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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 31, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> the russia giving diplomats insulted to judge on the american consulate in st. petersburg for this in the tit-for-tat response in the presence kicking out of 60 russian diplomats from the us. this following his position of sanctions against moscow because of its interference in our election and a attack on british soil. welcome to a brand-new hour of "americas news headquarters", i am eric shawn. >> arthel: i am arthel neville. the attack in the form espy and his daughter prompting the biggest courage of russian diplomats in us history now we are learning that russia is
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requesting to meet with the woman claiming little rights that she is a russian citizen. garrett tenney is live in huntington with the explanation. class eligible us officials say 60 russian diplomats kicked out actually intelligence operatives working under diplomatic cover. despite that this afternoon russia's ambassador to the us senate diplomats are not ãbut are our friends. he says they want to move past this done better relations with the us. >> we are still confident that only close interaction with our countries can help international strategic stability and find mutually beneficial solutions for global and regional interest. we want everybody to understand that we are destined to become
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friends again. >> it is important to remember what prompted the us in nearly a dozen other countries to spell russian diplomats. earlier this of the former russian spy living in england with his daughter were attacked with poison. the uk, the us and others determined that moscow was behind the attack. russia has denied any involvement in they retaliated this week by expelling more than 150 diplomats from those countries as well as closing the us consulate in st. petersburg. the white house press secretary said the move quote - marks a deterioration in the united states and russia relationship. goes on to say the russia's response is not unanticipated. united states will deal with it. nearly a month after that poison attacked a former russian spy remains and critical condition. his daughter was upgraded from critical to stable condition. russia has now requested evidence from the investigation showing that it was involved in the attack and also requesting to meet with a russian citizen. the uk foreign office does
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reviewing and the consideration will include the desires. >> arthel: thank you garrett tenney. >> eric: new reaction now to the justice department controversial decision. not to have a special counsel for a -- he will also look into some of the other issues including the clinton foundation and the uranium one deal. we have more from washington. >> republican lawmakers may not have succeeded in getting the department of justice to appoint any special counsel to look into alleged abuse by the fbi under president obama. but there is now a consolation prize on that. they appointed john hoover us attorney for the state of utah to lead an investigation into the surveillance process during the obama administration. so far reactions in the gop to the announcement of the new
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probe has been a real mixed bag. some lawmakers like that of virginia are outraged. >> the new appointment is not sufficiently he reports to rosenstein and rosenstein is in the middle of the dossier fault lines.the entire problem. have 10 fbi, starting with the top james comey fire the displays. 10 top political point in the fbi missing. and the attorney general jeff sessions who i respect says that there is not enough there to go forward with special prosecutor. >> others say this new probe is a step in the right direction. >> active the attorney general has taken a step in the right direction in appointing mr. hubert to do this. and it gets this out of washington d.c.. it leaves the door open for a special counsel. >> all republicans to agree on the charge that the fbi and president obama mishandled the foreign intelligence surveillance process.
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democrats for their part can send a special separate counsel for this matter is a pipe dream and are perfectly content with special counsel of any on the russia matter. that is robert mueller. >> i think that mr. robert mueller has done this brilliantly. his work from the periphery and move towards the middle.he has done this in a surgical context. leaving people in a vulnerable state who have information that we need to know. >> the new probe will zero in on the obama justice department process when it came to applying for fisa warrant. former trump campaign advisor page. >> arthel: and immigrant escaped from officials at kennedy airport in new york city. happening early this week, he was recaptured by i.c.e. and a copy shop near the chicago amtrak station. the escapee was at the airport for deportation when he reportedly fled from law
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enforcement. authorities describing him as violent. they said he is a convicted felon was ordered for deportation three years ago. surveillance cameras showed him hopping into a cab at jfk as he fled. >> facebook reason for another wave of bad publicity thanks to a leaked 2016 memo. did you hear about this? an executive declares the companies justified even apparently cost someone's life that was posted on there. they have disemboweled the memo. this just the latest of work concerning facebook as it struggles with allegations that the political consulting firm cambridge analytica obtained data of tens of millions of users without their permission. we'll talk about that more later on in the newscast. how much potential trouble can facebook be in? our legal panel will weigh in on that. you want to stick around for
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that. >> arthel: meanwhile another online giant is making news. as the president stepped up his attacks on amazon. the president firing off a series of treats today occasionally retailer of skimming the us postal service over shipping costs. and peter is live in west palm beach where the president is spending the holiday weekend his mar-a-lago estate. what more can you tell us about this? >> amazon brags that they have got the earths biggest selection but now, this most powerful person is accusing the online retailing giant of gaming the tax code and exploiting united states postal service and he wanted to stop at the president tweeted the safety while we are on the census, it is reported that the us post office will is a dollar 50 on average for each package it delivers for amazon. that amount is billions of dollars. the new york times reports that
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the size of the companies library staff has ballooned and that does not include the big "washington post" which is used as a lobbying and should so register. if the post office increased its parcel rates, amazon shipping costs would rise by $2.6 billion. this post office scam must stop. amazon must pay taxes now. we have not heard from the amazon founder today but he has a long history with the president getting if years ago when he posed with a # send donald to space which he did not meet as a compliment. the white house bureau chief is pushing back on the president writing this. he labeled the new paper the big "washington post" and demanded a register as a lobbyist for amazon. the post operates independently of amazon. the news organization is personally owned by jeff bezos.
