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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 20, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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did the president raise any concern about election meddle something. >> i don't think it came up specifically but it's something we have spoken about and continue to look at ways and steps forward to make sure it never happens again. >> the president's new attorney says that there's this brazen plot by the fbi and the doj to frame the president. does the white house share that view? is there a plot to frame president trump? >> we have seen there's been some concerns with some of the actions that were taken. but in terms of any comments that he's made, i couldn't speak to those. matthew? >> thanks. two more questions on the putin phone call. first, does the white house believe the election in russia was free and fair? >> i'm sorry? >> does if white house believe the election in russia was free and fair? >> in terms of the election, there were -- we're focused on
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our elections. we don't dictate how other countries operate. what we do know is that putin has been elected in their country. that's not something that we can dictate to them how they operate. we can only focus on the freeness and fairness of our elections, something that we 100% fully support and continue to do everything we can to protect to make sure bad actors don't have the opportunity to impact them in any way. >> you said election meddling didn't come up in the call. did the resent poisoning in the united kingdom come up? >> i don't believe that was discussed. >> on one of the sunday morning shows, trey gowdy from south carolina said when responding to the various tweets that the president had put out over the weekend regarding special counsel robert mueller, he said when you're innocent, act like it. what is your response to what trey gowdy said over the
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weekend? >> look, the president has been very clear about the fact that there was no collusion between his campaign and any other entity. however, to pretend like going through this absurd process over a year would not bring frustration seems a little ridiculous. i don't think any individual, including members of congress would like it if they had been accused of taking their seat in congress by doing something nefarious when they hadn't, particularly if it went on more than a year into their time in office. my guess is they would be more than anxious to push back and certainly would defend themselves as the president has clearly done in this situation and has since day one. >> another republican over the weekend, lindsey graham, also a republican from south carolina said that if the president were to fire -- >> maybe we need to work on our south carolina members. >> said that if the president tries to fire robert mueller, it would be the beginning of the
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end of his presidency. what is your response to what lindsey graham says? >> as white house counsel, ty cobb said this week, the white house yet again confirms the president is not considering or discussing the firing of special counsel robert mueller. >> republicans -- >> do you feel like you're losing republicans in some way? these two prominent republicans from south carolina both spoke in this manner over the weekend? >> certainly don't think we're losing republicans at all. i think we're voicing some frustration over this ongoing process that we look forward to ending soon. pamela? >> in january the president told a room full of reporters that he would love to sit down and do an interview with robert mueller under oath. he said that time frame has passed. does he still want to do an interview with robert mueller? >> look, we've been fully transparent throughout this process. we've been fully cooperative. we're going to continue to be cooperative with the office of special counsel.
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beyond that, i can't go any further. >> can you provide more clarity on the president's tweets towards robert mueller over the weekend, calling him out by name? what was behind that? >> like i just said, clearly we have not been shy about the fact that there's frustration of this process. we would like it to end quickly and soon. the president has contended since day one and will continue to do so that there was absolutely no collusion between his campaign and any outside force or country. so i don't understand why it's hard for anyone to process. if you had been attacked mercifully and continuously day in, day out, every second while you're trying to work hard to do good things for this country and literally every day you wake up to an onslaught of people saying you're there because of reasons that are completely false, that's frustrating.
