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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 17, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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now. [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. is there a doctor in the house? hillary clinton has acted a little erratic in the past. >> why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask. to represent inmates. excuse me. jesse: hillary has a history of illness, she fell and got a concussion before her benghazi
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testimony, she has blood clots in the brain, now we learned she broke her wrist in a bathtub in india. also in india she spilled down the stairs. we wish hillary a speedy recovery. but clearly she is not well. during her trip abroad she made even more executions for her loss last november. >> if you look at the map of the united states, there is all that red in the middle where trump won. but what the map doesn't show you is i won the places that represent 2/3 of america's gross domestic product. i won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward, and his whole campaign, make america great again, was looking backwards.
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you didn't like black people getting rights. you don't like women get the jobs. jesse: the red on the map trump won is called america. it may be foreign to you, but it's not a foreign land. gdp in texas, florida, ohio, north carolina, michigan are pretty strong. those states are economic power houses and are moving forward faster than the nation's economy. if the middle is racist why did iowa vote for barack obama twice? president trump is making america great again for all americans not just those who voted for him. >> we don't do well with white men or married white women. and part of that is a
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identification with the republican party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever believes you should. jesse: hillary the feminist believes american women are so weak, they vote for who their husbands tell them to. if husbands could truly control their wives bill would have made hillary campaign in wisconsin. the district that just voted in a democrat conor lamb voted for trump by 20 points. i thought hillary lost because of russia. now she is saying it was because of weak women and bigot are you.
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bigot -- and bigotry. even her own campaign manager slammed her. >> she was wrong. i can't sugar coat it. it's not helpful to democrats going into the mid the terms and certainly not going into 2020. the bottom line is hillary lost because she was a deplorable candidate. at this point hillary insulted more americans than donald trump and that is a very high bar. joining me now, a man who knows a thing or two about american workers in the heartland, mike rowe. i know you have been to all these places. you have probably been to all 50 states. ways your assessment of the american worker in the heartland today? >> i wish i had something new
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and radical to say. by the way it's nice to finally meet you. x shot in all 50 states, at least a dozen times apiece. the big lesson and "dirty jobs," at least for the people i met, and i'm generalizing. there was a shared awareness, especially in the states you mentioned, the people were in on some kind of joke a lot of other americans weren't in on. that's an inelegant way to say it. people who do work that is not appreciated adapt a sensibility that allows them to feel connected. the general feeling was mirrored by a lot of regular citizens in
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the states you are talking about. i got invited upon "meet the press," the week after the election to answer that same question, because i had written something a poll earlier saying donald trump is going to win in my opinion and here is why. i basically laid out my belief that the people on my show were by and large a cross-section of a lot of other people who felt like they were being seen through. so, you know, i had a 50-50 shot and i wound up seeming smart i are than i was. but in the end there is an absolute disconnect going on. a lot of it has to do with how we define meaningful work and what a good job means in 2018. jesse: i get the sense people look down on people who work in manufacturing jobs or if you live on the coast and go to the office every day and take the
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subway and take a taxi, you hear about people who work with a shovel or machines and punch in and pun' out every day, there is a huge disconnect between those types of americans. i think that division is growing. when i grew up my father made me do landscaping and manual labor and hedging and shoveling and mowing and planting and work my hand and getting dirty and sweaty. i had it it at the time, but it made me become a hard-working person. that i believe has been lost in today's america. are we ever going to get that back? >> yeah, we will, because we have to. if we don't, then the consequences will be so dire that i can't even imagine what it will look like. you are talking about the kind of jobs that typically get presented as character building.
