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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  March 15, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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instagram at sean hannity on twitter. we will always be fair and balanced. we are not them. have a great night. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues, there she is. i'm giving you four extra seconds. laura ingraham. >> laura: sean, thank you very much. great show as always tonight. loved it good evening from washington. i am laura ingraham and this the is ingle angle. we have major analysis and analysis on the stories you care most about. just released video appears to confirm that the former broward county deputy scott peterson would not enter the building where a gunman was massacring school children in parkland, florida. mark fuhrman weighs in on that. i will tell you who is really responsible for this travesty in tonight's angle. plus, special prosecutor bob mueller launches a new line of attack on president trump as the outgoing fbi official who oversaw the hillary email investigation begs to keep his pension. also michelle malkin her take on parents in one school district fighting back against leftist
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indoctrination in the classroom. pat caddell joins us with advice on the midterm elections that republicans still want to take seriously. and, first, walking out and walking away from the truth about the parkland massacre that's the focus of tonight's angle. as we documented last night, the student walkout for gun control yesterday looked at times more like a political celebration than a somber protest. with left wing politicians greeted like rock stars. look at how the crowd gathered at the u.s. capitol with their selfie sticks in hand greeted bernie sanders as he made his way to the blow horn. oh my god, they were going nuts. it was pure partisan politics. it was scripted and screamed. and why am i saying that? because. >> because it is not simply about gun control anymore. oh, here.
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>> because -- wait. okay. because it is not simply about gun control. this is about human life. this is about the children who have lost their lives to gun violence. so i ask our republican lawmakers, is their right to have a gun more important than our right to live? [cheers] >> laura: not partisan at all. look, that's a nice applause line. but, of course, the wrath of the students is misdirected. the lines are shouting many used repeatedly over the years by antigun activists conveniently do not address the real problem with that horrific tragedy at stoneman douglas high. the nra is not responsible for allowing nikolas cruz to be armed and dangerous. neither are republican politicians that young lady just called out who support second amendment rights for law abiding americans.
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a new surveillance video just released by court order confirms what we already knew. due to malfeasance, cowardice, or just pure poor judgment, the first officer on the scene, broward deputy scott peterson, did not enter building 1200 where cruz was carrying out his slaughter. he arrived on a golf cart. you see him there, with staff members while the massacre was underway. in the video shows peterson with his gun drawn but then he steps back and he remains outside. he stood there as nikolas cruz's six minute spree of shooting continued. well, in a statement, peterson's lawyer claimed the deputy thought the shots were being fired outside. but these radio communications released last week demonstrate he knew the shots were coming from inside building 1200.
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shots fired. 1200 building. we also heard it over inside by the 1200 building. broward do not approach the 12 or 1300 building. stay aleast 500 feet away at this point. >> sean: wow, as we will discuss in a moment, petersonen or none of the other three officers on scene followed police protocol. remember what broward sheriff scott israel, that number said, when he was pressed about peterson's response? >> i gave him a gun. i gave him a badge. i gave him the training. if he didn't have the heart to go in, that's not my responsibility. >> laura: so much for the buck stopping at the top. israel, i know it sounds tough here, but, he comes off as a slimy self-promoter. and the stories over the years about how he has hired his friends and his family in key positions, reportedly many of them not qualified after he was elect you had. and this is the same guy, by the way, sheriff israel, who
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thought it was appropriate to opine on a cnn town hall just a week after the shooting. supposed to be doing the investigation. he is on tv. of course, when he was on tv, he did not even mention the failure of scott peterson on scene. look, many of those advocating for gun control post parkland, they want to look away from the errors committed by law enforcement which were numerous and frankly obscene at both the federal and the state level. there is almost no discussion at yesterday's rallies mentioning nikolas cruz's dangerous behavior was flagged repeatedly to authorities over two years. starting in february of 2016. now, just a few reminders because we forget this stuff after a month. on february 5th, 2016, broward police is told by an anonymous caller that nikolas cruz had threatened to shoot up his school and posted a photo of himself with guns on instagram.
