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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 15, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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we want to hear what you have to say about the show tonight, to reach me, ed henry is up next to his and for miss shannon bream. he will take you all throughout it. >> ed: you have to be careful. anytime anyone says you've thet a good joke, you've got to run it through a few people. here is what is on tonight. an interim watchdog suggests former top fbi official should be fired. will attorney general jeff sessions blocked out or not? doug mckelway breaks down the federal pension that you would be paying for and why it is planing and the balance paid plus the house moves a bill that house claims will make schools safer as students across the country walked out of the classrooms to protest the lack of action on gun control. reporting on the followed as we get a live visit from one of the only conservative students from parkland, florida, who is standing alone and saying gun
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control is not the answer. and the white house revolving door keeps on spinning as talk keeps up that more top officials are headed for the exits. howard kurtz weighs in on the media madness, which just so happens to be the title of his hot new book. ♪ good evening, and welcome again to "fox news @ night." i'm ed henry in again for shannon bream. multiple breaking stories one day after rex tillerson was fired. at this hour, we are tracking some sizzling reports of another major shake-up likely coming at the white house as soon as tomorrow. it may include changing the national security advisor and shuffling yet more cabinet chiefs. the same time, fresh reports suggesting that the attorney general jeff sessions may be on the verge of living former fbi acting director andrew mccabe be fired for leaking to the media and possibly misleading
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investigators for conducting a major review of wrongdoing at the fbi and the justice department. doug mckelway is all over the wave on mccabe, a frequent target. >> andrew mccabe has long been in the crosshairs of republicans in congress and president trump. the 20 one-year fbi that has made a central role in many high profile and politically charged investigations, from the boston marathon bombing, the arrest of a mastermind, the probe of alleged russian collusion, and the election of 2016, and he hillary clinton email and foundation investigations. through it all, he has what many believe is the appearance, if not the substance, of conflict of interest. his wife ran as a democrat for virginia state senate seat and accepted several hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions from the then-virginia governor. he has poked and prodded at attorney general jeff sessions
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to get rid of mccabe. last july, the president rated "why didn't sessions replace mccabe? a call me friend who is in charge of the investigation. what has sparked the fbi consideration of firing mccabe less than a week away from his retirement is the impending inspector general's report that found mccabe was not honest when questioned by the ig about his leaks on the clinton investigation. on sunday, when he is set to retire, he becomes set for a pension, about $55,000 a year if he lives until 83. on december 23rd, president trump tweeted, "andrew mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits, 90 days to go." but that pension will fire and might disappear if he is fired before them. critics said the recommendation of firing is politically motivated, perhaps an attempt, they say, for jeff sessions to save his own job amidst rumors that he may be the next to be
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fired. ed? >> ed: big story, thank you for leading us off, doug. it has been called a potential bloodbath, one day after removing the top diplomat, president considering a much wider shake-up. tonight, the president till one vacancy on his economic team as white house aides remain on edge on whether they may be in or out. ellison barber joins us live with the latest details. good evening, ellison. >> sources inside and outside of the white house say there could be major staff changes this week. bloodbath is they were that the. fox news is told there are four big possible changes. national security advisor h.r. mcmaster could be replaced by ambassador john bolton. at some point, a possible departure chief of staff john kelly budget director mick mulvaney possibly coming in to replace him. they were choking out with energy secretary rick perry possibly replacing him, although perry told reporters today that is fake news, and the final staff room or, at least for now,
