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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 19, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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nobody laughs when two funny cars explode while at the same time on the drag strip. >> couple of champions side by side. taken. double body blow. rob: that's dangerous. both drivers though are okay. jillian: thanks for watching. >> urged to stay inside until daylight after a fourth explosion rocks an austin neighborhood overnight. >> we are working under the belief that this is related to the other bombing incidents that have occurred in our community. >> the president set off a firestorm of speculation that mueller's firing was imminent naming him for the first time in a tweet sunday. >> mueller is there to show collusion between russia and trump. there is none so far so why not end it. >> meanwhile a debate over attorney general jeff sessions firing of andrew mccabe played out over the weekend. >> andy mccabe has undercut his credibility all by himself. own fellow fbi agents who
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said he leaked and lied about it. >> his firing may be justified no. way for us to know at this point. >> going to get the last shot. gets the dunk and that is it. pulls over a miracle. ♪ heat of the moment ♪ heat of the moment brian one of my favorite will. steve: asia? brian: one album out and done. ainsley: asia sings that? how many people are in that band? brian: way too many. it sounds like a whole chorus worry about them dividing up one album's success. hope everybody had a great weekend. steve: and that was the name of the band was asia. busy friday. we had pete in for brian.
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i hope had you a great saint patrick's day. brian: i did on saturday it was exceptional as most irish people did. without the parade to navigate it was a totally different feeling. usually we are right in the middle of it. ainsley: they didn't have a parade. brian: i'm on long island, the parade we usually have to deal with is the one in manhattan. ainsley: on friday andrew mccabe got fired. we are going to talk about that. also, in texas, remember those packages that were exploding. we have a fox news alert right now. brian: yep. the city of austin, texas, rocked by get, this a fourth explosion in a month. ainsley: residences warned to stay inside their houses overnight after a bomb exploded sending two men to the hospital with serious injuries. steve: police say the blast may have been detonated by a trip wire. not ruling out to a series of package bombs in the city is a couple weeks ago that has left two people dead. >> we now need the community
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to have an extra level of vigilance and pay attention to any suspicious device, whether it be a package, a bag, a backpack, anything that looks out of place and do not approach it. brian: there you go. we have seen this way too much. this latest blast coming just hours after police urged the bomber to surrender. ainsley: a reward for any information is now up to $115,000. steve: what's different about this, and as we just mentioned, it sounds like it was detonated perhaps by a trip wire, is unlike the previous bombings, the package bombs, they weren't left at somebody's house, apparently this was alongside the road and a couple guys were going through maybe on a bike, tripped the wire and then it exploded. ainsley: any wire that runs across the road or something like that is what a trip wire is? steve: essential a trigger.
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nearby device alongside a road pine brian could be a guy felt like somebody was on his tail and put it to the side of the road or emptying out the vault because is he hitting the streets or hitting the road. four minutes after the top of the hour. big news came down from the office of responsibility recommended to the attorney general that deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe get fired. after he had three hours to defend himself late last week. it was not good enough, he is gone. the report is forthcoming but mccabe clearly led everyone -- he feels as though president trump fired him by the tweets leading up to this. ainsley: media was up in arms over the weekend say something robert mueller next? and the president's attorney, ty cobb he said this in response to media speculation and related questions being posed to the administration the white house yet again confirms that the president is not considering or discussing the firing of special counsel robert mueller. steve: this is on the heels
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of the president doing the tweeting. he tweeted about comey how he lied under oath. he tweeted a little bit about mr. mccabe and supposedly he had memos but he never saw him take any memos. and then he was talking about how the mueller team was stacked with democrats and no republicans. meanwhile, the reaction from the mainstream media and a number of republicans was how could he do that on a friday night? watch this. >> it just seemed mean-spirited a guy coming down within 48 of his scheduled retirement. it was clearly rushed. i think there are questions about that and whether the administration was putting pressure on th justice department to take actions. >> to have firings like this happening from the top from the president and the attorney general does not speak well for what's going on. >> i don't like the way it happened. he should have been allowed through finish through the
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weekend. >> his firing may be justified, there is no way for us to know at this point. even though it may have been justified, it can also be tainted. brian: keep in mind, this report, it wasn't the president that fired him. the attorney general was recommended to fire him. inspector general report put together by obama appointee, remember that that found that mccabe did not tell the truth. how much leeway was given to michael flynn? how much leeway was given to papadopoulos, manafort, or gates? they lied to the fbi, this guy evidently wasn't candid and then wasn't candid when he was asked to explain himself, we are about to get the basic -- we're about to get the details of this. and they are just saying if everybody else can wear an ankle bracelet and lives blown up. why should he leave with a 1.3-million-dollar pension? steve: it sounds as if the inspector general michael horowitz had passed along word to the attorney general and also to the -- this ethics department run by a woman by the name of candace
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will. she a career official. she was appointed by robert mueller himself back in 2004. she? charge of the ethics department and she said that andrew mccabe essentially lacked candor under oath and also lied. he leaked and lied. meanwhile trey gowdy was on yesterday with chris wallace. he made it very clear. don't blame the president. blame mccabe. >> oh, andy mccabe has under cut his credibility all by himself. he didn't need any help doing that i find it richly ironic that he is lamenting that those are attacking the fbi when he himself does the exact same thing. it was the fbi who said he made an unauthorized disclosure and then lied about it. that wasn't president trump. it wasn't me. it wasn't the crazy house republicans. it was his own fellow fbi agents that said he leaked and then lied about it. so, if he has got credibility issues, he needs to look no further than himself. brian: he said he was given permission to leak, by who?
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james comey. said he i never leaked anything to the press. something has to give. the president would have been better off not engaging. mccabe wanted to the lash out, he was angry. he could say he was angry at president trump. president trump didn't make this call. when president trump goes back at him, it allows other people say this fight is between those two, on secures the fact this was fellow fbi agents. these are career appointees who decided that mccabe was acting unethically. steve: the president just had a busy tweet weekend. he mentioned comey, he mentioned mccabe. he mentioned mullen's team. he wasn't calling for mueller to be fired ultimately. he was just saying hey, they haven't found any collusion, wrap it up. ainsley: he also said my attorneys have secretary of defense not to get involved and tweet all this he said i basically can't help it anymore. i need to defend myself and my administration. this had nothing to do with me, mccabe's firing was on his own free will. he did something wrong. something you are not supposed to do leak
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information to the media. he did it and lied about it and then got caught. he is saying it's not my fault. why is everyone blaming me when mccabe did this on his own. brian: i will go back to what trey gowdy also said in the same interview. john dowd writing the open letter on his own not representing president trump. he said if your client is innocent, hackett like it. don't go and say tell rod rosenstein to end a probe. let mueller follow through. by the way the blow back would be severe if president trump did this. but he feels as though they are going now into his personal, the trump organization and he says why are you doing that? that has nothing to do with russia. they are saying the trump organization dealing with russia makes us want to know where this relationship did or didn't go forward. ainsley: how many characters when you tweet something out, how many characters? steve: 240 now. ainsley: this is how long your facebook post can be if you are hillary clinton. page small text, small font, her explanation to why she said what she did in indiana
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two weekends ago. millions of americans were offended because she was on foreign soil talking about why she didn't win, putting down white women who vote like their husbands, putting down individuals who were trump supporters and went to the polls to vote for trump. she explains why she said what she said. it's not an apology. it's more of an explanation. steve: on facebook she said i also mentioned something in passing that's gotten a lot of negative attention that there is antidotal evidence and research to suggest that women are more swayed by men than the other way around. as much as i hate the possibility of saying it it's to the crazy. when you think of ongoing struggle to reach gender balance even within the same household. in other words, she 2kub8d down. if you read the whole account. email us, what do you think about hillary trying to dig herself out of that hole after she made those comments in india. brian: she is getting a lot of people upset like sherrod brown and dick durbin tried to laugh it off. obviously, it's a huge blow
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to democrat trying to change the message and turn the page twhat they think is momentm going and have the page turned back because of hillary clinton saying their sons or husbands tell them to. ainsley: what baffled me the most she said she was defending america. they were criticizing america and she was defending america. steve: that's interesting spin as well. 6:11 on this monday morning. jillian joins us. jillian: get you caught up on other news we are following. student at gorld international university will return to class for the first time since the catastrophic bridge collapse. the school will hold a moment of silence at 1:47 p.m. the exact time of thursday's incident in miami. and we know the identities of all six people killed in the collapse that includes a father of three. and a student at fiu. the first lawsuit on behalf of an injured victim is expected to be filed today. president trump heading to
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new hampshire today for the first time since taking office. to unveil his plan to fight the opioid crisis. it includes cutting off the flow of drugs across our borders and in communities. expanding education and awareness and providing access to treatment and recovery efforts. the feds are also seeking the death penalty for some drug dealers. former cia director mike pompeo will meet with outgoing secretary of state rex tillerson today. the pair will meet for two hours at the state department. nearly a week after pompeo was picked to meet with lawmakers ahead of confirmation hearings. gina haspel will off the move. that's your headlines. steve: a busy day. brian: two intense hearings even by republicans going to give them a hard time. steve: did james comey perjure himself during this line of questioning with senator grassley last year. >> have you ever authorized someone else at the fbi to be an anonymous source in
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news reports about the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> no. steve: that's pretty clear. no. well law professor jonathan turley reveal new revelations by andrew mccabe could mean big trouble for the former head of the fbi. jonathan turley is next. ainsley: one is calling on guns to stop president trump. the outrageous comments just ahead. ♪ under pressure ♪ hands go here... feet go here... you know what goes here... and your approval rating... goes here. test drive the ztrak z540r at your john deere dealer and learn why it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. nothing runs like a deere. save 250 dollars when you test drive and buy a john deere residential z540r ztrak mower.
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>> director comey have you ever been an anonymous source in news reports relating to the matters of the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> never. >> question two on relatively related, have you ever authorized someone else at the fbi to be an anonymous source in news reports about the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> no. brian: okay, there you go. in his response, with you his response to getting fired andrew mccabe wrote this: the oig investigation has focused on information i chose to share with a reporter through my public affairs officer and a legal counselor as deputy director i was only one of the few people who had the authority
3:18 am
to do that. it was not a secret it took place over several days. and others including the director, that's james comey, were aware of the interaction with the reporter. that seems to contradict with comey said to congress here to break it down for us is jonathan turley. jonathan, is there a problem here? [laughter] >> oh, there is definitely a problem. you know, this would seem to contradict what comey said. now, we already know that comey is a leaker, the question is he a serial leaker. because we know that after he was fired he removed his memos which i believe were fbi material at least seven of them and gave them to a friend at columbia law school, some of which, at least the information was leaked to the media. this is an even more serious allegation because it would be occurring when he was director. and it will raise questions of whether comey is not just a leaker but a liar. brian: the thing is you wonder if this book comes
3:19 am
out should be labeled fiction or nonfiction. it will be a best seller we know that the president tweeted this out after he saw what was tweeted out by mccabe. he said, wow, watch comey lie under oath to senator grassley when asked have you ever been an anonymous source or known someone else to be an anonymous source? he said strongly never, no. he lied as shown clearly on the edition of "fox & friends" as we played it back. so he leaked, you have the deputy director saying he leaked. bring you to another area. that three weeks he found about anthony weiner's laptop. three weeks between when he knew about it and when james comey said he knew about it. so when are we going to get the answer to that? is comey lying said i just found out about it and called a press conference and reopened the investigation or andy mccabe sat on these for three weeks. that also needs some explaining. >> it is fascinating to see the gap that is growing between the accounts of comey and mccabe.
