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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 13, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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responses. that's a way to get out of wedding. rob: if you don't want to get married, get drunk beforehand. heather: if you want to get married get an uber. rob: we can't answer the questions on all of it. "fox & friends." we will see you later. >> major development, the how the intel committee has now ended what has been a 14-month investigation. >> we looked at some 300,000 documents, 73 introduce. we could fiptiond no evidence of collusion. >> there is terror in austin, texas. three packaged bombs left on door steps. two people dead. the manhunt is underway. >> if you have received a package that you were not expecting, we need to you call 911. >> i said to joy, of course i forgive you. i encouraged her to use the forum of that program to apologize to tens of millions of americans equally offended. >> hillary clinton launching a new attack on the president's supporters. >> his whole campaign was looking backwards. you know, you didn't like
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black people getting rights. you didn't like women. >> if you follow our team, you may fear that we are going to present, mr. president a speedo. we are not. we instead are going to present you a jersey to forever remember our team as the champions of 2017. ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ i'm on on top of the world ♪ brian: i'm just realizing that daylight savings time doesn't really affect the morning. jillian: it doesn't? brian: actually keeps it dark. steve: daylight saving g saving time have you trouble falling asleep or getting up. ainsley: did you get a lot of sleep last night. steve: i didn't the day ainsley: did you take that nap? yesterday was national nap day. brian: i was waiting for a meeting to start that's usually when i nap.
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not during the meeting. steve: did we have a meeting? ainsley: he represented both of us if that's the case. steve: thank goodness. do you know who feels good this morning in the president of the united states and why, because? this is a fox news alert. the house republicans on the intel committee found that there was no collusion with the russians. in fact, the in the liked it so much he sent out this tweet in all caps which is the same as yelling. brian: yell it ainsley. ainsley: the house intelligence committee after 14 month long in-depth investigation found no evidence of collusion or coordination between the trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. i saw you grab your ear so i tried not to yell so much. steve: it is reason to yell. ainsley: he is excited. steve: is he excited. brian: quick outline what they discovered over the past year plus.
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no evidence of collusion or conspiracy. the russian cyber attacks actually happened. the u.s. political institutions. the one thing i think is clear where the democrats and republicans differ is that the republicans found no evidence that the russians wanted trump to win. steve: which is different than what the intelligence community has come out with. mike conway heads up this particular report. it will be released to the democrats. they are going to get a chance to add things to it before the final report comes out. it has to be declassified. but he makes it very clear. this whole thing was about russia collusion. there wasn't any. here he is. >> we have looked at some 300,000 documents, 73 interviews that we have done across the course. trying to answer the four questions originally sent out to answer. yes, the russians tried to interfere with our election process. yes, they had cyber attacks, active measures going on. we could find no evidence of
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collusion between either campaign and the russians. and we also have some recommendations, will have recommendations that speak to what we do with elections going forward. how important it is for americans to be on guard on a process is sacred to our democracy, our represented republic and that is the electing of leadership across this country. ainsley: he said no collusion trump and clinton. this did not focus on the dossier and fisa abuse and unmasking. steve: there is news about the dossier yesterday. sara carter has been told by -- she a great investigative reporter up on capitol hill. she was told by government sources that apparently the former national intelligence director james clapper actually leaked to cnn classified briefings that were had between donald trump and also barack obama where they talked about the dossier. brian: you mean the national intelligence director? steve: right. was leaking to cnn, while he
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was national intelligence director classified information that the president and future president were both briefed on the dossier and that's what got the dirty dossier going. mr. clapper himself came out and said these leaks are corrosive and really bad. according to sara carter's government sources he is the guy who leaked to cnn. brian: adam schiff outraged. ainsley: bipartisan investigation. brian: said the democrats don't agree with ending this abruptly the investigation when it did. he said g.o.p. just shut down house intel investigation leaving questions unanswered. leads unexplored. countless witnesses uncalled. subpoenas unissued. if russians have leverage over the president, g.o.p. has decided it would rather not know. the minority's work continues. he would not commit to say going they get the majority he would reopen the investigation. he said it depends on what the senate has to say. also thought it was interesting that senator burr who is leading the intelligence committee investigation over there, they said it should be ready
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to release the initial version of its report sometime in the next couple of weeks. finally moving forward. ainsley: i understand the democrats are sayin saying all right, the republicans have the majority. more republicans on the house intel committee. here is my response to those democrats, especially adam schiff, show us the evidence. show us the evidence. you have had 14 month, fine. you said this happened, let's see it. let's see the evidence. how much more time do you need? brian: he had close to 300 appearances. steve: he has. they did find bad judgment and some inappropriate meetings. they did say that meeting between the russian lawyer in trump tower in early 2016 was a dumb idea. ainsley: and lackluster response. steve: from the barack obama administration. brian: that's coming out in the michael isikoff book which i'm going to be fascinated to read shortly when susan rice said stand down essentially when people started moving forward with
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colonel in the summer of 2016 with what are the russians doing in our election. ainsley: devin nunes is going to come on our show at 8:20 to respond to this. he is on the house intelligence committee. he is the chairman of the committee. steve: he is. we are also going to have don jr. ourself joining us. brian: without the hair net. steve: it did appear that a chocolate bunny was interviewing him. let's talk about another interview. sean hannity sat down one-on-one with mike pence, the vice president of the united states who was in town. as it turns out mr. pence said that he did receive a phone call from joy behar apologizing for referring to him as being mentally unstable and mentionly ill because he talks to god. brian: i would love to hear that. i would pay any amount of money to hear that conversation. steve: we won't hear that because he didn't record it and we won't hear her apologizing on tv which he, the vice president, is disappointed.
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>> my christian faith is the most important thing in my life. we are very typical americans. i think tens of millions of americans cherish their faith. when i heard that cbs had a program where my christian faith had been described as a mental illness. i thought it was important for me to speak out that i defend the faith of tens of millions of americans against that kind of slander. she picked up the phone, she called me, she was very sincere and she apologized. one of my things my faith teaches me is grace. i said of course i forgive you. i encourage you her to use that forum or some other forum to apologize to tens of millions of americans equally offended. brian: i would be fascinated to see if theview books him. it would be a ratings bananza. take this opportunity to apologize to the american people. ainsley: many will say she is entitled to have her
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opinions and she is she offended some people in america tens of millions as the shareholders of disney said. shareholders complaining to the ceo saying are you going to make her apologize. he is saying i'm sod so glad he did apologize because he found offense in her comments. people of faith need to step up and complain about this and say something about it because, like i said earlier, a few shows ago, it's like i was reading the hungry caterpillar to my daughter. chewing the bites out of a leaf one bite at a time. when is enough enough? very offensive to americans who do have strong faith. steve: media research center has been running a campaign to get her to apologize on television. looking at website this morning. so far 45,000 people have called the switch board at abc and say needs to apologize. brian: abc actually uses a switch board they plug in
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the cables. steve: we have one, too. ainsley: he went on to say i hope behar and others on the airwaves will appreciate the meaning and joy. i found that interesting because that's her name, joy that comes from faith and respect that. brian: hillary clinton reached a new low. to me this is the lowest to the low. i was saying to myself where is she? india, where else? she gives a speech probably paid quite well. still deciding to reflect on her election. where it's not her fault. it's america's fault because, i guess, we just didn't pick the right person. and here's why. you are going to love this. >> if you look at the map of the united states, there is all that red in the middle where trump won. i win the coast. i win, you know, illinois and minnesota. places like that. but what the map doesn't show you is that i won the places that represent two thirds of america's gross domestic product. so i won the places that [applause] that are optimistic,
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diverse, dynamic, moving forward. and his whole campaign make america great again was looking backwards. you know, you didn't like black people getting rights. you didn't like women getting jobs. you don't want to see that indian american succeeding more than you are, whatever your problem is, i'm going to solve it. steve: keep in mind, hillary clinton was the blue collar candidate, right? but there she just gave the reason why she lost and essentially to boil it down poor people are stupid. ainsley: that is so offensive. she is doing this on foreign soil. doing it outside of america. where do you even begin with this? i can't believe she said this. i'm from a southern state. you are from the midwest, you are from long island. all of us can't believe that she is saying this. brian: the rich people voted for me but more people voted for him in the states that matter because it was heavily populated.
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she won the majority because of california. she won by 4 million and won new york by a substantial amount. but she has to understand this. that's not the way the game is played. it's like deciding football games on total yards or baseball games on total hits. that's not how you do it. they focused on areas that the president resonated with and again she is saying rich people matter more than working class people. ainsley: two thirds of the g.d.p. is representing her base. president trump's face do you find offensiveness that you don't like black people getting rights. you don't want women getting jobs. you don't want to see an indian american succeeding more than you. whatever your problem is, i'm going to solve. brian: what do you think about all of those people in the world's largest democracy, end i can't. what do you think people think of america now. hillary clinton the most famous woman in america comes in and destroys our country's concept of democracy and freedom in front of a democracy that looks to us for leadership. steve: i think ultimately she still has not affected
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the fact that the other guy won. she was a better candidate she feels. it was racists and sexists who voted for the other guy. ainsley: this is an example why she didn't win. she doesn't know america. that doesn't represent us. instance. brian: if i'm a democrat and running for office i take that head on. she does not reflect my opinion of people in this country who work for a living -- if you don't vote for me it doesn't mean you are a racist or sexist. steve: come back tomorrow same time, same channel. i bet you a dollar no democrat will come out and denounce that. brian: i will come in with vhs tapes come and denounce her. steve: i would like to see that vhs machine. ainsley: manhunt underway in texas for person sending packages packed with explosives two. people are dead already. austin's chief of staff is going to join us live with an update. steve: all eyes on the keystone state.
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head to the polls for a house seat there todd piro having breakfast with friends there. todd?
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brian: brian manly joins us now with the latest on the investigation. brian, what has transpired overnight to maybe gets you closer to finding out who is behind this? >> you know, what we did into the evening hours last night was continue to process the scene. as you can imagine an explosion creates quite a debris field. we are fortunate that we had a lot of assistance from both the fbi and the atf and they worked into the late evening hours collecting all that evidence that then will be analyzed at the atf lab trying to piece this together. steve: sure. okay, so, chief, to recap over the last 10 days, two yesterday. packages were left on door steps. the question is were they delivered through the u.s. postal service, do you know? did they appear in plain boxes? do they have any markings that you know of? what can you tell people? people are getting this up morning, chief, when they see that box on their stoop today they are going to wonder is it safe for me to open that up? >> sure.
