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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 14, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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qualified individual. >> charles: thank you very much. appreciate it. the dow was off 250 today. concerned about potential trade war with china. i will tell you all about it later tonight. catch me on "making money." ♪ >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters. a pistachio shell is her canoe. dana perino. "the five" ." here's an experiment. type torture into google and what do you get? the odd snippets of hillary's speeches. you will see gina haspel, the first woman to be nominated to run the cia. a33 year vet. more than qualified to run the place with deep knowledge of our worst enemies and how to handle them. which means she must be stopped. on the other hand, there's controversy in her past. she was involved with the torture program after
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september 11th. and then involved with destroying videotapes of the matter. that might be something that could be problematic. >> i oppose her because she believes waterboarding should be something we use, and i think america shouldn't be known for torture. >> gina haspel does not belong as head of the cia. she belongs in front of a judge answering to what she was doing running a torture operation at a black site in thailand. >> greg: digging pretty deep for that one. gina made decisions few people ever have to make. the world she operated in the villains she faced, she didn't have the luxury of talking about what to do. she had to do. the call she answered demanded it. was it torture? it wasn't back then. just because you don't like a tactic that doesn't make it torture. you could discuss the merits of such choices with pundits on tv rather than doing her job. she would probably be paid more. instead she took the risk and
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responsibility so we didn't have to. she responded not just of the worst attack on our country since pearl harbor but to a world ending threat. sure, it's easy to say it, but we are better than that. from a shiny newsroom. if you think whatever she did was wrong, what's your alternative? do you have anything beyond "don't do that." have you thought this through? here's a question for haspel's critics. would you consider -- with everything that's considered mean be off the table? something tells me you would rather leave the question of the people like gina haspel. dana, you know this story probably better than anybody. they keep calling this torture. do they have a reason to call it torture? >> dana: it is their personal opinion. there has never been a legal opinion. three attorneys general have
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looked into this. all of them have declined to prosecute. the program was ended when it was no longer needed. i think about her in terms of a three decade career at the cia. all. all of a sudden, now she's not suitable to work at the cia? she has been the deputy director of the cia for the last year and a half. she has a great reputation amongst not just republicans. she has been serving since 41's administration but also with the obama team. what i would ask people to think about is, have we forgotten what it was like on the morning after 9/11? and what was happening? she was actually following orders, okay. she did follow orders that were based on a lawful program asked for by the president of the united states into the subject that she destroying evidence, there was no case that was ongoing when those tapes were destroyed. that might seem to some people
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like a distinction without a difference but let me tell you if you are in the cia, do you have reason to believe the congressional members of congress who are going to use this for decades. now we are 17 years after the fact and they still want to pick at this scab and not allow a woman who has an amazing record of public service to be able to serve? that really chaps my hide. if there are clear reasons she should not be allowed to run this department that have nothing to do with her work, that has not been question. the program does not exist anymore. that to me, if there is a substantial reason, fine. let's have that discussion. but this grandstanding is despicable. >> greg: i think chapping your hide is worse than waterboarding, from what i understand. >> dana: you could make that case. honestly, sleep deprivation, pulling out fingernails.
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>> jesse: playing greg's loud music. >> dana: they would play that in a prison. >> greg: they play a lot of metallica and slayer. >> dana: one of the hardest briefings i ever had to do at the white house, i woke up in the morning, got "the new york times" and there is the story that the cia has destroyed interrogation tapes, and i thought oh, my gosh. i talked to everybody, the president, the vice president, former cia director, national security advisor. i remember having a private moment with steve hadley before i went to the briefing and he said dana, i want to explain something to you. in those days after 9/11, this country had to make some really tough decisions. and they were tough, but they were legal and they saved lives. and i went out and i had the best briefing i'd ever had because i was confident. >> greg: they will argue against her. kimberly, if she was a democrat under hillary, they would say any opposition to her would be sexist.
