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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 23, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> here is a t-rex who is now extinct. part of a dinosaur theme park in southern colorado that caught a fired because of an electrical malfunction. that does it for us, thanks for joining us today. is because b22 is now. >> harris: fox news alert now, president trump is threatening to veto a massive spending bill just hours after congress passed it. the president says it does not do enough to secure the border or help hundreds of thousands of people whose immigration status is in limbo right now. the daca program. all of this raising concern of a possible shut down at midnight. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today on this fine friday, fox business networks dagen mcdowell. also coanchor of after the bell, >> melissa: . i'm a credit strategist and fox news contributor >> jessica: . and joining us in the center seat, former member of our
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military. now we know. he is outnumbered. good to have you. >> pete: it's great to be here. there are a big part of the spending bill. let's get to the news. going concerns of a potential government shut down at midnigh midnight. as president trump threatens to veto the funding bill, congress dispatched overnight. the president tweeted this earlier today. "i'm considering a veto of the omnibus spending bill based on the fact that the 800,000 plus daca recipients have been totally abandoned by the democrats, not even mentioned in the bill and the border wall which is desperately needed for national defense is not fully funded." now the blame game is on. currency chairwoman backing president trump's on daca while going after democrats for their inaction. >> he has put together a completely reasonable deal, gone further than barack obama did, and he has said let's take care of the daca recipients, let's make sure we put in place a wall and better border security so we don't find ourselves in the same
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position years down the road. it democrats don't want to deal with the president on this because they want to use it as a wedge issue going into the 2018 midterm. they are abandoning the daca recipients of the president is absolutely right to point this out because it is an absolute lie on behalf of democrat leadership that they care more about the daca recipients more than they care about this next election. >> harris: if they don't know that to him, they a different one. here is the issue that democrats abandoned daca recipients. >> it's like an art of the deal record. as my reaction. first, it would be foolish when we have done this omnibus that is very, very good for important priorities. it is very good for defense. the reason that he asserts is ridiculous. he says i'm not happy there's not a dreamer solution and ample border funding. we gave him a deal a month ago cleaning up the problem he created when he said he would
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terminate the program. >> harris: is this embarrassing for democrats? juma shut down over daca. now the president stands up for the daca recipients. >> pete: he does. if they have used as a political on from the very beginning. i think the president is genuine and that is just as he is genuine on the border wall and wanting that. i think from his perspective, he submitted a budget that he wanted to make america save again. he invested in the military that the obama administration was terrible for. he also helped ice, the school database for guns, you've got the opioid, communities have been ravaged by that. this is in many ways a swamp budget. this is a mitch mcconnell doozy. if democrats love it, you might love it, i don't know but if tim kaine thinks it's a great budget and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are heralding it as a win, then the g.o.p. is no
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longer the party of fiscal responsibility. there was no fiscal restraint in here at all. they traded all fiscal restraint for the defense department and thank god they did but democrats are going to go back to the decision and say we got everything we wanted and we voted for the fund for defense. there's no way democrats wanted to fund the defense department the way republicans and president jumped in. there's no way. >> harris: i know he called you by name but i want to get this. democrats are celebrating the white house legislative team made sure that christmas came early for liberals by capitulating to pelosi. from planned parenthood to barely funding any border protection, the white house got played in the president has every right to be furious and demand better. time for a veto. >> jessica: i think that is spot on. we topped before the show about this, democrats didn't get a lot of the things they wanted and i believe we would like strong defense as well but certainly planned parenthood continue to be funded.
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all of the spending programs did, no cuts although we could talk about how planned parenthood gets funded. as far as what the president did this morning, it was smart and savvy to have done it. i think the real issue for him as a border wall more than it is the daca recipients but certainly is democrat is made as much a part of their case that they would do anything to protect dreamers, it was smart of him to shoehorn it in there because it does make democrats look like they've given up on their priority. >> harris: whenever i hear the word swamp, i think of your rebuttal. which i often quote. space you i said there are swamp creatures and the republican party and the president and the white house, they just brought algae with them. there's no cleaning up the swamp, there aren't even decent airboats to get around washington. but i love that the president will throw members of his own party under the bus because what happened this morning was congressman ron desantis from florida was on maria bartiromo's show and i was sitting across from him and he said i dare the
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president to veto this. a short while later, the president tweets about it. if we are really concerned about military and one thing the republicans didn't do either is put any restrictions financially on sanctuary cities. which again, congress has the power, cracking down on governors and mayors, they didn't do it. really concerned about the military, need to rein in spending in and that means not $4 billion for it would be a treatment. that means not $21 billion for infrastructure. less than a decade from now, the interest that we pay on the current debt, the interest we pay will top her annual defense spending and we can have that happen. >> melissa: look at the way he set up the argument. you heard jessica concede earlier that democrats got everything they wanted and daca is not in it. so the truth is on that situation, they were never actually fighting for daca.