3:19 am
these are not being delivered by either the u.s. postal service or any of the normal mail delivery services. so if you have ordered products from a company, if you are expecting a delivery and you are getting your shipping notifications there is no reason to be concerned based on what we have now. these are unidentified packages that are showing up that do not look at all formal like a regular delivery. and they are being left on front door steps or driveways or porches in the overnight hours. ainsley: can you tell us anything about how think might be responsible for this? because i understand these packages, these bombs are very well made someone who has to have knowledge how to do that? do you have leads there? >> what we do know is the individual or individuals involved in this, these suspects, they do have a certain level of skill to be able to construct a device like this and then deliver that device to your target without having it explode either during construction or during delivery does take
3:20 am
a certain level of sophistication as far as who is behind this though, that is part of the ongoing investigation u. brian: sheriff, do you have any belief this has anything to da with the south by southwest conference? >> no. given the first event occurred actually on march 10th before the conference even began and all three incidents that have taken place have been at private residences within the city, not in the downtown core where the event itself is taking place, i do not see any link at this time. however, we are out of an overabundance of caution letting all the concert goers and festival attendees know about this incident so that they, too, can remain alert and let us know if thee see something that seems out of place. steve: if people have information that might be helpful to you who do they call? >> call the apd homicide tip line or email us correctly as well. go to the website main page and link to us that way. steve: chief brian manly of
3:21 am
the austin police department. ainsley: offering an award $15,000 if it leads to an arrest. steve: that's terrible. new york's liberal mayor is getting rid of cops and outraged parent and student join us with a message for the mayor next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. jim mattis arrived in average for unannounced trip. goal to announce a peace deal between the taliban and afghan government. >> working to achieve a reconciliation, a political reconciliation, not a military victory. the victory will be a political reconciliation. jillian: mattis plans to meet with top general in afghanistan as well as the afghan president.
3:25 am
overnight, senate republicans backing down on a possible showdown with president trump over his newly imposed tariffs. g.o.p. leadership now down playing the idea they might seek legislation either blocking or revising the tariffs on steel and aluminum. some high ranking members of the party have publicly opposed the plan, worried it might spark a trade war. they are now saying a deal can likely be reached without a bill. today president trump is heading to california for the first time since taking office. the president will see firsthand the 8 border wall prototypes under cop destruction. his trip will begin in san diego where he will speak to troops at the naval station. ainsley? ainsley: gun debate continues in the wake of last month's tragic school shooting in parkland, florida. the white house providing a new plan firearms training to some school teachers as the nypd is actually removing the last remaining officers assigned to protect the city's public schools. can you believe that?
3:26 am
here to discuss is co-president of the pta at francis lewis high school here in new york and linda lovitt and francis lewis high school student. shear levy who is the president of the student organization. thank you for being with us. have you three children at the school. you are the pta president. what do you think and what do the other parents that you talk to? what do they think about this. >> we were astonished. we couldn't believe. we are doing exactly what america is telling everybody not to do. just the opposite. you know, they are telling you oh possibly arm your teachers, get armed guards. new york city has actually had a designated at our high school and at you all the high schools in new york city for over 15 years. and they have actually just removed our officer last month. ainsley: they are removing them one at a time. the last officer to go. just so interesting the timing of this. it's bad enough to do this but to do this after the
3:27 am
school shooting. what did you think, shearer? >> especially given the timing it was absolutely ludicrous. especially having armed officer it insured the safety of the students. we have 5,000 in our school including students, teachers, faculty. it's astonishing that it's almost compromising our safety in a way. ainsley: 5,000 kids, i would say bring in more officers. one officer is not enough. >> like a city. we need the most security we can get. ainsley: the rest of america looks at new york and think we are all so liberal but what is your response to that? >> that's definitely true especially given like new york city. but at the same time, like all my friends have been not supportive of taking away the armed officer. i know the school is doing everything they can to ensure the safety of the students but at the same time, like this is -- like nothing could compare it to having an armed officer who is trained on the school grounds. ainsley: what is your message to the mayor if he is watching? >> we would love to have our
3:28 am
armed officer back. we think it is ridiculous to have -- we are not asking for anything additional. we are just asking to have our one armed officer brought back to us. we are not asking for any additional security. 5,000 people in our school. how can you possibly in this day and age actually unsecure our school and make our kids less safe in new york city? jillian: if something terrible happens at that school, god forbid, there is no one there to protect our kids. it's just unbelievable. thank you alleluia poet for being with us. hopefully something will be done about this. can anything be done if the mayor is saying this? >> we are hoping all the legislators are behind us. everybody is saying oh we are behind the parents 100 percent. hopefully if the word gets out there i think they were trying to do it without anybody knowing it being done. 5,000 people at the school in one area that they will be able to get us back up police officer. ainsley: i'm praying for all those students at all these schools in new york. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. ainsley: burglars don't
3:29 am
usually get permission to steal one give a sign. >> broke in at all. they wouldn't wait until i was home. then they knew they wouldn't get out. ainsley: more on that open invitation next. in few hours, pennsylvania voter will head to the polls. todd piro is there having breakfast with friends. we will have breakfast with him coming up next. ♪ r-o-c-k in the u.s.a. ♪ rocking in the u.s.a. snowed ™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ with expedia one click gives you access to discounts on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the avalon hotel beverly hills for 40% off. everything you need to go.
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steve: that is so cool. ainsley: that is awesome. steve: 28 minutes before the top of the hour on election day. brian: are you ready? all eyes on steel country. steve: that's right. polls are going to open minutes from now in pennsylvania's eighth district voter will decide race that could have national implication. ainsley: eric shawn is live with more for us. big day today. >> good morning, ainsley. hi, everybody. yes it and the polling place behind me opens half an hour from now. the big question here in this district will the white working class voters who abandoned hillary clinton, will they return to the democratic party or stay with the g.o.p.? the nation is watching today. this race, of course, pits the democratic candidate, he is 33-year-old ivy league conner lamb, a former marine and federal prosecutor against four term state
3:34 am
representative rick saccone. they both have been going after the blue collar workers. the reagan democrats who now support president trump here in trump country. lamb is no progressive leftist. is he a moderate. supports the second amendment. is against the assault weapons ban and he wants to dump nancy pelosi. saccone is former intelligence officer who worked on north korean issues says he was trump before trump was trump. and last night really went after the liberals saying they have a hatred for the country and hatred for god, he said. both in this heavy union country, pitching for the union vote. >> this is a time in our country where many of our most important promises seem to be up for grabs. it's not just the miners. it's all of organized labor. it's the pensions of many of our labor unions and things like social security and medicare that apply every union member. >> put out that misinformation over and over. remember, this the is the
3:35 am
same union leadership who supported president obama who was trying to kill the coal miners and coal industry and supported hillary clinton. >> yesterday he focused on the economic issues. he toured a candy factory with donald trump jr. they had to wear funny hair nets. they can't have any hair falling in the easter bunny. during that event despite the national pundits the president's son does not think this race is a referendum on his father. >> just because djt isn't on this ticket, just because it's a special election, doesn't mean it doesn't matter. if you have a turnover in 2018, you're going to have years of just obstructionist policies. all this great stuff with tax reform. all the jobs. it can go like that. >> well, what will go like that is this district because of redistricting it disappears so whoever wins later on today well they may have to run in another district in november. back to you guys.
3:36 am
steve: eric shawn live where it is starting to snow there in pennsylvania. eric, thank you very much. brian: if you are covering this for a long time, if eric is listening, layers. don't just wear one bulky coat. janice: where is your little spandex. brian: i don't have that with me. ainsley: thank you for that advice in march. steve: go out to the keystone state of pennsylvania. todd piro talking with voters at shellie's pike inn in houston, pennsylvania. hey, todd. todd: what's going on, guys? we always learn so much from brian, we appreciate that. let's get right to the voters. david, you are voting for rick saccone, why? >> the reason i'm voting for rick. he's a man of integrity. i have known him seven years now. being a veteran myself, i respect that about him and good christian man and big thing is the integrity about rick. todd: greg, voting for rick saccone? >> yes.
3:37 am
todd: why. >> is he a veteran. not only with the military but foreign affairs. we need a man in place to help that out. todd: you told me you are very impressed by saccone's north korea experience? >> absolutely. todd: thank you very much, gentlemen. we are are going to sneak on over here. larry, larry con trainer with this group. is he voting for conner lamb, why? >> is he young. i know he is inexperienced. he does have some small agenda which is -- i don't think he will follow nancy pelosi agenda. i think he will think for himself and i think that the district needs someone willing to move forward. i think he will save medicare and social security and hopefully i make the right decision. todd: let's go to donna. she works for healthcare. she is voting for rick saccone, why, donna. >> because i think he will follow nancy pelosi agenda i want the trump agenda to continue. i think he will follow that.
3:38 am
todd: quickly, let's go to karen. works in construction. voting for rick saccone, why? >> because i want him to continue the trump agenda. i like the creation of jobs. less regulation, and hopefully they will do something about healthcare. to have haded to we have excited diner here. a lot of folks and opinions. >> yeah. todd: got a yeah from donna. send it back to new york city. steve: thank you very much. a nice fair and balanced breakfast. brian: hard to disseminate between the two conner lamb runs a lot of the trump agenda. it's blending a lot of things. steve: the question is will it that continue or just to get elected. brian: he called him lamb the sham. ainsley: hand it over to jillian. jillian: i wonder what nicknames he would give to us? he has nicknames for everybody. brian: maybe he has one. we are not sure we want to know. jillian: good morning to you guys and to you at home. get you caught up on headlines. passengers pack being a southwest flight after fire on board forcing an
3:39 am
emergency landing. >> move back. [shouting] >> come on, bud. electrical fire reportedly filling the cabin with smoke. forcing the flight from phoenix to land albuquerque. passengers evacuating down slides before being put on new flight to dallas. two people taken to the hospital. arnold schwarzenegger wants to go terminator on oil companies he claim cause global warming. his plan? suing them for murder. >> the oil companies knew from 1959 on, did their own study and knew there will be global warming and climate change happening. this is why we are now talking to law firms, where we sue the oil companies for knowingly killing people all over the world. jillian: there is no time library forever th for the laws. schwarzenegger outspoken critic of trump host a conference in may. burglars don't usually get
3:40 am
invites. that's exactly what one retired marine veteran is doing. charles posting a sign outside of his florida home challenging the thief it says quote when you stole my tv you neglected to steel my computer and stereo. please, come back for them. >> bothers me that they broke in at all. they wouldn't wait until i was home. then they knew they wouldn't get out. jillian: he was in the hospital during the burglary. he is keeping the sign up as long as he can hoping to catch the perp. if you heard noise in the background that was my friend janice. brian: sometimes we forget we are on television. ainsley: we have a lot to talk about. steve: third nor'easter in a row. brian: so she claims. janice: on twitter i said let's put the groundhog in jail. lock him up. steve: really? that's rough. janice: it's his fault. ainsley: lock him up. janice: just don't lock me up. 34 in boston. 33 in new york.
3:41 am
this is going to be a new england storm. we are getting light snow in philadelphia. new york city, hartford. but, boston, you could hit the jackpot of over a foot of snow. blizzard conditions for coastal, massachusetts as well. we have blizzard warnings up. it will be out of the new york city area by midday. but it's going to be ongoing for parts of northern new england throughout the evening and even into tomorrow. blizzard warnings in effects in the areas that you see red and pink. that is your winter storm warning. again, we could see upwards of 6 to 12, even 18 inches plus in some of these areas in ski country. there is your potential snowfall. again, this is mainly lay new england event. but certainly coastal flood advisories are in effect and we are going to see some beach erosions. three nor'easters in less than two weeks. we still have the potential set up fo more forms in the next seven to 10 days. steve: bright side if you like the snow? new england this is going to be a great opportunity. janice: there is your silver lining. brian: i had my brush.