3:20 am
there's another aspect to this that doesn't work well for comey. you know, mccabe said that he kept these memos of his conversation with president trump. we don't know what those memos say. but there is an interesting contrast. did he not, as far as we know, leak those to the media. comey did. you know, one of the objections that i made to comey's conduct at the time was that he could have given those memos to the oversight committees. he could have waited for -- with the investigators to get those memos. they weren't going to be destroyed. and instead he decided to remove them and release them. mccabe didn't. that creates a sharp contrast between these two individuals of how they dealt with it. it also is going to make it hard to put comey on the stand as a witness. i mean, is he pretty damaged goods right now. unless he can clean up these allegations. brian: right. i think he is totally under estimating the amount of blow back going to get from both sides when he goes front and center all 6'8" of him. thanks for kicking off our show we appreciate it? >> thanks, brian.
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brian: vladimir putin wins a fourth term as president of russia with 80% of the vote. video surfacing from several polling locations appearing to show election workers stuffing ballot boxes. i can't believe it putin will be in power for six more years. and the russian leader now calling claims russia poisoned a former spy and his daughter nonsense in bold letters, end quotes. putin calling it unthinkable. and this country would carry out -- that this country would carry out that kind of attack. abc news reports into the
3:25 am
exspy may have been exposed to the military grade nerve agent through his car's air events that were found slumped over on a bench in england two weeks ago. steve, ainsley? steve: state of california taking their sanctuary status to a whole new level. ainsley: the state senate now appointing an illegal immigrant, she is an attorney, her name is elizabeth mateo to a statewide committee advising college access and financial aid. steve: mateo age 33 was brought to this country from mexico when she was 14 years old. while she is not a salaried employee california policy entitles her to reimbursement for expenses. so taxpayers will be paying for an illegal immigrant, even though it is against federal law. ainsley: how does this happen? dawn rosenberg lost his son drew at the hands of illegal immigrant in 2010 joins us now. don, how do you feel about this? what are your thoughts?
3:26 am
>> this is another one of those outrageous actions by kevin daily on in the california senate. basically to tell in this case. i think this was one to tell president trump and attorney general sessions we're going to do whatever we want to do and you a are not going to do anything about it. steve: here is the thing, don, california law says one cannot hold civil office if they are not a citizen at appointment. and dan reeves, who is a high ranking official there said senate lawyers advised that her post isn't covered by that law. so she is not covered but they going to do it anyway. >> well, that's just you know, california when it comes to anything to do with illegal aliens, the law is irrelevant. i think they have proven that over again and they u.s. just don't care. certainly, attorney general xavier becerra is not going to do anything about it because is he willing to break the law as well. they know they can get away
3:27 am
with it. ainsley: interesting you bring that up california benefits to illegal immigrants drivers license beings, they are able to get those. instate tuition, ability to brook tis law, some welfare benefits they get and state will pay your legal fees if you get arrested. tell us what happened to your son? >> well, ironically my son was in law school in san francisco back in 2010. he was coming home one night. and roberto gallow an illegal alien from honduras was driving in the opposite direction. he made a last second left-hand turn trying to beat a traffic light. they collided. my son was on a motorcycle. be they were going -- both of them were going very slowly it was rush hour. instead of stopping he accelerated and drove over my son's body. my son's helmet had come off and wedged under one of his tires. he backed up and drove over him a second time and trying to flee. went forward and a guy had gotten out of his car and
3:28 am
gallow stopped and his rear tire was on my son's abdomen. five guys had to lift the car off of him. steve: it's a terrible story. you mentioned, don, that your son was in law school. elizabeth that at aio the woman appointed to this position wrote this about her law school experience. in law school i often wonder if i was fit to be in law journal law court because not many people with my background did. i went for it even if i felt inadequate i thought i could add something of value. i hope to do the same with @ student aid commission, # undocument unafraid. what's your reaction to that. >> i would like to know how she was admitted to the bar since out oath of office requires you to adhere to the laws of california and the law of the united states and although she wouldn't have been charged as an acriminal when she was brought here at 14. a few years ago she was
3:29 am
probably in her late 20's, she left the country, went into mexico, was part of a protest and came back. well, as soon as she did that, she is now a criminal. she entered the country illegally, and so she has perjured herself when she took the oath of office and she should be disbarred. steve: i wonder if the supreme court is going to take up what's going on out in california regarding sanctuary status for entire state flaunting the federal law. >> well, it will eventually get there. the local courts will, you know, try to toss the charges. it will go to the ninth circuit. you can forget that one. so, you know it, will end up at the supreme court at some point in time. ainsley: it is interesting that she is an attorney yet she has broken the law. thank you so much, don, for being with us. i'm sorry for your loss. just a tragic story. >> you are welcome, ainsley, thank you, steve. take care. steve: you bet. coming up on this monday, andrew mccabe's attorney says president trump has
3:30 am
corrupted the process leading to his client's firing on friday night. dan bongino says mccabe has nobody to blame except mcmr. mccabe himself. mr. bongino up next. ainsley: forget detention. one elementary school is punishing students with yoga. steve: that will do it. wishing bruce willis a happy birthday. the actor turns 63 today. >> get together, have a few laughs. i wanted to get new blinds, and i was talking with my mom
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friends" hit. ainsley: are you done in florida? it looks like hollywood behind you dan dan yeah, that's west palm beach. but the funny thing is like my wife doesn't each watch the hits on tv because she is in the bedroom next door and i will go how was the hit. it was great. she hears me yelling. she doesn't even need to see it. steve: man o man. talk about what's going on in the news. it was friday night about 9:00, it was official, andrew mccabe was fired. his attorney, who actually used to be the inspector general for the department of justice, michael sent this out as a statement and said we will not be responding to each childish defamatory disgusting and false tweet by the president. the whole tweet will come out in due course. the tweets confirm that he has corrupted the entire process. the president led to the termination and rendered it illegitimate. talk about some of the tweets coming out. how mr. mccabe took memos but never saw that
3:35 am
happening. what do you make of this? >> this is the same guy, by the way, wrote an op-ed net "the washington post" calling the process quote welcome news. let's talk about a corrupted process for a moment here. andrew mccabe is the number two in charge of the fbi during the process when they were investigating hillary clinton and they wrote an exoneration letter for hillary clinton before they had even interviewed her number one. number two, the fisa court process. a secret court. has an information verification procedure known as the woods procedure. where was that? you introduce fake information into the fisa court while you were the number two at the fbi. let me give you another one out there. you are talking about corrupted processes. he was the number two in the fbi. andy mccabe, when mike flynn was prosecuted for a statement by the way that they claim to be false while the fbi director claimed that they thought the interviewing agents thought mike flynn was in fact truthful. spare us the crocodile tears about a corrupted process,
3:36 am
andy, sorry. brian: democrats offering him a job come work for me next four or five days and can you get your pension. they don't know what's in the report. a lot of people figure out not only did he not help hillary clinton, you know, he hurt donald trump and he hurt hillary clinton why do they want to exonerate somebody that their own inspector general had a problem with. this is not donald trump's fight. >> they better be really careful here. even adam schiff himself, listen, the king of swamp rat democrats has even kind of dialed back a bit his support for -- you see that with andy mccabe saying hold on a second before we kind of rush to judgment here andy mccabe you are right the ig report has not been released yet. and we don't know how severe these leaks were and what kind of information the ig has. it was the ig was obama appointee. i would be very careful if i were a democrat jumping to the defense of andy mccabe.
3:37 am
ainsley: democrats saying firing him two days before he would get his pension horrible, vindictive. these are never trumpers chiming. in john brennan former fbi director tweeted saturday when the full extent of your moral temperature pay tuesday and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dust bin of history. you will scapegoat andy mccabe but you will not destroy america. america will triumph over you. if there was ever confirmation of a deep state. existence of a bunch of inbeds we democratic level preserve the state over principle no matter. what john brennan's tweet was that what a disgusting tweet. this is the former cia director, by the way, a man, ainsley, who had access to the most critical
3:38 am
intelligence operations most powerful in the world. deemly involved in spying conspiracy on donald trump. and brennan is out there worrying about his twitter clout score and his personal profile and snapping retorts on twitter? i will tell you what brennan is worried about. brennan is worried about how he claimed in under oath by the way that he had no information about the dossier. yet, went up and briefed people on capitol hill, information in the dossier released from capitol hill a couple days later. brian: the way the russians ran over us for his years in power. samantha power came out with a tweet like this. she tried to walk it back in a twisted explanation. not a good idea to [bleep] off john brennan. really? what's he going to do? >> what is he like a bouncer in a bar or something?
