes in congress is crucial. judge jeanine: you were on the campaign with him obviously. he can still true that crowd. you know he can get through that speech in 30 minutes. but he milks it. they make sure he gets his money's worth. they wait in line for hours. he's not going to let them leave disappointed. there is another sound i want you to listen to, imagining if he didn't win. president trump: if i don't win the election, their ratings will go so far down. they will be out of business. can you imagine covering bernie
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or pocahontas. think about that. can you imagine these guys, some of them are actually smiling. but some of them can't take it. can you imagine having to cover elizabeth warren? judge jeanine: he's not afraid of anybody. what is your take on that? >> there is a few things there. there is an interview with some of the late night show hosts. they said our monologues and the jokes used to be about the news. but donald trump is the news. part of reason the late night shows are all about donald trump is because the news is all about donald trump. the thing that i think is fascinating, they focus more about process and chaos than the achievements. friday, 313 jobs, the
6:23 pm
expectation was 300,000. americans have a job because of the tax cuts and regulations this president has done. and we are only 14 months in. at some points the press will have a hard time making excuses for not covering the accomplishments of the president. >> the "new york times" almost begrudgingly said there will be more jobs. it was like they were upset about it. they talk about chaos in the white house. right? you are in the west wing. they have say nobody knows what's going on, this one left and that one left. what's it like when donald trump is in the west wing? there is any question about who is in charge and what the agenda is? >> no. not to mention that -- the thing i find fascinate being this
6:24 pm
whole discussion, as a voter and american. here is what i care about is results. i care about whether more americans are work and whether they are getting higher wages. whether our borders are safe. the flow of illegal immigration is down. whether businesses and manufacturing is coming back and businesses are thriving. all of those metrics are moving in the right direction. i will take chaos and whatever else they throw our way if we continue to have results. at the end of the day you don't want boring and no results. what this president is giving us web's mixing it up. he moms satisfied with the status quo. he's doing exactly what he said he was going to do, and he's behaving exactly how he has before. he's a disrupter who likes to bring people in, fight it out. get the best idea and charge forward. he's doing everything he said he was going to do and getting
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results. judge jeanine: sean spirals, thanks for being with us tonight. the outrageous statements of the week are with us and we have some real beauties tonight. is the star-studded panel ready to do battle? justice rolls on in a moment. ♪ mvo: with everything that is going on around us and in the nation, we need to work together. we need to do it more often to help people that need help. ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you. fvo: he's encouraged other people to look around and notice one another and take the time for each other. that's his gift. ♪ i'll stand by you.
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[♪] president trump: might as well say the, nobody else is going to say it. hard to sell tickets when you think you are going to be nuked. judge jeanine: they was wrapping up his big speech outside of pittsburgh. let's get right to it. former trump campaign spokesman katrina pierson and richard fowler. katrina, he says this will work fear him -- fit weren't for him they all would have been nuked. >> this is donald trump in his element. he loves being around his supporters. he's out there with the people supporting his candidate. he's having a lot of fun. i miss candidate trump and i
6:31 pm
think tonight was a great night for the president. judge jeanine: richard? >> if he doesn't have a clear focus on what his agenda is. he went to pittsburgh to campaign for somebody house in a tough special election. i don't think he made it any better because he didn't talk about the candidate at all. >> he did talk about the candidate and he brought the candidate on stage and gave him the microphone. he talked about all the policies. >> he also managed to insult maxine waters. he managed to go after chuck tornado. none of that had to do with the pittsburgh congressional race. >> that's where the media gets trump confused. they say he insults people when he's really just sticking up for
6:32 pm
himself. >> i am a very practical progressive. i think the president is right on steel and on north korea. i said a couple months ago he should sit down with north korea and he's going to do it. judge jeanine: north korea is sitting down with him. >> either way, they are having a conversation. this is not a time when we should sit here and say who has bigger muscles. this is the most of probable scenario. there is no going backs from that. the whole world is in peril. i don't care who sits down with who. >> the only reason they are sitting down is there was an argument about who has a bigger nuclear button and the president clearly won that argument. what is important is to talk about what's happening next. this is something we have not seen.