3:42 am
i left it in the car. steve: your brush? brian: brush to brush off the car. steve: you mean a scraper. brian: i call it a brush. i only use the brush side. ainsley: you are in rare form today. keep watching you don't know what he is going to say next. brian: judge is showing up soon. ainsley: get ready. steve: house intel committee closing their case. robert mueller? not done. brian: stay there. i have something else to read. devin nunes, rick saccone is going to be here. andy puzder and michelle malkin. play at home and tell us who is who ♪ ♪ (daniel jacob) for every hour that you're idling in your car, you're sending about half a gallon of gasoline up in the air. that amounts to about 10 pounds of carbon dioxide every week.
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excuse me, are you aware of what's happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster. you can do that? we can do that. then do that. can we do that? we can do that. brian: house republicans closing their case on collusion. >> we're not having anything to do whatsoever with the mueller investigation. but we didn't find any evidence of collusion and i
3:46 am
don't know that he will either. steve: democrats on the house intel committee not letting it go. new report claiming special counsel robert mueller may delay any obstruction of justice charges to keep pursuing the collusion thing. ainsley: here to react is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning. ainsley: why would he do this? >> think of what bob mueller is doing as a 10 or 20 or 30,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. the pieces don't always come in to him in a logical order. he has assembled a few hundred pieces here and a pew hundred pieces there. he can't reveal parts of the puzzle to the public until he has all of it. so, if, for example, he decides i have enough to make a case on obstruction of justice, and he reveals that he might lose some witnesses on other parts of his investigation. so, don't think it's particularly news worthy for us to know what he is focusing on at the moment.
3:47 am
because we're going to find out everything in my opinion all at once. either going to say no case here and sorry i wasted your time and money. unlikely he will do that. brian: already made an announcement there is a case there. two weeks ago. >> correct. when he indicted all the russians. whom he will never prosecute because putin will never send those people here. so obviously the indictment is for another purpose to shake loose some witnesses. steve: right. >> to tell the american public that the russians were here. to contradict the house intel committee. steve: if the story is accurate. based on leaks. the president tweeted last night all caps because he was so excited. we will read this in loud voice house intel committee has after 14-month long in-depth investigation found no evidence of collusion or coordination between the trump campaign and russia to influence the presidential election. all right. obviously, he would like to see this go away, but the democrats are going to hang on. >> i don't blame him for being happy. i don't blame him for saying it in caps and then the
3:48 am
tweet is right on the mark. we were talking about this during the break. there is really two house intel committees. one led by devin nunes and mike conway the republicans. and one led by adam ship. they have highly, in my view, politicized what they are supposed to do. i mean, until about three years ago, this is one of those rare committees that operated with near unanimity, their goal is patriotism. their goal is defending our borders. their goal is exposing breaches in national security. their goal is not to attack donald trump, to support donald trump and nancy pelosi. steve: this is so politicized apparently they have been talking about building a wall between the republicans on the staff and democrats. judge: not talking about the wall is he going to build in california today? steve: this is different. judge: i realize i'm kidding around. it shouldn't be that way. i understand partisanship. i understand they have different goals. but this committee in my opinion does a disservice when they say we looked at all that secret stuff.
3:49 am
here what happens we concluded. we won't let you see what we looked at. brian: how can they possibly because right now they are giving it to the committee that's going to decide. judge: they shouldn't be spoon feeding it for political purposes. that's my argument. ainsley: thank you, judge. steve: there has been plenty of that a big spoon. brian: senate in two weeks with preliminary conclusions. do you look forward to that. judge: i always look forward to it because it gives you a chance to question me. [laughter] brian: doesn't mean it's accurate. judge: only bob mueller can indict. steve: that's right. criminal. ainsley: three of america's largest companies now opening up the books, revealing what they pay their workers compared to their ceos. gerri willis brae breaks down the numbers next. steve: polls enin the 18th district in pennsylvania. howe is congressman rick saccone feeling this morning? he is going to talk to us in about 20 minutes ♪ tailgate down ♪ hometown
3:50 am
♪ here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing.
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ainsley: for the first time ever, some of america's biggest companies are disclosing what they pay their employees and what the compensation is for their ceos. brian: it turns out they get paid the same. how do the salaries compare? steve: they don't get paid the same. that's why fox business network gerri willis is joining us. jerry, for the person at the median level, when they start finding out what their boss makes, they are going to go i want to be the boss. >> yeah. it's like five degrees of separation. like people are upset about these numbers. but i have got to tell threw is a lot of variation. i wanted to start with humana, the company where the median employee for workers is really very close to the u.s. median.
3:54 am
57,400. very close to the 59,000 that's the median income for workers across the u.s. the ceo making 19.8 million. that's 344 times. that's a big number, my friends. brian: is that unique. >> gosh, no. it's not even the highest. i will get to that whirlpool the median employee there not making $20,000? most of their workers are in brazil. they are offshore and in an economy where pay is low. but that ceo making only 7 million is 356 times higher. let's look at the big kahuna, marathon petroleum. i want to give you this example. the median employee making 21,000 in the u.s.a. the ceo making 19.7. the metric, ceo making 935 times higher than the median employee. why is that? marathon operates a lot of gas stations and stores and these folks are ringing the cash register. they are making part time
3:55 am
and not making big dough. steve: ceos take the risk and reputations on the line. it's commensurate to a degree, right? >> come down on both sides of this. people who watch pay and study pay say it's pretty much in line. it makes a lot of sense to us. they do take the risk. their name is on the line if the company doesn't do well. but people opt other side say hey, we're going to use these numbers for bargaining power at the negotiating table. steve: we were talking how back in the day when ben and jerry's still ran the place, they had a 5 to 1 ratio where the boss could only make five times what the average person makes. >> people used to be. this is a reason to crow, right, if you are a ceo how much money you make. there was a time when ceos tried to keep their pay more in line with workers. brian: why don't they now. >> it's bragging rights. you want to make the most. biggest paid ceo in america.
3:56 am
the 50 that are reporting are big, big, big companies. ainsley: if they are making -- what i don't understand humana, their employees are making almost $60,000 and ceo 20000000. the ceo of marathon making 20 million and his employees making 20,000? you can't have kids with $20,000 as your income. >> these are part-time jobs. ring the cash register, pumping gas. not high paying jobs. there is a medical device maker where the ratio is far lower. the average pay at that company $157,000. so, the more you bring to the table in terms of education and tools, the more you get paid. brian: in sports it's very easy. there is only one lebron james. that's why he gets paid more. everybody who watch was the game knows he is the best. are the ceos clearly the best. if that's the answer. >> ceo pay tracks performance. and often you see boards
3:57 am
toss people out that don't have results they will throw them away. it doesn't always happen. and, you know, this is one of those things that i think people are going to watch. ainsley: can't go through life with a victim mentality. steve: step aside. big two hours. all it takes is, with a scotts solution for every season. it's that easy. this is a scotts yard. previously treated withd platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want a chance to live longer. opdivo (nivolumab). over 40,000 patients have been prescribed opdivo immunotherapy. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work. this may happen during or after treatment has ended,
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4:00 am
we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition. steve: the house republicans on the intel committee found that there was no collusion with the russians. >> there is really two house intel committees. one led by adam schiff. and they have highly, in my view, politicized what they are supposed to do. ainsley: the manhunt for serial bomber as deadly explosions rock the city of austin. two people are dead. >> these are unidentified packages that are showing up and they are being left on the front doorsteps. brian: all eyes on steel country. >> we need, guys, like rick saccone to be in there fighting with my father. okay? jillian: president trump is heading to california, the president will see firsthand
4:01 am
the 8 border wall prototypes. >> his whole campaign was looking backwards. you know, you didn't like black people getting rights. you don't like women. >> i do want to thank kevin brady. where is kevin? where is kevin? kevin are we going for an additional tax cut? do you hear that john and ted? phase ii. ♪ ♪ ♪ i was a lonely soul ♪ steve: this is phase ii of the "fox & friends" show. it's a three hour show this is hour two. ainsley: he has been off his rocker today. brian: i have not been. 1, 2. one down, two more to go when it comes to the investigations. senate is next and then mueller is, what two or three years from now? steve: mueller is going to be done. i bet close to the election.
4:02 am
brian: iran contra lasted over four years. went to the next election. steve: iran contra was really complicated. this is pretty simple. comes down to was there collusion yesterday we found out according to the house intel committee republicans on board there was no collusion. we are going to be talking to don trump jr. he is going to be talking to us shortly. let's make this a fox news alert. ainsley: all right. so the president is touting the house intel committee findings as it wraps up its russia investigation saying that they found no evidence or conspiracy that there were russian cyber attacks on u.s. political institutions and they said that there was a lackluster preelection response to russia from the obama administration. and they found a pattern of russian attacks on america's european allies. steve: all right. so the president himself tweeted out in all caps, which first time i can remember him doing that. it said: the house intel committee has, after 14 month long in-depth investigation, found no evidence of collusion or
4:03 am
coordination between the trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. keep in mind they talked to over 50 witnesses. they scanned hundreds of thousands of documents. and they simply could not find collusion. mistakes made? did they have bad judgment? yes and yes. but was there collusion? no. brian: and they wouldn't even say that the russians were pulling for donald trump. they just said they existed. they meddled. it happened. we should now focus on stopping the next time because they are going to try to do it again. mike conway who took over for devin nunes said this. >> we have looked at some 300,000 documents. 73 interviews that we have done across the course. trying to answer the four questions originally set out for the committee to answer. yes, the russians tried to interfere with our election process, yes, they had cyber attacks, active measures going on. we could find no evidence of
4:04 am
collusion between either campaign and the russians. and we also have some recommendations, will have recommendations that speak to what we do with elections going forward, how important it is for americans to be on guard on a process as sacred to our democracy, our representative republic quite frankly. that's the electing of leadership across this country. ainsley: he said hillary did not collude. president trump did not collude. that's one part of the investigation as you were saying earlier, brian. there are three other parts. they still need to investigate the unmasking or continue that investigation. the fisa abuse and the dirty dossier. brian: going to release. steve: recommendations, one you have them will be going forward the fec will require more detailed explanations of how money is spent so that you can't hide behind -- remember, the dirty dossier was paid for by the hillary campaign and dnc and all that what was listed are. >> democrats not buying it only republicans they want
4:05 am
on to say they don't know what's in the final document. the democrats today will get 150 page report. put it through the declassification process. all get to see it devin nunes on at 8:20. remember, he was removed temporarily as they reviewed him for ethics violation. he was exoneration but con conaway kept the job. ainsley: democrats upset about this including adam schiff. 14 months to show all of us evidence. we haven't seen any evidence. zero evidence of collusion so far. 14u months when it came to the networks. take a look at abc and ntsb. cbs findings. 41 seconds talking about what the house intelligence committee came up with. on abc 27 seconds.
