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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 26, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> dana: a long weekend, reentry is difficult. thank for joining me. we'll have more news on fox news channel. i'm dana perino. here's shep smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. it's 3:00 in washington where the trump team is fighting back after the stormy daniels interview. and her accusation that somebody wanted her to keep quiet. >> a guy walked up on me and said to me, leave trump alone, forget the story. then he leaned around and looked at me daughter and said a beautiful little girl. >> shepard: who was that guy? the president's lawyers said he had didn't have anything to do with it and demanding an apology. and russia is threatening to retaliate after 60 russian diplomats were expelled. countries around the world are taking similar steps after britain said moscow poisoned an
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ex-spy. and following wall street's work weeks in years, stocks are coming around. it's a turn-around monday and it comes in the wake of a report that washington and beijing are working to prevent a trade war. we'll see how it could affect your family and your finances. how high can it rise today? let's get to it. >> shepard: it's on the rise right now for sure. we'll keep an eye on the markets. this is shepard smith. first on the fox news deck, the white house says they're working and willing to work with russia following what it called a reckless attack on a former russian spy and his daughter. white house officials say the russian used military grade nerve agents in an attack in england earlier this month. the former spy and his daughter now listed in critical condition nearly a month after that attack.
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it's now triggered a global chain reaction with nations around the world booting russian diplomats from their soil. at least 22 countries so far have announced plans to expel 136 russian government workers. this morning the united states joined in. the president ordering 60 russians to get out. the deputy press secretary raj shah said moscow had it coming. >> the poisoning in the u.k. that has led to today's annou e announcement was a brazen action. it endangered not just individuals poisoned by many innocent civilians. this is not the type of conduct that the united states or our allies can accept. the president still remains open to working with the russians. >> shepard: the trump administration ordered 60 russians and their families to get out of the country. that i have a week to do so. a dozen of them are now stationed at the united nations.
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a senior white house official described them as aggressive intelligence collectors. in other words, aggressive spies. the other 48 at the russian embassy in d.c. the united states also ordering russian's consulate in seattle to close down. white house press secretary sarah sanders said today's actions make the united states safer by reducing russian's ability to spy on americans and conduct covert operations that threaten america's national security. this is the toughest action the trump administration has taken against russia. russia had repeatedly denied having any role in the attack three weeks ago. a senior white house official said president trump has not spoken with president putin of russia about what happened today and that the information is being conveyed to russia through appropriate channels. it's fox's top story. rich edson is live at the state department. russia threatening to retaliate. >> shep, senior officials here
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tell us that there is really no response from the russian government, no official response. what we do have is a response from the russian foreign kremlin spokesperson dimitri paskov. he said -- >> now senior administration officials say they did coordinate with allies on this. you mentioned him, shep, more than 20 countries responding, kicking out more than 100 russian diplomats including the united states. the u.s. has said that the 60 russian diplomats really just supplies under diplomatic cover and the location of the consulate decided to chose in seattle. the reason they chose that is
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there's a major boeing presence near seattle and a submarine base there. >> shepard: from your reporting, does this tell us anything specific about the u.s. and russia relations now? >> this is a low point, shep. you look at how many diplomats the united states is kicking out of russia here, you haven't seen this type of number like this since russia was part of the soviet union. the obama administration kicked out 35. this is nearly double that amount. the trump administration says they have tried to and wants to improve relations with russia, though the problem is that russia continues its malign behavior around the world and said relations won't improve until russia changes. >> shepard: we want to work with russia but this action can't be tolerated. the united states is working to the brazen and reckless actions. this is a u.s. response.
