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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 14, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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now the retailer will start court proceedings to liquidate as early as today. they're closing 850 stores, losing 350,000 jobs. the biggest lay-off since 2015. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: breaking news. noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the united nations. we're waiting for the ambassador nikki haley to talk about russia and the attempted murder of a former russian spy. this as britain kicks out nearly two dozen russian diplomats. the most since the days of the cold war. we're waiting right now to find out how the united states will react. and breaking news throughout the day. we're expecting to hear from republican lawmakers after a house vote to improve safety at our nation's schools, or that's the goal. the gop bill would mean more security and training, but no changes to gun laws at all. that is as students from
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thousands of schools across our nation walked out of class today demanding action from washington after the massacre in florida's marjory stoneman douglas high school. that shooting was a month ago today. across the nation, students streaming out of class by the tens of thousands saying often simply "enough." enough students dying. enough blood in the hallways. enough families shattered beyond repair. reaction to the shooting in south florida has rippled across the country. sparking meetings, changing local laws, inspiring some businesses to change their rules about gun sales. some of the students today risking suspension for leaving school without permission. in the north, students faced freezing temperatures and repeated a concern that we've heard over and over again, that
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when they walk into school, they may not come out. >> i come to school to get better in life, not to lose my life and not to learn how to dodge bullets. >> organizers say 3,000 walk-out events are taking place across the country and around the world. one of them in park land, florida where last month's massacre happened. in washington d.c., 2,000 demonstrators turned their backs on the while house for a show of force and solidarity, signs in place. one minute for each of the victims in parkland. and in glen mills, pennsylvania outside philadelphia, do you see this? students there created a heart on a football field. symbol of love on a day filled with resolve. let's get to garrett tenney on capitol hill where there's action. garrett? >> shep, students told me today that the reason they came out is because over their teenage
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years, they have experienced shooting after shooting and nothing has been done to make communities safer. they hope today is the beginning of the movement where they don't have to rely on the adults who they believe have not been taking the necessary steps to protect them and take it into their own hands with the rising generation forcing this issue of gun violence on lawmakers, to address it. that's something that we heard earlier today at the rally outside the capitol with democratic lawmakers. >> a lot of us will be 18 by november. that's when the mid-term elections start. so i can promise you this. do your jobs, give us concrete solutions and for once value our lives over your bank accounts or we will vote you out. >> shep, most of the students we spoke to say they came out today because they believe that the
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shooting at parkland could have happened at their high schools. i asked them about the republican bill towards school safety. they say this doesn't go far enough because it doesn't view the bigger issue of gun control. >> shepard: you mentioned gun control what are the specifics? >> having a minimum age to buy a gun at 21, a bill that allows courts to intervene and take guns away from people deemed not to be safe. they're hoping that congress will take action on some other issues like universal background checks and assault weapons bans. two issues that lawmakers, particularly the republicans have not shown much of an appetite for. they're hoping that congress does not pass a country nationwide effort to put guns into teachers and schools. a lot of students we spoke to said they would make them feel less safe than if the guns weren't in the schools to start
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with. shep? >> this vote is happening right now. there's three votes all together and they're voting on capitol hill. we'll take you back there and give you detail what's they're considering, what their decision is as lawmakers. we'll have that ahead on the fox news channel. the tv commentator from cnbc, the birth place guy of the tea party movement will be president trump's top adviser, larry kudlow. he will replace gary cohn. cohn announced he was stepping down last week after disagreeing with the president's plan to tax steel and aluminum imports. among the many weird things is, larry kudlow is against them,