4:06 am
ntsb had to wait the entire show to find out nothing was there. steve: how many times have you tuned in to one of the big nightly newscasts and they talked about russia, russia, russia. trump was in bed with the russians about this and that. many, many times. and, yet, when the news breaks that the republicans on the house intel committee have found there was no collusion, less than 1 minute on the big three. which is extraordinary. ntsb, to your point, brian, had zero coverage of this. yet, they did have time to feature a power ball winner and they were able to talk about warren buffet's march madness break the. but they did not tell the viewers of ntsb last night on the lester holt show that according to house intel this first phase there is no collusion. ainsley: does that surprise you? steve: no. ainsley: let us know what you think. steve: it's sad. it's called a news channel do the news. brian: i saw rachel maddow
4:07 am
had on adam schiff and how politicized this thing is he said if he does get the majority and chairman he is not certain to open it up until we found out what the senate comes one and two weeks release preliminary findings. steve: her show is opinion show. we have a lot of opinions on this show. the nightly news should have the news. for ntsb not to spend one second on it. maybe the prompter was down. president was talking about tax reform. many of all have said let's not focus on investigations and what the president is doing and how is he putting money back in pocketbooks. tax reform it was very successful at the end of last year, beginning of this year. when was it? december? january? now the president is hinting around that there is a phase ii of the tax cuts. listen to this. >> but i do want to thank senator cornyn. senator cruz. representative kevin bread
4:08 am
where is kevin? kevin are we going for an additional tax cut i do understand? he is the king of those tax cuts, yeah? we are going to do a phase 2 i'm hearing that do you hear that john and ted? phase ii. we're actually very serious about that, kevin. so, it's good. but kevin brady is a spectacular person and did a really incredible job with the tax cuts. brian: chairman of ways and means. brian: in front of houston astros gave tribute to them for winning the world series. senator cruz and from houston, texas. why not make those marginal rates permanent. right now they are going to evaporate after 10 years that would be an additional tax cut. steve: nobody knows what the president is talking about. there is no second bill being cooked up by the republican leadership if the house or the senate. unless they're talking about technical correction bill. any time you have a giant bill like the tax cut bill, there are little loopholes and things that need to be tightened. but for that to also pass through the congress would
4:09 am
be really tough. was that what he was talking about or talking about, for instance, ronald reagan back in the day. he had two phases. he had one in '81 and one in '86. so is that what he is talking about? we don't know for sure. if the president is watching right now. if you could call us triple 8 tell fox. we would appreciate it. brian: isn't he flying out to san diego? steve: 8:3024 morning. brian: the president has not released his taxes yet and no has jillian. have you released your taxes? jillian: noble has asked me to. brian: would you do that? jillian: sure, brian. just because you asked. let's start with this fox news alert. serial bomber after deadly explosions rock austin, texas. 17-year-old boy died monday after opening plain looking box rigid with explosives. >> to be able to construct a device like this and deliver that guys to your target without having texas
4:10 am
employed either during construction or delivery does take level of s sophistications. three in 10 days. police are investigating as if they're all quicked. all of the victims are minorities. we will keep you posted. pilot says the loose bag may have hooked on to a lever cutting off fuel from the engine mid-air. federal investigators are investigating this as chilling new video surfaces from inside the helicopter, you can see it right there just moments before the crash. two passengers seen smiling and giving the thumbs up as they prepare for lift off. defense secretary jim mattis arriving overnight in afghanistan for unannounced three-point negotiate a peace deal between the taliban and afghan government. >> it's all working to achieve a reconciliation. a political reconciliation. not a military victory. the victory will be a political reconciliation.
4:11 am
jillian: mattis plans to meet with top general in afghanistan as well as afghan president. kid rock is adding new title to his list of accomplishments. wwe hall of famer ♪ if i don't survive ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free ♪ jillian: the singer will be inducted into the wwe hall of fame celebrity wing during wrestle mania in new orleans next month. wwe has frequently used kid rock's music and theme songs for its events and wrestler entrances. i have a question for you guys. what song would you pick as entrance theme song if you had one. ainsley: have to think about that. brian: probably something by the carpenters. steve: rainy days and mondays always get you down. steve: we have one by the time next time we talk to
4:12 am
you. jillian: deal. brian: if you are a famous musician and want to write my music. what about an original piece of music. steve: it would have to get famous so people know what they are talking about ♪ brian: that's not it. i would have to go for a runner-up. ainsley: weighs that the carpenters? steve: from the life of. brian: brian monty python. steve: talking to republican congressional candidate rick saccone. is he live with us as the polls opened 12 minutes ago in the keystone state. brian: here comes some jail time. the story behind this bride in handcuffs. steve: not a joke. what a reception. ainsley: what a reception ♪ we're going to the chapel ♪ and we're going to get married ♪ going to the chapel ♪ and we're going
4:13 am
found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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4:16 am
>> we need our congressman saccone, we have to have it. this is a very extraordinary guy. we need him. we need republicans. we need the vote. brian: that was president on saturday. his son was there yesterday. president trump stumping for
4:17 am
republican house candidate rick saccone to take tim murphy's seats ahead of today's special election in pennsylvania's 18th congressional district as now will be desolved in a few months. pennsylvania state rep who wants to be the g.o.p. congressman from his district in pennsylvania rick saccone. rick, so far the polls have you consistently trailing but very close but, yet, you told me in the break you feel very optimistic. why? >> well, i have always been the underdog in every race i have ever ran. this is my fifth election. so i relish being the underdog. that's good. i think the methodology of those polls, i don't pay much attention to and often calculated on previous special election turnout. we are going to get our people out today. that's what it is all about. getting out the vote. and we have a great ground game. and we are working on that. and, you know, it's all in the lord's hands. he has got to get people, move their hearts to get out and vote today. wake up and go vote, people. brian: why do you think a district unapposed last time
4:18 am
is such a struggle this time. >> it's an open seat. as you study politics and i'm a political scientist. there is a lot more interest. a lot of national interest. whenever it's an open seat, it's hard to beat an incumbent. it's natural that the dems would try to pour everything into it to try to take the seat. brian: what was it like over the weekend with the president of the united states with 4,000 person rally? what was your interaction like. >> it was like 6 or 7,000 people. they had to turn people away. it was amazing. it was electric in there. if you haven't within to a rally it's not like watching it on television. electricity there. the president is a great speaker. he works the audience. he comansdz the audience. everybody leaves there with a smile on their face. great man. i have ultimate respect for him. brian: have you opponent that's a rarity. he seems to be moderate democrat. sounds almost like a republican in conner lamb, a 33-year-old former prosecutor, marine. what do you say to people he is running like a
4:19 am
republican. he will be a moderate. i can handle that? >> well, he is trying to look like a moderate democrat. look like a republican. we know he is not. we have outed him on several issues like guns and abortion. he tried to run like he was pro-life. we outed him and we know he is pro-choice. so, we know that he will vote. if he were to get there, that he would vote with the democratic party 100 percent. and we can't have that if we're going to implement the trump agenda we have to stick with the president. i have always been been for that agenda. i have been fighting for it and have a lot of experience doing so. i'm ready to roll up my sleeves and help push that agenda across the goal line. brian: hillary was speaking in incorporated i can't about america basically people that voted for donald trump are people that don't like black people getting rights. they don't like women getting jobs. you don't want to see that indian american succeeding. that's what a republican
4:20 am
voter who voted for president trump profiles. do you see it that way? >> why would anyone care what hillary clinton says at this point? i don't even know why they would interview her. that's just such nonsense. what could be said beyond that? brian: how do you feel about tariffs? mainly the republican party upset the president putting tariffs on aluminum and steel? what does rick saccone say. >> i'm coming to you from the steel city. those tariffs are popular here. we want to protect our steel industry. i always have protected the steel industry. we want to protect our steelworks. they can compete anywhere in the world on a level playing field. that field has been slanted and the president wants to bring balance back to playing field. brian: rick saccone shot out of the cannon on this election day eighth district in pennsylvania. >> thank you very much. brian: we asked conner lamb to come on he declined for
4:21 am
some reason. up next donald trump jr. who spent his whole day, yesterday, can with w. that man rick saccone. what does he think? he is with ainsley now. they are always fighting when they are together. ♪ after day. because life should have more wishes and less worries. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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♪ get outta my dreams ♪ get into my car ♪ get into my car ♪ ♪ get outta my dreams ♪ get in the backseat, baby ♪ get into my car ♪ beep, beep, yeah ♪ ♪ get outta my mind ♪ get outta my mind ♪ ♪ get into my life applebee's to go. order online and get $10 off $30. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids,
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and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. steve: 7:24 in new york city. time now for news by the numbers. first $560 million. the new hampshire woman who won all that powerball jackpot will remain anonymous. a judge yesterday ruling her right to privacy outweighed the public's interest in her identity. so we're not going to know who she is and her relatives aren't going to start bugging her for cash. 10 billion bucks. that's how much money americans are expected to bet on the ncaa march madness basketball tournament. but only 3% of it will be bet legally.
4:25 am
and finally, 14 feet. that is the size of that great white shark seen swimming right there by a fisherman just off the coast of florida. that is pretty scary. brought to you by southern style charters. that's some of your news by the numbers. ainsley down to you. ainsley: that looks scary. thank you, steve. millions of americans and their values are still under attack by two of the left wing's loudest voices. listen. >> his whole campaign make america great again was looking backwards. you know, you didn't like barack people getting rights. you don't like women getting jobs. >> one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. >> exactly. >> objection, well. >> that's different. that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. hearing voices. ainsley: between hillary trashing america's heartland and joy behar's mockery of
4:26 am
christianity. are democrats out of touch with real american values? here to debate this is rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcenany and jessica tarlov: is this going to hurt the democrats? >> absolutely. democrats have an elitism problem. they have precisely zero understanding of the hard working men and women that make this country great. look at president obama back when he said that republican voters to their guns and religion antipathy. hillary clinton saying they are backwards, deplorable, irredeemable. you have hollywood elites like joy behar disparaging christians and have liberal elites like hillary clinton maligning conservatives. they are so out of touch and they have a big problem on their hands. ainsley: jessica, hillary clinton is in india. she is not even on american soil saying all of this. she is saying that trump supporters, you don't like black people getting rights. you don't like women getting jobs. you don't want to see the
4:27 am
indian american succeeding more than you are. smart of her to say that? why is she saying that? >> i'm not sure. i certainly wouldn't have told her to say that on indian soil or american soil. i think there is a very productive way that hillary clinton can be continually great messenger for democrats. i think that she has a powerful voice. i think she understands the issues. she doesn't understand the importance of inclusivity and diversity and policies that will raise up all americans. that's not the way to go about talking about it as for the joy behar comments, i think it would be fantastic if "the view" would have a segment talking about this. that's what theview is supposed to be about, talking about controversial topics. they have meghan mccain sitting there now bringing conservative voice to this. there should be open discussion about it that would be a way to productively move forward to. kayleigh's point about democrats being so out of touch. look at what is going on in pennsylvania's 18th district go out and vote for conor lamb. is he leading in the latest monmouth poll by 6 points.