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certainly i think fair for him to be frustrated. >> why doesn't he push for the firing of robert mueller if he thinks the probe is a witch hunt? >> we don't feel like that is the most productive step forward. we would like to see this come to a conclusion. >> i want to follow up on the accusations of fraud and the russian election. why does the united states government believe that they should not criticize russia nor the accusations which have been brought up by the u.k. government directly in a statement? they're listing things like restrictions on fundamental freedoms and lack of access for candidates. why doesn't the president or the white house believe that that is something that they should be discussing with the russian's leader. >> i didn't say we couldn't. i said it didn't come up on today's call. the focus was to talk about areas of shared interest. we know we need to continue a dialogue. it's important for a lot of the safety and security of people
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across the globe. we would like to be able to work with them on things like north korea, on iran and both countries shared interest in lowering the tensions when it comes to an arms race, recognizing that that's not the best thing for either country. so we want to have those conversations. that was the point of today's call. john? >> was there an appropriate time to raise questions about political freedoms with russia? >> we've continued to talk about these important issues. it's not what today's call is about. john? >> thank you. two questions. first, we discuss the president's call to president putin, following his re-election. did the president make a similar call to chancellor angela merkel who has just formed a new government and assumed her fourth mandate in berlin? >> i know he spoke with the chancellor last week. i'd have to look back at the specific details of their
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conversation. i know that they spoke within the last week. >> the other thing is, congressman ryan costello of pennsylvania is expected, if not today, sometime in the coming weeks to announce he's not running for re-election making him the 38th republican house member to announce retirement, resignation or pursuit of another office. a post world war ii high in the exodus of republican house members. is this something the president is bothered about and do members call him when they say they'll make announcements like this? >> he's had conversations with a number of members. can't speak to the situations specifically. we're not concerned right now. we think we have a great story to tell after the first year of being in office. we look forward to communicating that to the american people and continuing to push the
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president's agenda. david? >> sarah, did the topic of religious liberty come up with the crown prince today? did the president bring that up at all? >> i don't believe that came up. i would have to check on the last half of the meeting. i wasn't there. trey? >> two policy questions. human rights estimate that the saudi-led coalition is responsible for the death of 1,000 civilians and talk part in 85 unlawful air strikes. did the president bring up these concerns about high civilian casualties in his meeting with the crown prince today? >> i'm not aware that that came up. i'd have to check on the last half of the meeting. >> how about the call between president trump and russian president putin? the russians said that syria came out in the call, the read-out by the trump administration didn't not include any mention of syria. did the president discuss syria and the high civilian casualties
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on the ground in syria? >> it briefly came up. as you know, we've had a number of public statements on our position there. that certainly that's not changed. >> the canadian prime minister noticed the pace of nafta talks be accelerating. he said that the president is enthusiastic about getting a deal. is that true? >> the president is always enthusiastic about getting a good deal. whatever deal he makes he wants good for americans and american workers. so anything we do would have to be a part of that conversation. >> there seems to to be an end of april deadline. after that, the political process will get over the negotiations on nafta. anything possible that quick within six weeks? >> i don't have any specific announcement at this time. we're continuing to have the negotiations and continue to
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have those conversations being led primarily by the ambassador and the president. one last question. >> the president talk about the crumbling infrastructure. can you discuss the gateway project, a rail tunnel between new jersey and his home state of new york, that has support of many republicans and according to one study is key to 20% of the nation's gross national product? >> the president wants to address infrastructure on a broader scale, not put all of our emphasize into one project. we want to see the infrastructure across the country rebuilt, which is why we put forward priorities when it comes to that and a plan moving forward. we look forward to working with congress to make progress on that in the coming days. thanks so much. the president has an event in a few minutes. thanks, guys. >> that was sarah sanders at the white house briefing room.
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she took questions on a range of issues including story today that president trump has called president putin, congratulated him on winning. a lot of questions about if the president thought that that election was free and fair. you know, sort of read between the lines of what sarah sanders was saying. lots of other questions about the president's legal defense team, his frustration with the mueller investigation continuing. but they're continuing to be cooperative and a few other things. meantime, our main story is still really hot and heavy right now. the hunt for a serial bomber intensifying in texas. another package explodes in a fed ex facility. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." officials say this is linked to four other bombings in austin that killed two and injured four others. jonathan hunt is live in austin for us. jonathan? >> dana, good afternoon to you. it's an increasingly desperate search for whomever may be
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behind these ongoing bombing attacks here in austin. now it appears beyond austin. as you mentioned, a package exploding at a large fed ex facility in the city of schertz, which is a suburb of san antonio overnight. one worker suffered injuries but they were described as light. she did not need to go to the hospital. that was the only piece of good news out of that. hours later, we found out that they had actually found a second package with explosives at that facility. it did not detonate. we're now hearing though that at a fed ex facility here in austin itself, investigators are examines a suspicious package. we do not know at this point if it contains any explosives. nobody is taking any chances.
