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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 26, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that's about it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, and possibly become a group --dash, and groupthink. >> sean: thank you, tucker. breaking tonight, i have said it before, i have said it again, journalism in this country is dead. this weekend you witnessed one more if not the final nail in the often. instead of russia, russia, russia, , and i were at a store, stormy, stormy. the mainstream media's nonstop installed on president trump and his character and credibility hass reached an even new low. then creepy anderson cooper along with the king of porn jeff sucker, we will show you, get your tape recorders running, how this breathless hysteria surrounding stormy daniels exposes the appointed double
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standard within your mainstream media and will give you our take on stormy daniels and the much type interviewar on "60 minutes" last night. despite the press telling you, president trump is taking tough, swift action against russia. expelling 60 russian diplomats. that and more you don't want to mess in our breaking news opening monologue. the left lege. mainstream media contempt for the president has now reached a boiling point andg i .. of unhinged insanity. especially true for fake news cnn. for days, they have been completely and utterly obsessed with porn star stormy daniels and her salacious claim that she had a brief affair, a one-time encounter, with donald trumprs some 12 or 13 years ago. you don't believe me? take a look for yourself. >> detailing on national television and intimate relationship with donald trump
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on the effort to conceal it, adult film actress stormy daniels. > they will face questions about stormy daniels. >> though stormy saga takes a dramatic turn as the porn star comes out about her affair. >> we haven't heard from him about the stormy daniels affair. >>ar adult film star stormy daniels breaking her silence about her alleged affair with president trump. >> we are talking about the most serious legal allegations that stormy daniels made. >> stormy daniels. >> i know you've heard of ten about that and we have to see where this case goes. >> is that possible to come up in the stormy danielsth lawsuit? will she be able to say, this lawyer is involved with a whole bunch of different things? >> this could be the last nail in the often. >> stormy daniels claims president trump broke the law, had her bullied. >> stormy daniels have the president's number? it sure seems that way. >> president trump might have
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met his p match with stormy daniels. >> how is stormy weatheringat this? >> stormy speaks. >> we are hearing quite a bit from stormy daniels. >> stormy, in her own words, isn't going anywhere. >> stormy daniels has a good lawyer. >> she is on my chair. >> quick preview of stormy daniels interview this sunday. >>in breaking news, stormy daniels. >> stormy daniels. >> stormy daniels. >> the reason he can't engage with stormy daniels is because she's got his number. >> sean: of course cnn isn't just focusing on stormy daniels. the network is also giving ample airtime to the claims that are also made by a former "playboy" playmate karen mcdougal with a with andersonew cooper on thursday. at these questions. we have a lot more coming. >> would he call you? >> he would call me. i will call him, vice versa. >> when he called, does his
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number show up on the phone? where a you are attracted to hi? so the sex was consensual? did he bring up his wife? that he talk about his job? were you in love with him? >> i was. >> do you think he was in love with you? >> did donald trump say that he loved you? did he have any nicknames for you? he showed you around the apartment? how did you feel being in his apartment? did he ever compare you to any of his y kids? did he ever use protection? >> sean: meanwhile, on "60 minutes," anderson cooper sat down with as much anticipated interview with stormy daniels,da and despite al the build up in all the claims made by her lawyer and the constant, obsessive-compulsive media a consumption, cooper's interview fell flat. it came off -- sorry, anderson, this is creepy. take a look. >> you told donald trump to turn around to take off his pants. did he?
