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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 28, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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tesla off 7.7% on the trading day. what does that mean? neil cavuto knows. he's next on the network america trusts for news and information. >> what about the bagles and all that? >> it's free. anything you want. >> if you're insisting, twist my arm. i'll have a >> four? >> four. >> last week i let you watch me complain after eating too many hot wings. why did you let me do this? >> do you have a to-go cup? like a red neck guzzler with a straw? >> that man ate our shrimp and two plastic lobsters. >> oh, these cookies. i have to get the recipe from liz. >> put the cookie down now! >> neil: it's a metaphor, america. after all the binging, now the dieting.
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republicans after the 1.3 billion spending bill, now they're looking for a balanced budget amendment after spending more money in american history. i'm neil cavuto, this is your little chubby world here. how serious are they? probably as serious as me at the gym. at least you can see my doing my cardio exercise for america. this budget, not quite. not even close. they're talking about balancing it. the thing is exploding. it's insulting. it's out of control. both party participants to say they're going to balance it? i don't know. more on the effort that looks like doolittle way too late. >> republicans are looking to re-establish credibility with conservatives that are worried about its government spending money they don't have.
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this is just a few days after they passed a $1.3 trillion budget that does just that. so there's chatter on the hill about a balanced budget amount that only lets the government spend as much money as it brings in. nothing else. that's something that the budget director has said is impossible right now. >> in order to get the defense spending primarily, the rest of our priorities funded, we had to give away a lot of stuff we didn't want to give away and didn't want to give away if we were really in charge of the senate. so no, this is how it works. this is what a bill looks like when you have 60 votes in the senate and the democrats take their pound of flesh in order to defend the nation. >> and now the complaint is how republicans bringing up a balanced budget amendment now is shameless. they just exploded our debt and deficits with more than $1 trillion of tax breaks for millionaires and corporations. now they're trying to use a
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balanced budget amount to medicare, medicaid and other programs millions of families rely on. one reasons that bouncing the budget would be tricky, entitlements take up a big piece of the pie. the president has said he's not making cuts to social security or medicaid. ratifying any amendment has to have 2/3s support. republicans see it as a mid-term election talking pump ready for stump speeches after recess. >> neil: thanks, peter doocy. it's a little rich for the democrats pointing fingers let alone republicans pointing fingers back. the bottom line, it's not the case. both parties are running us into the red. unless someone seizes the initiative, we're in trouble. ned ryan says we've seen this
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commitment before. lawmakers that talk a good game until they get hungry. they forget that. he joins us right now. this is incredible, ned. the timing of this after this $1.3 trillion spending measure, whatever excuses they came up with to sort of force this on us. now to claim that they're going to show valor and show some discipline, it's a little late for that. >> a little late. it's like drunken sailors went out for a heavy drinking and say don't worry, we're going for rehab in the morning. it's pretend. they just voted for this $1.3 trillion omnibus and now saying we're going to vote on a balanced budget amount to run on the fall. we know the chances of this passing are slim. to say to voters, d.c. is broken. no congress the broken, neil. there's too many things to address here.
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i'd say you can look at mcconnell, congress will continue to be broken as long as mcconnell lets the democrats dictate to them. sometimes it feels like we have joint majority leaders and a swamp party. we have to get rid of this republican versus democrat narrative. we have to look at washington as a ruling class as the cronies versus the american people and the american taxpayer. that's how we have to look at d.c. and it will make more sense when we do that. >> i don't know if it would be improved. we talk about mitch mcconnell, the senate leader that likes the filibuster thing with the 60 votes. if we break that, i know his fears are be careful what you wish for. my point is, the spending goes on, the abuses go on, the pile-on goes on here. it's always sold on the idea that we don't like this right now, but we'll address it down
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the road. they never do. neither side can stick to spending caps so what is the solution? we're looking at combined debt here. it's getting out of control. >> no, we're well on our way to $22 trillion in debt. the thing that concerns me, republicans are claiming if you put us back in the majority, we're going to tackle this entitlement reform. this is nothing compared to the massive amounts of money being spent on entitlement. they lack the political courage to tackle that. if you want my solution, i come from a political background, you have to looking about how you remove some of these people from office. right now the american people aren't upset enough. the average re-election rate for a senator is over 80%. for house 90%. until the american taxpayer
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revolts and says we're not longer going to tolerate think -- >> neil: but the american taxpayer is partly to blame. because we want the continuation of things we've taken for granted. i think at the same time, american taxpayers are very smart. if you were to tell them and sort of lay it all out there, here's the money coming in, the obligations coming out. here's the commitment that we made. it's on us that we in congress have screwed up and misrepresented this to you, we have to reins in. they're treated like enemies of the people. we need both parties to go in this together and explain like an emergency, like a world war but we don't do that. >> no, we don't. i think if the american people
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had a better understanding what was going on, they would respond differently. i put a lot of common sense in the american voter. once they have been given the facts how things work. the american people have to have a conversation. what path do we want to go down. i feel like we're in a transition period as a country. are we going to look and say, d.c., this massive administrative state, we're going to continue down the path or return to the founder's vision or are we? we're just going to decide spending will go out of control, serve the state. the american people have to say what do we want our government to look like, what do we want to look like as a country of the future. >> neil: they're not. ned ryan, thanks very much. before i leave that point, ned articulated very well, whether you're republican or democrat, conservative or liberal, you like spending or not, we can't afford to keep doing this here.