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i don't think they care about dreamers. i think the president has offered at time and again. he has offered to basically grant amnesty to three times as many dreamers has president obama ever thought to shield from deportation and they basically didn't take them up on the offer. he wouldn't give us because they got everything. >> jessica: or z $23 billion price tag. >> harris: it's very fair to ask why the language about the daca recipients was not something that democrats were willing to take something off the table for a period planned parenthood or something off the table four. but they didn't. >> jessica: i don't think it is. it's more embarrassing for the freedom caucus and they been all over talking about how this for republicans who have promised to
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be fiscal. the republican party, they are not the party of fiscal responsibility. i wasn't done saying how many people as embarrassing for it. i just led with the freedom caucus. >> pete: mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and leadership are cutting these deals with democrats in order to get them past. the reality with democrats as they love the wall more than they love -- they hit the wall more than they love dreamers. that's what it comes down to. they hate what trump is trying to do more than they love fighting that pathway and president trump is calling their bluff on that. >> melissa: they got everything they wanted and the next question is what about dreamers? >> harris: since we have a former military member on the couch with us and only learned a short time ago that defense secretary mattis was calling the president about the possibility of losing all the defense increases if he blows up the on omnibus with a veto.
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a source told fox news that going to flatline defense if he's not careful. your thoughts? >> pete: if you're the pentagon and you starved for eight years under barack obama and you sell your military be decimated and that you have a chance to return back to a place where it's officially funded, you don't want to lose that grass. i think this president if he can get a better deal that still funds the dod and it might take veto threats or shutdown to do so. >> harris: can i talk to you about the dow for a second? if you thought anybody wasn't watching this or facebook for cooper or some of the things that have hit the dow this week, you'd be really mistaken by tha. investors are looking at this and look at where it is today, it's come back somebody really shed some percentage yesterday. >> dagen: i will point this out. futures were all over the place before the market opened at 9:30 this morning but when this trump tweet about a possible veto of the spending bill came out, the futures were down roughly as much as the dow is right now. there was no market impact.
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the government shut down, you know what investors do? maybe that's a good thing. it's not horrible. i'll point this out. democrats and republicans both like doing one thing and this is what is not, just swampy. they both love to do that. they love spending other people's money and there is no financial restraint whatsoever, and right now about two-thirds of our annual budget in this country goes to personal outlays, medicare, medicaid, social security, and food stamps. that's where all the money is going until any of these men and women stand up and start talking about this. >> harris: why are they talking about it? >> dagen: because it loses them votes. and god blessed them, all of them. >> harris: and jessica is silent, so this is a bipartisan thing for you. >> jessica: cutting entitlements, absolutely. trump was the only republican candidate out there talking about preserving them because he
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was smart enough to know you can't win an election if you take away an entitlement. supply ryan gets up there and says i'm going to cut he's never going to cut. >> dagen: they automatically start disappearing because medicare is going broke in 11 years, $0.88 on the dollar is what the hospital fund will be able to pay out in about a decade. >> harris: i could tell you who is disappearing. the house is adjourned. congress is scattering. you have the slaughter funeral that many are getting to today. but if the president vetoes this, the government shuts down and they come back at 4:00 p.m. on monday and they could pick it up then. we'll see with the president does. more fallout from that massive facebook data scandal. now ceo mark zuckerberg is being formally invited to testify before congress. the crises just keep going. in the white house announcing new u.n. ambassador john bolton is in and h.r. mcmaster is out
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as national security advisor. how the new hire will affect dealing with hot spot like north korea and iran. we will talk about it. stay close. happy friday. because this is a man to take into consideration everybody's different inputs and ideas in that makes him a wonderful leader and a terrific pick. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning.
