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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 26, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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long, drawn out answer. jillian: i plead golf. rob: i ran around town. did the same thing i always do. happy monday. hope your week is good. and we'll see you later. ♪ ♪ >> the military manhunt intensifying for a man who could be plotting a terrorist attack on tourists in rome. >> officials fear a i tunisia man cooling focus on shoppers. >> those in states that trump won, we would really appreciate if she would show respect to every american voter. >> president trump is considering expelling a number of russian diplomats in response to last month's poisoning of a former russian spy in the u.k. >> the democratic edge over republican notice midterm elections is slimming. a brand new fox news poll showing just a 5% lead for the minority party. >> 98-year-old team chaplain
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sister jean has given license her team and image. >> keep your eyes on number 1, 11, 12, 23, and 44. ♪ ♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ and i'm hanging on a moment of truth ♪ i'm on the edge of glory. steve: live from new york city it's monday, march 26th. i'm reading what's on the television. "fox & friends" is the show you are watching. come on in the mezzanine level. ainsley: brian, welcome back. brian: i just missed friday. that was it there was a lot going on. steve: there was. brian: tornadic news cycle we are in nothing stops for five seconds. steve: there is civil war at our house right now because in the final four it's going to be villanova where two of my kids went versus kansas which is my alma mater. this will be the worst
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saturday night this saturday night in history. ainsley: who are you pulling for? steve: keeps. hello, i'm from kansas. ainsley: holy week. yesterday was palm sunday. this weekend is easter. brian: always sports with you. what's going on with that? steve: once every quad rinal i will take about sports. ainsley: he didn't get the exact fund go ahead he wanted for the wall he got 1.6. that can't be used to build one of those prototypes. he is finding a loophole in it. there is a lot of money that went to the military and the military to fight terrorism. steve: that's right. here's what the president tweeted out yesterday. because of the $716 billion, gotten to rebuild our military, many jobs are created and our military is
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rich again. building a great border wall, with drugs which has poisoned and enemy combatants pouring into our country is all about national defense. build the wall through m. we believe the m stands for military. in fact, the president said that they are going to start work on the wall today, which he referred to as an initial down payment by getting that $1.6 billion. brian: remember what paul ryan told us. he believes with the money there, they can get 73 miles done. and he says you can't build all of it at once anyway. so by september, they will be ready for more funding for the wall. by that time. what i want to get down to, is was the speaker of the house candid with us on thursday when he said that we can build any type of wall we want? steve: no. brian: because he did say that to us on thursday. can you build any type of wall you want. i was watching ed rollins
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say he is reading from the 2036 page bill and it says no concrete structure. steve: that's what it said last week. that was our question to the speaker. he said they are going to repair it there is a way that the president can take some of that money. >> congress. if the president were to -- he could then say i'm going to take the money from the military and i'm going to build it to build the wall so that we can stop the human trafficking that's going across the southern border. obviously, congress might not like that because that's not how they allocated the money. their recourse because the way things are set up. the executive branch is going to spend the money. can you imagine if congress were going to sue this president, if paul ryan and mitch mcconnell were going
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to sue the president to stop building the wall. that would be delicious irony. ironically if they did do that it would end up in the supreme court there are ways to use the money to build the wall. ainsley: 1.6 is a down payment for the wall. hoping to get more money. if he uses the military funding that will be very interesting. is he promising to do this. so you are saying that he has the power. they can allocate the money for the military but he has the power to go above them and say i want it to be spent on the wall. steve: congressional low indicates the money and the president spends it, the executive branch. who is building prototypes? army corps of engineers. brian: private companies represented it and they hope to get the contract. couple of things. it's been five minutes so let's talk russia, can't go five minutes without talking about russia. we know what happened with the poisoning.
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outrage. asking allies expelled a whole bunch of two dozen russian diplomats from their embassy, she did that last week. the russians responded with like throughout 23 of theirs. it turns out today, as early as today, the president of the united states will throw out a couple dozen at least russian diplomats in response to the poisoning using nerve gas in england. britain thinks there are about 12 people who have been poisoned by the russians in their country. steve: here's the thing. the president would like to act as early as today. he wants to make sure that our european partners also react as well. keep in mind, russia says we had nothing to do with that poisoning. and they have retaliated against great britain. ainsley: keep in mind this is the soviet produced. steve: they are going to do the same thing. ainsley: they said they had nothing to do with poison. it's a poison linked to the
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soviet union. russia developed this nerve agent one daughter is in unconscious and the other in critical condition. brian: europeans expected to expel russians officials and lithuania and czech republic get behind it the coordinated response is the message today. when you look at ukrainians and oligarch sanctions. took out mercenary in syria when they challenged our troops, the president doesn't talk a lot of bluster as it revolved around vladimir putin. but, man, he does take action. steve: he does. we'll stay tuned. meanwhile, we have been talking for the last couple of weeks about something that hillary clinton had said when she was giving a speech in india where essentially she continues to litigate the 2016 election and she says the people who voted for the president were racist and sexist and all sorts of things. ainsley: backwards. steve: claire mccaskill
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yesterday on msnbc not singing out of the talking points hymnal from the democrats, she essentially said mrs. clinton, please, just stop it. listen. >> so for those of us in states that trump won we would really appreciate if she would be more careful and show respect to every american voter and not just the ones who voted for her. i understanding the point she was trying to make, but, it felt like she was criticizing the voters and i would draw -- talking about drawing a line. i would draw a line there. i have a great respect for missouri voters. there are a lot of reasons they voted for donald trump. some of which i completely understand. brian: senator mccaskill let her know this is pure politics. for those who are in donald trump won states i appreciate if you were more thoughtful about your comments. excuse me, you should say it is wrong to categorize a gender or block of voters in that respect regardless of
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your party and beliefs because it's inaccurate not like it's going to hurt my political prospects because i don't live in california or oregon. ainsley: you think she should have been tougher on hillary. brian: she told just us the only reason she is in a state that trump won. made it clear when they saw the congressman win in pennsylvania. you guys are using me to get votes in districts that i won. jon tester especially. ainsley: i took it as she doesn't know middle america and doesn't know my voters. then i wondered why is she a democrat if most of her voters are republican if she wants to represent. maybe not. he won by 19 points in that state. steve: he won a lot. and claire mccaskill is trailing. clearly it's politics. how many times are the republicans going to cut up things that nancy pelosi and hillary clinton said, turn them into tv ads to blow them up in their face? a million times. ainsley: send in your emails.
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let us know what you think about claire mccaskill the democrat turning her back on hillary clinton. maybe not strong enough. steve: she says she understands why donald trump won her state. there you go. brian: i don't understand jillian mele's passion for golf. in this weather you are out there golfing in the snow? jillian: i'm crazy. brian: were you indoors? jillian: no. brian: you were indoors? jillian: yeah. i was at the range this weekend. you bundle up. brian: you wear some under armor. jillian: deal with the conditions. ainsley: you and your dad played? diswril jill um-huh. ainsley: that's sweet. jillian: breaking news to get you caught up. search intensifying for a man who could be planning a terrorist attack in rome. officials fear matt wallsy a tunisia man could target bars, shopping centers or train centers. anonymous sent to center. known for drug dealing and minor crimes.
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stormy daniels breaking silence about her alleged affair with donald trump. adult actress real name stefanie clifford told "60 minutes" she had. she had consensual sex with donald trump. a guy walked um on me and said to me leave trump alone. forget the story. he leaned around and looked at my daughter. a beautiful daughter a shame if something happened to her mom. then he was gone. jillian: after an interview trump's attorney sending cease and desist letter. collins was mentioned several times in the "60 minutes" piece. cockpit filled with smoke. pilots diverting to dulles international international airport virginia.
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met with emergency responders on the tarmac. flight from canada was scheduled to land at reagan national airport in d.c. none of the 67 passengers or crew members are hurt. cause of the smoke is still unknown. frightening though. that's a look at your headlines. steve: that's scary. ainsley: thanks, jillian. steve: new fox news poll shows republicans are narrowing the gap with democrats ahead of the mid terms in november. could backlash over the spending bill spell trouble for the g.o.p. charlie hurt going to weigh in on that next. brian: that's a good picture of him. he has got to be happy with that. a mad scientist launches a homemade rocket. what goes up, must come down. we will show you the landing ♪ ♪ my creation ♪ is it real ♪ my creation ♪ my creation ♪ it's my creation ♪
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by embedding sensors into the pavement, as well as installing cameras on traffic lights, we will be able to analyze the flow of traffic. then that data runs across our network, and we use it to optimize the timing of lights, so that travel times are shorter. who knew asphalt could help save the environment? ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: a brand new fox news poll shows republicans narrowing the voter gap ahead of the 2018 mid terms. backlash over last week's spending bill could spell trouble for some in the g.o.p. establishment. what can they do to hang onto the house and the senate, here is "washington times" editor and fox news contributor charlie hurt. >> good morning. steve: the republicans vs.
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democrats showed the democrats had a 15-point lead and now fast forward to today, it is currently 5 points. the democrats still leading 46 to 41 to the republicans. what's going on? >> and it's to be expected that the party out of power would still be sort of leading in a generic battle poll like this. but, you know, when you go back a couple of months, you know, the republicans were on the mat. they hadn't accomplished anything. they hadn't passed any of their agenda and more importantly they hadn't passed any of the trump agenda. with the tax cuts that entire narrative changed. not only was it good for them politically to actually get that passed, it actually wound up having a very positive effect for a lot of people it wasn't just crumbs as nancy pelosi tried talking about it. and i think that what we have seen since then is a general trend towards very much in favor of republicans. but, you raise a very good point about their performance last week with that miserable omnibus bill.
3:18 am
steve: gigantic spending bill. >> that gives republican no, sir reason to show up in the polls this november if that's what republicans are going to do. and i think that -- and you know while i wish trump would have vetoed the thing, it would have been terrific, he made the best case for it talking about he felt like the military was held hostage. he didn't feel like he had a choice. he had to do it in order to get the money to the military. that was a very good argument. steve: sure. >> he also took a wire brush to republicans about, you know, you didn't even read it and, you know, it's a good point. and but republicans need to move away from that. they need to carry on with the trump agenda. if they do that i think they will do a whole lot better in november. steve: well, the president was very clear. it looked like he was going to veto it but then it was okay we are going to have the signing ceremony at the white house. everybody show up and turn on the cameras. >> very good at the suspense part. nobody knew.
