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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 11, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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news media is having a melt down like water because i used the comey standard. i guess i touched a nerve. let not your heart be troubled laura ingraham. that's not funny. no the humor wear thin. >> we will call president a mob and throw these words around. comby and mueller and clinton crime family. there are words that no one can use. that is a melt down nationwide. and the trolls will come out. >> i told them i was using the comby standard they need to follow the bouncing ball. >> we follow it. >> by the way you are a great dad you go all over the count row to the tennis tournaments and stuff that you are always doing stuff with your kids. >> i worked at nights a lot and i understand what the speaker is saying. listen you are kind and you are a great mother i love your kids.
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gi can't wait to swim in your pool in summer. my kids are already there. [laughter]. great show tonight. good evening from washington i'm laura ecram we have a series of jaw dropping developments. every night i feel can we have less news. no there is more. trump fbi love birds peter and lisa still have their security clearances. are you kidding me. what does it take to get them pardoned out of fbi. a reporter is here to detail the example of shocking biebsed in the fbi. ben is that per seo the face of free speech on campus in defelonying the for the. diamond and silk are here to react after mark zuckerberg took questions about their case.
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raymond aarroyo will explore the london mayor's whacky expanded nice control plan. a report on the prolife walk out today that no news media covered. tonight's angle. what white house the house speak are paul ryan's decision to step down means for the future of the g. o. p. first, the ingraham angle gets results. last night devon newbounez de carralho yessoffered this. >> from the washington coast is speck laying on twitter that you are on the verge of moving to hold christopher ray and rod in conat the present time of congress. and a deadline of tomorrow to get this information. is this a possibility. >> i can tell you this. we will get the document.
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we'll get the two pages so they can cough them up now or tell get complicated starting tomorrow night. >> what are the chance you will hold them in conat the present time of congress. we are not just hold in ton tempt we will also impreach. impreach christopher ray. we are not messing around. >> late this afternoon the fbi and d. o. j. caved a government source that nunez and committee stars were shown a largely unredacted version of memo that triggered the fbi's russia probe. source tell fox news there are still series questions about the underlying intel and the credibility of the sources used to initiate that russia probe. here to react to the development. jim jordan of ohio a member of the house oversight commit each
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congress man, all is well, right? they coughed up that electronic communication that two page document. after that comment last night by nunez on the show. >> a step in the right direction. there is redactions in it and sometimes, why is it that folks in the diameter of justice dpet to see unredacted things but members of congress elected bite people, cannot see. >>you know why? they say you guys leak. they say you guys are not keeping the information. >> i would not leak. americans want answer you keen give answers to important question if yous don't have access to the information and documents per nan to the investigation. >> why does peter struck and lisa page still have their security clearance >> same issue, they are so comp myself bob mueller kicked them off their team.
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kicked them off and they have a security clearance and members of congress sent see document. we had the new point person in. >> explain what he is doing. >> john lighthouse is the now point person. he is the new point person to give do you means to congress we are entitleed see. he talked to mr. meadows and other larceny asking 4 questions. what is the universe of documents we're entitled to. >> what is the standard for determining how the redactions are done and the step in how that process works. i don't know, i don't know. the fourth question . when are we getting the document? >> i don't know >> my attitude is like devon, if things don't change dramatically, days not weeks. if they don't change, then impeachment and contempt and residencethination on the table we are tired of it and the
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american people are tired. >> when you say impeachment. resignation and firing. >> talk about the guys that are supposed to be running the department of justice. they are supposed to be in charge they are supposed to give us the information. because never forget the issue here. they took an opposition research document. dress today up and looked legitimate took it to get a secret court to get a secret warrant to spy on the trump campaign and did not tell the court who paid for the document and they did not tell the court that the author of that document, christopher steel had a relationship terminates with the fbi, why? he leak the to the press not members of congress. >> it electrics like, according to what you have seen is that -- struck wrote that ec or contributed to that document. again. people understand this the two
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page document that was the basis for beginning the surveillance. >> two critical the two page ec document. that is the what i think is associated in the launch of the investigation. >> or significant real directed the writing of it. >> and department had a dourn intelligence >> and writing about insurance policies. >> and he also likely had an influence on the document. even though, he had a big influence. >> what is the time frame. you are 3ing around words impeachment and resignation and firing >> that should be on the table. we have been asking for the information for five months >> jeff session system serious about complying. jeff sessions says he hears you. >> we asked for i don't like special council. you are not.