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we want to work with russia. the ball is in their court with respect to how they want to respond. >> state department officials said they reached -- a couple weeks ago -- a breaking point, a frustration with the russian government. they tried to improve relations for the first year of the trump administration and continued to hit road blocks. whether it's russian's actions in eastern you're crane, the support of the assad regime and interference in elections around the world. we talked with rex tillerson when he ran the state department a month ago and he said that russian was trying to interfere in the mid-term elections. and then there was the attack in the u.k. which the u.s. is responding to. a low point in the relations. >> shepard: thanks, rich. in response to the united states decision to close the russian consulate in seattle, russian officials are now asking which american consulate they should
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close. this is a tweet from the russian embassy in the united states. it gives users three options. last check on this, st. petersburg was leaving. the white house pushing back over stormy daniels' sit-down interview with what she described as her one-night stand with president trump. stormy daniels, whose real name is stephanie clifford said on a "60 minutes" interview said she was shaking after somebody threatened her after she went to an exercise class in the your 2011 withmer daughter. she said the man told her to leave trump alone and forget the story. there was more and we'll get to it. the principle deputy press secretary raj shah said the president denies her claims. >> can you explain why it's the president's practice or those associated with the president to offer compensation to people to
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get them silent? why would the president do that? why has he done that or caused others to do that? >> i would have michael cohen address any specifics regarding this agreement that you're referring to. false charges are settle out of court all the time. this is nothing outside the ordinary. >> shepard: daniels said she had sex with the president in a hotel room, consensual sex about a decade before the 2016 election while he was married to the first lady melania trump. >> melania trump had given birth to a son. did he mention his wife or child in this? >> i asked. he brushed it aside and said oh, yeah, yeah. don't worry about that. we have separate rooms and stuff. >> shepard: that was from "60 minutes." daniels and her attorney are suing president trump and her personal lawyer. her attorney wants to throw out a nondisclosure agreement she signed days before the 2016
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election. attorney cohen said he gave the adult film actress $130,000 out of his own pocket to buy her silence. the white house has denied there was any affair. trace gallagher with the rest of the story live from los angeles. trace, thank you for last week. my vacations, i appreciate it. this is spiralling again. >> it is spiralling. shep, first of all, my pleasure. the last time stormy daniels, aka stephanie clifford told her story was in 2011. but since then, she's denied the affair including a signed statement released by her publicist. now she says the only reason she signed that statement is because of pressure from trump's people. watch this. >> you thought there would be some sort of legal repercussion if you didn't sign it. >> yes. the exact sentence used is they can make your life hell in many different ways. >> "they" being -- >> i'm not sure who "they" were.
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i believe it to be michael cohen. >> michael cohen. october, michael cohen denies that. before the "60 minutes" interview, stormy daniels' attorney tweet add picture of a cd indicating they had the evidence to prove the affair. this morning the attorney said why was the information not released. watch this. >> does she or doesn't she have this evidence? >> we're not going to get into the details of everything we have. we're in the early stages of this case. we understand the american people want all of the information right now, immediately. it would make no sense for us to play our hand as to this issue and we're not going to do it. >> why not? >> and america does want it. significant social media push back on why the evidence has not yet been released. shep? >> shepard: what more do we know about this cease and desist
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letter? >> we know it was sent by michael cohen's attorney in relation to stormy daniels' comments about being threatened in the parking lot. the letter reads, regard manager cohen, namely he was responsible for an alleged thug that visited mrs. clifford while she was withmer daughter and made an alleged threat to mrs. clifford. the letter says that not only was michael cohen not ininvolved, he believes the incident never happened to be clear on this, during the "60 minutes" interview, stormy daniels did not link michael cohen to the guy in the parking lot that allegedly threatened her. instead, daniels says that he was behind the statements that could make her life hell. not violence but financial stuff. we should note this is the highest rated "60 minutes" since the november 2008 interview of president-elect obama and michelle obama. shope? >> shepard: trace gallagher, thanks. appreciate it. we'll have more on the top
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story, the stormy daniels interview, the new actions against the russian diplomat. i'll speak with a journalist that says the president's real red line on russia is vladimir putin himself. that's coming up from the fox news deck. we're watching the dow soaring today. the dow is up 602 points on the session, about 2.5%. the tech sector, financials and consumers leading the charge except for facebook which is down another 2% today. the morning walk was so peaceful.
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the scotts turf builder program. all it takes is 4 feedings, with a scotts solution for every season. it's that easy. this is a scotts yard. >> shepard: continuing coverage of the big stories of the day. actions on russia. >> 60 diplomats are expelled. a lot of them spies according to the white house. in addition to stormy daniels interview on "60 minutes" >> the thing that stood out for me is this accusation that somebody, some anonymous somebody threatened her in the hallway. if true, that is serious. outside the gym. >> right. definitely. this is the one i think newsiest part of that interview. everything else is what we heard before, just in more detail.