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>> yes. he turned around and pulled his pants down a little. he had underwear on and stuff and i gave him a couple swats. >> this was done in a joking manner. >> yes. >> did you two go out for dinner tonight? >> no. >> you had dinner in the room? >> what happened next? you had sex with him? >> yes. >> you were 27, he was 60. we physically attracted him? >> no, not at all. >>t did you want to have sex wh him? >> no. >> did he use of condom? >> did you ask them to? >> no. >> he wanted to continue to see you? >> yes. >> sean: one-time consensual relationship alleged. if you find those questions are disturbing, wait until you see the interview footage that didn't make air from "60 minutes" over time. i guess that's the extra tape
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they had nothing to do with. it was posted on online. >> they wanted me to make a movie -- >> a movie if you having sex with someone who looked like donald trump. >> and i said no, repeatedly, much to their -- >> physically,vi you've seen him in ways that other people haven't. >> correct. >> his private parts. >> sean: did anderson consider this hardness journalism? despite claims from stormy's lawyer that his client was ready to dispose a mountain of evidence about trump's misconduct, the only potentially newsworthy moment was when the stormy's claims that she was threatened by an unidentified man following her alleged affair with mr. trump, a one-time affair. even that claim wasn't backed up with any evidence, no evidence whatsoever. instead, we just got the embarrassing details of a suppose it, alleged, one night stand from over 12 years ago. even some in the mainstream media are expressing their utter
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disappointment about anderson's interviewing and hard-hitting journalism. take a look. >> i think people thought there was going to be a smoking gun here. did we miss something? >> as a young lawyer, i remember being told, never overpromise. under promise, overdeliver, and the jury will look positively on you. we have an attorney that's done justiv the opposite. brady over overpromise, he set out tweets with pictures of the cd-roms expecting some big explosion. he told us two weeks ago thatks she was threatened with assault on we would find out more on "60 minutes" when, in fact, we found out nothing new on "60 minutes." >> what are you waiting for? what is a trigger that has you releasing the physical evidence? >> i ask you whether there was any evidence, documentary evidence, photo evidence, that verified that stormy daniels had
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the affair she claims that she had. you said to me, that's a question that miss daniels will have to answer. cut to last night, she's asked directly on this and she said my attorney has instructed me not to answer. does she or doesn't she have this evidence? >> sean: hell has frozen over. i agree with liberal joe liberal joanna today shows sabrina guthrie. we'll see if cnn's chief jeff zucker has turned into the porn cane. but after cringeworthy interviews with stormy daniels and karen mcdougal, it looks like anderson cooper has turned into cnn's jerry springer. it's a pretty compelling comparison. let's take a look. >> you told donald trump to turn around and take d off his pants. >> yes. >> did he? >> yes. >> you were young, you like that one, you were a party girl. what does the story here?
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>> you had sex with them. >> did you want to be with her boyfriend? >> did you w want to have sex wh him? >> i didn't say no. >> you are not interested in being with him? just a customer, right? or are you where condom uses an. did you ask them to? >> you had sex with him? >> sean: ask out jerry watch oy springer. anderson cooper may be coming for your draw. cnn was running images all day long of porn star stormy daniels next to karen mcdougal. were not making this up. there's a serious knowledge of this. aside from anderson's usually salacious interviews, the coverage of daniels and mcdougall is revealing a huge double standard in this country. you have allegations from a porn star about a one-time consensual relationship with donald trump getting aroundco the clock
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coverage. cnn, abc, nbc, according to a study, this is where we get serious, between march the seventh of march 25th, the evening newscasts from just nbc, abc, cbs, they dedicated a whopping 40 minutes of airtime to trump allegations of a consensualll relationship. for decades, the mainstream media has completely ignored serious stories of abuse, juanita broaddrick, paula jones, all women that accused a former president, bill clinton, of serial predator misconduct. and thehe media research center crunch those numbers. according to their account, 1994 when paula jones came forward with details about bill clinton dropping his pants and exposing himself to her in hotel room, cbs and nbc actually ignore the story. abc, to their credit, gave a whopping 16 seconds of coverage. in 1997, when the allegations