6:33 pm
something the president is not getting credit for. we have the same jean wit genius who got us into this mess. judge jeanine: there is a great deal of discussion of rick saccone. so richard fowler you are wrong on that one. i want to you hear what the president says on another sound. president trump: i used to say how easy it is to be president. but you would be so bored. i am very presidential. >> you listen closely, you will hear someone yell, you are one of us. this is america's president. this an individual that speaks
6:34 pm
the way everyone else does wet no one else is listening and america loves it. >> he has the leest approval rating of americans in american history. >> you are america's president when you are passing american policies. >> only 33% of americans approve of him. my view is the reason why he's in pittsburgh is this is a seat donald trump picked up by 0 points. now it's neck-and-neck because of the president's rhetoric. >> it's not because of the president's rhetoric. these candidates -- it's a special election. and there is only one poll that counted and it's last november. the american president is there. don't let the special election fool you. ask republicans in 2006. >> that's why republicans in
6:35 pm
congress are retiring like it's going out of style. judge jeanine: richard, stop. would you deny that the economy is in much better shape since donald trump has been there. >> i give the president his marks on the economy. i will praise the president when he needs to be parades. but overall across the board he's unpopular with most of americans. >> he was unpopular when he won the electoral college. we are absolutely pushing an america first agenda. >> i'm glad you admitted he is unpopular. >> those are the polls. the polls are always wrong. we saw that on election day. all of hillary clinton supporters were crying because she was up by 10. >> you just admitted he's
6:36 pm
unpopular off course he's unpopular in the polls. look at methodology. let me -- final, would you admit, though, richard, that in spite of whether he act presidential or not, this man can draw crowds and has done more in one year than most of presidents especially in terms of legislation and in terms of the economy. it is totally different now. >> i think you have to parse that question. of course, he draws crowds. he's a reality show star. and he's entertaining. that's why he's a ratings hike for every news channel. i will give him marks on the economy. but you cannot have the world leader in a white house in utter
6:37 pm
and total chaos which is where we are right now. do we even have a com director at the white house? >> donald trump is the communications director. during the campaign. beyonce and jay-z could not fill a stadium for hillary clinton. >> that's an absolute redd herring. >> he's popular. the people love him. judge jeanine: there is a colonel on deck. col:00 p.m. nell allen west has lots to say about the trump speech so don't go away. it's oke ignores me while i drive.
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judge jeanine: welcome back to justice on this busy night much news. retired u.s. army colonel fox news contributor colonel allen west joins me. i assume you heard the president's speech. >> yes, i heard many of the different points that came out from it. i think if we are going to sit down and say president trump is an atypical president who will go out and give a dry campaign speech, that's not his mantra and that's not the platform he'll try to use. no one will be able to take away from him that he has been able
6:43 pm
to do in 18 months that the previous 28 years have not been able to do, that's bring the north koreans to the table. judge jeanine: given your military back ground you have a sense of what this means more than most of. >> i was stationed there in south korea along the dnz in 1995. at the time it was his father we were dealing with. we continued on with the concessions to give him the food and monetary aid any time he rattled sabers. but for the first time we have a president who pushed back. but sometimes a bully needs to know you will stand up to him and you are willing to throw a punch. kim jong-un already knows he
6:44 pm
can't take the first offensive action because china says they will not stand for that. we can implement the sanctions that put a stranglehold on him and that's what i think brought him to the table. judge jeanine: president xi said he would be president for life and president trump made a comment joking about can you imagine president for life. everybody comes out and they dump on him. why don't you take a listen. president trump: i was joke. huh, president for life, maybe we'll have to try it. but i'm joke. everybody was laughing and having a great time. i'm joke about being president for life. donald trump with his particular torial attitude wants to be president for life.