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when someone comes around tomorrow or down the road, we're going to look at a balanced budget amount, it's like being on a diet and you promise to lose weight. i'll do it monday, i'll do it soon. but it's trying to set up -- this is out of control. it's enough to make you want to vomit. but they keep doing it. keep doing it. all right. they keep doing this, too. we've got a potential deal doing with north korea here or at least a guy has been given up to be a nut case that seems to be open to denuclearizing the korean peninsula. there was a lot of force hand going on here when that leader met with his counterpart in china we're seeing more progress here. a lot of it has to do with
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tariffs or the strong pressure of the administration or sanctions on that north korean government. whatever is going on, suddenly a lot is going on. kevin corke at the white house with the latest on that. >> a lot indeed. we're going to talk about this north korea possibility for quite some time. the administration has made it clear they would like to have the conversation. the president has accented the opportunity to speak with the leader of north korea. that will probably happen by the end of may. we'll keep an eye on that. you make an important point. it's the pressure on china. maybe even to a lesser extent, the presser on south korea. may be the impetus for this new-found possibility here. the u.s. and the washington and seoul coming together on a new trade deal at least as proposed. they're saying they have an agreement in principal. i with tell you, this is something that people will talk about, too. maybe not as much as north korea but the president took to twitter to talk about this latest deal in principle with the south. let me take you there.
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he says look, the u.s. trade rep just announced an agreement in principle on chorus. a great deal for american and korean workers. let's focus on the important security relationship. yeah, we get the inference. security relationship between the u.s. and south korea as relates to north korea. let me tell you habit this deal. this deal would not only call for targeted tariffs in the auto sector, but sets up targets for steel tonnage, which would in turn hopefully keep the south out of the sites of new massive tariffs on steel. the administration, they're hailing this, calling the agreement in principal a really big win for american workers and american companies. >> through negotiations, through improved chorus, the u.s. has secured changes that will reduce the trade deficit and ensure that chorus is a good deal for the prosperity and the security of the american people. this is a big deal for the american automotive industry. it's a big deal for our parts
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manufacturers. it's a big deal for our pharmaceutical companies and ultimately a big deal and major win for american workers an american businesses. >> very good news for america. the korea deal is one of three of the worst trade deals in american history only behind nafta and chinese entry into the wto. it means boots on the ground as people that make light trucks in places like detroit can breathe easier. the light trucks from korea won't be dumped into the market. >> you may not be in that sector but it matters to you. it should. the more protections that we have for american workers and american production, the better to say nothing of reciprocity. now back to you. >> neil: we know that congress is looking at facebook. what if i told you the president is looking at amazon and investors are looking over their shoulders? no stock, no industry, no
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>> neil: point, click, sell a lot. amazon's stock down around 4.5%. axios reporting that president trump wants to go after the online retail giant. if you were in that stock a year ago, you're still up about $500 from where you were then. nevertheless, this did jolt the financial community that was expected to roll along. ashley webster from fox business with the latest. >> interesting stuff. lawmakers as you mentioned are zeroing in on facebook and its security and privacy issues. the president we're told according to reports is taking aim at amazon. that big retail company. the white house was asked about it today after today's press briefing. take a listen.
