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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 15, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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most-watched, most trusted, most gratefully spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i am ed henry and for shannon bream. i will se >> we don't agree on everything, i want to have a divergent opinion. >> we are getting it on the trail. >> pretty clear, he will be the next member of congress. >> disappointing news for the toys "r quote us kids in all of us. >> where will we get toys from?
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heather: you're watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning, 4:00 am on the east coast. and f-18 fighter jet crashes off of key west, two pilots are dead. todd pyro has the latest. what do we know? >> reporter: the super hornet jet caught fire in midair and crashed according to witnesses. the two navy aviators injected but did not survive. this happened off key west florida. a source telling fox news the jet was flying on one engine when it lost the other lol to 2. the president tweeting please
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join me with your thoughts and prayers for both aviators, their families and our incredible u.s. navy. this is just the latest incident bolstering calls from lawmakers to rebuild our military. paul ryan says almost a decade under the obama administration during which the military was not a top priority left major gaps in the readiness of our armed forces. a stronger military is capable of stopping our enemies in a 21st-century world. in november the head of naval aviation told congress only half the navy's super hornets that crashed can't fly right now. 31% are fully mission capable and ready to fight tonight. since the beginning of 2017 there have been 13 navy flight mishaps as they are called, not to mention 111 mishaps across the army, marines and air force.
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naval air station oceana, that affirmative defense will wait 24 hours, to publicly identify them. >> 6 army soldiers, hit by an avalanche, before coming to a stop. the avalanche triggered by bad rather, at a goalie. and boeing once a good price about fighter jets. >> we are going to work out a good price. we are going to buy them from somebody else.
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>> donald trump has a $4 billion agreement with boeing for two new air force one planes, the common coming is the president out of text from hinting about phase 2 of his historic plan. cold water on a temporary dealmaking daca for board while funding, shootings and reports that he was over a 3-3 deal, this would have set aside 3 years of border wall money in exchange for a 3-year renewal of the obama era program. the idea was proposed by sen. jeff flake during an immigration debate. donald trump one step closer to a leader for the country's border agency, the senate voting 79-19 for kevin mclennan. he has been acting commission since donald trump took office and has overseen the push for the long promised southern
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border wall. the load is set for next week. lawmakers vowing to block the confirmation of mike pompeo as secretary of state and gina haskel as his replacement at the cia. hr mcmaster david shelton and john kelly could be next on the chopping block. griffin can live in washington dc with the latest on the staff shuffle. >> we are told a major shakeup is underway, some describing it as could come as early as today. these are the possible changes, national security advisor hr mcmaster could be replaced by amb. john bolton. a possible departure of chief of staff john kelly with budget director mick mulvaney possibly replacing them and veterans affairs sec. david shelton is
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out with rick perry being named as possibly replacing. although perry shot those reports down as fake news, larry kudlow to serve as chief economic advisor replacing gary cohen who resigned last week. >> is completely in command at as he always does, he explains that he is thinking and ask questions. if i tried to give him the kudlow thing he will come back. >> his nominees for state and cia director are already facing opposition from lawmakers like rand paul. >> i will oppose both pompeo's nomination. to award somebody to be head of the cia after being involved in something so horrendous and i believe to be illegal is a terrible message to send the
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world. >> of sessions will allow former fbi acting director andrew mccabe to be fired before his pension kicks in and he retires, a result of the inspector general's review so a lot happening here. a lot of palace intrigue if you will, keep an eye on the president's twitter. >> griff jenkins live for us. talking about palace intrigue hammering the administration of new reports that more changes could be coming. turnover on the hill should be expected. where was the outrage when obama failed to fire the key players in his administration's biggest scandals. >> you knew there would be first year changes. it happens in other administrations. there has been more changes than some others so no doubt about that, trump has experimented
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various places with bringing people and with no government experience. >> how does that work out? >> sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. susan brightest told false stories repeatedly on national television. lois lerner was found in contempt of congress. the rollout of obamacare, a lot of people made major mistakes and did not lose their jobs. >> we could look at surveillance video outside the scene of the deadly school shooting in florida as a judge entered a not guilty plea on behalf of the gunmen. jason chaffetz 4 was silent during the hearing his head about, some chilling 911 calls from inside the classroom during the shooting were played at the
