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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 23, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob ron wasn't the gas and brake it was the r and d. jillian: i don't think she passed though. rob: she will learn. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> the yeas are 65, the nays are 32. >> shut down averted overnight the senate sending 1.3 trillion-dollar spending bill to president trump. >> breaking news, president trump has just tweeted ambassador john bolton will be my new national security advisor. >> always been an honor to serve our country. i have no doubt there is a lot of work to do? >> we have intellectual property theft situation going on. those days are over. >> my son's school, the classes i went to. none of them had a flag in it. this is stage i of brainwashing our young people. >> if we were in high school i would take you behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. >> trump is such a bully. i almost and i hate to say, this you know, why hasn't
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anybody taken him out back and kicked his little butt. >> what advice would you give to the 25-year-old donald trump knowing what you know today? >> don't run for president. [laughter] ♪ ♪ just like fire ♪ world just one day ♪ watch this madness steve: it's fire friday. ainsley: fire friday. steve: actually it was fire thursday. pete: hire friday. ainsley: john bolton is in h.r. mcmaster is out. steve: pete is in. pete: someone else is going to join us for the weekend that's back. ainsley: a little tease. ainsley: excited to see her. steve: we are, indeed. you will be excited to heart news. while you were sleeping, the senate passed a gigantic,
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monster russ, really big 1.3 trillion-dollar spending bill avoiding a government shut down. that's the good news. the bad news is it's really a lot of money. ainsley: it now heads to the president's desk but not, without of course some criticism. pete: our own griff jenkins joins us live from washington, d.c. with reaction from lawmakers. good morning. >> good morning, guys. it would have been the third government shut down passing it 65-32 shortly after midnight. three republican senators, toomey, burr and mccain not voting. it had bipartisan support. minority leader chuck schumer called it a darn good bill as majority leader mitch mcconnell praised the effort. >> i'm must say after a long and intense day with such discussion with our members who had legitimate concerns, i'm relieved rather than depressed that we might be able actually to finish tonight. >> coin dentingly the strongest objection came
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from the other senator from kentucky rand paul who shut down the government last time. he octobered and caved and voted against it issuing a statement afterwards saying congress must do better for the american people. we can support our military without further endangering our nation through fiscal recklessness and serves this morning are not happy. here is reaction from congressman matt gaetz. >> they are still celebrating in chuck schumer's office. democrats got what they wanted in this legislation but unfortunately we failed to deliver on so many of the priorities important to the president and the american people. >> finally guys, an interesting moment came when outgoing tennessee senator bob corker took to the floor complaining about the late hours. calling a juvenile process. the massive bill which provides among other things major boost for the military now heads to the president for signature. steve: that's right. thank you very much, griff, with the very latest from capitol hill. so they do -- it is the second large e. spending bill in history behind
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president obama's stimulus package. that was not short-term. this was short-term. this only runs through september. the good thing is, it does restore the military, which president trump said he would do. and that's a good thing. but, here's the thing, to get the military funding, they had to back up the brinks truck and give the democrats funding for aural of their pet projects there was so much extra money in this. 24 republican senators, not house members, 24 republican senators voted no. ainsley: let's talk about the possessives. military is getting more money. pete: massive positive. ainsley: a lot of people don't want the daca to happen. many would say that's a good thing. steve: answer to that. ainsley: we don't have to talk about this. it's done until september. pete: we have to deal with it forever. ainsley: every few months waiting on government to shut down. congress is so focused on it. pete: this is a swamp
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budget. mitch mcconnell special. democrats control the process. if nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are happy the american people shouldn't be. this president is laser focused on rebuilding our military. what he has done in this budget is not insignificant. undoing what obama did to our military disseminating it for 8 years. steve: nancy pelosi and chuck schumer said we were able to liberal more than when we held the majority. so that just shows you how much dough the republicans got for pet projects. pete: how bad congressional republicans are. ainsley: the president tweeted yesterday or the day before that in order to get the military funding that he wanted he was going to have to compromise and give a lot to the democrats. steve: a lot. ainsley: it could happen. he also tweeted about the major announcement yesterday. he said i am pleased to announce effective 4/1
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steve: now, pete, you know more mcmaster than we do because of your military background. he essential is the establishment he and the president never got along. pete: i think there was a hope they would gel. there was a sense that he came in and felt like he was saving america from president trump as a opposed to channeling week president trump was elected and helping him do that. that's the switch you are getting from ambassador john bolton. we know him from this channel and from hearing from him. those on the inside have seen him work inside the bureaucracies and elsewhere. he will advance the agenda this president ran on. ainsley: what exactly will you ambassador bolt be doing? what does the unusual advisonational securityadd advie
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takes over in april. >> the national security advisor among what ever other functions he or she might have has two critical roles. number one, making sure that the president has the full range of options presented to him to make the decisions that only the president can make. the other side of the coin is when the president makes a decision, the national security advisor is, among others, but certainly one of the leading implementers of the, making sure that the bureaucracies out there get the decision and implement it. and i have been in lots of bureaucracies. and i've seen the way that bureaucracies that don't like decisions sit on them. steve: so that's the man that the president has tapped to be the next guy sitting closest in the west wing over at national security. apparently they really wanted the new team in place before he starts meeting with the north koreans and mr. kim. what's going to be interesting going forward is to figure out as you look
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back at what has happened in the last couple of months, there has been a lot of turnover at the white house. remember, this is the first time in a long time we have had a businessman in the white house. is he running it like base. he gave everybody a chance to stretch their wings and see what you can do in the job. obviously mcmaster wasn't hacking it so we got a new guy. ainsley: his dad was a firefighter. his mom stayed at home to raise the children. and, you know, came from middle class family and went to yale. went to yale law school. he had nikki haley's position under president bush. he has one child and they live in maryland. pete: do you know who is on notice today china, north korea, russia. whether you have john bolton, mike pompeo, mattis, nikki haley. this is a national security team, those countries know that america is back and taking it seriously. steve: because they are all very direct. you know exactly where everybody stands. meanwhile you know exactly where congressman adam schiff, the democrat from california stands. he hates this.
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he tweeted out it's hard to escape the disquieting conclusion that the mass exodus from the adults in this administration is putting our nation's security at risk. ambassador bolton's hawkish and conspiratorial thinking will only make matters dangerously worse and then there was more. pete: brendon boil a democrat from pennsylvania says john bolton is a dangerous radical. >> steve: wonder where he stands? ainsley: republicans are saying good news for america's allies bad news for its enemies. >> he said no more stupid wars. then brings in the godfather of stupid wars john bolton. >> the risk of a war, a shooting war with iran and north korea are substantially greater than they were this morning. i think it dramatically increases the risk that a lot of americans and koreans, perhaps japanese end up dead.
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>> john bolton, he is the hammer and everything is the nail. >> >> just throwing all the toys in the air. i'm mad. i'm getting rid of everything. steve: he is really mad. so, while i saw some commentator over on another channel refer to john bolton as simply tv talking head from fox, keep in mind, he worked for the 40th president. ronald reagan 41st. george herbert walker bush. the 43 and now he works for the 45th president of the united states. not just a talking head. ainsley: very qualified. pete: thoughtful guy and willing to think outside the box and willing to get away from the stale status quo on the issues we haven't been able to solve. steve: this is kind of weird, but according to the "the washington post," a year ago, one of the reasons he did not get the job as secretary of state was the president doesn't like mustaches. he doesn't not like guys with facial hair. ainsley: walrus hair. steve: substantially.
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you see it coming. ainsley: is that why geraldo never got a job? steve: i don't know if we are going to talk to kellyanne conway about the mustache but certainly being discussed this morning. she is coming up on "fox & friends." pete: and we will ask lindsey graham who also has a lot to say about national security. steve: no mustache. ainsley: hand it over to jillian also no mustache. jillian: no mustache. happy friday. start you off with a fox news alert. a massive fire erupting overnight on the set of a major hollywood star bruce willis killing a veteran of the new york city fire department. 37-year-old michael davidson leaves behind a wife and four young daughters. >> our hearts and our prayers go out to the family and may god rest his soul. jillian: fire fighting was in davidson's blood. his father retired from the
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same. two other firefighters seriously burned. the cause of the fire under investigation. overnight black lives matter protesters flooding the streets of sacramento, blocking a major interstate and delaying the start of an nba game. the chaos sparked by the release of this body cam footage showing the deadly shooting of an unarmed black man. >> show your hands. [gunfire] jillian: those officers thought he was armed. he was actually carrying a cell phone. i wish i were sorry but i'm not. those chilling words from the austin bomber found in a 25-minute confession recorded on his cell phone. mark conditt also reportedly calling himself a psychopath and blamed himself for helping police find him by getting caught on camera at fedex store. his motive still remains a mystery. a look at your headlines. interesting to see what else comes out from that reporting. steve: apparently there was one other little nugget from statesman down in austin
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said that he apparently said in this 25-minute video that if they came close to him to catch him, he was going to blow himself up in a. ainsley: in a crowd at mcdonald's. glad that didn't happen. steve: jillian, thank you very much. jillian: joe biden said he would beat up president trump and the ladies of the view are in his corner. >> trump is such a bully. i almost and i hate to say, this you know, why hasn't anybody taken him out back and kicked his little butt. ainsley: diamond and silk is here to react to that just ahead. steve: more from the white house, h.r. mcmaster out. john bolton. in our next guest says this is a game changer. you are watching "fox & friends." it's friday ♪
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3:18 am
he is quite the insider. many ways speaking as a friend of his. there is two john boltons the iconic john bolton writes op-ed pieces that gone on fox. not outrageous but unusual things. and john bolton i have seen the insider the justice department. the usaid. he has worked all over our government. so when he said to martha maccallum that he will be the implementer. he will check and make sure it's implemented. that's what the president is getting and very much needs it i'm a friend of mcmasters, too. i have read both their books. he has a dereliction of duty all around the advisory system around the president and what can go wrong. bolton's book is more exciting. it's surrender is an not an option. he shows you the fights he has gotten into with senators and foreign governments. in many ways h.r. mcmaster is smooth. john bolton is more of a fighter. i think that's what
3:19 am
president trump wants. pete: sounds like a great combo. thinks outside the box and do the knife fighting within bureaucracy to make things happen. what are our enemies thinking this morning? >> i think there is a certain amount of fear and trepidation that h.r. mcmaster after all was arguing against the vietnam war. that it was poorly planned and poorly thought out. john bolton has been quite active on talking about the use of force. pete: yeah. >> that's got to have an impact on north korea. pete: absolutely. michael, you have written a book about the ambitions of the chinese regime. chinese dream. they want to replace america in this world. president trump has been taking him on with tariffs on chinese geedz. and they -- you know, claims because he claims china is using unif a fair trade practices is, this a good move? is it something worth doing? >> it's historic move. great move. you have to compare it for example what obama did. one of his toughest measures against it chinese was continue to diet five chinese military guys for hacking. we're never going to find them. they probably disappeared.