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also on the presidents mind today immigration. he tweeted this. governor brown with illegal aliens -- badly beware of inserting a crime with intent to terrorize. three, dealing drugs. is this really with the great people, when you want at fox news? it does seem to be an escalation of a dispute between the trump administration and california's government that really started getting heated a few weeks ago when the trump administration decided to sue california because they are not enforcing immigration laws, federal immigration laws and sanctuary cities. >> arthel: peter in mar-a-lago, happy easter to you! thank you. >> eric: overseas now warning shots towards palestinians during a confrontation. the israel military does it take more action inside of the gaza strip but the violence
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grants on. this comes after the deadliest day in gaza in years. kitty logan has more from london. >> friday and again a seven-day protest in gaza gathered along the border fence with israel. funerals were held on saturday for those killed in friday's violence. with thousands marching through the streets. they declared a national day of mourning. on friday, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered near the border with israel. some throwing stones, firebombs and burning tires. israeli troops responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. hundreds are being treated. the un and eu have called for an investigation into the use of live ammunition. they denied using excessive force saying that the palestinians that were in the violence were militants. they confirmed today that at
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least four of the denver members. they say that the processor only to start of a six-week campaign and beginning on may 15. that date marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of israel. also the first phase of the holy month of ramadan. protests were smaller but soldiers fired warning shots at protesters as they threw stones. 25 people injured. israel is warning a could target -- directly in the gaza strip if this continues. there are real fears that this can clear up further. >> eric: thank you. demonstrators and protesters but terrorists trying to infiltrate and over and israel. so says benjamin netanyahu spokesperson for they say they sent children and moments before including a seven-year-old little girl with hopes that israeli troops would shoot her. and create an international incident. >> infect -- in fact they sent
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a seven-year-old up to get her killed. she was wearing minnie mouse sweatsuit and she was terrified. of course, the army did not shoot. instead they escorted her back to her parents. but this is the kind of insanity that stands behind the terrible angst of destroying israel and killing as many people as they can. >> estate forces are being shot at by some of the followers but troops raising what he says is remarkable restraint. you can hear my full interview. >> arthel: officials say their cisco master sergeant jonathan denmark of austin texas died of injuries in a roadside bomb. a british soldier was killed in the attack as well. five others were hurt. dunbar is the first fatality is
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syria this year. and it came in part of a country that was once dominated by isis. he was assigned to the us army special operations command headquarters at fort bragg. >> eric: another week of high-profile departures from the white house. the presidents inner-circle gets a bit smaller. what impact could this have on an operation in the west wing? we will take a look. meanwhile the white house promises to deal with russia is moscow delivers retaliation threats. over the expulsion of dozens of their diplomats from our country. you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> will not only react so to speak reactively to what the anglo-saxon are doing chores is forcing everyone to follow anti-russian we want to establish the truth. >> is a russian prime minister ramping up the rhetoric. as tensions continue to escalate between washington and moscow. the president has ordered 60 diplomats out of our country. and they take out just about
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diplomats ordering st. petersburg to close the tape in the way testing russia's move is not anticipated and they will deal with it. >> with these actions, the united states along with its allies and partners made clear to russia that its actions have consequences. the united states is ready to cooperate and forge a better relationship between our two countries. >> eric: we have a retired air force major -- we will talk about that. good to see you. do you think that it's going diplomats is really serious enough move to punish moscow to the alleged use of nerve agents in the political assassinations? >> i think that right now what we see is a repeat of what has happened in the past. nothing moscow was a possibility so solidarity of efforts. is not a neato action for sure but certainly it looks like the west is reacting to this and it
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has been an attack on all kids and i was a pretty large and solidarity is stronger than moscow did not expect this could have been throwing their weight around uninvited different issues and i think that they thought they could continue to drive a wedge in the european front. i think they're finding the pipes they've gone too far or in fact reality, -- speech and what does that mean to vladimir putin? i spoke to a former diplomats say. there are dozens and dozens of countries -- >> from what i can see, it seems that when america wants to take additional actions against the united kingdom and united states. i think we have got a great potential that additional escalation could occur. distillation can take the form of economics, it can take the
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form of military in the sense of exercises to pose a 34 state it could be additional cyber attacks. it could be a number different things.i still think that there is a range of escalation that can occur. you think that putin wants to try to keep this in constraints to some extent. therefore, maybe we will not sedition acts and that they will take against the remaining 20 countries that have also taken a very solid action against moscow. >> eric: there are possibilities of economic sanctions for those trying to restrict moscow from the international banking system patiently going after those part of the circle. but you raised something that military. this actually has a pretty ominous warning dealing with readiness. quote if you're came into contact with russia only several thousand, several thousand of the more than a million troops would be ready for rapid deployment. twisting allied readiness has been a priority. james mattis, new officials are
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debating the issue. debating the issue? you think that they are sufficiently prepared to face and confront a russian threat? >> i would have to say right now that nato is not fully prepared to do that but i think the paradigm that is suggested in the comments is kind of a world war ii deployment, that large-scale deployment of troops is a model that might not be applicable in this particular case. there needs to be a standing capability that can do that and so, perhaps more forces need to be deployed to europe as a matter of course. in order to send a message in give copies to our friends and allies that we have got their back. but i think that to speculate that we can have a large-scale massive force polyp and deployment overseas, i do not know that that kind of model would fit anymore.>> that is fascinating.meanwhile the
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avenue intercontinental missile. can you give us insight and your view of this missile invoice type of threat or escalation it is and what does it mean for us? >> a couple of points i think are important. number one i would say that we've been going in different directions. please to have multiple on our force and now we have been through a single word. everybody knows that. in fact it is very stabilizing that we have done that. the russians have always had multiple warheads. we had a 10 warhead missile is called the peacekeeper missile. and we deactivated that. we had that paradigm and we shifted away from it. if the russians move forward with this i think there's going to be arms-control implications. because you want to constrain the size that will grow with 15 warheads on these missiles. i think that would be of some concern.
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ironically, bush 41 had negotiated with them they certified but woman walked away russia walked in. two. so here we are, the united states, the russians are putting more multiple independent really warheads on their vehicles. and i think that this is, we do not have a missile defense capability that putin is using to threaten us with this type of missile. give it .0 anything it's very important. if you have a missile for this many warheads dependent how big the structure is, you're in a situation if you're the russians, that is not a retaliatory missile. the nuclear plant is, someone has to do the work of applying weapons against targets and if you are russia, you're not going to believe that the system with 50 warheads in each missile is not going to be heavily targeted. you're going to have a
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propensity to have a need to use that and so it seems to me that it is more of a first strike capability. which unfortunately is capability with the russian doctrine. not just with other weapons but with their strategic part as well. >> thank you for your service to our country. and as the president reportedly told mr. putin if he wants an arms race we will win. hopefully we will see what happens. thank you general. >> thank you eric. >> arthel: almost 700 motorcycle riders took to the streets of florida and honor of the parkland shooting. -- meadows father organized this fundraiser to raise money for a memorial playground, ride for meadow studying at west palm beach this monday. then participants were 43 miles to coral springs. the memorial will be called meadow park.
