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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 20, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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reward you. jillian: it was meant to be affectionate, light hearted and humorous. rob: pc goes well beyond our borders, people and all over the world. jillian: thanks for watching this morning. we'll see you later. ♪ ♪ brian: all right. here we go straight up 6:00 eastern time we begin with a fox news alert. a package blowing up inside a fedex facility now in texas, and this just happened. ainsley: the fedex center is in schertz, texas where police are hunt for a serial bomber. steve: sounds like it happened at midnight. todd piro is on the ground with the latest. todd? >> steve, ainsley and brian, good morning to you. yes, we just learned about this explosion at a fedex facility. like you said, it's about 60 miles from where we are standing right now in an area called schertz. we just had new video into
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the newsroom. here is what we know. a package containing nails and shrapnel blew up on conveyor belt around 12:30 this morning. a woman was treated for a concussion. no word yet on any connection to the boston bombings but the fbi is investigating. we, of course, will bring you the latest on that explosion as we know it meantime, back here live where we are standing right now. neighbors say this is the exact location where that trip wire bomb went off on sunday. you can see a little bit of a divot here in the grass behind me as well as some blood, an erie reminder of the fear gripping this community. take a look at this, this is the morning edition of the austin american states men, we are going to stop it. that is the vow from law enforcement who said yesterday two things, one, that this individual, they believe is a serial bomber. and, two, that he's raised his game to a whole new level.
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>> he and his friend were riding a bicycle about a block from their house. it was so dark they couldn't tell and they tripped and set off this explosion, didn't see it. it was a wire. and it blew up. todd: that's the grand father of one of the latest victims who, like i said, set off a trip wire on sunday night. the ap reporting that that blast left what appeared to be nails stuck into his leg. this fort fourth blast follows three package bombs at homes around the austin area which killed two and injured two others. authorities, including more than 300 fbi agents on scene warned that the sophisticated trip wire is, quote: a significant change in the bomber's techniques. and they are hoping the bomber makes contact with them so they can, in their words, understand his message. meantime, the austin police department is asking people to not let their guard down, warning in a tweet: if you come across anything that
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looks suspicious, do not touch, handle, or disturb it. keep a safe distance and call 911. immediately. and steve, ainsley, brian, right now authorities say they don't have a motive and really nothing is off the table at this point. back to you. steve: and that is why, todd piro, they are asking the bomber to go ahead and talk to them and tell them exactly what he want to get a conversation going. what's troubling though is if this is connected what just happened in schertz at midnight at this fedex plants, that would be a complete change of the mode disomodedisoperandi of this bom. this could be where he was trying to mail something to somebody or a copycat. ainsley: first few were on people's door steps. they will weren't being distributed or sent through the mail. had you a shipping label on it, you were okay to pick it up. you were okay to open it.
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the latest one before this one overnight. it was on the side of the road that took it to a different level. steve: because there was a trip wire. ainsley: even they we are not sure this is connected this one was sent through the mail. very scary. brian: they have already 500 officers. they flooded in last night. 236 introduce. they have over $100,000 in reward money. if they are getting close to this person, or these people, we don't know about it. clearly this was area northeast of san antonio. we will see what happens. because for the longest time these packages have been place you had. now, fedex workers and maybe the u.s. postal system has to feel as though they are in the line of fire. how are they going to change their procedures today. steve: well, apparently, according to one. local stations in texas, the wife of the man who works at the schertz, texas.
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told he was not allowed to leave. figuring out what happened. in the meantime in washington, d.c., three members of the congressional black caucus called monday for federal officials to classify the bombings as a terrorist attack and determine whether or not they are ideologically or racially motivated. also the naacp has called them acts of domestic terror and called for vigilance and caution for the communities of austin, texas. ainsley: how do they track down someone like this? obviously we are not bomb experts. how do they go in and do you find out what's in these bombs, what's in these packages and track it down to the store because this is sick. and this has got to be a stopped before it gets even more out of control. brian: racial component of this has to be diminished somewhat in the beginning wonder if the color of somebody's skin has something to do with this. when you have a box that gist seems to be conveyor belt at fedex building you are not targeting anyone explicitly unless you know
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the shift schedule of the people in that building. steve: or perhaps it was intended -- there is a story out there that apparently the package was bound for austin. we don't know who in austin was going to be on the receiving end of that particular package. ainsley: some questions. were they all connected? was this one bound for austin? brian: city often listed as top five bust cities to live in in the community is right now being paralyzed by what's going on. ainsley: university of texas. steve: they have a big golf tournament this weekend and the pga is working on trying to keep the golfers and also the tv crew and all of the people who are going there safe. brian: meanwhile, yesterday, the president of the united states went to new hampshire. why? because arguably that community and that state has been hit the hardest by the opioid epidemic in this country. not since we saw the crack, boom in the 80's where people thought we better stop this now before it takes over the country. do we feel a need to mobilize a nation because this does not discriminate
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this opioid epidemic. they say 116 people are dying every day. the president says he will attack it. he went back to new hampshire where he promised to be if he was elected and yesterday he outlined his plan. ainsley: his plan is -- oh, do you want hear him? brian: go ahead. ainsley: let's listen to him. >> this epidemic can affect anyone. and that's why we want to educate everyone. the second part of our initiative is to reduce the supply of illicit drugs. 90% of the heroin in america comes from our southern border where eventually the democrats will agree with us and will build the wall to keep the damn drugs out. ainsley: all right. so the plan is focus on law enforcement. he wants an ad campaign to prevent and educate. you remember back in the 1980s and the 1990, nancy reagan just say no and this is your brain on drugs. it really actually did impact. i grew up in that era. i remember seeing that and remember having just say no
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officers come into our school and show us what drugs can do to you. it terrified all of us. it works. third is federal government to help fund treatment and help those impacted find jobs while they are fighting their addictions. steve: also and we heard this from the health and human services secretary yesterday. their intention is trying to get america's doctors to prescribe one third fewer painkillers over the next three years. and encourage dug companies as well to develop nonaddictive painkillers. but, the heart of the president's plan which is getting all the attention today. which is now perhaps the department of justice can go for the death penalty for certain drug dealers. listen to this. >> whether you are a dealer or doctor or traffickers. or a manufacturer. we will find you, we will arrest you, and we will hold you accountable.
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we have to get tough on those people. and that toughness includes the death penalty. some of these drug dealers will kill thousands of people during their lifetime. and they will get 30 days in jail or they will go away for a year. or they will be fined. and then one person, you get the death penalty or did you go to jail for life. >> we are doing the wrong thing. we have got to get tough. this isn't about nice anymore. brian: doing the wrong thing, also, big pharma has not helped over the years when you saw people early on 10 years ago come off back surgery, get hooked on these very powerful drugs. you realize this is something that could be a problem and now it's a huge problem. 6 billion with the plan. properly funded. so i hope whatever this plan is it seems kind of loose right now. is properly fund you had. ainsley: do you know more people die from opioid
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overdoses than in traffic accidents every year big problem in our country. steve: we are going to talk to sarah huckabee sanders. she will be live with us from the north lawn at 8:30 eastern. in the meantime it's exactly 10 minutes after the top of the hour. jillian joins us and jillian starts where a manhunt. jillian: we have a fox news alert. let you get caught up on this story? escaped inmate police believe is extremely dangerous. on isis radar. two people believed to be connected to more riccio gonzalez now hospitalized after a shootout. escaped early monday, being transported to a denver hospital. murdered al police officer. technology cut off. uber suspending all testing of self-driving cars after a deadly crash in arizona. police say 49-year-old was walking heller bicycle across the street outlines of the crosswalk in the uber
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hit her. >> again, our investigation did not show at this time that there were significant signs of the vehicle slowing down. but our investigation is going reveal more when it's cleat. the uber had a back up driver inside it was in self-driving mode. first death regarding a fully self-driving vehicle. police say they caught zachery cruz riding his skateboard at majorry stoneman douglas high school. he was there to quote soak it in and reflect on the school shooting. even though he has been warned to stay away. if found guilty, his brother, nikolas cruz, could face the death penalty. a small tone of appreciation for american hero going viral for the best reason. a woman in iowa posting on facebook about the heart bombing moment a young man approached a vernal in walmart saying, quote, sir, i am paying for your items
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because you paid by serving my country and i'm grateful for you. the woman who posted the story says the veteran was completely shocked. steve: a random act of kindness. thank you ver very much jillian. top story. fox news alert. the austin serial bomber now using a trip wire, authorities believe, could that offer include to help police help catch him. terry turchie led the hunt for the union any bomber he joins us next. brian: elizabeth warren and michael moore lecturing on the income equality, they are multimillionaires. what do they know? >> charles payne is here. he will tell us how much money he has. ♪ i swear ♪ the world is not prepared ♪ for when i'm a billionaire
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maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪ a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. steve: al fox news alert for you. a package blew up in schertz, texas at a packaging company. now joining us is terry turchie. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: what do you make of this? it looks as if there could be a connection because it's another bomb, apparently it had some nails, metal
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shrapnel in it. blew up on a conveyor belt. >> we will certainly know soon enough. sometime later today i imagine the people who work in this will have a really good tentative idea from explosive experts whether or not these devices with detected. as the days go by we will know with certainty. as they do the crime scene and look at shrapnel and wiring and whatever is left of that package and that bomb that was at fedex, they are going to be able to tell if these devices are connected and that's a big deal because you don't just walk, in usually and drop a package at fedex. even if you drop it off at drop box somewhere, many of those have cameras and other things that might help them identify or at least go towards identifying who is doing this. steve: okay. terry, in the last 30 seconds the associated press is reporting that the fbi says it is likely linked to what happened in austin. but what you were just describing about the fact that now there is somebody
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who actually had to transport it to some sort of a fedex drop box or a fedex location, this could be a big break. >> it really could. and a lot of times people are looking at these and they look very random and they are random. we have a hard time at this stage figuring out motive. what we do know from the past is if you look and start digging into all the separate locations where crimes occurred, look at the various corridors like the interstates that are going from north, south, east, o. wesorwest of these places you cn get a sense of the ebb environment and entrance to and exit from these places that the bomber might have taken. start coming up with useds as to where you might go and find cameras. we have computers now that we didn't have back in unibomb. they can collect and then a lot of information including up to to photographs and give an example of how these
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things come together. the olympic bombing they had no cameras in centennial park in 18996, what they did was hundreds of agents literally fanned out, interviewed and found anybody and everybody in the park that night and asked a question did you take photos. got the photos and made this massive display at the command post literally accounting for every second of that time. and we could do things like that now that we couldn't ever do back then. that may help as well. steve: terry, before what blew up in schertz, texas overnight, people down there that i have been watching the atf and fbi people saying that the latest device, which was left alongside a road that ratchets everything up because it's much more sophisticated. it had a trip wire. this new device apparently was so durable, it could last the ride in the truck to the fedex facility and it, you know, it was able to survive a whole bunch of people touching it until for some reason it went off on the conveyor belt.
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>> well, that sounds like for example, theodore kaczynski hopped on greyhound buses and held in his hands the package bomb that he was going to mail mail from another address. people do this learn what they are doing and devious to enough to go ahead and implement these plans and not like the rest of this. that's for sure. this whole series of things if you think about it, going back to where it began on march 2nd. this person planned this ahead of time. he didn't go back and build another bomb to go out a few days later. he was ready to go and do a lot of damage and escalate this on his owns a things progressed. steve: the other thing, terry, we only know of the one bomb that exploded. he could have mailed more. terry turchie is going to stay with us throughout the program today to monday tort events down with austin bomber, thank you very much.
