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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 23, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> while we are down here, do you want to wrestle? >> i don't do wrestling. >> laura: ruth bader ginsburg looking good. shannon bream is up next here in washington. >> shannon: she can do a lot of push-ups, i've heard. thank you so much, laura. i am shannon bream in washington. this is a fox news alert. another white house personnel shake-up, getting closer to the cabinet. president trump says he wants secretary of state rex tillerson gone, national security advisor general h.r. mcmaster on his way out. former ambassador and russia critic john bolton slated to step in. also today, the president vows to make america stronger and richer by following through on heavy tariffs. as china promises if the president wants a trade war, it will fight back and retaliate in
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a way it vows will end up hurting the presidents on base. the senate prepares to vote on a 1.3 trying dollars spending bill for love of the items democrats say they are excited about. barely a fraction of the $25 billion the president said he wanted for the wall. one d.c. pundit put it "it is stunning how little trump got of his top priority." the president does plan to sign it. as conservatives rail against a measure they see is not won the american people elected them to create. congressman jim jordan saying it may be the worst bill he's seen in his entire career. funding for planned parenthood, sanctuary cities, and for what jordan calls an unconstitutional gun control measure. adding up to a trillion dollar deficit for you. the american taxpayers. much to discuss with white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley. let's start with the omnibus spending bill. we're waiting to see if the sonic the deal together vote.
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here's what the top democrat had to say. here is chuck schumer. >> it's really a good thing, and i'm excited about it. >> shannon: we heard the same thing from nancy pelosi. why are democrats so excited? >> the hispanic caucus doesn't like it. they said they couldn't support it because it built a wall and because of the deportation force in place. >> shannon: 33 miles of new wall and about 60 that's going to be repaired. >> it's over 110 miles of new wall but i will say what they are talking about, if there is a fence there you could see through or walk-through, they are considering that not new. if we tear it down and build the wall the president wants. he looked at the prototypes. he's going to select what he wants and we're going to start building that immediately. the funding is only for six months because it's going to start immediately. this is only where it starts. we're going to push for more wall funding in the new budget for fiscal year '19.
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>> shannon: conservatives are upset. funding to sanctuary cities, planned parenthood. yet it's all funded. >> let's be clear. we know faith leaders across the country have said this president is the most pro-life president in their lifetime and many say in history. whether it's the expansion of the mexico city policy or neil gorsuch to the supreme court. he has fought for life at every step and every turn. the first president in history to speak of the march for life via satellite as well. of course very disappointed this funding is in the bill. the first budget that the president put out d funded planned parenthood all the way around. let's be honest about what's going on. the presidents priority, when he was on the campaign trail, it was about rebuilding the military that had gone virtually unattended to under barack obama. they were fixing old, dilapidated things. this president has we are going to rebuild the military.
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$700 billion for that, it's an incredible win for the american people because as you know, also, the primary function of the federal government is to protect the american people. that's what this bill is going to help us do. >> shannon: i want to work through other things. ambassador bolton, a frequent person in that chair right now. he is joining in the administration. he will do that officially. here's what the senator said. "with the nomination of mike pompeo as secretary of state. the appointment of mr. bolton as national security advisor, poster president trump -- >> pick and narrative. they say that he wants yes-men. someone like gary cohn didn't agree with him on tariffs. he brings someone who doesn't agree on tariffs. he went on the campaign trail, adamant about not being all over
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the world. bolton is more hawkish. the president relishes people around him who don't agree. he likes the best minds together. it is the president who sets the policy and the president who makes the decision. h.r. mcmaster is a wonderful man. he has served this country with honor and distinction. he was one of my favorite people in the building. always nice, always bombastic. but the president wants to put the right people in the right place for the right time. we all serve at the pleasure of the president. now john bolton is coming in. >> shannon: today he doubled down on the tariffs, especially with respect to the chinese. here's what their ambassador says. >> translator: trade war with ts or anybody else. if somebody tries to impose a trade war, we will fight. >> shannon: your response. >> the president doesn't want a trade war.