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too. john roberts is live on the north lawn. hi, john. >> good afternoon. i'm told this is not a done deal but as close as you can probably get without actually putting -- crossing the ts and dotting the is on it. the president spoke to larry kudlow yesterday and had a good conversation. in some reports in the "wall street journal," another one of our news properties, kudlow has accepted the job. he has an interview on television later on this afternoon when we're likely to hear more about it. the president yesterday saying that the two of them have parted ways on a couple issues, but they have known each other for decades. the president really has a lot of respect for kudlow. listen to what he said. >> we don't agree on everything but in this case that's good. i want to have a divergence of opinion. we agree on most. he has come around to believing in tariffs as also a negotiating point. >> maybe not believing in tariffs right, but perhaps as a
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negotiating point. the white house is being circumspect about this. one of the potential issues, it was a long time ago that in the early 90s, kudlow admitted that he had a $10,000 a month cocaine habit. also struggled with alcohol abuse. he went through treatment programs for substance abuse. it's a possible issue with the security clearance that he's going to have to have to be the economic adviser. in this climate, with all of the controversy about security clearances, it could be an issue. stay tuned for that. more staff shakeups coming here at the white house. the v.a. secretary david shulkin has lost a lot of favor he had with the president. he's been clashing with other trump appointees at the veterans affairs administration. there was the issue of having taxpayers pick up the tab to bring his wife on a recent trip overseas. shulkin reimbursed the
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government thousands of dollars for that. rick perry, currently the energy secretary, is said to be a possible pick to replace shulkin. perry had lunch with the president at the white house monday. i'm told the subject of the v.a. did come up because the energy department has some programs with the v.a. i'm told the president never raised the idea with perry of taking over at the v.a. perry is said to be very happy at the energy department. he has a number of long-term project going there and likely may not be open to a move to the v.a. the white house still looking for a communications director. hope hicks continues here at the white house. she's leaving season. fox news is told the leading contenders for the job are mercedes schlapp, and steve cortes, the chief of the president's hispanic advisory council. we'll probably hear one of these days very soon that one of those is taking over as the coms
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director. >> shepard: what are you hearing about this? we're getting word that jeff sessions may fire the former fbi director andrew mccabe before he's eligible to get pension. what is back story? >> we first heard about this on january 29 when mccabe announced he was leaving the fbi. official out date was this coming sunday. mccabe said he was going to take vacation and other comp time that he had built up. so he was leaving the fbi right away. now the fbi's office of professional responsibility has delivered to the attorney general a recommendation that mccabe be terminated. sarah flores from the department of justice saying the department follows the prescribed process by which a employee be terminated. that includes recommendations from career employees. we have no personnel announcements at this time. mccabe is at the center of an
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internal review about his conduct at the fbi. one of the things the inspector general has been looking into is a decision by mccabe to allow fbi officials to talk to reporters about the clinton investigation, the inspector general we're told has decided that somebody cake wasn't particularly forth coming in that process. so now there's the recommendation to terminate him. if he's terminated by friday, he will lose his pension. so he's got a lot riding on the line here. >> shepard: i'll say. john, democrats are close to pulling off an unset, as you know, in a district that president trump won by 20 points in 2016. here's the the latest numbers. in a special election for the house seat, pennsylvania's 18th far southwestern part of the state, south and west of pittsburgh. moon township and the rest. connor lamb is leading republican rick saccone by less than 600 votes. less than 1 percentage point.