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steve: scolded the republicans and congress. i am never going to sign another stink bomb bill like this ever again. charlie, what about our lead story where it looks as if the president is going to start construction on a barrier using that $1.6 billion he did get from the omnibus as early as today on the southern border? there have been some suggestions by his tweet maybe he will take some of that military money and through executive order declaring an emergency or whatnot, he will be able to spend that and actually build the wall. >> you know, the wall alone is one of the most important parts of the trump agenda. he understands that even as a symbol the wall is a very, very important thing, not only in terms of the agenda and the priorities that republicans should have and this president clearly has, but it's also, as a symbol, proving that we really are -- that suddenly
3:20 am
republicans really are serious about cracking down on illegal immigration. steve: sure. >> i think that's all part of the trump agenda that if republicans win on that, they will win. if they abandon it, and they short change it and they mock it the way they did for, you know, for the entire -- trump's entire campaign, it's going to kill them. steve: stay tuned. just getting started. all right, charlie, thank you very much for joining us live today from washington, d.c. >> thank you. steve: 6:20 in new york city. still ahead this police officer and military veteran hailed a hero for sacrificing his life during a terror attack in france. what makes someone so selfless in their service to the nation? retired army ranger sean parnell here to discuss that man's life and his sacrifice next. right. but you want to fix it. right. so who sent you? new guy. what new guy? watson. ♪ ♪ my analysis of sensor and maintenance data
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steve: pennsylvania congressman ryan costello will not seek re-election this year join ago growing list of republicans dropping their bids before the mid terms. sixth district of pennsylvania was recently redrawn after the supreme court in that state ruled that the g.o.p. drawn congressional districts were made to favor the republicans. and the battle over obamacare could take center stage once again just in time for crucial midterm elections. health insurance premiums expected to spike again this fall after congress refused to include money in the new spending bill to subsidize the federal obamacare plans. both parties blame the other for higher costs. that, ladies and gentlemen, just politics. anxiously and brian. ainsley: thanks, steve. a heroic police officer once served in the military making the ultimate sacrifice for civilians. brian: do you believe this? lieutenant colonel belltram
3:25 am
dying from injuries after swapping himself for female hostage in last week's attack. what makes someone acted so unselselfishly. ainsley: here is the author of the book man of war sean parnell. thank you for being with us. >> it's an honor to be here. thanks for having me. ainsley: you served our country. you are a hero. what do you have in your d.n.a. that allows someone to be so selfless. this man told the guy with a gun take me, don't take her she gets released and she has a life and he is killed as a result? >> well, after serving 16 months in heavy combat, i learned something pretty profound. watching some of the greatest triumphs of the human spirit i watched some of my guys do some of the most amazing things you could ever possibly imagine on the battlefield. i learned that the greatest weapon that our military our
3:26 am
western warriors have on the battlefield is not our machine guns or bombs. it's the love and brotherhood that we share with one another. we often think that courage is what's required to conquer fear, but that's just thought the case i believe love is required. love for your country, love for your friends, love for service. serving something greater than yourself is what is required to conquer fear this pretty amazing story. president tweeted out respect and who wouldn't. amazing guy. double valedictorian in 2005 served in iraq. won an award for bravery in 2007 and award of merit in 2012. there is footage of him training to do just this with others a year ago that's now out. he goes in there, puts his phone on so people can hear what's going on on the inside and tells the guy send the woman out, i'm going to come here. when the police inexplicitly
3:27 am
decides to raid they hear gunshots. it's thought he is killed right there by the terrorist and dies of his injuries. it's unbelievable we lost such a quality person like. this it is. really the juxtaposition of the two cultures of western cull turks a place where we value life and liberty and freedom and islamic extremism and terrorism where the only thing that they value is death and subjugation. on the battlefield western countries use our bodies to shield women and children. islamic jihaddists and terrorists use women and children as human shields. it's a difference between good and evil. lieutenant colonel is somebody emblematic of that a warrior to his very core. he made his country proud but not only that he made countless generations and legacy of warriors proud that came before him as well. if you ask yourself a very fundamental question is why do people volunteer to serve this country, their country, whether in a police uniform
3:28 am
or battlefield, they do it because they love their family and friends and country and our way of life. they want to protect those things with up to and including their life if need be. and lieutenant colonel did that in that supermarket on that day. ainsley: we did so many stories of school shootings and hostage situations and this kind of thing. it's made all of us kind of take a step back and realize we always knew how amazing and important our military men and women women are i guess it's because i'm getting older these men and women like you, sean, you actually wear the uniform. you go into situations like this with a gun. you protect individuals who can't protect themselves. is that something that you learned in the military or is it something that you are just born with? >> i think you are always faced with a choice. you obviously learn this stuff in the military. but, at the end of the day, are you going -- it is a choice as are you the kind of person that is going to run into the flames or run away from them to save innocent life. the core of what it means to
3:29 am
be warrior in our culture today is not just defeating the enemy on the battlefield but preservation of innocent life and sacrificing yourself if need be to protect people as part of the country that you love. brian: sean, here's the thing, you want to fight a war against our enemies, now our enemies are here and fighting in the cities and cops so maligned, again, forced to be on the tip of the spear against islamic extremists thrown out of the middle east in many cases and they have been coming here to britain, france and too often in new york. sean parnell, thank you so much. i look forward to your book. ainsley: thank you, sean. >> thank you so much for having me. it's always an honor to be with you. brian: house intel chair devin nunes sending out a new warning to the doj answering subpoenas or face impeachment. dan bongino says someone needs to be held accountable and he is next. ainsley: brand new backlash for facebook. has the site been tracking all of your calls and your text messages?
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♪ with expedia you could book a flight, hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york city. welcome aboard, folks. it's "fox & friends" for a monday during holy week. thank you very much for joining us. go down to palm city, florida, dan bongino is a regular on this program. former new york city cop. he used to work for the secret service and he has a podcast everybody is talking about it's called the dan bongino show.
3:34 am
dan, good morning. >> good to be here. good morning. brian: we watched over and over again over the last previous eight years as house members would call more and more obama from eric holder on down to go testify and they wouldn't be truthful. they wouldn't show up and from the irs scandal. nothing would ever happen. now something is going to change. devin nunes said. this. >> when we get back in two weeks. if the 1.2 million documents aren't in the capitol, then he should immediately move to hold department of justice and the fbi in contempt and if we have to vote on contempt, then we should immediately move to impeach those officials. steve: so so far they have released 3,000 documents. they want 1.2 million. yet, president trump's own department of justice is stonewalling congress. >> steve, i have never heard
3:35 am
anything like this. the department of justice and the fbi are not unaccountable. they work for the executive branch here their budgets are paid by the legislative branch. they are note unaccountable. unaccountable would be unprecedented power in our government. power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. they respond to the president. can i say, this too? i never heard of anything like this. when i was secret service agent we used to work treasury. if you got a refund and someone stole your check we would go out and investigate. i remember quite a few times when some of the cases weren't being worked fast enough and a congressman would call our office, we got on it like that. that was for a treasury check case couldn't imagine not turning over documents pertinent to one of the most important counter intelligence investigations in u.s. history? this is just incredible. ainsley: they could be held in contempt. they could be impeached. these are the officials that work for the doj and the fbi
3:36 am
why aren't they following the rules, dan? and if they don't hand over all these documents, what's going to happen to them? do you really think anything will happen? there will be a punishment? >> you know, ainsley, i wish i had some good news for you here. ainsley: i agree. >> i hate to be so cob on a monday morning. what has happened? jack squat? nothing has happened in the past. eric holder basically said go pound sand on the fast and furious case was held in contempt and now he goes out and gives speeches basically laughing about it listen, i will do what i want and i will get paid on the speech circuit afterwards and everybody was proud of him for sticking it in the face of the republicans. so, i wish i could be optimistic but i really don't have a lot to be optimistic about. steve: dan, you know why they are not releasing them, because it makes the department of justice and the fbi look bad. >> bingo that's what i was saying to the producers before the show. the texts about peter strzok
3:37 am
trying to arrange a cocktail party with one of the fisa judges. steve: with a judge. >> steve, that is so damning, that information. and it just convene yengtsly creeped out now after they have been holding on it and it makes you me and the audience ask what the heck else are they holding on to that they don't want to show. brian: go to a party other people there just say we casually met. that's like an episode of billions which restarted last night which is a must-watch. i digress. let's talk about what happened over the weekend on saturday. we had between 300 and 500,000 people ral in washington and they say 800 cities around the world. what did you get out of it? >> what did i get out of it? that you got a bunch of people basically rallying to take away the rights of people like me who did nothing wrong. brian, i didn't do anything. all right? i'm a legal patriotic american gun owner. i own firearms. i keep them safely in a safe. i did nothing wrong.
3:38 am
what i still to this day don't get is there is a number of viable, workable solutions out there to enhance law enforcement and school safety. they're sidelined in this endless effort by liberals and people they call up in their movement to take away firearms from people like me who didn't do a damn thing wrong. what did i do wrong? why should i have to surrender a firearm to you for doing absolutely nothing? this is all about straw men and scapegoats. the nra did it law abiding gun owners did it. we did nothing wrong. i'm telling you there is going to be significant backlash to this. american gun owners are getting fed up for being blamed by the criminals in this society. we did nothing wrong. ainsley: right there on the bottom of the screen it says you are contributor for nratv. what is your message for the people who are watching and can you try to see their side of the story? and if you can what is your message to them?
3:39 am
explain to them what they don't understand. >> i'm a parent, too. i have two young daughters in a school. there is nothing -- listen, triage my needs in life my kids are number one. they are it. they are everything to me. of course this matters to me, too. what you are doing is wasting a lot of legislative time and a lot of public energy on solutions that absolutely will not work. you will never wipe the stain of violence from the human heart. the only question out there is what are we going to do to defend our kids among the wolves among us. trying to disarm the law abiding will not change the criminals amongst us, will not change their actions one bit. just put under the circumstances in more danger, make us sheep. steve: on friday we had kyle, one the survivors, he did not take part in the activities over the weekend because he is on the other side. he supports the second amendment. he said what happened at stoneman high school was a breakdown in law enforcement and, you know, we have talked with you about that in the past.