2:25 pm
it will honor all 17 of the victims. >> eric: absolutely lovely! the presidency neglecting his communications director. officially leaving the white house what does her departure mean for the president in the administration going forward? plus more protests in sacramento following the shooting death of an unarmed black man. will have information and why the family is saying officials need to be held accountable.
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the streets of downtown sacramento today. this comes after the family of stephan clark released an independent autopsy that appears to contradict the initial police report. saying that he was approaching the offices when he was shot. demonstrators clearly upset. >> we are saying that the city will not continue to function like nothing happened. at the end of the day family lost a son, father and cousin. they will never get them back. >> eric: will live with mark. >> protesters here the intent is to keep his name in the news. keep the pressure on police, the da, politicians. this is why we've been seeing these demonstrations pretty
2:31 pm
much for the last 10 days for today's rally if you will was organized by matt barnes. sacraments are native. he urged unity but also says stephon clark should not have died. >> we do not know the cops but we fear them. they do not know is that they fear us. so we need to get these cops in these communities working, not driving. get them out of the cars and meeting people, meeting the people in the neighborhoods. >> 500 marched last night downtown. there was a rolling blockade to prevent protesters from confronting motorists. there been some altercations and threats in the past. it has been nonviolent. black lives matter are very media savvy and they do not want to distract from their message. essay family hired an independent pathologist after
2:32 pm
-- said it is his opinion that this shooting is not justified. >> what position that has been presented that he was facing the officers. it is inconsistent with a prevailing forensic evidence. >> the shooting happened about two weeks ago tomorrow. there was a nonnormal call of a car breaking. the sheriffs helicopter was there, they lit up the backyard with a suspect running backyards. officers gave chase and this it shows your hands. about six or seven seconds later you have the same gun, gone, gone. it turned out to be a cell phone. then the da is one of a number of organizations doing
2:33 pm
investigations. please look at procedures as well as the use of force. the da will review the findings and then follow this to the left. the attorney general also could possibly file charges but at this point in time, the organizers here calling for more less lethal force. why were dogs being used. have several questions that will be asking going forward. back to you. >> eric: thank you very much. in another fatal police shooting there is body cam a video showing the deadly encounter of sterling with police. he was shot several times at close range by police officers. the video shows a disturbance, they wrestled him to the ground while the other officer draws his gun arriving to the help. some screens he has a gun and
2:34 pm
then soon after gunshots are heard. there is an extensive police investigation. reports say still ahead a 38 caliber handgun in his pocket and blood level should he had various drugs in his system. >> arthel: let's get back to politics now. another cabinet reshuffle in washington this week with david shulkin out as a be a secretary for thursday was the last official day for the white house communications director, she was one of the presidents most trusted aides and so far, no word on who will be replacing her. francesca chambers is here, a white house correspondent for the daily francesca, good to have you. let's start here. the new reporting inside the white house, what was her biggest role? the official position per se but what was she to the
2:35 pm
president? >> is actually not just the chapter the president but the trust of the family. she came to the trump organization because his daughter ivanka trump had worked with her. that plaintiff in the white house is very important.these divisions. and the division that have fallen along the lines of the presidents daughter and his son-in-law. she was someone who was very well-liked and being brought by ivanka trump. that is how she originally gained the trust of the president. then she went on to work for him for more than three years making her the longest serving alongside him beside ivanka trump and gerald krishna. there were very close. >> what is the targets of the white house concerning how the president would communicate with other staff members in the absence of ms. hicks? >> has been some talk about how kellyanne conway could be the next medications director. also mercedes -- but of course it was also that the president is his own best messenger.
2:36 pm
maybe he does not need a communications director.even with hope hicks, often at events like on thursday he will get up on stage and he will say whatever it is that he feels that saying. and it was supposed to be about infrastructure but of course, he ended up talking about north korea and syria, the second amendment as well as many other topics including roseanne. and the presidents supporters, that is something they always liked about him. he says what is on his mind. certainly it comes to directing communications, the president does his own. >> support as long say that the advisors were trying to figure out what was happening. francesca, are we giving her a bigger billing than dessert? isn't this an exaggeration but to think that her departure will affect the executive policy? >> perhaps not but the presidents inner-circle is getting smaller and smaller. it is that sometimes by the month or even the week. with the number of staff departures was gary cohen leaving as well recently and he
2:37 pm
has had communications directors. so the of ivanka trump, jared, kellyanne conway. hope hicks is now gone and so in the past year we've even seen steve bannon, sean spicer. a lot of departures of people who were perhaps, not there the entire time but have become fixtures in the white house and known to be close to the president. >> arthel: as the white house turns, is the chief of staff, john kelly, is that job -- >> it seems to be something that changes week by week but at this time he recently announced deputy chief of staff, someone who was also very close again with jared and ivanka trump. at this point it seems as if he is staying for now. as you said is the white house turns, you never know what will happen next week.
2:38 pm
>> arthel: getting back to how narrow the presidents inner-circle has become and the post hope days that the presidency will call it. what happens next and i we seen the last of hope hicks? >> i don't know but she never worked in politics prejudice. many may not know this but the way she got involved in politics was that she the trump organization and the president decided to run for president and told her, your coming on the campaign trail with me. this is not like she originally pursued at the time. and so probably not something that she would go back into but never say never! if the president asked her to comeback, who knows! >> arthel: you said that you are not sure who will be replacing some of these positions. because it seems that the president says listen, i am the best marketer there is and i can get my message out better than anybody could is also a
2:39 pm
situation where perhaps, there is a lack of a pool to choose from in terms of these replacements? >> we have also seen that especially in the communications director position. sean spicer had to hold the dual role of press secretary and communications director for a time. until anthony scaramucci was named which was short-lived. but then hope hicks originally took the job on an interim basis. she was not supposed to be communications director and that became a permanent, semipermanent position for her in the white house. and so as they look towards who can fill the position, you jump to say who is someone, communications is a very big role. he was someone that will be able to work closely with the president and be able to work on his message which is by someone from inside the white house like kellyanne conway has tended to be at the front runner on the list. >> arthel: francesca chambers, very nice to talk to and we will see you again. >> great being with you. >> eric: as the white house
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turns, i like that! did facebook share your personal information? lawmakers want to ask mark zuckerberg under oath.
