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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 30, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> most critical hours of good friday here on the east coast, i wish your family a thoughtful easter or passover. whatever you are celebrating and thinking about. numbered overtime, thanks for joining us. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert workers cleaning ought the u.s. consulate in st. piecers burg, russia after vladimir putin ordered it closed and kicked out 60 american diplomats. i'm dana perino, this is the daily briefing. after the u.s. expelled 60 russians and closed the seattle consulate, one of many western nations to take action the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter, livie, in great britain. benjamin hall is in the london bureau, benjamin? >> yes, hi, dana. amazingly rush a playing the victim in all this. they're saying the expulsions are a response to the expulsion carried out by the u.s. and
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other countries. of course that completely ignores the fact a deadly nerve agent was used against a british citizens in the u.k. st. petersburg as you say, where the u.s. consulate is forced to close, staff are packing up to leave the country. 58 u.s. diplomats in the moscow embassy and two from the consulate have been declared persona none grate grata, they said they are not ruling out further retaliation. >> russia is further isolating itself following the brazen chemical attack. we're still reviewing the details of the russian action, but let me say again that we reserve the right further to any russian retaliation against the united states. >> and as further provocation, russia announced the second successful test of its new intercontinental ballistic missile. it is known as satan 2 and capable of carrying 15 warheads.
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the same missile back in march putin declared could reach any where in the world. and he did that while screens behind him showed florida being targeted. russia have also announced more missile tests to be carried out in the baltic in early april. this comes as days after the u.s. test launched their own icbm, uss nebraska off the coast of southern cal cam. if. you read russian kremlin media, this is a full blown cold war and more tense than the '80s. russia reaching out to the u.s. and saying they're open to a summit between president putin and president trump. remains to be seen whether they move forward or how bad the situation gets. >> benjamin, thank you. let's bring in fox news senior strategic analyst general jack keen. i wouldn't think we'd get to the point where putin saying it is as tense as it was in the 1980s. i heard it called the other day not a cold war but a hot peace. >> that's a good way to skroib
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it. no doubt about it, we have major, major issues with russia. the facts are putin and russia, significantly ambitious. they're certainly not on the scale of the soviet union, that's a good thing. put they are dangerous and getting more and more capable. because they've been able to manipulate previous presidents and world leaders, putin really is about as confident as i've ever seen him. and i think what's happening here, is for the first time he's got a president that's pushing back on him. we'll see, you know, where this leads. president trump still wants to be able to talk to him 1-on-1. i think he's itching to talk to him. president knows that putin is a thug and a bully. at the same time he wants to be able to put the issues on the table and see if they can work something out. than likely, but i don't have any problem with them trying. >> one of the things that nbc news reported in a call with
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putin, he said if you want to have an arms race we can do that. but i will win. united states would certainly win an arms race but not something anybody would be wanting to do. curious to me, this push by putin comes at a time when russia is actually, i don't think on the world stage, has any real friends except for people like maybe the iranians, perhaps, the turks? and they're not necessarily considered the good actors of the world. >> no, no doubt about it. putin is actually an international criminal, one of the richest men in the world, along with his cronies, they steal from their own country, steal from others, they clearly are an expansionist nation. he's been about that for four years. a as a result that he's creating enemies of the warfare that putin and russia is involved in, is absolutely staggering of the
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main effort they do, conflict is the exception. and meddling in elections is a small part of that overall effort to undermine western governments and civil society. yes, this is going to continue for some time. but you know, the other thing, dane, russia has huge problems. >> dana: right. >> their currency is a problem, economy is a problem, they have major inflation, they're one commodity oil and gas economy, huge h.i.v. respiratory problems, heart problems, demographic problems with the population. the average male dies nine years earlier than the average male in the united states. >> dana: if i can take you to another part of the world where russia plays a role, president trump surprised sp some people with syria and the u.s. role there. >> we're not getting the hell
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out of isis. we will be coming out of syria very soon. let the other people take care of it v soon, very soon we're coming out. we will have 100% of the caliphate as they call it, sometimes referred to as land, taking it back quickly. we will be coming out real soon. get back to our country where we belong, where we want to be. >> dana: in reaction u.s. special forces commenting to nbc news saying we're on the 2 yard line we could literally fall into the end zone, we're that close to total victory. whipping out -- wiping out isis fall i caliphate in syria, now it's coming apart. what do you think of whether the united states da -- don't plan to stay forever but staying for longer seems a better idea than pulling out precipitously andly on youing isis to get back in and re-establish the caliphate. >> you have your finger right on the problem.