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this is very interesting. she said she was threatened when she was with her daughter. and felt that, you know, almost that it was her life that they were threatening her life in that parking lot. it's interesting to see the way that trump's former lawyer, michael cohen, has reacted to it as you discussed to prior to the break. he sent that cease and desist letter even though mrs. daniels didn't like michael cohen to that incident. that is something that is going to be a huge problem moving forward if it's proven to be true. >> shepard: we have this big curvy wall in here. in this wall here where you are, i might put the pictures of five, six, seven, eight different people that we know about and say, is it any of these people. because she was very specific. she said 100% i would know that person if i saw him. i would know him today after all of these years. if she's so sure, let's show her
12:17 pm
pictures. >> she said that with 100% confidence. she said i would know exactly after all these years later. that leads you to believe that it wasn't michael cohen. she knows who he is. >> shepard: the critics will say different things. among them that she's looking for publicity. she said i've doing the same thing's always done but i'm getting paid more now. she's deny described as one that is a good business person and apparently proving it. your thoughts? >> that's one thing. it's funny you mentioned that. she noted in her interview yesterday that came out yesterday that even the president noted this in that encounter so many years ago. but that is the most interesting point and something that anderson cooper probed her on more. why are you doing this? if it's isn't for money, you've told your story. she's already convinced most of the country to at least question whether there was an affair with the president.
12:18 pm
so that part has been taken into account. now it's more of the question what is in it for her now. >> shepard: all the people in washington expelled, sent back to russia presumably new york, united nations sent back as well and the closing of the embassy in seattle that is so near the submarine spot out there. you wonder, there has to be an underlying message on this seattle location regarding the subs. it's too much not to mean something. >> definitely. that's the other thing to note with this entire -- with the message that he sent today. it's a huge deal. the 60 diplomats that the white house largely said were intelligence officers but closing the seattle consulate. it is interesting. it's something that people will probe more why seattle, that location. it's not come to light yet. the white house yet to release
12:19 pm
more details on why they chose that location. altogether, it's a huge deal. we haven't seen the president or this white house take such strong action like this. >> shepard: exactly. we've reported on that. we have observed those things. the white house -- if we've been tough on anybody, it's not russia. now with these expulsions, the strong words of raj shah and others, is it's time for a narrative change there? has the united states made the push it needs to towards the russians or do we still need to hear from the president, a man that we have not heard criticism yet? >> like i said earlier, you said prior to the break, it's very interesting to see how the white house is reacting to this and the way they're announcing it. the president didn't go ahead and say this himself. he used the press secretary, sarah sanders, to issue out and e-mailed statement regarding that they would take this action. as my colleague reported earlier today as we have seen, the president has a hard line on
12:20 pm
russia, a hard red line. that's vladimir putin. he won't say directly to criticize vladimir putin himself, but he will do so in an administrative way. you know, as we're seeing these actions ramp up, it's harder for him not to personally attack vladimir putin but do it administratively so. >> shepard: alaina, thanks. the president was going to add a couple new members but it fell apart. we're told it was a conflict of interest. this as we get word a tom fund raiser for the trump campaign received millions from a political adviser to the united arab emirates before he handed out donations to u.s. lawmakers were. there dots to connect or just dots? because there are dots. speaking of dots, it's all arrows up on wall street. 636 points up on the session for the dow. 2.7%. and she's rising. stay with us.
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>> shepard: president trump's two new picks to join his legal team in the russia investigation won't be coming on board after all because of conflicts. that's according to jay sekula. trump hired digenova last week and his wife. you may have seen him here. joe digenova has claimed that people inside the justice department tried to frame president trump. that's what he said as a talking head on the opinion shows. sekulow says they're disappointed the couple is not joining the legal team. he said that the conflicts don't
12:25 pm
prevent them assisting the president in other matters. everybody is playing nice here. there's no mean front. this comes after the top lawyer in the russia investigation john dowd resigned from the team. he was frustrated the president wasn't taking his advice. john dowd said all along, you don't want to talk to the special counsel and trump had been saying, i do want to talk to the special counsel. that's where they step aside publicly. sources said they disagreed whether the talking should happen. there's report that the president is finding lawyers to represent him in the russia case and the president said there's no collusion between his team and russia. catherine herridge is here in new york with us. >> right here where the action is. >> shepard: yes. so help us understand why it is that joe digenova and his wife are not joining the team. >> the conflict comes down to the fact that they have other clients that they had taken on in the special counsel