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>> we need. you are not getting one. the question is, can you fbi investigate themselves. you know john he seems like a nice guy. but who do they answer to? >> rob rowsenstein. really. the employees will investigate their boss and that will give us the answers we need. if you were a president would you fire rob rosenstein? >> i think all the things should be on the taxicab. >> mark warner gave a comment set up with you complaint about this. let's watch. >> it is fairly typical the way the house majority operate read. frankly, outside the bound reese of what most of us would do would be appropriate, obviously, not in any sense bipartisan. >> when i talk to folks they are fed up with the double standard. the idea there is one set of
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rules for us and different for clinton and comb and he lynch. you gotta look at mr. coen's office. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and for more bring in molest bu bullman. and harry litman department attorney general during bill clinton. brett, your view of the indicates document protection. you heard what congress man jordan said a frustration with the what the g. o. p. majority believes the rightful oversight role of the legislative branch over the process that lead to the spying on an american citizen through the use of this court. >> yes. it is interesting to hear representative jordan because he is absolutely correct. they have oversight responsibility. now i have the luxury of working in the senate prior to becoming
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the u.s. attorney. during that four year period. i heard the democrats clamoring and asking again and again for the department of justice to be transparent. to be transparent. give us documents. ironic for me to now see them, holdup, this is not their prerogative. they are going too far. no. the diameter of justice has long held congress with disstain and treated them as a step brother or sister not worrying about what they want and not answering subpoenas or asks for documents. i saw it front and center. harry, the democrats for the longest time were the party that was going to protect the people against government over reach. the government intel. spying on americans. a heavy footed stuff and we don't trust that. the people have rights.
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now the got the democrats seeming to give carte blanche to the court and the way it operated with this application for the warranty and so forth. this is legitimate near congress to want these documents why are they not getting this information any time we fashion? >> a couple point its is right and brett underscores it. it is not a democrat versus republican this is hill versus doj issue it plays out all the time this push and pull. why are they not get itting. here is what the department would say. congress jordan says t is unredacted. yes, there were two redactions in the document they saw one was the name of a foreign agent. the other was the name of a foreign country. people in the fbi, democrat or republican are worried. >> harry. why does it take the threat of impeachment to get information.
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what are they hiding? you have to threat impeach am of the head of the fbi or -- another high ranking official to get an ec to the leaders of the committee? that's wild! i mean that is truly wild. >> so. all right. again, laura, first the corp us the fbi said tell take awhile >> it is a two page document. >> on yoir your, on that specific document what is the problem? the problem the potential revelation of a specific foreign agent and country and i don't need to say you made the right >> president obama:it is not a democrat republican but -- it should be. leak like a sieve and the chairman's record is not good here. >> all right. i gotta read the head line in the "washington post." i want both your reaction here.
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steve bannon, bannon pitches white house on planned to cripple mull are probe and protect trump the first step for trump to fire rod rosenstein and white house cease cooperation with mueller according to bob cost a. your comment. what would that lead to firing rosenstein a deputy ag? >> certainly tell not be without a debate. i will follow you, though, that that is something you know when you serve in the department of justice you serve at the pleasure of the president. it was00 eye was told that 100 times when i was nominated, confirms and served. the president has that prerogative. we are in dicey political times. we understand that. what we don't know why is there not an aggressive analysis that has been done when the fbi has leaks. when the fbi has issues when they have presented information
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to a judge, which we hold clear to that process. when they given him information they know to be bought and paid for information. how is that not something at the highest levels of the department of justice they are taking a close measured look and analysis of. we have seen reluctance >> we are defending the first series on the show and talking about the media's role. and harry,'s friend of mine said today. not involved in politics. what happened to the "washington post." used to be like let's get to the heart of corruption in gentleman. now it is about the porn payment. not about. we could have abused a process that allowed the government to spy on an american citizen doing so per purely political purposes to prevent someone from getting elected president. as an insurance policy and before elected to undo the
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election. that is something investigative reporter should be salivating over. lite get to the bottom this is a fascinating lack of curiousity on the part of many mainstream journalists. >> all right. two points. first i think they go where the news it you mice remember in nixon and watergate. there is dirty tricks. >> peter strauss and lisa page. cheryl mills there are plenty of cashes here you might have been out of the country. >> no, when the new abouts taught real events. we have uranium. what else. we have nuclear motor. back to the kwek. filesa point. question is not where this probe sfarts but whether it is bona fide was linda trip a solid,
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credible person. was paula jones. no. they had biases but the question for the judge and the congress is was there information bonified that is the question here. not the question. >> all right. gentlemen fantastic segment we have more. the show without a brack. there is no evident the president colluded are russia the probe widenings, who knows where it is go. doj and fbi efforts to exonerate hilary in her scannedace the fbi had an possibly unconstitutional raid on the president's personal attorney, we have to ask this, where were the feds when it came to clinton's lawyer and advisor cheryl mills how does he get immunity. we are joined recognize the pron
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i got into. well is the not hunger and curiousity >> and run one way. gi think it is lenit mate >> talk about the double standards that more comfortablives are complaining. hilary is gone. your we harping on hilary. >> the facts are clear. you talk to republicans there has been's double standard the are president getting treated one way. there was a mobile home where someone got hilary, erased all of her. >> paul combet at vendor that e raised her e mail archives while under subpoena. >> documents under subpoena. everybody knowing this when your documents are under subpoena and you destroy them that is de facto obstruction of justice.