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talking to my sources in the pentagon, they're under orders to stay in syria indefinitely. that doesn't mean forever, obviously. but no time line. reason there's no time line, there's about 3,000 isis fighters hanging around in circa and iraq. in syria they're in the southeastern part of it. more work to be done. we don't want them going back in to the reclaimed territory that we took away from them. this administration, i don't believe, is going to make the mistake the obaba administration made in afghanistan by precipitously pulling out in 2011 regardless of the conditions on the ground. and we all know what we got for that, we got isis. grew to 30,000 strong. wound up killing thousands and how sands of people. this administration will not do that. they will stay there for a while. let that situation mature a little bit and make certain that isis does not reemerge. >> dana: one last question, what
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about the possibility of some sort of political or diplomatic solution there? it seems to have stalled. the russians and the iranians and the turks have a way they want it solved. the united states taking a back seat and not really at the table to talk about how to solve it diplomatically and politically. we're dealing with pretty bad actors. . its a fantasy will be a political, diplomatic solution. the russians and iranians have propped up the assad regime indefinitely. they may change out assad, they want another thug to take over. but nonetheless that, regime as we know it, war criminals and have killed hundreds of thousands of people, 9 million, they aren't going anywhere. they have scored a victory at the expense of the united states, western allies, turkey, and all of the arabs in the region. that's the facts of it. >> dana: we have a lot to cover and there's north korea on the table as well. we will wait until next week to
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talk about that. general jack keen, thank you. >> have a nice holiday weekend. >> dana: jeff sessions says he will not appoint a special counsel to investigate alleged misconduct by the justice department and fbi. the attorney general writing a letter to top republicans saying he takes the concerns seriously and the u.s. for utah, john huber, will look into the allegations. doug mckell way is live in washington. what down? >> they say if you're receiving fire from both sides you might be doing something right. sessions is hearing criticism from both right and left. perhaps he's steering the right course. the special prosecutor option remains open. while it does, sessions has appointed this respected government lawyer. outside of washington to evaluate the evidence and ultimately decide whether to appoint a special prosecutor. john huber is the u.s. attorney for utah. well, we haven't heard president trump specific reaction to his appointment, the white house does appear to like it.
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>> having this prosecutor take a fresh look at everything that we know and could know is a very positive development. there is very little doubt now that shenanigans and untoward conduct was had in the way that rises to the level of continued investigation. >> other republicans have real faith in huber. >> this is more than just somebody looking at it, this is an experienced prosecutor, looking at very serious allegations. and people at the top levels of the fbi, i would be very concerned. i think special counsel is the ideal but i wouldn't write this off. i wouldn't minimize it the way some people are. >> well, some conservatives are minimizing it. doing just that. noting that the mountain of evidence of alleged fbi abuse at the highest level is profound. >> we need to have this special counsel. i disagree with the attorney general and can i tell you tonight, i went through and reviewed some redacted things that were given to our committee. and on seven panels, there were
11:11 am
12 material facts, material facts, not just names, that were omitted by the department of justice. it's time they come clean and give congress what we need. >> democrats have long maintained that calls nor a second special prosecutor are simple distraction, designed to undermine the work of robert mueller. but they're going to be hard pressed to find fault with huber, he is an obama administration appointee, reappointed by jeff sessions last year. known to be aggressive in prosecuting violent crime, this investigation may be a little bit of a departure for him. >> dana: doug, thank you, happy easter. a verdict in the trial of a terrorist widow charged with helping her husband man a mass killing at a florida nightclub, what the jurors decided. nd mid-term mania chris starwell ahead with the take on president trump's popularity and the democrat view of hillary clinton will play at the polls. turn up your swagger game with one a day men's.