3:20 am
pete: sure. >> it was symbolic act. good thing to indict them for hacking but basically nothing. this is going to get the chinese attention. three part action. stiletto, not a sledge hammer. one is new restrictions on chinese investments that targeted on our technology. one is to file this new mega lawsuit in geneva at the world trade organization for violation of agreements. the third is the publication of the list of tariffs. these tariffs seem to be selected. these products have been selected because it's where china benefits illegally if you will. pete: sure. >> from the theft of technology. quite well thought through. through.pete thank you for your time. about time we have a different vision of the world were they be the dominant power in the world. appreciate your time. thank you. >> thanks. pete: all right. coming up, can a simple iphone app. alert parents and stop the next school shooting. it works. we'll tell you how it works coming up.
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president trump giving advice to the next generation. charlie kirk joins us live. >> what advice would you give to the 25-year-old donald trump knowing what you know today? mercedes-benz glc...
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that.
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let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. steve: it is 6:24 in new york city. quick friday morning headlines for you. the house judiciary committee slapping the doj, department of justice with a subpoena for the documents related to the hillary clinton email investigation. chairman bob goodlatte of virginia says they have only received a fraction of the roughly 1.2 million documents requested months ago. so far they have only gotten 3,000. doj has two weeks to comply or they're going to be in big trouble. well, maybe.
3:25 am
meanwhile, the house intel committee voting to release its russia report to the public. president trump reacting on twitter, 17 minutes ago writing, quote: house intel committee gives votes to release final report findings. number one, no evidence provided of collusion between trump and campaign and russia. number two, the obama administration's post election response was insufficient. and number three, there clapper provided inconsistent testimony on media contacts. that's not good. republican authored report now heads to the intel community for declassification, which could take weeks and then we all get to read it all right. anxiously down to you in the living room. ainsley: thank you, steve. some of the most dangerous threats that kids are facing today aren't just in schools but also as you know on the internet. now an app. called bark is alerting parents and schoolings to potential issues online and keeping your children safe. here to tell us more, you know kurt nutson the
3:26 am
cyberguy and chief parenting officer of titania jordan. you are from atlanta. you work for the company bark, which we're very interested. in we sent you on a mission, kurt to go and find out what happened in florida how to keep our kids save at school. what did you find? >> we have been looking at various technologies that would help on a response rate and then, in looking at how could we get it more involved with how our kids are speaking? is there any technology out there? i ran into tonya. and tonya explained that bark will allow parents will sign up for 9 bucks a month or 99 a year or schools can do this for free. what it does is your kid sen rolled in this with you. we are concerned it's like a seat belt for your child with social media. >> can you see it there. >> you sign up their social media, can you go like that as a parent and say okay, we're plugged in. what they do is they scan through their algorithm
3:27 am
scans what's going on constantly. so if a threat is picked up, such as cyber bullying or some violent act is talked about, or sexting starts happening with teens, it's going to alert the parent or it may alert the school and say hey, we have a problem. you might want to look at this. ainsley: that's great. has it saved lives? has it helped in schools? >> it absolutely has. ainsley: give us an example, please. >> to date our technology has saved 26 lives because parents have written in to say the alerts we sent them helped to save their child's life they were imminently suicidal and they had no idea. >> tell us about the school in pittsburgh what happened. >> yes. so there was a threat written on the bathroom wall in a school in pittsburgh. a child took a snapchat of it and our algorithms detected that there was a violent threat and alerted the parent. it was about 1:00 a.m. ainsley: says don't come to school the 23rd, bang, bang.
3:28 am
>> not something any parent wants to see. the parent called the school and the school took the measures it needed to and shut down the next day and potential threat was thwarted. we have done this. ainsley: give me an example of a parent who reached out and said it saved my child's life. >> children can express feelings of suicide and depression email, snapchat, stain gram, the list depose on and on. a child sends a tweet. it was a d.m. and parent received an alert and they were able to step, in get their child the professional help they needed. ainsley: that's wonderful. 26 lives you saved. congratulations. that's great. >> thank you. ainsley: as parents we don't know what to do. times have changed. we didn't have this growing up. thank you for saving lives. we appreciate it. >> learning the vernacular. teen speak of what's going on. oh, i thought i was on it and we come up with a list, actually. ainsley: what's one of them that surprised you? >> let's hit the list.
3:29 am
sms -- kys? >> kys. >> sounds terrible but it can be very innocuous. drop your books kys. i want to kill myself. that could be taken as a serious issue. this algorithm can tell the difference. find more online. ainsley: android. >> android, cell phone. ainsley: thank you. former police officer went to visit his son at school and what he didn't see stunned him. listen to this. >> i'm looking around the class because they are preparing the kids for the pledge of allegiance. i'm looking where are they going to look to do the pledge of allegiance because there's no flag. ainsley: diamond and silk are here to react to him. they are coming up next. happy birthday to country
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. >> tucker: which kind of animal was seen walking on two feet in philadelphia because it's afraid of getting its hands dirty. peter doocy. >> i sympathize with someone who often has purrl in pocket. gorilla. >> congratulations peter doocy this week's winner. >> mom and dad, did i it. steve: are you proud of him? ainsley: is that true? is he a germ phon phoneaphone?
3:34 am
steve: just a joke. that was hard last night. pete: winning champ. ainsley: if he wins he goes on. steve: where? pete: continues to take on the challengers of the show. steve: yeah, yeah, yeah. like jeopardy with no money. you get a coffee mug. pete: get a mug over and over and over again. ainsley: let's bring in diamond and silk the social media stars and trump supporters. good morning to you, ladies. >> good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. so yesterday we were talking about joe biden being down there at the university of miami. he was antisexual assault rally or campaign. and he was saying i just want to take the president out back. he said this before, you remember, on the campaign trail. i want to take him in the back of the gym and beat the blank out of him. and "the view" was talking about it yesterday. and sonny biden was chivalrous russ for saying that we have a sound bite. listen to what the ladies said on "the view" yesterday. >> it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when
3:35 am
jesus talk to us. >> exactly. >> that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. >> such a bully. i almost and i hate to say, this you know, why hasn't anybody taken him out back and kicked his little butt. there was something chivalrous russ about it, about joe biden saying, you know, if he said that when we were in high school i would take him out back and kick his butt. you any, there was something about that. he was also speaking at an event where he was encouraging men to stick up for women not just be bystanders. pete: if joe biden says it then it's chivalrous russ. >> you know what? i think that sunnies who continue is advocating violence against a sitting president. why hasn't someone taken her out back to talk about that. >> that's right. >> i wish "the view" would muster up the courage to invite diamond and silk on their show to sit on the other end of that table so when they say something dumb or stupid about our president we can get them straight. >> that's right. >> sunny hostin was wrong.
3:36 am
joe biden started that you will foolishness here. don't think the president is not going to respond to his foolishness. i think joe biden is thinking about running for president. maybe he needs to run for that border if he don't know how to respect this president. steve: ladies, do i believe that after that whoopi goldberg tried to neutralize the situation saying we are moving. ainsley: we don't say that. steve: no, we don't. nonetheless "the view" has not been supportive of conservatives. >> no, they haven't. that's why they need two conservatives like us. not meghan mccain because she doesn't know how to talk up for herself. put us on the other end of the table we will get all three of them straight. steve: you are appealing to the producers of "the view." >> yes. yes. steve: if they want to be fair and balanced they should have the two of you ladies on at least one time. >> yes. two against three. steve: that would be a fair fight. pete: must see tv as well.
3:37 am
a police officer, a father walked into his son's classroom and shocked at what he did not see. listen to this video. >> all of you guys have been to school. this has been occurring since probably my great grandmother was in school. you say the pledge of allegiance. you give the pledge of allegiance to the flag, right? i'm looking around the class because they are preparing the kids for the pledge of allegiance. i'm looking where are they going to look to do the pledge of allegiance because there's no flag there is no flag anywhere. this is stage i of brainwashing our young people to desensitize them to american values. three classes i went into, none of them had a flag in it. this is one of the most diverse schools that i have ever seen. i mean kids from all walks of life are in the school. for them to devalue the american flag was just -- in the classroom was just shocking to me. pete: ladies, that was brandon tatum does a lot of
3:38 am
videos like this. flags not in the classroom. what does it mean. >> maybe the schools need to stop having a liberal agenda and patriotic agenda. when we were coming up, when i was in kindergarten that was the first thing we did to start off the day was say the pledge of allegiance and there was a flag. bring back our flag and top taking and putting in the minds of these children that they don't have to be patriotic anymore that the flag doesn't mean anything. tell them about what the flag really means, how people fought for them to have the freedom to stand there to say the pledge of allegiance. that's what should happen in these schools. steve: did he say stage i of brainwashing. going into the school he liked the message all families are welcome and kids were safe in certain area. there was no flag. extraordinarily they had the pledge of allegiance printed on a piece of purple paper and it was taped up on a wall. >> you don't devalue your have alls for the sake of others. that's what a lot of people have been doing. we are devaluing ourself who we are as americans for the
3:39 am
sake of others. when you go to other people's countries, they don't do that for you. >> that's right. that's right. pete: that's a great point. >> stand for the flag. >> that's right. pete: if you don't believe in yourself, how can you expect others to invest in that as well. ainsley: worried about offending other people. worried about offending one kid in the entire school. the majority of everyone else wants to stand for that flag and say it every day. pete: if the flag is offensive. >> if they get offended, they can do online classes or if they get offended go back to their own country. >> that's right. steve: they are online right now. they would like to be on "the view." diamond and silk have challenged the producer ever of the view. >> that's right. steve: put them on tv. ainsley: they would be smart to do it. ratings galore. pete: i would watch that one. ainsley: thanks, ladies. have a great weekend. every friday we have them on. tune in every day but definitely on friday. steve: people love them. 20 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us with headlines.