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the associated press reports that the race is too close to call. lamb has declared victory. the former marine promising his supporters he's not giving up. >> it took a little longer than we thought but we did it. >> we're still fighting the fight. it's not over yet. don't give up. we're going to win it! >> shepard: it's about the numbers now. political analysts say a democrat is in any way close in this particular district that is voted republican the last 15 years could spell enormous trouble for the gop ahead of this year's mid-term elections. they have a spin for that. democrats need to flip 24 seats to take control of the house. back to john roberts at the white house. there's no question, you know, if there's somebody that is perfect for the district, it's probably connor lamb. but suggests that it doesn't have a sign of anything else, it's disingenuous. >> as brit hume pointed out, he cute, too. the white house trying to make
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lemons out of lemonade. raj shaw said don't forget rick saccone was 6 points behind on saturday as well, pointing out that connor lamb ran basically as a republican saying he was not going to vote with the policies of nancy pelosi. so if he gets to congress, we'll see if he holds to that. the president can't escape the fact that the president won this district by 20 points in november of 2016. anything short of an outright win is a bit of a slap in the face to the republican party. it's interesting to point out, too, this is a district that won't exist next year. it's being redistricted out of existence. if connor lamb prevails, democrats will have bragging rights for the next nine months. >> shepard: john roberts on the north lawn. breaking news. i mentioned they were voting
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open stuff in washington. the bill has passed. it has frankly easily passed a bipartisan bill from the representative john rutherford, who is a republican of florida that creates a new grant program to help educate students and teachers about how to spot and report signs of gun violence. while school safety measures have passed with good support, democrats argue the measure falls far short of what is needed to combat the mass shootings. quoting here "the bill that is proposed will have an overwhelming support. i don't think there will be very many people pose that", but it's not a substitute for things that will make hour society as well as our schools, malls, churches, anyplace where large public gatherings occur safer. there's no gun control here. that's what the students marching across the country are
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news. a bill just passed on capitol hill. the president will sign it into law if he so chooses. let's get to chad pergram. tell us about it. >> this is a business of legislation that would harden schools against potential
12:17 pm
attacks, shooters, give them money over ten years to have school resource officers. the bill passed 407 to 10. you might say why would people vote against this provision? there was a mission of republicans and liberal democrats, shep, marsha fudge from ohio, you had donald payne jr. from new jersey, they want to do more on guns. they say we're not going to have the debate on assault weapons. this can't be it, this is something that john cornyn said that we ought to at least bring up the background check bill immediately. that's why you have the protests here today at the capitol. the house of representatives and the senate sometime between now and thursday have to pass a bill to keep the government open. there's a lot of people that would like to put something on firearms into that bill. a big march in washington in addition to the one today on march 24.
12:18 pm
members of congress won't be here unless the government shuts down. we don't think they can shoe horn anything on firearms in that bill and may be a debate for another day. it's bad politics if someone was going to vote against a school safety measure on the day you had the students walkouts, the students arriving here to protest and also there was a hearing on the senate side before the senate judiciary committee with witnesses from parkland, florida. you had a language arts teacher, you had ryan petty, the father of one of the victims killed there testifying. >> shepard: chad, i want to take our viewers live to the other said where kathy mcmorris rogers is speaking, this is republicans gop news conference on this matter. let's listen. >> sheriff john rutherford's idea on the stop school violence act. these are the ideas that help our local communities prevent, recognize and respond when there's warnings of school
12:19 pm
violence. i'm pleased to yield to the author, sheriff rutherford. >> thank you, madam chair woman. i first want to thank all the leadership that is here, whip scalise and leader mccarthy and our conference chair who have been amazing supporters of this bill, helping to move it forward. the action that the house just took i think is an important first help forward in protecting our children, our teachers and other administrators within our schools. because it's going to not only harden the target through technology, but most importantly, i believe, it's going to provide the tools and education needed by those in our schools to recognize these individuals who have a propensity to become active
12:20 pm
shooters. as sheriff back in duval county, i always told my community and my officers that i did not want to be the best first responders to an active shooter event. we must prevent it before it occurs. so that's what this bill does. that's the goal of this bill, to provide prevention within our schools. so again, i want to thank all of my colleagues who really made this bill stronger and through some of the changes that we initiated through the process and say thank you. >> hi, i'm bob goodlatte, chairman of the house judiciary committee. one of our highest priorities as legislators is to protect those vulnerable, especially children. when students go to school fearing for safety, we need to take action to protect them from
12:21 pm
harm. i applaud the passage of the stop violence act, which takes a multifaceted approach to the epidemic of school violence that has shocked the nation, this bill empowers students, teachers and law enforcement and trains them how to recognize and respond to warning signs with increased training, technology and coordination with law enforcement, we can be better prepared to defend students from violence and respond quickly and effectively to threats as they arise. no student should ever have to go to school in fear. we will continue to listen to students, teachers and administrators to examine the issue of school safety and improve the classroom environment for our nation's children, this bill is a great first step and i thank my colleagues representatives rutherford, shabbott, granger, davis, messer, brooks and many others for their collaboration on this important bill.