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obviously you are a man who is not afraid to get his hand dirty. but the real issue in my view is not -- it's actually an appreciation. it's one thing to affirmatively discourage our kid from learning a useful skill. it's another thing to lose our appreciation for the people who do the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us. i'm not a shag rink, but there is something interesting about the way we grow to resent the very things we wind up depending most of upon. if you look at our workforce and look at the jobs available right now. 6.3 million jobs. 75% of them don't require a four-year degree. they require training and certification and willingness to
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do something most of people aren't willing to do. but to affirmatively distance ourselves from the people essentially keeping the lights on, it's a bad deal. that's why we have a skills gap. that's why we have $1.5 trillion in student loans and we are loaning money to kids they can't pay back. >> i was a bell hop, a valet, a bus boy. those jobs were some of the most of rewarding because i learned work is about serving other people. everybody when they work, they are serving the needs or interests or desires of a client or customer. i was getting my shoes shined in manhattan and it was all latino workers. they were shining the shoes. and they were doing a great job. they are excellent at it.
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and it's the best shoe shine place in manhattan. people say the latino workers do the jobs americans won't do. do you find that to be true? are americans getting soft and there is no desire to do those times of jobs? or do you see it in an economical way? >> it's dangerous to generalize but in a general way, i think what happened in our country is we bought into the idea that our happiness is a result of the job we have. so we make work the enemy. we don't do it on purpose. but when we look at a job like the ones you just described, we either see them as opportunities or cautionary tales. we taught our kids that certain times of jobs are the kinds of things you are going to wind up doing if you don't go count well-worn path of a four-year degree and college debt.
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jesse: you will be work at mcdonald's your whole life if you don't study your school books. >> skills training, numberers, pipe fitters, welders, these people by and large, many are working six figures. they didn't do it by amassing a large amount of debt. they did it by look around and swreeght opportunities are and staying up late and doing all the things that we are telling people will make them unhappy. why are people unhappy is a big question. the reason in my view has nothing or very little to do with what they do for money. jesse: everybody knows it's a
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homeowner. when the plummer or electrician comes over, you are taking out hundreds of dollars in cash. you are writing a check. sometimes it's $1,200, $1,400 a visit. that's real money to a lot of people. like you said, it doesn't require going to business school or graduate school. and there is good money in those businesses, and there is nothing to look down on those jobs for. >> not just good money in the job itself. the onramp into small businesses so often begins -- it starts with the mastery of a trade. i spend a lot of time talking with a lot of ceos in big companies, and it will drill down to how did it start. so many of these men and women
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have stories that originate with the mastery of a skill that was in demand. when we started knocking the lower rubs off of the ladder or the rungs we think of as lower, we make it impossible to climb. i think it's the tragedy of our times. we have so many well educated people who are not trained or prepared for the opportunities that actually exist. that would be sad if that was all there was to it. what makes it tragic is the $70,000, $80,000, $90,000 of debt they have on top of their well-trained resume. jesse: hard to conquer when your degree this anthropology. the president, billionaire
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developer tv tycoon as a real connection with the builders and the people in the country that do things for a living. isn't that ironic that someone from that background can make a connection to those people that's so visceral? it's translated into a lot of small business optimism. go ahead, one minute. >> all right, well, i don't think it's ironic. i think it's inevitable. earlier this week a bridge fell down in florida. a pedestrian bridge that had been up for less than a week. it fell down. people died. all over the place. we live in a disintegrating universe. what goes up has to come down, and a lot of things are falling apart around us. we started this interview with me trying to articulate what the
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people who do this kinds of work have in common. i said they are in on some sort of joke. they are aware things fall down. builders are aware things go up. jesse: hopefully you and i won't be falling down. hopefully we'll continue to go up. i'm so glad you came into "watters world." thank you. >> next time in person, i appreciate it. jesse: an american spy who is at the center of the trump-russia investigation. turn up your swagger game with one a day men's.
