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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 4, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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it's less than 1%. if you want to play in that game you have to deal with it. have an awesome day. have a great day, everybody. we have to run. see you later. >> bye. >> jon: fox news alert for you on the russia investigation. a source telling fox news that special counsel robert mueller has told president trump's legal team that the president is not considered a criminal target. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> those comments apparently came last month as mueller's team was negotiating a potential face-to-face interview with president trump. john roberts is live on the north lawn with more. what can you tell us? >> good morning. we have know it's about a month ago during a meeting about a potential interview between the president and robert mueller that special counsel made the assertion while the president is part of the investigation, he is not a subject of a criminal probe. on the surface of it, though, the statement doesn't really mean a whole lot.
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the president really can't be the subject of a criminal probe because the president cannot be indicted. if there is evidence a president has committed crimes it's congress that has to take that up and then there is also the idea that a person might not be a target of a criminal probe one day and suddenly the next day they are the target of a criminal probe. trey gowdy, the government oversight committee former prosecutor himself says he thinks the only reason mueller told the president's attorneys that is because of the highly charged political environment we're currently in. listen here. >> you generally don't tell people that you are not under investigation because you don't know what the next witness is going to say. this is such a weird hybrid of criminality in politics that i think he felt a special obligation to say look, you are aren't the target of the investigation but if the next witness says something different all that can change. >> all of this is wrapped around discussions i'm told the president's legal team has been having with the special counsel's office for months now
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about whether president trump would sit down for an intervaouf with mueller. the president's attorneys are determined to not allow him to walk into a perjury trap. a lot of the charges we've seen so far from mueller's office have been about making false statements. they would want to make sure and want to have a guarantee from the special counsel's office that the set of questions that robert mueller could put to the president would be very, very narrowly defined enough that the president could not perjure himself by forgetting a date, location, place, something like that. there are a lot of people saying it's a bad idea for the president to sit down with mueller. then there are the consequences of what is the alternative? do they wait to see if mueller issues a subpoena to appear before a grand jury. probably better to come to an agreement than having that happen. >> meanwhile, john, new developments coming from the white house today regarding a decision on u.s. involvement in syria. what do we know about that? >> sources at the white house
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tell me that at some point today the white house is going to issue a statement of intent probably more than anything about the u.s. presence in syria. this is building on what the president said last week when he surprised a lot of people by saying he wanted to get u.s. forces out of syria as quickly as possible. he will reiterate that today saying he wants to get them out as soon as practical keeping in mind the fluid nature of the situation. no date set for withdrawal. anybody who followed the presidential campaign knows he railed against president obama for setting a date certain for withdrawal from iraq. this president won't do that. no question the president wants to get forces out as soon as possible. listen to what he said yesterday afternoon in a press conference with presidents of the baltic states at the white house. >> president trump: i want to get out and bring our troops back home and start rebuilding our nation. we will have as of three months
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ago seven trillion dollars in the middle east over the last 17 years. we get nothing -- nothing out of it, nothing. sometimes it's time to come back home and we're thinking about that very seriously. thank you. >> could be a while still before u.s. troops are brought home. there are still pockets of isis fighters in and around syria and northern iraq that could easily reconstitute themselves if the pressure is taken off. one of the chief advisors indicated yesterday right after the president said that, that the mission is far from complete. listen here. >> we are in syria to fight isis. the mission isn't over and we want to keep eyes on the prize on isis. isis is not finished. >> one of the pet peeves of the president the allies rely on the united states to send in the military. in his meeting with the crown
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prince of saudi arabia said look, if you're worried about the security situation in syria, maybe you folks want to pick up the mission. >> john roberts, thanks. >> jon: president trump looking to further clamp down on illegal immigration proposing that the u.s. military will be guarding the southern border until the construction of the wall. >> president trump: the mexican border is very unprotected by our laws. we have horrible, horrible and very unsafe laws in the united states and we're going to be able to do something about that hopefully soon. hopefully congress will get their act together and get in and create some very powerful laws. we have to have strong borders. >> jon: jennifer griffin is reporting live from the pentagon. >> there have been a number of dizzying statements about where u.s. troops will either be pulled out from or sent to catching the pentagon off guard over the last 24 hours.
