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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 22, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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this is what happens. this is you. >> laura: you need to zero in on it. >> no more television, no more writing books. i'm just going to draw pictures. >> laura: wait a second. the cross look like an octopus. what is that? >> we should auction it off and you can sign it. >> laura: we will auction it off for charity. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team takes things from here. >> shannon: thank you so much. hello, welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream. washington tonight, the president and his right-hand man serious over high-level leak that could only have come from a very small handful of staffers. chief of staff general john kelly determined to find the mole in the white house calling it a fireable offense. attorney general jeff sessions own legal counsel says tonight he is not under investigation for perjury. the firm denial comes on the heels of a report andrew mccabe,
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the one-time deputy director of the fbi, fired friday, had launched a criminal investigation into sessions. at the urging of democrat senators, including al franken, who later resigned over sexual harassment allegations. congress delivers a $1.3 trillion budget deal tonight. chocked full of spending increases and only a fraction of the money the president said he wanted for a wall. reportedly over enough to cover 33 miles of new construction along the southern border. is the white house going to embrace it anyway? dozens of conservative republicans are not. exciting massive spending increases that include, they say, money for planned parenthood, the g.o.p. leaders vowed to cut. a new control measure and no chance -- money flowing to sanctuary cities. it's against that backdrop of one republican says is a new day in american politics. senator bob corker says you, the voters, do not ask him about the issues. "they only want to know if you
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are withdrawn for now." are g.o.p. lawmakers afraid of locking horns with the president for fear of keeping his base away from the polls come the midterms? corker adding the president polling is more than strong. it is tribal in nature. texas republican congressman louie gohmert agrees. welcome, congressman. you should be busy right now because eve got a 2,232 page bill to read. how does it work? >> in 2010, we were not in the majority and we kept saying, if you give us the majority, will read the bill. we will read the bill. i did read obamacare before he voted against it. this is really tragic. a massive spending bill. the truth is the house did our job. we passed 12 appropriations bills. we had a budget. the senate didn't do their job.
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it doesn't appear they are ever going to until we get rid of the culture of the 60 vote requirement and go with 51. president trump has been great on that. and by the way the constitution only requires a majority. that was a super imposition by the senate. >> shannon: mitch mcconnell does not want to get rid of it. there are plenty of people speaking out. >> if you look before the november 2016 election, you will see there were democrats like schumer that were handing -- maybe it's time to get back to a majority ruling, and maybe we can get it done. that kind of stuff. it sure sounded to me like they were preparing to take the majority, get rid of cloture and stuff it to mcconnell and the republicans. the constitution requires 51 votes, just a majority. it doesn't require 60. that's the senate's own role. they invoke the goofy rule.
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the senate can take it out. i think they should. we have to got to make clear to the senate, look, we are not going to do another omnibus cr or anything of that nature. you have got to pass your appropriations bills. i know we've got a committee that's looking into it, new budget process. until the houses to the senate we are not doing anything until you pass your 12 appropriations bills. we can go to conference. we can get it done. >> shannon: let me read some reaction from democrats. senate democrat leader, minority leader chuck schumer "every bill takes compromise and there was plenty here. at the end of the day we democrats feel very good because so many of our priorities for the middle-class were included." nancy pelosi said "democrats want explicit language restricting border construction to the same see-through fencing that was already authorized under current law. the bill does not allow any
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increase in deportation officers." why are democrats so happy about it? >> because it's good for them. they got their priorities in there and we didn't. >> shannon: who is running the show? you have the white house, house and senate. >> from what i understand, we got the house and senate and white house but that's not enough. i think that's ridiculous. we need to make clear to the democrats we are in the majority and we will work with you in a bipartisan way but we are not giving away the farm like this bill appears to do. >> shannon: on the senate, senator john kennedy, republican said "nobody knows what's in it." he said this before we got that text. "i have no intention of voting for this bill until i know what is in it. whoever came up with it isn't qualified to run a food truck." there are some fabulous food trucks around here. >> there are and they do a