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he's been clear. the american worker have been taking it in the teeth for the better part of 30 years. the president has been talking about this for decades. it's another promise made in another promise kept. only in this town with a promise made any promise kept being novelty but he continues to keep these promises. you saw the heritage poll that came out. already accomplished 67% of what he ran on. this was before tariffs symbol for the wall funding and rebuilding the military. he has got to be in the high 70s now. >> shannon: they don't like his omnibus deal. >> who doesn't? >> shannon: heritage. >> i'm sure they don't. it's not perfect. only when i am dead and in heaven am i going to see perfection. in the meantime, i've got to work with congress. >> shannon: good to have you with us. the president's choice to be new national security advisor, ambassador john bolton, has not seen eye to eye, as hogan said, with the president on a number,
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most notably russia. garrett tenney has the story. good evening. >> good evening. the timing of this announcement surprised just about everyone, including ambassador bolton. a few weeks ago the white house at h.r. mcmaster would not be leaving anytime soon but here we are. mcmaster is out. john bolton is in. washington is reacting. democrats not happy about this appointment. one is calling it a grave danger to the american people. massachusetts senator ed markey released a statement that you share part of saying "with the nomination of cia director mike pompeo as secretary of state and now the appointment of mr. bolton as national security advisor, president trump is assembling a war cabinet full of yes-men who will stand his worst impulses." i have a chance to sit down with ambassador bolton to ask him about his new job and those concerns that he will simply be a yes-man to to the president. he told me that idea is flatly
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wrong. >> the president gets to make the final decision within the executive branch. but i think he has surrounded himself with strong personalities. he wants to hear their views, and i think we'll both be happy to provide them. >> the new national security advisor certainly has some strong views as well, and not all of which line up with the president. both in the foreign policy, a hawk was pushed the administration to be more aggressive with roger. called for regime changes in iran and north korea and advocated for military action against those countries. he told me those positions are all in the past. going forward, his job is to advocate for the president's agenda. >> i think the president's policies have been very similar to those of ronald reagan, peace through strength. i think that's the best way for the country to proceed, and that has certainly been a summary of my policy for quite some time. >> john bolton will formally take over as national security advisor april 9 and he will
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certainly have a lot on his plate right from the start. in may, president trump will decide the fate of the iran nuclear deal. in that same month, he is slated to meet with north korean leader kim jong un. so much for easing into it. >> shannon: garrett tenney, thank you very much. let's bring in fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. how are you? by the way, garrett said he is talking about the meeting between the president and the leader of north korea. today steve bannon saying he doesn't actually think that's going to happen. >> if steve bannon knew so much, he probably would still work at the white house. if steve bannon is as good at foreign policy as is as winning special elections for the senate, well, never mind. >> shannon: let's move on to ambassador bolton who is going to join the white house in this new role.