12:26 pm
investigation. eric prince. as you know, he's the brother of betsy devos. he was at the heart of the meeting in the seychelles, which is of interest because it's related to the united arab emirates. sam clovis, and early adviser to the campaign and also mark corallo. he's a hostile witness to the president. >> shepard: he might, too. >> yeah. that i have a conflict with interesting clients. so as you rightly point out, it comes down to the interview. right? whether the president will agree to one. john dowd has made the argument, we've given them everything. intent is where you get to jeopardy with the line of questioning. as you can see, the president wants to do it and joe digenova and victoria may have been along that line. >> shepard: a witness in a special counsel investigation secretly backed the united arab
12:27 pm
emirates in congress. that's according to a u.p. investigation. sources tell the a.p. that george nader spent $2.5 million and gave to it a trump fund raiser through a company in canada. canadianer is a political adviser to the you i nated emirates. the fund raiser made donations to lawmakers to sway their opinions on qatar, a rival to the uae. i'm sure people have read about that. apparently this guy was a player. >> so elliott brody based on recording today made contact with george nader during the inauguration. it was after that meeting that he got an introduction to the crown prince of the uae. the reason the crown prince is important, he has this strong and successful working relationship with the russian president. this is what the last administration had their hair on
12:28 pm
fire about every time you mentioned the uae. it was after that meeting that elliott brody took this idea to the president about an arab nato, which is what the uae wants a military force to go to afghanistan and other countries as opposed to western forces. the bottom line in the last hour, as complicated as this story is, elliott brody and his wife have filed this 40-page lawsuit and they're accusing qatar of hacking their e-mail accounts to spread the e-mails to reporters and tarnish their reputation. if this sounds familiar like taking a page out of the russian playbook, think about the dnc and the clinton campaign. the same strategy there. >> shepard: regarding this hacking, how did they get in? >> i'm going through the lawsuit now. i don't want to give you bad information. they said they hacked the wife's account and then elliott's account and then they claim that disseminated the information. what is interesting to me, it's not every day that you get
12:29 pm
american citizens saying that a foreign government did espionage on their accounts in order to damage them. with the ripple effect, also the person who is sitting at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, this is an unusual case. >> shepard: so watch the space. >> yes. >> shepard: all right. the dow, the news is still great on the corner of wall and broad as neil cavuto would put it. up 627 points. that's 2.6%. so what is driving this? this is all about tech stocks. techs and banks. remember last week, there was so many fears about china and a trade war. apparently today there's no fears of china and a trade war. it's tech and banking that is leading this charge. i should say there's an outlier. facebook's hell week has ended, but the numbers drop as not. facebook off 2% today. the markets rebounding as we
12:30 pm
learn that beijing and washington are in stocks to stop the trade war. i mentioned facebook taking another big hit after the feds are investigating how facebook led a political consulting company get user's data. not just the data you make available. more than that. the company itself losing tons of value in trading while the billionaire ceo mark zuckerberg takes another try at an apology. we lay it out for you as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news.
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>> shepard: saudi arabia claims to have shot down seven missiles. but in one video, a patriot defense system turn around and hit the capitol of riyadh.
12:33 pm
local media reports shows that debris fell on a house and killed a man. cops in chicago said they arrested a man with body armor. investigators say the suspect had a duffel bag full of stolen swat team gear that belonged to the new york city police department. the suspect set to face a judge later this week. and a sandstorm from africa turning snow orange across eastern europe. would you look at this? ski slopes look like near soshi russia.
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ask your doctor about eliquis. . >> shepard: leading the news at the bottom of the hour the dow and all the markets, you can check out the 401(k) without feeling sick. the dow on an absolute tear today after the worst week in years. more on the dow in a minute with the fox business network's gerri willis. the dow dropped after the
12:36 pm
president announced import taxes on chinese imports. today they're rising after our corporate cousins journal reported that washington and beijing are negotiating tamping down a trade war. ken brown is here from the "heard on the street" column that reports on businesses and markets around the globe. the president himself said you have to show tough and then they'll negotiate. if you don't show tough, they want. lo and behold, they're negotiating. >> remains to be seen what they negotiate. a long history of promises and a long history of not much happening. we'll see. >> shepard: but the cause and effect here is clear. it's not as if people just pulling this out of the air. it went down because the markets were afraid of a beijing trade war. it's gone up because the fears have subsided.
