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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 12, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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shoppers welcome regardless of income. if successful they hope to expand to other underserved areas. >> it's a nice story nice story. >> harris: thank you for joining us today. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: all eyes on the pennsylvania special election. with only one day left until voters go to the polls. a dead heat between connor lam and republican rick scone. the president's son donald trump jr. will also campaign, that will happen today in the next short little while. i'm harris faulkner, here's today's sandra smith. trish regan, joining us in the center seat, donald trump's former campaign manager, cory lewandowski is "outnumbered."
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hello. >> corey: how are you today? >> harris: fantastic, and how about yourself? >> corey: #oneluckyguy today. >> harris: the special election i mentioned, in a deep red district in western pennsylvania, being viewed by some as a test of president trump's influence on voters ahead of the midterm election. the president won that district by nearly 20 points over hillary clinton and he was back there saturday night touting republican candidate rick saccone will going after his democrat competitor conor lamb, watch. >> i really feel strongly about rick saccone. i know him. i feel strongly about him, he is an incredible guy. conor lamb, he's trying to act like a republican. he won't give me one vote. there is no way. it rick is going to vote for us all the time. all the time. >> harris: lamb has on the
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backing of powerful local union unions. watch. >> i do not believe as paul ryan does that these are entitlements or another form of welfare. if i have the honor of serving as your next member of congress, we will extend the same thank you and recognition not just in words but in actions. we will secure these rights and benefits you have learned over the course of a lifetime of service to this country. >> harris: despite dissing himself from nancy pelosi, president trump tweeted this earlier today at "the "pittsburgh post-gazette" just endorsed rick saccone for congress. he will be much better, very strong on what our country need needs. lamb will raise taxes, weak on crime and border.
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>> corey: what the president went out to pennsylvania for on saturday and what he's reminding voters of is very simple. washington, d.c., is exceptionally partisan. there were no democrats that voted for the historic tax cut. he can say one thing as he's running with the bottom line is when they get to washington, we've seen this time and time again. they say one thing in the district, they vote completely differently when they get back to washington. with the president is reminding people of is if you like the job he's doing, steel tariffs, aluminum tariffs, saving the coal industry, he needs help in washington and the person who's going to do that is not going to be conor lamb. >> harris: the president at the one thing we know can work, take your local politics local. >> corey: the issues in this district are steel and coal and aluminum and it's been -- this district actually has a larger number of registered democrats than it does republicans but donald trump carried the district by 20 points over
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hillary clinton because he talked about the issues they cared about the most. >> sandra: and quite frankly the economy. the state has the higher unemployment rate than the average in the nation right now. that being said, what does the outcome of the selection mean for the midterms? >> corey: if you look back at the five special elections since this president has been elected, republicans have won all five but the democratic turnout in those five has been disproportionately higher than it was on election day in 2016. if you look at states like montana and south carolina, states where republicans held those seats, democrats had a much higher turnout than they did on election day and what that tells us is the democrats are exceptionally motivated. the president talked about this on saturday night, don't become complacent because we won the last election, you have to turn out. >> harris: we saw a little bit of that in texas, we saw democrats turn out but it didn't help them in that case. >> trish: i'm watching pennsylvania very closely, i think the one challenge for republicans in all of this is
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they haven't completely still embrace donald trump. the reason is in part because he hasn't embraced their policies. these tariffs for example, how many republicans have been all in up in arms over tariffs but these play so well in places like pennsylvania. he doesn't strike me as being hook, line, and sinker for the republican party and i think his star power is in part why so many democrats came over along with his policies. but i don't know if it translates in every other state. i don't know if -- let's face i it, rick saccone is no donald trump, he doesn't have that charisma. will he be able to generate enough of a response? i don't know. >> harris: it's interesting kennedy, because you are right, rick saccone is no donald trump. but it takes it beyond the candidates in the race.