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people are talking about how different he is from the president. jefferson morley wrote "the biggest problem is that he has hawkish onrush just like every other issue and way more hawkish than his boss." >> i don't know who jefferson morley is. it's a solid sounding name. i don't think that's probably true. >> shannon: with respect to russia. he has had plenty to say that's not flattering about russia. people complain about the president being so nice to putin. speak with the president has been willing to allow, after a fashion, consequences for russi. whether it is the defense department, the state department, whatever it is. he has been willing to let them go forward. except for he personally has this bromance with
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vladimir putin in public which is off-putting for some people. i don't imagine that will be a problem for bolton in the sense that trump seems to be okay with letting people carry forward the policies that are sort of traditional american policies vis-a-vis russia. >> shannon: the atlantic. before bolton was nominated but when rumors were swirling said "hiring john bolton will be a betrayal of donald trump space. bolton is unusually brass and undiplomatic in his rhetoric. the white house needs a counterbalance to those qualities, not another rhetorical bomb thrower." they say he is diametrically opposed to the policies that helped the president get electe elected. there is a worry that bolton is going to be for war. >> john bolton is not going to become the president. h.r. mcmaster and the president disagreed on all kinds of business. all manner of business. h.r. mcmaster disagreed with public utterances the president made trying to get elected. don't listen to a politician too closely when they are campaigning. they say all kind of stuff and
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when they get in office, it changes. with trump on foreign policy, the trade stuff is starting and markets have reflected it and anxieties are growing that this is an area where perhaps he has decided he really wants to touch the hot stove and do all the things he said he was going to do. if you are a hog farmer in iowa, i'm sure you would be great at it, or if you were growing corn in nebraska, today you would be saying it's going to be really bad. real bad consequences ahead. so far on foreign policy, outside of the area of trade, trump has been fairly traditional. he has talked differently but his administration is acted in a fairly basic american come up for a republican president, basic american way. john bolton, as much as he upsets people, from the memories of the iraq war and all those things, and pulls back those old members, john bolton has been a fixture of the american foreign
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policy establishment for three decades. >> shannon: i thought it was interesting when his name came up and it was announced. one cable outlet was running a ticker that said the president has chosen a fox news analyst to be the new national security director. forgetting that he is an ambassador. >> he didn't pick geraldo. he picked an ambassador. he's been working at this for a long time. >> shannon: mention of the hogs, i like how you work in bacon. senator rand paul has been publicly documenting his efforts to read the 2,000 page $1.3 trillion pending bill along with the concerns he's finding. the bill funds planned parenthood, sanctuary cities, increases the epa budget but cap the number of i.c.e. budgets and short the border wall. what can senator rand paul do to stop it? >> they can roll over me. i am in the minority.
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ten republicans, maybe 15 vote no on this in the senate. may be a handful of democrats. they will win. the majority will win back but it's republicans or democrats joining hands together to blow a hole in the debt. >> shannon: senior capitol hill producer chad pergram joins us from outside senator paul's office. he was here on tucker but he has a long way to go. is he still working through it? >> he stopped at about page 600. a couple moments ago senator paul left his office, walked to the senate floor because they are having about right now to ask the sergeant at arms to request senators to report to the floor. that tells us they think they may viewable to get a vote on this omnibus bill tonight. you might ask why senator paul was standing in the way. he argued about this 2200 page bill. you might remember that in february he basically shut down the government for about five or six hours because they got a 700
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page bill a couple hours before they were asked to vote on it. he said nobody had read it. 700 pages, that's almost a haiku compared to the 2200 page bill they got last night. 2200 pages, think about the size of something written by tolstoy. if you put together in anna karenina and put together war and peace, you would still be 100 pages short. that's why senator paul was so upset. he was criticized in february by the republican senator from north carolina, thom tillis, who said you are stopping our process. making a point. that's what senator paul said, yes, i'm trying to make a point. the debt is too big and no one has read the bill. there was another objection to forging ahead with the bill earlier. jim risch, republican senator from idaho, he threw a monkey wrench into the system. i'm told the objection is over a provision in the piece of legislation of naming a wilderness area overseas -- after the former interior
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secretary under president carter and the governor of idaho. they think they have resulted in and we expect vote later tonigh tonight. >> shannon: i wonder if "war and peace" for this bill is more interesting. can't say i have read it. chad, thank you as always. it took quite a while, i don't think i would've gotten it done in two days, like we are expecting these lawmakers to do. the former fbi director back in front of a microphone this evening. you are going to hear what james comey had to say. we will convene tonight's panel to discuss. the city of sacramento on edge right now as graphic body cam footage is released in the police shooting of an unarmed black man. there are protests sweeping the capital in california. the story is breaking. plus, one of the lawyers in the stormy daniels saga, michael cohen's attorney, he is going to drop in.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. tensions rising in sacramento, california, after a police shooting. protesters blocking traffic and black lives matter getting involved.