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>> a report today on president trump and amazon caused the company's stock to tumble $53 billion. is the president, as that report said, looking for ways to go after the internet retail giant? >> look, we have no announcements and no specific policies or actions that we're currently pushing forward or considering taking. >> that was a great nonanswer. but there's been no mistake how the president feels. he says that he wants to level the playing field. he's said that several times in the past. the question is what does that mean? he's worried, we believe, that amazon pays too little tax and putting the mom and pop retailers at risk of going out of business. last august he took aim at the company saying "amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers. many jobs being lost." the question is how much is this
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about amazon and how much is this about jeff bezos, who by the way as we know owns the "washington post" what is sharply critical of mr. trump and his administration. they will not be exchanging christmas cards any time soon. so the question becomes could president trump use antitrust laws to attack the online retailer? very possibly. he says he's apparently asked people is this a monopoly? bottom line is, we'll see. investors today believe there could be a chance at some sort of regulation down the road. >> wall street just gets nervous to your point. thanks very much. that is the theory to ashley's point that lawmakers are stepping around facebook as you already know and when they start talking about wanting to get to whether amazon might have beneficial results when it comes to the tax laws, does this ring bell here? ceos gather and investors get
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nervous. market watchers gary calfon is here with more. gary, we worry this leads to other things. with the best of intentions, the pendulum can swing the other way. i'm wondering whether we're looking at more regulation of these guys who have had not in the past. what do you think? >> neil, it's not arguable over the 15 months that the stock market flew to the upside that the two stocks that led the way were boeing and amazon. boeing now is in the cross hairs potentially because of retaliation on tariffs. now amazon potentially in the cross hairs of the president because he does not like the company. if he wants to see the marked to go lower and it will when the leading stocks go down that will affect the election and the wealth effect and then
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potentially all heck breaks loose. i don't think they're thinking very smartly. a great company with amazon. they're not a monopoly. they're very smart. they pick their spots and do better than other companies. there's nothing wrong with that. if they worry about mom and pops, go after hem -- home depot and every other category killer, this makes no sense to me and hopefully smart heads prevail and they back away. >> neil: isa, what do you think? >> the president has a point in the sense that there are a lot of tax issues going on here. the thing is he can't regulate on a federal level. so amazon does and has been required for states to pay taxes to and if the customer has to pay taxes on the state level. i'm going to take new mexico. they have to pay a 5.1% sales tax. the tax rate is 1.3%.
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they don't pay that. so what ends up happening, the big cities like albuquerque, new mexico, they're missing out on tens of millions of revenue. so that trickles down or doesn't trickle down and the mom and pop store suffer. that's what the real problem is. will the president be able to regulate that on a federal level? probably not. it's a state and municipality situation, not necessarily a federal situation. >> neil: whether it is or not, gary, what i'm wondering, does it give a good excuse for investors to sell the stocks, whether it is amazon or facebook and the others getting hit. maybe it's an opportunity to say well, we'll get out. >> investors should stay within the stocks. >> neil: gary, you agree? or no. >> not right now. these are the most overowned, overloved and overleveraged
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1:26 pm
facebook or the social media companies if they're botching that. let's get the read know from jessica tarlov and privacy attorney, lisa garboro. looks like there's going to be a push for regulation here and how it's going to change people's behavior. what do you think? >> hopefully this will go further than the delete facebook movement. mark zuckerberg has to push for privacy. he's seen that people are unhappy. this extends to almost every social media platform, not just the one that facebook owns. the problem is that with these vast social networks where facebook has over 2.2 billion users, there's no privacy by design. there's no privacy baked in. so all of the layers get added the past few 10, 15 years to a
1:27 pm
point where they can't control the amount of data they have. >> they have two billion customers worldwide. what i'm wondering, they throw out the baby with the bath water. they go too far or make people think twice about using any of this technology. your generation. >> yeah, i'd think twice. i'm going to think twice about what i say on messenger. but this is how this company runs. the reason it's free, they can pay for it with targeted ads. they how they -- >> neil: but everything is out there. >> yes. absolutely. but they're trying to revamp the privacy settings. it's going to be the exact same settings. >> neil: has it changed whether you use it? >> i don't have a facebook account and never did. i only have twitter that i got when i came here. so everybody that loves me can
1:28 pm
tell me. i don't have it. it's interesting to look at the differences even between millennial and gen z. you can see it rises in the use of instagram and snap chat. we have no idea what will come out there. so facebook, senator kennedy is right, i don't need to see what my friend from high school had for dinner. a lot of people look facebook as an outdated tool. they're interconnected. they can use secure services like one's app. a lot of people look at -- >> the problem is facebook messenger is so intertwined. that was part of the android scandal that we saw yesterday with facebook messenger saying we can see what phone calls you make if you allow us access. a lot of people are using the apps because they're free and easy. >> and i'm thinking for your generation, that's what will keep you using it. you're offended, you tonight like the privacy invasion.