3:39 am
i get it people say dumb tweets on twitter. i have sent out dumb tweets on twitter and thought maybe i shouldn't have sent that out. it's not a good idea to upset donald trump. i think we have seen that. this guy is a brawler and he is willing to fight back. so i think she should really reconsider that tweet, given that she can't unmask people anymore and doesn't have access to the levers of power that they abused while she and john brennan was there. steve: you mention she'd was one of the people who requested unmasking. didn't she "the unmasking of 200 or 300 people and that is something that the department of justice should be looking into as well? >> yeah, later on she acknowledged those unmaskings were done in her name and she didn't know about some of them. steve: that's corrupt. >> samantha power, john brennan, clapper, comey, mccabe, listen advice from a former federal investigator. stay off the air. go get a lawyer and pipe
3:40 am
down. you are in a lot more trouble than you think you are. you're uberous is overwhelming right now. their egos are taking are taking over for common sense. keep quiet and dial it down a notch you have were only involved in the largest government conspiracy to spy on a presidential candidate in modern american history. it may be time to dial the volume down a little bit. steve: that may be what your wife may be saying in the bedroom. >> she is being knowing on the wall. can you hear? brian: wrap it up. toss to jillian. let me get some rest. steve: dan, thank you very much. have a good weekible. >> you got it. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us? >> terrifying moments when a circle did he sue lay worker plunges t to his death as the crowd watches in horror ♪ emergency workers rushing
3:41 am
french entertainer. he later died at the hospital in tamp, florida, hours before the tragedy he posted this picture, announcing his act would appear in the show for the first time. an investigation is underway. new york congressman has been seen at several antigun rallies this month. but now he seems to be implying that americans should use guns to oppose president trump by force. according to the "new york post." the democrat told constituents at a town hall on long island this is where the second amendment comes in quite frankly because you know what if the president was to ignore the courts? what would you do? what would we do? suozzis team denies he was for a revolt. denver now extend sending kids to yoga class they act
3:42 am
out. the goal is to teach the students emotional and social skills. take that moment to breathe and think and be mindful can really help prevent all sorts of problems. so far the school calls the program a success. we start a thrilling finish between ninth seed nevada and 2 seed cincinnati. >> nevada pulls off a miracle. jillian: got to love the celebration. getting the 75-73 win. meantime defending champion north carolina is eliminated after falling to texas a&m 86-65. number one seed goes down to w. xavier falling to nine seed florida state. 75-70. finally 11 seed syracuse knocking off three seed michigan state 55-53. that's a look at your headlines. brian: you are quite comfortable reading those sports. a little bit of a flashback.
3:43 am
jillian: i may have done that in my time in the past. steve: after one of those buzzer beaters i think last week espn said that not one person in the millions who are part of their bracket still had a perfect. brian: number 16 beat virginia. no one beats janice dean. janice: can't you win if you lose to. brian: about everyone winning money except the players they they're to study. janice: do you a bracket? brian: no. janice: two things we are watching severe weather across the southeast, potential for tornadoes today. and then watching a nor'easter, perhaps tuesday and wednesday. stay tuned. we will keep on it back to you. steve: chance of tornadoes. thank you very much. ainsley: thank you. a fox news alert, austin on edge again after a fourth explosion rattles that city overnight. but police warn this one is different than the others. we're live on the ground to tell you how next.
3:44 am
3:45 am
3:46 am
3:47 am
ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. the city of us after citizen texas rocked by a fourth explosion in less than a month. brian: two men rushed to the hospital and neighbors told to stay indoors as police warn that this blast different than the others. steve: jane from our affiliate in long dale is live with the latest right now. jane, this was not in front of somebody's house, it was out along the road, wasn't it? >> good morning. to you, yes, it was actually in a southwest neighborhood. and police are still trying to piece together evidence from that and figuring out what's happening here in austin. police were called out to the southwest austin neighborhood around 8:30 last last night. we are told two men in their 20's were either riding or pushing their bicycles were injured when they possibly triggered a trip wire causing an explosion. while the chief of austin police could not confirm the
3:48 am
trip wire aspect immediately. he said the bombs had different kinds of projectiles in them. those men are in good condition at the local hospital this morning. the austin police department is asking home openers to stay inside their homes and follow officers' instructions while they search the area for more bombs. suspicious device in a backpack. investigating those claims and looking if this latest explosion is related to the previous three edges pleases. killed two people and injured two more. in those cases bombs detonated when packages were opened by the victims. police have r. now warning all austin residents about anything that looks suspicious. not just pangs. >> we now need the community to have extra level of vigilance and pay attention to any suspicious device, whether it be a package, a bag, a backpack, anything that looks out of place and do not approach it.
3:49 am
and austin police have given media update yesterday. increased the award for anyone who might have any information leading to an arrest to $100,000. that's in addition to the $15,000 already provided by governor greg abbott's office. reporting in austin jane as you lons dale. fox news. steve: president trump set to unveil his plan to battle the opioid crisis later on today. health and human services secretary alex azar will be with him. he will be with us in half an hour. brian: jim carrey sparking outrage with this press or painting of press secretary sarah sanders. carley shimkus has the online backlash. what an idiot.
3:50 am
oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. ♪ next chapter ♪
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3:53 am
steve: another hollywood elite once again taking aim at the white house. jim carrey, the comedian, paymenting that portrait of sarah sanders as a monster, blasting her on twitter as a so-called christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked monstrous. ainsley: here with the outrage lighting up social media is fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. this is the actor jim carrey? >> this is the actor comedian. dumb and dumber guy who does art on the side and posted it to twitter more and more frequently. he didn't mention sarah huckabee sanders by name. the general consensus is that is an unflattering drawing of her. about 9,000 comments have been written about this picture. and it's clear that the picture who don't like the hollywood folks talking about politics don't like
3:54 am
this. and they are very ticked off about it. i think we have some viewer comment on it jamie on twitter says i wish you were still making movies so i could go not see them. and ian writes you are insulting a woman who worked for the world's most powerful office. you are mocking her appearance and you are presuming to know more about her private faith. one held by millions of other americans simply by what you see on tv. but she's the monster? and amy writes i will always stand by freedom of expression and can we act our age and not call out people for their looks. and next one says jim who? >> some say bullying and others say freedom of expression. can he do what he wants. steve: harsh part is so-called christian. that's just rough. >> yeah. that's right. i see actually a lot of similarities between jim carrey now and rosie o'donnell, right? both are comedians that have become increasingly
3:55 am
political over the years. brian: both bored because they don't work anymore. >> they are drawing a lot and posting to twitter. all politically focused. only difference was rosie o'donnell was selling her artwork for a little while. i'm not sure that jim carrey is. steve: on etsy. ainsley: what about sarah huckabee sanders has she said anything? >> not on twitter yet. we have to see if she responds to this or even thinks it's worthy of a response. sometimes i think it's better to let these things slide and knot say anything about it the all. brian: sometimes it makes you feel better to go back at them hard. >> i have a feeling you are that kind of person. ainsley: not the christian thing to do. brian: you have to defend yourself. imagine if someone did a sketch on madeleine albright or even hillary clinton sketch that was unflattering. it would be blow back global. >> people who agree, democrats, people who agree with jim carrey, rosie o'donnell, all the people in hollywood, they are not going to mind. this imagine those people
3:56 am
who disagree and who think that the press secretary is doing a fantastic job. have you got think, man, gone are the dumb and dumber days. gone are the light hearted days because if you look at his twitter account. it's extremely political after the parkland school shooting he posted another drawing that he did that showed marco rubio with blood on his hands. accusing him for what happened because of his link to the nra. brian: 50% of the country is not going to be going to his movies as a political statement. steve: maybe she'll respond later today. >> who knows? we will see. thanks a lot. brian: nice -- carley seems nice, right? >> i'm still here. steve: she can hear you. brian: i wasn't sure. former cia director john brennan calling president trump a disgraced demagogue for firing andy mccabe. has the intelligence community become too politicized. we will debate it and put music on this tease later. ainsley: plus alex azar, john bolton and second lady
3:57 am
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dad! cigna. together, all the way. brian: city of austin, texas get this rocked by fourth explosion in a month. steve: blast may have been detonated by a trip wire. >> we need the community to have a extra level of vigilance and pay attention to any suspicious device. brian: andrew mccabe fired. >> it just seemed mean-spirited. >> it was a horrible day for democracy. >> andy mccabe has undercut his credibility all by himself. it was his own fellow fbi agents who said he leaked and lied about it. >> his firing may be justified. there is no way for us to know at this point. >> the media was up in arms over the weekend say something robert mueller next? and the president's attorney ty cobb he said that the president is not considering or discussing the firing of special counsel robert mueller. >> got to get the last shot. and that is it.
4:01 am
nevada pulls off a miracle. ♪ ♪ ♪ any way you want it ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ anyway you want it ♪ any way you want it. steve: live from new york city this is "fox & friends" for the, let's see, it's the 1st day of march. we are a couple days away from spring even though there is a possibility of snow tomorrow. ainsley: i know. brian: you think there is a chance that janice is making this up. steve: so far she has been accurate every nor'easter. she has nailed it. brian: i know, i will get on a lot if i can just say on the eve spring there is going to be three snow storms in a row. steve: you think she is forecasting these things for face time. brian: can i be skeptical. ainsley: she knows it's going to be cold. don't put away that warm coat yet. steve: meanwhile, talk about what's going on in the news. were you watching, let's
4:02 am
see, it was about two manipulates before 9:00 on friday night, when it was announced that the attorney general of the united states had fired that man right there. andrew mccabe. it's interesting. adam housley had a report over the weekend where apparently mr. mccabe threatened to take people down with him if he was fired. adam said he had apparently the inspector general has tons of stuff on him and that's one of the reasons why the president was tweeting about mcmccabe. he was tweeting about mr. comey. he was tweeting about mr. mueller over the weekend saying look, why has he stacked his team with a bunch of democrats, no republicans? essentially the president was saying hey, i don't want mueller fired but have you got to wrap this thing up because there is no collusion so far. ainsley: left went mad with that mueller investigating the president. now the president is going to fire him in the president said that is not true at all. in fact, his attorney, ty cobb said this. in response to media, can we
4:03 am
roll it up please. in response to speculation and questions relate to the speculation. the white house yet again confirms that the president is not considering or discussing the firing of special counsel robert mueller. steve: pretty clear. brian: important to point out because people are not reporting this accurately. that andrew mccabe was not fired by donald trump. the recommendation went to the attorney general who decided to pull the trigger friday yes, two days before he was about to retire. >> remember, chris wray who stood up to the president recently the fbi director pulled him off the case. as soon as he saw the ig report i'm pulling you out. finish out the string before you retire. ig comes out. steve: it's not out yet. brian: the ig report already looked at some things mccabe has done that got chris wray's attention had to pull him back. now the office of. steve: professional responsibility. brian: professional responsibility. recommend that he be fired.