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at a comfort inn with a glow taround them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at >> eric: facebook under
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mounting depression over the scandal. the attorney general from 37 states now calling on the ceo to answer questions about how that firm cambridge analytica, got its hands on personal information of at least 50 million people. this comes as zuckerberg is now publicly condemned as shockingly memo from 2016. the vice president of facebook endorsed controversial tactics in connecting people. warning that someone could be
2:45 pm
killed from facebook posts but that could be used to plan a terrorist attack. how much trouble is facebook and? there is our legal panel. -- welcome to you both. let's start with you richard. >> sure. what does it mean legally if facebook allowed our privacy? >> two things. first of all their faces several lawsuits for allowing third parties to get access to user information. in addition to federal trade commission that watches over things like this, an agency is looking to facebook releasing information out into third-party scams without user information. that is serious problem for the thing about this is that it is not the first time that facebook has violated users trust in its privacy policy. this goes back multiple times
2:46 pm
at 2006, 2011, multiple times would have been in trouble for violating peoples privacy. >> eric: a lot of people say facebook as a corporation have been really pushing the envelope. >> i mean, it all boils down to this. one of the expectations of the facebook user? it very clearly is defined in the terms and conditions that we all agreed when we signed up to facebook to begin with. it is clearly in those terms and conditions that your data that is collected in facebook that you as a facebook user provide, can be used for certain circumstances. for the use and so frankly, it is really a wide net. we are talking about a lot of ways that the data can be used. but it really starts with you as a facebook user, you have the responsibility to yourself as to what private information you want -- >> no one really means that the you have this whole big thing
2:47 pm
and it goes on and on and on and on. you get down to the bottom and you say i agree. you have to send it over to a lawyer to understand it. >> we have seen data breaches before with healthcare companies, government agencies, credit reporting agencies. the difference here is that those were hacked and facebook seems to be giving peoples information away. they do not tell you what third parties or what partners in the privacy agreement. we agreed to that whether we know it or not by pressing that i agree thing. quincy don't agree to share campaign information to gauge about is certainly feeds not expressed to those terms. >> but that is not what happened here. this is not what happened. what happened is according to what we know thus far, obviously the investigation continues but according to what we know so far that has been out they reported that this information that was out there
2:48 pm
was being utilized under the for the facebook executives have the impression was being utilized pursuant to the terms and conditions facebook users allow. which is, we are going to provide an optimization of your user so we will provide that data. the fact that it was then used inappropriately, it is that it what is being alleged, that is completely different. it is not what facebook understood it to be. and that is why the investigation is really, not necessarily interesting but in the beginning. we need to know how did cambridge analytica get the information and apparently there was one third party involved as well. at the end of the day, it boils down to you as a facebook user, you allow the data information. expectation of privacy but it says very clearly in the terms and conditions that the data can be used as long as it is to
2:49 pm
optimize -- >> eric: should facebook be regulated like a utility? i mean, is it regulated appropriately now? they're investigating. what do you say? >> criswell is nacve for facebook to think if they give third parties and partners information that will be used to make money or capital as it is very nacve but to say that. secondly, the ceo, mark zuckerberg apologize because he knew what would happen was wrong and facebook was wrongfully denied apologize for something that you did not do unless it was wrong. the ripple effect from this will be facebook, companies that google will have to figure out ways to make money by getting the users consent to share that with third parties and their partners. ultimately it at the end of the day it will be a win for users like us to use facebook and social media. >> mercedes? >> zuckerberg apologize that the data was used but in no way did he ever acknowledge in any way, that facebook was somehow involved in the misuse of the data. so his apologies were sorry, it
2:50 pm
was used in this way. he obviously did not anticipate that. and frankly during the course of the investigation it will boil down to who was actually responsible? none of which it is showing now that they had any involvement. >> i would believe that he did not apologize several times before. >> eric: we will see what happens when he raises his right hand and my advice to all of the young people, there's something called a telephone, use it. >> see each other in person. it is better. >> arthel: get together for brunch! the new york auto show kickoff in new york city. carmakers unveiling the latest models and the newest technology. next, we will get a look at some of the new cars. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla.
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people expected to go to the nearest international auto show the speaker the annual event showing off the latest and greatest in the auto industry. branyan is a live at the javits center in new york, looking good in that right! pick up one for me. >> hello! this is the jeep wrangler
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rubicon, 2018 model. i'm with a professional driver. he is going to show us a bout this. and talk to us about this as we go through this obstacle course outside of the auto show. tell us about this here. >> this is the only redesigned 2018 wrangler unlimited rubicon. we will go and greatest of the course. right now we are at 30 degrees. a low center of gravity. >> pretty incredible! >> all new redesign. we have a touchscreen in here. we have the heated steering wheel finally. also coming out with a brand-new power soft top which is a pushbutton and goes all the way back to see do not hesitate the top of anymore and store it. >> very cool!what else to be like here? we are about to go uphill. what makes the jeep so different? people seem to love them. >> if you see this it is the only open four-door vehicle on
2:56 pm
the market. >> this is pretty incredible. >> 35 degrees out. and then i can tap a button right here take my foot up for the break and does all of the breaking for us. >> you do not even have to break! you go all the way down like this. pretty incredible! >> it is controlled. breaking for is the hallway dumping them have the brand-new headlights and everything like that. all new redesign. literally everything on here is completely brand-new. >> this vehicles available right now. $55,000 starting out. it is on the pricier end but we were just in a toyota vehicle and a lot of people seem to like that. >> thank you!
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
3:00 pm
>> arthel: a fox news alert. the british government getting a request from the russian government to speak with the daughter of a former russian spy that was poisoned. good afternoon. >> eric: hello everyone i am eric shawn. this is moscow retaliating against us. with closure of the american consulate in st. petersburg. also kicking at 60 american diplomats from the country. russia's move following the presidents expulsion of 60 russian left in a show of solidarity with at least 28 european and nato allies.