12:22 pm
>> at a time when people are asking washington to do something, congress took action today to not just do something, but to start addressing the problem with a strong bill of the stop school violence act that gives students, teachers and law enforcement more tools to actively identify a potential shooter before a tragedy happens. what we saw in parkland was an example of so many breakdowns in government at the federal level, with the fbi, at the local level with local law enforcement. when so many students knew this was going to happen. i think thing that irritates people the most is something wasn't done to stop it before it did happen. we need to focus on stopping those tragedies before they happen as sheriff rutherford
12:23 pm
said. i want to commend sheriff rutherford for his leadership to put together a coalition that was incredibly bipartisan. what you saw today was a 407 to 10 vote to start addressing the problem to stop school violence. i think that overwhelming bipartisan vote shows how serious this bill is and clearly there's more things that need to be done, but this is one of those things that actually gets to the heart of addressing the problem to start school violence before a tragedy happens. >> shepard: representative steve scalise there whom you'll remember who was so badly injured when the shooting happened at the baseball practice on capitol hill. he's become a spokesman for this sort of thing. there's no doubt that this bill calls for more funding for school security including a saysment teams as you heard them say for schools, better training for schools and law enforcement to detect dangerous behavior in
12:24 pm
kids. what it does not do is what the students are demonstrating for and what they're calling for so vocally from sea to shining sea and coast to coast in florida. that is some level of gun control. age limit for buying long guns and other control measures. they're not getting them. the nra is against them so they're not getting them. chad pergram is on capitol hill. this is something in the middle that doesn't please too many, it would appear at least. >> yeah, people wonder if this is just a panacea. you mentioned steve scalise that got shot last june. yesterday about a half mile from that baseball field in alexandria virginia, there was a school resource officer whose firearm that went off while in the school. people were saying, should we arm the teachers, have more school resource officers. some of the parents were saying even if the law enforcement can't control weapons, how are
12:25 pm
we going to arm teachers? this is a political question, whether or not they can get anything done on guns. chuck schumer, the minority leader in the senate has pushed for a debate on assault weapons and long guns as you mentioned there. the question for democrats, the moderates, they don't want to have the debate because that's bad politics in the swing states. >> shepard: chad, you're the best. you can see the president is arriving now. he's in st. louis. remember the president was looking at border wall prototypes along the border in san diego. today he is arriving at a boeing plant in missouri. it's interesting. there's real conditions, the aero space industry and plane manufacturing because the president has suggested new tariffs and great concerns as -- some cheering for the president. let's listen there. big crowd out on the tarmac.
12:26 pm
the president arrives. maybe he will talk. let's listen. sometimes he does, you know. >> hi, everybody! >> you made our business so much better already. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> what's that? nice! that's beautiful. thank you. that's for you, right? i appreciate it.
12:27 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, everybody. >> shepard: president signing a hat it looks like there. i mentioned there's concerns -- >> we're not tired of winning yet, mr. president! >> we're doing well. >> good job, mr. president.
