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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 21, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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family gave the gift of mcconnell of $5 to $25 million. >> martha: out of time. wish we had more. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: that is story. see you tomorrow night. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to tucker carlson tonight. austin bomber is dead after killing himself with one of his own devices. who was he? we will show everything we know ahead. details are coming in. first, longer-term story and maybe her profound. law and order breaking down in california. the mayor of locate and warned illegal immigrants ahead of a planned federal raid to allow them to flee. now three of those who did flee, all mexican nationals were arrested for newly committed crimes, robbery, d.u.i. and spousal abuse. this could have been avoided if not for the mayor of
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oakland who says she did nothing wrong. watch. >> while i am committed to being a law-abiding citizen i feel confident sharing this information because i did not receiver it through official channels is legal and it's my ethical obligation. >> a resident should know they do not have an obligation to open their door. if an i.c.e. official knocks. >> tucker: an attorney running for san francisco d.a. and joins us. thank you for coming up. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: two of the guys were wife-beaters. what would you say to their wives? >> two of the guys that were arrested -- one of them had been convicted. >> tucker: correct. and another has been charged subsequently for physically abusing his spouse after the mayor of oakland allowed him to flee detention. so his wife was injured according to police. what would you say to her?
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>> the bigger question is this. we are a law of nations, right? if there is a lawful order to keep somebody or to hand somebody over to i.c.e. there is no evidence that any sink ware city in the world or any in the united states rather has not followed through with that lawful order. i.c.e. is following up with the detention orders that are called detainers. the problem is the detainers are voluntary. they are not lawful orders so it's inflammatory to say we are handing the people over. if there were lawful orders, then yeah. >> tucker: you are not describing what happened. what happened is the mayor of oakland warned people affirmatively warned them to evade detention by federal authorities. three of them at least went on to commit crimes. during the time they would have been detained. warned by her. one of them beat his wife. so among the questions i have
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what would you say to her. she wouldn't have beaten if the mayor had not done that. >> there is no evidence that the people received received the information that the people put out. there were 800 people they were looking for. 232 were actually arrested. i served on the fugitive recovery team in san francisco with the police department. 30% is really good. i mean you would ask anybody that is on -- >> tucker: there is no evidence. what that be the answer to the wife? there is no evidence they heard what the mayor said? the truth is the mayor did warn these people. whether they heard it or not, we don't know. is that the risk we are willing to take. what do you think of that? they committed crimes and would have been detained if not for the mayor. is that something you are happy to defend >> no. i am defending due process. everybody is entitled to due process, the 14th amendment. unfortunately for ice even people that are here unlawfully are entitled to due process. >> tucker: but that is a separate question. this is the mayor, quite apart
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of question -- >> it's all part of the question. >> tucker: is it really? she warns them and says flee so you don't get caught. she has no legal or moral obligation to do that. she did it for political reasons and this is the effect. people got away and went and committed other crimes. it is not about due process. it's should elected officials be warning people so they don't get arrested by the feds? that is insane most people would say. you don't think it is? >> the better question is should the cities be cooperating with the feds? under certain circumstances i believe they should be. and when there is a violent criminal there should be yes, better cooperation between the feds. you will find a lot of the police departments including san francisco has police officers that are embedded in the federal task force within the city. we do it for terrorism and other issues. >> these guys had priors. >> i get it. i get it. i absolutely get it. >> tucker: so, to be clear. you are not -- >> these people should be