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>> he lied about it the for the time. >> he lied. >> mike flynn when accused of noticing they charged him, are this guy is immunized anded i can't answer your question the kweshg did hilary's lawyer instruct you to destroy those documents. he said i can't answer that i have attorney similar client privilege. he is not client. he was's vendor and fbi said, we will not ask you about this. what law school did he go to. trump's lawyer you had your office raid and hear about how kli klimton's lawyers have attorney client they come to the idea there say double standard. do we know how many people in hilary'sin are circle received immunity. >> at least five >> cheryl mills.
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and attorney. two other attorney heather firemember and a third one his name i might miss and the witness. and a fifth one the it director that set up the e mail system. >> can wheshe is not able to se documents to another computer from confidential classified secret documents. there was a time when she was under investigation for time sheet fraud. charging hour beyond what she was allowed working two other job. nothing happens there. the republicans have the gripes. >> and again cheryl mills scrubbed the 30,000 e mails doj allowed. attorney client privilege expanded the definition during the clinton probe. and shrunk during the raid of cohen. >> you did the original reporting on struck and praej.
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page they have their security clearance they can lock at these documents sought by congress. ranking members of committees cannot. >> it has been a frustration. there is historic history. the fbi is always willing to share information when their conduct is not investigated. once the table turn on them. 911 and they always resisted oversight. that's what you are seeing. >> americans wondering why peter struck and lisa page have their job still. john, thank you. up next a can't miss anxietyo what paul ryan's departure really means. stay there [music]
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>> reporter: what paul ryan's
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depa departure really manies the folk nus tonight's angle >> people seem surprised by speak are ryan's announcement i think it makes sense. after all, john baner is gone. eric cantor is gone and now paul ryan is out. should be said up front shalling he is a stand up person. he is a man of deep faith. a man committed to his family which he said of the reason for his retirement. >> now all three of our kids are teen. what i eelize is if i'm here for one more term my kids will only have ever known me as a weekend dad. i just can't let that happen. >> on a personal level it medicare sense he accepted with reluctance. on a political level this reveals the establishment wedge
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of the party and conservative populist trump wing. will how tortured and critical at times ryan was of trump before and after his nomination. this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly it is not what the country stands for. >>you said that you will support the republican presidential nominee now you have a nominee, trump. will you support him? >> well, to be perfectly candid i'm not ready to do this at this point. i'm not there now. i regret those comments. i don't think claiming a person can't dot job because of race is a racist comment. >> after all of that, ryan and the president were able to forge a personal and working
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relationship. >> we talked quite afternoon >> can you pick up the phone. >> all the time we talk all the time. we talk about everything. policy, families, our kid and everything. >> the speaker and the president work together on the tax cut bill this would be the highlight of their collaboration. paul ryan was great on the life issue and empowered important house investigation. but on many other fronts ryan leaves the house with much unfinished business. house passed their own obama care repeal bill. ryan and mcconnell were unable to take it over the finish line and entitle ams never went anywhere. true tragedy is riran's swan song will be the 1.3 trillion spending bill temperature is expected to explode the deficit
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to a trillion dollars by 2020. for someone who dedicated a lot of political life to fiscal responsibility that is a tough legacy. face it, speak are ryan was uncomfortable with president trump's position on tariffs to the wall to foreign policy. the two of them represent oshg posing strains of conservative. the free trade, more intervention and establishment that is ryan and the other a more american first pop limp, that is trump. the speaker's departure is a sign that trump's vision not ryans is the future of the party. people misread the investigation swirl i swirling around the white house a sign the president's agenda is unstead and he unpopular inform reality these investigations were the insurance policy against the tide of conservative pop limp that trump
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representatived they needed to stop trump. why >> his vision is pretty pop lawyer and it is working. manufacturing is up. unemployment down. china making trade concessions. rocket man is ready to flush his nukes. regulations are slashed. great for business. on the issues where paul ryan used to own these issues. trump is now in his own way making a difference. just yesterday the president signed an executive order pushing work requirements for those on public assistance. ryan's exit like those before him is an indication that the establishment is frankly out of steam. we all know the phrase, if you can't beat them join them? in this case it seems to be if