12:28 pm
>> shepard: i don't have to tell many of you, this is the kind of thing that gives the president life. maybe the only thing better is at a rally. last week he did that rally in moon township, pennsylvania. pennsylvania's 18th rallying for saccone that appears -- it's not a done deal but he's trailing the experts think that connor lamb will win it. but be that as it may, the president energized around that and the folks around him say i want to do more of this. more rally-style events. i want more people around me, i want my team to come together. i'm going to make changes and he's made changes. now he's suggesting there will be a suggesting new tariffs on chinese merchandise. take a look at the dow or chinese imports. this has really taken a real hit
12:29 pm
on the dow today. we're off a percent here. a little more than that on the s&p. the concern really is that there may be a trade war with the chinese. you can see at the top of the graph there where it was green at the beginning of the day, the dow was up 100 points. a great start to the day. now we're off 250. all of this is about market concerns over tariffs. boeing not having a great day from what i've been told at least. some serious concerns. let's bring in bill bear. he's been in pittsburgh and covering the election. the president was energized by his trip to moon township and the republicans are making the argument, he was down more than this and got him almost back there. the democrats are like just stop it. they should have won in a landslide and they didn't. i wonder how you see it as someone on the ground reporting this stuff. >> i think your take is on
12:30 pm
target there, shep. the president does legitimately inspire his core base. we saw that throughout 2016. he's also never had numbers a above the 50% threshold. that's important when you look at mid-term elections. presidents below 50 lose more seats in their mid-terms than president as above 50. we saw that play out in pittsburgh to be clear, there were lots of other variables, too. >> shepard: of course. >> connor lamb -- it's not right. the white house is being too generous to say that he ran as a republican. that's not what he did. he shifted the conversation away from the president. i think the lesson we draw there is you have these kinds of districts, these monday conservative center right republican-leaning districts where the savvy democratic nominee is not going to necessarily embrace the president. they're going to talk about other things. the democratic energy is real
12:31 pm
even in these places, even if the numbers are down and the folks that want to vote for a democrat because they're angry about the president will do so anyway. connor lamb doesn't have to -- the connor lamb nominee doesn't have to lead a rally to get those votes. he can talk about other things. he's talked about -- >> shepard: i didn't mean to interrupt. i want to say this idea no matter what party you're in, you need a candidate matches the districts. all politics are local. in allegheny county and across that 18th district that will go away in a few months, but in that district, connor lamb was like a cut-out for what that district seems to be seeking right now. >> yes. he's from the district, he's of the district. >> shepard: he had the accent. >> all politics are identity politics. they saw connor lamb as one of them. he embraced organized labor. he spoke in the language of the old democratic politics that once carried the day here. >> shepard: unions were there
12:32 pm
with him and it was quite a thing to watch late into the night last night. bill barrow from the associated press. lots of news this afternoon. glad to have you in. bottom of the hour headlines after this. [ engine revving ] [ engine revving ] when you drop a 603-horsepower v8 biturbo engine into one of mercedes-benz's finest luxury sedans, what do you get?
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. >> fox report now. headlines from the fox news deck. the family of the victims of the deadly helicopter crash in new york city and the east river suing the company that owns the aircraft. according to local news outlets here, relatives say the harnesses that they were using were death traps because they prevented pass 16gers from escaping. the feds say they're investigating. no word from liberty helicopters. survivors of a plane crash in nepal says it's a miracle they're alive. one person said the plane violently shook, tilted to the lift and hit the ground. 49 people died, 22 survived. investigators looking into that one as well. around 140,000 people are without power in massachusetts
12:35 pm
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>> shepard: united nations now, our ambassador nikki haley speaking about russia, the poisoning of the agent in britain and where we stand. this is big. listen in. >> police officering nick bailey was the first to arrive on the scene. and remains hospitalized in serious condition. our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the atrocious crime. no two nations enjoy a stronger bond than that of the united states and the united kingdom. ours is truly a special relationship. when our friends in great britain face a challenge, the united states will always be there for them, always. alone, russia's crime is worthy
12:38 pm
of this council's action. this is not an isolated incident. the assassination attempt in salisbury is part of an alarming increase in the use of chemical weapons. last year, the north korean regime used the nerve agent vx to publicly assassinate kim jong-un's brother in a malaysian airport. in syria, the assad regime continues to kill its own people with chemical weapons years after this council passed resolutions 2118 to remove the threat from syria's chemical weapons program. when the security council created a mechanism to investigate chemical weapons attacks, it was targeted when it began to shine a spotlight on assad's role in killing his own
12:39 pm
people. all of this dangerous activity is from russia. russia failed to ensure syria destroyed their chemical weapons program. russia killed the joint investigative mechanism when they found assad liable for the attacks. they used their veto to assad five times last year. they provided cover for syria in the hague at the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the russians complained recently that we criticize them too much. if the russian government stopped using chemical weapons to assassinate its enemies and if the russian government stopped helping its syrian allies to use weapons to kill children and if russian cooperated with the prohibition of chemical weapons by turning over all information related to this nerve agent, we would stop talking about them. we would take no pleasure in having to constantly criticize russia. we need russia to stop giving us so many reasons to do so.