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arrested. they should be given the due process. if they are convicted serve the sentences and sent out of the country. absolutely. i believe that. >> tucker: so maybe democrats in the state shouldn't warn them before the cops come. that is it. i think we both agree you shouldn't tell criminals to get out of town before you are busted. >> definitely not violental -- violent criminals. >> tucker: they were. armed robbery. one guy had a prior conviction for wife beating. i thought we were on the side of women here. apparently not. every illegal alien working in the state of california working for a company by definition is committing fraud with the i.d. he is using. using fake documents. that is a felony. is that not a big deal? is it seems like a big deal post-9/11 to me. is that not a concern for you running for d.a. a person using fake documents? >> if it is a violation of federal law, the federal -- >> tucker: it's not a
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violation of california law? hold on. it's not a violation of california law to use a fraudulent i.d. for the purposes of getting job or do anything else? that is cool in california? i can do that? not a problem? >> in san francisco if you are not a u.s. citizen you can get a california i.d. so you don't have to use fraudulent i.d.s. >> yes, you do. you need to produce a social security number. if you are here illegally you can't do that. you can't get a -- >> you can't produce a social security number that is accurate or reflective -- >> tucker: that is true. you use fraudulent one. that is not a problem for you. you feel like hey, hands off. someone is using a stolen i.d., committing identity theft. like it's not our business. is that what you are saying? >> identity theft is a different suspect. federal immigration enforcement is not the
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priority of san francisco. >> tucker: apparently not. i go there a lot. i will call you and find you what laws i can break. not as many as the illegals get to. >> that is not true. i understand you are a local boy from san francisco anyway. >> i am. >> when does the prodigal son come back home? >> tucker: i don't know if i dare. good to see you. not every leader in the state of california trying to undue or sabotage federal law. dave herrington is the mayor and wants his city to opt out of the new sanctuary state law and he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. so tell us the position it puts you in as the leader of your city when the attorney general of california says it a crime for you to comply with federal law. where does it leave you? >> it puts me in an untenable position because i'm responsible for 50,000 people in the city. i'm responsible for their safety. that is how i feel. you are telling me i cannot enforce the law. to the prior guest, listen to
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what they tie themselves into to justify the sanctuary state. it's ridiculous. it makes us less safe. that is a problem. we have to start pushing back on this stuff or we will ruin the state completely. >> tucker: so if you cared -- if you are an elected official by definition, your first job, only job is to look out for your voters, for the citizens who elected you. what does it say about the priorities of the leaders of state of california that they seem to be putting foreign nationals here illegally over and ahead of the safety of california citizens? what does it say about them? >> they are more interested in people that do drugs, illegal aliens and the rest over law-abiding tax-paying citizens. that is what it says. >> tucker: how does a government like that continue? they have declared war on its own citizens by the behavior. i don't think it's an overstatement.
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>> only the law abiding citizens. not declaring war on criminals at all. they want to let them out and roam free. violent crime, prop 57 to let violent felons out of prison early act. there is a whole host of crimes that are listed in that particular section that aren't considered violent crimes under the penal code. they are eligible for early parole. it will be 10,000 sex offenders eligible for early parole because of the law. untenable position to be in. >> tucker: how does it -- you sound like from the accent you are from california. looking at your state over the course of your lifetime how does it make you feel? >> i'm not from california. i'm from maine. >> tucker: i couldn't have got that more wrong! your accent sounds like southern california. >> i have been here since i was 6 but my dad was in naver i have so we traveled around a little bit. i have grown up here since i was 6.
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and i will tell you the difference is astonishing. we have gone from a law and order kind of state to a free-for-all. if you want to be a criminal come to california. that is what the state legislature is doing. if you want to be homeless come to california. we will set you up in a tent city. it's ridiculous. no enforcement of the law here. >> tucker: i'm sorry about that. good luck. thank you. appreciate it. two nights ago we did a short segment on what has happened to a town called hazelton, pennsylvania. in 15 years thanks to mass immigration it has gone from 2% hispanic to majority hispanic. spanish is now the predominant language. people who grew up in hazelton feels lost when they come home. we learned that from "national geographic" that did a story on demographic change in hazelton. we told you about it because something similar taking place all over the country and one of the reasons that the society has become so volatile. got a big reaction to that. a lot of people who were