3:40 am
dan, thank you very much. have a great week. thanks for stopping by. ainsley: thank you, dan. >> thanks, guys. thanks, ainsley. brian: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian, thank you for stopping. jillian: any time. brian: we don't know where rob is but we know where you are. ainsley: are you stopping by or going to stay? jillian: i will stay if you let me. get you started on headlines, south korea under barrage of flistles yemen -- ofm yemen rebels overnight. >> according to the saudi military, all seven millers were intercepted and destroyed. at least one person killed by falling denear the capital city. in israel the iron dome defense system mistakenly activated mistaken machine gunfire from raqqa with incoming rockets. backlash for saving customers call and text data
3:41 am
for years. android phone users outraged over reports their contact names, telephone numbers, even call links had been collected and stored. facebook claiming it's an optional feature used to help people connect with friends on its messaging alps. the company says it does not collect contents of calls and texts and does not sell any data. how about this story? a police officer says being hit in the gut by a softball saved his life. >> one of my girls threw the ball and it hit me right in the gut. and the first thing i thought was oh my gosh, that's painful. jillian: that's tacoma police lieutenant he says the pain didn't go away. he went to the doctor where he was diagnosed with colon cancer. >> had i thought been hit by the softball, i basically had a month to live. jillian: wow, roberts has had no signs no, symptoms, or family history. but the good news, he is now cancer-free. the final four is set.
3:42 am
one cinderella and a trio of tradition rich teams punching their ticket to san antonio. >> they are going to go for the three though. that could tie it, quickly right back outside. he is on target tonight. jillian: top seeded kansas winning a thriller beating duke 85-81. another number one seed villanova handling texas tech. 11th seed lola and team chaplain sister jean has given permission to use her image and name. take onville noe have a. steve: i went to kansas, hello. a house divided.
3:43 am
jillian: peter went to villanova so i thought maybe you would. ainsley: and all his money did, too. jillian: villanova is near where i grew up so i have got to government. steve: they have great program. coming up, president trump says construction on big border wall starts today. could the military help build it. we will talk to a border patrol agent coming up. brian: they told him what was needed and they will didn't do it. former president obama wants to make the world a better place. how? by making a million versions of himself. carley shimkus on that story ♪ hey, hey ♪ you, you ♪ get off of my cloud ♪ ♪ hey, hey ♪ you, you ♪ get off of my cloud ♪
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3:47 am
this: because of the $716 billion to rebuild our military, many jobs are. building a great border wall with drugs, poison, and enemy combatants pouring into our country is bawl national defense. build wall through m. military, the m meaning military. so, should the military help build this wall? if so is it the national guard? let's discuss it with the president of the local 2544, national border patrol congress art d dequito. can we use the military to do something like. this thanks for having me on. we used the army corps of engineer to build the fencing right now. could you imagine what they could do if they use you had good equipment to build the wall in the current fencing that is up there that they built, they used old vietnam material. so, we would welcome them to build the wall. brian: right. we would welcome them to build the wall and using some of that money.
3:48 am
evidently there is some vindictiveness on the left. they said you will not use concrete. is that a problem for you? >> you know, i think at this point we have -- president trump has put the right engineers out there to see what works and what doesn't work. we just need the experts to do their job. that's what it comes down to. and you can't put a price on border security. the reality is that we need a better system, a better wall in specific locations. it helps the agents tremendously and it's a huge help for the entire country. brian: we saw that up close and personal. if i said to you we have the whole southern border. we have all these states. where do you need it to the most? where should we start? >> you know, there are several areas. there are several areas. obviously some areas that have, you know, natural barriers, still areas in texas that are wide open. there is areas here in arizona that need much better deterrence than what we currently have. and that's what it comes
3:49 am
down, to especially when you see, you know, you are not talking about just illegal aliens that are coming to a country, you are seeing a huge drug epidemic. i currently work in the do tucson sector where it's still close to 50% of all the drug seizures in the entire country apprehended here in this sector there are a lot of things that need to be done. that wall is very, very important. there is a loft things that the voters expected. i think the republicans control the house, they control the senate, and they control the white house. there are certain things that need to be done and being really slow about letting the president do what he needs to do. brian: but you know one thing i'm heartened by september they have got it do this again. 1.6 billion you can get a lot of done. probably not to be short of money to spend 1.6 billion in very short period of time. september look at this and president won't let them get away with that very important to bring up the military is used to doing things like building bridges to fight wars. when they come across a valley. if you tell the military to get something done, they
3:50 am
will get it done. >> brian, it's like i said in the beginning, they did what they did so far with old, outdated material. if you give them the proper material, they will do a fantastic job. there is no doubt in my mind. there no doubt in a lot of the agents' minds there is a lot of things that need to be done. brian: we will have you back. art, thank you so much for joining us. president of the national border patrol. appreciate it? >> thank you. brian: go get them, art. rumors are swirling that david shulkin will be the next cabinet member fired by president trump. what's the real story? we will ask hogan gidley next hour. and former president obama's wants to make the world a better place by making a million versions of himself. carley shimkus we would like to have a million versions of her but there is only one right now and she is walking towardtowards us.
3:51 am
in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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♪ steve: a million young barack obamas. the former president's comments about essentially cloning himself to make the world a better place going viral on this monday morning. ainsley: here to break it down is carley shimkus. >> good morning, guys. the former president was talking about most important post presidential goals. he was specifically talking about what he wants to do with the obama foundation saying he wants to create this online platform where young leaders can communicate and talk about, you know, different ideas together. and then he said this: if i could do that effectively, then you know i would create 100 or a thousand or a million young barack obamas or michelle obamas or the next generation of people who could take that baton in
3:55 am
that relay race that is human progress. who says that? ainsley: so amazing we need more of him? steve: he is an agent of change. >> what is he trying to say he wants people to continue on with what the obama administration did. cloning himself. brian: not just leaders but leaders that lead like him. steve: introduce us to sister jean because she is going viral. >> she needs to introduction, right? sister jean is the 98-year-old chaplain for loyola, chicago. they are going to the final four. now she has given permission to have her image and name licensed. so expect bobble heads. expect t-shirts. so many people are loving. this let's check out this tweet from sam who says such a sweet lady. and love how the players treat and respect her. sister jean stole my heart.
3:56 am
i also love this tweet from john, it's a quick one. he says nun better. answered writes if loyola makes it to the final, sister jean needs to be sainted. and roger says if she teamed up with betty white they would rule the world. i love that sentiment. but i do have to say you know this, ryan brian, i'm a big michigan wolverines fan. i hate to say it i'm rooting against sis ten jean. she has to take an. will, baby. go blue. ainsley: can you root against her team not against her. charles barclay, too? >> put rules in place. we love sister jean. brian: if there is a god, loyola, chicago wins. get out of here. steve: harsh. >> can't stand for that we love sister but we love michigan, too. steve: thank you, carley. >> thanks, a lot. steve: president trump
3:57 am
slamming democrats for slamming the dreamers. tim kaine firing back. ainsley: proud moment going viral a teen marine couldn't make m it so little brother going in his place. get the recipes at was a success for lastchoicehotels.comign badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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4:00 am
>> the president said they are going to start work on the wall today. we need the army corps of engineering to repair the fencing that's there right now. could you imagine what they could do if they used good equipment to build the wall. >> a number of viable solutions out there to enhance law enforcement and school safety. they are sidelined in this endless effort by liberals to take away firearms from people like me who didn't do a damn thing wrong. >> all we're asking china to do is to stop cheating and we're going to have to be tough. without china changing their practices, we are never going to have free and fair trade. rob: president trump looking to crack down on russia. one of those options reportedly to expel dozens of russians diplomats from the united states.
4:01 am
jillian: the democrat edge over republicans in the midterm elections is slimming. >> republicans need to carry on the trump agenda. if they do that they will do a whole lot better in november ♪ fine by me ♪ if you never leave ♪ and we can live like this forever ♪ it's fine by me ♪ ainsley: that reminds me of my daughter. i was telling steve, i don't ever want her to leave the house. steve: that's what you say now. fine by me. ainsley: fine by me if she stays forever. ainsley: everyone says the teenage years are hard years. steve: wait until they are in double digits. brian: vernacular of america came down the casey later and building the wall. originally said mexico would pay for it come out of the tariffs and what will be
4:02 am
doing negotiate nafta. only got 1.6 billion. unable to do the swap with the daca kids of 800,000 or 1.4 and get his 25 billion. it wasn't in there. but he is taking that disappointment and put it into action. steve: who wound one a lot of money in the omnibus? ainsley: military. steve: maybe there is some way to take some of the money allocate to the pentagon and figure out a good argument for how to build the wall with the pentagon money, they could say it would be part of our national security. ainsley: president was tweeting about it hinting around that he might be able to use that military money to continue the fight against global terrorism. because of the 700 and $716 billion gotten to rebuild our military, many jobs are created and our military is, again rich. building a great border wall with drugs or poison and enemy combatants pouring
4:03 am
into our country is all about national defense. build wall through m, we assume that means military. much can be done with the 1.6 billion given to building and fixing the border wall. it is just a down payment. work will start immediately. and immediately meaning today he is going to start the process of building the wall u. steve: is there a way that the president could do this? yeah, i have been reading online a number of lawyers who talked about how the fact that congressional low indicates the money and the executive branch figures out how to distribute it if the president can determine that building the wall is in the national security interest, he could declare an emergency, and then they could wind up taking some of that money. congress might not like it, but they're powerless unless they sue. do you think mitch mcconnell or paul ryan would sue? chuck schumer certainly. we then it would wind up going to the supreme court. ainsley: two questions. if that's the case. the 1.6 that he is not supposed to use to build out wall. steve: concrete. ainsley: if he gets to choose what the money is
4:04 am
used for. i don't care what you say, congress, i'm going to build the wall with concrete. number one, number two if he takes it from the military is he taking it from the paychecks of the men and women that fight for our country? steve: deep in mind the money they got is more than the white house asked for. brian: getting 2.5% raise. not a lot but at least it's there. no one is going to touch that art del cutie choind -- jod us. >> we would love them to build the wall u put the right engineers to figure out what works and doesn't work. we need the experts to do their job. you can't put a price on border security. the reality is that we need a better system of, a better wall in specific locations. it helps the agents tremendously and it's a huge help for the entire country. brian: also about the opioid debate. even though a lot of
4:05 am
fentanyl comes from china most goes to the mexican carmels and pours across the southern border. the president has this case to be made that if the opioids are a plague in our country and 116 die a day. why couldn't you stop it from the one place it is coming and that is mexico. not the next can government but these cartels. steve: make the national security emergency argument that way or you could say, look, there is human smuggling going on. let's do it for that. there are many different ways you can say it is in our national interest to use the pentagon money to build that wall. ainsley: if he does that can you imagine congress is holding everything up. steve: freak out. ainsley: it's the swamp. the president comes in and says we are getting this wall. steve: friday was a big disappointment for the president. he said i will never sign another little like this but i have got to to give the military a big raise. now here we are. brian: everyone knows what happened on saturday. hundreds of thousands came out in washington and around the world to speak out about gun violence in schools.