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better job in their own budget than we do with this. we have less than 36 hours. it's absurd to have us voting may be less than 24, actually, that we are supposed to vote on a 2200 page bill. obamacare, my copy was 2500 pages. i went through it. but sadly i had a lot more time to go through obamacare then we've got 24 hours to go through 2200 pages. i mean, this is so tragic. and i know the house did our job. we shouldn't have allowed the senate to drag us into this disaster for the american people. the american people spoke in 2016, november. and they made it clear. and as the great president obama said, elections have consequences. but it appears they didn't in this case. we have got to do a better job. shannon, it's immoral for this generation to say we can't
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control our spending, so we are going to put all of this 1.3 trillion in yet another spending bill for 2018, and you will have to pay it along the way. >> shannon: none of us gets to run our budgets like that at home. we will see what the voters think this fall. congressman, always great to have you. >> this is a rather dark day. >> shannon: you are not the only one who feels that way. we know a lot of conservative republicans who say they aren't voting for it. >> we have some amendments before the rules committee. let's see if the rules allow our amendments so we can actually get some good things in there. >> shannon: we will get you a red bull on the way out. >> i've got my dr pepper. >> shannon: ed henry has more on the latest on reports surrounding the attorney general as well as the recent leaks that have left the white house not happy. >> great to see you. breaking tonight, the attorney general's personal lawyers telling fox he is not under criminal investigation for lying to congress about his
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russia contacts. the attorney is saying that the attorney general has been told by the office of special counsel robert mueller he is not being investigated for perjury either. we are learning this because what appears to be yet another leak from people friendly to former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. abc news quoting anonymous sources who said mccabe months ago oversaw criminal probe of weather sessions made false statements, a leak that seemed designed to question if this influenced passions' decision to terminate mccabe friday night for ironically leaking and lying. the key for sessions that it appears the investigation of him is over. people note the removal of mccabe was all about the fbi's own office of professional responsibility saying that mccabe had to go. sentiment the fbi director christopher wray seemed to endorse today in an interview. >> i am committed to doing things objectively and independently and buy the book. that has to extend not just to our investigation, intelligence
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analysis but also has to extend to personal decisions. >> officials made clear tonight president trump is livid about a separate leak of details of his phone call with vladimir putin. white house chief of staff john kelly thought he had weeded out the leakers but we are told he's frustrated, deeply disappointed, because clearly they still have at least one wall inside the white house. they are particularly angry over just how detailed his leak was about the phone call between the president and vladimir putin. "washington post" reporting the president ignored briefing materials that said in all caps "do not congratulate putin over his reelection." only a small number of senior aides have access to these notecards. that's why a senior official told us this is not just a fireable offense but also may be criminal. the president late today sharply defended his decision to congratulate putin, saying despite their differences he wants a cordial relationship so russia might help with isis, north korea, syria and iran. leon panetta said she believes
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the president should have been tougher about pressing putin about meddling in the 2016 campaign, plus allegations russia used nerve gas in the okay. former clinton and obama officials agreed with the president that he needs to work with adversaries like putin. >> presidents talk to kings and emperors and tyrants regardless of whether or not they were elected with any kind of democratic process or not, so i think the president has a right to talk to putin and to obviously see if there are areas that they can agree with. >> then president barack obama congratulated putin on his last election in 2012, and there was not much of a media storm. remember, mr. obama was also caught on a hot mic saying that during his own 2012 reelection bid that after he won, he would be more "flexible" to work with vladimir. >> shannon: we remember.
