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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 20, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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the last month alone. we're waiting on the update. the news conference will begin in five minutes. the mayor, chief of police are all there. hopefully we learn something shortly. thanks for joining us. "happening now" takes it from here. >> a fox news alert on the hunt for a serial bomber in texas. we're about to get an update from authorities in schertz, texas. that's scheduled to begin in five minutes. those were just preliminary introductions. this after another blast rocked the state. the fifth this month alone. i'm jon scott. >> this is at the distribution center near san antonio. a package exploded after midnight. hours later, sent a police team and hazmat team to a fed ex facility in austin to check on a
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suspicious package there. all this why the feds say the san antonio blast is likely linked to the string of deadly bombings in austin. four blasts in all across the texas capitol killing two people and injuring four others since march 2. local police now coordinating with the feds on the investigation. >> multiple agencies here from government to municipality. we're trying to work together to, you know, get some answers and find out what's going on. >> chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in austin, texas right now. jonathan? >> jon, a lot of fear, a lot of dread in communities across texas. obviously centered here in austin. now spreading to the san antonio region after this explosion overnight at a huge fed ex facility in schertz, which is a suburb of san antonio, about 70 miles from austin where the other four explosions have taken
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place. a source with the atf telling me today that they are obviously looking at that explosion in the light of the investigation of the four others. while they can't link it at this point, given the geographic proximity and the timing to the other bombings this month, they're looking at it very closely and in that context. one woman, a worker at that fed ex facility complained of a hearing issue after the explosion. they don't consider it an injury. that is the good news from that fed ex facility overnight. that nobody was seriously hurt in any way. it's obviously put everybody on edge when you add in the sunday night bombing right where i'm standing now in austin, the explosion taking place just behind me here. two young men setting off an
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almost invisible trip wire explosion. both of those men seriously injured. we hear today that they are in stable condition in the hospital. the grandfather of one of them talked about the injuries they suffered. listen here. >> both of them are kind of bleeding profusely. try to stop the bleeding on them. they called 911 real quick. i don't know if my son called it or my grandson called. one of the two. before long, the police and stuff were everywhere. >> so now we have had a series of five explosions. four of them here in austin, as you mentioned, beginning march 2. the ones in austin, if you can look at a map of austin, they have gone in a clockwise direction from the northeast. whether that indicates any sort of pattern that can help investigators as they try to track down whomever might be
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responsible for these, we don't know. and whether the authorities have any real idea of who might be behind this, we don't know either. they may have more clues that they're not telling us to keep the investigation secure as is often the case in this. obviously they are looking for somebody with a fair degree of skills at building not just explosive devices but the trigger mechanisms. the package bombs, when you build those often you find that they explode before they're put in place. none of those have the four. all appeared to have gone off where intended. this trip wire bomb, another level of sophistication on top of that. clearly the feds here and local police looking for someone that knows what they're doing. there have been deaths as you mentioned, and they want to get this person before anybody else is killed, jon. >> i know authorities have been
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keeping information close to the vest. they said the initial bombings were packages left on people's door steps. we're just getting ready for this news conference to begin. i'm going to go ahead and finish this question. when the officials step up to the microphones, we'll take you back there live. but i'm just wondering, did they say were those fed ex boxes? they were not delivered by fed ex. do we know? >> we don't know what the packaging of them was. they were all hand delivered, not actually placed by a delivery service. in other words, they seem to be suggesting the person who made the bombs probably was the one that dropped them off. we don't know that definitively at that point. we do know that this one going through the fed ex facility and exploding overnight was the first one to be found at any
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kind of delivery service facility. so you know have three methods. the hand drop off on the door steps, the fed ex facility, the bomb and the trip wire bomb. that's why everybody is so on edge. authorities admit that they don't know how and where this bomber will next strike. jon? >> jonathan, it's julie. it's interesting. the trip wire bomb, that was the fourth bomb in austin. officials have said it was significantly more advanced in technology. filled with shrapnel and so forth. this one though, if it were indeed a trip wire, i'm wondering how it was detonated. a trip wire would have to be detonated by a victim. any idea what detonated this thing? it was meant to go too austin. so obviously it detonated prematurely. >> yeah, this appears to have been another package bomb. it would -- logic would lead you