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that overseas private investment corporation ray washburne could come in as energy secretary. katie pavlich is reporting that president trump is strongly considering replacing shulkin. reportedly on thin ice after an inspector general report found that he and other senior leaders missed misused funds during a trip to europe. shulkin is accused of inappropriately accepting wimbledon tickets and having taxpayers cover the cost of his wife's travel, all this after the firing of rex tillerson. the president said yesterday he is getting very close to the cabinet he wants, and today, there is a new addition. the white house announced that larry kudlow accepted an offer to serve as the president's top economic advisor. gary cohn held that job until he resigned last week, reportedly in part because he disagreed in part with the steel and aluminum
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tariffs. he has known the president for years. >> he called me sunday afternoon, and i thought he was going to call me and follow me out because i had some problemsd explaining his position to me, his thinking on the matter. we got into the conversation and he started talking about the director job, but it was a good thing. >> we don't agree with everything, but in this case, i think that is good. i want to have a diversity of opinion. >> president trump that he and congress are working on tax cuts. kudlow touched on some of that today as well. >> individuals deserve a break, that is very important. i have more to it. talked about capital gains. possibly lowering the rate, but possibly indexing for inflation. >> president trump is back from the west coast. he made it back to the white house around 9:00 tonight. reporters shouted questions,
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including some about kudlow. the president did not answer. ed? >> ed: ed, thank you very much gina haspel facing potentially contentious hearings, democrats and some republicans may be opposing the nomination, stating her role in the enhanced interrogation techniques used during the bush and administration. joining me now, republican congressman, ron desantis, good to see you. let's start with the democrats, can you believe the democrats, in an election year, might try to -- the senate democrats, chuck schumer, dianne feinstein, may try to block the first female cia chief in an election year because she is, wait for it, too tough on terrorists? >> it is tough to believe. she has had a distinguished career. she has been in the cia for over 30 years, she has been lauded by people who served in the agency, even head of the agency or other intelligent services for both parties, which and they are going back to the post 9/11
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controversy over enhanced interrogation. that has been litigated, we did that. there were no charges brought against these people. there were legal opinions brought down, i know people disagree, but since then, what has she done? she has been great. >> ed: we were on a war footing post 9/11, there were fears of more attacks coming. >> there was. she has been the deputy director for over a year. she has done a great job. she really does a lot of day-to-day management of the agency that mike pompeo, he is with the president, he has got to do other things. she is ready. no one disputes that you can step into this job on day one and do a good job. i think it was a good pick, and i think she should be confirmed. >> ed: i mentioned democrats, go to republicans. ron paul, also john mccain. john mccain says, the torture of detainees in u.s. custody is one of the darkest chapters in american history. ms. haspel needs to explain the nature and extent of her involvement in the cia's interrogation program during this confirmation process.
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i know the senate will do its job and examining her record and her beliefs about torture and her approach to current law." i should note that today is actually 45 years ago today john mccain was released from imprisonment by the north the north vietnamese. he is somebody who knows something about torture. >> and i think those questions are fine. anything on her record is fair game to ask. but i think people who are going to focus on one aspect and not look at all of make her whole record, that is not how i would approach this. particularly because she has served with such distinction just in the last ten or 15 years since all of this has happened. >> ed: we talked about maybe bigger changes, but let's start with rex tillerson, somebody very keen on national security issues. what do you think about the president firing his own secretary of state on twitter? >> i do think the press initially got it wrong, this was totally out of the blue, rex was told something on friday. >> said, look out for a tweet.