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ed henry, thank you. breaking tonight, the trump administration planning new measures on trade and while the official announcement hasn't been made just yet, beijing is already responding. this headline from today's "wall street journal." neither china nor the journal for fans of the tariffs. now the headline is "china to target troops based in tariff response." beijing prepares to deliver painted president trump's support base. ellison barber is tracking at all. good evening. >> good evening, shannon. an administration official tells fox news the president is going to announce protective tariffs and investment restrictions against china and the tariffs could be upwards of $30 billion. that official tells fox news the tariffs are not to be a punishment but instead are designed to recover damages from what they called china's unfair trade practices. some who work with the administration say it's a welcome move. >> the fact that the president is getting their attention,
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bringing them to the negotiating table and having the ability to work to level the playing field for a lot of our companies here and especially for small businesses, it's a good thing. >> fox news has been told the restrictions are meant to goal china's attempts at acquiring what they call the technology business in the future. mr. trump asked the u.s. trade representative to investigate china's intellectual property violations. this evening a u.s. trade official told reporters the investigation is almost done, and what they found is "deeply concerning." the official says there's strong evidence that china pressure technology transfers from u.s. companies to chinese entities and that there is evidence that china conducts and supports cyber attacks on u.s. companies to steal trade secrets. the white house confirming tomorrow that the president will announce the actions he wants to take in response to this investigation. they didn't lay out specific actions. chinese officials have been denying these allegations in the
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past. the chinese premier said the u.s. should act rationally when it comes to trade. >> translator: what i hope is that we can act rationally rather than being led by emotions in order to avoid a trade war. we are willing to adopt a more open posture and gradually reduced tariffs. >> "the wall street journal" reporting china is preparing to impose counterterrorist empathy presidents support base, including levees targeting u.s. agriculture experts. >> shannon: all right, thank you very much. we are learning more tonight about the 23-year-old austin bombing suspect who rattled the area for three weeks with package bombs before detonating one final explosive, taking his own life. casey stegall has the story now. he is live in austin. >> good evening. authorities clearly going through every single aspect of this man's life which includes
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of course processing the house he lived in in this pflugerville neighborhood, in northern suburb of austin. i want my photographer to go in because the doors open and you can see the technicians in their moving around inside the living room in white suits. fbi, atf agents say they have recovered a bomb making material inside. primarily contained to just one room. we are learning investigators have uncovered this 25 minute video recording on his cell phone. austin's police chief says it's essentially a confession and he described each bomb that he constructed. authorities say he does not mention why he did it. they say it was "the outcry of a challenged young man." law enforcement began closing in a 23-year-old mark conditt yesterday, largely after he was captured on surveillance tape in an apparent disguise dropping off packages at an east austin fedex tour about 3 miles from sunday nights blast.
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then they finally caught up with him at a nearby motel where his vehicle was parked in round rock, texas, right next to pflugerville. when he started to leave, swat moved in. as they approached his vehicle, cops say conditt detonated an explosive device inside, killing himself. one officer was knocked back. another fired his weapon. once word started to spread that conditt was identified as the austin serial bomber, those who knew him say they were in a state of disbelief. here is one of his aunts who lives in colorado. here's what she told our denver fox affiliate. >> he was at my christmas table. he was a great kid. he was smart. he was loving, kind. i have no idea who this person is. >> conditt lived at this home with roommates, two roommates. they have been questioned by authorities. authorities say they are being cooperative. now the races on on to ensure
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that a, there are no other explosive devices that are out there. police and federal agents are pretty confident there are not. but they don't want to declare this over just yet. they want to make sure all the eyes are dotted and the ts are crossed. still the big question, despite this 25 minute recording, why? what was the motive? >> shannon: such a difficult question. thank you very much. president trump responding to the spending bill just released a couple hours ago. deeply disappointing to ask conservatives like congressman louie gohmert. he called it a dark day. president trump tweeting:
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reactions to that bill tonight. under fire from the left and mainstream media, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg speaks out in a rare interview. comments next as he finds himself facing intense scrutiny from the left who once saw him as a potential presidential candidate. a rebellion against the resistance appears to be spreading. trace gallagher joins us with the latest on the backlash against california's sanctuary state law. brand-new video justin of the self-driving car that crashed into a pedestrian. the video may explain why there's more to the controversy than originally recorded. stay with us. the video and the full story when we return liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night.
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>> shannon: brand-new video of the deadly crash involving a self-driving wilbur car. some may find it difficult to watch this. it is -- can footage. you will see 49-year-old elaine hertzberg appears in the headlights walking her bike across the streets and tempe, arizona, .