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because she's a woman. >> kimberly: you want us to say it, we will say it. >> dana: is it going to help? >> kimberly: she is qualified. okay, juan. don't worry. >> greg: a lot of things make you nuts. >> kimberly: she is right. torture is anything, sitting right here. what else? i don't like beets. that's about it. >> greg: but you love super beets. >> jesse: lets pay the bills. >> kimberly: let me slow my role. i think she is unbelievably qualified. male, female, based on her record, career of distinction, someone able to make tough decisions widely admired by her peers. she deserves this position. they are going to be in a tough spot. it works the other way because she's a female because when they will say why are you making these attacks against her?
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this could be considered sexist. she should get the job, and i do think they are going to pull a whole -- some of the background and tactics. they are going to like the fanfare, fodder for certain shows. >> dana: the more they talk about this, the more president trump is going to like her. >> greg: exactly. jesse, there will be democrats galloping in on their moral high horses. there will also be rand paul, who was going to propose pompeo and haspel. >> jesse: the obama intelligence agencies that spied on reporters, light the american people in front of congress. did a lot of disgusting things and they didn't bat an eyelash. get off your high horse, get off your soapbox. this woman is a patriot. she was trying to save lives after 9/11. i member george bush said exactly what you said. you don't remember what it was like here after 9/11. they had to make a lot of tough decisions. she made some tough decisions,
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and the head of her operation, jose rodriguez, says enhanced interrogation saved lives and foiled plots. you know also cited? leon panetta, the obama intelligence chief. he said enhanced interrogation led to the location of usama bin laden. speaking of leon, also brennan, clapper. all of the intelligence people under the obama administration support this woman. so does dianne feinstein. the whole thing about her destroying the tapes, she was told to destroy tapes and she did. hillary destroyed tapes because she wanted to come and that was under an active investigation. >> greg: you have to admire what he just did there. [laughter] >> jesse: the justice department let them both off the hook. that's fine. this is a perfect example of media bias. this is a woman who's about to shatter the glass ceiling. so she should be praised by the left-wing media. but instead she is trying to be railroaded because she was nominated by a republican.
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the media for years has been saying that women should be celebrated because they are playing in the big boys leg and they are tough and we need tough, women who can take the fight to people. now we actually have a woman like that homemade terrorists whine and whimper and they are trying to attack her. >> greg: you know it scares me. i think democrat husbands are going to tell their wives not a supporter, they want because they are so subservient. juan, i'm going to even the argument i always hear that our tactics, interrogation tactics, fueled the people who hate us. it's like we make it worse. because we are lowering ourselves to that level. is that how you feel? >> juan: i don't think it's very american to torture people, and neither does john mccain, who was tortured. >> jesse: waterboarding is not torture. >> juan: may be in your free time you want to -- and i don't think that's rational or sane. nobody in their right mind. >> greg: what is your alternative?
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>> juan: there are lots of alternatives. talk to the intelligence community, they will tell you they get more out of people when they don't torture them. here's the thing. i think the key here is, will she renounce the use of torture and confirmation hearings? that's what dianne feinstein had to say today which is look, she's got a great reputation in the intelligence community. they call her a pro's pro. but the law has changed. torture is illegal. president trump is always putting down the cia, he said he thinks torture is affected. what about mike pompeo who was the former cia director? he has said i think torture might work. the question becomes wait a second. are we going backwards? having had a moment of conscience about this, where we were torturing people leave and after the fact. it wasn't like a "24" scenario like we need information. it's been taken care of.
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the president has the right to say i need this information. take extraordinary or enhanced interrogation tactics. but these people she was torturing, those people -- >> greg: juan, you water bored me without the water. >> kimberly: the use of the word torture. some of these guys are real losers and real wimps. they are crybabies. you put a caterpillar on their shoulder and they cry for their mom and no more jihad and they spill it. that to me is not torture. >> greg: in the eye of the beholder. that's the problem. >> kimberly: sleep deprivation, loud music. there have been changes in the law and she will follow the law as it currently stands. >> juan: the key point is, will she renounce the use of torture? >> greg: dana, would you break the law if you could save lives and ruin your career? or would you follow the law and watch people die?