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>> that is the way it went down, not necessarily at the way anyone would do it, at the end of the day, they didn't have a good report together, there were questions whether tillerson spoke to the present or didn't. if you don't have allies and adversaries, don't have the confidence, the president, they are not going to be as effective. i think mike pompeo, getting along well with the president, mike has got an extensive background. rex had a phenomenal business background. mike is a business guy. he is a west point graduate, congressman, cia director, i think he goes into that position of secretary of state with a real serious breadth of experience. >> ed: with the one minute i have left, what would be your advice to the potential, you know, the secretary of state designated and the rest of the security team about not just north korea but a big decision on whether to pull out on the iran nuclear deal. the stakes are high right now. >> they are, but my pipe
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mike pompeo, he is in tune with donald trump. i was there fighting the iran deal back in 2015. mike was one of the leaders in that. i don't think he has seen anything as cia director to cause him to question that. i think mike knows north korea, kim jong un, these guys are adversaries. he's not going to want to go into that willy-nilly, i think it has had a positive effect so far. i think so. >> ed: ron desantis, thank you for coming in. believe it or not, still close to too close to call in pennsylvania. democrat conor lamb clinging to a slim lead, margins are tight, republicans eyeing a recount. molly line here to break it down down. it has been a wild 24 hours. >> that is for certain. ed, good evening. democrats are claiming victory for conor lamb. republicans not giving appropriate state rep rick
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saccone says he is staying in this boat, the communications director for the national congressional committee says, we are absolutely not conceding, a recount has not been ruled out. ed, let's get into the numbers, hp's unofficial count has llama head by just 620 -- roughly 375 provisional military and overseas ballots have yet to be counted, the four counties in the district have seven days to count and the deadline to receive military and overseas ballots is next tuesday. republicans say they have received complaints about machines, and voters may have been confused by the upcoming plans to be read/write districts. it is alleged that at -- election officials in allegheny county, the only county of the four that lamb one, it pushed back, saying they did not have the required
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written and signed authorization from the party chair. when provided, that where was given full access. the machines involved are electronic touchscreen, the counties performed an audit of the results, comparing the overall tally on a hard drive, a flash drive, and a paper tape, and officials told the ap that deviations are very rare. absentee ballots are inspected to determine whether the voter is eligible and had clear inten intent. the executive director of the association of pennsylvania says that that is where a review might alter a final count. we had a chance to speak with an attorney, a hacker, he watched the counting overnight. >> i thought to the process was flawed. there are other issues that i am just being informed about with the machines themselves, and i know that there are some potential voter irregularities now in a county that has a giant chunk of the electorate. >> of the republican party continues to look and seek
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information regarding any potential voter irregularities, but there is potential here for legal action going forward. ed? >> ed: molly line in pittsburgh, thank you. the british prime minister theresa may announced today that 23 russian diplomats will expelled from the ua u.k. in retaliation for the poisoning of a russian spy and their daughter. it comes after they ignored a deadline to explain how the nerve agent was used on soil. russia is denying involvement, but the prime minister said there is no other conclusion and that russia is culpable. u.s. ambassador to the united nations agrees with great britain, confirming that the u.s. police russia is responsible for a chemical attack among the spy and his daughter, and challenge her fellow security council members to respond with more than tough talk, warning that they did to the nerve agent used could be also used to assassinate people anywhere in the world including right there where the u.n. is in new york city. today was the national school
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walkout day. we'll meet a student from parkland, florida, who has a much different view. he has he has a message and ist afraid to take his message. breaking out into the open, battling it out over the big banks. the civil war in the democratic party straight ahead. then the media started out saying that -- not many in the media are saying tillerson's firing proves, you got it, there was collusion with putin. which is it? howard kurtz analyzes the media madness when we come
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you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet. you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it. let's fix that. let's give this guy gig-
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thousands of students and teachers left class at 10:00 a.m. and marked 17 minutes of students to honor the students and adults who died at marjory stoneman douglas high school. some traveled away from school, andrew cuomo chanted "gun control as he walked along students. in vegas, home to the deadliest mass shooting, more than 350 students rallied on the steps of the city's oldest high school science reading "enough is enough. at the white house, students turned their back in a symbolic act of defiance. the walkout was organized by the youth wing of the women's march, which organized last year's protest against president trump in washington, d.c. today's protest also included activism workshops to teach students how to become lobbyists, in particular for measures that support stronger gun laws. this was the scene outside the