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you can't beat them leave them. stability may be seating the party who to the man who took it from them. that's the anxiety will. >> joining me now with reaction is sean duffy like paul ryan is republican from wisconsin. and matt admit chairman of had american conservative union. all right. congress man duffy, paul ryan great guy. personally love him the president and he were never comfort fitos key issues immigration, trade and foreign policy the third. and the omnibus stick under trump's cross. >> you have been hard on paul ryan. he is a good friend the reason is not policy differences he slept in his office for 20 years and kid are teens. he lost his dad when he was young wants to be there. >> i see all that. you are right. i think that is fine. >> he is right, paul ryan and
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president trump speak all the time. they work on policy. if you lock at regulation and tack reform. energy independence. trump win on the board and trade and being less innerventionist. he deregulation is great. >> that was not the call back chant at the rally. >> with had you put congress in one chamber as a whole that is unfair. we pleasured the president's agenda moved 400 bills over to the senate it is mitch mcconnell who his partner in chuck schumer that does not allow us to get to the big yets. to blame paul for the fail urs of the senator are unfair. one other point if you lock at the establishment versus new residence -- paul ryan is fighting for entitlement it is trump who says no one nielthment
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reform. am entitlement reform has gone nowhere. >> a president. >> i know. you need presidential leadership. if not for trump you would be in the minority. look i know i love paul ryan it is not personal stuff he deserves to be with his family a great guy on the key issues the two were not on the same page. i think he is loafing for his family i'm sure he is this is not paul ryan's party this is trump's party a conservative populist party the principals not about the man. >> i think that is right. key is for paul riannual what happens after paul ryan leaves? paul ryan can speak the ballot texts. there is another agenda. face is. trillion dollar deficit. how is that making america great >> there is a part of the agenda
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paul ryan never cotton to and uncomfortable with how the president approaches the major issues. there is a real -- he is embarrassed. he is not comfortable. not fair. we gotta play this october 82016 a day everyone is piling on trump. billy bush tape came out. paul ryan have candidate paul at fall fest. let's watch. >> there is a bit of an elephant in the room. it is a troubleingly situation. i'm series, if is. i put out a statement about this last night. had i meant what i tuesday is still how i feel that's not what we are here to talk about. >> god bless you all, thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> are that was bad like
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aircraft erickson disinviting trump. red state gathering. that was bad judgment you don't kick guy when he is down i don't like that. >> i absolutely agree. it took paul ryan longer than me to get on board with president trump. donald trump could have vetoed that bill. >> i agree. paul ryan should have told him to. there was not enough in that bill to justify and put everyone on the loin with. >> i agree you have to understand that the senate and the negotiation gave us not the military money and 63 billion dollars of nondefense deceptionary spending. >> your colleagues -- know that this was a mistake. >> they know it. >> we have a heart breaker. anyway we can condition for another segment. still to come. >> the ryan kid celebrating. >> i love them they are great
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people it is trump's party. i'm okay with that. sean duffy's party. ben and more group think on college campuses.
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>> and he want unseen segment we expose what is going on behind the cultural stories. topics run the gammet from the media blackout and prolife walk
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outs and the mayor of london calling for knife control after the murder rate passed new york. we are with best selling author, raymond aarroyo. knife control. >> the mayor london knife control. this is the same man rescinding the policy of accepting and policy of people who might have knives because it is racist and might be islam phobeeck. >> they stop. >> they stopped a lot they are members of gang its is gang activity in london. up to 8 to 15 knife attacks a day. now pagsz knife control measures you cannot have knives delivered to your home >> wedding registries steak
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knives are great. >> the begin sue knife set is my favorite. borrow it from someone. this is what he tweeted. i'm joining the -- no excuse never a reason to carry a knife anyone who does will be caught and feel the full force of the law. >> wait a minute if you are a beiger you need a knife. a butch are a tech guy you work you need a knife. we use knifes to cut stuff. >> a found a psychiatrist in london why do we need the deadly with respects at home we need curved sdrumeinstruments. what are they going to use. >> mc beth will kill people with a butt are knife. acis, trucks.