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ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. jesse: robert mueller look into the trump organization focusing on a potential real estate deal in russia. my next guest pitched a deal to trump's lawyer. the deal fell through, but the left thinks it's a smoking gun. felix, before we get to the real estate thing, your background is fascinating. you were involved in tracking down bin laden. you were involved in to north korea intelligence operation. blocked the aalways nation attempt of george w. bush and
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colin powell. who are you? >> i'm pane american patriot who saw an opportunity to protect our country, embraced it and the took it and tried to do it for two decades. jesse: did the u.s. government send you over to do these things? see you was work on a deli communications -- on a telecommunications deal and a gentleman by the name of blaine came in and some of the people were laughing saying he is a c.i.a. guy. all evening he was peppering me with questions, where i group, where i weren't to school. i went into the bathroom, he followed me into the bathroom and said can i have your phone number any would like to speak with you. we meet the next day and he says he's a military intelligence
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asset in the united states. he said you have been sitting at the dinner table with the high-level russian intelligence. i said what do i have to do. i wound up turning into an american he set, the secretary of bin laden's protector, he was head of the taliban. the people in the cave with bin laden after 9/11. so the amount and type of intel that started coming out of there was a gold mine of al qaeda operatives, names on their fake passports, escape riewtss, weaponweapons cache.
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jesse: the email you sent to michael cohen, trump's lawyer said it would help donald get elected and it would bring putin's people into the deal. a lot of people say that's pretty suspicion. this is after trump announced his run for president. what was that email about? >> i know michael cohen since we are teenagers. and we both worked donald trump. i send the him an email, basically two old friends communicating in an excited way about his prospects for running. to turn that seem between two teenaged friends into something covert or wrong is laughable. jesse: when you were telling your friends trump's attorney that you could bring putin's
5:23 pm
people into the deal and it would help the president get elected, that wasn't true, it was bluster? >> i will admit it's bluster. but i will tell you the following. i'm a real estate developer. i like to build beautiful buildings. when i saw the positive press coming out and the fact he's running. i viewed that as an opportunity to try to get the tallest building in the world or the tallest building in europe built. jesse: i aresume mueller has talked to you. >> i can't answer anything having to do with any ongoing investigations. jesse: you have been inviewed by the house insell committee. >> yes. jesse: they are zeroing in on this proposed deal because it looks like potential collusion. i talked to michael cohen
5:24 pm
because he said you or whoever was doing the deal wasn't able to do the financing or zoning and didn't pass the due diligence. are you worried about potentially facing any consequences? >> the only thing that i did was try to build a big building and make it a trump building. i did not collude with anyone, and to the best of my knowledge no one i know collude with anyone. jesse: there is an article that says some mobster said you and president trump are going to go to prison. >> the mobster is the report more wrote that piece. after that article came out, i have been telling friends and family me and the president will going to jail, my mother and sister said who did you say that to? the reporter was lying outright. jesse: fake news.
5:25 pm
>> worse than fake news. jesse: you are not worried about going to prison? >> for doing a real estate transaction? it's not illegal trying to build a nice building. jesse: are you concerned the president is in legal jeopardy for any of his business deelding. >> any of the business dealing i have had with the president, i can swear to you, there was never any involvement of any foreign russian money, and i can assure you to the best of my knowledge, vladimir putin didn't drop off a couple of suitcases of cash with anyone to finance donald trump for his presidency. jesse: thanks for everything you have done for the united states, and stay out of trouble. >> i will try my hardest. jesse: coming up, a woman with her emotional support duck.
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wait until you see this.