4:04 am
for a alaska candor. it's hard to defend mccabe's behavior and don't get locked into this is president trump trying to get rid of an fbi investigation because andrew mccabe would have you think that. because andrew mccabe went right at the president and the president went right back at him if he had laid out. it would have made people report accurately this wasn't coming from president trump who clearly wasn't happy with mccabe. steve: he tweeted that out. the president had tweeted that out earlier, you know, what's mccabe doing? ainsley: mccabe got fired for his own wrongdoing and trey gowdy came out and said. he got fired for leaking information to the media. and misleading congressional investigator, not telling them the whole truth. now, he said on friday, he said the oil an the oig focusedn information i shared through my reporter public affairs counselor and counselor. as deputy director i was one of only a few people who had the authority to do that. it was not a secret it took
4:05 am
place over several days and others including the director, that would be comey, were aware of the interaction with the reporter. i was emphasize that because comey under oath said he was not aware. he did not authorize. listen to this. >> director comey, have you ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> never. >> question to on relatively related, have you ever authorized someone else at the fbi to be an anonymous source in news reports about the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> no. steve: well, that would appear to be one of the somebody is not telling the truth, the question is. who the first question i reported that adam housley had said, andrew mccabe
4:06 am
threatened to take people down with him if he was fired. did he just spill the beans on the director? we don't know but jonathan turley on with brian about an hour ago saying look, comey, has some problems, too. we already know comey is a leaker. is he a serial leaker. after he was fired he removed his memos which, by the way, i believe were fbi material, at least seven of them and gave them to a friend at columbia law school, some of which at least the information was leaked to the media this is even more serious allegation because it would be occurring when he was director it will raise questions of whether comey is not just a leaker but a liar chris christie now with abc said listen, i'm friend with james comey i like him. when robert mueller was running the fbi he never got any leaks foyer 8 to 12 years. james comey comes over it's leak central and continuing. there is a little bit of a problem here especially when
4:07 am
he admitted that he leaked to columbia professor. ainsley: exactly. steve: here's the thing, washington, d.c. leaks all the time but there is a difference, there is an authorized leak and there is an unauthorized leak. charles grassley, the senator from iowa was very specific in asking the former director have you ever authorized someone else at the fbi to be an anonymous source in a news report? it looks like the answer would be yes, but he said no you have james callstrum, he said ultimately i'm going to paraphrase, the deep state trying to protect hillary clinton if she were indicted over that email thing before the election. remember? >> i think we have ample facts revealed to us during this last year and a half that high ranking people throughout the government, not just the fbi, high
4:08 am
ranking people had a lot to not have hillary clinton you know, indicted that so she could remain the flawed candidate that she was, which, in my view is stupidity. even this strzok guy talked about this. they had a backup plan to basically frame donald trump. that's what's been going on. this whole thick in my view is just total phoney. brian: that's why if the president could lay out a little bit as karl rove pointed out over the week. the oig report is about to come out in the middle of april that make hillary and her people look terrible. people covering for her. early indications are true. the andy mccabe firing backs up what the president always thought the independent report by lifetime appointsees are the ones that came up with this review of andy mccabe which backs up what the president was saying. pull back and let this process come out, it will back up his story.
4:09 am
when he comes forward he allows his enemies to use him as a distraction. ainsley: we had dan bongino on about 30 minutes ago. he said he was calling out the fbi hypocrisy over the hillary clinton probe. listen to this. >> let's talk about a corrupted process for a moment here. andy mccabe is the number two in charge of the fbi during the process when they were investigating hillary clinton and they wrote an exoneration letter tore hillary clinton before they had even interviewed her, number one. number two, the fisa court process. a secret court has an information verification procedure known as the woods procedure. where was that? you introduce fake information into the fisa court while you were the number two at the fbi. listen, spare us the crocodile tears about a corrupted process, andy, sorry. steve: so let's just hope that when the inspector general report does come out. keep in mind he only has the pursue of the department of justice. he can't go and call in people from the department of state or any place else who has left government. let's hope there are enough people at the fbi and the
4:10 am
department of justice talking to inspector general horowitz that can put the pieces together and if that leads to another special prosecutor, so be it. ainsley: the investigation or the report is going to come out this month or next month they are telling us. brian: senator lindsey graham wants to have a hearing and have jeff sessions come out and explain why he fired him. this probably has another dramatic page is. jillian mele following what happened in texas we find another bomb. jillian: people waking up on edge still as they have been. starting with a fox news alert. a fourth explosion in a month rocks austin, texas. two men rushed to the hospital after roadside bombs went off possibly detective nondetonated by a tri. latest blast coming hours after police urged the bomb tore surrender. they are now offering $115,000 reward for information. police believe the attacks may be racially motivated. more on that in a live
4:11 am
report later this hour. make sure you stay tuned for the latest. this morning students at florida international university will return to class for the first time since the catastrophic bridge collapse. the school will hold a moment of silence at 1:47 p.m. the exact time of thursday's incident in miami. and we know the identities of all six people killed in the collapse. you can see their faces on your screen. that includes a father of three and student at fiu. the first lawsuit on behalf of an injured victim is expected to be filed today. congress back to work today with just five days left to avoid a third government shut down this year. they will try to hammer out a more than $1 trillion spending bill that would fund the government for the rest of the 2018 year. the house is aiming to vote on it wednesday. russian president vladimir putin easily winning his fourth year in office. final results showing putin with nearly 80% of the vote. video now surfacing from several polling locations appearing to show election
4:12 am
workers stuffing the ballot boxes. putin will be in power for at least six more years. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. >> there is no controversy there. stuffing the ballot box. sounds good. ainsley: you are not allowed to call them out on it. brian: let's do an investigation on that. steve: he only got 75% of the vote? brian: what's going on? ainsley: people run against him? brian: would you? ainsley: i would never, no. brian: evidently the person who ran against him just ran ads for steakhouses. didn't run ads anti-putin. steve: it works. brian: jail everybody else. sad but true. president's plan to battle the opioid crisis. is he going to do that today. health and human services secretary alex azar will be with him. before that he will talk to us next. ainsley: millions of people all over the country live with m.s., including our own janice dean. and she is opening up about her battle with the disease and her brand new treatment. there she is with her
4:13 am
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>> opioid overdose deaths have nearly quadrupled since 1999. >> this is a total epidemic. >> time to liberate our communities from the scorch scoe of drug addictions. >> we have to go after them. no choice. >> if we capture a drug dealer, death penalty. steve: interesting. well today president trump is going to unveil his plan to battle the opioid privacy including harsher penalty for dealers. the president will visit manchester, new hampshire one of the hardest hits states by the opioid epidemic. secretary of health and human services aelection azar will be joining the president today. he joins us from our nation's capital with a preview of what we can expect. mr. secretary. good morning to you. >> thank you, steve, good morning. >> the president has made it clear this is a national health emergency. what's he going to unveil today? >> the president today is laying out very bold action historic goals to stop this
4:18 am
crisis dead in its tracks. is he saying within three years we will reduce the prescribing of legal opioids by one third and within five years, all federal healthcare reimbursement programs and all federal healthcare providers will follow the best evidence based use of legal opioids. he has a plan. prevent addiction from legal opioids, reduce the supply of illicit drugs coming into this country and going tone sure that we have great treatment for those who are struggling with addiction from opioids. steve: mr. secretary, we heard the president, it was a couple weeks ago in pennsylvania at that rally he mentioned the possibility of perhaps death penalty for some dealers in some cases. >> i think this shows the seriousness with which the president trump and we take this crisis, meaning that if you are involved in the distribution of illicit drugs or if you are improperly using, selling, distributing even legal opioids, there should be serious penalties attached
4:19 am
and serious enforcement attached to all of that. steve: let's talk a little bit about the overprescription of the opioids. because, le let's face it here in the united states we go to the doctors when we don't feel good and sometimes we demand pills whether it's amoxicillin or a pain killer. what sort of responsibility will america's doctor was have going forward. you are going to say you will try to cut the prescription rate by one third over the next three years. how are you going to do that. >> steve, you are right. you are actually pointing to a very similar situation which is the overuse of antibiotics. the same way we were able to get that more under control we intend to go after the overprescribing of legal opioid prescription. we have got to retrain our doctors. our doctors were trained to deal with pain but there are alternative ways to deal with pain. including non-opioid treatments we can put patients on. doing research and
4:20 am
development on pain tactics. reduce the number of opioid pills patients get even if it's appropriate for patient to get opioid prescription for wisdom tooth or knee surgeries. reduce how much they get. take back extra drugs they shouldn't be sitting in medicine cabinet. get them back so kids or you are not tempted to use them. steve: national health emergency and we hope health is on the way. alex azar, thank you very much. have great day up in new hampshire. >> thank you, steve. steve: you bet. 7:20 in new york city. california is proud to be a sanctuary state. we have telling you about that one small city in the golden state wants out of that sanctuary business. a big vote happening there today. we will tell you all about it plus, former cia director john brennan calling president trump a disgraced demagogue for firing andrew mccabe who apparently lied has the intel committee become too politicized? a debate is next.
4:21 am
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these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ♪ what it will be like ♪ when i walk. ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first $17 million, that's how much faith-based movie i can only imagine made at the box office during opening weekend crushing expectations. tells the story behind the best selling christian song by mercy me. next, number one, is that true ranking for former fbi director james comey new book on amazon u.s. history list. it is the number two book overall. a higher loyalty, truth lies in leadership isn't out until april 17th. and finally, $3.