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>> thanks, steve. steve: california voting overnight whether to defy the state's sanctuary laws. that is just in. that is just ahead on "fox & friends." ♪ ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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brian: all right, everybody. quick headlines and then up to ainsley who is getting ready upstairs. the supreme court getting voting maps. denying requests by republicans to throw them out ahead of this year's midterm elections. parties argue that the maps drawn last month favor democrats and they do by the way. the oldered maps were drawn up by republicans which the pennsylvania supreme court says tilt and skills in their favor. they will look to pick up five seats now in the house. and cynthia nixon announcing
3:25 am
her run for governor of new york. i will pause. >> this is a time to be visible. this is a time to fight. >> i'm cynthia nixon. i'm a new yorker. and together we can win this fight. brian: i will release the pause. the sex in the city star tweeting this video challenging two time incumbent governor andrew cuomo. now to the woman upstairs. ainsley: thank you so much, brian. hillary clinton clarifying but not apologizing for those comments she made about female trump voters being suede politically by the men in their lives. clinton posting on facebook, quote: i understand how some of what i said upset people and could be misinterpreted. i meant no disrespect to any individual or group and i want to look to the future as much as anybody. but, should she have to apologize, a simple apology? do you think that would have gone a long. here to day that is jessica
3:26 am
tarlov and director of research for bustle and fox news contributor. what did you think about her comments and then her apology? >> i thought it actually was an apology. she said she didn't mean to offend anybody and demean trump voters. >> people say it in all sorts of ways. hillary clinton is generally sorry she offended anyone: everyone with the deplorables comment. what she wrote there is actually rooted in fact. there are studies from a number of institutes that do show that whited women vote the same way that their husbands do. i find this reaction, i guess not all together shocking but just getting a little old here. everyone says they love president trump for his straight talking. she is telling the truth about patterns of behavior nor white women in this country. i understand it's not fun to hear. but it doesn't make it wrong. ainsley: cailee? >> she is not telling the truth. >> she is. >> i was not influenced by my husband or any men in my
3:27 am
lives. and likewise, when you look at these so-called studies, she is actually misquoting the studies. the studies say women tend to vote for the economic well being of their family and from that she extrap plates that we're mind numb robots who only vote the way men in our lives vote. hillary clinton has this very bad habit of attacking half the country and attacking women who do not agree with her. she claims to be a feminist when really she is faux feminist u she has attacked ivanka trump who has done so much. >> really? >> have you heard about the world bank empowerment fund. >> i read a ton, i have heard about it. >> doubling of the family tax credit. that was ivanka. empowering women in the stem field. ivanka trump is a great woman. hillary clinton is tearing her down and conservative women who don't agree with her. ainsley: when she said my comments were misinterpreted. how do you misinel interpret her calling trump voters
3:28 am
backwards and they don't want black people getting rights and women getting jones. >> talking about the make america great again message not necessarily trump voters. the message that came out of the trump campaign was to a lot of the people the majority since we know she didn'did win the popular vote. it was not a rehashing of the deplorables comment which i said before she has apologized for. she was talking about the messaging coming out of trump campaign. i have talked about this before in the network. i wish she hadn't made knows comments. they are not helpful. the g.o.p. is cutting a million ads off of this. nancy pelosi crumbs ad and that will be what 2018 looks like. doesn't mean that the thrust of what she was saying that the democratic cities and the places where more democrats are concentrated are producing more g.d.p. for instance u those inconvenient to the. ainsley: tired of hearing the apologies, if you are really sorry about the deplorables, go to india and say this about americans. >> i don't think they are
3:29 am
great. someone sitting in the white house right now a lot of trouble with apologizing himself. and i think she is just sick of being criticized over and over again. she already lost the election. let's move on. 2018 is coming and i'm feeling good. ainsley: cailee and jessica thank you for joining us. >> you are welcome. ainsley: a fox news alert. fifth explosion rocking texas just moiments ago and the feds say it is likely connect to the austin serial bomber. we are live on the ground next. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and michael moore are lecturing you about the dangers of income inequality. wait, aren't they millionaires? charles payne is here to call out the hypocrisy next. ♪ money
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bombings. steve: that fedex center is in schertz, texas about an hour outside of austin. brian: todd piro live on the ground in austin though with the latest. hey, todd, it didn't hit right by you but it seems to be all connected. >> right. and that's the scary thing at this point. we're up to five now. like you said. that bombing at the fedex facility occurred about 60 miles from where i'm standing in a town call schertz. and just moments ago like you said, we learned that the feds do think that the blast at that fedex facility is connected to the one that happened here on sunday in the exact area where i'm standing. and the ones that have happened throughout the month of march. here is what we know from our fox affiliate in that area. the package blew up when moving from an upper conveyor belts to a lower conveyor belt. it reportedly contained shrapnel and nails. you will recall, like brian said, there were also reports of nails in the trip wire bomb that went off right where i'm standing. a woman who works at that fedex facility was not hit
3:34 am
by shrapnel but did get a headache from the blast. she is expected to be okay. the fbi, atf and san antonio bomb squad are all on scene. police asking people in that area to please stay indoors while they investigate. and so what we have right now is a very fluid situation that does seem to have expanded from this area here in austin, texas, to san antonio. and i think the fear through the texas and quite frankly the country is when is it going to stop and how far is it going to go? back to you. brian: you don't know if it's a symbol being austin, being everywhere america or just somebody in austins who has an ax to grind against some political figure. thanks so much. ainsley: thank you, todd. >> thank you. steve: one other detail coming in from a reporter from the cbs affiliate in austin is that apparently the package was from austin and went then to schertz, texas to the facility and it was going to go back to austin. so whoever is in austin, sounds like they were trying
3:35 am
to make it a stop at the facility and come back to somebody else's house. we don't know the address. ainsley: what's so terrifying is the first three were not sent through the mail. the fourth one was on the side of the road. and there was that trip wire, which scared parents as they were putting their kids on the buses yesterday. that's why they said everyone stay put until the sun comes up so we can see if there are packages on the side of the road. this latest one through the mail, through fedex. whether or not they are saying it's connected it's likely but we don't know for sure. brian: we will follow that because a lot of our audience are americans and from texas. jillian, you are from everywhere america. jillian: yes, i am from everywhere. brian: philadelphia to be specific. jillian: actually we are following a story from philadelphia. police not weighing out the death of college student.
3:36 am
rock buy player found in a moat not far from the bar where he was last seen sunday night. alcohol is not believed to be a factor in his death. the 19-year-old from pennsylvania was on the island to play in a tournament with the school. well, the party never stops, even after you are caught by the cops. just look at this photo, 14 spring breakers they are all smiles, even while hand cuffed on a police bus. sheriff deputies in florida picked them up for underaged drinking all before 3:00 this the afternoon. a california city making history overnight. breaking away from the state's sanctuary law. the city counselor sill voting to exempt itself from rules that limit cooperation between local police and federal immigration officials. not everyone though was on board. the protesters claciousd with supporters ahead the vote. [southing] >> we pay $26 million a year here in california. who is paying for that? >>
3:37 am
jillian: second vote to make the law official is next month. teamer in washington state sending first graders home with a report card for president trump. it features questions like do you think president trump is kind? and would you vote for president trump again? the dad who posted it on twitter writing in part they have asked the same questions while obama was president? a look at your headlines. brian: finn mccool is the name of a bar in porth washington that the mets used to go to. ainsley: question would you vote for him again. i'm not sure first graders graders didn't vote for him in the first place. jillian: all the questions loaded. steve: jillian, thank you very much. ainsley: u.s. is more severe weather tennessee, tornadoes hitting overnight. knocking down trees and ripping off roots. steve: this church in alabama completely destroyed. there it is right there. as you can see the roof ripped right off. brian: that's not all. right now in california they're bracing for mud slides as the east coast prepares for a fourth
3:38 am
nor'easter. janice dean is tracking it. janice, it's not supposed to be happening like this. janice: it's crazy. both coasts dealing with storm systems and severe weather. we had tornadoes reports in parts of alabama. current temperature is 31 in new york. that's not very spring like for first day of spring and tornadoes across the southeast. now the threat for parts of florida in towards the carolinas for a large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. and then that energy is what is going to come up towards the northeast, bring d.c., perhaps, one of the biggest snow totals they have seen in years as well as philadelphia, new york city, up towards boston. the computer models are wavering here especially across new york city where we are right on that rain-know line. five inches we are thinking gfs model that could be up or downgraded. d.c. 8 to 10 inches for them. cripple d.c. and boston thinking 3 to 5 inches here. again, the exact snowfall totals, the exact track of the storm still yet to be determined. also want to point out that big story across california
3:39 am
especially southern california, the burn areas where we could receive upwards 3 to 5 inches of rainfall that could be potentially devastating for them. steve: crazy thing about the nonor'easter today is spring starts around noon. brian: that should be illegal. issue mother nature a ticket. i want to bring in charles payne with the support of steve and ainsley. welcome, back. >> thank you. brian: millionaires conference yesterday featuring millionaires. what's going on michael moore, elizabeth wa warren and elizabeth moore. >> terrible thing. michael moore half of his 50 million wealth probably came from his movie capitalism, a love story. the hypocrisy goes on and on. what's really interesting though and they keep railing about income inequality. everywhere where progressives have been in control for long periods of time, i'm talking for decades are the worst places in this country for income
3:40 am
inequality. everywhere they have been able to put in their tax policies, their regulatory policies. their other kind of policies all have you seen is the gap get wider. go to san francisco, go to los angeles and look at the homeless. brian: look at illinois and chicago. >> really amazing. homelessness, the hopelessness, it's really absolutely amazing. they keep pushing this narrative that somehow they are going to save the world and america particularly from income inequality. ainsley: they have this global vision u what was it fin land yesterday we said you get a parking ticket based on your income? >> speeding ticket. ainsley: they need to go to another country. this country was founded on capitalism. that's what makes america wonderful. >> the "new york times" had an article on rich black people and their kids not being able to sustain their wealth. brian: i saw that. >> they inadvertently also proved that we have an amazing ability to create wealth. they had a graph that showed the bottom income and how they move up into the system. that's really amazing. it wasn't their intent it
3:41 am
actually proved that there is an amazing ladder for anyone in america to climb it. ainsley: if you work hard. brian: bring to you a quick highlight reel that you put together. editing this morning you told me not to make any noise of elizabeth warren, mikmichael moore and bernie sanders. >> the last 40 years the middle class of this country has declined while oligarchy is on the rise. >> it's so crazy the rich right now, the greed, the level of greed. >> this is an organized effort just simply to take over our government. and make the government work better and better for a thinner and thinner rich slice in america. steve: so what were those rich folks talking about? >> here is the thing, shown that the middle class has gotten smaller over the last few decades. here is the interesting thing. the majority move to the you were class. the bottom class has stayed flat. that's what they didn't tell you. the middle class has been squeezed, smaller than it
3:42 am
was before. the good news though it's more of people in that particular bracket moved higher. again, they won't tell you that they play with the data. they play with the semantics of it all. it's really unfortunate and unfair. again, look in this country and look at the places where people are really -- i mean, los angeles, people live in campers and tents. san francisco, the average working man in san francisco cannot afford to feed their family. they have been in control there forever. brian: they are going to las vegas. >> or they live in a camper or live in a tent. ainsley: instead of preaching that, why don't they take their combined millions and divide it up and live on the average american salary and give it to the people that they think are poor and not equal? >> i think a lot of these -- some of these elitists like that really believe that their millions are part of just sort their ability or their need to come to our rescue. they probably should be rewarded because they are going to help the rest of us get our lives in order and our country in order because obviously we know that america needs a lot of work and it's not the greatest
3:43 am
country in the world. brian: when do we watch you today? >> 8:00 p.m. -- 6:00 p.m. what am i talking about. i gave myself a new time slot. steve: see you later. straight ahead on this tuesday, should pro-life clinics be forced to promote abortion? it's a question the supreme court is taking up today. judge andrew napolitano son deck. come on in you are next on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ the boys are back in town ♪ the boys are back in town with. ♪ vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs.