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investigators and bomb squad detectives have swarmed that facility in the south of the city. on top of that, at another fed ex store in the sun valley suburb of austin, investigators have confirmed that the packages which were then discovered were sent from this facility in austin. they were headed back to another address here in austin. we don't know the exact target of those packages. all and all, you put all of these developments together, everybody is very much on edge. officials say they're doing everything they can to catch whomever is behind all of this. listen here. >> we have agents from across the country. we have our national response team here. we have k-9 explosive detections here. we have intel research specialists. we're working hand and hand with our fbi partners, state and
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local partners. we've been working round the clock. again, the public safety is our number 1 priority. we're providing all the resources that we can to finally find some -- the person or individuals responsible for this. >> so after the four explosions here in austin, now the fifth explosion after that fed ex facility in schertz, the hunt is on for the person or persons behind this. obviously, dana, when you look at this logically, they're looking for someone with a good amount of expertise in explosives building these kind of devices is not easy. making sure that they do not trigger before you want them too is not easy at all. so they are looking at somebody who has a lot of experience handling explosives. that narrows it down somewhat. obviously in this situation, investigators may not be telling
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us everything they know. if they are getting closer to the bomber or bombers, they do not want that person to realize that they are getting close. certainly everybody in austin hopes there will be an arrest very, very soon, dana. >> all right, jonathan. thank you for that. let's bring in joey jones, a former marine bomb technician. given all that we know so far, looking at this from afar, there's 500 federal agent there's including all of the people that we could imagine from the fbi, atf, et cetera and then the local law enforcement there as well. intelligence working together. do you think that they are in closer to figuring out who the perpetrator is? >> i think the first thing they have to establish, are these bombs connected. we're looking at everything from a brand and size of battery consistent across the board to the type of explosive they're making at home or using for the bombs. just to see if the bombs are connected. from there you know you're looking for an individual or
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specific group of bomb makers working together. it's important to know that subtract the backpack trip wire, there's something consistent there. something to say the trip wire was to set off the narrative and distract police. there's a lot to consume and a lot to understand. there's a lot of keys and signs and even forensics. we've taken fingerprints off of tape of bombs that have blown up in afghanistan. >> you can try to -- for the components that have exploded, you can look and see where those might have been made. that might give you a clue as to where this person is. >> absolutely. with every bomb up until these at the fed ex center, there's a simple way to design it with mechanical and common electronic components and a sophisticated
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way with photo cells and mercury switches. we don't have that information right now as to how they were assembled. if you go the sophisticated route, they're pretty specific components that are only available in certain places and only certain places that you can use them or wire them up. that helps narrow the search. if it's more rudimentary, that's what we've seen in afghanistan for decade. the anarchist's cookbook is on the internet and teaches you how to make the explosives. electronic engineering is readily available as well. there's not a specific set of information that is deincluded to people that are trained. that makes it harder to nail down. >> do you have any other insight as to how something would be able the get these bombs, put into a package to the point that, you know, you have to be -- i think jonathan was saying and you would know. in order to get these into a package and delivered without it
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exploding in route, it has to be a pretty sophisticated person. >> the bombs that went off last week sat on a door step. there's an easy way to disarm them until you want them to go off. i don't want to go into too much detail. but basically something like a washing machine or egg timer. it's mechanical. you can feel and hear it tick. i don't want to assume that is what is used in these bombs shipped through fed ex-, which leads me to believe they were more electronic engineers and more sophistication. so up until this morning, there was a narrative there that these could be simply devices, but now this morning seeing something that is put on a truck, thrown around, carried around for a couple days before they go off, that leads me to believe there's a chance of something more sophisticated and more electronic-based. also we look at two ways that explosives can blow up, a powder fuse or electronic detonation.
