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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  March 22, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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if you want to fight china stop spending so much money, bring better budget deficits down and stop handing them power. >> all good points. and on that, thanks to juan williams, we will hand it over the harris. >> starting with breaking news achlt parentally they have enough votes now to pass the enormous $1.3 trillion spending bill that gets us through september. remember, we have already seen couple of government shutdowns over a lot of issues. this gets us beyond that point, would have happened if they didn't pass. this is just the house, then the senate, then the president. let goes to mike emanuel, chief correspondent for us on the hill. what's the latest? >> harris, good afternoon. the house has the necessary votes to pass the $1.3 trillion om omnibus package, we're getting for the gavel to drop, we'll get the numbers to you as soon as possible. a big part of the pitch for passing the bill is rebuilding the united states military.
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>> a bill we're about to vote on turns the corner in fixing our planes and ships and readiness. it also sends a very strong message to allies and adversary is a like, the united states is going to stand up and defend ourselves. >> some democrats say the product of the $1.3 trillion government funding package is a good one. they're hammering the republican colleagues, they say none of their colleagues have had a chance to actually read the bill. >> as i said, nobody has read that either. this is report language. come to the well if you've read this language. >> conservative pushback, the house freedom caucus sent a letter to president trump asking him to step in to stop the spending mackage.
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co-founder of the group explained why earlier today. >> it's not even close to what we told the american people we were going to do. not just conservatives who don't like this bill. the american people, when they find out what's in it, that will take a while, we just got it 12 hours ago, we'll vote in a few hours, it's 2,200 pages. >> the president has rejected that argument, white house aids say the president will sign the package into law in part for what it does for the united states military. also because it provides $1.6 billion for his border wall. once the gavel drops in the house, next stop is the senate, facing a friday night deadline to pass it. harris? >> all right, mike emanuel. we're now getting word that it has officially passed. you were bringing us the latest on whether or not there were enough votes, looked like yes. now we can say definitively and officially the spending will bill, the omnibus has passed. thank you very much. we have an opportunity to talk with pennsylvania senator senator perry, freedom caucus member.
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along with that title comes the expectation of smaller government and not a $1.3 trillion bill. talk to me. >> that's right. i don't think anybody, democrat, republican, conservative, liberal went home and campaigned saying they wanted to vote for the greatest spending, largest spending increase in history. 13% above last year. and not only that, har rises, you know -- harris, we get the bill, 2,230 pages at 8:30 last night. there was a night in there, i was up past midnight in the rules committee with amendments. but you could have stayed up all night anyhow, and read the bill and you still wouldn't be done. look, it's not good when the other side does it and not good when this side does it. we want to though what we're voting on. >> i go back to nancy pelosi, we'll to have pass it to see what is in it. this doesn't bode well. >> right, you can't be critical of that then and come in here and say we have a new president and this is our guys, now it's
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okay. we want to fund our military. jim jordan, mark meadows, and i walked up to rules with an amendment to fund the military at the highest level a couple of months ago. hold the line on the other spending. it was rejected out of hand. i serb nvd uniform over 30 years, it's critically important. i will tell you, military members don't want to bankrupt their country any more than any else does. >> i'm writing down a couple of notes as you're speaking. i wonder where are the conservatives like you in the party? are you kind of, are you becoming more extinct in the republican party? i don't know how to put it any more delicately. >> when it comes to the swamp, and there's one thing that's a swamp, that it agrees on, spending the tax pargs' money. there's -- taxpayers' money. there's always agreement there. when it comes to trimming the budget and pulling your belts in, like homeowners have to do when they manage their budget, not much of an appetite for that. and you're seeing evidence of that right now.
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this is where it is. every time, i've been here for five years, every single time we don't like the process, this has to change. we can't keep doing it. every single time we do the same thing, why folks like me say absolutely not. we're going to fight it with everything we have. even if it's only one vote at a time. the vote our constituents gave us and we're vote nothing to bankrupting our country. >> like some one brought the sea weed to the swamp as dagen says. the president, he got some of what he wanted and can't get the government shut down again. >> we keep on using that excuse, you can't let the government shut down again. >> is it just an excuse or is it reality? chuck schumer didn't have a great day when they had the #schumershut dooush. >> he didn't have a great day nor should any of us. we're cents here to prioritize the taxpayer spending of the federal money. the house passed 12 appropriations bills.