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3:47 am
you would think this resolved 227 years ago when the first amendment was adopted. the first amendment says congress shall make no law bridging the freedom of speech after civil war applies to the state. flip side is congress and the states can't force speech. so, you know how you see on television and the movies you have a right to remain silent and hollywood is not always correct. they are correct when they say that so the first amendment guarantees the right to see you lens. the government can't force you to express a political opinion with which you disagree. ainsley: now, the state of california, you have crisis pregnancy centers. >> right. ainsley: they want these people who are proabortion or pro-choice, they want there to be a sticker in the window or something to notify the patients that they can go get abortions and this is not a medical facility, right? >> so, your pregnant mom and you're not sure what to do and you go to a pro-life counseling center, which will tell what you to do to bring the baby to term and
3:48 am
then as you are leaving they say oh, by the way can you go across the street and have an abortion because the state of california is making us tell you that. this is the issue that's before the supreme court. it shouldn't be before the supreme court. it shouldn't have happened. legislatures. our representatives shouldn't force people to say things they don't believe. in that's the lesson of the first amendment. ainsley: if they do have to force you, if the shoe is on the other foot. did you go to an abortion clinic are you they forced to tell you about a crisis pregnancy center? >> of course not. this is part of the progressive antilife mentality of the government in california. it's other governments as well. but california is the worst. brian: real quick. steve: this is the first major abortion issue in front of enough. >> yes. steve: do we have any idea how it's going to go? >> i think the california statute will be invalidated having nothing to do with abortion or religion. religious implications here as well. steve: of course. >> it's just speech. it's the concept of the government forcing to you
3:49 am
express an opinion on a matter public interest with which you disagree. brian: how many shows are you going to be on today? >> half a dozen. brian: i thought so. >> we have so much fun. i was on the abc radio last night we did a thing for that. great rita crosby. brian didn't know i was going to be there we reprised brian and the judge. [laughter] brian: good to see you, judge. ainsley: so neither one of you got any sleep last night. steve: meanwhile, he is the only attorney general to ever be held in contempt of congress. the man on the left. eric holder has some advice for the man on the right, jeff sessions. wait until you hear this one. it's a doosie. ainsley: kids are trying to toughen kids up by making risky again, tire swings and looped bricks. brian: grease the slides. have cement by the slides. ♪ born to be wild ♪
3:50 am
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brian: lo this stories. school first ditching plastic playground equipment with riskier play loose brickbricks and tire swings. is this to make kids more resilient. a board certified child psychiatrist. this is not only place, switzerland, a friend of mine moved to switzerland. they do less academics, more play and free play where a kid might get knocked to the ground and they observe how they act and they learn to have some. do you like this trend? >> well, listen, that's the thing, there are some scientific basis to this. here's the thing, most of our child and adolescent psychiatry in the past has
3:54 am
focused on child neglect. what happens to the child when the parents don't pay attention. we realize when parents are overly cautious and overly protective of their kids had has negative implications. they are more anxious and depressed. they are less resilient. they can't handle frustration. they can't be bored. this sort of move to allow kids for mow free play and mildly risky play. they are still observed. let's keep in mind they are not sending them off to just get themselves into trouble. they still are observed, but they are allowing them more freedom to do things that we think might be more risky. this may be good for them. brian: i think so, too. look at this wall sound, risks have been intentionally provided that so that your child can develop an appreciation of risk in a control play environment rather than taking similar risks in uncontrolled unregulated wider world. can you fall off a swing and get scraped and fall off a big wheel and get hurt.
3:55 am
nobody wants that as a parent. you want to get the sense that the world isn't a dangerous place that you need to wear knee pads and arm pads and helmets for. >> it's a paradox. the parents overly protective of their kids develop children that are more anxious and less resilient and less likely to cope with life's stressors and more difficult things. the truth is, listen. safety is the number one concern for our kids, obviously, right? a few bumps and bruises it's okay. let them get up and dust themselves off and realize it will be okay. that's an important life lesson. brian: also doctor, it's important to point out at love it is insurance. >> liability. brian: if i fall off that swing at the park i'm going to sue the town. can't use it put rubber mats in there. >> absolutely: i read a recent article that swings are being banned. swings. brian: i can't believe it i will know america is healthy again when we have bactine sales start going up. i want back to the scrapes and bruises use to wear it with pride. >> you got it.
3:56 am
brian: we will see if the u.k. has it right. we will screw up this generation but hopefully not the next. thank you dr. sportelli. this is how we woke this up morning rocking texas this happening moments ago. likely connected to the austin serial bomber. live on the ground next. this happened at a fedex facility. we will tell you what it means. the day after chemo might mean a trip back to the doctor's office, just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home with neulasta onpro?
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steve: 7:00 in new york city and this is a fox news alert. a package, medium sized, blew up inside a fedex facility in schertz, texas overnight. moments ago federal agents saying it is likely linked to those four other austin bombings. ainsley: that fedex center right there is in schertz, texas outside of austin northeast of san antonio. brian: that's where todd piro is in austin. todd, we thought we had the latest talking about the bombing on sunday. now here we have a bombing at 1:00 in the morning on tuesday.
4:00 am
todd: exactly. all of our live shots that we sat up earlier today were all about this austin bombing and then what do you know? we get this information in the last couple of hours on the bombing there in schertz. let's tell you what our affiliate there in that schertz area is letting us know about right now. that package blew up when moving from an you were conveyor belt to a lower conveyor belt just after midnight. it reportedly contained shrapnel and nails. you will recall that there were also reports of nails in the trip wire bomb that went off right where i'm standing here in austin u a woman who works at that fedex facility was not hit by shrapnel but did get a headache from the blast. she is expected to be okay. the fbi, atf and san antonio bomb squad are all on scene. police asking people in that area to stay indoors while they investigate. meantime, neighbors say right where we are standing right here is where the sunday trip wire bomb took place, you can see a divot there. you can see some blood on the street as well.
4:01 am
the austin american statesman, the local paper in the area says "we are going to stop it." that is from law enforcement. and really law enforcement said two very interesting things yesterday. yes, he this do believe this is a serial bomber. and specifically they do believe that he has taken his deranged acts to the next level. >> he and his friend were riding a bicycle about a block from their house. it was so dark they couldn't tell. and they tripped and set off this explosion, didn't see it. it was a wire. and it blew up. >> that's the grandfather of one of the latest victims in the sunday blast. the a.p. reporting the blast left what appeared to be nails stuck into his leg. again, that nail theme continuing here. this fourth blast here in austin which injured two men in their 20's follows three package bombs in the area.
4:02 am
fbi agents on scene the sophisticated trip wire is a significant change in the bomber's techniques. they are hoping that the bomber makes contact with them so they can, in their words, understand his message. meantime the austin police department is asking people to not let their guard down warning if you come across anything that looks suspicious, do not touch, handle, or disturb it. keep a safe distance and call 911 immediately. and, again, we're up to now five bombings, according to the feds. there's no apparent motive and they don't seem that much closer to getting it. of course, they are probably keeping some things from us. but, at this point, we just don't know why this keeps happening. brian: if they don't have enough guys, they have got 500 officers, already done 236 interviews and that number is growing. >> it continues to grow. and that was before what just happened a few hours ago there in schertz. steve: todd piro thank you
4:03 am
very much. let's bring in terry turchie. he used to be with the fbi. he is the guy responsible for catching the union any bomber. he joins us from the west coast. terry, yesterday, extraordinarily, essentially ththe police in texas called for the bomb tore open a couldialogue with them to get the conversation going, to figure out what his motive was. you say what he did or she did with this package to fedex, he's talking to them now. >> absolutely, is he communicating with him still with his bonds. that may be the chosen way he decided to commute to talk to them. if he is going to keep doing this. all of these cases are different and this is certainly different. this is almost a crime in a steady evolution and in motion. it's kind of like sometimes when you get involved in those man hunts and everything changes by the hour. for all of these bombs, five bombs to be delivered between march the 2nd to now is just extraordinary.
4:04 am
and that may very well indicate that there is more to come. and this is a game changer if, in fact, they decide or conclude that the fedex package is connected to the other bombs. this is yet another significant development because a lot of those hundreds of agents are going to be out scouring the area. they are going to find out where that package was dropped in the fedex mail stream. and that in itself will yield an awful lot of information and hopefully the kind of information that can lead them to the bomber. there is another interesting thing u. brian: terry, it's a cockiness. this guy is saying yeah, i will communicate and i will tell you, i will dare you. i'm going to make you think it's easier to find me. that's how confident i am that you won't. >> well, good point, brian. because arrogance is a major commonality in a lot of these people. certainly theodore gazinski was one of the most arrogant narcissist people you have ever seen. i would imagine this person is the same way. also another commonality is
4:05 am
anger. so, anybody looking at all of this and thinking about trying to kind of be creative in their thinking and looking at everything the police are saying should really start to wonder if they know someone who is kind of suddenly banished from the scene, has missed work for days or hasn't acted right. any little piece of information now could help bring all of this together. it's so fast-moving and so much that's going on out there. ainsley: terry, the unabomber took 18 years for you guys to catch him. in this case people want something to happen fast. i used to li in santonio. we want to catch this guy. telling their kids now who love to open packages don't get near them from. a psychological standpoint and your experience with a euna bomber, why did we go from what tarlging people minorities. then it went to a different level and now targeting and evoking so much fear in families by hitting fection.
4:06 am
coming through the mail now not just an unmarked box on your doorstep. psychologically, what happens? what are these bombers like. you said narcissist. is it more than that? are they seeing this on the news and upghting to take it to the next level? >> well, we actually did a study after euna bomb, and -- they want to make a statement. many of the mass shooters are the same way, wanted to belong to something much greater than themselves. wanted to block t belong to a g. they were never able to do that. they weren't people who fit in. and so they decided to go ahead and make their own mark on society and in many times with these bombers, even create their own group. theodore gazinski was the terror group at sea. a guy out here in the bay area who is on the top list daniel andreas san diego was the revolutionary cell. eric rudolph was the army of god. you get my point.