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those blasting caps or initiators are not easy to get ahold of or easy to make. the most sophisticated component that appears to be in these bombs. >> your expertise is valuable to all of us. thanks very much. president trump is hosting a law enforcement roundtable on sanctuary cities. let's listen in. >> last september, an illegal immigrant was arrested by san francisco police for spousal a because. ice filed a detainer but the detainer was denied and the alien was released. then he was arrested for murder a week later. many cases like that. in another case, an alleged illegal gang member was arrested by the san francisco police department more than ten times between 2013 and 2017 for charges including domestic battery, assault, theft and
11:20 am
rape. san francisco refused to cooperate with ice. you know that very well, don't you, tom? you have a lot of problems with that. he kept getting released. over and over again he was released. sanctuary cities put innocent americans at the mercy of hardened criminals, hardened murders in many case. yet house and senate democrats voted nearly unanimously in favor of sanctuary cities. explain that. we'll look into have safe cities, folks. safe cities. they're also blocking the space we need on the omni bus to stop, catch and release. catch and release. we catch a killer, we have to release him. we need the extra beds so we don't have to release him. bed space is very important. democrats priorities is to protect criminals. not to do what is right for our country. my priority and the priority of
11:21 am
my administration is to serve, protect and defend the citizens of the united states. so we have tremendous people around this table, people that know what is happening, what is going on. tom, i'd like to start with you. you can say a few words quickly. we'll go around the table. thanks very much. >> thanks for inviting me, this is an important discussion. i'm proud to represent -- >> joining me now is juan williams, author of "we the people." we're going to continue to monitor that roundtable that the president is having on sanctuary cities. a potent political issue and a -- one that has to deal with policy. guy, last week a federal apieces court sided against sanctuary cities and the penalty is severe. $25,500 for each day they
11:22 am
intentionally violate the law. when you talk about a local community, that's a lot of money. >> it is. we're talkingn't a big difference with a state like texas that had the anti-sanctuary cities law upheld and california being sued by the trump administration right now over their sanctuary state policies. one thing that comes to mind as we look at these disputes over sanctuary cities and these events is a lot of times we hear from the democratic party that they just want to make sure that law abiding illegal immigrants aren't targeted for deportation to break up families and that sort of thing. the priority they say ought to be deporting and dealing with people that have come here illegally and committed additional crimes after that. one of the laws that california passed that they're getting sued over by the justice department right now and the trump administration makes it hard or for the federal government to come in and get their hands on and deport criminal aliens that
11:23 am
are currently in california jails, not making it easy for the feds to know when they're getting out of jail to me, even the veneer that they put on this, the window dressing, whatever you want to call it, fig leaf that the democrats often use to describe their priorities isn't backed up by the actions and the law in place in california. >> juan, we know there's many in law enforcement, not all, that have said look, we think that sanctuary cities is necessary because we want cooperation from people in the communities to make sure that we can protect everybody there. and those that are here illegally and haven't done anything wrong. it seems to me that legally the administration continues to lose on this issue in court. but then in the court of public opinion, they're not really able to get that message out. the sanctuary city issue seems to be playing well within that city, but not throughout the rest of the country. your thoughts.