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became public that bill clinton fondled her against her will, cbs and nbc gaveve it 1:34 of coverage. abc did attach the story. in fairness to ed bradley, who did pass away, he did do an interview on "60 minutes" with kathleen and i believe he talked to paula. cnn's evening newscasts dedicated just 26 seconds of coverage. big difference. in 1998, when news broke about juanita broaddrick's serious claims that she was raped by bill clinton in the park should bebe 70s, abc, cbs, they did not find a spare second to cover it. meanwhile, the first interview with juanita broaddrick, according to an report with "the washington post," nbcr chif prevented it from airing becausa they said they were unable to corroborate her story. right here on the fox news channel, brit hume and others were wearing "free lisa myers" buttons to get them to
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release at interview. when they eventually did cover the story, the reporting was often dismissive. let's take a look at some of the clips provided too us thanks to the media research center. >> it is being tormented by right-wing nuts. she's not a very credible witness. it's not a law case at all. i think she's a dubious witness. i reallyly do. >> an awful also talk about this week, including the harassment suit against -- >> issue not trying to capitalize on this in effect to profit from impugning the president? >> i have to profess complete confusion over this entire case, why this is even case. >> what you think of her story? >> i don't believe it at all. anyone who waits 21 years to serve as a charge, has no evidence other than very circumstantial, what she may or may not have told her friends at the time, has a sword in the
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deposition that it never happen, and all of a sudden, comes forward with the story, it doesn't deserve to be dignified by being broadcast. >> sean: tell "the drudge" rept had to drop today about this 1998 op ed dismissed claims against clinton, writing, "publicly humiliating anyone for consensual adultery is draconian and wrong." i guess that is strange, too. abc's very own clinton sycophant george stephanopoulos once threatened to end a person's career if they dared to go public with clinton's affair allegations. take a look at this. >> i can send you names, addresses, phone numbers, a view had an affair with. it wouldn't make it true. it is completely [bleep], if you want on the radio and said that bill clinton is the father of an illegitimate black child, you would be laughed at. i guarantee you, if you do this, you'll never work in politics again. maybe you don't want to. t
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i'm not saying it matters. you will be embarrassed. people think -- nobody will believe you. people will think you are scum. >> sean: the point of this is the appalling double standard in the media continued author of the 2016 election. they made liberal press covered for then candidate hillary clinton all while throwing her husbands accusers under the bus. we've got the videotape. >> a trio of women who say bill clinton made unwanted sexual advances in the '80s in '90s. mr. clinton denied it. two of the cases were plagued by factual discrepancies. >> when it was bill clinton's problem, republicans try to make it an issue and it didn't work.. why is it going to work 20 years later with his wife? >> i would like to apologize to those that have slept with my husband. maybe she could have said that. >> the rape accusation is decades old. >> was hillary clinton is the
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candidate. not bill clinton. she was not implicated in misconduct. she was not someone who was accused even of doing anything untoward with regard to these women. >> it's about groping, fondling, touching against a woman's well and rape. >> donald trump using that word unprompted, bringing up a discredited accusation against former president bill clinton, dating back to 1978 when he was arkansas attorney general. >> sean: that is pretty pathetic. and at last clip we showed, andreati mitchell, nbc edited te online version to remove her using the word "discredited." what we just showed you is appalling and in a few minutes, paula jones, 100 broderick, they will react to this double standard to shed some light on how they have been treated by the liberal it's very clear the mainstream media shrouds itself with moral superiority, an order to slam donald trump, and then down in
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the gutter to defend all things clinton. they take accusations, about 12 years ago about an alleged consensual encounter between trump and stormy daniels and they turn it into weeks and weeks long scandal. even up until november 2016, they were totally timid as it relates to bill clinton's serial predatory behavior. almost ignoring all of the allegations. think ofin this, rape, exposing yourself, when it comes to bill clinton, okay. they want fixate on any of it but. every detail of an alleged consensual relationship as it relates to donald trump over a decade ago. journalism is dead and every day gets deeper and deeper. this brings us to our next top story that the media will not talk about tonight. theyhe are narrative that trump-russia collusion suffered another blow today. in a response to putin's nerve attack in great britain, the