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raised in hazelton called to thank us. many in the left started yelling and some called for the show to be pulled off the air. dan pfeiffer called the segment equal parts racist, dumb, accurate. but he didn't say how it was any of those things because it wasn't. the real gripe is it was true. people like dan pfeiffer hate the fact that the conversations like this are happening. silence is the key to their success but no more. we will keep on the story because we think it is important. we won't be bullied and we will take you again to hazelton later in the week and hope you will watch us then. d.c. is planning for a march on guns on your right to have one. there are unusual people backing that effort. we will tell you who is behind it next. i'm very proud of the fact that i served. i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance,
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>> tucker: thousands of people are coming to washington this weekend for an antigun march. they will have an ecleck tick group of back -- eclectic group of backers including planned parenthood. trace gallagher joins us. >> it will happen saturday with the sister marches across the country. the antigun event billed at for the kids, by the kids, meaning survivors of the stoneman douglas high school shooting. but the group acknowledges the kids brought in support to help ensure the march is successful. that support is a compendium of gun criminal and progressive organizations every town for gun safety, the brady campaign to prevent gun violence, planned parenthood,
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and the march for lives action fund is a 501(c)4 that does not have to reveal donors but it's already revealed that these people donated $500,000 -- others are asked to donate anonymously. some of the money goes to family of the parkland school shooting and some will pay for the march. other projects won't be known for months. the group could be involved in the political activity if it's not the primary focus says the law. former president and >> player: obama -- mrs. obama sent handwritten letter to laud their resilience and their resolve. >> tucker: thank you, trace. appreciate it. ryan is a former sniper and firearms attorney. thank you for coming on. a lot of the people coming to
5:17 pm
the march are upset about the school shootings and maybe they haven't thought about the agenda. people organizing have a clear legislative agenda. they would like to do different things and i want to run some by you to get your responses whether they would work. the primary one is to ban the ar-15, or the category of the semi-automatic rifles. would that have stopped the school shootings we this -- we have seen? >> no. criminals don't obey laws. banning inanimate object will not solve the problem. for example, the maryland shooting yesterday didn't involve an ar-15. virginia tech, they used pistols. ford hood massacre used bis to. 9/11 they used boxcutters. the tool is not the problem. look at the austin bombings we solved today. becomes are already illegal. it didn't stop bombings from happening. >> tucker: we know because i saw it on cnn all week
5:18 pm
high-capacity magazines are the core problem. when we ban those this will end, right? >> of course. of course. because during the assault weapons ban that started in 1994 and sunsetted in 2004, it did nothing to stop violent crime. today's level of violent crime are 50% lower than they were at the peak in 1997 right in the middle of the same ban that banned those so-called dangerous high capacity magazines. >> tucker: that doesn't make sense because i know that places with the strict gun control laws are much safer. i keep hearing that. >> so one of the things i love about the federalist system we can look at, you know, societies, little cities or the states and experiment with the laws or ways of doing things. i think before we have serious gun control legislative we should look at chicago and see how it is working there. >> tucker: how is it working? has it stopped? they this banned shootings there so there are no more shootings. >> solved the problem, right? no. the worst place in the country for shootings. we have not only shootings but
5:19 pm
violent crime. you know what? that is another problem. i don't know why we focus on shootings so much. yes, they are horrible. they are bad. but we should worry about violent crime. when i talk to -- i am trying to debate with an antigunner one of the first thingsly ask them are you trying to stop gun violence or trying to stop all violence? if they answer gun violence, okay, i get it. they are trying to ban guns. if you are trying to stop all violence let's have a serious discussion but getting rid of guns, yes, maybe, maybe the use of the guns will go down if you ban them. but just like australia your violent crime is either going to stay the same or go up because you have unarmed victims. >> tucker: what about, one idea that seems to be gaining traction among even some republicans is the idea of banning gun purchases under the 21. that doubtless would solve the problem. >> you are either an adult at 18 or not. we need to make the distinction first before we get to guns.