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>> dagen: fox news alert. a new reaction to changes on the white house national security cam. president trump announcing former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton will replace h.r. mcmaster as national security advisor darting april 9th. bolton will be the president's third national security advisor and a bit more than a year. critics raising concerns over bolton's reputation as a national security hawk, ed markey tweeting that bolton's selection sends a clear message. the president is gearing up for military conflict. here he is elaborating on that point. >> he is absolutely right now indulging his worst instincts both here domestically and in his foreign policy. he is going to a much more radical approach. >> dagen: counselor to the president kellyanne conway heading back at critics praising
9:17 am
john bolton saying the president is entitled to assemble his team as he sees fit. speak of his agenda if people supported, they should be here. if you are not with the program, you should get with the program or get out. that doesn't mean a buying loyalty. this is a man who takes into consideration everybody's different inputs and ideas and that makes him a wonderful leader and a terrific boss. this country should be pleased when people who don't need another chapter in their illustrious careers want to come in and serve the nation. >> dagen: john bolton lines up and we've all been on air with him. we know him well. john bolton lines up with president trump on two critical issues, getting tough with north korea ahead of the kim jong un meeting and iran, that that nuclear deal was a lousy one. figure out what to say thank you to ed markey for what he's saying because of our enemies are listening, they now know that they are on notice. if you want peace, you're willing to wage war. this is a cabinet in the white house right now that our enemies will take seriously and
9:18 am
when you walk into that room in north korea and kim jong un thinks he will take a preemptive strike, maybe he really does give up his nukes and when ron realizes, they don't get rid of that capability, you've got a new set of deals on the iran term as well. fantastic pick of ambassador bolton because her friends love him like israel and our military and our enemies are scared. >> melissa: i think it's also ironic that you hear this president is surrounding himself with yes-men. we know ambassador bold and very well. he is not a yes-man. i've known larry kudlow forever, also not a yes-man. he is going to be very outspoken on his views even if the president disagrees with him. ambassador bold income is the same thing. the difference is you have to know these people to understand it. there are people who are very strong and very decisive and it seems like he is sick of people who are timid and don't stand up for what they believe or wishy-washy or politics. instead, he wants people who don't take any nonsense. >> jessica: i don't think
9:19 am
general mcmaster was wishy-washy or politics. he was balanced about the iran deal and understanding that we need a diplomatic solution so that we don't end up in war. >> pete: that's a solution. it isn't a deal if they don't get nukes. >> jessica: president trump and rand paul were the only two presidential candidates who came out and said that the iraq war was the biggest mistake and we should've never been there. he now has ambassador bolton who we know is in the administration talking about the fact that they had wmds. he still doesn't think it was a mistake. he campaigned as a president who did not want to get us into more war. >> melissa: he campaigned at a president who is decisive about the fact that if you're going to shut down, if you're going to call him north korea to heal, and they will respond. it is not about using it, it's about diplomacy that we've been taken advantage of it every of the world.
9:20 am
it is not a deal, it's abuse. they're not following it. you prevent more by being strong. >> dagen: i want to bring up the point that ambassador bolton does seem to differ with president trump on russia that's been a talking point for the democratic national convention for people on the left is russia and if the president is too easy on vladimir putin and on the former soviet union, ambassador bolton has a deep mistrust for russia and thinks the poisoning of that ex-spy up is it full point for. >> harris: ambassador bolton is very consistent in his hawkish ways. he definitely sees america first. while there may be categories of things. they don't agree upon what they have been meeting for weeks. we know that from our own reporting. i will say this among the people that we are saying come on board now from the president's legal team and the hires they are the people he's putting in place and when he calls a cabin and other things that he wants to pull
9:21 am
together, they are consistently good talkers and people who can take an agenda out and sell it. then talk about what's going on. what we have is an inconsistency in message and it has hurt this white house to have to not know where rex tillerson was coming from. sarah sanders coming on later in the day and for them to be on different points until they can get on the same point. so that's extra work for the white house. they may not all agree but ambassador bolton is a guy who will at the message right and will take the pressure off the white house always having to put that out there. it's an observation, but it's one that i think we can agree on that message has been a challenge. >> dagen: i found it laughable and offensive that people would treat ambassador bolton and kept talking about him as a talking head and then he's another member of a reality show. >> harris: he was our top diplomat. >> dagen: he worked in the ronald reagan administration, both bush presidencies in the state department, he created the
9:22 am
head of this kim jong un meeting the multinational proliferation security initiative in 2003 that was designed to deter north korea's movement of weapons material. >> pete: he's the best of both worlds. he's an outside the box thinker who can explain complex concepts to people and he understands how they try to outmaneuver political appointees. so he's an insider and an outsider. >> harris: and inside the white house, somebody the president has been meeting with. >> dagen: there's one thing that has been setting for me, i've been trying to talk him into growing mutton chops for year. it's probably not happening now. it's an inside joke. to the top of her book and on the house judiciary officially subpoenaing the justice department for reams of documents covering the hillary clinton email investigation and the recent firing of deputy fbi director andrew mccabe.