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director of national intelligence dan coates just told reporters the white house is expected to announce a plan to pull u.s. troops out of syria as john roberts just reported, though coates did not give further details. critics say this would be a big win for russia and iran. president putin and iran's president are both in turkey to talk about their next steps in syria. the pentagon was caught offguard by president trump's announcement he planned to send the military. this morning the pentagon issued a statement saying there are a number of ways the department of defense is already supporting the dhs border security mission. we're still in consultation with the white house about ways we can expand that support. the navy has long been involved in a counter narcotics mission there seizing more than 250 tons of cocaine last year. the army flies drones along the border and the army corp of
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engineers is helping fortify sections of the border wall. >> president trump: we'll do things militarily until we can have a wall and proper security we'll be guarding our border with the military. >> a 100-year-old federal law prevents the military from police action on u.s. soil. the national guard troops are not allowed the make arrests. they can only help border patrol with surveillance. previous presidents have worked with state governors to deploy troops at the border. george bush since 6,000 troops to the border in 2006. president obama sent 1200 in 2010. not clear how the pentagon would pay for such a deployment. the massive spending bill passed by congress only provides 1.6 billion for president trump's wall this year. the president wanted $25 billion and it is not that easy to reappropriate defense funds, jon. >> jon: jennifer griffin
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keeping an eye on the situation at the border. thank you. >> we're learning more about the woman accused of shooting three people at youtube's california headquarters yesterday before turning the gun on herself. she apparently had a personal vendetta against the company overpayments for videos she posted online. her family had reported her missing on monday and say they warned police she might be heading there. >> she had a problem with youtube so we called the cop again and told him that she might -- there was a reason she went all the way from san diego to there so she might be something. i didn't know she has a gun. i thought maybe she would go and start a fight or something. >> let's bring in a former member of the joint terrorism task force and retired lieutenant commander on the office of naval intelligence.
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the brother's voice was distorted for his protection. the question on everybody's mind is why didn't police do something to circumvent the tragedy? the circumstances laid out there, an 8 1/2 hour drive from san diego to san francisco without traffic. could local authorities have notified the f.b.i.? >> lessons learned, right? we're finding the overwhelming number of these incidents after the fact there was information given to police that could have been forwarded to other agencies. if this individual gave the police that information i would say a call should have been made to the local police where the shooter committed this act and youtube headquarters. we have to find out what information he gave the police. >> again, the call was -- the communication wasn't directly from the shooter herself but you have a brother saying hey, guys, fyi, she has a problem with youtube. she feels like she is not
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making enough money. they took down her videos. they are sensoring her videos and on the way there. she didn't make the call herself but shouldn't it be considered as a terror threat? >> absolutely. because it came from a relative and not a friend so much more urgent for the police to engage by getting that little bit of intelligence and information. that's the point here. no bit of intelligence or information is not important. every piece is important. so as i say if this is the case, the police will have to do some answering as to why that information wasn't forwarded to youtube headquarters and the local police. >> the question once again. the question came up during the parkland shaongt. you had a call to the local authorities there and it wasn't transmitted to the local f.b.i. field agents. why is this happening? we keep saying see something, say something and nothing happened. >> i've said over the years
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police need a lot of training on what to do with information and intelligence no matter how small it is. we have domestic violence training, this and that training. we live in a new paradigm where police will have to be trained on what do i do with this little piece of information? is it important enough to forward? that's the problem. all focuses on training. >> are you saying we need people like yourself here who worked in terrorism, counter terrorism, intelligence, do we need people like you to go to some local agencies and train these officers? >> yes indeed. the f.b.i. and state police could do that. more so every police department no matter how small should have an intelligence agency or intelligence counsel. you'll have a police officer in charge of vetting intelligence. >> is there enough money for police departments to have these resources you're talking about. >> money should be no object when it comes to the lives of
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people. >> where would the money come from? >> people don't like to see their taxes raise i had. you'll have to see local governments raise taxes. when you talk to people about this and it comes to the safety of their children and loved ones they don't mind paying the price. >> we said her family reported her missing on monday. she allegedly posted a website that is her website that says beware, dictatorship exists in all countries. the only care for personal short time -- they only care for personal short term profits and do anything to reach their goals. here is her picture. i have think a lot of people were surprised the shooter is a female. was a female. >> i was, too, normally it's a male. it goes to show you that anyone could pick up a weapon whether it be a car, gun, knife or whatever and commit an atrocious act. as we now know from the brother
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there have to be some red flags. i will say this, there are more people who will come forward and tell the police you know what? i heard this and saw that. that's what's important for the police to get this information into an intelligence bureau and forward it to agencies in surrounding areas. >> we want to acknowledge the hard work all the local authorities are doing. they just need to -- >> they need the money, manpower and training. they're doing a great job. >> steve rogers, good to see you. >> jon: now this fox news alert. some claire rity from a white house with a statement out on syria reading in part the military mission to eradicate isis is syria is coming to a rapid end with isis being almost completely destroyed. we'll to consult with allies and friends regarding future plans. after mr. trump said we'll be out of syria soon.