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>> the widow of the pulse nightclub shooter found not guilty on all charges stemming from the massacre that left 49 people dead. prosecutors argue that noor salman helped omar mateen plan the attack. the defense described her as a simple-minded woman who could not have known what her husband was planning. the jurors acquitted salman of obstruction of justice and attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. now, to mid-term mania, democrats are high hopes of retaking the house this november. my next guest says their success will come down to trump voters and enthusiasm to get out to the polls. that's not all. chris star well is a politics ed wor and editor of "halftime
11:16 am
report." anybody who reads that might have done a double take yesterday, the headline can republicans win without hillary. what do you mean? >> i don't know who the democrats could have dominated, who would have beaten donald trump. it sure wasn't hillary clinton. donald trump was the standards of presidential nominees very unpopular and little trusted by the electorate. he was lucky, he ran in the same year that the person was the least liked and least trusted of any nominee in modern history was running on the other side. it's important to remember, yeah, trump nation, the trump train, that intensity was really valuable. but don't underestimate the poe ten i si of hillary clinton in motivating republican and moderate leaning voters to get to the polls. if she's not out there, thank god for republicans that she still keeps herself out there, if she's not on the ballot, not running, can republicans still
11:17 am
get people to the polls in the era of trump. >> dana: i think she will be out there. take a listen to what she said yesterday about democrats who are telling her maybe she should take a back seat. i don't think she's having that. listen. >> i was really struck by how people said that to me, mostly people in the press, for whatever reason. like, you know, go away, go away. and i had one of the young people who works for me go back and do a bit of research. they never said that to any man that was not elected. >> dana: okay, i kind of get what she's saying. but if you look at the men who had lost, they didn't spend their time relitigating that election over and over again suggesting that terrible things happened, that it was corrupt, without ever recognizing they may have had some fault. john mccain went back to the senate. john kerry moved on. then he, you know, was secretary of state.
11:18 am
mitt romney moved. other ee not in your face all the time i don't know if it's a fair comparison. she's, the sexism she was xhaning about when it comes to republicans, she's saying it's coming from the media and some democrats. >> right. and those democrats include people that were her supporters like clare mccaskill, senator in missouri. i heard your interview with jennifer palmieri, which was gentle. but there is a sense among democrats, what is it that you want, madam. what is it that we can help you with so that you can finally have some peace and closure here. her analog in this is not mitt romney, people who almost won. her analog is michael dukakis, took the award for worst democratic nominee. dukakis wasn't running a around talking about what a victim he was. regardless of gender, democrats, everybody would have said you have to go away, this is not
11:19 am
helping. i don't know what she wants. but if the democrats want to maximize their opportunities this fall, somebody better give it to her. >> dana: in the past, before cell phones and all, you could have gone to targeted districts where her presence may have helped. what happens now is no matter where any of us go it becomes big international news. if she's going to be in the press talking about her elections, and relitigating that, that is going -- she's going to continue to lead the news. >> the damage the clintons of done to the democratic party becomes uncalculable in 20 years. their success thrilled democrats in the 1990s. the hangover of that, what they inherited is truly, truly damaging. republicans were able to say to jeb bush no, no, we don't want to do that, we're not going back. democrats have been unable to sort of exorcize the clintons from their party. it is a drag, a big drag. >> dana: that's why we keep
11:20 am
paying attention and ask you back. >> blessed good friday. >> dana: thank you. shakeup at the department of veterans affairs the president fires the secretary and no its in a the white house doctor to replace him. the problems that still exist at the governmented second largest agency. the president says construction on the border wall has begun and that he has a new plan to pay for the entire thing. hi i'm joan lunden.