4:28 am
i don't think that means the democrats are out of touch. ainsley: kayleigh, do you think she brought up joy behar. she played that sound bite at the top of this seeing: she did apologize to vice president pence sh he said that on sean hannity's show. do you think she needs to do that publicly. he has a problem with her doing that to tens of millions of americans. >> she publicly lambasted christians as mentally ill. yet she wants to privately apologize. she needs to issue a public apology, ainsley, you know as well as i do, that christianity it's who you are. it's so deeply personal to the identity of hundreds of millions of men and women in this country, 227 million to be precise. she owes them an apology. and she represents this liberal attitude where it's okay, it's permissible to just lambaste christians go, after them, attack them. we need to stand up and make the call. we need to boycott abc and send an unmistakable message until she apologizes we as
4:29 am
christians will not watch that program. ainsley: jessica, i think you brought up a great point. they could need to make it a talking point. if they do do you think she will apologize. >> i think she will. she will apologize for what it was which i think was a bad joke. i'm not saying that could not have flown with any other religion if she said that about muslims or jews there would be a far larger backlash against it. i don't think that would have happened. i don't think she said this to be lambasting christians as it were. ainsley: why isn't she apologizing. >> she feels she did apologize because she spoke to vice president pence. you i think this would be a productive segment on "the view" to talk about it. i'm sure she would apologize to any who were offended by her comments. ainsley: we will see. thanks: illegal immigrant in a deadly hit and run. now he is nowhere to be found. how did that happen? and republicans close the case on collusion. will democrats do the same? donald trump jr. is here
4:30 am
live on that next. ♪ rock you study ♪ rough and ready ♪ rough and ready, baby ♪ at music] ♪ you wouldn't feel good not knowing the price here. don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program, you pay the same low price. all without having to go through insurance. plus, they come in a spill-resistant vial along with a free meter. skip the guessing game and focus on your health. not the cost. make saving simple today at
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ainsley: this is your shot of the morning. it's houston strong. president trump honoring the cajun navy at the white house during heroic efforts during hurricane harvey. brian: they made their name katrina. the volunteer organization traveled from louisiana to houston to help first responders who were overwhelmed with calls from across the state. steve: the group was at the white house yesterday along with the houston astros as they celebrated the houston win. also in attendance, we understanding mattress mac who donated all those mattresses from his store. joining us now is donald trump jr., executive vice president of the trump organization and, of course, he is the son of the
4:34 am
president. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys, how are you? steve: when you heard the news that the republicans on the house intel committee had wrapped things up and found zero collusion, you said? >> i'm not surprised. i have known this all along. this something that we have dealt with for two years. and what i really want to know is how much money, time, and resources were spent on this witch-hunt by the democrats simply because they couldn't believe that donald trump won? that's what it is. by the way, they will never give it up. because they need it. it's their only talking point for '18. they need that to exist. just like the media needed it they went all in with this crazy notion. the good thing about it is the only thing we found out is the other side colluding with the dnc. colluding with the 7th floor with the fbi. the lawyers at the top. not the boots on the ground guys. they are the ones doing all the shady stuff. that stuff is disgusting. while it was a huge pain, i'm glad it actually
4:35 am
happened because it uncovered what was going on in this country, and i think that's stair j stuff. ainsley: it's been 14-month investigation. zero evidence of collusion on both sides. but you still have adam schiff and congresswoman maxine waters last night responding to. this listen. >> many of us could see that donald trump was going to be a very poor president. what we couldn't see is how many people would be complicit in that, how many people would be willing to resign their obligations under the constitution and their system of checks and balances the service of that deeply flawed president. >> who would believe nunes was working in a credible way to find out what took place as a matter of fact, he was simply a messenger boy for the president running up in the middle of the night trying to prove that obama, for example, had wiretapped the president. and so, they can conclude whatever they want to. they weren't doing anything to begin with. it was not a credible investigation. brian: now you mentioned
4:36 am
before, while ainsley was doing her interview, she is going to get a tape -- you mentioned before this does not surprise that you democrats are upset by the final. but, in the senate, you were encouraged that you would be talking to senators and you didn't even know where their staff -- what party they were in. should we look forward to that being less partisan? >> at senate intel i was impressed. you walk out of a room after almost 10 hours of interviewing you didn't know who was on whose side. those guys actually seemed like they were trying to get to facts. when i look at house intel and other groups, it was literally looking for a sound bite. when you go in voluntarily. did you go in under the auspices of confidentiality. you get out at 7:30 at night again after a 10-hour day you look on twitter feed and starting at noon you hear cnn is reporting that at 1:00. cnn is reporting that. i mean the adam schiffs of the world presumably him because he has never met a camera he didn't love, good thing he is not that good on tv. he is out there telling these people this.
4:37 am
the follow weekend they're giving misleading leaking information and crossing dates to try to make it seem and perpetuate the scandal that was nonsense. so that's a little bit sad and little bit scary. they will run on this forever. like i said earlier, they have nothing else. in '18 what are they going to run on? the economy? what are they going to run on, jobs? nothing. they have obstructionism. steve: it's one thing though if it's adam schiff. there is news on sara this morning that apparently former director of national intelligence james clamp when he was the director of national intelligence he was in a classified briefing with president obama and separately with donald trump, this were both classified meetings, he reportedly, according to sara carter and her government sources, he then liked to cnn. this iliked -- leaked to cnn. >> it doesn't surprise me at awesome the real problem is the double standard and how those things are prosecuted. if the democrats do it oh, it's okay.
4:38 am
it's not a big deal it doesn't matter. if a republican does it, i mean, can you imagine the outright outrage they would be on there going crazy. as republicans we have to start fighting the game like them. i'm all for fair fights. we take this high ground while they are running all over us. while they are lying it and pushing it and leaking. we have to start playing the game like they do. until they start playing fairly. brian: can you imagine if you were in the minority. >> that's the point. all they want is to be obstructionists. brian: everyone keeps pointing to that meeting that you had. durable you had told peopledo y. >> it was the biggest waste of time in my life. i don't remember the meeting that's the problem. when you are on a campaign trail like that so much going on. i didn't even think about it. by the way they talk about me not disclosing. i'm not in government. i had no obligation to disclose it i didn't even think about it. to me, it wouldn't even have
4:39 am
occurred to do that. so, yes, did i this but the other side when they're paying, and this is all verified at this point. they are paying foreign operatives for information from russia, that's okay. that's different. i took a meeting from someone that we had done business with years before and i said okay, fine, i will listen to you. i thought that was covered under the first amendment. so i listened. meanwhile, they are out there actively paying and soliciting adam schiff gets pranked by two shock jobs from ukraine. now, that's okay. that doesn't matter. he is on there trying to solicit information from two shock jobs. brian: trying to set up a meeting two days later. >> the difference between adam schiff and me i wasn't in government. i'm not a ranking member of an intelligence committee. so, the double standard is pretty sickening. i'm not saying -- you could say whatever you want ignorance isn't an excuse. if you are the ranking mechanic of an intelligence committee and you are doing all those things and meanwhile you are going after a private citizen working on a campaign who had no position in government and no power?
4:40 am
which one of those is different? which one of those could actually influence real power? ainsley: let's move onto the wall. a lot of people care about that because they went to the polls to vote for your dad for that reason. is he heading out to california today to look at those prototypes. what's the timetable as far as the wall? >> i don't know the timetable. i know once have you your permits, the permitting process is always the biggest disaster in building. that's when we are. we are builders first and foremost. you have to get that through. the left and environmental groupings they will come up with every excuse to delay. this again, he knows how to build. once he gets that going, it's going to be fast. but you're going to have to go through all of those protests says cease. again, you have to go through the obstructions on the other side and they will throw up every road block no different from chuck schumer with all of the guys we haven't been able to get there we have to have 30 hours of debate. we never did that to obama. we may not have agreed with the people he put forth for cabinet positions and ambassadorships. we may not have agreed with it or thrilled with those people. we didn't throw up the arbitrary no we have to have
4:41 am
30 hours of debate and come up with another stall tactic. brian: how could ric grenell not be the ambassador to germany right now. >> first openly gay abrams and democrats are sitting there to actually try to block it. you can't make up this kind of nonsense when you look at their platform and the things they are supposed to do. steve: welcome to washington, d.c. meanwhile rick saccone who brian talked to 20 minutes ago would like to represent the 18th district of pennsylvania. you were out stumping with him yesterday. >> i was. steve: you were seen at sara sara's candy. apparently being interviewed by a giant chocolate bunny. >> yes. much more credible than 78 of the news outlets out there. when they asked me a tough question i just ate it. it was great. ainsley: reporter was standing on the other side of the big chocolate bunny. on the picture it looks like the bunny holding out his hand. >> pretty classic. still more credible than cnn. steve: chocolate rabbit gave hard hitting interview and was clicious. brian: don, you were the
4:42 am
winner yesterday in rick saccone because the polls have him trailing. >> livable, i think. so i was with a guy, great military background. great law enforcement background. great experience. this is someone we want in there. this someone who is going to vote for trump. the problem i have seen in all of these contracts. they are not dumb. they will run this he is kind of a conservative and maybe he is on the stump. the problem is these guys then go to d.c. and the first thing they do is fall lock step in with nancy pelosi in the house and in with chuck schumer in the senate. have you seen it with joe manchin and john tester. all these guys. we are very conservative democrats. no, you are not. you may say that you may say that to your constituents because that's what they are. brian: in a red state. >> you get down to d.c. and not once do you have a break? you have guys in west virginia and montana voting against tax reform? come on, guys. you can't sell that nonsense. so that's going to be no different. you think that young 33-year-old guy in pennsylvania is going to get down to d.c. and be the rebel that stands up to chuck schumer and to nancy pelosi? no way.
4:43 am
joe manchin has been there for years. is he sitting next to chuck schumer state of the union. father talking about all-time low unemployment. all-time low minority. he wants to stand up and start clapping. chuck gives him the death look he sits down like a puppy. one thing they do well is is toe the line and follow the platform. chuck and nannies are the extreme left of the party. that's not good. i don't think the people of pennsylvania 18 should buy that they shouldn't fall for that trick because we have seen it time and time again. they have got to get out and vote. that's the biggest thing. we have tonal bliz our base. to mobilize our base. they can't be fat and happy because we are winning. just because dj. >> it is on the ticket doesn't mean everything he has accomplished isn't also on the ticket. brian: my sense is you are going to be on the ticket some day if you want to quit this business thing you are. in i'm telling you. >> don't say it, brian. but it is funnel. brian: you are a natural.
4:44 am
>> thank you, guys. steve: change of gears coming up. manhunt in austin, texas, for whomever is sending packages that explode. marine johnny joey jones is a bomb technician who lost his legs in a bomb blast in afghanistan. talking to him next. e... are defined by the things we share. and the ones we love. who never stop wondering what we'll do or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition.