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s. [♪] [♪] julie: one person is dead after gunfire sends shoppers into a panic saturday afternoon at a southern california mall. the shooting happened in the oaks mall in the city of thousand oaks. the woman was found dead at the scene. the shooter has severe wounds after turning the gun on himself. it's thought to be a murder-suicide. the u.k. expelling russian
5:31 pm
diplomats from its country and the russians expelling british diplomats, tit for tat. vladimir putin is seeking a second term, polls open tomorrow in the presidential election. jesse: embattled former fbi director andrew mccabe fired just days before his planned retirement, now losing his entire pension. he was set to officially retire after two decades at the bureau. but he stepped down after allegations he leaked sensitive information to a reporter about the clinton foundation and lied about it. this comes after new texts between peter strzok and lisa
5:32 pm
page. they were planning on meeting fisa court judge rudolf contreras at a cocktail party. we don't know if it' the same judge they petitions for a fisa warrant with the dossier. i recently traveled to d.c. to discuss the russia investigation, and fisa abuse with congressman nunes. take a look. nice to meet you chairman nunes. how do you think the media has handled this fisa abuse story? >> i'm embarrassed for them and scared for this country in regards to what's going to happen moving forward. the way the media makes their money has totally changed. if you are not writing left-wing
5:33 pm
stuff and taking left-wing orders you are not going to work there very long. jesse: how much time do you spend dealing with fake news from the media. >> i don't talk to them at all unless it's somebody i know who will do a fair story. i don't trust them, and my goal here or the deal i made with the mainstream media is, null retract the fake news stories you wrote about me, i am not going to talk to you. jesse: congressman schiff has been accused of leaking a lot. >> we have over 100 leaks from our committee we believe didn't come from the republican side so it had to have come to the democrat side. we can't opinion it on a particular member or staff, but there is over 100. jesse: what do you think the consequences could be if the
5:34 pm
abuse of the fisa court is determined to have happened? >> it happened, without question. there is no debate on that. the question you have to ask yourself is was it done on purpose or was this done -- was it an accident. jesse: do you have the feeling there could be a cover-up going on? >> there is definitely a cover-up but it's by who and for who. there is a reason it took the fbi so long to get us the information on what they used the dossier for. they didn't want the american people to know they used political dirt paid for by the clinton campaign against the trump campaign and to use our intelligence agencies. jesse: do you think it's coming from the campaign or higher up in the government? >> i don't know.
5:35 pm
these are high-level leaks. this is how i know when there has been a leak from our committee. we are walking down this hallway. i will come walking back down, we are heading towards the house intelligence committee. as we get close to here, right when we round this corner there will be usually a dozen still photographers, cameras and i'll be greeted by every single network in the news of america and they will be firing off a question that is fired off from the committee. usually if there is a leak, there will be cameras everywhere here. all down the steps. jesse: we have the memo about the unmasking and the fisa abuse. is there anything else we are looking into? >> sidney blumenthal, the top
5:36 pm
advisor of the children top campaign, and we have interviews from the fbi as it relates to the fbi and the state department. jesse: the democrats are running a campaign of russia, russia, russia. do you think that will get her the gavel in 2018? >> it's hard to know. they keep their base motivated to go vote. if they are motivated to go vote and ours is not, it will be a problem. jesse: if nancy pelosi gets power after your investigation, what does mat mean to you. >> the people who have the ability to do a deep dive on these investigations to look and see if there is anything criminal have taken that over. all we can do is refer things to
5:37 pm
the justice department. we have no prosecutorial power. if we have somebody who is coming to brief us, secure level, top-secret level, the meetings will be done here. jesse: if you found out members on the democratic side of your committee leaked intelligence to the mainstream media, what's the punishment for that? >> it depends on what is leaked and why. when i talk about 100 leaks, most of of them are leaks of committee business. it won't jeopardize national security. but if there are leaks of top secret or secret information. that is harm.
5:38 pm
they testify behind closed doors and it's record and we can vote to make those transcripts available. jesse: have lisa page and peter strzok testified before your committee. >> they are on our list and they will testify. jesse: what would you like to ask lisa page and peter strzok? >> i can't get into that. up next, an emotional support duck wades into "watters world." later the party bros on president trump's space force. the best simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good.
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jesse: on this show we
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introduced you to all sorts of emotional support animals including llamas, squirrels, and now ducks. the two have been together for five years. they travel everywhere together, including on planes. now they are wading into "watters world." carla, daniel, welcome. why do you have an emotional support duck? >> i didn't intend on having an emotional support anything. i had daniel before the accident. and daniel took over -- i want to say he helped care for me as far as my emotions were concerned. jesse: you had an accident, like
5:44 pm
a car accident or something like that? >> car versus horse carriage. someone plowed into the back of my horse carriage and sent me flying on to a draw bridge. it took nine months to teach me to walk again. jesse: you have the duck and it gives you emotional support. and you have thanksgiving dinner with the duck. is that true? >> yes, we do that he year. that's one of the few times a year he gets to sit at the table. jesse: there you are enjoying the feast with the duck. the duck eats turkey which blows my mind. and you fly on a plane with the duck which is controversial. does the duck behave himself on the plane.