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the president still lands on air force one no matter how he talks about steel and aluminum. >> kennedy: he understood the plight of people in places like this part of pennsylvania. what he's saying with a fiery speech like that and that outreach is "i'm still taking care of you, i have not forgotten about you." and that's why rick saccone has a pretty small part to play in this rally. but i think is very interesting and the thing to watch for democrats here is if they do pull out a victory, lamb is not a contrast to donald trump, he is a contrast to hillary clinton and he's the kind of candidate democrats will get, all also the difference between the vastly progressive voices. >> harris: that such an interesting point because there is a question, i know conor lamb grew up catholic but there's a
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question about how yogi is and i don't know if it matters how much because it gives democrats a different look. >> corey: conor lamb is the kind of candidate democrats should be embracing across the country, he has a military pedigree to him. you can try to go to washington and work with the administration on important issues and if the democrats are going to be successful in taking down the bk the house and some of these swing districts, you need to candidates if you are going to be a democrat, like conor lamb who is going to say look, i've turned my country, he's not so far to the left that he turns off the mainstream people who go to work every day. he could be the type of candidate moving forward if the democrats want to be successful. >> harris: this is a hint that
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they may not be paying too much attention or care that much. the big news within his own party is the fact that he would not vote for nancy pelosi. >> trish: nancy pelosi has become modern-day marie antoinette. the comment, crimes are not con or lamb needs to distance himself from that. nancy pelosi is not going to play in pennsylvania. hillary clinton didn't pay in pennsylvania. >> kennedy: can i add one thing to that, i think democrats would be insane if they win the house back, to have nancy pelosi as their speaker once again. if conor lamb wins, there's no way she can service these voices who are desperately trying to distance themselves from someone like that who is so incredibly out of touch. >> harris: california has
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already made that decision with dianne feinstein. president trump is now denying a report claiming he's looking to shape up his legal team amid the russia investigation. this is a former trumpeted giving clues on where he thinks mueller's team may be headed next. keep watching. jeff flake says the president should face a republican primary challenger in 2020. whether that will happen and if such a move would hurt or help the g.o.p., we will talk about it. stay with us, corey lewandowski is on the house. >> that's not to say it will stay that way. it's ok that evere ignores me while i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check
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>> sandra: new fallout over the russia probe, president trump slamming a "new york times" report claiming he is unhappy with his legal team and looking to add a veteran washington lawyer amidst apparent concerns that as the times put it "the investigation is unlikely to end anytime
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soon." the president denied that complement , saying that is wrong. the writer of the story, knows nothing about me and has not given access. after early threatening to defy mueller, now singing a different tune about the probe after his grand jury testimony. telling abc news "i don't think it's a witch hunt, there is a lot there there and that's the sad truth." he says he never personally
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worked with anyone who is unethical including his boss and mentor roger stone. who has denied any wrongdoing. he says he is "very worried about stone." pardon my cold, it's a challenging day for me on this monday morning. what do you make of all the latest developments here? certainly seeing that this is not over. >> corey: i don't think the investigation is going to wrap up anytime soon and with the president has said, they've been willing and able to cooperate on everything the team has asked for. they've turned over emails, made people available, the team has investigated or sat down with 14, 15, 20 people that currently or have worked in the white house. that shows an unprecedented level of cooperation. i think what's been clear from everybody is that there was no collusion here. if he wants to find out, was there any collusion with the trump campaign and russia.
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people lied to the mueller investigators, they should be held accountable for that. we've seen individuals who have lied to them being held accountable for that. i'm sure the president is okay with that but you have to bring this to a conclusion and that needs to be done soon to show the person didn't do anything wrong. >> sandra: is there any truth that he is unhappy with his legal team? >> corey: i think he is very happy so far. >> kennedy: what about the people that have been so problematic from early on in the campaign? like sam nunberg. i thought in a lot of ways -- it was very disturbing to watch but he won't stop. he keeps saying there is a there there and the president's inner
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circle has committed an atrocit atrocity. >> corey: i fired him for the last time in august 2015 shortly after the campaign launched. he has no information other than what is out in the public mind-set. there is no there they are i sat there from before when he came n that escalator all the way unti. we never interaction with russians, there was no collusion. what i've said was if anybody tried to material impact the out come of the selection they should go to jail for the rest of their lives. what sam is talking about nobody knows and i think it's a sad episode, clearly there is some type of issue there that needs to be addressed. >> trish: why did you fire him three times? >> corey: the last time because of the racist tweet he had on his facebook page. there was no place for that in the campaign.