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>> u.s. customs and border control providing details on the border wall, acting deputy
11:24 am
commissioner thanks president trump for his support after the president suggested using the military budget to fund the wall. >> let me be clear, without the president and the administration's leadership and commitment to border security the funding for construction for these projects would not be possible. >> dana: town hall editor and contributor katie pavlik. glad you to be here. you look great, i love the color. let me start with you, jemu, the idea of the wall is a flash point for democrats, they see it as even something else aside from border security. a philosophy not being open. but i do wonder, if the democrats might have a stronger hand here, if they were to say something along the lines of, the border wall, you said it was going to be paid for by mexico. now you want to take it out of the military f i were democrats i would say that money could be better spent to pay increase the rate of pay for our enlisted
11:25 am
members. is there something like that going on in the minds of democrats? >> i hope so. i think you're spot-on, dane. it certainly is a flash point for democrats. but maybe even more so a flash point for trump supporters. his base. this was his signature promise and i think it's one twhing you run as a presidential candidate to not consult the experts and go off the hip like he did with the wall. when you're president, it is time to listen to expertise that says it's not about a concrete wall, we need to invest technology to better secure our borders. and trump doesn't seem to be really processing that. but he's also turning his back on a key promise to his base, mexico would pay for this wall. concrete or not. >> dana: katie, i have thought about this for a while, even when the president was saying during the campaign, i don't that his voters will really care
11:26 am
if mexico pays for it or not. they like the concept of national security when it comes the thinking about the border. you are from arizona, you know better than a lot of people. you do see it differently, where you stand is where you sit. if you are in arizona or a border state you might think about it differently. you don't care who pays for it. >> yeah, like i said from the beginning if americans want border security they're going to have to pay for it. as a sovereign nation if they want the security on an international border they have to foot the bill. the president making that promise, wasn't exactly helpful. i think he'll probably maybe try to row negotiate that with the nafta issue. i don't know if it's a dead talking appointment. in terms of the realistic goals, there's been a lot of hysteria around president trump's idea for the wall. if you listen to the acting commission e for the border patrol today and the statements he made he's saying all of the suggestions that we are getting when it comes to where we put the funding for the wall, where we're going to start building or
11:27 am
replacing wall along the border, all of the suggestions coming from people on the ground. field agents who are saying these are the most important places, we need to stop violent cartels from coming through. and human trafficking. i know that it's been president trump's big statement and he's certainly deserves credit for that. in terms of the details of where this initial funding and where this other funding, whether it comes from the military, from the regular budget eventually, is coming from people who are seeing it first hand on the ground in places like california, arizona, and texas. >> dana: one thing, jehmu, the funding isn't going to materialize, not coming through new appropriations before the mid-term elections. cnn poll today says that enthusiasm for voting is actually quite low compared to 2010. it was at 32% in 2010, now only 17%. i give you the last word if you think that is of concern for democrats who think they have a chance of taking back the house.
11:28 am
>> look, democrats should not get lazy and think that we've got this sewn up. the idea about enthusiasm, certainly has been on democrats' side as we've taken back red seat after red seat across the country. the silent organizing going on, certainly with the resistance, has been very powerful. but in any way, shape or form rest on laurels, i think that's the mistake hillary campaign made, democrats can't make that mistake again. >> dana: it could be people are unenthusiastic, we're still talking about the 2016 election and they haven't had a break. katie and jehmu, i'm enthusiastic about you. thanks for being here. >> have a good day. >> dana: a bold move by walmart, how they're looking to get into the health insurance business. lining up to the government, the citizenship question does it appear on the next census? do the states have a case? former assistant attorney general joins us. (vo) make her day with
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>> dana: president trump nominating bhous attorney for v.a. secretary. they say there are a lot of problems in the agency according to shulkin. >> i don't think the president should be happy where we are and i wasn't happy. we have to figure out how to move the bureaucracy faster and be responsive. >> dana: lou kas tomlinson is live at the pentagon.
11:33 am
what are some of the problems ronnie jackson can expect if he's confirmed? >> critics say the v.a. is heavily unionized and doesn't need cash or personnel. shulkin third the head of d.c.'s v.a. medical center, he was forced later to rehire him. as you mentioned, critics say jackson doesn't have nearly enough qualifications. president trump's doctor can take on the massive bureaucracy and lead the federal govm's second largest department. the largest war department organization says dr. jackson's biodoes not reflect any experience working with the v.a. or with veterans or managing any organization of this size. shulkin said he was fired because critics in the trump administration saw him as an obstacle to privilege tization. president trump signed an emergency 2.1 billion measure last summer to exmanld the 2014 veterans choice act giving vets more options in the private sector. which some vets groups say is a much needed fix.