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trump trump administration announced they are cooking out 60 russian diplomats, including some believed to be spies. a russian consulate in seattle was ordered closed because of its proximity to with a u.s. new hope base. the the russians will have to 70s to leave the country. where president trump takes serious action against russia, something we didn't see until the final weeks of the obama administration, you might remember when thee mainstream media would protect that donald trump wouldmp do the exat opposite, that president trump was unkind of shell for vladimir putin, maybe they got something on donald trump. >> i think is afraid of the president of russia. >> by? >> one could speculate as to why, the russians may have something on them personally. they could always rule it out and make his life more difficult. >> it is so clear at this point that vladimir putin and his associates, somebody has somethingas on donald trump. >> that may be something that turns the key in the russia
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probe, figuring out why this president is so deferential to putin and russia. if there is some sort of compromise they have about him. >> donald trump is perforated a political hurricane is at sea, we'll call it hurricane vladimir. the whole russian thing. >> they make these decisions time and time again in a way that makes it appear that they are hostages. that he is a's hostage. >> sean: proxy disagreeing with liberal joe. you just heard it. if the russians had something on drum, why would he do what he did today? i wonder if the media will eat those words. don't hold your breath. if the media's obsession with russia followed by their new obsession with stormy, has taught us anything, et cetera in the media is wrong, they move onto another story, never mind. our next guest, monica crowley, opal wrote an op-ed in porn, she
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joins us now, along with cr tv host michelle malkin. you are saying to me, i can't wait for "saturday night live" " >> watching those clubs, which are frankly embarrassing now and the meat to era, everybody who made those comments excusing bill clinton's behavior, allegations of rape, they are to be extremely embarrassed. all of this hysterical coverage over stormy daniels, wee all knw sex cells. that's part of it. but there's direct coverage looks like a "saturday night live" sketch. the point, sean, is that they are so desperate to try to get trump on now that the russian collusion story is falling apart, at least with regard to trump and his team, it certainly is and play with hillary clinton and the dnc and the democrats. now that that line is falling apart, they've got to come up with a new narrative. what they are doing with stormy daniels is not about ther
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consensual sex from over a decade ago. they are trying to nail him on some sort of violation of campaign finance law. they are dying for a trump -- that they can roll. anything to embarrass and use as a weapon against donald trump, they will find. >> sean: michelle, i think monica has had a lot of good points. one that stood out, in the area of me to, the treatment of juanita and paula, who will join us, and others, in retrospect, it wasn't that long ago because they defended the clintons through 2016, november of 2016. your reaction? >> that's right. monica's piece was fantastic. sean, i listen to your interview later this afternoon on radio with juanita broaddrick. i can't wait to see her on the channel speaking truth as she has for all of these years, as all of these media hypocrites turn their nose up at her. who are enablers for the victims
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smearing machine of the clintons. so it is not past history, as i've said before, as we've talked about, to bring up thatnd hypocrisy and make them confronted. what cnn and cbs are guilty of a softcore journalism, driven by a hard-core obsession to bring this president down. the greatest hypocrisy, and monica knows this well because we've lived at as conservative women and public life for 20, 25, 30 years, is that whitney's #metoo radical feminists they "believe a woman" there is a massive exception in this role. never believe a conservative woman or a republican that is turning theho table and exposing the sexual predation of democratic and liberal men. >> sean: at such a difference in topics -- monaco, i'll throw it to you -- in other words, this is over a dozen years ago. we are talking about consensual -- both women, , and tarara karen mcdougal, story may
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stormy daniels, say it is consensual. then you compare it to groping, kissing against one's will, paula jones, dropping his pants, and they did everything they could do to ignore it and notol hold hillary accountable for defending it. >> that is right. the double standard is glaring. the idea that the leftist media would think that the stormy daniels or karen mcdougal story will stick and somehow damage donald trump, bill clinton, who they aided and abetted all those years ago and getting you to do so, by the way, he rewrote the play playbook on this. he taught the american voter, the people, not to regard this kind of thing with any importance. it was treated as irrelevant. what happens in a presidential bedroom stays in thens bedroom. especially if it's consensual. we are not talking about nonconsensual. he rewrote the rules.