4:07 am
this guy could very well communicate and we may have him tell us that i'm a group such and such. steve: sure. >> it's too early to tell we will see. it's a fascinating development this morning if in fact they connect this bomb to the others. there is a lot going on right now that could very well start the process and bring this to an end. steve: terry, what does it tell you, apparently according to the local tv affiliates down there, it sounds like if the package originate you had in austin, somebody dropped it into the fedex stream in austin. it went to schertz, texas and then it was bound back for austin. >> well, again, i'm assuming it might have had andreas on it. it's going to be interesting to kind of hear about that. but, bombers are creative and they do all sorts of things. and only in their mind does any of this make sense. so, some of that is hard to figure. but, what do you as an investigator is you take every little piece of information on the fails of -- on theface of the package ay
4:08 am
it out as far as and as long as you can to see if there is anything there or if it kind of eventually factors into some sort of pattern. remember, they are setting the stage in all that they do to find this guy immediately. at the same time, they realize they may thought. so, they are trying to create the best possible record so that they can go back using computer analysis and human on hands assessment and try to figure out anything now that they are missing. as all this massive amount of information is coming in from all these interviews that these people are doing. ainsley: terry, have things changed now since the unabomber, it did take you a long time. 18 years u things are different and we didn't have the computers like we do now. what's changed so we can be reassured we will find this guy sooner than that? >> well, that's a great question. you know, we learn from the unabomber and we applied many of the lessons in unabomb to eric robert rudolph the olympic bomber. it only took a few years, unfortunately to find him.
4:09 am
but one of the important critical differences is we never stopped. in other words, we didn't start and exhaust leads and then disband the task force and then literally have to start all over when the next bomb happened. that was a big change. i can see them doing that now. they are putting a lot of people into this and they are gearing up for the long haul. what you have got to do is stay on these cases. because, in america, we cannot have people indiscriminately killing others and putting bombs in mail and having people have bombs in their kitchen. we can't allow this to happen. brian: meanwhile, if you want people to call and to help, have you got to answer their call and show you are interested. vow to follow up on all the leads you are requesting. that's a challenge. and then i hear, you know, as of before this bomb exploded at 1:00 in the morning local time, this bomb was the fourth bomb that was found was labeled as sophisticated. would you label it to the same way? >> well, i don't know anything about it.
4:10 am
i would say this overall pattern though of the way this man is conducting himself, is pretty elevated and certainly he is not going to stop until is he caught. and i think they understand that they are in for both the short hall and the long hall and it's a tough challenge. ainsley: what would make it go off fedex place and not grab the box from this person? >> well, you know, all these devices are. >> design like most bombers design a package. when do you something, they are passive. do something like touch them or lift them up like the unabomber's package the actual act of picking them up or doing something twins the circuit which begins the detonation process. so, something probably happened with this package that caused it to go off prematurely and fortunately, there is going to be a lot there that they can use and
4:11 am
fortunately no one got hurt as they did on the others. steve: we don't know if this was the only package. maybe this is the only one that explode you had so far. >> we don't. steve: terry, in your history of looking at bombers, have you ever seen somebody change their m.o., for instance, in the beginning it was they would leave the device outside somebody's house and put a box over it. it did not look like something that went through the mail. and then there most recently was an ied alongside the street with the trip wire. and now he is using the mail. so, in a short period of time, three different delivery systems, circumstantial. essentially. he was always changing up kind of the methodology and the kind of the lure to attract somebody to do something with the package so that it would explode. so, in this instance, i'm not tremendously surprised
4:12 am
or taken aback by this. it's kind of normal to see people as they learn more to escalate the sophistication of their bombs. all of them were probably built before he started this. what he is escalating or changing is changing the environments and means to which he is getting these targets. brian: i will let you work your contacts and continue to take a look at this. thank you so much for joining us today as we try to examine the fifth explosion in texas in and around the austin area. ainsley: thanks so much, terry. >> you are welcome. ainsley: every time i send something fedex i actually go to the facility. i wonder if they have cameras and be able to track down who this guy is. that would be easy. can you track every package back to whoever is sending it. steve: fedex does have those little kiosks open it up and there would be fingerprints. right now they are trying to analyze all the stuff that they have got. there are nails. there is metal shrapnel. there are parts of boxes.
4:13 am
there could be handwriting on the label. and ultimately, they do know exactly who that package was intended to. who was the person. ainsley: the lady said she had a headache because she was there at the fedex facility. so if that means she didn't have nails in her body, maybe that means it didn't blow up completely. steve: apparently it was a precaution thing. nearby. ainsley: maybe they can look at the box. you can't get fingerprints if it's exploded already. steve: well, the fbi is amazing. ainsley: there are ways to do it. brian: todd piro will be on that. let's shift gears if we can eric holder said i have been quiet so long i might as well speak up on andy mccabe. he knows what many democrats knows that a lot of what andy mccabe did has been examined since the summer of 2017. this wasn't just happening here in march of 2018. he weighed in yesterday and was trying to give jeff sessions some advice like stand up to your president, if i have to.
4:14 am
like he ever did. listen. >> it may be that at the end of the day the -- his separation, his termination is appropriate. but, you know, i don't russia component of it to meet a deadline that i think the president essentially set. you know, if you are the attorney general of the united states, you run the damn justice department. you know? and you got to have the guts to look at the president every now and again and say no. brian: go through all the times eric holder said no to the president obama. okay, got nothing. >> steve: what he is leaving out is the fact that it wasn't the president of the united states, it wasn't the attorney general who fired appear drew mccabe. ultimately it was the attorney general. but it was at the behest of the ethics department there at the fbi. they looked at some of his bad behavior in the past and they said, look, he essentially was a leaker and a liar and he had to go and ultimately the attorney
4:15 am
general decided at 8:45 on friday night it was time to go. ainsley: mark levin who hosts life liberty and levin. >> you remember eric holder, that jerk repeatedly lied about his knowledge when it came to fast and furious? the only attorney general in american history to be held in contempt. he targeted journalists at the a.p., at fox. he refused to investigate abuses at the irs. he was involved in the pardon of marc rich, even the doj ig at some point testified senior officials under holder were blocking access to documents. ainsley: i don't think he really likes eric holder. [laughter] brian: that put it in perspective. 15 minutes after the hour. let's talk about what the president was talking about yesterday in new hampshire. he is going to tackle the opioid epidemic as promised. he is doing it through a lot of law enforcement and also pointing out that the majority of the opioids that come across our border are coming from mexico. even though some of the
4:16 am
fengtal is coming from china. it gets to mexico and it's coming across our borders. he wants to crack down on it. ainsley: he wants to build that wall to prevent it listen. >> this epidemic can affect anyone. that's why we want to educate everyone. the second part of our initiative is to reduce the supply of i wil his sit drugs. 90% of heroin comes across our southern border where eventually the democrats will agree with us and will build the wall to keep the damn drugs out. steve: that sounds good to keep the drugs out ultimately. the heart of his plan though, something that's getting a lot of attention is that they would crack down on dealers, the department of justice is going to seek the death penalty in certain cases with the dealers. also, think would lik they woule american doctors prescribe one third less painkillers. brian: that would help.
4:17 am
steve: encouraging companies to develop nonaddictive painkillers which would help. another component guaranteed access to overdose reversal drug going forward. so these are really good, concrete steps. now all they need is congress to fund it properly. brian: i just hope that they understand there needs to be a rehab portion of this and it's not cheap. they are hard to staff. and you have got -- nobody wants them in their neighborhood. ainsley: that's part 3 is the plan. help fund treatment. brian: it's got to be significant. ainsley: melania came out and thanked the law enforcement and talked about the babies born addicted to opioids because their parents are in a problem there president brought up a family who had lost their son ended up was a smart kid and ended up on the streets addicted to drugs. brian: made one bad decision got in the parent's cabinet. ainsley: if you are a parent and watching and don't need the painkillers anymore get rid of them. he went to the kitchen and open up the cabinet and
4:18 am
found that and not to blame the parents because it's not their fault at all. that one pill led to snowballed. the president talked about that. and he talked about giving the death penalty to these major drug dealers because some people are dying as a result. listen. >> whether you are a dealer or doctor or trafficker or manufacturer, if you break the law and illegally peddle these deadly poisons. we will find you, we will arrest you, and we would hold you accountable. we have to get tough on people. and that toughness includes the death penalty. some of these drug dealers will kill thousands of people during their lifetime. and they will get caught and they will get 30 days in jail. or they will go away for a year. or they will be fined. and, yet, if you kill one person, you get the death penalty or did you go to jail for life. we are just doing the wrong thing. we have got to get tough. this isn't about nice
4:19 am
anymore. steve: the reason the president was in new hampshire, new hampshire ranks third behind west virginia and ohio in overdose deaths. it looks like over 100 americans overdose on prescription pills and fentanyl and heroin every day. we're going to be talking to sarah huckabee sanders, white house press secretary about the president's initiative when she joins us at 8:30 eastern time right here on this program. brian: from one woman to the next. from sarah to jillian. jillian: we are following the news out of texas. we are following other headlines, too. starting with this fox news alert. severe storms turn deadly overnight. georgia state patrol trooper tyler parker killed when his car lost control in an intense rainstorm. his outcome daughter is seriously hurt. fierce tornadoes knocking down trees and ripping off roofs in part of the southeast. this church in alabama just one of many buildings destroyed. thousands of homes and businesses without power. storms threaten the
4:20 am
southeast through the rest of the day. it might look like an accident, but officials say a naked woman intentionally crashed her car into a sheriff's station. deputies say her car was filled with accelerant and car burst into flames when she slammed into the building in broward county, florida. a worker inside the building pulled her to safety. that woman is seriously burned. her motive is still unknown. more tax relief soon could be on the way for millions of americans. republican congressman mark meadows says the next phase of president trump's tax reform is in the works and could be unveiled as early as tax day. >> there is not enough to rest on what we have done in the past. we need to be aggressive and continue to work on the agenda going forward. we have got to be serious about delivering each and every day, not just one month out of the year. ainsley: meadows says permanent individual tax cuts could be part of the plan. send it back to you. steve: phase 2 jillian, thank you. jillian: yep. steve: hillary clinton tried to explain away her comments trashing female trump
4:21 am
supporters. is she sorry? a former fee campaign strategist joins us next. ainsley: why millions are fleeing california in droves. liberty mutual saved us almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. >>hey. oh, that's my robe. >>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance and still get great coverage for you and your family. call
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for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that.