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it raised alarms. people who said we need to remain in syria at least for the near term because isis will reconstitute itself if we have do not. otherwise, russia, iran will gain a foothold, a greater foothold in that corner of the middle east. there from the press secretary. we'll continue to consult with our allies regarding future plans. it has been 50 years to the day since one of the most influential voices in the civil rights movement was silenced. dr. martin luther king junior was assassinated in memphis, tennessee on this day in 1968. today a memorial to honor this iconic activist. plus special counsel robert mueller is saying president trump is not a criminal target in his russia investigation. does this mean the president is off the hook? ari fleischer joins us next with his analysis. >> the russians have already
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been indicted of them. manafort, gates, some of those were for lying, not collusion. i don't know whether anyone colluded with the russians. that's who would be the target. we'll let mueller figure it out.
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>> jon: fox news confirms now president trump is not a criminal target in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. that coming from a source close to the matter. however, mr. trump is still believed to be a subject or witness in the probe. >> i think it's semantics. of course the president is still highly involved whether he uses the word target or not he is not in the clear. more than a year later it begs the question how long are they going to continue to do this? why did they start it in the first place? there doesn't appear to be any direct evidence to justify going after the president as the directive said in the document that rod rosenstein put forward.
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>> jon: joining me now ari fleischer press secretary to president bush and fox news contributor. thank you for being with us. if you were still in the white house and you got this word from special counsel's office that the president is not a target, would you break out the bubbly? is that reason for rejoicing? >> heck no. the problem with not being a target is you can still become a target. nobody wants to be a target. welcome to the world of what prosecutors do. they can instantly turn a subject into a target if the evidence calls for it. no, the president is not home free yet but it is an encouraging sign that all this revolves around the top of the pyramid looks like they're ready to interview the president. don't know if he will consent to an interview or not. after it's done i think it will wrap up quickly or no answer it will still wrap up quickly. >> jon: it appears that's much of what the arguing among the president's legal team has been about, whether to sit down for
8:20 am
a conversation with robert mueller and his team or not. one of his lawyers has already resigned over the fact that he doesn't think the president ought to do it and the president seems inclined to do it. >> yeah. it's a tough, tough call and see why lawyers being lawyers who want zero risk say don't talk. it can only get you in trouble. i can see why if the justice department wants to talk to you and you know you didn't do anything wrong you talk to them. and the only way that doesn't work is if you have an unfair prosecutor. if you have an unfair prosecutor you need protection. now, i think mueller is fair. i worked with him, i served with him, i know him. i don't think bob mueller is going to go after somebody if he doesn't have evidence of wrongdoing even if his staff has too many democrats on it which mueller's does. donald trump is the only person who knows what he knows in his head. he said there is no collusion. if there is no collusion and
8:21 am
donald trump knows it, then he can sit down and should sit down. >> jon: peter king from rhode island said with an abundance of caution he thinks the president should speak to mueller. listen to what he said. >> it should be a narrowly defined area. not they go into every business deal or check written over the last 20 years or bank he dealt with. that's a perjury trap. if they can narrow it down to specific questions, time and place it might be a gamble the president should take. >> jon: do you think the special counsel's office is trying to bait the president to come talk to them by putting out this word? >> i don't know. peter king makes valid point. what the nation needs to know is did donald trump or anybody on his campaign did the trump campaign steal.
8:22 am
if they did that, we don't cooperate with foreign nations interfering with our elections. america does not have permanent prosecutors to go every aspect of your life and judge you once you are elected president. that is not how our system works. >> jon: back in a moment. thank you. he's trying to tell us something. let's see what forensics thinks. sorry i'm late. what did i miss? wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 49 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. that's transfarency. wbecause performanceer aclothes have changed,? but the challenge remains the same. and the generation may be different, but the color needs to endure. and the toughest stains come with their own rewards.