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national rifle association's office in sacramento. >> time for congress did not listen to the nra headquarters behind us right here. >> in response, the national rifle association tweeted, "i'll conjure my own guns, thank you," and a spokesperson told fox news, "we'll let them have their first amendment day to fully assembled, and later we'll start teaching by the second amendment." no word whether they will devote equal times to devote equal times to a view on gun rights, and this was just a be up to the next big student-run anti-gun protest, a march on washington, d.c., scheduled for march 24th. ed? >> ed: thanks, claudia. while many of his classmates were draining students across the country walking out of class today, my next guest was here in washington lobbying lawmakers to
12:22 am
help pass that school safety bill that claudia was just reporting unpaid kyle kashuv is a student and a survivor of that tragic stating that occurred nearly one month ago in parkland, florida, and he drains me here right now. kyle, first of all, thank you for being here, and you were in an adjacent building from where the carnage took place. how are you doing one month later, first of all? >> i'm doing okay due to the fact -- i'm taking the time to make a positive change. i'm going through the experienc experience. >> new mexico doing are you struggling? are you having nightmares? you told me you slept three hours last night because he wanted to get on capitol hill. you are living on dr pepper and monster energy drinks right now. i hope i'm not revealing something to your parents i shouldn't be. but personally, how are you doing? >> very tired, but i realize the importance of what i'm doing and that's why i'm doing it. that's why i'm willing to take the time to put myself through
12:23 am
such little amount of sleep in order to make sure that the gun-control -- >> a lot of your students are pushing for gun control and you don't believe that's the answer. why? >> looking at what we can achieve, something we do agree on. nothing's going to happen, so its focus on something that can immediately happen, right now, lives are still at stake. >> ed: one of your classmates had a much different approach to this issue and a much different approach to his conversation with the president. roll back. >> actually hung up on the white house the other day. they called me the day before the listen session and asked if we were going to come, and i said, i'm not coming, because we expect president trump to come to the cnn town hall. i ended on this message with him. president trump, we don't need to listen to president trump. president trump needs to listen to the screams of the children and the screams of the nation.
12:24 am
>> ed: you went in the oval office with melania trump, how did you find them compared to the media caricature? >> he is very different. he is very warm and outgoing. that's not represented in the media at all. >> ed: if you don't believe gun-control control is the answer, truly you don't believe that that is enough, it's going to help train teachers, it might provide some metal detectors, but to deal with this nationwide crisis, if not gun-control, what? >> its $50 million every year for ten years, and i think -- the thing is, gun-control, the issue with parkland, the issue wasn't gun-control. it failed on so many different levels, and we have to find a way to solve this problem. what it does is, it registers that we have an issue at our
12:25 am
school, we have to be able to find kids who are mentally stable before the act out. this has already been working very, very effectively in utah. >> ed: it deals with mental health, this legislation, but the issue of arming teachers. you are 16 years old? what do you think? >> the issue with arming teachers, it's very simple. we don't have the funding for actual education, and it's a medium solution between getting armed guards and not doing anything. we have to be able to protect our schools, and we can't have gun free zones in schools anymore. it's illogical. a 15 minute response time in some counties in florida for the sheriff's come up for the police. there's 15 minutes of an unarmd school, and the first responders are the most important. with the program does, it allows teachers and staff to have guns in school, it allows them to
12:26 am
be those first responders. it gives them the opportunity. >> ed: you and so many others at that school went through so much. we feel your pain and we appreciate you being here tonight. so well-spoken. i hope you get some sleep. thank you. california governor jerry brown played with fire? major policy changes after those wildfires? shannon investigates next. and united airlines under fire tonight. how and why did a family puppy die on a routine flight? now a prominent senator is getting involved. trace is here with the
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>> apparently part of the dog carrier was sticking out into the aisle, as the woman who has
12:31 am
the dog to place the dog in the overhead compartment despite deposits is that notepad should be placed in the overhead bin and that carriers have to fit the the but seat in front. the flight attendant said she did not know there was a puppy in the carrier. the dog owner says that is false and the flight attendant knew full well above the puppy. a passenger sitting nearby is backing up the dog owner, posting on facebook, "the flight attendant felt the innocent animal was better off crammed inside the overhead container." they insisted the puppy be locked up for three hours without any kind of airflow. to ensure the safety of the family pet, so wearily, the mother agreed, and the plane landed three hours later, there was no sound from the kennel, sure enough, the puppy died." united has apologized but still maintains the flight attendant did not hear or understand that the dog was inside the carrier. of course, this isn't a first
12:32 am
for united. last year, i dog died after being placed in the cargo hold and spending years on a hot tarmac. a similar incident led to the deaths of seven dogs on united back in 2010, and marilyn was sued -- the airline was sued this year over the death of a giant rabbit. john kennedy wants answers. watch. >> what happened, i can't imagine how the pet's owner feels. i know we have many important things to do, but this is important too. >> should know that just one day after the french bulldog puppy died, a family was partly my flying from oregon to kansas city. their 10-year-old german shepherd ended up in japan. united says it is now making changes on the way pets are handled. probably a good idea. >> ed: trace, appreciate it.