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let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ♪ >> white women who were going to vote for me and frankly standing up to the men in their lives and men in their workplaces were being told she's going to jail. you know, you don't want to vote for her. brian: remember when hillary clinton took that swipe at trump voters over in india. now she is apologizing, kind a. on facebook she posted a long letter part of it is this. i understand how some of what i said upset people and could be misinterpreted. here to discuss this is the chairman of the harris poll
4:25 am
hillary clinton campaign chief and strategist and author of this great new book microtrends squared. mark penn. mark, congratulations on the book. >> thank you. brian: it's out now. before we get to it, i have got to ask but hillary clinton's series of speeches. she is getting blow back from democrats now. do you think that she healed anything with her long explanation? >> i think -- sorry, i think it's the kind of thing that, look, aides would run to her and say have you got to take this back and then she issued a statement basically walking it back somewhat and acknowledging that she made a mistake. you know, in the book, i find it's the opposite. that there is closet conservatives that women who voted for trump are in fact terrorized explaining what their real views are. it's quite the opposite of what she said. brian: you know her personally. we were in this montage of excuses. there are about 60. who is she listening to, talking, to and it's been a year and a half now. >> well, i think it's time for her to get off that. it's time for her to talk
4:26 am
about the issues that she spent her life on. forget the election. donald trump had a message that worked from indiana to pennsylvania that attracted working class voters that hillary clinton used to get when we started with her in 2,000. brian: we saw the conor lamb won by running from nancy pelosi. tim ryan got a lot of votes when he tried to challenge her leadership. do you think among the democratic party there is a sense they need new leadership? >> i have always been part of the centrist wing of the democratic party. i have always been one that says we have got to get swing voters. conor lamb was able to do that. >> i think it's better for the country if there is someone in the middle on both sides. i want to talk about microtrends. you are in the business of getting elected. you also understand technology and how it's working in our lives. i thought the subtitle was telling. new small forces driving today's big disruptions. what do you mean? >> the book really details a lot of different changes to help people understand what's going on. those changes are some of them are demographic like
4:27 am
more old people than ever before in our country in what they are going to need. while young people are more foot loose and fancy free, spending 10 or 15 years before they get married. these changes on both sides are creating kind of a disruption that people don't understand that i try to explain in the book. brian: you also go through technology. you were chief strategy officer for microsoft. so you said this is not new to you. tell us what technology really is doing and social networks are really there for. >> i talk about relationships with bots. people have to be really careful. for example, is alexa a he or she? most people say a she. it's an it. it's a bunch of code designed to sell you on whatever amazon could sell you. it's very careful. i think people have to be very careful here what they think is working for them can oftentimes be sales tools or data that they are providing to tech companies. i don't think there is necessarily anything i don't wrg
4:28 am
with it except no disclosure. in the book i say be very careful about these relationships and let's have disclosure. brian: when people knock at your door to sell you a vacuum cleaner or envehicle low media now go on facebook you say to meet people. facebook is also an example of a sales tool. >> look, what facebook and a lot of the other products did was first they had a service for you. then the demand of earning turned it into advertising service. then it was no longer working for you. it was about selling things. i think you notice wikipedia is a nonprofit. they didn't have that wikipedia hadn't gone nonprofit you would be buying your key words, probably. brian: they are telling us we are giving you something to make your life better. you are revealing your interests and want and we are providing that for you. what's your answer. >> there is a bargain there. but you don't understand your side of the bargain. you are giving up your privacy. you are letting -- it's like having a sales person in your closet, in your home.
4:29 am
if you want that, okay. but, what i say in the book is you have got to know this. and, driverless cars, i don't think, are coming for quite some time. someone just died yesterday. let's not -- let's understand the technology has limits. but this book is our technology. but it's also about the social relationship changes that we're seeing in society and it's a lot of fun. brian: figure out where society is going when we take this in. microtrends squared is now out. mark penn is here to talk about it. thanks, mark. >> thank you. brian: thanks for your expertise. 31 minutes before the top of the hour. we have another fox news alert. this is what we woke up to today. a fifth explosion. rocking texas, the austin area. the feds are swarming a fedex facility right now. we are live with an updated. plus we have analysis from a cia officer buck sexton live. and that's rich. millionaires, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and michael moore lecturing us on the dangers of income inequality. ♪ i need dollars, dollars
4:30 am
♪ dollars that's what i need >> so much barking and yelling. our role is to take three steps back and discern what really matters. the most important thing that we do. we are looking out for the forgotten men and women in this country. >> they are going to get a straight shooter, no holds barred. i'm not going to cut people slack. viewers expect that. >> fox is one place defends -- we have voices. >> who controls my voice? nobody. e with the grandkids... ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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4:34 am
from our fox affiliate near where that fedex facility is, including the package was sent from and addressed to an austin address. okay. let's get to the facts that we know at this time. specifically, that package blew up when moving from an urine conveyor belt to a lower conveyor belt just after midnight. reportedly contained shrapnel and nails. like we have been reporting all morning long, that seems to be the latest edition to this bomber's demented m.o. a woman who works at fedex facility was not hit by the shrapnel but got a headache from the blast. she is expected to be okay. the fbi, atf and san antonio bomb squad are all on scene. police asking people in that area to stay indoors while they investigate. of course, stay with fox as we stay on top of this fluid situation that now spans multiple parts of texas here in austin. and there in schertz.
4:35 am
keep in mind that we came here to austin to cover the austin bombings, we will have a lot more on specific trip wire bombing that happened here on sunday in our next half hour. but it's such a fluid situation, things seem to be changing by the minute, guys. steve: it does indeed. todd, reporting live from austin thank you very much. joining us on the couch bob sexton former cia analyst also with the intel division of the new york city police department. buck, the randomness of these targets is stunning. >> makes it a lot harder to get some kind of profile of the suspect here. because you can't put together right now who has been attacked with these bombs, the moment you are talking about a trip wire device, triggered by any individual walking by, then you know it is intended to be random and, yes, we have an address it seems from this fedex package but i'm sure it's some kind of a faulty address. it was an address put in there to throw people off. they will be pulling apart all of the residue, everything left over from these bombs looking for
4:36 am
d.n.a. looking for different components that could be traceable. that's a painstaking process. but at this stage, there is very little else for law enforcement to go on here to get a sense of who this suspect might be, what the profile of the suspect should be. brian: couple things it could be if you want to remove the fingerprints and go through the forensics have one way. is there another track that looks at what austin means what south by southwest means. capital of texas? auto could they be trying to send a message in the city they picked. >> i'm sure some of the psychologic wall profilers and the fbi and other federal agencies are going to be looking at how could this be terrorism or what would it fit into in terms of an extremist context based on the target set right now, can you make some very general, take some very general theories how it's antigovernment activity u it's domestic terrorism, but we really don't know. there is also just the possibility that this is somebody who is psychopathic, enjoys maiming and killing innocent people. we just don't have anything to go on. there is no manifesto. there is no social media
4:37 am
profile to work with, which is why i think why law enforcement is looking at this and saying hey, we need help. we have $100,000 reward out there for anybody who can give us information. that's because right now the race against the clock and they don't have a lot to go on. ainsley: what's happening behind the scenes? are they contacting fedex saying did you get video? who does it track to? what's going on? >> fedex hopefully, ainsley, will be the break here because it's likely that this individual had to go to one of their facilities somewhere. there will be surveillance footage most likely of whoever dropped off the package there. although we have to see. was it a situation where they were able to get it into a drop box? fedex will have to work backwards. ainsley: maybe cameras on the drop box. >> maybe looking at anything that was done here at any stage of this process and just trying to get some basic profile of the suspect. but this one seems to be, i would wager the most likely for there to be a break in the case. brian: almost like he is cocky saying i dare you to find me.
4:38 am
steve: if the cops yesterday said hey, bomber, talk to us, what does that mean in the case? >> i think that law enforcement believes that this is an individual who wants to be heard. and is engaging in this horrific activity at some level because there is a message and so by law enforcement giving that moment of attention and saying come forth, tell us what it is that you want here. maybe then you would get at least the beginnings of some kind of a dialogue. i'm sure it would be through an anonymous social media accounts or email account somewhere. they want to have something more to work with here because every day that passes as we know could be another day when one of these random bombs goes off. ainsley: very scary. steve: buck, thank you so much. ainsley: buck, right behind is you jillian she has more headlines for our audience. jillian: that's right. good morning. good morning to you at home. the teenager who sparked nationwide outrage claiming he was too rich to know what's right from wrong could be released from jail
4:39 am
in two weeks. he has been serving two years in prison escaping to mexico with his mother. couch was drunk when he crashed into a car back in 2013 killing four people. because judge ruled he was too rich and spoiled to know better so only gave him probation. who better to lecture about income inequality than a group of millionaires? senator bernie sanders hosting senator elizabeth warren and filmmaker michael moore at a town hall to get there and take on the 1%. >> so crazy the rich right now, the greed, the level of greed. >> you create these circles of poverty that just wipe out opportunities for anyone. jillian: despite talking income inequality, the three are worth more than $55 million combined. never ends their school day without paying respects to old glory. kentucky high schoolers have been properly lowering and folding the american flag ever since one of them
4:40 am
noticed. brian: i'm brian. we had a flag crew go out and take it down. those were the days. all right, jillian. thank you very much. brian: where is janice dean. that's what i would like to find out. she is still holding to nor'easter story. >> national weather service. maybe 10 to 15 inches of snow. i will believe it when i see it we are right on that line again of snow and rain. come over here, my friend. what's your name? >> chris davis. janice: where are you from. >> san antonio, texas. >> in thwhere isyour wife. >> in bid sleeping right now. janice: have you ever experienced a for that easter.
4:41 am
>> no. janice: i wish i was in san anton oweio, texas, what's happening some of this energy from the southeast where we actually had tornadoes across alabama is going to combine with energy across the atlantic and bring us our fourth nor'easter in less than a month. d.c., i'm talking to you, my friends, you could get one of the biggest know storms that you have seen in years if some of the forecast totals prevail. and so this is going to be a big deal tomorrow afternoon. that's when it's really going to crank up. boston, i don't think you are going to get jackpot know fall totals but again, national weather service now is going higher totals in and around out new york city area. we will keep you up to date u say high to sleeping wife. >> hey, babe, i love you. steve: she is sleeping. she didn't hear that. janice: hopefully she is taping. ainsley: thanks, janice. brian: one california community voting to become the no sanctuary city and it just happened overnight. breaking away from the state's laws. finally someone sane there. a former city council member here to react orange county style. ainsley: it's a race for the
4:42 am
ages, the runner in blue is breaking all kinds of records at 100 years old. how does he do it? the champion is also a vet is going to tell us his secret coming up. ♪ we'll keep on fighting till the end ♪ we are the champions share. and the ones we love. who never stop wondering what we'll do or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition.
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non-drowsy claritin 24 hour relief when allergies occur. day after day, after day. because life should have more wishes and less worries. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. ♪s in ♪ ♪ >> we are going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning and you will say please, please, it's too much winning. ainsley: time for some news by the numbers. starting with even more winning, $340 million. that's how much volkswagen is now planning to invest into its tennessee plant to build a new five passenger suv. next, 138,000. that's how many people are apparently fed up with liberal california's housing costs and taxes. a los angeles research firm finding those people are now
4:46 am
fleeing california and heading to republican led states like nevada and texas. and finally, 98 hours a week. that's how much moms spend working every week according to a survey by the welch's juice company. that's equivalent of two and a half full time jobs. i believe it steve? steve: indeed. all right, ainsley, thank you so much. a fox news alert. overnight the city of california made history voting to break away from california's sanctuary law. the council voted 4 to 1 to op. out of a new law limiting cooperation with law enforcement and ice. city council member and a former mayor of the town, shellie hasslebrig voted last night. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: we heard so much about this trend out in california. first it was sanctuary cities and then california became a sanctuary state. but last night your town did what? >>
4:47 am
>> what we did was looked at the mandate. sb-54 that was passed down through the state of california, basically forcing or mandating all of the california cities to adhere to the sanctuary city law. we looked at that, you know, based on our oath of office that we took our oath of office to uphold the constitution of the united states. and when those two conflicted as sb-54 did conflict. we had to go look back at article 66 the constitution where the law of the land prevails with the federal government. steve: sure. >> so, based on that. then now we are dealing with legal vs. illegal. it's not about immigration. it's never been about immigration. it's always been about to me illegal immigration. and we need to not to support illegal anything in our city. steve: sure. >> this was the only recourse that we had not to support this.
4:48 am
steve: shellie, it's so extraordinary people looking in from other parts of the country where the state of california because they have got this sanctuary law they can decide, okay, we are going to follow that law, but we are not going to follow that law which just seems crazy. >> right, exactly. and so our only recourse was to look at what was best for our city. we have done that with a lot of mandates, with the marijuana mandate. we looked at our city and we and put an ordinance in place that's not allowed in our city. the cultivation was not allowed in our city. it was in conflict with the state law but we are doing what's best for our city. we don't want to tie the hands of our law enforcement and we felt that sb-54 did exactly that. steve: shellie, how many communities in the state of california actually cooperate with ice like your town?