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sam clearly has some issues he needs to address. i thought he said he was going to testify in front of the grand jury. >> harris: why did they campaign allow people like that? how did they get through that process? >> corey: to be fair there wasn't a deep vetting process in the campaign. sam was there prior to me coming on the campaign. i spent some time with him and realized he wasn't the right type of person to have on the campaign. look, i will take some responsibility but by august when we knew donald trump was in first place and going to be the republican nominee, we knew there was no place. >> sandra: you set down for hours of questioning last week. we were told that after that meeting was over you wouldn't
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answer some questions because they weren't relevant to the investigation. >> corey: the congressmen who are doing this, i sat there and said i will sit here all day and answer every question. ask me a question about russia, ask about collusion, anything that has to do with my time on the campaign. don't ask me what i have for your fist yesterday because not relevant. i sat there and answered dozens -- a dozen hours of questioning. they asked me about things that took place to call months after the election happened. if you are asking me what took place in january or february of 2017, i have no idea. they were useless questions. >> harris: i know you spent eight hours the first time, 12 hours the second time. your democrats talking about the fact that they may want to subpoena some people they've already talked with. is there any thought going
9:20 am
forward, you said we don't know when the investigation is going to end but it won't be immediate, i am paraphrasing you for a moment ago. is there any reason they would subpoena to bring you back? >> corey: i think i have answered all their questions, i volunteered on to go separate occasions to go in front of the committee and demonstrate that there was no collusion. i could have done the whole interview in 30 seconds. no collusion, no cooperation, no coordination. i had french toast. french, not russian. >> sandra: president trump reigniting his feud with the media over the weekend. why some people say his latest comments went too far. plus, president trump sounding upbeat with his invitation from kim jong un to meet face-to-face but not everyone in the mainstream media feels the same way.
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whether that criticism is warranted or just plain partisan politics. >> i think they want to make peace, i think it's time and i think we've shown great strength, i think that's also important.
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while nothing comparesating modeto the real thing.d... experience the command performance sales event for yourself, now through april 2. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ >> the south korean representative came outside, big
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throng of press. they announced that north korea, kim jong un would like to meet with president trump. we've been very strong and very vigilant and now lots of good things i think are going to happen but we'll see. i think they want to make peace, i think it's time and i think we've shown great strength. i think that's also important. >> harris: the president sounding optimistic about his invitation from kim jong un to meet in person. the move would mark the first face-to-face encounter between leaders of the nations in history. mike pompeo says he's helpful to marco breakthrough with north korea. >> this administration came in, the president talked about it in this campaign, to put an enormous pressure on the north korean economy and leadership. they gave us the opportunity where kim jong un has committed
9:27 am
to stopping nuclear tactics, stopping missile tests, allowing exercises to go forward, something that's been incredibly contentious in the past and saying denuclearization, complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization is a topic for discussion but make no mistake about it, while these negotiations are going on there will be no concessions made. >> harris: the entire panel on nbc's meet the press painted such a meeting is a failure at best, disaster at worse. watch. >> how does any meeting between trump and kim not turn into a victory for north korea? >> they had a victory by setting the terms and having the meeting itself. >> what i think is riskier is to have donald trump and kim jong un hurling insults and threats. >> he will be impatient and what is the downside if he gets angry at what he experiences?