11:34 am
. although we think there are incredible medical providers at v.a., needs massive and total overhaul and reform. for the clients we serve and for their families. >> executive director of the independence fund that helps the nation's most severely wounded vets. she knows how frustrating it can be at the v.a. michael has had more than 100 surgeries after being wounded in afghanistan. >> i have to beg for additional prosthetic sleeve liners. i had to at one point duct tape his prosthetic leg back together, the v.a. waited 57 days to sign a piece of paper authorizing repair. this is truly a stain on our nation. >> last night on special report, shulkin addressed sarah directly. >> when you showed the verados, i know michael and sarah very well. this was a system that failed them, frankly. >> on monday, acting v.a. secretary robert will can i
11:35 am
takes over on an interim basis. expect jackson's confirmation to take months. >> dana: lucas, thank you. several states are planning to sue the federal government if a controversial question about citizenship status is added to the 2020 census. critics say it could cost some states billions in federal aid. former deputy assistant general john mu, you teach law, i wanted to have you here. i didn't get a chance to go to law school. i want to have you help us understand the original idea of the census is rooted in the constitution. the lawsuits that these states want to file, what grounds do you think, do they think they have. >> it's hard to see. under the constitution, the government must take quote unquote actual ee noomration of the population to allocate the seats in the house of representatives every ten years. the ground that the states are using are basically the same grounds people have been using to sue president trump over the travel ban, over his effort to
11:36 am
restart the removal of recipients, you're secretly racist, you have a bad motive to hurt immigrants or hurt people of certain race or believes. -- beliefs. this question has been on the census for many, many years. the only year it was not on the census was 2010. >> dana: seems there's a lot of misinformation. the "l.a. times" editorial two days ago, had this at the end. this is how they wrapped it up. they said, it is in the nation's interest to get this count right and republican congressional leaders must look beyond the administration narrow look of america to ensure the constitutional mandate is met and people across the country, regardless of citizenship, immigration status or political party receive the congressional representation and federal ald they're constitutionally entitled. my his band is an immigrant from britain, he picks up on things like. that if you're not a citizen should you have congressional
11:37 am
representation or access to federal aid? >> i'm in the same boat as your husband, i wasn't born in the united states but i became a citizen. constitution requires only citizens vote in federal elections. but it doesn't require any amount of welfare be given to aliens or citizens. congress has said only citizens are going to receive federal welfare benefits but it's not constitutionally required. the "l.a. times" has gotten mixed up on the constitution. >> dana: the other thing, just process. the to 20 census, it's not like you can just get it ready at the drop of a hat, it takes lot of planning and hire people, get it out there. 1 states going to sue at what point might we know something about the process that the courts will go through, how soon might the courts rule? >> they're going to have to rule pretty soon. there's a big lag time before when you do the census, when you create the forms and decide on the questions. a lot of people used to think the courts wouldn't review questions about the census, that was up to congress and the president and the executive
11:38 am
branch agencies. in the last 10, 15 years the supreme court has taken 2 or 3 census cases. but i -- that means you can get into court. then i don't think it's going to win. if the plaintiffs like california are right, you could challenge every single question on the census as being secretly motivated by racism. >> dana: if they're right doesn't matter if you're a citizen or not. basically, makes that point moot. >> right. >> dana: i'm not a you are la. >> you don't need to go to law school. >> we want to wish your mother happy 80th birthday, i know that's why you're in town. hope she's watching. >> thank you. >> dana: john yoo, thank you. walmart making a dramatic move to get into the health insurance business. the "wall street journal" reports they're in early talks to buy humana. jerry lewis from the fox business network joins me. is walmart bran branching out into healthcare? >> maybe, maybe not. these are preliminary talks that could go from an outright acquisition, $30 billion, to
11:39 am
maybe they work together piecemeal on projects. here's what walmart told me last night when i contacted them. they said we don't comment on rumors and speculation. so nondenial denial there. but here's what we know already. walmart and human a working together, providing insurance coverage for people in medicare and in some cases offering prescriptions for as the as $1 to people who agree to pick up those drugs at a walmart pharmacy. we have seen lots of deals in the category. cvs, aetna latest in megamerger deals, people trying to wring out costs. a lot going on. i have to tell you at the end of the day, walmart trying to make itself more nimble, better able to go of the customers now. as things change in healthcare. >> dana: as demographics change as the population gets older a report about housing, being out of reach for average americans. what do you know about that? >> this is from adams solutions. they're saying that in 68% of housing markets across the