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the info was provided to deputy scott peterson. then on september 28th, 2016, an investigator for the florida department of children and families concludes after a visit that cruz is stable, despite finding fresh cuts on his arms, apparently self-inflicted. his mother linda cruz said he had recently spoken of buying weapons. then, on september 24th, 2017, a youtube user named nikolas cruz posts a comment stating he wants to become, quote: a professional school shooter. the fbi and mississippi hears of this but fails to make the connection to florida. then, there was this. a few weeks after his mother died, on november 29th, 2017, the palm beach county family that took cruz in, after his mother's death called the palm beach sheriff's office to report a fight between cruz and their son.
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>> he bought a gun about a week and a half ago and he today -- going there now. that's all you want with his gun and that's all he cares about is his gun. he bought tons of bullets and stuff and i took it away from him and i have a bunch of other little guns here. bb guns though. he has real guns he is going to get now. >> laura: then she mentions specific threats he had made. >> made >> laura: it's unbelievable to hear this. then there were two other calls. one to broward the next day and one to the fbi on january 5th of this year tagging cruz again as a potential school shooter. neither broward nor the fbi followed up.
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so, while everybody is denouncing the nra or trashing president trump in the wake of the sickening school shooting, activists might think that although it's fun to get the coverage opt evening news or be the subject of an exciting viral video for your speech in front of the capitol, you're only hurting your own cause if you refuse to acknowledge, really focus on the fact that we actually didn't need new laws to stop cruz. we needed to follow the proper policing on the state and federal levels because had those -- that policy, those protocols actually been conducted, cruz would have been prevented from carrying out the parkland carnage. he probably wouldn't have been able to get a gun in the first place. sheriff scott israel, after all of this, look, he should have packed his desk as soon as he learned of deputy peterson's failure on his watch. the shooter was not confronted in the building. instead of passing the buck and grant standing against
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the nra, that's what a good sheriff would have done. and that's the angle. joining us now for reaction is jeff bell, the president of the broward county sheriff deputy's association as well as mark fuhrman, who is a former lapd detective and a fox news contributor. gentlemen, it's good to see you. mark, let's start with you. it was chilling to watch the surveillance video and also to listen both to the students' 911 calls and to the old 911 calls that cruz himself made and that cruz's caretaker at the time had made. your reaction to the new developments? >> well, when i watched the video, laura, the thing that really strikes me is watching peterson look at the building, not look at the area outside of the building. he knew the shots were coming from the building. he stood there and he listened for 4 to 5 minutes as probably as many as 17,
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18, 20 people were shot inside. and he did nothing. so, i watch him in that video. i don't think he was mentally or physically prepared for the job. i don't think he probably ever was. he lost his nerve, if he ever had any. he lost it, and there is really no excuse for it except for, i think one thing is there was probably a lack of training and leadership on that sheriff's department coming right down from sheriff israel right down to scott peterson. >> laura: jeff, you had spoken about this before. the utter lack of time and focus on training for the exact type of situation that mark was analyzing there. active shooter, it has to be muferl memory. you just know what to do and you have to train repeatedly and often to be able to respond in the right way. i mean, most people do. so, what do you know about the training at broward?