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trace gallagher with the story. >> hard to get an exact number but there seems to be 100 plus protesters. they blocked both lanes of interstate 5 for about 30 minutes. now they they are at the golden 1 center where the sacramento kings game is underway. a lot of fans did not get in because they protesters surrounded the arena and block the entrances. some objects were thrown at police but so far, no violence to speak of after two police officers shot and killed 22-year-old stefon clark. the original 911 call came from a man complaining about a vandal in the neighborhood. >> breaking windows. in people's backyards. >> sacramento police officers arrived on scene. they initially didn't find the suspect. 10 minutes after police arrived, a sheriff's helicopter spotted a man in a backyard and alerted
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police on the ground. they told officers the man had picked up a toolbar and broken a window out of a home. body cam video shows the officers running up a dirt driveway with flashlights. when they stopped the suspect, there's five seconds between when they tell him to show his hands to the sound of gunshots. a warning, the video is graphic. >> show me your hands! [gunfire] >> shots fired. subject down. >> after the man is down, the officer still believes he is armed and continued to take cover near the side of the home. sacramento police say the officer saw the man extended his arms holding what appeared to be a gun. it turned out to be his cell phone. the helicopter video also capture the shooting with deputies notifying dispatch that shots have been fired. meantime, on the ground, the officers involved in the shooting decided at some point
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to newt the audio of their body cams. -- mute the audio of their body cams. >> unclear why they turned off the sound. so far police have not addressed it but experts say because of the darkness, the body cams provide very little visual evidence, noting that in poor light anything can be perceived as a gun. in all, they fired 20 shots. stephon clark's family has hired an attorney, he represented the families of trave on martin and michael michael brown. the police are on leave. they have not been identified. >> shannon: we went to law school together. trace, thank you very much. bob goodlatte making good on the threat to subpoena the doj. the virginia republican wants documents related to the conduct of former fbi director james comey and andrew mccabe who
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oversaw the clinton email investigation. brand-new tonight, video of james comey speaking at howard university. was he talking about the president? >> you are never going to change hearts and minds on twitter. you're only going to be able to do that by getting up close and showing people who you are and you can't show people who you are through twitter. we get caught up on watching the battle back and forth on twitter and that distracts us from what really matters. >> shannon: david cat needs -- david cat knees stephen hayes. welcome to all of you. >> i am interested to see what he says. more interesting to see how he answers questions when he is before journalists. >> shannon: he is going to talk with bret baier. i am sure bret will have a lot
12:25 am
of questions. bre, do you think he was talking about the president? >> there is a lot of hypocrisy going on. if we were to collect james comey's tweets, we would have a russian novel. we are seeing having standards for other people and different standards for himself. he is saying hearts and minds, yet he himself thinks differently. >> shannon: he is pretty active on twitter. very cryptic at times. >> i don't think he is right about this. i think we could all probably use less time on twitter. but it's the nature of the beast. we use it to get news. it's how i wake up in the morning. figure out what's going on. the president uses it. i think it's fair to criticize the substance of anyone's tweets click, what they are saying but to use -- the vehicle of twitter i think has opened up and democratized news. i think overall that's a good thing.
12:26 am
comey uses it himself. i think it's fair to criticize the president's tweets and comey's tweets but the medium is overall level the playing field. >> shannon: something that comey may have to discuss after bob goodlatte gets his hands on these documents, he says in a letter to the doj. >> four months have passed since i wrote seeking documents regarding charging decisions in the investigation surrounding former secretary clinton's private email server. given the department's ongoing delay in producing these documents, i left with no choice but issued enclosed subpoena to compel production of documents." steve, this is an interesting tension between g.o.p. lawmakers in the current leaders of the doj and fbi. >> it does but i think republican lawmakers have a point. they are charged with conducting oversight. they asked for these documents. they have made clear what they are seeking.
