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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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in the country, we're thankful that you stayed with us. a sworn enemy of group think. avoid it at all cost. sean hannity is right now, hey, sean. >> sean: that video was really scarey, i didn't see the person crossing until the last second. >> tucker: neither did they. >> sean: good show, tucker. so much breaking news, welcome to hannity. the soon to be scandal plagued jeff zucker, take hot shots at fox news, we will unveil the new nickname for the bleep hole network, plus we'll call out the hi pokry sift media's news, stormy daniels 24/7, 365, same people that ignored bill clinton's accusers for years and it wasn't always con sen suchlt h.r. mcmaster is out and john bolton is in, as national security advisor.
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also, president trump's lead lawyer in the russia witch hunt is stepping aside, the president, he is getting ready to fight back and fight back hard against the corrupt special counsel. our investigation into the investigators continues tonight. and the house judiciary committee chairman, bob good lat, issued a subpoena for the d.o.j. to send over documents on the rigged clinton e-mail situation on fisa abuses, andy mccabe's firing, and comey's firing. the house intel committee announced the russia probe is over and the publicly released gop final report, new information in that, finds no evidence of trump-russia collusion. it exposed deep state leaking. fisa abuse, and blasts the former director of national security, james clapper, for giving inconsistent testimony like mccabe about contacts with the media. is that lying you understand oath a stunning investigative report from sarah carter, robert
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mueller and his top propertior, the guy that they say is the pit bull for mr. mueller, andrew weiseman, tied to one of the biggest scandals in u.s. history. the media ignoring this. an exclusive, you heard about the iranian one informant, speaking on camera right here tonight, for the first time about being enter viewed by the fbi as part of the investigation into the clinton foundation. yeah, there's a real investigation going on, the media talking about stormy. the hill's john solomon has that report and those details. that and so much more in breaking news opening monologue. >> sean: we dwin with more fake news from cnn, it is spewing from the news of the clinton news network president, mark zucker. he blasted fox news's propaganda machine and statement-run tv. guy the way, fox news like every newspaper in the country have a
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sports page, news page, gossip page and editorial page. opinion programming. even won't to say that this network does, quote, a disservice to the country. coming from the man whose so-called cable news station, cnn, is nicknamed the bleep hole network because they have an obsession with the word you might remember this. >> is there a difference if the president said, bleep hole, and bleep house. do you think they're bleep holes. >> donald trump has turned the oval office into bleep hole. >> built this country 110 years ago, this is the president's (bleep) comments. a few more. (bleep) country. >> (bleep) hole. >> (bleep) hole. >> (bleep) hole country. >> do you have an example of the (bleep) hole country that is caucasian? >> (bleep) hole. >> (bleep) hole. >> (bleep) hole. >> i work for (bleep) holers. (bleep) (bleep) (bleep). >> i'm proud to be a (bleep) holer.
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>> (bleep) hole on television. snl jeff zucker bleep hole network, they also have a new obsession, basically, soft core pornography from the nonstop coverage of stormy daniels to the constant speculation about an alleged affair between trump and a porn star. if you look for 4/never-ending -- 24/7 never looped around cnn news they have you covered. >> this could be the last nail in the coffin. stormy daniels, is causing stormy weather. >> stormy daniels claims president trump broke the law, had her bullied. >> does stormy can yells have the president's number? seems that way. >> president trump may have met his match with stormy daniels. >> how is stormy weathering this. >> stormy speaks. >> we're hearing from stormy daniels. >> stormy in her own words isn't going anywhere. >> stormy daniels has a good lawyer as a porn star, she was
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telling the truth. >> stormy daniels is on a tear. >> quick preview of stormy daniels interview this sunday. >> stormy daniels. >> stormy daniels. >> stormy daniels. >> stormy daniels. >> stormy daniels. >> the reason he can't engage with stormy daniels, she's got his number. >> sean: about an alleged affair, not proven, and of course very different bill clinton with paula jones, kathleen broad rock. but it doesn't wend stormy daniels. they're giving a former playboy playmate karen mcdougal, giving her air time and talking about potentially, alleged, consensual relationships. and we're going to compare how they covered, oh, assault and exposing one self and even rape with bill clinton. all this effort, in this case, to destroy donald trump. take a look. . >> so when was the next communication? >> i believe we talked right away on the phone. and i think we talked for about
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a week on the phone before his next visit to l.a. that was his first birthday, june 12 i think. >> would he call you? >> he would call me. i would call him, vice versa. >> sean: well, cnn's new obsession. we might have a brand new name for their leader, their chief, their ceo. jeff zucker. the porn king of cable news. of course porn king jeff zucker and colleagues at the bleep hole network aren't alone in their stormy obsession. nbc, abc, cbs and others featuring saturated coverage of the story. the same level of media interest not present in the early 1990s when then-president bill clinton was accused of having multiple extra marital affairs and even worsen gauging in serious instances of sexual misconduct. with gennifer flowers, she was proven right but i remember james carville, he worked and was one of the people talking about it or dragging her through a trailer park about paula jones.