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leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste. ♪ brian: a fox news alert. right now a manhunt in texas for a serial bomber sending packages packed with deadly explosives. the austin police chief updated us about an hour ago. >> these suspects, they do have a certain level of skill to be able to construct a device like this and then deliver that device to your target without having it explode either during construction or during delivery does take a certain level of so he face at this calings. as far as who is behind this though, that is part of the ongoing investigation. steve: that's what it all comes down to. two people have been killed by the bombs. two seriously hurt from
4:48 am
explosives left on separate door steps over the last 10 days. two of them were yesterday. next guest warns devices are greatest threat to civilians when it comes to mass murder. ainsley: bomb technician johnny joey jones lost boast boh of his legs in a bomb blast in afghanistan. he joins us now. so many people across the country are worried because we all get packages. when you heard about this story, we all are in fear over this and can't believe it happened. what goes through your mind as a bomb tensio technician. >> as a bomb technician the first thought in my mind is how was this made? any components in the post bomb analysis allow person purchasing them. small project boxes and circuit boards and certain components that aren't used for a whole lot of things. they are used in science classes and things like that that could delay arming the device and things like that. my assumption is it's a pretty simple device. probably some sort of
4:49 am
pull-to-close switch we call it, which could be two pieces of metal when you open the box they finally touch and set it off. the way the bomber is able to place it and walk away before it's armed or before it can explode, that can be as simple as a washing machine timer or egg timer. something mechanical. all of these exonts comments can be incredit i ca incredibly sophisticated. knowing which way this bomber went can help narrow down the search pretty quickly. steve: is there some sort of common thread between the victims? because. >> absolutely. >> someone wound one a bomb 10 days ago and then yesterday guy left two on the stoops of houses in texas. who he is leaving the bombs with that will lead to the killer. >> absolutely. i used to live in georgetown about 30 minutes north of austin. it's a pretty small big town. these people go to the same church? are they involved in the same community activity? are they all family members
4:50 am
by marriage? is there anything that connects them together? obviously that helps a lot. the main thing to keep in mind is if you see one of these packages without any type of labeling or postage on it don't move it get your family away. call 911. call the proper authorities. seems like these devices are either blowing up when they are opened or blowing up when they are moved. there is no reason to test that theory. there is no reason to put yourself in harm's way. i will tell you, timothy mcveigh killed 170 people and only 20% of that bomb blew up. we have a big debate right now about violence and mass murder. i think we should be having it about all types of tools. but this tool here, this is protected by the first amendment. not the second amendment. the cookbook is readily available online. this information isn't held secret. the types of materials you need to make these bombs is literally available at walmart. we should be having a serious conversation about our culture and detecting these things and surveying these things and stopping it before it happens regardless
4:51 am
of the tool. steve: thank you for joining us today from atlanta with your point of view. >> absolutely. take care, guys. ainsley: brian, what's coming up? brian: all eyes are on the pennsylvania election. todd piro having breakfast with people he barely knows. it's time for the 'sleep number spring clearance event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides
4:52 am
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♪ >> well, it's tuesday and all eyes are on pennsylvania. voters go to the polls for the battle for a house seat. steve: what do voters there in that 18th district think? todd piro is talking to them at shellie's pike inn in houston, pennsylvania where breakfast is served. todd: as it always is, steve. thank you very much. we are going to get right to it let's get to nic. nic is a retired small business owner. is he voting for rick saccone. why? >> i want to support trump's agenda. i think the man is doing a
4:55 am
fantastic job. i hated him before he was elected but i love him now. todd: understood. jim is the mayor of houston, texas. >> texas? todd: where are we? >> pennsylvania. [laughter] todd: he is voting for rick saccone why? >> i like rick's agenda. he impresses me what he has been talking to the people about. todd: thanks for educating me on geography. [laughter] todd: we are going to kelly now. you are voting for conor lamb, why? >> i identify more with what conor lamb believes in. my dad was a steel mill worker all of his life. i came from a blue collar family. i like he is for the middle class. todd: quickly, kerry, retired lawyer. you are voting for rick saccone, why? >> yes, i am. i think he is the best person to continue moving forward on president trump's agenda and continue to promote and grow the economy.
4:56 am
todd: thank you all very much. avery, i have a little problem with geography. avery, where are we? >> houston, pennsylvania. todd: so, just to review, avery 1, todd piro nothing in terms of geography. thanks for giving us the pulse of the people. give yourselves a round of applause. give me zero for geography. back to you guys in new york. steve: thank you very much, todd piro any -- houston, pennsylvania. meanwhile, coming up, house intel committee chairman devin nunes going to tell us all about that russian collusion thing. there isn't any. he is up in about 20 minutes. ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪ it was always ♪ since the world's been turning ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪
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♪ steve: the house republicans on the intel committee found that there was no collusion with the russians. >> how much money, time and
5:00 am
resources were spent on this witch-hunt by the democrats simply because they couldn't believe that donald trump won? ainsley: manhunt for a serial bomber as deadly explosions rock the city of austin. >> as a bomb technician, first thought in my mind any components in the post-blast analysis. >> it is all in the lord's hands. wake up, to vote, people. >> i said joy, of course i forgive but i encouraged her to apologize to 10 of millions. ainsley: she publicly lambasted christians as mentally ill but privately wants to apologize. >> hillary clinton on a world tour ripping president trump. >> his whole campaign was looking backwards. ainsley: houston strong. president trump honoring the "cajun navy" at the white house for their heroic effort at the white house.
5:01 am
♪ brian: that house is really old. ainsley: very old. steve: historic. made in the usa. welcome to the mezzanine level of studio f. watching another show made in the usa. "fox & friends," phase three. ainsley: hour three, baby. brian: three major investigations going on. the mueller probe that seems endless. the senate probe has been pretty much under the radar. high-profile probe just wrapped up. it is the house intel committee. ainsley: they found absolutely no collusion, no evidence of conspiracy or collusion in that trump-russia collusion investigation. steve: the president of the united states delighted obviously. went to twitter and he said this in all caps. ainsley: said the house intelligence committee has after 14-month long in depth investigation found no evidence of collusion or coordination between the trump campaign and
5:02 am
russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. brian: they said texas congressman mike conaway took over from devin nunez. he joins us shortly. they looked at, looked at 7, did 70 plus interviews. poured over hundreds of thousands of documents. they concluded there was no conclusion. this surprised democrats who have not seen the 150 page report said they have lot more to do. steve: they have a lot invested politically because they want to make it seem like president was in bed with russians. it will be declassified. democrats can write a bipartisan part, but essentially says in the 150 page report, no evidence of collusion or conspiracy, russian cyber attacks on political institutions did happen. there was lackluster, this is damning, lackluster pre-election response to russia on the part of obama administration.
5:03 am
they knew it was happening and didn't really do anything. pattern of russian attacks on america's european allies also happened. they say there was bad judgment and inappropriate meetings, the one don, jr. had with the russian lawyer that you should not have happened, there was no law broken and no collusion. ainsley: that was investigation on collusion on both sides, president trump and hillary clinton. they're still looking into the unmasking, the fisa abuse and that dirty dossier separate investigations. steve: don trump, jr., said okay, the republicans have spoken of the why are democrats wasting a lot of cash on a witch-hunt? here he is. >> how much was spent by the democrats because they couldn't simply believe that donald trump won. that is what it is. by the way, they will never give it up because they need it.
5:04 am
it is their only talking point for 18. they need that to exist like the media needed it. they went auld-in with the crazy notion. good think about it, we found out the other side was colluding with the dnc, with the 7th floor of the fbi, while its with a huge pain, i'm glad it actually happened because it uncovered what was going on in this country and i think that is scary stuff. brian: i'm looking forward to the senate intelligence committee. senator warner, he was profiled very concerned, ranking member on the senate. there was senator burr who was coined of quiet about the whole thing. turns out senator burr said yesterday his panel will be ready to release an initial version of the report sometime in the next couple weeks. people need as condolezza rice said wonderfully on "the view" few weeks ago, i know you're doing important work, adam schiff, you have to wrap it up. we need to get over this as country. steve: apparently what the senate version will say in
5:05 am
couple weeks, it talks about the impact of russia on state and local elections. and ultimately, we heard some drips and drabs out of that committee, they haven't found anything about collusion either. we'll talk to the guy who was chairman of the intel committee devin nunez ten minutes from now right here on this here channel. ainsley: meanwhile talk about joy behar and mike pence. you all remember when she said on the view, if you pray to god, you hear from ford you have a mental illness. the vice president respond towed that. last night he was on with sean hannity, he said he got a phone call from joy behar, apologizing to him and he calls own her to apologize all of you who are of faith as well. listen to this. >> my christian faith is very important thing in my life. we're typical americans. tens of millions of americans cherish their faith. when i heard abc had a program where my christian faith had been described as mental illness, i thought it was important to speak out.
5:06 am
i defended the faith of tens of millions of americans against that kind of slander. she picked up the phone. she called me. she was very sincere and she apologized. one of the things my faith is teaches me is grace. joy, of course i forgive but i did encourage her, i'm encouraging her to use the form of that program or some other public forum to apologize to tens of millions of americans who were equally offended. steve: the ball is in joy's court of the vice president encouraged her to. however that phone call took place a couple days ago. i get why she might not want to. she would hate to be on video saying those words. you know she says she didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings because she was trying to be funny, she is comedienne. there is one of those things so hurtful to so many people, she probably should say it out loud on tv. ainsley: kayleigh mcenany, rnc
5:07 am
spokesperson, we had her an earlier. she spoke about it. this is what she says. >> democrats have elitism problem. they have zero understanding of hard-working men and women that make this country great. look at president obama said that they cling to their guns. hillary clinton said deplorable, irredeemable. hollywood elites like joy behar disparaging christians. hillary clinton maligning conservatives. they are so out of touch and have a big problem on their hands. brian: you wanted to weigh in on facebook. should made a public statement. she should apologize publicly. steve: bowe on facebook said something will be good for this. she will be led to a closer relationship with christ. i am certain of it. ainsley: she disrespected him in public in front of millions of
5:08 am
viewers but didn't have the fortitude to apologize in public so-called him in private. typical. steve: what do you think? should she make it official and apologize on "the view" or are you okay with the current situation? the vice president accepted apology but encouraged her to make it public. ainsley: i think it is great she apologized. would encourage make it a talking point on the view, why she said that and apologize to the people she did offend of the it is important for to us talk about and for us to continue the dialogue. you take prayer out of schools, take the commandments out of schools. if you let her get away with this, what next this you give them an inch and they take a mile. i am so proud of people that stood up against the talk and rhetoric it, changes the direction of our country, if we allow liberals or people to continue that narrative. brian: i like the fact that joy behar talked to vice president. she keep the communication open. there is lot less ranting.