12:40 pm
russia must fully cooperate with the u.k.'s investigation and come clean about its own chemical weapons programs. russia is a permanent member of the security council. it is entrusted in the united charter with upholding international peace and security. it must account for its actions. if we don't take immediate concrete measures to address this now, salisbury will not be the last place that we see chemical weapons use. they could be used here in new york or in cities or of any country that sits on this council. this is a defining moment. time and time again member states say they oppose the use of chemical weapons under any circumstance. now one member stands accused of using chemical weapons on the solve ridge soil of another member. the credibility of this council
12:41 pm
will not survive. >> i think the representative of the united states for her statements. i now give it to the floor of france. >> shepard: there you go. the back story on all this -- i'm sure you heard about this. there was a poisoning that happened of a former russian agent inside great britain. the thinking was at the time that the russians were trying to silence and otherwise intimidate their own agent who had been going against russian interesting. that happened in great britain. the british came to the conclusion that because of the -- the origin of the nerve agent that the russians were directly responsible for this. theresa may, the british prime minister came to the microphone just yesterday and before lawmaker there's in great britain and say we're going to
12:42 pm
hold the russians accountable. they have. they expelled 23 russian diplomats. that was just today actually, this morning local time. four hours ahead of eastern time. and that was sort of how the day had been progressing. remember, the white house was sort of not weighing in on this yesterday. the president's spokesperson was asked about it repeatedly, given the accident to condemn russia. later in the day during this hour, the president was in san diego with the prototypes of the wall and said, look, if we're still working on the facts, but if it turns out russia was responsible for this and we agree with the british, then we will condemn them. the fact of the matter is, the united states and great britain share intelligence in a way that we were the same entity or that is how we have rolled over the years. if the british know it, the united states intelligence agents know it and vice versa. so whatever the britts knew, we knew. the question had been, will the president condemn the russians
12:43 pm
on this matter because as you know, he's been he's been he's dent to condemn them on anything. nikki haley has done that. we hate to have to keep taking it to the russians, but they keep giving us so many reasons to do so. now before the world body, nikki haley has condemned the russians. it will be fascinating to find out whether the president of the united states comes to the microphone to condemn the russians as well. you heard nikki haley saying they're going to use nerve agents on someone in great britain. they can do it here, too. the widespread thinking the russians are poking at us. our own congress has said there should be sanctions on the russians and the white house has not put them in place. the widespread question across washington, republican and democrat has been, why? to that there's been no answer. so will the president condemn the russians? will the president put sanctions in place? what will happen?
12:44 pm
we shall see. the news continues after this. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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prudential. bring your challenges. >> shepard: more now on the staff shakeups at the white house. the president is visiting a boeing plant and he's -- remember how yesterday he walked around and looked at the border patrol at the border wall prototypes? he's going to walk around a boeing plant today. the timing is not perfect. boeing shares are down about $9 a share. about 2%, a little more than 2% here in new york today. some of its suppliers say we may not keep up with demand as boeing tries to increase production of their 737 aircraft. the president in there trying to give a boost. we'll keep an eye on that. the president announced he would replace rex tillerson with the cia director, mike pompeo. last week, gary cohn announced
12:48 pm
his resignation. the president said he was closing to having the cabinet he wants and looks like there's another move today. alaina train is here from axios. i'm not sure if this is the end of it, but looks like cnbc's larry kudlow will have a new role. tell us about it. >> right. well, he is expected to accept this new position, if it is offered. seems like right now they're really close to confirming that larry kudlow will be in that position. they're dotting the is and crossing the ts, i guess. >> shepard: we'll know in a few minutes. the reason for the change is? >> with all the changes, like you were saying, it's really a huge surprise. this comes after trump last week, the president had issued these new tariffs and that was the first signal that he's starting to call his own shots.