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that's an interesting question. >> dana: that's a bad hypothetical. she didn't break any laws. >> kimberly: disqualified herself because -- >> dana: obviously this is not an easy topic. the things these agencies are asked to do is not easy. do you think they want to do this? the notion that somehow gitmo or these black tights fueled more anger against western civilization is preposterous. >> jesse: after these enhanced interrogations were no longer used, the rise of isis sprung up right after. >> dana: it's an ideology. >> jesse: the other thing is -- >> juan: what does that have to do with anything? >> jesse: you said when we were interrogating people and a rough way that was making them hate us even more. you just set it.
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>> dana: they hate us no matter what. it's an ideology. anyway, i think she will end up with 75 votes in favor. >> greg: all right, excellent. her arrest sparked an outcry from the left. we will tell you the full story behind the video of an illegal immigrant pulled away from her daughter's. ♪ we the people... are defined by the things we share. and the ones we love. who never stop wondering what we'll do or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone...
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and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ♪ >> dana: and immigration win for texas. federal appeals court upheld its
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crackdown on sanctuary cities. remember this video? >> [screaming] >> dana: an illegal immigrant mother arrested by u.s. border patrol taken from her three screaming children earlier this month. it's gotten a lot of attention. protests erupted over it. a key detail has been left out of the conversation. the woman was apprehended because she suspected -- she was suspected of organizing a human trafficking or operation. one of the worst crimes against humanity, i think. >> kimberly: no doubt. some of the cases we investigated and took a look at our worst -- the worst horrors of mankind with human trafficking. it's unbelievable it doesn't get a bigger spotlight. the united nations has been decent in terms of trying to profile and put this out here so
2:19 pm
we can stop it but it's really widespread in countries you would be very surprised of. when we do stories like this, i think it's really important the people know this is happening, this is going on. to put better awareness of it and also to record abuses. >> dana: these cases are never necessarily black and white. it's complicated. often in order to protect the integrity of the case are the people involved, information is held back until the case is completed. in this case, the children were probably taken away perhaps to protect them. there are other cases. we know the woman from congo separated from her daughter, questions there. why would the federal government do that? what do you think about this case? >> juan: obviously human trafficking is reprehensible. the way they did that was offensive. that is the upset. coming to represent some thing
2:20 pm
larger witches separating parents from families and children. it picked up on something that resonates with the broader public, the way the i.c.e. agents operate. they look like they are above the law. in this case they are separating a mother from her children. >> greg: a smuggler from her children. >> juan: i don't know what she is. dana is right to point out come of this awful charge of human smuggling with that doesn't excuse the behavior of i.c.e. agents. i don't think we want to see police or anybody acting in that fashion. >> dana: i don't think it was that bad. i understand ripping a mother away from her children but in this case, the mother put the children in a bad position. >> jesse: it is the mom's fault she was hauled off like that. don't do the crime if you can't do the time, juan. do you want to be treated equally under the justice system? listen, i believe the i.c.e. agents.