4:06 am
who is not for stopping gun violence in schools. how we get to that is the key. also, how do we pick the date and organize this? where did the money come from to bring all these kids forward? i love the motivation and love that people want to see action. i love the fact that we have got to find a way we are all on the same page. finding a way to stop school violence. newt gingrich just wondered, wait a second, who organized this? who is behind the kids? >> i think nothing would make mitch mcconnell's day more than the democrats insist on bringing up a strong gun control bill because, in north dakota, montana missouri, go down the list, every vulnerable democrat would get beaten. >> democrats running for re-election in states that trump won. >> 10 of them. at least 8 of those states, they would commit political suicide if they voted for a strong -- ainsley: he brings up an excellent point. think about claire mccaskill in missouri where the
4:07 am
president won by 19 points there. she is the democrat. she is the one that's come out saying what shea has about hillary. doesn't support what hillary said in india. if there is a gun control measure that comes in front of her, how will she vote? she wants to vote with the people of her state. but she needs to vote with the party and that would be stronger gun laws. steve: what you saw on saturday 203,000 were marching, it was one side. it was one political side. the other side kyle who was on our program on friday made it clear. look at what happened at that high school in parkland was a breakdown in law enforcement. the fbi had two chances to stop that guy. then you had members of the broward county sheriff outside the building with guns would not go in. so, look at law enforcement, a change in gun laws, he argues, would not have made a difference. brian: fox did a poll and they said listen, where do you stand on gun rules? 91% are for universal background checks.
4:08 am
84% on mental health checks. the question is how to do that. raise out rifle age 21. 72% support that ban assault weapons 60%. maybe in some cases you can look at this and say maybe there are some changes that might work. although people are concerned with universal background checks. everybody will write down you have a gun and some day someone will come to your house and take them away. background checks would make people responsible like they are cars and insurance. steve: that's one of the things that were tightened up in the omnibus bill the president signed on friday. the fix nics went in there would have liked to see the reciprocity for conceal carry it wasn't in there dan bongino a spokesperson for the nra says this about what's going on. >> i'm a parent, too. i have two young daughters in a school. they are everything to me. of course this matters to me, too. what you are doing is
4:09 am
wasting a lot of legislative time and a lot of public energy on solutions that absolutely will not work. you will never wipe the stain of violence from the human heart. the only question out there is what are we going to do to defend our kids against the wolves among us? trying to disarm the law abiding will do nothing to make the criminals amongst us. will not change their actions one bit. it will just put us in more danger, make us sheep. ainsley: piggy back on that. newt gingrich over the weekend i heard his interview and he said the worst cities that come to gun violence most people killed from certain cities look at their laws they have the tightest gun control laws. steve: absolutely. ainsley: criminals will find a way to get these guns. steve: one the survivors from the parkland shooting who lost his sister tweeted this out. this is the message, the survivor's name patrick petty. his sister was in the jrotc program. one of the three rotc
4:10 am
sisters killed that day. he said this to the kids marching on saturday stop using his sister's name to push their agenda. she did not and would not support it. brian: i just caugh thought the wrong message ban the rotc wrong message because the killer took rotc. that's a ridiculous reaction. ainsley: everyone wants to keep our kids safe at school. it's just about how we go about doing it. steve: meanwhile, 7:10 in new york city. jillian joins us with a fox news alert. jillian: that's right. let's get right to that and get you caught up starting with this fox news alert. a police standoff actually turns deadly after two officers are hurt in ambush attack. the suspect opening fire on three police officers spawpsding to a 911 call -- responding to 911 call in austin, texas. the gunman later shot dead by a swat team who broke down the door with a robot. it's still unclear why someone called 911. stormy daniels breaking her silence about her adding
4:11 am
affair with president trump. adult film actress tells "60 minutes" she had consensual sex with the president once in 2006. she says she was threatened after selling her story to intouch magazine in 2011. >> i was in a parking lot going to a fitness class with my infant daughter, a guy walked um on me and said to me leave trump alone. forget the story. and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said a beautiful little girl, it would be a shame if something happened to her mom and then he was gone. after an interview the attorney for president trump's lawyer sent daniels a southeast and desist letter. quit making false and defamatory staples about him. president trump will honor french counterpart with a special visit to george washington's home. according to french media, our commander-in-chief will host french president emmanuel macron at mt. vernon next month.
4:12 am
the dinner very rare honor only happened a few times in history. he visited macron in france last july. a self-taught russian scientists launching himself 800 feet into the air to prove the earth is flat. that was the plan. the californian taking flight and coming back to earth about 200 miles east of los angeles. but, look at that right right tt hard landing left him slightly bruised. he was glad he could go home and see his cats. no word on the finding or how many cats he has. steve: i love the thought he is self-taught rockettist. jillian: how does one do that? brian: a lot of youtube. steve: riewrnlrumors are swirl t dr. david shulkin could get fired today tomorrow, some time this he can would. we will talk to hogan gidley just ahead. brian: white house says moving forward tariffs and
4:13 am
negotiating new deal with china. do you believe that? it's in the "wall street journal" today. stuart varney is here. he gets the "wall street journal" personally handed to him every day. steve: he is the "wall street journal." >> good morning snowed everyone loves a well dressed man ♪ hey scout, what's with the itchys and scratchys?
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4:17 am
>> we're simultaneously having negotiations with the chinese to see if we can reach an agreement. as the president said we want to cut the trade deficit $100 billion over the next year. we are proceeding with these tariffs. steve: the fight for free and fair trade is intensifying between the united states and china. what's at stake if they can't make a deal? and what does it mean for your wallet, your 401 k, your future? brian: no one contends that we don't have 337 billion-dollar trade deficit with china. so the president is deciding to tackle it people are getting nervous. the markets went crazy. what's happening behind the scenes, stuart. >> they are talking. that's the point. president trump has a specific style. he negotiates, starts from a very strong negotiating. brian: he will punch you in the mouth irs is. >> that's what he has done with china. knock this off. stealing our intellectual
4:18 am
property. forcing american companies to give you their technology and preghting your own industries and buying into our high tech. that's a national security risk. we don't like that. so he hits them with $50 billion worth of tariffs and better reduce your trade surplus with america by $100 billion. that's hard line upfront negotiating position. now we find it may have worked to some degree. because the two sides are talking. as you heard from the treasury secretary right there and i know for a fact that he september a letter to his counterparts in beijing saying, look, what are you going to do about the tariffs that you raise on our cars going over there? what are you going to do about computer chips that go over there? what are you going to do about all of this? so the stakes are high, they have made their position very clear and the chinese, to some degree, are beginning to talk. ainsley: this is going to be or it already is good for us, why? the whole world realizes
4:19 am
they have a china trade problem. it's europe, japan, everybody. that's what china does to everybody else: not like america is alone in this. we have allies going up against china. the result this morning is this "wall street journal" headline it says u.s.-china quietly seek trade solutions very bill deal. been brought to the table they are talking. you will see reaction to that on the stock market this morning. steve: do you know who hates this? the swamp. washington hates this kind of negotiation. they like it to go the way washington always goes. is he a disrupter. blows things up and negotiates it. brian: senator schumer liked it. >> washington loved the old way of doing things gigantic trade discussion tens of thousands of dollars and 20 or 30 different country. >> what do you end up with? we don't win. we lose. washington likes the old way. they don't like the new way.
4:20 am
president trump is making progress. ainsley: how does it affect our 401(k)s. >> last week sold off badly. trade war that's bad for us. now we find that the two sides are talking and this morning the dow industrials will go back up again maybe 300 points at the opening bell. that's not a complete retracement. it's a after restrong selling last week. strong move. brian: want something on cars right away. already talking to us about that. south korea has already moved on the threat of the tariffs and already revisiting ready to announce a deal with us we said south korea you are not going to be part of the steel and aluminum tariffs. you are excluded. europe is excluded. australia is excluded. just going up against china. steve: negotiations. >> it's a negotiation u it's a two-way street at the moment. south korea and the united states. brian: we have 18 seconds
4:21 am
until we are cut off. see you 9 to noon on fbn. >> glad you are watching, brian. thank you. steve: students march over the weekend called for a ban on assault weapons. do they know what that means? cabot phillips next.
4:22 am
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4:25 am
website. the average gpa in the united states is 3.23. students in south carolina have 3.48. way to go. ainsley: my mom is a teacher. they are doing a great job. steve: finally, 111. that's how many different cheeses are on this record breaking pizza. american chef cramming 111 cheeses on to standard size crunch using 2.5 grams of each variety of cheese. ainsley: wow. well, students at saturday's march for our lives rally quick to call for ban on assault weapons. do they really know what that means? listen. >> we're banning assault weapons. do you know what assault weapons is? >> yeah, assault weapon, it's like -- >> what is appear assault weapon? >> i consider -- i'm not just against assault weapons. i'm against most guns. >> like no, i guess. brian: no i guess. brian: here with more is campus, cabot
4:26 am
phillips. you went out there and wanted to find out what people were protesting. assault weapons one of the people wanted. >> he wwanted. >> everyone kept saying ban assault weapons. certainly they will know something basic about it they do not. advocate for real world policy impact million of americans be ready for real world answers and be ready to debate. a lot of it stems from lack of appreciation for second amendment. i began to ask them about the constitution and people's second amendment right to self-preservation and responses were about what you would expect. >> i think that's the second amendment at this time is outdated. i think that the wording needs to be revisited. >> i think it was done for a different time. >> i think the constitution of itself is something that's outdated. >> i don't think it applies in today's society. >> i don't think it leads to anything good or productive or peaceful. >> they are so right. just tear up the constitution. brian: doesn't lead to
4:27 am
anything good like a country. >> we see all the time on college campuses with leadership students campus reform how people don't learn about the constitution in class. they are not learning about how it's meant to protect people in society today. i wonder if the same logic applies to the first amendment. they couldn't have imagine twitter and youtube. freedom of the press. should we restrict the right of all journalists because a few journalists are misusing the press. collective punishment for the action of a few individuals. it's good that young people are getting involved but you need to understand some of the basics of what you are asking for because these are real world laws that will effect many people. ainsley: you got out and get a feel for the story and come back to the newsroom to write your story what was the story out there? and what would you say if i asked you that. >> main take away number one how organized it was. a lot of people are interested in who is helping all this organization. it's obviously not just students doing it and that was an interesting aspect of who is organizing.