12:33 am
california wildfires devastated last year, shannon reports she was just out in california, the state seems to be making it easier than ever to live in the danger area as california and start look to rebuild. >> sheriff's office, mandatory evacuation order. >> >> is wildfires ripped throuh his state last year causing death and destruction from one country to southern california, democratic governor jerry brown blamed climate change and president trump. >> i don't think president trump has the fear of the lord, the fear of the wrath of god which leads one to more humility, and this is such a reckless disregard for the truth and the existential consequences that can be unleashed. >> the fires out but the debate over governor brown's response is far from extinguished. california spent a recommended $700 million fighting the fires, yet governor brown suspended the
12:34 am
annual fire prevention fee for the next 12 years in favor of a statewide trade program that spreads the cost to state and federal taxpayers. state authorities are looking for houses to be both, and california's insurance commissioner wants more power to stop insurers from raising premiums or dropping home owners in higher prone areas, meaning people outside those areas may have to help pick up the tab. >> people should have the opportunity to choose where they want to live, but they shouldn't do it on the backs of others. they should be subsidized for those choices. and that is a struggle with insurance rates. >> experts say there is a simple recently state doesn't want to get get a new way of rebuilding. new-home construction provides a critical source of tax revenue. speak with those rebuilding are often attempting to build larger homes simply because the real estate market in california is so hot right now that it is a good investment for them. if that doesn't speak to a
12:35 am
public policy problem. i don't know what does. >> real estate buyers do tend at the same places over and over again. a sonoma wine country fire 1964 destroyed less than 100 homes. the fire that hit the area, an area taken over by sprawl, indeed, a santa rosa subdivision that taken down was exempt from regulation. in washington, for "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream. >> ed: thanks, shannon, bipartisanship comes at a cost for democrats. chuck schumer faces a challenge from elizabeth warren, a panel weighs in on the democratic civil war, and the conspiracy theories were flying over rex tillerson. howard kurtz starts out truth and fiction when we come
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>> ed: we hear a all the time of the split in the republican party, but tonight, there is growing divide in the dash take a look at this quote from dick durbin taking on his past. "this is one of the first time since he has been democratic leader that there has been a significant split in the caucus, and it is inevitable, it is awkward. the rebellion led by elizabeth warren was in full display today is the senate passed the biggest listening of regulation since the economic crisis. joining us now is democratic
12:40 am
strategist isaac wright and associate opinion editor at "the washington times" radio talk show host right here in washington larry o'connor. good to have you both. isaac, we hear all the time there is a republican civil war, donald trump can keep this party together, all of a sudden you got chuck schumer and other democrats leading this loosening of big banks, we heard so much from bernie sanders and everywhere else, so evil. how do you explain this fight between schumer and elizabeth warren? >> i think a lot of this -- i think everybody agrees democrats, republicans, the one thing we can all agree on is the fact that the $50 billion limit on banks was too tough on small banks. small banks, particularly in rural america, and communities depend on the small banks, and d to put a tough regulation on them, it's mom to make some of these small banks are only, light, 12 employees. where do you raise it? where you draw that line between small banks and big banks. some people are saying it is
12:41 am