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donald trump is saying -- she's not saying anything. this is long ago, saying, if we want to apply the rules that bill clinton put into place, why not? it should be the same standard. >> sean: and fairness, ed bradley interviewedn: i believe kathleen and paula. in fairness, he worked with "60 minutes," a great reporter. i have a lot of good things to stay with him. but thedr tawdry aspects, am i wrong in saying that anderson cooper is creepy? when i'm comparing them to jerry springer, that is what i'm reminded of, is america understanding this? 22 million people watched this. a hugeni number. i suspect it was out of curiosity more than anything. >> yeah, i think it was like a rubbernecking in front of a train wreck. you can put your smart glasses on and have this veneer of gravitas, but in essence, anderson cooper is no different
10:24 pm
thany stormy daniels in being a striptease exhibitionist. >> one other thing. i agree with everything that michelle said. the way it boomer incorporated and helped bill clinton survive impeachment and it was sort of a rallying around the president, same thing is going to happen here. people tuned in last night because of -- >> sean: they will say it is the biggest abuse of power. >> this helps donald trump. >> sean: what we asked questions about so-called journalists and every detail of their lives? >> they would not want the spotlight shone on them, what they? >> sean: they would say that is over the line. i'm sure. >> this country has serious problems. the country elected donald trump to deal with them. they could care less about a story like that. they want the president to deal with our issues. >> sean: i'm pretty sure i made a lot of friends in the industry tonight. welcome, all of you. watching. this show is far from over. when we come back, a "hannity" exclusive. paula jones and money to
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♪ >> sean: joining us now with reaction, two women who did accuse president bill clinton of sexual misconduct and being a predator. paula jones, why need to broderick. good to see you both. you have a new book that came out, i have a copy, i have an autographed copy -- >> come i have it. >> sean: you better put some ice on that. how i survived being raped by bill clinton. what's amazing about this -- have you ever been interviewed on "60 minutes"? >> no. never. cnn, msnbc. >> sean: you've never been interviewed by cnn, msnbc,
10:30 pm
60 minutes. >> never. >> sean: it was hard to get it on nbc was lisa myers, who i know wanted to air her interview with you. to you, and all my years -- 23 years at fox, 30 years in radio -- you actually write about some of this in the book, it was the hardest interview you've ever done. >> that's right. and you were the second interview that i had done and the last. of course there was one in between. but when you came to my home with all of your people and sat down,pl i never thought about ts being as the emotional to you as it was to me. but we sat down and as i began to tell you the horrific events -- >> sean: a brutal rape. >> and i began to tell you about that, i turned out look at you at one time, and he had tears in his eyes.
10:31 pm
it almost -- it overwhelmed me. you've always been so good to us and i appreciate it. >> sean: one thing that lisa myers said to you when she said we can't air the interview, she said, i have good news and bad news. you are too credible. this whole title, "you better put some ice on that," is from the story -- he raped, he told you, because he had bite your lip. >> he bite my lip to keep me quiet. by the time he was leaving the room, he calmly puts on his sunglasses, and motions to my lip, and says, "you better put some ice on that." he coldly walks out the door. >> sean: you have the experience, and you won your lawsuit. you got a judgment in your favo favor. >> if you ask the liberals, no. >> sean: you won a lot of money. but he exposed himself -- he notice to come and invited you to a hotel room, and he dropped
10:32 pm
his pants. here's my question. you watched the interview with stormie,s, right?ye >> i did. >> sean: you see thehe breathless hysteria and the coverage. >> insane. >> sean:th when you compare juanita's story, your story -- >> it doesn't compare. you know want to, mr. trump, if he did that, it wasn't a crime. he did not do something that was a crime. there is a difference there. she admitted that he didn't do anything to her that hurt her or whatever. she was a willing participant. it is so different. we did not get the same kind of coverage. it's outrageous. liberals made fun of us. we were on late-night talk shows, making fun of us. >> sean: constantly. >> remember, james carville -- >> sean: a dollar bill to a trailer park. >> i've never lived in a trailer park. that is the way they treated us.