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we know what the manual says and i'm going to get to that in a minute, but what actually took place? >> well, lawyer laura, i would think in broward county i could sum this up best law enforcement community. we perfect storm coming. unfortunately 17 people lost their lives in parkland that day for a series of events that we consider to be bad policy, the wrong priorities in training, the politicizing of our police forces down here, and the bad implementation of deals we made with the school board promise program and civil citation what i mean by training when i go back to that our trainer does a wonderful job with the limited resources they have with the broward sheriff's office. but what we need to do is focus the resources that we have on better tactics and better training. for example, we spend n service training, 8 hours mandatory in service training in do escalation tactics, and then we spend
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another 8 hours in policing tactics to be nicer to people we are arresting. when it comes time to practicing on gun range and scenarios four hours of training on the gun range where we may squeeze off about 150 rounds and in two hours of practice with simulation on that. the wrong. >> laura: oh my goodness. >> emphasis put on politicizing the police department and not training properly for these scenarios. it sought of control and we have to stop. >> laura: the politeness training. maybe i need politeness training. here is one school screen. first officers or two officers on screen will immediately go to confront the shooter. military tactics work well in this situation. also another part of it, remember, every time you hear gun shout in active shooter incident you have to believe that another victim is being killed. mark, you know this well, with all your experience in lapd something isn't adding up here. we are getting report and still doing actual
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investigation on this. reports from retired officers, mark, who say that because of the way the patronage system scott israel has in effect there, a lot of people in place with inadequate experience to do the jobs they are supposed to be doing. inadequate experience but they got a connection because a friend of a friend gave a donation to his campaign. and it doesn't look good. on the surface it doesn't look good. your reaction? >> well, this is the problem when you have a politicized law enforcement agency, when you have an elected official calling the shots that quite possibly is a competent police officer or he could just be a civilian that becomes sheriff. but, when you start using nepotism to fill your ranks or favors or paying somebody back for their contributions or their support during the campaign, it's the kiss of death. this is the leadership problem and as far as what jeff was saying about training, level one of those beautiful golf courses down in florida make a range for
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the officers, county wide, a state range. this is where the rubber meets the road. and as far as suspects and being nice, when they say you are under arrest, it's up to the suspects to determine what happens after that. if they want to play hard, then you play harder. that class just lasted 30 seconds. it's over. you need to focus all your attention on the threat and the deadly threat. not only to the officer but to civilians and citizens that are completely unknowing of the threat in front of them. officers know it and they should train for it and they should train for specific incidents just like parkland. >> laura: jeff, i have to ask you about these calls that a lot of people haven't focused on but that november, late november call to 911, you had nikolas cruz himself call saying i was kicked out of the house i'm staying. in i got in a fight with someone. i was punching the wall u
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and then ms. deschamp who took in nikolas cruz, she said on 11 call that we just played he had held a gun to his brother's head before and to his dead mother's head who had just recently died. this was nothing new for him to threaten someone to hold a gun to his head. at that point you can both address, this how does the police not act on that knowing she says he is going to get a gun at dick's sporting goods and basically said i'm very worried about that. and then she doesn't decide to press charges afterwards because she felt bad for him or whatever. couldn't the police have acted right at that moment? >> well, laura, down here in broward county, with the law enforcement officers all of that was removed out of our hands with the civil citation program or promise program out in the school or are 00 streets for these misdemeanor crimes we don't have the ability to arrest these juveniles and bring them down to the juvenile
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hall. >> laura: 19 years old. not a juvenile. >> correct. is he 19 now but we have created this sense of empowerment to allow mr. cruz and other people like this to get to this point where nothing has happened in their life and now we have created this problem. >> right. i get that. but my point is at that point when his guardian essentially says pointing son, mother and brother and going to get a weapon. could the police at that point have done something and should they have? yes they could have it's a felony assault with a deadly weapon. >> laura: it shouldn't be. >> it's not a misdemeanor. brandishing a firearm is a misdemeanor but when you couple with a threat, a verbal threat then it's assault with a deadly weapon. you have a victim it's arrestable offense. at the very least you get the weapons out of the house. you arrest the juvenile. get him in the system. get him in front of a detective. a social worker.
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get him into juvenile hall. if he is an adult get him into jail and have a detective talk to him. do you what you can. get all the guns, everything that he has then, and you take it. >> laura: there are so many things that are red flags here. flares, fireworks. the fact that none of them added up to an intervention that stopped this is really stunning. none of this was discussed at the rallies yesterday. it was all donald trump is bad and get the guns. i mean, that's all we were talking about. we weren't talking about any of this. i know the other lye line is convenient. up next? >> can i say something? >> laura: go ahead. go ahead. >> i just want to say they are always looking for an excuse not to do something in certain instances. female. it's a mental patient. it's a drug addict. it's a child. they are looking for a reason not to do something, not to do something because it's difficult, complicated and time-consuming. >> laura: and they might get sued, right?