12:22 am
the backup driver behind the wheel should be able to take over if anything goes wrong. see looking down several times, not really watching the road. it surfaced today that wilbur hired the driver despite her being a convicted felon. she was released in 2005. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg responding tonight in an interview about the cambridge analytica controversy. the social media site was used by a firm working with the trump campaign to access the personal information of millions of users. >> we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data. if we can't do that, we don't deserve to have the opportunity to serve people. our responsibility now is to make sure that this doesn't happen again. >> shannon: some on the left not buying the explanation. a prominent commentator writing "facebook is bad and probably can't be fixed.
12:23 am
you can shut down the whole thing tomorrow and everyone will be fine." that comment as progressives rail against silicon valley and billionaires in general. >> bill gates, warren buffett, jeff bezos. these are people that sort of tread water over our on our side of the political fence. what we need to do with the democratic party, neither party is going to be there for the working people. >> shannon: leslie marshall, larry o'connor, and associate opinion editor. elizabeth herring harrington. on the issue of michael moore. my understanding is that part of the deal were senators elizabeth
12:24 am
warren and bernie sanders, together one writer estimated their net worth at $55 million. larry, they were preaching it's time to get serious about poverty and they are the ones to do it. >> yeah, it's kind of fun. at least michael moore is consistent. he is a socialist and he hates corporate barons on the right side and left side of the equation. he hates successful people and i guess he's railing against those in the digital world who have themselves with the left. he did make some very good points, specifically about the democrats spending way too much talking about russia instead of actually worrying about the people whose votes they lost. he is right about that. but i agree with him. i think -- i don't agree with him but i think it's interesting that the democrats are now hating on facebook and they think facebook is horrible but they loved it one facebook help barack obama get elected.
12:25 am
i don't know why everyone is shocked that facebook is storing, keeping, and using our data. we give it to them so we can use their site. we knew that all along. they are just angry because trump got elected. >> shannon: over the weekend there was a former trump campaign worker who said they figured out in 2012 that we were doing this but facebook didn't do this because -- ben shapiro writing that they knew the obama team was doing this said "facebook had no problem with such activity then. they do now. as soon as facebook realized cambridge analytica had used a similar strategy, they suspended the firm." leslie. >> it's well known in any political circle, shannon, that cambridge analytica was pro- pro-trump and working with the trump campaign. i don't buy that from facebook. larry, it's not just the liberals were angry at facebook today. it's both left and right, it's people who wanted their privacy protected who just trust me for
12:26 am
mark zuckerberg isn't good enough. michael moore, for ten years, the first and second most entrepreneurial people are warren buffett and bill gates. he shouldn't be dissing the billionaires. >> shannon: when it comes to the social media issue, zuckerberg was asked if he would testify before congress. he was asked whether they should be regulated. he said maybe we should be. in the meantime, dianne feinstein, democrat from california, said this last fall when it came to light there were things about ads and "fake news" on facebook. she said "you created these platforms and now they are being misused and you have to be the ones to do something about it. or we will." there are a lot of folks on the left who love these platforms eight years ago. now they say not so much. >> right, it's great liberal guy like mark zuckerberg who has
12:27 am
political ambitions it seems of its own is now being attacked from the left and the media, all because they still can't come to grips with the result of the 2016 election. facebook has been blamed 4-for-4 donald trump's win, whether it was fake news for the russian box with their propaganda and now and now it is cambridge analytical. never mind they did virtually the exact same thing as the obama campaign did in 2012, use a third-party app to get data on not just their supporters but all of their friends. the media hailed it at the time. they said look at the digital wizards of the obama campaign and how they mastermind this with facebook. now all of a sudden it's a criminal thing. it doesn't stand up. it is so hypocritical and a double standard. >> first of all, there is a criminal element here.