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to say it probably got set off through being knocked in some sort of way. we know it was on a conveyor belt, moving from one level to another and something triggered it. the first bomb to go off as far as we know and if it indeeded to be linked, the first to explode not where it was supposed to explode. this might be the only one in an error in the making of it. the package bombs are always somewhat unstable. if they get knocked in some way, they can explode. that would appear logically to be what happened here overnight, julie. we may get more details at this news conference about to start. we may get a definitive link to the other four. they haven't confirmed it at this point, julie. >> one gets the impression that the bomber or bombers is sort of toying with authorities at this
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point. the initial bombs, again, left on specific door steps, specific victims it would seem. perhaps, you know, one of those people or maybe all of those people was intended to be the victim. and then you come to the trip wire sunday night. just a package left by the side of the road. it would get anybody walking by. now you get a package left in the fed ex delivery system that, you know, detonated prematurely apparently. it would seem that the bomber is trying to throw police off the trail or give them more problems to try to handle. >> yeah, and moving from one method of delivery of the explosive device to another. certainly keeping everybody on their toes. the interesting thing about the sunday night trip wire bombing is that it was placed, it appears, just hours after the
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authorities had appealed to the bomber to come forward and communicate his or her message to them. it seemed in itself a very strong message saying i'm here, i'm not going to speak to you. what i'm going to do is keep planting these explosive devices. so at the moment, if the authorities have any idea who this is, they're not telling us, jon. obviously you would expect them to play this very carefully indeed. certain bits of information they don't want to give to us because that might tip off the bomber or bombers that they're getting closer to him, her or them. so they're playing it very carefully. they're very concerned and just how sophisticated these devices are. the very methods now of delivery of explosives. as i say, they don't know where this person might strike next, jon. >> jonathan hunt in austin. let's check in with the news conference now.
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>> the safety of the employees and the public has been, is and remains our principal focus. pertinent to the focus on public safety, the city of schertz is engaged and work in cooperation with the fbi and the atf. here is michael hanson, assistant special agent in charge, james smith from the fbi and assistant special agent in charge, frank ortega from the atf. right now, i'd like to recognize michael hanson who will provide you with additional information. chief? >> good morning. approximately 12:25 a.m., an
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explosion was called in to the police department. it occurred at the facility at 9935 dewer lane. members of the schertz police and fire responded and determined that an explosion had occurred. shortly thereafter, members of the san antonio police department, the bureau of firearms and explosives and the fbi arrives as well, a package had been traveling along the automated conveyor when it had exploded. one employee that was standing near the explosion later complained of ringing in the ears. she was treated and released. we were very fortunate that there were no injuries. its very early in the investigation obviously but we're confident that neither this facility, nor any location in the schertz area was a
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target. with that said, need to reiterate the message that we've heard so often recently, that if you have a package that was not expected, if you're suspicious of the returned a dress, if you come across any suspicious object, do not touch it. do not move it. contact 911. we should take this opportunity to thank the assistance provided by the fbi, the bats, texas department of public safety, the san antonio police department, the sheriff's office as well as the resources that have been provided by the southwest texas regional advisory council and the bcfs emergency management. now open for questions. >> did the package come from the fed ex store on brody lane? the fbi and the atf are there in
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austin. did the package come from there? >> can't go into the details of the package. still under investigation. >> the package was supposedly from austin, then. did the label -- >> i can't say where the package was destined for. it's under investigation. >> can this be the work of a copycat? >> that's what we're working on right now. we're looking at the evidence and let it take us where we need to go. >> can you confirm that there was nail and shrapnel in the package? >> we can't confirm it. we arrived late last night and early in the morning and still working on it. >> do you think it's connected to the serial bomber in austin?
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>> we can't say. >> can you confirm it's nails and shrapnel? >> i cannot confirm now. >> [question inaudible] >> can't compare them. we just entered the building recently. we have to make sure the building is safe before we go in. we're at the early stages. >> can you tell us the size of the package? >> [question inaudible] >> we can't confirm it. we just entered the building. >> [question inaudible] >> we just entered the building. we're trying to understand that right now. right now we have no indication of any issues of threats to the public. >> can you tell us the size of the package and if there's any evidence for you left to gather? >> i can't go into the details right now. >> anything else that you can add? >> it's an ongoing investigation. we can't provide the information at this time. >> are there employees in the building still? are they released?