3:01 pm
this is tit-for-tat anymore attention to their ready strained relationship between washington and moscow. garrett tenney tonight live in washington with the latest. >> the 60 russian deflector leaving the us today. and this afternoon russia's ambassador to the us said that the diplomats are america's friends, not our enemies but remember earlier this week us officials told us that those who were expelled are actually intelligence operatives.we been operating under diplomatic cover. in a video posted to the facebook page of russia's embassy in dc, the ambassador suggested that his country does not expect tensions to last. >> is still confident that only close interaction with our countries can help international strategic stability and find mutually beneficial solutions to global and regional challenges.we want everybody to understand that we are destined to become
3:02 pm
friends again. >> that is a bit of a change in tone from a couple of days ago when moscow announced they were expelling 150 diplomats from roughly 2 dozen countries which kicked out russian diplomat earlier in the week. those unified explosions came in a show solidarity with great britain over this month's attempted assassination of a former russian spy and his daughter in england. the uk, the us and others claim that russia was behind the poison attack. moscow denies the allegations. the former russian spy remains in critical condition. this week his daughter was upgraded from critical to stable condition. russia is now requesting to meet with her because she is a russian citizen. the uk foreign office is that is reviewing the request. as the investigation into the attack continues, the uk security officials tell us that they had discovered plans in the works by russia for additional assassinations of defectors. >> eric: thank you so much that
3:03 pm
is troubling. >> arthel: thank you. lawmakers reacted to the decision from the justice department not to appoint a special counsel, a second special counsel to investigate fisa abuse claims. and gillian turner has more now from washington. >> republican lawmakers may not have succeeded in getting the department of justice to appoint a new special counsel to look into alleged abuses by the fbi under president obama but there is now a consolation prize from the department. the doj inspector general as -- so for reaction from the gop to the announcement of the new pro has been a real mixed bag. some lawmakers like dave of virginia as outrage. >> is not sufficient. he reports to rosenstein and
3:04 pm
rosenstein is in the middle of a dossier fault line through out the entire problem. have 10 fbi starting with the top, james comey fired a displacement 10 top political appointees of the fbi are missing. and the attorney general jeff sessions who i respect says that there is not enough they are to go forward with a special prosecutor. >> others saying that the new probe is a step in the right direction. >> at that the attorney general has taken a step in the right direction and appointing mr. hubert to do this. and i guess the matter outside of maine justice outside of washington dc. >> all republicans agree on the charges that the fbi under president obama mishandled the foreign intelligence surveillance process. democrats for their part contend a separate special counsel is a pipe dream. that is robert mueller.
3:05 pm
>> i think robert mueller has done this brilliantly. his work from the periphery and move towards the middle and he has done this in a surgical context. getting people in a vulnerable state who are willing to and have information that we need to know. >> the new probe will zero in on the obama justice department process when it came to applying for a fisa warrant. special interest is a warrant granted to the fbi that allow them to surveilled donald trump campaign advisor, carter page. >> arthel: thank you gillian turner. tonight on waters world they will sit down with carter patient talk about that. there is a preview. >> did you change your behavior after you found about the surveillance? >> i've never done something wrong in 27 years. >> need to change anything? they say you're talking to russian at the republican convention in december 2016. is that true? >> you know, there are a lot of
3:06 pm
diplomats at the conference. at the university and i said hello to the ambassador. >> the russian investor. okay. which is not a crime. >> the exclusive interview with the former trump campaign advisor carter page can be seen in its entirety tonight he started right here on fox news channel. >> eric: and an illegal immigrant that spread from authorities in new york city earlier this week. he was recaptured by "f" officials at a coffee shop in chicago. the escapee was awaiting his deportation from jfk in new york city when he reportedly bolted from law enforcement. this is a bills, showing him get into a cab right there jfk to get away. 30 say that he is a violent convicted felon reported for deportation three years ago. >> arthel: and another black eye for the facebook image as
3:07 pm
2016 memo is late from a top executive within the company. that memo in it, andrew bosworth reportedly justified the companies growth. even if it comes at the expense of human lives. both bosworth and ceo mark zuckerberg have disemboweled the memo. the latest uproar comes amid allegations that the political consulting firm, cambridge analytica, obtained data from tens of millions of facebook users without their permission. >> the president slamming amazon today for business practices. saying amazon hurts the united states postal service. peter is live in palm beach florida with the president is spending the holiday weekend at his mar-a-lago estate. >> the president campaigned to be the law and order president and today's tweet suggests he may be preparing to crack down
3:08 pm
on entities that he does not feel are playing by the rules. whether those on the rules of the tax code for the immigration system. most recently, he said this on twitter about california. quote governor jerry brown pardoned five criminal illegal aliens whose crimes include kidnapping and robbery, badly beating wife and granting a crime with intent to terrorize, dealing drugs. is this really what the great people of california want? at fox news. then this about amazon. quote while we are on the subject, it is reported that the us post office will lose $1.50 on average for each package it delivers for amazon. that amounts to billions of dollars. the failing new york times reports that the size of the company is lobbing staff has ballooned and it does not include the fake "washington post" which is used as a lobbyist and should go register. if the post office increased its parcel rate amazon shipping
3:09 pm
cost when raised by two by $6 billion for the scam a stop and amazon must pay real costs and taxes now. amazon taxes are intoxicated as they come because they do business in every state and every state has different tax regulations. there is also murkiness when it comes to amazon being a direct vendor or one third party vendor because they are both. but they are at the very least trying to set the record straight about the presidents assertion that they are exploiting the system. with this from the white house bureau chief for the jeff bezos owned "washington post". quote he, the president, labeled this paper the fake "washington post" and said that they register as a lobbyist for amazon. they are independent of amazon though they are personally owned by jeff bezos. the founder and chief executive of amazon. he once tweeted in 2015 about a rocket launch and added the #
3:10 pm
send donald to space. so this goes both ways. and it goes back a couple of years. >> eric: likely it will not stop!thank you. >> eric: nasser the middle east where israeli troops firing warning shots at palestinians during a tense confrontation at the gaza and israel border. israeli military returning to take more action is out of the strip if violence continues. the tough talk comes after protests on the border turned into the deadliest day in gaza in years. kitty logan reports from london. >> friday the worst day of violence in gaza in many years. and again on saturday protesters in gaza gathered along the border with israel. funerals are held on sunday but was killed in friday's violence with thousands marching through the streets of gaza. palestinian president declared a national day of mourning. on friday, tens of thousands of
3:11 pm
demonstrators gathered. some with firebombs, and burning tires. troops responded with fire, rubber bullets and tear gas. thousands be treated in hospitals in gaza. they have called for an investigation into the use of live ammunition. israel has denied using excessive force saying those palestinians who died in the violence were militants. they confirmed today that at least for the dead were members of hamas. this it is the start of six week campaign ending on may 15. that date marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of israel. also the first in the holy month of ramadan. protests were smaller the soldiers fired warning shots after protesters threw stones around 25 people were injured. and it remains extremely tense with israel warning it could target directly inside the gaza
3:12 pm
strip if the violence continues. >> arthel: thank you very much for that report. >> meanwhile they release in the name of the soldier killed in syria this week. officials say the 36-year-old master sergeant jonathan dunbar of austin texas died after being injured in a roadside bomb explosion on thursday. british soldier was also killed in the attack. five others were hurt. the trump administration is reportedly frozen more than $200 million allocated for recovery efforts in syria. after the presidents and he wants to pull troops from the region quote - very soon. >> arthel: tensions on the rise between the us and russia as the two countries engage in a back-and-forth of expelling diplomats. where is all this heading? as special counsel robert mueller says rick gates communicated with a person who had ties to a russian intelligence.