100, 125, that is where barney frank from the dodd-frank bill was named for, this bill that the republican senator came in at, 250, that seems to be the discrepancy. >> i thought in the last campaign, your party talking about how evil the banks and wall street where, now they are helping them. >> i don't think anybody is looking to do a giveaway to the big banks. the question is, where do divide the big banks so they can be regulated to prevent another financial crisis and at the same time support rural banks and rural america and the small banks. >> see larry, are you buying that? >> despite the nuanced explanation, that doesn't explain this unprecedented attack on the leader of the minority of party by the stalwarts of the party. you're right, ed, all the efforts heard since trump denomination was, the divided republican party because of handful of republicans who won't support him. it's just as divided as it was the day hillary clinton drifted
12:42 am
away from bernie sanders, split, .. democratic party,ders, split, the bernie sanders-elizabeth warren side, and you have got democrats incorporated, and i haven't seen that coming together at all. >> ed: rumors may be slightly overstated, president trump made fun of the military service of john mccain, i think that is a little bit larger of a civil war within the party and disagreeing about the fiscal threshold. >> >> ed: another thing that has been disputed, is the tax cut going to help real people, nancy pelosi said this was crumbs. take a listen to this cafeteria worker at president trump's event today. you hear the sound bites, things are going to fly by, stop at 20 seconds and listen to this. >> when the college gave it to us and i put mine in savings for my retirement, and i want to thank you, mr. president.
12:43 am
god bless you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you both. >> isaac? >> she is one of the lucky ones, american workers, 2% -- >> i'm going to let you talk, but you can't possibly give me a whole number, this is a cafeteria worker, and she said, this helped me. >> she is one of the lucky ones. we want to see more people get the tax cut and get larger tax cuts instead of corporations getting the bigger tax cut. more power to her. >> not one democrat voted for these tax cuts. that video right there, my name is fill-in the the blank, every republican running for congress, and i approve this message. i would love to see claire mccaskill, who boarded it against those, and say, but there is a poll out that says this didn't help -- >> 98% of americans say they have seen .. 300 major corporations that received the largest part of that, when asked, 80% said they are not considering that.
12:44 am
that woman is one of the few winners. we need to congratulate her. democrats are trying to fight republicans and how we find more winners. >> if the republicans moved today to make those tax cuts permanent, do you think democrats running for reelection this fall will -- >> i think we can find plenty that will -- >> if they say, put your money where your mouth is, now let's go and make it permanent, you still think democrats will vote against it? >> i think democrats will vote to make those permanent and pull back some of the corporate tax giveaways. speak new mexico and basically said that women who were scared to cast their own vote, somehow their husbands, their homes, their sons told them to vote for donald trump. saying that the one-third basically didn't matter, voted for donald trump, her former campaign manager had this to say about that. >> this is bad.
12:45 am
you know, i can't sugarcoat it. she was wrong, and clearly is not helpful to democrats going into the midterms and certainly not going into 2020. >> it was bad. my question is, when democrats speak out against this and say, hillary, please don't say that, are they angry because hillary is saying what they think but they shouldn't say it out loud because they are afraid of reelection? i think hillary should be announced for 2020. she got robbed. >> is not the outreach strategy i would recommend. [laughter] we are getting pretty decent, this is what we are outraged about him not president trump's war with a porn star. >> saying women were forced to vote for president trump, that's offensive, isn't it? >> it's not the outreach strategy i would go for. >> ed: isaac, larry, i
12:46 am
appreciate you both. new documents reportedly show a top lawyer for the trump organization was involved in legal efforts to keep adult film performer stormy daniels from talking about her alleged affair with president trump. the documents were signed by trump organization lawyer jill martin and list her address at president trump's golf course in los angeles. martin says she worked in the nondisclosure agreement in april in an individual capacity. when we return, we examined the way the media covers the trump white house. stick around. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™.