5:45 pm
>> absolutely. he has to behave himself anywhere he goes. i require him to behave, and the same thing on an airplane. having an animal who does not behave is not fair to everybody else who pays for a plane ticket. jesse: do you put a diaper on a duck? >> he wears a diaper harness and he goes spotty in his diaper and when he needs a change he lets you know. jesse: i have a letter from your doctor. he says it's an emotional support duck, it's a reasonable thing and helpful for you. for people who think this is a little bit too much, what would you say to them? >> until they get thrown out of a horse carriage on to a metal
5:46 pm
grate draw breng and have to be taught how to walk and they are terrified in public, then they have no room to talk. for post traumatic stress disorder, that's traumatic brain injury. that's not an emotional problem, it's a physical problem. jesse: i'm glad the duck is providing you with what you need, turducken. >> turducken stinker butt. sometimes he gets into things he shouldn't like he unravels the toilet paper. jesse: that is a lot of information, and drive safe. donald trump building a border wall. will the party bros support
5:47 pm
that. and what do they think about the president's space force? [phone ringing]
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[♪] jesse: president trump travel
5:51 pm
together golden stated getting an up close and personal look at 8 border wall prototimes to protect our southern border. our unofficial california correspondents, the party bros. trump in your backyard look at the border wall prototypes. was there any one you guys liked in particular or what? >> i would have to get a closer look at the designs, i would say. jesse: some of them had visibility so if the coyotes were gathering around, you would get a good eyeball on them. >> my cad built a wall around our pool by the had a see-through thing. i think that added to the sort
5:52 pm
of overall vibe of it. i would say i'm pro visibility. jesse: what about you jt? >> gusta. no sympatico. jesse: you half a halfpipe so people can drop on in. >> that sounds like one of the baddest ideas i have ever heard. have you floated that to any of the people in power? jesse: i will float that to the president the next time i see them. i want to talk to you about ufos. i thought who better to talk about than the party bros about extraterrestrial life. there was a u.f.o. sighting by
5:53 pm
some of our navy pilots. >> roger [bleep] >> oh, my gosh, dude. jesse: chad, they sounds like you two. are you guys believers in extraterrestrial life? >> umm, i'm a huge fan of "independent day." so i would like to believe that because i would like to -- i want want what happened in "independence day" to happen. but i would say if they are real, it's time to make contact, you know. >> without being crude, and you
5:54 pm
can tell me if this is a bridge too far, jesse, but i hope they are odd. jesse: you guys are looking for extra terrestrials that may be attractive to humankind, maybe you guys could be the first to make contact. >> i'm look for my will smith moment. i'm stoked on that. donald trump is talking about launching a space force. sending americans up into space to fight other people of or fight the aliens. would you ever volunteer for that? >> all day. i'm totally on board. that's a dream come true. >> i'm normally a pass 50s. -- i'm normally
5:55 pm
a passivist. but i'm all for intergalactic par fair. jesse: up next last call. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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before you begin an aspirin regimen. geoff scary moments for some tourists skiing in the cub triof georgia when their ski lift malfunctioned. they were being transported down the mountain when the lift started picking up speed. fortunately none of the injuries are life-threatening. i think everybody should get
6:00 pm
emotional support ducks. that's all for tonight. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight, andrew mccabe turns over notes he kept on president trump to robert mueller hours after mccabe is officially fired from the fbi. live tonight from los angeles, i'm jeanine pirro. we'll be talking about major developments in the department of justice with ke relationship mccarthy, governor mike huckabee, dan bongino, tomi lahren and more. just fired deputy fbi director andrew mccabe claims victim


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