10:33 pm
this was a serious thing. even during hillary's election, sheev never, ever was asked anything about us women. >> sean: do you remember when she said that women have a right to be heard andbe believed? having interviewed both of you, i remember saying, does that mean we believe juanita now? >> absolutely not. after i tweeted what i did on january the sixth, she calmly removed "you should be relieved" from her website. >> sean: interesting. you tweeted last night at anderson cooper "60 minutes." >> i did. >> sean: you tweeted, would you like to interview me about my book? haveok you heard from anderson? >> i'm not a porn star. i was a hardworking nurse. [laughter] >> sean: you were a nurse. because i was. i was a hardworking person. i wasn't a porn star so i guess that's why they weren't interested in me.
10:34 pm
>> sean: i think it was because of politics. i've always talked about this president having five big groups against him. 5 the deep state, we talk about that a lot, liberal media, democrats, republicans, never traversed. it seems like if you are a democrat, #metoo doesn't matter. it seems if you are a democrat, women's rights don't matter. you two are living examples of it. >> i know. it's just like when they contacted me to do an interview for the #metoo come along before we knew they were going to be person if they are, i told them, i did not feel a part of r included me in it. >> sean: you were #metoo long before the #metoo movement. you were brutalized for it. >>e they asked me to submit a comment to them, why jay said, i will, and support of the #metoo. then all of a sudden they come out as being person of the year and i looked for my comment and it wasn't there.
10:35 pm
>> sean: #metoo, what do you say to all of those people that act so sanctimonious and fainting set such outrage overo alleged consensual relationships? >> it's because they are trying to get donald trump out of office. they will do everything they can to try and effect him or try and drag him out. >> sean: is it about we wantnt every detail of every consensual relationship going back a dozen years? >> only if it's a republican. >> sean: was it hard seeing all of this and does it bring up memories for both of you? >> sure. it never goes away. i tweeted that one time, back in 2016. it is something -- it's like we said today, when you've been victimized as terrifically as i
10:36 pm
was, it's in your dna. you do not forget it. >> sean: i want to thank you. get to see you both. paula started a coffee company that swears i will lose weight so she gave me some coffee. [laughter] this book, you can get it on,, and i guess in bookstores. >> noble -- what is it? barnes & noble. >> can i tell my website? it is paula's weight loss you can contact me on facebook. paula jones. >> sean: thank you, both. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: also, president trump severely punish her russia and putin for poisoning the axis by and his daughter in great britain. he ordered the expulsion of 60 russian diplomats, some of whom are spies, and closed the russian consulate in seattle. joining us with reaction, national security strategist
10:37 pm
sebastian gorka and catalan magazine publisher, cathy areu. didn't we just hear from brando brandon? you'll never hear from russia. >> you mean the same john brennan that voted for the communist party in 1976? >> sean: that's the guy. if he was compromised the way he said and then regurgitated by kathy's liberal friends in the media -- sorry, kathy -- i guess he wouldn't have done what he did today, did he? >> sean, every single significant policy decision that president trump has taken d sine january 28th of the inauguration has her to, whether it's unlocking the anwar, getting nato, after 30 years to commit to spending 2% of their gdp on defense, raising the defense budget, arming the ukrainians, every single one of them is bad
10:38 pm
for vladimir the former kgb officer. thedi left lives in a fantasy world. they are ideologically never trumpers. it's not about reality. it's about undermining a president. >> sean: cathy, if john brennan was right, -- let me ask you this. who is tougher on. russia? obama, mr. reset -- who is tougher on russia? donald trump of barack obama and hillary? >> we really think that donald trump was tough on russia? tough?k this is >> sean: cathy, let me help educate your liberal mind. this is important. you understandun that by moving america towards energy independence, herg has literally cut the legs underneath vladimir putin? literally, that is the only economic engine he has. that's it. >> he had him on the phone and
10:39 pm
congratulated him and didn'thi mention anything --ac >> sean: just like barack obama did. >> had that happened, what happened to this by and his daughter, that is horrific. that did not happen on obama's watch. >> sean: was it wrong for donald trump to pay for a dossier -- that's right, that was hillary. >> i thought we were getting tough on russia. >> sean: hillary paid for the russian dossier full of lies, dr. gorka. >> look at the track record of obama and his secretary of state, hillary clinton. they rolled over one vladimir putin invaded another country. they sent this plastic reset button.r they had the moment about flexibility. theyd closed down the missile deal with central europe that the prior president had promised to our nato allies. the last administration facilitated the rise of