4:49 am
>> initially right now all of them but us. i have a feeling this will be a snow ball effect in other cities because it wasn't given to the voters to vote on about whether to become a sanctuary state or not. the cities are now being able to speak up on behalf of the voters. and i think you are going to see more and more action in individual cities like this just because we need to get our voices heard and we found this is probably the only way to do this. steve: all right. standing up to the state capital. shellie hasslebrink a city council member there in los alamitos. thank you so much. >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that email us at foxx. biggest names in politics and new book exposing how the bidens and kerrys used their power to make millions. author peter schweizer will join us live in the next hour to talk about that. 8:25. a race for the ages. the runner in blue.
4:50 am
all right. breaking all kinds of records at 100. how does he do it? the champ, the world war vet tells us his secret live from texas. come on,orville, come onorville. orville, cross the line ♪ running down a dream ♪ you'll ask... what pain? advil liqui-gels minis.
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4:53 am
♪ ainsley: check out the runner with the blue jersey in lane 2. he is 100 years old. his name is orrville rogers, and he broke five world running records for his age group over the weekend. steve: orrville is a world war ii veteran bomber pilot and the author of the book the running man, flying high for the glory of god. and he joins us right now
4:54 am
from dallas, texas. orrville, congratulations, how does it feel to break all those world records being a runner at 100? >> oh my. i'm on the top of the world. i have a total of 18 world records now and i'm very gratified that god has blessed me with the ability and the motivation to run well. brian: i was stunned to hear that you just started running 10 years ago at 90. >> i started running actually at 50 but only in competitions ten years ago. ainsley: that is amazing. we see in the video you didn't win. we think you are a winner for actually even trying. when you say you have won in your age group, what is the age group? how old are the men that you are competing with? >> i competed in the masters group, us older men. and the group starts at 35. and in five year age groups
4:55 am
all the way up to 105 where i am now. so i'm running in the 100 to 104 age group. steve: oh my goodness. let me ask you this, orville, what is the secret to living to 100? what do you do? >> i think there are a number of factors in to it. i'm a christian and god promise as long life. i have a wonderful wife. i keep active mentally and physically and spiritually. brian: what about -- what could you tell us about your service in world war ii. i was training four years in world war ii in the united states. ainsley: why did you name your book running man flying high for the glory of god. >> it's about out about a year. sold about 4,000 copies. it tells a story of my life.
4:56 am
you didn't mention the korea flying. in 1951-52. i was a pilot flying the biggest airplane in the world. the b-36 pictured here. we had 16 crew members and 16 20-millimeter cannons on each warplane for defense. we had the capability and the responsibility of being able to retaliate against russia if war had been declared. steve: you are a part of history in so many ways. orville rogers congratulations 18 world records and one pilot of one of the biggest planes in the world. ainsley: thank you. brian: sell 4 million books now. hope people will be inspired to buy it it's been nearly two years since jason chaffetz made this demand to the fbi over the clinton email probe in congress. >> you don't get to decide what i get to see. i get to see it all. i'm going to issue a
4:57 am
subpoena and i'm going to do it right now. you are hereby served. brian: did he ever get an answer? we will ask him next. steve: you've been served. ♪ ain't no stopping us now . . . . . . you do all this research
4:58 am
4:59 am
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brian: straight to a fox news alert. a package addressed austin, texas blowing up inside after fedex facility overnight. ainsley: the fedex center in shirts, texas outside of austin, san antonio where they have seen four explosions. steve: todd piro the development shortly after midnight. something blew up at fedex. reporter: if you're just waking up we have a whole lot to get caught up on. let's begin with the fedex bombing. it happened 70 miles away from where we are here. the package blew up when moving
5:01 am
from upper conveyor belt to lower conveyor belt. it was sent from austin to austin. reportedly contained shrapnel and nails. there were reports of nails in the tripwire bomb where i'm standing. the woman who worked in the fedex facility was not hurt by shrapnel got a little little bif headache from the blast. she is expecting to okay. people are asking people to stay indoors while they investigate. right where imstanding this is where sunday's tripwire blast happened. take a look at this. this is the austin american statesman saying we are going to stop it. obviously a reference to law enforcement what they are hoping to do. law enforcement said two interesting things. they do believe the work of a serial bomber and level of sophistication of this latest or yesterday the latest bombing has grown significantly.
5:02 am
>> he and his friend were riding their bicycle about a block from their house. it was so dark they couldn't tell. they tripped and set off this explosion. didn't see it. it was a wire. he and it blew up. reporter: that is the grandfather of one of the latest victims who set off the tripwire on sunday night. ap reported the blast left what appears nails stuck in his leg. over the course of the hours, nails theme embedded in the bombs continues. the fourth blast in austin injured two men in their 20s, follows three package bombs around the austin area which killed two and insured two others. authorities including two fbi agents on scene, that a trip wire is quote a significant change in the bomber's techniques. they hope the bomber contact them so they can in their words, understand his message.
5:03 am
the austin police department is saying don't let your guard down. if you come across anything suspicious do not touch, or handle or disturb it, keep a safe distance and call 911 immediately. despite all that authorities still don't have a motive. if there is one takeaway, if you're just waking up. keep in mind the situation is no longer just in austin has spread throughout the state of texas. steve: todd, thank you very much. fox news contributor, former republican congressman, chairman of the house oversight committee. jason chaffetz. >> good news nobody was hurt in this latest incident there will be a lot of tracking via fedex center or went to a postal office, that is the good news. the manhunt is now. good men and women at atf let them do their job. ainsley: should congress get involved?
5:04 am
>> no, they better not. you have to stand back and let law enforcement do its work. brian: former attorney general eric holder giving advice to jeff sessions sometimes you have to be bold and tell the president no when it comes to andy mccabe. here are the words, now. >> may be a the end of the day the, the his separation, his termination is appropriate but you know you don't, you don't rush that component of it to meet a deadline that i think the president essentially set. you know, you have attorney general of the united states you run the damn justice department, you know. you got to have the guts to look at the president every now and again and say no. brian: meanwhile if you've been watching it gets, president trump has been a little upset because jeff sessions said no, wait too much, including i'm out of here with the russia probe. does he have any right to
5:05 am
lecture jeff sessions? >> he knows better. he knows the process of dismissal went out over course of months. it is almost impossible to get fired from the federal government. this process had to run the gauntlet from the inspector general and office -- brian: who appointed the inspector general? >> it was an obama appointee confirmed by united states senate. michael horowitz. there is broad bipartisan support for this person. when his report comes out five weeks from now you will have really good information but eric holder knows better. it's a political barb is trying to throw it out there to confuse people. ainsley: should there be special counsel, isn't it a little odd, horowitz guy he is workings for the doj investigating the fbi, he investigating. >> absolutely should be one, add on u.s. attorney to go after the 24 people they are not able to
5:06 am
interview and have prosecutorial power show with that. hybrid i think is the right way to go. steve: so much going on at the fbi and the department of justice, i know we'll get into the way back machine because when you were the chairman of the house oversight committee you had oversight over the executive branch. take you back to september 12th. here is mr. chaffetz talking to the fbi, acting legislative affairs chief. you're simply asking for something reasonable. and that is the documents. watch this. >> you don't get to decide what i get to see. i get to see it all. i was elected by some 800,000 people to come to congress to see classified information. i was elected by my colleagues to be the chairman of this committee. that is the way the constitution works. will the fbi provide congress full file with no redactions,. >> i can not make that commitment sitting here today. >> then i will issue a subpoena.
5:07 am
i signed this subpoena. we want all the 302s and we would like the full file. you can accept service on behalf of the fbi? >> certainly. >> you are hereby served. steve: your attorney went directly to do just that. what were you asking for? >> it is a closed case. congress, peppering back and forth is, what is it that you think congress shouldn't see? essentially the department of justice continues to this day to give the stiff arm to congress. though know it is terribly embarrassing. that is what oversight is supposed to do. brian: what were you looking for? >> the hillary clinton email investigation. it went back to understand what these cast of characters now being exposed were doing and not doing. were they covering up for hillary clinton and were they going after donald trump? i think that was a legitimate question and still to this day, isn't it rich, that when the special prosecutor issues a subpoena you better comply with it, or guess what you are going
5:08 am
to jail. when congress issues a subpoena we'll tick that under consideration. steve: here is the thing, the stuff you were asking for because he bear asking to the department of justice to what to block out. >> they redact things that have nothing to do with snags kurt. one of the things we put in place, we sent a letter to the inspector general michael horowitz to start the investigation. now it will play out. it is first part of may. after you see that, i think you will see the second special prosecutor put into play. that is what should happen. that is what should happen. brian: bob goodlatte said he only got tiny percentage of those documents. he got 3,000 out of 1.2 million. >> it's a fight congress has been going through for a year-and-a-half. it started with eric holder f eric holder was trying to be mr. righteous he could have provided documents under subpoena by congress but he refused to do it.
5:09 am
steve: you said sounds like the inspector general report comes out first of may. we heard might be march. what is going on? >> the process works like this. when they finally cross the ts and dot the is they will give it to the fbi director, director wray and the attorney general and the deputy attorney general. those cooperate the interviews see their sections to get some feedback. he will give, michael horowitz give them a short leash, week, week 1/2 to go through that process. then they will present it to the united states congress. ainsley: when it comes to andrew mccabe they have all the memos they say on the president, even though the president said they weren't taking notes in the middle of meeting with them. why didn't they have have memos with hillary clinton? >> and all other meetings. with loretta lynch. they say this is common practice. this is habit they were in. where are those emails or where are those notes? particularly mccabe and struck. they have to have some notes
5:10 am
from that meeting with hillary clinton. brian: right, you have to wonder andy mccabe takes notes. how do i know those notes are accurate. president remembers that differently. congratulations. >> he met with him, president trump, very infrequently. not like he is given direction over there. brian: backs up comey to make it seem like a block. >> comey hands it to his buddy that throws it to the media. brian: to mueller. >> you see a concerted effort to manipulate the media by dropping information. i think you will see that not only with the fbi unfortunately but you are also going to see that with the cia and the intelligence apparatus. steve: d.c. is a leaky town. >> deep state is alive and well unfortunately. >> yeah. brian: see you on the radio. there is jillian behind you. jillian: he was on the 5:00 a.m. show today.
5:11 am
working hard. we have a fox news alert. severe storms turning deadly overnight. off-duty georgia state patrol trooper tyler parker killed when his car lost control in intense rain. his young daughter is seriously hurt. fierce itnados knocking down trees and in alabama. this church is one of many buildings destroyed. thousands of buildings are without power. storms threaten the southeast the rest of the day. an escaped inmate police believe is extremely dangerous. people connected to. mauricio gonzalez after a shootout overnight. gonzalez escaped early monday being transported to a denver hospital. he was being held for an attempted murder of a police officer. i.c.e. agents were asking to be notified when he would be release.
5:12 am
president trump hold as key meeting with the crown prince of saudi arabia, they will focus on russia's role in syria and infrastructure projections. bin salman will meet the cia director and national security advisor. this marks salman's first visit to the white house at heir to the thrown. life saving news for a teenageer coming straight from chewbacca. [laughter] jillian: 15-year-old austin eagle son telling promise to dress up as "star wars" character that he is on a successful waiting list. steve: dreams come through. ainsley: that is great. thank you, jillian.