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hearing. >> there people here that are going to die. >>'s next hearing is scheduled for april 11th. tens of thousands of students participated in a nationwide walk out. >> when do i want it? >> reporter: honoring the 17 victims protesting gun violence, andrew cuomo joining the walkout, the state will create a new website for students to lobby for gun control. bernie sanders surprising protesters in dc, gun rights advocates calling about for being completely surrounded by armed guards. students will consider their protesting washington dc as the march for our lives rally. tom perez declaring victory in the congressional election in pennsylvania, the gop is not conceding. >> the race is over. mr. succone can contested but
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conaway will be the next member of congress from that district. >> the race between connor lamb and rick succone too close to cobblers the dnc will shift focus to the senate race between democrat bob casey and republican lou bartletta. two police officers ambushed and killed in cold blood. the guy who pulled the trigger is about to walk free for good behavior. the outrage boiling over on this one. texas setting the stage and aborted battle tracking down on century cities that refuse to follow the law. on next guest says the left should use this as a wake-up call for november's election. >> i want to thank you, mr. pres. and god bless you. >> grateful cafeteria worker who says the tax cut changed her
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life. ♪
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heather: the state of texas slanting a major legal victory, us appeals court says the state law banning century cities is constitutional. that is just one state. democrats continue to fight the administration on immigration. could this case and others beheaded for supreme court show down. here to weigh in is radio talkshow host george rodriguez. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. this happened on tuesday. since then what has been the response? >> it has been mixed. on the left you hear the screaming and yelling that this is not over, it is unconstitutional, it is in danger residents, it is going to be profiling. i don't think it is over because
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it will go to the supreme court. as far as i am concerned this is a law that was passed by a legally, lawfully legislature in texas, a legislature elected by the people, looking out for the citizens of all of texas and what is confusing a lot of folks is democrats and leftists talk about protecting citizens. >> instead of looking out for citizens, looking out for anyone. a resident can be anyone. >> exactly. we should be protecting citizens, we should be protecting folks who are lawful citizens of the united states. that is where the priority should be. outside of that you can say you have got to be careful with residents.
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a resident can be a criminal. a resident can be someone dealing drugs and those are the folks you don't want in your neighborhood and folks who don't merit the protection of the sheriff department when they don't want to work with ice. heather: how will this case impact other states? what should they look at and learn from this? >> what we have got here is a good example other states can follow when they are looking to how to address the issue of sanctuary cities and how to address the problem with rogue communities like you have got in california and other communities like denver, this recent situation where the sheriff department refused to hold a
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person criminal. heather: why do you think we hear donald from talk about this issue? we see the problems and look at the numbers but then we have these sanctuary states like california that tried to deny that it is happening, why do they do that? >> all it is is identity politics. this is a situation where you have folks pandering to a his post hispanic voter block which doesn't exist because hispanics are very diverse, you have cubans, puerto ricans. my family has lived in the united states for 6 generations. we have nothing other than our cultural ties to mexico. we are americans. we want the borders secured. we want illegal aliens removed. we believe very strongly the
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situation with rewarding and excusing illegal behavior is out of bounds. >> thank you for coming on this morning and we appreciate your insight absolutely, thanks. have a great day. new islamic terror group no longer hiding in the shadows. the chilling new warning from our military. >> opens the thing and got the dog. >> we told you this awful store yesterday was a heartbroken family taking aim at united airlines after their dog dies in an overhead bin and now a brand-new mixup with another family's pet to tell you about. allegations mounting against the airline this morning. ♪
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jillian: united airlines facing criminal investigation as outrage grows over the puppy that died midflight is a brand-new mixup. how did a family pet that was supposed to go to kansas end up in japan? the mounting pressure against united airlines, just one thing after another with them. >> it does seem to be that way. a new twist in this heartbreaking story. united airlines the target of a criminal investigation in texas. the airline denying its flight attendant new dog was inside the bag. claim the family says is a lie. when the flight from houston landed in new york city nearly four hours later the puppy had stopped breathing. the family is now speaking out.