11:40 am
country, people earning average incomes cannot afford a median priced house, house of $220,000 or so. it's out of reach for them. in a's more than half, more than 440 counties, pretty big number. as we delve into this, what we see is that the houses on the coast, obviously, are so expensive. but you're seeing it right here. they're putting so much pressure on prices that people are moving from the blue states to the red states to find housing that's affordable. get this, 73% of markets are less affordable than they were just last year. and we're starting to see people move as a result of that. going from blue states as i said to red states, which i think is fascinating as we watch the spiral in home prices go up and up and up. >> dana: i have a couple of friends that made that move themselves. gerri willis, thank you. president trump making a major push for his infrastructure plan, democrats get onboard and help fix our crumbling roads and
11:41 am
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>> shepard: the russian ambassador to the united states, says he cannot remember when the united states relationship with russia was worse. we'll speak with a foreign policy analyst who says we actually have lots of leverage to keep russia in check. that we could use. that's top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. see you then. >> dana: california court says coffee sellers in the state should have to post cancer warnings. the culprit a chemical in the bean roasting process. the coffee industry led by starbuck's says a small amount of the chemical isn't harmful. but a los angeles judge says the companies have not proven that. the level is insignificant.
11:45 am
the coffee companies are considering legal options to respond to the ruling including an appeal. president trump making a full court press for his infrastructure plan in a speech to workers yesterday in ohio. urging lawmakers from both sides of the is a toll take action by casting his effort in historic determines. -- historic terms. >> president trump: i've asked republicans and democrats to come together and deliver the biggest and boldest infrastructure plan in the last half sen turry. i don't think you're going to get democrat support very much. and you'll probably to have wait until after the election which isn't so long down the road. we're going to get this infrastructure going. the man enrates an unprecedented $1.5 trillion investment in american infrastructure. >> dana: joining me is democratic congressman john garamendi from california, thank you for being here. take a look at the points that
11:46 am
the president has put forward. 1.5 trillion dollars, 10-year public-private investment. congressional located $21 billion, just over 1%. and there's various inputs from different people in how much it would impact the economy. i grew up in a rural area like the one that you represent. and i'm curious when it comes to infrastructure who do you think for your district are the most important types of projects you would like to see funded? . well, certainly the president is quite correct in making infrastructure a central issue. we all know if you can't move people you can't move the economy. so we do have a specific need. my district, perhaps unique, because i have one of the most flood-prone districts in the entire nation. we're talking flood control, levee project, we have water issues in california. this is a good example of where democrats and republicans can work together in the omnibus bill just passed, working with
11:47 am
my republican colleagues as well as senator feinstein, we were able to put into that bill about $4.3 million to get a major dam project under way here in california. obviously we have major freeways, and railroads going through our district. all of these things are important. we got a real challenge out ahead of us. where do we find the $1.3 trillion, that's the major question. >> dana: i was thinking earlier, everyone loves infrastructure until it comes time to have to pay for it. what do you think about the president's formula for how much the federal government would put in compared to how much he's expecting the states to put in? >> well, this is where it has really gone off the rails to use an infrastructure term. because the reality is presently the federal government is the big partner putting in somewhere between 60 ps and 80% of the money key penning on the project. the president flips it around
11:48 am
and requires the local government, state governments, maybe private individuals, to fund the 80%, the federal government would fund 20% or 30%. it isn't going to work. the local communities, particularly the rural communities, simply don't have money. period. it's just not there. this is one of the major problems with the president's infrastructure plan. we either maintain the present ratios federal government being the major partner, the president also wants the local governments to lead the way. in fact that has been the pattern, of the local agency, state and regional agencies, do determine what the major projects are. it would be a continuation of what already is there. >> dana: it's not going to get solved, might have to wait until after this year's mid-term elections. people out there really want these projects to get funded. however they get funded they need them. before i let you go, only about 45 second left, big news out of california, that senator dianne feinstein who's running for
11:49 am