11:24 am
>> i think that this is a strong issue for the president. it's something that he ran on, dana. i think that the meeting that we're keeping track of there is a political demonstration by the president that he is holding to his promise to get illegals out of the country. he's used as a hook the idea that they were criminals and that he's really focused on the criminals. i would point out that under the last administration, democrat barack obama, there was a similar emphasis on deporting illegals. in california, i don't think there's an emphasis on keeping illegal immigrants that are criminals. what they're doing that guides it is making the emphasis and not having sort of sudden raids on employers or suddenly having people suspect at any time they have contact with law enforcement, it's going to lead to their deportation or
11:25 am
deportation of family and friends. >> the difference, we won't have a resolution on this before the election, the mid-term elections. the supreme court has said we're going to let the process carry out throughout this states. we'll continue to monitor that and monitor the meeting the president has, is having right now on sanctuary cities. juan and guy, thank you. >> sure thing. >> thanks. >> the president meeting with saudi arabia's crown prince this morning. jack keane will have reaction. plus -- >> you said that special counsel mueller wouldn't be fired. >> paul ryan reacting to speculation that the president is considering firing special counsel robert mueller. his answer next.
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i'm joshua berry, and this is my ancestry story. combine the most detailed dna test with historical records for a deeper family story. get started for free at >> dana: federal agents in texas are on the hunt for a suspected serial bomber after another explosion. officials on the scene at a fed ex facility near san antonio after a package exploded just passed midnight.
11:30 am
hours later, police sending a hazmat team to a facility in austin to check on a suspicious package there. there's six confirmed suspicious packages that are linked. officials say they never encountered such a string of bombings. >> you remember the letter bomber. but not like this. not a package. not a geographically limited area and not within this time frame. this has been very accelerated. >> the austin bombings taking place around roger williams' district. he joins me now. sir, what do you know about the latest? >> we have serious issues down there. this latest threat was in the fed ex building that has not gone off yet. they evacuated the building. makes it more obvious that people have got to be careful when they move around, things they see that they think may be suspicious. they need to report it to law enforcement that is doing a good job, i might add. >> dana: tell me about that
11:31 am
between the cooperation between the federal government and local authorities. as i understood it yesterday, from congressman mccall, there were about 500 federal law enforcement officers on the scene to help try this guy down. >> they have a lot of law enforcement there. they communicate with us very well. i was with the chief of police. they're communicating. no stops -- there's been no stops barred on this to get to the perpetrator or perpetrators as quick as they can. they're doing a good job. people need to be aware and report to law enforcement anything they see. >> dana: what is your office hearing from your constituents about their level of concern? >> they're concerned. it's something that you don't think there happen in your hometown. i live in austin. we don't expect it. people are very concerned. people are also wanting to work with law enforcement, work with their neighborhoods and be very aware of the surroundings. that's very important.
11:32 am
>> what else can you tell us what you're hearing behind the scenes and figuring out who this person is and do they have any suspects at all? >> i think they're getting closer. i know that they're working hard. i think they're beginning to get a profile of who this person might be and what their message is. it's very obvious that they're not rookies at this. so they are moving forward. i hope and i pry that this person or persons will be found quickly. >> dana: do you think there's anything else that the local community needs there in austin from the federal government that you could be helpful in provide something. >> we're communicating with them. any needs that they may have. as i said, local law enforcement is dealing well with the fbi and the atf. to find this person. so we're there to help. right now, it's all hands on deck, people walking towards that. thanks, congressman.
11:33 am
>> thank you. >> dana: house republican leaders making a hard push for an increase in military funding. it would be part of a massive spending bill that congress he try to finalize by midnight on friday. republicans say the extra money is needed to avoid more military training accidents and more defense spending won't raise the national debt. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. how worried is speaker paul ryan about this spending bill hurting him and republicans in the mid-terms? >> it's a good question. we have been at the forefront of documenting the state of the military aircraft. half of them can't fly. for years, paul ryan chastised the obama administration for ignoring deficits. now the deficit just hit $21 trillion. >> when i became speaker, i got access to all the classified briefings that a respect gets to see what our military has been experiencing. i'm convinced that we've been doing a disservice to our men
11:34 am
and women in military with the budgets they've been getting. we lost seven of our troops in a helicopter crash in western iraq. this is because of training and accidents because of our military budget. the military has been hollowed out the last eight years. >> the defense budget will reach $700 billion this year if this omni bus spending bill passes by midnight friday night. it's a huge increase from the $568 billion cap pentagon spending from just a few years ago. >> dana: jennifer, you asked the speaker about robert mueller as well. what did he say? >> i pressed him on who had assured him that special counsel bob mueller wouldn't be fired. >> you said today that you had assurances that special counsel mueller would not be fired. >> i'll leave it at the administration. >> did the president -- >> i want to keep private conversations private.