1:29 pm
you love it and you send god awful images back and forth. your kids will never grow up. i don't think it will change. you'll be outraged? >> things have changed a little bit. look at the stop dropping. they were trying to release one of those speakers -- they were going to release one of those home speakers in may. nobody will want that in their home. >> neil: i'm saying your generation will whine and complain about this but still have the technology. you won't change. you will lead -- still staring at that phone and stumble in. >> i will walk effectively in the door. >> i'll still stare at my phone but's been wearing a tin foil hat the past five or six years. it's so interconnected -- wearing a tin foil hat -- >> neil: it's the new look. here's what doesn't change. we don't change. when it comes to technology, i
1:30 pm
talked about this decades ago, if you want your privacy, get over it. you have to deal with the fact you're going to lose it. particularly -- you guy's generation -- you need this stuff. it's like a fix for you guys. >> it's like a drug to be on your phones. whatever your drug of choice is. my point in bringing up other services -- >> neil: hold on a second. let me write that down. go ahead. >> i'll get a call. but whatever apps you like, people are paying attention to the privacy apps like especially people that want to talk to those abroad. there could be a shift towards using a more security server for things like talking on the phone or messages. people are going to go on facebook -- >> neil: you know why i don't believe it? people think it's dangerous. just like when they see your e-mails become dangerous. they'll say i won't do that again. lo and behold, it continues. >> you remember the fox news account on twitter that were
1:31 pm
getting ahacked. i was like oh, my god. if my dms ever got exposed. >> dunkin' doughnuts or -- embarrassing. my point is that it's getting nutty here and people hear a story like this, hear 50 million people not realizing it's two billion facebook users worldwide. >> and you don't have to be on facebook. connected with someone on facebook. they might have a ghost profile on you. >> neil: what the hell is that? >> it's a term i just made up. >> neil: i like it. >> they've seen pictures of you and seen that you call them. whether you're on it or not, are still on record. >> neil: it's real. yeah. >> it depends what apps it's connected to. the real issue, it shouldn't be on a consumer. the privacy policy should be super clear, should be very clarified. >> neil: you have to start taking and say how is your day?
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>> neil: you try to get past secured at an airport. how did this ice agent escape from j.f.k. airport. they can't find him. what? and made it liberating. we took safe...
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1:36 pm
it's not. a man described as a violent deportee and the process of being deported escaped ice custody at j.f.k. international last night. he's on the run. parentsly they took off his handcuffs because you can't go through airport security with handcuffs. i don't know. but laura ingle does. she's at j.f.k. with the latest on what happened. laura? >> neil, i wish i could tell you where he was. but now we know who he is. that's something that we didn't have earlier today. it's still unclear how he managed to make this clean get-away out of one of the busiest airports in the united states. you've been here before. many viewers have. it's packed here. a lot of law enforcement. u.s. immigrations or ice released this photo of the fugitive. he's 31-year-old mohammed umbaku. last seen wearing a black and purple shirt. he made his escape after his
1:37 pm
handcuffs were removed to go through tsa security. once the cuffs were off, is 6'3" deportee bolted. you can imagine that. he managed to elude ice officers for 30 minutes before he jumped in a cab and took off. fox has just confirmed the port authority police were not alerted to the situation for over an hour. the man has previous criminal convictions for multiple weapons and firearm offenses. there's video surveillance out here at the taxi line. that's how they know he got in the cab. the question could they get the plate number to track down the driver to find out where he took him and what more may have transpired in the cab and if he had any money for the ride, neil. he's still on the loose. >> neil: incredible. amazing. thanks very much. the president is lending his support to orange county
1:38 pm
officials that voted to reject that state's sanctuary laws. tweeting my administration is this solidarity with the people of orange county. california's sanctuary laws release dangerous people into public. this happens as orange county sheriff's department says they will provide public information on when inmates will be released to enhance communication withist law enforcement partners. orange county undersheriff don barnes with us. thanks for taking the time. >> thanks for having me. >> neil: where is this going right now? ever since it went down in oakland, the mayor giving up to ice raids might be imminent, that concerned a lot of people that she was showing a disproportionate interest to those there legally or even
1:39 pm