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8:26 am
historic lorraine motel. this is the spot where dr. martin luther king, junior was gunned down while standing outside room 306. former united nations ambassador andrew young was with the civil rights leader minutes before the assassination and here is what he remembers. >> i said i think you better get a coat. it was almost like he was, you know, looking up at the weather to see whether he was going to get a coat or not and what i thought was a firecracker went off until i looked up and i didn't see him. >> the lorraine motel has been preserved as part of the national civil rights museum. his youngest daughter bernis was given a preview tour of a new exhibit how it applies to events unfolding today. that exhibit opens to the public today. the day before his assassination martin luther
8:27 am
king had arrived in memphis to support striking sanitation workers, one of the churches central to the protest movement was clayborne temple. off in the distance you'll notice a bell. that bell has been rescued from clayborne temple, brought here to the civil rights museum and at 6:01 central time. the moment king was shot. that bell tonight will toll 39 times in honor of the 39 years of dr. king's life. >> arthel: jonathan serrie, thank you. >> jon: tensions flaring up between china and the united states as china slaps additional tariffs on u.s. products. could this escalate to a full on trade war? plus h.r. mcmaster is on his way out as national security advisor but he isn't done yet talking about how the u.s. has dealt with interference from russia.
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>> jon: china retaliating against u.s. tariffs on its imports with its own tariffs against the united states. this news sparking concerns of a full blown trade war sending the markets tumbling this morning. greg palkot joins us live. >> if it is not yet a trade war it is a potential trade spat. china applying 25% tariffs worth about $50 billion of exports from the u.s. on over 100 key products. that includes soybeans, airplanes, cars, chemicals. economists around the world were surprised china came out with these 11 hours after the west put tariffs on $50 billion of exports from china. also surprised how politically
8:33 am
technical the chinese tariffs were. they'll hit products coming from some key trump supporting states. remember, this is the second round of tit-for-tat tariffs after the u.s. put levies on exports coming from china. china hit other all toural products from the u.s. most economists agree president trump has a couple of points when he complains about china's technology transfers or theft of intellectual property from the u.s. but some complain about the president's numbers, others say these are potentially dangerous tactics. if there is any cautionary note neither the u.s. or china have yet to apply the tariffs at least in the u.s. there is a couple month review process. china today now saying they'll take their complaints to the world trade organization. but the danger, the threat of that trade war, has got wall street and markets around the
8:34 am
world jittery. back to you, jon. >> jon: thank you. >> president trump: nobody has been tougher on russia than i have. we have passed a $700 billion military budget. the largest ever passed. we're going to have a military stronger than we've ever had before by far. that's not exactly a great thing for russia. but that's the way it is. >> arthel: outgoing national security advisor h.r. mcmaster having choice words for russia saying the u.s. and other nations have failed to impose what he calls sufficient costs on russia. >> russia has used old and new forms of aggression to undermine our open societies and the foundations of international peace and stability. for too long some nations have looked the other way in the
8:35 am
face of these threats. russia brazenly and implausibly denies its actions and we have failed to impose sufficient costs. >> arthel: joining me now democratic strategist and a former senior advisor to the romney/ryan 2012 campaign. i'll give you the first shot, antoine. he praised the trump administration for expelling 60 russian diplomats and closing the russian consulate in seattle. he is saying the u.s. and other nations failed to impose sufficient costs. antoine do you think furthermore stringent economic sanctions are needed? >> the bible says in john 8:32 that the truth shall set you free. i think mcmaster feels very free by telling the truth which i'm sure i wish he could have said a long time ago.
8:36 am
russia attacked the very fabric of our democracy by trying to meddle in our elections and in some regards they were successful. the united states led by donald trump has been very soft on the issue. >> arthel: are further sanctions needed? >> absolutely. we have the message that the united states will no longer tolerate this especially going into the 2018 election cycle. that's very important for the protection of our democracy. >> arthel: all right. richard, -- kevin, we started the segment by showing president trump saying nobody has been tougher on russia than he has been. yet the president called president putin, president trump called putin to congratulate him on his reelection and potentially extending an invitation for a white house visit. is it possible and prudent for the president to have it both ways with mr. putin? >> well, nobody has been tougher on russia than donald trump but he doesn't match the rhetoric with it.
8:37 am
look, if you compare his presidency to the last one barack obama's eight years of codling vladimir putin as he invaded crimea, what did barack obama do? he sent blankets and mres. donald trump sent lethal arms. barack obama canceled missile defense in poland. donald trump gave them patriot missiles. he has unleashed energy. >> arthel: can donald trump have it both ways with president putin? >> i don't get a lot of things he does. maybe he is playing a game. by any objective measure he has been tougher on russia than barack obama has been. and if you go back to the debates in 2012 it extended through to 2016. >> arthel: i would like to have some sort of an intelligent discussion here. if you would not -- go along with political talking points and listen to my questions and answer it would be better.