5:20 pm
i get it democrats want younger growers because as people grow up they tend to stop voting democrat. >> tucker: right. >> if you can be tried as an adult at 18 in a criminal case and join military and enter into a legal contract at 18 you are an adult and you should buy a firearm. but let's pretend we will raise it to 21 and raise all the ages for the things i mentioned to 21 years old it still would not have stopped 29 of the top 30 mass shootings we have had in this country. i'm beginning to think maybe there is another agenda here. not just about stopping school shootings. there main; yeah. >> tucker: thank you for injecting reason in this to. it's been sorely looking. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: well, something called cambridge analytica sparked mass panic on switer today. on the left more broadly because it harvested facebook user data. it turns out there was a
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5:25 pm
after a whistle-blower claims the company misled facebook user toes collect their personal data. that sounds spooky and it was kind of spooky, actually. where it wasn't that spooky six years ago in 2012. the obama administration found itself congratulated by the media for how it gathered facebook data in order to marshal votes. one obama adviser says facebook let them break the company rules because, "they were on our side." beverly holberg is president of district media group and she joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. the core story here is shocking or no? >> not as shocking as liberals want it to sound. we really have liberals going after the story saying there is something here, this is a trump campaign who figured out a way to mind data they shouldn't have. what the trump campaign did is what the obama campaign did, what the hillary campaign did. what this is about is facebook who was the poor actor. this is all before 2014 where
5:26 pm
facebook with a privacy policy we all sign up on where we say sure, you can have my data. that is all legal. what they did at that point is they not only said to a third party hey, with this app you have a person data who agreed to it but they also took data of their friends. that is where the issue is. it's the privacy of you and the privacy of those you are connected with. that is the heart of the issue. what we find from campaigns they are using data out there. if you think about campaigns these days people on social media this is where you need to have the campaign ads. so this is not a data issue as far as themca inpas go but what -- as far as the campaign goes. >> tucker: so facebook collects all kind of data that you are not aware it is collecting. if you visit a store facebook knows that. they can make assumptions about your net worth and your personal life. it sells the data to companies. right? >> we willing give it. whether it's a fit bit. i use wave to navigate
5:27 pm
traffic. i think about that and what is used with the data. we willingly give it. especially when you have children who are giving their information to the apps and giving information to the facebook and the other social media platforms. that is able to sell. where it comes down to free market solving it. you had a movement called delete facebook. that is why mark zuckerberg even came out today. >> tucker: right. >> five days after the scandal to talk about what really took place because i think the free market is going to solve this. the stock dropped $50 billion. i think the free market will say hey i'm not going to use your platform if you are selling my privacy in this way. >> tucker: finally liberals are waking up to it. as a political matter, "morning joe" spent the last year and a half trying to figure out how trump got elect and figure out, it must have been sol nefarious and couldn't do that his americans were popular with americans. that is in the on the table. do you think cambridge analytica will be a satisfactory answer for them?
5:28 pm
will they say this is how it happened? >> it won't be a true satisfactory answer but they may want to use it. hillary clinton still on the tour trying to figure out what happened. this is not your answer either but this is what liberals are trying to do to fry to prove he is not the actual cammed date. the impeach trump camp is still moving on it. but this is nothing because facebook already changed the policies. >> tucker: facebook is bad apart and aside from the trump campaign. fair enough. great to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: well, the austin bomber is dead. who was he? what might have motivated him? that is next. then the men in america series the third installment tonight. fatherhood, it matters and it's dying. that is just ahead. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards.
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert. the alleged perpetrators of the austin bombings is dead. mark anthony conditt. he died this morning after
5:33 pm
blowing up one of his own bombs as police closed in. his death hopefully means the end of a spree that killed two, injured six and terrified the rest of the country. what do we know so far about this man? so far not very much. he was apparently homeschooled. reports that he considered himself conservative as a teenager. anyway. he worked as a computer repair specialists. police say he left a 25-minute long recording where he never mentioned police call views or terrorism or anything related to that. it was described as an "outcry of a very challenged young man" whatever that means. we don't know what it means. when we found out we will tell you immediately. in 2015, two islamic extremists attacked a muhammad cartoon contest in governorland, texas. they were both killed by the police before they killed anyone else but it could have been a massacre and it would have been thanks to the f.b.i. undercover agent egged on the
5:34 pm
attackers and traveled with them to attack site and fled when the attack began. no effort was made to stop terrorists by the f.b.i. and no warning given to the local police. bruce joiner on the security guard on the scene and was shot in the attack. not surprisingly he is suing the f.b.i. he joins us tonight with his attorney samuels. thank you for both for joining us. bruce, first to you. this story is so incredible. so hard to believe that the f.b.i. would participate in that an f.b.i. agent accompanied the guys to the scene of the shooting? >> he was behind their vehicle. he was taking a picture at the spot of the shooting, seconds before the shooting broke out. >> tucker: so what could possibly -- again the story has been around for several years but this hasn't penetrated to the extent it should in the public conscious
5:35 pm
ness. what would be the reason knowing a terrorist attack was going to take place and allowing it to happen anyway? >> what is interesting about is it the f.b.i. in their court filings said this wasn't a rogue agent. this wasn't someone that went off of the policies. he acted exactly according to their directions from the top down. this is troubling because from the top down we have seen problems with this story. jim comey after the attack said they were like needles in a haystack and they were not on the radar of the f.b.i. but one of the two shooters had been followed and monitored for years by the f.b.i. hundreds had been spent investigating the individual who later carried on an attack like the one they thought many years ago would take place. it's odd for sure.