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remember her? she accused bill clinton of literally pulling down his pants and exposing himself. and according to the media research center, the first three days of that scandal abc provided a whopping 16 seconds of coverage. nbc, cbs, they ignored it. and next is the case of kathleen willy, she said that bill clinton groped, grabbed, fondled, touched, kigsed her against her will inside the oval office. that story breaks, how's your fake news handle it? abc ignores it, nbc, cbs, 34 seconds of coverage. according to the media research center. cnn dedicated 26 seconds of coverage during their evening newscast. then of course you have the serious allegation of rape. juanita broderick. and i interviewed juanita broad wick, tough interview. surfaced in 1998. media research center says abc, cbs ignored the story. nbc aired seven minutes of coverage. not before initially spiking its
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pretaped interview with juanita. this proves what i've been saying about jumpism since 2007 or 2008, it's dead and buried in the country. we'll have more later. john dowd, the lead president for president trump in the white house has resigned a few hours ago, fox confirmed that victoria tunsing will be joining the president's legal team. president trump is breaking news saying that he would like to do a sit-down with the special counsel. let's delve into this. >> thank you very much. >> would you like to testify in front of robert mueller? >> president trump: thank you. >> sean: i'm sure the president would. and my advice to the president, you have to be very careful. i've been warning everybody about robert mueller and his merry band of democratic donors. we know robert mueller is conducting a biased, partisan, totally flawed investigation. he's gone way beyond his mandate. those original purpose, about
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finding etch have evidence of trump-russia collusion and we haven't found it in over a year, almost a year and a half. he was appointed, not what he is doing. constitutional law expert and liberal democrat professor allen dershowitz is pointing oubt the special counsels exist to bring about charges, justify their xis tenls. doesn't matter if it is at all connected to what they're supposed to be investigating. they have to do all of this to justify their xis tenls at an enormous -- existence at a cost to the american taxpayers, all of you, to the culture and society. the mueller witch hunt has been going on for over a year. so far he's found nothing regarding trump-russia collusion. the president has every reason to be upset. here's why. mueller's team has more democratic donors than a lib brat hollywood fundraiser. not one of them mueller's partisan witch hunters donated to trump. every politician not named donald trump would crack under this kind of pressure. xheeptly understandable when you
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appoint a team that donates to obama, the dnc, hillary clinton and going after one guy and not one person that donated to trump? of course the president wants to fight back. the special counsel from day one, has been abusively biased and many have questionable ethics, they have horrific backgrounds, and they're out to destroy him. saying i'm noment guilty is how any innocent person would act. rob rosenstein, has stacked the deck by appointing his buddy, robert mueller. he has conflicts himself. james comey admitted he leaked the memos to get the special counsel appointed. and it happened. this is one big giant insays to youous deep state cabal trying to unseat a duly elected president. h.r. mcmasters has resigned as national security advisor, and he will be replaced by john bolton. this is a huge improvement. we will have more that. and tonight, the house judiciary
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chairman bob goodlatte demanding documents on the fixed clinton e-mail investigation, when never was an investigation. also about severe fisa abuse and andrew mccabe's firing. he noted in a press release, something we have been reporting on, congress has requested 1.2 million d.o.j. documents related to the clinton investigation. the inspector general has them, why won't they turn them over. "the hill" reports that the chairman is trying to determine whether or not comey lied under oath. so far congress only received of the 1.2 million, 3,000. well that sounds like obstruction. doesn't sound like the wheels of justice or equal justice under the law. the d.o.j. stonewalling, preventing congress from conducting their konses tugsal job oversight. rod rosenstein, sucking up to paul ryan in the final hours, please don't let congress have
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access to the truth about fisa abuses. we all know the clinton e-mail investigation was a sham but comey struk, mcgabe, probably loretta lynch part of fit putting the fix in. the fbi and doj used unverified, they're not true. clinton pot and paid for dossier russian lies to get a fisa judge to spy on carter paige and allowed them to spy on the trump campaign. the mul bulk of the fisa investigation was made up of the phony clinton dossier, full of russian government lies and propaganda. as andrew mccabe testified, without no dossier, it never would have even been a fisa warrant application. as for mccabe, his comments after being fired, well to put his buddy james comey in serious legal jep si, mccabe writes the oig investigation is focused on
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investigation i chose to share with the reporter through my public affairs officer in the legal counselor as deputy director i was one of only a few people who had the authority to do. that it walls not a secret, it took place over several days. others, including the director, were aware of the interaction with the reporter. he's not addressing lying under oath. according to mccabe, comey knew he was leaking information to the media which is in part why mccabe got fired, and lying you understand oath contributed. mccabe is saying now, very different from what james comey said in may of 2017. who do you believe, comby or mccabe? we'll let you decide. >> director comey have you ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> never.
