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tv   The Wise Guys  FOX News  March 25, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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about the american people, it's what makes us different. mark: thank you, senator, much appreciated. >> thank you very much. mark: all right, we will see you next week on "life, liberty & levin." [ dog barking ] [ wind howling ] ♪ >> fire! >> last season on "legends and lies"... >> if we are to die... [ screaming ] ...let us die as a free people. >> sir. >> i do not engage in the buying and selling of men for profit. >> "all men are created equal." >> i ain't no slave. i'm a soldier. when this war's over, i'm gonna be a free man, and you will be back in chains. >> not my boy! [ whip cracks ] >> mr. jefferson, what are you writing? >> it's for the congress. it doesn't concern you. >> a declaration is just words. so tell me again why that is worth fighting for.
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>> let's go, cowards! >> get out here! >> come out here, traitors! >> god is on our side! we are god's weapon. [ indistinct shouting ] barricade the door. >> get the door! >> get that door! >> remember! remember what you're fighting for! you will fight as free men! you will die as free men! remember our cause, men. we are here to finish the revolution george washington started... >> [ coughs ] >> ensure liberty for all men. >> [ coughs ] >> stop your moaning, watson. die like a man. [ shouting continues ]
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>> you got a visitor. >> are you a militiaman here to see that my army doesn't rescue me? >> no. i, uh... i confess the uniform is borrowed. i'm an actor by trade. >> [ laughs ] are you here to gawk at me? >> i came to see the justice of my country's laws and to help hang the traitor john brown. >> i am no traitor! it is perfectly right to free those who you willingly and wickedly hold in bondage. it is you, the people of the south, who are guilty of a great wrong against god. >> god will burn this all to the
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ground. [ indistinct shouting ] >> [ laughs ] >> the south will have its retribution... one way or another. >> ♪ my country, 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land of liberty ♪ land where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring [ thunder rumbling ]
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>> a political conflict cracks the foundation of a fragile union, dividing a young nation over the issues of freedom, slavery, and equality. [ horse neighs ] >> fire! >> in a brutal battle of attrition, heroes will rise, cities will fall, and the blood of thousands will stain the land. america's struggle for life, liberty, and justice for all becomes the civil war.
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>> come on! >> john brown, a northern abolitionist and southern nightmare, a crusader who was equal parts prophet and terrorist, sets a divided nation on the path to war. but behind every crusader stands a man. >> come forward! >> and behind every legend lies the truth. >> since declaring that all men are created equal, the united states is on a slow-but-steady course to confront the hypocrisy of slavery, and one man is tired of waiting. the popular image of john brown is that of a wild-eyed old testament prophet or even a murderous vigilante, but there was more to him than tha brown commits his life to abolishing slavery, with little success.
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it isn't until the fight turns violent and brown takes up arms that the south and the rest of the union are forced to take him and the cause of abolition seriously. >> my sons didn't have anything to do with this. please! for the love of god! >> god has already chosen sides! we are here to dispense his justice. >> john brown's 12 years old. he gets kind of brought into the circle of this u.s. army officer who has a slave. and john brown and this slave become really good friends. they run around together. they joke together. john brown just sort of, like, loves this kid. >> damn it, stephen! liable to break my ankle, boy. >> i'm sorry, boss. i --
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>> "sorry" don't mean nothing. mm. >> [ screaming ] >> [ chuckles ] [ whistling ] >> as a boy, i stayed with a landlord who held a slave boy. he beat him before my eyes with iron shovels or any other thing that came to hand. this led me to declare eternal war with slavery. >> [ whistling continues ] >> john brown's hatred of
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slavery grows as injustice spreads throughout the union. the oppressive system of chattel slavery reduces over 3 million human beings to the status of livestock, to be used, bought, sold, abused, and discarded. >> stop! not my boy! not my boy! stop! not my boy. >> this was the crime of slavery, the crime of depriving a person of his liberty, the crime of selling a child away from his or her parents. there is going to be a price to be paid if you continue to hold persons for their labor. >> after the american revolution, slavery creates two nations. the north abolishes slavery and embraces industry. but the south becomes dependent on a crop powerful enough to earn the title of "king cotton."