12:37 pm
>> the market is nervous about a lot of things. >> shepard: it's your paper reporting that i'm quoting you. >> i understand that. but last week a fear -- a global trade war is bad for the economy and bad for corporate profits. >> shepard: president said trade cars can be good. they're easy to win. >> investors don't agree with him. >> shepard: all right. and today tech is covering as well. >> tech is one of the most vulnerable. it's the biggest exporter of u.s. goods to china. the good news is china would buy more semi conductors instead of japan and south korea. >> shepard: let's to the gerri willis. a lot of ground made up but we haven't made it all up. >> no. we lost 1,400 points last week. 600 and change. isn't that great to see? i love being in the green. >> shepard: fantastic. >> so we're doing good but not quite back yet. let me tell you what is going on here. what is so interesting with
12:38 pm
china, boeing and caterpillar, two big companies. >> shepard: two big winners. >> boeing was the best stock on the dow. not tech, boeing. lots of questions about what would happen with this trade trade war. because for boeing, one out of every four planes that they make goes to china. so it's a big part of their business. they're up and up dramatically today as is caterpillar, another big international company that has sales all over the planet. these companies are doing well. that tells you what's going on with trade is importance in the markets today. >> shepard: and a settling just in general. the markets are not specific. the markets in general, you've been schooling me for years since you moved over from the bad place, you've been trying to explain that it's about nerves and fear. sometimes it's completely irrational but very real to the market. >> that's right. absolutely. ken, you taught me this, too when we were in different bad places at the time.
12:39 pm
but to be sure, anxiety drives trading. you change things, everything sells off. you don't know what it means. >> shepard: one of the things that we've all observed the last couple years is this incredible rise of the markets. rise of the markets. the folks at fidelity and places say the little guy and gal missed it. they missed the up. they were out of the market. now they get back in the market and the market slides. >> people have a lot of scars from the financial crisis. they were nervous about getting back in. you saw people in bonds and bonds and bounds all that time, which wasn't a terrible place to be but they missed one of the great rallies. last year people bot a lot and then we hit the volatility. >> shepard: it's sad or rigged? i don't think so. >> no, no. >> shepard: it's not a secret
12:40 pm
that online people think it is. i'm not one of them but there's a lot. >> the market is not rigged. you couldn't rig something with millions and millions of people in it. how big of a conspiracy can you create? >> shepard: true. >> but the -- everyone knew last year was a great time. the global economy was coming up together. you know, synchronized growth and interest rates were low. inflation was low. this is like perfect time for stocks. now, perfect times don't last forever. some people caught some of it. a lot of people didn't. it's too bad. now they're getting the volatility. >> shepard: i'm out of time. but if you need to make a purchase, if you've been holding awful on a purchase, like a house or a car, isn't now the time? interest rates heading one direction or -- >> i think you're right. they could be going higher. we've seen it with mortgage rates. they're going up and dramatically. i'd say now is a darn good time to move on the things you want.
12:41 pm
>> shepard: the fed has suggested it's going to continue. >> and properly more than we thought a few weeks ago because the economy is so good. >> and the cost of goods is going up. >> the cost of everything. >> including money. the dow is up 2.7%. we'll see what it does. great to see you both. federal trade commission confirming they're investigating facebook, which is the only of the tech stocks down today. it's down about 2%. the feds investigate facebook on its privacy practices or lack thereof. this after reports that a political data firm gained access to personal information for more than 50 million football users and none of them gave permission. the firm is called cambridge analytica. the senate judiciary committee has invited mark zuckerberg to testify next month to discuss facebook's policies. bloomberg is reporting that
12:42 pm
facebook has lost about $100 billion in market value in the past ten days. facebook shares as i mentioned fell again today. deidra bolton has this news. deidra, it's all down. what next? >> it's all down, shep. that's one of the reasons the stock is under so much pressure today, for the week. the ftc, you just mentioned, telling facebook listen, you have to come down to see mark zuckerberg. we need another conversation. this is the second at-bat for mark zuckerberg with the ftc. one of the ftc's job is to protect our privacy. the first meeting was back in 2011. one of the key questions that mark zuckerberg will have to field is did you follow the directions that we talked about that you signed off on back in 2011 as it pertains to cambridge analytica or any other kind of relationship with our consumer data. i want to play for you, shep,
12:43 pm
this sound bite from senator mark warner and shows you the perception of some in government against big tech. here's his comment. >> i think the whole industry has been reluctant to accept the fact that we've seen the dark underbelly of social media, how can it be manipulated. we're still dealing right now with fake posts and fake accounts. think about the next generation of technology. >> okay. so the dark underbelly not great language for big tech. i want to mention in addition the mark zuckerberg, twitter and google have been invited which means they have to go and protecting and handling our data. back to you. >> shepard: we're checking records that kim jong-un has made his first known trip outside of his country since he took power. if he's in china, what does that mean? more on that coming up.