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>> um, question two, relatively related. have you ever authorized some one else at the fbi to be an anonymous source in news reports about the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> no. >> sean: you got to wonder if steph no lis at abc, clinton's bff, the liberals on "the view," stephen colbert, rachel ma dough, will they ask for james comey about this? we won't hold our breath. james comey is welcome on this show. what is becoming more apparent by the day is how the deep state is fighting back as they continue to get exposed. they're not liking what is happening. we are exposing on the show. perfect example, former obama cia director john brennan. he's now trying to malign president trump with a brand new conspiracy theory. let's take a look. >> i think he a's frayed of the president of russia. >> why? >> well, i think one can
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speculate that, the russians may have something on him personally that, they could always roll out and make his life more difficult. clearly it is important for us to improve relations with russia. but the fact that he has had this fawning attitude toward mr. putin has not said anything negative about him, continues to say to me that he does have something to fear. >> sean: great, a known liar but the media par reports brennan's talking points. look at this. >> former cia director who worked for presidents on both sides of the aisle is deeply concerned. >> it's so clear at this point that vladimir putin and his associates, somebody has something on donald trump. >> the big question we're asking today, why does this president feel the way he does about vladimir putin? >> that may be something that turns the key in the russia probe, figuring out why this president is so deferential to putin and russia. if there is some sort something they have on him. >> sean: president trump has
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been 50 times harder on russia than obama ever was and about to take the legs out of vladimir putin's economy and he's not whispering, oh, after the election i will have more flexibility. brennan also threatening president trump. look at this tweet. the full extent of your baytality, moralter pi tud becomes known you will take your praise as a disgraced demagogue in the history. you may scapegoat andy ak cabe but not destroy america. america will triumph over you. brennan who voted for a deep state swamp rat, all of his friends exposed. here's a little hannity history lesson on brennan that the media won't tell you. admitted for voting for a communist party candidate. how did you become the cia director? you have to wonder. maybe robert mueller should see if he's colluded with the russians. that's not all. the new york post reported that the house intel committee is
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investigating john brennan and his ties to the clinton bought and paid for dossier. the same committee is looking into whether brennan xhipted perjury when he testified under oath like his buddy mccabe who as he claims to have no idea who paid for that dossier. the post also reporting that john brennan briefed members of congress including former democratic senator harry reid about the phony dossier. if you remember, reed put out a statement after meeting with brennan, before the election, and referenced the dossier. brennan told him. brennan is dirty, political and corrupt as they come. now lashing out because we're all finding out who he really is. we have more breaking news to tell you about. the house intel committee has put an end to this russia investigation, 14 months, and they will have a vote to release to the public the republican members' final report. the house intel committee realized a summary of the key findings. here are the highlights. after 14 months, interviews with all of these with its, the committee found no evidence of trump-russia collusion.