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>> all the necessary precautions have been taken. right now the investigators are conducting the investigation. >> [question inaudible] >> can you repeat that? >> [question inaudible] >> we're working with the various delivery companies right now, with the ongoing investigation. they have security procedures and protocols. they're doing the normal steps. we're working with them on the regular package throughout the day. >> is this fed ex facility off line right now? is it operating in any way or do people have to wait for their packages to come in? >> we're working with the delivery company about the packages in there. we just approached -- we just entered the building. the building has been evacuated. we're ensuring that it's safe to go forward. >> can you tell people that may be concerned that it may be connected and they're genuinely scared? we go from east austin to south
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austin to north of san antonio. what can you tell people from panicki panicking? >> this is a very fluid investigation. we want the general public to know this is our number 1 priority. we encourage anybody in the public that has information to cap our tip line, 512-472-tips. if they have any information. all leads will be pursued and investigated. again, public safety is the number 1 priority. >> i understand you've said that before. you have 500 federal agents here in central and south texas. this is still happening. how can you calm people's fears? you have more than 500 feel agents. the atf is saying this is the top priority. another explosion has happened. what can you do to calm people's fears? >> we have agents from across the country. we have our national response
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team here. we have k-9s here. we have intel specialists. working hand and hand with our fbi partners, state and local partners. we've been working around the clock. again, the public safety is our number 1 priority. we're providing all the resources that we can to finally find the person or individuals responsible for this. >> are you confident you'll be able to pull the name on the package? >> we can't go into that right now. we're still trying to sift through the evidence. we're at the early stages of this particular event here. >> do you have evidence? the package, video? >> we can't go into the evidence we do have. we just approached this building. we're only three or four hours into this. first priority was to render the building safe. so the agents can go in and
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conduct the investigation and gather the evidence. we're going to be here a little while. >> are there any other packages found while looking through the facility? >> we have not done a search yet. >> what about the facility in austin by the airport? is that connected? >> i'm unaware of that. >> were there agents there too? you guys are here. are there agents at the fed ex facility in austin? >> i don't know why they're there. >> people are asking what do they do if they want to pick up a package here. >> we're asking people not to come here right now. we're still a crime scene. we're still searching the packages to ensure there's no other devices here. we're asking the people to be patient. if they know of something, call your local fbi or police department and report it. we need the public's help right
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now. >> what about the employees that were evacuated this morning? those that may have to report something? what's the plan. >> contact fed ex on that one. >> what kind of damages have you seen inside? >> we just now got here. >> what do you know? you've given a bunch of we don't know. what can you tell us? >> we can tell you, again, the public safety is our number 1 priority. we're following all leads that we receive. that's why we encourage the general public to help us out and provide any information they may have. again, call our tip line. one last question. one at a time, please. this is an ongoing investigation. i can't get into the details right now. >> it was reported that it went from one conveyor belt to another. can you confirm that? >> i can't right now.
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thank you. have a good day. >> what were their names again? >> i'll go over the names and the spelling. just keep in mind that this is very fluid situation. there's a lot of questions that were addressed. based on the magnitude of the investigation, we're looking at all of our resources and encouraging the public provide any information. provide video -- >> jon: a lot more questions than answers at the news conference in schertz, texas. a fed ex facility was processing packages when one exploded. an employee nearby complained of hearing loss. other than that, no injuries. authorities are investigating. this is not terribly far from austin, texas, the city that has been bedevilled by four explosions in recent weeks. obviously authorities are trying to get their hands around what
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and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> julie: we continue our coverage of five packages exploding in texas. the most recent happening last night. we're going to be joined now by former agent in charge. thanks for talking to us. this is interesting. there's definitely a pattern here. unfortunately it seems as we watch this news conference as i'm sure you did as well, investigators have more questions than answers.