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>> there was nothing more valuable in the southern economy than human beings that were owned by other human beings. >> step right up. come on, now. fresh livestock. >> slavery was big business and it was lucrative business, and people were willing to fight to keep it. >> westward expansion breaks the free-state and slave-state boundaries of north and south. the new territories in the west are allowed to vote whether or not they will have slaves. partisans from both sides descend upon kansas, turning a political debate into a bloody rampage. >> somebody help! we got bushwhackers over here! >> from kansas to congress, anyone who opposes the southern democrats' plan to expand slavery is met with violence. >> the sacking and devastation inflicted on kansas provokes
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tremendous outrage among the anti-slavery faction in the north. charles sumner, who's always been the most vocal advocate for the abolition of slavery in the u.s. congress, delivers a fiery speech on the floor. >> your speech is a libel on south carolina. >> mr. brooks, were south carolina blotted out of existence, civilization would lose far less than we've already gained by kansas' valiant struggle against slavery. ♪ >> no. please, please! >> the story of the caning of charles sumner pushes john brown over the edge. he then kind of realizes that the south needs to be given an
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apocalyptic warning of blood that would show them that the northerners are not just gonna sit around while they get beaten by these southerners. >> no, you don't have to do this. >> boys.e, no. >> "sorry" don't mean nothing. i already told you once. now you're gonna learn. >> [ screaming ] >> [ whistling ] >> few men in american history are as polarizing as john brown. his extreme methods terrify southern slaveholders, while northern abolitionists are inspired by his zeal. but to brown, slavery is not a matter of regional politics. it is a sin that must be eradicated immediately. he firmly believes that all men are created equal and he will stop at nothing to see that that
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>> it's this way! >> over a series of daring escapes, harriet tubman worked to remove a number of people from her slave community. [ barking continues ] >> miss harriet, i can't go on. i'd rather pick cotton for the rest of my days than down here in the dark. >> if you go back to your master, you gonna tell him how you escape? >> no, miss harriet. i swear. >> damn right you won't, 'cause there ain't no going back. now you move or you die. ♪ let's go. >> for harriet tubman, life
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under the constant threat of capture or death forces her to be savvy, tough, and, at times, ruthless. [ barking continues ] >> harriet tubman is the most famous leader of the underground railroad. but few know that john brown is also part of the same organization of abolitionists, helping escaped slaves gain their freedom. and while brown's violent ways alienate many white abolitionists, his commitment to eradicate slavery impresses tubman and other black leaders of the movement. [ dogs barking ] birds squawking ] >> we set up a stronghold here, in the alleghenys of pennsylvania. >> like john brown, tubman stands in defiance of the atrocities of slavery.
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neither one can sit idly by and do nothing as innocents suffer abuse, willing to put themselves in harm's way to stop it. >> when harriet tubman was about 13 years old, the plantation cook came to her and said, "you need to come to the dry-goods store with me." >> who gave you permission to leave your work? >> my -- my work was done. >> the more you fight, the more lashes you get. >> and the young man was trying to escape, and the overseer yelled to her to stop the young man, but she didn't. she stepped away from the door and let the young man run out. >> an overseer threw a lead weight and hit her in the forehead and literally pushed in a part of her skull. as a result, she was subject to
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what we now think was a temporal-lobe epilepsy, which would give her these stunningly realistic premonitory visions. and harriet had a vision of an older-looking man with a long beard. and he's trying to say something to her. >> when we take the farming, the oppressed of all of the south will rise up and cast off their shackles and join us. >> and before she could understand what he's saying, a group of men with clubs come and battered him to death. a number of years go by, and john brown arrives at harriet tubman's homestead. and she recognizes him immediately, because he was the man she saw in her vision. and so she knows this is somebody she should listen to. and it is to harriet, among the first people, that brown reveals his plan for this armed slave
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insurrection. >> from the shadows to the spotlight, the issues of slavery dominates the national conversation. in illinois, democratic senator stephen douglas defends his seat against an obscure anti-slavery republican. the campaign hinges on a court ruling that denies equal rights to a freed slave. >> the republicans... assert the dred scott decision to be monstrous, because it denies that the negro is or can be a citizen under the constitution. i do not approve of negro citizenship in any and every form. [ cheers and applause ] >> abraham lincoln has a very
8:21 pm
complicated relationship to the institution of slavery. we wouldn't call him a radical abolitionist by any stretch of the imagination. we would call him, perhaps, a gradualist. >> i have no purpose to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exists. but there is no reason in the world why the negro is not entitled to all the natural rights in the declaration of independence, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. he is my equal. he is the equal of judge douglas and of every living man. [ cheers and applause ] >> lincoln has a way of expressing these things with a clarity that is notable to his contemporaries, and he's the one
8:22 pm
who steps up and says, "i'll stand for the senate in opposition to douglas." >> lincoln is unable to unseat douglas, and the democrats maintain a strong pro-slavery presence in congress. convinced that slavery can only be eliminated by force, john brown takes the fight into the south. >> with these, we shall end the curse of slavery forever. >> brown has been planning some sort of guerilla action that involves freeing slaves, and he wants to provide all of the weapons necessary to supply his army. so what better place to ignite that spark than the federal armory at harpers ferry? then establishing armed outposts from which guerilla raids could take place on a constant basis. >> god is on our side. [ gun cocks ] >> so, he's gonna send out his men.liberate the slaves, give them guns.