12:28 am
the ftc actually has rules in place which facebook was supposed to be under. i don't know about you but i am on facebook and nobody asked me and nobody was guarding my privacy which facebook was supposed to do simply by saying "do you or any of you watching or any of us on this panel opt out?" he doesn't talk about that. this doesn't have to do with the 2016 election. i know you think that and you want us liberals on the left to be angry about that. we are angry regardless of our ideology because our privacy was breached. that's what we care about. in a sense, people trusted mark zuckerberg. [all speaking] >> shannon: quick final word, larry. >> honestly the only reason this is making news is because it was tied to the trump campaign. if they found out they use their private information to sell a cruise ship, nobody would care. it's really hurting democrats. first it was russia and then russian bots.
12:29 am
now it's facebook. after face the reality they lost this election because of issues, immigration, the economy, trade, taxes. if they want to keep blaming the bogeyman in the dark corner that kept hillary from getting elected, they are going to lose again. >> shannon: please come back, we have more to discuss. stick around. thank you. we have breaking news mcalpine it's site on a three-way fight between the feds, the locals in the state. trace gallagher breaking down the latest. you don't want to miss it. youtube getting into the gun control debate, banning some videos involving firearms. isn't yet another assault on the second amendment? that and
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you know what they say about the early bird... he gets the best deal on the perfect hotel by using tripadvisor! that's because tripadvisor lets you start your trip on the right foot... by comparing prices from over 200 booking sites to find the right hotel for you at the lowest price. saving you up to 30%! you'll be bathing in savings! tripadvisor. check the latest reviews and lowest prices. >> shannon: the federal government's battle against a state of california over illegal immigration continues and there's no information on the
12:34 am
border patrol and local governments taking steps to push back against the sanctuary state. trace gallagher joins us with more. >> the war between the federal government in california over its sanctuary law is grabbing the headlines but now we are seeing signs that this battle is seeping down to the front lines, undermining long-standing cooperation between border patrol agents and local police. border agents are now refusing to hand over illegal immigrants with felony warrants to police because they are concerned they won't be returned to federal custody. it's already happened multiple times. the chief agent in the san diego sector said "in each instance, the border patrol agent determined it was not appropriate to release a criminal alien to the state and local law enforcement because although the alien was subject to removal, the alien would ultimately be released into the public. even more troubling, border patrol says state and local officers are less willing to
12:35 am
respond to border patrol agents calls for assistance. even if agents are in danger. in the meantime, three legal immigrants avoided capture when libby schaaf formed them immigration agents were coming have been rearrested for new crimes, including robbery and spousal abuse. another was arrested for drunk driving despite having been deported three times including ones for drunk driving and wants for battery. mayor libby schaaf maintains her community is safer because of sanctuary policies. california is now getting pushback from within. this week the southern california city of los alamitos voted to approve an anti-sanctuary ordinance meeting this city is opting out of the sanctuary law. orange county, huntington beach, buena park, they may opt out. the mayor of aliso viejo told tucker carlson. >> we have gone from a law and
12:36 am
order state to a free-for-all. if you want to be a criminal, come to california. that's kind of what the state legislature is doing. you want to be homeless, come to california because we are going to set you up in a tent city somewhere. it's gotten ridiculous. >> some warned this could open the cities to being sued by the state of california, kind of like the state is being sued by the federal government. >> shannon: thank you, trace. no fake news here. it's time for the real news roundup. this is if you're republican senator roger wicker says he's trying to block an atheist from becoming a navy chaplain. the self-described secular humanist has a master's degree from divinity school. senator wicker and other republicans say he shouldn't be appointed because the post serves religious, not philosophical needs. others point out he applied for
12:37 am
a navy chaplain during the obama administration and was rejected. they are wondering why president trump is giving him a second chance to apply. after holding off during the tough primary fight, democrats are getting behind dan lapinski after he staved off a progressive challenger. the democratic caucus chair holding up lipinski's victory as evidence democrats are a "big tent party." today there are 3 of 47 senators and 12 out of 192 192 house democrats. national shooting sports foundation calling a new youth policy worrisome. youtube banning links to websites that sell firearms or provide instructions on how to assemble them. the gun industry lobby group says the potential for blocking educational and safety instructional content that serves law-abiding gun owners. hillary clinton's comments on backwards -- coming back to