3:13 pm
details coming up.
3:14 pm
3:15 pm
3:16 pm
it's >> will not only act so to speak reactively with the anglo-saxon is doing to is us was in everyone to follow anti-russian. we want to establish the truth.
3:17 pm
>> arthel: that is a russian foreign minister speaking to his countries retaliation efforts as tensions rise between the us, then western nations and russia with moscow and the us expelling tasks can close and consulates. this all comes as moscow is accused of poisoning a former russian spy and his daughter in the uk. >> with his actions united states along with its allies and partners make clear to russia that its actions have consequences. the united states is ready to cooperate and forge a better relationship between our two countries. >> arthel: we have the director of the national security law and policy program at george mason university. also a former chief counsel and senior advisor for the senate foreign relations committee and it is good to have you. we just heard from the ambassador. before we talk about this and wanted ask you, is this the end of retaliation for the us
3:18 pm
kicking out 60 russian diplomats or is this the beginning of march,? >> it is hard to know. the real challenge is that what initially has not gotten the message. continues to run a covert operation against the united states in our own country. he has got in session trend by his study nuclear weapons. so he is at fault in the assembly responded to his activities. if you wanted to calm down is the ability to do that. >> we will get back to the foreign minister of russia there, he is warning fresh measures possible quote - in the case of continuing hostile actions against russian diplomats and institutions in the united states could ask you, jamil jaffer, how far can president putin go and what is his desired destination? >> is really hard to know. he is trying to get the effort here. you can see what they've done with uk.
3:19 pm
25 british diplomats and they are expecting this to be about the same time. this could continue on but again, the bad actors here are the russians. they are the ones trying to kill admittedly, former russian spies but in the uk who have been traded for spy swaps. it is really on the gist of the activity. >> arthel: meanwhile you have three of the members of nato working together. how significant is this coordinated blowback for nato to try and stop the russians from doing what you just mentioned? >> it is pretty amazing for the us has a network of 29 countries, 145 kicked out. for this essay the trump administration can not handle this disclosure should they can. effectively. and make this known. this is a good sign for the administration and their
3:20 pm
ability to make big moves. >> arthel: had to get here? and as former senior advisor for the senate foreign relations committee, how would you advise the us lawmakers and president trump on how to proceed from here? >> i think the way we got here is that we had a posture of giving too much away. he said a redline with syria. we did not enforce it in the obama administration. other countries saw the weakness and they took advantage of it. russia with crimea, chinese and islands in the south china sea. others got more aggressive. i think the way to respond is to do more. we have not yet really sanctioned the russian oligarchs for the companies that they control. that is another step that we could take. it is true that it brings up the measures but reality is that vladimir putin does not spot anything and we have to show we are willing to respond in time. >> arthel: how soon should actions take place? >> more remains to be done i
3:21 pm
think we could do more and let's see how they respond if they tried to go back then there's a lot more we can do and they should know that. >> arthel: that is ominous. i think they probably do know that but they will test the waters as far as they can. before that you go, let me ask you to take this to the street level. telus, should americans, we keep watching this and see how tensions are rising between us and russia. should americans be worried about what is going on? how might it affect us directly? >> i do not think we are at the point where we are in the cold war or the threat of military action taking place here. i do think that we are in a higher level than we have been with russia in recent memory. again, these are things that we are responding to be the russians have gotten much more aggressive. with little basis for doing so. they're not like we are taking big actions against them so really the response lays on russia.we are doing what we can to stretch this out for the american people can feel
3:22 pm
comfortable. we are not engaged in military action but we are prepared to respond to russian aggression and we will do this and respond as we should. >> see billing should not worry then based on your last answer about what they may or may not be able to do in terms of interfering with the midterms come november? >> i think we should worry. we have not done enough to strengthenb& and we're pretty good with diverse and we have got in a state system. that being said, there's a lot more that needs to be done. we need honorable balloting could we have not done enough on that front. we've been so caught up in this internet warfare between both parties and instead of us uniting and saying this is happening from the outside, we responded back. we need to do more on that front for sure. >> arthel: is it to get to start now -- is it too late to start now? >> is worth a try. >> arthel: thank you for your analysis.
3:23 pm
>> eric: thousands filled the streets of cambridge england to pay respects to a giant in science, stephen hawking. a private funeral took place earlier today. as you know he was an outspoken atheist. his family one had to have a traditional church funeral to give people a chance to say goodbye. he was diagnosed with a disease when he was 21 years old. doctors gave him only two years to live! as you know, he well surpassed that expectation. stephen hawking spent a long life doing decades of groundbreaking research.he passed away on march 14. stephen hawking was 76 years old. >> arthel: an amazing human being for sure! special counsel robert muller and his ongoing investigation. plus new protests in sacramento today after autopsy results released in the death of an unarmed black man killed by
3:24 pm
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nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at >> arthel: angry protests continue in sacramento, california after police shoot and kill an unarmed black man. the result of an autopsy now apparently contradicting an initial police report on the
3:29 pm
second leading up to the bid initiative. demonstrators taking to the street and demanding answers. >> the city is not going to continue to dysfunction like nothing happened. a family lost a son, father, cousin, all of these different things and they will never get him back. >> arthel: william is live. >> it will be two weeks ago tomorrow, that police shot and killed stephon clark. he was unarmed but policed on his cell phone was a gun. it was a fine line with the mayor saying i didn't want to second-guess the cost and on the other hand i do not condone what happened. police ascended enough to provoke protesters but they had to keep the peace and the protesters want to be heard. and yet, of course they want public support and no backlash. today's rally was organized by the sacraments are native and
3:30 pm
ex-kings player matt barnes. he urged closer ties and better understanding between law enforcement and the black community. >> one bad cop doesn't make everyone bad. that one black man does make everybody guilty. this is the situation. it is more than color. it comes down to wrong and right. >> 500 marched last night in protest. there was a standoff with police at an i-5 on ramp he received then closed it. also confrontations out of the hotel lobby. otherwise it has been peaceful and it is amazing considering the number of people and number of marches now also he is in the family released findings from an independent autopsy. by a pathologist who had been hired by the family. he says stephon clark was hit eight times. six times in the back and the shooting was not justified. >> it is clear based on the autopsy and physical evidence that there is no way that mr.