12:27 am
and we haven't had much cooperation. we had some limited cooperation from doj thus far but a lot more documents that need to be turned over. if the department of justice, if we want to avoid a second special console, which we have had some republicans call for, the doj should be forthcoming with documents. >> shannon: doj says "department of justice and fbi take the inquiry seriously and are committed to accommodating its oversight request and are consistent with the law enforcement and national security responsibilities. the department looks forward to completing its response in as timely a manner as possible and will continue to work toward that goal." bre, they say the documents are coming. >> how often have you heard that from a government department when you filed a request and you know they really mean this is going to take a while to get to you. we don't know if that's intentional or not. i definitely think subpoenaing them after requesting this months ago is fair. i think we do need to get to the
12:28 am
bottom of what happened and i think that's exactly what's going to happen now. >> shannon: david, i want to make sure i get your comment on the new ominous bill. "the washington post" saying for someone who has majorities, this negotiation reflects a shocking level of ineptitude on the president's part. you wonder when he will start winning." >> congress ignored the president's budget blueprint for austerity. that sort of his standard. same thing happen with president obama. this was a grand compromise where the democrats got some more domestic spending in exchange for military spending on the republican side. that's why i think it will ultimately pass. you have the rand pauls out there with the big document saying this is the problem of both administrations. it's kind of a groundhog day event. you are going to have those outliers. it's a compromise may completely ignore the president's budget. >> shannon: especially when it came to the wall.
12:29 am
panel, please come back. stick around. in texas, the bombing terror is over. the suspect is dead but the investigation into how and why he terrorized an entire community continues at his home outside austin. mass killings with no apparent motive, the most frustrating kind of crime to understand. new video from las vegas of the suspect they're in the days suspect they're in the days leading up to the liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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>> shannon: authorities in texas sifting through evidence trying to figure out what motivated the suspect to build a series of package bombs and terrorize the austin area. one key piece of evidence, the 25 minute cell phone video of the left behind. there are other clues as well. casey stegall joins us with the latest. hello, casey.
12:34 am
>> good evening. the barricades are down and we are getting our first up close look over the austin serial bomber lived. here in this modern modest home lived here with two roommates who have been released from police custody following intense questioning and interrogation by authorities. austin police say this evening their names are being withheld because they are not under arrest. fbi and atf agents packed up the final evidence they have collected from mark conditt's home, part of which they say included a trove of bomb making materials and computer hard drives which could hold more clues to help answer the question why. however, the 25 minute video recording found on conditt's cell phone has helped some. investigators characterize it as a confession, saying conditt details all seven bombs he made and speaks repeatedly of his challenges in life. the 23-year-old reportedly refers to himself as a psychopath and says he wishes he
12:35 am
was sorry but wasn't, adding he felt "disturbed since childhood." authorities say conditt made the video not long before blowing himself up as cops rushed his vehicle. as he referenced how they thought they were closing in on him, as he was captured on surveillance tape dropping off packages at the austin fedex tour. the chair of the house homeland security committee michael mccall said the suspect had a hit list. now in police possession by detailed names and addresses of potential future targets. mccall went on to say conditt had also been traced buying "exotic batteries online from asia and he has also been traced or purchasing nails and other hardware." a local home depot store not far from here. troubling details as we continue
12:36 am
to learn more about this suspec suspect. >> shannon: casey stegall live in texas. six months after the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history, the motive of las vegas killer stephen paddock remains a mystery. new surveillance video released by mandalay bay shows the gunmen in the days leading up to the massacre buying snacks, gambling alone and this. transporting an arsenal of weapons and ammunition into the hotel via a series of suitcases. the shooter killed 58 people, firing from his hotel room on an outdoor concert tober one of last year. two nights ago this program, stormy daniels lawyer made the case for the woman to be allowed to break her agreement. we will get the others' tied -- other side of the story. the panel returns