11:35 am
i -- >> you feel certain. >> i do. i'm sure there's not even a consideration. >> why not protect the special counsel in the omni bus? >> i don't think it's even being considered. there's no point in it. >> if it had been a ryan-romney administration, would you have been tougher on russia? >> i haven't had a question like that on a long time. would we be tougher on russia. >> certainly more than the obama administration. the obama administration gave us the reset. they reduced sanctions, gave away missile defense to russia. the trump administration has ratcheted up sanctions. recentsly they issued new sanctions against russian. this administration has increased russian sanctions. i think we should go further. it's very clare to us that russia is not just trying to meddle with hour democracy but democracies across the world. >> what would you do? >> ratchet up sanctions against putin.
11:36 am
>> and no talk of the president meeting putin. now the house is talking about more sanctions. we'll have more at 6:00 with bret baier. >> dana: thank you, jennifer. so the president meeting with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman. the two discussed iran's influence in the middle east and trump addressing the iran deal. >> the iran deal is coming up. probably another month or so. i ran has not been treating that part of the world or the world itself appropriately. a lot of bad things are happening in iran. the deal is coming up in a month. you'll see what happens. >> dana: let's bring in four-star general, jack keane here in the studio with me. glad to have you here, this is an important meeting that the president is having today with the crown prince. it comes right before the iran deal -- a decision has to be
11:37 am
made soon. what do you think will happen? >> first of all, this relationship has never been closer. the last eight years, the united states disengaged from the middle east in favor of iran and the negotiated nuclear deal at the expense of our allies. so president trump very early on and has continued it the last year has renewed the relationship that we historically had. it comes at a time when the middle east is in total chaos because iran is trampling over our interests in the middle east. they made a client state out of syria. lebanon is one. they started the civil war in yemen. and the president has said from the beginning, we have a lousy nuclear deal here. i think we're on the right path, dana. china getting the european allies and ourselves to fix the deal, which is the recommendation of the prime minister of israel. trying to fix it. that's the pathway we're on. if that doesn't happen, if the europeans really cannot come together collectively to change
11:38 am
some of the bad policies that are in that nuclear deal, i suspect the president will walk away from it. >> is the hesitation from the europeans based on business interests most list? >> absolutely is true. you put your finger on a problem. we have always had it with our european allies in dealing with the iranians. those business relationships have been there a long, long time. >> dana: and they don't want to peel them back. >> they do not. but nonetheless, they know that this is a lousy deal. they also know that iran is on a pathway because of the deal to have nuclear weapons. the irony is that is astounding. the idea of having a nuclear deal is the idea to prevent it. >> in addition, the president probably will talk to the crown prince about yemen and in the congress, they're talking about having a vote about our presence and our interest there. what do you think we should do? >> first of all, we got started in yemen because the saudis
11:39 am
asked us to help them. they are our ally. that was during the obama administration. what's going on in yemen? the fact of the matter is, iranian backed proxies toppled the government that we were aligned with in yemen. that began a civil war. we also have a significant al-quaida presence in yemen that we've been after for a number of years. they are people involved that want to attack the united states and actually tried to attack the united states with the so-called plastic bomber. so the saudis have asked us to help them. they don't have a military near ours. they don't have intelligence like we have to find targets to be sure. now, the issue in yemen where the rub superior, the saudis probably have different tolerances for civilian casualties than the united states has. our rules of engagements are strict. theirs are wider. we have tried to influence them to cut down on civilian