3:40 am
jillian: i don't know if you saw this. newly released surveillance video that people have been talking about giving us a look into the las vegas gunman's final days before his deadly rampage. take a look. can you see steven paddock bringing 21 bags into the mandalay bay hotel over the course of a week. can you also see him interacting with hotel staff, gambling and eating alone. the motive for that horrific attack that left 58 people dead is still unknown. dramatic video just released showing the moment a semi-truck crashes into a school bus. >> oh my god. you can see the bus driver covering her face with her hands as the curb crosses the center line landing on top of the bus in south carolina. on board children with special needs. nobody on the bus is seriously hurt. the truck driver charged for creditorsing that center line. the families of two fallen soldiers are closer to having their mortgages completely paid thanks to you, our "fox & friends" viewers.
3:41 am
the tunnel to towers fund raiser hitting $400,000 overnight. receiving donations from all 50 states after this appearance on "fox & friends" yesterday. >> the unbelievable strain that this puts on families when the bread winner is gone. when they kiss their families goodbye and don't come home, it's our responsibility as americans. jillian: the money going to the wives and children of christopher are a goose so he and sergeant john briggs, they are among the seven service members who died during a helicopters crash in iraq last week. if you want to donate. you still can. head to and tunnel to the foundation's goal is $700,000. we are more than half way there. ainsley: okay. i'm doing it now. i forgot yesterday. did it segment. how could i forget. i'm doing it now. i apologize. we have got to help these families. their wives are raising kids, going to try to send their kids to college. please donate. y'all are so generous.
3:42 am
$400,000. pete: humbled by that. steve: janice dean joins us. there is no nor'easter today. it's not too awful bad outside. janice: i have got good news and i have got bad news. ainsley: what are we going to start with. janice: start off with the bad news and leave off with the good news. it's friday. ffri-yea: be prepared 6 to 12 inches for places across the dakotas down towards even parts of western north carolina and virginia. winter storm advisories in place. additional snow fall, there you have it. still winter as we go into the weekend. but we were thinking that some of this energy might develop off the coast for the nor'easter on sunday. it's not happening. [applause] i am so glad. hallelujah. they listened this time. steve: it is spring. janice: we still have a chance for these types of storms.
3:43 am
next week for the northeast a nice looking forecast. you're welcome. steve: "time" magazine cover's features shooting down in florida. only the ones pushing for more gun control. what about the ones who support the second amendment? we'll talk about that with mollie hemingway. pete: may be selective. we have been telling you about the city voted out of california sanctuary city laws. now one city wants california to do the same thing. don't go anywhere ♪ that's where i come from.
3:44 am
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3:47 am
ask your doctor about opdivo. thank you to all involved in opdivo clinical trials. steve: president trump continuing to tout law and order when it comes to sanctuary cities. now that message may be spreading in southern california where the city of los alamitos way down in southern california recently voted this past monday to opt out of the state's sanctuary law. now other localities are hoping to follow suit. here to discuss is local lawmaker hoping to opt out. michelle steele joins us today from los angeles. michelle, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: los alamitos says look we got to follow the federal law. we opt out of the state law. you would like orange county, the entire county to opt out as well. why? >> you know, our local
3:48 am
police, not just police but special i especially in orange county. they try to follow state law and federal law. and they sore different. that's the reason that we have to overturn this bad law in california. i this law is unconstitutional. that's why we start it and take legal action. i'm going to ask my colleagues to take legal action on this tuesday board meeting. steve: so, orange county is talking about opting out. there are apparently other communities as well that would like to opt out across the state. but here's the thing, michelle, it sounds like if you opt out, eventually the aclu is going to start suing los alamitos, orange county if you pass it because they want you to follow the state law and not the national law. >> i think this law is bad law. and this is stopping local
3:49 am
police working with federal government. and this comes down to public safety it's not safe on the street. we as a government duty the first thing, the first priority is public safety for the people. so we have to do something about it. steve: sure. >> police hands have been tied. we have to make sure they can work with federal government. steve: right. you say that orange county has a large immigrant population and they are supporting you because the left in california has created all of this chaos. right? >> yes. so we have large immigrant communities and we embrace our diverse culture. and we all work together and they want to be safe i always think that president trump and ice are not going after law abiding immigrants. we are talking about criminal aliens here. so it's a public safety.
3:50 am
steve: there you go. all right. michelle steele, supervisor, second district, county of orange in southern california. michelle, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. steve: nice to meet you. all right. meanwhile, she just mentioned president trump. well, he is now giving advice to the younger generation. >> what advice would you give to the 25-year-old donald trump knowing what you know today? >> don't run for president. [laughter] steve: the guy who asked the question charlie kirk joins us live coming up next. feel the power of theraflu expressmax.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ >> what advice would you give to the 25-year-old donald trump knowing what you know today? [laughter] >> don't run for president. [laughter] >> all my life we get -- i
3:54 am
got the greatest publicity. i was getting such great publicity until i ran for office. pete: that was yesterday. president trump speaking to a group of millennial leaders touching on a number of issues important to young americans. ainsley: our next guest was the moderator who asked him that question the moderator of the discussion charlie kirk director of turning point u.s.a. hey, charlie, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: it was a light-hearted response to that question. was he serious? do you believe he is regretting it, maybe? >> no, i don't think so. that's the way some of the pundits in the mainstream media tried to spin it but, look, what i think he was trying to say it's not easy to be president. especially with the opposition party mainstream media and all the ridiculous criticism he has to indoor. point he was making to the audience is we are fighting for you. not only are we fighting for you the point he made so impactful specifically with the tax cut not a middle
3:55 am
class tax cut. tax on next generation for my peers not able to afford heck. you have to pay healthcare. president trump got rid of that all the young workers that got bonuses. $1,000 is not crumbs to a young worker at home depot or at&t. he has done a wonderful job are a continuing could you late it. it was a great experience. pete: asked the president about support on college campuses. take a listen. >> if you look at what's going on with free speech, with the super left, with antifa, with all of these characters. i will tell you what, they get a lot of publicity, but did you go to the real campuses and did you go all over the country. did you go out to the middle west. you go out even to the coast in many cases we have tremendous support we have majority support. i think it's highly overblown. pete: are you seeing young people gravitate towards the
3:56 am
message of this president. >> absolutely. i think the president articulated in the middle part of the country more young people that support the president and his agenda than the media would give credit to it. amazing to see silent majority of young people rise up and support these policies. ainsley: what was the sentiments and other questions and feeling from the folks in the audience and what was it like to be next to the president. >> it was surreal. i had the opportunity to work with the first family now for the last 18 months and through the campaign. this president is someone who is really fighting for our generation. the sentiment even from. so people in the middle like wow, this president cares about outside. he is fighting for us. and is he winning for us. some of the other questions surrounded economy opioid crisis. student loans. this is something that needs to happen more. our leaders need to talk to the next generation we cannot allow the democrats to have a political monopoly on the youth. ainsley: politics in your future, i think. congratulations on your
3:57 am
success at such a young age. >> appreciate it. ainsley: kellyanne conway, senator lindsey graham and molly hemmingway coming up next. so all... evening long. ooh, so close. ♪ ♪...nausea, heartburn,♪ indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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urinary tract infection, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, and headache. need some help managing your oab symptoms along the way? ask your doctor if myrbetriq is right for you, and visit to learn more. steve: while you were sleeping the senate passed a gigantic 1.3 trillion-dollar spending bill avoiding a government shut down. >> always an honor to serve our country. i have no doubt there is a lot of work to do. >> john bolton is more of a fighter. i think that's what president trump wants. he will be the implementer. he will check and make sure it's implemented. >> with china we have a tremendous intellectual property theft situation going on. those days are over. >> this administration is not the first one to say that the chinese cheat. it's the first administration to act on it. >> touch is such a bully. i almost and i hate to say, this you know, why hasn't anybody taken him out back and kicked his little butt.
4:01 am
>> i wish "the view" would muster up the courage to invite diamond and silk on their show so when they say something dumb and stupid about our president we can get them straight. >> what advice would you give to the 25-year-old donald trump knowing what you know today? >> don't run for president. [laughter] ♪ ♪ steve: we are working hard from studio f in manhattan. second hour of a three hour telecast. brian is taking the day off and pete is filling in ♪ pete: now it's the bridge. straight to the bridge. i'm telling you brooks and dunn growing up i loved them growing up i still love them. ♪ i'm a hard working man
4:02 am
♪ pete: you didn't want to put that. pete: sometimes they play the music and you are ready to go. ainsley: you are a hard working man. you work on the weekend. pete: you guys are. steve: we sit on the counterterrorism and drink coffee. how hard is this really? ainsley: it is really hard when you are a reporter and have the family and packing your bags and announce what happens at griff jenkins' house. is he always on the road. we begin with a fox news alert. while you were sleeping the senate passing that 1.3 trillion-dollar spending bill avoiding a government shut down. steve: now heads to the president's desk. he has said he would sign it but there is plenty of republican criticism. griff jenkins, that hard-working man joins us from the d.c. bureau right now. >> great song, guys, for your senate who is hard working. they saved from us a third government shut down passing it 65-32. shortly after midnight. three republican senators, toomey, burr, and mccain not voting. it had bipartisan support.