8:23 pm
then those slaves are gonna go out and then they're gonna take over more plantations and get more slaves with guns. he's gonna build this sizable army, and then they're gonna march into the south armed to [ dog barks ] >> [ whistling ] >> lay down your weapon. i have come here to free every last slave in the state. >> despite his best-laid plans, john brown's revolution meets strong opposition, and his secret said turns into a life-or-death standoff. >> barricade the door. >> get the door! remember! what you're fighting for! it's time for the 'sleep number spring clearance event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that?
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8:28 pm
these inferior creatures. whoa! [ gun cocks ] what... [ gun cocks ] >> get the sword. ♪ >> welcome, colonel washington. george washington's sword. your name holds great value, colonel. >> john brown takes the great-grand-nephew of george washington hostage, for the value of his name and ancestry. he also confiscates a sword that belonged to the first president. now, some historians believe that these symbolic gestures are
8:29 pm
brown's attempt to connect the liberation of slaves to the declaration of independence, and, in doing so, brown believes he's fulfilling the promises our founding fathers would not. [ gun cocks ] >> you might as well put a noose around your neck yourself. >> you are a slave and you make him a man. if citizens interfere with me, i will burn the town... and have blood. >> john brown fails to rally the slave population to revolt, but he does manage to get the attention of the local militia. >> here they come!
8:30 pm
>> so, as news kind of filters out that there's this group who have captured this arsenal, this feeds into the greatest nightmare of your typical southerner, which is the slave insurrection. for example, nat turner's rebellion from 1831, you had a slave leading his fellow slaves and sacking plantations and killing masters and overseers. that was something that did wind up feeding a paranoia. and so there was this panic. [ indistinct shouting ] >> barricade the door. >> get the door! >> get that door! [ shouting continues ] >> come on! move it! ods on s oure! we are g's wpon. >> exaggerated accounts of the raid at harpers ferry quickly reach the white house. >> 700 armed slaves at
8:31 pm
harpers ferry?! i don't have to tell you what danger we're in, colonel. >> president buchanan sends the closest man at hand, a pro-slavery officer with deep roots in virginia and personal ties to harpers ferry. >> robert e. lee is actually on leave from the army when, all of a sudden, news comes in that you have this raid in harpers ferry. robert e. lee's around. "okay, let's get him to do it." >> take the marines from the naval yard. put an end to this. >> yes, mr. president. indistinct shouting ] [ gunshots, >> remember, remember what you're fighting for! remember our cause! you will fight as free men! >> how many? >> it doesn't matter how many. just fire at them!
8:32 pm
>> outgunned and outnumbered, brown's last resort is a truce, sending aaron stevens and his own son, watson, to negotiate. >> watson. stevens. take this. tell them we will trade the hostages for our safe passage out of here. >> hey! don't shoot! don't shoot! don't shoot! coming out!
8:33 pm
>> [ coughs ] >> forward, march! halt! about-face! >> give him surrender terms. >> yes, sir. >> if you surrender now, your lives will be spared. it is to be an unconditional surrender -- >> there shall be no surrender! >> [ coughs ] >> we have but one life to live
8:34 pm
and once to die. but if we lose our lives, it will perhaps do more for our cause than our life would in any other way. stop your moaning, watson. die like a man. god is on our side, men! remember that! we are god's weapon! [ indistinct shouting ] >> get the ladder! ram the door! >> brown's raid caught people by surprise. it was so audacious, it was so daring, and, yet, it was so badly planned that it was doomed to failure from the beginning. but it was the kind of thing that convinces many white
8:35 pm
southerners that abolitionists are willing to embrace violence as the way to end slavery and that they need to protect themselves and, if need be, to leave the union in order to do that. >> john brown's mission fails to spark a rebellion, but the raid at harpers ferry sends a bloody message to southern interests -- the days of slavery are numbered. ♪ (vo) dogs have evolved, but their nutritional needs remain instinctual. that's why there's purina one true instinct. real meat #1. a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one true instinct. now, try new purina one true instinct treats.