4:28 am
out passionate the students were about change and how many of them were not taught what kind of change they were looking for. didn't have many specifics. ainsley: against school violence didn't know what to do about. >> it push back late bit. people say have you blood on your hands. if you don't support stricter bloo gun laws you support school shootings. it's all one or the other. brian: instinct security. nobody was shooting back for me. there is not that sentiment didn't prevail. it goes against logic. >> goes against we haven't seen any action taken place. we have seen legislation in florida. we saw the stop school violence act in d.c. there is a. brian: fix nics in the budget. >> if we don't get exactly what we want that's not action. that's not legislation and how compromise works. keep most people safe address the root of the problem not something we do is scary. in this case assault weapons. steve: maybe if you are going to protest something know exactly what you are
4:29 am
protesting. ainsley: the most important part, probably. thanks so much, cabot. steve: meanwhile rumors are swirling around d.c. david shulkin that guy right there will be the next cabinet member fired by president trump. we will talk to hogan gidley. we hope he is going to break news next. ainsley: prom moment going viral. teen's marine boy friend couldn't make it to prom because he was away training. baby brother wearing marine dress blues going in his place. they will join us live ♪ every day american ♪ a great big tow
4:30 am
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day after day, after day. because life should have more wishes and less worries. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. ♪ ainsley: it is a story that has gone viral, a louisiana teenager's marine boyfriend couldn't take her to the prom because he was away training to fight for our
4:33 am
country, so his little baby brother stepped in dressing up in his little mini marine dress blues. brian: joining us right now are the two in the photos themselves skylar fontaine and 2-year-old clay mok. >> good morning to you. say hi, clay. >> if first of all, skylar i have to say you looked beautiful in blue dress and clay looked so cute. how did it come to happen? >> i actually had seen the little costume online and i thought it was precious a cute gesture to send to my boyfriend so his mother got the corsage and beauty near and brother ordered the corsage online. steve: you took the 2-year-old on your lap. what's the reaction been across the inner webs? >> i have just like really touched a lot of hearts. i have gotten positive feedback from everyone.
4:34 am
that's all i could ask for coming from this. >> mommy. brian: could you tell me conflict? >> i kind of knew when he was going to the marine corps that he wouldn't be able to be home all the time. when i found out around january, i knew that was when i had started to find another plan for what i was going to do. ainsley: it looks like he wants to go to his mommy. you are welcome to let him go. he can go over to his mommy. >> go see mommy. ainsley: what does it mean to you, skyler, to be dating a hero in all of our eyes? he is giving up prom. everyone wants to go to prom. is he sacrificing a lot already at such a young age for our country. >> i just love america so much. i care about our military so much. so the fact that i get to date someone who is giving their service to the country really means a lot to me. steve: tell us about him. >> he is an amazing man. he graduated from high school last year. we played soccer together. and all he wants to do is just be a marine to make his country proud and his family
4:35 am
proud. he is an amazing person. brian: what was his reaction. >> he thought it was precious. i briefly discussed it with him before. he knew it would be cute but he didn't realize how cute it would be. he wasn't expecting the reaction and amount of attention it got. he was thrilled about it. steve: did 2-year-old clay have to pay for the limo. >> that was misconception that he actually went to prom with me. he actually just took pictures with me and then my friends and i went on our way. steve: that's great. congratulations. ainsley: congratulations. you didn't have your boyfriend with you. we appreciate all you are doing. god bless you both. >> thanks for having me, thank you. steve: nice story. that's great. ainsley: it is. hand it over to jillian. isn't that sweet? jillian: mommy. steve: love live tv. jillian: the bodies of the american family found dead in mexican condo will return home to iowa on wednesday. kevin and army sharpe and
4:36 am
children killed by toxic gas as they slept last week. they rented the home for spring break. police think the fumes came from either the hot water heater or the gas stove. nfl anthem protester michael bennet expected to turn himself in to police today. he was indicted over injuring a paraplegic woman. bennett accused of rushing onto the field after last year's year's super bowl in houston when his brother's team won. he pushed the 66-year-old working security causing her to sprain her shoulder. he could spend up to 10 years in prison. senator tim kaine is heating up the blame game over who is response cybil for not striking a deal on daca. former democratic vice presidential nominee firing back at president trump who pinned it on democrats for excluding it from the spending bill. >> it's either lying or he is completely delusional. if president trump believes in daca, all he has to do is retract his executive order
4:37 am
from september where he broke a promise to dreamers and said he was going to end the program. ainsley: president trump calling out democrats directly. daca was abandoned by the democrats. very unfair to them. would have been tied desperately needed wall. one step closer to changing time as we know it governor rick scott signing the sunshine protection act allowing you daylight saving time year around. this means clock also not need to be set back one hour in the fall if congress signs off on the wall florida will join hawaii and most of arizona. actually on "fox & friends first" at 5:00 this morning we were actually people what they thought. majority of people were like yes, we want this. steve: it is confusing. it's one time you know to change the batteries in your smoke detector. jillian: that's true. brian: only time to look at car manual to find out each time i change the clock on my car. steve: then you call one of your kids in to do it. jillian: i don't change it about six months it's back
4:38 am
to being the time of day. ainsley: sell your cars. take the subway. brian: live in the city. ainsley: you live in the city. why do you have a car you don't need it save the money. jillian: i drive to philly a lot. i drive a lot. ainsley: it's expensive to have a car. brian: i go driverless cars. steve: be like the rest of us remember when we would look at our watches? now we look at our phones. ainsley: it changes on its own. steve: thank you, phone. brian: rumors are swirling david shulkin will be the next cabinet member fired by president trump. what's the real story? we are going to ask hogan gidley. he is going to answer. steve: plus, we're refusing things up on our plaza with hottest sports cars of the year. including one that goes from zero to 50 in four seconds. ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. "fox & friends" continues live from new york city. ♪
4:39 am
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♪ >> fall out tonight in the russia investigation. >> russia. >> russia. >> russians. >> russians. >> russia,. >> russian. >> russia. >> russia. >> russians. >> russians. >> russia,. >> russian. >> russia. >> russia. >> russians. >> russians. >> russia,. >> russian. >> russia. ainsley: that is great. who edited that? steve: holy cow. brian: hogan gidley saw all of that but didn't do the editing. white house press secretary. steve: deputy brain brian deputy press secretary. hogan, does it seem like the russia story never ends and can you add anything to who is going to be on the president's legal team now that the two new lawyers are out. >> i don'i don't know who edited
4:43 am
my clips that seems like my dreams most night. in my office watching television news that's all we hear about is russia. we don't hear there is no collusion. we don't hear the facts that after a year and a half of spending money, us sending over all of our documents and making witnesses available. there is no collusion there all we hear is russia is a huge problem for this administration. and it's just simply not. brian: what about the legal team? can you have any update who is going to be joining jay sekulow. >> obviously i can't talk about the president's personal attorneys. i'm not privy to those conversations. i guarantee you they will be out there fighting for the president and getting the truth out there which is that there is no collusion between president donald trump and the russian government. steve: sounds like joe and victoria toensing going to sign on because their firm represents some other people involve in the probe. they will not be representing the president. it sounds like according to some news reports, hogan, that as early as today, the president could expel a number of russian diplomats
4:44 am
in solidarity with the great british, the folks over in great britain because they expelled 2 people after that poisoning of the spy and his daughter using that toxic nerve agent. >> right. well, the president has been very clear that we will impose costs on russia when it is in our interest to do so. and, when it's in our interest to work with russia, we will do that as well. this president has not softened or weakened any position that barack obama had on russia and, in fact, he has gone much further. you will remember we gave lethal aid to the crew ukraine. we sent troops into syria. we even expanded oil exports into eastern europe. something barack obama didn't do. so this president knows what's right on the international stage and how the deal with russia and when we need them as a partner and ally to defeat isis or terrorism, he works with them. when they do things like they did in england with the
4:45 am
poisoning of that individual, we sanction them. we stand up against them when we need to. ainsley: hogan, let's talk about the budget bill. the president is saying or hinted around at least on twitter over the weekend that he could use all of that military funding, there was a lot of military funding going into the pocketbooks of those men and women fighting for our country. there is a lot of extra money to be used, more than what they asked for, more than what the house asked for, so, there is talk that he might use that extra money to build the wall since he didn't get the funding. he only got 1.6. steve: that was his twitter. ainsley: his twitter was saying we might use this military funding to fund the wall is that going to happen? >> i don't want to get ahead of his announcement. steve: wait, what announcement. >> if he is going to make an announcement how he spends that money to build the wall. i can say that's one of the major victories for the american people in this piece of legislation that the president pushed which was actually building a wall. i mean, that's something the president ran on. it's something one of the reasons i think he got elected. because he understands that walls work.
4:46 am
whether it's around jerusalem where they saw 99% reduction in illegal crossings or around san diego where they saw 95% reduction in the illegal crossings. the president understands that walls work. for whatever reason democrats used to be for a wall. they used to you vote for it they used to say that was important. bill clinton pushed for a wall in san diego. so did hillary clinton. for whatever reason, democrats have decided they are against security and american people in this way and the president wants to protect this nation. as you know the number one function of the american government government is to protect the american people. steve: hogan, you are leaving out the republicans. it was republican led congress came up with this bill that stripped all the stuff that the president wanted for immigration for the most part. got $1.6 billion for a fence. not a wall. >> that's actually incorrect. we actually can build a wall with this money but there are political realities that exist. brian: hogan can i stop threw because the speaker told us you can use concrete. senator schumer says you
4:47 am
can't. only improve the fence. what are you saying there? you can use it? >> it's my understanding you can hispanic caucus came out vehemently against this bill for two reasons one is because in the letter they wrote to the president it bolsters the president's deportation force, quote unquote and it builds a wall. they are against it for those reasons. steve: right. >> the secret is, this is not an ending point, actually, for the president. >> it's a starting point. we have got to do more to protect this nation. this bill is a start. you know the president ran on building the military. that's what this bill does. and the political reality exists in this town where everything we wanted to rebuild the military, something the president ran on, the democrats came forth and said every dollar you get for the military, we want for our pet projects here at home. that was the trade-off the president made. he didn't want to signed bill as you heard in his press conference. brian: if he threatened to veto earlier he might have gotten a better deal, don't you agree. >> i wouldn't say that look, we deal with a congress here who is against the president
4:48 am
from the democrat side. obviously some republicans. we can't get them all under our tent every time. but the president did get what he wanted and what he promised to do for the american people, which is rebuild the military and actually give a pay raise, the largest pay raise in 10 years to our troops. which they sorely deserve. ainsley: that's great. the reason no one knows if they can or cannot build the wall with the 1.6 it was so big. 22200 pages. there might be another shake up that secretary dr. shull cinel might be out at the v.a. >> we hear these types of rumors every day. i heard another network which is nameless fake news is on it. two months mcmaster was out. you were wrong you misreported it for two months. we all serve at the pleasure of the president. if is he not pleased, you you know it, at this point in time dose have confidence in dr. shulkin.