9:23 am
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9:28 am
panel for his ongoing investigation. this includes more than 1 million documents regarding the 2016 investigation to hillary clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state. potential fisa abuses and obtaining a warrant to monitor president trump's former campaign advisor carter page. as a recommendation from the fbi's office of professional responsibility to fire former fbi director andrew mccabe. what do you make of this? >> pete: the chairman is a weave as tonight is for these documents, you've slow walk them as institutions often times do i know we are forced to subpoenaing you. what are we waiting on to get information on these things? the hillary clinton email server, we don't have information on the abuse of the fisa process and a lot of hope is hinging on the doj and inspector and inspector general horwitz and what he finds that he doesn't have the same power so it makes sense to me that a committee like this which would oversee this. ask doj but will depend on what it provides. they said the right thing.
9:29 am
bureaucracies always say the right thing but then they rate for the cameras to go somewhere else and they drip out a few documents heavily redacted. the question is what did they actually get to see? we're going to need to see something on this because as chapters not close especially on fisa. >> jessica: he left one important thing off the list which is the firing of deputy director andrew mccabe. i think that is important since we found out that he was opening up an investigation into jeff sessions. and jeff sessions came and fired andy mackay. i think they should turn over all documents, 1.2 million. i'm not one of those democrats who mined the emails being looked into over and over until everybody is satisfied and we can finally move on. when there is more light on all of this, i feel like it gets better even after hillary clinton camp on this. i have no problem with it whatsoever. that's what i was looking for. >> dagen: andrew mccabe was fired because of spector general's report turned up which
9:30 am
is coming out and also on the recommendation between fbi. investigates his employees. i don't care what you call it whether it they lacked candor. so they're going to find out. >> jessica: the president is also tweeting that he wants andy mccabe out. >> harris: a former assistant director of the fbi told me last week that the ig report on this matter will be. >> melissa: hope we really get to see it all. i feel like they're always working on these reports. we never get to actually see it or when we do, there's a lot that's missing. we talked about those 1.2 million documents that they do decide to redacting. in the clinton case, they submitted on paper instead of her electronically because with electronic, you can search for keywords and if it's in paper, makes it that much tougher. 1.2 million is an awful lot.
9:31 am
i would like to see all these documents. i'm not holding my breath. i feel like there's never any accountability that even when a smoking gun is found, no one is punished. >> pete: we been some lighting that. is there any concern about democrats that once a semite actually turns to hillary clinton's email server and the fisa abuses that there might be problems? is there any concern internally that semite is bad for the democrats? >> jessica: if there are from certain people, mighty people close to her so i don't know that. i think it is good for the democrats if we can get to a point and i don't believe it's actually ever possible that people will fully leave this behind but if you can keep building and building and building a case that you didn't do something wrong, that you didn't break the law that only helps you. i don't think democrats are saying this will go away because she wins. democrats thought she didn't do anything wrong here.