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or they might get disciplined. or they might not get supported by the sheriff. that's another thing that they are worried about. everyone is worried about getting sued and having their lives turned upside down. and so the police are -- some of them are damned if they do damned if they don't. it's a terrible situation. that was a great seeing: up next, we will tell you why the disgraced fbi official who oversaw the hillary email investigation is tonight fighting to keep his job just days before his retirement. and later, michelle malkin joins us to discuss what may be the first wave of parents fighting back against leftist indoctrination in the classroom. stay there. ssure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d... while the leading allergy spray relieves six symptoms, claritin-d relieves eight, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. [thud] [screaming & crying] ♪ [screaming & crying]
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>> laura: fox news confirms that fbi official andrew mccabe asked doj officials today not to fire him before his retirement takes effect on sunday. pink slip could cost him his pension benefits. mccabe oversaw the fbi investigation into hillary's email scandal but the former deputy director announced his resignation in january to avoid a likely demotion. the fbi reportedly recommended firing mccabe after word leaked that the doj's inspector general concluded that mccabe mislead investigators. to discuss this and other developments with former fbi
7:23 pm
spokesperson john an really and wisenburg deputy independent counsel under ken starr. let me start with you on this. mccabe has all this junk in his past. his wife, you know, getting help from hillary's friend. and not revealing it, of course. and then, of course, everybody is concerned about the way he handled the email investigation. and now he is set to retire on sunday. is it a little late to be talking about firing him? i mean, if they were going to fire him. why wait until like thursday or friday right before he retires? that just seems bizarre to me. >> it's bizarre and it's a little unsettling and even a lot of my friends who are in the bureau and former bureau are a little upset with the timing of it. to come in two or three days for the head of opr within the bureau to come in two or three days before his retirement and put a.g. sessions in that situation is a little bit weird.
7:24 pm
and you know, laura, i am no fan of how mccabe has handled these things. keep in mind, that the only way an fbi agent is going to really lose his pension is not through general misconduct. it is through basically not telling the truth, being dishonest. that's what the supposed allegation is and, of course, we haven't seen the oig report. we don't know for sure what it is. there is just something a little bit troubling about the timing and the person who heads up opr within the fbi is not. >> laura: office of professional responsibility. >> right. a lot of her rulings have been year turned, you know, up he had texas level. in fact, the people that she has disciplined who then come back are known as boomerangs in the bureau because a lot of her rulings are overturned. >> laura: it is, again, established, is it not, john, that we had a situation where mccabe did
7:25 pm
not reveal the extent of the help his wife received from a very close friend of hillary clinton when andrew mccabe was leading the investigation into hillary clinton's email server. of course, terry mcauliff connected given several hundred thousand dollars to his wife's failed bid to the state legislature. >> that's all true. and all due respect to sol. i'm going to disagree. because the reality is if they did something after he retires, there is no repercussions. your pension is not a guaranteed gift. when you are an fbi agent, it's about living up to the protocols and policies, honesty and integrity. would you rather that he be allowed to retire even though something may have been done wrong and it was determined by opr yet, he can benefit. agents are held accountable for their behaviors. and i think this speaks to many things that happened when mr. mccabe was working for director comey.
7:26 pm
>> laura: sarah huckabee today on the view said this is for jeff sessions to decide but it was at a briefing. she reiterated he was a bad actor in their view. so kind of gave the drive by but is he a bad actor but this is up to jeff sessions. this is what that we nouned legal scholar sonny said on the view. watch. >> we have seen this war on our intelligence community, or this war on the fbi. i mean, this man is a career agent. i don't know what he did or did not do, but i am troubled with this constant attack on our intelligence community. >> yeah. [applause] >> because that is the stuff that dictators are made of. >> laura: the stuff that dictators are made of because the intelligence community never gets anything wrong, sol, they never make a mistake and never get anything wrong. okay, 9/11. hello. >> it's a ridiculous comment. but, again, keep in mind,
7:27 pm
agents, supervisors, whoever they are within the bureau, they only really lose their pension, which is the probably the best pension in the whole u.s. government for this dishonesty. that kind of dishonorable conduct. he would never lose his pension. even if he really was a bad actor in the email investigation, so, if we just don't know what's in the report. so, if it's incredibly detailed and incredibly damning and sessions has a chance to look at it and make that decision in two or three days. that's one thing. but that's a very big deal to come in and present this to the attorney general with only two or three days for him to look at it. and, again, i think of this particular person, the head of opr. she didn't do the investigation. she just took the oig's report. so i'm troubled by the timing. it that's just the way it. >> laura: sessions may have seen -- gotten a sneak preview, right, john, of what's in that ig report. he already knows basically what's in it.