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how many appropriations bills did the senate pass? they work with this archaic 60-vote rule. the two big things they got passed, supreme court justice and tax relief for the american taxpayers, 61 votes. i got a news flash, the process that they're using now, these rules, that aren't -- they're not enumerated in the constitution, they made them up, but they don't work to progress our government in the 21st century. they have to take a look at that. if they want to pass spending bills they have to get people onboard. if it takes 51 that's where you have to be. >> what happens when it gets to the senate in your estimation? they vote next. >> the senate, look, the deal is cooked, the four corners as we call it, the senate leadership, the house leadership, they've negotiated in. rank and file members like myself, have been in town, voting on other bills waiting for them to bring it out. not much input, people will say otherwise but nobody came to me
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and said representative perry do your people support this, what would you like. nobody asked that of me. >> wow. >> we came to participate, not to take orders. >> you know, i'm hearing a drum beat this representative diane black of tennessee was on with me this week as well, she felt like you described them always the four corners, she said four people in the room deciding and no one came to her. look at her. ways, means, house budget. >> committee chairman, exactly, running for governor, been here for a while, has clue about what is going. >> why is this happening? >> one of the reasons this is happening once again, the senate, look, we have our disfunction the house too. but the senate refuses to give up the 60 vote requirement on critical legislation like the spending package. as long as that happens then it becomes a negotiation with this cudgeol of the shut tooun, that forces everyone into a corner and forces to us ak z the bad
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things that we have to take for the good things that the american people supported. that's how, unfortunately, there are people, i think, in government that really like that system the way it is and they have no inclination to change it? so quickly, before i let you go, what is interesting is this is sort of what the president forecast, that's why he was trying to get everybody to the point of the white house, see what the four people or at that point only two people would want. we saw a couple of empty chairs the first time with the democrat side. you want more seats at that table. we understand now why. $1.3 trillion adding on to the deficit doesn't make us stronger as a nation. >> right. it brupts us. and you got -- brupts us. you have 435 members of the house, 100 members of the senate and four people spending $1.3 trillion of the taxpayers money. something seems askew to me. >> congressman scott perry, thank you, appreciate your time. >> appreciate it, thank you, god bless. >> you you too. let's bring in fox news sunday
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anchor chris wallace. you heard it, whoo, chris. i mean there's house members particularly conservatives who are not happy about the situation right now. and don't feel like they got seats at the table. >> well, more important than them i've been watching and looking at it now, the stock market in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, it was down 420 points, now it's down 400 points. it started when the president was talking about signing that tariff that would raise billions of dollars, tense of billions of dollars on chinese imports. and then of course the passage of this spending bill. market isn't pleased, clearly, what is going on in washington. >> yeah. i mean, you are talking about a wall street situation and what i understand congressman perry is talking about is main street situation, he hears from his constituents. talk to me about what the options are, chris. i mean, we have already had a
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full shutdown and that little one in the middle that felt like a partial shutdown, then facing another one tomorrow. so what are the options? >> well, i don't know there really are options. last time after the shutdown, they passed a spending bill, continuing resolution, that gave them six weeks to get this done. here they were, the 2,200 pages was dumped on the desks of the members of congress and the howls last night -- and the house last night. you heard from congressman perry you could have been up all night and wouldn't be able to read. this i thought he did have the intellectual honesty to say for all of our complaints about nancy pelosi and the democrats used to pull that we, the republicans in his case, are doing exactly the same thing. which is passing this under cover of darkness, a few people making a deal, and everybody basically has to eat it. it's a lousy way to do business. i'm not sure, look, if you were
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to go to all of the committees and what they call regular order, they would have all their votes, do i think it would be any better, no. it's a deeply divided congress. and i don't see them changing anything soon. i would say this, about congressman perry and his complaints about the super majority, the of 60 vote majority, you hear republicans when they're in the majority and of less of 60 votes, in this case 51 votes. how would they feel if the democrats were in the majority and they could rush things through with 51 or 52 votes? say during when obama was. and they had a small senate majority. that's the idea, is that the senate acts as kind of the cooling saucer of democracy and you need to get some people from both sides. >> you call it a cooling saucer, republicans as you heard from congressman perry and i mentioned congressman diane black as well, saying something similar. but it still has to be functional.