9:32 am
having a private email server. >> pete: nobody's ever actually looked into it. if you exonerate her two months before the interview her, it was never a fair process. >> dagen: not enough questions have been answered about an individual getting spied upon by our own law enforcement and getting a warrant for that spying based on a dossier put together with political money from the democrats. >> harris: so there are couple of things i have a passion about. it would be really helpful to see the actual phis application, to see what these judges were told were not told about who paid for the anti-dossier, how it was used and let's not talk about carter page as if he is not one thing that we all are. he's an american citizen. so there is a problem with how we apply for spying on american citizens, we ought to know the answer to that particular question immediately. it doesn't matter for a political party.
9:33 am
>> dagen: expect more stonewalling and another special counsel which bob goodlatte and trey gowdy on the oversight committee have called for. >> harris: we will move on. questionable new reactions to former vp joe biden suggesting he'd like to beat up the president. actually, it was nastier than that what he said. guess who the mainstream media, some of them are siding with and are some of their new comments really do cross the line. stay with us. >> trump is such a bully. i hate to say this, why hasn't anybody taken him out back? hi i'm joan lunden.
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>> harris: the president now getting on the record about when we will hear well that he will veto the omnibus spending bill or at least something about it. let's put up a tweet from seconds ago. he says "news conference at the white house concerning the omnibus spending bill, 1:00 p.m. we will be pershing ready to cover that. we knew there was a white house press briefing at that time. perhaps this is the very subject matter. this morning, maria bartiromo show, florida congressman said i dared the president to veto thi this. moments later, we saw vito promise from the president that he was considering doing this. in first, he listed the very thing that democrats have meant so much to them. the top daca recipients not mentioned in this bill, $1.3 trillion. he mentions them first.
9:39 am
also says the wall is not fully funded. what would happen if he vetoed you back the government shuts down at least until potentially monday at 4:00 p.m. in the house and others reconvene on the hil hill. the markets didn't really move to that. it means it could happen, could go forward, could see some change by monday, a lot of this is if, one thing is for sure, the president says watch at 1:00 p.m. eastern because there is going to be a news conference on that very matter. let's move on. >> have been a lot of locker room as my whole life, been a pretty good athlete. anyone who that way was the fattest, ugliest sop in the roo room. >> melissa: that was former vice president joe biden reigniting a war of words with president trump over the treatment of women and sending the media on a fire, setting them on fire but check out this
9:40 am
tape from abc's show the view and see if it's may be a little one sided on biden's comments. watch this. because there's something chivalrous about it, joe biden saying if we were in high school, i take them out back and i'd kick his butt. there was something about that. trump is such a bully. i hate to say this, why hasn't anybody taken him out back and kicked his butt? >> melissa: that the view cohost, i don't know her name. who is also a senior legal correspondent and analyst for "abc news." she later clarified that she was in no way advocating violence towards the president. i don't know about that. we should also note the cohost concerns about a double standard being applied when it comes to what biden said versus the president's words. i would also know that he was talking about he would hit the president based on what the president said about women when it shows how out of touch he is with young women because i don't
9:41 am
want anyone grabbing me and i don't want anyone hitting someone else for saying what they're going to say. i can take care of myself, thank you very much. i don't need joe biden defending me. that's besides the point. >> harris: i took it differently. i didn't take it as a vice president defending anybod anybody. it didn't seem like he was going after somebody. when people fight for relevance, sometimes these things get said. i was at that joe biden really wanted to run last time, and we covered it on this very program the day he said he wasn't running in sandra smith and i commented how long it took him into that i'm not running to actually say he wasn't running. which i think in his mind perhaps he hasn't. this is a your mama situation with him. that's how it comes across to m me. does he know what that means? >> dagen: joe biden had to watch trump run and win must've
9:42 am
he had worked up all of these lines, and he's just using the material that he spent the last year and a half drumming up. i'm sure he has a little. >> pete: had to watch hillary clinton run and watched donald trump govern. >> jessica: he's a top the polls right now for a democratic candidate and bernie is sinking. fairness between trump and biden, there are nine military deferments. biden for asthma and trump for bone spurs. so both of them with their fighting talk didn't show on the battlefield. >> dagen: we joked yesterday because i had looked at the stats of these two men with the height and the weight. "the washington post" wrote an entire article about this. said that trump is four years younger, 3 inches taller and may be ways based on eyeballing it, may be 20 more pounds than joe biden.