9:28 am
you have no other option. >> you don't have diplomacy to go through because you've exhausted your diplomacy. then things go boom, that's the scary part. >> harris: the top diplomats for our nation, rex tillerson is in nigeria. he was telling reuters the u.s. is not heard anything back from north korea but expects to hear directly from them soon. >> corey: i think they will, north korea has been traditionally slow to respond in the public format but they use their emissaries to make the request to the president, he accepted immediately and what's astonishing to me is for 30 years the geniuses we saw on nbc told us everything was going to go great with north korea and what we've seen is the nuclear as a nation of north korea. don't forget, we gave north korea $4 billion to make sure they didn't nuclearize about 30 years ago on here they are testing weapons all the
9:29 am
time. for the first time in our lifetime, the president has said i am willing to sit down and meet with you on one condition, you stop testing nuclear weapons. that means if you live in south korea, guam, hawaii you can sleep a little safer at night knowing that kim jong un is not going to launch an attack until he's finished meeting with the president. why is that not being hailed as an opportunity and inability to save people's lives? that's what we should be looking at right now. >> harris: it's interesting because the last time anything even approach to this was madeleine albright, she went over to north korea, sat for six hours. his dad, some of the same things. it was such a failure that it turned out to be an embarrassment for this country. that was under the clinton administration. i can understand why some of the people sitting around the table might not understand somebody with a different vision. >> kennedy: that was three
9:30 am
administrations ago. what we've learned is you can't necessarily trust north korea when they say they're coming to the table and that's why the president has been using unpredictability. i may not agree with him on tariffs and infrastructure and a number of other things but here i think he's created an advantage for the united states. i think the in predictability and the good cop/bad cop could actually work and i think people at nbc better hope it works and they better pray to god that we have peace on the korean peninsula and this just might do it because you have a president, he is unorthodox but he can get in a room and read people. if you look side i with this leader and get something done, that's a positive not just for the united states but for the world. there are three things every president wants, they want to tame russia, peace in the middle east and neutralize north korea. >> harris: is that what barack obama wanted? >> kennedy: he paid lip service to quite a few things. >> sandra: knowing this
9:31 am
president during your time heading up his campaign, how has his strategy and plan if elected president at that time, how has his strategy evolved now through his presidency? >> corey: as it relates to north korea specifically, they put massive amounts of economic sanctions on north korea which has stymied that economy. he's gone to china and russia and said let's work together to impose those sanctions and clearly they've worked because north korea is not doing well economically. what this president said, first we start with economic sanctions, now we are going to sit down and have a negotiation. i understand the historic nature of the president of the united states sitting down with the leader of north korea but our policy has failed. >> trish: is this meeting a result of those sanctions? >> corey: as a result of donald trump saying we need to do things differently because the state department has failed our country. >> harris: some like ambassador john bolton have said
9:32 am
that it is the promise of military might behind the diplomacy and economic sanctions because we had 25 years of economic sanctions. >> trish: they can work, they do work. i think the president also worked aggressively with china, may be deal tariffs relate back to all of that to get china to pressure north korea as well. this is a very optimistic sign. that plus 313,000 jobs added to the economy. >> kennedy: kim jong un is terrified of the military consequences. >> harris: most first-year presidents face no opposition for renomination but jeff flake says it someone should challenge president trump in 2020. could that happen and what it hurt or help the g.o.p.? elizabeth warren pressed on whether she will run in 2020 and her claim of "made an american heritage continues to dog her in any campaign.
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so simple, so good. get the recipes at >> sandra: of the president is hosting the world series world champs the houston astros of the white house right now. listen. >> one of the greatest games the baseball world has ever seen. thank you to the energy secretary rick perry, we love rick, did i do the right job with rick? i think we did the right job, right, john? that's john cornyn, you know john, your great senator.
9:35 am
that's ted cruz right there. you are well represented today. but i want to thank senator cornyn and senator cruz, representative kevin brady. where's kevin? are we going for an additional tax cut, i understand? he is the king of those tax cuts. they's two, i'm hearing that. you hear that? face to go. we are very serious about that, kevin. kevin brady is a spectacular person and did an incredible job with the tax cuts. to all the members of the texas congressional delegation, a delegation of great people, thank you all for being here. it's a big delegation, you will show up for the houston astros, that's great. jim crane, president, skipper a.j. hinch. a.j., you become very famous, i have to tell you.