8:25 am
the schertz police chief saying the package, all they know, at the time had been traveling along that automatic conveyor. they don't know who mailed the package, the address we still don't know. tell us how hard it's going to be for investigators to piece the package back together again. there's two main components of an investigation like this. one is the forensics from the devices themselves. they leave a lot of evidence. you can assume there's teams working each individual device, its remnants, the origins, the laboratory examination will result in a remanufacturing of each device. the devices will give you a signature if they're connected or not. and then there's an investigation of the victims for connectivity and also like, for example, if you have this random device put in a public area, there could be a tie there if you have a forensics tie between the devices. a lot of potential motive and
8:26 am
opportunity derived from the forensicses of the victims. >> according to the police, this package is mails from austin to austin. the san antonio fire department sending out two tweets after 5:00 a.m. one is disturbing. interestingly enough, fbi and atf were not able to confirm one of the details. major incident, schertz texas area. this is what we have gathered. after midnight, a package destined for austin detonated. the package had nails and shrapnel. only one injury. all inbound and outbound
8:27 am
packages are in facility. you tell me. when it comes to this package and it blowing up prematurely, what could have caused that? jonathan hunt said perhaps it got tosseled. my producer is talking to me. what did you say? stand by. we have to go to jon for breaking news. >> back to our coverage on that. first, a news conference in st. mary's county, maryland on the school shooting. let's listen in. >> fired a round, wounding a female student and another male student in a hallway of grape mills high school before classes begun. the victims of the shooting were transported by ems. the one male student went to st. mary's hospital and is in stable condition. the female student was
8:28 am
transported to shock trauma facility. is in critical condition. i'm fold that at 10:41 a.m., the shooter was confirmed deceased at charles regional medical center. when the shooting took place, our school resource officer, who was stationed inside the school, was alerted to the event and the shots being fired. he pursued the shooter, engaged the shooter. he fired a round at the shooter. simultaneously the shooter fired a round as well. in the hours to come, the days to come through detailed investigation, we will be able to determine if our school resource officer's round struck the shooter. the school resource officer is uninjured and was not struck by any fire am projectile. the sro is with our detectives
8:29 am
now as are witnesses to the event. they are still at the high school in a secured area. the remainder of the students from great mills high school as our protocol and process and training, we brought buses in and had children removed for parent re yunificatioreunificat. i'd like to thank my colleagues from the allied agencies that responded. it was a mass response this morning police fire and rescue. charles county sheriff's office, thank you. major morris, thank you. the maryland state police responded as did nas police, calvert county sheriff's office, the fbi and the atf. at 1:00 i hope to give you more details about this event. i know that you have a number of questions. i'm alerted to a number of
8:30 am
things that are out there on social media about the potential relationship between the shooter and any of the victims. at this time we can't confirm any of that. that is what this investigation will do. at 1:00, i will anticipate being able to release identities of perhaps the shooter and the victims as well. we would know by then that notification is being made. so again, i wanted to lay the ground work for what is to come at 1:00. >> can you confirm the identity of the police officer? >> no, i can't. not at this time. >> there were threats posted on social media. can you say what happened today was related to that? >> that's part and parcel to the investigation. we'll determine if anything on social media was relevant to this day. i'm not aware of anything. we're going to go back and comb through that as well as anybody involved on social media posts. >> how many officers were at the
8:31 am
school? >> we have a school resource officer assigned to each >> one? >> yes. >> we're not taking questions right now. at 1:00. i appreciate it. i would like to mention the fbi has set up a 1-800 line. it's 800-call-fbi. if you have additional information that you would like to share with us. we set that 800 line up. so please give us a call there. i'll see you at 1:00. thanks very much. >> from what you know right now, can you give us a little bit about the response today, about the school resource's officer and the response and the immediate aftermath? >> yeah. as i said, it was a mass response. this is what we train for. this is what we prepare for. this is what we pray that we never have to do. on this day, we realized our worst nightmare. that our greatest asset, our children, were attacked in one of our places of -- a bastion of safety and security, one of our schools. that's what we're talking about
8:32 am
right now across the country. the notion of it can't happen here is no longer a notion. despite training, you hope you never have to do this, ever. so now we're -- we're a tight-knit community. so now what i'd ask our community to do, pray for the victims and hope that we can return to some type of normalcy in our schools and our community. >> what was the last formal training exercise? >> we train on that all the time. in the schools was in the last calendar year. in fact, unfortunately we've had incidences that were -- people with guns in some of the schools and bomb threats which we treat similarly. we talk about school safety, school response weekly. in fact, we've done a number of parent meetings, community meetings in the last couple months. that's all the questions i'm going to take. see you at 1:00.
8:33 am
>> jon: sheriff cameron from maryland. a school shooting at great mills high school this morning. a gunman opened fire. the gunman is dead. a female student and another male student are injured. back with more in just a moment.