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the liberal media, the democrats, lying to the american people. james clapper, number two, former obama director of national intelligence, fake news cnn contributor, he provided inconsistent testimony about his contacts with the media. i guess comey is going to get hired next and then brennan. maybe stormy. members of the partisan press are watching, first reported this last week. it's called investigative journalism, real news. guys might want to try it some time instead of spinning these conspiracy theorys. this wouldn't be the first time clapper has lied to congress. back in may of 2013, let's watch clapper lie. take a look. >> does the nsa collect any type of dapt a at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not. >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could, inadvertently, perhaps,
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collect. but not wittingly. >> sean: oh, lying through his teeth right there. that seems to be the standard operating procedure for the obama deep state actors. point three, the committee found house intel committee, zero evidence of president trump's precampaign business dealings resulting in any collusion. point four, they conclude no evidence that trump associates were involved with wikileaks publishing stolen democratic e-mails. another liberal media fantasy. with all of the countries that hacked into hillary's server who knows who gave it to wikileaks. one of a dozen choices. here's my prediction, pretty easy to get it right, the rest of the liberal media is not going to report this tonight because it proves them to be liars and phony in their quest for journalism and truth. this is all disinformation campaign. finally, tonight, i'm going long, sarah carter, brand new
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news reporting, headline robert mueller, andrew weiseman, the fbi and the mob, sarah detailing mueller and weissmann are involved in two of the biggest scandals in fbi history. mueller was acting u.s. attorney in boston in the '80s all he was involved in the fbi's corrupt highly unethical relationship with the infamous murderer mobster whitey bulger. four men were framed for murder, sent to jail. two of them died in jail. resulted in over $100 million in damages to two that lived. mueller's pit bull, andrew weissmann, the rotten apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. he's the guy in a 1990 organized crime case, he was reprimanded by a judge for exculpatory evidence withheld. also told you about weissmann's hard charging tactic in the enron case, tens of thousands of people lost their job, four executives go to jail,
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overturned, 9-0 against him. all of this information is shocking. that's mueller's team. given what we know about mueller and his pit bull weissmann, it's par for the course. national disgrace what's happening. reaction, fox news contributor sarah carter, civil rights defense attorney david cohen, and gregg jarrett. sarah? >> what we see here, and this is the point that i hope people understand about these cases in the past, this is what is predictable in the future. i think the president obviously wants to talk to mueller, he knows he's innocent, he wants to tell him what he knows. but this is a problem, sean, all you have to do is look at thesecations in the past. innocent people ended up pleading guilty or found guilty. they spent their life in prison. and then they had to wait until they were exonerated. there is a very serious moment here where the president has to
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take a step back. and think about what he's going-to-do. because there were cases, we saw it with the weissmann case in new york, and we see it with the case in boston. >> sean: politically he can't, sara. the media will run that -- this is the most corrupt team ever put together in any investigation i've ever heard of. >> well, it is. but what you're looking at right now, is an extraordinary, visceral hate by people that want to either see this president impeached or drag his name through the mud. i think that at this point in time, all that we can do is continue to push the stories out. continue to push the truth out. so that the american people understand what's going on. more importantly, so that the president and the administration understand what's going on. but there has to be a very serious consideration for what's happened in the past and what could possibly happen. >> sean: everybody, all of the media colleagues, he's beyond
6:23 pm
reproach. that's a total crock. he's not. he's about as credible as stormy to me. bob mueller ruined the credibility of his own and the integrity of his own investigation when he hired, clearly, a very partisan team to go after and destroy donald trump. >> now, the good news is that tuning and degentlemen noef. they'll say you want to interview the president, can't force a president to testify about things that are not crimes. collusion, it's not a crime anywhere in the criminal codes. obstruction of justice, where is the evidence of that, hoping that flynn is cleared. that's not -- they have been too timid. but it's stopping right now, i guarantee. i've known the judge for 25 years. >> sean: same thing here. i'd hire them in a second. >> and victoria tuning.
6:24 pm
among the top prosecutors. joe was an independent counsel before, he is the right person to counter the thuggish tactics of bob mueller and andrew weissmann. >> sean: david? >> look, we've spoken before, this is special counsel position is unfortunately a position that allows for the greatest abuse possible in our system. there's virtually no accountability. he's given a mandate originally and that's by mr. rosenstein. but once he has that mandate, every single person, he, mueller or his team, unilaterally decides, is interfering with this so-called investigation, or is obstructing it or told him what he believes to be a lie, committed perjury, he has the authority under that general mandate, under regulation 6 pun.04, to prosecute that crime. even if the person never committed a crime at all, by virtue of appointing this fellow as special counsel he has the
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unilateral authority to charge this some one with a serious crime. that's dangerous. and that's one of the many reasons it's so important that you spend this time to point out who exactly mr. mueller is and who his scheme is. i would say this also, the conflicts that mark this team are absolutely astounding. the only reason special counsel is appointed under the statute, of course, is if there's reason to believe a crime was committed. if specifically there's a conflict of interest within the justice -- department of justice. how is that it so many members of this team come directly from the department of justice. >> where's the second special counsel. sara, we know brennan and clapper have lied. you're laughing. greg, you know they've lied. they've been proven to be liars. one is hired by fake news cnn, i guess soon will be hired. after that, they'll hire stormy daniels.