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and that's been the criticism against the senate, kind of baked in, once it makes its way to the house. they don't have much they can do about it. that's their take on it. perhaps it's also speaking directly to the fact that it's just disfunctional. just ahead of this, maybe a couple of hours, senator mitch mcconnell put out the significant victories for the nation in the spending bill, why they're spending so much. everybody understands the military spending, i think 2.4% increase in military pay, people get that. what did the president get on his list, chris, that you think he likes? >> well, certainly that. and i think that may be the biggest thing. >> we all like that. the military, yes. >> that's what i'm talking about. military spending, james mattis, secretary of defense, said they couldn't continue to do business with the c.r.s, kicking the can down the road week-to-week, month-to-month. if they were going to have serious military planning, in the pentagon, they needed major spending. the price for that was to get
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democrats to agree to that, they had to increase spending a lot for social programs a lot of republicans don't like that. president did get $1.6 billion for the wall but he wanted $25 billion so he could be assured of funding for the wall until its end. this is going to take them to the end of the year. if nancy pelosi becomes the speaker and democrats take the house, you can forget about them ever passing full funding for the wall. this is very much just a very partial and small down payment on what the president wants on the southern border. >> chris, you mentioned nancy pelosi, having a tough time, particularly on the issue of daca which didn't make nilt here. this doesn't help her in terms of the democrats. we have to see what happens with her speakership. great to have out program, thank you. >> you bet. >> we are following a developing story, the lead lawyer for president trump in the robert mueller investigation has resigned. we now have a statement from
10:14 am
john dowd, that attorney, that lead outside counsel, for you coming up. this is the president, says he still wants to testify before robert mueller. a lot of this to break down. you know who's onboard. judge andrew napolitano, he's next. stay with us. okay folks!
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news in the left side of the screen. outgoing secretary of state rex tillerson is giving his farewell remarks to state department employees. we are monitoring this. we've seen him step up to a lectern saying he was leaving the state department, now officially saying goodbye to those people whom he has led at the state department. we move on now. a big exit for the president's legal team. john dowd, president trump's lead lawyer, outside counsel, representing the president in robert mueller's russia investigation is has resigned. his departure, the most prominent shakeup for the president's legal team since he took over for mark kasowitz last summer. john dowd said, quote, i resigned thursday morning and president trump graciously accepted. the president has a terrific case and proved it to the special counsel, robert mueller, and his team in spades. the statement i made last week
10:19 am
about the special counsel ending is no different than what i have told muraler and his investigators on multiple occasions. i am so proud of the president's transparency and how anyone could accuse him of obstruction after the president's extraordinary cooperation is beyond me. i love him and wish him well, end quote. the president saying moments ago, as he was leaving the diplomatic room, we were showing you this live, signing the china tariffs, he said that he would like to, and these are his words, testify before the special counsel. something he has said several times in the past. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano, the president doubling down, it's not testimony, it's an interview, he said he'll sit down. >> there was a dispute among the president's people whether or not he should sit down and be interviewed by bob mueller. not only interviewed by mueller, his prosecutors and fbi as as well. the interview was not under oath -- >> not testimony. >> correct.