4:49 am
he is a secretary. he has done so it some great things at the v.a. the president wants to put the right people in the right place at the right time and that could change. steve: what i have heard in washington people close to the president is that he would like to fire him today but he doesn't have a replacement. >> i have not heard that but, again, when the president wants to make a change, he will make it he doesn't have to try. he doesn't have to guess. he has the power to do so and whether he has a replacement or not, he can still make a change. the president wants to put the best people around him. the v.a. has gone into disrepair. one of the successes in the omnibus was 84 billion in there to streamline and build infrastructure there so that our troops, the people who put their lives on the line every day get the healthcare they deserve. that's something he he wants to have happen. shulkin has been working to do that we will see if that continues for the future. brian: the word is he is under achieving. hogan thank you so much. ainsley: hogan, thank you. >> absolutely. ainsley: is there a civil
4:50 am
war brewing among democrats? wait until you hear why senator mccaskill just slammed hillary clinton. steve: some of the hottest sports cars on the plaza including the corvette. jillian is behind the wheel and we'll be out there in about 3 minutes. ♪ ♪ [engine revving] ♪ got a ride that's cooler than a limousine ♪ when i received the diagnosis, i knew, whatever it takes, wherever i have to
4:51 am
go...i'm beating this. breast cancer treatment is continuing to evolve. ctca is definitely on the cusp of those changes. we really focus on taking the time with each individual patient so they can choose the treatment appropriate for them. i empower women with choices. it's not just picking a surgeon. it's picking the care team, and feeling secure where you are. visit appointments available now.
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4:53 am
brian: new york international auto show is back with brand new vehicles and latest car tech. here with the preview of all of the hottest sports cars is mike cardell provided transportation to get here today.
4:54 am
>> good to see you. the shoes are the star. brian: i like what you came in. >> this is based on the 1968 mustang bullet. steve mcqueen likes simplicity. 5-liter. look at the exterior design of this vehicle, what makes this special doesn't believe in big spoilers. i like just all about performance with this vehicle and, of course, it's going to be limited production. comes in one color green from the movie. brian: how much would it cost ted? because he might want to buy it. >> ted, this is going to start 43,000 up. that's the base of the mustang. why is a kia on the plaza in a sports car? ainsley: brian, comment of come get in. >> atlantica. 41,000 for the base kia. ainsley: it says fuel is low. would you like to search for a nearby gas station? >> put it in drive to find the gas station. kia is making a big
4:55 am
statement for a vehicle like this. lease for $299. brian: what makes it special? >> limited edition vehicle and kia is making a sub400 pour vehicle. puts it in performance category. steve: keep moving. >> alpha owalfa romeo: this is ultra sport utility vehicle. 505 fire breathing horsepower under the vehicle. steve: beautiful. >> all about luxury, put it on the track, steve. steve: this thing goes 177 miles per hour just not today. >> $82,000 for this one right here. most expensive vehicle on the plaza is this right here. this is the lexus lt, 500 h. h is for hybrid. you can spin the wheels in this thing, $92,000 vehicle. i love this. ainsley: this is beautiful. jillian: $93,000 you said?
4:56 am
>> feel like you are in a spaceship. jillian: i found the seat warmers. thank you. brian: this is even better. ainsley: we are following you over. >> who is ready? >> this is the chevy corvette grand sport. brian, come get in. brian: ainsley, you look better in it. we are talking sub500-horsepower. ready for this on the price starts at $66,000. steve: is that all? >> when you look at the prices of these vehicles though for what you are getting, you can put this on the track and cruz around the streets of manhattan. this thing is beautiful. watch out for hot holes though. steve: the reason you can drive this around the streets of manhattan. it's yellow. people would think it's the coolest taxi in town. we will give one car toian at the end of the show. >> five days of cars. at the end of the week pick
4:57 am
it out and take it home. brian: going to come back? steve: the car guy. [cheers] brian: is the president creating a briewnt for success? we will ask reagan's former assistant next hour. i have one second left. if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. . . . .
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♪ >> there is a way that i could take some of the money allocated to the pentagon to build the wall. >> can't put a price on border security. it helps the agents tremendously and it's a huge help for the entire country. >> those of us in states that trump won we would really appreciate if she would show respect to every american voter. >> the white house says it is moving forward with tariffs, negotiating with a new deal with china. >> president trump says you better reduce your trade surplus with america by $100 billion. now we find it may have worked. >> president trump looking to crack down on russia. one the options, reportedly to expel dozens of russian
5:01 am
diplomats from the united states. >> this president knows what is right on the international stage. when they do things like they did in england, we'll sank sank shen them and stand up against them. >> young people getting involved. you need to understand basic what is you're asking for. these are real laws that affect many people. ♪ steve: one more time. one more hour for fox and friends for this march 26th, 2018. ainsley: not to worry, you have four more days. steve: the problem with the last segment, we were in different cars, you get used to your car you know where to turn things on. they have buttons alfa romeo.
5:02 am
brian: one thing i never liked the mustang. i was low. the corvette. i was too low. ainsley: once you drive an suv you're hooked. so hard to go back. you feel like you're king of the castle, on top of the road. steve: king of the road. ainsley: what is one thing you look for when buying a car, most important. steve: heated seats. hello. brian: steering wheel. if you have extra dough. steve: things for joining us on this very busy monday. we just had hogan gidley on with us 15 minutes ago. he said something interesting. he said he didn't want to get ahead of the president regarding his announcement. brian: what announcement? steve: the president is going to explain how he will build the wall. as we put together on the pieces, keep in mind on friday the president only got $1.6 billion to start construction of something, fencing or a wall, that is up for debate in the u.s. confess.
5:03 am
nonetheless he is going forward. there were tantalizing tweets that made it sound like he might use executive action to end-run congress. ainsley: that is what he said. because of the $716 billion gotten to rebuild the military. many jobs are created and our military is again rich, building a great border wall with drugs, poison, enemy combatants pouring into our country, is all about national defense. build wall through m. we assume m is military. much can be done with $1.6 billion to fix and building the border wall. it is just a down payment. work will start immediately. he said he would not start the wall and stop, start the wall and stop. he would build it all in one swoop. this would allow him it do that, use the military money to build the wall. brian: this is just until september. he will go back and cut a deal. maybe get the other 15 billion anyway, what is left.
5:04 am
if he uses some of the 716 from the defense budget. we have the president of the local president control council in arizona. he says the trump team laid the groundwork. now he needs the muscle. let's listen. >> we welcome them to build the wall. president trump put the right engineers to see what works and doesn't work. we need the experts to do their job that is what it comes down to. you can't put a price on border security. the reality we need a better system a better wall in specific locations t helps the agents tremendously. it's a huge help for the entire country. brian: second nair nielsen explained that to every senator. they went to all the committees. they know this. senator schumer was taunting the president saying you will not get your wall. it is so out of control. steve: why the president sounds like will be taunting chuck schumer later on. we don't know if the announcement is today or
5:05 am
whatever. the way the president can use second is tiff power to declare the emergency. congress gives the money. they allocate the money and president and executive branch figures out how to do it, whether to stop the poison, stop the drugs, national security thing or human trafficking the president has it in his power to declare an emergency and take money from the pentagon to use it to build the wall. ainsley: we told but the russian ex-former spy that was poisoned they tracked it back to russia. it's a nerve agent only found in russia. this guy dies, he is in a coma. his daughter is in critical condition. those two were poisoned on march 4th. by russia in the uk. the prime minister of uk says i will take the russian diplomats, there are two dozen here, you're leaving our country, we're not allowing you to say. she is asking other countries to jump on board. our president is talking about allegedly doing the same thing,
5:06 am
because there are 23 diplomats on u.s. soil he could be send ising home. brian: on top of that a whole bunch of countries could be doing exactly the same thing. sadly the only thing russia understands is power. they need to be slap for their dastardly, if i borrow geraldo's phrase, killing people around the world. hogan gidley what could be coming down the pike today. >> the president has been very clear we will impose costs on russia when it is in our interests to do so. and when it is in our interests to work with russia we'll do that as well. this president has not softed or weakened any position that barack obama had on russia. in fact he has gone much further. this president knows what is right to deal on international stage to deal with russia. when they do things like they did in england, we sanction them. we stand up against them. steve: we should point out as
5:07 am
the president holds russia accountable, russia denies any responsibility. however the united kingdom had evidence, they felt, so they expelled 23. the president is apparently for our european allies to also get on board, do the same thing, then we will pull that trigger. meanwhile let's talk a little bit about this. claire mccaskill, the senator from the great state of missouri, she is in a battle for her survival in the u.s. senate because she is squaring off against the republican attorney general and according to the polls there in the show-me state she is trailing. so when nancy pelosi talks about crumbs regarding the tax cuts which are very pop are lar in missouri, or those crazy things that hillary clinton said, that's not good for the voter who voted for trump. she wants now to vote for her. ainsley: hillary said if you support president trump and make america great again you're backwards. that you don't like black people getting rights, women getting
5:08 am
jobs. claire mccaskill said those are fighting words for her. >> for those of us in states that trump won we would really appreciate if she would be more careful and she respect to every american voter and not just the ones who voted for her. i understand the point she was trying to make but it felt like she was criticizing missouri voters. i would draw, talk about drawing a line, i would draw a line there. i have great respect for missouri voters. there are a lot of reasons they voted for donald trump. some of which i completely understand. brian: bottom line, she let you know basically her playbook. i will say something to get elected. she has got to realize when there are democratic senators in republican-won states, she can't say things like that. that has nothing to do with it, either right or wrong. either it is accurate or inaccurate. where do you stand or do you want to get reelected? president is wising up on many fronts as our republicans, don't
5:09 am
pretend like you're with the president in order to flip a red seat blue. jon tester is basically running ads like set president's running mate. he has not voted one time with the president. steve: what is curious about what she said, i respect for the missouri voter. she doesn't say that she has respect for hillary clinton. she has respect for those that will return me to my cushy job. ainsley: who is bet doing better in the polls? steve: fox news report, he is. she is not popular. ainsley: president won by 19 points in the state. steve: when she went up for re-election, she squared up against todd aiken. we asked you what you thought and you have many thoughts. brian: this is from bob. claire is up for re-election and insulted voters of missouri are
5:10 am
gathering for vultures. ainsley: jack, jock, how you say it, mccaskill change her views how the winds blow. didn't expect differently from her. she will lose her plush government job in d.c. as senator. too many of us are awake. last time i checked missouri is a red state. steve: another twitter user right, but she doesn't denounce hillary that would go against the dnc playbook. keep the comments. coming. we read them all day long. brian: jillian always reading comments. jillian: always. i love it. i love interacting with everyone that watches. jillian: start with the fox news alert we're following. police standoff turns deadly after two officers are hurt in an ambush attack. the suspect opening fire on three police officers responding to a 911 call at a home in austin, texas. another officer was shot, another hurt jumping a fence. they're expected to be okay. the gunman later shot dead with a s.w.a.t. team who protect down
5:11 am
the door with a robot. unclear why someone called 911. stormy daniels breaking her silence about her alleged affair with donald trump. the adult film actress, whose real name is stephanie clifford. she had consensual sex with the president in 2006. daniels said she was threatened after selling her story to "in touch" magazine in 2011. >> i was in parking lot going to a fitness class, with my infant daughter. a guy walked up on me. leave trump alone. forget the story. he leaned around and looked at my daughter. a beautiful little girl, a shame something would happen to her mom. then he was gone. jillian: after the interview a attorney for donald trump michael cohen cents a decease and desist letter telling her to stop making defamatory claims about him. reporter: prosecutors planning
5:12 am
to show two hours of footage the night timothy piazza fell doesn't stairs and was left alone for hours after drinking 18 alcoholic drinks. a frat brother intentionally deleted the video but the fbi restored it. 11 fraternity members face charges in his death. the final four is set. teams punching their ticket to san antonio. >> they will go for the three. tie it! >> quickly right back outside to newman. he is on target tonight. jillian: top seeded kansas winning a thriller last night beating number two duke, 85-81 in overtime. another number one seed villanova handling three seed texas tech. the story of the tournament might just be 11th seed loyola and 98-year-old chaplain
5:13 am
sister jean and she has given the team to license her likeness. that is something i would like to see in the doocy household. steve: my kids went to villanova, a couple of them. i went to ku. i will wear the dad hat and ku jayhawk sweatshirt. like i did yesterday. jillian: saw it on instagram. steve: thanks, jillian. the left says president trump's staff shake-ups are causing chaos. >> this chaos is not the way you run an organization. i think he thrives on chaos. maybe that is the way to run a reality tv show. it is knot the way to run the greatest country in the world. steve: our next guest worked at president reagan's side for 10 years. she said she saw the same thing in the reagan administration. it's a good thing. we'll talk to her next. brian: he would not let a little snow stop him from getting his yard work done. i love it. steve: that's a mower! ainsley: does that even work. ♪
5:14 am
for my constipation,
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my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. ♪ steve: president trump's latest staff shake-up bringing two flue advisors with ties to the reagan white house. larry kudlow, former u.n.