5:36 pm
>> it sure does seem that way. what is the identity of this f.b.i. agent who was at the scene? >> so they went through painstaking efforts to keep his identity secret. in fact, he just recently testified in a related trial in cleveland. they cleared the courtroom. they took an unusual step in not allowing even any witnesses to watch him testify. you had to listen in from video from the next room over. they have owned him from start to finish. from our perspective this is a problem that the same guy told terrorist who tore up texas days before the attack he is escorting them and holding the hand to the attack. he is taking a picture when the attack takes place. he tries to flee. it's a very strange back story. >> tucker: the whole point is prevent terror attacks and
5:37 pm
now we are in the presence of a man shot in terror attacks, american. bruce, you were shot. what is your reaction to this? does it seem like the country you grew up in? >> no. former law enforcement, and this is not how you run undercover anything. you have to have control of the situation to make sure that no innocent people are harmed. so this is not normal. >> tucker: wait, let me ask the obvious question that i should have started with. have they apologized to you since you were shot in the operation? >> no. no way have they apologized. >> tucker: that is disgusting. gentleman, i'm sure there is a lot to this i don't understand but to the extent i do i wish you luck in the lawsuit. i think all of us deserve to know what happened. godspeed. thank you. >> thank you, tucker.
5:38 pm
the decline of fathers in the home across the country having devastating consequences for american men and for everyone else in the united states. part three of our "men in america" series is next. plus totally fed up with hearing about russia in the news? we will tell you why. stay tuned. this is a tomato you can track from farm, to pot, to jar, to table.
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>> tucker: well, there are a lot of reasons that men are falling behind in this country. look at the number looks at one statistics that tracks the decline of american men almost precisely over time. the disappearance of fathers from the home. between 1960-2016, the proportion of kids living with both parents decreased by almost 20%.
5:43 pm
the percentage of children living with only their mothers nearly tripled. in demographic terms this is stunning. changes to family structure this abrupt and profound typically are only seen in wartime. yet if anything in the numbers understate reality of the fatherlessness in america. high-end neighborhood where polly makers -- policy makers live, it hasn't changed. most grow up with the fathers and the mothers but the rest of the country intact families are disappearing. according to a 2014 study by researchers at johns hopkins university among younger parents without college degrees 74% of the mothers had at least one child outside of marriage. out-of-wedlock births are now the rule across the country, not the exception. having a father at home is a sign of affluence but also cause of the affluence, especially for boys. boys who grow up with a father at home earn much more as adults. boys who grow up alone with
5:44 pm
their mothers tend to earn less. they also have more disciplinary problems in school. they read less and less well and are less likely to graduate from high school or go to college. they are more likely to be unemployed and live in poverty. they get parried less often. when they do, they divorce more. they are more likely to be obese and have asthma. they are far more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, exhibit antisocial behavior and commit acts of violence. as adults they are twice as likely to go to prison. this is the results of numerous studies across generations that hold true across ethnic groups. boys raised without the father is a terrible risk. there is not much debate about that. if any. nationwide breakup of the families is a disaster. not just a moral disaster but a practical one. it may be the largest public health crisis we face. so what is driving it? there are many factors.