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>> shannon: stormy daniels is suing to undo a nondisclosure deal she signed. we spoke to her lawyer accusing the president's legal team of thuggish behavior. joining me now is david schwartz, the attorney and friend of michael cohen, who drafted the nondisclosure deal being challenged. great to have you with us. let's start with mr. michael
12:41 am
avenatti, he was on a tuesday. i know you have sparred. let's play a little bit of what he had a saying we will get your reaction. >> she didn't get the binding release in the agreement. mr. cohen couldn't find mr. trump. this is going to be thrown out. ..ho aren't party to the agreement can benefit from them. >> a third-party beneficiary rule. these are fictional arguments that mr. michael avenatti is making. clearly the agreement was between ec lcc. clearly there was an agreement, there was consideration, money passed. and she received the $130,000. it's an agreement and the courts tend to side with creating an agreement, they look at the
12:42 am
intent of the parties. it's pretty clear. >> shannon: i went through a lot of this agreement with him the other night. their argument is because president trump did not sign it that they are not bound by it. let's walk through some of this. paragraph 8.6 of this nondisclosure agreement says "this agreement when signed by all parties is a valid and binding agreement and enforceable in accordance with its terms." at the end of the contract it says "witness whereof by their signatures below the parties each have approved and executed the agreement." there are three lines for signatures. one of them would have been for the president. he did not sign it. how do you fight the argument in court? stick over easily. the beginning of the agreement, you have .. either ec lcc or dd. i >> shannon: the entity michael cohen created. >> it is a separate entity.
12:43 am
mr. avenatti was trying to make a whole to do of the and/or and it was in the conductive and the parties should have been reversed. he is finding every technical argument possible, none of them are going to fly. and then he starts mentioning california law as if there's something mysterious about california law that they define the and or differently than we do in new york. i looked at the california law and the california law is very clear that it's either or. either ec, lcc could have entered into it. dd could have entered into it or both. michael cohen wanted to have the opportunity if he wanted to show it to donald trump, if he wanted to show the agreement to him, he had the opportunity to do so. which also answers the question he didn't show it to him. >> shannon: that is my question. when did the president know
12:44 am
about it? >> he did not know about it at the time. he found out about it much later on when we all found out about it. >> shannon: who first violated the nondisclosure agreement? 14 says it was michael cohen. not them. >> what happened was michael cohen was, there was a subpoena from the federal election commission which michael cohen had to answer. he had to answer that complaint. clearly in the agreement when you answer, that's provided for in the agreement. he had to answer for it. there were leaks from the -- lo and behold there were leaks from the federal election commission. the agreement clearly, even in a situation like that, stormy is still bound by the terms of the agreement. it doesn't give her the right to start to say oh, michael cohen violated the agreement so now i can freely speak. >> shannon: the agreement was filled with languages about
12:45 am
breaches. the documents you have in federal court say you think she has gone at least into $20 million. you know she doesn't have $20 million. what's the point? stick with the whole point is mr. avenatti has basically tolds going to make a fortune off the case. millions and millions of dollar dollars. the problem is, michael cohen will not rest until he collects every single penny of that money. although she doesn't have the money now, there is certainly a future earnings and there's a disgorgement clause in the contract as well. >> shannon: let me ask you. is there, what is the next court date? do you have a proceeding for discovery? >> to make it very clear, i am michael cohen's attorney in his defamation case against buzzfeed. he has other attorneys handling this. i am not sure when the next court date is. but i am an authorized spokesman
12:46 am
for michael: in all these cases. >> shannon: we have now heard from both sides. david schwartz, great to have you with us. thank you very much. you might've missed it but the mission to end the mueller probe is going mainstream. we will explain
12:47 am
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12:49 am
>> shannon: there is a chorus
12:50 am