4:03 am
chuck schumer called it a darn good bill. senator mitch mcconnell praised the effort. >> i must say after a long and intense day of such discussions with several of our members who had legitimate concerns i'm relieved rather than depressed that we might be able to actually finish tonight. >> strongest objections came from the other senator from kentucky, rand paul who shut the government down last night. he voted against it issuing a statement afterwards saying congress must do a better job for the american people. we can support our military without further endangering our nation through fiscal recklessness and conservatives are not happy. here is reaction this morning from congressman matt gaetz. >> they are still celebrating in chuck schumer's office. democrats got what they wanted in this legislation but, unfortunately, we failed to deliver on so many of the priorities important to the president and the american people. >> couple of interesting moments. outgoing senator bob corker took to the floor to complain about the late hours. then idaho senator jim rich
4:04 am
held things up over the renaming of a forest for his political foe. the major boost for the military heads to the president for signature. guys? steve: griff, thank you very much. the president could sign it before tomorrow that could be before he goes down to west palm beach. what's interesting about this particular thing is because it does fund the military, above presequestration levels. that's what the president campaigned on rebuilding our military. that's terrific. the vast amount of other money spent, that's why 24 republican senators voted no. now, think about the final score was 65-32 in the senate. not only will the republicans who voted for it be able to say, look, we had to vote for all that extra stuff because that was the price in getting all the extra money for our military. and that's the price of admission. but, at the same time, all the democrats who voted for it can also claim just the
4:05 am
same thing as the republicans. look, we voted to increase military spending as well. plus, we also didn't have any punitive stuff against sanctuary cities. planned parenthood. all their pet projects. ainsley: isn't it a shame that you would have a group in this country that would notten for supporting the military. the only reason we will do it is if you give us all this other stuff? that's ridiculous. do you know being military yourself, is this going to go right in the pockets of people serving our country? pete: there was a modest pay increase it's all the maintenance and training and investing in future weapons system. it's additional troops. additional shifts. additional tanks. all this stuff is important and this president is committed to it. this is a swamp budget. this is a mitch mcconnell special. this is a mitc is a dysfunctionl senate. funding dhs up 12%. infrastructure, poild funding. fix nics. no insurance bill. no wall. if you can't ultimately the
4:06 am
democrats controlled this process in the senate. that's why chuck schumer was so happy and i think a lot -- if you believe the republican party is the party of fiscal responsibility, then i have a bridge to sell you somewhere. the reality is this president cares about our military and was willing to give away things they didn't want in order to fund our military. that's something we should be happy about. steve: the "wall street journal" in an editorial writes today with the military spending, the military, and the pentagon better spend the money wisely because speaker pelosi will not be as generous. pete: that's the truth. absolutely. ainsley: also yesterday general mcmaster out and john bolton in as the national security advisor. they will make the switch officially on april 9th. and this is the third national security advisor for president trump. he is getting all of his ducks in a row. getting his cabinet in place before he speaks with kim jong un. they are saying maybe in may. he wanted to have all of his cabinet in place special when iespeciallywhen it comes tl
4:07 am
security. pete: not a surprise. ainsley: i talked about picking him in the very beginning. pete: a lot of the people sensed he wanted to for a long time. the president met with john bolton on wednesday. a couple hours later he happened to be on our show a couple hours later. steve: hats off to the booker on martha maccallum's show. pete: he was on the show last night. listen. >> i think the consensus would be that the national security advisor, among whatever other functions he or she has two critical roles. number one, making sure that the president has the full range of options presented to him to make the decisions that only the president can make. the other side of the coin is when the president makes a decision, the national security advisor is, among others, but certainly one of the leading implementers of the decision making sure the bureaucracies out there get
4:08 am
the decision and implement it. and i have been in lots of bureaucracies and i have seen the way that bureaucracies that don't like decisions sit on them. steve: well, there is no doubt john bolton is very direct. there is also no doubt that h.r. mcmaster was part of the establishment from washington with the pentagon in years of service like that. so, the president is going to wind up getting essentially the national security team he really wants. you know. pete: yes. steve: you probably read stuff how when he west went to washington the president didn't have loot of people he could call on so relied on the republican establishment to suggest how to populate the cabinet. this is one of those guys. now he has bolton, which is one of trump's guys. ainsley: people wondering is mcmaster going to step down. we had sarah huckabee sanders on the show a couple weeks ago and we asked her then he wanted to wait in the summer. but this was casting shadow on exchanges with other leaders throughout the world. people are asking are you in or are you out?
4:09 am
he finally just said it's time and the president replaced him. pete: big negotiation coming with north korea in may he wants to have his team in place. those countries are on notice. john bolton says i want to scrap the iran deal along with mike pompeo. you have a team in place much more of a mind meld with this president. steve: yesterday we were talking about how the president got the news, whatever do you, don't congratulate vladimir putin. it was in a briefing book prepared by the national security apparatus. it was suggested that it was part of his team you. it was also suggested maybe that's why the president fired him yesterday. actually, they have been talking about firing him for weeks in in fact h.r. and the in the has been discussing his departure for a long time. ainsley: dad was a firefighter. mom stayed at home. he went to yale and yale law school. he has one daughter is he a lutheran and from the maryland area. pete: is he a smart guy and predictably of course the democrats have gone nuts
4:10 am
about this. ainsley: no? pete: knockingly. i don't know if we have the full screen or not. steve: h.r. mcmaster was the one adult left keeping the world safe and keeping the world safe from donald trump. ainsley: we had one representative brendan bill o'reilly frobrethren -- brendan boil. >> or just a smart guy. steve: we start with a fox news alert. don't we? >> we are following breaking news. get right to that fox news alert. police are surrounding a supermarket in southern france where a hostage situation underway. all started after a police officer was shot and wound you had. there are reports one of the gunmen claimed allegiance to isis. we will have more information on the story as it becomes available. another fox news alert. a massive fire erupting overnight on the set of a major hollywood movie starring bruce willis killing a 15-year decorated veteran of the new york city fire department. 37-year-old michael davidson
4:11 am
leaves behind a wife and his young children. three daughters and a son. >> our hearts and our prayers go out to the family and may god rest his soul. soul.ains fire fighting was in davidson's blood. his father retired primarily serving in the same firehouse. the fdny bravery two other times. the cause of the fire under investigation. fbi investigation underway into a possible terror attack at an american military base. a driver crashing through the main gate at california's air force base as you can see the fire exploding into a fireball. investigators say it was packed with propane tanks that the driver reportedly ignited on purpose. no one else was hurt. the driver has not been publicly identified. that's a look at your headlines. keep an eye on those stories and especially that story out of france.
4:12 am
ainsley: time magazine features the cover school shooting in florida. only the ones pushing for more gun control. those students right there. what about the students like that one, the one in front of the president? well, he does support the second amendment. mollie hemingway is here to react to that next. pete: rule number one of your driving test. do not crash into a building. usually it's like maybe you shouldn't turn right on red if you are not allowed to. in this particular case he did turn right, right into a building. ♪
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: 7:16 in new york city. new "time" magazine out featuring five survivors of last month's shooting at parkland high school down in florida. each student in that image part of a movement pushing for stricter gun controls. but noticeably absent from that image students like kyle cacashew who have met with lawmakers supporting the second amendment. steve: joining us senior
4:17 am
editor of the federal list fox news contributor mollie hemingway down in our nation's capital. mollie, are you surprised they didn't put the second amendment on the cover. >> no. it's not surprising because of how embedded in the antigun movement many people in our media are. it really shows media bias in two very important ways. one, even at a very liberal school and a very liberal area like this horrible shooting happened, you are going to have a diversity of viewpoints. not all students are going to say that the answer to a mass shooting is restrictive gun control measures. steve: sure. >> it's also true that even the fact that they are talking about gun control in any way, pro-or con, is a very weird thing in response to a shooting where what we really know about it and we have learned over a month plus of information is one of catastrophic government failure at the federal. steve: absolutely. >> federal state and local level. if the media want to push for government action and they always seem to want to do just that they have plenty of opportunities to let the story lead where the facts lead. steve: right. >> which is, again, many
4:18 am
people were given credible tips to their government officials and doing what they could county government and they just met with failure. steve: it does seem selective in their presentation of those particular students that they put on the cover because, when you consider kyle ca cashew who is going to be on our program we showed him earlier. he met with the president and a number of people on capitol hill. he came up with a support app. for students and their parents in the wake of parkland. and he also met with governor scott down in florida where they actually passed school safety legislation. so he has actually helped move this ball down the field. >> right. and, again, there will be diversity of viewpoint even in a very liberal or very conservative area. to not show that is not a good way to demonstrate that you are being accurate as a journalist. and this is, you know, just very problematic, given what we do know, also, about the people behind who are using these students to advance an agenda. and that's -- you know, that's something that can happen. but, when you have pr companies very expensive pr
4:19 am
companies pushing an agenda, journalists shouldn't just receive that uncritically. they should push back and think about whether what that p.r. company and/or what those activist groups are doing really represents the truth. steve: doesn't "time" magazine have an agenda these days. >> that's what's been discouraging to see in this media coverage is throwing away any attempt to show nuances or the complexity of an issue. gun control is one those things where there are a lot of trade-offs in play and complexities and actually a lot of common ground too on what can be accomplished in terms of tightening up background checks orrego glaght bump stocks. there are things. as was seen measure push to get people to disarm themselves in the face of government failure. that's beyond what a government entity should be doing. steve: big march on the capital this weekend. thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: we are going to have the students we are referring to kyle cashew about an hour from now on
4:20 am
"fox & friends." meanwhile, fox news alert, breaking news right now. a hostage situation unfolding overseas. now, there are reports in france that apparently one person is dead. the gunman pledging allegiance to isis. the details are breaking. we have more coming up from france very shortly. members of the trump administration under attack because of their faith. first it was vice president mike pence. then it was press secretary sarah sanders. now it's new economic advisor larry kudlow. there is his picture right there. why are christians losing their place in society if that is the case? we'll be right back. ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts
4:21 am
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4:24 am
pete: we are back with a fox news alert. right now police are surround ago supermarket in southern france where a hostage situation is underway. and two people are dead. it started after a police officer was shot and wounded. there are reports one of the gunmen claimed allegiance to isis. this could be ongoing islamic terrorist attack. the french prime minister just telling the media the situation is, quote, very serious. we have more information on this story as it becomes available. we're watching it closely and we'll bring it to you if anything develops. ainsley: first joy behar took a swipe at vice president mike pence's faith. then the media went after trump -- president trump's new economic advisor for expressing his christianity. listen. >> it's one thing to talk to jesus. it's another thing when jesus talks to you. that's called mental illness if i'm not correct. >> that's an interesting way to talk about being the
4:25 am
national economic advisor to the president. god's will? well as larry kudlow says it's god's will. steve: now the latest targets is white house press secretary sarah sanders. jim carrey tweeted a painting that's supposed to be sanders this is the portrait of so-called christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. monstrous. pete: are americans losing their place i ---are christians losing their place in american life? pastor brian houston, thanks for being here. ainsley: such an honor to have you here. i love your church. it's so great. most of you know the music coming out of hill song. that's how we all in america found out about your church in australia years ago. and now have you planted churches all over the country and all over the world. congratulations. >> that's true. and the music definitely did lead the way. ainsley: it really did.