5:45 pm
falling male wages certainly play a role. when men make less than the women, women consider them less attractive marriage partners. so more men born out of wedlock. some discourage marriage among the poor. women on welfare who marry often see food and housing subsidiaries cut dramatically. a recent report found almost one-third of americans know someone who hasn't married for fear of losing benefits. broader changes in the american culture also had an effect on the marriage and the family formation. dramatic decline in religious and church attendance is one of these. there are probably other reasons, too. fatherless problems is complex. but it is a problem. massive one. and what is remarkable how rarely it is acknowledged in public. when was the last time you heard democratic office holder decry the out of wedlock birthrate? if you cared about reducing
5:46 pm
poverty you would talk about it, a lot. but they don't. why is that? exit polling answers that question. unmarried mothers are a critical part of the democratic coalition. in 2008, barack obama won 74% of single mothers who voted. in 2012 he won 75%. alienating the voters is risky for democratic so they ignore the problem entirely. once again voting patterns explain why. it's been more than 20 years since the democrat running for president won the majority of married women in america. unmarried women by contrast vote overwhelmingly for democrats. in 2012-2016 the democratic party platform never mentioned the importance of marriage except when advocating for gay marriage. in 2013, as preparing to run for president, hillary clinton shot a video tribute to single mothers.
5:47 pm
"single moms are the real heroines. they need more help that parents, uncle, grandparents and good friends can provide." she didn't mention biological fathers. democrats who stray from the script tend to get attack. barack obama spoke regularly and eloquently often about the importance of fatherhood yet consistent with the party orthodoxy he said almost nothing about men marrying the mothers of their children. that distinction is critical. studies show married fathers are by far most involved the children's lives. you often hear leaders refer to caring parents or grand parents or care-givers or a similar combination as if the presence of my involved adult is enough for kids. that is not true. for boys presence of biological father in the house makes a difference. on one occasion obama suggested he understood this. in a 2003 speech about gun violence he gave in chicago, obama noted that, "we should
5:48 pm
do more to promote marriage." almost immediately he was attacked from the left. an article in "ebony" magazine suggested that the remarks were racist. msnbc attacked him and so on. he went back to platitudes. hillary clinton was right about one thing. being a single mother was difficult and a lot of single mothers work incredibly hard and they should be admired for that. but it doesn't mean single motherhood is a good idea for society. it's not. it's a tragedy especially for boys and the rest of us should stop lying about that. dr. warren farrell looked into this subject closely and authored "the boy crisis." he joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. we know pretty conclusively that men in america and other developed countries are falling behind women in a lot of different measures. to what extent is fatherlessness driving that, do you think? >> a great extent. they are falling behind women in all 63 leading nations,
5:49 pm
developed nations. and in developed nations there is the permission for divorce that there isn't in the non-developed, the less developed nations. also in developed nation is the permission for women to marry, to have children without being married. that creates a division between boys who are with the fathers doing quite well, boys who are not with their fathers do terribly on more than 70 different measures. like postponed gratification. whether or not they are depressed or drinking. whether or not they have drugs. the opioid crisis. people involved with the isis recruit all over the world are almost completely fatherless boys. the ones that are girls are also fatherless. so everything you have been saying for the series is on
5:50 pm
target with the importance of having children be involved with both fathers. mothers are doing a huge amount of wonderful, hard work, loving and caring for their children. >> tucker: yes. >> that is why they deserve the biological father to be involved. and when we tell the biological father not only are you important but the way that you father is important, the way that you enforce boundaries and the way you encourage exploration and encourage the kids to get up and try again. the way you encourage adventure and risk-taking. the way that we can play together to create bonds, these are the things that mothers need to communicate. because when fathers are asked for and valued they come back in the picture. when they are not, they drop out. >> tucker: so it doesn't sound like anybody wins from fatherlessness. so the trend is fewer families are forming more children growing up without the fathers at home.
5:51 pm
nobody benefits from that. why aren't we sounding the alarm about that do you think? >> we put so much focus, especially in the democratic party on freedom for women. and freedom for women is a wonderful thing. i was on the board of directors for the national organization of women in new york city for many years, as you know. but freedom for women stops when they make the free choice to have children. and then a different question has to emerge which is what is best for the children? we see evidence of beyond what i thought doing research for "boy crisis." children do best when there is not just a father, but the biological father and the biological father is far less likely to drop out of the process when there is marriage. 40% of even men and women who live together who don't get married and have children, 40% of those fathers never see the children after two years.