8:38 am
i'm going to ask a question i would like you to answer it. how might the administration's stance on and aggression toward russia change with mcmaster's ousting and john bolton's entrance as national security advisor? >> it will be a wait and see project. if donald trump the leader of the free world does not instruct his cabinet officials to want to deal with russia to prevent them from hacking into our elections and doesn't remind his cabinet how important it is to become tougher and if he doesn't lean in on putin, i think we'll have this conversation next year, later this year after the 2018 election cycle. >> arthel: kevin, final word. >> his rhetoric has to match up with what he is doing. his record is very good on russia. it is just he does not seem to want to say anything bad about vladimir putin. i have never understood it.
8:39 am
if you look at his policies they're very tough on russia. it goes far beyond sanctions to the baltics and ukraine and poland and energy production. he has got a strong record on that and john bolton and mike pompeo around him. two of the biggest russia hawks in washington you can't make the case that donald trump isn't surrounding himself and not being tough on russia. he isn't talking about his record enough. >> arthel: kevin and antoine, we leave it there. thank you both. >> jon: four marines feared dead after their helicopter goes down near the u.s./mexico border. what the crew was doing at the time of the crash. plus president trump still pushing for the u.s. to pull troops out of syria. but not everyone is on board. what critics are saying about those plans. >> president trump: our primary mission in terms of that was getting rid of isis. we've almost completed that task and we'll be making a
8:40 am
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>> arthel: four marines presumed dead after a helicopter crash near the u.s./mexico border m southern california. all four service members on board were on a routine training mission when the chopper went down. the cause is under investigation. this is the most deadly crash for the marine corps since a cargo plane went down in mississippi last july killing 16 people on board. >> jon: just this morning the white house releasing a statement about the military's future in syria. it reads the military mission to eradicate isis in syria is coming to a rapid end with isis being almost completely destroyed. the united states and our partners remain committed to eliminating the small isis presence in sir -- syria.
8:44 am
we'll continue to consult with allies and friends in future plans. we expect countries in the region and beyond and the united nations and ensures that isis never reemergence. general jack keane joins me with his thoughts. does it clear up some of the confusion the president seemed to sew a couple of days ago when he say we will be out of syria very soon? >> pretty much. what he is saying here is we're not leaving in the foreseeable future. we have more to do with isis. there are 3,000 isis fighters between iraq and syria. the leadership is down in southeastern syria. we have to dig all of that out and also we have to make certain that we help stabilize that region. what they're trying to do in terms of recovery is get water running again and electricity running again, get hospitals opened up. after all, we brought the war
8:45 am
to that region after isis took the land. we took it back. and so we will work with our allies here. the allies have to be helping. >> jon: the saudis promised money. >> not a dime yet. he is going to -- i'm confident he have will get them to ante up. >> jon: he does seem to be good at that, getting nato partners, for instance, increased defense spending. >> absolutely. you know, for our audience to understand what is really taking place here, you have to look at syria, iraq and afghanistan as the forward defense against isis and radical islam. similar to what we are defending in our southern border. that's how we protect the american people by defending forward.
8:46 am
if we don't defend there they'll come here. >> jon: before we get to the southern border i want to remind people it wasn't that long ago we were subjected to the horrific videos of people being burned alive in cages and beheaded on the beach and so forth. we haven't seen that kind of thing from isis lately and it is in large part because they are doing everything they can to stay alive. >> we got them on the run and hiding in holes to be frank about it. if we pull out prematurely before we reset the table, then there is a possibility they can come back much as al qaeda came back when we prematurely left iraq in 2011. that's the one thing we don't want to do. we don't want to squander the gains we've made. >> jon: does it leave syria to be carved up by iran and especially russia. >> absolutely. if we walked away. we've seen all of syria to russian an iran along with hezbollah. iran and hezbollah have
8:47 am
conducted a military build-up in syria against israel. the israelis are concerned. >> jon: i want to talk to you about something that you mentioned a moment ago our southern border. the president is ordering the national guard to the southern border. it has been done before. what is the expected impact? >> well, i think first of all we can do this mission. we will not do the border patrol's job for them. they intercept people coming across the border because they have the lawful authority to do that. >> jon: the national guard will not? >> they will not intercept. they don't have the lawful authority to do it. united states military doesn't detain people inside the borders of the united states. that's law enforcement. what we will do is reinforce the border patrol and provide surveillance. we have sophisticated surveillance we can help them with where they have gaps. almost 700 miles of wall there already.