4:26 am
like going to scene setter. your church. you brought a lot of fun back into churches. younger generation loves your church especially. steve: we played a snippet from theview where joy behar said it was mental illness if you are talking to god. she eventually walked it back and apologized. then have you got the thing from jim carrey as well. what do you make of this. >> they are interesting times. aren't they? i think christians are an easy target sometimes. after all jesus taught turn the other cheek which is maybe a little different than others. so, at the end of the day, i really don't feel like it's going to have that huge of an impact on the christian church. i think it says more about the people making the attacks than it does what they are actually attacking. steve: what do you mean? >> well, i think we all speak out of what is going on out of their heart when people start making pot shots at other people, it's sometimes uncalled for, unfair it really shows what's inside of them. pete: pastor, what does it
4:27 am
say about our culture today? america was founded alongside judeo-christian. founders men of faith. yet attacking that very faith. where are they? >> i think christianity has always been attacked, i think. i think that the message of jesus is stronger. so i don't feel we have a lot to fear. i feel like the church is strong, it's resilient. it's going forward. i know my experience church is filled with young people, young people who are hungry for god. hungry for the things of god. so, i think we shouldn't get too distracted. i think in these days trouble will come. persecution will come. i feel like we have to be absolutely committed and resilient because the christian faith is great news. it's not just looking after a set of principles that go back a long way. it's great news for people today. in the 21st century. i think as long as we keep focusing on that great news, his name is jesus.
4:28 am
and he has so much for people. and if we keep on that, then we don't have to concern ourselves too much about those who chip away from the outside. ainsley: you wrote this great book it's called "there is more." i love that there has to be more because our country is so divided. i feel that more than ever. you write the great unknown. and i have always heard don't let fear stand in the way of your destiny. if you are fearful, don't let that stop from you reaching your dreams. hill song church was berthed with absolutely no guarantees. there was no promised financial support. no guarantees people would come and no certainty in faith an jesus and confidence in his calling that god would bless this brand new little outreach church. look what god has done with your church now. why did you start hill song. >> why did we start? we started because we cared about people. and we started in the small suburb way down under in sydney, australia. that's why the way it has gone and the global -- and having churches and campuses all around the world and
4:29 am
having our music around the world. these days we have our own hill song channel with just amazing things. it's a miracle story, really. ainsley: it really. >> helps you realize there must really be a god. ainsley: what's your advice to people getting ready to start a new job or a start a small church. >> the whole concept behind "there is more" is that god does have so much for people. we're on earth for a purpose. it's god's purpose. if we trust him your lives and take the steps that are ahead of us and live this great adventure called the will of god that god can lead us into the more the scripture that's maybe the theme scripture is god can do anything can you imagine, exceeding abundant and above anything you can think. i feel if people understand that and live their lives with an expectation of that that no matter what, the new step is, god can do great things for them. steve: pastor brian houston thank you so much.
4:30 am
the brand new book is there is more. ainsley: you are so special. have you changed -- god has used to you save so many lives. thank you for being here with us. >> thank you. my pleasure. pete: we have more on that breaking news out of france. hostages freed from a supermarket. the gunman surrounded by police. we're live with the breaking details coming up next. ainsley: counselor to the president kellyanne conway is going to join us live. feel the clarity of non-drowsy
4:31 am
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4:34 am
steve 7:33 here in new york city. we have a fox news alert overseas. a hostage situation unfolding at a supermarket in southern france at this hour. pete: that's right. the mayor says so far there are two victims. the gunman reportedly pledging isis to -- allegiance to isis yelling allahu akbar. ainsley: griff jenkins is in washington with the latest details. griff, what is the latest. this has all been breaking over the last few minutes. what have you learned. >> good morning, it is breaking and very troubling of course there in south of france in what we believe is the town of trebes southeast of taloos. it appears that it began with the shooting of a police officer and led to the supermarket where authorities surrounded it and there are multiple gunmen as pete mentioned. one gunman pledging allegiance to isis. the french prime minister now telling the local french wires that this is a, quote:
4:35 am
very serious situation and wires also believing that one individual has died. another was wounded. this is no -- unfortunately new incident in france which has been hit with numerous attacks last year. now this certainly troubling people. france's interior ministry also confirming that law enforcement is responding with both a police and other security measures not taking any precautions there. we are trying to learn more. we are not hearing anything from the u.s. law enforcement officials. it's still little. we presum -- still early.what wd about been going on for several hours. it's important to note that these things many times the early reporting changes. we are staying on top of it and bring you everything we can get as the story becomes available. steve: all right.
4:36 am
go back to working your sources. griff, thank you very much. pete: thanks, griff. appreciate it. steve: just a mile down the road where griff is sitting kellyanne conway counselor to president trump joins us from the white house. i know details are sketchy at this point we are monitoring the situation, aren't we? >> yes, of course. here at the white house that is happening and i have nothing further to add. i just want to reemphasize that griff is going off media reports and i have nothing else to say at this point. i know the white house will speak later. pete: radical islamic state your name a threat. and somebody new in the white house taking that threat on is ambassador john bolton announced yesterday by the president that he will be replacing h.r. mcmaster as the national security advisor. kellyanne, give us your insight on that change. >> this president was elected in part because he was going to be so tough on radical islamic terrorism and has. through the leadership of his team including general mcmaster the president noted yesterday there is a america first national security strategy. isis is all but gone.
4:37 am
particularly in places like syria. this president has brought north korea to the table. under conditions of course, and many different areas of his peace through strength policy. but, if you can show a great distinction between the left's view foreign policy, national security and terrorism. and this president, it really is along the fault line of how to deal with radical islamic terrorism. this president is willing to name them and blame them and then go after them. and it's been a very successful strategy as you see. it doesn't get a lot of coverage in the mainstream media. but, what's happened over time, just under his 14 months in office, it's called causation not coincidence. we will be monitoring this very closely. the president has been very emphatic. and very inspecific in his policies against radical islamic terrorism, whether the incidents happen here at home or abroad. and they happen far too often. ainsley: now, when hope
4:38 am
hicks took -- stepped down, when she resigned from communications director at the white house, there was a lot of talk that maybe you would step into that role. i know we had you on the show and you said you weren't interested in that the atlantic is reporting that you are moving closer, according to their sources to accepting the president's offer. steve: so it must be true. ainsley: for you to take over for hope hicks. >> i'm here to support the president however he sees it is most important. i don't have any personnel announcements at this time. the president controls the typically and content of all of those personnel announcements. i will tell you in the president's comms office support men and women doing every single day. talking 50 folks or so not household names work incredibly long hours. make great sacrifices away from their families, probably away from their sleep often enough to serve the nation they love so much. i really do honor them in their work. so emphatically.
4:39 am
i will do whatever is best. my best and highest use here as counselor to the president. that takes on any number of different tasks and one has been in terms of policy. that's been my major portfolio here. but i think to be effective communication directors as we have seen, you also have to know policy. we have very talented people here. i just up-to-the-minuted to go back quickly on general mcmaster and ambassador bolton if i may and not talk about me. is that general mcmasters asked the army, he told them that he is leaving, retiring this summer after 34 years of public service. and i want to make sure that i put an exclamation point on that. those are the kind of individuals that come to this administration to serve this country and this president. as the president said yesterday, is he very grateful for his service. the national security strategy was the first, the earliest delivered in any recent administration and is shocked full ochock-full of det. gives america first strategy
4:40 am
moving forward. steve: kellyanne, we are confused though, because we have been reading those news reports that when the president was first assembling his crew, his cabinet, he was considering john bolton maybe for secretary of state but, according to the "the washington post," the president does not like guys with mustaches. and john bolton has got a mustache. >> that is way too glib and unimportant for me to address. the president has never discussed in my presence. steve: okay. >> by the way, i just think that he is a qualified man. steve: absolutely. he is not just a talking head as somebody on one of the other channels has said. >> the irony is not lost on me. but you have a lot of, quote, tv stars calling larry kudlow and john bolton tv personalities. it's kind of weird. they are men of intellectual heft and substantial accomplishments in their field. i have known both of them
4:41 am
for decades. that's what happens when you are old around here. we are very pleased. this country should be pleased when people who don't need another chapter in their illustrious careers want to come in and serve the nation. and it also should be very clear to no one what president trump's vision is on in the case of larry kudlow, his economic agenda. what his vision is for national security moving forward. whenever people have shock and surprise, i have shock and surprise. this president could not be more clear of how he has felt about paris for example or china and what he signed yesterday. he has been talking about this for decades. certainly for three years as a candidate, president-elect and now president. it's his agenda. if people support it, they should be here. if you are not with the program, you should get with the program or get out. that doesn't mean blind loyalty. this is a man who takes into consideration everybody's input and ideas. that makes him a wonderful leader and terrific boss. steve: one of the things he was very clear when he was running for president is that he wanted rebuild our
4:42 am
military. and the spending bill that runs through september will do that he didn't wind up with the wall out of this. and there is a little bit of fence money in it. but, for the most part. that particular thing that the president really wanted he is not getting from his republican-led congress. >> it's a great start though and the president made that clear. it's $1.6 billion. this is a man of action. in a town of talk. so, the fact that people who are mocking the wall not so long ago are now funding the wall is a really big leap forward. in that omnibus bill, you are also seeing the military funded as you noted briefly. steve: that's big. >> this is incredibly important to the president. sadly this president is head and shoulders above others funding the military. give the resources and the respect back to our law enforcement, our border patrol agents and certainly our military and our veterans. he has made great strides in all those spaces while he has been president. you also see funding for
4:43 am
school safety. you historic funding for opioids. 3 billion this year in fy 2018, 3 billion next year and total of 13 billion-dollar package over the next several years. so the president's priorities are being funded. and the democrats shut down the government in december or january i think it was you will recall. that's not happening again. i think that was a huge mistake. let's be very clear. this omnibus bill, the priorities that are being funded here are going on the heels of the president's fiscal and economic accomplishments. this president gave us the most historic middle class tax cut ever. and what that means is he's able to build on that economic message through the spending priorities. steve: right. >> people are trying to go back on the taxes now it's not important. steve: sure, the key though -- >> -- will continue. pete: they are working. >> it's key. steve: and no government shut down. >> no government shut down. pete: thank you. steve: coming up.
4:44 am
ainsley: breaking news out of france. terrorists surrounded after a hostage situation inside a supermarket. sebastian gorka is going to join us next. pete: lindsey graham, geraldo rivera and steve hilton all here live on this "fox & friends" edition. if your adventure keeps turning into unexpected bathroom trips you may have overactive bladder, or oab. ohhhh... enough already! we need to see a doctor.