9:36 am
that was a great job of scampering. congratulations on your incredible victory, it was indeed. after the devastating hurricane harvey, incredible what you went through, that you are the champions with what you went through with harvey. it was a really be a fitting tribute. what was really a show of world spirit and houston strong, you were houston strong. i also want to thank some of the heroes of hurricane harvey who join us today, including members of the incredible cajun navy. right here, these guys. [applause] john, thank you. john bridgers, ben, reverend lewis, said he was praying for
9:37 am
me that's always nice, that helps. that's your boy, your son. billy, john, daniel richardson. cajun navy, thank you very much for being here. [applause] jim, known as the -- i met him very on in the campaign. i met him early in the campaign and i think you stayed with me, you are right there. he liked me, i liked him. you sell a lot of mattresses after today. he knows what he's doing, right? jim opened the doors to his furniture store and provided food and shelter to hundreds and
9:38 am
hundreds of people and when the astros made it to the world series he paid to send first responders to game six in los angeles. he's a real texas guy. not just houston, texas. [applause] i want to thank every member of the astros team who spent time with those displaced in shelter shelters. you held food and supply drives all over texas and gave millions and millions of dollars of your salaries. i know you've done pretty well, you're going to be doing even better now. can i be your agent? i want to be your agent. he doesn't find that funny at all. when maria ravaged puerto rico weeks later, the houston astros redoubled their assistance and many of them went there and helped. really great. our administration will continue
9:39 am
to stand by the people of texas and florida and puerto rico, louisiana, even alabama and so many other places were affected and we are standing by all of them. texas was incredible, the way they recovered. you had a devastating, devastating hurricane. i've never seen anything like it. you thought it was gone and it came out and got more water. three times. there's never been anything like it that we've seen, from the standpoint of water, not even close. there is never been anything so bad and yet you recovered so incredibly well. i was there very shortly after and some of the streets were 6 feet high in water, you could hardly notice that they were affected. in one case a man was cutting his lawn. i said "the lawn is pretty wet, isn't it? louis, i'll tell you, what a good congressman. thank you, louis.
9:40 am
thank you for being here. the astros victory for the ages was truly a team effort and that is true. everyone contributed, everyone made critical place, everybody helped deliver the championship. very few errors on that team. the astros had an incredible progression in recent years. not so long ago i watched -- i am a big baseball fan. the team was not a good team. maybe it was a good team but it wasn't doing very well and what you did this year was incredible, putting it all together and it's true, a true testament to the entire organization. and your many loyal fans, you have great fans. texas is amazing. [applause] is tough stuff, winning the world series required years of effort, faith in your vision and an unwavering will to succeed.
9:41 am
what happens a lot of times as you get a little complacent and bad things happen, i don't think that's going to happen to this team. there will be no complacency, just forget about last year. put it down is a great memory, no complacency. how about george springer? most valuable player of the world series, where is george? [applause] let's see, george hit five homers. that's a lot of homers during the fall classic, only the third player ever to do so in history, that's pretty great. way to go, george. and who could forget the amazing was ale too vague.
9:42 am
what you've done is incredible. the american league mvp is an incredible fan favorite. he led his team and set a new career high with a .346 batting average. that's good. about ten years ago, i think he said he played for 22 years, his batting average was .333. he was never the happiest person ever. he figured he missed out but what a great guy. stan the man. for this year you beat him. that's great.
9:43 am
do it for another 22 years. he'll do it. dallas keuchel and charlie morton, brad peacock was close behind. of course the lights out pitching of justin verlander. i know justin, justin is a friend of mine, justin and i played golf. this guy, he is a monster. he said he's a 2 or 3 handicap but believe me, he is much better. we love playing, he's really great. i think he's going to have a
9:44 am
fantastic year, good luck, justin. congratulations on the win. pretty amazing if you are a baseball fan, justin delivered four wins in 38 strikeouts in six playoff appearances. that's big stuff. to all of the players and management of the houston astros, i want to say once again, thank you for being true champions on and off the field. you really have been, exemplifying what greatness is all about. you work hard, you strive to be the best and you won really big. it's a credit to the players here today, the astros leadership, your millions of loyal fans, used in and in texas and beyond texas. i know a new york guy, i don't know if he's ever left the city and he likes the houston astros. he likes the team, he likes what you represent. and the unbreakable spirit, it's
9:45 am
an unbreakable spirit of the great state of texas. congratulations again and with the opening day soon upon us, when is opening day? to hunt a half weeks? are you nervous? not even a little bit? i wouldn't be. nobody nervous? good. you want to be a little bit nervous, may be. you're going to have a great year. they say the team's may be even stronger, that's pretty good. i wish everybody a phenomenal season, you're going to go out there had to do great -- you are expected to do very well. a lot of people are predicting you could do it again. i say god bless you, god bless texas and god bless america. thank you very much. [applause] and now i'd like to invite my
9:46 am
friend jim crane up to say a few words, terrific guy, terrific success and what a job you've done, congratulations. >> sandra: you been watching the president congratulate the world series champs, the houston astros. they took a few moments away from their spring training in west palm beach, florida, to accept the invitation of the president to visit the white house and as you could hear the president, he acknowledged a bunch of lawmakers in the room, rick perry, the energy secretary, form of a governor of the state of. kevin brady, a very enthusiastic president, happy to congratulate the houston astros on their big win. it's customary for the president to do that for the champions of the world series and they graciously accepted and every single member of the world
9:47 am
series championship team was present. meanwhile, the president has announced his new campaign slogan, we've got his former campaign manager on the couch today and it includes an! jeff flake says the president should take about 2020 primary challenger, we will see what cory has to say about that. more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
9:48 am
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♪ >> our new slogan when we start running, can you believe it, to go years from now? is going to be keep america great! but we can only do that if we elect people who are going to back our agenda. >> sandra: president trump looking ahead to 2020, revealing his reelection slogan. jeff flake a republican should challenge the president over the party's nomination in 2020 even as he admits it would be a long shot. >> it would be a tough go in a republican primary, the republican party is the trump party right now but that's not to say it will stay that way.