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>> to come out and opened the thing and got the dog and she was dead. >> a day after the tragedy went viral another family says there 10-year-old german shepherd was supposed to land in kansas city but instead was put on a different flight to japan. when they landed they were given a completely different dog. their dog is flying back home today but his owners still worried. >> i don't know if he will be on this flight. he is a 10-year-old dog and has never been on a flight for. i don't know if he is going to survive this flight. >> we have learned united has been the leader in pet deaths for years. according to the department of transportation just last year 18 animals died under united's watch out of a total of 24
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across the industry and since 201541 animals have died while traveling with united. the newest apartment of transportation is investigating. what else is being done? republican sen. john kennedy is demanding answers. >> what happened was disgraceful. i can't imagine how the pet's owner feels. we need to get to the bottom of it. we have many things to do but this is important too. >> kennedy plans to file a bill today banning airlines from putting animals in overhead bins and threatening significant fines for those that do. >> i want to find out more about airline workers that demand she put it up there to begin with. thank you. appreciate it. the chief financial officer at a catholic university is resigning
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to stay on the board of trustees and a gun manufacturing company. she was told to choose between her job at st. thomas university miami and her position with american outdoor brands was at first the school issued a statement saying her two jobs would not conflict. they changed their minds following pressure from the faculty. white riders might think twice before apply get the huffington post was the deputy opinion editor reducing the number of pieces by white authors this month. weing our goal for this month, 50% white authors, check. some twitter users are accusing her of discrimination. 25 minutes after the top of the hour. britain putting the latter of whom on nervous over the poisoning of an expiry. with this reversal for bigger plot? the next guest with a warning every american needs to hear.
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>> back with a fox news alert, in a terror group could be on the rise. military officials warning an armed group called the white flag that appears to be a union of kurdish terrorist and for isys fighters, the group that originated late last year could succeed isys and consist of 10521000 terrorists. officials do not believe they are capable of conducting attacks outside of iraqi. the pulse shooter's wife knew of her husband's plans to carry out
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the massacre and helped scout out locations which prosecutors making those claims during opening statements in new york, this despite the defense arguing they were manipulated into telling the fbi she knew of omar omar mateen's plans turning away in court during a video showing victims hiding in bathroom stalls. gun-control protests took place outside capital, they passed a school safety bill on the inside focusing on enhancing school safety and investigating why law enforcement missed warning signs about the suspected florida gunmen. in the senate the judiciary committee discussed the florida shooting and failures by the fbi and law enforcement was chaos breaking out at what was supposed to be a peaceful walkout, students ripping down the american flag while other
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students were seen jumping on police cars. another video showing students throwing water bottles into the crowd. no arrests or citations were issued. donald trump is eyeing a massive tariff on chinese goods. sources told reuters the commander-in-chief is considering $60 billion in chinese imports was a formal announcement that come in the next few weeks which he is reinforcing his stance on trade saying, quote, we cannot keep a blind are to the unfair trade practices against our country. college cafeteria worker breaking down in tears as she thinks donald trump for tax reform. >> i am very grateful for the bonus when the college gave it to us and i put mine in savings for my retirement and i want to thank you, god bless you. >> thank you, that is very nice. >> college of the ozark cave
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$204 bonuses to all employees in january as a result of the tax cut. putting vladimir putin on notice, the white house backing teresa may after she booted 23 russian diplomats over the poisoning of a former spy. >> the russian state was culpable for the attempted murder, this represents an unlawful use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom. heather: here is michael sando. you are not entirely surprised by this. >> that used polonium to murder a former kgb agent and they are trying to terrorize the people of the uk. what they were suggesting is it