5:13 am
steve: 8:12 in new york. fox news alert. fifth explosion rocking state of texas this time in a fedex facility on a conveyor belt. former homicide detective ted williams is here to react. he next. ainsley: white house press secretary sarah sanders will join us live. brian: yep. and now, you can too. see why chevrolet is the most awarded and fastest growing brand the last four years overall. current competitive owners can get a total value of over eleven thousand dollars on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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steve: we're back with a fox news alert. a package addressed from austin, texas to austin, texas, blowing up inside after fedex facility around midnight. the fedex center is located in a fedex center outside of austin where they have seen four explosions this month. we have former whom he side investigator ted williams. >> good morning. steve: steve if someone drops off a address on it. probably has a fake return address on it but there could be video of the person dropping it off. this could be a big development. >> this could be a very big development, steve, when you stop on something with fedex at
5:18 am
venues, normally there are cameras around. quite naturally law enforcement will look at cameras not only in the fedex area but austin, texas area where the bombings started off in austin, texas? >> what about the signature of this bomber? >> atf has a lab in quantico, virginia, they are sending all of the evidence that they have connected or collected to try to determine a nexus between these various bombings, and the bomber's signature. steve: i heard one of the reporters at one of the press briefings ask one of the local authorities on the ground there in austin, is it too early to tell whether or not this is terrorism? and of course they're leaving the door open for anything, but when you look at the sophistication, particularly of that bomb that was left alongside the road with a trip
5:19 am
wire, you have to wonder who is putting this thing together? >> you're absolutely right. it is, no matter how you look at it, it is a form of terrorism. and the fact about it is, it is certainly someone who is sophisticated. we know that the last bombing there were two individuals who, the explosive exploded on and those two individuals that we're dealing with a trip wire. we know that before that, the packages had been left at various venues. so this is somebody who is well-sophisticated in bombing and would also have to look at ex-military personnel or even current military people. steve: sure. i know it is too early to tell in an instance like this where somebody a serial bomber they're not making up new bombs every day, are they, or do they have a bunch of of them made they figure out as days go by how to deliver them? >> steve, it could be
5:20 am
combination of both. they could have bombs made or making bombs. the one thing we haven't had yet with eric rudolph or ted kaczynski, "the unabomber," some kind of communication. what law enforcement is trying to get, is this bomber or bombers to communicate with them to try to see what is it that set them off. steve: sure. ask the guy or gal what they want, what the motive is, figure it all out. ted, thank you very much for the analysis on this tuesday morning. >> my pleasure. steve: all right. meanwhile pressing on we have reaction from the white house on texas explosions when press secretary sarah huckabee sanders joins us live coming up in about five minutes. he literally wrote the book on clinton corruption. peter schweizer has a new book exposing secrets of other powerful political families. he tells us about that next.
5:21 am
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♪ ainsley: we have quick headlines for you of the weinstein company filing for bankruptcy protection overnight. the embattled company announcing it is releasing all harvey weinstein's victims of sexual misconduct from any non-disclosure agreements that prevented them from speaking out. delta is apologizing for sending a puppy to the wrong destination a idaho man complaining on facebook, his new dog was flown to detroit, vegas and salt lake city before finally making it home. the owner originally received wrong puppy at one of the airports. delta is now investigating. steve: meanwhile, exposing the corruption of the clinton foundation in the best-seller,
5:25 am
"clinton cash." now best-selling author peter schweizer is back exposing powerful political families in his new book, "secret empires," how the american political clash hides corruption and enriches family and friends. brian: here so discuss it himself the new book, president of the government accountability institute. this book looks explosive. we got it a short time ago. we saw some of the summaries. it doesn't just go after democrats. >> that's right. we go after both sides we're following all the evidence. we're number three on amazon. people are concerned about corruption in washington, d.c. if you look at the obama administration, people are going to be shocked what the biden family was involved in, and what associates and in some cases family members of secretary of state john kerry were involved in. major deals involving the chinese government. not chinese private companies. the chinese private government. brian: senator mitch mcconnell
5:26 am
and elaine chao? >> senator mitch mcconnell as well. big deals with the chinese government made these families very wealthy. ainsley: give us an example, something shocking. >> in december of 2013 vice president biden flies to beijing, with him on the plane, his son, hunter biden. sensitive issues, south china sea, the chinese are expanding power base, economic conflict. joe biden is criticized on the trip going soft on beijing. 10 days after they leave, hunter biden his son, scores a $1.5 billion a b, billion dollar private equity deal from the chinese government. steve: thursday. there are restrictions what government officials can do and accept but not for their families. >> that is exactly right. that is a key part of this book. ainsley: is that breaking the law? >> the question whether there is a quid pro quo. we don't know. here is the problem, that deal was never disclosed. we uncovered and found it. here is the problem, if joe biden gets 1500-dollar campaign contribution or a
5:27 am
1500-dollar gift or his wife does it has to be disclosed but if a kid or sibling or parent scores $1.5 billion from a foreign government they're not required to disclose it. brian: what about ukraine and hunter biden? >> same thing, hunter biden while his father is the point man for obama administration on policy towards ukraine becomes business partners with the most notorious oligarch in the ukraine. this guy is out of a james bond film. what essentially what happens his, he goes into business with kolimsoky. his bank, privat bank, where u.s. and imf aid dollars flow. $1.8 billion goes through the guy's bank and billion dollars disappears this is hunter biden's business partner. steve: incredible. what about the kerry family? >> the kerry family three chinese deals. two of them, chris heinz is front and center.
5:28 am
they set up a off-shore account. the chinese of the government puts in $38 million. in the other case rosemont relatedty a real estate company he is involved in, a chinese company that is linked to the chinese navy, buys into this company and promises $3 billion to expand real estate ares in the united states. steve: because it is the family, not the politician -- >> that's correct. there is no disclosure. that has got to change. there has to be legislation says if your family members are doing deals with foreign governments american people need to know it. ainsley: chris heinz is his stepson. >> chris heinz is his stepson. steve: mitch mcconnell. >> elaine chao, her family is in the shipping business. if you dissect the shipping business they are completely dependent on the good cases of the chinese government. in this case elaine chao's father gave a gift of 5 to $25 million to
5:29 am
mitch mcconnell. so they directly, they are direct beneficiaries safe safe say that again? >> a gift between five and $25 million that elaine chao's father gives to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> that is something they do and gets disclosed. people don't realize where the money came from? came from the chinese government. specifically the china state shipbuilding corporation, business partner with the chaos, is the largest military contractor in china. brian: if, for example, president wants to put tariffs on china and there is bipartisan uproar about those tariffs you wonder what their perspective is? >> brian, that's a great point. one of the things i argue in the book, if you look at mitch mcconnell's record in the senate, has become increasingly soft on china as it relates to military issues or trade issues. he is probably going to say no, that is not true, it is not connected but the pattern is overwhelming. it is about follow the money. where we always end up when we look at corruption in politics,
5:30 am
follow the money. steve: holy cow, brand new book out this week, secret empires. peter, thank you very much. >> great to be here. ainsley: fox news alert. texas is waking up to another explosion rattling that state, the fifth in less than a month, the fifth bomb in less than a month. steve: we'll have live reaction from the white house with press secretary sarah sanders, she joins us next.
5:31 am
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. a package addressed to austin, texas, blowing up inside of a fedex facility overnight. the fedex center in schertz, texas, where they have seen four explosions this month alone in austin. fox news confirming there are no injuries. steve: there was a local report i believe from the associated press they passed on, apparently a woman who was working inside of near the conveyor belt at the fedex facility in schertz, texas, had suffered a concussion injury. turned out that was an erroneous report. brian: man, how dangerous is this, shrapnel and nails on inside. one person thought to have a concussion but didn't need to be treated. keep in mind they were pouring all over this region, 500 plus officers, 236 interviews, that was prior to the fifth bombing.
5:35 am
ainsley: let's bring in zare are you huckabee sanders the press secretary at the white house. have you talked to the white house? this happened at 12:25 a.m. that happened last few years. have you had a chance to talk about it this morning? >> i have not spoken to him directly but i have talked to our team at the white house here this morning since this is taking place. we are mon are toing and reviewing. i know the president was made aware. i haven't spoken to him directly. he is aware of the situation. we're continuing to work with local authorities on the ground to do everything we can to help supplement their efforts and make sure that we're doing what we can to help protect the people in these communities, that we apprehend that the individuals behind these terrible acts. brian: sarah, can you rule out an international component to this? can this be al qaeda or isis-inspired or directly, could they be the perpetrators? >> look, we're still in the investigation process here.
5:36 am
i'm not going to get ahead of that right now but i can tell you that the federal authorities are working very closely with local authorities and have offered full cooperation and support in order to help in these evidents to make sure we're doing whatever is necessary and whatever is possible in order to stop these from happening and in order to apprehend the people behind these heinous acts. steve: absolutely. let's talk a little bit about the a road trip the president of the united states made, he went hupp to hard-hitman chester, new hampshire. hard hit because manchester behind aye h ohio in the number of deaths due to opioids. he made it very clear, yesterday, the president did, sarah, if you want to stop drugs you have to build the wall. some suggested with the big funding bill in have democrats and republican get together, he will get the wall and democrats get daca. how close are we to something
5:37 am
like that? >> republicans are there. the president is there. he made multiple offers trying to get democrats to actually do their job. i think what we're seeing is that the democrats would much rather use daca recipients as pawns instead of actually putting real solutions forward and making things happen. they had a number of opportunities none of which at this point they have chosen to take. the president has made at least two very generous offers to extend the daca deal in exchange for border security and border wall funding that was the most recent offer made to democrats and they continue -- brian: right. >> to not want to help these people. it is beyond me how they go out on tv and cheer and champion saying that they want to do what they can to help daca recipients but the two opportunities they have had, they haven't taken them. they continue to ignore the real problem at hand, actually address it with real solution.