10:20 am
john dowd, who has a lot of respect among the lawyers in washington, d.c. argued against the interview. other lawyers on the team argued in favor of it. for those of us who have been in the business a long time, it is a very, very, maybe three or four very, dangerous situation for any person to be in when you're in the crosshairs of the prosecutor to talk to that prosecutor. certainly skilled prosecutors and fbi agents. they may ask him about a loan from deutche bank 20 years ago, give contradictory answers today from what he said under oath that he doesn't recall and you have a potential charge of misleading or lying. mars i know you're -- >> harris: you're giving a what-if example so we understand it on your level. don't you give the president and his team credit to know if you don't know something at that moment you say you don't know it at that moment? we have had a crises of misrememberings all over the place in the history of government. simply saying i don't know that
10:21 am
right now, let me get back to you, what is the harm in that? >> the president isn't a normal client. the president is the most powerful person on the planet. this particular president has one of the strongest personalities and highest levels of self-confidence of any human being i've met. this president, if told not to say something that he wants to say will probably say it anyway. this president doesn't always use, i'm being diplomatic, an economy of words. that is, that recipe is a field day for prosecutors and fbi agents that would like to trip him up. nothing good can come from donald trump trying to persuade bob mueller not to charge him with anything. let the lawyers do the talking and the negotiating. >> what about the shakeup in counsel? >> harris: you know, we talked about on kw9 outnumbered" did he quit, was he fired. i think it's the same if he's close to the door. >> agreed. i am a big fan of joe digenova, lawyer that was brought on earlier in the week, as a
10:22 am
surprise to john dowd. that's strike number one. strike number two, is the disagreement within the team about how cooperative the team should be with bob mueller. john dowd arguing in favor of a lot of cooperation. here's what joe digenova confronts. bob mueller has over 100,000 documents that the president's legal team surrendered. joe digenova must familiarize himself with all of those documents. i know joe, he has to look at the documents and say, what the heck did you surrender this for? it's too late, we gave it. what does this mean, what does that mean. only the president means it. i need the president to explain this. he's on the phone with vladimir putin. this is not a normal lawyer-client relationship. but that guy, joe digenova, attack dog that donald trump needs, has to learn everything about the case in a short period of time. >> harris: talk about everything that's going around this, not
10:23 am
the only thing the president is legally dealing with. does it help to have a team on your side? i mean, if you have to lean it down and pull people on on the same page with you and the rest of the team doesn't that help you? >> the president has many teams of lawyers. a team led by don mcgann. don mcgann in my view is quite correct to argue let's not give the special counsel anything. he has a team headed by john dowd, mark kasowitz, now joe digenova. he has three pieces of litigation, involving three women who claim to have had relationships, one who has given an insinldry interview to 60 minutes, we'll hear on sunday night. one of them to take the president's deposition, to put him under oath and question him about his relationship, intimate sexual relationship with this lady 12 years ago.
10:24 am
this is not good for all of this to happen to the president while he's talking to putin and signing tariffs on china, and negotiating spending with the congress. >> harris: it doesn't show he can get the job done no matter what is going on? >> many because in the air but he is human. this is almost league under siege. >> harris: so this is why i come back to the case that you just laid out and you are a judge, so do you that so well, this is why i come back to wouldn't you rather have a team of people that see it, at least the same way among the themselves and can put a case together, if not only see it the way you do. >> this is the uniqueness have donald trump, said privately and publicly he likes his advisors to disagree. he likes advice why i should do it and not do it then he makes the decision. >> harris: but he's not an attorney. >> right. lawyers don't like it when the client makes the decision. the client koft know as much about the -- cannot know as much about the case as they do.
10:25 am
>> harris: they're being paid. >> very exciting times. [laughing] >> harris: go back and forth, i could keep it up all day. >> a pleasure. >> harris: a lot to chew on. the house intelligence committee released more unclassified information and recommendations from its russia report. what it all reveals about the kremlin's meddling in america's elections and the failures of the obama administration. ambassador john bolton is on deck with me next. facebook founder mark zuckerberg under fire after what critics call a weak response to a massive data grab. the ceo offering to testify now on capitol hill. said he might consider regulations on social media. what could happen next? will it be enough? stay close. >> if the industry won't solve these kinds of problems theses, we'll to have solve them with legislation. you can't have 50 million people
10:26 am
loose privacy of their data this way.