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sean duffy was in here he is a lumber jack. remember the old days. had is comical what everybody used to joke about. what is next. hair spray control? >> piano wire. that is anything you can kill with anything the corners of a desk. i don't know. >> prolife walk out? happened today. i didn't hear about this. the teacher on yesterday was at rocklyn high school raised a question at the time of gun walk outs a month ago school walk outs covered with helicopt ands live reports. but not only that school walk outs orbed bite women's match. now a student brandon gillespie 200 schools participates.
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80 colleges no coverage at all. >> will he be on the cover of magazine. the kid could not score -- i don't know what. it was it is ridiculous. there are barry pictures up. upon little video. no local or national cover annual it is an outrage and did it to prove the point. his school sdrivenlth there it is. his school district in sacramento made provisions when they walked out for gun control. begin microphones. they didn't afford him that. now lawyers are about to sue the school and threatened say this willing is content discrimination. >> here we are. what we talked about last night. >> now -- john baner has been known to enjoy his significant and booze every now and then.
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merlot. he is a scotch drinker and tan. he is a great guy. now he is changed his thinking, don't you know on pot. we call it cannabis it medicares us feel better. >> in 2011 he said this, i am opposed to the legislation of marijuana. okay. on the record. now he tweets. he is now a member of the acreage holdings. champion is a cannabis distributor distributes to -- how much is he making off pot. >> i happening the former speaker is seeing green not only marijuana about bench benjamins. >> we have enough problem we don't need more kid. once adults that is fine. the kids will do temperature i'm00 eye continue is not cool but i'm not wild approximate
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this. >> and claims it will help veterans. >> they in always. >> opioid addiction. >> be honest. if you want to make a lot of money on pot just say -- it is better than going around the country speaking at 10 thousand dollar a pop. they will pay me a huge aim to sit on l boofrmd don't try to claim you are doing it for the vets. that is sad. this video the president signed legislation today to help out law online human trafficking and prostitution there was a survivor behind him. watch this. i'm not a survivor i'm -- it is game time. [applause]. dancing during the signing. look at her. >> doing a dance. we cut it off it went on.
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. joy, i like it. jury room rockin out. the first woman to sue back page. and lost but -- the feminists are thrilled. awesome and next, free speech champion joins us to discuss his quest to defend the first amendment.
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>> reporter: second install am of deif he wanting the first we expose the enemies of the first amendment, free expression and free thought. >> radio talk show host ben e merged the top defedders of free speech on catch us. he debunked say space, microaggressions and the quest for multiculturalism not without
11:44 pm
risks to his safety. >> you and well it is, gang. guess what, you know what? they are not going to stop us. [applause]. fiask a question you will have me arrested. >> yes , sir. >> the tolerant one. ben himself. we thought of immediately when we launched this series. ben, you don't look too threatening.
11:45 pm
you are a guy with interesting id ideas and thought provoking conversations and you freak them out the head gear on and riot police out. it is funny because it is pathetic it is dangerous because you do have the guts to go on college campuses there are conservatives i know who are invited to speak you know what they say, i have better things to do. you can't blame them but that is chilling free speech. >> no question the headquarters veto that universities error using to shut down free speech on college campuses the left will get violent i don't blame them. it is happening to a lot of conservatives. not even comfortablives rage from jordan to jason rile and he charles murray. there is a variety of conservatives who are really rioted against on campus.
11:46 pm
and the rad registration has really not done enough to prevenn that from happening when they do attempt to stop it the way they do it is bringing cops on catch us and suggesting we have to restrict people who can attentive. they restrict free speech >> again, irony the free speech move am started at berkeley and berkeley is center of ground zero of the antifree speech movement in the us today. the last couple of days a development that fits with our series at pen state. student power network with other students gathered to personality a list of demands to president baron. demands include denounce anding defunding hate groups. i think, are the nazis? who is on campuses?