4:25 am
that's how much a chick-fil-a employee returned to a customer a month after he left it to a drive-thru. the cashier in lubbock, texas brought the change with him to work every single day waiting for that customer to come back. he said thinks of others is part of the job description. that was nice. all right, brian, over to you. ainsley: thank you very brian: thank you very much, ainsley. tirade over andy mccabe's firing calling president trump quote a disgraced demagogue he went on: but, does this just reinforcement the president's support of politicized. previous one. let's have a debate. buck sexton is here and former deputy assistant secretary of state and president of the washington strategy group joel reuben. buck, does this sound like
4:26 am
something the former cia director should be tweeting? >> he certainly allowed to but it plays right into a bigger narrative, brian, of a whole anti-trump can a bowl at the top of the intelligence community during the obama years or at the very end of the obama years. and i think what we see time and again here is that there are people, whether it's brennan, mccabe, clapper, comey, who are so clearly anti-trump in their proclivities and it looks like some were taking very clear anti-trump action during the campaign as well. brian: right. >> for people who say things like there is no deep state or there is no swamp, i have to wonder at what point can we agree that this is well beyond a coincidence? and when you have the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations essentially saying on twitter this is samantha power people better watch out because people might be upset. that definitely sounds like the deep state is going to strike back. brian: she tried to explain herself here is the exact tweet. not a good idea to blank off
4:27 am
john brennan. tried to explain it what is he going to do use levers of power. he got it wrong. it was not president trump that fired mccabe. that was internal review. >> it was an internal review. let's take a step back here and really be clear. president trump has been attacking and criticizing the american intelligence community, the people who are responsible for keeping us safe since he came into office. this is part of a trend. it's been ongoing for over a year. one has to ask why is he consistently doing this, consistently attacking the people who the fbi support law enforcement around the country, who keep tastes at bay, who attack drug rings. it's a really demoralizing attack and it's certainly undermining our ability to stay safe. brian: joel, is it wrong if you feel targeted by the higher ups in the intelligence community to attack back? or should you just sit there like a pin cushion and say i guess i will be railroading right out of office? >> we have to remember here the president is attacking
4:28 am
individuals in positions who have responsibility for protecting the nation. and there is an ongoing investigation led by robert mueller that was -- he was a republican appointee under president bush ohio also served under as a career officer. we need to let these investigations play out. attacking law enforcement officials by name i by name defy sends. >> he is attacking political appointees by name. >> not all of them, no. mccabe was not -- >> president trump is not at war with the rank and file of the fbi or the cia. people who used to run those organizations i think have a vested interest in trying to convince the american people it's not going on but that's just false. anyone who spends time around the rank and file particularly the fbi and the agency know there are plenty of people who think trump is doing a great job. but his focus is on those who had levels of power during the general election campaign and seemed to be
4:29 am
abusing them from trying to stop him as president. brian: joel, i'm siding with you, too, i think the president should let the robert mueller probe to play out. he has every right to fight back and defend himself especially if nobody else will. go you go on the street and talk to cops they feel the president does have their back. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: a fox news alert. in austin texas, get, this a fourth bombing in less than a month. people now being told to stay in their homes until later this morning. the entire city. we're live with the breaking details overnight. plus, millions of people across the nation live with ms on a daily basis including our very own janice dean. she is opening up with her battle with the disease and brand new treatment. that story coming up next. ♪ your dreams stay big ♪ your worries stay small ♪ you never need to carry more than you can hold
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4:33 am
fox news alert. the city of texas rocked by a fourth explosion than less than a month. >> two men rushed to the hospital. neighbors told to stay indoors as police warn that this blast is different than the others. brian: rob schmitt has been following this story he has the latest as the sun comes up. rob: scary. another one today. fourth bomb to explode in austin, texas this month put two men in the hospital. the explosion came just hours after austin police officials issued a surprising statement telling the bomber that the world is listening. if there is a message that this bomber wants to send, go ahead and say it. that was a surprising thing to hear. this fourth bomb was detonated not far from the first three there are some key differences in this latest attack. police say it appears this bomb was left on the side of the road. instead at somebody's doorstep and this bomb may have been triggered by a trip wire injuring two men biking through this neighborhood of southwest austin. the austin bombings far have
4:34 am
killed two people. four others have been injured. all black or hispanic leading them to consider the possibility that these attacks are racially motivated. stern warning to police anyone near the site of last night's bombing, stay inside until the sun comes up and police have had a chance to secure the neighborhood and get a closer look at this latest attack which did have a much different style. >> it is very possible that this twice was a device that was activated by someone either handling, kicking, or coming in contact with a trip wire that activated the device. so that changes things. >> the men injured in this latest bombing both in their 20's are said to be in good condition although they did suffer serious injuries. hundreds of officers and federal agents are working this case. and there is $115,000 reward for anybody that gives information that leads to the arrest. but, if this is a completely different style bomb, of course, there is concern now that this guy could be a very, you know, gifted bomb maker and somebody that knows what he is doing.
4:35 am
ainsley: one thing to walk out your door and see one on the stoop and you know at this point not to touch it if i noticed it on the side of the road i went notice it if i'm driving. rob: one over some type of a trip wire. ainsley: that reward has gone up, too. last week it was 15,000. >> 115 grand. brian: 435 leads. steve: sounds like ied alongside the road. rob: it does. who knows. brian: rob, just out of habit, would you minds mind tossing to jillian? rob: hey, jillian, let's get some of the headlines. jillian: hey, rob, long time no see. we co-anchor the 5:00 a.m. show if you didn't know that let's get you caught up on headlines. another missed warning, school officials the florida school suspect committed more than a year. counselors and even the disgraced former deputy that failed to intervene in the
4:36 am
shooting recommended that nikolas cruz undergo a mental evaluation. the recommendation was never acted upon. that kind of involuntary commitment would have made it much more difficult for cruz to legally purchase a gun. a driver wrestled free from a sheriff's deputy and makes a run for it the chaotic moments caught on a dash cam in georgia. look at this. can you see the guy hop in the car and drive off. throwing the deputy to the ground following a traffic stop. nearby driver watching the scary scene then following the suspect, helping police track him down, he was caught after a high speed chase and arrested for drugs and assaulting a law enforcement officer. scary scene there. one city is standing up to california's sanctuary status lois aled me dose in orange county will ordnance to exempt itself on law. cooperation with local law e and immigration authorities. the ordinance claims unconstitutional. the justin department sued the state of california over
4:37 am
sanction area laws. a soldier surprises his family at dolly pardon stampede show. brian sampsel making big entrance as his wife was at center stage playing a game. [cheers] >> oh my god. jillian: sergeant sampsel's wife jumping into his arms as you can see at the dinner show in missouri. literally jumping for joy in the stands. look at that excitement. sergeant sampsel spent the last year in the middle east. send it back to you guys. steve: that is great. thank you very much, jillian. ainsley: march is multiple sclerosis awareness month. more than 2.3 million people all over the world are living with ms including janice dean diagnosed in 2005. steve: janice is sharing the story ojourney of the disease. she has op-ed out now.
4:38 am
brian: hey, janice. janice: how are you going. brian: we know last week was a little challenging and something else you wanted to tell us about that you wrote. janice: i thought it was important to share the journey. i was diagnosed 13 years ago. with you ainsley 10 years ago i talked about being diagnosed with ms. i struggle with that loot of people actually told me don't tell your employer that you were diagnosed with it actually your career might go down hill. and i just wanted to be a reminder that that potentially isn't possible. i mean, i'm doing the job that i love. i work every single day. i have a beautiful family. i'm learning how to cook. and i wanted people to, you know, take note that every case of ms is different. for me, i have been, you know, going down this road with relatively no bumps until very recently. steve: you got a call on a friday night. janice: right. so the way that they see your ms is potentially exacerbated is when they look at your mris,
4:39 am
magnetic -- brian: we got it. janice: mri. my doctor looks at that to see if there is lesions or swelling on my brain or spine. that's an indication that the illness is flaring up again. that's what happened. and this time i had several new lesions on my spine and i haven't had any lesions in a very long time. ainsley: you weren't feeling great. janice: i was not feeling great and i knew in my heart something was wrong. i went and got the mris done and called me on a friday night. it was my son theodore's seventh birthday party. we had friends over and i had to leave. basically my doctor told me have you new lesions. let's take you off the current drug you are on and try something different. i'm on something that is potentially more rigorous and potentially has more side effects but we're hoping that the benefits are better than the side effects that i'm experiencing right now. ainsley: you walked us through it on twitter last week. he talked a little bit about it in the after the show show. that new treatment, how did it go?
4:40 am
janice: it went fine. i think just being scared and going. this one is an infusion. it's two hours. guy to the doctor's office and only do it once a month. the medication i was on before that was once a day, an injection. so i went my husband. there is my husband vaughn sean. what i wanted to do was write about friends and what friends can do. just one word of encouragement can mean so much to people who have a chronic illness. for me it was my friend meghan mccain asking me about my treatment and she said to me janice, can i come with you to the doctor's office and sit with you while you get your treatment? just a small thing like that that can make you feel loved and you did that with me as well. and you guys, too, steve and brian, ainsley, down the hall stopped me and said a prayer with me in the hallway. and that meant so much to me. and i have gotten so much love from co-workers here. and i think what it is is mostly sunny awareness month. i want to make sure that people out there know that i am rooting for you as well and i'm giving you a hug.
4:41 am
that i live with this every day. and i have no idea what my journey is going to be like. it's going to be something that i'm going to have for the rest of my life. brian: what's so unbelievable about this, too, one day you are great. you are 100 percent. there is nothing wrong and the next day you can't get out of bed. ains. janice: we still don't know. every day that i get out of bed and my legs work i'm so grateful. it is one of those diseases that we still don't know why it happens and there is no cure. brian: we forget. because you cece you going 100 miles per hour. janice: that's good. i love the fact that people forget i have this. also a reminder that do i have a crop nic illness. the op-ed i wrote on is a love letter to my friends and my family and to all those that do suffer with something that i am here and i understand your journey. steve: that's the title of the op-ed you will know whether or not this new treatment, the infusion once a month is working in a couple of months. janice: i think so, yeah. and then if that doesn't work we try something else. ainsley: they say you start to feeling better with this
4:42 am
treatment after few months. janice: i actually feel better after this weekend. cross your fingers. brian: i hear montel is doing great things. janice: i love him. that's why it's important for me and montel and others who have this illness. brian: neil cavuto. janice: he was there since day one. we bring awareness of the illness and love. ainsley: we are all here for you. our viewers love you. we are all praying for you. you have a long healthy life. you have those two healthy boys. brian: i will hold brian's hand. ainsley: make all the women jealous. janice: we all fight over him. brian: off camera that's the biggest story. ainsley: 42 minutes after the top of the hour u still ahead louis farrakhan is known for hate filled comments. listen. >> your country has been taken from you by the
4:43 am
synagogue of satan. the satanic jews. because you see white people deserve to die. ainsley: now keith ellison is doubling down on his ties to farrakhan calling it a smear by the right. our next guest is calling out the congressman's hypocrisy. steve: plus, former u.n. ambassador john bolton, sean hannity and second lady karen pence are all going to be on the program the next hour or. so put down that remote, you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york city ♪ ♪ dads don't take sick days... dads take dayquil severe. the non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat... ...stuffy head, no sick days medicine.
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4:47 am
>> jews don't like farrakhan so they call me hitler. well, that's a good name. hitler was a very great man. >> your country has been taken from you by the synagogue of satan. >> the satanic jews. >> because you see white people deserve to die. >> white folks are going down. ainsley: this as the number of democratic lawmakers come under fire for ties to farrakhan including minnesota congressman and dnc co-chair keith ellison. he doubled down this weekend. he wrote: this is a smear by factions on the right who want to pit the jewish community and the black community against each other. here to weigh in is the president of the black conservative federation dionte johnson. thank you so much for being with us dionte. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. what was your response to keith ellison's article in the medium? >> well, it's so funny because, you know, farrakhan has been celebrated in the democrat community for far so long and yet he has been
4:48 am
saying these crazy statements. now, let's go back. if president trump would have made these comments, we would have had saying black republicans need to stand up against this. this is a shame. how do you support someone who talks like this. how do you support someone with this much hate. farrakhan has been showing hate since he started. this is something that needs to be stopped and needs to be condemned. ainsley: if you read the article, congressman els he says it's not true, that he is not affiliated with farrakhan. that they did cross paths a few times. he said no relationship to him. a decade ago there was a brief chance encounter in d.c. he hasn't seen farrakhan since 2013. but then the indianapolis star ran a story saying that congressman andrew carson met with farrakhan in 2015. a few years later after ellison said he didn't meet with him. farrakhan said that he had met with carson and ellison, that he had a meeting with both of them. so, is he trying to have it both ways? is he trying to separate himself now because he has more political aspirations in the future? why is he combing out saying
4:49 am
is he not connected to him now? >> you know, i say it like, this it's so funny because he said a lot in his article, i read the article. but, you know what? he never yet once condemned the actions of what he said. he never condemned anything that was said. so as far as i'm concerned he agrees with it. it goes back to the charlottesville incident brought up. they wanted the president to call it how he saw it say what he what happened and they wanted him to call out the alt right. they wanted him to call out all of the white supremacists. but you know what? they are not doing the same thing. we have to stop this double standard. it has to stop. ainsley: i want to ask you about the double standard. danny davis, democrat from illinois. he said farrakhan does outstanding work but white people are not devils and jewish people are not satanic. if the shoe were on the other foot. if republicans were in a situation like, this what would be the case? is there hypocrisy there? >> oh, republicans would have gotten eaten alive. we would have been all over the news. every news station would have picked it up.