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>> we come in with the fox news alert, republicans have just released more information and recommendations from their russia report. while we are still awaiting a full report pending a review by the intelligence community we have key findings to show you now. first, evidence that russia launched cyber attacks and used social media to try to undermine the u.s. electoral process. none of the with its provided evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. and the obama administration's post identify election response was insufficient. but the ranking democrat on the committee, adam schiff, says no. >> our work will go on nonetheless. we will be submitting minority views. we will also be conducting
10:31 am
additional interviews and obtaining additional documents. that has never stopped. we're pleased that with its have decided to cooperate with our committee even if the majority will not be participating. rather sad chapter in our committee's long history. >> harris: adam schiff calling it a sad chapter and, no, this investigation will not end, he will go on. let's talk about it john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. great to see you. >> glad to be with you. >> harris: he wants things to go on. this report shows important things. americans shouldn't miss it, the russians definitely went after us. >> yeah. and, look, this is part of a long history of russian and before that soviet efforts to influence american public opinion. if you go back to the 1940s and 1950s, ronald reagan came to public attention in the policy and political sense because he was trying to help the screen actors gould fend off efforts of
10:32 am
the communists to gain control of that union. why were the soviets focused on hollywood? they thought it would influence american public opinion, that's why they're engaged on trying to get on social media platforms today. i don't think adam schiff dills agrees, that it's par for the course. the meat of the matter, is there any evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia and the answer to that remains today as it was a year ago, no. >> harris: because this also, in a wider way, leads to our national security, i want to ask you about this. adam schiff agrees that he woo hit, election meddling. why not focus on getting us ready for november? why not focus on getting us ready for november and not on an area where there's been no evidence shown of collusion? we have real evidence, that we have a russia problem. >> yeah. well, because, it's not nearly
10:33 am
as much fun as going after donald trump in the political heth that they hope to -- heads that they hope to force the administration to incur, the hits. i think it is sad, congressman schiff is right on one point, his behavior in particular has damaged the little remaining bipartisan spirit of the house intelligence committee. you know, if they weren't so focused on this, if you read the accounts of hillary clinton's campaign in the days after her election loss, they were in despair, they searched around for how they could possibly have lost, and they concluded in meetings in their campaign headquarters in brooklyn it must have been the russians doing it. they have never given up on that shar raid. >> harris: and hillary clinton out selling the book "what happened" on all of those topics. we know some of what happened and need to get ready for what is coming. why didn't the obama administration protect us when it was their time? >> i think that's a question
10:34 am
that dechl requires more investigation, definitely. if it was as serious as shpeople would have us believe before the election, why wasn't the obama administration doing more? and certainly, they done more after the election if they had the additional information. this is what causes the american people to mistrust politicians in washington, and their institutions of government. these arguments are so political, so partisan, and it's why i've come to the reluctant conclusion the only way we'll restore public trust with respect to the russia allegations, the clinton e-mail investigation, the clinton foundation, is basically just make public almost all of what the committees have collected and the testimony. i don't like that idea but otherwise how are the american people to judge in you have to put the evidence in front of them, good, bad or indifferent, and let them make up their minds. not listen to the shrill
10:35 am
partisan attacks like congressman schiff. >> harris: we may hear more of what you're talking about, letting the american public see more. you have a full report coming out, in house intelligence committee review, but there's been so much stuff that leaked out of that committee, particularly from potentially adam schiff's side of the political aisle, that the public is learning in a dirty way anyway. i want to get on to this with russia. you know, back in 2015, we knew that russia had conducted cyber attacks on the united states political institution. that we already knew. that we knew that they had gone in several places in europe, ambassador, the kremlin exploited free and independent media spaces, open democracies, to conduct active measures in europe. the obama era administration already knew this was going on. >> yeah. i think it's completely unacceptable for any foreign government to interfere in american elections. that's why we have prohibitions about campaign contributions.