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>> politicians, abolitionists, and soldiers clash over slavery, and as both sides grow more entrenched in their convictions, john brown sends a jolt through a divided nation. [ horse neighs ] brown represents the slaveholders's greatest fear. he's a violent reminder of the increasing threat to their southern way of life. >> i, john brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood. >> southern hysteria over
8:40 pm
john brown is so great that to prevent a possible rescue, only soldiers attend his hanging. among them are major thomas j. jackson, who will come to be known as "stonewall," and john wilkes booth, whose morbid curiosity drives him to steal a uniform to witness the execution. the fierce young actor hates what brown stands for but, oddly enough, finds common ground with a man who is willing to kill and die for what he believes. >> [ breathing deeply ] [ rope creaking ] >> god bless virginia! [ all cheering ] >> john brown's raid really bolsters the secessionist movement tremendously. there were some who saw this as the logical outgrowth of republican agitation on the issue of slavery that would lead to violence. >> for southerners, john brown is just the tip of the anti-slavery spear.
8:41 pm
the true threat is the growing republican party, exemplified by long-shot presidential candidate abraham lincoln. >> you charge that we stir up insurrections among your slaves. but john brown was no republican. and you have failed to implicate a single republican in his harpers ferry enterprise. so neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us. but let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us dare to do our duty as we understand it. [ cheers and applause ] >> it is within this speech that he kind of marries the pragmatic argument of preventing the extension of slavery with the moral argument that there is a problem with slavery, morally, and that it is damaging the
8:42 pm
credibility and the unity of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> the speech makes lincoln a national political star, and he capitalizes on his newfound fame to become the republican party's nominee for president. though the north embraces lincoln, southern states refuse to even put him on the ballot. running against a divided field of democrats, including old rival stephen douglas, lincoln carries all but one free state, enough to win the presidency, with less than 40% of the popular vote. [ crowd cheering ] >> even before lincoln takes office, there was a push for southern secession. slave owners see him as the political equivalent of john brown. the irony is that the president-elect believes the right to own slaves is protected under the constitution.
8:43 pm
but six weeks after the election, south carolina is the first to secede, and six more states soon follow. [ cheers and applause ] >> the confederate states of america comes into existence with jefferson davis as its president. an army officer, veteran of the mexican war. >> the time for compromise has now passed. >> it's very hard for a southern politician to resist the force of secession, especially if jefferson davis was. this is a guy who thought he was gonna be president of the united states. >> the south is determined to maintain her position and make all who oppose her smell southern powder and feel southern steel. [ crowd cheering ]
8:44 pm
[ beeps ] >> there's just so much barking and noise and yelling, and our role is to take three steps back and discern what really matters. >> the most important thing that we do -- we are looking out for the forgotten men and women in this country. >> they're gonna get a straight shooter, no holds barred. i'm not gonna cut people slack. the viewers expect that. >> fox is the one place where dissent is allowed. >> we have voices. we won't be silent. >> who controls my voice? nobody. ♪
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[ birds squawking ] >> a country divided on the issue of slavery finally splits into two separate nations... [ indistinct shouting ] ...each with its own idea of freedom.
8:48 pm
[ cheers and applause ] after abraham lincoln is elected president... [ cheers and applause ] ...southern states form a new confederacy, under the leadership of president jefferson davis and vice president alexander stephens. >> almost immediately after he's elected, the states begin to leave the union. and they're leaving the union because of the perception that abraham lincoln wants to destroy the institution of slavery in the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> today, we assert a right which the declaration of independence had defined to be inalienable, the right to separate from a tyrannical government and preserve our constitutional rights. [ cheers and applause ] >> though davis uses the ideals of the founding fathers to align the new southern government, the true basis of the confederacy is clear. >> the negro is not equal to the
8:49 pm
white man. slavery is his natural and normal condition. this, our new government, is the first in the history of the world based upon this great physical and moral truth. >> southerners believed that the white race should always be superior to the black race. they are fighting for a system, a slave system, built on racism that they want to defend as a culture, as a way of life. >> the confederacy wastes no time, seizing federal forts and military installations in the south. [ explosions, shouting ] but in south carolina, major robert anderson and his troops refuse to surrender. unable to hold fort moultrie, they take refuge in the island stronghold of fort sumter. ♪ >> mr. seward, do you have good news for me? >> i'm afraid not, mr. president.