4:50 am
every black lives matter group would have been protesting, if president trump would have said something like this, we could imagine what would happen. it's a double standard. and i think that the democratic leaders of congress. the democratic party needs to condemn these actions and needs to stand up and be big men and women and be brave and point this is something that happens. he needs to point it out. ainsley: dionte, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: jim carrey sparking outrage of this painting with press secretary sarah sanders: should the rich pay more for speeding tickets? a "new york times" op-ed is making a case for that stuart varney calls this identity punishment. and he joins us next ♪ that's what i want ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
the flat fine threatens poor people with financial ruin without letting he rich people break the law without meaningful repercussions. steve: stuart varney calls this identity punishment and is a bad idea and he joins us. of course, he is going to do a show here in an hour. in other words, the richer you are the more you should pay for a parking ticket? >> a speeding ticket. >> right now we have the principle established. do you this, you pay that fine. okay? that's firmly established principle in the united states. i'm all for it. what they want or what they are proposing is you do this, and the fine you pay depends on who you are. steve: progressive. >> how much money have you got. a bit like a tax. that's a very dangerous
4:55 am
idea. ainsley: is it based on how much money you make or how nice your car is? >> it could be both, couldn't it? i can see the day coming if you have this kind of discriminatory finding procedure. i can see local authorities, which want to bring this some more revenue picking on the person with the nice bmw or the bentley. oh, let's get him for something. let's charge him with speeding. why not? brian: why don't you think women speed? >> you have to lay that one on me? brian: i have to take out a loan to pay off red light camera. discrepancy what i think is yellow light and what red light camera think is a yellow light. >> they have this system, different finding levels. got this system in finland. a few years ago, a wealthy executive the finish organization, he was stopped for speeding. he was doing 45 in a 30 zone. he was driving a bright cherry red harley davidson. do you know what they fined him?
4:56 am
$103,000. steve: what? >> yes. that's what they do in finland. wealthy people pay a whole lot more than ordinary people. a hockey player in finland was find $39,000. steve: stuart, does the "new york times" want this particular kind of progressive finage to happen here. >> they want a progressive finding system. a bit like a progressive income tax. brian: i tell you a study was shown hot happiest people are the fins? they must be so happy. writing that $103,000 check. stuart varney is going to be on television 9 to noon. most of it is going to be live. >> all of it is going to be live. steve: except the commercials. >> except the commercials of which we have many. ainsley: thank you, stuart. >> thank you. steve: president trump's team making it clear robert mueller is not going to get canned. but, will that be enough to satisfy the left? we will talk about that. brian: former u.n. ambassador john bolton is
4:57 am
going to be here. is he going to be joining the trump administration. sean hannity is going to be here. steve: going to be live. brian: and second lady of the united states karen pence? steve: is going to be live. or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone... . . . . >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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by comparing rates, even if we're not the lowest. even if we're not the lowest. whoa! wow. i mean, the outfit helps, but pretty great. look at us. ♪ note. >> the city of austin, texas rocked by this get this a fourth explosion in a month. steve: police say the blast may have been dep nated by a trip wire. >> we now need the community to have extra level of vigilance. pay attention to any suspicious device. brian: the deputy trek tore of the fbi mccabe fired. >> it seem mean-spirited. >> horrible day for democracy. >> andy mccabe his own fbi agents said he leak and lied about it. >> his firing may be justified. there is no way to know. ainsley: media says is robert mueller next? his attorney said that he is not
5:01 am
considering firing the special counsel robert mueller. steve: president trump unveils his plan to fight the open road e yesterday crisis. >> the president is laying a out historic goals to stop this crisis. >> they will get the last shot? they pull off the miracle! ♪ steve: all night long. 8:00 in the morning if you are just joining us, thank you very much. we had a very busy day. thanks for being with us today. ainsley: look what we have coming up. you know we all love our children's books. this is the vice president's wife, karen pence. she has written this book, marlin bundo and her daughter charlotte. she wrote it and karen was the illustrator. they will be on the show.
5:02 am
steve: she is a wonderful water color art activity. brian: ainsley's necessary book, steve and i will dot sketches. ainsley: will not sell very well. [buzzer] ainsley: remember this from school? >> they named him after marlon brando. brian: marlon brando. very good in "the godfather." trying to build off your comment. steve: meanwhile. 8:02. ainsley: let's start with a fox news alert. we're going back down to austin, texas, very scary, rocked by a forth explosion in a month. steve: residents were told to stay in their houses until sun-up after a bomb exploded in urban neighborhood sending two men to the hospital with serious injuries. brian: police say it may have been set off by a trip wire. they are not ruling out a connection to a series of package bombs in the city that left two people dead.
5:03 am
>> we need the community to have a extra level of vigilance and pay attention to any suspicious device, whether it be a package, bag, pack back, anything that looks out of place and do not approach it. ainsley: the latest blast coming just hours after police urged the bomber to surrender. steve: a reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever is doing this now up to $150,000. we'll have a live report from austin in just a couple minutes. but the fourth bombing in austin, texas, has everybody wondering who is doing this? ainsley: the reward has gone up more than $100,000. residents were worried about the packages on their front stoops. this latest one is the package on the side of the road with the tripwire. kids were not getting on the school bus this morning. stay inside until light comes up. brian: imagine if you work at the post office, you have to deliver these packages. think about that. no one shops anymore. there is a package waiting for
5:04 am
you on your doorstep. do you pick that up? people in austin, have to wonder, who is next. ainsley: this is not something delivered from the post office. hoover is doing this, placing it on the door. brian: i get the sense this thing is evolving. there is a political bomb be dropped friday night at 9:00 t has to do with an internal investigation done about it fbi on it settle that recommended andy mccabe be fired. he was put on ice by the director, chris wray anyway. they were probing him. gave him three hours to defend himself. took three hours of testimony, not enough, you're out of here. steve: the big speculation on friday morning was would the attorney general of the united states fire mr. mccabe by 5:00? he did not. he fired him just shortly before 9:00 p.m. and then of course mainstream media, with their hair on fire next thing you know, you know the president of the united states is going to fire robert mueller and this
5:05 am
investigation they said. the president's own personal attorney ty cobb said no this will not happen. ainsley: in response to questions posed to the administration the white house yet again confirms is not considering the discussing or firing of special counsel robert mueller. brian: the speculation is not unfounded. john dowd pen as letter calling for rosenstein to tell robert mueller to wrap it up, call it quits. because the president fired the secretary of state because he was ranting directly about robert mueller's investigation and nine hardened democrats doing the investigating on his staff, that is different. for the most part the president recommended and staying to the ing to axiom and i will leave mueller alone and said nice things about hymnal this weekend. >> he said andy mccabe, he said he wrote members. i never saw him write anything.
5:06 am
james comey, that guy was a liar and leaker. he talks about robert mueller and investigation, how the deck is stacked against him the president feels because he got a bunch of democrats and no republicans. he is not saying to mr. mueller, you're next. he is saying wrap it up. there is no collusion. mainstream media, i mentioned this a moment ago, their hair came on fire because you can't fire a career employee this way on a friday. listen to this. >> just seemed mean-spirited to come down on a guy within 48 hours of his scheduled retirement. it was clearly rushed. i think there are questions about that and whether the admin operation was putting pressure on the justice department to take this action. >> i think it was a horrible day for democracy. to have firings like this happening at the top, from the president and attorney general
5:07 am
does not speak well for what's going on. >> i don't like the way it happened. he should have been allowed to finish through the weekend. >> his fire may be justified. there is no way for us to know at this point but even though it may have been justified it can also be tainted. ainsley: congressman trey gowdy said, are you kidding me? y'all want to blame everyone else. blame the person who is responsible for this. andy mccabe got fired because he didn't do the right thing. he didn't do what he was supposed to do. >> oh, andy mccabe undercut his credibility all by himself. he didn't need any help doing that and i find it richly ironic those attacking the fbi when he himself does the exact same thing. was the fbi who said he made an unauthorized disclosure and then lied about it. that wasn't president trump t wasn't mean. it wasn't the crazy house republicans. it was his own fellow fbi agents said he leaked and lied about it. if he has credibility issues he
5:08 am
needs to look no further than himself. brian: chris christie said same thing. all the hysteria, concerning the fact ig, obama appointee, mccabe did not tell the truth under oath to agents. if i found you were leaking as a u.s. attorney i would recommend they be fired as well. sensitive to something as presidential campaign in the midst of that campaign. everyone is defending andy mccabe because president trump doesn't like him instead of looking what he actually did. >> investigator general for the doj, the umbrella agency that investigated the fbi, that report is the one that recommended that the ag fire and drew mccabe. it wasn't from the president. it was not from a bunch of republicans. it was the investigate recommends the firing. you can't fire someone without cause. the cause was reason he got fired, leaking information to the media, misleading congressional investigators. steve: officially listed as lack of candor. in other words andrew mccabe
5:09 am
lied, right? he did the same thing that mike flynn did. mike flynn pled guilty to essentially lying. i got an email from somebody down in washington said where is the concern about mike flynn? same thing. brian: nobody. >> because mike flynn has had to put his house up for sale to pay his lawyers. i mean he is in that situation. brian: cut a deal for that. >> all the concern about andrew mccabe who did essentially the same thing, this email friend of mine, what about mike flynn. ainsley: what about consequences? there are consequences doing something you're not supposed to do. steve: especially the fbi. i was talking with a former fbi agent, they are so disgusted what happened on the 7th floor on fbi headquarters. rank-and-file every day do america's business and honorable and respected because they do the right thing. you look at this, as soon as the inspector general report comes out people will be going, what is going on there? >> fbi agents in the field
5:10 am
offices are telling us they want these guys out. it makes them look bad. brian: what is seth moment town, jamie raskin and luis gutierrez have in common, they're all democratic congressman, and they offered andy mccabe a job. steve: that could blow up in their faces if revealed he did bad stuff. brian: we're about to find that out. >> we're here in new york city and more news over. jillian: vice president mike pence standing with hand over heart over two fallen soldiers. christopher raguso, and captain christopher vanetis first to be transported to families in the u.s. they along with five other servicemen died when their helicopter crashed in iraq last week. a tractor-trailer loses its
5:11 am
load causing a 20-car pileup. this is from overnight. incredible pictures of smashed up cars from germantown, maryland, outside of washington, d.c. it is unclear why the tractor-trailer spilled stones over the highway. the crash closing the highway and causing major delays. wow. president trump taking the fight against opioids to new hampshire today. he unveiling a plan to stop the crisis dead in its tracks. secretary of health and human services alex azar defended the president's proposal for symptom drug dealers. >> if you're involved in the distribution of illicit drugs or if you are improperly using, selling, distributing, even legal opioids, there should be serious penalties attached and serious enforcement attached to all of that. jillian: the white house wants to slash opioid prescriptions by 1/3 over three years. a hero fdny firefighter who
5:12 am
saved hundreds of people on september 1 isth has died. he was working as a new york ferry captain when twin towers were hit. he ferried people to safety. two years later he joined fdny and became a marine pilot. he died friday from cancer believed to be linked to the toxic fumes around ground zero. he will be laid to rest tomorrow. that is a look at the headlines. very sad news. steve: indeed. i remember him. thanks, jillian. ainsley: the media says changes at the state department are causing diplomatic chaos. >> i don't know if our institutions can handle what trump is doing. >> he wants to have people around him who agree with him, who see the world the way he does. ainsley: former u.n. ambassador john bolton says that is absurd. brian: i hope he has more to say. we gave him four minutes. the left is fired up over andrew mccabe's firing by the trump administration. what does sean hannity think? i have an idea. let's ask him. ♪
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if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. ♪ >> president trump isn't doing this for theater. he is going to solve a problem and so the location of the meeting will determine the exact