11:40 am
casualties. we've given them the techniques that we use to prevent the unless loss of civilian lives. we should back our allies. >> the only way to solve the humanitarian crisis there is if the united states steps in in order to try to put an end to it once and for all. >> when it comes to the humanitarian crisis, we have a role to play in trying to bring people together, to solve that part of the puzzle in yemen. i wish the state department would take a stronger role in what they are doing to do that. >> dana: thanks, general jack keane. i could talk to you for a half an hour with my notes. we'll have you back. >> good talking to you. >> dana: another school the site of a shooting. the latest on who was responsible and the injured next. ♪
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11:44 am
botched military operation in niger "the new york times" reporting that a junior officer on the ground ordered the mission without the approval of senior military officials. the investigation reportedly finding the leader of the doomed unit warned ahead of time that his troops did not have the proper equipment or intelligence needed to complete the mission. the soldiers were working with a unit from niger on october 3 near the count border with mali when they were ambushed and killed by al-quaida fighters. fox news alert in southern maryland in a high school shooting. the suspect was killed and two students were wounded and one fighting for her life. griff jenkins is in great mills maryland. griff? >> hi, dana. we had a press conference within the last hour. you must have seen it live. we know a little bit more about the timeline from the sheriff here in st. mary's county in
11:45 am
maryland. we're just about 90 miles southeast of d.c. here's what the sheriff said about how it went down and who the shooter was. take a listen. >> today at approximately 7:55 a.m., great mills high school student austin wyatt rollins, 17, produced a handgun while in the hallway f in great mill high school and shot a great mills high school student and shot a female, 16 and a student, a male, that was 14. >> that female student in intensive care right now with what the sheriff described as life threatening injuries. fighting for her life. we've learned a little bit. the sheriff painted a picture although he was soft on details. he painted a picture of a prior relationship, his words, between the shooter around the female
11:46 am
student. the male student, the 14-year-old, doing much better. in stable condition. he was shot in the leg. but no doubt this has certainly once again brought the nation's attention to the dangers of our kids at schools and shooting. that's why you have everyone from minority whip, steny hoyer, whose district this is, as congressman to governor larry hogan who showed up and says he's outraged that nothing has yet been done. here's governor hogan. >> no parent should ever have to worry about when they send their kids off in the morning to school, whether they're going to come home safely or not. we need more than prayers. i want the thank these first responders and law enforcement for the job they did but we need more. we have to take action. >> many of the first responders as are parents in high schools
11:47 am
nearby. wore waiting to find out more as we get the details on what transpired. we'll fill you in more. dana? >> dana: thank you. are lawyers for donald trump looking to limit an interview with robert mueller and president trump? our panel is in next to weigh-in on the latest development. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake. the check they sent isn't enough to replace your totaled new car. the guy says they didn't make the mistake. you made the mistake. i beg your pardon? he says, you should have chosen full-car replacement.