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4:47 am
hostages from inside the supermarket except for one lone police officer still inside there with him. ainsley: french counter terrorism prosecutors are now taking charge of this investigation. we're going to bring in dr. sebastian gorka. he is a terrorism expert worked for the president and his administration. dr. gorka, thank you for joining us. what's happening there on
4:48 am
the ground. what would they be doing right now? >> well, right now they have called in the gign, which is the special response units that they use in these kinds of situations. they would secure the perimeter and do whatever they can to identify who the perpetrator is, make sure that nibble who needs medical attention gets it as soon as possible. and then the first thing they do is they scrub the social media of the individual to see whether he has accomplices, whether he truly is connected in some way to an organization like isis. in this report he said that i'm doing this for syria and that there is a connection to isis. right now it's been securing the perimeter. making people as safe as possible and finding out who this person is and what the motivation could be. but the troubling is it's not your classic, 20 years ago they would call him a
4:49 am
hostage negotiator. they try to establish a line of communication. but with modern day jihaddists they don't want to negotiate. they want to kill as many people as possible. steve: sebastian, it does sound as if the police officers, there were half a dozen of them. they were out jogging and then this guy opened fire and then they took cover in the grocery store. there still is one inside being held hostage. tell us a little bit about the dynamic of sympathizers to isis and this part of france. >> well, look. we have seen this before. let's not forget in 2015 in connection with the charlie hebdo shooting in paris. we had the jewish grocery store. a similar situation with four jewish individuals murdered in a hostage situation in that supermarket. the philosophy is very, very simple. it's about incuring as much
4:50 am
carnage as possible in a high concentration of unarmed civilians. if you read al qaeda's magazine inspire, if you read the isis magazine, they give you all the instructions. they tell you who 240-to-choose and how to inflict as much damage as possible. pete: doctor, we only have about 15 seconds u does france have its arms around the islamic problem in their country. >> the prargts do. the intelligence people and national security people do. it's the politicians that have a larger problem. with the open border situation, the eu is a problem that has yet to be adequately gramed with peter. steve: all right, sebastian gorka joining us on the phone. commenting on the apparent ambush of officers by somebody pledging allegiance to sizisis in southern france.
4:51 am
ainsley: driver drove through. pete: any tool they can get. h.r. mcmaster is out and john bolton is in as national security advisor. what does senator lindsey graham think of the move? we will ask him next hour. ing de ing de so engineers can stop potential problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. breathe freely fast wmy congestion's gone. i can breathe again! i can breathe again! vicks sinex... breathe on.
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4:54 am
♪ ainsley: an all-women's college is telling their professors not to say the word women in the classroom. instead to use more gender neutral terms. mount holioke college in massachusetts advising quote when discussing the student body say students rather than mount holyoke instead of saying we're all women here or referring to two genders. laura goes by the roaming
4:55 am
millennial she's joins us to react. thank you for joining us. what was your reaction to this when you heard this story this week? >> honestly i can't help but chuckle when i hear about things not wanting to talk about the fact there are two genders or nonbinary gender stuff. as funny as i think it is and i think it is a natural reaction to laugh about. the fact is this is becoming increasingly common across campuses all over the country and canada as well. we have these administrators these leftist progressives who take their own ideological opinions and political views and insert them into speech code and diversity classes. they tried to codify their opinions into school policies to try to indoctrinate students. ainsley: do you think they should open the door for any gender then because they are considered an all women's school. actually i'm not even allow to say women. all student school. >> right. that's what's ironic about this. this school that doesn't have gender inclusive admission policies but trying to have a gender neutral environment. what are they going to do
4:56 am
when some high school male footballer and start to identify as gender fluid because they can't be noninclusive and they have to accept that. so it's kind of strange now that they are accepting all genders but still not males. i'm not sure how they are really, i guess, rectifying that in their own ideological system. ainsley: they sent us a statement as we know not all holyhoke student identifies as a woman. every stupidity has a right to live and learn free from hostility and respec respectfulf their identity. what's your reaction? >> they are trying to be inclusive and accepting. i accept that the fact of the matter is you can't have an all-me fail school, which is what they are still going to be. i doubt they will be opening their admission to males. you can't have all female school when saying things like yeah you don't have to be female. you can identify whatever you want. you are going to have to pick one.
4:57 am
i think this is an example of how inconsistent their ideology is. ainsley: the roaming millennial thank you so much. have a great weekend. we have geraldo next to react to that terrorist attack in the south of france and other news this morning. . . . .
4:58 am
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♪ ainsley: while you were sleeping the senate passing that $1.3 trillion spending bill avoiding a government shutdown. >> honor to serve our country. no doubt there is work to do. >> countries should be pleased people don't need another chapter in their i willlous from just career want to serve the nation. steve: president touting law and order to sanctuary cities. that message may be spreading. >> this comes down to public safety. we have to overturn this bad law in california. >> trump is such a bully. why hasn't somebody taken him out back to kick his little butt. >> she is advocating violence against a sitting president.
5:01 am
why hasn't somebody taken her out and done something about that. >> what would you do as 25-year-olds you know today. >> don't run for president. >> not easy to run for president especially all the ridiculous criticism he has to endure. too starting right now, fox news alert. suspected isis gunman killed a person in southern france where a hostage situation sun folding at this moment. ainsley: all of this starting as the suspect opened fire. steve: details are sketchy. griff jenkins is in the bureau with breaking details we have so far. reporter: good morning, guys. a very serious situation. the president of france emannuel macron asking his interior minister to head to the southern town of trebes.
5:02 am
it has claimed the life of one individual and another possibly injured. this began hours earlier a little north of here, unarmed police officers based out of marseille, france, under attack by a gunman pledging allegiance to isis. what is different here, guys, france is has recent attacks. this would be the first incident under president macron's watch. probably why he is acting with full force. we understand the french counterterrorism prosecutors are taking the lead in this, putting a lot of evidence on this supermarket here in the town of trebes. we believe according to local reports, many of the hostages initially taken in the supermarket were released but
5:03 am
there may be one police officer still being held there. we're trying to learn a little bit more of it. once again things our train room has found, today is the sixth anniversary of shooting in toulouse. that is 100 kilometers north. terrorist like to base things on anniversaries of sort. we learned back in february the counterterrorism forces in france foiled a an attack that would have been on a sports team. fortunately that did not happen. but looks like what is unfolding now is an incident that we'll learn more of. it is very important to note these early reports can change but clearly the entire nation of france now putting a lot of emphasis in that situation unfolding there in the south of france, guys. steve: griff, thank you very much. geraldo rivera joins us this morning. >> good morning.
5:04 am
steve: details still sketchy but apparently thefy pledged allegiance to isis. ambushed the cops who were out for a jog. that part of france not unfamiliar to isis sympathizers. people will try to figure out is this part of a migrant problem, is this part of what? >> too sketchy in terms of details yet to tell, steve. i'm reading french media that two are dead and up to 12 are injured. these things tend to get worse as more facts come in. if 12 are injured, how severely are they injured? will they pass? steve: sure. >> i don't know whether the terrorist was clearly, this is act of terror and president macron is calling it a terrorist act, whether he pledged allegiance to isis before he went in are whether that was hostage situation, criminal situation, whether or not he is immigrant we'll find out. not an area as far as i know
5:05 am
heavily populated by immigrants. this is like a walmart kind of store. the terrorist or hostage situation evolved. cops there, elite units surrounded the super u. all the hostages in terms of the french media accounts are released except for one wounded cop and one terrorist still in there. to me personally, what it always does in our family, whenever it involves france harkens back to november 2015 and our poor daughter being stranded in paris in that stadium with the suicide bomber igniting explosives outside. how terrifying that was for our family. my sympathies to the dead and wounded. ainsley: this seems to be a big problem in france. >> it certainly is. the good news, ainsley, with isis being so profoundly reduced, the caliphate a
5:06 am
geographic entity being eliminated, that's great, except from some of the fighters in syria or iraq they have to go someplace. are they going home, going back to their french roots? pete: our president talks about immigration and national identity. is that the problem in france. they have unconstrained borders, whether migrants or refugees, there is a crisis of french identity, what does it actually mean? if you have radical islamists not a simulating into the french culture you have opportunities for things like this. do they have their arms around it and what lessons are they learning about it? >> under macron administration the borders are not open as much as they were. you have a large immigrant population from north africa, the old french colonies. this is some of legacy from that colonial period. they have to sort this out. you know how they are, major, they are tough as nails fighting
5:07 am
crime. they will get their arms around it eventually. the days of let's go easy on them are over in that sense. maybe we'll have similar experience here. what we have to focus on now we don't know -- maybe this was a robbery gone wrong, a stick up, we don't know. you can count on melancholy realty, it will get worse before it gets better as far as casualties. steve: we'll keep eye on it. domestically the president of the united states made another change in his cabinet. he fired h.r. mcmaster, he hired as the new national security council chief, that man, john bolton, like you, geraldo has a big moustache. >> i was going to say, steve, about time the administration brought to its core a man with a moustache. i was going to complain about
5:08 am
iterly about it. i was as close as you get as a mustacheed. bolton is hard-liner. he was one of the cheerleaders for iraq invasion in 2003 who ended disasterously. unlike me who feels guilty of my support of the invasion. steve: at that time it made sense. >> we like to think so. the ambassador unapologetic about it. he still believes it was a good idea. i think it disrupted entire mid-east. i think we're still paying piper for that. why did he do it? i haven't spoken to the p about it. i haven't spoken specifically. everything i read, mcmaster, three-star battle commander, as i understand he was pretty stiff briefings with the president. president, get to the point. all right. i get it general. i'm not saluting right now. just give me -- bolton, promises that he is not going to be as,
5:09 am
as hard-line as his rhetorical flourishes on the couch indicated. pete: he is ferocious -- >> ferocious is good deal. pete: john bolton has been a leading critic of the enran deal. do you think the iran deal probably ending as a result of this? >> me personally i hope not. what i'm comforted by, you couldn't get more hard-line team than kissinger and nixon in 72-3. yet those are the guys that opened up china. they were our archenemy. ad logical foe. they didn't recognize us, we didn't recognize them. we were constant nuclear conflagration. maybe the team of bolton-trump can do the same with north korea. i'm less confident about the iran nuclear deal. i think that once you get away from that deal, i don't know where that ends. i don't like the prospect of it
5:10 am
because bolton, ambassador bolton in that sense he has synced up with president trump. he said he would not start any wars. i take him at his word. pete: you said sometimes it takes hawks to make peace. >> that's right. ainsley: jillian is behind you. jillian: let's start with a fox news alert. a massive fire erupts overnight on set of a major hollywood movie starring bruce willis, killing a 15 year veteran of the new york city fire department. 37-year-old michael davidson leaves behind his wife, children and a son. >> our hearts and our prayers go out to the family and may god rest his soul. jillian: firefighting was in davidson's blood. his father retired primary serving in the same firehouse.