12:38 am
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>> shannon: the senate race in missouri heating appeared republican candidate josh hawley in an effort to unseat claire mccaskill. releasing an ad tying mccaskill to hillary clinton. clinton has been coming under fire for a series of comments she made overseas about
12:42 am
heartland states that president trump won and how they are "looking backwards." is it a winning strategy for the republican candidate? leslie marshall, larry o'connor, elizabeth harrington. welcome back, all of you. great to see him again. i want to play a little bit of this josh hawley added. here's a bit of it. >> you didn't like black people getting rights. you don't like women getting jobs. you don't want to see the indian american succeeding more than you are. whatever your problem is. working for a woman now, you don't like it, whatever the reason was. >> shannon: a lot of .. doannon: a lot of well. does this strategy work for josh hawley because mccaskill was one of the first supporters of hillary clinton. >> i think it's a very effective an end i think it's fair game. if hillary clinton is refusing to go away and not let go of the 2016 election, it's fair game
12:43 am
from mccaskill, her earliest supporter. it is smart for hawley to try to connect hillary or mccaskill to the hillary comments. they are attacking her voters directly. it is so insulting. it's not just you are deplorable. you are irredeemable. you are also a racist, a bigot, a homophobe. you didn't contribute enough to gdp. this isn't exactly a winning message for democrats in 2018 and i think republican should never stop. if hillary won't go away, they should never stop bringing her up. >> shannon: seems republicans like to. they love to tie people to nancy pelosi all the democrats say she gets a lot of things done on a hill and you have to give her a pat on the back. tying people to hillary clinton. a former state department spokeswoman marie harf who is a contributor here at fox had this to save on hillary at this moment in time. >> she should go away. i hate to say that. and i really do. the first female nominee of a major party had historical role
12:44 am
in their right to speak out. she is not helping the democratic party. i think she should take a very long vacation and leave the future of the party to other people. >> shannon: what do you think, leslie? >> i partially agree with marie. .. i partially agree with marie. hillary did have appeal. that she did get millions of votes. i don't think her comments as we saw on the tape and i don't think her comments when she was calling voters deplorable, you can attack. i say this left or right for whatever seat, president all the way down to counsel position. you can't attack the voter because that voter is not always tied to their party. you can attack your opponent but you don't attack the voter or the base. they are tying to -- trying to tie claire mccaskill taylor.
12:45 am
we have seen that ads don't seem to make or break the race. this is the very tight race, as we see in the polling. >> shannon: larry, the point about the millions who voted for hillary clinton, her supporters is always "she won the popular vote." clearly there is a huge swath of the country was that i am with her. >> millions of people wanted her to be president. you take california away and trump wins in a landslide. honestly. we are talking about missouri, west virginia, north dakota, florida, talking about a whole lot of states that trump won and in fact where there is a democrat up for reelection. i don't want hillary to go anywhere. i am begging hillary to stand stage. it's the best thing republicans have going for them frankly. the odds are against them in a
12:46 am
midterm after the presidential election. i wonder if the rnc is paying hillary. we know she loves money. this may be what's going on. they are paying hillary. giving donations to the clinton foundation. >> shannon: elizabeth, 11 people like to talk about president trump and say he makes comments, unforced errors, gets himself in trouble or he does need to. a lot of people feel that is what's happening with hillary clinton right now as well. she has the freedom to speak her mind anywhere in the world she wants to but democrats at home wish maybe she wouldn't. >> of course she does. republicans certainly don't want her to stop and you finally have all these democrats coming out and saying please, hillary, go away. you are not helping us. i love what you were saying about the election, jennifer paul mary, her comments director -- communications dires operating on the campaign with half her humanity tied behind her back. we have only seen half of
12:47 am
hillary, i think we have seen certainly enough. >> shannon: final word, leslie leslie. >> i would say claire mccaskill, last time around, she was counted out. then mr. aiken opened his mouth. if there is a national poisoning of the republican water, she may still prevail even though i would say this is a tight race for democrats in a state that has become republican over the years. you never know what's going to come out of the opponent's mouth or who he is tied to. i'm sure the democratic ads will be coming out. >> shannon: months and months to go, a lifetime. leslie, larry, elizabeth, thank you. great to see you all. black lives matter movement gets a seat at the table. who is going to have a say in how the chicago police department does business in the future and not everybody is happy about it. we will look at both sides.