3:31 pm
clark could have been in a position pointing a phone at the officers. >> so police about two weeks ago had a 911 call come in of a corporation. the shares helicopter responded. he lit up a suspect in the backyard. running into several of those. the helicopter radio and cops on the ground. saying that the man might have a crowbar. they confronted him. they said show us your hands and about six minutes that you have them save gun, gun, gun. again, it was not a gun, it was a cell phone. we do have several investigations underway. the police department, the da, they will overlook and see if a crime is committed and if so if she feels she can prove it in court. also the attorney general could file charges. we will say there is a game temperature the golden state warriors and sacramento kings a
3:32 pm
couple of blocks from here. expect there will be some kind of symbolic demonstration, if you will from some of the players that had been wearing their jerseys for stephon clark with his name on them here we do not know if they will say something but it has been a focal point up until now. >> arthel: william, thank you very much. meanwhile there are new details and information on another fatal police shooting. a baton rouge police officer is fired following the investigation in the shooting of all sincerely. sterling was killed by police outside of a convenience store. one of the officers involved was off of the force number the police department says that the officer resorted to deadly force while the second officer tried to de-escalate the situation. he was suspended for three days. >> eric: not to the rush investigation for special counsel robert mueller appears to be connecting the dots between the former trump campaign 80 and russia.
3:33 pm
in a new court filing he accused the former trump campaign deputy chairman rick gates of communicating with a person with ties to an ex-russian spy. this in late 2016. revelations coming during the sentencing of attorney alex -- tied to gates and former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. what does this mean, if anything to possibly connecting any doubts to the trump campaign itself? let me know we have a white house correspondent for the daily caller. let me just lay this out. rick gates, paul manafort and deputy campaign manager. international lawyer, and suspected former tru agent. how do they all -- >> right. this is dizzying. this is what comes after paul manafort indicates connection to the pro putin regime in the ukraine. that is who they were working on behalf of and how they allegedly came into touch with
3:34 pm
mr. -- and the biggest accusation in the filing was the most possible direct link that we have currently seen between a trump campaign official and agent of the russian government. this was a former military intelligence agent of the martian government, the tru. and mr. gates was deputy campaign manager was alleged to have known that he was in contact with the person who was in touch with him. now, is important to remember here that all of this was in relation to mr. manna -- paul manafort and -- they did not necessarily have anything to do with the trump 2016 campaign. >> eric: also, is gates not directly dealing with the suspected former agent? >> exactly it is a one step
3:35 pm
removed concepts. he was one step removed from a former agent. if it is true that he absolutely did know that he was, and some sort of relationship with somebody who was in connection to an agent of the russian -- >> eric: some may say, so what? were they giving secrets or dealing directly at all? you go to a direct attorney that represents a murderer does that make me complacent with the murderer? >> you are absolutely right. i do not think the case is being charged. it is a story people have latched onto because it really is the most direct tie that we have seen between the trump campaign official and an agent of the russian government. it is tenuous at best. it is most important to remember here that none of this appears from what we know had anything to do with the campaign. it had to do with illegal
3:36 pm
lobbying on behalf of the ukrainian government. >> seems so far that you have got general michael flynn. pleading to lying to the fbi. and you have papadopoulos dealing with lying to the fbi and then you have gates who pled guilty to financial fraud. and then things have nothing to do with the trump campaign. let me read you one point. instead fitfully answered questions -- denied having conversations in 2016. when confronted with an email, the defendant again lied. in fact he had a series of calls with gates. as well as the lead partner on the matter of the september and october 2016. the time period has to do with the election. but the subject matter accordingly has nothing to do
3:37 pm
with donald trump, it has nothing to do with the campaign and nothing to do with the election for president of the united states. >> absolutely right. the thing is to remember here that mr. gates and paul manafort were involved in deep business connections with these agents for quite some time. they had a dizzying array of tax fraud that tax liens and loan businesses that they had on one another that required him to be in constant contact with their former associates as i understand paul manafort was even trying to use his position in order to alleviate him $18 million debt that he at one point owed. so does get very complicated here. it seems to be largely localized at paul manafort, gates and illegal efforts to lobby on behalf of foreign powers and really to avoid paying the irs the multimillions of dollars that they had in lobbying on behalf of foreign governments.