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>> julie: more on the string of bombings. the latest happening early this morning san antonio, texas. it was a packaged shipped from
8:37 am
austin to austin. it detonated at a fed ex facility. it exploded on a conveyor belt. luckily nobody was injured. that was not the case in the prior explosions. i want to welcome bernard. let me just ask you quickly, there's two dead, two injured so far. five explosions. as a result, it seems as if the targets are random. how do investigators plan ahead for another possible attack? >> they're trying to let the evidence speak. they're going to try to make connections as quick as possible. the technology has increased since we've had a major serial bombing event in the u.s. hopefully there's a lot of information from that, including more of a technological advances in terms of communications,
8:38 am
social media and some of these other things that might derive other information, gives them an opportunity to fund people. ultimately they won't to find the person and stop it. >> we're short on time. there's an explosive detection system, which basically uses infrared laser. it can detect up to 65 miles away, even through glass. it detects the chemicals that are used in making these explosives. why aren't these systems put in place at all of our mail carriers? >> nothing replaces the ability to replace a k-9, a dog. they can be trained to recognize over 20,000 chemical signals. in terms of the infrared devices, i'd say that's expense and not completely fettered out in terms of their effectiveness versus cost. >> julie: okay.
8:39 am
had to ask you that. thanks, bernard. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> jon: joining us now with more, the attorney general of the state of texas, ken paxton. general paxton, good to have you back on. >> thanks for having me. >> jon: the assumption this has to be related, a string of four bombings in austin. you have the package that goes off in a fed ex facility. is it too early to say this was related to the four earlier explosions? >> it's not definitive they're connected but common sense tells you that it is connected. >> perhaps an attempt to simply spread out the crime scenes, distract officers that, you know, may have been working on a lead that could have led to the bomber. >> absolutely. it's within a very short close area. austin. even this was meant for austin. so it's very likely the same person doing it. >> this is going to obviously
8:40 am
tax the police department in austin, other places. what is the state doing to give them resources? >> so it's not just the state. obviously we have resources from the state, from our state police. my office is involved. we have a joint task force on terrori terrorism. we have federal officials there. this is a massive effort to find out what is going on and try to stop it. >> jon: the early packages were left on door steps of the bomber or bombers targeting individuals. then you have the roadside bomb tripped by a trip wire, a couple of people that happened to come along. then you get this package mailed through the fed ex facility. it would seem like, you know, the bomber is trying to increase the level of fear. that anybody could be a target here. >> i think you're absolutely right. obviously as you know, an
8:41 am
ongoing investigation, law enforcement can't share everything they know. there's things that law enforcement knows about what's going on with the bombs and p potentially and who this is that they won't share. this guy, whoever it is, is trying to increase fear. >> jon: the good news, if you put a package in fed ex you have to pay for it somehow. maybe they paid cash, there's a video report of the bomber making the traction as? >> i can't say what we do or don't have but they'll find this guy soon. >> jon: what do you say to the people of texas right now? >> this creates fear. what i say, pay attention to your surroundings. you can't stop your life. but call 911 if you see anything suspicious. we have a tip line at 512-472-tips. if you have any information.
8:42 am
there's a reward. the governor has offered money, over 115,000 offered. anything provided could help solve this more quickly. >> jon: attorney general ken paxton from the state of texas. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> julie: so as we await the feds to piece this whole investigation together, we're getting new information about a possible sixth package that failed to explode. how investigators are going to use that very crucial piece of evidence to try to nab the suspect. we'll be right back. you could simulate confidence or you could experience it for real at the lexus command performance sales event. lease the 2018 nx 300 for $339 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you.
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>> julie: investigators are hashing out details of the blast in san antonio. the fbi just saying they do not know if the bombings are linked. joining us now, bob bianci and
8:46 am
mercedes cohen, fox news legal analyst. bob, they're holding their information close to the vest. i almost wonder why they held the news conference. the community in austin, texas, is scared to death. there's elderly people and children and women and men that are afraid to leave their homes. couldn't law enforcement have given them maybe assurance? >> you hit it on the head. having given many news conferences, there's a purpose to do them and a purpose not to do them. to have a scrum of chief law enforcement officers and give you no data exacerbates the problem. what i would have liked to see have done, there's bombings, a danger to the community and how to target harden themselves. they want to know how does this not happen to me. there's ways that they could have instructed the community. i would feel that would be a better use of their time.