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she is going to go through due process. that's fine. i didn't see them hurting this woman. i didn't see them throwing any elbows. she was screaming and causing a scene. if i.c.e. agents show up for me, i would go like this and get in the back of the way cannot have my lawyer deal with it. >> kimberly: take your phone out for sure. >> jesse: i know juan loves polling. 74% of californians are opposed sanctuary cities. 65% of hispanics in california oppose sanctuary cities. 73% of democrats in california oppose. >> dana: you could talk about either one to build on that. texas yesterday got some news from the federal appeals court which is said its ban on sanctuary cities can continue to take effect while legal challenges continue. >> greg: i would like to comment on that but also on this
2:22 pm
arrest. which one should i do first? a >> dana: whichever. >> greg: about the arrest, originally this was seen as a martyr, an innocent person. that's because the media is always desperate to find their poster child for their specific issue. we have been guilty on the right but mostly the left, the media, they always try to find that exact perfect victim and it never turns out. this is why if you see something that sounds too good to be true -- they are ripping the mother away from the kids -- it's probably not. whatever we are about to do a story and we go this sounds right up our alley, you have to look at it and you find out there's a whole story behind the story. you have to look at the background, and you find out it's too good to be true. sorry, guys. you didn't get a poster child of this one. the reason why the verbal can succeed on the sanctuary -- the republican succeed on that sanctuary city thing is that liberals have yet to realize a wish is not a plan.
2:23 pm
wishing everybody could come over here, it's not a plan. the actual liberal plan for everything, from the welfare state to homelessness, illegal immigration, step one, wish. step two, see step one. republicans always have a step two. step one issuer, we want to have good people coming over. step two, we want them to go through the proper entrance. i am going to quote scott adams. the problem is democrats only offer -- democrats only offer half a plan. they have the wish but they don't have the follow-through. >> juan: you are engaged in a fantasy. >> greg: i just told you the truth. >> juan: you told me a fantasy about wishful thinking. no illegal border crossings in 2017, lowest since world war ii.
2:24 pm
>> jesse: how did that happen? >> juan: virtually. the lowest since world war ii. greg is saying the democrats want people to march across. this is ridiculous. >> greg: what do you think sanctuary cities are? if you come here, we will not stop you. am i missing something? >> juan: that justification is you want people to cooperate with law enforcement. >> greg: you bring that up for there is statistical evidence. >> dana: do you know what i wish? tens of thousands of students across america walked out of their classrooms today to demand change for our nation's gun laws. the protest next. ♪ [upbeat music] you wouldn't feel good not knowing the price here. don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program, you pay the same low price. all without having to go through insurance.
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♪ >> kimberly: a nationwide school walkout to demand action
2:29 pm
on school violence. some prominent lawmakers joined their protest. >> a lot of us will be 18 by november and that's when midterm elections start. [cheering] i can promise you this. do your jobs. give us concrete solutions. and for once, the value our lives over your bank accounts, or we will vote you out. >> in the coming weeks and months, more of my peers will be slaughtered in their own classrooms, their deaths will be dismissed as collateral, you know we have a moral problem in this country. >> i come to school to learn math and science, to be better in life and not to lose my life and not have to learn how to dodge bullets. >> kimberly: the house approved a bill to make schools safer and harden them against potential shootings. the stopped school violence act passed in a vote of 407-10. strong support, greg, for this act. >> greg: yeah.
2:30 pm
>> kimberly: what's wrong? >> greg: a few things. we tiptoe around this because it's like teenagers. i am a little bit tired of tiptoeing. i want to be very careful about this. number one, i said a while ago you don't want to let these causes be hijacked by other causes. the women's march, planned parenthood, the center for american progress. that happened. that bugs me. number two, a protest should never be tied to an implicit reward, meaning you're getting out of class. that taints it a little bit for me. i don't think the protest should accompany a reward. i think it should've been before class or after class. it has a feeling of a field trip. you couple that with the attention you get from networks, it's a pretty exciting field trip. i think there is a certain reward there that taints they protest a bit. then i am also worried about what it's like for students who don't participate. will their teachers and the students they go to class with treat them differently?