5:17 am
timing of the meeting, the president and the team will figure out but what's most important is what's discussed. steve: what has been discussed so far, cia director, mike pompeo, president trump's new pick for secretary of state is reportedly taking the lead in planning mr. trump's conversations with north korea. brian: we're getting analysis from former ambassador to the united nations who had to deal with this problem while in office, john bolton. mr. ambassador, this is set up. we have not gotten a formal response from north korea. one of the reasons, that south korea said the answer came so quick caught them by surprise. do you agree with that? >> it is possible. we don't really know what north korea said. they have not made any public statements since the president accepted the offer. it has all been through south korea. i think perhaps one of the reasons that, that the intelligence side of the house has been involved in the preparation for the meeting is that we need to get a straight answer from north korea exactly
5:18 am
what they had in mind. steve: sure. you know, ambassador, traditionally the way this stuff works if two leaders are going to get together lower members of state at state work out all the details. then it goes up and up and sounds like mike pompeo as cia director has been involved in all of this all along and that's something new? >> yeah. i think what president trump did, and perhaps with mike pompeo's advice, was cut through all of the typical preparation sort of work. i think that makes sense. i think what north korea wanted here was an endless process, could go on six months, nine months, whatever, of lower level diplomats consulting all the while north korea continued to make progress on ballistic missile and nuclear weapons program, to get satisfaction that actually hit targets in the u.s. by accepting the offer immediately when made i think trump cut right to the chase here and therefore you can have a discussion right at the
5:19 am
meeting on when north korea's going to dismantle its weapons. brian: am ambassador, it is very interesting, they say there is chaos at the state department prior to secretary of state tillerson being fired and now they're saying it is holding everything back and pompeo going over there having a tough time through his hearings, because people will play politics. here is what they're saying about pompeo. >> what about the new secretary of state? he gets more funds from the koch industry brothers. >> no shears ted for rex tillerson. there are tears shed for a hawk. consistent in this administration seems to be a desire to take this country to war, conflict with iraq. >> the fact of the matter i don't know if our institutions can handle what trump is doing. >> he decided he wants to have people around him to agree with him see the world way he does. don't push back. brian: what is response to their
5:20 am
analysis? >> i think it is ridiculous. mike pompeo should be confirmed very promptly, schedule a hearing, get him up there, take a vote. we shouldn't have a long lag between secretary tillerson's departure and mike pompeo taking the oath. can talk about all the stuff at the hearing. it is all politics. i think the sooner that the senate acts on the pompeo nomination the better for the country,. steve: ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> glad to be with you. brian: rand paul standing in the way. straight ahead? steve: the left is fired up over andrew mccabe's firing by the trump administration friday night. what does sean hannity think? if you have been following his twitter he has got a lot to say. he is coming up. brian: please somebody, wake him. jim carrie sparking out rage with the painting of press secretary sarah sanders. that is not all. he is attacks his faith. our next guest says the double standard at hollywood is unbelievable. ♪
5:21 am
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♪ steve: 8:24 here on monday march 19th. we have headlines for you. students at florida international university head back to class for the first time since that awful bridge collapse last week. the school will hold a moment of silence at 1:47 this afternoon, the exact time of thursday's incident there in the miami area. we know all the identities of the six people in the collapse including a father and an fiu student. at&t scarce off with the doj in court in d.c. today. in a case that could change the way you watch tv.
5:25 am
the company is trying to buy time warner for $85 billion. at&t argues the deal needs to happen in order to compete with google and amazon. the feds say consumers will end up paying more for their favorite television channels. we'll see. ainsley, over to you. ainsley: thank you, steve. actor jim carrey taking time away from hollywood to devote himself to political art. his latest work, a geirish portrait of white house press secretary sarah sanders. the message that he tweeted called her a so-called christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked, monstrous he says. here is to discuss director of urban engagement of turning point usa candace owe owens. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: what is your reaction to this. >> the typical double standard what i see on the left. what i'm so impressed how quickly the double standard it
5:26 am
takes place t was 48 hours ago, conor lamb any and all comments made against nancy pelosi were sexist. i'm not holding my breath for them to say the same thing about our press secretary sarah sand years you're right, there is a double standard there. don't democrats and preach and march and protest and have women's marchs say tolerance, tolerance? where is the tolerance here? >> there is absolutely no tolerance. they're completely hypocritical in every single regard, we see this time and time again. fortunately conservatives don't view themselves as victims. i don't sarah sanders responded to this. over and over they respond to this attack. ainsley: they were dad was minister before he came into government. jim carrey attacking her faith this is portrait of so-called christian. what is your reaction to that? >> it is ugly. it is not christian-like whatsoever. we've seen this from the beginning. it is not going to stop i think
5:27 am
it's a moment for us as conservatives to look better, take the upper hand, you know what you can keep leveling these attacks against us. we're not responding to it with the exact same ugliness. we have more to offer, more education, better comments. we can argue with logic. we don't need to argue with ad homonym attacks all the time. ainsley: there was a valentine's painting and bouquet of flowers. on website, this painting offers a expression of love and appreciation to women-kind and the signal of welcome to all sacred feminine tenderness. so, apparently he is celebrating women unless you're conservative? >> that is exactly right and that is exactly what modern feminism seems to be today. they celebrate women, only if women think exactly like they do. that is again, always what we see on the left. you have to subscribe to exactly what they think or else you will get attacked.
5:28 am
hypocrisy, hypocrisy is thy name. ainsley: you grew up in family of democrats. you were a democrat until a year ago. what is your message for the left that feels the way jim carrey feels? >> you know, i just want to let them know they can just argue our points, they can argue with logic, they don't have to cone assistantly attack the way we look because they don't like the president or this administration, doesn't mean sarah sanders is deserving of that. america as a whole is tired of this culture of victimhood. it really is enough. and at the end of the day this is crass, low-brow behavior and they can be better than this. ainsley: it is angry and nasty. thanks so much, candace, great to see you on this monday. >> great to see you as well. thank you for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. normally you only see him on prime time. he is up extra early for you, the one and only sean hannity. he joins us next. you will not want to miss his opinions.
5:29 am
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♪ steve: sean hannity will be hosting his show exactly 12 hours and 28 minutes from right now and he joins us right now. sean -- >> wow, you got me up early. brian: you're a morning guy. you're lying to us. >> i go to sleep probably about the time that you guys wake up. what time do you wake up in the morning? steve: 2:00 hour. >> i go to sleep about that time. steve: fantastic. we're glad we could spend this time together. on friday night you were talking about the breaking news during your show, andrew mccabe was fired not by the president but by the attorney general at the suggestion of their ethics department which essentially said he was a leaker and a liar. so what do you make of all this? >> also said that he was dishonest. if i had to expect you're going
5:33 am
to see criminal charges against andrew mccabe i would also argue that it is going to go a lot deeper. look, we have spent as a country almost a year looking into trump, russia collusion. some people looked into that longer. we saw the that devin nunez's committee, the house intel committee, said no evidence of collusion. even adam schiff well, it is out there in the public arena because there really wasn't evidence of collusion. we have sadly at the upper levels of the fbi and department of justice serious issues, crimes that really need to be investigated, not the least of which, james comey very arrogantly this weekend, he tweeted out, soon the american people will see from me, mr. president, they will get to decide but james comey is going to have to answer a lot of questions why he told in january of 2017 to donald trump at trump tower that the clinton bought and paid for russian dossier was
5:34 am
salacious and unverified but yet three months earlier the bulk of that dossier was used to, in an application for a fisa warrant to spy on the trump campaign. he will have to answer, you know, important questions, okay, did hillary break the law? if you mishandle, you destroy classified information as it relates to the email server. these are really big crimes, usc 18, 793. hillary put it on a mom-and-pop bathroom server in a closet, then hillary deleted subpoenaed emails, 33,000. she acid washed hard drives. used a hammer to break up, break up the destroyses that these emails were on. they're all crimes. and the question is why didn't james comey indict her? brian: sean, heal here is the thing, james comey is under the impression he will be hailed a conquering hero when his book comes out to april. he will open himself up to a world of hurt perhaps judging by
5:35 am
what he says because it can't all be true. he has a lot of things, with andy mccabe against him on certain things. >> absolutely. brian: when he comes out on 17th, that will aid a lot of investigations or move it to the fiction area to avoid a lot of problems. >> brian, i don't think you could be anymore right. he has a problem he is coming up against, that is the release of the inspector general report. that has gone on for a year. we're of the belief that the reason the attorney general sessions fired mccabe, again, mccabe has very odd relationships in all of this. you have the two fbi lovebirds. you have peter strzok and lisa page. you have got them talking about an insurance policy with andy. andy would be probably andy mccabe. andrew mccabe has political conflicts that very few people in the media talked about. $700,000 he was getting from terry mcauliffe and democrats for a senate race she was running in the state of
5:36 am
virginia, that was mccabe's wife. james comey to your point, brian, is probably going to be up against an ig report that is contradicting the things he is putting in the book. if i was his lawyer i would say you do have the right to remain silent. ainsley: why do they do all of this? mccabe did all of that. he says he is innocent, should get a million dollars pension. hillary clinton said she should have won the election but meanwhile lifing about the server and destroying her phones. yet, they're blaming republicans for their wrongdoings? they're the ones that put themselves in this mess? >> i, ainsley the only way i can characterize this, it is the biggest abuse of power in the history of this country. for james comey, when you have so many crimes that hillary committed just think about this, if brian, steve, ainsley, if any of you if you were trying to
5:37 am
prevent congressional oversight, you broke the law, put a server we now know was hacked by five or six foreign outside entities, if you put it outside where it was supposed to be, you mishandle with top secret and special access program information, those emails get subpoenaed. you don't have the right to delete 33,000 of them at this point. if any of you did, you would be arrested. if you then acid wash your hard drive with bleachbit, that is also obstruction. if you break them up the device, that is a crime. then you go through the process where james comey, peter strzok, strzok and page, friends with andrew mccabe. andrew mccabe's lawyer is lisa page. you're writing an exoneration in may before you interview the main participants you have a problem. steve: right. >> one last point. you have the whole issue of christopher steele, the only
5:38 am
talk about trump russia collusion, the only person that colluded in the campaign with the russians was hillary clinton. hillary clinton bought and paid for what turned out to be russian lies. she had already fixed, think about this, she fixes, primary election against bernie. then hillary has a criminal investigation fixed for her. she tries to use russian lies she pays for and funnels through perkins, to fusion gps to hire a british foreign outsider to use his russian contacts. the worst part of this whole story, this unverified, uncooperated dossier is then brought before a fisa court with a fisa application and three subsequent renewal applications to spy on a campaign associate ostensibly the trump campaign, nobody told that judge or any of those four judges how it's possible that hillary paid for that. they never told them. those are crimes. steve: sean, also the story on your show on friday about how the lovebirds sounds like were
5:39 am
get close to to the judge. >> catersa. rudolph cateras. steve: that was the guy who essentially meted out the justice for michael flynn who, as we ultimately found out lied and he got in trouble. so people are going the double standard. what do you make of robert mueller, and the suggestion that the president is about to fire him? you don't think that is a good idea, do you? >> the president didn't say he was going to fire him. steve: he did not. >> the fake news media doing what they do best. the president made a comment. maybe if i was advising the president i would say, let this investigation go forward. probably coming to the end of it, if i had to render a guess, and it would be in his best interest probably not to comment. look at comments closely. the media took it the wrong way.