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comes out of the same reactor that makes nuclear bombs. they are using weapons grade nerve gas. it reminds me of the north korean assassination of malaysia. not just killing, they are trying to terrorize the people of the uk. >> here and in new york. >> salisbury will not be the last place we see chemical weapons use. they could be used in new york, the credibility of this council will not survive if we fail to hold russia accountable. >> do you think she is overreaching? >> just a little bit less than
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20 years ago, military intelligence testified to u.s. congress the kgb prepared for contingencies where they carry out terrorist attacks in the united states. the risk is really high, vladimir likes to do that. and letterman putin was behind the bombing, to power by using it to justify the second chechnya war so vladimir putin is dangerous. jillian: what can be done, and a week to leave, vladimir naps response, with compliance. >> a very challenging situation. russia is a unique threat, the only country that poses
1:35 am
existential threat to the united states. they still have 1800 kt nukes that can hit in 30 minutes. if they use those our subs would destroy them. we can't threaten massive retaliation. it is not credible. they say you are not going to do it. and you could do something much worse. nuclear strikes, de-escalation and over the last few years us and allies, the russians may not be blustering about this. and pre-position, they defend against russian aggression, the russians said that is a nuclear game. and a target employing nuclear
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targeting. and in the caspian sea 1000 miles away, notice he could put nukes in the same missiles, those missiles are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. he is threatening in the worst possible way, we are clearly in a cold war, is very serious and despite russia's weakness or because of russia's weaknesses it is hard to deal with this country because when you combine the country with the world's largest nuclear arsenal with the failing economy mexico is overtaking, very angry, paranoid, hostile country led by - heather: a volatile situation. russia has denied any involvement in attacks on the us, nato, they support the uk and they will see a coordinated international response to the
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attack. we will follow up on that. very knowledgeable on the subject, we appreciate it, have a good day. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. he killed two police officers in a cold-blooded ambush and now he will walk free for saying sorry. the growing law enforcement outrage. now toys "r quote us is closing for good. what happens if you have a gift certificate? we have the answer. >> if he thinks he can stop me from talking about impeach 45 he has another thought coming. >> democrat spending a lot of time talking about donald trump. the tour they are launching today. ♪
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heather: democrats have been calling to impeach donald trump. >> impeach 45! impeach 45s and go >> if he thinks he can stop me from talking about impeach 45 he has another thought coming.
1:42 am
the 20 tom stier is heeding the call, starting today hosting a series of town halls promoting his need to impeach campaign. he says the president should be impeached because he obstructed justice when he fired james comey. he has been known to take cheap shots at our commander in chief. >> this idiot is the president was the guys of cool. our baby in chief, i call him. >> reporter: robert they niro at it again according to the hollywood reporter calling donald trump spoiled during a charity event, quote, look at our president, he made it through the university of pennsylvania, he was exposed to a quality education but he is still an idiot. he had to overcome the curse of growing up rich and spoiled. he wishes he could punch the president in the face. to a foxbusiness alert. if you have a toys "r quote us gift card use it now. it is close to extinction.
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here is what you need to know about toys "r quote us going out of business. >> reporter: if you have a gift card use it immediately because once the store closes down that is it, but they did inform employees it would be closing up all of its nearly 800 stores in the united states resulting in 33,000 layoffs according to the wall street journal. they filed for bankruptcy last september and in january announced they would be closing 180 stores as they try to restructure and reorganize but not able to do so. it will be the end of an era. >> you can win free donuts for a year. >> offering free doughnuts to 12 lucky people for a year to celebrate the new miss brownie donut and st. patrick's day.