7:28 pm
so if it comes out as really bad on mccabe, i have a pension, great. that also looks odd. >> it does. and sol is right. the reality is in the fbi there is many things that can be forgiven, yet punished, but lack of candor, not telling the truth is unforegiivel. agents and support employees will be terminated for that type of thing to happen and there are no exceptions. i think this is a good message when there has been leadership problems at times in the fbi that no one can escape their responsibilities to the job. >> laura: investigations look like they are at their very core politicized, talk about undermining the confidence of the fbi and intel community. call them balls and strikes without concern for politics. and that's my concern from the beginning. >> laura? >> laura: yeah, really quick. >> don't forget, that if he really mislead a federal investigation, there's the potential. >> laura: crime.
7:29 pm
>> poo fennel tore criminalpotel referral. >> laura: and still getting the penalty. >> not like there won't be any more options. >> laura: we got you. fantastic segment. i have a question, have you guys had enough of teachers filling your kids' heads with leftist propaganda. what parents are doing to fight back at one school district. michelle malkin reacts next. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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7:34 pm
professor of african-american studies at the university of maryland. great to have you both on. professor. >> thank you. >> laura: i was kind of checking out the white privilege aptitude test and i think he will go through it for you just for our viewers to understand what's going on. here's some of the questions or some of the statements. you have to check what apply to us. when i go to the store people believe that i am trustworthy and i will not steal something. people in the store do not follow me around. next one. as a boy, i can play with dolls or as a girl i can play with trucks without anyone questioning my choice. next one, i will not be teased because of my last name. next one: what i'm taught boo american history or contributions made i am sure i will see and hear stories about people that look like me. and finally i'm encouraged to excel in every subject in school. what are they getting at in this? >> i think i'm getting at certain people's experiences and trying to get people recognize that not everyone
7:35 pm
has the same experience. i think that's what is unites us is we have to understand our differences. some people have certain advantages and others don't. i know for me, for example, i know we are talking about white privilege. i have to recognize that i'm a privileged first in a lot of respects. i'm sixth gender. i'm straight, i'm male. >> laura: for people who don't know what sis gendered is i do know but explain that. >> that that means that my sex also masses my gender. >> laura: okay. a lot of people don't know what that is. that is a fairly new terminology. >> right. >> laura: what i see and michelle can you chime in on this. when i hear privilege, i grew up very working class and there were kids in my town that were very privileged. now, we weren't hungry. we didn't go on vacation or anything. we weren't hungry. but there were other people who were more privileged and i lived in a town that whereas pretty much white bred town. white privilege, black
7:36 pm
privilege, i don't know. to me it's the color designation that i don't think it's always that accurate. >> i think a lot of this social justice radicalism is not instructing children in any kind of core academic field. that's what the parents who objected were getting at because this has nothing to do with the mission of public education. this is about brainwashing generations of children into the very kind of racial and ethnic and gender divisiveness and, yes, discrimination that so many of these left wing activists purport to be against. the kind of blanket stereotypes and the grievance mongering that manifests itself in so-called privilege aptitude tests likes. this laura, it's a predetermined outcome. you are not allowed to challenge the premise that simply because of the color
7:37 pm
of your skin you automatically have certain privileges. and that's what these parents rose up against when this happened two months ago on martin luther king day. nobody asked for their consent or any kind of parental permission to indoctrinate these children. and if you look at the actual academic test scores in the school district, they are barely 50% in proficiency in math and english. that's what they should be concentrating on. >> laura: professor, here is a sound bite in buzzfeed video about what white privilege is. let's watch. >> some people are born into families where they have to walk miles just to get water. all i have to do is turn on a faucet. that's privilege. >> laura: you have to admit that's just ridiculous. that's now privilege? i mean, maybe in other countries you have to walk miles to get -- we're reaching to find the privilege.