9:52 am
>> sandra: senator flake who is retiring after his current term is a longtime critic of the president. let's start out with that campaign slogan because you were mouthing it as the president said it, you obviously like it. >> corey: i love it. if the president is able to continue to follow through with the campaign promises he's made and delivered for the american people it is a path of four more years of prosperity under this leadership. >> sandra: it's hard to believe we are already talking about that. >> trish: i think it's a great slogan, there's a positive energy there. i think we've made so many strides economically, hopefully as we watch north korea we will be able to make strides there for our safety and it is an opportunity to hopefully keep the country in a very good spot.
9:53 am
>> sandra: apparently jeff flake still thinks he needs a primary challenger. >> kennedy: as long as the economy keeps going in the right direction there is no need to allow for that sort of challenger. i am not a fan of the two-party system, i think it would be great to see more voices in the race, i don't think the president has anything to worry about, they joked about it on "saturday night live" this weekend with the bob mueller bachelor mashup which was very funny. john kasich, jeff flake is right and that no republican is going to challenge him. john kasich has come out and said that there will be a third-party candidate. i think he fancies himself that third party candidate. >> corey: john barely won his own state. if you are a republican, what policy that this president has put in place are you opposed to? are you opposed to the economy
9:54 am
growing, are you opposed to home ownership at all-time highs? what are you opposed to? the stock market up thousands of points, consumer confidence through the roof? is c opposed to supreme court nominee of neil gorsuch, the number of judges? >> sandra: some of the words and some of the rhetoric he used at that rally on saturday, even some republicans taking issue with the presidential nature. >> corey: if he sneezes it's a presidential sneeze, it doesn't matter what it is anymore, he is the president. the mainstream media wants to have a narrative of what should or should be president. that's not what got him elected. look at the policies this president put in place, the largest tax cut in our nations
9:55 am
history. the reason jeff flake isn't running is because he would've lost the primary and he knows that. >> sandra: you said earlier, that the president is telling his staff and getting the campaign ready, let's not sit back and relax, talking about pennsylvania. what is the president going to come back at those critics on? what is his message going to be? >> corey: i think he's going to get on the road and to be in states like missouri and montana and north dakota, some great u.s. senate candidates. i think he probably struggles in california where he's going tomorrow, you have a number of senior members of congress, because of term limits are not seeking reelection in states like california and pennsylvania, they lose ten or 12 seats, that's going to be a real problem in the house.
9:56 am
>> trish: he's got to energize his base again and i'm confident he's going to be able to do tha that. if they turn out because they want to keep him there, he's got a good shot. >> sandra: eight you got the last word. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. liberty mutual saved us almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. >>hey. oh, that's my robe. >>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance and still get great coverage for you and your family. call
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10:00 am
where can we see you next time? >> i'll be in palm beach tomorrow night. it's nice and warm and getting out of the snow. >> thank you for being here. corey lewandowski. we're back tomorrow at noon eastern. now here's harris. >> fox alert. it's down to the wire in pennsylvania's special election, which many political observers say they see it as an indicator of november for the mid-terms. let's go "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. voters head to the polls tomorrow to cast their ballots. the president's son, donald trump jr. with rick saccone. it's ground don jr. is on the ground after the president stumped over the weekend. connor lamb is holding his ground. lamb hoping for an upset in the district that president trump won by nearly 20 points. the president called on his


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