5:18 am
ambassador john bolton. will building on reagan's blueprint bring more success to the white house despite the media and some democrats claim it is chaos in the west wing? here to weigh in, somebody that knows a little bit about the west wing and white house former executive assistant to ronald reagan, peggy grandy, she joins us from los angeles. >> good morning, steve, how are you? >> steve: thank you very much. eplighten us during the '80s when ronald reagan was president, some said look he is firing people too. it is chaos there, but it kind of turned out okay, didn't it? >> well, we would like to think so. just like donald trump, ronald reagan was seen an an outsider brought to washington do things differently. he was elected the majority of america, not by the coastal elites. just because he did things differently doesn't mean it was wrong. i think donald trump is getting pushback in that too. steve: you know how the media
5:19 am
works. donald trump is not going to get a break. but then again i remember back to the '80s, ronald reagan never really got a break either. >> no, he didn't, and when we look back at some of his second appointees, some are the ones we most associate with the success of the reagan presidency. people like bill bennett. people like second is elizabeth dole. those are second appointees. reagan had staff shake-ups and some were fairly early on. steve: reagan was originally a democrat who turned republican and some would say that is like donald trump as well. ultimately, do you think the president is running the executive branch much like he ran his real estate empire? if it wasn't working fix it? >> yeah. when you're a businessman you don't have the luxury of just sitting around waiting for things to happen. i think the american people appreciate the urgency with which donald trump is attacking his job and if that means you
5:20 am
send people out who are not on board and not on mission and on point with you, that is what needs to happen. donald trump has some people against him. i think it is fair for him to surround himself with people in his little boat who are all rowing in the same direction. the headwinds against him run believable. it is not unrealistic to expect that he will surround himself with people who are on point and on mission and want to go in the same direction he is. steve: she was at one point in time the executive assistant for ronald reagan, peggy grand ditch. thanks for joining us from los angeles, the city of angels. >> thanks for having me. steve: los angeles. thank you, peggy. president barack obama wants to make the world a better place. how, making a million versions of barack obama. home renovation show, flip it forward was canceled before it was on the air. the bennett brothers pushed forward with a lesson they had as kids.
5:21 am
god always has a plan. the ben hams share their inspiring story next.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
♪ ainsley: quick headlines. pennsylvania congressman ryan costello will not seek re-election this year, joining a froing list of republicans dropping their bids before the midterm. costello's sixth district was recently redrawn after the pennsylvania supreme court that the gop districts were drawn to favor their party. takes up second partisan gerrymandering case. justices hear arguments on republican challenge to democratic leaning congressional district in this case. the decisions in this case and one erred earlier in wisconsin a
5:25 am
expected in june. steve: back in 2014 twin brothers jason and david benham were left discouraged after hgtv canceled their home renovation show, "flip it forward." even before it aired one episode. brian: the brothers pushed forward with a lesson they learned from playing baseball. god has a plan. ainsley: it is in their new book, miracle in shreveport. they join us. >> good to see you. ainsley: what happened after your show was canceled? >> after our show was canceled, our business continued to thrive. we have nine kids between the two of us. i'm older one. i have five. >> we have baseball team. >> david only has four. we're still building businesses and growing strong. the lord has been really faithful. steve: any regrets about the comments? >> i said yesterday on the show absolutely not because the most loving thing that a person can do is tell the truth. and that truth that would say that god's blessings are found
5:26 am
within god's boundaries that is the most loving thing we can ever do. we simply told the truth, we won't back off that. steve: regarding the nail of your book, "miracle in sleeve port." when you were going to family vacation you would pass someplace in shreveport, right? >> that's right. a story in sports is a lesson in life. before we had hgtv or became entrepreneurs we had a dream with our dad and granddad we would play proprofessional baseball in shreveport. steve: you always dropped by the stadium. >> in atlanta, right up i-20, and our dad would reach his hand back in our 1979 i.c.e. blue caprice classic and hold my hand. i would play that my boys play in the stadium on the same team together at same time. we never thought it would actually happen. >> it looked like it wasn't going to. when we were it 2 we got
5:27 am
drafted. he was drafted with boston, i was with baltimore a greater team. >> whatever. >> i broke my leg. my career went down. his career went up, he got traded. i was sitting in the stands watching him play 25 years old. the very next nike i was playing on his team. you have to read the book to figure out how that happened. the last four games of that season were in shreveport. steve: god's plan. >> exactly right. when we got to shreveport, we never stopped in the stadium. we will only go there when the team makes it together. we walked on the field. went right to centerfield. started to pray. when we were turned around our dad was standing there in the top of grandstands, tears rolling down his eyes, god has a plan. it may seem like he is not working. >> we went through the hgtv story, it seemed like it was dark. what in the world could god be doing in this? we drew strength from this story, god is always behind the scenes putting pieces of his
5:28 am
puzzle together. you can trust his hand. brian: if god had a choice of the better player to complete his team, would he take jason or david? >> david. >> jason. [laughter] steve: we don't know. >> but the lord knows. ainsley: congratulations on having such an amazing, large family. you're having a lot of fun. >> we have. ainsley: holidays have to be great time for your parents. brian: you guys can actually fix it, unlike me. i want fix anything. >> but the world will never get to see that. ainsley: book is out tomorrow. >> out tomorrow. ainsley: miracle in shreveport." pick it up. steve: they look a lot alike. they're twin brothers. brian: we have to read the card closer. >> i think steve got you a little bit. brian: absolutely. if okay with you i have to read what is coming up next. congratulations, on the book. there is growing speculation
5:29 am
that va secretary david shulkin is the next cabinet member to be fired. president trump will no soon what the story is. we spoke to a white house spokesman. ainsley: are you tired of answering work emails at home. one city wants to make that illegal. should it be? that is next. brian: that would be trouble for us. forget it. ♪ hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. you've probably seen me running all over the country in search of our big idaho potato truck. but not any more. i am done with that. ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof.
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5:33 am
a row. they had a great time. the coach, who son the left, simon, also head coach of the women's soccer team hofstra university. they did a great job. scored nine goals in three games and did very well. won their bracket. steve: what a great legacy for you. you went to college. you played soccer. your children have been great soccer players. brian: they are been very good, hopefully they will play in college. i have another one coming up in ninth grade, i forget her name. caitlyn. ainsley: explain why this is the last club -- brian: when you go into 12th grade, you pick the college. doesn't pay to travel. that is the showcase. 11th grade whole bunch of coaches come down there. you're trying to play to win and get yourself into a school. ainsley: okay. brian: it is very interesting. you can relate to that in any sport, youth sand lot sports, that is where it heads. >> you have a great kids, brian.