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so, this is what, and then they're attacking us. nd we have broken more news in a week than they do in a year. i'm trying to get to understanding here of how these guys, how nobody holds clapper and brennan accountable. i want to know what they know. what they knew and when they knew it. >> brennan's comments, sean, are not comments from somebody who's just acting crazy and upset because he's being pointed out, or his story is unravelling. they're very, very specific. and they're very, very well planned. he has his own disinformation campaign. the minute he went on the air and started making up these rumors and these accusations that the russians must have something on president trump, he knew exactly what he was doing. he is the former head of the cia. he was trained for this. >> sean: trained to lie? trained in disinformation? >> absolutely it. people pickled it and they ran with it. people who are opposed to president trump. and they're creating a national
6:27 pm
problem. this is a national security issue. where is the evidence? i'm going to ask director brennan where is the evidence that you have? show us. >> sean: maybe they'll make it up. >> it's rumors and lies. >> >> unfortunately the five-year statute of limitation on clapper's lie ran two weeks ago. >> sean: convenient. >> should have been charged but obama protected him and jeff sessions didn't take action. clapper and brennan are the two instigators of the phony dossier running all over washington, d.c. and capitol hill, running to the media, going to congress, pushing what they knew was a fabricated document to damage trump, to destroy him. and they're supposed to be, clapper and brennan, apolitical and nonpartisan. they were not. >> sean: last word, david? >> well, we've got to be -- vigilance is absolutely essential here.
6:28 pm
programs like, your program and all other measures here, to bring accountability to the process, are critical. you see a tidal wave of change if you see accountability from the top. i'll say it again, my father was an fbi agent. fbi agents have been my heros. there's never been this accountability demanded before. that's why people are reacting so viscerally along with the pure, unadulterated hatred and anger about the election. >> sean: great analysis all three of you. great to see you all. joining us now, she is the host of the ingraham angle, you see- every week night taking shots at me at 9:59:59, laura ingraham good to see you. congrats, i haven't said this, but i've said it privately, the show has been such a big hit, congratulations to you. si thanks. >> sean: the broad picture explanation, how you see what you see going on, and what should be happening in terms of the president and his handling of it all.
6:29 pm
>> laura: limit's start with staff shakeups, you hear the other networks and the usual suspects. but, wow, this is all of the tumult, the departures in the administration, their big scrolls of names. they're trying to create this appearance, sean, of complete chaos in the white house. the president is untethered to any reality, it's ridiculous. what he's doing is what he should be doing, namely getting the people in place, 13 months into this, who are going to support his agenda, of course they're going to question when it is appropriate, but support his agenda, advance it, especially going into these mid-term waters which are going to be choppy for the republicans. that means some one like a bolton, although he's probably more of a neoconservative than i am, more interventionist than i am probably. bolton is aggressive -- >> sean: he will serve the president and his agenda. >> laura: absolutely. the idea that the president takes orders from john bolton is ridiculous.