11:47 pm
us communist? no groups with antiim grant rhetoric. am i guess someone in faithful of enforcing the border? what does that mean >> where up to and including points during the election people were bar friday writing trump's name it made people feel bad. the i can imagine antiimmigrant is like, enforce our border. that is not a shock again. pen state is the campus i visited there was a near riot when i visited. the people protesting against the conserve is on campus there were groups they were protesting are the same people who broke through the doors to disrupt the lecture i was giveingly. it is easy to have a nice event people come and listen to me and anyone. and we are willing to have kwshg
11:48 pm
and a's and discussion we had one last night the student groups on the west decided instead of boycotting they would show up and ask questions. there is a part of the left distinguished to liberal ares. it is incumbent to protect the campus from ideas that are dissenting. everyone who descend must be thrown off. reason is because your speech grows conservatism. it spreads the ideology and draws people in they have no idea why. they are out of ideas and solutions they are into demon zagdz. you go to college campuses koerpgdzs and speaking you go to college campuses groups that are trying to make your life misability or going after charlie keshg, goes through the
11:49 pm
list of who is behind the effort to tap down on free speech. go through that briefly for us. >> there are student groups that coordinate the groups associated with the womena match are associated with this move am. groups associated with black lives matter were acive in this move am inform the car edge wing that was provoting violence. generalized attempt to shut down speeches is a lot of groups that have been on campus since i was on college campuses as a student myself they push per idea they should be conservative prix and say spaces i amming conservatives will convince people but think it is evil
11:50 pm
>> again you don't look threatening idea ares are threat thenning. thank you. up next diamond and silk.
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>> facebook treatment of diamond and silk an example of
11:53 pm
censoring conservative voice. protrump sisters a hot topic during mark's second day of grilling on capitol hill today >> do you manipulate your algorithms to prioritize or censor speech? congress woman, we don't been him doing a speech. well are concepts, terrorism we agree we don't want on our service. we identify those and we're proud if are that. >> diamond and silk is not terrorism. >> get reaction from the ladies joining the angle now the one and only demonday and silk. diamond, marsha blackburg jumpod that. mark is like we are worried about terrorism. i'm looking at you.
11:54 pm
i don't see any terrorism or threat to the community standards or whatever the heck their yoifkz is. what did you been the play that you got at this hearing did you get saekz from what mark said. >> i appreciate everyone what stupid forut and our platform and other comfortablives with mark i was happy to hear him admit they made a smak. now time for him to rectify that. we would like to talk directly to mark zuckerberg so he can rectify this and make this right. >> congress man barton brought you up. play this so people understand what you are referring to. ask mark zuk areberg why is
11:55 pm
censoring blogger facebook called them unsafe to the community that is ludacris. they hold view hallucinogens is that snot unsay. in that case our team made an enforce am error. and we have already gotten in touch with them to leverse it. >> did you get contacted by facebook and has this been reversed. >> no. we have not been in communication with facebook. not been contacted to everyone. that was a lie. >> wait this is the second night we hadow. the second time facebook said, they have contacted you and this has been dealt w. this is the second night youed, no contact. you guy it is are not testimonying the truth or facebook i trust you guys not facebook in this circumstance. have you checked your messages
11:56 pm
is your mail gok box full f. you go to the site of our facebook page there are people with issues looking exactlying the same algorithms there nothing has been resolved and no one in communication. all right. well is a head loin out today by the thing called grillo. here it is. black trump supporters and fox news puppets diamond and silk accused facebook of discrim nagsz. they call you fox news puppets and viral court gesture are trump's most vocal black supporters and made a name dancing for him. >> you have to understand that admissibleation was envious temperature is a small publication they feel are trying to use us as click baits they know nobody read their stuff if
11:57 pm
they put it out on facebook. woe have to use the am recommend >> yes, ma'am editor and chief rose ann calls you comedians are you comedians. i don't think we are comeadians what kwooe we say may be we are fun etch we try to tell the trouchlth can you have fun and do politics you do that i we'll be right back.
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>> laura: before we go, remember, tweet me @ingrahamangle with reaction of thththththe show and you might a read on air.
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that's an interesting one. i'm sure the establishment would love it. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team is next. they have a big show on tap. >> shannon: i thought they were going to say that diamond & silk should be the next speaker of the house. that's where i thought you were going. they have to get elected to the house first but it could happen. great show. thank you. welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. new tonight, g.o.p. leaders on the house and help committee finally get a look at documents they say the doj has been withholding from them. just ahead of the subpoenaed that line. and a surprise move, the senate judiciary committee is moving forward with a bipartisan bill to protect special counsel robert mueller. the bill could go to committee as soon as tomorrow but what are its actual chances of getting past question plus company president dines with leading republicans tonight.


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