5:09 am
she is powerful enough, fet staffer on the phone. rather than ripping the president, it is boring, open a thought of communication. hard to meet mike pence in the like him as a person. he is not a villain news character. you may disagree with him, but he is willing to talk. i hope they make that bridge. ainsley: west part of him is his faith. i don't know why she would insult -- steve: i think it is his hair. ainsley: he is a man of character. steve: would be great if they had a relationship where they talk from time to time. you got to figure her boss said you have to apologize. so that is why she did just that. brian: i was thinking about tossing to jillian, i thought of the question, what is the best part about jillian? you guys want to weigh in? ainsley: how long do you have? steve: jillian you asked earlier what the walkout songs would be? i decided bon jovi, it is my life. i love that song. i'm from jersey. jillian: write-in vote for you,
5:10 am
brian, someone wrote, "eye of the tiger." because he is the best. brian: and a tiger. jillian: eye of the tiger, king of the fight or something? y'all don't know it either. brian: come out with the lyrics next time. jillian: doing my job. we have breaking news. get to the fox news alert. fears of a serial bomber after deadly explosions rock austin, texas. a 17-year-old boy died monday after opening a plain-looking box rigged with explosives. >> to construct a device like this, deliver that device to your target without having it explode during construction or during delivery take as certain level of sophistication. jillian: two blasts yesterday, now three in 10 days. police are investigating as if they're all connected noting that all the victims are minorities. defense secretary jim mattis arriving overnight in afghanistan for unannounced trip to negotiate a peace deal
5:11 am
between the taliban and the afghan government. >> it is all working to a achieve a reconciliation, a political reconciliation, not a military victory. the victory will be a political reconciliation. jillian: mattis plans to meet with his top general in afghanistan as well as the afghan president. today president trump is heading to california for the first time since taking office. the president will see first-hand the eight border wall prototypes under construction. his trip begins in san diego where he speaks to troops at miramar navy station. moment of kindness caught on camera. a driver getting out of his car to help the an elderly man walking across the street in georgia. his good deed going viral online with five million views in just two days. isn't that incredible? more people like that in this world. steve: professional driver, saw
5:12 am
the guy struggling. pulled over the truck, everybody stopped on both sides. jillian: so nice. steve: thanks. first she called them deplorables. now hillary clinton has a new basket to put trump supporters in. >> his whole campaign, make america great again, was looking backwards. steve: michelle malkin has a message for mrs. clinton and she is coming up. brian: i think it is worse than the deplorable statement, personally. ainsley: president trump delivers on tax cuts. he just hinted at phase two. former secretary of labor nominee andy puzder is live next. brian: he might be in the administration. ♪
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
♪ >> but i do want to thank senator cornyn, senator cruz, representative kevin brady, where is kevin? kevin, are we going for an additional tax cut, i understand? huh? he is the king of those tax cuts, yeah. we'll do a phase two. i'm hearing that. do you hear that john and ted? phase two. [laughter]. we're actually very serious are that. brian: howe does that affect the astros? steve: who were standing behind him.
5:17 am
the president made good on promise to cut taxes in december. president trump hinting there could be a second round a phase two. brian: could that be true? here to react former secretary of labor nominee and andy puzder is here. rumored to joining administration on some level. before we get to that have they reached out to you? >> i haven't had any conversations with white house. brian: you talk to some people that know the people at the white house? >> there is a lot in the press. it would be honor to serve in the administration. the president asks you to serve, you serve but i have not been asked to serve. i am enjoying defending him in the public and writing about his policies and coming on your show. ainsley: you're name is out there to replace gary cohn as the director. do you know? >> i have no idea. i know they're talking about it. but i have no idea. steve: look they're talking about it, we're talking about it. >> be a fun job. steve: he has not gotten the
5:18 am
call yet? >> no. >> what was the president talking about yesterday in front of the houston astros where he is talking to kevin brady, head of chairman of house ways and means committee, essentially did the tax cut bill, is there going to be a phase two? >> you look what happened with phase one. you hope there would be a phase two. i don't know if you saw this morning, nfib, national federation of independent businesses came out with its monthly optimism survey, for the first time since 2006 taxes were not the number one concern of small business. regulation wasn't the number one concern the number one concern was finding employees. throughout the entire obama administration, the number one and number two concerns were taxes and regulations. now it is finding qualify employees f that doesn't tell the story what happened with president trump and tax boom and economic boom, i don't know what does. ainsley: what happens to the democratic party with the next election? hillary in india saying what she said. first calling republicans or anyone who voted for president trump deplorables, in addition
5:19 am
to what she was saying overseas. then you have russia, russia, russia, networks are not talking about collusion. >> you won't hear about the nfib report. there was a report, by another group, it is called link edu, that did a survey of 1000 people who were getting, getting more in the paychecks because of tax cuts. 50% felt better about president trump. 60% felt better about the economy and 70% were either happy with the tax cuts or either very happy or marginally happy with the tax cuts. ainsley: right. >> but i thought the most impressive thing in that, 48% said they thought they could retire early. 55% said their financial circumstances were better. these were not crumbs. almost half of the people got these benefits may be able to retire early. so, when hillary clinton comes out to make these statements, she just shows how disconnectorred she and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer from regular americans and there
5:20 am
are more regular americans than there are coastal elites which is why trump won the election. i hope we'll do very well in 2018. i feel very good about 2018. but we'll have to see what happens between now and then. steve: thanks for telling us about the number one problem small business has. >> isn't that great? >> steve: up believable news. finding people to work. thanks, andy. >> good toe you all. brian: ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. no conclusion. house intel committee is out with findings on russia. not everyone is happy about that, that chairman of the committee, that congressman, devin nunez, joins from us california next. - [narrator] imagine a shirt that actually makes
5:21 am
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steve: we're back with fox news alert. fears of a serial bomber after three deadly explosions have rocked austin, texas the last 10
5:24 am
days. ainsley: explosive packages left on separate doorsteps over the last two days killing three people. brian: lauren blanchard, live from austin. reporter: good morning. three packages exploded leaving two people dead. the texas governor is offering 15,000-dollar reward for anyone that offers up information that leads to an arrest. in 10 days, three packages, or devices hidden inside of packages, exploded, killing a teenager and 39-year-old man and seriously injuring a elderly woman. in each case the box was outside of the victim's home but exploded when it was picked up or opened. wasn't until the latest explosions yesterday the police began investigating a connection. at this point the motive is still unknown. police say the devices are sophisticated. likely whoever is making these is no amateur. >> to be able to construct a device like this and then deliver that device to your
5:25 am
target without having it explode during construction or during delivery does take a certain level of sophistication. >> this week is austin's south by southwest festival. police say at this point they do not believe there is any risk to any of the attendees however they urging extra caution and telling people to call 911 if they see any sort of suspicious package. brian, steve, ainsley? brian: lauren, thank you. a very fluid situation. lauren blanchard. ainsley: house republicans closing the case on collusion but democrats can not seem to let it go. listen. >> first of all, they had no real investigation. who would believe nunez was working in credible way to find out what took place? as a matter of fact, he was simply a messenger boy for the president, running up in the middle of the night trying to prove that obama, for example, had wiretapped the president. and so, they can conclude whatever they want to.
5:26 am
they weren't doing anything to begin with t was not a credible investigation. steve: that is her point of view. house intel committee chair devin nunez joins us right now to rye act. chairman, thank you very much for joining us today. what do you think about maxine waters calling you the president's messenger boy? >> well, happens on a daily basis that i get accused by the democrats of this. it has been happening before the russian investigation began publicly. when i was named to the trump transition team. i was getting attacked, getting calls i was agent of russian foreign power reality is i warned the obama administration in early 2016 about this like your last segment, we have serious, real problems in this country. if you look at the situation in austin right now, it is very fluid as you said. we need to get our fbi and our intelligence agencies working on real problems and get them away from what they're doing now, which is, looks likes spinning
5:27 am
in circles. we spent 14 months on this investigation, looking for collusion. we didn't find any. ainsley: how did you get to that point? >> we interviewed over many dozens of witnesses. many people right around the president, almost nearly everybody who was involved in the campaign, all of them testified under oath, that they had no contacts with the russians. if you look at the one example of which was, bad judgment, where they met with a russian lawyer, but had to do with russian adoptions, but on other hand, we do have, we did find clear links between the russians and the hillary clinton campaign, which nobody seems to care about. brian: chairman, even though you temporarily weren't chairman of this investigation adam schiff says that it is another tragic milestone for congress and this conclusion of this investigation represents another capitulation to the executive branch. he points back to you going over
5:28 am
to the white house famously that day, talking to the press. what is the role of the executive branch in this investigation? >> yeah, well, look they try to rewrite history. let's go back to why did i to to the white house a year ago? the reason i went to the white house because there were improper unmaskings done on trump transition officials that had nothing to do with russia. i felt like the administration should know about that because i have a constitutional duty to make sure that people that are being abused the intelligence agencies know about it. all this other stuff around it is personal attacks they try to take any little thing because they're the ones who have said that they have clear evidence of the trump campaign colluding with russians. they have said that numerous times, probably hundreds of times, nearly all of them, yet they never produce their collusion to our committee. so we have interviewed all these folks. we can't find any collusion. that is where we stand right
5:29 am
now. ainsley: when you ran over to the white house for the unmasking. that is being investigated, correct? just because you found no collusion with hillary clinton and russia or president trump and russia doesn't mean you all are finished investigating unmasking, fisa abuse, the dossier? >> that's right. we had been investigating russia way before this. that is what led me to come out and say this was the biggest intelligence failure since 9/11 or inability to understand putin's plans and intentions that was spring of 2016. i was very critical of the obama administration. we had an investigation then, we're closing now, look, there is no collusion. agreement on the intelligence committee, four corners agreement we closed that down. there is nothing there. if we find something new we'll open it back up. steve: chairman, two things, one, should the president feel vindicated? and two, when you warned the obama administration and your findings there was lackluster pre-election response to russia, why didn't the obama team do anything? >> well, i think it is, first of
5:30 am
all, not my job to give you analysis how the president feels or doesn't feel. steve: should he feel vindicated? >> look, he has been under attack for a very long time saying he colluded with russians. he had been adamant he didn't collude with russians. we looked at it. we looked eight thoroughly and interviewed nearly everybody involved in the campaign and didn't find any collusion with russians. when you go back to the last administration, their inability to do anything with the russians it, wasn't just in 2016 t goes back to 2009 and 10 when hillary clinton hit reset button with russia. so, really trump's position in the campaign was really no different than what the obama administration's position was going into the campaign. the obama administration had sent people to moscow to start to work with the russians before the campaign. the department of justice didn't look into the george w. bush department of justice didn't look into the logan act to try to prosecute the folks that went to russia on behalf of the obama
5:31 am
campaign. the more that you look at this, the more it is pretty obvious that you have one side that plays by one set of rules and republicans are held to a different set of standards. it es other job on the house intelligence committee to get the facts, the facts we haven't found any collusions. the russians are bad, we think they're up to bad things, we think the putin regime is very dangerous for whole host of things, and one of the findings in our report i feel personally we should look at using paper ballots. i think idea of using electronic ballots with no paper trail is bad idea with today's technology. brian: i agree 100%. the senate, releases their report, 150 page report is shown to democrats today, declassified, we'll maybe look to see in couple weeks and we look to the senate. devin nunez, thank you very much. >> my pleasure, guys. steve: he had a heck of a year-and-a-half. we'll step aside. michelle malkin joins us. we have lots to talk to her
5:32 am
about. that is coming up next. if you've been diagnosed with cancer, searching for answers like where to treat, can feel overwhelming. so start your search with a specialist at cancer treatment centers of america. start with teams of cancer treatment experts under one roof focused on the delivery of precision cancer treatment. start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hospitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now.
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♪ brian: that is pretty cool. i love the image spots. you will see more coming up. michelle malkin will be on the show. i wrote her down for this segment and she is here. michelle malkin investigates on
5:36 am
crtv. >> hi, brian, ainsley. steve: we want tok with you about a case. you're out in colorado a lot. there is a case of somebody who is in this country illegally suspected in a deadly hit-and-run. as it turns out rather than hand him over to i.c.e. because he was in the country illegally, apparently he posted the $25,000 bond and got out, and now they're, you know, there are all sorts of calls this is not how it is supposed to work ultimately. >> yeah. this is not by accident. this is by design. these sanctuary outlaw policies are par for the course and they have been for many years in the city and county of denver and outlying suburbs. so the idea that these disingenuous sheriffs officials are now going to investigate to figure out what happened, this is intentional.