dangerous. what is happening now should allow ice to at least follow-through with this stuff, right? >> well, what we did was we took actually language within the law. i know the attorney general made a threat. but we're following the law. that was a veiled threat. we're making information on everybody in our custody available online. we didn't differentiate between those here legally or illegally. it's something we can do and we made the information public. >> neil: so what are you release something the details you were giving. what is it? tell me. >> we have information available on our website. we added an additional field for everybody sentence leaders be released from custody and the date and time. anybody can go online and look through the list and find out who is in our custody and when they will be released. that's with the intent of making the information publicly available. >> neil: have you gotten any
1:40 pm
blow-back from state officials or those that say that this might in some way violate sanctuary policy? >> well, there was a comment made by the attorney general, which i found troubling. it's troubling to me that -- state attorney general, yes. who makes a comment that he may arrest sitting sheriffs who are complying with the law will advocating for criminals on the streets. it's troubling to us. we've been against this legislation first announced. we got some of the difficult language out. you can't put lipstick on a pig. it's bad policy. we're focused on the criminals. we want to keep the criminals and use every tool to keep them accountsab accountsable. we want to protect the public
1:41 pm
regardless of immigration status. >> neil: meantime, there's a reboot of ""roseanne" that you probably hurt. it's a ratings blockbuster that you have probably not heard. we'll tell you why. great, another dead end. sarge, i just got a tip that'll crack this case wide open! turns out the prints at the crime scene- awwwww...did mcgruffy wuffy get a tippy wippy? i'm serious! we gotta move fast before- who's a good boy? is him a good boy? erg...i'm just gonna go. oh, you wanna go outside? you gotta go tinky poo-poo? i already went, ok? in the bathroom! as long as people talk baby-talk to dogs, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> neil: come again? roseanne? yeah. making a big comeback last night with more than 18 million viewers for the rebooted show. it had a little bit of a political twist. take a look. >> i guess i didn't mean to imply that you're son right-wing jackass. i should have tried to understand why you voted the crazy way you did. >> and i should have understood that, you know, you want the government to give everybody free healthcare because you're a good-hearted person that can't do simple math. >> neil: this is the feed leading character that is a fan
1:45 pm
of donald trump. voted for donald trump. i don't know if roseanne barr in real life did. but it was huge for ratings. joe piscopo is here. that surprised a lot of people. >> i loved it. it was bold, timely. time to have fun. someone can go on the air on a sitcom like that and just say hey, you know, i like the president. it's just so timely. coming at the right time. she will change the tenor of the way we think. >> neil: what is nice about it, the fact that they're sisters and arguing over politics. that's what families do. they get along in the end with all of the fist-a-cuffs and all that. the lead character is a trump supporter and getting laughs and getting a response. you think that continues? if it were, what is the message for hollywood? >> i think it's time.
1:46 pm
i think roseanne, some of the man -- magnitude of rose san. brilliant, funny gal goes on. it's okay to say that you like the president of the united states. i'm on in the morning. people call in -- >> neil: you don't have to thank me. >> i didn't ask if i could plug it. i plugged it. but the mayor of new orleans came on and we talked about his new book. but his a liberal democrat. i'm a conservative. we talk. it's great. he took a shot at the president. i went back at him. it's okay. >> neil: it's all or nothing. you say one bad thing, oh, you're never this or -- stop. what was fun nip about this and again i don't know roseanne bar's policy. i got a kick of watching her on jimmy kimmel. it's okay. you're not evil or weird if you
1:47 pm
are or not in sync with hollywood. i wonder is hollywood going to change and say maybe we ought to try a pro trump character or pro trump theme in -- >> mr. cavuto, the name trump means one thing. ratings. look at that. >> neil: good or bad. >> they don't care. they just care ratings. if it gets ratings and pro trump, they will do pro trump. so it's okay to say that. have fun with it. david schwartz was on today, the lawyer for michael cohen. i said anderson cooper, but that was like a reality kind of show. you yelling at the other lawyer, i said this is great television. he goes joe, i was oh i didn't want to be there but the ratings were through the roof. if it means ratings, they will do -- >> neil: but for a lot of late night comics from colbert to
1:48 pm
kimmel, their ratings are born of going after trump and going after the president. so i'm wondering if that would extend or translate to what they do if they now and then said something good about the guy. >> i can't emphasize what roseanne did last night, stephen colbert could be funny and not so mean. jimmy kimmel doesn't have to be so mean. >> neil: what about to the days of johnny carson, jay leno. they would go after everybody. >> they were great. they would have fun with it. it wasn't mean spirited. maybe roseanne broke the bar on that. >> neil: you think it was preplanned? >> you're good. i didn't want to say it. you think they went in and it was a concerted effort? maybe. the name means ratings. we're going to go in. you know, you may be -- >> neil: what do you have to lose?