8:48 am
another 800 planned. so there is plenty of gaps where i think the military can help. we're already doing work down there now with some drones. >> jon: a lot of fencing if you will that doesn't work very well and a lot of stretches of the border the more isolated stretches that have no barrier whatsoever. >> i think what's happened when the president was elected, the illegal entries and border crossing by criminals, gangs and the illegal immigrants went down dramatically. now it's coming back up. i think that's where this level of concern is and we aren't building the so-called border wall fast enough to satisfy the security concerns of president trump's national security team. >> jon: fox news military analyst general jack keane. thank you, sir. >> arthel: we'll go with that. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg soon headed to capitol hill as his company faces scrutiny over the data mining scandal.
8:49 am
what a house panel is saying about the upcoming hearing and starting this month no more signature required when you use a credit card. but what does that mean when it comes to protecting yourself against fraud? alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you.
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>> arthel: ready for a little hump day fizzle? bring it on. here we go. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. robert mueller telling the president's team the president is not a target of his russia investigation. only a subject of it. a legal difference. sounds like good news but some in the white house worry robert mueller may be laying a trap for the president. >> the president tweeted he will take strong action today on border security.
8:53 am
this after saying he will mobilize the military to guard the border until the wall is built. what this might look like and if it's a good idea. >> all that plus in the center seat today you'll see when you watch. top of the hours. >> a surprise. >> and a surprise. okay. >> jon: right now a grilling brewing on capitol hill as the house energy and commerce committee announces facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will testify next wednesday in front of that panel. this follows allegations that cambridge an lit ka harvested data to target voters in the 2016 presidential election. ♪ >> arthel: we'll see. the end of an era in an effort to make credit card transactions easier and faster
8:54 am
than ever companies like mastercard, visa, american express and discover are phasing out the need for signatures at the register beginning this month. david lee miller is live in new york city with the story. hi, david lee. >> hi, arthel. it is the end of an era, but no one seems to notice. that's because the end of the use of a signature for a credit card transaction has been gradually phased out during the last two years. ever since the introduction of those security chip embedded credit cards. the experts say those chips embedded cards have dramatically decreased fraud. as for signature or authentication the experts say it is not reliable. many people just scribble and inlegible signature seldom checked by the clerk.
8:55 am
experts say dropping the signature has long been overdue. >> it is a tradition. we think that we assign value to a signature and think there is some sort of legitimacy to signing a receipt. in reality it's not a good form of security. >> instead of signatures technology is being used to detect fraud. unusual spending patterns and transactions could be a red flag. the national retail federation want to enhance security and require pins on all credit card purchases. so far, though, the industry has been resisting that raising the concern about cost and the fact that consumers might not easily adopt to the system. one more thing to note here if you have one of those older cards with a magnetic strip you are still going to have to sign on the dotted line and no matter what type of card you are using, when you go to a rental car agency you'll likely
8:56 am
still have to sign because of legal reasons and at many restaurants you'll be asked to sign because they want you to leave a tip. arthel, all this may be mute. we're moving in the direction according to the experts of a virtual credit card. perhaps in the very near future. one that will only require your fingerprints or facial recognition. arthel. >> arthel: sign of the times. david lee miller, thank you. >> jon: right now we're awaiting an update from police on the investigation into the shooting at youtube headquarters in california yesterday. we'll bring that to you as soon as it begins right here on fox news channel. 'll take a sick day. on our daughter's birthday? moms don't take sick days... moms take nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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>> jon: still waiting for police update on the shooting at youtube headquarters. that's coming up any moment from now. great have-to-have you here today. >> thank you for joining us. stick around though
9:00 am
because -- >> jon: outnumbered starts right now. >> harris: here is what we are watching. as soon as it begins we will take you there live. the san bruno police department is about to give update on the youtube shooting that we know happened yesterday. a woman who believed to be suppressed by youtube and was quite angry at the company opened fire there yesterday. public officials have commented that they do not think that she was targeting people. but there is some conflict over whether or not that was the case. but what we know is that she wounded three people at youtube and police say she took her own life. we're waiting to learn details about why she may have done what she did on the day that she did. she was found sleeping in a car the day before. so this individual is someone that we hope to learn more about and just the conditions of the three people who were wounded as well. as the police chief steps to the microphones that you see live on the left side of your screen, we will take to you san bruno, california. and now this fox news alert. president trump is not a criminal


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