of folks who say it's time to wrap up the mueller probe. a "wall street journal" columnist at among them. he writes: harvard law professor alan dershowitz the democrat. >> half of the academic world has been opposed to the special counsel. half the judiciary. >> your position is there should never be a special counsel ever for any case. >> almost never. >> shannon: let's bring back our panel to discuss it. in the piece in "the wall street journal," it talks about the fact that there are two problems. he says the hysteria has made top-level fbi officials lose their professional discipline and says the president has to stop talking about his constant admiration for putin. david. >> sure. the president is the one picking at this. making it a distraction. he could sort of put into this i do not respond to the daily news
12:51 am
cycle that's obsessed with the russian story and focus on his agenda. he wants to fight it. i think if you were to fire mueller, it would be the one thing he could do where it would cause republicans to revolt. lindsey graham, who is an ally with him. earlier he said it would be an impeachable offense. i think that's sort of the redline. he gets away with a lot of stuff that goes against republican orthodoxy. they give him a lot of room, wiggle room on capitol hill. i don't think he has wiggle room on this. i think he makes it worse for himself when he fights mueller every day on twitter. >> shannon: bre, is he to blame for keeping the feud going? stick i don't think so. every day we turn on the news and it's all about mueller and what he's doing, the program of the tidbits that seem like they coordinated leaks. mccabe is a notoriously curt. now we are hearing about the suppose it probe that he
12:52 am
launched before he was fired into jeff sessions and this dramatic brouhaha. i don't think donald trump is really to blame in this and i don't blame him for pushing back and saying where is this -- where is it going to end? are you going to keep this within what you're supposed to keep it in or you're going to willy-nilly go? >> shannon: we understand the attorney general's own attorney says he's not currently under investigation. we are told a year or so ago that mccabe was looking into this criminal investigation. abc news says according to sources mccabe authorized a criminal inquiry after a top democrat senator patrick leahy and al franken wrote a letter in march 2017 to the fbi urging agents to investigate. >> it may have been the case that that's what got, triggered the investigation but i don't think that was necessary. it was public debate about what jeff sessions had testified to
12:53 am
and then also what he said in response to a letter to senator leahy on january 17. to pick up on david's point, i think the indications are president trump wants to fight this more aggressively now. if you look at the hiring of joe digenova. john dowd leaving. part of the challenge. i would argue john bolton, the addition of john bolton, even though he is the national security advisor, and wouldn't have anything necessarily to do with this, i think he's a fighter and we know the president doesn't limit his questioning or seeking advice to people who are in certain subject areas. if you are in front of him, he's going to ask your advice about what ever is on his mind. >> shannon: he was asked on the way out of the room, do you still want to talk to mueller? he said i would like to. david, a lot of people speculate, is that why dowd left. if i was his attorney, i would say no, you are not going to do that. >> the attorney say that's not a
12:54 am
good idea. we should negotiate and he decides and goes out on his own. it doesn't really matter what attorney donald trump brings in. he might bring in more like-minded people. dowd might not of been on the same page but it doesn't matter. he's a freelance president. he decides to do what he wants. the best thing that could happen for donald trump is for him to be exonerated by this. and for him to continue to pour flames on it makes people suspect that there is something wrong, that he did do something wrong. fighting fire with fire, i think it undercuts him because mueller does have the respect of both parties. there have been indictments. there have been statements. the attorney general of the united states appear to live before congress about his contacts with russia. he said there was no contacts. that's why senator franken asked for an investigation. attorney general jeff sessions had under oath he did not have
12:55 am
contacts with russia. they asked during that transition. al franken asked specifically during the transition. jeff sessions said no and it's clear he did have contacts with the russian ambassador. there are misstatements. the more the president tries to deflect, i think it's a bigger problem. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. panel, thank you very much for joining us. next up, a musical celebration for a very special day. don't miss liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> the motion to concurs agreed to. >> republicans and democrats blowhole in the debt. >> john bolton will take over, i have never been shy about what my views are. the important thing is what the president says and what advice i give them. >> there will be a smile on their face. i can't believe we have been able to take advantage of the united states for so long


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