10:40 pm
vladimir putin. >> we don't even know what trump has done. for putin -- i think you are in the fantasy land. we have no idea what trump has done for putin. we may never even know. >> conspiracy theory. shall i get to a tinfoil hat? nobody knows. >> sean: one at a time. dr. gorka. a speaker at the end of the day, it's about facts. the russian economy is a one horse town. it depends on one thing. oil and gas. that is that. everything the president has done has hurt them at the core of their existence. they are in a death spiral, economically and demographically. anybody who denies that it is an ideologue. it's as simple as that, sean. >> it is simply diversion. everything trump has been diversion. that is what it is. >> sean: do you have any evidence of trump-russia collusion that you can share withth us, cathy?
10:41 pm
>> the investigation is going on. >> sean: it's been ar year and four months. do you have any evidence? it's an easysy question. you have any evidence? >> i cannot wait for the conclusion -- >> this is the diversion. >> it's not a diversion. i'm waiting to find out what th> results will be. none of us know yet. >> should we wait eight years? >> sean: nine years later. we found evidence he wrote an email -- >> it's about hatred. it's the left. >> sean: when we come back, part three of the "the hill"'s explosive on camera interview with the uranium on fbi informant that was literally infiltrating putin's network in america only on "hannity" straight ahead.
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>> sean: tonight's >> sean: tonight's exclusive clip from the "the hill"'s interview with the uranium one informant william douglas kendall reveals what happened when he was undercover. this is so pivotal. the fact that the media cares about storming and not this is breathtaking to me. >> the people i was working with had been briefed about moscow to
10:47 pm
keep a very low profile regarding moscow's relationship with tehran. moscow was supplying equipment, nuclear equipment, nuclear services to iran, and moscow specifically, the leadership and moscow, were concerned that it would offset the strategy they had here in the united states if the united states understood the close relationship between moscow and tehran. >> sean: here with more, investigative reporter john solomon,n, attorney victoria via johnson, i will interview with him wednesday this week. you broke some new ground. explain the people just heard. >> it's very, very important.
10:48 pm
if you start where we started a few months ago, we believe there was onego red flag, one reason r barack obama not to give the uranium for the russians and forms of billions of dollars of contract the rhenium one, he approved all those things. we now. know for the first time that he also was passing along the second red flag, he gave very specific details. tonight after my story broke, i got a call from some intelligence forces that gave me more m information. doug campbell was providing information about the bashir nuclear power plant in iran. russia was helping that. why is it important? the u.s. was concerned and they released a virus into israel, targeting that plant. it was a place we were concerned about. doug campbell was telling the obama t administration office ws a problem. >> sean: wait a minute. we are seeing here, sara, that campbell identifying the suspect specific nuclear russian plan,
10:49 pm
nuclear plan, the uranium nuclear plan -- that goes into them obama deal, campbell knew alll of this 18 months before they signed off on the uranium one deal. they know about the crimes. >> i think this is what is so important here, sean, for people to remember. when the obama administration in 2010 decided to reset with russia, they basically pulled away those sanctions that had been put in place by the bush administration and related that, it opened the gateway. it allowed the russians to enter the uranium market, the energy market. at the same time, it allowed the russians tonu continue working with the iranians. at that point in time, that campbell was providing all this information, the obama administration was well aware of it. not only that, it also open up the door for the sr 300 muscles, the defense muscles of the russians were going to sell and he did sell to iran so that they
10:50 pm
could defend these power plants that we were so intent on finding more information about, the nuclear reactors that we believed they were using for their nuclear program, not just for medical use, but to build muscles, warheads, and bees nuclear power plants were so important at that time, to our congressional, congressional leaders that they did not want these to go through. that is why they were so many people fighting the uranium one deal. >> sean: we are talking about, victoria, the most important aspects of american national security. he was involved -- he understood and was operate inside putin's network until 2009, a lot of this could have been avoided. i know it's not to the level of stormy daniels, the porn star. sara is laughing.