12:49 pm
several white house officials say it's getting harder for aides to disagree -- >> shepard: he wants to do what he wants to do. >> exactly. >> shepard: but what i don't understand, larry kudlow going back to the reagan days, he's as big of a free trader as anybody that walks the earth. >> he is. the thinking is that the president wanted somebody like gary cohn who had a strong financial and business background. but as much as larry kudlow is a free trader and doesn't share the sam populous nationalistic ideas that the president does, he does believe that larry kudlow might be able to get behind some of the things that the president wants regarding some of these tariffs. larry kudlow has said, you know, tariffs might be a good way of getting a trade deal or getting other countries to agree to a certain trade deal. he's expected to perhaps warm up to the proposals that the president is putting forth.
12:50 pm
>> shepard: we hear that h.r. mcmaster may be on his way out, john bolton may be on his way in. but big picture, what is the president doing with this re-alignment? what is his goal? how does this benefit him and his -- those that support him? >> as axios reported last week, trump is the -- the president is on this giddy spree. this is kind of now -- we're seeing that with his cabinet. he's starting to get things the way he wanted it. he hinted at that yesterday when he stopped to talk to reporters on the south lawn. he said we're starting to see things, i'm starting to get the cabinet the way i want it. that's how we're seeing -- he said he disagreed with rex tillerson on a lot of things. now he's out. others that are in the pipeline like you mentioned, we're looking at david shulkins is in the hot seat and h.r. mcmaster. the president is looking to have people surround him, have people
12:51 pm
with similar islands -- >> shepard: we just got word from the white house has just informed us, larry kudlow of cnbc has accepted the job. that happened in the last few seconds. the news continues after this. you can't predict the market, but through good times and bad at t. rowe price we've helped our investors stay confident for over 80 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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12:54 pm
>> shepard: continuing changes in washington around the trump administration. we just got word from sarah sanders in the press office, a statement regarding cnbc's larry kudlow that will join the trump team. i'm quoting from sarah sanders. "larry kudlow was offered and accepted the position of assistant to the president for economic policy and director of
12:55 pm
national economic council." he's a big-time economic adviser now. continuing the quotes. "we will work to have an orderly transition and keep everybody posted on the timing of him officially assuming the role", signed sarah sanders. gerri willis is here. larry kudlow well-known. >> oh, yeah. >> a big economic adviser way back in the day, all the way back to the reagan administration. >> he was in the reagan administration. >> and two decades on cnbc. before there was fox business, people used to watch that. >> i love the way you did that. >> shepard: go ahead. >> exactly right. larry kudlow is the most transparent of candidates for the job because he's been talking about his economic and political policies for years every single night on cnbc. >> shepard: he has. he's definitely not a tariff guy. in fact, last week the "wall
12:56 pm
street journal" with which this network shares common ownership had a piece about how this is very bad thing according to the "wall street journal"'s editorial. and larry kudlow retweeting it said it was maybe the biggest mistake of his presidency. >> they're on the same page. but he says much of the world will be except from the tariffs, canada, mexico, australia, everybody was china. in the past he said tariffs are a mistake and predicted the president's tariffs will cost five million jobs. >> shepard: as you can see, the president is at the boeing plant. neil cavuto picks us up on that topic after this.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
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>> president trump about to give remarks in st. louis after touring a boeing plant and meeting with business leaders on tax cuts, tax cuts that filed to give a victory to the republicans in pennsylvania last night. that race is still too close to call. is this a worry nor the tax-cutting party. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we have blake burman on the white house lawn and molly line in pennsylvania where everybody is waiting for the final results. blame? >> at the white house, clearly trying to shift the message back to the economy. it's been quite the 24 hours for this white house starting with the firing of the secretary of state rex tiller