2:31 pm
will there be peer pressure? will the teacher think less of them? i did extra credit in high school for the nuclear freeze, a very left-wing thing. i got a better grade for doing that. i think there's going to be a correlation between participating in this and how you are graded. the last thing, which bothers me, there's a bit of artificial restraint from parents or adults with this issue. it's like we are abdicating our responsibility to do -- debate and criticize, we should be challenging teenagers, especially if they don't have the facts. if we are talking emotionally, you turn teenagers into adults by challenging them with facts. emotion untethered to facts continues, especially when you are a teenager. i know. i was a teenager. i lived off emotion. i was a liberal. i think that's important. also the fbi, they have confirmed there was an explicit
2:32 pm
tip about cruz. this isn't really about guns. it's about lack of a follow-up, failure to catch a needle in a haystack, lack of a database that's very necessary. i am glad we are hardening the schools. >> juan: these kids merging because of the slaughter that took place in florida, having a real response and offering real leadership where adults have failed and said you want to talk about oh, if this person didn't march, are they going to be punished? what about gun control, greg? >> greg: we have heard from you about this every day. >> juan: we have heard from congress, it has nothing to do with gun control. maybe we should consider hardening this. nothing. >> kimberly: i don't understand. why wouldn't that be something you should have in terms of public safety, a right to a peaceful and not violent education in the country where
2:33 pm
you are not worried if you are going to be shot or hide or what's going to happen. you are worried about, let me see if i can learn how to do algebra today or let me see if i can learn how to read more books or do something or learn something in science or decide what i want to do with my future because i'm going to have one because they scared about my school safety. >> juan: yes, that's great. i think kids should be safe in school. >> greg: no, but you just criticize. rewind it. you will see what he says. >> dana: i feel for these kids. i think all of us do. i didn't go to school at a time when i thought there would ever be an active shooter. i tried to put myself in their shoes, or in the shoes of the parents and teachers. you go to school and worried this could happen to them. i agree with president trump when he said he doesn't like the idea of active shooter drills because we shouldn't have to have them. then you get to the question of the policy solution. that's where conservatives and liberals do have a breakdown. conservatives often go with logic and facts.
2:34 pm
you follow the logic down and you realize actually that's not going to work. it's not going to help. i think also, greg, to your point. it wasn't that they missed a needle in a haystack. they missed a huge silo sticking out of the haystack and decided not to do anything about it. >> greg: that is the most infuriating. >> dana: still there has not been accountability. >> greg: the sheriff is still there. >> jesse: if i was in high school, i would walk out too. i wouldn't care with the topic of the protest was. i would try to get out of class. that's why one of the reasons you see such big crowds. i don't doubt the sincerity of some of these gun-control students. they are doing what they want and i encourage students of all ages to be politically active. i think that's a good thing no matter the topic. the only issue is i saw one of the high school students on msnbc today. i had to watch. i was getting my shoes shined. they asked them what do you want and the kids as gun-control.
2:35 pm
to his credit the msnbc anchor said well, what does that mean, gun-control? the student says i don't think ar-15s should be sold in the country. they are military grade. first of all, they are not military grade at all. the bullet is about the size. the caliber is very small. they just have military styling. it has nothing to do with the gauge of it. second of all, i've seen a few other students and their hyperpartisan. that's their business. they can say whatever they want. but i think that's turning off a lot of independent americans and it's actually angering a lot of law-abiding nra members who think this is just making me angry. it's not helping the conversation at all. greg brought up the point, planned parenthood, and the women's march are behind this. someone pulling the strings. trump has to stay on this. when i heard that father of the forum say this has to stop and it has to stop now, we have to remember that dad because we cannot let him down or any other
2:36 pm
parents. >> kimberly: indeed. my son walked out today. let him do what he is going to do. >> greg: and did he come back? that is the key. >> kimberly: even democrats have had enough of hillary clinton. next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids... ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ oh! there's one.a "the sea cow""
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2:41 pm
ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever believes you should. >> juan: that latest dig isn't sitting well list of members of the democratic party, even clinton's former aides and surrogates are now some of them speaking out. >> this is bad. i can't sugarcoat it. she was wrong. and clearly it's not helpful to the democrats going into the midterms and certainly not going into 2020. she has put yourself in a position where democrats are going to have to distance themselves from these remarks and distance themselves from her, particularly those democrats that are running in the states donald trump won like ohio and pennsylvania. and wisconsin and michigan. >> juan: we have a situation here where you have people like
2:42 pm
sherry brown, the senator from ohio, same these comments weren't helpful. greg, what do you think? is this something -- i know you have a vivid imagination. something that would hurt democrats in the midterms? >> greg: i disagree with everything i have ever said. i think she should stay. i think the party is wrong. she deserves to stay. she is the most qualified candidate they have. she should be running for 2020. i think the fact they are treating her this way is disrespectful. she has to run again. her motto could be i am still here, going nowhere. here's the problem. she is greedy. she is doing speeches to make money, getting paid. every speech sheep except, the media goes after. they should pay her not to speak. every time she gets a call from i don't know harvard that's going to pay her 250 grand, the democratic party should say we will give you 200 not to speak. >> juan: dana, the republican
2:43 pm
governors association falsely claimed clinton said wisconsin is backwards. the ohio g.o.p. said yeah, she said ohio is backwards. she didn't quite say that. >> dana: she basically said all the states in the middle are backwards. i suppose you can make the claim if you are in one of those states. she gives sore losers a bad name. it's not going to be easy for them. democrats had a pretty good showing last night in the special election in pennsylvania 13. hillary clinton -- today say 13? i meant 18. she wasn't really a factor. president trump was the factor and conor lamb was a good candidate. but as soon as she gets back on tv, it reminds everybody oh, yeah. that's right. that's why we voted the other way. i do feel bad for her because it's not easy to leave the stage gracefully. romney and mccain both did so.
2:44 pm
they did not give heartburn to their party. they lost and they moved on. they have continued to serve in other ways. >> juan: jesse, do you think this will have any effect on anything other than greg's love of hillary clinton? >> jesse: now. it helps republicans. i agree with greg. the special election we had last night, donald trump won that district by 20 points. i guess that's a bigoted district. oh, wait. they just voted for a democrat. maybe all the husbands convinced their wives to vote for the democrat. that she is saying. she doesn't like the american people. she things half of them are deplorable. that's why she's not likable. you can tell she doesn't like other people. she has misread the electorate. she didn't go to the three big states she was supposed to. trump busted the blue wall down. she can't read a room. every time she gives a speech, everybody falls asleep. she assumes because you disagree with her, you are a bad person. that's why she thinks half the
2:45 pm
country's racist or sexist. it can't be because they disagree with her policy or they connect with another candidate. it's because she thinks you are evil and you have bad intentions. that's just not a good look for a states woman. >> kimberly: the best thing to happen to the democrats because they have been dying to get rid of her. let's be honest. finally, let's stick with this one because the rest of them are waiting. kamala harris, oprah. >> juan: you would never know this woman won the popular vote. >> greg: she is stuck in the revolving door so people can't get through. >> juan: is this for real? america might be adding a new branch of the military in outer space. the president is considering it. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely.
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♪ >> jesse: "star wars" may not be a work of science fiction. president trump has floated the idea of creating a space force. did greg help him come up with the idea? >> do you like writing rockets, explore another galaxy, shoot laser beams all over space, you need to join the u.s. space force. you will go space surfing.
2:50 pm
checked with exotic space babes. eat out of this world stays food and defend earth from super alien space [bleep]. putting the word "phase" before anything makes it better. don't believe us? space dog, space taco. >> can i join the space for us? >> the only thing we don't have, space maroon five because in space no one can hear horrible music. limited space available despite space being infinite. >> jesse: all right, greg. >> greg: that was from july last year i believe we came up with that idea. put space before anything, space suit, space party, space zebra. everything is better with space.