6:30 pm
he didn't take orders from gary cone on the tariffs, he decided to go his own way. and he stayed true. to the pledge he made to the american people. >> sean: he tweets day and night, a lot of people have told him not to. >> laura: right. and when you look at what's happening with the fbi and christopher wray with the interview on nightly news. what he said, i think, was very helpful to the president, he said we're not, you know, we're not political. i'm not being influenced by the president, not being told not to pursue particular investigations, that's not where we are. however, as you've been documented night after night and i've been trying to pick up the baton at 10:00, what's happened is a corrosive atmosphere at the top that i think has bled down, and that has hurt morale at the fbi. that has hurt credibility. and public confidence. the upper echelon of the intel agencies and the fbi, they're going to call because and
6:31 pm
strikes, they're not going to put their finger on the scale one way or the other, even if they don't like trump, they like trump, they like hillary, don't like hillary. none of that should have come into play. >> sean: let me ask you this, we've been at this a long time. one of your great skills is your strategy. you think, you've seen a lot. we can give economic statistics of ronald reagan in our sleep. >> laura: yep. >> sean: politically speaking, donald trump is a disruntor, aconnick class, he's his own man, doesn't conform to what the media wants him to be. he wouldn't be elected if he was that person. strategically, knowing this is a deep state, knowing that we're breaking through on fisa awases and -- abuses and fixed investigation, hillary, special counsel mueller, what advice would you give him? >> laura: i think it's important for him to keep his eye on the prize. for him, it is the economy, a stable, strong foreign policy,
6:32 pm
but number one he should stick to his campaign promises. and, sean, this is where i'm going to continue on this tonight on my show, doing it the last couple of nights, this gop omnibus bill, i guess he's going to sign, i'm really worried about it. does not adequately fund, the wall, like pit answer, scrap of a fence. it is not what he campaigns on. >> sean: i have some insight, i agree with you. and i was like, really, funneled the wall if you want to get re-elected for the republicans. there is other monies aproep prailt prated, will be appropriated, we'll hear about it in the days to come. >> laura: if we lose the house of representatives in november, ain't going to get a will. he needs to get the permanent funding mechanism. my advice, mueller is going to could what mueller is going do. he can give great speeches about how this economy is going to continue to hum. we'll take on china. this is what is going to happen,
6:33 pm
will have a bit of uncomfortable moment with china because of the tariffs. it had to happen. we had to rebalance trade. had to happen. mueller, let mueller do his job, give great speeches about the importance. >> sean: ignore mueller, ignore the media. >> laura: ignore the media, talk to the american people. remember how you got elected. >> sean: good advice. at the end of the day elections are won based on vision, prosperity, if you've been in office, and on peace, if you keep your promises. i don't think it's any more complicated than that. >> laura: law and order, safety, people want a safe society. law and order, stop giving breaks to illegal immigrants, stick to your promises and you'll do just fine. >> sean: great advice. we will see new 27 minutes. >> laura: see you soon. >> sean: dan and jason when we come back. later on, the uranium one informant speaks out on camera, explosive claims about how there is a clinton investigation going
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joined by former secret service agent, nra tv contributor, former chairman of the house committee jason chavis. comey in his first draft of exoneration before investigation, congressman, he actually had talked about foreign intelligence agencies having access to hillary's server, top secret, special access, et cetera. i'm going to assume that that is as many as five or six, iran, north korea, china, that's russia? with all of those people having access to it, who would know where wickie likes got it or some other source? who would know? >> well, got to assume they all had it. congress has a role, to play
6:39 pm
here, to try and plug this leak. and to understand. remember, the investigation by the fbi, this is a closed case. congress is trying to get its hands on it, it's a closed case. and they won't cough up the documents. >> sean: within hours when you see a leak after the president, dan, talks to somebody like vladimir putin, 125 likes in his first 126 days. we know full conversations with prime ministers, presidents were released. this has never happened before. how dangerous is it, this type of leaking? and how does it damage national security? whose lives are at risk here? >> well, sean, this is critical. what national foreign leader, foreign dignitary is going to have any kind of a conversation with the white house knowing that the information is going to be leaked by diseased swamp rats on the inside. blissen, trump -- listen, trump tried to play nice guy, i think he tried to hire people that
6:40 pm
were recommended by the swamp creatures of d.c. he brought them into the white house. they promptly turned around and screwed him over and leaked to the media. i think now he's saying you know what, now it's time to do it the trump way. you're all out, you're all canned, i'm bringing in my own team, don't let the door hit out butt on the way out. >> sean: we learned lot, able to really reveal a lot, in the last year, congressman, what did we discover? hillary fixed the primary, we discovered that in fact investigation was concluded before they ever did an investigation. we learned that hillary paid for russian lies, they funneled it through a law firm. and foreign national used his russian sources, rushgs government sources. then we used the dossier, everybody knew she paid for it, used as a basis for a fisa warrant and three subsequent renewal applications. we learned a lot. how much of what i just described to you is illegal? >> a lot of it. and in addition you have people