7:38 pm
i just turn on a faucet so i'm privileged. pretty much everybody in our studio and all the crew, we are all privileged, i guess. people from all different colors here. >> that was definitely -- i don't think that was specifically referring to white privilege. >> laura: it is funny though. >> that was referring to american privileges that we have. the fact that we are able to turn on faucets, unless you live in flint, michigan you can turn on a faucet and get a drink of water. >> laura: to michelle's point, aren't we worried at some point that this focus is what indeed is dividing us as americans? i feel like like you and i could sit down and agree on so much stuff. politics, politics. we could agree on so much about kids and good manners and all the things that we love about people and relationships. but then we you know you have white privilege. i'm like, what? i worked my tail off my whole life. my mom was a waitress until she was 74 years old. i don't want to hear about white privilege. my mom had crippled things.
7:39 pm
she couldn't hold things when she was 75 because she held things her whole life. that's white privilege. >> i don't think people understand what white privilege is referring to. it doesn't negate hard work and actually try to refer to guilt. the other thing that i would refer to or try to respond to ms. malkin's comment and that is, you know, this is meant to make good citizens. make us understand one another and understand our experiences. >> laura: i'm all about that. >> no. >> excuse me, hold on. as far as i was -- your mother's hard work, so let's take a quick, quick met for metr here. if i'm running a race and you are running a steeple race and i'm running a straight path it doesn't mean that you are not faster than me. and didn't train harder than i did. it means you have a clearest path and i have certain obstacles. >> laura: we all have obstacle he is. >> not all our obstacles are the same.
7:40 pm
>> laura: that's what makes us different and makes us interesting and unique and that's all of our experience is different. michelle? >> if i may, the whole point of the social justice brain wash something it dehumanizes individual experience. what drives this ideology and why suspects so toxic and why so many parents are rising up against it is because it saps the individualism out of every person's story. the professor says oh well we just misunderstand it i understand it very clearly because it's right here in the privilege test where it says being white let's you fill in the blank allow students to provide their opinions of the things that occur because of white privilege. every american story in this country is different and to keep people relegated into those boxes is exactly what martin luther king fought against. >> oh. >> either you believe we should judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of the skin or you blame them for every last thing because of
7:41 pm
what their skin cells look like. >> laura: all right, jason. >> interesting you pulled out one of the two martin luther king quotes which she is probably familiar with i think if you look at that privilege test, it's talking. >> you just invoked your privilege right there. as if i haven't, you know, memorized by heart the letter from the birmingham jail. >> okay, i would love to hear it. >> check your privilege, man. >> i would love to hear the first three lines the letter from the birmingham jail. >> laura: it's late at night. i don't want any quizes here. i'm not saying. >> she brought it up that she had memorized it. word for word. >> laura: i think a good way to end this is there is so much as human beings that bring us together. >> absolutely. >> laura: and i am worried that bye bye if you are indicating whether it's gender or -- that we put people in boxes. and i think we want to treat people. you are a human being. you had struggles. i had struggles. we can get past all that stuff and we can connect on a human level. i don't think necessarily
7:42 pm
saying white privilege, black understanding and latino culture. we all have different experiences and sometimes they are blended. sometimes they are wild or they are conventional. i don't think just denoting skin color is the right way to go here because i think we are much more complicated than the color of our skin. that's my view. >> that's very true but i think we have to also recognize -- i think it's important for me to recognize. >> laura: we are way over time. >> as a woman, i think that i have to recognize that so that i can help you fight against it. >> laura: we are all going to go out for drinks after this. great to see you both. democratic polster believes republicans can sweep the midterm elections if they run on key issues. pat caddell up next.