1:49 pm
if the only differentiator that you're bringing back the cast from 20 years ago, right-wing characters. >> i hate to be like that but it could be true. >> neil: you know it is. >> i don't. >> neil: still trying to be politically correct. >> everybody is so nice. can i be politically incorrect. i know why kim jong-un met with president xi. how did kim jong-un get xi to the table? they blared loud speakers old jerry lewis movies. >> neil: this is what i -- >> all right, little man. you're killing me. >> neil: i'll denuclearize the peninsula. i'll do it. >> anything to stop it. >> neil: didn't you think that north korean guy would disappear? i had a retired general saying, you know, it would be nice -- >> only because pompeo was ahead of the cia and italian.
1:50 pm
i thought a couple of italian guys from jersey -- >> neil: so but this is a start of something. >> it is. >> neil: predicting this might be a trend. >> we're proud to be on in new york. people calling in. i like to think that we set the president in our small humble way, they hate to hate. >> neil: your not small. your show gets great buzz? why? you're funny but you're an equal opportunity attacker. you have fun with it. most people have a bit of a sense of humor. we don't mind it. >> we're americans. >> neil: we dictate and cater to crazies on the left or the right. you don't have to do that. >> the show is done on wall street. we broadcast from wall street. i'm block away from the world trade center. remember when we flew flags? we're americans. we're if greatest people -- jo and we can laugh at each other.
1:51 pm
>> we are brothers and sisters. relax a little bit. >> neil: there is a little family tree in sicily. >> i came from from new jersey. it's so hidden. we call it witness protection. >> neil: now he's a big star. more after this. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> neil: parentally some gop donors are getting nervous about a potential democratic wave coming in the mid-terms. will this balanced budget proposal help or hurt that? that was 1.3 trillion wrong. leigh, what do you think? >> i think republicans are tightening the pocketbook not just because they're worried
1:55 pm
they'll lose the election, they're worried they're losing the party and the traditional conservative values that are out there. they passed this spending bill. they don't seem to be doing anything on spending. is a congress has no choice but to put something forward and say look, we're conservative. so they're going to come back and say we're going to balance the budget and never do that again and hope the money starts opening up again. >> neil: that won't work. promising you won't do it again and you do it again. it's not going to work. but they do have one thing going for them. these tax cuts are generally favored by independents, democrats. it's not chump change. it's more than we thought. more than nancy pelosi thought. but again, that spending thing shattered it all, didn't it? >> his supporters, the trump supporters, the base, are strong and solid. people are more favorable to the tax reform than they ever have been and that is really good. but republicans are getting
1:56 pm
hammered on spending. it's not the president that they're blaming, it's congress. the republican congress saying, everybody saying this is not okay with us. so you're seeing that now. congress is saying we better do something or we're going to lose the election. i think that -- they're right to have the heat put on them. this is not what traditional republican values are. >> neil: should they embrace them more? i mentioned the roseanne thing there. there could be an undercurrent there. more people are embracing him and maybe do more of that. what do you think? >> in certain ways they have to be authentic and honest who they are and what they represent. the bottom line is, it doesn't seem authentic and genuine when someone embraces the president when they've been fighting him the whole time. they have to be honest what they are, what they're about and what they stand for. when you see people like ryan and mcconnell, you know they have issues with the president, they have to be honest. that i have to be genuine.
1:57 pm
>> neil: sort it out. time is wasting. >> exactly right. >> neil: thanks, lee. lee carter. >> great to be here. >> neil: the down because everybody is confused today "the five" is now.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
♪ >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, jesse watters, juan williams and dana perino. "the five" ." it was a sitcom without the sermon. >> how could you have voted for him, roseanne? >> he talked about jobs, jackie. he said he would shake things up. this might come as a shock to you but we almost lost our house. >> now things are worse. have you looked at the news? >> not at the real news. >> what a disaster it would


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