6:41 pm
came before congress, raised their right hand and died. one of those may have been the fbi director mr. comey. john ratcliffe asked him specifically when he made the decision about whether or not to prosecute and when that happened. he gave an answer that's inconsistent with the fact .eastern that we have. i really do believe that the two chairman of the judiciary committee, senator grassley and bob goodlatte, should go to mr. mueller and understand who's on his team, why is it that there appears to be all sorts of conflicts of interest, why are you outside the lines in the bounds of the jurisdiction that you were given as a special prosecutor. how come you're not looking at hillary clinton and the clinton team and the dnc and dccc. why aren't they looking at that? that's also in that special prosecutor letter. >> sean: we need a second special counsel. we know clapper lied, don't we? we know brennan lied, don't we? >> yes, yes. but you got a congress, they're
6:42 pm
a bunch of wimps, never stand up for themselves. i issued a subpoena a year and a half ago for documents. i'm glad bob goodlatte is doing it now. the moment that subpoena goes past compliance, they should hold them in contempt. nobody has the guts to do that. >> sean: last word, dan? >> sean, the trump team was set up. i've never been more sure of anything in my life during my time as a federal agent and as a cop. the mueller investigation is entirely a smoke screen meant to cover for what was done to donald trump. i'm absolutely convinced. he has conflicts of interest, sean, that haven't even come out yet that some people know about behind the scenes, mueller, to some of the people. he is conflicted. this is a smoke screen. the trump team was set up, i'm sure of it. >> sean: thank you both, great analysis. for the first time ever, the fbi informant in the uranium one case speaks out on camera to john solomon. we'll share part of that.
6:43 pm
it's part of an investigative report for the next couple of days. see him for the first time next. ♪ let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing. ♪ next chapter ♪
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karim: the high school diploma has just added to the confidence and now i feel unstoppable. narrator: find free adult education classes near you at >> sean: major and exclusive developments in the uranium one scandal. remember the fbi informant at the center of the case? he's speaking out on camera for the first time. in an interview exclusively with the hill. john solomon, con in shadow, william campbell explains how he was interviewed in december. this past december by the fbi's little rock field office about the clinton foundation's potential involvement in the scandal. oh, where's the rest of the media? take a listen. >> they interviewed me about the clintons several hours, good part of the day. the information that i provided to them about the clintons and
6:48 pm
about what was said, and confirmed by russian lead ofship, was, seemed to be very important to them. >> sean: what's even more startling, campbell says the information that he gave to the fbi about the corrupt uranium one deal and putin's strategy to control nuclear policy ended up right there on president barack obama's desk. wow. take a look. >> i was assured that the white house also had been toed because of the importance on a national security side, and it was actually a very enthusiastic commendation that i received from the fbi. because my work had resulted in the white house daily brief being handed to then-president obama. >> sean: obama knew it was going on, did nothing? joining us the hill's john
6:49 pm
solomon. we will have parts two, three and four in the days to come. let me start with the comment about obama knew. because this guy was in putin's -- putin had operatives in america, we know they were bribing, involved in distortion, money laundering, kickbacks, racketeering. putin wanted these operatives to get a foot hold in the uranium industry. we import 90% of our uranium, he's there 18 months before we approve the uranium one deal. never made sense. >> it doesn't. if you remember a year ago when i first came on, sean, with sara, talking about, maybe the whole donald trump thing was a bread crumb trail to take us away from a different story. this may be the different story that the intelligence community was trying to take our eye off the ball on. here is what we know. if you were an american company and engaged in bribery and kickbacks you would be present venltd from doing business with the united states government, be punished. we see it all the time,
6:50 pm
announcements about it. if you're vladimir putin's uranium company and involved in kickbacks, and you are involved in bribery and extortion, involved in money laundering, give $500,000 to bill clinton and give $7 million to a lobbying firm dealing with the clintons, get billions of new contracts from the united states sgovment. you get taken off the export control list. you get a large swath of america'sure rainium supply. >> sean: why? >> that is the story doug campbell puts before the public. >> robert mueller was the fbi director. >> he was. >> sean: he knew that putin's operatives were doing this in 2009. was campbell informing him? >> he was. absolutely, he was the director. we were told by law enforcement sources and mr. campbell, that the senior leadership of the fbi including director mueller was directly aware of his revelations. we're also told by mr. campbell and several intelligence officials that mr. campbell's information made night the president's daily briefing.