5:52 pm
>> tucker: those are numbers that will offend people but that is what the science tells us. it's obvious all around us. i appreciate that, doctor. thank you for coming on and for your perspective. >> thank you. it has been a pleasure. >> tucker: thank you. even michael moore is fed up with the nonstop coverage of russia. the most important story ever! even he is sick of it. i wonder why. more on that next. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. check this sunday's paper for extra savings on products from aleve. we the people... are defined by the things we share.
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my secret visitors. hallucinations and delusions.
5:56 pm
the unknown parts of living with parkinson's. what plots they unfold, but only in my mind. over 50% of people with parkinson's will experience hallucinations or delusions during the course of their disease. if your loved one is experiencing these symptoms, talk to your parkinson's specialist. there are treatment options that can help. my visitors should be the ones i want to see. they have an amazing victory, the teachers strike in west virginia. i didn't see anything in the corporate media about this. on any of the networks. even some of the networks that we watch where, you know, russia through the channel, russia, russia. i am not saying it's not important. all the shiny keys to distract us. that is what goes on in the
5:57 pm
media. >> sean: i hate to admit it but he is absolutely right. >> tucker: even when the standard bearers michael moore not a genius find themselves annoyed by the year-long obsession with russia. maybe something is going on. will it change anything about the way news is covered? i don't know. joe rabbits this -- joe writes about this for a living and he joins us. preseem blue -- presumably the guy doesn't like the administration and he has every incentive to cheer on endless coverage of russia but even he is tired of it. is there a limit of how much the press can cover one story, cul-de-sac of a story? >> no. there different stories going on. it degrees coverage but there are degrees to everything. bernie sanders is right. he said on cnn a couple of weeks ago to anderson cooper's face when he brought up stormy daniels for example, i am quoting here, there are enormous problems facing our country. what are we talk about over
5:58 pm
and over again? stormy daniels. you can agree or disagree with bernie but the authenticity is something that can't be questioned. he said let me say i don't think stormy daniels is the biggest problem facing our country. and russia, this is going on for 14, 15 months. leaks happen all the time out of the government. even out of the d.o.j. and the f.b.i. we still haven't seen anything substantial. so, yes, let the investigation continue but there are degrees to everything. we are at the limit. i'll add what meade said, national political reporter for cnn. she said so far out in districts when you talk to people about russia, that is all we talk about on cnn basically, they say they don't care. those are voters. it doesn't have any effects on our lives. that sums it up nicely. >> tucker: do you think this is an international network, bureaus all over the world. are we pretending that russia the single greatest threat to american national security?
5:59 pm
is it not even on the top five list. do you think they feel dishonest presenting russia as an imminent threat to america? >> i think you are referring to a bloomberg poll saying it's low on priorities that the media should talk about. it came on sixth. you are right with the number. whatever they deem as an important story. if it's not russia, if it's negative the president that is the direction the network and the other media outlets will go in because they they are giving comfort food to the audience, telling them what they want to hear instead of what they should hear even if it's boring like the economy, jobs, isis and things that affect people's lives. >> sean: i think they believe it. >> tucker: there are many nights we do another story that is not russia. all of a sudden the colleagues, "i can't believe you are ignoring the real news. russia!" i think they believe it. >> you may be right.
6:00 pm
>> tucker: i wanted you to make me feel better but you didn't. great to see you anyway. out of time. thank you for a great hour. sworn in to the sworn enemy of lying and smugness. sean hannity now. >> my opening monologue in a few minutes. but first, this is a fox news alert. >> sean: we start with more breaking news from austin, texas. the serial bomber who terrorized that city in the past three weeks is now dead according to authorities. 23-year-old texas resident mark anthony conditt pictured right there. he blew himself up in his vehicle this morning as the s.w.a.t. officers were closing in on his car. authorities are saying they discovered a 25-minute recording on a cell phone found on conditt. they are considering it a confession to the bombings. listen in. >> i would classify this as a confession. this was on a phone we found in


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