2:51 pm
>> dana: space five. >> greg: we should do that. get a plane. >> jesse: we can't even pay -- they can't even pay for us to go to california. it's not getting off the ground. >> dana: last year's budget proposal the trump administration shot it down but a president can change his mind anytime. i think it's possible. i also think it's a fantasy. >> kimberly: i want to do it. i've got the costume. >> juan: i think it's important to say the defense secretary doesn't like it in the air force and marines. >> dana: they are going to study it. that's what they are doing. >> juan: i like the idea because if we can have more of those videos. >> kimberly: it's all how you mark today. "one more thing" is next.
2:52 pm
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♪ >> greg: it's time for "one more thing." >> juan: stephen hawking, the physicist died yesterday at 76. he was our generation's version of albert einstein, sir isaac newton. he was a cultural icon. he appeared on shows like the simpsons and "star trek." the subject of the movie "the theory of everything." he dealt with lou gehrig's disease starting his early 20s. for most of his life, he could only at flex a finger, move aside. his mind remained superbly fit.
2:56 pm
investigating the properties of black holes. he was an inspiration to everyone who suffers from a disability. may he rest in peace. >> dana: i had a fun day today today. i always have a fun day. but my husband did something really great. it's one of those times when you fall in love with your husband all over again. there he is a neptune city, new jersey. he went to visit lisa rizzo's second grade class. he agreed to go and he read two books to the kids. the first one was "please, mr. panda." the other was called "i have an idea." the kids voted only went with the panda. >> kimberly: good job. >> greg: neptune city. that sounds exciting. all right, jesse. >> jesse: march madness is
2:57 pm
here. dana, that is college basketball. >> dana: sayings. >> jesse: pizza hut is the official pizza of march madness. they came out with some shoes. pizza hut high tops. you see the red, marinara splash. there is a cheese grater. when you push the button on the tongue, it orders a pizza to wherever you are. if you're watching march madness, you hit the button on the tongue and a pizza gets delivered. go to, download the app. bluetooth compatible. i don't even know what that means. you hit the button and you get the pizza and if you hit the other button on the other tongue of the shoe, it pauses the game for you. you can enjoy your pizza and finish watching the game. >> kimberly: i can't believe you didn't put them on. >> juan: he did. >> greg: where is the pizza?
2:58 pm
>> juan: you pushed the button button? [laughter] >> jesse: here is the sneaker. >> kimberly: you should really leave these segments to me. >> jesse: here we go. >> juan: oh, my gosh. >> jesse: there it is. i just ordered it. greg can't have any of it because he's on the act can's diet. >> kimberly: why isn't there pepperoni? >> greg: smells like she was. my podcast is up right now. go to i interviewed kevin williamson about the threats of immersive pornography. and conspiracy theory and tribalism. it's time for this. greg's medianews. like i always do, sometimes in the morning, i decided to catch joe and mika. joe wouldn't stop talking. look at this video.
2:59 pm
he says trump did this, trump did this. trump is going to be impeached. she's like oh, god. stop talking about trump. no, i'm going to keep going. >> kimberly: time for kimberly's royal news. i am so confused with my pizza. i am sure the queen likes pizza too. ed buckingham palace, it is raining high-fashion and i love this. look at this. she has an umbrella that matches every single outfit. this is incredibly important when you are a royal and you are in the rain. it rains about 30% of the year there. she's got to have a very nice umbrella specifically she gets full turn on umbrellas. >> dana: she should get a weatherman umbrella.
3:00 pm
>> greg: set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" up next. my favorite bret since george. >> bret: thank you, greg. i'm bret baier in washington. nervous bureaucrats in the trump administration are waiting for the music to stop again to see who is without a chair or a job next door to find out if they are moving to another job inside the administration. one day after removing his top diplomat, the president is said to be considering additional big moves. today he filled one vacant seat as sources are scrambling for details on others. chief white house correspondent john roberts tells us what he is hearing from the north lawn north lawn. >> the rumor mill is working overtime on potential staff changes at the white house. the other day and last week, the president suggested there were more changes ahead. we


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