3:38 pm
>> eric: we may learn more this coming week when the lawyer is actually sentencing will see if he speaks in court. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> arthel: hundreds of motorcycle riders and report of a grieving dad. metal was one of the victims of the mass shooting at stoneman douglas high school. meadows father organized a fundraiser to raise money for memorial playground. the ride from meadow took off from west palm beach this morning. and it was a 43 mile trek to coral springs. the memorial to be named meadow park will honor all 17 victims of the marjory stoneman douglas high school shooting. >> eric: that is absolutely lovely. and her father, very outspoken. we are learning about a possible huge breakthrough that could have implications in the cure for cancer. what they are saying about a new organ in the body. thus nasa is planning a trip to
3:39 pm
the sun. what they are planning to accomplish with that hot mission. who governed thousands... commanded armies... yielded to no one. when i found you in my dna, i learned where my strength comes from. my name is courtney mckinney, and this is my ancestrydna story. now with 5 times more detail than other dna tests. order your kit at >> arthel: scientists are
3:40 pm
3:41 pm
3:42 pm
3:43 pm
trying to learn more about an organ that you may not have known about. or maybe you did not even know that you had. it is a network of fluid transporting vessels that cover the entire body could be done about it for a while but now scientists say that it can hold crucial answers about the spread of cancer. we have adopted 20 now to explain how this works. doctor, what is it, what -- where is it? >> let's clarify this is not an organ that just suddenly appeared. we have known about this for years. it -- basically is found just below the skin and it is around
3:44 pm
the lungs and around the intestines, all of our organs. it is not just a dense connective tissue. they believe it is an organ that is interconnected in a network that communicates with each other. >> arthel: how might this teach doctors and scientists how cancer works? >> this is, basically this is, it may allow cancer to spread. no when cancer spreads through the body. so could it be that the cancer cells may start in the breast get into the brain or the lungs? there's out the window and thought we do not know. there is a lot we still need to learn a lot about. if we can figure out exactly how this works we can develop treatments to stop it. >> arthel: and from what you are explaining is kind of like a fluid highway, a system going through your body. because we need the fluid in this now new organ that they're
3:45 pm
calling this. perhaps, doctors would not be able to necessarily cut off the flow which would stop cancer from spreading possibly. >> correct but we might be able to find signals in there. are there small molecules and their supporting this from passing from one organ to another? if we are able to do so it can be lifesaving. this could be the reason people die from cancer. everyone into people have a diagnosis in their lifetime. if we can figure this out is a great advance. >> arthel: of course it is! it has been here all along. how do they come to decide and determine if this is an organ? >> there is where there is controversy. some people say organs are either on stage making it appear but typically they are self-contained. this is a wide network. if this is called an organ, it will be bargained in the largest current organ which is the skin. so -- >> arthel: well is now become
3:46 pm
the breaker organ? >> yes, it will take number one. and you know there's some discussion that it is irrelevant. >> arthel: the main point my take away is that this could possibly help doctors and scientists better understand how cancer works in the body. perhaps it might mean better treatment, it might stop it from spreading and perhaps, get us to a cure for cancer. in my having to high expectations? >> this is exactly what is exciting. it is surrounding our organs. every time a blood vessel has blood pumped through it there is this wear and tear. so we can keep our blood vessels jumpsuit may also be a way that the organs age. could this be a factor? >> arthel: why have they decided this all of a sudden? what took so long? >> chris but we did not know about this.the way we discovered organs the way we do look at this we dissect, remove from the body, put on a slide, we dried out, put chemicals on it. because this is fluid-filled,
3:47 pm
we destroy this so we did not know about it. there is new technology that allows us to watch this in the body, in real time to see how it functions. >> arthel: is it subcutaneous? >> is just below the skin and it passes through the body. our producer says that she studied this in her college class she is a brainiac! doctor, always good to see. all, i hope this means a cure for cancer. >> they say this is time just enough to say that i am in awe of the human body. >> eric: will you be able to take the family easter photos outside this weekend? or will islam get in the way? who will have your holiday forecast. and a course on happiness.
3:48 pm
how students can make the grade in a pretty unorthodox course. ♪ applebee's to go. order online and get $10 off $30. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. >> arthel: nasa is taking
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
things to the next level with the announcement of its first mission to the sun.
3:52 pm
it was set to begin this summer the parker solar probe will explore the sun atmosphere. the goal is to get a closer than any spacecraft has gotten before. with uncharted territory comes new concerns but also new answers to some of scientists biggest questions. >> we would be flying simply a place we've never been to. >> arthel: at some point the probe is expected to reach a speed of 450,000 miles per hour around the sun. the mission is scheduled to end in june 2025. >> eric: meanwhile back on earth it is a big holiday weekend. passover began last night. tomorrow is easter sunday. will there be sent in the forecast for your easter fund? our meteorologist agendas now. the kids want to know what are the chances that the storm can stop the easter bunny? >> there is no stopping the
3:53 pm
easter bunny! there is some winter weather out there. you think of spring and you think of easter and unfortunately we have chilly temperatures. at least in several locations but in the northern plains and upper great lakes these are current temperatures in the mid-20s. it is cold out there in that region. it will funnel in a little problem for some folks. we did see snow across portions of northern michigan earlier today. there is a bigger one back behind this that will form. winter storm watches and warnings for tomorrow unfortunately across portions of the planes states and back to the mountains for this is not a widespread area but a spot where we will see some snowfall come tomorrow and easter sunday. this is the future radar. i will put this in motion. this is along with a frontal boundary was. where the cold air is we will see some storm systems fire up in the snow will fall. pay attention to the timestamp. we getting into sunday is this sweeps across the country through the planes states through portions of the ohio
3:54 pm
river valley. by early monday morning we can be talking about some snowfall moving into the east coast into the d.c. area stretching up towards new york. this is not a big snowfall but snow nonetheless. when people are thinking about spring it is not really the time that you want it. for the actual easter holiday what are we looking at? plenty of spots that will be warm. 77 degrees in atlanta. the southern tier of the country this time a little bit warmer but it will be on the cool side closer to 60 degrees in new york and again the middle of the country you will see some of the snowfall move across for easter sunday. i do think that by and large, and mostly clear forecast. i said that because i do not want to ruin anyone's easter. >> eric: what is he doing? >> he is hopping! i will squeeze some candy out of him a little later. >> eric: okay thank you.
3:55 pm
>> arthel: okay! from bunnies to doggies. the american kennel club unveiling the list of america's most popular dog breeds and the 27th straight year, the labrador retriever! it takes the top spot. in fact, the top three remain unchanged from the previous years. the german shepherd coming in second followed by the golden retriever. >> eric: maybe the president will get a tip from that and maybe get a white house dog. they have a feud with the covenant -- governor of california. we'll talk about that back-and-forth later on tonight on fox news channel. stay with us.
3:56 pm
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>> a class in college students will not mind getting up early for. it is psychology and the good life. it takes a quote closer look on how you can live a happier life. it has become yale university's most popular class.
4:00 pm
homework assignments include showing more gratitude is showing acts of kindness. the course is being offered free to the public online. >> happy easter everyone. molly is up next with the fox report. we will see you tomorrow. >> president trump wrapping up his immigration with the stage of governor harry brown. i am molly and this is the fox report. >> president/in out at the democratic governor and twitter, according to him of letting drug dealers off the hook. the latest in the back and forth with the golden state. lester governor brown's signed a law limiting cooperation with immigration. >> molly, president trump dug into the archives for his


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