9:43 am
but they talked like fighting experts in boxing experts. that's how i viewed it. we went i went to get back one second before we can before we move on to two people in the media who are having to apologize for things that they look like they're calling for more violence. be through the double standard is clear and blatant no doubt. >> melissa: you look at people who have condemned him another going back to that level. >> harris: the breaking news right now is the president just tweeted that we are waiting and now the news conference to begin in just a few minutes atop the hour at 1:00 p.m. eastern. the subject we are told from the tweet is the omnibus spending bill. we talk today about how some of the things he wanted her in that bill, but the wall, and daca, it seems odd that this president is going to place. democrats haven't for 800,000 people who were here that he wants to offer some sort of umbrella four. that is irony to the core.
9:44 am
>> pete: i think that's a real, also i feel like the president have been told at some levels, he was told certain things were going to be in a but ultimately weren't in it. and he's furious furious about that aspect. i would love to see the president veto this bill because i would love to see washington, d.c., go nuts because i've never seen somebody like this who truly is to fight the swamp and in this bill except for the funding for dod which i love, this is the swamp trying to reject with this president is trying to do and not give him the priority pretty he was elected on and the fact that there aren't enough courage of the reservoir of republicans in congress is not this president's fault and if he did veto this. to be when you want to talk about a lack of courage, where the democrats on this issue? he is about to take their mojo off the table with this issue of dr. recipients. if anybody thought this was a head fake this morning, and others a news conference on the topic. melissa? >> melissa: it's true. he tricked democrats into
9:45 am
crowing that they got everything they wanted. >> harris: didn't even have to trick them. >> melissa: and lo and behold, you look at what's missing here and it's those forgotten and used dreamers whom he offered basically amnesty due to the annoyance of his own party. i will say it's funny looking at tv news which is something that we follow in the business but it says who needs a communications director when you have twitter? the president tweeting news conference at the white house concerning the omnibus spending bill 1:00 p.m. does read like a press release on his tweet. he's not saying he's going to be there. but to everybody snapped of attention. he had one of the most-watched television shows for a very long time. he knows how to do it. he also knows this is a point that's making news. you pointed out that those conservative members of the house, those freedom caucus members him and i said there are not enough of them to push against us but you pointed out where are they? they voted no.
9:46 am
>> jessica: and they were on the tv circuit and jim jordan was out there being very loud. and i totally get it. larger point that i was making there is the 22 members in the house don't really have a home of a party now that the republicans have abandoned fiscal conservativism. in this increasingly happens on both ends of the aisle when you look what's happening with the progressive wing of the democratic party versus the more moderate center coming to look at caucus members who say we are there to deal with the debt and the deficit to make sure obamacare goes away, to make sure. >> harris: 's or jessica says those conservatives, those fiscal conservatives don't have a home or party. maybe they do with this president. maybe this is a new type of republican party. >> pete: this president's best friends have been throughout this first year and a half are the freedom caucus. are the true believers who for years have been saying let's actually repeal and replace
9:47 am
obamacare. for years, let's cut taxes. for many of them saying let's fund the military properly. so found them to be good friend friends. >> harris: can i step in with a little breaking news is we don't have to conjecture. the president will brief at the white house at 1:00 p.m. easter eastern. >> dagen: i hope larry kudlow shows up. >> harris: doesn't matter who is with him, he's breathing and stepping up to the lectern. he's the president of the united states and he will brief the nation at 1:00 p.m. eastern. >> dagen: he does like spending other people's money as well. >> pete: grassroots conservatives. >> dagen: i have to stop you on that because again, we brought this up, he ran on not touching social security or medicare. he ran on that. that's not fiscally conservativ conservative. >> harris: this is a man is built, always part of making
9:48 am
america great again. you guys are talking about the $21 billion doesn't take that money. >> dagen: is throwing money at a problem. a billion dollars for opioid treatment. now $4 billion more when we never accounted for the efficacy of that first $1 billion. that's throwing money at a problem. >> harris: what is a number of people? a pretty big number of people who were dying. >> dagen: my issue is that's what lawmakers do is they throw money at a problem with no proof that it actually had more money. >> pete: reaches through a lot more money at this budget. all the try stuff that this president is talking about, giving the option to choose, the swamp rip that out and then they jammed all the funding in.