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>> dana: lawyers for the president are trying to limit the scope of any future interview between donald trump and bob mueller. they have turned over documents to the mueller team on the firings of michael flynn and james comey according to a report in the washington most. this comes amid speculation that the president may be seeking to fire mueller. however, republican leaders are denying that. >> the special counsel should be free to follow-through his investigation to its completion without interference,
11:51 am
absolutely. i'm confident that he will do that. i received assurances that his firing is not even under consideration. >> dana: let's bring in john yu from the bush administration and attorney michael moore. so glad to have you here. michael, if i could start with you. can you explain the process of how it works that the mueller team would try to negotiate with the president's lawyers to figure out what the interview scope should be? is that a normal occurrence? is that something afforded to the president? >> i think it's probably better defined as something afforded to the president. the deal is this: if mueller wants to talk to trump, they have the option of issues a subpoena. the president could take the fifth time and time again. that doesn't do anybody any good. there's pretty specific rules on what a federal prosecutor can and can't do in the federal grand jury. my guess is there's some specific information that
11:52 am
mueller wants to get. they're just trying to work through and navigate through how they get that information. from trump's side, his lawyers, this is probably their might mare in the thought of putting trump in a room with mueller unless there's strict limitations on the questions that he could be asked. that interview that he gave where he got rid of comey because of the russian thing, that's pretty damning. >> dana: yeah, they're trying to protect their client: i want to ask you about this editorial and the question about whether republicans need to do something in this omni bus bill that they're going to pass by friday night in order to fund the government, this is "the washington post" editorial board saying congress should pass a bill seeking to protect mr. mueller from being fired without cause. legislation exists but is languishing for lack of support with republicans. passing it could send a clear message that congressional leaders have declined to convey. fire manager mueller would
11:53 am
elicit a real-world reaction that would harm the white house. the white house has said and the speaker said moments ago that there's no firing on the horizon. there's not even a discussion of it. there's speculation. would legislation light this have any bearing on what the president decides to do? >> dana, i think legislation would be a terrible mistake. this is all ant partisan politics. i don't remember democrats in congress demanding protection for ken starr when he was attacking clinton. second, i think actually, there's a matter of constitutional principle here. having an independent counsel is a blemish on the constitutional structure and the president to take care of the laws. every prosecutor in the united states in the federal government works for the president and for or the attorney general. we saw that letting someone loose, whether it's mueller or
11:54 am
ken starr or people before that can do great constitutional harm. so members of congress should say, look, we want to have someone like mueller who is an independent but we're not going to upset the separation of powers. >> the constitutional experts, i wanted to ask you about that. michael, can i ask you about this? the president has added somebody to his legal team. he's going to come on board and in some ways he's a little more combative than the other attorneys on the team so far. the white house not saying that there would be any additional changes, but there's rumors in "the new york times" and elsewhere that there's possibility additional changes to the legal time. in the course of an investigation like this, is that a normal set of events or do you think there's something more concerning here to the president's team? >> you know, my experience has been that you don't hire a bomb thrower unless you think you're losing the battle.
11:55 am
that's probably where we're at now. the trump team has made a calculation in a court of law that may have some real problems. as i mentioned, that's the thing with the interview and getting rid of comey that could be obstructive-type acts. they're playing now more toward the court of public opinion and trying to control the dialogue there, control the discussion. they have a new person out there that likes to say things, that can be far out. he's probably a fine lawyer. a former u.s. attorney. that says a lot about him. they're trying to inflame the jury of the public out there and that is what they see as their next move. there's some discussion that they could be bringing ted ellison in. you have to keep your client under control or it's useless. you can't have the conspiracy theories out there. if you hinged your defense and arguments on the outrageous and conspiracy theories, then it's
11:56 am
going to be a long day and a long process. >> dana: john, i have to run but it's not a terrible thing to win in the court of public opinion as well, right? >> all of these things, independent counsels in particular in impeachment of a president are a combination. trump would be smart to bring in other guys. if he hires them, he's bringing in the gold gwen state warriors of prosecution. joe was a special counsel. ted beat a special counsel. >> dana: all right, john. i have to run. john, you and michael moore, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: a heart warming reunion for an american service man and the dog he adopted overseas. come on dad!
11:57 am
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>> dana: an american soldier reunited with a dog he saved in afghanistan. apollo was an under weight stray who turned in the compound where
12:00 pm
marco was stationed. and the good news is, a group raised $5,000 he needed to bring apollo to the united states. he now has's new home. thank you for joining us. here's shep. >> two leaders can sit down soon? a top republican criticizing the call. and the white house is defending the decision and in texas, the explosion keep coming. the latest in the fedex center. >> it was tramping on the automatic conveyor. >> the female worker was knocked off her feet and suffered a concussion. how do you catch someone who is attacking at random. i will asked a fbi veteran about the


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