10:36 am
and why the efforts of russia, china, north korea, iran, anybody else to influence our elections. it should be completely unacceptable to all americans. i quite agree. we have a few months left here, obviously a lot of this does have to be done in secret. i think we should have a national debate. are we prepared to tolerate. this i think the overwhelming american public opinion would be absolutely not. >> harris: in your experience have you seen anything quite like this? i mean you talk about other countries, it's not the first time, not the only country. >> yeah, well, i think part of the problem is that because we don't have full release of what we know about russia's activities, it's hard to judge. we hear facebook saying total russian expenditures were small. compared to the digital expenditures of both the trump and the clinton campaign. so, there's i think a feeling that the russians were all over
10:37 am
the place when in fact their actual effort might have been quite small. i consider a $1 effort to influence our election unacceptable. it's hard for people to judge just how much of an intrusion this was. >> harris: well, quickly, you talk about the american public seeing, we will have to see this full report and bring you back. potentially a lot of information about what was found and what wasn't by the house intelligence committee. namely, no collusion between trump campaign and russia. we'll see. ambassador, thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: facebook executive, you heard the ambassador talking about this, facebook executives on capitol hill facing lawmakers furious over the user data scandal rocking the social media jiempbt. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg broke his silence and apologized. vowed to do better saying he's ready to go to washington to testify. william lageness has more from los angeles. >> well, harris, we just got word that four more members of
10:38 am
congress want hearings for zuckerberg to testify. given what we heard last night he seems willing to do that. >> what we try to do is send the person at facebook, while have the most knowledge about what congress is trying to learn f that's me, then i am happy to ghe. -- to go. >> after getting raked over the coals for four days he apologized for the huge major scandal. they face two lawsuits, one from investors, one from users, cambridge an lit ica obtained information of 50 million users and failed to delete it. >> we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data. if we can't to that, we don't deserve to have the opportunity to serve people. >> we action to, it's start. a little late in coming. but it's good to see facebook is beginning to take responsibility
10:39 am
for what happened here. that said, first of all, i don't think they're taking enough responsibility yet. >> this morning facebook officials met with congressional staffers to explain how the company is dealing with user privacy, transparency, and election interference. several senators and now four congressman want judiciary hearings to ensure that facebook is prepared to stop foreign entintervention. >> american policy makers deserve answers, the sooner they do so the sooner we stop the bleeding. >> harris, you mentioned regulation and yes facebook says users should know what ads, commercial or political, just like tv and newspapers. that is hitting the stock hard today. >> harris: i'm pretty pessimistic about this. this is how they do business. that's why you hear some people say it wasn't really a breach. that's an understanding that user and privacy can sometimes
10:40 am
be an oxymoron. we'll learn about that as he hits capitol hill. you're doing it for me. william. >> a trade-off, yeah. >> harris: it is. those are the facts. new information out of the investigation into that serial bomber terrorizing texas. the latest details on a 25 minute cell phone video left behind, recorded by that suspect who's now dead. why police say it amounts to a confession. stay close.
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the man accused of terrorizing texas for 19 days, package bombs killed two people and several others left badly hurt. police say he recorded a 25-minute cell phone video just hours before he killed himself while swat teams were closing in. foot an we're told amounts to a confession. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is reporting live from flugerville, texas where the
10:45 am
suspect lived. >> harris, good afternoon to you. investigators still probing both the methods and the motives of mark condit, the serial bomber, center bead hind me at the small yellow house he shared with two roommates. officials tell us as they have been going in and out of this house all day, that they have found many bombmaking components that match those used in the six bombing attacks. the six explosions that have rocked austin since march 2. they have also found disturbingly what they call a target list, potential future victims that condit had written down. they're trying to work out whether there is any link between the previous victims and those potential future victims. listen here to congressman mike mccall. >> what is the common denominator between all of these
10:46 am
victims or is it completely random? what was his motivation? we really don't know the motivation. we didn't have the search -- we had the search the house, we have lot of computer data, hard drives, those things will be very telling, along with social media, about what was motivating him to do this. also, was there any connectivity between these victims or completely random event. >> now, the sixth and final bomb was detonated to kill himself while police closed in on him while he sat in a parking lot in his vehicle outside a hotel north of austin. before detonating that bomb he had recorded this video on his phone. now, we were told about this, about 24 hours ago. we kept that to ourselves, did not report it, until police publicly confirmed it at around 6:00 eastern last night.
10:47 am
they say that he does talk about what drove him to carry out these attacks. they describe him as being on that video, a, quote, challenged young man who died in hissively detonating the final bomb to kill himself. harris? >> harris: jonathan hunt with the update, thank you. president trump's lead attorney working on the special counsel russia investigation has resigned. and put out a statement. our power panel is next. tomorrow, it's a day filled with promise and new beginnings, challenges and opportunities. at ameriprise financial, we can't predict what tomorrow will bring. but our comprehensive approach to financial planning can help make sure you're prepared for what's expected and even what's not. and that kind of financial confidence can help you sleep better at night. with the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant.