5:34 am
brian: no snow in richmond. i was able to get out. >> beautiful. in other news facebook is under fire, lawmakers calling for mark zuckerberg, the guy who started it in his dorm room in harvard to testify before congress. brian: they want him to show up. after he takes out apology ads over the reports that the site collected users call and text logs. i heard cher gave up her facebook account. steve: it is over for all of us. ainsley: i'm not losing sleep. griff jenkins live in washington with details. reporter: hi, guys. someone cue, brenda lee's, i'm sorry, mark zuckerberg is ramming up the apology tour, taking out ads, saying quote, we have a responsibility to protect your information, and if we can't, we don't deserve it. lawmakers are calling for sucker sucker -- zuckerberg to appear
5:35 am
before congress, in answers to the cambridge analytica revelation. >> needs to come, testify before congress, explain how they are going to work with us to protect privacy of 50 million facebook accounts used by this sketchy firm, cambridge analytica, how we make sure it doesn't happen again. reporter: facebook users were outrained by zuckerberg's initial silence but they changed their tune after facebook stock tumbled 13% and delete facebook hashtag began to trend. >> this is major breach of trust. i'm really sorry this happened. we want have to make sure there are not any other cambridge analytica's out there or folks who improperly accessed data. reporter: facebook is reporting that facebook is logging android users personal call in data without their consent. facebook posting a response on line, saying this is the not case. they claim this is optional to
5:36 am
users. certainly another storm for facebook to have to start fighting off as we learned this monday morning, guys. brian: griff you know what that is, right? this is to find another reason why donald trump won the election. steve steve one thing if the democrats use it. when republicans use it. ainsley: double standard. thank you, griff. steve: it is monday morning. many times did you look at iphone or blackberry, if you still have one of those antiques and look at work-related stuff? ainsley: too many times to count. over the weekend? brian: probably 60 times already. steve: that could be coming to an end. there is city councilman here in new york city saying if a company has more than 10 employees you should have the right to disconnect from work and not answer anything after business hours. ainsley: okay. brian: hysterical. >> only work those hours you're at work. steve: that's it! ainsley: put your phone down. what is this councilman
5:37 am
suggesting if your boss reaches out to you? steve: $250 fine each time. brian: in our business never going to work. ainsley: never going to work. brian: not while donald trump is president. the news changes every four minutes. steve: talking about a new york city councilman is trying to do it. the right to disconnect by what do you think? a lot of you already weighed in. ainsley: people should take care of this with their bosses personally like adults. i don't think the government needs to be involved in phone calls now. brian: one of the emails, don't come to work, it is snowing? jack says you need a law for that, question mark, question mark? don't phones come with off function? steve: jennie tweeted i like this. americans work so much already. they deserve the right to turn it off and spend time with their families. a local reporter has a poll, do you think it's a good idea, bad idea, 66% say absolutely, great idea. ainsley: think about this when you choose your profession. if you don't want want want to e
5:38 am
contacted after work, but don't choose a profession maybe they would. can you choose a profession where they don't contact you through email. brian: helps you too. for example -- >> you're more efficient. brian: get a text, remind us to wear sneakers tomorrow. you have to put that out. worry about it. helps the actual sender. i'm not an expert on the jewish religion but i have a couple friends are orthodox jews. i talked to joe lieberman, he disconnects on saturdays. >> ivanka does toys, one of them is billionaire. they function at extremely high level, don't use electricity. ainsley: definitely think that it is not great when you're on your phone all the time in front of your kids. you do want to disconnect. put the phone down. find the time i would say, when your kids are not around, buy yourself. i have to. i can't not check my phone. steve steph that would be great. problem looking at your phone in off hours, as soon as you
5:39 am
engage, you're back at work. brian: i know. steve: back at work. blood pressure goes up. brian: i always think it is amazing too, if we're together and i'm doing this, i know you're here but i would rather talk to somebody here. it is fundamental insult. ainsley: right. brian: right now, i'm not looking down tossing to jillian. i'm looking at jillian. i would rather toss to her. ainsley: why everyone is so stressed out in america. jillian: i find it fascinating, brian, you need reminder to wear sneakers tomorrow. if we have a spot out on plaza, don't forget. brian participates in, he doesn't need the sneakers. let's get into the headlines. tell you other news we're following starting here. new reports suggest ising that president trump is preparing to fire the head of the va. earlier white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley joined us to respond. >> bottom line, we serve at the
5:40 am
pleasure of the president, if you're not pleased you will know it. at this point in time he has confidence in dr. shulkin. he is the secretary. he has done great things at the va. as you know the president wants to put the right people in the right place at the right time and that could change. jillian: shulkin recently came under fire oaf alleged spending abuses. president obama thinks that the world need as lot more of him, literally. speaking in japan i would create a 1000, a million or young barack obamas or michelle obama obamas, the next people that could take the baton in human relay race. he said many of today's problems are caused by old men. snowing is not a reason to stop shores. he is joking on facebook. the grass is growing, so i must be mowing even if it is snowing. steve: we must be going. ainsley: thanks, jillian.
5:41 am
steve: new "fox news poll" shows republicans narrowing the gap with democrats ahead of midterms. what are the issues that will get voters to the polls? a debate next. ainsley: plus you love him as lieutenant dan in "forrest gump." >> two standing orders in this platoon. one, take good care of your feet. two, try not to do anything stupid. like getting yourself killed. ainsley: gary sinise is here with a huge announcement how he is helping the children of our fallen heroes. steve: he is amazing. ♪
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5:45 am
of midterm elections. it is just five points. big question, what are issues getting voters to the polls. here to debate, trump 2020 campaign re-election senior advisor katrina pierson and talk show host jimila bay. are you surprised after the stunning result in pennsylvania that went democrats way that generic ballot is five right now? >> i was surprised at that, however, i have to admit that after 2016 i really think that americans need to recognize that anything can happen and that pollsters are not the final arbiter of what is the will of the people. so while democrats can be very happy to say, well, look at pennsylvania, look at alabama, look at the fact that you know, there is this groundswell of support, there are 25 seats that pennsylvania have to defend in the senate where as republicans
5:46 am
have eight seats. statistically work is harder for democrat right now. brian: absolutely. katrina, you know all about the defying the odds, however right now the momentum seems to be in the democrats camp. how does the president reverse that being that his popularity ratings are actually going up while the party is staying stagnant? >> i think you hit the nail on the head. the party is the one that really needs to step up its game. the president is going to everything he can to maintain the house and the senate. we know a lot of times when you see this kind of momentum, it doesn't necessarily turn into votes. it is going to be a case-by-case basis. a lot of voters in the base, a lot of those who turned out for donald trump looking at these individuals who are currently in office asking themselves a couple of questions. one of them, did you vote for the tax cuts, number one? number two, are you supporting the president's agenda to keep america safe? number three, are you supporting the president's agenda to bring
5:47 am
back jobs to support the economy and raise wages? i think a lot of people are going to have trouble answering that question in november. brian: a lot of people, a lot of democrats in republican-won states are sounding as if they have agree with donald trump on a lot of issues. conor lamb who disagrees with nancy pelosi, won't vote for her on other issues. do you have a problem with this chameleon-like approach? >> i think the chameleon-like is right approach. staying lockstep idealogically when factors change around you. i know this is debate, katrina hit the nail on the head momentum right now does not necessarily translate into votes. that's why when you see the march that these young kids had on saturday, when you see a lot of the literature that is going into homes of voters, it is remind, remind your friend to come out and vote. are you registered?
5:48 am
will you show up. brian: yes. >> because a lot of, a lot of this has to do with people's day-to-day lives. jobs, jobs, and the welfare of the american family. brian: right. >> is at the heart of all of this matter. so policy matters but voting -- brian: i understand. i think you should vote how you run. that is my big problem. how are people supposed to trust the person they're voting for if they say anything to get elected. katrina, keep in mind, democrats ad 2 point edge in 2014. democrats had 2 point edge, republicans picked up house seats. a lot on the table. real quick. >> there is a lot on the table, if we're looking at pennsylvania to be a marker, conor lam essentially as republican, against his party's leadership. so moving forward i think republicans are going to have to understand they need to get behind trump and pass his agenda because their voters are not going to be forgiving if they continue to thwart his agenda
5:49 am
and president has been very clear, he needs to maintain the house and maintain the senate if he is going to accomplish all of those goals. republicans need to get in line and understand that for their own sakes. brian: great debate, kind of, thanks for agreeing a little bit. gave us less heartburn this morning. >> thank you, brian. brian: straight ahead, you loved him as lieutenant dan in "forrest gump" and in csi. gary sinise is telling how he is helping our heroes of fallen soldiers. next we have bill hemmer who is also a nice guy. >> nice to see you monday morning. breaking news overnight. several missiles fired on a world capital. we'll have fawout coming up. stormy dan ills raising many questions. we'll try to answer many of them. texas bomber left a video message. mike mccaul catched it. he is here live. how did american family of four die in mexico?
5:50 am
join me and sand today in ten minutes at top of the hour.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
♪ >> get your hand down. do not salute [bleep] snipers all around this area love to grease an officer. i'm lieutenant dan taylor. welcome to the fort platoon. ainsley: gary sinise actor and humanitarian, dedicated 40 years to volunteering on behalf of our nation's heroes. in 2011 he founded the gary sinise found to honor the courageous men and women. now his foundation welcome as new program into the fold. gary sinise joins with us a special announcement. good morning to you, gary. >> good morning. ainsley: what is your big announcement to the general public today? >> for many, many years i've been involved with a
5:54 am
organization called snowball express. it was started in 2006. it was put together to support the families, particularly the children of our fallen heroes. we would bring the kids to disneyland. we did that from 2006, 2007, 2008, we moved it to dallas because dallas is the hub of american airlines. american airlines is our big supporting sponsor. we did it there for nine years. now we have a big announcement today. or over the past couple days that we are now going to take the kid of snowball express to disney world. we have moved snowball express into my foundation, the gary sinise foundation as a program. one of the things we'll be doing with the kids, in december, taking them all to disney world to have a good time. ainsley: that is wonderful. how many kids will you take to disney world? >> there is usually about 1500. then, 15, 1600. then you have guardians of the surviving spouse, mom. ainsley: that gets expensive? >> it is very expensive, yes.
5:55 am
and it is even going to cost more because we're going to disney world. but to honor these kids, and to show them our love and to remind them that we care and to express our gratitude and our appreciation for their sacrifice, they have each lost a parent, a mother, a father, in the war. and we can't forget these folks. the "cost of freedom" is very high. it is evidence in military cemeteries all around the world. these are the kids that stay behind. ainsley: yeah. >> we want to make sure we know we will not forget them. we love them. we have appreciate them. we want them to be okay, we'll treat them to this wonderful event. so anybody who is interested and sending a great message of love to these kids can do it by going to gary sinise ainsley: you do so much. to say thank you. i know the medal of honor foundation is giving you the circle of honor award, their greatest award. how do you feel? >> it was wonderful.
5:56 am
i have been involved with the medal of honor foundation thankfully and you know, blessing to be around so many great american heroes since 2007 when they invited me to come to seattle to receive their bob hope excellence in entertainment award. just been a real privilege to be around these great american heroes. they asked me to come to the new york stock exchange and receive their circle is of honor award. it was, just a highlight, just beautiful thing to receive something so special from so many great american heroes. ainsley: you're a hero too. you come from military family, military background. thank you for all the sacrifices you and your family made and everything you do for our troops now. >> thank you. ainsley: nor "fox & friends" moments away. ♪ then at your next meeting,
5:57 am
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member of the "fox & friends" family. welcome to andrew thomas carmichael ii. mom and baby doing great. >> congratulations. >> bill: good morning, everybody. the trump administration will kick out 60 russian diplomats from the u.s. and close the russian consulate in seattle, washington, given how close it is to a submarine base and boeing headquarters there. from a senior administration official quoting now, today's actions make us safer with these steps. u.s. allies made clear to russia that actions have consequences, end quote. all these orders coming from the president. it is breaking news. we'll have more inside of "america's newsroom" coming up here. more reaction from the interview from overnight. stormy daniels breaking her silence on the alleged affair with president trump going back 12 years


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