5:37 am
in fact this particular case is the third of three cases in the last five months where the sheriff's office and denver county jail have ignored i.c.e. detainers and put dangerous people out on the streets. the city and county of denver are safe spaces for all sorts of criminal aliens and deportation fugitives and i think it is about time that these very officials who are responsible for endangering law-abiding citizens on the streets and on the highways of colorado be held accountable. it is a federal felony, guys, under title 8, section 1324 and 1327 of the u.s. code to harbor, aid, abet, conceal, and encourage illegal immigration. i can't think of a more textbook definition of sanctuary policies than those five conditions. steve: so this man was not wanted on any warrants but he was in this country illegally
5:38 am
and now, the sheriff's department out in colorado saying you know, yeah, we screwed this up, we got to have an investigation. >> yeah. let me talk about that warrant talking point because you hear it a lot from liberal police chiefs and liberal sheriffs. they say, oh, well, we were helpless. our hands were tied because we didn't have warrants issued in these cases but the fact is obama, open borders democrats and radical judges, social justice judges have undermined the immigration detainer which has been useful and effective tool for keeping criminal aliens off the streets. they misinterpret these open borders zealots, misinterpret the court cases many of which of course have upheld immigration detainers because they include probable cause reasons within the forms. entire immigration history, criminal violations are all listed there. and it is because of the
5:39 am
administrative efforts by the obama administration to undermine that tool that we have so many people who are killing people with their guns, their knives and their cars across this country. 300 jurisdictions are sanctuary policies in place. this happens every single day in america. brian: by the way, let me switch gears. that is out roehm just, the president -- outrageous as the president faces off in california to go to the wall and fund-raiser a whole bunch of people are out there believe he is off base when he talks about sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. hillary clinton was in india, i imagine a high-paid speech. i believe this statement is worse than her remarks about deplorables. listen how she describes trump voters. >> if you look at the map of the united states, there is all that red in the middle where trump won. i win the coasts. i win, illinois, minnesota, places likes that, but what the map doesn't show you is that i
5:40 am
won the places that represent 2/3 of america's gross domestic product. so i won the places that -- [applause] are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward, and his whole campaign make america great again was looking backwards. you know, you didn't like black people getting rights, you don't like women getting jobs, you don't want to see that indian-american succeeding more than you are, whatever your problem is, i'm going to solve it. brian: do you believe that, can you put that, can you wrap your head around those remarks? >> brian, i think you're right. this is way worse than deplorable. and also i think it is going to be a great ad for republicans. look, hell hath no fury like a hillary scorned. i call her blamer now. ask any republican man, if their
5:41 am
wives are somehow submissive little tools who simply vote the way they tell them too. my husband laughed, ha, ha, you go the to be kidding me? i can't think after way to motivate pennsylvania women that hillary demean their minds and free will. ainsley: she is originally from arkansas. what she is talking about, maybe she votes democratically always, but there are a lot of people, the trump base that live in her former state. has she forgotten, has she become a elitist? >> well, she always has been i think. it goes all the way back to her statement, remember she denigrated stay-at-home moms because she didn't want to stay home, bake cookies, serve milk. winning strategy, hillary, keep talking. brian: did it no another country, makes it worse. politically republican benefit,
5:42 am
but big picture country stays divided. does nothing but to hurt everybody, especially her. michelle malkin, thank you very much. see you on tv. ainsley: all eyes on pennsylvania today, a special election set for this morning or today i should say. polls are open at 7:00, close at 7:00 i aassume? a democrat that looks like a republican. what does it mean if he wins? steve: todd piro having "breakfast with friends" in the keystone state. todd? >> polls are open. we're talking to voters here in houston, pennsylvania, including one young lady, elise, get ready for her, america. she is ready to fire. hi. elise. ♪
5:43 am
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world.
5:45 am
those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪ steve: well the stage is set for a tight race or the republican on screen left, rick saccone,
5:46 am
and democrat conor lamb, screen right in today's 18th district special election. what can we expect? editor-at-large and publisher of scott, scott >> nice to see you, steve: here are the guys, lamb a democrat, saccone is republican. >> this is a race, sometimes forget personalities, candidate mat ear lot, lamb for the democrats, good-looking energetic young candidate great job, pretending he is not a democrat. strong second amendment guy. he really personally opposes abortion, he won't vote for nancy pelosi for speaker. steve: marine too. >> marine prosecutor. steve: then rick saccone the republican. >> rick saccone run what some are calling lackluster campaign. some are saying worse. he seeps not to have the same energy or same connections. raised very little money. relied on republican outside groups to provide the funding.
5:47 am
here is the key, if this was a choice between lamb and saccone, lamb wins this the only way saccone wins if donald trump pulls him across the line. that's it. campaign for him. doing everything. mike pence has been there. donald trump, jr. is there. it is a trump effort that will pull him across if that happens. steve: the thing about the 18th is, it is democratic area for most part. it will go away. >> heavy union district. it is an area that will not exist, whoever wins this is not going to be around in this district very long. latest poll shows conor lamb up two points. i spent a lot of years, nothing more difficult to poll than a special election. wide range. one poll shows lamb up by six. another shows saccone up by 3. voters tell us happen. steve: that is real clear politics average. monmouth came out, six points. >> six points. steve: this happened last time in the district. >> why democrats are so excited
5:48 am
this district donald trump won by 20 points. if democrats win here, the belief they can win about anywhere, win a lost swing races. question whether they put up with someone like conor lamb who won't vote for speaker pelosi and stands for second amendment. this could be a model how democrats win trump voters or we used to call reagan democrats. steve: we look one more slide. fox news alert. >> right now democrats need to pick up 24 seats to win control of house. four of the last 10 midterms the party out of power won more than that here is the thing, if conor lamb wins, this needle could slide way over here. democrats might pick up 40 seats. on other hand, rick saccone wins narrowly, republicans breathe a sigh of relief. then you see all the pundits scratching their head. steve: fox news alert. this new tweet just in from president of the united states. mike pompeo, director of cia
5:49 am
will become new secretary of state. he will do a fantastic job. thank you to rex tillerson for your service. gina haspel new director of cia, the first woman to do so. congratulations to all. president of the united states announced that rex tillerson will leave the department of state and foggy bottom and mike pompeo out in langley, virginia, heading up cia will move to the state department this is big. we'll take a quick timeout. talk about it on the other side of this commercial message. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. allergies with sinus you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d... while the leading allergy spray relieves six symptoms, claritin-d relieves eight,
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert. rex tillerson out as secretary of state. president trump tweeting moments ago, mike pompeo, director of
5:53 am
the cia, will become our new secretary of state. he will do a fantastic job. thank you, rex tillerson for your service. gina haspel will be new director of the cia and the first woman chosen. congratulations to all. john roberts at white house with latest. big news day. big first question, rex tillerson, fired or quit? >> he was asked to step aside i'm told. we have barely even got our first cup of coffee down before this happened. the helicopter is landing to take the president to andrews air force base. headed to california today, will tour the border. rex tillerson was asked by the president own friday to step aside. the reason why the president wanted to make a change now, he want ad new team in place for his dealings with north korea. wanted a new team in place for all the trade negotiations happening this year, with infrastructure now looking like it will not go anywhere, trade will be the big focus of this
5:54 am
administration for the next eight to nine months and the president wanted to make sure he had a team in there he really likes and trust. no secret while rex tillerson had vote of confidence for the president early on, that seemed to wane substantially. tillerson samed like odd person out at the state department. i'm told by people inside of the state department that he really didn't get it when it came to the public face of diplomacy. he was operating more as ceo, doing a lot of things behind closed doors, getting his own lines of communication going and that was not really jiving with the way the state department has traditionally done things. we had mike pompeo on "fox news sunday" and i never ever thought to ask him the question, by the way, are you going to be secretary of state come tuesday? he clearly knew about all of this. again the president told tillerson on friday to step aside. the fact that gina haspel, 32-year career service officer
5:55 am
with the cia now ascending to the position of director is really important piece of news here. she will be the first woman, female service career officer to head the cia, rather than a political appointee as most presidents have chosen. she is one that has risen up through the ranks. she knows the place top to bottom. i talked to mike pompeo about that on sunday off camera, how long did it take you to get up to speed what is going on at cia even though you were on the intelligence committee for a long, long time in the house? he said every day he learned something new about the cia. to have gina haspel who come up, picked herself up from the bootstraps, climbed through that organization, should be a big asset for the president. not really that. of a surprise that this happened because you will remember back in october we were saying that we were expecting rex tillerson would leave sometime in the new year. the president shot that down. tillerson shot that down but we had pretty good sourcing on
5:56 am
that. has finally come to pass. brian: couple of things, john, for example, rex tillerson is down, a little sick in africa, i don't know if that played a role at all. he was not up to speed on the north korea situation really. said we weren't close to talks. turns out the president agreed to one-on-one talks. that doesn't look good. but the state department seemed a little out of step with him at the helm. let's think about this for a second. remember secretary of defense mattis is so tight with tillerson, reportedly, maybe some report the came from you, they said if tillerson is out i'm gone too. we know mattis is in afghanistan right now, but do you have any idea if he knew about this and might that still be his reaction? >> i have no idea if mattis had first-hand knowledge about this. i would assume he did, being one of the key members on the national security team. this happened on friday. word sort of spread around through inner circle of the white house over the weekend and
5:57 am
yesterday. i would be very surprised if mattis was not informed about this. i would also be very surprised if mattis were to say because rex tillerson is gone i'm going too. he is very solid as the secretary of defense. likes his job. the president thinks he is doing a fantastic job. he is a rock star in the administration. i have no reason to believe he would take his ball and go home if tillerson is out. ainsley: as female, i thought it was interesting, gina haspel has highest position in the cia which is wonderful. you have hillary in india saying this president is look being backwards. that he doesn't want women to have jobs. that is not the case. >> seeming incongruities what is happening. i don't want to comment too much on that. steve: folks are -- we're showing rex tillerson is out as secretary of state. he will be replaced by the current cia director mike pompeo, from the great state of
5:58 am
kansas. as cia director, this particular cia head had uniquely close relationship with this president. explain how for the most part, they have coffee together every morning although donald trump doesn't drink coffee, he has a coke. but they get together every day for mike pompeo to tell the president what is going on throughout the world. >> pompeo is traveling, one of his chief deputies comes over here to the white house. the president has something on most days the presidential daily brief. on most days he receives an intelligence briefing. by and large, mike pompeo is the one that delivers the briefing. the president was excited to have him come on board as cia director. thought he would make a terrific secretary of state. i remember being stuck in traffic one day on the george washington park way coming no work, and there were a couple of black suvs making their way with sirens on, pushing traffic aside. that was the cia director coming down to the white house to brief the president.
5:59 am
the relationship between the cia director and the president, it is very much behind the scenes sort of thing but it is one of the closest relationships that a president has. you have the national security advisor briefing you almost every day, if not every day. you have the cia director who is doing very much the same thing. the president and cia director spend a lot of quality time together and you can see they developed a close bond. pompeo was traveling all last week. he wasn't here at the white house. . .
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