9:49 am
>> harris: of full disclosure, you are being looked at. the secretary of the va's and now this is something that you obviously are very close to. full disclosure here because this is important. your perspective on this as this is something that you're studying right now and you're a former member of our military. >> pete: is very near and dear to my heart. i use as an example of what happens in a lot of countries across the government paid trips about there is more money. >> dagen: one thing i'll point out, point of fact, you need to third of the vote in both the house and the senate to override a veto, don't have it. the senate voted last night it was 62-35 so if you vote short. >> melissa: if he comes out and says i'm going to veto it, to get it back in play, he's going to insist on daca and does he add in order while funding? and does it then get past?
9:50 am
does that reopen it to the government? >> harris: is at a full-fledged fall on a plastic fork? can you imagine? he's taking all of their power at this point. he's taking it. >> melissa: if he vetoes and shuts down the government, that's a huge gamble. we've seen others do that not that anyone cares that it's shut down necessarily. but if he then comes back and says here are the things that we need to add, is at a gamma that pays off? either enough votes for that? >> harris: you can imagine. >> jessica: 2.3 versus 1.5 trillion makes no difference. it is still enormous. they're going to say no. >> harris: could also make a huge point because the president can also say we are going to do
9:51 am
this differently and take this off the table and we are adding the sin you mentioned some of the things even within the military spending that he didn't get. if he can show that there is a barter negotiating situation, he even takes some of the establishment republicans power. >> dagen: he's throwing mick mulvaney under the bus, throwing paul ryan under the bus. it's astonishing that we have a president that he takes no prisoners. he doesn't care if these individuals are member of his own party. >> harris: this is what he said he was going to do. >> dagen: the president is going to sign this bill no problem. >> pete: he's the one guy to take on the problem of the stuff that people are sick of seeing in washington, backroom deals made by a couple of people, 2,000 pages that you couldn't read if you wanted to. >> jessica: he had 48 hours to read anyway. >> harris: the freedom caucus on overtime and i said to him, you got this at eight something last night, 2,232 pages, you
9:52 am
couldn't read if you wanted to. >> jessica: not all the staffers in the world could you get through it. i'd be interested to see, there are some members of the democratic party, immigration hardliners like luis gutierrez who said give them the while funding, i don't care, protect the dreamers. that was the initial answers would be interesting to see about the infighting within the democratic party who will compromise on the while funding to say we made this promise to the dreamers and who will back down off of that. >> melissa: we don't know that that's what he's going to say. we don't know. >> jessica: it certainly will be about immigration to some degree. >> harris: we will drain them well and ask for sugar. that we do know that this is the subject and he must know that the country after he said he was considering a veto. i know i got all these emails sent to me about where all the house members are in getting on a bus to go here.
9:53 am
house members adjourned until monday at 4:00 p.m., no chance of an interim spending bill if the president vetoes the bill, the government will shut down. >> pete: besides if you know which is legitimate, there is not a single voter out in america that cares in the least that a single member of congress is inconvenienced because of a shutdown. the country is being inconvenienced by bad representation in washington, d.c., need to get people on the ground for like they're being underserved. i know on the right for conservatives but probably progresses on the left as well. the five if all they could agree in this bill was spending an embarrassing enormous amount, amounts of our money. it is what he was about to go and stop. just the piling on of more and more money in the spending of our money on thing after thing when you're not getting the services that you want, not getting the outcome that you deserve and instead, spending more money. >> dagen: here's my issue with infrastructure. we are going to borrow the money
9:54 am
to pay for that. other than making the people actually use the infrastructure pay for it. >> jessica: there's a lot of private funding. >> dagen: not the 21 billion. that's allocated in the omnibus bill. i think it's about the border wall and is not a wall it's actually fencing. >> harris: what width does it take for democrats to go for this, you've got so many matching private funding opportunities out there and beyond even matching, not a ton of cash out there anyway and you're creating jobs, neck and almost hit on its own but say you take half of that and you say no, we're going to offer this to offset the cost of other things and we are going to bring in daca. i'm in the world do democrats say no to that? i think we want to see that if they vote against that. >> jessica: i'm sure you well on the president will see that happen. it will be incredibly difficult
9:55 am