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>> rex tillerson has huge problems. i was appalled when he refused to recuse himself for all matters exxonmobil. i mean, exxonmobil has so many deals with russia. we are now seeing russia has been causing lots of problems with his country. he want to recuse himself? there are serious problems with rex tillerson. >> ed: senate minority leader chuck schumer seven rex tillerson upon his nomination for ties with russia that were supposedly too cozy. fast forward more than a year later, and the media sounds convinced that the president fired tillerson for being too
12:51 am
tough on russia. abc is chief correspondent treating "tillerson stood 100% against russia, that's why he got fired, because trump won't." here to discuss, howard kurtz, host of "media buzz" and author of the new book "media madness." thanks for being here, i appreciate it. these tweets are remarkable, i want to quickly run through how there has been this crazy 180 and tillerson. saying, by firing tillerson monday after stating that russia was behind the wnd attack, we now have proof trump is colluding with putin. i don't know if we did in the election, but he is doing it in front of our eyes, he is kremlin-owned, then from the right, i guess you could say trump chose putin over tillerson. >> there is another possible explanation. trump didn't get along with rex tillerson. >> ed: that would be facts
12:52 am
that would get in the way of a narrative. >> the way tillerson was brought in, he did a lot of business, of course this is an assault, got in a big award, but as he took a harder line as secretary of state, it's like, of course. it's fascinating, journalists who never much liked tillerson because he openly disdained them, gave very few details, they are now wrapping this up, didn't like his southern drawl, he told rex to eat the salad. >> ed: because the caesar salad had wilted lettuce, were told we don't even know if this is true. >> ed: new mexico this is a white house that was often complaining about leaks >> ed: i mentioned i read the book on vacation, steve bannon and others in the trump white house, they kind of went through the same spin cycle. >> absolutely. the book is a behind-the-scenes
12:53 am
look at coverage of the president that is so over overwhelmingly negative it borders on war, and on the other end, the president combining about fakeness. jeff sessions, we might call it the mr. magoo strategy. the president either tweets or the white house leaks or the president just on the record starts trashing people who work for him and that can be difficult. that has happened with tillerson to the point where -- it's interesting, in fact. when nbc broke that story, err that story last fall about tillerson allegedly calling the president a moron, the president attacked nbc and said that was fake. now we're learning he's never quite gotten over that. >> ed: real news, not fakeness. you see in the book there is a credibility crisis because the media is so one-sided against donald trump. let's wrap on that, tell me what you mean there. also the president by firing tillerson, he is feeding some of these fireworks. >> very much of a scorched earth
12:54 am
warfare. you not only have many news organizations that have almost developed a business model of playing for that, there are some reporters and journalists who are fair, at the same time, you have celebrities, award strokes, it just seems like it's a cool thing to do, to trash donald trump. on the other side, you have the president, who suffers from something one of his aides calls defiance disorder. they tell him not to do something, it's political suicide, he does it anyway. sometimes he steps on his own good news, sometimes he creates these controversies, cursing out choctaw bus last week at nbc, that our fodder for the media, but at the same time, they take away from his agenda, i believe. >> ed: howie, it is a fascinating book, "media madness." to stay with us for more news when you combine ancestry's dna test with its historical records... could learn you're from ireland... ...donegal, ireland...
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>> physicist stephen hawking passed away last night, the visionary despite enormous physical challenges. in addition to his remarkable legacy, he left us a dire warning about the fate of humanity, writing "we must leave earth the next hundred years or phase extension." hocking believed climate change, asteroids, artificial intelligence, human aggression, overpopulation and even an alien invasion of the cause and of life on earth. hocking had a perception for surviving pretty thought the only hope was to forge a new life in space. last night president trump said this. >> we may even have a space for us. develop another one. space force. we have the air force. he will have the space for us. we have the army, navy. >> a lot of people scratching their heads about it but maybe the president was listening to hawking. one lawmaker said he is and by the dialogues.
1:00 am
most-watched, most trusted, most gratefully spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i am ed henry and for shannon bream. i will se >> we don't agree on everything, i want to have a divergent opinion. >> we are getting it on the trail. >> pretty clear, he will be the next member of congress. >> disappointing news for the toys "r quote us kids in all of us. >> where will we get toys from?


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