8:47 am
>> it's interesting when you try to piece together all of the pieces of the puzzle together, they say there's no exact link, which is surprising. it seems it's pretty positive that there's got to be some kind of link. they've all been packages randomly left at door steps. the most recent used a trip wire. they were all mailed within the austin area. this is going from austin to austin and it prematurely detonated in san antonio. why aren't they releasing more information? is there a reason why they do that? >> great question. i think part of it is that they don't want to give information out there that can possibly mess up the entire investigation. they want to net this type of information. they want to go out there and say, is there any link to go as broad as possible. if they're getting clues out there to the public, it can manipulate the real wrong doer to try to evade detection. >> another thinking that happens with that julie, witnesses
8:48 am
parrot what they're hearing in the news. >> julie: okay. we're going to be back with more. we have to take a quick break. so many questions to be answered. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> julie: we're back now. fox news alert on the string of bombings, now five, in the texas
8:52 am
area. the most recent this morning san antonio. mercedes, we just got information that there was indeed a sixth package apparently that they discovered that did not detonate. so that package is going to be crucial evidence for the feds and local police to dive into and try to get some answers. >> exactly right. they have to look, are there any similarities. the fifth had the trip wire. that spooked the community like wait a minute. now it's random. before, it's the package here, package there, package at the door step. now talking about a trip wire. so they have to look some similarities. they have to connect the dots without any of those similarities. without the connections, we're at a loss. >> julie: the investigators seem to be at a loss when it comes to evidence or maybe they're not. it's interesting. the san antonio fire department tweeted about this like at
8:53 am
5:00 a.m. they mentioned that there was shrapnel. the atf and fbi did not confirm whether these packages confirmed to be shrapnel in them. seems they all have shrapnel. where do you take that information and go from there? >> the law enforcement will be more cautious in terms of making definitive statements. they'll look at the similarity of the materials of the bomb, trying to find out where they came from. a lot of activity right now in incident command structure format. so all of those things -- seems to be connected. the attorney general said the same. the bomber could mix up the materials and do things different in order to make it look like it's somebody else. but these are sophisticated devices based on what we're learning. >> julie: first of all, bomb making is so easy. so you can't assume that this is an experienced bomb maker. anybody can go on the internet unfortunately and put them
8:54 am
together. when you pack shrapnel into an explosi explosive, your idea is to not only kill but mame and injure. that is the most vicious. this person, once they're caught and they will be, could be one or more when it comes to prosecution. this is a terror attack. >> and two lives have been lost. so we're talking 25 to life. this person when caught, we're talking about how many people that have been injured, died, we're talking life in prison. >> julie: we're talking death penalty, i hope. >> and federal and state crimes. so if they want to go at it, they're going at it with both areas. texas is a death penalty state. there are federal death penalties if it can be connected to terrorism. the bottom line, if they catch the person or persons that did this, you can expect at a minimum they'll be going away the rest of their life. >> julie: we haven't we heard anybody call this terrorism?
8:55 am
it's domestic terrorism. we haven't we heard that? >> it's what you have said, bob. they're being overly cautious. they don't want to label it -- >> julie: or politically correct. call it like you say it. there's terrorism. there's no need for politics. we have to go. >> politicians don't want to label it. could have more down the read. >> julie: we'll have more here on fox. jon? >> jon: fox news alert. we told you vladimir putin has been reelected president of russia. fox has confirmed president trump called the russian president to congratulate him on his re-election. vladimir put vladimir putin re-elected and he got a phone call from the president of the united states. more ahead.
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speak of what a morning it has been just in the last 11 hours. it has been another explosion in texas, this meant that a fedex it ability. julie just talking about it with her legal panel. the bomber seems t be getting more random and sending these packages farther afield, perhaps to take the heat off of him or her paid >> it's interesting to note interestingly enough a month the local officials and law enforcement still are unabl. hundred% guarantee that these are leaked even though all of them were destined to explode in austin. it is when in san antonio but was shipped from austin to austin and his fedex facility. so far, no suspects, no motive, no answer quite frankly. >> friends of mine who know something about these kinds of people suggest that the bonds are built well in advance because you can't slap together it in general.
9:00 am
somebody has a storehouse of these things sitting around somewhere. let's hope the feds can get to them. >> and the person is in for a very long time in prison, possibly the death penalty if convicted in texas. thanks for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert on a growing concern about a serial bomber in texas after a fist explosion now. this time, a package bomb went off at a fedex distribution facility near san antonio leaving one worker with minor injuries. i was later, police sent to hazardous material team to a fedex facility in austin to check a suspicious package ther there. no word yet on whether that contained a bomb. but authorities believe the blast near san antonio is linked to the recent string of four bombings in austin. two people have been killed and four others injured since march 2nd. jonathan hunt is liv


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