5:11 am
the fdny cited him for bravery four times. two other firefighters were seriously burned. the cause of the fire is under investigation. also breaking overnight, the senate passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill, avoiding a third government shutdown. even though it passed with bipartisan support conservatives are not too happy. earlier florida congressman matt gaetz had these strong words. >> they're still celebrating in chuck schumer's office. democrats got what they wanted in this legislation, but unfortunately we failed to deliver on so many priorities important to the president and the american people. jillian: the bill now heads to the president's desk. this morning we're honoring a hero who would have turned 40 this week. mark lee was the first navy seal to lose his life in iraq in august of 2006 when he was just 28 years old. his 40th birthday would have been tuesday but tonight his mother's non-profit, america's mighty warriors, is hosting a fund-raiser in scottsdale,
5:12 am
arizona in his honor. the strike force energy company is also honoring the navy seal donating 50% of everything purchased on its website to that non-profit today. that company is owned and run by a navy seal. that is for your headlines. back to you. pete: good stuff. ainsley: god bless his family. steve: fox news alert. we're following this out of france. at least one person is dead after a hostage situation in a supermarket. the gunman has apparently pledged allegiance to isis. we have the very latest coming up live from france. pete: and hr h.r. mcmaster is ot and john bolton is in as national security advisor. what does senator lindsey graham think? we'll ask him when he joins us live next. ♪ you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish,
5:13 am
prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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5:15 am
5:16 am
steve: fox news alert. h.r. mcmaster, the man korean right, right there, he has been fired and john bolton screen left is in as president trump's new national security advisor. ainsley: here to react, member of armed services committee, senator lindsey graham from the great state of south carolina. great to see you. i know you're happy about this news.
5:17 am
republicans said good news for america's allies, bad news for america's enemies. for people that aren't familiar with the ambassador, tell us what you mean by that? >> he has a world view i think will help the president make us safer. he believes stronger than anybody north korea having icbm, nuclear-tipped missile to hit america is a nonstarter. he believes the iran nan agreement is a terrible deal for the world, united states and israel. he believes in a strong military, going after terrorists, taking the gloves off. he is a diplomat. but he understands that if you're going to deal with thugs like the ayatollah in iran, you have to be taken seriously. steve: sure. >> i think he will help the president shape policies that make us all safer. that the era of leading from behind is over. john bolton is leading from the front kind of guy. steve: it is reported, senator graham, the president wanted his entire national security team together before meets with mr. kim in north korea.
5:18 am
so if you're kim jong-un, you're seeing this new guy, suddenly john bolton is the guy you're going to be dealing with, what has he got in store for him? >> wrote an op-ed piece couple weeks ago saying as a last resort we should reprem tiff military force if that is the only thing left to stop north korea from building a nuclear weapon that can hit america. he believes in the military option as a last resort. the only reason kim jong-un meeting with president trump, he convinced the chinese and north koreans that he is different. donald trump is one hell of a good commander-in-chief. h.r. mcmaster set the world. god bless, hr. john bolton is the right guy at right time with world review will reinforce the president's instincts to go after our enemies and be a better ally. one of the big losers in this will be russia. pete: senator big talk today whether the president will sign ultimately the budget sent to
5:19 am
him, 1.3 interest. you're pretty excited about the wednesday. a lot of critics what it didn't do or spending went up. tell us what it does for the defense department. >> pete, you were in the military for a long time. i never seen the military suffer as much as they have in last eight years. these sequester budget cuts, destroyed the capability. $650 billion for department of defense, that is good news fighting this war. more training, better readiness. i'm very excited the president fulfilled a campaign promise to set aside sequestration cuts to rebuild the military. he has one hell of a team around him right now. mike pompeo is all-star. bolton, pompeo, mattis, kelly i feel good where america is going on the foreign policy front. i want to help this president any way i can. steve: we're hoping more money goes to the pentagon. it was decimated during the last administration. >> yes.
5:20 am
steve: regarding the vast amount of money being spent through september. that is one of the reasons senator, that 24 of your fellow republican senators said, nope, it is too rich for my blood. >> yeah i mean this is a terrible way to spend $1.3 billion writing a bill. you can't bring bills to the floor of the senate. democrats object. wait until we are not in charge and have a democratic president you will be glad to block things. i'm celebrating rebuilding the military. i'm celebrating the pick of john bolton to help president trump protect us to get a better deal with iran. one of the biggest losers in the whole selection is the iranian nuclear agreement. john bolton understands it powers iran. almost guaranties them a nuclear weapon. there is no better supporter of israel than john bolton. when it comes to russia i think he will push president trump to be more aggressive. pete: this might be the iranian
5:21 am
deal right here. >> don't invest in the iranian deal. short the iranian deal. ainsley: your team plays 7:00. good luck to clemson. more "fox & friends." in your boy to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. ♪ with expedia you could book a flight, hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪
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5:25 am
kushuv. a survivor of the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. pete: why out of the gate why were you not included on the cover of the magazine? >> i don't know why i wasn't fallen. maybe i don't fall into the category of gun control, being antigun. i couldn't tell you. steve: you have not only met with lawmakers, you're meeting with senators in washington right now. you met with the president of the united states. you have met with governor rick scott who helped pass some legislation down in florida for school safety, which is all good. there you are with steve scalise in the image there. i know why you were not included, i think, because of what i read, you support the second amendment, and people featured on the cover have different political point of view. >> people on the cover pushing for gun reform the pushing they don't want to see weapons of war on the streets like ar-15. in the march itself, the website
5:26 am
they listed how they want to ban ar-15s, i don't agree with that. pete: another portion of the "time" article talks about the nra. it says quote, the parkland kids, tearful and cutting called out nra influence on national politics. they painted nra and allies mortal enemies of roughly 50 million schoolkids going up in what they call the mass shooting general race. is that a fair characterization of the nra? do you accept your label as mass shooting generation? >> first of all i don't think that label is true at all. statistics show that isn't true. people are painting nra as a scary bogeyman. truly doesn't care about the kids and want to see people dying. i don't think that is true. nra represents five million plus american citizens, law-abiding citizens. painting in ra as issue here, it distracts from the actual changes could be made had they been targeting proper aspects,
5:27 am
like mental health reform and make sure we deliver all the information to proper agencies referring to background checks. steve: kyle, if you look what happened at your school, breakdown after breakdown where law enforcement had the opportunity, whether it was fbi, or the youtube thing or the person who called in or the school officer, the resource officer who would not go into stop the gunman, so we know that the kids on the cover of "time" magazine are pushing to get rid of the ar-15. what is your agenda? what would you like to see happen? >> going back just for one second talking about park land shooting there were so many levels that the government failed, police force failed, fbi failed, simply representing this as nra issue is so counterproductive. steve: not accurate. >> to make sure this won't happen again, pointing finger at nra which practically hasn't done anything. pete: budget passed includes
5:28 am
"fix nics," local municipalities and states will be forced, mandated to include criminal background checks into the federal system so we know who is buying guns which makes sense to me. steve: kyle, real quickly before you go what else would make america's schools safer because that ultimately is what we want? >> i think if the government did its job, did what it supposed to do. if we passed all the information of prior convictions to the proper agencies to regulate who can have a gun and who can not. the issue isn't law-abiding citizens having a weapon, it is agencies not referring past convictions, not referring honorable discharge or mental health issue or domestic assault charge. these are things that have to be delivered to make sure that people who are criminals shouldn't be able to acquire a weapon. if that is not done we can have all the legislation we want, if the legislation is not being enacted or going through, doing what we should be doing what is the point of legislation? pete: great point. pretty articulate. might be on the cover of "time." >> i didn't know people watch or
5:29 am
read "time" magazine. pete: fair point as well. steve: kyle kashuv joining us from the capitol. if you're just waking up, we're following apparent terror attack overseas. the president has been evidence boo. we're live with breaking details in minutes. something is happening inside of that grocery store. pete: rumors of a feud between arnold schwarzenegger and president trump. we heard about it a little bit. we'll find out what the real story is. steve: we'll be back. ♪
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you could simulate exhilaration or you can experience it for real, at the lexus command performance sales event. current qualified lexus owners can get up to $1,000 cash on select 2018 is models for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ainsley: right to a fox news alert. at least two people shot dead by a suspected isis gunman inside of a supermarket in france. a hostage situation is unfolding right now as we learn a dozen more people are injured. steve: this all starting when the suspect apparently opened fire on police officers who were jogging down that street. pete: our own greg palkot is live in london with the breaking details. greg, good morning. reporter: hey, good morning folks. we're getting breaking news here on this story, a deadly hostage-taking in the south west of france possibly linked to
5:34 am
isis. it all started near a city where a suspect shot at police possibly in a car. four police, one were injured. he drove about 60 miles over to the small town of trebes. and that is where the damage happened. killing two, injuring 12, taking hostages, still as many as 10 hostages inside of the supermarket. what gives the story an eerie tinge, he shouted out according to witnesses "allahu akbar!," god is great, claimed allegiance to the isis terror group. now we're told releasing of a terror suspect on trial in paris. the supermarket is sure is rounded by police. anti-terror prosecutors are involved. helicopters in the air. according to the prime minister of france this looks like a terror attack. we've been hearing from president macron as well, interior of minister as wellheading to the scene. france is no, has been the scene
5:35 am
of multiple terror attacks in the last couple years. two major ones in paris in 2015. that horrible attack in nice in 2016. looks like more bloodshed, more death in france. back to you folks. steve: greg palkot reporting from our european bureau. thanks very much, greg. ainsley: let's head it over to jillian with headlines affecting all of us domestically. jillian: a lot of headlines to get to. brand new chilling 911 calls just released from the moments following the deadly miami pedestrian bridge collapse. >> fiu, collapsed on other cars. >> the bridge fell down by fiu. the bridge fell down. >> is it the south campus? >> yes, you know on 109th and 8th. the one that they just built. jillian: six people were killed when the bridge came crumbling
5:36 am
down near florida international university. the family of one of those victims, the first to file a wrongful death lawsuit. the cause of the collapse is still unknown. a man tries and fails to lie out of a an arrest by impersonating a u.s. marshal. >> you're a federal marshall. >> no,. >> you're not? >> congratulations, you impersonate ad police officer. that is a federal offense. jillian: the florida man carrying a bb gun and a badge, arrested at a best buy. accused of stealing an iphone. smoke fills the cabin just moments before landing. a flight drew giving instructions to get out fast. >> evacuate. vac wait. vac -- evacuate. jillian: the west jet started in vancouver, landed safely in british columbia. all passengers got out safely. a teen taking her driving
5:37 am
test crashes through the exam building. they say they accidentally put the car in drive instead of reverse. showing this picture showing the suv lodged into the building. no one seriously hurt. i'm going to assume she didn't pass her driver's test? steve: she will be back in a week. pete: you take really risky assumptions. ainsley: we know this was a woman? jillian: this was a female. don't say a word. pete: submitted without comment. steve: one of my children failed their driver's test first time. right. went back the next time, the driver looked at the score, tell you what, doocy child, if you can get me down to that stop sign without flipping the car you're going to pass. ainsley: oh, my gosh. jillian: which child was this, steve? >> any way -- pete: did that to my grand ma's garage. ainsley: janice you remember your driving test. i asked for the nicest person. who is the nicest person here. that is the person i want.