12:48 am
former chicago police commissioner calling it a witch hunt on cops. he is taking aim at the man who fired him. he wants mayor of rahm emanuel's job. that story next
12:49 am
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>> shannon: we want to take you to los angeles. live pictures from l.a.
12:52 am
we have reports they l.a.p.d. is a package they are looking at, sent to a home via fedex. the package states it's from austin, texas. there is a woman there who says she was not expecting a package. she does not know the sender. we are told the bomb squad is keeping an eye on it. obviously they got live monitoring. if we learn anything new on the, it's awfully dark, i believe you can see the bomb squad is on the scene. this package sent to los angeles with an austin return address. the person in the home say they do not recognize. everybody on high alert after what's been happening in austin. law enforcement has been wanting just because the bomber is gone doesn't necessarily mean the packages were things he may have been involved with are as well. abundance of caution in los angeles tonight. we will keep tracking the situation. former chicago police superintendent garry mccarthy
12:53 am
who was fired by rahm emanuel, citywide protests and scandals led to that. he is challenging his foe, officially announcing a pro police campaign. matt finn joins us with the story. >> shannon, this is sure to make for some fiery political theater. chicago's former top cop garry mccarthy is now fighting back against the man who fired him, chicago mayor rahm emanuel, president obama's former chief of staff. garry mccarthy just released a video short while ago in which he suggests he is the perfect law and order candidate to fight chicago's crime. mccarthy's pro police, limited spending campaign is opposite of mayor rahm emanuel who was considered very liberal. currently fighting the trump administration to defend his sanctuary city status. here is more of what mccarthy had to stay in this video. >> i know firsthand how strong and proud and welcoming chicagoans really are. that's why it's so painful to see that under this mayor, we
12:54 am
are awash in higher taxes, corruption, school closings, violent crime. we don't have to live like this. >> the reason mccarthy's announcement is so explosive is because of a chicago police dashcam video that captured a police officer shooting and killing a 17-year-old black teen 16 times. rahm emanuel is accused of attempting to keep that video under wraps to secure his reelection. a judge eventually ruled the tape to be released to the public. when the tape was released, the graphic video caused extreme unrest and protest in chicago on widespread demands for rahm emanuel to resign which he denies the allegations he covered it up. at first rahm emanuel defended mccarthy over the tape and then fired him. mccarthy said he was thrown under the bus and now he's back. he tells fox news where the biggest pieces of his campaign will be asking mayor rahm emanuel to publicly detail exactly what his role was in that alleged cover-up.
12:55 am
moments ago a spokesperson for mayor rahm emanuel's campaign responded to fox news and this video, writing in part "mccarthy does not make the minimum requirements to run for mayor and even after he was fired at one point, mccarthy made clear the mayor did not have control of that video." in relation to that video, illinois attorney general and groups like black lives matter and the aclu sued the city of chicago saying that the police to vermin engages in racism and brutality. now the city of chicago says the aclu and black lives matter can have a seat at the table as the city of chicago determines how it's going to overhaul its police department if those groups are willing to freeze their lawsuits. >> shannon: okay, very interesting. matt finn, thank you very much. we want to take you to los angeles where we are watching breaking news. a package that was sent via fedex to a home, a woman says she wasn't expecting it, doesn't recognize the sender and has identified it as coming from
12:56 am
austin. the bomb squad is on scene. continuing to get updates. in the meantime, we have a special update for you tomor liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> it creative 23, mark anthony condit gripped the city of boston with fear. >> no idea who this person is. >> no one has read the entire bill and i'm not optimistic there will be concerns. >> making a decision like they are. ♪


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