5:38 am
brian: senator mike rounds bill had 54 votes. the senate didn't back it because it didn't have lottery or chain migration in it. might the president bring that up, look for the desdeal possible or lay out say it is four or nothing? >> it is possible, the deal offered earlier this week included a three-year extension for daca, in exchange for the border wall and border security funding. the full amount that he is asking for to do that, and that was the deal that democrats continue to reject. so we're hoping that at some point they decide to actually get serious and help us solve this problem that we're very anxious to solve. ainsley: i think the president would agree this is a major win for this town in southern california. it is called los alamitos. the town said they do not want to be part of the sanctuary state. shelly hasslebrink is former
5:39 am
mayor. steve had had a chance to talk to her on the show earlier. listen to the sound bite and get your reaction into we didn't want to support illegal anything in our city. this is the only recourse we had. i have a feeling this will be snowball effect in other cities, this was not given to the voters to become a sanctuary state, cities are able to speak up on behalf of voters. you will see mower and more actions in individual cities because we need to get our voices heard. we found this is own way to do this. brian: your reaction, sarah? >> we couldn't agree anymore that sanctuary cities are a dangerous thing. the president has been outspoken as the attorney general. when cities start picking and choosing laws they want to follow, that that is a dangerous thing and certainly outside of the jurisdiction the way our government was set up. it is outrageous to think that earn is cities and even states
5:40 am
now are putting law enforcement officials at risk and in danger because they're refusing to follow the law. i just, it is beyond me how any city can just decide that there are laws they don't want to follow. brian: right. >> if conservatives did this, during the obama administration, people would have gone absolutely crazy yet they are celebrated in the democrat party for not following the law. it set as terrible standard and a really dangerous thing for young people and kids, if you don't like something you ignore it and do whatever you want. brian: most americans don't want sanctuary states or sanctuary cities. any polling reveals that we'll see what attorney general sessions can do about it. sarah huckabee sanders, thank you very much. >> thank you. ainsley: jillian has raking news story. jillian: breaking news we're learning details. let's get right to the fox news alert. police responding to a the shoeing at a high school in
5:41 am
maryland. the incident at great mills high school in st. mary's county two miles outside of baltimore. there has been a shooting at mills high school. the event is contained. the sheriff's office is on the scene. we'll have more information on the breaking story as it becomes available. stick with fox news. cutting-edge technology cut off. uber suspending all testing of self-driving cars after deadly crash in arizona. 49-year-old elaine hersburg was walking her buy kel outside the crosswalk when the uber hit her. >> investigation did not show at this time there was significant signs of the vehicle slowing down, but our investigation is going to reveal more once it is complete. jillian: the uber had a backup driver inside but the suv was in self-driving mode. it is believed to be the first death involving a fully
5:42 am
autonomous boulevard. showdown between free speech and abortion access. justice will hear a challenge to california law requiring pro-life pregnancies centers to post notices how to obtain a state funded procedure. judge andrew napolitano earlier said this shouldn't be able a debate. >> the first amendment guaranties right to silence. the government can not force you to express a political opinion which you disagree. jillian: attorneys for the state argue it is neutral regulation aimed at inforring women of their options. that is a look at the headlines. send it back to you. steve: thank you, jillian. ainsley: stick with us, we'll have more on the fox news alert in texas. they're waking up to another explosion rattling that state, the fifth in less than a month. we're live on the ground. ♪
5:43 am
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miralax. ainsley: we have a fox news alert. police responding to a shooting at a high school in maryland. this happening at great mills
5:46 am
high school, in st. mary's county maryland, two hours south of baltimore. brian: the school posting a statement saying this. there has been a shooting at great mills high school. the school is in lockdown. the event is contained. the sheriff's office is on the scene. steve: the st. mary's sheriff's office stating, there is an incident at great mills high school. parents, do not respond to that school. report to leonard town high school which is nearby. 1600 students attend great mills high. according to wjla, we just heard it is contained however the school is on lockdown. there is a shooting, the nature we do not know. brian: when the corporal was asked if anyone was hurt or anyone in custody, he simply said we have no idea at this point. so we'll follow that. school shooting which is very early in the day. steve: the key is the word contained. they have it contained. we simply don't know what that means. ainsley: so that is happening in maryland. also in texas we've had breaking news this morning.
5:47 am
here is fox news alert. a package addressed to austin, texas, blowing up inside of a fedex facility overnight. brian: the fedex center is in schertz, about an hour outside of austin where we have seen four explosions this month. we thought that was a good reason to put todd piro on the brown, prior to the fifth bomb that took place in the 1:00 in the morning. >> hey, brian, a quick point for a couple updates. the ap earlier reported there was a connection between the bombings in austin and the fedex bombing. feds tell fox they are not yet ready to make that conclusion. second, ap also reported that there was a woman injured. atf, alcohol tobacco and firearms says nobody was injured and also the ap reported that there were shrapnel and nails in the bomb there at the fedex facility. again, atf says they are not yet
5:48 am
ready to make that conclusion. as for what we do know about the fedex bomb, the package blew up when moving from an upper conveyor belt to a lower conveyor belt just after midnight. that package was addressed to us austin and being sent from austin. atf, bomb squads all on scene, police asking people in that area to stay indoors while they investigate. the austin police chief just tweets moments ago, for people here in austin themselves, to continue to remain vigilant. keep in mind, we still don't have a motive. we're still trying to figure out what happened here in austin. nobody should let their guard down. quite frankly, anywhere in the state of texas at this point. stay with fox on air, on line, throughout the day what is really a fluid situation that seems to be changing by the hour. steve, ainsley, brian? brian: todd, have you found the authorities have been cooperative with you, standoffish? i remember in the las vegas, in
5:49 am
beginning there was a lot of cooperation and then there seemed to be a lot of anger. how would you characterize officials now? reporter: so far everybody does seem to be cooperative but again as we've seen in numerous of these incidents as you start digging a little deeper sometimes, not always, sometimes, skeletons get uncovered. not saying that is the situation here by any stretch of the imagination, it is all way too early for that. so far in response to your question, so far the cooperation has been very good. steve: that is terrific. todd, going back to the heart of your report, regarding the early associated press reporting let me make sure i understand. you're saying they came out with some things that, at this point the authorities are not willing to go out and say that is accurate? reporter: right. as with regard to what fox has been able to confirm with these individuals, the atf specifically said look, nobody was injured. at this point in time we are not able to say whether there were
5:50 am
nails or shrapnel in this bomb because this is a fedex facility. it is a warehouse. there will be a lot of nails, maybe not necessarily shrapnel, but there could be those things in and around so atf is not ready to make that conclusion. obviously the big conclusion the ap did make that these were connected. it is clear, we have to make this clear, the feds have not yet or are not yet he will willing to make that connection to fox. this is such a fluid situation. this thing happened. the fedex explosion happened at 12:30 central time, 1:30 your time there in the east coast. we're talking less than eight years ago. a lot of work needs to be done and let's remember these bombings started at beginning of march. we still don't have too many clues, at least clues authorities let us know about, if they're any closer to solving this. steve: surely. todd, thank you very much. apparently federal express has issued a statement. we are being emailed it right now. we have not yet received it but one of the early indications is
5:51 am
that the fedex package that exploded the early indications were it was sent from a location in austin, texas, and then it went to the depot there in schertz, texas, the at some point during the transfer process it, went from one conveyor belt to another it eventually explode. they were able to track it down. it came from austin and apparently was addressed to someplace in austin, texas. brian: meanwhile? ainsley: we did get the statement from fedex that says we can confirm that a single package exploded while in the fedex ground sorting facility early this morning. one team member is being treated for minor injuries. we're working closely with law enforcement in their investigation. we have not, with re not providing any additional specific information about this package at this time. steve: which makes sense they don't want to reveal too many things. there is always a possibility, we've been speaking to some of the fbi experts in the past, it
5:52 am
is possibility this is unrelated. we heard todd say that is a possibility as well. it can be a copycat. we simply do not know at this stage. brian: right. we don't know. we are following it. because the whole country is focused what is happening down there. i think it is fascinating and so heartening to know a bomb like this could be on a conveyor belt, what i imagine a crowded area, even though early in the morning you wouldn't think it was that trafficky, one person with minor injuries, we thought it was more, had a concussion, needed treatment, the person hurt but never had to leave the building. how does fedex go about their day, you had things to be delivered. who will go to the conveyor belt? that conveyor belt went through all the systems, went through all the systems got to that point. how do we know what other box out there has the same box or going through the same screening
5:53 am
devices. it will arrive to that conveyor belt? who can be sure you want to pick it up. ainsley: that is what everyone is so worried about. the first one was a man killed, 39 years old, 12th of march, i young boy or young man, he was 17 years old, was killed. a woman 40 was injured. on the 12th, another woman 75 years old, she was injured. then on the 18th two days ago, two men were injured, 21, 22-year-old, injured from the device that exploded on side of the road with a trip wire. now this one, this is scary, being circulated through the mail. it appears whoever is responsible for this, dropped it off at fedex either at a facility or one of the dropboxes. apparently a day or two ago. and you have got fedex workers who work round-the-clock because a lot of people send things overnight. this is a facility outside of san antonio. someone, we don't know if the person picked it up, we don't
5:54 am
know the information or it exploded because it was dropping from the top tier to the bottom tier on the turntable. >> on the conveyor belt. steve: there are some details we do not know at this point. yes, three members of the congressional black caucus called for federal authorities to classify the bombings as terrorist attacks to determine whether they are idealogically or racially motivated. that was before this bombing down in texas at scehertz, texas. naacp called them actions of domestic terror and called for vigilance and caution for communities in austin, texas. brian: obviously governor abbott, the president of the united states, it does matter. they have a great relationship. there is probably great communication between them, especially coming off the tragedy which was the hurricane oaf the summer. now they're saying in sce --
5:55 am
schertz, 22 miles from san antonio and 23 miles from austin. in terms after facility this is a 100,000 square foot facility, it is big. i note too, first is safety, i get that, but if you're fedex, a global operation they have to have a system is in place, where you say safety first, they also know this is devastating to their business. and they have to also say okay, we have to keep calm, so packages still get delivered. at same time being cautious. so at 1:00 in the morning they had to make that corporate call. ainsley: whoever is responsible for this is very brazen. brian: i agree. ainsley: before there might not be any evidence of him or her. there might not have been cameras in the neighborhoods when dropping things off on front porches, to go to fedex or send a package you have to put an address, more traceable than it would be if you drop a box without a label on it on someone's front doorstep. steve: we had terry terchi, who
5:56 am
is retired, helped discover the who the unabomber was that case, he thought it was interesting, police authorities in austin, texas, asked for whoever sending the bombs to get a dialogue started with the police so they could know what their beef was whoever they were targeting. terry said the fact that the person changed their mode of delivery now sending it through a package delivery service, that was the message. brian: this almost remind me, sadly of what happened after after after 9/11 with the sniper situation. people were afraid to pump gas and do traditional things in open place, it was unlikely, we found out two people could inflict massive damage from a bunch of people from restaurants to gas stations. we didn't know. so people auldterred their lifestyle. in austin they're altering it. they're looking at san antonio
5:57 am
and southwest of austin saying, maybe i should rethink how i get my mail. ainsley: people are scared to pick up packages, open their packages, people are scared to send their kids to school. that brings us to another story. fox news update on school shooting, a high school in maryland. atf is heading to the scene in great mills be high school, st. mary's county maryland, two hours outside of baltimore. brian: the school is posting a statement saying this. there has been a shooting at great mills high school. the school is on lockdown the event is contained. sheriff's office on the scene. steve: there has been an incident at great mills high school. parent please do noted respond to the school. report to leonard high school nearby. as the school is on lockdown, it
5:58 am
has been contained and that is the good news. we simply do not however know the nature of what happened. brian: we do know this. we learn from each and everyone of them. i imagine in maryland, far from florida, it has been a month to a day, horrific shooting that cost lives of 17, exploring what we learned last time, authorities are pretty clear you don't wait on the outside. you go in and secure the site immediately. one thing that has emerged with the little information we have is they have secured the site. they think, but they have not talked about a shooter being in custody. ainsley: right. we don't exactly know what happened in the situation. they are not giving us much information. we know the school is on lockdown. a parent are being told to go to leonard town high school, do not report to great mills high school if your children go to school there. steve: that is curious. that would suggest they simply don't have a good handle what happened. we heard rumors. we're not ready to report at this stage, what may have
5:59 am
happened, however the key is, that it has been contained but it is curious and, probably the right thing to do. all the parents who were listening about what is going on there at great mills high school, they hear there has been some sort of a incident with a gun. they want to pick up their kids. police are saying very clearly, whatever you do don't come to your kids high school. go to leonard town high school instead. that is where you get information about whatever happened there in st. mary's county. brian: as we look to find out what happened, what went in place, i know one thing, so many different communities across the country after broward county thought not to be susceptible was susceptible, not ready. many had plans in place should it hit their town and community. i hope maryland was one of those schools. ainsley: i'm looking at local news reports. they have different accounts of what is happening. multiple injuries. one is reporting shooting, possible casualties. none of this is confirmed this
6:00 am
is local news in that area. . .


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