another term, got a big endorsement yesterday from the former vice president joe biden. she did not get the endorsement of the california democratic party that was split. what do you think about the state of the support for somebody like an establishment candidate dianne feinstein and the endorsement by vice president biden? >> well, biden is important. i've also endorsed her, less important than biden. but feinstein is absolutely essential to california. she is a leader in the congress. she's able to get things done. i cited one example of reservoir system in california. she's the go-to person, a person i have enormous respect for. she's going to win frankly. the democratic convention was dominated by very, very progressive element in california. but it does not reflect all of california. and in the primaries in california, it's cross-voting, democrats can vote for republicans, republicans can vote for feinstein. i guarantee there's an enormous
11:50 am
number of republicans as well as democrats that will vote for feinstein, count me at the top of the list. >> dana: looks like a beautiful day out, there have a happy weekend. >> you too, happy easter to you. >> dana: it's friday, that means we have some time to do some weekend reading. "time" magazine has a story on how putin pay be winning personally how russia loses out. how local governments can protect date from hackers. just in time the guardian looks at some easter. >> digses around the world -- easter tradition is a round the world. follow the daily briefing on instagram and check out the instagram story, really fun. the robot technology reaching new heights, look at what could be the most human like model yet and how it can help businesses be more efficient. plus the holiday weekend forecast. what we can expect. turn up your swagger game with one a day men's.
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>> dana: passover starting tonight. easter is this sunday. which makes for a big weekend of celebrations. some of us could see rain or snee at our family gatherings. rick is in the fox weather center, give me good news. >> well, it's a tough one. we're in a really active weather pattern. a lot of rain, we have snow, i think more bouts of snow across the northern tier of the country, maybe the next couple of weeks. we have one storm, a lot of flooding across parts of the south. slow moving storm, timely moving off toward the east and will move out of here. another system beginning to drop down right there from parts of southern canada, moving into the northern plains. we have snow that's falling from parts of montana through north dakota. take a look at this, here we are pushing april, we have blizzard warnings in effect for the fargo area up just to the south of
11:55 am
grand forks. be careful heading out here on the roads across north dakota throughout the northern part of minnesota into wisconsin, u. michigan as well, winter storm warnings. some spots see in excess of 6 inches of snow, the wind along with it, going to cause problems that make for white-out conditions. this is the future radar. this is the storm i'm talking about. by tomorrow morning across parts of the western great lakes, this will move on very slowly throughout the day. excuse me, throughout the day on saturday. take a look at this, new storm begins to move on sunday morning across parts of nebraska and throughout kansas and missouri. we'll see snow flying, parts of missouri. unfortunately we aren't there yet to spring. the south east is going to be beautiful, the one winner here, temperatures into the 70s and plenty of sunshine. great time for easter egg hunts and sunday morning services. >> dana: big winner for all of us, thanks rick. experts say a new robot is one of the close toast resembling
11:56 am
actual reflexes of a human being. while it may not look human, the designers say it's the most nimble fingered machine yet and shows how machine learning can teach rebought to recognize and pick up different types of objects. a skill that can transform some factories and warehouses. it was built by a team at u.c. berkeley. going from a desk job to the ice rink, how a 36-year-old accountant found himself between the pipes in an nhl game last night. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
11:57 am
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>> i dream come true for a hockey fan in chicago last night. scott foster who never played a minute of professional hockey suddenly found himself in that for the chicago blackhawks. the 36-year-old account and played college hockey and still plays in beer leagues. he got called into action after both goalies got hurt and the good news is despite putting in a full day at the office before the game, foster stopped all seven shots he faced, helping
12:00 pm
chicago to win. congratulations to him. he must've been extremely thrilling. i'm sure he's having a great friday. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. you're now, shep smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 on the east coast and 10:00 p.m. in northern russia where the military has sent a new kind of inner continuity missile. that's what vladimir putin is now bragging. it can nuke any target on earth. if tensions had their highest levels the days of the cold war. and russia boots more foreign diplomats out of the country. special counsel robert mueller now reportedly eyeballing the republican national convention. we'll explain why. and a deadly day in gaza, thousands protesting when israel's border, no hundreds or hurt, some are reported dead. plus, police shoot out on camer camera.


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