6:45 pm
fake news. judge jeanine: he doesn't get a break. >> anything president trump does will be looked at with a mean and sarcastic view from the progressive liberal media. but this past week we had a woman who wrote a commentary in "the washington post" about why america should try socialism. we just finished trying it for the past year. she was not joking but you would hope she would have been. judge jeanine: it's a commentary on where the democratic party is going. the president made it clear 2020 is in his sights. it's keep america great, explanation point. you were in congress, 2018, the
6:46 pm
middle of the first term of a president. not a good year generally. >> would you saw with bill clinton and barack obama. they saw mossive loss. when you listen to the democrats they are the tarty that stands for illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. bernie sanders is talking about repealing the tax law. if you are looking at a stronger foreign policy why would we want to turn it over to a party that comes from a position of weakness. judge jeanine: tonight you did renew a call to congress to stop funding sanctuary cities and he hit the dems for obstructionism. there is the department of justice going after the mayor of
6:47 pm
california. >> he's right. the president will be traveling out to california. california is the petri dish for all the socialist policies you want to see he can ported across the country. why would you want to turn texas into anything other than the successful economic engine it is. why would you compare texas with san francisco. judge jeanine: kathy griffin is desperately trying to be semi relevant. i put her on this week's list of the most of outrageous things i heard this week and i will share it with you next. starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business,
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judge jeanine: former first daughter chelsea clinton criticizing the president on "the view." >> focus on your job. please don't worry about the oscar ratings or how my moips doing, though thank you, she is
6:52 pm
doing great. judge jeanine: that's just one of the most outrageous things i heard this week. charlie kirk. what do you say to that one, chelsea clinton commenting on the view. >> i kind of laugh at it. the president is doing a great job. especially the last week he has been doing the job of cleaning up the mess left by president bill clinton. north korea had the way to get nuclear weapons because of the lack of leadership and agreement from former president bill clinton. businessman donald trump warned the clinton administration, don't do it, they will get nuclear weapons. number two, look at trade. bill clinton pushed forth a disaster of nafta and millions of jobs left this country. you know what?
6:53 pm
he is doing his job, it's another outrageous statement from someone swimming in political irrelevancy. judge jeanine: kathy griffin tweets and posted a picture to mark international women's day. the united nations designated to mark the contributions of women kiepped. she says it's hashtag ungt national women's day. i don't want to brag, by just wanted to post this picture of me with the president of the united states. except the president is with hillary clinton. what is up with this nut. >> she is a bizarre person. i have never seen anyone willing any ruin their career. she posed with the picture of the decapitated head of the united states and complains the
6:54 pm
media is unfairly going after her. judge jeanine: saying she is with the president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> it's creating her own reality. look at international women's day how hillary clinton mistreated women the last 20 years. kathy griffin will try to resurrect her career. imagine if a conservative actor did what she did with a democrat, they would be done forever. judge jeanine: connecticut governor says that the nra has become a terrorist organization this past week. he said the national rifle association -- do we have the sound on this? okay. >> quite frankly in some cases it's a terrorist organization. if you want to make safer guns,
6:55 pm
we'll boycott your company. judge jeanine: wow, terrorist organization. >> what a disgusting statement. such a misunderstanding of what the national rifle association is. it's the oldest rifle association in america. they trained and powered and helped black americans standing up against the klu klux klan. to the governor of connecticut, none of these mass shooters are nra members. they are protecting the rights of law abiding americans. a disgusting statement but i'm not surprised given the insanity left-wing politicians are using to describe the position they are in. judge jeanine: when they said
6:56 pm
they would deny the nra wear it was, the lawmakers said, delta, you are losing your tax break. charlie kirk, thanks so many for being us tonight. we'll be right back. allergies with sinus congestion and pressure?
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you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d... while the leading allergy spray only relieves six symptoms, claritin-d relieves eight, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. judge jeanine: don't forget to friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter @justice judge
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jeanine. i'm jeanine pirro. next saturday you'll be in l.a. the "the greg gutfeld show" is next. [♪] greg: all right. enough. i deserve it. so, i guess fire and fury works. >> a dramatic statement they are talking about. kim jong-un is talking about total denuclearization of the korean peninsula. what do you think about this? >> this is a moment very few of us thought we would ever see. >> the president agreed to meet with kim jong-un. it's difficult to overstate the


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