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you just have to post a picture to twitter or instagram, how you will be celebrating st. patrick's day. you will be entered to win. loan lucky person will earn a trip to the dunkin' donuts headquarters and create their own personalized donut. that is a fun thing there. heather: thank you. it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. and urgent warning all parents need to hear, scary new phone scam that could target your kids. >> always military police and a lot of 3:00 pm fights. heather: shaquille o'neal defending the second amendment, he says banning guns is not the answer. ♪ no easy way out ♪ my name is jeff sheldon,
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heather: alarming warning about a fake kidnapping scam targeting students. officials say parents are getting anonymous phone calls the child has been kidnapped from school and demand money for ransom. officials believe the scammers are getting children's names and information from social media. police are telling parents get as much information as possible and then call 911. apple wants to keep your kids safe and curb smartphone addiction, they are launching a website informing parents of all the different parental controls available on apple devices including turning on location tracking. 47% of parents worry their child is addicted to their smart
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phone. everyone deserves a great love story but in this when there is a twist. >> have you seen the new post? who do you think it is? >> can i call you back? >> just like you. >> love simon will hit theaters tomorrow. it tells the story of first love, and sitting down with the cast, the first visit to our 4:004:00 am show. >> glad to be back. >> i love simon. a great review. very sean hughes, and a
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groundbreaking - >> my name is simon, i am just like you except i have one huge secret. >> love this movie. where was this movie when i was growing up. you feel the same way as well. >> from the second i read it i thought i will mess it up. >> more stories like this. many stories need to be told like this. >> greg was aware of that. he talked a little him, that is
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that made it accessible and resonates with people. >> what makes the story universally finding his voice and telling the world in no uncertain terms this is who i am. >> it doesn't seem fair that only gay people can come out. >> i like men. i am a heterosexual. >> very sweet and very funny. it made a difference in my life. a lot of people feel that way. you will adore simon. it opens today nationwide. >> a good weekend to catch a movie. >> a good time for this.
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heather: it is 7 minutes until the top of the hour. students walking out of class, gop lawmakers are taking legal action. >> teachers and administrators using taxpayer dollars to advance a political agenda. that is not just distasteful, not only improper but illegal. heather: school is not the place for politics. ♪ could learn you're from ireland... ...donegal, ireland... ...and your ancestor was a fisherman. with blue eyes. just like you. begin your journey at
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heather: a convicted cop killer will be a free man. herman bell granted parole after spending 45 years in prison for the murders of not one but two nypd officers in 1971. as a member of the black liberation army leeward officers joseph pagantiny to a housing project, shot 22 times and waverly shot once. he is set to be released for showing good behavior and remorse. james o neill tweeting calling the parole board's decision and just and irresponsible. a political walkout on taxpayers
1:57 am
dime. the republican party filing a complaint and suing the school district over wednesday's protest. the chairman calling it political indoctrination after pointing to any mail thing parents instructions on the walkout and option of making posters. students in the windy city demanding schools get rid of the police altogether. democrats planning to use the issue of gun control to their advantage in the upcoming election. chris cleveland said these walkouts go beyond partisan politics and may rise to misappropriation of taxpayer funds. >> that is not exactly what the situation is. the nature of our complaint to the inspector general's office was teachers, administrators, using taxpayer dollars to advance a political agenda. that is not just distasteful, not just improper, it is illegal
1:58 am
too. contrary to rules, contrary to illinois state law, you can't just write taxpayer checks to political movements and it is arguably a violation of first amendment rights because kids were coerced into doing this who may not agree. heather: the mainstream media glorify again protest giving the walkout 5 times the coverage when compared to the march for life. shaquille o'neal weighing in on the national gun debate. the basketball star saying he wants to see more officers at schools saying he does not support a weapons ban. >> private schools, once you bend them they become a collectors item. if they were $2000 i will give you $9000 for that gun. we need to keep our eyes open.
1:59 am
heather: he rarely witnessed violence at school because military police were always around. your drivers license could soon be a tap away, digital identification cards that look just like this on your smart phone enhancing privacy and efficiency. one feature would allow officers to request information before approaching a car during a traffic stop. that could be good for safety purposes. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great day, see you tomorrow, goodbye. jillian: it is thursday, march 15th. breaking overnight, deadly crash, two navy pilots killed after colliding head on. the investigation happening right now into what went wrong. >> i have known him a long time. we don't agree on everything but in this case that is good. >> we are getting it on
2:00 am
infrastructure, he is completely in command. rob: donald from naming the new economic advisor, more staff changes may be in the works, the big moves the president could be considering. rob: cough up the cash, the happiest place on earth getting to be the most expensive. the brand-new scene at all disney resorts. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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