10:51 pm
seriously, this is america's national security and congress, victoria, literally, the democrats trying to attack your client, who bravely got into this network and likely could have l been killed, a 30-year operative. >> sean, you've done so much on this issue. now it is time for congress to act. i want you to get them members of the house and tell an oversight committee on this show and asked them why, after five years, doug campbell gave detailed oral briefings to the fbi, sitting in the back of a government man as he describes it, for five years, he gave them all kinds of written product to specify what was going on with the russians. >> sean: who was the fbi director at the time? that was robert mueller, right? >> yes. will christopher wray act? for congress to issue
10:52 pm
a subpoena for those documents if they can't get up by a simple request. to my knowledge, they have not requested it. the other thing congress should ask for is the presidential briefing to president obama during that time, the daily presidential briefing. mr. campbell was told that the president was receiving information about this investigation. what did obama know when he wasn't sucking up to the iranians and also sucking up to the russians in 2009 and 2010? >> sean: john, ijo only have about 2 minutes left. i want to get everyone in. you spend time around this man, and he has tried to share it with congress. why didn't congress want to hear this?on lodge and the fbi do anything? >> we don't know that the fbi did anything. it's possible that they wanted to change -- someone made a decision, we will try to get ga deal with russia. it didn't happen and regretfully store a lot of uranium
10:53 pm
contracts. congress interviewed him but i haven't got further. i think the documents create a really clear story about how the united states was taken by russia.o >> sean: a sara? >> i have to agree with john. they need to find out how muchuc was actually shared with the intelligence community, how much are they act on, and how little they acted on it at that time came to uranium one, the energy market. this is what doug campbell can provide. he provides a road map so that our congress can investigate these issues, fully investigate them come about them, make them public. >> sean: last wrote, victoria. >> i want you to get those members on, sean. >> sean: i will meet your client on wednesday. >> we will see you on wednesday. i want to get the members of the committees on the show. >> sean: i know, but it's not stormy. why does anyone wants? to pay attention to something that impacts people's lives and national security and safety of
10:54 pm
the american people? >> it's very sad. >> sean: i'm not being facetious. thank you, guys. when we come back, former president obama outlining what he hopes to achieve next. we'll play the tape. ♪ i'm really grateful that usaa was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today.
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off miracle-ear hearing aids! >> if you think one obama presidency was enough, the former president talked aboutob what he hopes to achieve next.
10:59 pm
god help us. >> the obama foundation couldel potentially create a platform for young up and coming leaders, both in the united states, but all around to come together, meet together. create a digital platform f i could do effectively, then i could create a thousand or a million barack obama. >> oh, boy.y. we don't have time for the hanity hotline, there's our number. we will be interviewing exclusively the fbi informant coming up. the great one will be on tomorrow night to responding to how insane your media is.
11:00 pm
that's our promise. we are not like them. we are fair, we are balanced, let not your heart be troubled. i'm giving you three extra second. >> you are so mean. you are horrible to them, sean. >> did you not watch this and feel like you were watching jerry springer? >> this is awful. oh, my gosh. >> they were trying to leave a message during the break. >> we'll play it tomorrow. >> great show. great show. i'm laura ingraham. this is ingraham angle live from washington d.c. this is, our 100th show. can you believe it? like it was last year