7:43 pm
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looking for a hotel that fits... whoooo. ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor. ♪ >> laura: after that conservative democrat conor lamb narrowly won that special election in pennsylvania for a house seat, a democratic polster has some advice for
7:47 pm
republicans. pat caddell says republicans can win the november midterm elections if they run on some key issues. so what are they? let's ask the man himself, joining us now from south carolina pat caddell. all right, pat, great to see you. what are the key things. >> great to see you, laura. >> laura: that republicans need to run on, go. >> let me start by saying what i actually said in the interview. they have to nationalize the election. the election right now is being nationalized. it's being nationalized on one basis. is there anything you don't like about donald trump, therefore, you should vote against him? it is a problem for incumbent presidents. and in particularly when you have the democratic base revved up. the problem republicans had this had in allegheny county and other places is in traditionally republican suburbs they cannot afford to get the she lacking in suburbs like they did in allegheny county which went seven points for romney. four and a half or so for trump and went like 17, 16,
7:48 pm
17 points. >> laura: what are the issues focus on, pat? >> first thing, let me kick off first, the reason that we have -- right now the democrats everywhere else, many of them have already taken the stand for impeachment. i don't think the country is interested and particularly republicans, have you got to reignite republicans with their beliefs and that is one. do you want to weaponize the constitution for the basis of removing anybody you disagree with politically? we saw in wisconsin how the reaction of that helped scott walker win his recall election by a bigger margin than anyone predicted. immigration. that is an issue that conor lamb stuff, he was very wishy washy. the democrats have a serious problem now on immigration. now they have turned down the daca deal and basically, despite public opinion, are
7:49 pm
willing to not -- they just will not end chain migration and they will have nothing to do with ending the lottery. and we know and the consequences of those is very serious. yet and the democrats in short, there is a republican case to be made here. and if i were, as a democrat, would be very worried which is the argument that you put the interest of the legal aliens and immigrants in this country ahead of the rights of citizens. that was never really developed. i believe that could have caused lamb problems. just as i believe on impeachment he could have had problems. have you got the drain the swamp. these are all issues that trump triumphed. the problem is the republican party has no strategies. it has a bunch of consultants. look, they spent $10 million in consultant on consultant. >> laura: i'm almost out of time. >> to run terrible ads and lose. that simple. >> laura: you have to have great candidates and be
7:50 pm
unafraid to make the case for american renewal and american greatness. got to be bold and unafraid. >> that's right. and they are. >> laura: pat, we have you back. i you have on radio tomorrow for sure: zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job. it's okay. dad took care of us.
7:51 pm
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>> laura: it's a little
7:54 pm
early tonight but it's time for the last bite. secretary of state rex tillerson is still shaken following his firing by president trump this week tillerson has felony out mustache and sideburns recently retired david letterman comes to mind. they grow out facial hair, too. it's a sign of new found freedom. tillerson is still trying to justify his retirement to friends as we discovered in this exclusive video. >> just as i thought, just sitting around doing nothing. iddle hands. >> i'm just taking a break. >> have you nothing to do. >> oh, i have a lot of things to do. >> laura: tillerson feels he was not treated kindly enough by the white house as he intimated during yet another farewell speech at his home earlier today. >> i hope we have had a good time today in this visit to the captain's place.
7:55 pm
i've had fun. thank you for sharing some of your day with me. make it a nice day for everybody you see throughout the day. treat them with a little kindness, just the way you would like to be treated, okay? >> laura: no tweeting my firing. mr. green jeans was so distressed by the news that he took to local media green jeans and dancing bear are apparently on hunger strike. in the meantime, they are giving all the farm animals their food. bunny rabbit is also joining the hunger strike. what next? we'll be right back.
7:56 pm
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7:59 pm
>> laura: well, bunny rabbits, it's been a really good show, and your contribution really made it what it was. that's all the time we had tonight. to reach me, ed henry info
8:00 pm
shannon bream. >> ed: i can't wait to see who you bring to st. patrick's day show. >> laura: it's going to be great. ed, have a great show. >> ed: here's what's happening for us tonight. democrat adam schiff just launched even more unproven allegations of collusion between russia and the trump campaign. barely 24 hours after republicans on the house intel panel ended their pro, accepting the fact there actually is no evidence of collusion. so what is intel chair devin nunes' next move? and house calls for a second special counsel to investigate why the dirty dossier put together by a former british spy was used by obama officials to surveilled the trump campaign, author michael isikoff joins us to talk about some bombshells in his new book raising fresh doubts about the most salacious


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