8:50 pm
>> by the time lincoln takes office, the situation at fort sumter is a national crisis. in the face of a threatening confederate army, major robert anderson stands firm, even with the union garrison running out of supplies. the son of a revolutionary war veteran, anderson refuses to give up, even though his father did surrender nearby fort moultrie to the british. with a battle looming, lincoln faces a dilemma -- how to support anderson's defiant stand without firing the first shot of the civil war. >> 85 years. 85 years ago, this country was born. is this the year that it dies? >> abandon fort sumter. >> we can't hold fort sumter. that's true. but we must not abandon it. one section of this country
8:51 pm
believes slavery to be right. the other believes it to be wrong. that's where the fight is here. we must act out of faith, not fear. >> lincoln comes up with a brilliant idea. "what i'm gonna do is -- i'm gonna announce that i'm sending down relief ships, just 'cause these guys are starving." hits the ball to jefferson davis, who now has to make the decision, "do i allow these relief ships to come in, symbolizing that federal authority still reigns in the state of south carolina, or do i fire on them?" >> general beauregard has confirmed that a supply ship is on its way to fort sumter. >> if war with the federal government is the result... then so be it. [thud] [screaming & crying] ♪ [screaming & crying]
8:52 pm
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.. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. .. tle for the soul of america... >> [ screaming ] >> ...a bitter struggle between those who practice and perpetuate slavery and those willing to give their lives to end it, comes to a head at fort sumter. two presidents engage in a battle of wills, with the nation's future at stake, each waiting for the other to blink first and turn this standoff into war. >> battery, commence firing! >> ready! fire!
8:56 pm
reload! fire! reload! fire! >> for 34 hours straight, fort sumter is bombarded by confederate troops. across the young, divided nation, news of fort sumter spreads quickly, beyond the mississippi, into the western territories. long-burning tensions explode, shaped by decades of slavery, issues of state pride, and figures like john brown. >> the war is on! the confederates fired on fort sumter. >> take down that damn flag! >> this territory belongs to the confederacy.
8:57 pm
>> one thing is certain -- americans have no idea what the future will bring. [ indistinct shouting ] >> follow me, 54th! [ fire crackling, birds squawking ] >> the confederacy has asserted its will and pushed the remnants of the union out of the south, and now lincoln has no choice but to wage war on his fellow countrymen. >> forward! march! [ feet stomping ] >> ♪ john brown's body lies
8:58 pm
a-mold'rin in the grave ♪ ♪ john brown's body lies... >> shortly after the firing of fort sumter and its bombardment, president lincoln puts out a call for 75,000 recruits for a 90-day enlistment, which is adorable, in a sense, when you consider the incredible and disgusting scale that this war will eventually take. >> ♪ the grave ♪ john brown's body lies a-mold'rin in the grave ♪ >> the civil war starts, and this transforms john brown the fanatic into john brown the symbol of abolition. it gives rise to the song "john brown's body lies a-mold'rin in the grave. his truth goes marching on." >> ♪ john brown's body lies a-mold'rin in the grave ♪ >> now, from its beginning, america is celebrated as a land of opportunity, and to many, it is. while some prosper, millions of african-americans are robbed of their freedom and their humanity. and when rational argument and
8:59 pm
appeals to human decency fail to end the horrors of slavery, it takes a violent demand that the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness be fulfilled at any cost. now, john brown's cry to purge the land with blood is ultimately answered by the most brutal and bloody time in american history. but in the wake of fort sumter, there's only one casualty. and no one can fathom just how much blood will be spilled. >> ♪...soul goes marching on
9:00 pm
breaking tonight, the storm has passed. what have we learned? we will get to that later in the show. welcome to the next revolution. this is the home of positive populism. we are away from our home in l.a. and live in new york city. kimberly and lisa will be with me and we will dive into everything breaking news including the spending bill. i will weigh in on claims that president trump has been beaten by the swamp. hilton versus swarts nagar. i go one-on-one with arnold about his american success


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