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>> i'm sandra smith for dana perino. president trump making news moments ago when asked if he would testify in front of special counsel robert mueller. his answer raising some eyebrows. plus, outgoing secretary of state rex tillerson seeming to take a jab the president in his farewell remarks. we'll tell what you he said. shocking new surveillance video of the las vegas shooter in the mandalay bay in the days and hours before he went on that massacre killing dozens. we will show that to you first right here on "the daily briefing." >> harris: a lot happening this hour. we want to go back to one of our fox top stories. president trump's personal attorney, john dowd, has resigned. he was the lead outside counsel
10:52 am
representing the commander in chief in robert mueller's ongoing russia investigation and in a statement dowd sells the president has a terrific case and he wishes him well. let's bring in the power panel. back from "outnumbered" lisa boothe, republican strategist, fox news analyst of "the five" juan williams. we have had a lot going on the last couple of hours. let's start with the fresh reaction now, this new starment, lisa, from -- new statement, lisa, from john dowd. >> for president trump it seems like a change in tactics or where president trump wants to go. he's been killing have calling this a sham, witch hunt, you see joe digenova who shared that opinion. i think president trump is growing increasingly frustrated it hant ended, doesn't seem to
10:53 am
be any evidence of collusion, wants to fight back. >> harris: juan? >> the statement from john dowd is very clear that, he wants it to be apparent to everyone that he is not condemning the president, he doesn't think the president is guilty, and he wants to leave on his terms. now, there's a lot behind this story. clearly, he resigned but he's not leaving on his terms. nobody thinks that he is leaving of his own volition. everybody understands the president was discontented with the service he was getting. he wants this thing over. he wants to put mueller back on his heels on the defensive. so far he feels like the public perception is somehow that mueller is the good guy that he should testify from mueller, mueller is finding something. he's of the opinion this was a witch hunts you said lisa, from the start, and he wants somebody to is going to punch back. >> harris: you saw the cautione tale that judge -- cautionary tale judge napolitano was
10:54 am
giving, if the president goes and nicks himself, it will be bad for him heechlts a team -- he has a team, digenova, now i can't say it. [laughing] he has a team, and he's got his own vision about this, why not go forth. >> you know, look, i think judge napolitano made a good point in talking about the fact there's this catch-up that joe digenova is going to have to take. i'm not an attorney. but there are land mines for the president with the mueller investigation. but i don't blame him for getting frustrated. we've seen the bulk amount of the indictments laid out, things likelying to the fbi, things you shouldn't be doing. don't pertain to russia collusion. president trump at this point is let me do my job, i was elected by the american people, i want to get on with it. i want to do my job without this cloud hanging over my head yet
10:55 am
it won't go away. >> harris: i wonder, it's been a little silent from the democrat side of the aisle, does the house intelligence committee coming forth with a lot, showing no evidence of collusion with this current president's campaign, and how the russians really meddled, i wonder how that plays into all of this. you're going to get your ducks in a row, get your attorneys in a row, juan, right at a time when democrats are going quiet on the issue. >> well, the president as we've said wants to become more aggressive. so even as the democrats are sigh length, i think what you see from the president is frustration. he wants people like devin nunes, quite adpregsive in saying this is an intelligence community setup to take down this president, he wants that attitude in his legal team. that's when he's getting with joe digenova. >> harris: on that point, he's getting a fighter. because that's exactly what that counsel is saying.
10:56 am
>> and to be fair to juan's point, there are literally text messages exchanged between load investigators talking about an insurance policy, talking about these various things that would lead one to believe that potentially something nefarious is going behind the scenes with the fbi and doj. look at people like bruce orr, how could you not be concerned that potential things are going on behind the scene when there are text messages saying as much. >> you have to watch yourself. this is a legal proceeding and he's impulsive. >> we'll be right back. irement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement.
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>> i will see you online. my handle for the show, out numbered o.t. across all headlines. >> good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith in for dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." the president's lead lawyer in the russia investigation resigning. john dowd's departure comes days after president trump added joseph digenova to his defense team. the president made news on the russia probe as the press throws a question at him. >> mr. president, would you like to testify in the robert mueller ve


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