12:44 pm
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>> shepard: a massive fire in a mall in russia has killed dozens of people, including many children who were on their first weekend of school break. that's according to investigators that say that 64 people died in that fire. happened in siberia in a city about 1,900 miles east of moscow. witnesses said the fire alarms in the building didn't go off
12:48 pm
and mall workers didn't help with evacuating anybody. a security guard silenced an overhead announcement. investigators say they have four people arrested so far. the white house reports it cannot confirm reports that the north korean dictator kim jong-un is in china on a surprise visit. bloomberg news citing sources reporting that the dictator himself kim jong-un in china. if true, this is the first known visit outside of north korea since he took power. greg palkot developing developments from london this evening. greg? >> hi, shep. there could be a big diplomatic happening in beijing while we do not have independent confirmation of this, bloomberg news citing three different sources saying that kim jong-un is making a surprise visit to china. our own solid contact in seoul and other news agencies
12:49 pm
reporting various signs backing that up, including motorcade activity in beijing and a special high security train traveling from north korea into china. if it does prove to be true, the highly significant, the first time that kim jong-un since he was made north korean leader in 2011 has ever traveled outside of the country. also, as leader, he's never missed with another state leader and he could be, although we don't have confirmed meeting with chinese president xi. when his father travelled to china a couple times, he used the same train and the same means, shep. >> shepard: how could this affect president trump's planned meeting with kim jong-un? >> well, that's what makes this all very important, shep. >> dana: first of all, he will be, kim jong-un, meeting with president moon at the end of next month. it is planned that he will be
12:50 pm
meeting with president trump in may. kim jong-un hasn't been seen in the public for the past couple weeks. reports are that china has been feeling a little bit out of the loop when it comes to all of this. basically china is north korea's only diplomatic and main economic ally. while they're concerned about north korea's nuke, that north korea might give away the store to south korea or the united states. if this proves to be sure, maybe this is a re-assurance mission. >> shepard: greg palkot in london. folks in texas and the southern plains watching for potentially dangerous storms. strong winds and tornadoes possible the next few days. we'll get a spring-only forecast coming up from the fox news deck. stay with us. you could simulate craftsmanship
12:51 pm
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>> shepard: six minutes to go in the trading day. can we be up 3% on the session? it's possible. the s&p 500 up 2.7% today. the nasdaq, listen to this, up 224 points or 3.2%. 29 out of the dow 30 industrials in the green today. forecasters say parts of the south can expect a few days of severe weather including possible flooding, hail, tornadoes, some spring time with adam klotz, our meteorologist in the extreme weather center. it's that time of the year. >> it is. we're finally getting warm air that will fuel this. looking at temperatures in the south, texas included, running up to the 80s at this point. that's what will fuel some of these storms the next several hours and the next couple days. this afternoon beginning to see some of that activity fire up in north texas. if we take a look at the future
12:55 pm
radar, we can time this out. this will run overnight and that's when weather can get more dicey. it's harder to see coming. i'm taking you to 1:30 a.m. the biggest line of potential storms that we're talking about, hail, heavy rain, strong winds and an isolated tornado, that will be moving through some of these regions into the early morning hours tomorrow. abilene, stretching to the north, the south and the west, all an area here along this line where the potential is enhanced for some of that severe weather. as we track into tomorrow, unfortunately this travels along with it. we run into more populated cities. san antonio, austin, dallas. she's are all areas we'll pay attention to. >> they will, too. adam klotz in the extreme weather center. watching the dow. the question is can it go up 3% on the session? there's 4 1/2 minutes left. we're up 2.93%. it wouldn't take a lot to make
12:56 pm
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>> shepard: on this day in 1979, magic johnson and the spartans won the men's basketball championship. it was one of the highest rated sports finals in history. it created the legendary rival between magic and bird. the pair kept it up with bird playing for celtics and magic going to the lakers. the two superstars became friends after first meeting each other on the court 39 years ago today. i guess we're all loyola fans, right? we're dow fans, too. 2.8%. all the markets looking great. tech and banking leading the way. fears in china have calmed for
1:00 pm
the day. facebook though with big troubles and the ftc, the federal trade commission reporting its investigating. the stock down about 2% today. who knows this? neil cavuto knows this. see you lawyer. >> neil: you're right, shep. in your facebook. not only does that issue come back, the stock on the planets seems to come back for the day. making up for the dow about half the ground lost last week. what if i told you the tariffs were the reason? that's right, the tariffs are a big part of the reason. welcome, everybody. you're watching "your world." what in the world to make of what happened at the corner of wall and broad today. the same tariffs that frightened the mark and that this president was to crazy to think of going after china? i think the chinese blinked. reports that they're pondering some solution to avoid a trade war with the united states. the rumors were that the chinese