5:40 am
all the president was saying this never should have been. it never should have happened. president is 1000% right. there was never any trump russia collusion. i'm very concerned, rod rosenstein after jeff sessions recused himself, that rosenstein, literally he is the guy that looked like renewed one of the fisa warrants based on the phony dossier that they never told the judge clinton paid for. he has in my mind every right to be frustrated. there will be getting to the end of the process. there will not be firing of mueller. the white house issued ha statement. ainsley: asking james comey to come on fox news. to come on your show. going on all the left-wing media outlets. did every got back this i saw that on twitter. >> i did a tweet storm on saturday. it was up to eight. the questions i was asking jim comey who seems extraordinarily confident, to me comes off as
5:41 am
arrogance he is at the heart after the love mistakes made here. privileged information that he leaked to that columbia professor for the very purpose of getting a special counsel appointed. that's a problem for him. james comey has a problem. because he exonerated hillary before he investigated her. he has a problem on the dossier issue as well. what did know? why in january 2017, did he tell the president characterized the dossier as salacious and unverified, but certainly good enough to on stain a fisa warrant three months earlier. that doesn't make sense. brian: believe it or not the president's approval rating is up four points since january, despite all you will the turbulence and headwinds. can you imagine what he would be doing if there was no russia investigation? sean, we'll watch you at 9:00 tonight. >> you are? brian: we will, absolutely. unless you want to tape it now? you are wide awake, ready to go. >> i'm half awake. i didn't have my american rifle company coffee i love. which is my favorite.
5:42 am
have you guys ever tried that. brian: surprised it is over-the-counter. it should be prescription. that is how powerful it is. >> i can look at steve because he has my corn beefed cabbage recipe. looks like he gained 14-pound today. >> that is how we celebrate st. patrick's day at the doocy house. brian: we'll see you monday morning. >> every monday morning, are you committing to that, sean? >> you're breaking up. i'll try. i will try. how is that? steve: it will be good. meanwhile, take a look who is in our green room right now? karen pence, the vice president's wife along with daughter shark lot -- charlotte, the family pet rabbit, marlon brundo. they have a new book. we have janice out in the plaza. [cheering]
5:43 am
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brian: back with the fox news alert. the city of austin, texas rocked by a fourth explosion in less than a month. steve: two texas men were rushed to the hospital. neighbors were told to stay indoors until the sun comes up. police warn this blast is much different than others. ainsley: jane is with our austin, texas affiliate live on the ground. jane, what is the latest? reporter: good morning, everybody, a very scary situation still here in austin, texas, as police are still trying to piece together what happened exactly over the course after month in these four explosions. now last night the explosion the police got a call at 8:30 in this southwest austin neighborhood. two men in their 20s or riding or pushing their bicycles. they were injured when they possibly triggered a trip war causing an explosion. the chief of police here said could not confirm the tripwire aspect immediate, he said the
5:47 am
bombs have different kinds of projectiles in them. the men are in critical condition at a austin hospital. they ask people to stay inside their homes and follow officers instructions while they search for a possible bomb. there is a claims of a possible device in a backpack. they're looking if the latest explosion is related to the previous three explosions we experienced this month here in austin that killed two people and injured two more. in those cases bombs detonated when packages were opened by the victims. police are warning all austin residents about anything that looks suspicious, not just those packages. >> we now need the community to have an extra level of vigilance to pay attention to any suspicious device, whether it be a package, a bag, a backpack, anything that looks out of place and do not approach it. reporter: and austin police were
5:48 am
able to give an update yesterday. they have increased the reward for any information that leads to an arrest of a suspect or suspects. that reward has now gone up to $100,000. that is in addition to governor greg abbott offering $15,000. back to you in the studio. steve: jane, thank you very much for the live report from austin, texas. if it is the same person they have changed tack -- tactics that is the problem. ainsley: we have vice president's wife karen pence and their family pet rabbit. they join us on the couch about their new book. brian: sandra smith is on a couch to tell them what is coming up on their show. >> brian, notice anything different? we're in different studio. haircut, that is old story. we're in the newsroom, ainsley. ainsley: got it. >> we're up here for a couple months, guys. should be a good time. we have a lot of good news to
5:49 am
get to. a city on edge, another package explosion in austin, texas, the fourth explosion in three weeks. we're waiting on an update from authorities. meantime in washington president trump says he is not considering firing robert mueller after directly attacking the special counsel in a series of tweets over the weekend. we'll get an update from the white house in just moments. sweet 16, it is set. i'm sure bill has something to say about that. join bill and me from studio n, in our lovely new newsroom in a few moments, "america's newsroom." experience amazing at your lexus dealer. hello. give me an hour in tanning room 3. cheers! that's confident. but it's not kayak confident. kayak searches hundreds of travel sites to help me plan the best trip. so i'm more than confident. forgot me goggles. kayak. search one and done.
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♪ brian: he is the pet rabbit of america's second family. ainsley: now he is hopping his way through washington, d.c., and the brand new children's book, it is called "marlon bundo's a day in the life of
5:53 am
vice president." steve: here to tell us more the second laid different the united states, illustrator of the book, karen pence, her daughter, author, rabbit-holder, charlotte pence, who has marlon bundo. i love the story how he came into your life. when you were in college, you wrote a film. you need ad rabbit. where did you find isn't. >> yes. marlon from craigslist. steve: craigslist. >> yep. that is where his name comes from, the owner told me to make him an offer, it became a "godfather" joke with my friends in college. we thought we had to name him marlon bundo. it was a funny name. steve: the rest is history. brian: when did you think you had a story here? >> that was all charlotte. charlotte decided to write the book and asked me to come along for the ride with the illustration. she wanted to make it a
5:54 am
educational book. people don't know the role of the vice president. what does he do? there were things we didn't know until we came into the role. it talks about the living on the naval observatory. it talks about him being the president of the senate and a couple other fun things in the book. ainsley: this is the naval observatory? >> that is the naval observatory. ainsley: you were a teacher for how many years? 25. ainsley: you're an artist. i've been in your home, the picture that you painted of the, it was the state capital in indiana? >> yeah. ainsley: that was so beautiful. >> thank you. ainsley: did those end up becoming very popular? >> a lot of times we give it out to charities prints of that copy. steve: i love the story how marlon became known to the world when you were coming off of a jet, suddenly people are going, they have got a rabbit. >> that is really, we say the book and story really started with marlon because it really did. we got an instagram for him right after the inauguration
5:55 am
because, a lot of the media picked up on the fact we had a bunny. there is pictures of him coming off air force two. brian: you see a lot of dogs, cats, not a lot of rabbits. >> yeah, true. brian: some of the things not in the book, you look what the vice president does. what about what your dad was asked to do yesterday, greet, have to be there to meet remains of our slain military men who lost their lives in battle to escort the casket. it's a tough thing, right? >> yeah. >> that is a tough thing but i have got to tell you that is one of the biggest honors for us to be there to honor soldiers and comfort families. and every chance, every opportunity we get we like to go to do that. ainsley: i know you have a son in the marines. what was it like to collaborate with your daughter? it is here. it is out in paperback. has to feel great. this is your first book, right? >> yeah, it is. ainsley: what was it like to work together. >> it was really, really fun. >> we had a lot of fun with it.
5:56 am
when you write with a children's book you don't work directly with illustrator the whole time. steve: did you have a choice? >> yeah, right. we were collaborating how we do each page and scene and stands is a. the whole time we were working on it together. >> that is great. your background is in english and digital story telling. mrs. pence, the pictures are beautiful. it is a great book. ainsley: congratulations. brian: you will took around for "after the show show" and answer on facebook live, right? >> that would be great. steve: got a question for the bunny, email us. ainsley: more "fox & friends" just moments away. trying something new can be exciting. empowering. downright exhilarating. see for yourself why chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand, the last four years overall.
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>> bill: i'm bill hemmer. live inside of "america's newsroom." seeing a whole different ballgame today. do you notice? good morning everybody at home. sandra, good morning to you. >> sandra: studio and in our new newsroom. >> bill: few months. >> sandra: we will give it a try. >> bill: and blast off whole new space and it will be even better think is what we get for now. >> sandra: welcome to our contemporary new home. santa smith, investigators are not ruling out a connection to the previous three bom


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