6:51 pm
>> sean: the pdb. >> yes. >> sean: we didn't know that the fbi field office in arkansas was conducting investigation into the clinton foundation. because as you follow the money, a lot of people that were involved from canada, elsewhere, part of the deal, all wanted america that imports 90% of its uranium or tlbs, we have a shortage of it. we didn't want it in hands of a foreign actor, rush yaf all places, the hostilely jeem, putin the hostile actor he is. in fact, as it was first reported by peter schweitzer, about 145 million over time kickback to the clinton foundation. >> lot of money that flowed. bill clinton got a $500,000 contribution. we reported that the russians told doug campbell, he confirmed nipt the interview, they rupted $3 million to an american lobbying company with the intention that the money would go to provide free sflss to blin
6:52 pm
clinton's charitable global initiative. we found the money. we found an announcement by the clinton global initiative and the lobbying firm that they were increasing their giving. there is a path of money from russia into the clinton's backyard. yet we're talking about a lot of other things and not this. >> sean: unbelievable. you spent a lot of time with him, he's had this information. for the longest time, the government kept him under wraps. they had all this talk about nondisclosure agreements in terms of whatever happens. the government doesn't do that. how does it get lifted. >> his attorney, victoria toensing, went to the justice department and negotiated a dpeel to let him talk to congress. then because he talked to congress and his story got out, we've been able to interview him. fbi counter intelligence file that, shows what doug campbell did. his story and those facts do not
6:53 pm
match who rod rosenstein's prosecutors told congress. they still don't have his story right. the facts are in these files. congress could have access to them. somebody should take a look. we're talking about being tough on russia. seven years ago we gave the boat away on uranium, did it knowing that the russians were engaged in criminal activity on our soil, compromising our national security. that's what doug campbell's story is all about. >> sean: we know about russia and hillary paid for a phony dossier, with russian sources, by a foreign national. it seems like with no russia could lux, evidence that i've seen, maybe you've seen, i haven't, no collusion, all fingers point back to the left, to the democrats, over there. >> you know, you hear democrats saying president trump hasn't been tough enough on russia, we have to get tougher, they're bad actors. on their watch with their president. obama, with secretary clinton, we gave away some of the
6:54 pm
biggest, most valuable decisions in the uranium industry given to russia. from the cold war on we have restrictions. barack obama relifted them. george bush suspended a thing called the nuclear cooperation agreement. barack obama restored it. we allowed russia for the first time to compete for uranium fuel contracts and they got billions upon billions of dollars. we let them have the assets called uranium one, all knowing that they were engaged in criminality. >> sean: great work, john solomon, we will have you back, more with john's exclusive interview. thank you. when we come back one. most disturbing videos you've seen in your life. i'm not making it up, next.
6:55 pm
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>> sean: this video is beyond disturbing. a 20-year-old woman, north carolina, arrested after video pointed on social media showing her 1-year-old baby smoking marijuana. shows an adult holding what
6:59 pm
appeared to be a small cigar filled with marijuana to the baby's lips. inhaled the contents of this, then exhails. according to raleigh police department the mother is being charged with two counts of felony child abuse, inflicting serious bodily injury, plus two counts of contributing to delinquency and possession of marijuana. thankfully that child is under the supervision of child protector services. what is wrong with people? hannity hotline time. >> let there be life, very inspiring, doesn't matter what religion you are. i'm not a christian. but doesn't matter what religion you are, it's very inspiring and very good. and keep up the good work, thanks, bye. >> i want to tell, let hannity know that my his band did not make me vote for trump, that
7:00 pm
bill clinton's wife made me vote for trump. >> sean: call the hannity hotline., walmart everywhere, let there be light, you and your whole family will enjoy it. let not your heart be troubled, thank you for joining us, laura ingraham. >> laura: i forgot what it was like to be a guest. i used to be on with you a couple of times a week. >> sean: i had the same experience, i was on one day on fox and friends this week. i forgot what it was like to be a guest. >> laura: hard break here. wrap, wrap, wrap. great show, i love sara carter, incredible reporting. you have a good rest of the night. from w., great to be home, this is the ingraham angle. so much news. every night i say. that it's not hype. there are so many big stories. foreign policy, staffing at the white house, what they're doing with your tax dollars on capitol hill. and, yes, the huge shakium at the top