5:38 am
janice: did you pass? i failed twice. come meet some of my friends. where are you from? >> ocala, florida. janice: is it your birthday today? >> no, ma'am. early birthday. janice: florida, florida. >> ohio. >> wisconsin. [cheering] janice: you know what else. abby huntsman is back this weekend. coming up on "fox & friends. look at maps for friday forecast. it's a little cool here in new york city. we don't have a storm this weekend. that is the good news. 24 in cleveland. 27 in chicago. let's advance those maps. i don't know what is going on with my maps today, let's tell you we have a storm across the upper midwest and northern plains, could bring potential for another snowstorm. things are looking good across the northeast. we could potentially see stormy weather across the south. where are you from? >> morristown, tennessee. janice: oh, my gosh.
5:39 am
does anybody have birthdays or anniversaries? >> i want to say hi to my friend paula. she watches fox news every day. janice: i, paul lay. >> hi, dad! janice: what is your favorite channel? >> fox news! janice: that is good response. back inside, my friend steve doocy, i don't know what is going on with my weather maps. they freeze every time i'm out here. steve: if you want the weather, go to your window. >> hand it beautifully. i love how you run down the whole land. pete: like america. janice: look at this america. ainsley: tell them we love them. janice: we love you guys. ainsley: bring in steve hilton. the host of "the next revolution" with steve hilton that airs on the weekend. steve, you see him there. there are rumors of a long-time feud between arnold schwarzenegger and our president. pete: we'll play a quick clip. interview with arnold schwarzenegger.
5:40 am
play it for our viewers. watch. >> when he asked me to support him, look i would love to support but the only thing is that would be going against everything that i have done when it comes to the environmental issues. acknowledge that we have pollution and we got to stop the pollution. we can do better than that. if there is a intersection and cars are crashing into each other, eventually you put a stop sign there this has to stop. we have to save people. that is the responsibility, ultimate responsibility of government. so the same is with pollution. steve: former governor of your state you're sitting in right now, california, arnold schwarzenegger talking about the feud with president trump. it was interesting, the first bit of that sound bite, steve, he said we are not enemies. >> yeah. it was really interesting. actually it is a fascinating interview because i also about the fact they have had the back and forth on twitter around so on. in another part of interview, i
5:41 am
said he is our president. we all have to get behind him. we're one team. i know from sports when teams fight with each other that's not good but i said to him look, what is the one thing president trump can do to win back your support? he said, well look, there is this environment, issue, pollution issue, he described. that is my big passion. something people in california really care about it. we need to -- it is interesting, governor schwarzenegger is conscious for a lot of people this whole issue of climate change has become so politicized. he actually doesn't use the term climate change because he knows it drives people crazy. focus on what is going on right now, the pollution in our air, the waters, our national parks the nature we all have to share. focus on pollution. that can bring people together rather than issue of climate change which is divisive. pete: harkens back to republican days, teddy roosevelt
5:42 am
conservation is good for everybody as opposed to locking yourself in to ideological framework on climate change. >> that is exactly right. i said this for a long time. the way the left taken that issue of climate change, made it this massive political battering ram for their kind of left-wing points of view is really, really sad, when it is something you say, conservation, when i worked back in politics in the uk, in conservative party, conservation is in our name, it is in our nature. part of our philosophy to hand things on to the next generation in better way we found out and that needn't be political. when we're getting into climate change and all the policies that hurt industry just to make a political point rather than doing something practical to improve the world we live in today, that is something that people can get behind. steve: listen, folks will be watching your entire interview with former governor arnold schwarzenegger on "the next
5:43 am
revolution" with steve hilton, sunday, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. ainsley: thank you, steve. great to see you. >> thanks, guys. see you soon. ainsley: coming up it has been a little while since we've seen miss abby huntsman. pete: this is abby huntsman's last day on the couch, she has a human being growing -- not forever, you're coming back. ainsley: well, now she is back. there she is. she is getting ready, the new mom returns to the curvy couch. she is changed person. all for the better. she has a baby. ♪ that causes dry eye. so your eyes will thank you. more than eye drops, dry eye therapy. theratears®.
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steve: right to a fox news alert. at least go people have been killed by suspected isis gunman inside of a supermarket in southern france. a hostage situation is unfolding now as a dozen more could be
5:47 am
hurt. joining us with his reaction the man who developed the cia interrogation program, dr. james mitchell. good morning to you. apparently the hostage-taker is demanding the release of a prisoner. what does that tell you? >> it's a little, it is a time for caution really because my concern about caving into those kind of demands is that it rewards this kind of behavior and you will see a lot more hostage-taking to try to get people released from prison, especially given isis has been returning back to europe and setting up networks and setting up cells as fighters return home. so i think the authorities have to be very, very cautious about how they respond. ainsley: guess who this guy is requesting be released from custody? his name is a abdul salman, member of isis sell behind attacks in paris, and 130 people
5:48 am
died in a theater cafes. >> absolute mistake to let that man go. ainsley: clearly. >> the other thing authorities need to know that this person simply isn't pretending to negotiating in order to have more time to harm the moss damages he has. it is unusual for isis to be negotiating by holding hostages. we have seen times when people claim to be terrorists and inspired by islam have actually just used the time to negotiate, to kill more people, to find other people to target within the people they're holding. so the authorities i think, it is a fluid situation and we don't know all the facts. it will change before it gets better. they need to be very, very cautious. pete: doctor, we've seen a series of these attacks in france and throughout europe. has the situation in light of these attacks gotten better or worse? are these societies responding properly or is this problem metastasizing? >> i think it is metastasizing. i think it's a worldwide
5:49 am
insurgency and it is hits them worse than it is hitting us because we haven't let as many of these unvetted people into our country. and so, i think they have some work to do before they can make their streets safe. think they have tolerated for too long. the french people, the german people, the belgium people, should push back against these immigrants who are coming there, attempting to destroy their own culture and establish, you know, an islamic salafist culture there. it's a mistake to tolerate that. steve: you're right. dr. james mitchell joining us with the breaking news out of france. pete: doctor, thank you. certainly an expert. >> thanks for having me on. pete: a clear warning what it could look like here if we're not smart. thank you. well look who's back? new mom, abby huntsman returns
5:50 am
to the couch, coming up next see steve doing a selfie with jd. check in with sandra smith with what is happening on the channel in ten minutes. >> looking forward to see abby as well. we're following settlements out of france and bringing updates as we get them. u.s. stocks set to open just moments from now, after 700 point drop yesterday over those trade war fears. what to expect today. plus another white house shake-up. mcmaster out, bolton in. reaction and analysis at the top of the hour. and an incredible story we first brought you yesterday. two police officers saving the life of a choking infant on the side of the road. today those police officers join us. happy friday, everybody. join bill and me in about ten minutes, "america's newsroom."
5:51 am
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♪ pete: this is abby huntsman's last day on the couch. she has a human being growing inside of her. not forever. you're coming back. >> last minute of the show until a new baby comes into the world. steve: four months ago, abby welcomed little isabelle grace. ainsley: oh, abby, she is beautiful. pete: she is gorgeous. steve: back to the couch, ladies and gentlemen, she's back. [cheers and applause] >> she is no longer in there. ainsley: how do you like being a mom? >> it has been so life-changing. >> you were saying best day of your life. i have a whole n.o.w. appreciation for my parents, what every father and mother does. i was on a plane few weeks ago visiting grandparents.
5:55 am
she had diaper blowout. you know what a diaper blowout is. goes from the diaper. leaks to her clothes. lucky if it doesn't go into your outfit. you're in the middle of seat of the plane. you have to sit down. tray tables come down. life is different now. ainsley: pack extra pair of clothes for them. i learned that the hard way. >> what have you learned already? >> a love you never felt before patience, a lot of patience. middle of the night, please. pete: have you got more patience or less patience? >> depend. there are moments where you lose it. there are other times you feel like i'm handling this very well for a normal parent. steve: good news on friday and saturday nights when the baby gets up in the middle of the night, you get take care of baby and go to work. ainsley: what are you looking forward to coming back? >> being with all of you guys.
5:56 am
on weekend we have a great team. pete, you have been on the couch every week inside and out. you deserve your own maternity leave. pete: maybe. we're excited to have you back on the weekend. not same without you. >> to be with you guys, the news cycle. watching you guys so much throughout this time. you do a fabulous job. it changes every day. you have to be on your toes. i'm excited to get back in the news cycle and bring part of our family. janice: when are you bringing her in? >> isabelle is the sweetest most beautiful baby. steve: i have a feeling this weekend we might see a live appearance. >> do you need knee to babysit? >> she is back. >> see you tomorrow. steve: we'll be back in a minute.
5:57 am
or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition.
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