especially if you even look at this wall system has an infrastructure project in and of itself and you're saying you're hiring more border security and that something that has been in the system. >> harris: connecticut is one appointed because i think this is interesting. a senior democrat eight is telling fox news if the president vetoes the bill, it is the republicans problem. this would be a huge loss to republicans especially how they trumpeted these hikes for weeks now. i think it's complicated for senator mitch mcconnell. he said the biggest victories in the spending bill list yesterda yesterday. >> pete: they try to say it was going to be the republicans fault last time but quite clearly. if of course they are already being slammed in this. the president's achilles' heel is in all of this is a his love of the military has desired to refund the pentagon and the dod. he said that he hears that in his ear focuses on that. you hear that in his public statement. it's my thing time and time again, he probably gave a little
9:56 am
and give a little bit more and give a little bit more because he loves her military and wants them properly funded and is willing to give. at some point, you give too much, maybe that happen, maybe it didn't but he's not going to let the military suffer no matter where this goes, he's going to make sure the military is funded. >> jessica: this is all the big game of compromise and that's why we have -- we know people are not satisfied with the deal they have right now but you are going to have to give up certain things to get your priorities and i think that's the point that tim kaine was making out there and that people understand when they sign onto a bipartisan bill of this size, it's a compromise. >> harris: let me scooted with an update. i said to you earlier there was a white house press briefing that was also called for 1:00 p.m. eastern's we were trying to figure out if it's morphing into something else. according to an update, there will no longer be a press briefing, the president will now have a press availability. severe seeking for more. it is at 1:00 p.m. eastern. we know that because he let us know himself. >> dagen: on the
9:57 am web site under lives, it actually says president trump participates in a bill signing. that's what the web site still says. will see if that changes or not. >> pete: had been there would be a bill signing. >> harris: it happened overnight when the senate passed it. but i want to go back. we are coming up on the top of the hour. let's go to the wall or in some fashion or way to show the tweet that got the conversation started from the president's account. news conference at the white house concerning the omnibus spending bill, 1:00 p.m. the white house is what you see in the center of your screen right now so we are watching to see the president now. we are watching to see the president stopped by. i'm being talked to, so please forgive me. >> melissa: it's going to be interesting to see what happens here. we know that this president
9:58 am
completely unpredictable. we know it is him coming to the lectern or in the white house. in the press briefing room, the post to sign something that's not going to happen. >> dagen: maybe it comes up and speaks his peace and still finds it. >> melissa: that's possible or you could dare democrats to come back and save the dreamers. they can really call them on the carpet in this moment right her here. say you got you wanted. >> harris: going to step in here now because we're going to widen our viewing audience and bringing everybody who is part the fox family. so here's what we are watching for right now, we are looking alive at the white house, we are waiting just a couple of minutes from now, he will address the nation on that huge $1.3 trillion on that bill. which does not account for helping out daca recipients,
9:59 am
children who came here legally until what will happen to their illegal immigration status. he wants that part of it. we are going to pause now for one moment to let our fox stations join. this is a fox news coverage of a presidential news conference at the white house beginning any moment now. the president will take questions. he tweeted that the focus will be the omnibus spending bill. he says he is considering a veto on that bill. it is $1.3 million or trillion dollars that the house and senate have passed. it was supposed to go to his desk for a bill signing. but now we are waiting to see exactly what the president will do. will he in fact veto that bill, forcing a government shutdown? you got the house already adjourned to you don't have anyone right now potentially that we know of on capitol hill that can set the back stick in a spending bill to keep that government open. the president vetoes for this,
10:00 am
the government shuts down. they do re-adjourned at 4:00 p.m. eastern on monday with a whole new conversation happening. potentially conversation about daca recipients. those people who came here as children remained illegal among us as immigrants. what happens to them? the president has promised to do something with them. he's willing to keep his promise. what will happen with the other lawmakers on capitol hill? chief white house correspondent john roberts now joins us. >> unfortunately, i've got to leave because without the president might come here to the press briefing room but he is going to do this in the diplomatic room so i've got to run and we will let you know as soon as we can and what's going on. >> harris: okay, john roberts, go do your thing. will come to you when we can. her chief white house correspondent john roberts being told that they will not assemble in the white house press briefing. let's back up a second because this is the friday afternoon


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